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Both Natalie and Jessica discovered they were pregnant. Ford was tested for hepatitis C. Eli followed Rex to Boston and drugged him. Todd and Téa announced their engagement. Ford was shocked to learn that he had another younger brother.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, July 19, 2010

At the hospital in Maryland, Mrs. Williamson wanted to know why Cristian was so anxious to get to Evangeline's personal papers. She was sure that Evangeline had no will, and asserted that she would be the one to make a decision about her daughter. When Layla wondered what Evangeline would truly want, her mother threatened to have Layla barred from seeing Evangeline. Layla's mother said that the negativity wasn't good for Evangeline and left to get some of Evangeline's things from home.

Layla was frustrated that every conversation with her mother turned into an argument, but Cristian assured her that her mother was only scared to lose her daughter. Layla thought she would have better luck talking to her mother at home, but didn't want Cristian with her. He understood that him being there would probably make it worse and wished her luck as she left.

Cristian entered Evangeline's room and sat down at her bedside. He didn't know what to do because he didn't like seeing her that way. He wished that she would get better, or at least that he knew whether or not she wanted to stay on the machines. Becoming upset, Cristian wanted Evangeline to know that he had never stopped loving her.

At the Williamson household, Layla entered the house to find her mother lighting a fire in the fireplace. As Mrs. Williamson covered a pile of papers sitting next to her, she wondered why Layla wasn't with her sister. Layla and her mother both tugged at the papers until Layla finally succeeded in taking them away. Wondering what her mother didn't want her to see, she looked at the paper on top, which was entitled "The Living Will of Evangeline Williamson."

At La Boulaie, Langston walked in on Dorian and Charlie sharing a kiss. After Langston dropping her keys, the couple stopped, and Langston was embarrassed. Dorian wanted to explain, but Langston didn't need an explanation because she felt that she had no room to judge anyone after what she did to Markko. In order to give Dorian and Langston privacy, Charlie exited to the terrace. Dorian wondered if Langston had heard from Markko. Langston informed her mother that she and Markko had a long talk and figured out that they didn't belong together because too much had happened.

Langston filled Dorian in on the fact that Markko was moving to California to go to UCLA. She wanted him to be happy and successful because he deserved it. "Stop him," replied Dorian. Langston thought Dorian was a hypocrite for telling her to stop Markko, but Dorian had never stopped David from leaving. Dorian thought her and David's relationship was unrelated, the difference being that Langston and Markko were meant to be together. Langston told her mother to concentrate on her own love life and walked out.

Charlie reentered and began to kiss Dorian again, but Dorian promptly stopped him. Charlie apologized if Dorian was uncomfortable, but reminded her that she was the one that wanted to explore the attraction. She reasoned that Langston reminded her that emotions could sometimes confuse feelings. Charlie thought that Dorian always knew what she wanted, but Dorian admitted to being dishonest. Charlie confronted her about her feelings for David, but Dorian held back with Charlie because of Viki.

Dorian thought that Charlie was confusing the intimacy of their previous bond -- their pact to kill Mitch -- with "intimacy of another kind." However, Charlie knew that he hadn't been confusing the signals Dorian sent to him. She claimed to be merely flirting and was appalled that Charlie would want to cheat on his wife. As Charlie informed her that it took two to tango, Dorian stomped on Charlie's foot, and yelled about how Viki deserved better.

Charlie dared her to admit that she still had feelings for David, to no avail. Charlie wondered when Dorian had started to care about Viki, to which Dorian replied that she knew they had differences, but she wouldn't allow Viki to be made a fool. Dorian scowled at Charlie and headed for Llanfair.

At Llanfair, Jessica and Natalie walked in on David and Viki sharing a kiss. The stunned sisters wanted to know what was going on. Viki eventually stammered that it was a long story, but David covered. He said that Viki was helping him rehearse for a callback for a European movie, which was also why there were tiny bathing suits littering the living room. Unbelieving, the twins warned their mother not to eat any of David's poisoned muffins.

David stuck with his claim that Noelle had made them, but the girls had done their research and found that David had made them. Viki told them to go to a doctor, so they left. Wanting to pick up where they left off, Viki assured David that the girls wouldn't bother them again. Viki made a move to kiss him, but David stopped her and said that he couldn't.

