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Brooke and Oliver's scandal became big news in the tabloids after Justin forced Liam to hand over a secret audio file of Steffy and Ridge discussing the matter. Justin sabotaged Steffy's tribute to Brooke, and Hope was mortified to learn that Brooke and Oliver had accidently had sex.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, July 19, 2010

In his living room, Ridge figured that having a wife who was always "ready and willing" had its downsides. Brooke expressed her relief that she wouldn't lose him, but he warned that she wasn't completely off the hook. He asked if Oliver had figured out the mistake, and she explained that Oliver was mortified and fearful of hurting Hope.

Brooke relayed that she and Oliver had fulfilled the second of Steffy's conditions by convincing Hope to go to Boston. Ridge grimaced upon hearing that the third condition was for Oliver to leave Hope for Steffy. Ridge restated Steffy's blackmail demands: Brooke's resignation, Hope's departure, and Oliver's affections. Brooke added that Steffy also expected to get Donna's shares in Forrester Creations.

Brooke worried that Steffy would tell Hope about the incident, but Ridge assured her that it wouldn't happen. Brooke disliked putting him in the middle of her and Steffy's issues, but Ridge replied that Steffy had already done that. Brooke marveled at his ability to be supportive and understanding about such an incredibly insane situation. "You are still my Logan, as crazy as you make me sometimes," he told her, and they hugged.

By the pool, an antsy Oliver asked Hope if Ridge had a gun. Oliver sighed, admonishing himself for telling her to go to Boston. Hope second-guessed her decision to leave, but she worried that backing out would disappoint her parents. Oliver suspected that her parents might have changed their minds, too, and Hope decided to talk to them about it. He tried to leave, but she insisted that he wait for her by the pool.

After Hope went inside, Ridge approached. He asked what Oliver had to say to him. Oliver stuttered, so Ridge answered, "I'll tell you what you have to say to me. You are ashamed and deeply, deeply sorry." Oliver readily agreed that he was, and as he stammered, Ridge stated that Hope would never learn about the incident. Oliver thanked Ridge, who added that Oliver wouldn't step within six feet of Brooke without her permission. As Oliver expressed his gratitude, Ridge punched him in the gut.

Oliver doubled over, and Ridge said the hit was for Oliver thinking that he could do something like that to Hope, especially outside and without a condom. "You will not wait for her to tell you when she's ready. I will tell you when she's ready," Ridge decided. Glad that they'd talked, Ridge left. Oliver's expression indicated that he'd thought it would have been worse.

Inside, Hope noted that her mother had been crying, and she assumed that it was due to the Boston trip. Hope asked to talk to her parents, but Brooke said that she didn't know how long Ridge would be gone. Brooke and Hope joined Oliver by the pool and learned that Ridge had just left. Brooke looked concerned, but Oliver noted that Ridge was an amazing gentleman, who really loved his daughter.

Hope guessed that Ridge would enjoy a break from refereeing his daughters. She stated that if she remained in town, she'd work hard to mend her relationship with Steffy. Hope figured that her parents wouldn't be happy if she changed her mind about Boston; however, she asked what she should do if she'd made a mistake that could ruin her life. Brooke told Hope that the best way to correct a mistake was by being "really, really honest."

At Forrester, Rick, who'd initially been assigned Ridge's old office, arrived at work to discover that Stephanie and Taylor had given the office to Steffy instead. Steffy offered him Brooke's office, since she'd no longer need it. Rick wondered if Steffy's vendetta against Hope and Brooke stemmed from the pain that he'd caused Steffy. Steffy assured him that it didn't. She'd figured out that she'd slept with him to prove that she could take something from Brooke.

Steffy put in a call to have computer technicians look at her laptop, and Rick quipped that the machine was receiving interference from her power trip. He guessed that she'd try to ship him off to Siberia, and she advised him to start proving his sentimental value.

As two technicians checked out Steffy's computer later, Steffy daydreamed that Ridge entered with Donna's shares. Offering them to Steffy, he said that he and Eric had agreed that Steffy deserved to be a part owner of Forrester. "If we open our doors to outsiders, or to anyone who's not in the direct line of you and granddad, we lose our way," Steffy stated. She claimed that there was "a graciousness" about their family, and outsiders just didn't have the eye for it. Ridge promoted her to vice president and expressed pride in her. She snapped out of the daydream, and the technicians cited that their clients didn't usually look as happy as she did.

