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Monday, August 2, 2010

In his office, Nick discussed the Forrester scandal with Aggie. She believed Oliver's version of events, but questioned Brooke's intentions. Nick asserted that Brooke wouldn't purposely do that to Hope. He asked where Whip was, and Aggie stated that he was at the "Venus" photo shoot. Nick rasped that he'd canceled that campaign.

At the photo shoot, the half-naked Owen had been painted to look like a stone statue. Whip directed Jackie to pretend to be a goddess who wished to bring the statuesque Owen to life. Aside with Amber, Bridget announced that Amber's sketches would work for Jackie M. Amber was surprised that Bridget wasn't being hard on her. Bridget said she believed in second chances, and Amber stated her opinion that Nick wanted Bridget back.

Nick stormed in to remind everyone that he'd nixed the "Venus" campaign. Jackie and Whip argued in favor of the campaign, but Nick doubted that it would shine alongside magazine articles that detailed his wife's pregnancy by her father-in-law. Nick thought it was time to retire Jackie and Owen's "oh-so-photogenic marital bliss from the public eye" before the scandal broke. Jackie refused to be ashamed of anything, but Nick replied that he didn't want to shame his mother. "I just want to make sure your reality checks don't bounce," he said.

Nick left, and Bridget slipped out behind him. Whip admitted that Nick had a point, and it was only a matter of time before the Jackie M scandal reached the press. Whip asked Jackie how she wanted him to sell Jackie M "before or after the 'M' stands for 'Ménage à Trois.'" Jackie instructed him to say "no comment" about Nick and Bridget's divorce, and if anyone asked about the baby's paternity, Whip was to respond with an indignant "Excuse me?"

In Nick's office, Nick apathetically told Bridget that he was sorry if his reasons behind ceasing the campaign had hurt her. Bridget cited that in the past, they'd been able to find ways to make the impossible work. She told him that she really wanted their relationship back, but he replied that he couldn't afford to open his heart to her again. Hanging her head down, Bridget strode out.

Later, Aggie entered to discuss Jackie's reaction to the affair. Nick feared that Jackie had put her eggs in one basket, and it would be disastrous once Owen failed her. Aggie guessed that Nick had the same fears about trusting her; however, she assured him that she wouldn't pressure him. "I'm just someone who loves you and wants good things for you," she said. Bridget entered, and upon seeing Aggie and Nick's closeness, she asked if there was something she should know.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke leaned over an unresponsive Stephanie, who'd fallen on the floor. After checking Stephanie's pulse and breathing, Brooke sighed in relief. "Get your hands off me!" Stephanie growled, opening her eyes. Stephanie pulled her phone from her pocket and called the police. "I'm on the floor. I can't get up," she told the dispatcher.

Brooke quipped that Stephanie hadn't even tried to get up. Stephanie told the dispatcher that the unstable person who'd pushed her was still there. After the call, Brooke helped Stephanie up and deduced that she was fine; however, Stephanie claimed that she'd hit her head in the fall. She stated that she was on blood thinners and could have a hematoma. Stephanie decided to pack an overnight bag before her ambulance got there. Brooke guessed that Stephanie planned to play it to the hilt. With a sly grin, Stephanie walked upstairs.

At the hospital, Brooke peeked into the viewing window of Stephanie's room. She asked a nurse for an update on the patient and learned that Stephanie hadn't been evaluated yet. The nurse bragged that the hospital wing had been named after Stephanie. Brooke mirthlessly smiled.

Ridge arrived, and he and Brooke visited his mother. The doctor said she'd ordered a CT scan to check out the minor swelling in Stephanie's head. Ridge asked how the fall had occurred, and Stephanie said she'd been in the privacy of her own home when his wife had pushed her. Brooke claimed that she hadn't really pushed Stephanie, and the women debated about what had transpired. The doctor calmed them down, and Brooke informed Ridge that Stephanie had moved Hope into the guesthouse. Stephanie quipped that no good deed went unpunished.

The doctor sent Brooke and Ridge to the corridor, where Ridge wondered why Brooke would get into an altercation with his mother. Swearing that she'd barely touched Stephanie, Brooke admitted that she'd lost control upon hearing the venom that Stephanie had spewed about her to Hope. Brooke worried that Stephanie had Hope under her spell.