David admitted that he couldn't go through with things because of his feelings for Viki. David confessed that he was thinking about their friendship and he didn't want to ruin her marriage. Viki urged him to admit who was really in his heart. He wondered why it was so hard to believe that he had chosen to respect her marriage. Viki's phone rang. On the other end, Charlie explained that he did everything possible to reel Dorian in, but she was on her way over to Llanfair to tattle on Charlie. Wanting to convince David that her marriage was on the rocks, she pleaded with a confused Charlie to give her another chance. Viki hung up the phone and informed David that Charlie was leaving her because he thought he belonged with Dorian at La Boulaie.

In the foyer of Llanfair, Jessica and Natalie agreed that they didn't believe David's story about the audition, but they didn't want to think about the alternative. After getting off the phone with their doctor, Jessica informed Natalie that he didn't have hours until the next day. Not wanting to spread their sickness to their loved ones, the twins decided to go to the hospital to get checked out. They left the house with the muffins to get them tested for some kind of poison.

Viki cried that no one wanted her, but since Charlie was "out of the picture," David led Viki towards her bedroom. Before going up the stairs, Viki, actually unlocking the front doors, told David that she was locking the doors so no one would interrupt. Up in Viki's bedroom, she looked very uncomfortable as David aimed terms of endearment at her. As David undressed completely, Viki attempted to stall by suggesting that she get changed first. Changing into a robe, the two got into Viki's bed.

Downstairs, Dorian entered the house, looked around, and called Viki's name. She headed upstairs as Charlie bolted in, looking around and calling Viki's name. Charlie noticed David's skimpy bathing suits on the floor and headed for the stairs. Dorian knocked on Viki's bedroom door and yelled that she had to talk to her about Charlie. As she was saying that Charlie had tried to get her into bed, Dorian walked into the room and saw Viki and David in bed.

Starr admitted to Cole that she had gone to see James in the hospital again. Cole asked when James was being released, but Starr said that it didn't matter because she wasn't going to see him anymore. Starr explained to a confused Cole that there was no point in seeing James anymore because his condition had improved. Starr started rambling, but Cole stopped her, and asked if she was okay. Seeing a way out of answering, Starr saw Markko walk by and stopped him. Markko questioned Starr and Cole about how they were doing, and they gave their friend a brief overview on all that had happened with Hannah and James. Markko asked if they were back together.

The couple informed Markko that they had never broken up. Markko reasoned that the last time he saw Cole was in jail, and Cole had just told Starr not to visit anymore. Markko wanted to know everything that had happened since then. Cole updated Markko on what had happened with Hannah. Starr was just happy that they were together again, and with Hope. Cole told Markko that he should move back into the apartment because Langston had moved back in with Dorian. Markko couldn't, and it had nothing to do with Langston. He was leaving for California, "for good."

Starr asked if Langston knew. Markko explained that they had talked and couldn't work it out. Starr reminded him how badly Langston regretted what had happened, and that they could get past it. Markko told Starr that there was a possibility of forgiveness, but he could never forget what Langston had done. Markko related that he had always wanted his and Langston's relationship to be destined like Starr and Cole's, but it wasn't. Starr couldn't believe that he could go to California and leave Langston in Llanview, but Markko shot back that Langston had left him every time she was with Ford.

Cole reassured Starr that he didn't want Markko to leave, either, but it was a great opportunity to start his career, and they would still be friends. Cole wanted Starr to be happy for Markko instead of making things harder. Starr apologized and, just as Langston entered, reasoned that she knew Langston loved Markko and always would.

Langston hid as Markko said that Karen -- who was going to California to become an actress -- was waiting for him. Starr walked up to Markko and handed him a muffin with a lit candle. Cole told him to remember them when he was a "hotshot director," and Markko assured them that he would never have friends like them. Starr, Cole, Markko, and Langston all remembered happier times of the four of them having fun. Markko blew out his candle and hugged Starr and Cole as Langston cried.

