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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on GH
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Diane unloads on Trevor when he smugly tells Sonny that he had Kate fired from "Couture." A reluctant Sonny turns to Jax for help, but is still unable to keep Kate from losing the career she worked so hard to build. Kate's brave fašade begins to crack when she lashes out at Sonny. Diane clashes with Alexis over which one of them should handle Lucky and Liz's divorce. The tension between Lucky and Liz increases as they argue about lawyers and reopen old wounds. Carly begins playing a dangerous game when she responds to Johnny's text messages pretending to be Lulu, and agrees to meet with him. Spinelli catches on to what Carly is doing. Lulu refuses to forgive Logan. Carly tries to give Lulu advice about not falling for bad boys. Lucky wonders what's wrong with Nikolas when he witnesses one of his rage episodes. Nikolas tells Alfred he doesn't want Emily to know about his recent outbursts. Emily begins to suspect something is definitely wrong with Nikolas, and asks Jax for help.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Carly has no time for a meddlesome Tracy as she's anxious to meet up with Johnny in the park. Meanwhile, Georgie and Spinelli figure out what Carly is up to. Jax becomes suspicious of Carly, and later demands answers from Spinelli. Carly approaches a volatile Johnny in the park. Sonny reaches out to Kate, who relents and lets him comfort her. Sonny and Kate make love, but their bliss is shattered when Sonny receives another threatening text message from the killer. Nikolas is angry to find Emily talking to Jax about him, and warns her to never go behind his back again. After realizing he lost a chunk of time, Nikolas admits to Emily that something is wrong with him. Lulu rebuffs Logan, and then goes another round with Maxie. A part of Lulu privately wishes she and Logan could be together. Lulu watches from across the room as Scott and Logan read the results of their paternity test. Robin is having a hard time getting over Patrick.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Scott hands Logan the envelope containing the DNA results that confirm the two are biologically related. Logan tells him that he doesn't want any money or an apology. He just wants to be left alone. If Scott wanted any part in Logan's life, he would have answered one of the many letters he and his mother sent Scott in the past years. His mother deserved better than him. Logan starts to walk away and sees Lulu standing there. He asks why she's there, and she tells him that Scott called Kelly's looking for him. She knew they were waiting for the DNA results so when Scott was calling all over town looking for him, she knew the results were in. She didn't want him to have to wait any longer. He thanks her and tells her she is a good person. He starts to leave, but she stops him. She tells him it's none of her business, but she's curious what the test said. He tells her that he and Scott are father and son. He was right all along and she was the only one that believed him. Scott interrupts and says they need to talk. He should have read the letters, but he didn't. He can't do anything about the past, but he can be there now. Scott knows that Logan has made mistakes in his past that he regrets, too. There's a family out there for Logan to meet. He's got great-grandparents and two half-sisters. Logan wants no part in Scott's life and tells him to just walk out since he's so good at it. Scott agrees to give Logan some space but says he's not going anywhere and will be around for him. After he leaves, Lulu tells Logan that she thinks Scott is actually being genuine. He agrees and says that's what makes it worse. He expected him to just walk away like always.

Sonny and Kate enjoy each other's company in bed after passionate sex. She tells him that he amazed her again. He is glad they waited and didn't have sex when they were younger. They are interrupted when he gets a text message. Kate reads it. "Nanny got the phone cord, who comes next?" She questions what the phone cord means. Sonny tells her that's how Leticia died. That information was never released, so this must be a message from the killer. Kate says it could be a hoax, but Sonny doesn't think so. No one knew except the police and the DA about Leticia's manner of death. Ric is definitely sick, but he would never do something like this. Kate tells him if this is really from the killer, he needs to tell the police. Sonny explains that isn't how his business works. She gets up and starts to get dressed. He tells her she doesn't have to leave. The killer is trying to tell him that no one close to him is safe. He doesn't want anyone else to be hurt, but he doesn't want this to scare her away, either. Kate tells him that she was at a low point earlier, but he made her feel better. She needs to go. He asks her why she keeps running away when they start to get close. She says he has business to take care of that she doesn't want any part of. She was panicked earlier, but now she's calmed down. She made a name for herself and that should mean something in her business.

