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Carter proposed marriage to Paris, and despite concern and skepticism from others, he barreled ahead with his plan to marry Paris immediately. A fight between Li and Sheila ended in water and flames.
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Carter proposed to Paris, and a fight between Li and Sheila ended in flames
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Li betrays Sheila

Li betrays Sheila

Monday, June 20, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was still reeling from the "whole Eric and Donna thing." Hope wished she'd never walked in on it. Liam guessed that her conversation with Eric hadn't been easy for either of them. Hope said that marriage vows should be respected, and she didn't condone what Eric and Donna were doing. Liam asked if he was about to hear a "but" from his wife.

Hope said Liam should have heard the way Donna and Eric had spoken about each other. Liam said he'd heard before that Eric was Donna's one true love. Liam asked if Eric felt the same way. Hope believed that Eric might, but she said Donna had sworn her to secrecy.

Just then, Ridge arrived to deliver the news that Sheila had escaped. Later, Ridge had filled Hope and Liam in, and Liam asked if Ridge was sure Sheila didn't know where Steffy and the kids were. Ridge affirmed it, saying he'd be with Steffy if he thought she was in danger. Hope asked about Li. Ridge said he'd tried to call her. Liam suggested that Ridge try Li again.

In Li's hideaway, Finn gazed in confusion at his two mothers. Sheila noticed that he was trying to say something. "Stef -- Steffy..." he stammered and fell back asleep. Li said it was okay because he needed his rest. Sheila was beside herself with glee that she hadn't killed her son and would have another opportunity to be a mother to him. Li mirthlessly smiled.

Li's phone rang with a call from Ridge. Sheila didn't want Li to answer it, but Li said it would be suspicious if she didn't. Li reminded Sheila that Li didn't want to contact the police and wind up in jail herself. Insisting that Finn needed them both, Li said she and Sheila couldn't turn on each other. Sheila permitted Li to answer as long as Li kept the call on speaker.

Li answered, and Ridge thanked her for picking up. She said she'd been busy. He asked if she'd gotten his message. Assuming he meant the message about Sheila, Li affirmed it. She informed Ridge that she hadn't heard from Sheila; however, she'd let him know if she did. Ridge reminded Li that Sheila was very dangerous, and Li ended the call.

Thanking Li, Sheila said she desired to believe Li meant everything she'd said. Sheila hoped Li understood how much Sheila loved "our" son. Sheila acknowledged that he'd gotten his good traits from Li, and Sheila was grateful that Li had nursed him back to health. Li acknowledged the long road ahead of Finn, but Sheila believed that they could love him back to what he'd been before "this horrible thing" had happened.

As Li checked Finn's monitor and adjusted his I.V., Sheila said it had been risky to show up there, but she'd had to say farewell. Seeing Finn alive had lifted a crushing burden for Sheila, who had something to live for again. Li stated that she had to leave to get meds for Finn.

"You think you're just going to walk out that door?" Sheila said. Li figured that Sheila would let Li go because Finn would die without the medication. Sheila decided that she'd pick up the medications; however, Li noted that Sheila didn't have access to the hospital pharmacy, and the cops were looking everywhere for Sheila. Insisting that it couldn't wait, Li said Finn's progress would be ruined if she didn't get his medications.

Sheila stammered, and Li reminded Sheila that Li hadn't told Ridge anything. Li insisted she could go to jail, too, and she didn't want that. Li implored Sheila to agree and said their son's life depended upon it. Sheila granted Li permission to go. "I'm trusting you," Sheila said.

Li hurried out of the bedroom. In the foyer, she pulled out her phone and made her nervous call, saying she needed to speak to someone. Sheila opened the bedroom door and saw Li on the phone with her back to Sheila. Agitated, Li was saying she couldn't hold because it was extremely important. Turning, Li saw Sheila advancing on her. Li dropped the phone in terror.

