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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Carly told Omar that she needed him to watch Rafe while she took care of a few things. He sensed that something was wrong. Carly said that Bo had been promoted to police commissioner, and Omar said that Carly shouldn't get a police official involved. Carly had a better idea --she planned to seek out Justin's help. Omar warned her to be careful. Carly walked on the pier and thought back to when she first met Bo.

Carly went to the Kiriakis mansion and knocked on the door. When Henderson answered, she hid.

Bo returned home to find Justin helping Hope move out. Hope thought that Bo would still be at work, so she was surprised to see him. Bo sarcastically told Justin that he appreciated Justin not taking sides. Hope corrected Bo and explained that Justin wasn't taking sides and was just helping with her luggage. Hope tried to explain to Bo that she wasn't planning to stay with Doug and Julie.

Bo didn't understand why Hope felt the need to move out. Hope said that Ciara suffered emotional distress from being in the same house where Dean held Ciara at gunpoint. Bo thought that Hope's decision to move out wasn't the solution. Hope warned Bo that giving her direct orders wasn't going to work. Bo was frustrated that everything he did seemed to be wrong. Bo told Hope that she had him cornered and would get angry with him when he didn't do what she expected of him.

Bo asked Hope where she and Ciara were moving to, and she said that Victor invited them to stay with him. Bo couldn't believe what she was about to do. He criticized her decision, pointing out that Victor was a career criminal. Justin returned to help Hope with the rest of her things. Bo suggested to Hope that they sell their home to avoid the unhappy memories, but she said she couldn't because she loved the house.

Hope asked Bo to give her and Ciara more time. Bo pointed out that he would be left alone if she and Ciara left. Hope said she wasn't trying to push him away. They argued again, so she decided to leave. He warned her to watch her back.

Hope moved into the Kiriakis mansion. Then she realized that she was making a huge mistake. Meanwhile, Carly tried to break into Bo's house. Bo hid until Carly was inside. Then, he jumped her. He turned her head and realized it was Carly.

At the Java Café, Sami thought to herself how upset E.J. would be to know that she had helped Nicole skip town. He overheard her talking to herself and assumed that Sami would be commiserating with Nicole. She explained that Nicole was too busy. He noticed her searching through her purse for money and offered to buy her coffee. She declined and noted that he was probably still upset with her for what she said to him.

He thought it was a good opportunity to show Sami that she was wrong. She found her money and didn't need him to buy her anything. E.J. said he wanted to talk about Johnny. He warned Sami to think twice about teaming up with Nicole. She started to leave, but E.J. stopped her. He said he'd lost two daughters and had one son. E.J. said he wanted Johnny to see two parents who respected each other.

Sami chewed E.J. out for saying that he lost Sydney when E.J. really threw Sydney away. Sami accused E.J. of being emotionally "stupid." E.J. said that his relationship with Nicole was based solely on Sydney's parenting. Sami let it slip that Nicole had skipped town. She checked the time to make sure if was too late for E.J. to stop Nicole from leaving. Then she told him that Nicole left town with Sydney.

E.J. was shocked to learn that Nicole had left town, because she didn't have any money. He realized that Sami had given Nicole money. E.J. warned Sami that Nicole would be back. Sami realized that she was wasting her breath on E.J. Sami said that if Chad weren't suing for custody, Nicole would have stayed in Salem and raised Sydney. She said that E.J. could have been happy if he weren't a DiMera.

Stefano called Nicole on the plane and ordered her to visit him at the hospital along with Sydney, but she told him it was too late, because the plane was about to take off. He threatened her, saying that she would regret disobeying him. He overheard the flight attendant mentioning Rio de Janiero, and he laughed, thinking that she had made a predictable choice. After Nicole hung up on Stefano, the stewardess announced that the plane had to go back to the gate to let a passenger off.

Stefano called, gloating that he was able to force the plane to turn around. He told her that if she needed help with her luggage, someone was waiting for her at the gate to help her. Nicole showed up at Stefano's room, but she dropped Sydney off at the hospital's daycare center. Nicole explained that E.J. kicked them out. Stefano said that when the truth was revealed, E.J. would change his mind about giving up Sydney. Nicole reminded Stefano that E.J. couldn't know that Sydney was biologically a DiMera, because Sami would take Sydney away from Nicole, she said.

Stefano agreed that Nicole would be livid if E.J. found out all that Nicole had done, but Stefano wasn't concerned with how the fallout affected Nicole -- all that mattered to him was Sydney. Stefano asked why Nicole was trying to leave. She said it was because Chad was suing for custody of Sydney, and she was certain that he would win. Nicole was worried about what would happen when people found out that Sydney was Sami's real daughter.

Nicole threatened to tell E.J. what Stefano did if Stefano told him about the baby switch. While they argued, Lexie walked in and demanded to know what was happening. Lexie advised Nicole to go home and rest, but Nicole vowed not to rest, and said Stefano wouldn't either. Nicole returned to Stefano's room. Stefano said that he admired Nicole's tenacity and compared her to the soldiers at the Alamo -- "dead but brave."

Stefano told Nicole that Lexie warned they couldn't cause him stress. Nicole told Stefano that she was dangerous, because she had nothing to lose. Nicole reminded Stefano that E.J. would be furious to find out that Stefano had a hand in the baby switch, and Stefano would lose E.J., Sydney, and possibly Johnny, too. Stefano told Nicole that everyone who tried to threaten him regretted it. Nicole said that those people didn't have the ammunition that she had.

Stefano refused to let E.J. lose Sydney. Nicole reminded him that she and Sydney were a package deal. She said that if Stefano tried to cut Nicole and Sydney out of the picture, he would lose Sydney, E.J., and Johnny--and his whole family. E.J. walked in the room, and Nicole was stunned to see him there.

