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Paulina left jail and married Abe on Juneteenth. Lani confessed to T.R.'s murder. Rafe and Nicole postponed their wedding. Sarah told Xander about her hallucinations. Ava asked Gwen if Gwen had murdered Abigail. Kate needled Eric and Nicole about their feelings for one another. Chad told his children about Abigail's death. Belle confided in Chloe about her attraction to E.J. Lucas proposed to Sami. Belle warned Chloe about Clyde. Leo asked Clyde for help fencing jewelry. Clyde gave Nancy a stolen bracelet. Jan named her baby Shawn. Belle asked E.J. to sleep with her. Leo told Chloe he did not want revenge. Victor bonded with Bonnie.
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Paulina and Abe married on Juneteenth, and Lucas proposed to Sami
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Abe and Paulina plan a Juneteenth wedding

Abe and Paulina plan a Juneteenth wedding

Monday, June 20, 2022

by Mike

At Statesville, Gwen laughed off Ava's accusation, insisting that someone else had to be responsible for Abigail's death -- someone who hadn't been in prison at the time of the crime.

"You know, Gwen, I was surprised to get your call yesterday..." Ava countered. "You asked me to bust you out of prison, [but] you never told me why you wanted out -- [and], like a fool, I agreed without asking any questions..." Ava continued. "And, suddenly, I am an accessory to murder!" Ava concluded. Gwen coyly assured Ava that there was no need to worry about anything. "The next time you think about calling me for a favor...don't!" Ava warned Gwen before rushing off.

At the Horton Town Square, Nicole wrapped up a phone conversation with Rafe then realized that Eric was standing nearby. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop --" Eric began. "But you heard what I said to Rafe," Nicole guessed. "You're calling off your wedding," Eric summarized. "Yeah," Nicole confirmed. "Did you and Rafe split up?" Eric wondered with a hint of hopefulness. "We're just postponing the wedding," Nicole responded with an apologetic shrug.

Nicole explained that it simply didn't feel right to get married so soon after Abigail's murder, especially since Rafe was going to be busy investigating the crime -- and Eric nodded in support of the reasoning then acknowledged that it always seemed wrong to celebrate anything in the wake of a tragedy. "It breaks my heart to know that Charlotte and Thomas are gonna grow up without their mother..." Nicole declared while fighting back tears, prompting Eric to offer a hug of comfort. "Get off him, you conniving bitch!" Sarah, who had just emerged from the nearby Salem Inn with Xander, spat while pulling Nicole away from Eric.

Xander quickly intervened and gently assured Sarah that Nicole, not Kristen, had been in an embrace with Eric. "It happened again?" Sarah fretted to Xander before apologizing to Nicole and Eric for the misunderstanding. "She's been having these residual hallucinations --" Xander began to explain. "A couple days ago, I thought I saw Kristen coming at me with a syringe, but it was just Victor with a pen --" Sarah tried to elaborate. "Please tell me you strangled the old goat," Nicole interjected, drawing looks of disapproval from Eric and Xander. "A girl can dream!" Nicole defensively reasoned.

Eric and Nicole were both quick to blame Kristen and Gwen for Sarah's hallucinations -- but they both balked when Xander argued that Abigail also deserved some blame. "What, can't say something negative about Saint Abigail? [Look], I'm only trying to be honest -- I mean, Sarah's condition is due, in no small part, to Abigail's carelessness! I just hope she's more careful next time --" Xander explained. "Next time?" Nicole sputtered, confusing Xander and Sarah -- who were both horrified to learn from Eric that Abigail had been murdered the previous night.

"What a tragedy -- two little kids..." Xander noted. "If it weren't for Abigail, I might not have made it home -- she's the only person that didn't give up looking for me, and I didn't get a chance to thank her properly or to say goodbye..." Sarah fretted. Xander soon rushed off with Sarah, who was due for a dose of medication but needed to eat first. Eric also rushed off after fishing for -- and securing -- an invitation to Nicole and Rafe's eventual wedding ceremony.

At the Price condominium, Chanel finished recording a scathing voicemail message for Justin, having made it extremely clear that the lawyer was in danger of being fired for having repeatedly failed to convince a judge to grant Paulina's bail request. "I guess you told him," Paulina, who had been listening from the condominium doorway, called out to Chanel with a laugh of approval.

Chanel released a squeal of delight then greeted Paulina with a hug. "Did they drop the charges?" Chanel wondered. "Not yet...but I finally made bail, thanks to Justin getting through to the judge," Paulina responded. "Ugh -- I guess maybe I should call him and give him an apology for that nasty voicemail that I left him," Chanel acknowledged. "Save that apology for when I am permanently free," Paulina countered. "So, Mr. Kiriakis, he's confident that he'll convince a jury that you're innocent?" Chanel translated. "I am confident enough for the both of us," Paulina evasively declared before quickly changing the subject, begging for an update on Chanel's love life.

"Maybe you should just move on altogether and try finding someone who doesn't have a history of devil possession," Paulina advised after Chanel finished explaining where things stood with Johnny and Allie. "I don't want to talk about me right now," Chanel responded before offering to cook a big dinner to celebrate Paulina's legal victory.

Abe headed over to the Horton house after hearing about Abigail's murder but was only able to offer condolences to Julie because Jack, Jennifer, and Doug were all trying to get some rest. Julie eventually changed the subject in the hope of getting some good news -- and Abe confirmed that Paulina was out on bail and that their romance was back on track. Abe rushed off after receiving a phone call from Chanel, who extended a dinner invitation then warned that attendance wasn't optional.

At the police station, Lani contacted Julie to offer condolences and stress that Abigail's murderer wasn't going to get away with the crime -- and T.R. suddenly appeared at Lani's desk when the phone conversation ended. "Look at you -- talking about making a murderer pay when you're letting your mama take the rap for what you did to me!" T.R. spat at Lani. "Get out of my head, Ray!" Lani begged as T.R. continued lashing out.

