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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on GL
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Cassie and Josh are lamenting the fact that he probably will be chosen by the board as Rev. Rutledge's replacement. Cassie is more optimistic and tells Josh he's a flawed man with a great gift of helping others. Proctor approaches the couple, telling them the board will have a decision by day's end. He says the decision is a no-brainer. Cassie and Josh return to the hotel room to wait for the decision. Cassie is supportive and optimistic still. She tells Josh that if he is turned down, she will follow him anywhere he decides to go to be a minister. They decide to make love while they wait for the decision. Proctor calls Josh and asks that he and Cassie meet the board at Company. When the couple arrives, they learn that the board has chosen Josh as Rutledge's replacement. They are ecstatic and agree to work out particulars with Proctor the next day. Outside of Company, a triumphant Josh learns that Cassie wants to have his child. Cassie is disappointed to learn that Josh may not want to have another child.

In New York City, Cyrus blocks Harley inside the hotel room so he can escape. Harley is left alone, fighting the effects of her possible concussion. Cyrus meets a woman named Krista outside the hotel. She invites him to join her and her friends on a trip to a casino. He goes with her. While Harley is trapped in the hotel room nursing her disorientation, Gus arrives. The two share some time together. Gus is happy to be with Harley and waxes nostalgic. Harley is angry with herself for letting Cyrus escape. Just then, Cyrus returns, telling the two that Krista is on Griggs's payroll and gave him Griggs's private cell phone number. This lead is a big one. Harley convinces Gus to return to Springfield to handle things from there. Cyrus starts to convince Harley that his feelings for Marina are genuine and not a con. Harley reattaches his ankle bracelet. When he is doing jumping jacks to prove the bracelet is secure, the photo he has been carrying of the chateau in France falls out. Harley picks it up. Cyrus tells her that some dreams don't die. He explains that the house in the photo has always seemed like home to him. Harley shares that Gus built their home with his own two hands, but the foundation is not as solid as she has thought. Cyrus says maybe he can restore her faith in men by proving he truly wants to find Marina.

At Cedars, Natalia presses Gus to come clean about his feelings for her versus Harley. Gus challenges her by bringing up Alan's kissing her. While she protests that Alan was caught up in the moment of emotions, Gus says that Alan kissed her nonetheless. Natalia tells him to choose between her and Harley now or let her go. Gus leaves and Natalia approaches a nurse about entering the training program at Cedars. The nurse takes her name and number and promises to pass it along to her supervisor. Natalia runs into Rick, who tells her that Dr. Wagner has sent him information that will allow Rafe to join a new experimental cell-transplant procedure that may change Rafe's life for the better. Natalia is excited about the prospect.

Rafe and Daisy sneak into Dylan's hotel room while he is away in Boston. They are there to study but decide they can make out along the way as well. They actually are studying between kisses when Natalia arrives. Dylan has slipped the doorman money to let the adults know when Rafe and Daisy show up to his room. Daisy excuses herself to the restroom while Natalia shares information about the experimental cell-transplant procedure Dr. Wagner is offering. Rafe doesn't want to have anything to do with it. He leaves. Natalia stays behind to visit with Daisy. She implores Daisy to take advantage of the time she has as a teenager. She wants her and Rafe to go on to college, something both she and Harley had missed out on because they became mothers so young. Natalia tells Daisy to not sell herself short.

Gus returns to the Spaulding mansion in Springfield just as Rafe returns. Rafe brings up the experimental treatment to Gus. Gus is encouraging, but Rafe has reservations. He is afraid that his mother will have built up her hopes one more time, just to have them shattered again. Gus explains to Rafe that Natalia did not make all the sacrifices that she had just so her son could give up. Natalia arrives just then to add support to Gus's statement. Rafe decides to give the treatment a shot.

