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Monday, August 2, 2010

At the pier, E.J. proposed to Sami with tears in his eyes. She reminded him that they had agreed to wait, but he said that when she agreed to live in the DiMera mansion with him and the children, he realized that something had changed between them. He professed his love for her, but she reluctantly turned him down. Sami cried and apologized for any awkwardness, but E.J. apologized for misjudging the situation.

Sami credited E.J. with helping her get through the previous few months, and she felt his proposal was the "most romantic thing ever." Sami cared about E.J., but she didn't want to marry him, because she still had feelings for Rafe. Sami apologized again and ran off. At the DiMera mansion, E.J. asked if Sami wanted to throw away her chance at happiness with him for what she had with a man who didn't give her the time of day.

Sami said she knew what would happen to everyone involved, and she refused to marry E.J. while still having feelings for someone else. She felt like it would be leading him on. E.J. didn't think that it was leading him on, because for once they were actually being honest with one another. He said he knew that Rafe was in Sami's head, but he didn't accept that it would always be that way. Sami said she was in love with Rafe. E.J. knew that, but he knew that Sami loved him, because he saw it in her eyes. Sami admitted to having "confused" feelings, and she wondered why E.J. wanted to be with someone like her.

E.J. said that he wouldn't normally want to be with someone like the old Samantha, who would "dig her claws into somebody and not stop whether he liked it or not." That old Samantha was gone, he said. E.J. could tell that they had both grown up and changed, and he wouldn't have fallen in love with her again if not for that. "What about all the horrible things that I have done to you?" Sami asked. He admitted to doing horrible things himself.

E.J. felt that they could wipe the slate clean and start anew. He begged her to give him a chance. Sami insisted that she couldn't say "I do" unless she was 100 percent sure that that was what she wanted, and she wasn't certain. E.J. said that Rafe was an idiot, and Sami agreed.

E.J. explained to Johnny that they were going to be together as a family even though E.J. and Sami weren't married. E.J. told Sami to hold onto the ring, but she was resistant. He hoped that she would look at it and think of him. Sami was impressed with the ring and was surprised to hear that he got it from London. He explained that it wasn't just an impulse.

E.J. felt great to finally tell her that he loved her. He put the ring in her hand and told her that he knew it would take a long time to get Rafe out of her system, but he was willing to wait, because she was the love of his life. E.J. promised to be the best husband and most wonderful father if she would marry him. Sami was speechless. Johnny walked in the living room and asked why Sami was crying. Sami said she wasn't crying because she was sad -- she was crying because E.J. said nice things about Sami, which made her happy. Johnny asked if that meant Sami was getting married.

Sami asked E.J. if he and Johnny talked about E.J. proposing, and E.J. admitted it. He explained to Johnny that Sami didn't want to get married right away, and while it would be wonderful if they were to get married, they would still be there for the kids without it.

Rafe paid Fay a visit to question her about Nicole, but Fay had to finish her shift and agreed to talk to him afterwards. She retrieved her purse from her locker, leaving Rafe alone in the break room. Rafe figured out the combination to the lock and opened Fay's locker. He found an envelope that Nicole had mailed to Fay, but it was empty.

Fay returned to the break room. She asked if the trouble that Rafe spoke about had something to do with Sydney. Rafe said it had nothing to do with Sydney -- it was about E.J. Rafe asked if Fay had been in contact with Nicole. Rafe convinced Fay that if she didn't spill the beans, a lot of people could get hurt, and that wouldn't be good for Nicole. Fay agreed to help Rafe.

Fay admitted to Rafe that Nicole had entrusted her with a secret. Nicole had sent an envelope to Fay and ordered her to guard its contents with her life. Rafe asked if Fay knew what was inside the envelope.

Nicole gave instructions to a hit man to detain Dr. Baker -- and not let him make any phone calls - but not to kill him until he heard from Nicole. After the henchman left, there was a knock at the door, and Nicole answered it, annoyed. It was Brady. She covered by saying she thought it was a messenger from the news station. She asked why he was at her apartment, and he said that she "brought" him there. Then he kissed her.

Nicole stopped Brady. She felt like his romantic interest in her was sudden, but he said it wasn't sudden for him, because he had been thinking and remembering a lot about their past together. He wanted to explore a relationship with Nicole. She asked if he and Arianna were really over. He told her that she was "the one" and always had been.

Brady apologized for "coming on a little strong," but she said that wasn't it. She was just in disbelief that he wanted to be with her. Brady was there -- not because she did something to mess up her life. He was there because he loved her, Brady said. Nicole grabbed him and they kissed passionately, and they made love. Nicole told Brady that things would be different for them. Brady said he'd tried to fight his feelings for her, but he'd lost.

Bo asked Ciara whose wallets she'd found under Hope's bed, and Ciara said that they belonged to Roman, Justin, and Abe. She wondered why Hope had the wallets, and Bo said he didn't know yet. Bo left Ciara with Detective McCarthy. Justin called Bo to say they needed to talk about Hope.

Justin met with Bo at the Brady Pub, and Justin explained that Hope was like two different people and that Adrienne noticed it first.

Hope was determined to finish what she started and kill Bo. She found a letter opener in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. She started to pick it up, but Vivian interrupted. Vivian thought that Hope was still mad at her, but Hope said she wasn't upset with Vivian - she had just wanted to talk to Carly alone. Hope claimed that she and Vivian were on good terms, and even though Carly tried to poison Hope's mind against Vivian, Hope made her own decisions.

Vivian told Hope that Carly had stabbed Lawrence in cold blood. Hope told Vivian to slow down, because Hope knew what to do. Hope assured Vivian that Bo had nothing to fear from Carly. Vivian felt satisfied that Hope didn't feel sorry for Carly. Hope said that Carly seemed to have good reason to kill Lawrence and that Carly had shared the details of his murder. Hope advised Vivian not to end up like Hope and to keep an eye on Victor.

Vivian took Hope's words to heart, and paid Maggie a visit. Vivian feigned concern for Maggie and said that Mickey had died less than a year before, and yet Maggie was making a pass at Vivian's husband. Maggie said she wasn't throwing herself at Victor. Vivian asked why Victor was always at Maggie's house. "I don't know. Ask him," Maggie said, adding that she'd made it clear to Victor that she was only interested in friendship.