Cole offered to walk Markko to the car, and Starr went the opposite way, bumping into Langston. Starr told her friend that she had just missed Markko, but Langston informed Starr that they had said their goodbyes earlier. Starr asked if she was okay, and Langston replied that she knew she had to let Markko go. Understanding, Starr hugged her friend.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dorian arrived at Llanfair and searched for Viki. "It's about your Charlie. He tried to get me into bed," she called out. Dorian was shocked beyond belief when she walked into Viki's bedroom at Llanfair and saw David and Viki in bed together. "Coitus interruptus can be brutal," David opined as he got out of bed to get rid of his ex. Lacking success, he turned around and headed back to bed to kiss Viki, who scolded him to "lay off." Dorian whined that she had shown up to do a good deed. "Viki, how could you?" she asked. David assured her that it was obvious he would be in bed with Viki after they heard about Dorian and Charlie doing the same.

Charlie showed up shortly after Dorian, and Dorian urged him to tell the truth. Dorian stressed that she would never interfere in Viki's marriage. Before Charlie could speak, Viki cut in and admitted that Charlie hadn't left Viki and he hadn't really planned on getting it on with Dorian. Viki confessed that she had made the whole thing up.

David jumped out of bed to get dressed as Viki revealed the scheme. She tried to explain that Charlie and Dorian were not together and, as for herself, she did not have any interest in David. Dorian and David were doubtful as Charlie and Viki took turns in giving details of their elaborate plan. They insisted there was no "Charlian" and no "Diki." She and Charlie pretended to have feelings for the others because David and Dorian belonged together and were madly in love with each other. Viki wanted them to admit it. She wanted them to kiss and make up.

David and Dorian refused, and David expressed how humiliated he felt. They appeared uneasy but clearly unhappy in being the victims of Charlie and Viki's plot. David felt that Viki had been playing with his emotions. Viki believed that she and Charlie were justified in helping David and Dorian see the light, but the pair disagreed that they loved each other. Dorian made it clear that she loathed David, and he seconded her assessment. Dorian was sure they would be together if they wanted to be.

Charlie suggested that he and Viki leave them alone to talk, but Dorian stopped them with her appraisal of Viki. She accused Viki of stooping to Todd's level with her plot, and she charged Charlie with being disloyal and dishonest. In a surprising turn of events, she fired Charlie. He cited his contract, but Dorian called attention to the morals clause. She had no problems with dragging Charlie and Viki through the mud and testing the "court of public opinion." Viki regretfully agreed that things could be bad. After Dorian left and David headed to his own room, Charlie asked Viki if she had a "Plan B."

With an arm around her friend, Starr comforted Langston who couldn't believe that Markko was leaving Llanview. As they stopped to talk at Angel Square Park, Langston wanted to catch up on Starr's life instead. "What the hell have you been up to anyway?" Langston asked Starr. "Target practice," Ford stated as he walked up to the two young women. He thought that Langston should hear about how Starr had shot his brother.

Starr accused Ford of stalking Langston but he insisted he wouldn't do that, especially since Langston didn't want him. She was free to go back to Markko, he added. Instead, Langston informed him that Markko was headed to UCLA. Ford was surprisingly happy to hear the news, not because he'd have a chance at Langston, he informed the girls. The film school at the college was great and Markko was lucky, he pointed out. Ford had been rejected from that very same school, he told them.

Sarcastically, Starr retorted that she wished Llanview University had rejected him as well. Ford shook his head and related that he couldn't understand how his brother was able to put up with Starr for so long. Langston was astonished to hear that Ford had a brother, and Ford revealed that Starr had put a hole in him. Starr asked Ford to go away and he consented, hopeful that Starr wouldn't shoot him in the back. Ford expressed his sorrow to Langston that Markko was leaving.

Langston wanted the dirt on Ford's brother, and Starr acquiesced, explaining that James was very different from Ford and a "good guy." Langston failed to see how someone who had carjacked Starr, forced her on the run, and been shot, could be any different from Ford. Indignantly, Starr informed her friend that James had looked after her. Langston was confused and wondered about Cole's reaction to the entire scenario. Starr advised her friend that she and Cole hadn't been on great terms even before the incident.

