One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on OLTL

Michael and Marcie asked Natalie and Rex to be godparents for Tommy. Claudia witnessed a kiss between Nash and Jessica. Cole rescued Starr at a party. A drunken Nash threw a punch at Cris. Layla broke up with Vincent after learning of his role in Cris's lost fight. David wanted answers about his mother. Rex questioned Spencer about Margaret's baby.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, October 9, 2006

While John's friends and family gather at Rodi's, Natalie stays behind at the gravesite to spend a few quiet moments alone with John. Vincent shows up and a furious Natalie accuses him of following her and creeping up on her while she is vulnerable. Vincent tells Natalie that he understands what she is going through more than her friends and family ever could. Natalie tells Vincent that she doesn't want or need him following her around and making sure that she is ok since they aren't even friends. She asks him to leave her alone and Vincent complies but not before telling her that if she ever needs to talk, he is a good listener. Natalie cries out to John that she no longer has her best friend around to hold and comfort her since he has left her all alone.

Michael decides to change the somber mood at John's memorial to a happy one as he decides that everyone should share the happy memories they had with John. Everyone from Evangeline to Antonio share a fond memory of John. Bo instead decides to go back to the station to deal with the loss of John alone. Rex follows him back to the station and asks him if he could take a look a John's file on Spencer hoping that there is something in there that will lead him to where Todd's son may be. Bo agrees to let Rex look over John's files and then enlists Rex's help when he puts up John's picture on the police memorial wall.

Vincent pays Hugh a visit at the hospital. He introduces himself to Paige and explains to her that he and Hugh played football together, were roommates, and were fraternity brothers. Paige leaves the two of them alone and Vincent tells Hugh that he needs to fight to live. Believing that Hugh is heavily sedated, Vincent confesses to Hugh that he set Cristian up and risked his life just to make a little extra money. When a nurse comes in to check on Hugh after one of his machines starts beeping, she informs Vincent that although Hugh is sedated, he is a little more conscious and probably knows that Vincent is there. After the nurse leaves, Vincent tells Hugh that he was just kidding and that he can't use anything that he just confessed against him.

Todd and Evangeline discuss Cris being set up and Todd's petition for joint custody. Todd tells her that Blair wants to move back into the penthouse with the kids so that they can be a family. Evangeline believes that Blair still loves Todd and that Todd still loves Blair which is why he was using Evangeline to make Blair jealous. Todd wonders why it is so hard for Evangeline to believe that he has feelings for her. Evangeline tells Todd that she knows that he still loves Blair even if he doesn't want to admit it. After leaving Rodi's, Todd returns to the penthouse and finds Blair there waiting for him. She tells Todd that she is tired of telling him how she feels and decides that it's better to show him and she begins to undress.

Viki becomes concerned about Natalie when she fails to show up at Rodi's for John's memorial. Clint tries to calm Viki's nerves but she remembers how distraught and destructive Natalie became when she lost Cristian and how it was John who helped her grow up. Viki relaxes when Natalie finally makes an appearance at Rodi's. Natalie wonders why everyone is having such a good time and Viki tells her that they are sharing their happy memories the way John would have wanted them to. When Michael thanks everyone for coming and sharing their memories, Natalie reminds them that they haven't heard from her yet. Instead of being able to share a memory Natalie breaks down and tells Vincent that he was right no one understands what she is going through.

Nash watches Jessica at Rodi's with Claudia by his side and a few drinks in his hand. Claudia tries to distract him but he continues drinking and watching Jessica. Nash decides to leave with Claudia close behind. Evangeline pulls Claudia aside to discuss her assault charges against Jessica while Jessica runs off after Nash. Nash tells Jessica that he knows how Natalie feels since he also lost the love of him life and gets to look at her ghost everyday. Jessica tries to comfort Nash but she also tells him that he needs to pull it together for their daughter's sake. Nash decides that he can't move on with Tess and he can't move on with Claudia because Jessica won't have it so maybe he will just have to move on with Jessica. He pulls her into a kiss that Claudia witnesses. Jessica pulls away and escorts Nash to a cab while Claudia runs back into the bar and orders a double alcoholic beverage.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A skeptical Evangeline quizzes Vincent on his sudden interest in being Natalie's friend. Vincent tells Evangeline that he is a one woman man and that he is simply concerned about Natalie because of what she is going through now that she has lost John. Layla comments on how not only is Vincent concerned about Natalie, but he also paid a visit to his old college friend, Hugh. A not too impressed Evangeline warns Vincent that his reputation may soften if he is not careful. Vincent begins to get nervous about Cris and his meeting with the informant. He sends Shaun to look for him but Evangeline stops him by informing him that Cris' informant asked to meet him alone and if someone else shows up then they might get scared off. Vincent agrees but then secretly pulls Shaun aside and sends him on a mission to find Ted and warn him about the consequences should he implicate Vincent in setting Cris up.

