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Monday, July 26, 2010

Justin and Liam rushed to Bill's office at Spencer to see if Bill had heard about the press conference. Bill's assistant, Hillary, doubted that Bill knew anything about it, because he was on an airplane flight at the time. Hillary left, and Liam worried that Justin had made a mistake by catapulting Bill's sister-in-law into a scandal. A boasting Justin said Bill would be happy about what they'd done, despite Bill's family ties. "With all due respect, Mr. Barber -- what you've done here,'" Liam corrected. In response, Justin quipped, "I like that even better."

Justin claimed that Steffy was just paying the price for crossing Bill Spencer. Liam hated that Hope had to pay it, as well, but Justin dismissively called Hope "collateral damage." He said it was just business, and Liam had better get used to it.

At Forrester, Hope ran into Ridge's office, and Brooke rushed in behind her. Hope asked if Brooke had really seduced Oliver. Ridge, Oliver, and Steffy dashed into the room, and Oliver claimed that it hadn't been "like that." Hope asked him if he'd slept with her mother. When he didn't respond, she slapped him and fled the room. Brooke rushed after her.

Against Ridge's advice, Oliver pursued them. He wandered through the halls and saw Marcus, who inquired about the validity of the scandal. Oliver wordlessly hurried past him to the showroom. There, he found Jarrett, who also asked if it were true. Begging Jarrett not to print anything, Oliver took off in search of Hope.

Brooke chased Hope down a maze of hallways and up and down two sets of stairs. When Hope reached the studio, she saw photos of herself and Oliver on the wall. She ripped them down as Brooke finally caught up to her. Hope ordered Brooke to go away, because she no longer knew who her mother was.

"You've done it to Bridget, and now you've done it to me," Hope declared. Brooke insisted that it wasn't the same, and the incident with Oliver had been a mistake. "What kind of sick logic do you live by?" Hope asked. Hope accused Brooke of purposely doing it to make herself feel better by being with a younger man. Hope seethed that Brooke always got her man, but that time, Brooke had ruined Hope's relationships with Brooke and Oliver in the process.

Brooke explained that she'd confused Oliver with Ridge on the dance floor, and she'd whispered, "I'm ready," without realizing that the phrase had been Hope's cue to Oliver. Disbelieving her mother, Hope asserted that Brooke had used Oliver's desire for Hope to steal Oliver from her. Hope deemed the "mistaken identity excuse" ridiculous, because there was no way that Oliver and Brooke hadn't known what they'd been doing.

Brooke asked her daughter not to blame Oliver, who'd been horrified by the incident. Hope felt that her love for Oliver had been tainted, and she said that she'd never want her first time to be on a terrace at a graduation party. She'd wanted something loving, gentle, and romantic, but Brooke had killed that fantasy. Hope sobbed that she'd idolized her mother, and she didn't understand why her mother had done that to her. Brooke tried to hug Hope, but Hope ordered Brooke to never touch her again.

Backstage in the showroom, Stephanie and Taylor reeled about what Brooke and Oliver had done. The women worried about Hope, and Stephanie said "that little girl" would need her and Taylor. Stephanie and Taylor went to Ridge's office, where they saw Steffy pleading with Ridge. Steffy swore that she hadn't put the segment about Oliver and Brooke into the tribute. To prove that it wasn't her original presentation, she rushed to her office to retrieve her laptop.

While discussing the disastrous tribute with Ridge, Taylor and Stephanie were astonished to learn that he'd already known about Brooke's indiscretion. Stephanie said there was "no way in hell" that Ridge could be na´ve enough to believe that Brooke had mistaken "the young body of a 20-year-old boy with a man that she's been sleeping with for years!"

Ridge stated that he and Brooke had resolved things; however, he worried about Steffy, who'd been blackmailing Brooke and Oliver. Stephanie scoffed when Ridge asserted that Steffy had created another scandal for the company and caused a rift between Brooke and Hope. Stephanie insisted that, if he'd forgiven Brooke, then he could forgive Steffy.