Langston appeared suspicious, but Starr quickly assured her there was nothing between herself and James. Langston admitted that she would understand if Starr didn't tell her everything after all they had been through recently. Starr assured her that they were still best friends, and they would never let guys get between them. They gave each other a hug as Ford watched from behind some bushes.

Rex showed up at La Boulaie with news for Kelly. He was sure he had the information that would lead to her mother's killer. Eli, who had just completed a phone call in another room, overheard Rex and stopped to listen before heading to the study. Rex and Kelly were surprised to find him there, and Kelly expressed her joy at Eli's upcoming nuptials. After some small talk, Eli offered Kelly some free legal counsel as Kelly explained she had hired Rex to help in the search for her mother's killer.

She told him they were looking for someone named Bennett Thompson, though Rex clarified that Bennett Thompson was merely a "person of interest" at that point in the investigation. Eli was curious to know how Kelly had the name of this man and was stunned when she replied that her mother had told her. Eli pushed for further information, and Kelly explained that she had found Thompson's name on a slip of paper in the vase her mother had made that was subsequently broken.

Eli's face darkened and he wondered how far Rex had gotten in his investigation. Rex replied he had listed all of the men with the same name who resided all over the country. Kelly asked Eli if he had any ideas, and Eli's response was to tell her to "let it go," and not pursue the investigation any further. Kelly asked Rex to allow her to speak to Eli privately, and Rex left the room. Kelly told Eli that dropping the matter was not an option and, among others, she thought that Rodney was a connection to the case.

Eli reminded her that Rodney had died of natural causes, and previous experience told him that cases like hers never ended well for the people in pursuit of the truth. They had nothing to show except "desperation and sadness," he concluded. Kelly knew that Rodney had to be a lead, and she vowed to keep going and make the murderer pay. Eli promised to do his best to keep Kelly safe.

Rex returned and mentioned that their best bet was to connect Melinda and the murderer to Rodney. Kelly mentioned that Rodney had a baseball card of Boston player Carl Yastrzemski in his possession, and Rex revealed that Rodney had originally been from Boston. There were three Bennett Thompsons listed in the Boston area, and one was a lawyer, another a teacher, and the last was in marketing. Eli appeared angry with the revelation.

Cristian cried as he held Evangeline's hand in her hospital room in Maryland. He told her that he still loved her and he always would. He wanted her to remain in his life, and he wished he could do something to stop her sister and mother from arguing. He confessed that he had fallen in love with Layla even though he hadn't meant to because he always thought that Evangeline would be the one. He was moving forward, and he wanted her to return. He and Layla didn't want to leave Evangeline behind, but he felt powerless towards both of the women in what needed to be done for each of them.

He cried that he knew that Layla felt guilty about being with Cristian, but he felt guilty too. He really wanted Evangeline's approval, but he knew he wouldn't get it.

At the Williamson house, Layla accused her mother of lying after she grabbed Evangeline's Living Will from her mother's hands. Layla accused her of violating Evangeline's wishes, but Mrs. Williamson snarled that she would run her house as she saw fit. She accused her daughter of not being there for Evangeline while she was the one who did all she could to keep Evangeline alive. "Where were you?" she yelled at Layla.

Layla began to cry as she tried to make her mother see that Evangeline didn't want to use life-sustaining treatment like feeding tubes and machines. It was all there in black and white -- Evangeline wanted them to let her go. Mrs. Williamson shouted that wasn't the whole story. She called attention to the fact that the will wasn't dated or notarized. Layla called it a technicality, but her mother screamed that it was only a clue to what Evangeline might have been thinking about. She wasn't planning on putting her daughter to death. "What if she's already gone?" Layla asked her.

Layla acknowledged that her mother loved Evangeline more than anything, but her sister was already slipping away. She wasn't able to live without the machines and, even without the document, Evangeline would only be living half a life. Mrs. Williamson felt that life was better than none. Layla wondered for whom and stated they had to do what Evangeline wanted. Her mother disagreed, feeling that Evangeline needed her help and the paper was useless. Sarcastically, she urged Layla to use it to kill her sister. She could try to use the papers or they could work together and tear it up, Mrs. Williamson added. She sneered that Evangeline's blood would be on Layla's hands.