At Forrester, Carter snatched the ring from Quinn's finger and rushed toward the door. Quinn yelled for him to stop. She asked him not to give Paris that ring, but he was convinced that it was his chance at happiness. He said he really wanted Quinn, but it was a fantasy that could never be. Quinn replied that he couldn't marry Paris, a woman he didn't love. "The way I love you? And I do love you, Quinn. I love you so damn much. I'll always love you," he said.

Later, Carter was alone, contemplating the ring, when Paris arrived. She'd received a text message from him and asked if everything was okay. He said it wasn't, but it could be. He stated that he no longer wanted to put their future on hold. He was adamant that they had to reach out and take it. He asked if she was ready.

Paris replied that she'd said earlier that she was, but she was amazed that, before that day, she hadn't even thought they'd end up together. She said he'd been so adamant. Carter stated that he'd been delusional and hadn't seen things the way they really were. She asked if he was sure it was what he wanted, but he replied that he was sure it was what he needed.

Carter stated that he should have done it sooner. He claimed he was ready to build something wonderful with Paris. "Something that starts with this," he said, showing her the ring. She asked if it was an engagement ring. "You want to marry me?" the shocked Paris questioned. Carter asked her to say she'd be his wife.

At Eric's house, Eric had a martini and pondered what Hope had said earlier. Quinn arrived home in a strange mood, and he asked if something had happened at the office. She admitted to being worried about Carter. When Eric said Carter's name, she decided not to talk about it.

Quinn said she hoped that she and Eric could find their way back to where they'd been when they'd hung her portrait above the fireplace. He admitted that she hadn't changed and was still that same beautiful woman. Quinn countered that their marriage had changed. She believed he could feel it, and it was why he spent so much time at the club. She took responsibility for it.

Shaking his head, Eric said Quinn's name. Quinn said she didn't want to hide from that truth of how she'd harmed their marriage, but she wanted him to know that she believed in them. She hoped that he did, too. She apologized for bringing it up, but he said it was her marriage and future. Quinn corrected that it was "our" marriage and future.

Quinn stated that she missed "us." Eric replied that he knew. She felt that their marriage was worth fighting for. Touching his hand, she said she wanted to know that he felt the same way.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, June 22, and picked up where the Monday, June 20, episode concluded.

Li crashes her car trying to escape Sheila

Li crashes her car trying to escape Sheila

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn marveled over photos Wyatt had taken while traveling for work with Flo. Quinn joked that it was hard to meddle in Wyatt's life when he was so far away. Wyatt expressed surprise that he'd had to reach out to Quinn instead of receiving her usual deluge of messages. Quinn replied that she was trying to be better about a word that began with a B. "Boundaries," came Wyatt's reminder, after his mother kiddingly tried to sound out the word. But when Wyatt wanted to know what was really going on, Quinn admitted that she had been worried about Carter.

Wyatt became concerned that Quinn was troubled about Carter. Quinn insisted to her son that she remained committed to Eric, but she added that Carter was a friend whom she cared about. Quinn explained that Carter was about to make a mistake that would change his life forever.

Wyatt said it made him nervous that Quinn had opinions about who Carter should marry. Wyatt wanted to know why Quinn wasn't investing in her own love life, since she and Eric hadn't been connecting; Wyatt answered his own question by concluding that Quinn still had feelings for Carter. Quinn acknowledged that she would always have feelings for Carter, and, although what they had shared had been wrong, Quinn still wanted the best for Carter. Wyatt pounced when Quinn slipped that she wouldn't wish marrying someone one didn't love on anyone, realizing that if Quinn didn't think that Carter was in love with Paris, it meant that Carter was still in love with Quinn.

Quinn stood firm that nothing was happening between her and Carter, but Wyatt didn't think it nothing that Carter and Quinn were both covering up their real feelings for each other. Quinn swore those feelings would not be acted upon. Wyatt asked if Carter was really so desperate to run away from the way he felt that he would marry Paris. Quinn confirmed it and wailed that she couldn't let Carter throw his life away because of her.