Later, Ridge arrived and ordered the technicians out, so that he could talk to his daughter. Steffy touted that she had good news for him, and he guessed that it was about Donna's shares. He revealed that Brooke had told him everything, and Steffy readily assumed that he was leaving his wife. She stated that Whip and Taylor wouldn't mind if Ridge spent the night at their place; however, Ridge declared that he wasn't leaving Brooke.

Ridge blamed himself for expecting everyone to be adults and find the right relationships without his interference. Steffy stated that he couldn't possibly forgive Brooke, who'd betrayed him with her own daughter's boyfriend. "No, you did. I love my wife. I trust my wife. My judgment of what happened is the only one that counts now. I cannot let you blackmail her, or that boy," Ridge asserted. Steffy was stunned as he proclaimed that it was over.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

by Pam

At Ridge and Brooke's home, Brooke, Oliver and Hope chatted by the pool. Hope worked up the nerve to inform her mother of her decision to stay in Los Angeles, but her phone rang. Hope announced that it was the recruiter, and she excused herself.

While Hope was gone, Oliver told Brooke that Ridge had already talked to Oliver about the situation with Hope, much to Brooke's surprise. Oliver admitted that Ridge had punched him, but Oliver said that it was okay. Brooke and Oliver agreed that they would keep their mistaken-identity fling a secret.

Brooke and Oliver wondered how Ridge was going to handle things with Steffy. Hope entered, and Oliver excused himself so that Brooke and Hope could talk. Hope said that she did not want to leave for Boston, and Brooke was thrilled.

Hope said that everything she loved was in Los Angeles, and she knew she was passing up a great opportunity, but she simply did not want to leave her family. Brooke hugged her daughter and told her that Ridge would also be pleased that she had decided to stay in Los Angeles.

At Forrester, Ridge demanded that Steffy rescind her blackmail demands. He warned that Brooke and Hope would return to the company, and Steffy would welcome them back. He added that she would leave Oliver alone. And, he insisted that she would never speak a word of Brooke and Oliver's encounter to anyone, especially Hope.

Steffy stammered her mantra of how the company had to be Logan-free, but Ridge told her that she was not listening to him. Ridge reminded her that she had become bitter and destructive like Stephanie. Ridge said that if Steffy had gone public with the information about Brooke and Oliver, she would have hurt everyone and the company.

Steffy cried that she had wanted to return the company to its gracious and proud roots. She said that outsiders didn't understand the Forresters because the company was in their blood. She called the Logans outsiders. Steffy admitted that before Ridge had entered, she was daydreaming that he was going to offer her Donna's shares in the company and a title as vice president.

Ridge advised Steffy that he was very proud of her because she was so focused on Forrester, but he added that the shares that Donna and Eric were arguing over were between Eric and Donna. It was their job to work it out and had nothing to do with Steffy.

Steffy cried that Brooke had cheated on Ridge and he couldn't possibly forgive Brooke. Ridge argued that Brooke had behaved outrageously, but he added that Brooke was his wife, and he loved her. Steffy continued to point out that Brooke had created a scandal, but Ridge told Steffy that she had to let go of her anger and obsession with coming between Brooke and Ridge.

Steffy didn't let up. She reminded Ridge that Brooke had led Oliver out onto the patio and had sex with him. Ridge reiterated that it was a case of mistaken identity, and if he could forgive everyone, he expected Steffy to follow his lead.

Steffy apologized, but she couldn't understand why Ridge was siding with Brooke. Ridge explained that he loved Brooke and he loved Steffy. He insisted that Steffy was somehow stuck blaming Brooke for taking him away from Taylor, but Ridge said that she had to stop.

Ridge also told his daughter that there were consequences for her actions. He expected her to create a tribute to Brooke to welcome her back to Forrester. Steffy refused, but Ridge reminded her that she could no longer try to dismantle his marriage. Steffy cried and Ridge hugged her. He told her that she had to forgive and move on.

On Nick's boat, Nick and Aggie had dinner, and Aggie shared that it was her first boat ride. Nick had prepared fresh fish, but Aggie reminded him that she was a vegetarian. Nick returned with a suitable pizza for her. Aggie turned the conversation to her surprise that Jackie had tolerated Owen's indiscretion with Bridget. Nick didn't seem surprised. Aggie teased that Nick would soon find another woman, but Nick didn't seem interested.

Aggie admitted that she had not been with a man since she was raped, but she told Nick that she was no longer afraid, since Nick had helped her face her attacker and put him in jail. Aggie said that it had been a long time since she had been touched, caressed, or kissed. Nick conjectured that she would find the right man and the right moment. Aggie wondered aloud if she had found the right moment.

