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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Gwen shows up at the Lakeview. She sits down in Sofie's section and tells her that she inadvertently told Cole about her not having the abortion. Sofie asks why she was talking to Cole. Gwen explains that she was trying to help him with his music and give him another chance since their baby was family. Cole shows up- Sofie says that she was worried about him, but he tells her that she should be worried about herself since she was the one having a baby. He tells her that if it's a baby that she wants, it's a baby that she'll get. Sofie beams with happiness. She tells Cole how happy she is that he has changed his mind. Cole then asks her how they were going to pay for this child and doubts that they can afford it on the tips she makes. Gwen, now getting involved tells him that maybe if he got a job they could do it. Cole said that it wouldn't be fair to the baby to grow up like they did, not knowing where their next meal was coming from. Cole asks Sofie what made her change her mind and wants to know who else she told besides Gwen. He asks if Aaron know. Gwen tells Cole to stop being that way, but Sofie angrily tells Gwen to stop and that she needed to talk to Cole alone. Cole told her that she was wrong to keep the pregnancy from him and that maybe he didn't really know her at all. He told her that maybe she was a two-faced liar and storms out. Sofie runs after him apologizing. She tells him that she must get back to work, but Cole becomes more upset. He yells at her and throws a tray on the floor before leaving as Sofie's boss looks on. She starts to clean the mess and explain, but he fires her.

At home Carly is watching her video messages when she is interrupted by Brad who tries to lighten the mood. She tells Brad how she misses Jack, but she doesn't want to bother him and Katie. Brad tells her that Jack wants her to lean on him- that if she doesn't he will feel guilty. Carly tells Brad that Jack has nothing to feel guilty about; he gave her a wonderful life. Brad tells Carly that instead of videotaping her feelings she should tell him. Carly tells Brad that she cannot spend her last days with Jack- it's too painful. They talk a little longer and he leaves. She then gets a phone call from the hospital with news and they insist that she come in right away. As she is getting ready to leave, her phone rings. She pauses for a second, but decides not to answer it. She grabs her keys and leaves.

At the Lakeview Katie is still in bed as Jack gets dressed. He kisses her waking her up. She asks why he is dressed, assuming he is going to Carly. He tells her that they are going house shopping. Katie is very excited about looking for a house, while she is getting dressed Jack calls Carly, but she doesn't answer the phone. Katie comes back out and asks who he is calling. He said he was trying to check in on Carly, but she wasn't answering the house phone. Katie suggests calling her cell, which he does. Carly tells Jack that she is meeting with an oncologist that Dr. Evers referred her to, and that she will be there for several hours for tests. Jack is alarmed, but Carly tells him to not worry; she will be fine.

Katie tells Jack that if he wants to go check on Carly, they can look at the house later, but Jack worries that they might miss out on a good deal. He then tells her go without him; if she likes the house to buy it. He tells her he will check on Carly and meet her there. Katie agrees and Jack leaves. Katie is confident she can do this, but while in Old Town waiting to meet the realtor she begins to doubt herself. Brad sees her and joins her. She tells him that she doesn't know how to buy a house- Brad offers to help, but Katie worries that she won't know if Jack will like the house. She agrees and takes Brad with her. At the house, she tells Brad that the house is perfect; but she is having a hard time imagining the house being theirs. Brad tells her to pretend she is cooking- and he pretends he just got home from work. They continue role-playing, but Katie becomes sad again, wishing that Jack was there. She thanks him for trying to help, but without Jack it just won't work. He tells her that he thinks Jack would like the house and leaves her alone to her thoughts. Katie remembers Jack talking about having a baby and she starts crying.

At the hospital, Carly's doctor tells her that the treatments will be very debilitating and that she should not be alone, but Carly told her that she wants to do this on her own.