Over at Forrester Creations, Paris didn't know what to say in response to Carter's marriage proposal and asked if he meant it. Carter again asked Paris to be his wife, encouraging her to say yes so that they could move on with their lives.

Paris said it blew her mind that Carter wanted to get married. Paris revealed that marriage was something she'd thought she would consider when she got older, plus she and Carter hadn't dated for very long. When Paris recalled that Carter had lobbied for her to marry someone else, Carter admitted that he should not have done so, positing that perhaps he'd had to push Paris away to realize how much he needed her. Paris affirmed that she needed Carter, as well, and cried, "Let's do it!" She threw her arms around Carter, who stared at the ring in his hand, wearing an expression of doubt. Paris gushed that they had to make their engagement official by Carter putting his ring on her finger, and Carter did so, causing Paris to kiss him passionately.

Paris examined the ring, deciding that her fiancÚ had great taste. Paris found it amazing that she even had a fiancÚ. Carter was glad that Paris liked the ring but thought back to when he had tried to give it to Quinn. Carter told Paris that the ring was meant for the woman he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. Carter concurred when Paris said that she couldn't believe what was happening, and he suggested to Paris that there was no reason for them to wait. He said that since he and Paris knew what they wanted, they should get married right away.

After Paris left, Carter paced his office, counseling himself to be a good husband to Paris. Quinn arrived, able to tell from the look on Carter's face that he had gone through with proposing to Paris. Carter said it was the way things had to be. "But you don't love her!" Quinn argued. Carter lamented that he couldn't have Quinn but also that he couldn't let Paris jeopardize Quinn's marriage to Eric by questioning the feelings between Quinn and Carter. The marriage, Carter presumed, would stop Paris.

Quinn guessed that Paris would question Carter even more once they were married, but Carter vowed to be devoted to Paris. Carter said he wanted to settle down and have a family, and he had no plan except to move on from Quinn. Carter said he knew that he couldn't keep living the way he had been, because he loved Quinn too much.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was immersed in a book when someone let themself into her house with a key. It was Ridge, who couldn't understand why Brooke was startled until she pulled earbuds out of her ear. Ridge was glad that Brooke's door had been locked; Brooke stated that she wasn't taking any chances and couldn't believe that the fugitive Sheila hadn't been caught. Brooke asked Ridge what had brought him by, and she smiled when Ridge said he had wanted to check on her.

Ridge confirmed that he was worried about Brooke, who shared Ridge's distress about Sheila but surmised that Sheila was probably halfway across the country already. Ridge contended that they couldn't let their guard down, prompting Brooke to thank him for looking out for her.

Brooke relayed that she had called Hope to warn her about Sheila's jailbreak, only to learn that Ridge had told Hope first. Brooke thanked Ridge, who remarked that they all had to be on the lookout because they didn't know where "this lunatic" would show up next.

A frustrated Ridge finished up a call with Deputy Chief Baker and relayed to Brooke that Baker didn't know where Sheila was. It bothered Ridge that they didn't know what Sheila was up to. "Or who she'll target next," Brooke added. Ridge readied to leave, advising Brooke to call him if she saw anything unusual. Brooke grinned and said that she would call the police first, then Ridge, who asked if Brooke knew that he would do everything in his power to protect her. Brooke and Ridge joined hands briefly then Ridge left.

As Sheila confronted Li about having called the police, Li insisted to Sheila that she had only been calling the pharmacy for Finn's medication. Sheila blasted Li as a liar and stomped on Li's phone, cracking its screen. Sheila snarled that Li had made a big mistake in double-crossing her.

Sheila said that she should have known not to trust Li. When Li wondered why Sheila had thought that Li had contacted the authorities, Sheila spat that she had heard Li declare an emergency. Li desperately maintained that she had wanted to make it clear to the pharmacy that Finn needed his meds because he was in a dire situation. Sheila menacingly agreed the situation was dire and fumed that she had warned Li not to do anything stupid. Instead, Li had lied to her. Sheila asserted that Li would pay for making her "little phone call."