Starr and Langston call Britney and her friends out on their rude behavior. Britney innocently tells Starr that she misunderstood their conversation and although they started off on the wrong foot, she would like them to be friends. Starr and Langston are skeptical of her offer and go off to hang out. When some football players take an unwanted interest in them, they are defended by Cole another player. Cole tells Starr how he and his family just moved back to Llanview and asks her if maybe she would like to show him around so he can see what's new around town. A jealous Britney tries to make a play for Cole but he rebuffs her so she strikes out at Starr.

Blair tries to seduce Todd but he humiliates her and then turns her down. When Blair wonders why Todd is so intent on humiliating her and making her beg him to sleep with him, Todd brings up her betrayal with Spencer. Blair is tired of apologizing so Todd tells her how when he was strapped to his death bed the last thought on his mind was how much he needed her to believe in him. Blair tries to convince Todd that she did believe him and tried to tell him but he wouldn't see her. Todd tells her that it's too late because when she had the chance to just step up and believe in him, she couldn't do it. Although he admits that he did lie about things, it doesn't justify her turning her back on him when he needed her the most unlike Evangeline who believed in him and stood by him.

Adriana is furious knowing that David may be on the road to reuniting with Dorian. Rex tries to calm her down but all Adriana can think about is how her mother betrayed her. When a hang up call frightens her she confesses to Rex that she is still dealing with the aftermath of being taken and threaten by Bruce thanks to Dorian and how she will not rest until Dorian's life is destroyed. She begins to go over her list of things to do to destroy Dorian which include breaking up her and Clint, going after Craze, and making sure that her life is worthless. A concerned Rex takes her mind off her troubles by reminding her that they still haven't christened the kitchen and since Layla won't be home for a while they better get started.

David comforts Dorian but also gives her some honest talk regarding Adriana and Clint. He tells her that although her intentions were good, what she did to Adriana was so heinous that Adriana and Clint may never be able to forgive her. Dorian admits for the first time that she crossed the line when she hired Bruce but she had no idea that he was so twisted especially since he was a lawyer. David stands by Dorian and then asks her if he can stay with her since his residence on the park bench was taken by someone with anger issues. Dorian hesitantly agrees to David staying saying that they will take things one day and one night at a time. She then pulls David into a passionate embrace.

Cris meets with Angus who informs him that he was set up by his opponent's manager. He tells Cris that the drug was on the boxing gloves but they were cleaned off in the ring before anyone could investigate. Angus also tells Cris that his opponent had no idea what his manager was up to. When Cris pushes to find out who else was behind his downfall Angus reluctantly gives up Vincent's friend, Ted. Cris tricks Ted into meeting him in the alley. At first Ted plays dumb telling Cris that he doesn't know what he's talking about but when Cris gets violent, Ted confesses that he set him up but there was someone else who bet a lot of money against Cris and also wanted him to take a fall. Cris continues to beat Ted until he gives up Vincent as also having set Cris up. Evangeline finds Cris and tries to stop him from assaulting Ted any further.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An unsuspecting Kelly walks in on Dorian and David, who are in a compromising position on top of the kitchen counter. It's an awkward moment for all as they quickly try to cover. I would have knocked but it's the kitchen, Kelly exclaims. They make a point of his staying in the guest room far down in the hall. It was an aberration that won't happen again, insists Dorian. Kelly is actually glad that Dorian is helping him out, glad that they have each other while both of their lives are in turmoil.

A doused in beer Starr is rescued by Cole, who provides her with a change of clothes from his gym bag. She's taunted by Britney and deserted by Langston, who has to head home suddenly. While Cole plays bodyguard, Starr puts on his clothes. They have a nice chat, learning that they are both products of divorced parents, sort of. Britney tries to find out about their conversation but Cole refuses to play along. The obviously jealous girl promises Starr that it's not over.

Todd is not interested in a naked Blair though he admits he loves her. He loves pastrami too, he says, but it gives him heartburn. He's tired of it all and believes they need to go their separate ways. It takes more than love and he just wants to end it all. He thanks her for what she did for him with Spencer but that's it. He's taking a walk and expects her gone by the time he returns. She can't believe it's really over but he reminds her of "till death do you part" in the marriage vows. I died and it parted us, he tells her. Blair vows to get him back and later, she promises Kelly that she'll come up with a Plan B.

Evangeline pulls Cris from Ted as he's beating him to a pulp. She learns of Vincent's involvement but she is more disgusted with Cris' behavior. This is a side that she never thought she'd see and she doesn't know if she can be with him any more. Inside Rodi's, an upset Vincent informs Layla that he's merely concerned over a business deal, details of which he can't tell her. A little while later, Todd runs across a despondent Evangeline. They both share particulars of their lousy evening. She's got to keep Vincent away from her sister, Evangeline states. Cris will probably try to kill him anyway. Todd privately recalls the fact that he knew about Vincent's being behind the set up of Cris.