Later, the doctor told Brooke, Ridge, and Stephanie that they'd gotten lucky; the CT scan had returned with no sign of problems. The doctor, however, wanted to keep Stephanie overnight for observation. Brooke and Ridge flashed cynical expressions when Stephanie made a big show of relenting to the doctor's orders. Ridge decided to stay with Stephanie for the night, but Brooke didn't think that was necessary. Stephanie asserted that Ridge wanted to spend quality time with his mother, and she quipped that Oliver was probably free that evening.

Ignoring Stephanie's comment, Ridge suggested that Brooke go home. Brooke refused to leave without settling Hope's living arrangements. Taking her aside, Ridge convinced Brooke that they'd work everything out the next day.

After Brooke reluctantly left, Stephanie told Ridge that separating himself from Brooke wouldn't be easy. He declared that he wasn't leaving his wife. He asserted that Brooke wouldn't intentionally hurt Hope, or physically harm Stephanie. "Which is more than I can say for you over the years," he stated. A resentful Stephanie replied, "I know you're not calling me a liar."

Ridge claimed that he wasn't; however, he vowed to remain married to Brooke for the rest of his life. He urged Stephanie to respect his wife. As Stephanie scowled, she noticed Brooke staring at her through the window blinds. The women glared at each other.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

by Pam

At Jackie M, Bridget had interrupted Nick and Aggie, and Bridget asked them if something was going on. By the looks on Nick and Aggie's faces, Bridget quickly came to understand that Aggie and Nick were an item.

Aggie piped up that she had needed someone, and Nick was there for her. Nick stared icily at Bridget. Aggie told Bridget that it was a lot like what had happened between Bridget and Owen. Bridget bristled and asked if Nick and Aggie were going to call it a moment of weakness and walk away like she and Owen had.

Nick coldly reminded Bridget that she was having Owen's baby. Bridget softly said that having a baby was all that mattered to her. She apologized for interrupting, and she left. Nick walked to the door and watched Bridget walk away.

Aggie sidled up to Nick, and asked if there was anything she could do to make him feel better. Nick said that Aggie had already done plenty, and they hugged. Nick started blabbing about how Owen, Jackie, and Bridget were planning to raise the baby as one big happy family. Nick hugged Aggie, and Aggie reminded him that Bridget had a lot of support from Owen and Jackie.

Aggie said that she understood that Nick had a lot going on in his life, and she did not want to become another headache or burden. Aggie added that she did not want to be remembered as another of his mistakes, but Nick quickly told her that he had made a lot of mistakes, and Aggie was not among them.

Nick suggested to Aggie that he was far from stable and might be more of a burden to her. Aggie reiterated her gratitude to Nick for saving her from a life of loneliness. She recalled that it had been five years since she had been touched. She had been hiding away in a trailer court, and was grateful to Nick for bringing her out of her solitude.

At Owen and Jackie's place, they kissed and enjoyed the fact that a bassinet was on its way. The delivery people showed up, assembled the bassinet, and left. Nick and Jackie wondered if Bridget and Nick were going to be able to patch things up. Jackie conjectured that Nick didn't have the ability to let go of the fact that he would be raising another man's child.

Bridget arrived, and it was clear to Jackie and Owen that Bridget's meeting with Nick had not gone well. They surprised Bridget with the bassinet, and she was grateful. Bridget admired how sweet Jackie and Owen were to buy the furniture. Bridget admitted that she needed something happy because she had just discovered that Nick had moved on with Aggie.

Owen and Jackie comforted Bridget with hugs and thoughts of how they were going to be one big happy family. They all hugged, and Bridget told Jackie and Owen how wonderful they were to accept her. Jackie was grateful that her husband had the one thing that Jackie could not give him - a baby.

Bridget said that she was sorry she had hurt Nick. Jackie agreed that she hated the fact that Nick was hurting, but she added that there was nothing any of them could do about it. Bridget added that she wasn't surprised that Aggie had stepped up and garnered Nick's affection because she had been honest, and that was one thing that Bridget had not been.