Jack arrives at the hospital, Carly tells him that he didn't need to come and if it was ok with Katie. Jack assured her that Katie was fine with it and he wants to be there. The Doctor met them and was pleased to see that someone was there with Carly. She explained to them that the chemotherapy treatments were palliative and would not cure her. If the treatments are successful it will buy her more time and lessen the pain but if the side effects are very serious. Jack told the Doctor that he will be there for Carly whenever she needs him. She tells Carly they will start treatments as soon as they can get her in and she leaves. Carly tells Jack that she doesn't want her hair to fall out, but Jack tells her that with or without her hair he and the kids think that she is beautiful. Carly wants to take a cab home, but Jack insists that he drive her.

Gwen shows up at Carly's house just as Jack is leaving. She asks Carly if they had had a fight. Carly told her that she was fighting, but he was just being Jack. Gwen happily tells Carly about her fertility treatments and that next year Carly will hopefully be an aunt. Gwen then sees a chemotherapy information pamphlet on the coffee table- she asks Carly why she was reading that. Carly is vague, telling her that she just had this "thing". Gwen wants to know that she will be ok, but Carly shakes her head. Gwen is shocked and tells her how unfair this is since she lost so much time with her already. Carly tells her she is not gone yet and plans on spending as much time as she can with the people she loves, including her. Gwen asked her if now that Jack knows if they are back together. Carly told her that Jack is with Katie, but she now feels closer to Jack than she ever did.

Jack arrived at the house. Thinking that he missed her he curses, but Katie appears around the corner; "What, you don't like it?" She tells him that she is glad he is home and they embrace. Katie told Jack that she loves the house, but if he wants to wait that's ok. He told her that he was ready to start a home with her right now. They kiss and lower to the floor.

In Old Town Craig remembers Meg's words that she will not stand by him if it is revealed that he did cause Rosanna's accident. Meg shows up to accompany him to court-but he tells her not to go. He tells her to grant him this one request and that if she is hoping to hear Rosanna testify about the accident, he is sticking to his story. Meg told him that she needs to hear it from Rosanna and decide for herself; if he can't understand this, they don't have a marriage. Craig agrees and they leave.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna watches the video of Paul and Meg on the cell phone. Craig's words run through her mind; that if he is jailed, Meg and Paul will be together. She puts the phone in her purse as Paul comes in ready to leave for court. He happily hugs her but she looks uncertain. He tells her that once she testifies against Craig, he will be out of their lives forever. He leaves to get the car. Rosanna retrieves the phone and throws it in the trash.

Before entering the courthouse Rosanna wants some water and Paul leaves to get it. Nearby, Craig is telling Meg that he must meet must meet briefly with his lawyer, so Meg goes inside. Alone together for the moment, Craig asks Rosanna if she has thought about what he told her. She tells him that she had come to a realization. He gleefully tells her that she can't trust her fiancé and that he told her so, but Rosanna told him she now realizes that Paul loves her; and only her. She walks to a waiting Paul and they go into the court room.

The trial begins and Rosanna is called to testify. Craig's attorney remarks on how confident Rosanna looks and that he should have accepted the plea-bargain.

At the trial, Rosanna testifies to Craig's involvement in switching the babies. Her lawyer asked her what she had discovered but she paused and told the judge that she was unsure. She said that she was confused about what happened that night. Paul stood up and shouted that she knew what happened and told her to tell them. She said that she wanted to, but couldn't remember. Meg looks on suspiciously as Craig beams. Barbara bursts out that Rosanna is lying. The judge calls for order in the court. Rosanna explains to the judge that since she was in a coma for 2 years, she sometimes cannot distinguish between what was real and what was a dream. The judge starts to dismiss the case, but Paul tells him to wait. He pleads with Rosanna to not let Craig get away with this. Rosanna's lawyer asks that Paul be allowed to testify to what he knows about the case, but the judge doesn't allow it and dismisses the case. As Meg listens, Craig's lawyer tells him that his instincts were dead on. Craig tells her that he knows Rosanna well and knew the stress would be too much for her.

Rosanna tells Paul that she doesn't know what happened, that her mind suddenly went blank. Barbara attacked Rosanna and told her that she had betrayed Paul. Paul stopped his mother's tirade and he and Rosanna started to leave. They passed Meg, and she and Rosanna exchanged looks. Craig gloated to Barbara, who warned Meg to get away from him.