Li warned Sheila that if anything happened to her, Finn wouldn't survive. Sheila felt that Finn would be fine without Li. Li recognized that Sheila had once been a nurse but was adamant that Finn needed both of them. Sheila scoffed at Li's sudden desire to be cooperative and asked if she was supposed to forget that Li had just phoned the cops. Li told Sheila that she hadn't been thinking clearly in that moment, but she was there in wanting to put Finn's needs first. Li conceded it had been foolish to call the police, given all the questions they'd ask, and she didn't want to do anything to cause Finn to backslide.

Li admitted that it had been hard to care for Finn all alone, especially when she needed to be elsewhere. It was a relief to Li that Sheila could be there as an additional caretaker. Sheila accused Li of lying when Li said that they could bring their son back. Sheila knew that Li didn't want her there, or near her son. Sheila had wanted to believe what Li had said about Finn needing Sheila as much as he needed Li.

"Finn needs you?" Li suddenly asked coldly, adding, "The woman who shot him? Almost killed him?" Sheila lunged at Li, grabbing Li by the throat and choking her, squeezing harder as Sheila raged that Li treated her like a monster who didn't love her own son. Li broke free and punched Sheila, who fell to the floor. Li attacked Sheila, yelling, "Like you love Finn! Not like his real mother does!" Sheila struggled with Li, then punched her; Li grappled with Sheila and kicked her in the stomach. As Li made a run for the door, Sheila grabbed Li's leg, but Li viciously slammed her foot into Sheila's side and escaped. Once Sheila got past the initial pain, she gave chase, swearing that Li wouldn't get away from her.

In the rain, Li ran to her SUV and fumbled with her keys before jumping into the vehicle. Seeing Sheila coming, Li stomped on the pedal and sped off. Just then, Mike approached, saying he had gotten Sheila's message. Mike felt they had the kind of friendship where they could just pick up as if many years hadn't passed, but Sheila announced that she couldn't talk. Sheila told Mike that she needed his car. Mike watched as Sheila drove away.

Li sped down the freeway, trying to navigate the rainy night. She saw a car fast approaching and ascertained it was Sheila. Li floored her SUV and determined that she needed to get help. In hot pursuit, Sheila growled that all Li had needed to do had been to share Finn. Li proclaimed that Sheila would go back to prison, even if it meant that Li had to go to jail, as well. Sheila professed that she would never be separated from her son again. "I'm coming for you," Sheila said threateningly.

"Back off, you crazy bitch!" Li screamed to the car behind her. At that moment, Li's SUV seemed to be rammed from behind, and it caught fire. Li's face contorted in horror as she careened off the road into a body of water. Li's SUV, still aflame, began to sink. Sheila pulled over and smiled as Li's vehicle disappeared under the water.

Paris and Carter's wedding plans are met with resistance

Paris and Carter's wedding plans are met with resistance

Thursday, June 23, 2022

At Eric's house, Quinn thought of Carter telling her that he'd always love her. Eric noticed that Quinn was deep in thought. She said she'd been thinking about how one mistake could change the course of one's life, and she'd also been thinking of how self-assured she'd felt when she and Eric had gotten married. She said she'd felt as if she'd belonged there. She said she wanted to feel that way again, and she hoped he wanted to feel that way again, too.

Eric figured that he and Quinn did feel the same way. He said everyone wanted to feel appreciated and secure in their relationships. She asked about devoted love and passion. She felt that a lasting relationship took trust and was built over time. He agreed, and she murmured that one would think everyone knew that. Eric assumed that "everyone" was Carter.

"What?" Quinn asked. Eric reminded her that, the other day, she'd mentioned something about Carter and a decision he was making. Quinn said she hadn't talked to Eric about it because she'd thought Carter would find his senses, but he hadn't. Eric asked what Carter had done.

