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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, October 9, 2006

Philip is asked to make a decision about the surrogate carrying his and Mimi's baby. Against Victor's advice, Kate encourages Philip to pay off the surrogate and have nothing to do with the Lockharts. Mimi is horrified when Bonnie reveals to Philip that Kate knew all along that Claire was actually Shawn's child. Philip is enraged.

Shawn dismisses Mimi completely, refusing to discuss the surrogate. He wants her out of his life for good! Later, Shawn is livid when Victor tells him that Titan is withdrawing financing for his engine.

In the hospital, Belle is devastated about losing the baby and worried about Marlena's disappearance. Sami comforts her and Belle reveals that she is secretly grateful Shawn is fighting for her and Claire. But when she later finds out Shawn has dropped the suit, she feels abandoned.

Kayla is overjoyed when Steve remembers that Stephanie is his daughter, but heartbroken when he reveals that he still doesn't remember her. Overwhelmed by his deep emotions, Steve breaks down. Later, a saddened Kayla sends him home with Billie.

John discovers a planted clue about Marlena in New Jersey, and realizes that someone is toying with the family. He investigates the lead and finds Marlena locked in a storage unit trunk bound and gagged, but okay.

Lexie and Abe reach a new understanding after making love. They pledge to start over, but only if Lexie has nothing to do with Tek.

Much to Lucas' chagrin, E.J. pursues Sami at the hospital, trying to confirm their date. Sami is overwhelmed by family matters and tries to postpone, but he eventually convinces her to commit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lucas and Will try to sabotage Sami and E.J.'s date. While at Chez Rouge, Lucas plants Limburger cheese in the heating system of E.J.'s car and has Maggie conveniently "lose" the couple's reservation. E.J. and Sami return to his apartment and they're both shocked when a call-girl, secretly sent by Lucas, shows up at the door. By now, E.J. is onto Lucas and Will's plan. He leads Sami off to the bedroom while Lucas and Will watch from the fire escape.

At the hospital, Belle and Carrie have a heart-to-heart about all that's happened since they found out that Shawn is Claire's father. Carrie encourages Belle to follow her heart and reunite with Shawn. Belle tells her that she can't go against the vows she took with Philip. Just as Shawn is about to visit Belle and pour his heart out to her, he overhears and misinterprets when she says that she no longer wants to see him. Upset, Shawn storms out of the hospital, heads back to the garage and trashes it. Philip stops him and reveals that Victor also knew the truth about Claire's paternity. Later, in a fit of rage, Shawn drives Max's wrecked race car into the Kiriakis Mansion.

Back at the New Jersey hotel room, John helps Marlena pack for their return to Salem. Marlena breaks down after finding out about Belle's miscarriage. She vows to be more present in her family member's lives. Later, John and Marlena have an emotional reunion with Belle. Marlena tells her daughter that she's taking her home.

An angry Philip confronts Kate over the fact that she knew Claire's true paternity but didn't tell him. Philip storms out of the restaurant after Kate lets it slip that Victor also knew. Later, Kate goes to Victor and asks him for his help regarding the situation.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

E.J. and Sami's date is sabotaged by Will and Lucas. First it was the Limburger cheese. Then it was a stink bomb which set off the sprinkler system in E.J.'s apartment. This is the last straw for E.J. and he vows to make Will and Lucas pay. Sami promises she'll take care of it. She storms into her apartment and lets the two guys have it. E.J. shows up and attacks Lucas but Sami pulls him off. Later, Sami asks Lucas what he was thinking. They discuss the situation and it's finally revealed that Lucas still has feelings for Sami!

Having driven into Victor's mansion with what was left of Max's race car, Shawn attempts to fight his grandfather. Nico comes to Victor's defense and pulls him away. Later, Bo and Hope show up. While Bo lays into his father, Hope talks to Shawn. She feels partly responsible and vows to be there for him from now on. Shawn asks if she's going to reconcile with Bo, but Hope doesn't know. Later, Victor offers an apology to Shawn for keeping the truth about Claire from him. Victor also says that despite what he said earlier, he would like to fund Shawn's engine. Shawn doesn't accept his apology or his handouts.