Just then, Steffy returned with her laptop and showed the presentation to Ridge. Steffy was shocked upon seeing that the tampered "Pose" segment had been inserted into her tribute. She shouted that she hadn't done it, but an agitated Ridge told her that she was just making it worse. He said he'd consider forgiving her, if she'd just admit to it. Steffy refused to confess to something that she hadn't done, and though she couldn't dispute the evidence against her, she begged him to believe that she'd never lie to him.

Stephanie urged Ridge to redirect his anger at Brooke, who'd already done the same thing to her other daughter. He stated that he'd done all he could to help Steffy with her issues regarding his split from Taylor. He felt that he'd "compensated left and right," but Steffy kept doing terrible things. Steffy whimpered that she didn't do it. Though Ridge wanted to believe her, the evidence pointed to her. "You've left me no choice. I have to fire you," he decided.

Stephanie and Taylor gasped at the outrage, and a devastated Steffy sobbed that she hadn't done it. Ridge told Steffy to clear out her things by the morning, and he strode out. A tearful Taylor embraced her shattered daughter, and Stephanie shook her head.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, after Brooke had begged Hope's forgiveness for mistakenly having sex with Hope's boyfriend, Hope warned her mother to stay away from her. Oliver entered, and he told Hope that he loved her.

Oliver apologized for everything, and stammered that nothing happened the way Steffy said it had. He said that it was a huge mistake. He recalled the night of the party, and he said that he had seen the necklace, and he thought it was Hope. He wanted her so much. Hope argued, but Oliver said that she had whispered that she was ready -- and he had no idea that it was Brooke dancing and whispering to him and not Hope.

Unconvinced, Hope disagreed that Oliver couldn't recognize that it was someone other than Hope. Oliver said that they didn't remove their masks and they got carried away. Later, when he walked inside, he saw Hope walk down the stairs, and he was confused. Then he said he saw Brooke wearing the necklace and removing her mask. He recalled that he almost passed out.

Hope remembered that Oliver had a panic attack, but she was incensed that Oliver would ever think that sex against a wall at her graduation party was what she wanted for her first time. He should have known better. Hope told Oliver that she couldn't believe that he never stopped during the lovemaking to ask if she was okay. He never kissed her, and he basically made love to a body.

Oliver tried to defend himself, but Hope piped up that it was her mother's fault. Hope stated that her mother was not normal. Oliver begged Hope to move past the mistaken-identity incident, but Hope said that everything in her life had changed.

Oliver told Hope that he woke up every day and reminded himself of how lucky he was to be loved by Hope. He didn't want that to change. Hope told Oliver that she would always love him, but they would be unable to ever return to what they had. Oliver didn't want Hope to give up on their love, and he left.

Brooke told Hope that the pain would fade, but Hope was furious. Hope said that she and Oliver had built something beautiful and special. Hope said that she couldn't be anywhere near Brooke because she couldn't trust Brooke.

Hope put all the blame on Brooke -- not on Steffy for going public with the information. Hope told Brooke that Brooke had poisoned her relationship with Oliver forever, and she ran out of the room.

In Ridge's office, Ridge, Taylor, and Stephanie argued about Ridge's firing of Steffy. Taylor ranted that Ridge had no right to take out his anger on Steffy. Ridge disagreed and told Taylor that Brooke's actions were horrible, but Steffy had ruined people's lives by taking it public. He added that Steffy needed to have consequences for her actions.

Taylor and Stephanie defended Steffy's anger with Brooke, and insisted that Steffy was innocent of going public because someone had tampered with her computer. Ridge said that Steffy had lied and hurt people numerous times before. He had no reason to believe that she hadn't done it again.

Ridge mocked her innocence and wondered who would tamper with her computer and why would someone would do it. Stephanie and Taylor continued to rant about Brooke's behavior. Stephanie accused Ridge of destroying a relationship with his own daughter to keep Brooke in his bed.

Ridge said that he worried that Hope was about to lose the most important relationship in her life -- the one with her mother. Ridge walked out on Taylor and Stephanie, and Taylor was exasperated.

At Bridget's place, Owen arrived and delivered ice cream and good news that the building's air conditioning would be fixed soon. They sat down and shared the ice cream together, and Owen wanted reassurance that Bridget wasn't feeling sorry for herself.

Bridget said that she was sorry she had made so many bad decisions with men. Bridget and Owen discussed Bridget's relationship with Nick over the years.