Spinelli tries to leave, but Jax stops him. He wants to know what's going on and where his wife is. Spinelli tries to dodge his questions, but when he tries to escape out the door Jax catches him by the shirt. Spinelli's shirt rises up and Jax notices the gun Spinelli has tucked into the back of his pants. He asks what he's doing with a gun. Spinelli says he's trying to protect the "valkerie". Jax tells him to forget about loyalty to Jason. He needs to know where Carly is. Spinelli finally reveals that Carly found out Lulu was still in touch with Johnny Zacchara and she set up a meeting with him in the park. Jax leaves. Spinelli takes the gun that Jax took from him and puts it down the front of his pants. The phone rings and the gun slides down further in his pants. Spinelli answers the phone and it's Sonny. He needs to see him right away. Spinelli rushes over and barges in just as Kate is kissing Sonny goodbye. He is embarrassed that he interrupted their tender moment and apologizes profusely. Kate leaves and Sonny tells Spinelli that he hopes his work is better than his timing. He reads the new message. Sonny wants to know who sent it and asks him if he can trace it. Spinelli is worried that it might be piggy-backed like the others. If Sonny has a certain person in mind, though, he might have better luck. Sonny thinks it is Johnny. Spinelli says there aren't any messages from Johnny's number. Sonny tells him to check and see if he has any other phones.

Johnny tells Carly that he doesn't like to be set up. She replies that she doesn't like to be grabbed. He asks her if Lulu knows that she's sending him messages. Carly tells him to let go of her. He tells her that since she likes to play games so much, let's play. He stands behind her, still holding her arms, and puts a gun to her head. Carly tells him to stop hiding behind her. She came alone. He asks why she went to all that trouble just to get him there, and she tells him that Lulu is her cousin. Johnny is trouble that Lulu doesn't need. He questions that. She asks why he's so interested in Lulu and where the two of them were going. He tells her they were just out driving. Jax finds them and interrupts. He tells Johnny to stay away from his wife. He turns to Carly and tells her to go to the car. Johnny's guards show up and Johnny tells Jax that he's outnumbered now. They say they don't want any trouble, and Jax agrees. Johnny tries to goad Carly and Jax more, but his guards convince him to leave. Johnny leaves and runs into Lulu while she is still talking to Logan. He asks her if she wants to go for a boat ride. Logan tells him they are in the middle of something. Johnny says he wasn't talking to him. Lulu tells Johnny she will get together with him later. He asks if she's actually going to show up this time and mentions Carly. Lulu is confused, but Trevor comes to talk to Trevor before he can explain any further and they leave. Logan wants to know who the hell he was. He knows she's mad at him, but she shouldn't throw herself at the first guy who comes around. Lulu tells Logan that she likes Johnny and she'll do whatever she wants with him.

On the terrace, Trevor tells Johnny to go home. It's too dangerous here. Johnny notices that Trevor sounds desperate. Trevor tells him not to get involved, but Johnny says it is too late. Trevor warns him that Sonny is unpredictable and Jason Morgan is his dangerous enforcer. Johnny doesn't think they will be a problem. Trevor offers him money to go home, but Johnny throws the money back and flips the table over. Johnny calls Trevor a flunky and says he can't tell him where to go before he storms out.

Meanwhile, back at home, Jax yells at Carly and asks her what she was thinking. Anthony Zacchara is a dangerous killer, and his son probably is, too. Carly explains that she was just trying to protect Lulu. She was trying to find out if Johnny was responsible for Leticia's death before he interrupted them. He asks her if she thinks he will just let her end up like Leticia. He wants her to trust him to take care of her and the boys. He wants her to promise to never go around Johnny again. She says she can't as long as he's hanging around Lulu.