Mimi signs her rights away to their surrogate and convinces Philip to do the same. She informs her mother of her decision but we later learn Bonnie has a plan of her own.

Marlena comforts Belle and urges her daughter to make the right decision re: Philip. Mother and daughter do a visualization exercise and Belle finally realizes what she must do. She calls Philip and asks him to bring Claire over. When he arrives he asks Belle where their relationship stands. He wants to be sure they have a future together. It pains Belle to say it but she can't give him any guarantees. Philip says that's all he needed to hear, then tells her good-bye.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sami is reeling as Lucas says he still has feelings for her. To prove it, he gives her a soulful kiss. Sami responds, but soon pulls back and covers her real feelings for him. She says Lucas is lying about his feelings because she told him to move out. Lucas swears he's serious. Will interrupts and wonders what they're fighting about this time? Sami covers and tells her son that Lucas can stay with them. She quickly exits on an urgent errand, and Lucas and Will high-five. They'll be a family in no time.

E.J. visits Kate's office and tells her about Lucas and Will sabotaging his date with Sami. Kate is aghast to hear that Lucas and Sami are living together. She needs E.J. to seduce Sami, to keep her away from Lucas. It shouldn't be that hard! Kate starts to question E.J.'s power of seduction, so he offers to give her a sample. Kate and E.J. have always been drawn to each other. They are starting to make love on the desktop when there's a knock at the door. It's Sami! E.J. hides and Kate covers. Sami says she's looking for E.J. because she wants to apologize. Kate insists she hasn't seen him, then shoos Sami out. Once they're alone again, Kate and E.J. go back to their wild office lovemaking.

Shawn comes to the penthouse with gifts for Belle and Claire. Grieving over the loss of their baby, we see how much Belle and Shawn are still drawn together. In counterpoint, Philip has decided to leave Salem for good. When he tells Mimi, she tries to stop him, but his mind is made up. Later, Mimi tells Belle that Philip is leaving town. They need to stop him, if not for Belle's sake, then for Claire's. Belle and Mimi head to the airport where they see Philip buy a plane ticket. He doesn't see them. Belle has an epiphany: she has to let Philip go. It's what's best.

Shawn visits Willow, the attractive young hooker he helped get a job at Chez Rouge. Willow is grateful to Shawn. She wants to help him turn his life around, too. They go off to spend the night together.

John and Marlena have a romantic reunion. Marlena never wants to be without John again. He vows she never will be. They'll be together forever! As they kiss passionately, John carries her up the stairs, and we know they will make love.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bo and Hope meet to discuss what they're going to do about Shawn. Patrick soon arrives and he and Bo exchange angry words. Hope asks Bo to leave so she can speak with Patrick alone. Bo reluctantly agrees and goes to look for Shawn, only to find him with Willow. She politely excuses herself, and Shawn and Bo discuss how messed up Shawn's life is. Bo gives Shawn the keys to the Fancy Face and Shawn agrees to live there while he tries to get his life back in order. Meanwhile, Patrick makes a plea for Hope to go out of town with him so they can discuss how they're going to raise their child. Hope doesn't think that is such a good idea. Later, Hope privately asks Abe what he thinks about Patrick. Abe skirts the question, but tells Hope to trust her instincts. Meantime, we learn that Patrick has paid off Dr. Bader to alter Hope's paternity tests.

Chelsea finds E.J. at Kate's office and correctly assumes that the pair has slept together. After E.J. exits, Chelsea gets down to business and asks for Kate's advice on how to get her parents back together. Kate has a few suggestions. Unfortunately, Chelsea takes things too far when she later dresses up as a hooker and parks herself near the Brady Pub. If this doesn't get her parents' attention, nothing will.

Sami threatens to kick Lucas out if he interferes with her relationship with E.J. Lucas leaves when E.J. arrives, and Sami explains why she can't date him. E.J. is not happy about this.

Mimi gets a job at Chez Rouge and is trained by Willow. They get along like old friends. Later, Willow asks Mimi to go with her to meet her new guy. Mimi accepts, but little does she know that Shawn is who they're on their way to meet.

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