Arianna and Brady were in bed together. After making love, he noticed that she seemed preoccupied with something, but she didn't want to talk about it. They made love again, and she told him that she wished she could close her eyes and the rest of the world would go away. Brady said he wanted her to be happy all the time. He predicted that if things continued to go well between the two of them, they wouldn't have any secrets after awhile. Arianna agreed.

Brady urged Arianna to confide in him over her secret. The phone rang, so Arianna grabbed it and was about to answer. Then she worried that Brady might hate her if he found out the truth. She thought back to when she was arrested on drug charges. Brady convinced her to let the phone ring, so they could focus on each other.

Sami went home and thought about how much she missed Nicole.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carly broke into Bo's house and was surprised when he tackled her to the ground. "Hey! Sorry to drop in on you like this," Carly quipped. When Bo questioned why Carly had made such a mysterious entrance into his house, she explained that her life was in danger.

Bo asked Carly about Lawrence's death, and she admitted that she was the one that stabbed him. Carly explained that she had "good reason," but Bo joked sarcastically about her admission. Frazzled by Bo's comments, Carly paced the room and noticed a picture of Ciara. Bo noted that Hope and Ciara were staying at Victor's house for a while.

Carly explained that she killed Lawrence in self-defense. Carly went on to explain that Lawrence had been gravely ill right after they married, but had recovered. "The man that recovered, you're gonna think I'm crazy, but it wasn't Lawrence. It wasn't my Lawrence," Carly added. Before Carly could continue, Bo's phone rang and interrupted her .

At the Brady Pub, Hope wondered aloud whether she was making a mistake in moving out. Justin tried to cheer up Hope, but she continued to question her decision. Justin told Hope that the move was not a permanent solution and that she should stay at the mansion for the night and think about her situation without Bo around.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Hope complained that Bo did not understand that she was upset about more than their fight. From a nearby darkened hallway, Victor listened to Justin and Hope talk.

After settling in, Hope went downstairs to the living room to find Victor drinking a cocktail. Hope thanked Victor for the nanny, and he countered that a nanny would be great to have if Hope and Bo wanted to get away for the weekend. Hope joked about having the nanny watch Ciara so she could get "a quickie divorce in Reno."

Worried, Victor pleaded with Hope to think things through. Hope admitted that she was only joking but advised Victor that she still loved her husband. "Isn't it nice to just sit here and talk without me having to read you your rights first?" Hope said with a smirk. Hope added that she was suspicious of Victor's motives, and he appeared amused.

"I'm sorry. I know how much your family means to you," Hope said before exiting the living room. "Bo's an idiot," Victor muttered under his breath.

Worried about Ciara, Bo took the phone call during his conversation with Carly. On the other end of the line, Victor chastised Bo for letting Hope leave. "Get your ass over here and beg your wife to come home," Victor said gruffly. Bo argued that he had already begged Hope to stay and that he could not do anything else because something had come up. Angry, Victor asked Bo what was more important than Bo's wife and child, and then hung up the phone before Bo could respond.

Worried about interfering in Bo's life, Carly apologized for intruding and tried to leave. Bo talked Carly in to staying and asked her to explain exactly what had happened. Carly refused to go into details but she explained that Lawrence was gradually getting worse. "He had to be stopped. He had to pay," Carly said. "I killed him and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner," Carly announced.

When Bo asked Carly about the police, Carly said she was not worried about the authorities. Bo urged Carly for full disclosure in order to help her. After a brief call to Omar, Carly sat down on the couch and agreed to tell Bo about Lawrence.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope admitted to Justin that she would go back to Bo if Ciara did not adjust to the separation. Trying to comfort Hope, Justin said that he thought that was the worst of it and that things were going to get better for her and Bo. With a tired smile on her face, Hope nodded.

Lucas called Nathan from rehab to tell Nathan to go ahead and move into his place. Melanie overheard Nathan tell Lucas that he planned to move into the house that night. "When were you going to tell me that," Melanie asked. Nathan hung up the phone and explained to Melanie that he wanted to respect Maggie and that he would not be able to keep his hands off of Melanie. Nodding in agreement, Melanie suggested that she should be the one to move out of Maggie's house rather than Nathan.

Nathan told Melanie that Maggie needed to have her around the house. "It's not exactly cool for a doctor to still be living with his grammy," Nathan said with a smile. "You could move out of the house and not get any cooler and still have to make your own bed," Melanie returned with a grin. As Nathan continued to pack, he frantically searched for his grandfather's fountain pen. When Melanie found it, Nathan celebrated by shaking Melanie's hand rather than kissing her.

Lucas called Maggie's cell phone to ask her about what was going on with Nathan and Melanie. Sighing, Maggie explained that she had told Nathan that he could not date Melanie while they were both living in her house. Lucas told Maggie that Nathan was moving into Lucas' house, and suggested that she should "butt out" of Nathan's life.

In his hospital bed, Stefano reminded Nicole that he would not let her take E.J.'s daughter from him. Nicole warned Stefano that he needed to take her and Sydney as a package deal or else she would tell E.J. that Stefano knew about Sydney all along. E.J. entered the room and was startled to find Nicole talking to Stefano.

"Samantha said that you left town, so what are you doing here?" E.J. asked, confused. Stefano told E.J. that he had asked Nicole to visit him in the hospital to discuss "the entire truth." E.J. was annoyed that Nicole had not left town, but Stefano urged E.J. to remember that Sydney was a DiMera. "She's not a DiMera. She's not my daughter," E.J. said quietly. Stefano disagreed and asked Nicole to tell the whole story.

Kate interrupted the conversation in order to visit with Stefano. "You're alive. Again," Kate joked. Kate asked E.J. and Nicole to leave, and they grudgingly did so. Kate confided how pleased she was when Nicole said she was leaving the country and how bitterly disappointed she was to learn that Nicole had changed her mind. Shrugging, Stefano reminded Kate that Sydney was still his granddaughter.