Eli eventually arrived and snapped Lani back to reality then led the way to a conference room so they could talk privately about what had just happened, hopeful that no one else had seen or heard anything. While trying to talk Lani out of confessing, Eli received a phone call from Chanel, who extended a dinner invitation then warned that attendance wasn't optional.

Eli laughed off the threat and informed Chanel that Lani wasn't feeling well enough to attend a family gathering. Eli thanked Chanel for the offer then ended the call, ignoring Lani's protests. Eli reasoned that Lani was in no condition to be around other people at that time. After convincing Lani to take the rest of the day off, Eli rushed outside to get their vehicle -- and T.R. returned as soon as the coast was clear. "I'm not letting this go, Lani -- the truth will come out; it needs to come out. The only question is...when?" T.R. declared.

When Abe arrived at the Price condominium, Chanel made up an excuse to step into the kitchen for a while -- then returned and saw that Paulina was sporting an engagement ring again. "So...when's the big day?" Chanel wondered. "Well, we haven't discussed it yet...but I don't want to wait too long -- I want to be married before my trial starts," Paulina responded. "But you said that you think that you're gonna be free --" Chanel sputtered. "Speaking of 'free' know what tomorrow is? Juneteenth!" Paulina interjected in an effort to distract Chanel. "That is a perfect day for a family celebration -- or a wedding..." Abe declared -- and Paulina agreed with a squeal of excitement.

Abe and Paulina are married

Abe and Paulina are married

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

As Roman prepared food for the Horton family, Kate talked to him about the family's loss of Abigail. "We really need some happy news," Roman said. "Did I hear someone say they're in the market for some happy news?" Paulina said as she walked into the pub. With a chuckle, Kate noted that Paulina seemed chipper.

"Today is Juneteenth, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate freedom than by marrying the man I love," Paulina said. Paulina invited Roman and Kate to the wedding. Paulina also asked Roman if the pub could cater the reception. With a nod, Roman said he could handle the order. Kate asked Paulina if she was sure that she wanted picnic food at her wedding.

"Most of Salem will already be cooking out for the town's first annual Juneteenth extravaganza, so I decided, go with the flow," Paulina said. Roman told Paulina that he would be thrilled to cook and attend the wedding. "That will make Abe so happy," Paulina said. "You deserve a celebration," Roman said.

Paulina asked about an officiant, since she did not want to ask Marlena. When Eric walked downstairs, Roman introduced Paulina to his son. Paulina gasped. "As in Father Eric Brady?" Paulina said. Paulina asked Eric to marry her and Abe. Eric explained that he had been defrocked and why. Kate reminded Eric that he had been licensed as an officiant before he had reentered the priesthood. Eric agreed to officiate.

A preoccupied Abe walked through the town square and reviewed his to-do list for the wedding. Allie intercepted him and delivered his rush order red velvet Juneteenth wedding cake. "Thank you for doing this on such short notice," Abe said. Allie told Abe that she had enjoyed researching the holiday. "You probably learned from all your research that red foods traditionally have special meaning for descendants of African slaves," Abe said. Allie said yes, and she presented Abe with a gift of tea cakes to celebrate the holiday, as well. Abe invited Allie to the wedding.

"I thought it was family only?" Allie said. "And you are family," Abe stressed. Abe added that Chanel would love to have Allie at the wedding, and Allie agreed to attend. After Allie walked away, Abe ran into Nicole, and he told her the good news. Nicole congratulated Abe. "I heard you and Rafe had postponed your wedding," Abe said. Nicole explained that Rafe was focused on Abigail's murder investigation.

Abe admitted he had been hesitant to hold a wedding, but the Horton family had given Abe their blessing. "They thought it would be a tribute to Abigail's memory," Abe said. Nicole nodded in agreement. Abe asked Nicole to attend the wedding. "I wouldn't miss it," Nicole said.

In the DiMera living room, Johnny talked to E.J. on the phone about Chad and the kids. E.J. asked Johnny if he had heard from Chanel. With a groan, Johnny said no. As Johnny started to remind E.J. that Chanel had asked for space, Chanel walked in the room. Johnny hurriedly ended his call, and he greeted his ex-wife. Chanel offered Johnny fresh doughnuts and her condolences.

"[Abigail] was a great person," Johnny whispered. Johnny told Chanel that he had heard the good news about Paulina's release from jail. "Thanks, and believe it or not, she's getting married to Abe today," Chanel said. When Chanel mentioned her list of errands, Johnny offered to be the videographer. "That is if you're okay with me being there," Johnny added. Chanel was hesitant until Johnny promised that he just wanted to help. "See you at the wedding," Chanel said.

At the Horton house, Julie entertained Eli and Olivia in the living room. "Call me Big Mama. After all, we're family," Olivia said. Julie expressed her joy about Paulina's wedding. "I cannot believe it is finally happening," Eli said. Olivia offered Julie her condolences for Abigail's death. Julie noted that Abigail's death had shown her that no future was guaranteed.

"You just have to reach out and grab all the happiness that comes your way. Right now. In the present," Julie said. Julie told Olivia that she was inspired by Paulina's drive to marry and move on with her life after what T.R. had done. Eli suggested that they not discuss T.R. on such a happy day. With a nod yes, Julie said that she hoped Paulina did not lose any sleep over "that monster." Olivia lamented that she had not stepped in sooner.

"I just wish Paulina would have let the police handle Ray. Then my baby wouldn't be facing a prison sentence for murder," Olivia said. Desperate to change the subject, Eli asked Olivia about how her family had celebrated Juneteenth in Texas. Curious, Julie asked about the holiday. Olivia explained, "On June 19, 1865, a Union general gave the order to free the slaves in Texas." Eli noted that had been about two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

"Texas slaves were in bondage that whole time, and that's why Juneteenth is as important to us as the Fourth of July," Olivia said. Eli explained that the holiday had spread from Texas descendants of slaves to descendants throughout the country. "And my mama made sure to carry on the tradition when we left Texas for Miami," Olivia said. Julie asked about the traditions.