After Layla was gone, Mrs. Williamson looked through Evangeline's belongings and a photo of Layla and Evangeline together. A card fell out of one of the papers and she looked at it curiously. She made a phone call, and Eli answered the phone. She asked to speak to Bennett Thompson. The business card stated that he was an attorney.

Layla returned to the hospital and handed the will to Cristian. She advised him that her mother hadn't planned to use it and instead had been ready to burn it until Layla caught her. She had to virtually rip the will from her mother's hands, and her mother was blaming her for wanting to kill Evangeline. Her mother had made it clear that there had been no witness or official filing of the living will. Cristian wondered if Evangeline would really want to follow the language of the will. Layla though she would, and Cristian suggested they call a lawyer.

Jessica and Natalie sat close to each other in the emergency room waiting area. They were tired of killing time as they waited for someone to see them. They were dizzy and sick, and Natalie thought she should call Viki to intercede for them. Jessica thought otherwise, since she was concerned they could be contagious. Their mother couldn't be near them if that were the case, she advised her sister.

After an interminable wait, Greg appeared to speak to them. He announced that he would accompany Jessica for an examination and Natalie would see one of his colleagues. Natalie handed him the container of muffins and demanded they be tested for poisonous materials. The girls were taken to separate rooms.

The doctors performed the examinations and heard both of the girls talk about their symptoms. They had headaches, they had cramps, they were hungry, and they were vomiting. Greg noted that Jessica had mood swings. Both doctors arranged for further testing, but when they met in the hallway, they agreed they both knew what the diagnosis would be.

As Jessica and Natalie lay in beds in their different rooms, they spoke to each other on the phone. Natalie's doctor returned, munching on one of the forbidden muffins. Greg returned to Jessica and assured her the muffins were delicious. "Kudos to the chef," he told her. Both doctors promised that the muffins had been tested okay and the girls were not sick from those. Anxiously, the girls awaited the bad news. "You're pregnant," each of the doctors advised his patient.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At Llanfair, Viki and Charlie licked their wounds in the wake of the failure of their scheme to reunite David and Dorian. Mr. and Mrs. Banks were both stunned that their counterparts had been unwilling to admit their love. Viki feared for the future of the civic center after Dorian's firing of Charlie, but Charlie said they could use the media pressure of the Banner to keep the project alive. He didn't regret his dismissal, and told Viki he'd known it wouldn't last working with the lascivious Dorian, "because I love my wife." Charlie noticed the collection of skimpy swimsuits Viki had made David wear, and said that only David Vickers would wear them.

Brody, looking for Jessica, entered the drawing room. Viki told him that both Jessica and Natalie had headed to the hospital with stomach pains, and recounted how the twins had suspected that David's muffins had given them food poisoning. Charlie was sure David's fiendish culinary skills had felled the sisters, but Viki reminded him that David had eaten one of the muffins and not become ill. Brody wondered what could have made both Jessica and Natalie sick, if not food poisoning. He called Jessica's phone and left a message, then told Viki and Charlie he'd meet up with her at Rodi's.

After Brody left, Viki told Charlie that David was a handful but a true friend, and she didn't want to banish him from her life despite the recent hijinks. Charlie grudgingly ceded to her wishes, and apologized for dreaming up his bizarre scheme. "Burn those sheets," he asked her, still scarred by the sight of David and Viki in bed together.

Charlie couldn't get the image of Viki and David's skimpy swimsuit photo shoot out of his mind, and Viki told her hubby that she would've rather been rubbing suntan lotion on his shoulders by the pool. Charlie remembered their "alone time" fondly, but was doubtful they'd ever get that kind of free time and privacy again. A light bulb went off over Viki's head, and she told Charlie they needed to do something about that.

After speaking with Lois, Viki returned to the drawing room. Charlie asked Viki to evict David from Llanfair, since their mission had failed, but Viki said that David would be a loyal employee, and she didn't want to throw him out with nowhere to go after manipulating and toying with him. "Shoot me now," Charlie sighed, but Viki told him she had a better idea: a tropical vacation, just the two of them, alone together at last. She told him that the Banner would run itself without her, and reminded Charlie he was out of a job; also, Lois had promised to mind Llanfair in their absence. Charlie loved the idea of being alone with his wife in a cozy bungalow by the beach. He kissed her and asked, "How fast can you pack?"