Daisy goes to Cedars where she runs into Rick. She lies, telling Rick she is there to visit a friend from school with a broken leg. When Rick leaves, Daisy asks a nurse if she can have a pregnancy test.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reva, still in the Spaulding mansion, is feeling the strains of being isolated away from her life as she knew it and is feeling the need to get out, at least for a while. She calls Jeffrey, but gets his voice mail and leaves a message. Alan enters the room and reminds Reva that she needs to stay at the mansion and have no contact with Jeffrey, at least until they feel they won't be discovered as the ones who killed a man in California and buried the body. A very tense Reva packs her bags to leave, but a very calm Alan informs her that she isn't going anywhere except jail if she leaves the mansion, and he won't let that happen, because then he, too, could go to jail and he won't ever go there again. Reva asks how he can be so nonchalant about the fact that he killed a man and buried the body, but before he can answer, Reva notices that he is focused on an internet story and asks what it is. Alan replies that it is a story about that body they buried, and how it has been discovered. Reva, even more nervous now, believes that she should tell Jeffrey so that he can help her. Alan tells Reva that if she does, she'll live to regret it. He has the phones disconnected to prevent her from calling Jeffrey.

After he leaves the room, Reva sneaks out of the mansion and meets up with Jeffrey at the diner. They have awkward moments at first. Jeffrey still believes there is more going on and asks Reva to open up to him, but she still says she can't. Jeffrey tries to leave, knowing there isn't anything to talk about now, but Reva asks him to go outside with her. Just as it appears as if she is going to tell him the truth about everything, Reva catches a glimpse of Daisy through the window and sees Daisy dash away quickly. Sensing something is wrong, Reva abruptly leaves Jeffrey to go after daisy, but tells him she misses him before rushing off. Back inside the diner, Jeffrey tries to call Reva and discovers that her phone is disconnected. Alan walks in, and Jeffrey tries to bluff him by saying that Reva hired him and that Alan should tell him his side of the story to be able to help them better, but Alan can tell that he's bluffing. Jeffrey says he'll find out sooner or later. Later, Jeffrey sees his partner, Mel, and enlists her help by giving her some information of the trip that Alan and Reva took and says he needs to know where it landed, and that he might be taking a trip soon. He tells her she can ask her clerk Lola to help with this.

Reva catches up to Daisy, and Daisy starts to fall apart, crying and hugging Reva. Reva asks what's wrong, and says whatever it is, she will help her. Daisy does finally reveal to Reva that she is pregnant, and they hug.

Mel is talking to Remy, helping him to deal with his friend Marina's abduction. Lola walks in, and Remy wants to quickly leave, telling Mel that she is a "freakity-freak" who sends him her underwear. Mel doesn't believe this of her clerk and old friend and thinks of her as a church-going girl. Lola approaches them and puts on her good girl face in Mel's presence, but when she has a moment alone with Remy, she suggests they go back to her place, and asks if he can drive with her on top of him. Natalia walks in and sees Remy in an uncomfortable situation, and in an effort to help him out, she walks up to Lola and Remy and starts acting like Remy's girlfriend. Nat harshly confronts Lola, who replies not to talk to her like that, which then prompts Nat to throw a glass of water on Lola, then proceeds to threaten Lola, throwing a little bit of Spanish in her rant! Nat leaves, Remy follows, and Lola stands in shock a moment before she leaves. Remy follows Nat to another place where Nat is applying for a job. He thanks her for helping, and then asks her to dance, and they do. As they are about to leave, Nat says that she needs to go straight home. Remy suspects she wants to be with Gus. She explains about what happened earlier with Alan kissing her and Gus seeing that, and as she tries to tell him it meant nothing, Remy can see that the fact Gus was bothered by this bothers Nat, and it is clear to him where he stands. Nat leaves, and Remy stays behind.

At CO2, Ava sees Coop and offers her help in the search for Marina, while placing her hand tenderly on his, but Coop brushes off her advances. Later, Ava sees Doris and suggests that Ashlee will probably break plans with Doris to be with Coop. Ava notes how Doris used to keep guys from Ashlee in the past, but believes that now Doris may have lost her edge. She continues planting suggestions by adding that Coop will break Ashlee's heart when he's done with her.