"Well, there's rodeos, cookouts, church services, and honey, let me tell you, the food," Olivia said. Olivia added that it was also a day to remember what their ancestors had endured and overcome.

Lani answered a knock at her apartment door, and she was horrified to see a bloody T.R. "You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily," T.R. said. Lani closed and locked the door. Lani whispered to herself that T.R. was not in the hall. There was another knock at the door. "Go away!" Lani yelled. Theo said, "It's me." Lani reluctantly opened the door, then she breathlessly ran into his arms. Theo said Gabi had sent a jet to pick up him and J.J.

"That was good of her," Lani said. Concerned, Theo asked what was wrong. "Who did you think I was?" Theo asked. The bloody vision of T.R. appeared in a chair at the table. "Go ahead, Lani. Tell him," T.R. said. Lani lied to Theo and said she had believed Theo had been a nosy neighbor. "I don't think he believes you," T.R. said. Theo asked about Paulina's case.

"Paulina did what she did to protect me and Dad, and she is confident that Justin is going to get her off," Lani said. "But you aren't, are you? Because you know the truth," T.R. said. Lani asked Theo to wait for the babysitter so that Lani could help Paulina. As Theo said yes, Lani grabbed her stuff and rushed out the door.

When Lani arrived at Paulina's apartment, Chanel was already there. After Lani and Chanel finished Paulina's hair and makeup, Paulina beamed at her daughters. "You can't know what it means to have you both here with me," Paulina said. Paulina announced that she needed a matron and a maid of honor. Chanel grinned.

While Chanel went into the kitchen, Paulina asked Lani how she felt. Lani admitted that she was struggling with guilt. Paulina told Lani that for her wedding, she wanted Lani to keep quiet about the shooting.

When Eli returned home, Theo told him that the babysitter was with the kids, and Lani was with Paulina. "Is she okay?" Theo asked. Theo told Eli that Lani had behaved strangely, and she had confided that a neighbor had hassled her. "I don't know. It felt bigger than that," Theo said. Eli assured Theo that Lani was fine.

At the site of the wedding in the park, Abe thanked Eric when he arrived. While Abe left to set out the tea cakes for the party, Eric greeted Johnny as he arrived. Johnny and Eric told one another about their parts in the ceremony. Nicole arrived with Allie, and all four said, "What are you doing here?"

Johnny stepped aside with Allie, and he explained that he was the videographer. Allie was suspicious, but Johnny insisted, "I'm just trying to do a nice thing here." When Johnny asked Allie about her appearance, Allie explained that Abe had invited her as a guest. "That is convenient," Johnny said.

Across the clearing, Eric told Nicole that he was the officiant. Concerned, Eric asked Nicole if she was upset about her canceled wedding. "We just postponed it," Nicole stressed. Abe informed Eric that the bride had arrived, so Eric told Nicole he would talk to her at the reception. "Sure," Nicole said uneasily.

Chanel saw Allie, and she asked if Allie was there to drop off the cake. "Abe invited me to be a guest," Allie explained. Chanel was taken aback, but she said she understood. When Chanel thanked Allie for the cake, Allie caressed Chanel's shoulder. "My pleasure," Allie said. Johnny watched from nearby.

When Lani arrived, Eli mentioned his conversation with Theo. Lani told Eli not to worry. "I am worried. I know how guilty you've been feeling," Eli said. "Paulina made it very clear that she wants me to keep it secret," Lani said. The processional music started, and Lani started to walk down the aisle. At the altar, Abe beamed at Lani. Behind Abe, the vision of T.R. taunted Lani. Lani took a deep breath and stood next to Chanel.

As Eli escorted Paulina down the aisle, Abe smiled at his beautiful bride dressed in yellow. Paulina stopped to thank her mother for attending the wedding. "I'm so happy for you. Now stop talking and go get married," Olivia said. With a laugh, Paulina continued down the aisle.

"You take my breath away," Abe whispered. "Right back at you, Mayor Carver," Paulina said. As Abe and Paulina looked into each other's eyes, Lani could only stare at the ghost of T.R. grinning behind Abe. Eric started the ceremony with a nod to the history of Juneteenth. "On this meaningful day, Abe and Paulina tell me that they want to share a message of faith and freedom and abiding love," Eric said. Eric asked Abe and Paulina to read their vows.

"Paulina, from the moment you sashayed into my life, I knew nothing was ever going to be the same again. But our road was not an easy one, was it?" Abe said. Paulina shook her head no. "There was always love, the sacrificial love of a mother for her daughter, the daughter's love for a family that she had come to know, and there was our love, Paulina. A love that simply could not be denied," Abe continued. Abe glanced at Julie and thanked her for not letting Paulina slip away.

"By the time I met you, I thought I had experienced the last great love of my life, but every day, every day you prove that love is not in my past. It's in my present. And most importantly, it's in my future," Abe said. When Eric looked at Paulina, she quipped, "You expect me to top that?" Paulina told Abe that she wanted to speak from her heart.

"You were a complication that I didn't need or didn't even see coming. I came to Salem to sneak some time with my niece and her babies. I was so desperate to keep my true relationship to Lani a secret, and I would have. I would have if I hadn't fallen in love with you," Paulina said. Paulina told Abe that she wanted all her secrets out in the open.

"I want us to be honest, raw, real, and in love. From this day on, and for all the days of our lives," Paulina finished. When Eric asked if there were any objections to the marriage, Lani imagined that T.R. raised his hand. "Hurry up before the devil decides to make a return appearance," Olivia shouted with a grin. Abe and Paulina said their I do's, and they exchanged rings. After Eric pronounced Abe and Paulina husband and wife, they jumped the broom.