Owen was sympathetic when Bridget described her first marriage to Deacon, who was Hope's father. Bridget explained that Hope was an innocent victim who didn't ask to be born into that situation any more than the baby Bridget was carrying. The baby kicked and the two of them relished the moment.

Owen warned that he knew something about Hope. He dished that the Deacon situation had happened again. Owen explained that a press conference had been held at Forrester with a loving tribute to Brooke from Steffy and Hope. The tribute turned into a media circus when it was revealed that Brooke had seduced Hope's boyfriend. Bridget was surprised that her mother had done it again.

Hope arrived at Bridget's, and Bridget warmly greeted her stepsister. Hope wanted to know how Bridget had survived Brooke's sexual tryst with Deacon. Bridget told Hope that it would take time for Hope to get over it. Hope cried that she wondered what was wrong with their mother. Bridget hugged Hope.

At Forrester, Brooke was reeling from her encounter with Hope. She entered the Forrester showroom where the press conference had taken place. The photos of Brooke and Oliver remained on the screen with the words "scandal" emblazoned over them. Brooke relived Hope's statements that Brooke had ruined Hope's life.

Stephanie entered and chastised Brooke for letting another one of her daughters know just who the "hottie" in the family was. Brooke reminded Stephanie that it was an accident, but Stephanie didn't let up. Brooke squinted at Stephanie and seethed that Stephanie had better not even think of using the situation to turn Hope against Brooke.

Stephanie insisted that Brooke had already done that. Stephanie said that Brooke had made both of her daughters feel insecure and inferior. Stephanie suggested that Brooke leave Hope alone. Brooke icily warned Stephanie to stay away from Hope.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

by Pam

In the showroom, Stephanie laid into Brooke for emotionally abusing her children. Stephanie ranted about how Brooke had ruined all of her kids. She reminded Brooke that Rick and Bridget had problems and Hope would be ruined forever.

Stephanie suggested that Brooke pack her bags and get out of town because she had destroyed Hope and would go to work on R.J. next. Stephanie refused to allow Brooke to destroy another child.

Brooke argued that she had made a mistake, and Stephanie pointed out that Brooke always used the same excuse: she made a mistake. Brooke was wringing her hands, and she was holding Hope's necklace. Stephanie noticed the necklace, and she surmised that Hope had said she never wanted to see her mother again.

Brooke angrily warned Stephanie to stay away from Hope or she would regret it. Brooke added that she had very little left to lose and seethed at Stephanie to stay away from her family.

In Ridge's office, Ridge confessed to Stephen, Katie, and Bill that all the dirt from the press conference was true. Ridge admitted that it was Brooke and Oliver who'd had sex, but it was a case of mistaken identity. Katie and her father were surprised and relieved that Ridge had already forgiven Brooke.

Ridge said that he was worried about what the news would do to Hope. Ridge cautiously asked Bill for help in squashing the story. Katie piped up that surely Spencer Communications could do something. Bill agreed, and he left.

Stephen worried to Katie that Stephanie would be on the warpath. Stephen surmised that Stephanie would probably try to take advantage of the situation. Katie asked Ridge how Steffy could do something so horrible, and Ridge said that Steffy claimed that someone had sabotaged her computer. Katie and Stephen found it hard to believe that Steffy was not involved after all the things she had done to bring down the Logans.

Stephanie entered Ridge's office and interrupted Ridge's conversation with Katie and Stephen. Arguing ensued among all of them. Ridge refused to participate, and he left to look for Brooke. Stephanie defended Steffy for going public with the information, and Stephen and Katie warned that Steffy and Stephanie needed to back off from the Logan family.

At Bridget's place, Bridget and Hope lamented Brooke's inability to control herself. Bridget gently told Hope that Brooke was probably telling the truth about the night at the graduation party. Bridget believed that Brooke really did think that Oliver was Ridge. Hope doubted that it was true, but Bridget pointed out that Brooke had no reason to lie about it. She added that Oliver also had no reason to lie, and he loved Hope.

Hope brought up Brooke's affair with Deacon, and Bridget said that it was different. Bridget said that Bridget's marriage to Deacon had ended, but Brooke's relationship with Deacon delivered Hope, and everyone was happy about that.