After changing clothes and packing their belongings, Viki and Charlie rendezvoused back in the drawing room. Viki told Charlie she'd made their vacation reservations, but told him that their destination was a secret and a surprise. "Viki B, you are the best thing that ever happened to me," Charlie marveled, taking her into his arms for a loving embrace. After a passionate kiss, Viki and Charlie hurried out of Llanfair to their tropical getaway.

At the Palace Hotel, Danielle was in her and Téa's suite, reading up on glioblastoma brain tumors on her laptop. Just then, Todd and Téa returned, and told the teen they had news for her. Téa reassured Danielle that the news was good, not bad. "You're in remission?" Danielle asked immediately, but was disappointed when Téa told her the news wasn't quite that good, but something different. Téa revealed that she and Todd were getting married.

Danielle was taken aback, and Todd told her that he'd made a big mistake leaving her mom, whom he still loved. "What do you say, squirt," he asked, "wanna give me a chance?" Danielle warned him not to call her "squirt," and Téa told her they needed her blessing. Danielle protested that her parents' happiness wasn't up to her, but Téa insisted that they wanted her approval. Danielle asked them if they were marrying for her, but Téa said that wasn't the case at all - they were marrying for Téa, and for their love.

Danielle told Todd that she'd been hard on him, but he'd come through for her when he helped Nate, and he'd taken good care of Téa. She knew that he hadn't hurt Marty and concluded, "maybe you're not as bad as I thought." Todd was thrilled by her high praise, and Danielle told him to just keep making Téa smile. Father and daughter shook on it, to Téa's delight.

Taking stock of their situation, Danielle said she was happy about the engagement, but pretending to be a normal family doing normal things was difficult. Todd reminded her that the engagement was a good thing, and a cause for celebration. Danielle agreed and asked Téa if they'd set a date, but Téa explained that they were still negotiating with Blair for the children's availability. In the meantime, Téa suggested they go on a pre-wedding shopping spree, and asked Danielle to be her maid of honor, a role the girl happily accepted. Danielle asked if Nate could attend the wedding, a request which raised Todd's paternal hackles, but Téa defused the moment by saying that Nate would be welcome as Danielle's guest.

Watching her parents cuddling on the couch, Danielle asked Todd and Téa if they wanted some private time, and ignored their lame claims to the contrary. "She's just like me," Todd laughed, noting Danielle's ability to cut through pretense. Danielle told her parents that she had to meet Nate, anyway, and would see them later.

With Danielle gone, Todd and Téa let their guard down; they were happy, but Téa's illness still weighed heavily on both their minds. Téa was guilt-ridden about quashing Danielle's hopes for remission, but said they couldn't do anything but let the teen deal with the crisis in her own way. In the meantime, they had each other. Téa curled into Todd's arms as he kissed her neck. "This is the easy part," she murmured.

Settling back onto the couch, Todd and Téa considered Danielle's reaction to their engagement. Todd was happy that Danielle hadn't freaked out or fled at the news, but was concerned about the distance that remained between him and his newly discovered offspring. He'd always wanted his children to be able to lean on him, the way he'd never been able to rely on his parents, but he knew Danielle still wasn't totally comfortable with him. Téa told him that Danielle would have to lean on him when Téa was gone, and that they'd continue working on the bond. Recalling Danielle's hopes for her recovery, she despaired at the thought of not being able to comfort her daughter herself when the unthinkable happened.

Todd reminded Téa that the night was their engagement party, and they needed to celebrate, which was what Danielle had left them alone to do. Nibbling at her ear and kissing her softly, he told Téa he didn't want to let their kid down. As Todd began to undress her, Téa protested feebly that she wasn't up for romance lately, but Todd disagreed. "You're you," he said. "You're always you." Téa relented and she and Todd sank onto the couch cushions together and began to make out.