Vivian wanted to know why Maggie and Victor were always "laughing and scratching together." Maggie said that was what friends did, and Vivian wouldn't know because Vivian didn't have any friends. She said that if Vivian wasn't getting what she wanted from Victor -- that was Vivian's problem. Maggie ordered Vivian to leave, but Vivian refused to at first. Maggie got angry and defended her friendship with Victor. Vivian warned Maggie to stay away from her husband. Maggie told Vivian to "bite" her and slammed the door in Vivian's face as she left. "Poor choice of words. My bite is worse than my bark," Vivian said to herself.

At Bo's house, Hope called Bo and asked him to meet her at the house to discuss Ciara. After they hung up, Hope pulled a knife out of her purse. She called Dr. Baker to say goodbye and wanted to thank him for his loyalty. Dr. Baker asked her to join him for a drink before she left, but she said she had no time, and she hung up. Hope hid the knife in the cushion of the couch just before Bo walked in the door.

Bo expressed his concern for Hope and said that things couldn't stay the way they were. Hope agreed and blamed Bo for causing all of it. Bo told Hope that he didn't want to get into a fight with Hope, but she didn't say she wanted to fight either. "You said I'm responsible for everything that's wrong in your life," he said. "Beauregard, you're hearing things that simply aren't there," Hope said.

Hope admitted that she made up the story about Ciara making up things, because she wanted to lure Bo back to the house. She said that it was the perfect place to "put a period at the end of the sentence. It's time for the two of us to say goodbye." Bo asked what kind of goodbye it was, and Hope said that he had already moved on with Carly and moved Carly into Bo and Hope's bed and into Hope's home. Bo was scared of what Hope would do. He didn't want her to hurt herself, but she said she wouldn't do anything to hurt herself. "It's you," Hope said. "On behalf of women everywhere, goodbye Bo Brady," Hope said, as she pulled the knife from the cushions of the couch and tried to attack Bo with it.

Dr. Baker met him with Charlie, who gave Dr. Baker the money he'd won betting on horses. Charlie asked if Dr. Baker would play poker again, but Dr. Baker had plans to skip town. The henchman that Nicole had hired waited for Dr. Baker at his place, wondering why Dr. Baker was late for their appointment. Dr. Baker wrote a note to Hope to tell her that he was leaving, also, and that he would always love her.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Standing alone on the pier, Dick Baker stared at his winnings from the horse race and then said goodbye to Salem and Hope. As Dick turned to leave, he walked into a police officer. Dick greeted the officer warmly, but the officer arrested him.

After making love in her motel room with Brady, Nicole told him that it was the happiest day of her life. "Starting today I'm going to make sure that every day is the best day of your life," Brady said as he kissed Nicole's forehead. When Nicole glanced at the clock, Brady asked her why she was distracted. Nicole sheepishly admitted that she was supposed to be on the evening news, but when Brady began to nuzzle her neck, she agreed to stay in bed with him instead.

After making love again, Nicole made sandwiches while Brady got dressed. As Brady buckled his belt, he noticed Nicole's sonogram picture among some papers on the desk. When Nicole returned with the food, she spotted the picture. "Is that what I think it is?" Nicole asked. Brady responded that he'd found the photo on the desk and was not snooping. Shaking her head, Nicole explained that she'd found the photo when she was unpacking, and then she thanked Brady for helping her through her miscarriage.

As Brady comforted Nicole, her cell phone rang. Wiping away tears, Nicole answered the phone to find Dick on the other end of the line, asking for help. Dick explained that he had been arrested for illegal gambling. After hanging up the phone, Nicole informed Brady that she needed to go in to work. Brady offered to drive Nicole, but she asked him to wait for her in the motel room instead.

Nicole rushed down to the police station with her press credentials so that she could talk to Dick. When Dick quietly urged Nicole to get him out of jail before they could run his fingerprints, Nicole declined the invitation. Nicole explained that she had warned Dick to "stay put," and that he had ignored her advice and gotten himself in trouble. "You are a liability I can't afford anymore," Nicole finished. Dick threatened to tell the cops everything if Nicole walked out on him. "I have a plan," Nicole whispered.

Nicole called Brady to tell him that she was not going to be able to return to the motel room for a while. With a grin, Brady promised that he would not leave but that he would stick around and clean up the room. "Just so you know, I've never been so happy," Nicole said. After hanging up the phone, Nicole swore, "And this time, I'm gonna stay that way, so help me God." Nicole made arrangements to get Dick out of jail, and she advised him that the person helping Dick out would provide him with money so he could leave town in the morning. With a twinkle in his eye, Dick promised that after he got out jail, he would no longer bother Nicole.

While Brady was cleaning up the motel room, the phone rang and he answered it. When the caller noted that he was calling from a bank overseas for Nicole, Brady assumed there was a problem and offered to cover the overdraft for Nicole. The caller noted that there was an "unusual transaction" on her account. Once Brady was off the phone, he started to grab a pile of papers and came across a receipt for a wire transfer to Nicole of five million dollars. "Nicole, what the hell have you done now?" Brady whispered worriedly.

At Fay's restaurant, Rafe continued to question her about Nicole. Though Fay started to tell Rafe a secret that Nicole had entrusted to her, she reconsidered. "Is it really all that bad?" Rafe asked. "Actually, it's worse," Fay answered. Fay responded that she would not hurt her daughter. "I'm not after Nicole," Rafe said firmly. With a wry smile on her face, Fay said, "You're just saying that to make me talk." Rafe swore that he was telling the truth, and noted that he was on Nicole's side because they had the same enemy. "If you want to protect Nicole, just tell me what she's got on [the DiMeras]," Rafe urged.

With a sigh, Fay explained that Nicole had paid her mother back all the money she borrowed to go to Santo Domingo plus interest. Fay noted that the money was included in a package that Nicole had asked her to hide. Citing past behavior, Fay explained that she believed the package was evidence Nicole was using to blackmail someone. Noting that there was a letter in the package, Fay said that the letter informed her "no one could see what she was sending me or she'd be in big trouble." Rafe encouraged Fay to show him the package, but she declined.

Fay dug a brown bag out of the recycling bag and handed it to Rafe. Rafe opened the bag to find burned pieces of paper and a CD that was snapped in half. "I told you I didn't want anything to do with what Nikki's up to, and if someone came looking for me, I wanted to be able to say that I didn't have what they were after. I mean it. I'm sorry," Fay said helplessly. Grasping at straws, Rafe asked Fay if she was sure she had not read the letter before burning it. As Fay shook her head, Rafe gathered the contents of the bag and stated that he would get the materials to the lab and see if they could piece the evidence together.