Later, Sonny calls Carly and tells her that he's increasing the guards around her and the boys. She complains about how many people are watching the house now as it is. He says he would feel safer if she was there with him, but she tells him that Jax will take care of them. Trevor shows up at the door. He wants to know about Carly meeting with Johnny earlier. He tells Carly to keep her cousin away from him.

When Sonny gets off the phone with Carly, Spinelli asks him if Carly is alright. Sonny says yes, but wonders why Spinelli thinks she wouldn't be. Diane comes in and Spinelli leaves. Sonny tells Diane that he thinks Johnny is responsible for killing Leticia. If it was Zacchara, there would have been some sort of follow up after the initial warning by killing the nanny. The only communication he's received is the text message. Johnny has a reputation of being wrong in the head. Diane tells him he needs to take this information to the police. She can't help with this. If it isn't about a turf war but instead about Zacchara's son, it's best not to provoke.

Emily tells Nikolas that they can't pre-diagnosis the problem. They need a full battery of tests. He tells her that Robin already did blood tests, but nothing came back conclusive. She tells him that no matter what happens they will deal with it together. She goes to schedule an MRI for him and finds out the hospital is booked. She mentions that the MRI is for Nikolas Cassadine, the biggest benefactor of General Hospital and ends up getting an MRI scheduled for 9AM tomorrow. He thanks her and tells her at least his money and name are good for something. He asks for a favor since there's nothing else they can do until morning. They go to dinner, and Emily tells him that dinner shouldn't be considered a favor. He says he just wanted to take his mind off things. She tells him not to worry until they know what they are dealing with. He wants to spend the rest of the evening focusing on their relationship. He asks her about a park he took her to previously. It was one of the best nights of his life. He asks her what her favorite memory is. She thinks he is worried his condition is going to deteriorate and he won't be able to remember things. He tells her he was just making conversation. He asks her what her favorite party was. It was the Bacchanal that his uncle had years ago. He's surprised because they only had one dance together that night. She says it was the most amazing night of her life. One dance with a prince. It's every little girl's dream of going to a ball. Her dream came true that night. She still remembers how the ballroom looked that night. He tells her he will have Alfred air out the ballroom so they can spend some time there. Scott shows up and tells Nikolas he should have kept his hands to himself for once. Now he's facing criminal assault charges for his fight with Logan. Emily is surprised that Logan is pressing charges, but Scott tells him that he is on behalf of his son. Scott tells Nikolas he shouldn't have attacked someone in public with so many witnesses. This isn't the first time, either, and he mentions Nikolas' fights with Jerry. Emily defends Nikolas and mentions everything that Jerry is accused of doing. Scott points out that Jerry was cleared of the Metro Court bombing. Nikolas starts to go after Scott, but Emily stops him and slaps Scott herself.