"I know but can't we just buy you another one that has no mother attached," Kate quipped. Smiling, Stefano told Kate that Nicole had returned at his request. Stefano thanked Kate for her timing, and joked about whether he would survive the night with Kate at his side.

"I'm in the same hospital you put Chloe in and my insurance company believes you are a preexisting condition," Stefano said with a wide smile across his face. "Don't you think I learned my lesson with Chloe. If I tried to kill you, you'd be dead," Kate said. Laughing, Stefano shook his head.

When Kate asked Stefano about what she had interrupted earlier, Stefano explained that although he trusted her, he could not say anything just yet. "That just means you are still working on your strategy, right?" Kate inquired. Kate reminded Stefano that Nicole was cunning. "It has been such a long time since I felt that I have an ally," Stefano said with a smile. Kate admitted that the DiMera mansion was no fun without Stefano there.

In the hallway, E.J. asked Nicole what Stefano was going to tell him before Kate interrupted. Nicole attempted to convince E.J. that Stefano might need a psychiatric evaluation, but E.J. just shook his head. Pushing on, Nicole explained that she thought Stefano was convinced of certain, untrue things and that they might seem plausible. E.J. told Nicole that Stefano mentioned before his coma that he knew what Nicole was up to. Shifting her eyes suspiciously, Nicole said that E.J.'s suggestion was "ludicrous."

"Of course it is. Because he'd tell me, wouldn't he?" E.J. asked quietly as he leaned close to Nicole's face. When Nicole avoided E.J.'s question, he asked her to explain why she had returned to Salem. Nicole told E.J. that Stefano used his connections to drag her back to town and she did not know why. With a Cheshire Cat grin across her face, Kate interrupted the conversation to tell Nicole that Stefano wanted to talk to her alone. Kate then added that Stefano requested to talk to E.J. after he was through with Nicole.

When Nicole went in to Stefano's room, Stefano explained that he needed the night to think, and he cautioned Nicole not to leave town. "I went to your wedding. I don't want to go to your funeral," Stefano said ominously.

After Nicole left, the nurse entered to administer a sedative to Stefano so that he could sleep. As the nurse injected the medication into Stefano's I.V., E.J. entered the room and asked Stefano to tell him the truth about Nicole. Stefano assured E.J. that he would talk to him the next day. As Stefano nodded off to sleep, E.J. slipped out into the hallway just as Nicole was walking by.

When Nicole noticed E.J. staring at Sydney, she offered to let him hold the baby. E.J. stared blankly at Sydney for a moment, and then walked away. Holding back tears, Nicole assured Sydney that her father loved her. Worried, Nicole added that Stefano might ruin everything. Grabbing her cell phone, Nicole called and left a voicemail for Sami.

"Sami, something is gonna happen tomorrow and uh, I need to tell you something before you hear it from someone else. Bye," Nicole said.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie and Nathan ate ice cream sundaes and kissed each other. Maggie arrived at the table, startling the two lovers. Melanie invited Maggie to join them, and she hesitantly agreed. Maggie explained that she talked to Lucas and that she believed she was wrong to set those rules. Maggie continued that she did not want Nathan to leave and that she did not want Melanie to resent her.

Shaking her head, Melanie interrupted to say that she did not resent Maggie at all. Nathan explained that moving out of the house would not change his relationship with Maggie. Smiling, Maggie asked Nathan if he would join them for a pot roast dinner on Sunday, and he happily accepted.

As they walked home from the pub, Melanie told Nathan that she was worried she would not get to see him very much. Pulling Melanie close to him, Nathan assured her that he would make the time to see her.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When Philip went downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, he was surprised to find Hope there, chatting and having coffee with Justin. She explained that she and Ciara were staying there for a short time, while Hope and Bo were "taking a little break." Philip joked that the Kiriakis mansion had become a "singles-only crash pad," but instantly regretted it, apologizing profusely to Hope. Hope shrugged it off, and then left to take Ciara to school and run some errands.

Philip remarked to Justin that it wasn't a good sign if a couple as strong as Bo and Hope were having problems. Justin quoted a fortune cookie: "Life moves fast. If you don't move with it, it'll pass you by." Philip thought that sounded like good advice.

At the hospital, Stephanie noticed that Melanie and Nathan were behaving very formally with each other, and mentioned it to Maxine. "They're acting like they barely know each other, when actually they've been-" Stephanie stopped herself, but Maxine caught it, and demanded of Melanie and Nathan, "Is it true? You two are actually an item?"

Melanie insisted that it wasn't true, and Nathan chimed in that it was merely gossip. After Nathan left with Maxine to review some paperwork, Melanie accused Stephanie of not thinking Melanie was good enough for Nathan. Taken aback, Stephanie insisted she didn't think that, because she thought Melanie and Nathan were good together. Melanie confessed that Maggie didn't approve of their relationship, and suspected it was because of Melanie and Philip's sex tape. Stephanie assured her that everyone had gotten past that-except perhaps Melanie.

As Nathan and Stephanie were talking later, Philip arrived. He presented Nathan with a citation from the hospital board for helping to save Chloe's life, and had another to give to Melanie. Nathan said that Melanie was probably at home, studying for an exam, and informed Philip that he'd moved out of Maggie's. Philip left to deliver the citation to Melanie personally. Stephanie remarked that Philip probably thought Nathan had moved out because of Melanie. Nathan replied with a smirk that Melanie would set Philip straight.

Philip found Melanie at Maggie's kitchen table and presented her with the citation for heroism. A thrilled Melanie invited him to stay and chat for a few minutes, so Philip asked if she and Nathan were having problems. Melanie assured him that they were doing really well, and Nathan had actually moved out so their living under the same roof didn't make Maggie uncomfortable. Philip replied that he truly wanted Melanie to be happy-but he thought she would be happier with him.