Vincent and Layla interrupt a romantic Rex and Adriana, and Cristian, who accuses Vincent of setting him up, quickly joins them. He wants everyone to hear about it and refuses to take it outside. A disbelieving at first Layla, realizes that Cris is speaking the truth by Vincent's reaction and slaps his face, hard. Cris can't divulge who told him, he enlightens them, or the person will be found dead. He trained his heart out for Vincent but the manager only wanted a loser. Layla kicks her boyfriend out of the apartment and is comforted by Adriana. Cris needs Rex to prove the man guilty, needs to get him to confess to setting him up. Rex agrees to be hired.

Todd offers his help to Evangeline; whatever she needs. Blair's Plan B will involve her family. Dorian wants David to help her get back Clint and Adriana. She's happy he's staying, just as a friend. They're bad for each other in any other way. He happily welcomes Starr when she returns.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rex and Adriana comforted a distraught Layla at the apartment. Vincent came knocking at the door and Layla said she doesn't ever want to see him again. Vincent threatened to knock the door down, so Rex finally put on a shirt and answered it. Vincent ordered Rex to step aside. Rex told Vincent to beat it. "You can't stop me," he responded. Cristian crept up behind Vincent and said, "Maybe he can't, but I can." Vincent told Cristian that he and Layla are the most important people in the world to him, but nobody was buying it. Vincent left.

Viki went to La Boulaie to find Dorian, but caught David strutting around in his underwear. He told her that he was living there now and suggested to Viki that he might "let" her offer him a job. Starr popped in and Viki asked why she wasn't in school. Starr said she's dropping out because of the "Britney Squad." She explained how she and Langston went to a party and were offered drinks and drugs but that they said no. She recounted how a boy named Cole told the boys to back off and how Britney got jealous and had some guy to spill his beer all over her. Starr added that she called Britney a bitch, and Viki said she handled herself very well, "Especially the bitch part. You nailed it. That's what she is." Starr said she is tired of fighting with people and wants to be a normal girl but that she never will be because of her parents. Viki told Starr she's a brilliant, unique young lady and should be proud of that.

Antonio and Bree paid a visit to Nash at the Llanview winery. They found him lying passed out on the floor with empty beer bottles littered about. Antonio said he won't leave the baby with him given his hung-over condition. Nash said Antonio's objection has nothing to do with Brennan but is because he kissed Jessica the previous night. Antonio said he doesn't believe that Jessica kissed him and took off. Later, Vincent dropped by to check on his investment. He saw all the empty bottles and told Nash to make sure he doesn't regret investing.

Jessica visited Asa, who was at home day trading on the computer. She told him she's happy he's home. Asa asked if Natalie was doing okay, and Jessica admitted she was worried about her. Asa said, "Natalie is a Buchanan. She'll get through this." Nigel came in and told Asa to tell Jessica about the picture. Jessica asked who was in the photo, and David walked into the room and said, "My mother." Asa said the woman's name was Emma Bradley, and David said, yes, that's his mother. Asa asked Jessica to leave. David questioned Asa about the connection was between him and his mother. "Your mother was one of the great loves of my life," Asa answered. David asked Asa if he was his father.

Cristian told Antonio about Vincent, and Antonio said he'd go arrest him. Cris said no, that he'd handle it. Jessica walked up and Antonio asked her if she kissed Nash. She said yes. Antonio asked Jessica if she had feelings for Nash.

Michael, Eve and Marcie asked Natalie if she would be Tommy's godmother. She was taken aback, but honored and agreed to do it. They told Natalie that the same pastor who performed John's funeral would also do the christening, but she said that was okay. Then Marcie and Michael went to see Rex and asked him to be Tommy's godfather. Rex was shocked, but Marcie said that even though they fight, "I know you can be kind and you can be loving." She said that the Killing Club experience kind of bonded them for life. Rex agreed and said he'd do it.

Natalie told Eve that she's surprised Marcie would ask Rex to be the godfather given how they push each other's buttons. Eve pointed out that it sounds like they behave like a brother and sister. Natalie noted that it was true and that it isn't much different from her relationship with Rex. Everyone met at the church and Tommy was christened. Michael said that John was looking out for little Tommy. Everyone left except for Rex and Natalie. Rex observed that John should've been there. Natalie said at first that John was there, in her heart, but then said that no, he isn't there at all.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rex comes to Spencer's jail cell with questions about Margaret's baby. David wonders if Asa could indeed be his father. Blair vows to find a way to win Todd back. Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Evangeline encourages a dejected Todd to believe he can fall in love again and move on with his life. Claudia urges Nash not to risk losing his daughter by continuing to drink so heavily. Though Asa vehemently denies that they are related, David demands the whole story about his mother's romance with the patriarch of the Buchanan clan. Jessica explains to Antonio why more of Tess' personality is coming to the surface now that she's been integrated. Spencer hisses at Rex that he doesn't have a prayer of finding Todd's infant son. Blair has a brainstorm while listening to Dorian chatter about her relationship with David. Evangeline decides she can't give up on Cris despite his anger issues. Jessica has an erotic daydream about making love with Nash. David relates his newest theory to Dorian. A drunken Nash throws a punch at Cristian, who begins to defend himself just as Evangeline walks in.

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