Quinn revealed that Carter had taken a ring that she'd been working on, and he'd proposed to Paris with it. Surprised, Eric stated that he'd known that Zende and Paris had broken things off but not that Carter and Paris felt that way about each other. Quinn revealed her belief that Paris was smitten with Carter, but Carter didn't feel the same way. Eric asked why Quinn thought that.

Quinn said Carter just wanted to move on with his life and build a future with someone. Eric asked if Carter had said anything to make Quinn think that Paris wasn't that someone for Carter.

Quinn repeated Eric's question, and Eric assumed that Carter had to love Paris. For Eric, the problem was how quickly it had happened.

Quinn noted that Paris had gotten out of one relationship and was jumping into a marriage. Eric agreed that it seemed impulsive, but Eric said Carter had been looking for love for a long time.

Quinn said love could make one do reckless things. Eric asked what better reason than love to be reckless. Happy for Carter and Paris, Eric said it was okay that Quinn still cared about Carter and was worried. Eric asked if Quinn thought Paris wasn't the one Carter truly loved.

In the design office, Carter was thinking about Quinn when Paris bounced onto his lap for a kiss. Grace entered and commanded Carter to get his hands off her daughter. Carter gleaned that Paris hadn't told her mother. Paris said she'd asked Grace to stay out of it. Grace refused to do so because she believed that Carter wasn't serious about Paris, and Paris wouldn't have the future she wanted with him. "It's already happening," Paris said, flashing her ring.

Paris revealed that Carter had asked her to marry him the previous night, and they wanted to get married right away, possibly that week. "This week?" Grace questioned. Carter said he'd marry Paris that day if he could. Refusing to allow it, Grace instructed Paris to remove the ring and give it back. Paris said she wasn't asking for permission; she was sharing her good news.

Grace saw nothing good about her daughter giving her heart away to a man who'd barely earned it. Paris said she and Carter had kept their attraction private in the beginning. "Because you knew it was wrong," Grace countered. Paris asked why Grace couldn't just be happy for Paris. Grace said she would be if Carter was the right man, but he wasn't.

Grace asked if Carter would say anything. Carter admitted it seemed fast, but he was certain that it was the right path. He wanted to start a future with Paris right then. Grace asked him to explain the rush to the altar. Grace asked why he couldn't take the time to have a real courtship.

"What does that even mean?" Paris asked. Grace said it meant more than a ring and a promise. She asked if Paris and Carter had even talked about it or if Carter had proposed out of the blue. Paris apologized for her mother's behavior. Carter said Grace was being protective. Paris said she needed to speak to her mother in private. Carter hugged Paris and left the room.

Grace asserted that "that man" wanted to run off for a quickie wedding. "Do you not have the sense to stop and think and ask yourself why?" Grace asked and deemed it all wrong. Grace wished she could be happy for her daughter. Paris countered that Grace hadn't even tried.

Grace replied that she was concerned. She didn't like Carter's history with Zoe or Eric's wife, and the proposal was out of nowhere. "Carter is not Dad," the tearful Paris replied. Grace said her failed marriage had "a lot to do with it." She wished she could have taught her daughters what a loving relationship looked like, but she also wished Paris wasn't blinded by big talk.

Paris insisted that Carter really wanted to be with her, and she was his future. Grace stated they were the right words, but she wasn't buying it. She believed something else was going on.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Zende worked with a gown on Petra, and Ridge noticed her flirting with Zende. After Petra had gone, Ridge inquired into how Zende was handling the breakup with Paris. Zende said he'd been on a couple of dates, but Ridge figured a guy like Zende should be out every night. Zende replied that he was looking for a more meaningful connection. Ridge guessed Zende meant like his connection with Paris.

Ridge wondered if Zende had picked up on things between Carter and Paris. "No, you?" Zende asked. Ridge revealed that he hadn't known until Grace had ranted about it. Ridge guessed that Grace wasn't as okay with it as Zende was.