After Carly finished telling Bo the saga of why she had killed Lawrence, she tried to return to the boat to check on her patient. Bo insisted that Carly stay, and when he noticed that she was shaking, he pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and wrapped her with it. He remembered covering Hope with the same blanket during happier times. Carly was worried that she someone would catch her at Bo's house-and right then, there was a knock at the front door.

As soon as Carly had hidden in the dining room, Bo opened the front door for Maggie. Maggie was looking for Hope, whom Maggie thought she'd just seen through the window. Bo merely said that Hope wasn't home, explaining that he had a friend visiting from out of town, and suggested that Maggie try calling Hope's cell phone. After Maggie left, Carly emerged from the dining room and cited Maggie's visit as a good example of why Carly should leave.

Maggie ran into Hope at the Java Café, and asked if the Bradys' houseguest was staying with them for a while. Hope replied, "I don't know; I haven't met her myself." Hope confided that she and Ciara had moved into Victor's for a little while. Maggie was stunned. Hope then asked about Bo's houseguest. Maggie admitted that she hadn't met the woman; she'd only seen her from the back, wrapped in a blanket, and had actually thought it was Hope. Clearly rattled, Hope left.

Before Bo could lay down the law to Carly, he heard a car door, and hurriedly sent Carly back to the dining room. Hope entered, on the pretense of looking for something Ciara had forgotten, and then remarked casually, "I hear we have a houseguest. Where is she?" She explained that she'd just run into Maggie, who had filled her in.

Bo covered, claiming that Maggie had misunderstood, and his visitor-someone Hope didn't know-had since left. Hope picked up the blanket, which was messily tossed on the back of the couch, and hurled it at Bo before storming out. Carly returned and apologized for further complicating the situation between Bo and Hope. "You are just so lost without her, aren't you?" Carly was adamant that she shouldn't stay any longer, since they had already had two close calls. Bo was just as adamant that she stay there-and stay hidden-and promised to protect her for "as long as it takes."

Nicole stopped outside Sami's townhouse with Sydney, bracing herself to reveal that Sami had actually been the one to give birth to Sydney. "But we both know that I am your real mommy, and I always will be," she assured Sydney with a smile. Beginning to cry, Nicole regretted not being able to make things work, but knew she had to let go. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Sami was stunned to see Nicole and Sydney, and Nicole was surprised that no one had told Sami about Nicole's return yet. Nicole tried to keep it together as she began falteringly, "I just thought that, um, if you were going to hear it from someone, you should hear it from me..." But, overcome with emotion, she couldn't finish. A puzzled Sami offered to hold Sydney while Nicole sat down. Nicole resignedly handed Sydney over, adding, "I have no choice."

Sami put Sydney down for a nap in Allie's bed, and returned to give Nicole a sympathetic hug. Nicole tried to return the money Sami had lent her. Sami insisted Nicole keep it to help pay for a lawyer to fight Chad for custody of Sydney, firmly urging her never to stop fighting for her daughter. A defeated Nicole tearfully stated that she didn't want to, but it wasn't up to her. She explained how Stefano had essentially dragged her and Sydney off the plane to Brazil and made them return to Salem.

Sami was furious, vowing to go to the hospital and give Stefano a piece of her mind. As Nicole went into the bedroom to check on a crying Sydney, she pleaded with Sami not to go anywhere. Sami agreed, but when Nicole returned, Sami was gone. A horrified Nicole immediately realized that Sami had gone to see Stefano-and she could no longer prevent Sami from learning the whole truth. She collapsed weakly onto the couch, her face in her hands, and sobbed inconsolably.

Finally, Nicole got Sydney from the bedroom and prepared to leave. She knew that Sami would hate her, but she had hoped that hearing the news from her would cause Sami have a little compassion for her. Nicole feared how Sami would react to hearing it from Stefano, and worried that she would have Nicole thrown in prison. Caressing Sydney, a despondent Nicole wondered, "If I can never see you again, how will I go on?"

Mia found Will at the Java Café and asked if he'd seen Chad. Will hadn't. Mia declared, "I have to find him before he takes Sydney from Nicole." Mia knew that no one could love Sydney more than Nicole. Will thought he knew a way to get Chad to back off for good, and told Mia to follow him. They left together.

From his hospital bed, Stefano called E.J. and ordered him to get to the hospital immediately. E.J. agreed, but before he could make it out the door, Chad burst in, demanding to know where Sydney was. When E.J. didn't know, Chad stormed into the foyer and shouted up the stairs for Nicole, calling her a "crazy bitch." E.J. grabbed the boy by the ear, dragging him to the front door and ordering him to leave. Chad argued that he would have no problem getting his baby back, and demand to know if E.J. planned to fight him on it.

E.J. replied that he had nothing to fight Chad with, adding that he neither knew nor cared where Nicole and Sydney were. Chad declared that at least a lying mother and a father who didn't care wouldn't be the ones raising his daughter. E.J. stated angrily that he couldn't allow himself to care, because if he did, he would only want Sydney back.

Will and Mia arrived just then, and Mia implored E.J. not to let Chad take Sydney. E.J. was sorry for Mia, and confessed that he missed Sydney, but refused to stand between a father and child. He warned that he would be carefully watching to ensure that Chad took good care of Sydney. Chad acknowledged that he already loved his daughter, and only wanted what was best for her. He then thanked E.J., and left.

Will was incredulous. "How could you just give away your daughter like that?" E.J. asserted that because Sami had kept Grace from him, he sympathized with Chad. He reiterated to Mia how sorry he was, but said he couldn't help her. Will escorted a miserable Mia out. On the doorstep, she cried, "I won't let it happen. I'll do anything to keep Chad from taking Sydney-anything!" Will took her into his arms, but appeared at a complete loss as to how to comfort or help her.