Craig and Meg arrive at the Lakeview. He is in festive mood and orders champagne. Meg remarks on his good spirits, which he told her "...I won!" She told him that it was interesting, because he knew he would. As they drink the champagne, she asks him if he cheated. She points out Rosanna's sudden memory loss, and wants to know how he made that happen.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul angrily makes a drink. Rosanna apologizes- but he tells her that she did that already. She asks if he believes her; is there is any reason I shouldn't? He said. Rosanna tells him that she wanted to put Craig away- but Paul said that she shouldn't have lied.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Parker, who is supposed to be at school, comes home with a piece of paper. He gives it to Carly and tells her it's a way to save her life. He tells her he went online and found a clinic in Berlin with a new treatment. She tells him that it is complicated and that she could never afford it anyway, but Parker tells her they can use his trust fund from Rosanna. Carly tells him that he can't touch that money until he is 21, but Parker said that since it's an emergency Rosanna would let them have the money now. She sent him off to school and promised she would call.

At Fairwinds an outraged Paul demands to know why Rosanna suddenly got amnesia and lied on the stand and asks her if Craig did something to make her lie. Rosanna told him that it's not like that, and she will tell him everything. She nervously told him that she had been lying to him since the day she came back to Oakdale. She tells him that the day they ran into Craig and Meg at The Lakeview she saw how much Paul hated Craig and she knew that the only way that Craig was to be punished was for her to remember what happened, so she told him what he wanted to hear, but she just couldn't lie under oath. She begs for his forgiveness and wants to get back to planning their marriage and life together. Paul tells her that he wants that too, but that won't be possible. He feels responsible for her not having a full recovery. She tells him that it's not his fault, but he says that in order for them to move forward she must get better; they will get the best specialist available and that getting her full memory back is all that matters now. Rosanna tells him that she feels that he isn't being honest with her, but they are interrupted by the phone ringing; it's Carly. She asks Rosanna to come over right away and she agrees. Rosanna asks Paul if they can talk when she gets back. He and smiles and agrees, but as she walks out his smile quickly fades into a scowl. He angrily kicks over the trash can and discovers the cell phone. He watches the video of him and Meg in Old Town and sneers as he closes the phone.

Rosanna arrives at Carly's; she is concerned that something is wrong because Carly sounded so serious. Rosanna mentions Jack and how difficult the situation is, but Carly tells her to sit down. After hearing of Carly's diagnosis Rosanna is shocked and saddened. She tells her that whatever it costs she will pay to find a cure for her. Carly tells her she already got several second opinions and mentions the clinic Parker found in Berlin. Rosanna tells her that they must go to Berlin, but Carly told her that if she thought it was worth it, she would go. She told Rosanna that she is out of options. Carly noticed Rosanna's engagement ring and is overjoyed, but Rosanna looked sad. She tells Carly that there might not be a wedding. She loves Paul but she thinks that he may not love her. Carly asks why, but Rosanna doesn't want to burden her. Carly tells her not to treat her different now that she is sick. Rosanna tells her that she loves Paul and can't lose him. Carly asks what could make her lose him. "Meg Snyder" she said.

Rosanna told her that she had lied under oath because she feared she would lose Paul and asked Carly if she thought it was a mistake. She told her that her lies with Jack caused her to lose him. Rosanna fears that if she tells Paul the truth now he is sure to leave her. Carly tells her that now she has to hope he doesn't find out. Rosanna's phone rings; it's Paul. He tells her that he misjudged what happened in court and that he thinks it's time they are completely honest with each other. He asks her to come home so they can talk about it. She agrees.

After hanging up with Rosanna, Paul calls the maid Millicent to him. He asks her if Rosanna had any recent guests. Millicent reluctantly tells him that she had a gentleman guest - someone she didn't recognize.

Rosanna told Carly that she thought Paul sounded better and maybe this will all work out. Carly tells her to go home and talk to him. As she leaves Carly tells her that even if Paul does learn the truth and forgives her completely she will still have a problem; Meg. Rosanna said that she will have to take care of that problem right away. Carly tells her that she is sure she will do the right thing. They hug and she leaves.