Zende said he wasn't okay, but he'd meant it when he'd said he wanted Paris to be happy; however, thinking about them together was hard on Zende. Zende told Ridge that the hardest part was remembering the things he'd confided to Carter about Paris. "I mean, he's my friend, right?" Zende asked. Ridge replied that he had trouble with that, too. Neither Zende nor Ridge intended to rip on Carter, but they had questions.

Later, Ridge was alone when Carter dropped off some specs for sewing machines. Ridge said he'd just been talking to Zende, who was having trouble accepting Carter's relationship with Paris. Carter said Zende wasn't the only one, and Ridge asked why he'd had to hear about Carter's new relationship from Grace.

Carter was sorry Grace had dragged Ridge into it, but Carter hadn't known how to tell Ridge about it. "Or maybe you're just not sure. Is that what you want, really? A future with Paris?" Ridge asked. Carter figured that he had to want it because he'd asked Paris to be his wife.

Ridge asked if Carter was kidding. "No one even knows that you're dating!" Ridge exclaimed. Carter said they'd kept the relationship private, but Ridge said they'd kept it secret. "She was with Zende five minutes ago, and now you guys have been dating -- what -- a couple of weeks?" Ridge asked.

Carter wondered why it mattered and what would change if he and Paris waited. He was sure his feelings and desires wouldn't change, and he wanted to live a life that made sense. Ridge questioned whether it made sense, but Carter said it was the first thing that had in a long time. Carter was upset because he'd been counting on his best friend to be supportive.

"I'll support you as soon as I understand what it is that you're doing!" Ridge replied. Ridge said Carter had said he'd been waiting for years for the woman of his dreams. Ridge asked if that was Paris and if Paris was the love of his life. Ridge knew what Carter looked like when he was in love, and he'd seen Carter with Eric's wife. "You love Quinn," Ridge decided.

Quinn learns about Carter's impromptu wedding plans

Quinn learns about Carter's impromptu wedding plans

Friday, June 24, 2022

At Eric's house, Eric asked if Quinn thought Paris was the woman Carter really loved or if Carter loved Paris the way he should a betrothed. Quinn didn't know if it mattered what she thought; however, she indicated that Carter had been the one to propose. She figured that all they could hope for was that Paris and Carter made the right decision.

Finding Quinn's answer enigmatic, Eric asked if it meant Quinn didn't approve of the wedding. Quinn didn't think it was her place to have an opinion about the couple. Eric figured everyone else would have one. She repeated that she hoped the couple made the right decision.

Eric received an alert and rushed off to the club. Quinn gazed at her portrait and recalled Carter showing her that he, unable to let something so beautiful be destroyed, had saved it.

In Ridge's office, Ridge couldn't make sense of Carter's decision to marry a woman he wasn't in love with. "You are still in love with my father's wife!" Ridge said. Carter tried to leave, but Ridge ordered him to stay put and answer. Carter confessed that he loved Quinn, and it was driving him insane. Carter stated that he needed to move on, and that meant he needed to marry Paris.

Ridge said he'd sensed that Carter and Quinn weren't over. Carter clarified that nothing was going on between Quinn and him. Carter explained that Quinn was committed to her husband, so he had to move on. Ridge pointed out that Carter didn't love Paris and asked how it would work. "One day at a time," Carter replied. Ridge asked where Eric fit into all of it.

Carter revealed that part of the reason he was marrying Paris was to preserve Eric and Quinn's marriage. Carter stated that Paris had had suspicions about his feelings for Quinn, and from the things Paris had said, Carter had gleaned that she'd take those suspicions to Eric. Carter refused to let anyone or anything disrupt Quinn's happiness.

Ridge couldn't believe that Carter was marrying Paris to run from his past with Quinn. He asked why Carter couldn't date Paris for a while or take her on a trip to get to know her better. Carter stubbornly said he'd made his decision; Carter had his mind set on marrying Paris the next day. Carter said he needed his best friend by his side. Before leaving, Carter said he was counting on Ridge.