Chloe was talking on the phone with Philip about the paternity test when she arrived home to Daniel's apartment. Noting that she had not taken the test yet, Chloe told Philip she would call him when she learned the test results. As Chloe hung up the phone, Melanie entered the living room from the bedroom, which surprised Chloe. "Melanie! What the hell are you doing here?" Chloe said. Melanie apologized for scaring Chloe, and explained that Daniel had given her a key. Smiling nervously, Chloe said that she'd overreacted and blamed her hormones.

After saying she envied Chloe, Melanie explained that hearing about Chloe's pregnancy made her realize that she wanted to have Philip's baby. Melanie confided that she wanted to have a girl, but Philip wanted to wait to have children. Melanie explained that Philip wanted her to finish school and them to live together for a while before starting a family. Melanie offered to help Chloe with the baby, and joked that it would help her prepare to become a mother later.

At the hospital, Carly swabbed the inside of Daniel's cheek for a DNA sample. "Tell me again why a surgeon is so interested in a gene mapping study," Daniel said. Carly joked that gene mapping was "all the rage." Carly added that the information would be helpful to supplement Melanie's health records, since it could indicate a predisposition to illnesses. Daniel noted that Carly seemed nervous. Carly explained that she would not rest until Bo's attacker was caught. When Daniel asked how Bo was doing, Carly said that Bo had recovered quickly, but he could not remember who attacked him. When Carly started to leave, Daniel stopped Carly and thanked her for helping him repair his relationship with Chloe. "I could have blown my second chance at being a father," Daniel said with a nervous grin.

At Bo's house, he nervously told Hope that she was scaring him. "I'm not going to do anything to myself," Hope purred. "It's you. On behalf of women everywhere," Hope said before grabbing a kitchen knife and thrusting it at Bo. "Say goodbye!" Hope cried out. Bo reached out and grabbed Hope's wrist, preventing her from stabbing him. "What are you doing?" Bo cried out in confusion before pushing Hope away. Still furious, Hope regained her balance and attempted to attack Bo again. "What the hell are you doing?" Bo reiterated as he struggled with Hope for the knife. "Trying to kill you," Hope responded through gritted teeth.

When Bo asked Hope why she wanted to kill him, she reminded him of all the women from his past. "You turned your back on me," Hope cried out as she slashed the back of Bo's hand. "So help me you won't ruin our daughter's life like you did mine," Hope said gruffly. Hope explained that unlike when she drugged him, she was going to "rip your heart out. Just like you did mine." With his jaw hanging open, Bo shook his head and asked, "That was you?" Confounded by Hope's admission that she had drugged him and attempted to set him on fire, Bo asked Hope why she wanted to hurt him.

Hope explained that she was protecting herself and Ciara by keeping Bo from killing them "a little bit at a time." Shaking his head, Bo noted that he wanted Ciara and Hope to live with him in their house but that Hope had moved out on her own. Hope responded that the move was her only option to help Ciara's health, and that when she wanted to talk to Bo about moving home, he had told her it was not a good time because Carly was staying with him. "You left it to me to explain to her why daddy had moved another woman into our home," Hope cried out.

Hope swore to make Bo feel what she felt before killing him. Still confused, Bo noted that Hope's demeanor when she visited him in the hospital showed that she was genuinely worried about him. "You don't want me dead," Bo said. "She doesn't!" Hope screamed. "She couldn't face that loving you was killing her," Hope said. "So she doesn't know what you're doing?" Bo asked tentatively. "She'll find out soon enough. When she wakes up and she finds out that you're dead!" Hope said as she lunged for Bo just as he threw her purse in her face.

Bo restrained Hope in his arms and begged her to stop struggling because he did not want to hurt her. "Hurt me? You killed me. You killed me," Hope said breathlessly. Once Hope was restrained in handcuffs, Bo searched the contents of her purse and found a bottle of pills. Bo called Carly and asked her if the drug he was dosed with was called Onovac. Carly confirmed Bo's question and asked if she should go home to see him. Bo assured Carly that he was feeling fine and that he was struggling to remember the details of his attack.

"You're just lucky your system is not sensitive to the drug," Carly commented. Curious, Bo asked what could happen if he had been more sensitive to Onovac. Carly explained that she had done research on the drug and learned that it could cause sleepwalking, mostly in women. Bo assured Carly he was fine, then hung up the phone. Suspicious, Hope asked Bo why he did not tell Carly what had happened. Bo assured Hope that he would help her get better. "The pills didn't do this to me. You did," Hope said defiantly.

While Hope wondered aloud how long Bo intended to keep her handcuffed, he surreptitiously placed a camcorder on the desk and pointed it toward Hope. While Hope grumbled in the corner, Bo started the camera and began to question her. Bo asked Hope to tell him her side of the story. "I'm sure you're dying to tell me what happened and why you did it, so go ahead and tell me. We got all night," Bo said. With a deep sigh, Hope explained that the moment that she found Bo kissing Carly when he admitted to sleeping with her, that Hope knew their relationship was over. "That's when I started to fall apart. I couldn't function and I couldn't sleep, so I went to the doctor and asked him for some help," Hope said. Hope added that the doctor recommended she find a way to deal with her anger.

Bo asked if the muggings were Hope's way of blowing off steam. When Bo mentioned that Hope kept the wallets, she was surprised. Bo explained that Ciara had told him that the treasures were wallets from the muggings. "She's been a problem the whole time," Hope groused. "She's the problem? You're the one that went out mugging people," Bo pointed out. Defensive, Hope argued that she only attacked people that had done something she "hated."

When Bo inquired about the specific deeds that Hope wanted to punish, she explained that Brady remained loyal to Nicole the kidnapper and Abe was not doing anything to get rid of "the crooked D.A." Hope explained that the muggings released her anger and allowed her to sleep. "Then it stopped working. That's when I realized that the only man I wanted power over was you. And the only way to have peace was to see you dead," Hope explained without emotion.

Noting that Hope would not be able to kill him, Bo asked what her plan was. "I want you to kill me. I'm already dead. I'm not like you. I don't move on with no problem," Hope said calmly. "I've never loved another man but you. It's always been you. I couldn't watch you spend the rest of your life here our house," Hope explained. "I hate you!" Hope screamed. "I still love you," Bo countered softly. Surprised, Hope gasped and shrank away from Bo as she cried. "You're the love of my life but I'm not yours anymore," Hope whispered. Shaking his head, Bo apologized.