"I would like everyone to know that this broom has been in our family line since the 1800s. May it bring Abe and Paulina as much wedded bliss as it has all our loved ones," Olivia said. Paulina tossed the bouquet, and Chanel caught it. Chanel smiled as Johnny approached her with the camera.

"All you need is a groom," Johnny said. "Or a bride," Allie said. Chanel looked away, unsure how to respond to the siblings. At the reception, Lani smiled as she watched Abe feed cake to Paulina. The vision of T.R. stood behind Lani. "Let them eat cake now. It won't be long till Paulina's eating stale bread in prison," T.R. said. Lani turned to face T.R.

"She is not going to prison," Lani said. T.R. laughed. Lani announced that she wanted to make a toast. "Abe Carver, the best person I've ever known. You came into my life when I was already grown, but I have never received a greater gift. I love you so much, Dad," Lani said. Abe told Lani he loved her, too.

"And to Paulina, my mother. You made so many sacrifices for me, just to protect me, and I love you, Mom," Lani said. "I love you too, baby," Paulina countered. With tears in her eyes, Lani said she could not let Paulina protect her anymore. Eli interrupted, but Lani was not shaken. Lani told Paulina that she deserved to have a happy life with Abe.

"We'll be fine!" Paulina insisted. "No. Not unless I do something!" Lani yelled. "Don't do this," Eli pleaded. Olivia told Eli to let Lani talk. "Paulina didn't do it. She didn't shoot T.R. I did," Lani confessed.

The Carver and Price families share a close moment

The Carver and Price families share a close moment

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

At the wedding in the park, Lani confessed that she'd killed T.R. Despite pleas from Paulina and Eli to stay quiet, Lani said that on the night of the shooting, she had learned that T.R. had been the one who'd put Eli into a coma and that T.R. had knocked Abe unconscious. Lani sobbed and said that she'd been haunted by T.R.'s image since the night of the shooting.

Lani announced that she would go to the police station to turn herself in, but Julie noted that Lani had confessed in front of close friends and family only. Julie said that no one would ever have to learn the truth about T.R.'s death, and she proposed that everyone at the wedding take a solemn vow to keep Lani's confession a secret. "And to take this secret to our graves. All right, who's with me? Raise your hands," Julie said.

Paulina was the first to raise her hand, and eventually, everyone at the wedding raised theirs, as well. Lani thanked everyone for the offer, but she insisted that whatever T.R. had or hadn't done, she had still shot an unarmed man and had to answer for it. Lani told everyone gathered that she loved them all. She turned to Eli and asked him to drive her to the police station.

After Lani and Eli left the park, Paulina sat between Abe and Olivia, who surprised Paulina when she said that she'd never been prouder of Paulina. Olivia added that when Lani had been born, Paulina had made the biggest sacrifice of all by giving Lani up to protect her from T.R. Paulina thanked her mother for the kind words, but she expressed regret that she had lied to Abe again so soon after she'd sworn to never keep him in the dark again. Abe said that he hadn't exactly been kept in the dark, and he recalled that he'd heard Paulina say, "What have you done?" on the night of the shooting. Abe shared that the more he'd thought about it, the more he'd thought Lani had shot T.R. Paulina offered to drive Olivia home, but Olivia refused and said that they were all needed somewhere else.

At the Brady Pub, Eric and Nicole helped Roman and Kate bring back items from the wedding. Eric asked Nicole to stay for lunch, and Nicole accepted.

Behind the bar, Kate told Roman that she admired Lani for her courage and bravery. Roman shared that he didn't know what would be next for Lani, but he thought it would be hard for Lani to keep her badge. Kate wondered if Lani had truly known what she'd done on the night of T.R.'s shooting, and she asked Roman about exculpatory evidence. "If someone weren't in the right state of mind -- say they're under the influence -- wouldn't that indicate that they didn't have intent?" Kate said.

Roman quipped that Kate had read too many law books at bedtime, and Kate teased that Roman knew exactly how she spent her time before bed. Roman and Kate then joined Eric and Nicole at a table. Nicole revealed that she and Rafe had postponed their wedding so that Rafe could focus on the investigation into Abigail's murder.

Kate sipped from a glass of wine and remarked that people should grab happiness if it was right in front of them. Kate surmised that Nicole and Rafe had postponed their wedding around the same time that Eric had decided to stay in Salem after he'd lost his position in the priesthood. Roman accused Kate of "stirring the pot," and Nicole became furious that Kate had brought Eric's name into the conversation. Nicole said that Eric wasn't interested in another relationship with her, but Kate prodded Nicole to ask Eric herself.

Roman told Kate to stop because it was embarrassing to both Eric and Nicole. Nicole left to pick up Holly. Afterward, Roman was upset at Kate and asked why she had pushed Eric to be with Nicole. Kate said that it was obvious that Eric was still in love with Nicole. "It's obvious to you, it's obvious to me, and if Nicole wasn't trying to pretend, it would damn well be obvious to her, too," Kate said.

At Paulina's place, Johnny helped Chanel and Allie move Abe and Paulina's wedding cake. Johnny blamed himself for having brought T.R. to Salem in the first place to work on Johnny's movie. Chanel bemoaned the idea of Lani going to prison for murder and said it was no better than Paulina being sent there.

Allie cut a piece of wedding cake to freeze for Abe and Paulina on their one-year anniversary. Johnny said he'd never heard of the tradition and asked if Chanel thought they had the same tradition in Italy. Allie wanted to know what had prompted Johnny to ask that question, and Johnny recalled his and Chanel's wedding day in detail -- all to Allie's chagrin.

Chanel's phone chimed, and she told Johnny and Allie that she had to go. Alone, Johnny and Allie tasted the wedding cake and teased one another about their respective chances at a future with Chanel. Allie said she wouldn't let things turn into a juvenile competition between her and her brother for Chanel's attention. "I agree. May the best twin win," Johnny said.