Parker came home during a study period. He eagerly wanted to know if she talked to Rosanna. Carly sat him down and explained to him that she wasn't going to get better and they have to accept it. She told him that they needed to focus on making the best of the time she had left.

Parker doesn't want her to give up, but Carly tells him that the best thing for them to do is to be there for each other. Before going back to school he tells her that he has a really strong feeling that she is going to be fine.

At The Lakeview Meg asks Craig if he had anything to do with Rosanna suddenly losing her memory in court. Craig is outraged that she would think this. Meg tells him that at first he was so nervous about Rosanna's testimony, but suddenly everything changed. Craig tells her that he has no idea why Rosanna changed her mind, but the result is that he is free. He then told Meg her that she had her own agenda; she was hoping to see him go to prison so that she would have a reason to end their marriage and go back to Paul.

Meg tells Craig that he has nothing to worry about with Paul since he hates her now. She tells him that she wants to believe him, but doesn't know what to think. Craig told her that he has always been honest about how he feels and that if she is going to doubt him, their marriage is meaningless. He told her that she must make a decision; she is either with him or not and if it's the latter he would like her to go. She tells him that if Rosanna wasn't prepared to accuse him then she doesn't have the right to not trust him anymore, but Craig is unsatisfied with this answer. He tells her he wants her to stop doubting him and be a wife to him in everyway- starting now. He then grabs her and kisses her passionately. Craig demands that she make up her mind- right now. "Are you my wife or not? Decide Meg, right now!" Meg's answer is delayed by the ring of his cell phone. It is Rosanna. She tells him that she must see him right away. He tells her it's not a good time, but Rosanna tells her that if he doesn't meet her, she will go talk with Meg herself. Craig tells Meg that his lawyer needs to see him. He tells her to wait for him upstairs and think about what he said.

At Al's Rosanna is waiting for Craig. He told her that she did the right thing in court that day, but Rosanna tells him they are not out of the woods yet; Meg and Paul have a connection. She told Craig that he needed to take care of the problem. She told him that in order for him to stay with Meg and her to stay with Paul, he and Meg need to have a child- the sooner the better.

Craig returns to Meg at The Lakeview. He asks her if she thought about what he said and is she ready to be his wife. "I am" she said. They kiss and move to the bed. Before making love, Meg grabs birth control from the nightstand. Craig tells her no- he wants to make a baby.

Rosanna arrives at Fairwinds and calls for Paul, but Millicent tells her that that he isn't there. She hands her a package. "He said you would want to see it again." she said. Rosanna sat down and nervously opened the box; it is the cell phone. Rosanna is shocked. She opens the phone, plays the video and realizes what has happened.

At the garage a weak and injured Dusty comes to after passing out at the wheel of the parked car. Sly comes back with something for him to eat. He tells Dusty that he couldn't let him die. Dusty asks him if he wants money, but the guy says no and points out that someone already cleaned him out. Dusty asks why he is being so gracious, and Sly tells him that he doesn't want the Mayer to come after him. Dusty explains to him that it wasn't the Mayer, but rather Colonel Winston Mayer that shot him. He offers to pay him if he brings him to a hospital, but Sly is worried that a gunshot victim would cause police involvement. Dusty tells him to give a message to a friend and that she will give him all the money he needs. He gives him Lily's name and tells him to go to the farm.

Winston and Noah are having lunch at Al's. Noah tells him how happy he is that he is accepting that he is gay. Winston tells him that it hasn't been easy, but they are family. Noah asks him what happened to make him change his mind. Winston remembers how he shot Dusty and tells Noah that he has no idea how far he is willing to go to do what's right for him. He tells Noah that he feels terrible to treating him that way he did and that he wants to make amends to him and Luke. Noah calls Luke and tells him that his dad wants to see him.