Logan and Lulu continue to argue. She tells him that he won his stupid bet. He lied to her from day one. Logan says he won't let her just walk out of his life. She's the best thing that ever happened to him. Johnny shows up with a gun and tells Logan to walk.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ric meets with Skye at the Metro Court for dinner. Skye points out to him that they both share a lot in common like the fact that they are both outsiders right now. Ric asks her if she invited him to dinner to suggest they start an alliance with each other. Skye tells him that she is still waiting to get word on when she will get Lorenzo's inheritance for her daughter. He points out that she had a hand in Lorenzo's murder by letting Jason in her home to kill him. Skye tells him that he lost in court trying to prove that. Ric tells her that it doesn't mean that he is wrong. Skye tells him about her own experiences with getting revenge on someone and how she learned that in the end it doesn't change anything and you are left lonelier than you were before. Ric admits that he hates Sonny and Jason and probable always will but that recently his point of view has shifted since his father came to town. He tells her about Sonny dating Kate Howard, who use to be his father's mistress and that Trevor came to town and wanted payback from her. Ric tells her that he is oddly detached from the whole rivalry between his father and Sonny. Alexis shows up at the Metro Court and joins Jerry at a table for a drink. She reminds Jerry that she has an office downstairs in the hotel he could have gone to if he needed legal help instead asking her to meet him for a drink. Jerry tells her that he rather meet her informally for a drink than in her office. Ric doesn't like it when he sees Alexis sitting with Jerry. He excuses himself to Skye and heads over to their table. He tells her that he wants to speak to her. Jerry points out that she is having a drink with him and is being rude. Ric ignores Jerry and tells Alexis that he has a problem with her seeing Jerry like this and worries that she will be bringing him by her home where their daughter is now living after he gave her back because he was afraid his father would take them to court over custody. Alexis tells him that who she sees is none of his business. Ric disagrees and tells her to keep Jerry away from Molly. Ric goes back to his table and realizes that Skye could overhear the whole argument. He tells her that she did what she had to do to protect her daughter from Lorenzo's dangerous lifestyle and he is doing the same thing by keeping his daughter away from Jerry. Alexis becomes furious with Ric for ordering her around and trying to control her. She makes it clear to Jerry that she will never allow a man to control her ever again. The two of them go back to her office to talk. He asks her to check into his Swiss bank accounts for him. He notices that Alexis still seems flustered about Ric and worries she will make a mistake with his accounts because she is distracted. Alexis tells him she can separate her work from her personal life and everything will be fine. Jerry tells her he doesn't understand how she could marry a man as soulless as Ric. Alexis can't believe he has the nerve to say that and gets annoyed with him. Jerry points out that she seems to have some pattern where she falls for sets of brothers and wonders if he could be next since she was once married to his brother, Jax. Alexis tells him that she has been burned many times for mixing up her business and personal relationships with clients and she has no intention of getting involved with him. He tells her he is disappointed and kisses her hand before leaving her office. Alexis reacts nervously to the kiss on the hand and wipes it off. Meanwhile, Trevor shows up at the Metro Court to talk to Ric and interrupts his dinner with Skye. Skye tells him it is o.k. and that she has to go check in and see how her daughter is doing anyway and leaves them alone to talk. Trevor tells Ric that he must stop the investigation into Leticia's murder for him. Ric asks him why he should do him any favors. Trevor suggests he set up someone to take the fall for her murder. Ric realizes that his father is very worried about something involving the Zacchara family. Trevor tells him that it would be in his best interest to do what he says because whatever happens to him affects him because he is his son.

Trevor stops by Carly's house to warn her to keep Lulu away from Johnny Zacchara because he is very unpredictable and dangerous. Jason shows up at Carly's house and tells Trevor to talk to him or Sonny if he has any questions or concerns about Johnny and leave Carly out of it. Trevor tells Jason that he just came by to warn Carly to keep Lulu away from Johnny because of his unpredictable behavior. Jason tells him he understands his concerns about Johnny and they will keep everyone away from him. After Trevor leaves, Jason asks Carly what she did to bring Trevor over to her house to warn her. Carly denies doing anything but Jason doesn't quite believe she is telling him everything. She tells him about how she learned that Lulu was text messaging Johnny so she got a hold of his cell-phone number and text messaged him herself, pretending to be Lulu to get him to meet with her. Jason doesn't like where this is going and asked her why she would do something so dangerous like meet with Johnny in the park without protection. Carly defends her actions and tells him that she just wanted to ask him some questions about the night he met Lulu and if it was the first time he was in Port Charles. She tells Jason that she believed Johnny when he told her he just arrived in Port Charles for the first time when he picked up Lulu off the highway. Jason asks Carly to stay out of it and not to make things worse. Meanwhile, Lulu gets upset when Johnny pulls a gun on Logan and the two men start fighting over it. Logan knocks the gun out of Johnny's hands and the two exchange fists. Lulu gets scared and grabs the gun off the ground and points it at the two of them and orders them to stop fighting or she will shoot. Logan tries to get her to put the gun down before she gets hurt or someone else gets shot. Lulu tells Johnny off for pulling out a gun again for no reason for the second time and she wants him to just leave. She unloads the cartridge from the gun and hands the gun back to Johnny. Johnny leaves her alone to talk to Logan. Logan asks her how long she has known Johnny and why she was hanging around him. Lulu admits she met him the night she found out he slept with Maxie and that she was hitchhiking when Johnny picked her up. Logan hits the roof when he realizes she put herself in danger by hitchhiking because she was running away from him. Lulu refuses to forgive him even though he tells her that she changed him for the better by being with him. She tells him she can't trust him every again and can't believe what he is telling her now. She tells him to leave her alone and runs off. Lulu goes to Carly's house to tell her off for pretending to be her to text message Johnny into meeting her at the park. Carly defends herself by telling Lulu that she did it to protect Lulu because Johnny is dangerous and could be the one who murdered Leticia. Lulu tells her that she only text messaged him a few times and that is all and that it doesn't matter now because Johnny is probably back home now. Lulu leaves and then sends a text message to Johnny, who is sent back to the hotel where Trevor informs him he is going back home on his father's orders. Johnny gets her text message, saying "When and Where?" Johnny smiles at her message as he is being driven back home. Meanwhile, Georgie shows up at Spinelli and Jason's place to talk to him about her concerns for Lulu and his safety dealing with Johnny Zacchara. Spinelli tells her he is doing some tracking himself to see if he can find proof linking Johnny to the text messages sent to Sonny by Leticia's killer. Later, Jason comes home. Spinelli tells Jason about Sonny receiving another text message from Leticia's killer, warning him that there may be more killings. Spinelli asks him if he talked to Carly. Jason tells him that he talked to her but that he can't tell Carly what to do because she will always do what she wants to do.