"I'm so tired. I'm so, so tired," Hope said as her head fell back against the chair. Once Bo determined that Hope was asleep, he turned off the camera, removed the handcuffs, and picked her up in his arms. Bo lay Hope onto the couch and covered her with a blanket. "My God. What have I done?" Bo whispered with concern as he stared at Hope's face.

At the hospital, Melanie dropped by to provide a DNA sample for Carly, when Daniel interrupted their conversation to thank Melanie for visiting Chloe earlier. After Daniel walked away, Melanie confided to Carly that she did not believe that Chloe liked her. When Carly asked why, Melanie explained that when she talked to Chloe about helping out with the baby, Chloe had given her a look that said "don't think you're a member of the family now." Carly assured Melanie that Chloe's look had nothing to do with Melanie. Melanie noted that she had once warned Chloe that she would make Chloe pay if she hurt Daniel; Melanie wondered aloud whether her threat would always be at the back of Chloe's mind.

Melanie met up with a first-year nursing student named Kathleen and talked to her about her experiences as a nursing student. When Melanie spotted Carly across the room at the nurse's station, she introduced Kathleen to Carly. "Dr. Manning is an amazing surgeon, and I'm not just saying that because she's my mom," Melanie said as Carly smiled widely. After chatting, Melanie moved along on her tour with Kathleen and saw Daniel. After Melanie introduced Kathleen to Daniel, Kathleen excused herself to get back to work.

When Daniel inquired about why Melanie was still at the hospital, Melanie explained that she was there to have her cheek swabbed and then a nurse asked her to take Kathleen on a tour. Laughing, Melanie noted that she'd volunteered to take Kathleen around because she enjoyed introducing people to her parents. "I like that you and Carly are getting along," Daniel said. "I finally realized that somebody can tell all those lies and still genuinely mean well. And then it hit me that if I could get past that, I would have a mom. And a family even," Melanie said. Proud, Daniel hugged Melanie.

Carly hurried over to Daniel's apartment in order to swab Chloe's cheek for the paternity test. When Carly asked Chloe how she was feeling, Chloe changed the subject and asked if Carly was doing okay since Bo had been attacked. Carly admitted she was scared, but noted that was not the only reason she was stressed. Carly explained that she had to swab Melanie and Daniel and that she found it unnerving to lie to them. Chloe apologized for putting Carly in an awkward position. "If they find out the secret I'm keeping for you, I'll lose them both," Carly fretted. Carly explained the plan for having the procedure done, and added, "Hopefully we'll be done and gone before anyone knows we're there."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Philip went to Nathan and Stephanie's to discuss some hospital business with Stephanie. When he learned that she wasn't home, Philip expressed his gratitude to Nathan for throwing his support behind Philip's proposal for new pediatric equipment. Nathan was just as grateful to Philip for helping to get outdated equipment replaced.

Philip invited Nathan out for coffee so they could discuss the proposal at greater length. As they were leaving, Philip sincerely stated that he was glad Nathan and Stephanie were doing so well, because she deserved to be happy, and Philip had begun to appreciate what a decent guy Nathan was.

Over breakfast at the Brady Pub, Stephanie confided to Adrienne that it had been a mistake to let Nathan move in with her. Stephanie explained that she'd found a picture of Melanie and Nathan in one of his boxes, and she believed he was holding on to it because he wished he was with Melanie instead of Stephanie. Adrienne advised Stephanie not to confront Nathan if she hadn't already, because it was normal to hang on to mementos of one's past, and it didn't mean that Nathan was still in love with Melanie.

As Stephanie was reluctantly agreeing, Nathan and Philip entered noisily. They immediately grew quiet when they saw Stephanie and Adrienne, and greeted the women politely. Suddenly Philip decided that he and Nathan should discuss their proposal over brunch at the Penthouse Grill, so the two of them said their goodbyes and left.

Stephanie noted that Philip had been behaving strangely for a while. Adrienne concurred that Philip had been nervous and edgy around her, ever since she'd seen him exiting Chloe and Daniel's apartment after Chloe's accident. Stephanie found it very odd that Philip had claimed he was there to pick up a watch for Chloe, and that it freaked him out that Adrienne had caught him. "I think Philip is hiding something," Stephanie concluded. "And whatever it is, it has to do with Chloe."

Dick called Nicole from the police station to ask if she'd gotten his bail money. She irritably replied that it had taken her all night, but she had, and someone would take it to him at the station. She was relieved that the police hadn't figured out who he was yet. "If anyone found out you're the late Dr. Richard Baker, we'd both be screwed," Nicole reminded him. She hung up after ordering him to go home and stay there until she contacted him. "And once you get there, Marco will make sure you stay out of commission until I figure out what to do with you," she muttered.

Roman greeted the officer on guard outside the conference room where Dick was being held. Roman vowed to find Bo's attempted murderer, while Dick listened in and tried to keep his back to the cops.

Later, Roman pulled a fax off of the machine, and regarded it thoughtfully. The officer asked what it was. "It's a composite sketch of the guy who purchased the items to torch my brother's house," Roman replied. "Something about him looks familiar." He quickly realized where he'd seen the man's face, and carried the fax into the conference room. "It is you," Roman said when he saw Dick.

After Roman began interrogating him, Dick swore that he hadn't tried to burn anyone's house down, and then refused to say anything more without a lawyer. Roman refused to let Dick post bail, and then demanded to know where he'd seen Dick before.

While Hope slept on the couch, Bo did some online research on her sleeping medication. He remembered her vehemence the night before when she had shouted, "I hate you!" at him. He gently stroked her hand and whispered an apology. When Hope awoke, she couldn't figure out why she was at Bo's instead of in her bed at the Kiriakis mansion. Bo asked what the last thing she remembered was, and she replied that she had gone to bed early the previous night.

Bo poured a cup of coffee for Hope, and asked what had happened before she went to bed. She told him about the argument she'd witnessed between Carly and Vivian about Lawrence's death, and how it had unsettled her. Hope admitted that she had taken a sleeping pill, because she'd been worried she might have trouble sleeping. She was surprised when Bo showed her the empty sleeping-pill bottle. Bo then informed Hope that they had identified the mugger, and asked her to watch something.

Hope watched in confusion as he played the video he had recorded the night before, when she had confessed to mugging men who had done things she hated. Covering her mouth with both hands, she began to sob. Bewildered, she argued with Bo that she would never hurt anyone like that, but then the horrifying realization sunk in that although she remembered none of it, she had to have committed the crimes.