Nicole took Sydney to the waterfront park, while E.J.'s man, Marco, shadowed them. She sat and gazed at her daughter, vowing to cherish every minute they had together until they took Sydney away. Chad clomped down the stairs just then, declaring, "It's happening now-her being taken from you." As he handed Nicole a document, Chad stated, "Nicole DiMera, you've been served."

While Maxine was checking Stefano's vital signs, she teased that he'd lost his sense of humor. Stefano irritably complained that the only way to guarantee that he got a moment's peace was to press the call button. Conceding defeat, Maxine tiptoed out. Stefano fantasized about telling E.J. about the baby switch, revealing that Sydney was really E.J.'s biological daughter, and having Nicole thrown in jail, despite her protests that Stefano had known the truth all along. Awakening from his reverie, Stefano promised, "No one will ever take her away from you again, Elvis."

Sami stormed into Stefano's room, slamming the door behind her. "You are a sick son of a bitch!" she spat, while Stefano chuckled with amusement. Sami lambasted him for forcing Nicole to return to Salem. Although he could hardly get a word in, Stefano calmly asserted that Nicole deserved to be punished for what she'd done to Elvis and all of the DiMeras-and to Samantha. Ignoring him, Sami defiantly informed Stefano that she had given Nicole the money to escape after E.J. had kicked Nicole and Sydney out. She continued to rant about how nothing mattered to the DiMeras except bloodlines, while Stefano waited for the storm to blow over.

Finally, Stefano stated, "Sydney is more a part of my family than you realize." Sami retorted that E.J. didn't see it that way, because he was apparently taking the side of an irresponsible teenager instead of fighting for Sydney. She concluded, "And no matter what, a child deserves to be with its mother. Stefano needled Sami about her tirade, but wholeheartedly agreed: "Sydney should be with her mother-her real mother."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bo chastised Carly for being downstairs in his house where someone could see her. She felt uncomfortable staying there, because her presence seemed to be causing tension between him and Hope, so she asked to go back to her boat. However, Bo insisted that she stay at his place, where she would be safe. Carly agreed to stay with him, but she still wanted to go back to the boat to take care of something.

Bo asked what she had to do on the boat, and Carly said she needed to check on her friends. He offered to drive her there, but she wanted to walk. He pointed out that she would be recognized even in her disguise. He ordered her to go upstairs while he fixed some coffee for her. She pretended to head upstairs but sneaked out the door instead. Bo realized that she had left, so he grabbed his gun and ran after her.

On the boat, Rafe had a dream that Sami was there, but he quickly realized it was a dream. When he woke up, Omar told Rafe that he was on a boat in Salem.

Sami asked Stefano why he was trying to keep Sydney from her mother if he really believed that a child should be with the child's mother. Stefano said that he had been trying to explain ever since Sami walked in his hospital room, but Sami wouldn't shut up. He agreed that Sydney should be with her mother -- her real mother.

Stefano received a phone call, which interrupted his conversation with Sami. After he hung up, he tried to explain, but she told him she didn't want to hear it. She assumed that since E.J. kicked Sydney out, Sydney didn't mean anything to Stefano. Stefano said Sami was wrong, because he was Sydney's grandfather.

Sami thought all he cared about was punishing Nicole for lying to E.J. She continued to argue with Stefano, insisting that Nicole was Sydney's real mother. Stefano tried to correct her, but Sami kept cutting him off. Stefano told Sami that Nicole was irrelevant, but Sami defended Nicole.

E.J. told Lexie that Stefano had called him down to the hospital to talk to him. Lexie said it would have to wait, because she wanted their father to sleep.

Stefano told Sami that he was trying to make sure that Sydney's father raised the baby. Sami assumed that he was referring to Chad and said that Stefano didn't have a problem "ripping a child from its mother." Stefano pointed out that Sami kept E.J. from his daughter. Sami said she did it to protect Grace from being raised in a house with a criminal.

Stefano warned Sami to watch what she said or she would regret it, but Sami said she wasn't afraid of him. Stefano said that while Sami had her mother's spunk, she lacked her class. Sami reminded him that her mother had rejected him, so he retaliated by taking Marlena away from her family and ruining Sami's life. Stefano told Sami not to blame him for her failings and challenged her to own up to her own "stupid actions."

Sami said she took responsibility for her actions, but she pointed out that it all started with Stefano. Sami said she couldn't imagine what would happen to Johnny just because he knew Stefano. Stefano said that he was teaching Johnny what it meant to be a true DiMera -- an honor that Sami didn't appreciate. Sami didn't appreciate it because she didn't consider it an honor. She said she was glad that Grace never had to be a part of that curse, and she said it might be better that Sydney didn't have to be in the DiMera household anymore.

Sami said she knew what he did to his other children, and she wasn't surprised that half of them ended up dead. He was enraged by what Sami said. E.J. walked in and demanded to know what was going on. Sami said she was trying to set Stefano straight. E.J. ordered her to leave, and she started to, but Stefano stopped her because there was something that she needed to know.

"The hand that rocks the cradle may rule the world," Stefano said, "but what cradle do you rock?" Sami asked what he meant. He said she didn't even know who fathered most of her children and she hid the truth once she found out. He accused her of denying her children the love of their true fathers and putting herself first. He said it was only right that Sami would go home to an empty crib, because that was what she deserved.

E.J. held Sami back, because she was about to attack Stefano. Lexie burst into the room to find out what all the screaming was about. Sami stormed out, and Lexie told E.J. to try to keep Stefano calm. E.J. wondered why Stefano let Sami get to him. Stefano said that Sami meant nothing to him and E.J., but E.J. said that wasn't exactly true. He urged Stefano to show some restraint.