Nick caressed Aggie's cheek and arms, and hugged her. He gently kissed her on the cheek and then the lips, and he held her closely. Aggie kissed Nick again and pulled him into a more passionate embrace.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

by Pam

Ridge and Brooke were in their room discussing the night's events. Ridge shared that he had spoken to Steffy about her actions, and he insisted that Steffy had to redeem herself with a tribute to Brooke to welcome her back to Forrester.

Brooke was uneasy about giving Steffy such a responsibility. Brooke worried that Steffy would retaliate with the tribute, but Ridge disagreed. He said that he had forgiven both Brooke and Steffy, and they needed to find a way to forgive and trust one another.

Brooke thanked Ridge for being such a devoted and understanding husband. They kissed and got undressed. Later, after lovemaking, Ridge said that they had to help Steffy understand that there was no competition between Brooke and Steffy. Brooke said that she knew how important it was to Steffy to work with Ridge.

Brooke thanked Ridge for protecting Hope. Ridge said that he wasn't worried because there were only four people who knew about the incident -- Ridge, Brooke, Oliver, and Steffy. Ridge knew that Steffy would never tell anyone. Brooke hugged Ridge, but she did not look relieved or convinced that Steffy would keep the secret.

At Spencer Communications, the new intern, Liam, was hard at work trying to repair a computer. He stumbled upon an audio file that was accidentally downloaded. It was Ridge and Steffy's conversation about Brooke and Oliver's wall sex at Hope's party.

Liam checked paperwork to see whose computer he was working on, and he discovered it was Steffy's laptop. Liam checked out the entire Forrester family on the Internet, and he realized that he had some very sensitive information.

Justin walked in and overheard the recorded conversation on the laptop. He asked Liam what he was doing, and Liam admitted that he worked as a computer repair technician when he wasn't working as an intern at Spencer. Justin quizzed Liam about the recorded conversation, and Liam said he really couldn't talk about it.

Justin advised Liam that he had better discuss what was going on because Justin was his boss. Liam admitted that he should not have been working on Forrester computers at Spencer, but it was a rush job. He admitted that he had Steffy's computer, and he asked if Spencer and Forrester were competing companies. Justin insisted on hearing the recording, but Liam argued that it was sensitive information. Justin ordered him to play the recording.

Justin got an earful as Steffy and Ridge discussed Brooke's indiscretion with Oliver, who was Hope's boyfriend. After Justin finished listening, he was surprised and pensive.

At Forrester, Oliver visited Steffy, and Steffy wondered if he was there to gloat because her entire plan had backfired. Oliver was surprised at her attitude. He told her that he was there to check on her because Ridge had just talked to him about the mistaken-identity sex. Steffy asked what Ridge had said to Oliver, and Oliver admitted that Ridge had punched him in the stomach.

Steffy said that she felt the same way after Ridge laid into her, but she was happy that he had forgiven her. Steffy shared that her dad had ordered her to prepare a presentation to welcome Brooke back to the company. Steffy was angry that she was being punished, and Brooke got away with everything.

Oliver was surprised at Steffy's rant. He tried to calm her down and reminded her that she could have hurt a lot of people if she had gone public, and she had blackmailed Oliver and Brooke. Steffy reminded Oliver that she was only telling the truth. Oliver said he understood, but that she didn't see what her actions were doing to her entire family.

Steffy angrily replied that Ridge always forgave Brooke, no matter what she had done. Steffy hoped that one day her father would see that forgiving Brooke for everything she had done was wrong.

On Nick's boat, Aggie and Nick were in a clinch, and Aggie pulled away. She said that she trusted Nick, but she wasn't sure she was ready. She had thought that she might never make love again after being raped.

She and Nick kissed, and Aggie decided that she was ready. Nick promised to go slowly with Aggie. He undressed her, and they made love. After the lovemaking, Aggie told Nick that he had helped her to fight her way back from a very dark time in her life.

Aggie thanked Nick and wondered how they had found each other. Nick said that he was convinced they were together on the boat because they were meant to be together. They kissed again and became more passionate as they rolled around on the bed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ridge called Stephanie into his office to say that he had some news, and he didn't want to hear any negativity. He revealed that Steffy had planned a tribute for Brooke, and it would play at the press conference right before they announced Brooke's return the company. A scowling Stephanie said she'd mistakenly believed that they'd finally gotten rid of "those girls," but he declared that the Logan versus Forrester war had ended. She felt that Brooke was hiding something, but he insisted that there was no scandal, bomb, or indiscretion. "It's over," he asserted.

