One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on OLTL

Marcie was angry to learn that Michael had known the truth about Tommy for a long time. Dorian was ready to take Langston's parents to task, but Langston had a secret. Marty and John grew closer. Talia was shocked when Shaun went along with her lie and pulled her into a kiss in front of Antonio.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 1, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Michael, Marcie and Judy are highly suspicious when Todd announces to the judge that he and Blair got married the day before. Blair backs up Todd's claim that they married out of love, but finds herself on the hot seat when Judy begins to question her. Bo is shocked when Nora fills him in on what's happened with Lindsay, and feels guilty for not having been there for her. Meanwhile, Will runs into Addie when he goes to St. Ann's to visit Lindsay, who remains unresponsive. Nora wonders if Lindsay could be faking her breakdown. Lindsay seems to recognize Bo when he and Nora visit her at St. Ann's. Langston becomes defensive when Markko questions her about her absentee parents. Starr admits to Cole that her parents only got remarried to improve Todd's chances of getting Tommy back. Starr and Cole argue when he questions Todd and Blair's reasoning. A comedy of errors ensues when Talia considers passing off a drunken man who was just arrested as her boyfriend in front of Antonio.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blair tries to hold her own on the witness stand under Judy's questioning, but can't deny the ugly truths about Todd's past actions. Starr demands to take the stand to defend her parents, and Blair and Todd reluctantly agree to let her do so. Starr gives a heartfelt plea as to how great her parents are, but Judy is quick to point out the flaws in their family. Blair lashes out at Marcie after Starr's testimony. Michael is caught off guard when he takes the stand. Lindsay remains unresponsive even as Bo does his best to get through to her. Nora has empathy for Lindsay, but warns she'll bury her if she's faking her breakdown. Langston squirms when a concerned Dorian questions her about her parents. Talia confesses her George dilemma to Layla, who correctly suspects Talia has a thing for Antonio. Talia and Layla head to Capricorn to face Antonio. Antonio teases Cristian about Sarah, who announces she's booked a big name for the club.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sarah tells Cristian she booked Timbaland to play at Capricorn, then tells him she's waiting for his apology. Cristian doesn't believe her, saying she's lying about Timbaland. Sarah says Cristian is gong to feel stupid later when Timbaland shows up. Cristian teases Sarah about her imaginary friends. Sarah gets someone on the phone to tell Cristian she's for real. Cristian asks how he's supposed to know if it was actually Timbaland's manager on the phone. Antonio says it sounds legitimate to him. Layla wants to know if Timbaland is really playing there tomorrow night. Sarah says yes, and Layla squeals and dances them away. Antonio squeals at Cristian and says he's got an overqualified waitress working for him.

Talia tells Antonio she wasn't completely honest about her "boyfriend" George. Vincent and Shawn arrive and Layla pulls Shawn over by Talia and introduces him to Antonio as George. Talia looks very shocked, but tries to play along. Antonio isn't going for the lie; he knows that Shawn's name is Shawn. Layla says his middle name is George. Antonio is annoyed that Talia didn't tell him about Shawn sooner. Vincent says he doesn't know what's going on, either. Antonio looks like he's not buying it. Shawn tells Talia she's one fine woman and he is damn proud to call her his girlfriend, then he pulls her into a huge smooch while Vincent, Layla, and Antonio look on, surprised. Antonio says they seem happy, even though Talia looks very uncomfortable. Antonio says Talia deserves to be happy, then leaves. Talia immediately pushes Shawn away and yells at Layla. She says she made a complete fool of herself and Antonio saw right through it. Talia blames herself. Layla says it's her fault, then drags Talia away from the boys. Talia says that Antonio won't respect her now and she blew it.