In the design office, Paris was dazzled by her engagement ring, but Grace said that marriage was more than a flashy ring; a marriage needed a foundation of trust and love, which Carter and Paris hadn't built. Paris asked how Grace knew that. Paris disliked being at odds with her mother, but she asserted that nothing and no one would stop the wedding.

Hope arrived in time to hear Paris saying that the man she loved had given her a beautiful ring. Hope squealed in excitement, thinking that Zende and Paris were engaged. Grace informed Hope that it was Carter. With a confused smile, Hope said, "Oh, you and Carter...married..."

As Hope sat at the desk, Grace said that she was just as surprised as Hope was. In Grace's view, "they don't come" any better than Zende, but Grace said her daughter wanted to throw it away to marry some hustler. Paris insisted that she and Carter were in love, and instead of going for a new conquest, he'd given Paris a ring. Paris asked if that told Grace something.

Grace stated that she didn't trust Carter to honor or cherish Paris, and Grace wouldn't support Paris in becoming Carter's wife. "Then don't come to the wedding," Paris concluded and asked to talk to Hope alone. Grace hoped Paris would listen to Hope.

Grace left, and Hope congratulated Paris. Hope didn't want to get in the middle of Paris and Grace's disagreement. Hope simply wanted to know if Paris was happy, and Paris affirmed that she was. Paris said Hope was her friend, and Paris really wanted Hope to be happy for her.

Later, Paris acknowledged that things were happening really fast. Hope asked if Paris was okay with that. Paris deterred Hope from trying to talk Paris out of it as Paris' mother had tried to do. Paris hoped that Hope would celebrate with Paris and Carter on their wedding day. Hope asked to hear once more than Paris was completely sure. Paris replied that she loved Carter and wanted to be his wife. Hope agreed to attend the wedding, and the two hugged.

Carter entered, and Hope said, "You proposed! Wow!" With an overwhelmed grin, he replied, "You can say that again."

Later, Paris and Carter were alone and in each other's arms. He was sorry about causing friction between Paris and Grace, but Paris said she wouldn't let her mother ruin the best day of her life. Carter stated that he wanted to do it right away. Paris was excited that he wanted to marry her so quickly. Wondering who they should invite, Paris said she felt that Zende should be there.

Carter frowned. Paris stated that Zende had said he was cool with her and Carter's relationship and had been gracious about things. Paris also wanted to invite Bill Spencer, who'd been generous to the foundation. She also figured that they needed a minister.

Stating that Charlie was ordained, Carter offered to check on Charlie's availability. Carter suggested that they hold the wedding at Il Giardino because Paris loved the food, and it had been the location of their first "sort of lunch date." He said they'd reserve it for the next day. Still in loving disbelief, Paris squealed and hugged him.

In the CEO's office later, Carter ended a call about wedding details as Quinn arrived. She was shocked to hear that the wedding was the next day at Il Giardino. Carter explained that he had to move on because his feelings were torture. Quinn replied that she was sorry, "but to marry Paris so quickly..." Carter ordered Quinn not to try to stop him or slow him down. He said he had to let her go, but he would always love her. Quinn sobbed, saying she'd always love him, too.

At the Sky Lounge, Grace arrived and happened upon Zende, who had just finished a workout. It looked to him as if she had something on her mind. Upset and near tears, Grace talked about how she'd raised her daughters to be productive members of society who would, at some point, share their lives with men of integrity who deserved them. Zende was confused about what she was referring to. Grace yelled, "Carter proposed! And Paris said yes!" Grace told Zende that he could not let the wedding happen.

Zende was disillusioned by the news. Grace told him to get past it and go to Paris. Grace could see that he still loved Paris. Zende was sure Grace meant well and thought Paris was better off with him, but he stated that Paris didn't agree with that. Zende refused to grovel.

Grace began to speak, but interrupting, Zende said he'd thought Paris had been the one for him; however, she'd made her decision, and he had to respect that, even if he did still love her. Zende thanked Grace for giving him the news, and he walked out of the lounge.

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