At Julie and Doug's house, Julie and Theo arrived to check on Jules and Carver. Theo was worried that Lani would be sent to prison. Julie hoped that Lani would be exonerated, but she said there were enough hands and hearts in their family to help raise Jules and Carver if Lani were sent to Statesville.

Theo told Julie that he couldn't believe someone had murdered Abigail. Julie thought of Abigail, Chad, and their kids, and she started to weep. Theo comforted Julie. Later, Theo's phone chimed, and he asked Julie if she'd mind if he stepped out. After Theo left, Julie stared at a wedding photo of Eli and Lani.

At the Salem Police Station, Lani wrote a confession and asked Eli to type it so that Lani could sign it. Eli asked Lani to reconsider confessing, but Lani said they'd reached a point of no return. Lani said that she should have told the truth all along. Lani added that she should have arrested T.R. instead of having shot to kill him. Lani thought she was a hypocrite for having killed T.R. in a rage after the number of times she had criticized other police officers for being "trigger-happy."

Eli told Lani that what she'd done was different because T.R. had already hurt Lani's family and would have done so again. "If I am serious about holding cops to a higher standard, making them accountable, then I need to do the same for myself," Lani reasoned.

Eli told Lani that she was a good cop and an even better wife, mother, and daughter. Lani admitted that she was terrified by the thought of being away from Eli and their children. Eli stood up, went around the room, and held Lani in his arms. "I love you. I'll be by your side the whole time. We'll get through this together," Eli said as he kissed Lani.

After Lani signed a printed copy of her confession, Eli brought her out of the interrogation room and into the lobby, where members of the Carver and Price families had gathered. Paulina told Lani that Olivia had reminded her that their family always stood together when things got tough. Abe added that they all loved Lani.

Lani thanked Paulina for what Paulina had been willing to sacrifice. Lani's family assured her they were all proud of her. Lani thanked everyone for their support and hugged everyone gathered. After Eli took Lani to a holding cell, Abe, Paulina, Theo, Chanel, and Olivia all held hands.

Sami returns to Salem

Sami returns to Salem

Thursday, June 23, 2022

At Ciara and Ben's place, Ciara came home and found Ben deep in thought. Ben said that he'd struggled with Abigail's death and that he still thought about the terrible things he'd done to Abigail years earlier. Ciara offered to take Ben to the hospital to visit Shawn's new baby and to get Ben's mind off of Abigail.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. found Chad on the couch and was concerned about Chad's well-being. E.J. begged Chad to get some rest, but Chad said he couldn't sleep because every time he closed his eyes, he pictured the way he'd found Abigail's body on the night she'd been murdered. Chad confided that he was all alone in the house because Abigail would never come back.

E.J. said that he'd spent the previous night at John and Marlena's home and that E.J. and Belle had kept Thomas and Charlotte occupied. E.J. told Chad that the kids had asked to see their mother. Chad wasn't sure how he would handle breaking the news to the children. E.J. clasped his arm around Chad's shoulders and said that Chad wasn't alone. Chad started to weep, and E.J. held his brother in his arms.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Belle was playing with Thomas and Charlotte when Chloe arrived. Chloe and Belle became speechless when Thomas said that he'd hoped the person at the door was Abigail. Belle told the children to go to the kitchen for cookies. Alone in the room, Belle and Chloe commiserated over Abigail's death and the kids' loss of their mother.

Belle confided in Chloe that she'd spent the night at the DiMera mansion and that she'd almost slept with E.J. when they'd heard Chad's screams. Chloe asked if Belle and Shawn were over. Belle said that while she still loved Shawn, she hated that he'd let Jan take over their home. Chloe asked if Belle planned to move forward with E.J. Just then, Chad and E.J. arrived.

Before she left, Chloe offered her sympathies to Chad, and Belle walked Chloe out of the room. Belle returned moments later, and Chad asked Belle to bring his children to him. Belle brought Thomas and Charlotte into the room, and she and E.J. left the room together. Chad told the children that he loved them and that he'd always be with them. "There's something that I have to tell you about Mommy," Chad began.

At Salem University Hospital, Shawn was in Jan's room when his phone chimed. Shawn told Jan that the warden at Statesville wanted to know when Shawn would transport Jan back to prison. Jan protested and said that Shawn had to find a way to keep Jan in Salem because the baby had been born prematurely.

Shawn spoke with Kayla and returned with the news that Kayla had agreed that Jan should stay with the baby temporarily. An overjoyed Jan grabbed Shawn and pulled him into a hug. Just then, Ciara and Ben walked in. Jan was all too happy to share that she'd been granted a stay in Salem to be by her son, and she lamented that she could only look at him in a glass box. Jan asked if she could hold Bo, since Ciara had brought him with her.

Shawn and Ben told Ciara the decision was hers to make, and after some hesitation, Ciara agreed and handed Bo over to Jan. Jan held Bo and introduced herself as Bo's "Auntie Jan." Jan said that Bo and her newborn son would grow up to be best friends with his cousin, who Jan called, "Little Shawn." Ciara was startled and asked Shawn if he'd really named his baby "Shawn," as well. Shawn said that it was the first he'd heard about a name for their son. Jan shared that she wanted to name the child Shawn Christian Brady, and Shawn agreed. Jan asked Shawn for a cheeseburger, and Shawn left to pick one up. Outside Jan's room by the nurses' station, Shawn ran into Belle.

At the Brady Pub, Leo stared at a headline on his phone that said the police hoped the stolen jewelry in Abigail's room would lead them to her killer. Leo remarked that he couldn't hold on to the jewelry and that he had to find someone to take it off his hands. Clyde walked by and remarked that Leo had an expensive money clip. Leo told Clyde that he had some jewelry that he'd be willing to sell if Clyde was interested. Clyde agreed to meet Leo in the park to take a look at the jewelry.