Winston and Noah arrive at Emma's. Winston asks if Lily was there because he wanted to talk to her too. Luke tells him that Lily is not there, but is sure that she understands. Winston tells Luke how sorry he was for treating him the way he did and hope that he and Lily can forgive him. Holden suggests that they join them for a family dinner. Winston accepts and Holden tells him that he will see them later and leaves. Winston goes out to the porch. Sly arrives at the farm, but hides in the bushes when hears voices. Noah tells Winston that if he is uncomfortable, they don't have to go to the dinner, but Winston tells him that he already accepted the invitation and "Colonel Winston Mayer never goes back on his word." Hearing his name, Sly listens more. Winston walks outside and is approached by Sly. He told him that he needed to talk to him about Dusty Donovan. Winston denies knowing Dusty, but Sly tells him "he's the guy you shot and left for dead."

Alone in the kitchen, Noah goes to kiss Luke, but he stops him worrying that Winston will see them. He tells Noah that he still gets the feeling that he still doesn't like him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Paul confronts Rosanna about the video of Meg and him on her phone and questions why she really didn't testify against Craig. Rosanna admits she remembers what Craig did and she deliberately set him free. Rosanna claims she didn't testify in an attempt to hold on to Paul, but he is shocked by Rosanna's confession and tells her that she had nothing to fear from Meg and he threatens to leave her over her betrayal. Rosanna doesn't believe Paul and tells him that she knows he is still in love with Meg. Paul denies having feelings for Meg, but Rosanna pushes him to admit his feelings and his refusal to answer tells Rosanna that Paul still truly loves Meg. Paul persists in trying to persuade Rosanna that he doesn't love Meg that he loves her. He explains his reactions to Meg are just an "old habit" and what he really wants is Rosanna because she makes him a good guy. She asks Paul to forgive her for lying on the stand and the two move forward with their wedding plans.

Henry and Vienna discuss the diner's menu when Maddie arrives and tells them about everything going on with Noah coming out to his father. Henry and Vienna try to comfort Maddie, but she tells them she is having a hard time forgiving and accepting everything that has happened. Maddie explains that a lot of her concerns come from Noah's dad sudden acceptance of Luke and Noah and she doesn't think his newly found approval of Noah being homosexual is genuine.

Alison and Aaron head to the Lakeview to pick up his paycheck before heading out to the farm for a family dinner. Alison is apprehensive about going to the farm because of the video with Dusty, but Aaron assures her everyone will understand and accept her as Aaron's friend. When he picks up his check from the manager he learns that Sofie was fired and is determined to make sure she is alright. However, Alison convinces Aaron to go to the family dinner instead of checking in on Sofie.

Noah and Luke get ready for the family dinner with Noah's dad when Luke explains that he is worried that Colonel Mayer is not as accepting of Noah as he claims to be. Outside Sly, the hobo who earlier found Dusty shot, confronts the Colonel about the fact that he knows he is the one who shot Dusty. The Colonel grabs the man by the neck just as Holden walks out and asks what is going on. The Colonel claims he found the guy wondering around the property and Sly takes the cue and contends he was just walking around the area looking for spare change. Holden gives him a little money and the guy makes a quick exit. The Colonel runs after the man claiming he wants to give him a little something as well. He finds Sly who tells him he will get out of town for some money. The Colonel pays him off and he heads out, but before he goes he tells the Colonel that Dusty is still in the car and is dead.

Back in the house everyone gets ready for dinner as Alison and Aaron arrive. Soon Margo comes in looking for Lily and explains that Dusty is still missing. Alison believes that Dusty would never leave town especially when she knows he is innocent. Margo tells Alison that based on his recent computer searches Dusty is absolutely gone. Alison continues to defend Dusty and becomes uncomfortable at the situation and leaves. Aaron chases after her and the two leave the farm together. Margo asks Holden to have Lily contact her as soon as she is back in town and leaves. The rest of the family grabs their food and heads out for a picnic. Inside, the Colonel asks Luke to join him and Noah on a fishing trip. Noah is excited about the trip and amazed at his father's acceptance. Faith asks Holden if they should call Lily about Dusty's disappearance and he agrees. He calls Lily and explains everything he knows from Margo.