Jackie said that they would all be fine, and Bridget agreed. Bridget said that her heart was broken because Nick couldn't accept the baby, but Jackie said they couldn't change that. Bridget said that she was surrounded by love, and she was grateful for Jackie's generosity considering that Bridget had been intimate with Owen. Jackie joked that the cougar was going to have a kitten. She added that it would be the "purr-fect" family, and they all joined hands.

At Taylor's house, Taylor told Steffy that she hoped giving Steffy shares in the company would somehow heal the wounds that Ridge had inflicted by firing Steffy. Taylor and Steffy agreed that they had both lived their entire lives with Ridge showing a blind spot when it came to Brooke's errors.

Steffy insisted that she had to find a way to make Ridge believe in her again. She met with Ed and Liam, technicians who had tried to figure out who had tampered with her computer. Ed insisted that no one had tampered with her computer since her voice could not have been copied to such explicit detail.

Ed added that all the timetables and computer records indicated that no one had tampered or hacked into Steffy's computer. Ed said that everything appeared to have happened on her computer. Steffy was disappointed and proclaimed her innocence. Taylor ushered Ed out of the house.

Steffy begged Liam to continue searching for what had happened because she had not produced the video that ran at the press conference. Steffy said that she had to regain her father's trust no matter what. Liam said that he would help her.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

by Pam

At Oliver's place, Steffy showed up while Oliver was leaving another phone message for Hope. Steffy said that Brooke Logan had turned both of their worlds upside down. Steffy whined that Brooke skated while Steffy suffered. Oliver disagreed.

Oliver pointed out that Ridge had fired Steffy because Ridge believed that Steffy had sabotaged the video. Steffy freaked out about how she didn't sabotage the video, and she begged Oliver to believe that she would never have embarrassed Oliver or Hope just to get back at Brooke. Steffy was saddened that her dad had lost faith in her, but Brooke could do no wrong.

Oliver said that he believed Steffy had not been involved in the video disaster. He admitted that it was not her style. Steffy stammered her gratitude. Steffy asked about Hope, and Oliver said that they were about to get back together, but Hope couldn't get past seeing images of Brooke and Oliver together every time Oliver kissed Hope.

Steffy sincerely apologized and said that in time Hope would get past it. Oliver said that he couldn't find Hope, and she wasn't answering his calls. Steffy said that Hope was hiding out at her grandmother's guest cottage. Steffy admitted that Oliver and Hope always saw the best in people. It was something they had in common. Oliver ran out the door to see Hope.

At the Forrester guest cottage, Hope was unpacking when someone knocked at the door. Brooke was at the door disguised in a scarf and sunglasses to hide out from the press surrounding the Forrester mansion. Brooke apologized, and Hope suggested that Brooke should leave.

Brooke insisted that Hope should not be at the guesthouse. Hope disagreed. Hope said that she needed some time and space away from Brooke. Hope added that Stephanie was not brainwashing her. Brooke worried that Hope was around too much negativity, but Hope said that being around her mother couldn't be good for her either. Hope told Brooke that it honestly made her sick to see her mother because she couldn't get the images of Brooke and Oliver having sex out of her head.

Brooke tried to convince Hope that she needed to talk to someone, but Hope refused. When Hope opened a closet door to put her suitcase inside, a bunch of masks from the party fell out of the closet and Hope lamented that she couldn't get away from the awful memories of the night of her graduation.

Brooke quickly tried to clean up the masks and tuck them away in the closet. Hope said that everything reminded her of the night that Oliver and Brooke were together. Hope told Brooke that Stephanie had encouraged her to give Oliver another chance, but Hope admitted that she couldn't get past the images of Brooke and Oliver together every time Oliver kissed Hope.

Hope said that when she had seen Oliver, he did all kinds of amazing romantic things to win her back, but Hope said she couldn't even kiss him without seeing images of Brooke and Oliver. Hope cried that she might never feel the way she used to because Brooke had ruined everything that was good and pure about her relationship with Oliver.

Hope lashed out at Brooke and chastised her for being unable to control her "world-famous libido for one night." Hope said that it was sad the Brooke couldn't just be a mom for a night.

Oliver entered and interrupted. He said that he had been calling Hope for hours. Hope admitted that she had turned her phone off because the press had somehow gotten her phone number.

Brooke and Oliver tried to console Hope, but she insisted that her mother had to leave because seeing Brooke and Oliver together was too much for her. Brooke begged Hope to return home, but she refused. Brooke left.