Stefano glared at E.J., and E.J. wondered why. Stefano said that he had almost made a "hideous, costly mistake." E.J. wondered what his father meant. E.J. got him some water, and Stefano changed his mind, deciding to take a nap instead. E.J. left the room, and vented his frustration to Lexie that Stefano called him to the hospital to tell him something, but then wanted to take a nap instead.

Chad served Nicole with a court order to have Sydney's DNA tested. He said there was no point for Nicole to fight him, and Nicole agreed. He was surprised that Nicole wasn't trying to scheme anymore, and Nicole said she was done fighting. Chad thought that Nicole had finally accepted him as Sydney's father. Chad introduced herself to Sydney as her father, but she started to cry.

Nicole comforted Sydney, and Chad apologized for making her cry. Nicole explained that Chad was still a stranger to Sydney. Chad said that wasn't his fault. Nicole handed Sydney to Chad to give him a taste of his future. Sydney wouldn't stop crying, so Chad handed her back to Nicole. Nicole comforted Sydney again and told him to get used to Sydney crying. She said if he took Sydney away from Nicole, Sydney would cry so loud that he wouldn't be able to hear himself think.

Nicole said that Chad wouldn't have time for a social life or sleep, because Sydney would always need him. Chad said that he knew that. Nicole told him that he would be in charge of someone who depended on him for her survival. Nicole asked if he was ready to be a full-time father.

At Maggie's house, Philip tried to convince Melanie that they were perfect for each other, but Melanie slapped him and told him never to say that again. Philip admitted to being a fool. Melanie agreed that he was a fool, and she predicted that he wouldn't have said that if Stephanie hadn't dumped him. He agreed, but he thought that things were probably meant to be the way they were so that he and Melanie could be together. Melanie picked up a muffin and threw it at him.

Melanie said that she was always there for him when he needed her, but when she needed him, he wasn't there. She threw another muffin and said it wasn't fair that he started "sniffing around" her once she met an "amazing guy" who respected and liked her. She threw another muffin. He understood how she felt, but he said if she would stop throwing muffins at him, he could tell her that he had real feelings for her. Melanie told him to stop telling her that he had feelings for her and to leave her alone.

Philip said that Melanie showed him that he had hit a nerve or she wouldn't be so upset. She accused him of messing with her head. He said that she understood and appreciated him for who he was and didn't want him to change, and he felt the same way. Philip said they had chemistry, and challenged her to admit that she felt it, too.

Melanie said that she was flattered at first to have two men fighting over her, but then she realized it "sucked," because whenever she was given a choice, she always made the wrong one. She gave an analogy about choosing the sexy heel over the comfortable sneaker and how her feet would hurt by the end of the day and she'd realize that she made the wrong choice. Philip kissed her neck, but she stopped him and ordered him to go.

At the hospital, Stephanie praised Nathan for his performance at the kids' Halloween party, and she offered him a cupcake as a peace offering, but he said he couldn't accept it. She explained that she didn't mean to tell Maxine that he and Melanie were dating -- it had just slipped out. He said he wasn't upset with her and couldn't accept her peace offering, because he knew that she wasn't trying to cause problems.

Stephanie said she had "serious doubts" about Nathan and Melanie making it as a couple, and not only did she think it, she wished it. Stephanie admitted that she was jealous of Melanie. She found it ironic that months before, Melanie was envious of Stephanie because Stephanie had Philip, and then the tables were turned, and Melanie had both Philip and Nathan chasing after her.

Nathan thought that Stephanie wanted Philip back, but she insisted that she didn't, because it would never work. She asked him not to say anything to Melanie about what she'd said, because she didn't want to jeopardize her friendship with Melanie.

Melanie went to the hospital to see Nathan, but his shift wasn't over yet. She was frustrated that she didn't see him as much since he'd moved out. She wanted to show him how she felt. He asked how she felt, but a doctor walked by, so she covered by saying she felt "slightly feverish." Nathan offered to get Lexie, but she said that she needed a handsome, young male doctor with "strong hands." While Nathan appreciated Melanie's friskiness, he was slightly suspicious. Melanie took Nathan into the break room and kissed him and then suggested they go back to his apartment to celebrate.

Carly went back to the boat to check on Rafe, but when she walked into the room, she noticed he was gone. Bo sneaked up behind her and startled her. He demanded to know what she was doing. Carly explained that she returned to the boat to check on someone they had fished out of the water and she was nursing back to health because she couldn't take him to a hospital if he had enemies.

Bo said he would have looked to see if the man had enemies if Carly had told him about her patient. Bo asked where the man was, but Carly didn't know. Carly introduced Omar to Bo. Bo planned to check with the police station to see if there were any reports about a missing man fitting the description of the man that Carly had saved.

Nicole and Chad continued to argue about what it took to be a parent. Meanwhile, Rafe watched from behind the bushes. Chad said he understood that it wouldn't be easy, but Sydney would adjust and would soon forget about Nicole. Nicole said that Chad was stupid and didn't know anything about babies. Nicole said that Sydney would never forget about her. Chad ordered Nicole to calm down and give him his child, but she refused, saying Sydney was not his baby. Chad said the DNA would prove her wrong. Nicole said that until that happened, Sydney was hers.

Rafe passed out in the bushes and dreamt that he made it to Sami's place and knocked on the door. When Sami opened the door, she saw Rafe and hugged him. Rafe started to tell her that Sydney was Sami's child. Rafe woke up and walked off. He showed up outside someone's door and knocked on it.

When Sami returned to her place, she saw the picture of Grace and broke down into tears. E.J. showed up and told her not to see Stefano again. There was a knock at the door, so Sami went to get it.