Bridget said that it would take time for Hope to forgive Brooke, but she would find a way to forgive her. Bridget said that she felt especially sorry for Hope because she had been so close to Brooke.

At Spencer Publications, Bill called Justin into his office, and he explained that they had a media situation to squash regarding the Forrester announcement. Justin proudly brought Liam into the office, and Bill asked him to leave, but Justin explained that Liam had found Steffy's laptop.

Justin further explained that he had made some critical changes in Steffy's presentation thanks to Liam's delivery of Steffy's laptop. Bill calmly but angrily asked Justin why he would set out to hurt the Logans when Bill was married to a Logan. Bill reminded Justin that the Logans were Bill's family.

Justin used the excuse that he knew how much Bill wanted to regain control of Forrester. Justin told Bill that it was all about business and had nothing to do with family. Bill reminded Justin that a decision like the one Justin had made to create a scandal that hurt the entire Logan family deserved a phone call to Bill.

Justin said that he had no time to make a call. Justin had received a text message about the announcement at Forrester and had to act fast or lose the opportunity. Justin added that a scandal at Forrester further divided the families and made the company ripe for a takeover.

Justin admitted that he also cared for the Logans because Donna was the mother of Marcus, who worked at Forrester. Justin noted that Brooke had been involved in so many scandals that she would easily survive one more.

Bill asked Justin to leave, and he met with Liam. Bill seemed impressed with Liam's aggressive tactics, but he warned that the information about Steffy's laptop and tampering with her presentation would never become public, or Liam would never have a career.

Brooke climbed the mountainside to the famous Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles. She recalled fond memories of Hope's development from a baby to her teen years. Ridge showed up and hugged Brooke. He assured Brooke that they would find Hope, and that everything would be fine.

Brooke relived all the terrible things that Steffy had done to Hope, including the latest scandal becoming public. Ridge told Brooke that they would get through it together. They smiled and embraced.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

While eating breakfast at home, Bridget saw an article on the scandal in the newspaper. Hope had left earlier that morning, after spending the night at Bridget's house. Brooke, cloaked in a scarf and sunglasses, arrived, and Bridget said Hope hadn't mentioned where she was going.

Brooke asked how Hope had seemed the night before, and Bridget said she'd been devastated. Bridget cynically stated that she and Hope had something in common. "I just can't believe this is happening again," Bridget muttered. In an accusatory tone, Bridget wondered just how many similarities the Oliver situation bore to the Deacon situation.

Brooke gasped, upset that Bridget would insinuate that Brooke had purposely slept with Oliver. Bridget hated to broach the subject, but she needed to know if Brooke had lured "that boy" into sex. Brooke swore that she hadn't known that it was Oliver, but Bridget found it hard to imagine that Brooke hadn't figured it out at some point during the act. Brooke asserted that she would have stopped it instantly, if she'd sensed that something had been off. Brooke insisted that she'd never hurt Hope that way. "Okay," Bridget dubiously replied.

Worried by Bridget's leeriness, Brooke wondered what Bridget had said to Hope about the matter. Bridget admitted that the scandal had dredged up hurtful feelings about Brooke and Deacon; however, Hope wouldn't exist if it hadn't happened. Bridget realized that her baby and Hope were proof that good things could result from hurtful situations. Bridget, who found herself in no position to judge, said she'd advised Hope to forgive Brooke.

Hugging Bridget, Brooke thanked her for her support and understanding. Brooke decided that she needed to get to Hope before Steffy and Stephanie turned Hope against Brooke.

Jason Castro strummed his guitar at Oliver's place as Oliver tried in vain to reach Hope by phone. Aggie arrived to get the story behind what she'd read in the newspaper. She was giddy upon learning that Jason and Oliver were friends. Jason left to practice on the deck, and Oliver briefed his sister on his situation. She believed his incredible story, but Aggie questioned Brooke's sincerity about the mistake. Oliver swore that Brooke had been just as devastated as he'd been when they'd figured it out.

Oliver recalled receiving a message from Aggie, in which she'd indicated that she had some "fabulous news." Beaming, Aggie said that she'd opened herself up to a guy for the first time since the rape. Guessing that it had been Nick, Oliver was glad that things were good for at least one of them. Aggie urged him not to give up on Hope, and he declared that he never would.