In her office, Steffy begrudgingly worked on her tribute to Brooke. She emailed invitations to it, and Hope entered. When Hope announced her decision to remain in L.A., Steffy faked a smile. Brooke stood in the doorway as Hope conveyed that she wanted to be friends with Steffy again. Steffy said there was a lot that Hope didn't know, but Hope vowed not to give up on Steffy. Brooke entered, and Hope asked Steffy to think about working together.

Hope went to Ridge's office to ask for Stephanie's support in mending Hope's relationship with Steffy. Hope asked Stephanie to help Steffy see that Brooke and Hope weren't the enemies. Stephanie replied that Steffy was her own woman, but Hope figured that Steffy would listen to her grandmother. Stephanie doubted that, but Ridge agreed that Stephanie should help end the tension, instead of creating more of it. He asked if she'd assist in ending the conflict, and Stephanie seemed to consider it.

Back in Steffy's office, Brooke thanked Steffy for her discretion, but Steffy attributed her silence to Ridge, who was determined to protect Brooke and Hope. Brooke said that she'd given Steffy power by letting Steffy hang the secret over her head, but that was over. Both women expressed surprise at Ridge's reaction to things, and Brooke thanked Steffy for agreeing to do the tribute. Steffy said she'd worked hard on it, and she hoped that it fairly depicted Brooke and her contributions to the company.

Steffy apologized for the blackmail scheme and assured Brooke that Stephanie hadn't been involved. Disliking where their relationship had wound up, Brooke offered to fix it by supporting Steffy at the company. Brooke hoped that Steffy would meet her half way, and Steffy expressed that it might be the beginning of a new era.

Ridge entered, expecting that everyone had learned from the experience. He felt that they all had to accept each other if they intended to succeed. "No more drama at all," he said and insisted that he wouldn't put up with any more infighting. Steffy said that she understood, and she knew what she needed to do. Steffy and Ridge hugged, and Brooke smiled.

Ridge still seemed leery, and Steffy stated that after she'd pulled something on Bill Spencer, she'd thought she could do it again; however, she'd failed the second time, and she'd never do something like that again. Ridge figured that Steffy had learned from her mistake. He was proud and grateful that Steffy had made the tribute. She said she couldn't wait for him to see it. Ridge thanked Steffy for helping to bury what had happened the night of the graduation party.

At Spencer Publications, Liam rushed to the computer to erase the recording, but before he could, Justin entered. On his phone, Justin received an invitation to Steffy's "special announcement regarding Brooke Forrester." Justin replayed the recording of Steffy and Ridge's conversation, and Liam expressed his uneasiness about hanging onto it. Liam wanted to take the laptop back to Forrester Creations for recycling, but Justin said that Liam would have to act if he expected to make an impression on Bill, who was out of town at the time. Justin said Bill wanted Forrester Creations "in the worst way," and it'd be huge if Liam could deliver it to him.

Justin activated the remote access to Steffy's files and wondered what Steffy was up to at that moment. Liam felt that Ridge and Steffy had wanted their conversation to remain private. Justin stated that Liam had goofed by leaving the computer in record mood when Ridge had entered to speak to Steffy the other day. Liam asked what Justin planned to do with the recording, but Justin insisted that Liam leave things up to Justin.

When Steffy logged off her computer later, Justin seized the opportunity to search though her files. He found the tribute to Brooke and the "Pose" video segment from the party. He spliced into the tribute video a portion of the audio recording from Steffy's office. Next, he pasted the "Pose" segment into the same file.

On the Forrester rooftop, Amber visited Rick as he worked out. She complimented his physique and remarked that she'd arrived for the mysterious announcement regarding Brooke. Amber flirtatiously joked that she'd consider skipping the announcement to spend the entire day with him. He responded that the press conference would be too good to pass up, and he stated that his family had won a round in the battle between the Forresters and the Logans.

Rick asked about Little Eric. Amber said that he was enrolled in a private school in Ojai, and her job at Jackie M was paying for it. Amber remarked upon Bridget's unusual pregnancy. Rick looked puzzled, and she said she hoped that she and Bridget could solve their differences.

Amber sensed that there was tension in Rick's family, and he expressed that it had been weird around there with all the changes. He said that it was good to see her. He hadn't realized how much he'd missed her. Amber asked about his love life, and he deemed it nonexistent. She announced that she was single, and she couldn't help remembering how hot they'd been together. "You missed me, Rick? The truth is, I really missed you, too," she said, and he kissed her. She kissed him back, and he thanked her for stopping by.