Ashlee and Coop meet at CO2, and Ashlee asks if there is any information about Marina. Coop answers there is not, then tells her of a memory of an agreement that he and Marina made when they were kids. The agreement was that if either of them were in some trouble that they would go to the Bauer cabin, their "Fortress of Solitude". Coop, looking for some hope, wants to go there in hopes of finding Marina there, and invites Ashlee to go with him. Ashlee does what she always does when she feels a relationship getting a little too close - she declines the offer. After some discussion, where Coop makes Ashlee know his feeling for her are genuine, Ashlee agrees to go with him, and goes to her place to pack. As she arrives at her door, Ava appears and plants suggestions that Coop may dump her when they return from their get-away, because that's what he did to Ava after one of their get-aways. She continues, saying that once he was done with her after that trip, he let her go, suggesting he'll do the same to Ashlee.

Rafe and Natalia are on Main St. trying to find the name of a place where Nat wants to apply for a job, and encourages Rafe to apply for a job at a grocery store that is hiring. Nat says that she doesn't want to rely on Alan and his money and that she and Rafe still need to take care of themselves. Rafe believes this is an attempt to keep him so busy that he won't have time to see Daisy. A frustrated Nat soon discovers that the job she was seeking has been taken, but refuses to take Rafe's advice about saying she's the mother of Alan Spaulding's grandson. Nat tells Rafe to check his blood sugar, he does, and all is fine. However, a woman named Naomi Evans sees Rafe checking his blood sugar, and introduces herself as being with the Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Center in Springfield. She offers Rafe a job of working with her, going around to schools and talking to other kids about juvenile diabetes, because she believes a young, handsome, Hispanic male like him would be someone the kids would listen to. He agrees to do it. Ms. Evans asks if he could talk to a young boy now who is at Cedars Hospital and just found out he has diabetes; Rafe says he'll go.

Meanwhile, Daisy is at the hospital getting a pregnancy test. The nurse talks to her about safe sex, and asks if her partner used a condom. Daisy is unsure if they did, and recalls that they had some but things just happened and it was dark...the nurse takes the blood to the lab to be tested, and says it will take about an hour. Daisy decides to wait there for the results. As she walks around the hospital with her thoughts, Ashlee appears. Daisy hugs her tightly but doesn't let Ashlee know the real reason she is there. After Ashlee leaves, Daisy goes to a room at the hospital to continue to wait for her results. With a shaky voice, she worries aloud, and hopes that her cycle is just irregular. The nurse walks into the room with her results - Daisy is pregnant. The nurse gives her information about seeing a doctor and more, then offers to call someone for her, like perhaps the father. Daisy appears to still be in shock over the news and is a bit unsure of what to do next.

As she leaves the room, she sees Rafe, who is there to visit the boy with new diabetes. Later, Rafe returns to the mansion and can see that Alan is troubled by something. Alan explains it's all in a day in the life of a Spaulding, with people always trying to bring them down. Then, as another one of Alan's grooming techniques, he introduces Rafe to opera and tells him he is destined for bigger and better things in life.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Inside the Light:

Coop informs Buzz that Doris has a commercial that is getting a lot of attention. He shows Buzz some examples of commercials for him that he has been working on. Unsatisfied by any of Coop's ideas, Buzz decides to make a commercial for himself. He soon discovers a canned TV campaign is not for him. He knows Springfield like he knows the back of his hand. For him, a love letter is best.

With the camera in hand, Buzz, Ashlee and Coop set out to record a feel good infomercial about Springfield. They videotape Rick, Jeffrey and Blake, but each time, the positivity is sidetracked by some negative event. Buzz gets discouraged, but Coop peps him up and pins with him a campaign button. They attempt to interview Frank, but he rudely tells them he has no time—seemingly in the middle of the kidnapping case. Before stalking off, to Buzz Frank demands to know how much more can happen to their family.

Before Buzz can go talk to Frank, Olivia comes over and offers her assistance with the video. She tells the camera how much Springfield needs Buzz and then tears into a litany of all of the psychosis in Springfield. Strolling into Company, he finds more disgruntled citizens like Mallet. After Mallet's tirade on camera, Buzz cuts the taping.

Later, he runs into Alan at Company, who tells him that his problem is that he's a dreamer. His dream of governing the city is just too big. Buzz thinks the town was founded on a dream. Alan tells him it was founded on making a buck. Smart families like his that weren't afraid to crush the little people to make a buck made this city great. Buzz wonders if he really means that. Alan tells him that this isn't Oz. It's a coliseum with hungry lions like him—and the buffet is endless.