Hope told Bo that she had never understood why she'd felt such a connection to the mugger, and she wondered about the DNA evidence they had found against Arianna. Bo guessed that Hope had planted it. Hope shook her head and tearfully admitted that she didn't remember any of it. Bo gently reminded her, "There's a lot of things lately that you don't remember." Hope knew he was right, but she couldn't understand why she would hurt so many people. Bo began to show her some more of the tape, but she asked him to start it from the beginning, because she wanted to know every detail of what she had said and done.

When it was over, Hope just sat there in numb disbelief. "Oh, my God," she exclaimed, beginning to sob again. "What have I done?" Bo tried to reassure her that the sleeping pills were to blame, but a horrified Hope cried that she was responsible for hurting her family and friends-and for accusing their poor, confused daughter of lying. "How can I ever face them again? God, I can't even face you!" she cried, burying her face in her hands.

Bo assured her that they would get through it, but Hope argued that there was no fixing what she had done. "We've got to put an end to it," she said quietly. She thanked Bo for being so patient and understanding, but added, "You know what needs to be done. You have to arrest me."

Bo was trying to talk her out of turning herself in when a phone call from Roman interrupted them. Roman asked Bo to get to the station as quickly as he could, because they had a suspect in custody in Bo's attempted murder, and Roman suspected the man of having committed another crime against their family. Bo replied that he and Hope would be at the station soon, and added that they had some information that Roman would be interested in, as well.

Although Bo tried to talk her out of it, Hope wanted to take the video camera with them, so they could show her confession to Roman. "I need to do this for my victims, for Arianna... but most of all, for you," she stated. She declared that she was ready to face her punishment. Before they could leave, Ciara ran in the front door. "Mommy!" the little girl exclaimed, rushing to give Hope a hug. "I'm so glad you're here. I missed you and Daddy so much!"

Carly called Chloe to remind her that they were meeting that morning at St. Mary's Hospital to do the paternity test on Chloe's unborn baby. Daniel emerged from the bedroom before Chloe could leave the apartment, and announced that his schedule had changed and he wanted the two of them to spend the day together.

Chloe lied that she was going to Chicago to pick up opera tickets, so Daniel offered to accompany her. Chloe tried to talk him out of it, but he persisted, until he got a text message informing him that his consultation was back on. Chloe feigned disappointment, but then quickly rushed out the door.

Alone in Nicole's room, Brady tried to find out more about the wire-transfer receipt that he'd found in Nicole's drawer. He suspected that it was an illegal, offshore account, but he had no luck. Melanie called Brady just as he was wondering aloud where Nicole had gotten five million dollars. Brady told her that it wasn't a good time, but he couldn't divulge anything more. He assured Melanie that he wasn't angry with her, and when they hung up, he dialed Nicole. Nicole claimed that she'd just finished a long night at work, and was thrilled that Brady was still at her place. She asked him not to leave, because they had lots to talk about. "We sure do," he replied.

Daniel arrived at Maggie's to pick up Melanie, since she was going with him to his consult at St. Mary's. Daniel confided that Chloe hadn't seemed interested in spending the day with him when he'd initially learned that the consult wasn't happening. He'd found it strange, and asked Melanie if she had any insight. "It's pretty obvious what's going on here," Melanie offered. "Chloe's keeping a secret from you." She explained that Chloe was probably planning some sort of surprise, since it was her first baby-and really Daniel's, as well. Daniel expressed his regret that he hadn't been there to see Melanie grow up. Melanie assured him that he was the best dad she could ever have hoped for, and she loved him.

When Carly and Chloe, using the alias "Dana Scott," arrived at St. Mary's, a nun led them into an exam room. Sister Anne directed "Dana" behind a curtain to change into a hospital gown. The nun explained that the doctor was running a little late, because the new nursing students had made some errors with the scheduling and other things. After Sister Anne left, Carly presented Chloe with opera tickets for her cover story.

Chloe earnestly thanked Carly for getting the tickets, and for helping to arrange the paternity test. Chloe then confessed that she thought Carly might be the ideal godmother for the baby, because Chloe had begun to understand what Daniel liked about Carly. Carly was touched. The two of them laughed about how much that decision would irk Victor.

Sister Anne greeted Daniel and Melanie near the nurses' station at St. Mary's. The nun explained that the woman Daniel was meeting, a burn patient named Donna Scott, was a little hesitant about her skin-graft surgery. Sister Anne asked the nurse at the desk for the patient file, but the nurse handed Daniel the file for "Dana Scott" by mistake. The nurse then led Daniel to the patient's room.

While Melanie waited for Daniel, Carly left Chloe's room to see if she could find the doctor-and ran right into Melanie.

Chloe was sitting on the exam table, waiting for the doctor, when Daniel entered the room. "Ms. Scott?" he called. "I'm Doctor Daniel Jonas. I'm here to consult on your case." When a terrified Chloe didn't answer, Daniel asked for permission to open the curtain.

Brady had just put the wire-transfer receipt back in Nicole's drawer when she arrived home. He greeted her with a passionate kiss, and then remarked that he didn't like that she lived in such a bad neighborhood. He asked whether the investments she'd mentioned had ever paid off. "No, not yet," Nicole replied. "I'm hoping for the best; I just don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't work out." Brady remarked cryptically, "I know the feeling."

Brady continued asking questions about Nicole's financial situation, but she kept her answers vague. He reminded her that she could ask him for help if she needed it. "I don't mind being poor for a little while, making an honest living for myself, and all that," Nicole maintained cheerfully. Although clearly still suspicious, Brady declared with a shrug that there wasn't anything more to discuss.

Throwing Nicole against the door, he kissed her vigorously, and pinned her arms above her head. "Wow, Brady, you are full of surprises!" she declared as soon as she could catch her breath. "So are you," he growled. Soon most of their clothes were off, and Brady tossed Nicole onto the bed, surprising her even further with the urgency and near-violence of his lovemaking.

Afterwards, she attempted to cuddle with him, but he shook off her caresses while he pulled his clothes back on. "That was intense," Nicole proclaimed breathlessly. "You weren't expecting that, were you?" Brady asked without turning around. Stung, she asked if he were upset with her about something. After a few ambiguous, vaguely hostile statements, Brady announced coldly, "I've got a hell of a news flash for you: I am done being your victim. You will never lie to me again, you will never betray me again, and you will not make a fool out of me ever again."