After making love, Todd and Téa ended up snuggling on the floor of the suite. Téa told Todd she was glad he was there, instead of hanging one of her doctors out of a window. "I wouldn't do that," Todd protested, and playfully told her to shut up. "Why don't you make me," Téa teased, and Todd drew her into his arms for a long kiss.

At Llanview Hospital, Jessica and Natalie faced their respective doctors in separate exam rooms, both stunned by the news that they were pregnant. Struggling to process the shocking news, they questioned and re-questioned Greg and his colleague. Jessica asked Greg if he was sure, while Natalie was positive she couldn't be pregnant. When asked if the diagnosis was good news, neither sister was certain. As they were informed they were each two months pregnant, Jessica and Natalie both flashed back to their respective recent trysts - Jessica's with Brody and Ford, and Natalie's with John and Brody - and murmured, "Oh, no!"

As their doctors noticed their unease, both Natalie and Jessica hid their fears. They each were unprepared to have a child, and had both just started new jobs. Natalie promised her doctor she'd make an appointment with an obstetrician, but when he left, she was crestfallen. In Jessica's exam room, Greg urged her to make an appointment with her previous obstetrician in order to keep an eye on her prior medical issues. Jessica agreed to set up an appointment, but after Greg left, she, too, was wrestling with her thoughts.

Both shell-shocked sisters dressed and exited to the adjoining corridor, meeting up at the nurse's station in a shared daze. When asked about their diagnoses, both Natalie and Jessica lied to each other and said they had a stomach virus. After some nervous small talk, Natalie raced off to Rodi's, and left Jessica alone at the nurse's station. Checking her phone, she discovered Brody's message, but before she could process her thoughts, Ford interrupted her. "What the hell are you doing here?" she snapped.

Ford told Jessica he was delivering his brother food, and snidely informed her that her cousin had shot James. He asked her what she was doing there, and Jessica was seized by the recurring memory of her intimate encounter with the handsome filmmaker. As she struggled to broach the topic of their night together, Ford became fed up, and warned her that he'd already told her boyfriend that nothing had happened between them. With that, he stormed off to see James.

Not far away, Danielle arrived in another wing of the hospital and encountered Greg. She asked for his help with some questions about Téa's diagnosis. As Greg ushered her into an exam room, Danielle produced her laptop and showed Greg her online research into one doctor's experimental treatment for glioblastoma. Greg was instantly skeptical, and explained to the teen that the Internet was full of scammers and misleading information; her best bet, he felt, was to rely on legitimate medical journals. Danielle pleaded with him to take a closer look at her findings, but Greg wasn't convinced.

Angered by his dismissal, Danielle told Greg he was just worried that there was a better physician out there who could do more for Téa than he could. "You really are your father's daughter," Greg said as he sighed. Danielle agreed, and told Greg that Todd would spare no expense to find a cure for Téa's illness. Greg said they all wanted to save Téa, but a cure didn't exist, and that the doctor she'd discovered online was likely to be an opportunist.

Danielle reminded Greg that Bo and Nora had branded him an opportunist when he'd told them he could help Matthew, but he wasn't the only doctor in the world - she'd helped Matthew, and she'd help her mother, and he could go to hell. Infuriated, she stalked out of the exam room.

At La Boulaie, Elijah hastily exited the living room as Kelly and Rex discussed their search for Bennett Thompson, unaware that he was mere feet away. Heading for the front door, he spoke quietly into his phone, and asked Lisa Williamson if she was really looking for Bennett Thompson. As he spoke, he opened the door and found John standing there, curious.

Elijah told Lisa he'd call her back and quickly hung up, greeting John with forced pleasantries; John said he was looking for Kelly and Rex, and Elijah ushered him into the foyer. Elijah asked if the police case file on Hannah was available, but John told him that doctors at St. Anne's were still evaluating Hannah. He said he hadn't stopped by regarding that case but Kelly's, and the mysterious Bennett Thompson. Hiding his trepidation, Elijah casually probed John about his involvement in the investigation, but John said he'd speak to Kelly about it. Elijah told the detective that Kelly had asked for his help, and asked if John's questions in any way related to him. "No, not yet," John replied coolly.