Later, on the park bench, Clyde met Leo and examined the jewelry. "This stuff's hot, isn't it?" Clyde asked.

Leo admitted that the jewelry was indeed stolen. Leo said he wanted to unload the jewelry as soon as possible, and Clyde said that he might be able to help Leo. Clyde shared that he was on parole and couldn't be involved directly, but he added that he knew people who would take the jewelry off of Leo's hands. Clyde demanded one-third of Leo's profits from the items, and Leo agreed. Clyde had the feeling that Leo would rather Clyde be in possession of the jewelry than Leo. Still, Clyde walked away with the jewelry and told Leo to check back later. Leo was relieved when Clyde left with the jewelry.

Later, Clyde was staring at the jewelry when E.J. stumbled upon him. "Looks like someone left you holding the bag," E.J. remarked.

At Horton Town Square, Lucas encountered Brady, who asked why Lucas had walked out of an A.A. meeting that morning. An irate Lucas said that he'd only left the meeting to pick Sami up from the airport. Brady was concerned and noticed that Lucas didn't look well. Lucas admitted that he'd gone on a bender but that it had only been for one night. Brady asked if Lucas' bender had had anything to do with Abigail's death.

Brady said he was sympathetic because Abigail was Lucas' niece. Brady shared that the cops believed Abigail's murder might have been the result of a robbery that had gone wrong. "They found some jewelry and some cash that was taken from the house. The cops think if they can find the jewelry, they'll find the person who killed Abigail," Brady said.

Brady told Lucas that he was there if Lucas ever felt the need to pick up a bottle again. Lucas assured Brady that it had been a one-time slip -- one he'd regret for the rest of his life.

Later, at the Town Square, Brady caught up with Chloe, who told him that Thomas and Charlotte still hadn't learned about Abigail's death. Chloe said that she hadn't stopped thinking about the kids, and she asked who would brutally murder the mother of two young children. "Someone who has no heart. The scum of the earth, the lowest of the low," Brady said. Just then, Leo appeared. Brady and Chloe stared at one another.

After his encounter with Brady, Lucas went back to his room and flashed back to what Brady had said about Abigail's jewelry. Lucas wondered if he'd taken the jewelry, and he searched the room frantically. Lucas didn't find the jewelry, but it wasn't enough to convince him that he hadn't killed Abigail. Just then, the door opened.

"Lucas?" a voice called. Lucas turned and saw Sami.

Lucas proposes to Sami

Lucas proposes to Sami

Friday, June 24, 2022

Maggie joined Victor in their living room. "My grandson is going to have [Jan] hanging around his neck for the rest of his life," Victor grumbled. "You have every right to be upset, but it's just not good for you to feel sorry for yourself," Maggie advised.

"I know you hate looking at the bright side, but won't Jan be going back to prison? And then maybe Shawn and Belle can work it out," Maggie said. Victor groaned. When Maggie mentioned that Shawn and Belle had their lives ahead of them, she stifled a sob.

"I'm sorry. I know how much you loved Abigail," Victor said. "Whoever did that to Abigail, they have to pay," Maggie said. Maggie noted that they could not do anything until Chad and Shawn were ready to talk to them. "We're worthless," Victor muttered. "To them, but hopefully not to each other. We can treasure whatever time we have together," Maggie suggested. Victor said, "I do."

Bonnie entered the room with Nancy. "And it gets worse," Victor whispered. Bonnie announced that she wanted to grab a deck of cards and go into the conservatory. "The conservatory? Like Clue!" Nancy said with a giggle. "Anybody seen my lead pipe," Victor muttered. Bonnie invited Victor and Maggie to join them in a game of cards, and Maggie accepted. Victor agreed for Maggie's sake.

"Are you guys up for this? I know you have a lot on your mind," Bonnie said. "Maybe too much," Maggie admitted. Nancy offered her condolences to Maggie. "[Abigail] was a wonderful woman. She helped me bring Sarah back," Maggie said. Maggie added that she knew how hard it was to lose a child and that she felt for Jack and Jennifer.

"And Victor, I was so sorry to hear about Philip," Nancy said. "He's not dead," Victor muttered. "He's not? You guys have heard from him?" Bonnie asked. Maggie explained that she and Victor had not given up hope. "That's good. I know my Chloe still misses him terribly," Nancy said. Bitter, Victor noted, "It's a good thing [Chloe] can expunge her grief in Brady's bed."

Nancy argued that Chloe's relationship with Brady did not mean Chloe did not care about Philip. "I agree. Like she cared deeply about Brady all the time she was with Philip," Victor muttered. "What exactly is that supposed to mean?" Nancy asked. Maggie explained that Victor liked to make everyone uncomfortable. Victor argued that he was concerned that Chloe would drive Brady to drugs again. Nancy was insulted.

"Neither your son nor your grandson has led a blameless life," Nancy said. Victor criticized Nancy's grammar, and Bonnie noted that Victor liked to do that. "Well, I guess he also likes sleeping in the guest room, because that is where he is headed," Maggie said. Victor flopped his hand down on the table and announced that he and Maggie had won the game.

Nancy got up to leave, and she announced that she had to meet up with her date. "How brave of you to put your shattered life together," Victor said with a grin. Maggie scowled. "Say hi to Clyde for me," Bonnie said. "What? You're not talking about Clyde Weston?" Victor barked. Maggie warned Victor to keep quiet.

"I know you're desperate, but this is the bottom of the barrel," Victor said. "That's enough," Maggie stressed. Victor reminded the ladies that Clyde had hurt Sonny. "Even [Nancy] deserves better than that," Victor concluded. Furious, Nancy told Victor that he did not have the right to pass judgment on anyone, considering Victor's past. With a shrug, Victor said, "I was just trying to help you out." When Victor added another insult, Maggie escorted Nancy out of the house.