Dorian wants to hire Rex to find Langston's parents. Dorian describes how Langston's parents leave her alone for weeks at a time. She wants Rex to find them so she can tell them off. Rex wonders if she's sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. Dorian says it's her responsibility to find Langston's parents and get to the bottom of the mystery. Rex says maybe he doesn't want the job, but ultimately gives in and says he'll help Dorian. Dorian starts micromanaging Rex. Dorian says it's good to be working with Rex again.

Langston and Markko arrive at her house after school. They kiss, and Markko apologizes for getting on Langston's case about her missing parents. Markko's mom calls. He looks at photos of Langston and her parents while he talks to his mom. Langston yells at him for picking up a photograph. She doesn't want him digging in her life and has a major freak-out because her parents aren't there. She starts crying and Markko apologizes and tries to comfort her. Langston tries to explain to Markko why she's so upset. Markko's worried about her. They kiss and make up. The phone rings and Langston lets the call go to voicemail but pretends it's her parents.

John shows up at Marty's door with Tommy on his shoulder; John says he needs her help. John is worried that he isn't supposed to feed raisins to Tommy because it's a choking hazard. Marty says John could have just called her to ask. Marty gets Tommy to go down for a nap and John compliments her on her technique. Marty says the two of them are really cute together. John jokes about his parenting skills. Marty asks if John just came by for babysitting advice, or if he really was there for something like a kiss. Then they kiss. Marty says she's not usually so bold. John says he doesn't mind. John says they don't need to talk about it, just go forward. They talk about Tommy, which reminds Marty of how Patrick was when Cole was a baby. Then she realizes that talking about Patrick might be weird for John. He assures her it doesn't bother him because Patrick is part of who she is. Marty says she really likes who he is. Tommy wakes up, and Marty and John talk about the custody case. Marty asks John if she thinks Todd will do something drastic if he doesn't get his way. John thinks it's likely. They watch Tommy playing with blocks. John's worried because Michael and Marcie haven't called yet. John says that having Tommy in his small apartment is like a steel-cage death match. Marty's glad he came over. John worries that Tommy will end up with Todd. Marty tells him to have faith.

Todd's lawyer asks Michael when he found out about Tommy's true parentage. Michael avoids the question, flashing back to the day Rex told him that Todd was Tommy's biological father. Michael lies and says he found out the same time as everyone else. The lawyer tries to get Michael to see it from Todd's side. Michael says he would be guided by what was best for his son, not by his own interests. Todd stands up and argues, and the judge admonishes him. Michael says DNA doesn't automatically make you a father. Michael's testimony is over and Marcie gives him a kiss. Marcie is called to the stand. She tells the court why she should be Tommy's legal guardian. She says because she would die for Tommy and she would die without him. She says Tommy is a part of their hearts and their lives. She apologizes that circumstances took Tommy away from Todd, but she's not sorry that Tommy came to the McBains. She begs the judge to let them keep Tommy. Todd's lawyer tells Marcie they can adopt again, and she goes off on him. Marcie is then excused. She tells Todd that if he loves his son, he would not try to take him away from the only family he's ever known. Todd's lawyer says that Todd is Tommy's birth father, and that he should be reunited with his real father. The McBains' lawyer says that biology is not the primary issue, and that Todd is an unfit parent. The judge rules that Tommy will stay with the McBains while he makes his decision. Marcie drops her purse and Tommy's binky as she leaves; Todd picks them up and hands them to her without a word.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Todd and Blair end up taking Jack to the hospital to see his pediatrician when he fakes being sick. Meanwhile, Marcie leaves Tommy with Michael at the hospital when she goes to visit Lindsay at St. Ann's. Michael's temper flares when he finds Todd with Tommy. Although her methods are unorthodox, Dorian succeeds in getting a response out of Lindsay. Lindsay inadvertently drops a bombshell on Marcie. Miles tells Natalie that she's taught him what true friendship is all about. John takes Marty to Llantano Mountain and their attraction for one another grows. Marty wonders what's in store for her and John. Disguised as a cable repairman, Rex tries to get inside Langston's, but she and Markko insist he come back another time. After intercepting the mailman, Rex steals a letter and takes it to Dorian. Markko remains suspicious of Langston's parents being away so much.

