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For this special column, we're looking back on the first half of DAYS 2022. Satan ruled for the first half of the year. So, let's discuss the sinners and saints so far this year!

We're writing this ahead of time, but we sincerely hope we're celebrating a slew of DAYS Daytime Emmy wins when this column posts. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for being part of that one-hour escape we all love!

In honor of those wonderful hours, this column will be a special look back at the first half of the year, which almost day for day coincided with the possession storyline. Johnny Devil took over on New Year's Eve. The exorcism was the end of May Sweeps. Thrown in were Gwen's final comeuppance, T.R.'s reign of terror, and a major breakup. But since the devil ran the show, let's look at this first half of the year by naming those who committed seven deadly sins, or who had one of the seven virtues.

Seven Deadly Sins

Pride Who had an excessive opinion of themselves?

Rafe and Nicole -- A front-runner to repeat at this year's Alex North Memorial Awards for worst couple, Rafe and Nicole displayed impressive levels of hubris for being mad at Ava for retaliating on them for a) cheating on her and then b) lying about it. Furthermore, after Rafe was found not guilty and got everything (his job) back and more (Nicole), the two of them still wanted Ava to pay. Astonishing show of pride.

Lust Who always wanted more?

Jan Spears -- Jan channels her inner Britney Spears by basically crooning "Gimme, gimme (more); Gimme (more)." Granted, the "more" she yearns for is always the same. That's for Shawn-Douglas to love her and for Belle to suffer, in case you didn't know. But how could you? Jan rarely mentions it.

Gluttony Who was never satisfied?

Allie Horton -- She had Tripp and Chanel at the same time. Both of them still forgave her and desperately want the best for her. Oh, and her brother -- who she's actively plotting against -- even compliments her on her skills! It's almost no shock that Allie thinks she can get everything she wants yet seems almost bored when she gets it,

Greed Who wanted money, status, power?

Leo Stark -- Not only did he dupe Craig, but then he started a kill list for people who are calling him out on doing things he actually did. The nerve of them! And now, he either killed a woman or robbed a dead woman. This guy's greed is a bit out of control!

Sloth Who didn't care/step up?

Belle Brady -- Sorry, Tink, sometimes it sucks to suck, but the suckiest hand was dealt to Shawn-Douglas. He was the actual victim to Jan's treachery this time. Yes. What happened to Belle's hubby affected her, too, but Shawn was raped -- yet Belle was quick to overlook that little inconvenient truth to stick to the same old song and dance otherwise known as "The Ballad of Poor Belle." It would be a great change of tune if Belle used her pity party energy to blast Jan for raping her husband.

Wrath Who came in looking for a fight?

T.R. Coates -- He's like the Not-So-Greatest Showman. He mustered enough energy to promote positive change but was really a lazy arse who would rather get stoned and slap someone around. While he did care about his faux appearance, he cared little for anything -- or anyone -- else. He threatened to sue people, blackmailed others, shot someone, and finally killed another. Yikes, Dirty Ray. Yikes.

Envy A mix of greed and lust that leads to bad choices.

Gwen Rizczech -- She's had a lock on this award since coming to Salem, holding on to a 20-year-old grudge and targeting the wrong person for it. But just when she thought that true love had changed her, she went right back to drugging innocent people because she was fearful they'd get what she wanted.

Seven Virtues:

Prudence Who had their head on straight?

Julie Williams -- From standing up to the devil to having T.R.'s number, to lighting a fire under Abe, our Julie Williams read everyone she met so far this year.

Justice Who balanced their lumps with sass?

Abigail Deveraux -- Abigail spent a good chunk of the first half of the year taking it on the chin when it came to the (somewhat totally bogus) accusations that she was responsible for Kristen drugging Sarah and holding her hostage. She got it from Gwen, Ava, and even Xander. Yet she had sole custody of the Salem brain for a while and called malarkey on Sarah coming back to town just to dump Xander again. She kept looking into the story, even getting herself knocked out and kidnapped for her troubles! Yet she finally got the just rewards of calling out her crazy sister in masterful soapy fashion. Heck, we even think her recent death was dipped in marvelous soap opera goodness. We would say that Abigail comes with souvenirs, but she accidentally broke that mug, too, while breaking the mold for fabulousness.

Temperance Who kept it together when things could have gone wrong?

Nancy Wesley -- While we applaud and support Craig's courage to announce and live his truth, even Craig knew Nancy was in for a world of hurt that she didn't deserve or cause. And sure, it would have been pretty predictable for Nancy to continue down the road of destroying Craig's life out of pain. We watched Nancy her first time on the show! But, instead, she stood up for Craig, even supported him when his life fell apart. She honestly rooted for him! We think she deserves better than Clyde, but we're cheering on Nancy for good things ahead!

(Hat tip here to Bonnie Kiriakis -- It's a shock to us when wisdom comes from unlikely sources, but Bonnie proved to be a great friend to Nancy!)

Fortitude Who was the bravest?

Tripp Johnson -- While many have fought the devil recently, Tripp not only fought him, but he allowed himself to be possessed then flung himself out of a stained-glass window to ensure El Diablo was down for the eternal count. Lucky, a little angel named Bo "Dr. Rolf-ed" Tripp back to life, allowing our hero to fight another day. And with that, the next day, he dumped himself on behalf of Allie, just so she wouldn't have to do the uncomfortable thing.

Faith Who believed the most?

Susan Banks -- Even when others called her crazy (and they did...and do...and they may not be wrong), Susan never stepped down. From fighting Satan for her grandson's soul to believing in her bestie, Doctor Marlena Evans, Susan remained a steadfast pal and a confidante. Additionally, the increased E.J./Susan relationship is one of the best things DAYS has done in years, and something truly unique to this pair of actors in the current roles. Susan is E.J.'s number one fan yet isn't afraid to call him out when he steps out of line. It's because she believes hard!

Hope Who never gave up?

Kristen DiMera -- Funny to give this to a villain, but Kristen DiMera never stops believing that she's going to end up on top. Who cares if she's spent basically all of this year in hiding? She happened to be hiding at a jungle mansion on DiMera Island where she ran. that. place.

Charity Who was really there for others?

Bo Brady -- His entirely heavenly visit was to help his loved ones. From Ciara, Ben, and Baby Bo to bringing Tripp back to life for his bestie, Steve, Bo proved that he wasn't just a hero on earth, but from the great beyond, too.

That's it for this half-year review of Salem! While we're sad to see her go, we're looking forward to the fallout over Abigail's death -- and seeing whodunnit! Plus, Sami has to be on her way back to Salem to blow up E.J. and Belle, and to find out the truth about Lucas. Also, Eric's totally going to stay single forever and never, ever go near Nicole again. Yup. Totally. There's tons to look forward to!
- Tony and Laurisa

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