Oliver promised that they would get through everything, but Hope wasn't so sure. Oliver tried to kiss her, but Hope couldn't do it, and she said that she was afraid it wasn't going to work. Their relationship had been ruined.

In the mansion, Stephanie greeted Taylor, but she told Taylor that she hadn't had much time to relax because she had no time alone. Taylor said that she didn't want Stephanie to be left alone after being injured. Stephanie tried to dismiss any worry of injury, but Taylor reminded her that she had a history of strokes and was on blood thinners. A bump on the head could have caused some serious complications.

Taylor and Stephanie lamented that Brooke was once again getting away with something. Taylor threw up her hands in disgust that Brooke had resorted to violence, and Ridge wasn't doing anything about it. Taylor said that it was typical that Brooke blamed everyone but herself for yet another disaster.

Taylor was incensed that Ridge had mistreated Steffy in favor of Brooke. Taylor was convinced that Steffy had not been involved in sabotaging the video. Taylor went off on how Brooke was going to destroy her own family, but Taylor refused to allow Brooke to destroy Ridge and Taylor's family.

Steffy showed up, and sat down with Stephanie and Taylor. They shared their hatred of Brooke. Taylor announced to Stephanie that she had given her shares of Forrester to Steffy. Stephanie was surprised, but Taylor justified the gift by saying that Ridge had cut Steffy out of his life, and Taylor wanted to make up for it.

Taylor admitted that she had not told Ridge about her decision. Stephanie did not agree that it was a good idea to cause any more tension between Ridge and Steffy. Taylor reminded Stephanie that Steffy had not sabotaged the tribute to Brooke. Steffy agreed that she would never betray her father.

Steffy said that even though she hated Brooke for her disgusting behavior, she did not intend to hurt Hope or Oliver. Steffy said that she knew Oliver really loved Hope, and he was going crazy wondering where Hope had gone, so Steffy told him that Hope was at the guest house.

Steffy lamented that they had all been victims of Hurricane Brooke, and Brooke entered. Brooke snidely commented that she was glad to see Stephanie was back to her old self. Brooke added that she wanted to take her daughter home, but she needed Stephanie to tell Hope that she couldn't stay.

Stephanie refused. Taylor flipped out on Brooke and warned that Brooke had done irreparable damage to Hope. Taylor shouted that Brooke had caused all the damage on her own, and could blame no one. Stephanie, Taylor, and Steffy chimed in that Brooke's latest error was no small mistake.

Taylor warned that Brooke never took responsibility for anything, but she had to step up and take responsibility and do something about Hope's future. Taylor worried that Hope may never be able to trust men again.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the guesthouse, Oliver and Hope worried about losing each other, but Hope couldn't figure out how to put the graduation party incident out of her mind. Oliver tried to hug her, but intimacy only worsened things for Hope. She couldn't touch him without painful images flashing through her mind. "As good as being with you used to feel, that's how bad it hurts," she said.

Hope figured that Stephanie had been right about her family; the Logans doomed everything they touched. Oliver asked her not to talk like that, and he urged her to focus on what was good between them. "There's nothing left!" Hope exclaimed. Oliver reasoned that they were still the same people who loved each other; however, Hope called them a joke. Citing that they were all over the Internet, she said people sneered at her, and reporters hounded her for a story. She'd once been happy and proud, but she'd become a mockery.

Hope said they'd start a gossip frenzy if they walked out the door together. Oliver proposed that they run away from it all. He figured they could remain gone until the matter faded from the public eye. Hope considered it for moment, but when the torrid images of Brooke and Oliver flashed through her mind, she said they could never escape it. "These feelings are going to come with me. They're in me like a disease," she stated. Oliver wanted to find a cure, but she asserted that what had happened could not be undone.

As Oliver encouraged Hope to move on, she got an idea. She grabbed the box of graduation party items and instructed him to meet her at the main house when she called him. Oliver asked what she was doing, but without answering, she insisted that he wait for her call.