Friday, October 5, 2007

After she and John share an intimate kiss at Llantano Mountain, Marty questions him about where their relationship is headed. John tells Marty that he is not good at relationships. Marty asks John what is on his mind. John has no answer for her except that he really likes her. Marty begins reminiscing about Patrick. She reveals that she has not been with anyone since Patrick and never had the desire to kiss anyone until John. Marty tells John that she has no idea where their relationship is going but would like to give it a chance. John attempts to open up to Marty.

Markko has asked Starr to meet him in the park. He wants to know Langston's secret. Starr becomes defensive about Marrko questioning Langton keeping secrets. Markko quickly covers and tells Starr that he wants to do something special for Langston because she is meeting his parents tonight. Starr is elated. Markko knows that his parents will love Langston but is worried about when the time comes for him to meet her parents. He wonders if her parents will approve of him and asks Starr what they are like. Starr reveals to Markko that she has never met Langston's parents. Markko cannot believe that Starr has never met them and again becomes suspicious of Langston keeping secrets from her friends. As Starr and Markko discuss Langston, she appears and begins to quietly listen to their conversation. Once they begin discussing her parents, Langston quickly interrupts them. Starr tells Langston that Marrko was trying to find out her secrets in order to charm her parents. Langston becomes angry with Markko and questions why he won't leave her relationship with her parents alone. Starr convinces Lansgton that Markko was only trying to plan something nice for her. Langston apologizes to them both and playfully teases Markko. Before leaving, Markko tells Langston he will see her after school. Langston quickly changes the subject when Starr comments about her parents. A suspicious Starr, questions Langston about whether or not she is keeping something from her. Langston asks Starr if she has any secrets that she is keeping. Starr thinks about her parent's marriage and quickly tells Langston that she has no secrets. Starr begins reminding Langston about how she and Cole have had so many problems involving the keeping of secrets. Langston tells Starr that maybe it is alright to keep secrets sometimes. Starr is not convinced. She tells Langston that secrets do not last forever and that the truth always comes out in the end.

As Dorian opens the letter addressed to Langston's parents, Rex is feeling guilt over how he obtained the letter and questions Dorian's thoughts on the matter. Dorian tells him she is only concerned with the fact that Langston is being neglected. The letter reveals that Langston's parents are being honored for their work with children. Dorian believes Langston's parents are neglectful and vows to hold them responsible for not caring for their child. Dorian writes Rex a generous check and tells him she will take over. Dorian is committed to making things right for Langston. After Rex leaves, Dorian calls the organization that is presenting the award to Langston's parents. She asks to speak with the president.

As Sarah frantically prepares for Timbaland's performance at Capricorn, Cristian is convinced that Sarah is not telling the truth about booking the group. Once Timbaland's manager arrives at Capricorn to discuss the details, Sarah is vindicated and teases Cris about not believing in her abilities. Cristian is stunned. Cris apologizes and presents Sarah with a contract making her the talent booker for Capricorn. Sarah responds with a heartfelt hug. Rex arrives at Capricorn and questions Cris and Sarah about the crowd that is waiting outside the club. Rex is amazed that Sarah was capable of booking Timbaland. As Sarah tells Rex that everyone will be at Capricorn tonight, Cris stands deep in thought and states, "not everyone".

While Marcie is visiting Lindsay at St. Ann's, Lindsay begins rambling about the night she learned of Tommy's true identity. Marcie is confused by many of Lindsay's statements, until she reveals that she learned of the information in January after overhearing Rex and Michael discussing it. As Lindsay continues to explain, Marcie realizes that Michael has been lying to her and has known the truth for months. Lindsay tells Marcie how upset Michael was and that she only wanted to help. Marcie asks Lindsay to tell her everything she heard that night. After Lindsay recounts every detail, Marcie becomes upset. Lindsay tells Marcie that she will never reveal Michael's secret. Marcie tells Lindsay that she is not upset with her but needs to know if Lindsay has told anyone else the secret. Lindsay says she has not. Marcie says goodbye to Lindsay and goes off to locate Michael.