At home, Stephanie answered her door to find Hope on the doorstep in sunglasses and a hat. Inviting Hope inside, Stephanie asserted that she'd had nothing to do with the press leak, and Hope believed her. Even though Hope knew that Stephanie had no use for Brooke, Hope asked if Stephanie thought that Brooke could be cruel enough to purposely bed Oliver.

Drawing from her knowledge of Brooke, Stephanie regretfully stated her belief that Brooke had known that it was Oliver. Hope reeled at the statement, and Stephanie advised Hope to put some distance between herself and Brooke. "Move out of that house. I'm sorry to say something like that, but I don't think you can trust your mother," Stephanie said.

Hope asked for Stephanie's opinion about Oliver's part in it. Though Stephanie didn't know him, she sensed that he was an innocent, and he might deserve a second chance. She didn't think he should be punished for what Brooke had done. "And has done before," Stephanie added.

Hope was uncertain, and she cited that Oliver had known that she'd wanted her first time to be special. She didn't know how he could think that she'd want it to happen at a party. "Men are men," Stephanie concluded. She offered Hope the guesthouse to give her privacy from the paparazzi. Hope didn't know if it was a good idea, but Stephanie insisted that it was just what Hope needed. Hope agreed to stay there until she got her bearings.

Oliver called Hope, and Stephanie urged her to see him. Hope reluctantly accepted his invitation to his house, and Stephanie said that Hope had made a good decision. Hope was still torn about her mother, but Stephanie insisted that Brooke had deep-rooted issues about men. Stephanie doubted that Brooke was capable of changing. Stephanie advised Hope to hear Oliver out and then return to her new home at the mansion. "We'll keep you safe," Stephanie promised.

Later, Hope arrived on Oliver's doorstep. He invited her in and hoped her arrival meant that she could find it in her heart to forgive him. Hope just warily stared at him.

At Taylor's house, Liam was curious to know why Steffy had asked to see him. She explained that someone had ruined her life by hacking into her computer and sabotaging the tribute to her stepmother. Liam grew nervous. Ed, an I.T. investigator arrived, and Steffy hoped that Liam and Ed could figure out who the culprit was. Ed took her laptop, and as he left, he promised to call if he found anything. Steffy told Liam that it might be overkill to have him and Ed both working on the case, but she had a lot riding on solving the mystery.

After Steffy called the company's security team to have them peruse surveillance tapes, Liam realized that she was serious. She asserted that she hadn't made the scandalous tribute, and she'd never publicly humiliate her family or the business. Escorting Liam to the door, Steffy vowed that the saboteur would pay for ruining what she'd worked so hard for.

Liam said that he could understand why Steffy wanted her job back, but Steffy said that she needed to clear her name, because her father's opinion of her meant more to her than her job did. She implored Liam to say that he'd "come through" for her.

Friday, July 30, 2010

At Oliver's house, Oliver was anxious for Hope to forgive him, but Hope needed more time. She murmured that she and Bridget had more in common than ever, and Oliver hugged Hope. She stated that Stephanie, who'd added Oliver to the list of Brooke's victims, had advised Hope to forgive him. Though Hope didn't believe that he'd hurt her on purpose, she couldn't understand how it had happened. She didn't think that she ever would.

Hope thought that Oliver had agreed with her that their first time should be special. She didn't know how he'd concluded that she'd want to have an anonymous encounter that hadn't even lasted the length of a song. Oliver stated that he was a guy, so romance hadn't occurred to him. He claimed that he'd just wanted to be with her, regardless of the circumstances.

Reflecting on the incident, Oliver admitted that it had been weird for her to be ready at the party; however, he'd recalled that she'd said she had a surprise for him that night. He admitted that he hadn't wanted to question the timing of it. Hope said that, for the record, she required candles, rose petals, and music that held significance for them. "Does that mean...?" Oliver asked with a smile. Hope stated that she wanted to believe in them, and they hugged.