After they leave the farm, Alison and Aaron head into Old Town where they run into Sofie hauling her bags and crying. When Aaron asks where she is going, Sofie begins to cry in his arms. She explains why she got fired and that she just got evicted because Cole wasn't paying the rent with money she gave him. When Aaron learns Sofie is basically homeless he invites her to stay at the farm.

In the meantime, a wounded Dusty continues to wait in the car for Sly to get help from Lily. When he relies that Sly didn't get Lily he decides to try to get help on his own. He stands up and starts to walk out obviously in great pain.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Parker's in denial about Carly's condition. Parker asks if Jack can adopt him now and Carly expresses her happiness then collapses in Jack's arms. Carly admits the end is near and says she's not ready. Craig wants to make love again in his quest to impregnate Meg. Barbara wonders how Paul can forgive Rosanna for her betrayal on the stand when he couldn't forgive Meg. Paul admits maybe he is doing this to rid himself of his feelings for Meg once and for all. Paul's set the wedding date: Halloween. Rosanna wonders how Paul could consider Halloween if he really loved her. Paul says he chose the date for her – so the reverend that she wanted could be at the wedding. Meg is rocked that Paul told Rosanna about their intense confrontation then proposed. Rosanna tells Meg to stay away from Paul. At the cabin, an unknown man conks Meg on the head. Alison tells Gwen about Sofie moving to farm with Aaron. Barbara makes trouble, insisting Alison has too much baggage to be a good donor for them. Iris arrives and Barbara spills Sofie's whereabouts. Barbara warns Ali not to blow things, or she'll answer to her. Aaron begs Sofie to stay at least until she gets a job. Gwen promises to help Sofie however she can to clear the way for Alison and Aaron. Iris accuses Sofie of trying to extort money from her for the baby. Gwen warns Sofie to stay away from Iris.

Friday, October 5, 2007

At the cabin in the woods, Colonel Winston Mayer has knocked Meg unconscious with his rifle butt. He leaves, and Paul arrives later, finding Meg on the ground. He asks her what happened, but she doesn't know exactly; he figures out she was hit on the head from behind, and he tells her she should lie down. When she refuses, he picks her up and carries her to the bed. She asks why he even cares about her, but he says he would never want to see her hurt. She tells him that she promised Rosanna she would stay away from Paul, and Paul is surprised to hear this. As she tries to leave, he grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth, having heard a noise. She tells him it was just an animal, and she says he can let go now, but he remains close to her, his hand on her face, until they kiss. Meg breaks away from Paul, telling him she can't do this again. Paul tells her that he now thinks he knows what it was like for her when he went over that cliff, having found her today unconscious in the cabin, and then he asks her why she came to the cabin today. She tells him she came to say goodbye, and she asks if that's why he was there, too. Paul says he can't say goodbye to her now, and they end up in bed, making love.

At the diner, Aaron offers to try to get Sofie a job as a waitress, but she says she doesn't want to cause more trouble between him and Alison. As Alison walks in, Sofie wonders aloud how Iris knew to find her at the Snyder farm. Seeing Ali, Sofie leaves, and Aaron accuses Alison of telling Iris where to find Sofie. Alison is upset that Aaron would believe Iris over her, saying it was Barbara who told Iris where Sofie was. When Aaron asks why Barbara would do that, she says it was because in a misguided way, Barbara was trying to help Alison, Gwen, and Will by removing the drama of Sofie from their lives. Alison tells Aaron it hurt her feelings for him to ask her over for a family dinner and that same night invite another woman to move onto the farm. He tells her it's nothing, but Alison tells him that now that she doesn't need help anymore, he isn't as interested in her, and that he prefers sweet, innocent, helpless Sofie. Upset, she gets up and leaves the diner.

Aaron ends up in Old Town, where he calls and leaves Alison an apology on her phone. Sofie walks by, and Aaron asks why she's crying. She tells him she tried again to go have an abortion, but they told her she's too far along. She says she has nothing now, that they didn't even have the money for the abortion in the first place but got it from Iris, who thinks Sofie stole it. Sofie says she basically did just that, since she had given that money to the landlord to cover back rent after she went the first time to have the abortion but didn't go through with it. She tells Aaron she can't be someone's mom, but he reminds her how far Alison has come in turning her life around, saying Sofie can do it, too, but Sofie points out that Alison didn't have a baby to take care of. Aaron says they'll figure something out, as Ali walks up and sees him comforting Sofie.