Stefano called Nicole to the hospital, saying he wanted to see Sydney. Nicole showed up but left Sydney at the hospital's day care. Nicole wondered if Stefano had told Sami and E.J. the truth, but Stefano said that things didn't go as planned. Nicole assumed that E.J. had turned on Stefano. He ordered Nicole to shut up, remarking how alike she and Sami were. Stefano said he had changed his mind and decided that Sydney's parentage should stay a secret forever.

Stefano said that his run-in with Sami reminded him that Nicole was "the lesser of two evils." He said if he told E.J. the truth, E.J. would blab to Sami, and Sami would suck E.J. back in. Stefano said that Nicole should keep Sydney and stay married to E.J. She wondered how Stefano would make that happen, since Chad had ordered a DNA test. Stefano assured her that when he wanted something, he got it, and he urged her to trust him to take care of everything.

Stephanie ran into Philip at the Java Café. He had assumed that Melanie and Nathan had broken up because Stephanie said that Nathan moved out of Maggie's house. Stephanie said that Melanie and Nathan were in a committed relationship. Philip felt like Melanie and Nathan's relationship would be short-lived.

Stephanie warned Philip to leave Melanie and Nathan alone. Philip said he noticed how much Stephanie liked Nathan. She said that she was friends with Melanie and Nathan and didn't want to see them get hurt. She ordered Philip to back off.

Carly felt like she was a burden to Bo, because he had spent so much time protecting her. She apologized for sneaking out, but said she was worried about her patient. He said that her patient might turn on her, but she had a feeling that her patient was a good guy. Carly broke down into tears once she thought about how much she had loved Lawrence and yet had ended up killing him, anyway.

Friday, October 30, 2009

A servant carried the urn containing Lawrence's ashes to Lawrence's aunt, Vivian Alamain, while sitar music played and candles and incense burned. Vivian placed the elaborately embellished urn on a carved wooden cabinet where still more candles burned, and removed a stack of photographs from an ornately painted box. She flipped through photos of Lawrence and his wife, Carly, then carefully tore Carly out of one of them and ripped her image to shreds.

Vivian meticulously cut Carly out of another picture with scissors. She then rang a bell with the head of a horned animal for a handle to summon her servant, and showed the picture of Carly to him. "This woman, Carly Manning Alamain-I want you to find her," Vivian instructed. "And then I'll deal with her personally."

Back in Salem, Bo tried to console Carly, who was sobbing despondently over having killed her husband. Bo reminded her that she had only done so in self-defense. Carly was certain that it didn't matter, since Lawrence was a powerful man, and she would have to pay for what she'd done. After Bo fielded a work call, Carly marveled at her ex's status as police commissioner. Bo pointed out that it also made him better able to protect her, assuring her that he understood why she'd had to do what she'd done.

Carly was sincerely appreciative, but still worried that Lawrence's men would find her. "I took a life. They're going to want mine in return." Bo reiterated his pledge to protect Carly and help her through her ordeal. Carly declared that she never could have killed Lawrence if it had only been to escape his cruelty, and Bo concurred, noting that Lawrence had planned to kill. Carly blamed herself for not leaving Lawrence, since their marriage had really ended years before. Taking her hand, Bo reassured her that she was not alone-and he wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

At the Java Café, Brady left a message for Arianna to call him back, because he missed her and wanted to talk to her.

A weak and ailing Rafe pounded on Arianna's door until she finally answered. Alarmed at his condition, she helped him to the bed, and announced that she was going to call 9-1-1. Rafe refused, insisting feebly, "Everything depends on keeping a secret." Arianna asked her brother what had happened to him.

With great difficulty, Rafe slowly explained how Meredith had hit him over the head and imprisoned him in her basement, and then she-or someone-had dumped him in the river, and he had no idea how he'd survived. He also suspected that Stefano was involved, which was why Arianna couldn't call the police, or even Sami.

Arianna returned with her first-aid kit a little later and found Rafe passed out, and let him sleep for a while. When he awakened, he told Arianna that a woman on a boat had saved his life, but he didn't know who she was. He told Arianna that he'd felt better that morning, so he'd gone up on deck and saw that they were docked in Salem. No one else had seemed to be on board, and he was worried that the crew might have contacted the police, so he'd gotten off the boat.

Arianna repeated her insistence that he call the police, or at least tell Sami that he was all right. Rafe replied firmly but weakly, "Sami and Sydney are the reasons that no one can know." When Arianna took a cup of soup to Rafe, he noticed that her phone was blinking. He instructed her to see who was calling, to make sure no one had followed him from the docks. Arianna checked her phone and saw that Brady had called. Rafe seemed surprised that Brady and Arianna were back together. She told him that they were keeping things quiet, and that Brady really cared about her.

Arianna then changed the subject, asking what was so important that it had to be kept a secret. Between spoonfuls of soup, Rafe explained, "It has to do with Nicole, and the truth about her baby." Arianna informed him that everyone already knew the truth about Sydney: Nicole had bought her baby from a girl named Mia McCormick, and E.J. had thrown Nicole and Sydney out of the house. Rafe's smiling reaction surprised Arianna. "What is it?" she asked. "What's going on?"

As Chad and Tad walked through the park on the pier, Tad expressed his disbelief that Mia had actually dropped out of school to have Chad's baby, instead of going to rehab as she'd claimed. Will walked by just then, so Tad stopped him to ask if what Chad said was true. A reluctant Will confirmed it. Chad boasted that he'd scheduled a paternity test the next day, and then he would keep his kid far away from liars.

After Tad left, Will confronted Chad, who appeared to be sending a text message. Chad retorted disdainfully that Will and Mia had lied to everyone in order to keep Chad from his kid. Will asserted that Chad didn't deserve to have a child, and that Mia was much better off without Chad in her life. "So go ahead-text the whole school," Will said with a shrug. "Show 'em what a sleazebag really is. At least I'll always have Mia."