Emily slaps Scott across the face when he tells Nikolas he plans to press charges against him for assaulting Logan, his newfound son at the hotel. Nikolas grabs her and tells her she doesn't have to get in trouble with Scott to try to protect him. Nikolas asks Scott if Logan plans to press charges against him. Scott doesn't have an answer. Nikolas tells him that he knows where to find him if he wants to make an arrest. Emily and Nikolas go home and talk. Emily tells him her theory that he may suffer from a chemical imbalance which would cause him to not be able to control his emotions or his anger. She tells him she can deal with his anger but that she hopes he doesn't yell at her again like he did earlier at the hotel. Nikolas apologizes to her for yelling at her but that he doesn't remember doing it and only remembers seeing her talking to Jax at the hotel and the rest is blank. Emily accepts his apology and they kiss.

Maxie asks Cooper to meet her at the Metro Court. He shows up and is surprised by how dressed up she is. He compliments her on her sexy dress and new hair color. She invites him to sit at a table with him. He asks her why she picked the hotel when Kelly's would have been fine. She tells him that she didn't want people to barge in on them talking and wanted some more privacy. She tells him she misses him and what they had. He tells her he misses what they had also but wonders if they can start over again. Maxie tells him that she wants to start over with him and this time try not to sabotage their relationship like she did before because she thinks she did that because she didn't think she deserved someone like him in her life. When Cooper is reluctant to start over with her, she leaves the hotel and heads to Logan's place. She pounds on the door to his apartment and asks him to let her in. She waits until Logan comes home. He tells her to leave him alone and that there is no reason why he should invite her in when she is the person that just ruined his life. She invites herself in anyway and tells him that he shouldn't judge her since he isn't any better than her. She tells him about her dinner with Cooper and how it went wrong. He tells her he doesn't blame Cooper for staying far away from her. She tells him that she thinks he is more upset by the fact that he can't use Lulu anymore to make himself feel better about himself. He tells her he hates her so much right now.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nikolas goes to the police station to pay his fine for hitting Logan. He sees Lucky and tells him about the fine and how it would have been worse than that if it weren't for having a good woman in his corner. Lucky mentions that he shouldn't be complaining about his marriage to Nikolas and that he just wants his divorce behind him. Nikolas and Lucky talk about Alexis as an attorney. It still bugs her that Sonny replaced her with Diane. She will be Lucky's attorney if he wants her, but it may ruin any chance Lucky has of remaining friends with Liz. Lucky says that Liz never checked with him before retaining Diane as an attorney. Its bad enough she slept with Jason and kept it a secret during their marriage, but now she goes and hires his lawyer. He just wants Alexis to protect him. Nikolas thinks he's looking for a fight and warns him. He'll get hurt. He's playing with a rubber band. While they talk, a man comes into the police station and attacks an officer. Nikolas jumps on the guy and Lucky is surprised.