In Stephanie's living room, Taylor tried to convince Brooke that Hope was in serious trouble, but Brooke retorted that Steffy, Stephanie, and Taylor were the real threat. Stephanie quipped that she wasn't the one who'd had sex with Hope's boyfriend, and Steffy insisted that she hadn't authored the infamous tribute. Stephanie raged that Brooke hadn't changed one bit from the first day she'd walked into the mansion, and no one was immune to the damage that Brooke seemed to always cause-not even her own daughters. Stephanie claimed that Brooke had taken from Hope and Bridget the same way Brooke had taken from Stephanie and Taylor.

Stephanie called the whole Logan clan "fakers" and "users," and Brooke decided that she didn't have to listen to that garbage. Taylor insisted that Brooke did have to listen-and take responsibility. Brooke told Taylor not to dare lecture Brooke about her daughter, and Brooke accused Stephanie of only moving Hope to the guesthouse to destroy Brooke's relationship with Hope. "She's my daughter, and I'm going to help her," Brooke vowed and left.

After taking a call from Eric, Stephanie told Taylor that they'd have to parachute past reporters if they wanted to go to work. Steffy wondered how Brooke could pin the blame on Steffy, Taylor, and Stephanie. Taylor called Brooke delusional for thinking that Hope would forgive her the way that Bridget had. Stephanie felt that Brooke had gone too far that time.

As the three women pondered what was next for Hope and Oliver, Hope barged in and said that she needed the living room. The women seemed concerned by Hope's frazzled demeanor. Hope babbled that she had to get over it; she had to try. Steffy left, and Stephanie said that she and Taylor would be upstairs if Hope needed them.

Upstairs, Taylor and Stephanie contemplated what was going on with Hope. Taylor likened Hope's actions to those of mourners who'd leave wreaths at crash sites. Taylor figured that Hope was downstairs acknowledging her loss and commemorating it in some manner.

Back downstairs, Hope doused the lights and hooked up her iPod. "Gasolina" played as she set a mini disco ball strobe light on the table. As its lights whirled around the room, she retrieved a blue hooded sequined dress and a white mask from the box. She called Oliver to say that the door to the main house was open. He questioned the situation, but she hung up on him.

Oliver arrived at the main house and apprehensively entered the darkened living room. "Gasolina" played, and the strobe lights bounced off the walls. He spotted a masked woman dressed in the graduation party gear. "Hope?" he quizzically called to her. Handing him a mask, Hope welcomed him to her graduation party. "It's just getting started," she uttered from behind her expressionless white mask.

In his candlelit bedroom, Ridge hung up on a reporter who'd somehow gotten his cell phone number. Brooke entered, saw the candles, and wondered, "What's all this?" Ridge responded that it was what she needed. As he massaged her shoulders, she wished she could fly far away from Stephanie and Taylor. Brooke didn't want to leave the vulnerable Hope at Stephanie's house, but Ridge warned his wife not to push things. Brooke stated that he'd forgiven her, and he said that it was because he had a lifetime of his own mistakes. He could view the incident for what it was, but Hope needed time to see past her own devastation.

Ridge thought it was a good thing that Hope was conversing with Oliver. Brooke feared that Hope wouldn't open up to Oliver, but Ridge was optimistic. He cited that Hope had already made progress, since she wouldn't even speak to Oliver a few days earlier.

Brooke reasoned that a girl's first love should hold wonderful memories, but Hope's memories had been tainted. "I think Stephanie was right. I stole this moment from Hope," Brooke said. Brooke knew that the memory would fade in Hope's mind; however, Hope would never be able to reflect upon her graduation or her first love without thinking of the scandal. As she wondered what she'd done to her daughter, Brooke hugged Ridge.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In their bedroom, Ridge assured Brooke that Hope was with family at Stephanie's house; however, Brooke asserted that Stephanie would poison Hope against her mother. Brooke said it didn't matter, because Hope would never trust Brooke again. Brooke wondered if Stephanie had actually been right about her. "Am I a human wrecking ball, Ridge? Am I a detriment to everybody that I know, especially the people that I love the most?" she asked.

Ridge stated that he knew Brooke best, and he was with her because she was unique. She made her own rules, but she never meant to hurt anyone. He predicted that Hope would eventually see the incident as a "silly Logan mistake," and Hope would forgive Brooke, just as he'd done. Brooke wished that Hope knew how Ridge felt. He said that Hope was due for a talk with her father, and he'd tell her what an amazing mother she had.