Friday, July 23, 2010

At Spencer Publications, a nervous Liam went to Justin's office to retrieve the laptop, but Justin wasn't done with it. Justin cited that the laptop had been helpful. He cryptically discussed Steffy's presentation, the remote access to the Forrester network, and "ways to embellish." Justin said he wouldn't want to be Steffy, because being forced to praise someone he abhorred would rub him the wrong way. Liam wondered if Justin had tampered with Steffy's tribute to Brooke. Justin revealed that Steffy had caused Bill to lose Forrester Creations. To reacquire it, they had to shake up the Forresters, and Liam had delivered a bombshell that could make the family explode.

Justin called Jarrett into the office and instructed him to take Liam to the press conference. Justin figured that the intern required a lesson in how they did business. Once Liam and Jarrett left, Justin resumed his sabotage of Steffy's tribute to Brooke.

On the Forrester rooftop, Amber and Rick heavily flirted, and Rick admitted that she'd once played a big role in his life. She doubted that his family would be happy to see her. He noted that her eyes always twinkled as if she were up to no good. Amber wondered if she'd gain entry to the press conference, because all the intrigue had her "juices flowing." Rick said he'd make sure that she was on the guest list.

In Steffy's office, Stephanie tried to get the dirt on Brooke, but Steffy said that her grandmother would find out when the time was right. Stephanie insisted upon previewing the tribute, but before Steffy could play it, Ridge called her down to the showroom. She dragged Stephanie along to keep Stephanie from looking at the tribute without her.

In the Forrester showroom, Brooke and Ridge kissed, and she called his handling of the crisis "nothing short of miraculous." Ridge was proud of Steffy's efforts to make amends. Brooke hoped that Steffy would never reveal the secret to Hope, because if Hope knew about it, she'd never forgive her mother.

Backstage, Hope and Oliver kissed. She was excited to be staying in Los Angeles. The pair marveled at Steffy's behavior, and Hope thought it would be amazing if Steffy had really changed. Hope and Oliver joined Brooke and Ridge in the showroom. Steffy and Stephanie entered, and Stephanie disagreed with Ridge's decision to have Steffy do the tribute. Hope thought it was cool, and Steffy expressed satisfaction with her work. Ridge said that the fashion world would see firsthand that the Forresters were a united family. Stephanie scowled.

The guests arrived, and Taylor, Stephanie, and Thomas were stunned to see Amber enter. Taylor remarked that Amber was working at Jackie M. Thorne greeted Amber with a hug, and Liam and Jarrett arrived. Pam gave Jarrett a hug, and Eric, Taylor, and Stephanie approached to meet Liam. Justin slipped through the door, and Ridge decided that Justin could stay, as long as he behaved himself.

From backstage, Brooke and Steffy peeked at the crowd, and Brooke once again expressed her appreciation for the tribute. Steffy remarked that she'd found a lot of interesting material, and she hoped that she'd done it justice. She tensed when Brooke hugged her.

Everyone took seats, and Steffy kicked off the presentation by saying that everyone would agree that it was "richly deserved." She introduced Hope, who dispelled rumors that she was going away to college and that "Hope for the Future" had ended. After Hope made glowing statements about her mother, Steffy's presentation appeared on a big screen. Liam twitched in his seat and worried that innocent people would get hurt. Justin whispered that it sometimes worked out that way.

The presentation started well. Steffy's voiceover lauded Brooke's legacy at Forrester Creations, and some company photos appeared on the screen. After highlighting the BeLieF Formula, the Men's Line, and Brooke's Bedroom, the presentation moved on to Brooke's outstanding parental skills. Steffy's voiceover stated that Brooke had made Hope's graduation party a night to remember.

The "Pose" video began to play, and Brooke and Oliver blanched. Steffy stiffened, and Justin grinned. The audio recording from Steffy's old computer played over the music, and everyone heard Steffy's voice say that Brooke had led Oliver to the terrace for a seduction. "She slept with her own daughter's boyfriend!" the recording of Steffy exclaimed.

On the screen appeared Oliver and Brooke's pictures with a caption that read, "The Secret is Out!" Next, the word "Scandal" blinked on the screen. Justin smugly watched as cameras flashed; however, Liam seemed ashamed. Marcus uttered Steffy's name, and Steffy's mouth gaped as Taylor and Stephanie quizzically turned to her.

Oliver cowered in his seat, and Brooke looked devastated. A doe-eyed Hope glanced around, and then her chagrinned gaze fell on Brooke, who hung her head. Hope looked to Oliver, and she pitifully closed her eyes. Ridge hopped from his seat and yelled that it was a mistake. He said that he'd answer all the questions from the press.

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