After visiting Frank at the station, Buzz runs into cynical Doris, who brags about her two hundred dollar per plate luncheon she just hosted. While Buzz appeals to the common people of Springfield, she boasts how the real moneymakers gave her a standing ovation. When Buzz doesn't have any fiery retorts, Doris becomes puzzled. Buzz thinks that maybe Springfield deserves someone like Doris. Sadly he walks off.

In a hotel room, Ashlee and Coop try to salvage usable footage from their video. Buzz enters and explains how badly Frank is doing about Marina. Coop tells Buzz that they were just going over the footage. Buzz shakes his head that he never needs to see that again and walks out. He runs into Jeffrey at CO2. The two discuss Springfield and Buzz wonders what the point is of trying to make it better. Jeffrey wants to know when Buzz gets that one figured out. He leaves and is pleasantly greeted by Ava. As Buzz watches Jeffrey and Ava, he finally smiles.

Olivia joins Jeffrey and Ava. Buzz gets an idea. He gets his camera and asks Ava for an interview. He talks to her about finding her parents in Springfield. She says how wonderful and strange it was to find her parents in the same town. Next he talks to Dinah about finding her parents in Springfield. Meeting her parents changed her life—as did meeting Mallet. She says she doesn't know if anyone sees something that good coming—ever. Next, Buzz goes to re-interview Rick. He asks him about divorces in Springfield and accuses the residents of not knowing what love is. Rick defends Springfield, saying that to have a lot of divorces, there had to have been a lot of marriages.

Buzz finds Billy and interviews him. He wonders why Billy returned to Springfield after being in prison. Billy thought that maybe he could catch a break. He thought he wouldn't be the only person in Springfield looking for a fresh start. If someone is in trouble, the residents can lend each other a hand because, at one point, they were probably there themselves. Buzz returns to visit Frank, who is enraged about the progress in finding Marina. Out of sight, Buzz sympathetically watches Frank's anguish.

Later, Buzz videotapes a candid interview of himself. He ponders what makes Springfield so special and what draws it people to it. A montage of the characters plays as Buzz says that redemption, second chances, and people finding each other are reasons. He thinks the residents are drawn there for a purpose. If they all admit they are in it together, then they might find what they are looking for. The screen shows Frank enter Company for a surprise support gathering for him. As Frank's friends embrace him, Buzz straightens a campaign side on the wall. He thinks that there is a reason his restaurant is called "Company."

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rafe brings Gus breakfast at the police station where he had been working all night. He is trying to make points with Gus, in hopes of being permitted to spend time with Daisy. Later, Gus sees Natalia on Main Street and tries to convince her to allow Rafe and Daisy to see each other with strict guidelines, saying the forbidden is always more tempting and allowing a little may be better than the sneaking they'll probably do anyway. Then they talk about Alan's kiss. Natalia explains that she and Alan talked and the kiss meant nothing. Gus knows Alan's strategies and cautions her, but she says she does know the kind of man Alan is, and asks Gus why does he care, when he won't make a move toward being with Nat. He responds that he will always care, but she leaves, for now.

Reva goes to Harley house, looking for Daisy. Daisy is there and has been avoiding Reva's calls. Reva is trying to help her, and encourages Daisy to tell her mom, and Rafe, but Daisy isn't ready to do that yet. She tells Reva is strong tones that if she tells anyone, she'll never talk to her again, and storms out. She seems to meet up with various people who give her something to think about regarding babies and children. She meets Frank on Main Street and tries to be supportive with Marina still missing. Frank recalls Marina as a little girl and says "the baby is born, you start worrying, and I guess it never stops." Next, she meets Dylan in the principal's office of her school, who is there to congratulate her an being elected as vice president of student council. But Daisy thinks Reva told him about her being pregnant. Dylan tells her how proud he is of her, and that he knew she wouldn't let him and Harley down. He's excited that she'll have more opportunities than he and Harley had. As he stresses college to her, she says it's too far off, but Dylan points out that it's only 9 months away. 9 months. After Dylan leaves, Daisy sees Rafe in the hall, and he mentions the word "baby" in casual talk and Daisy acts strangely. Rafe asks what's wrong, and she considers telling him she's pregnant, but decides not to. He tries to comfort her by pulling her close, but she pushes him away, which leaves Rafe a bit bewildered.