As Todd holds Tommy at the hospital, Michael walks into the room and sternly tells Todd to get his hands off his son. Blair walks in as Todd states that he is Tommy's father and will never let him go again. While Todd refuses to relinquish Tommy, Michael becomes irate and asks the nurse to call security. Blair intervenes and attempts to explain why Todd was holding Tommy; she convinces Todd to give Tommy to the nurse. As Michael tells Todd to never touch his son again, Todd informs him that Tommy is his son and that everyone except Michael realizes that fact. Michael tells Todd that he will get Tommy over his dead body. Todd is unmoved. Blair and Todd begin discussing that they are at the hospital because Jack faked being sick in order to get out of going to school. Michael lashes out at Todd and Blair that Jack has probably learned faking to get what he wants from his parents. Michael tells them that he knows they faked their marriage in an attempt to get Tommy. Blair informs Michael that their marriage is every bit as real as he and Marcie's. As he and Blair walk off, Todd stares at the nurse holding Tommy nearby. Marcie finds Michael at the hospital and informs him that Lindsay told her the truth about his involvement in keeping Tommy's identity a secret. Michael attempts to convince Marcie that Lindsay is not in her right mind but Marcie demands Michael tell her the truth. Michael admits to Marcie that he has been lying to her about Tommy for months. Michael reveals that Spencer began making references to Tommy and told him he could get the answers from Rex. Michael tells Marcie that he confronted Rex and wishes he had never learned the truth. Michael continues to apologize but Marcie cannot forgive his actions. Marcie believes that if she had been told, they could have planned how they would deal with Todd. The argument intensifies as Marcie tells Michael that she deserved to learn the truth from him. Michael asks why. Marcie cannot believe Michael's response and tells him that Lindsay killed a man in order to keep his secret and save their family. Michael states that he is not responsible for Lindsay's actions. Marcie tells Michael that he should have told her the truth immediately. Marcie tells Michael they would have had options and could have figured out what to do. She tells him they could have moved away and started a new life somewhere else, but now it may be too late to do anything. Michael says they are not too late and that they will get custody of Tommy. Marcie feels they may not win the case and Michael may have lied to her for months for nothing. Marcie tells Michael if they lose Tommy it will be his fault and she will never forgive him.

Blair tells Todd that Jack may have faked being sick because he is jealous that Todd will love Tommy more than him. Todd states that he loves all his children. Todd begins revealing to Blair the love he feels for Starr, Jack and Tommy. He tells her that when he saw Tommy in the waiting room earlier, he felt he had to let him know how much he loved him.

Cristian calls Mrs. Williamson to inquire about Evangeline's condition. He is sad to learn there has been no change; he tells her that he will visit Evangeline in a few days. Cris goes on to say that he has a big night planned and wishes Evangeline could be there. He ends the conversation asking Mrs. Williamson to tell Evangeline that he loves her. Once off the phone he playfully tells Sarah to get moving because they have a show to put on. Sarah presents Cris with her signed contract. She asks him are they really doing this; he replies that they are. John and Marty come to an understanding and embrace each other with a passionate kiss. Dorian speaks with the president of the organization and demands that he revokes the award he is planning to present Langston's parents. Dorian cannot believe the response she is getting from the president of the organization. She tells him that what he is saying is impossible and asks is he sure of his statements to her. Dorian is in utter shock. As Todd and Blair talk, Todd's phone rings. As Michael pleads his case to Marcie, her phone rings. Marcie hangs up and tells Michael that Judy has told them to immediately come to the courthouse; she walks away leaving Michael. Michael looks troubled as he walks towards the door. Todd tells Blair that the judge has made a decision.

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