Liz tells Emily about the house and how the kids will love the backyard. Emily is happy that her friend is thinking so positively about her future. Liz is just happy to get past the divorce. Liz is uncomfortable with Alexis being Lucky's attorney, since he is sleeping with her daughter. Epiphany approaches them and realizes they are talking about divorce. Liz asks for advice, and Epiphany tells her to develop a tough hide. She will need it. Liz says they are trying to make things easy. The only issues are visitation and custody, and she thinks it's best to leave that to the lawyers. Epiphany tells her that sometimes when you make a mess and want someone else to clean it up; it becomes an even bigger mess.

At Sonny's, Diane is talking on the phone when Sonny walks in. He asks what she was talking about on the phone and she tells him it was about a different case. He tells her that when she's on his time, she's expected to do his work. He asks what she's come up with so far. She tells him she's working on it, but it's going to be difficult to ambush Trevor. He's probably aware already that she's after him. He says he wants her to deal with Trevor before they have another body on their hands. He knows that Trevor is more than just a mouthpiece for Zacchara. He is up to his neck in dirty business. He has broken the law. There's got to be a way to prove that. Diane says the only one who could prove that is you. His contacts can ask questions that she can't ask. His contacts could get the information with just a few phone calls. He points out that whatever he finds out wouldn't hold up in court. She holds up a picture of the dress Kate was going to get for her before Trevor got her fired. She is furious and motivated. Get the dirt on Trevor and he will be buried.

Spinelli arrives at Carly's, but he's puzzled as to why he's there. She offers him orange soda, but he hesitates because Jason has told him in the past not to get involved with Carly's schemes. She asks if he will still hold to that rule if her scheme means saving Lulu from Johnny. He tells her it is unfair to dangle Lulu over his head in an effort to make him break a promise to Jason. He tells her to get Jason to protect Lulu. Carly wants him to dig up whatever information he can about Johnny. Spinelli tells her that she could be putting her life in danger, but she would rather be the one in danger than Lulu. She says they both look out for the people they love. Trevor has information that they need. He asks if this information could help Lulu, and Carly says yes. Spinelli leaves and barges into Sonny's house. Sonny tells him that he is busy with Diane right now. Spinelli says he is there about Carly. Diane leaves and Sonny tells him that this better be life or death and he better not babble. Spinelli tells Sonny that Carly is planning something. Sonny asks what Carly is planning and how Spinelli got involved. Spinelli tells him that Carly wants him to get information on Trevor and wants him to find out if he's covering the identity of the killer or if he is the killer. Sonny is surprised that he understands what Spinelli is saying, but he still doesn't like the sound of it.

Cody's in the interrogation room when Lainey finds him. She wants to talk to him. He's surprised to see her. She asks how he is, and he tells her not so well. He doesn't have any drugs and he's being charged with murder. She realizes she owes him. He had to guts to help her father die when she didn't. He tells her it's too bad society doesn't see it that way. She thinks she can help him. He doesn't know how because he already confessed. She knows he confessed to keep her from being arrested. If he hadn't have confessed, he would be free right now. She tells him to change his plea. Blame her father's death on Jolene.

Robin talks to her mom on the phone, but they have a bad connection. Anna asks about Patrick, and Robin tells her that they broke up. Suddenly, there's an explosion and the connection is broke. Robin starts to make a call to find Patrick, but changes her mind. Later, she overhears Leyla talking to another doctor about her plans with Patrick for later that night. The doctor tells her that with Dr. Drake, there's only one kind of date. Robin goes to the desk and Liz asks her if she's glad to be off the night shift. She says, "Let me count the ways." Liz leaves before Robin starts talking about Leyla. Emily approaches Robin and wants to talk to her about Nikolas and the tests that have been run. Robin says she did what she could, but Nikolas wouldn't tell her what was going on. Emily tells her about the episodes Nikolas has been having. He's losing his memory and has become violent. She worries this is a side effect. What if it can't be treated?