In Stefano's hospital room, Nicole was worried that when the DNA test revealed that Chad was not Sydney's father-and thus Mia was not the mother-all of Stefano's plans would be ruined. Stefano vowed to take care of everything, because he did not want Samantha to get her "dirty claws" into Elvis more than she already had. He asserted that Mia was the key to making sure everything went their way.

At the townhouse, E.J. and Sami were arguing when a knock on the door interrupted them. When Sami opened the door, Mia wordlessly put her arms around Sami and wept. Once Sami had managed to comfort Mia somewhat, Mia asked E.J. if he had reconsidered helping her fight to keep Sydney with Nicole. E.J. replied firmly that he had already given her his decision. Ignoring Mia's pleas, E.J. then left.

Mia tearfully implored Sami to help prevent Chad from taking Sydney. Urging Mia to try to calm down, Sami gently reminded her that Chad was legally Sydney's father, and therefore had rights. As soon as Sami had gone to retrieve a phone number from the bedroom, Nicole called to ask Mia to head to the hospital, explaining, "I know how to make everything right."

E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion and tried not to think about Sydney. He summoned Troy, the drug dealer, to the mansion. Troy arrived, and remarked that he was happy that the organization he'd been working for had sold out to E.J. Troy settled into a chair, making note of the posh surroundings, until an icy stare from E.J. got him to his feet again. E.J. explained that he'd called the meeting so they could get to know each other, but afterward, Troy was to "forget" they'd ever met.

"Secondly, you work for me. You work only for me," E.J. continued. "You don't work for anybody else, and that includes my father." Troy understood and agreed. At E.J.'s request, Troy then produced a list of all the dealers to whom he supplied. E.J. perused the list, and was startled to see Arianna Hernandez's name on it. Troy assured E.J. that Arianna was the best. After Troy had left, E.J. pondered the possibilities of having the sister of a former FBI agent as the DiMeras' top drug dealer.

Sami went to the Java Café, looking for Mia, and joined Brady at a table. Although she tempered it with an apology, Sami expressed her disappointment in her stepbrother. "You were helping Nicole all along, and then all of a sudden, when she needs you most, you let her down?" Brady asserted that Nicole had only wanted his money, and what she'd been planning was essentially a kidnapping. He had been more than willing to help her, but he couldn't help her become a fugitive for the rest of her life.

Brady was dismayed to learn that Sami had given Nicole money, but relieved that Nicole hadn't left the country, because then maybe Nicole would accept that she couldn't keep Sydney. Sami agreed, though she knew that it would break Nicole's heart. Brady remarked, "It is really weird to see you so supportive of Nicole throughout this whole thing." Sami chuckled wryly, but pointed out that Nicole had done the same for her, helping Sami see Johnny when E.J. tried to take him away, listening to Sami vent. Sami didn't know why, but didn't think it mattered. "She's my friend, and I think she always will be," she stated with an amazed smile.

Brady then informed Sami that his people had not been able to locate Rafe. Sami was disappointed-but mostly for Arianna's sake, since Rafe had obviously given up on his and Sami's relationship. "I just want him to be happy," she added. "Well, maybe Rafe hasn't given up," Brady suggested hopefully. "Maybe he's on his way back here right now."

When Mia arrived at the hospital, Nicole introduced her to Stefano. Stefano was charming and kind, gently assuring Mia that he wasn't angry with her for her part in Nicole's deception, because he had grown to love Sydney so much. Stefano declared that Chad must never get Sydney, but it meant that Mia would have to lie-to everyone. He explained for a puzzled Mia that he could ensure that blood tests produced the results he wanted.

Nicole clarified that Stefano could "prove" that Chad was not Sydney's father-but that meant that Mia had to say that she'd had multiple partners, and didn't know who Sydney's father really was. Horrified, Mia flatly refused. Stefano gently tried to reason with her, and Nicole implored the girl to think about Sydney. "Her entire life is in your hands," Nicole maintained. "And if you abandon her now, you will ruin that life. Is that what you want?"

A while later, an unenthusiastic Mia took a deep breath, and dialed Chad. He didn't think they had anything left to discuss, but Mia insisted, "I have to tell you something that changes everything." He agreed to meet her on the pier. When Mia hung up, Stefano and Nicole assured her that she'd made the right decision. Mia snapped that she already regretted it, but she had to do what was best for her baby. A grateful Nicole thanked Mia earnestly, her voice breaking with emotion, as she wrapped her arms around the unhappy teen.

Mia found Chad in the park and asked him to cancel the paternity test. Chad refused, but wanted to know why. Mia replied, "I don't think you're the father." A dubious Chad demanded to know why Mia was lying. Mia spun a convincing story about how upset she'd been after Chad had left for boarding school and never contacted her again. To take Mia's mind off of things, her cousin had taken her to Chicago for several weeks, and they had gone to lots of parties-where there had been lots of new guys.

"I liked being anonymous," Mia continued. "Guys would hit on me, and I'd be like, 'Hey, why not?'" She thought that was when she'd gotten pregnant, because Sydney had been born a month too late for it to have been Chad. "This is total crap!" Chad argued. Mia claimed that the test would show that he wasn't the father, but he insisted that he was still going through with it. Chad angrily demanded, "Why didn't you tell me this before?" Mia cried, "Because I didn't want you to tell Will I was, like, some total slut!" Will arrived just then. "Well, I don't have to tell him," Chad stated. "You can tell him yourself." Mia looked at Will helplessly.

Nicole paced in Stefano's room, fretting about Mia having to tell Chad that she'd been promiscuous. Stefano maintained that lying came as instinctively to Mia as it did to him and to Nicole. Nicole was still not convinced. "Is this really going to work out? Am I really going to be able to keep Sydney?" she worried. "But of course, there's E.J." Stefano assured her that it would work, adding, "I am going to tell you how to get Elvis back in your bed."

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