"She sure can pick 'em," Victor said. "Well, not everybody can be as lucky as Maggie," Bonnie said. "You know, when you're right, you're right," Victor agreed. Bonnie and Victor continued to play cards, and Bonnie managed to get a chuckle out of Victor. When Maggie did not return, Victor said, " I'm sorry if I offended your friend." Bonnie assured Victor that Nancy was tough.

"Besides, I don't think you can date Clyde Weston and not expect a little blowback, you know?" Bonnie said. "I'm in a foul mood," Victor admitted. Bonnie said that Victor's mood was understandable. Victor and Bonnie commiserated about their dislike for Jan. "Bonnie Lockhart, unexpected depth," Victor said. Bonnie and Victor smiled at one another.

At the hospital, Belle ran into Shawn in the hallway. Belle explained that she was there to ask Marlena for a recommendation for a child therapist. As Belle started to walk away, Shawn stopped her. Shawn thanked Belle for having been there when Jan had been in labor.

"I knew that the baby might not make it. And I know how hard that would be for you," Belle said. "You waited with me, and I know how hard that was for you, so thank you," Shawn said. Shawn said that when Belle had comforted him, he had believed there was hope for their marriage. "I'm just hoping that you felt the same way, too," Shawn said. "I did feel it," Belle admitted. With a sigh of relief, Shawn said, "I knew it." Belle stressed that things had changed.

"You went straight to Jan," Belle said. "Well, that's because I knew that E.J. was there to hold your hand," Shawn said. Belle asked Shawn not to make the situation about E.J. "Of course, I went to Jan. She just gave birth. The baby was premature, and she was scared. I couldn't just leave her there, wondering if the baby was alive or dead," Shawn said. Shawn added that when he had returned to see Belle, she'd been gone.

"I cannot help but think that you left here with E.J., and you went back to his place," Shawn said. Belle thought about when she had told E.J. that she wanted to sleep with him after they had left the hospital. "I did. And then we heard Chad screaming, and I saw Abigail lying there," Belle said. Shawn vowed that he and Rafe would find the killer.

"Jan is going back to Statesville. Even with help, you're gonna have your hands full just with the baby," Belle said. Shawn told Belle that Jan was not returning to prison yet. Belle argued that Jan was no longer pregnant but that she was still a dangerous threat. "The warden extended her release just so she can be with the baby a little longer," Shawn explained. When Belle asked why, Shawn admitted he had asked Kayla to speak to the warden.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised," Belle grumbled. "It's only until the baby gains a little bit more weight," Shawn argued. Belle countered that there would always be another milestone. "We're talking about my son," Shawn said. "Yes. Your son. The living ammunition Jan uses to make you dance," Belle said. Shawn argued that he wanted to do what was best for his son.

"And [Jan] knows that," Belle said. With a sigh, Belle asked about the baby's name. "We named him Shawn," Shawn said. Shawn added that the name had been Jan's idea. "Of course, it was. And then you went along with it," Belle said. Belle teared up. "So much for our moment of hope," Belle said. As her voice cracked, Belle wished Shawn a happy life with Jan and "little Shawn."

In the park, E.J. spotted Clyde with a bag. "What are you up to?" E.J. asked. Clyde thought about his agreement to fence Leo's stolen jewelry. "Just hanging out," Clyde said. E.J. asked about the bag. "Nothing you need to worry about," Clyde said. "Then you wouldn't mind if I took a look then," E.J. said. Clyde asked E.J. why he was interested.

"I think you might have an illegal weapon in there," E.J. said. Clyde reminded E.J. that a weapon would violate his parole. E.J. asked why Clyde had reacted suspiciously. "Did you hear me say it's none of your business?" Clyde said. "It's very much my business. You see, I think you've acquired said weapon in order to finish me off," E.J. said. E.J. argued that Clyde had threatened his family, and then a family member had been killed.

"If I think that you stabbed my sister-in-law, well, my last name is DiMera. And we're totally an eye-for-an-eye kind of family," E.J. growled. Clyde warned E.J. not to pin Abigail's murder on him. "As I said before, whoever did it is not going to get away with it," E.J. said. Clyde reiterated that he had not killed Abigail.

"And if I had wanted to send you a message, believe me, you would have gotten it, and you would have known it was from me," Clyde said. Clyde asked E.J. why he was worried. "You gave me your word that you would keep your mouth shut about our little arrangement. As far as I know, you have. Unless you have told someone," Clyde said. E.J. thought about when he had told Belle about Clyde's secret. "No, I haven't told anyone," E.J. lied. "Then you got absolutely nothing to worry about," Clyde said.

Outside the Brady Pub, Chloe asked Brady who could murder a young mother. "Someone who has no heart. The scum of the earth, the lowest of the low," Brady said. Leo rounded the corner. Brady and Chloe exchanged a look. "Who are you calling the lowest of the low?" Leo asked defensively. Chloe noted that they had not been talking about Leo.

"Unless you're the SOB that killed Abigail," Brady added. "I heard about Abigail. What happened?" Leo asked. Brady explained that someone had stabbed Abigail. Leo thought about when he had stolen the knife in the DiMera tunnels. "Why would anybody want to hurt Abigail?" Leo asked. Brady said the police believed it had been a robbery. Leo thought about the money and jewelry he had taken from Abigail's room.

"What a tragedy. I can't imagine how hard this has been on her family," Leo said. "Cut the crap," Brady said. Brady argued that Leo had been out for revenge against Chad and Abigail. "Maybe you felt that they didn't pay enough," Brady hinted. Leo acted offended.

"You hated Chad and Abigail. You made him out to be a cheating husband, and you rubbed Abigail's nose in it, so don't pretend to me that you're grief-stricken," Brady said. Leo argued that Chad and Abigail had started the feud when they had ruined Leo's relationship with Craig. "They made an enemy for life," Leo said. "What is this, third grade?" Brady shot back. When Leo argued that Chad and Abigail had destroyed his "one chance at happiness" on a whim, Chloe corrected Leo.