Almost in tears, Nicole whispered that she didn't understand. "Understand this: you know that little fling that we just had? I hope you soaked it up!" Brady bellowed. "'Cause that's the last time that you and I are ever going to be together." Nicole asked why he was so angry. "You lied to me again," he replied. "I gave you every chance to come clean and you lied to me again."

Obviously baffled, Nicole asked, "About what? About what?" He reminded her that she'd told him she was poor and just waiting for some risky investments to pay off. A little less convincingly, Nicole insisted that it could happen any day, and that she wasn't lying to him. Brady declared that he was sick of her constant lies, and ordered her to tell him what was really going on.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carly asked Melanie what she was doing at St. Mary's hospital. Melanie started to answer, but questioned Carly instead on what she was doing there. Carly covered by saying she was there visiting a friend. Melanie wondered if it was someone she knew. Carly started to explain, but then she asked Melanie again what she was doing at the hospital. Melanie said she wanted to witness a medical consult.

Melanie and Carly explained to the nun who worked at the hospital that they were mother and daughter. The nun mentioned that Daniel was there to do a consult on a patient. Carly was shocked to hear the news. The nun said that Daniel was there for a consult for a burn victim. Carly thought it would be on a different floor, but the nun said that it was right down the hall.

The nun thought Melanie was lucky to have both parents as doctors. Carly overheard the nurse at the desk refer to Daniel's patient as Ms. Scott. Carly tried to clear up what she suspected was a mix-up. She sent Melanie away for soda. Carly asked the nurse where she'd sent Daniel.

Daniel tried to check out a patient named Donna Scott but instead it was Chloe going by the assumed name of Dana Scott. The nurse had accidentally given Daniel the wrong chart. When Chloe heard Daniel's voice, she held the curtain closed so that he wouldn't be able to open it. Daniel tried to convince his patient to open the curtain, but Chloe wouldn't let him.

Daniel explained to his patient that the doctor that planned to perform the surgery on the burn victim relied on Daniel's input. Daniel suggested calling Chloe to help the patient understand that the surgery could be successful. Chloe tiptoed over to her purse to find her cell phone before Daniel could call her. She turned her phone to silent before it rang. Chloe got choked up hearing Daniel talk about trusting her family's love. Daniel heard Chloe start to sob and thought it sounded familiar.

Melanie returned with the soda and wondered where Carly was. The nun assumed that Carly went to see the woman she'd brought in for her procedure. Melanie told the nun the story of how she learned about her father and mother. Melanie wondered why Carly was nervous about being around Daniel. Melanie tried to ask the nun about the patient that Carly was with, but the nun was called away. Melanie questioned the nurse at the desk, but the nurse was upset that Carly got angry with her for mixing up the patient's files.

As Daniel tried to open the curtain, Carly ran in and interrupted him before he could see Carly. Carly explained the mix-up to Daniel, who then tried to address the patient. Carly explained that Ms. Scott spoke very little English, and she suggested that he check at the desk for where his patient was. After he left, Carly explained to Chloe what had happened. Chloe felt guilty, and she worried that Daniel would see her, but Carly insisted that he wouldn't. When Carly left the room, Chloe told herself that everything would be okay. She looked at a picture of the Virgin Mary and rubbed her stomach.

Carly tried to cover some more with Daniel, and explained that she had volunteered at a clinic that served mostly immigrants. Daniel said that it seemed like her patient understood English because of the way she cried at his speech earlier. Carly said Daniel was jumping to conclusions. He asked why Carly's patient was there, but Carly said the patient didn't want Carly to discuss the case with anyone.

Melanie interrupted, saying that Nurse Josie blabbed to Melanie that the patient was there for a paternity test -- an amniocentesis. Carly tried to rush Daniel and Melanie off to their consult, but Daniel wanted to talk to Carly's patient first. Carly stopped him. She said that he couldn't see her patient again, or he could upset her. Daniel insisted on speaking to her. When Daniel knocked on the door, Chloe hid behind the curtain. Carly and Melanie followed Daniel into the room. He said he wanted to apologize, and he wanted to see the patient to make sure she understood and accepted his apology.

Nicole was perplexed about Brady's insistence that Nicole was lying. He couldn't believe that she would use the tactic of "complete denial." She said that if someone had told him that she'd done something, they were lying. Brady called Nicole a liar and said he was an idiot for believing her. Nicole asked what she'd done, and Brady said that was exactly what she was going to tell him.

Brady showed Nicole the paper detailing the five million dollars that Nicole had transferred to a bank in the Cayman Islands. Nicole assumed that Brady had gone through her things, but he said he found it when he was putting back the sonogram of the baby that Nicole had miscarried. Brady said it didn't matter how he'd found it. Brady demanded to know why she had that kind of money and what she did to get it.

Nicole said the truth was that she loved Brady. She recounted how they fell in love years before. Brady insisted that Nicole explain how she got five million dollars. Nicole continued to try to soften Brady up, but he didn't want to hear it. He realized that Nicole would only lie to him, and he didn't want to hear her explanation. He said that if he let her get away with it, she would do it again and again in the future.

Brady ordered Nicole to accompany him to the police station and explain everything to the police about why she had five million dollars. Nicole said there was no reason to explain the deposit to the police. She asked him for time to explain, but he insisted that she explain at the police station. Nicole promised not to lie to him again, but Brady ordered her to go to the police station with him or they police would pick her up once he showed the police the wire transfer to an illegal account.

Roman grilled Dr. Baker about his involvement in the attack on Bo. Dr. Baker pointed out that he didn't have a criminal record, and he said that Roman must have him mixed up with someone else. Roman warned Dr. Baker that the police were running his information through the system. Dr. Baker asked for his phone call, but Roman suggested that he confess his involvement in Bo's attack.

Roman recognized Dr. Baker as the doctor who had helped Nicole switch Sami's baby. Roman grabbed him and asked him if he'd switched Sami's baby with the one that Nicole had taken to the clinic. Dr. Baker wouldn't talk and asked to speak to his attorney, but Roman said it wouldn't do any good for him to get a lawyer, because it was over.

When they got to the police station, Nicole continued to insist on her innocence, but Brady didn't want to hear it. He ordered her to tell the police what she did and Brady would show them the wire transfer. Nicole was shocked when Dr. Baker walked in the room, and Brady stared at him. Nicole pretended to be surprised to see Dr. Baker alive, even though Brady had already told her about spotting Dr. Baker. Roman asked Nicole if she knew Dr. Baker. Brady said she knew Dr. Baker.