Alan is in a hallway at the Beacon and sees Natalia, dressed in a waitress uniform and pushing a cart of food – she now works at the Beacon. After some small talk, Nat tells Alan she needs to hear him say that the kiss he gave her before meant nothing. He tells her that it was a spontaneous thing that came from the many tough things he had to deal with that day, including Alex needing to be hospitalized. He apologizes since, he says, it seemed to bother her. He continues, saying that he thinks Gus is a fool to not see such a wonderful woman him, and then he asks her if they can still be friends. She says yes. She thanks him for all he has done for Rafe, and Alan says he wishes he could do more. Nat tells him he's doing what he can, by working on fundraising for cancer with Reva, but also notes that Alan hasn't worked with Reva much lately. Alan explains that he feels Reva may be feeling a destructive and that is why she is staying at the mansion.

Just then Reva appears. She grabs Alan's tie and chokes him with it, saying she believes that he is setting it up to make her look crazy so that she will take the fall for the murder, then cautions him that isn't a good idea. Alan hands her an itinerary of places he wants Reva to go for fundraising, but Reva believes that while she is away, he would start rumors making her look bad. As they discuss this inside the diner, they both are trying to put on the act while arguing. Alan insisting she goes on the trip to keep up the charade; Reva insisting that she is not leaving town. They get loud, each standing stubborn against the other. Alan tells her to keep her voice low, then asks, "Or do you want everyone to know that we killed a man?", to which Reva responds in a very lud voice that the whole diner can hear, "WE KILLED A MAN!", then laughing it off as a joke between them, but showing Alan she won't back down.

Jeffrey and Mel are on Main Street, working, when Jeffrey asks Mel to go out to have some fun. Mel realizes he is trying to not think about Reva, and tells him no. He then asks Mel if she could take some of Reva's personal things over to her at the mansion, but Mel won't get involved and tells him to just go after her if he wants her.

Jeffrey finds Gus at the police station and starts to ask him questions about Reva and Alan. Gus tells Jeffrey Reva and Alan are involved in fundraising things, but Jeffrey continues to probe, until Gus asks him what's really going on. Gus agrees to keep an eye and ear open about anything between Reva and Alan, but he won't actively look for more, because he's got a lot of things to deal with in his own life too.

Later, Jeffrey checks to see if there is any information found from Alan's phones records, and it appears to be a dead end, until one call is mentioned – to Tourmaline, CA. He chalks it up to another business deal where Alan probably wants to buy the city. Jeffrey writes it down. Next, he picks up a picture of Jonathan and discovers something taped to the back of it. He sees that it is a newspaper clipping from Tourmaline, the one Jonathan sent to Reva as a clue to let her know where he is. Jeffrey then starts to book the next flight to Tourmaline.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Not knowing exactly why Daisy is so worried, Rafe says he's there to help her with whatever she needs. Daisy tries to talk to Harley about what's going on, but Harley is on a roll about how proud she is of Daisy. Rafe is confused as Daisy rushes away. Later, Daisy takes a deep breath, standing outside the Planned Parenthood Office. Reva realizes that Alan bugged her phone and says she's going to the police to confess that they shot a man. Alan and Reva race to report each other to the police when Daisy interrupts Reva, needing to talk to her. Alan tries to keep Rafe from talking to Daisy. Alan and Reva pronounce themselves mutually dependent on each other. Later, Jeffrey confronts Reva about Tourmaline, and Reva explains how Alan saved her life in Tourmaline, and shot a man dead. Jeffrey tells her she has to turn Alan in. On camera, Doris sets forth the accusation that Marina may have been accomplice to Cyrus's scheme and Frank loses it. Meanwhile, Harley and Gus continue to work together. Frank hesitantly gives Cyrus the lead he received on Griggs. Harley cuts off Cyrus's ankle bracelet so they can try to get past security and get to Marina. Harley and Cyrus pretend to be a married couple awaiting a shipment and try to con the security guard into letting them onto the docks. Frank shows the reporter a picture of Cyrus, saying that he's involved with the kidnapping, as Harley and Cyrus steal their way on board the boat, hoping to find Marina.

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