In the locker room, Liz tells Emily that she has to pick up the kids and then go see Diane. Emily hopes she didn't overstep and Liz assures her that she didn't. They decide to plan a girl's night out. Lainey comes in and tells Emily about Nikolas going berserk at the police station. Meanwhile, Nikolas finds himself in the park with a bloody hand.

Lainey asks Robin for a consult, but tells her that she plans on asking Patrick, too. Robin tells Lainey about the call with her mom and how she wanted to call Patrick but didn't. He's going on a date with Leyla. It hurts, but the further away she stays from him, the better it will be.

Epiphany sees Leyla and asks her if there's anything different about the ER. Leyla says there's no chaos here. It's much better. Epiphany tells her that her relationship with Patrick could interfere with patient's care. Leyla says they are just having fun. They are interrupted when a couple comes in. They need assistance, but they can't stop kissing. Kelly gets upset, and Andy drags her away to calm her down. He's exhausted since he hasn't been drugging himself lately. She mentions what a fine pair they are. He says they're a mess. She tells him she'll help him if he helps her.

Later, Andy and Kelly talk about the surgery. She thanks him for his help and they talk about their deal. If they can both stay clear of their vices, they will celebrate by jumping in the sack together. She promises him fireworks. He admits that he is also an addict. When he leaves, Kelly runs into another doctor. She asks him how he is recovering after being shot. He says he's about to find out. She tells him he looks mighty fine to her. He leaves, but she continues to eye him.

Robin calls her mom and leaves a message for her to call and let her know she's ok. Leyla comes in and tells her that Patrick needs her to send him a treatment plan. Robin goes off on her. Leyla retaliates and warns Robin don't to needle her just because her boyfriend broke up with her.

Spinelli shows up at the hospital, but Epiphany tells him she's not in the mood for him. He's there to see Jolene. Epiphany tells him that Jolene sabotaged the hospital. If she hadn't been shot, she would have killed more people. He tells her that she saved his life. He would like to think better of Jolene now. Epiphany tells him that she is in a coma. Spinelli wants to see her so he can ask her why she saved him if she wakes up.

Trevor asks Alexis how Molly is doing. She says Molly is fine. He would like to see Molly again, and she suggests they have lunch next week. He thanks her and tells her she is a reasonable woman. He hopes Molly takes after her and not her father. When he leaves, Carly comes over and asks for Alexis' help with Trevor. Alexis wants no part in her schemes. Carly says it's for the sake of both of their kids. She wants Alexis to tell her everything Trevor has ever said to her. He is more dangerous than she could ever imagine. Alexis tells her what she knows, but it's not much. Carly tells her not to be na´ve. Alexis gets a call that she has to take. Carly excuses herself and makes a phone call to Trevor while she's waiting. She convinces Trevor to come to her house, although he is surprised at her invitation. She tells him that she and Jason don't always agree. She thinks that she and Trevor can help each other. He wants her to be more specific. She's talking about Johnny and Lulu. Sonny walks in and tells Trevor to get out. Carly tells Sonny that it's not a good time. Trevor is here by invitation and Sonny is the one that should leave.

Diane and Alexis talk while they wait for their clients to show up. They both compliment each other. Liz shows up and Alexis tells her that Diane is going to pump her up with false hope. Sign the papers that Alexis is drawing up or she will regret it. When Lucky arrives, Diane is telling them that it is unacceptable to try to intimidate her client. Alexis says she's just trying to be courteous to Liz. Diane says she will do the same, and she proceeds to tell Lucky to sign her papers or he will be paying for the next 18 years and only able to see the boys on Thanksgiving and every Tuesday of every fourth month. Alexis says that is unacceptable, and she tells Lucky that they can take Diane. Diane tells her to bring it.

Nikolas arrives at the hospital. A woman asks how he hurt his hand and he tells her he has no idea.

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