Noah and Luke have been shopping in Old Town for items for their fishing trip. They run into Maddie, and Noah says he forgot to buy the bait, so he leaves. Luke then tells Maddie about the fishing trip they are all going on, and Maddie tells him not to go, saying it's because she doesn't trust Colonel Mayer's turnaround on the subject of Noah's homosexuality. She thinks Noah's dad is evil. When Noah returns, Maddie gives Luke a look of concern before they part ways.

Lily and Natalie return to the Snyder farm, where Holden lets Lily know what's been going on since they were gone. He says Jack and Katie's wedding was nice, but when Lily asks about Carly, he says things are not good with her, but he thinks it's Carly's news to tell, so he doesn't go into detail with her. He then tells her about Sofie living on the farm, courtesy of Aaron, and about Noah and Luke becoming officially an item. Lily is shocked to hear that, since Noah hadn't come out when she left, but Holden tells her that Noah has told his dad and his dad has done a turnaround and accepted the whole situation graciously. He then mentions that Noah's dad is even taking Luke and Noah on a fishing trip. Lily looks concerned but doesn't tell Holden what's troubling her, as she remembers Dusty being concerned about Colonel Mayer. She mentions Dusty, and when Holden reacts to this change of subject, Lily says Holden called to tell her to come back so Margo could talk to her about Dusty. She leaves to go to the police station, where she admits to Margo that she and Dusty were privately investigating Cheri's murder. She is about to mention her concerns about Colonel Mayer to Margo, but Margo gets a phone call and asks her to wait. Lily decides to leave, however, and goes back to the farm.

Colonel Mayer goes to the Snyder farm to pick up Noah and Luke, and as they leave, Holden reminds them to watch their backs because it's hunting season. The colonel says, "You know, that's true. You can never be too careful." Holden then takes Natalie to Old Town to meet a friend and her mom, because Natalie wants to spend the night with her friend. After dropping her off, he literally runs into Maddie, and he tells her he hopes she and Luke will still be friends after all that's happened with Noah. Maddie assures him they will, but she asks where the guys have gone on their fishing trip, telling Holden that she's worried about Luke and thinks he should be, too. When Holden asks why, she says she doesn't trust the colonel's turnaround about Noah, and she says the last thing she remembers him saying to her was when he swore he wouldn't let anything cause him to lose his son.

When Lily gets to the Snyder farm, Dusty stumbles up and collapses in front of her. Lily frantically asks, "Who did this to you?" and Dusty is able to respond, "Winston Mayer." Holden comes up as Dusty passes out, and they call an ambulance. After the paramedics leave with Dusty, Holden asks Lily why Winston Mayer would want to hurt Dusty, and Lily says Dusty said something to her about him a while back, but she didn't think it could be true, so she didn't tell anyone. Holden says she'd already seen another side to the colonel and angrily yells at her that she should have told him.

In the woods, the colonel manages to keep his rifle hidden from Luke and Noah. When they arrive at their campsite, he hangs back to retrieve his rifle. He sees Luke and Noah flirting, and he walks up and asks if they like the camp. Both Luke and Noah are enthusiastic, and when the colonel says all they need is firewood, Luke offers to go get it. Colonel Mayer tells Luke where to go to find some branches that were knocked down by a storm, and then he tells Noah that he left a tackle box in the truck. Noah offers to go retrieve it, but before he leaves, he thanks his dad again for being so great about everything, saying he misjudged him and now knows what it was his men in the field saw in him when he was in the Army. His dad tells Noah he has always had his best interests at heart, and he says the Army taught him to put the greater good first, even though it's not always easy to know what the right thing to do is. They hug, and Noah tells his dad he loves him; his dad responds, "Never forget I love you." Noah leaves, and his dad goes and gets his rifle, following Luke to the clearing, where he gets him in his sights.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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