Brooke doubted that Hope could get past it, but Ridge insisted that they'd help their daughter through it. When Brooke said that his love and support overwhelmed her, Ridge reminded her that they'd repeatedly proven that they could overcome anything. He reasoned that they'd both done bizarre things in their lives, but they were together and stronger than ever. He assured her that it'd work itself out, and the two hugged.

In the Forrester living room, Oliver was freaked out by Hope's party setup, but Hope implored him to put on the mask. He reluctantly obliged her, and she pulled him onto the dance floor as "Pose" played. She asked if she were dancing the way that Brooke had danced. Oliver said he didn't want to participate, but Hope urged him to play along with her.

In Stephanie's room, Taylor and Stephanie worried about Hope's demeanor. Taylor couldn't imagine what was going through the teenager's mind. As the two disparaged Brooke's actions, they couldn't believe that Hope had been so badly disillusioned by someone she'd worshipped her whole life. They heard "Pose" playing, and Taylor asked, "What's that?"

Taylor crept down the staircase and saw Oliver and Hope dancing. She rushed back to Stephanie's room to reveal what she'd witnessed. Taylor assumed that Hope was reenacting the events from the night of the party, and Stephanie asked if the girl were having a nervous breakdown. "Yes!" Taylor exclaimed, and Stephanie wondered what Taylor would do about it.

Taylor called Brooke and requested that she return to Stephanie's house. "Hope is going through something, and I'm worried about her," Taylor explained. Brooke asked what was going on, but Taylor just urged her to get there right away. After the call, Stephanie berated Taylor for asking Brooke to return to the house.

Back in the living room, Hope seductively danced around Oliver and continued to ask if it were how Brooke had done it. Oliver grew increasingly uncomfortable, but a determined Hope whispered, "I'm ready," and led him toward the terrace. Outside, she asked where the act had occurred. Oliver tried to end the charade, but she insisted upon knowing exactly how things had transpired. "How could you mistake me for my mother?" Hope incredulously asked.

Hope was aware of her similarities to Brooke, but Hope said they were not alike. Oliver swore that he wouldn't have done it if he'd known that he'd been with Brooke. He explained that he'd been caught up in the moment, and he hadn't been thinking. "At least not about me," Hope concluded. They took off their masks, and she said he should have known that she hadn't been ready for something like that.

Oliver stated that nothing had changed, but Hope exclaimed that everything had changed. He said he hated to see the tears in her eyes, but she quipped that if he'd bothered looking into "her" eyes that night, he would have known. He guessed that he'd seen what he'd wanted to see. "I wanted to be with you," he declared. Hope figured that he'd wanted to be with "someone," but it hadn't mattered with whom. She said Steffy had been right about him being unable to wait.

Hope reasoned that Oliver should have known that she wouldn't want something like that, and yet, he'd done it with all her friends around. Oliver implored her to believe that it had been an accident, but Hope didn't know what to believe. He replied that she could believe his love for her. He recalled all the things that had caused him to mistake Brooke for Hope, but Hope said that the necklace and the dresses had all been superficial. She conveyed that she couldn't kiss him without picturing her mother's arms around him.

Hope guessed that it had happened against the wall, or in the bushes somewhere. She wondered if he'd even used protection. "Protection?" he asked. Hope couldn't believe he hadn't thought about a condom. "I'm a guy, Hope. I've been waiting for this moment for so many months," he claimed. He said he hadn't thought of anything, but her saying she'd been ready.

Hope asked if it had been good, and if he'd been thinking about what a "sex maniac" his little virgin had been. She said that, in reality, she wasn't anything like that; she had dignity, and she was proud of being romantic. She figured that she'd meet someone who'd love her for that.

Oliver asked for forgiveness, but Hope still couldn't believe that it had been an accident. She doubted that the masks had been on the whole time, but he swore that they had been. He tried to hold her, but she shoved him away. Hope observed Oliver's movements and decided that Brooke must have known that Oliver hadn't been Ridge. "And you knew it, too," she concluded.

Brooke arrived on the terrace, and Hope grimaced. Oliver said that he could handle it, but Brooke strode over anyway. "Two people who love you so much-please forgive us," Brooke begged. Hope frowned, glaring at them.

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