Roman asked Nicole if she would be willing to testify that Dr. Baker switched Mia's baby with Sami's at Nicole's request. Brady urged Nicole to talk so that she didn't end up in jail again. Nicole tried to buy some time by acting like she was too shocked to speak. Brady could tell that Nicole had seen Dr. Baker before that day. Roman asked if that was true, but Nicole denied it. Brady said it was true, because when Nicole said something wasn't true, it was probably true.

Roman said that Dr. Baker was there because of serious allegations, the kind that could land him in jail for a long time. Roman asked if Brady had accompanied Nicole to the police station for a reason.

The babysitter dropped Ciara off at Bo's house, and Hope was there to greet the girl. Ciara wondered whether Hope and Bo were back together, but Hope dispelled that notion. Bo told Ciara that Julie would be over soon to watch her while Bo and Hope went somewhere. Ciara asked if Hope would return soon, and Hope said she might be gone for a while. Hope explained to Ciara that Hope did something wrong and that was why she wouldn't be back soon.

Hope said she would explain everything to Ciara, but not at the moment, because Hope didn't understand it herself. Hope apologized for not believing what Ciara had told her about the wallets, Hope's lipstick, and Justin. Hope hoped that her daughter would be able to forgive her one day for what she had done. Ciara asked if "someday" was a long time, and Hope said it was. Ciara hugged Hope and said she didn't want Hope to leave. She asked Bo to make Hope stay.

Bo said that Ciara was the most important thing to him and Hope. Ciara hugged Bo and begged him to make Hope stay with them. "Can't do this. Can't do it to her, you, us," Bo said to Hope. Julie arrived and encouraged Bo and Hope to stay at the house and work things out. Bo told Hope that Julie was right, and he asked if Hope was certain she wanted to "do this." Hope insisted that they had to, and she held Ciara and assured her that Bo and Hope loved Ciara very much and that would never change.

Julie asked again whether Bo and Hope wanted to stay and work things out, but Bo said they had to go. Bo tried to pull Ciara out of Hope's arms and give her to Julie, but Ciara yelled "no" and ran upstairs. Julie demanded to know what was going on. Hope asked Julie to watch Ciara carefully for Hope. Julie begged Hope to talk to her. Bo said he would call Julie later and explain, but Julie wanted an explanation right away and said that whatever it was, it was Bo's fault.

Julie went off on Bo over Hope's heartbreak, but Hope stepped up to defend Bo. "How typical. How typical of you. You always defend him -- the man who can do no wrong, and he's broken your heart," Julie said to Hope. Hope broke down into tears and begged Julie to stop. Hope explained that it wasn't Bo -- it was Hope. Hope said didn't know if she could ever forgive herself for what she'd done. Julie still didn't understand, but Hope said she would explain later. Bo and Hope left, leaving Julie behind to watch Ciara.

Ciara took a nap on Julie's lap, and when she woke up, she asked for her mommy.

At the police station, Nicole said that seeing Dr. Baker alive changed a lot of things. Roman said that Dr. Baker's life was about to change. Bo and Hope walked in, and Dr. Baker called Hope's name. She and Bo turned around and looked at him.

Friday, August 6, 2010

At St. Mary's Hospital, Daniel entered the exam room of "Dana Scott" to apologize for his earlier intrusion. Chloe hid behind the curtain, terrified that Daniel would expose her, until suddenly Carly charged into the room, with Melanie close behind. After ordering Daniel to back off, Carly explained that her patient was from the Middle East and couldn't allow a strange man to see her without a face covering. Carly also managed to ease Daniel's suspicions about why the woman needed a prenatal paternity test. An understanding Daniel left with Melanie.

Outside, Daniel felt sheepish about his assumptions. Melanie found Carly's volunteer work amazing, especially considering Carly's busy schedule. "Yeah, your mother's quite a woman," Daniel concurred. "I'm glad you're beginning to realize that."

Chloe thanked Carly for everything she'd done to arrange the paternity test and cover to Daniel. When Carly seemed reluctant to accept praise, Chloe worried that Carly would back out of their deal. Carly admitted that she hated being in that position, but reiterated her vow that she would never breathe a word to Daniel if he turned out to be the father of Chloe's baby.

Melanie observed as Sister Anne reprimanded Josie, the nursing student who had sent Daniel into the wrong exam room. After sending Josie away, the nun asked Melanie about Daniel's consult. Melanie explained that he was finished, and was speaking with the woman's surgeon. Sister Anne then asked if Melanie would be interesting in working at St. Mary's when she finished school, since the hospital was always looking for excellent nurses. Melanie was flattered, but confessed that she was looking forward to working with her parents. Sister Anne understood, but urged Melanie to call if she changed her mind.

After Chloe's amniocentesis, Carly returned to the exam room, and found Chloe a bit tearful over seeing her baby on the ultrasound. Carly showed Chloe a date on the calendar when they could expect the results of the paternity test. "It's my birthday," Chloe noted with a sigh. Carly assured a fearful Chloe that Daniel would never learn Chloe had been there that day, although Carly admitted that she was worried what would happen if Daniel wasn't the father, and Carly's part in everything got out. Carly then left so Chloe could get dressed.

Carly was startled to find that Melanie was still at the hospital, even though Daniel had supposedly left. Concerned that Melanie would spot Chloe, Carly took her daughter to get a cup of coffee. Seconds later, Chloe emerged from the exam room -- and promptly ran right into Daniel. She nimbly covered that she had gotten the opera tickets more quickly than expected, so she'd called the hospital to find out where Daniel's consult was, because she thought they could spend rest of the day together. Daniel was touched that she'd gone to so much trouble.

As Carly and Melanie chatted over coffee in a private waiting area, Melanie confided that she'd just been bragging about her parents to Sister Anne. Melanie declared that she was even prouder of Carly after learning about her volunteer work. "I hope you always feel that way," Carly stated.

When Doug arrived at Bo's, Julie told him that Ciara had cried herself to sleep on the couch, and that something had happened with Hope. "Our daughter is in trouble," Julie said worriedly. "And whatever it is, it is very bad." She tried to fill Doug in, but she didn't have many details other than that a defeated-sounding Hope had told Ciara that her mommy had done something wrong.

Just then, Ciara woke up. "Where's my mommy?" she asked. "When's my mommy coming home?" Julie tried to encourage the little girl to nap some more, but Ciara was almost inconsolable. Caroline stopped by just then, because she wanted to apologize to Bo. After Julie got Ciara settled in the kitchen for milk and cookies, Caroline told Doug and Julie about the tension she'd witnessed between Bo and Carly.