While text-messaging Jason Castro, Oliver told Hope that Oliver had been working on romantic song ideas for their moment. When Jason entered from the beach, Hope gasped in awe. Jason said Oliver had asked him to play for her. Hope requested to hear "Love Uncompromised," and she joined hands with Oliver. As Jason strummed his guitar and sang, Hope and Oliver gazed at each other. A montage of their time together played on the screen. Hope rested her head on Oliver's shoulder, and she thanked him. He kissed her forehead.

After Jason left, Hope said she didn't want to give up on her and Oliver's relationship. Oliver and Hope said that they loved each other. As they kissed, Hope imagined Brooke and Oliver having sex against the wall. Hope broke away, but after recomposing herself, she resumed their kiss. The images flashed through her mind again, and she uttered that she couldn't do it. Hope grabbed her purse and rushed out of the house. Oliver called her name, to no avail.

At Taylor's house, Taylor told Whip that she was trying to believe her daughter, despite the evidence. Overhearing the conversation, Steffy entered and professed her innocence. Steffy was ticked off when Taylor stated that she'd invited Ridge over to work things out. "You two need to talk," Taylor insisted as the doorbell rang.

Ridge arrived, and Steffy vowed to prove that she wasn't the one who'd spilled his wife's dirty little secret. She announced that she'd already enlisted help from their I.T. department, but Ridge replied that he didn't want her wasting anyone's time. Steffy responded that she wasn't doing that, and Ridge needed to know that she'd never publicly embarrass him.

Hugging her, Ridge said he'd be thrilled to know that Steffy hadn't been involved; however, the point was moot, because her hatred for Brooke had consumed her life. He didn't want her back at the company until she could control that anger. Steffy wondered when he'd stop forgiving the cheating Brooke.

Ridge asked Taylor and Whip to let him talk to Steffy alone, and once they left, he demanded that Steffy respect his love for his wife. He said that love was about forgiveness, and he claimed that he'd done "the same" for Steffy in the past. Steffy quipped that he'd fired her without hearing her out. She exclaimed that it was maddening to watch Ridge constantly forgive Brooke. Steffy implored Ridge to let her return to the company and help the family; however, he refused to let her return until she realized that her "helping" was actually hurting.

Ridge left, and Taylor sat down with Steffy. With an envelope in her hand, Taylor said that Steffy's word that she hadn't been involved with the leak was good enough for Taylor. Taylor thought that Ridge just couldn't see that the detriment to the family was his complacency with Brooke's behavior, not Steffy's anger toward the Logans. Taylor handed Steffy the envelope. Inside it were Taylor's shares in Forrester Creations.

Taylor said Steffy had gotten the company back for the family, and Steffy deserved to be part owner. Gasping, Steffy wondered about her brother. Taylor conveyed that she trusted Steffy to compensate Thomas for his share. Steffy hugged her mother and said it was unbelievable.

At Stephanie's house, Stephanie prepared for Hope's stay in the guesthouse. Brooke arrived and assumed that Pam was moving in. Stephanie touted that the new guest was someone who needed her protection more than Pam. "Your daughter," Stephanie revealed with a grin.

Brooke said Stephanie had better mean Bridget, but Stephanie retorted that Brooke was crazy to think that Hope would live with Brooke after she'd slept with Oliver. Stephanie thought Brooke ought to appreciate Stephanie's help, but Brooke seethed that she'd rather Hope be raised by a pack of wolves. "Damn you, Stephanie, for meddling in this!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke vowed to team up with Eric to ensure that Hope wouldn't live there; however, Stephanie said Hope could live wherever she wanted to live. Brooke asked what Stephanie had said to Hope. Stephanie claimed that she'd told the truth: Brooke had targeted Oliver, just as she'd targeted Deacon. "You're a whore, and your little girl finally knows it," Stephanie said.

Stephanie claimed that she had to stop Hope from ending up like Brooke, and she refused to let Brooke hurt Hope anymore. Brooke insisted that she hadn't seduced Oliver. Stephanie stated that Hope had accepted it, and it would make Hope a better person. Brooke seethed that she didn't care if Stephanie called her a "whore" every day of her life. "But you're not going to say this filth to my daughter!" Brooke yelled, shoving Stephanie. Stephanie lost her balance and fell flat on the floor. Shrieking, Brooke cried out to a nonresponsive Stephanie.

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