"You destroyed your one chance at happiness when you tried conning my father into marrying you, even though you already had a husband," Chloe said. Leo argued that Craig had suggested the marriage, and Leo had accepted so as not to disappoint him. "Reality just escapes you. Everything is everyone else's fault, and you are never to blame," Brady said. Chloe argued that Sonny would disagree.

"That was consensual. Once again, Sonny is lying," Leo said. Brady asked Leo why he had wasted time on revenge schemes against everyone but him. "I'm the one that blew up your sham of a wedding. I was very proud to do it," Brady said. Brady told Leo to focus his anger on Brady. Chloe agreed, and she added that Leo should find a new line of revenge, since the tabloid sex scandal scheme was old.

"We should do this the old-fashioned way. Just a bare-knuckled fistfight. How about right here? How about right now?" Brady suggested. Leo argued that it was not a fair fight, since Brady was so much stronger than him. Leo added that he had given up his schemes because he felt guilty that he had upset Abigail before her death. "Now she's gone, and I can't tell her that I'm sorry," Leo said. "That's very sad for you," Chloe said mockingly. Leo argued that he wanted to move on with his life. "I would appreciate it if the two of you would let me," Leo said.

As Leo stormed off, Chloe asked Brady if he believed Leo. "Not one word," Brady said. Nancy arrived for her date, and Chloe and Brady told her about their run-in with Leo. "[Leo] is like Florence Nightingale when it comes to nursing a grudge," Nancy joked. When Nancy mentioned that Leo had said that Chloe was on "his list," a worried Brady asked about the list. "[Leo] wasn't specific, but it sounded like it was an enemies list," Nancy said. "Well, I'm sure as hell on that then," Brady said.

Leo sat in the park and looked at his list of enemies. There was a checkmark next to Sonny, Chad, and Abigail's names. Leo scratched out Abigail's name, and he sighed.

Outside the Brady Pub, Clyde joined Nancy as she talked to Chloe and Brady. "You look beautiful, as always. Nice to see you two again," Clyde said. As Clyde and Nancy walked into the pub, Brady and Chloe sighed in exasperation. "I find it very, very, very not fun to be civil to that man," Chloe said. "For good reason," Brady said. Chloe confided to Brady that Belle had warned her to keep Nancy away from Clyde.

Inside the pub, Clyde slipped Leo's brown bag in a space behind the bar, then he joined Nancy at a table. "I have something for you," Clyde said. Clyde snapped a diamond bracelet on Nancy's wrist. "It's lovely," Nancy said. "Just like you," Clyde countered.

Outside the pub, Brady and Chloe talked to Shawn about his legal separation. "It wasn't my idea. I was actually hoping that we would be able to work things out after the baby was born," Shawn said. "Doesn't seem like you think that anymore, though," Brady said. Shawn explained that he and Belle were further apart than ever.

After Lucas tore up his hotel room in search of Abigail's jewelry, Sami opened the door. Sami hobbled in on crutches. "You're here! I really wasn't expecting you," Lucas said. "Obviously not. What the hell happened in here?" Sami asked.

"I really wanted to pick you up. I wanted to be there for you," Lucas said. "I know you did, but you've got a lot going on," Sami said. Sami asked about Jennifer. "She is just barely hanging on. Like we all are," Lucas said. Lucas offered to grab Sami's luggage from the lobby, but she refused to let him leave until he explained why the room was in shambles. Lucas stammered that he had been looking for jewelry.

"What jewelry?" Sami asked. "I don't want to say," Lucas said. Sami pressed Lucas to tell her what was wrong. "You're a wreck, and I know it's not just because of Abby," Sami said. Lucas refused to open up. Sami reminded Lucas that she had told him all kinds of secrets. "Talking to you [about my marriage to E.J.] helped me move on with my life," Sami said. Sami told Lucas that she loved him no matter what. Lucas sat next to Sami on the bed.

"I have something to confess," Lucas said. With a nod, Sami encouraged Lucas to continue. Lucas explained that he had been looking for a ring. "I didn't want to tell you like this after everything that has happened, but I was going to ask you to marry me," Lucas said. Sami gasped. Lucas told Sami that he had asked Roman for his blessing.

"I was going to surprise you, but I don't know what I did with [the ring]. I think I lost it," Lucas said. "So, you tore this room apart?" Sami said with a laugh. "I panicked!" Lucas said. Sami reminded Lucas that he had a lot on his mind. "I made a mess out of everything," Lucas said. "It doesn't matter. I don't need a ring on my finger as long as I know what's in your heart," Sami said.

"You know what's in my heart. I want you to be my wife," Lucas said. Sami smiled. "Right now, my answer is no. I can't marry you," Sami said. Sami explained that she still needed to finalize her divorce. "[E.J.] never signed [the divorce papers], and I don't know why. He has to know there is no way I'd stay married to a man who lied to me about kidnapping me," Sami said. Lucas scowled, but he said nothing. Sami urged Lucas to look for the ring while she went to talk to E.J. Lucas suggested that they let the lawyers handle the papers, but Sami wanted to directly confront E.J.

After Sami left, Lucas pulled out the engagement ring he had purchased for Sami, and he thought about what she had said about being married to a kidnapper.

In the DiMera mansion foyer, Belle told E.J. that Marlena planned to go home and spend time with Chad and the kids. "What is it you're not telling me?" E.J. asked. Belle told E.J. that Shawn had confirmed that Jan was not going back to prison.

"I knew that she would find a way to keep her hooks in Shawn, and that's where they are going to stay for the rest of his life," Belle said. Belle told E.J. about her conversation with Shawn. "I'm so sorry. What can I do?" E.J. asked. "We could finish what we started the other night. Let's go upstairs. Right now," Belle said. When E.J. asked Belle if she was sure, Belle put her arms around E.J.'s neck and kissed him. Outside, Sami hobbled onto the front porch.

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