Julie blamed Carly for the problems between Hope and Bo -- and for Hope's need to take sleeping pills just to get through the nights. Caroline and Doug were stunned. "If it hurt Hope that much," Caroline mused, "I wonder what it's doing to our poor little Ciara." Julie wondered if Ciara's anxiety were because of her confusing home life, or because she was having memories from her kidnapping. Ciara returned from the kitchen and asked, "Grandma Julie, is my mommy ever coming back again?" Julie pulled the tot into her lap and rocked her gently.

"Dr. Baker's life's about to change forever," Roman was telling Nicole and Brady, just as Bo and Hope arrived at the police station. Seeing Hope's obviously frazzled state, Dick ignored Roman and quietly called, "Hope?" Hope turned to look at him without a glimmer of recognition. "You know this guy?" Bo asked her.

Dick covered, maintaining that Hope didn't know him; he just recognized Detective Brady from the newspapers and around town. Roman informed the group that there was enough evidence against Baker in Bo's attempted murder to put him away for years. Hope remembered that she had seen Dr. Baker on the pier when she'd been investigating the muggings. Dick agreed that was why Hope recognized him. "There's no other reason why this woman would know me," Dick insisted. "So this is going nowhere. She's not involved in any of this."

Hope looked intently at Dick. "I am involved," she stated as she turned to face Roman. Bo tried to stop her, but Hope continued, "I was behind the muggings. I'm the one who...who tried to kill Bo." Bo grimaced and shook his head, while Nicole and Brady's mouths fell open in shock. Dick tried to intervene on Hope's behalf, but Roman yelled for an officer to get Baker out of there. The officer forcefully shoved a handcuffed Dick into a chair at the edge of the squad room and stood over him.

"When I first saw you two come in, I knew something was off," Roman said in a low voice to Bo and Hope. "But Hope, what the hell? Why would you want to take a hit for that dirtbag?" Hope quietly maintained that what she'd said was true, and then tearfully apologized to Bo and to Roman. Roman suspected that Hope and Bo were just trying to get Baker to confess, but Bo insisted they weren't. "It does make sense that he's her accomplice," Bo added, while Dick shook his head sadly.

After Hope, Bo, and Roman went into an interrogation room, Nicole started babbling to Brady about how it was just typical behavior for the cops, but Brady glared past her at the back of Dick's head. Suddenly Brady yanked Dick out of his chair and punched him, which sent Dick flying to the floor. The guarding officer instantly grabbed Brady and restrained him, while Brady spat epithets at Dick. Nicole shouted for Brady to stop before the cop arrested him for assault.

While Brady tried to cool off, Dick quietly asked Nicole why Brady had dragged her down to the station. Without turning around, Nicole demanded to know whether Dick was going to turn her in for her part in framing Arianna. Dick assured her that he had enough problems without adding Nicole into the mix, but he wondered how much Brady knew about what she'd done. Brady interrupted to tell Nicole that the cops had ordered him to leave, and she agreed to go with him.

Roman refused to believe that Hope was responsible for the muggings or trying to kill Bo, but Hope informed him that Bo could confirm everything. Bo didn't want to say anything until Hope had a lawyer. Roman then informed Bo and Hope that Baker was the doctor who had helped Nicole with the baby switch, and demanded to know why they didn't want to let Baker to confess to trying to kill Bo when they had so much evidence. Hope urged Bo to show Roman the tape of her confession. After arguing with her about it briefly, Bo reluctantly pulled the tape out of his shirt pocket and told Roman that it would explain everything.

As Nicole and Brady returned to her motel room, she thanked him for not saying anything to the police about the bank account, and for giving her a chance to explain that she hadn't done anything wrong. She tried to kiss him, but he stood there stonily, without responding. Nicole insisted that she hadn't told him about the money because she knew he would assume the worst. Brady asked if she'd gotten it by blackmailing someone. Stroking his face, Nicole declared, "You know I have always loved you, and yes, I have lied about some things, but never thisnever--and I never will."

Brady shoved her hands away roughly, and then removed the wire-transfer receipt from his pocket, wadded it up, and hurled it at her. "Do you know what a true whore is?" he asked coldly. "It's not someone who just sells her body. The miserable, sad thing about a true whore is that she sold her soul a long time before she sold her body, and that's exactly what you did, years and years and years ago, Nicole." She indignantly exclaimed, "How dare you!" Brady continued that Nicole continued to lie, cheat, and steal just to get what she wanted, and he had foolishly believed that his love could change her.

Nicole insisted that it had, but he maintained that she was still manipulating, lying, and stealing just so she could call herself the winner. Brady declared, "You are dead to me!" Nicole ran ahead of him as he stalked to the door, tearfully pleading with him to stop and reminding him of the connection they shared. "We had it, and you killed it!" he growled. "It's over!" He grabbed her by the arms and threw her to the floor, and stormed out. "Brady, don't go!" Nicole cried after him. "Brady, I love you--please, I know you still love me!" She began to sob inconsolably on the floor. "Brady!" she shrieked. "Come back, please!"

Roman couldn't believe his eyes as he watched the tape of "Nighttime Hope" describing her crimes. Bo explained about the side effects of Hope's sleeping pills, and how she had no conscious memories of what she'd done while under their influence. After Roman stopped the tape, Hope quietly told him, "I love you. You're one of the best friends I have in this world, and what I've done is unforgivable. I hurt you and I'm so sorry!"

Hope broke down, but Roman put his arms around her and held her tightly as she sobbed. "Do you know one of the very nice things about being somebody's friend?" he reassured her quietly. "Saying you're sorry is enough -- always. We are good, okay?" Bo maintained that he was the one who needed to apologize, because it was his fault that everything had happened. Hope argued that she had attacked all those men and tried to kill Bo. Bo insisted that if he hadn't abandoned Hope, she wouldn't have needed the sleeping pills to help her deal with the pain.

"Those damn pills -- they turned you into someone else," Bo asserted. "And all that anger you felt inside toward me, it came out." Hope cut him off. "You and Roman know what you need to do: Arrest me." She asked for Roman to give them a minute alone, and after he left, she resolutely told Bo, "Do what you know is right. Please... don't wait any longer. Read me my rights." Bo reluctantly complied. "Hope Brady, you're under arrest for six counts of assault, battery, and robbery." He took a deep, ragged breath before continuing grimly, "And for the attempted murder of a police officer."

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