Kelly and Rex entered the foyer and greeted John, who handed Rex the police files on Melinda and Rodney's murders. Rex thanked him for his help, and John said that he was overextended at the department and needed Rex to keep him apprised on the investigation. Elijah listened with concern as Rex told John about his trip to Boston to find Bennett Thompson. Elijah made excuses to John and Kelly as he prepared to follow Rex to Rodi's. Before Elijah could go, however, John stopped him, and asked him to call the department and make an appointment so they could talk about his clients. Elijah agreed and quickly exited, with John's gaze still fixed on him.

Alone with John, Kelly thanked him for helping her and Rex with their investigation. She feared that "Bennett Thompson" had nothing to do with what happened to Melinda, but she had to know for sure. "What was Eli doing here?" John asked, and Kelly explained that he'd been there to see Blair. John was perturbed to learn how close Elijah and Blair had become, and Kelly, exercising her journalist's instinct, pushed McBain to tell her why he was so interested in the handsome legal eagle.

John told Kelly that Elijah was defending suspects in three of his open cases, including Cole and Hannah, and told her he'd found Hannah's sudden confession and breakdown convenient. Kelly asked him if he thought Elijah was engineering those events, and John hedged. Kelly implored him to tell her if he had something on Elijah, who was set to marry Blair. John was surprised by the news. Kelly explained that despite their differences, Blair was still her family, and she didn't want to see her cousin hurt. John told her he didn't have anything on Elijah, and his concerns might be nothing; he wasn't jealous, but he wanted to see Blair happy.

At Rodi's, Gigi was working her shift when a co-worker handed her a package from Llanview University. Her fellow waitress asked her if she'd applied for admission, but Gigi denied it and said she was too old for college. The waitress told her not to be too sure, and reminded her that "a book's lighter than a tray."

Brody arrived, sat down at a table, and asked Gigi for an order of fries. Moments later, Natalie entered and made a beeline for the bar. Gigi asked if she was all right, and Natalie asked for some fries as well. Gigi pointed out Brody, and said she'd whip up a batch for both of them and take it to their table. Natalie's face fell as she saw Brody, and remembered their night together and her diagnosis.

Natalie trudged over to Brody's table, listlessly returning his greetings; he asked her if she was okay, and Natalie snippily replied that she was fine. Remembering Viki's mention of her illness, Brody asked if she was feeling well, and Natalie apologized for snapping at him and said she'd had a rough day. Brody asked if she knew where Jessica was, and said he'd left a message for her to meet him at Rodi's. Natalie said she'd left the hospital around the same time as Jessica, and didn't know where she was. Brody left Jessica another voicemail, then asked Natalie point-blank, "What the hell is going on?"

At the hospital, Jessica discovered Brody's latest message, and quickly called Kelly at La Boulaie. She told Kelly she was heading over, and they needed to talk.

Back at Rodi's, Rex entered and headed for the bar to speak to Gigi, while Elijah surreptitiously arrived on Rex's heels. As Elijah took a discreet seat at the bar, Rex told Gigi he was heading to Boston that night. Gigi showed him her LU admissions letter, which surprised her boyfriend, who didn't know she'd applied. Gigi said she didn't want to be a waitress all her life, and was hoping to take part-time classes on Viki's recommendation. She was scared to open the letter out of fear of rejection, and asked Rex to do the honors.

Rex told her he was proud of her and her guts in pursuing her dreams, and opened the letter, which confirmed that Gigi had been accepted into LU. As the couple hugged, Elijah watched them from afar.

Back at Brody and Natalie's table, Natalie reiterated that she didn't know where Jess was, but Brody said it was her he was confused about; Natalie was stand-offish and distant, and he thought he knew why. "You do?" Natalie asked, stunned. Speaking quietly, Brody said he knew she felt awkward because of their hook-up, but he hadn't want to hurt Jessica with the truth about a night where they'd thought they were alone in the world. They hadn't wanted to hurt anybody, and there was no reason for their partners to know. "No harm, no foul," he said. Natalie told her he was wrong - there were consequences for their night together.

Before Natalie could explain, John arrived, greeting his girlfriend and his partner. He asked Natalie to give him and Brody a couple minutes to speak about a case, and Natalie nervously headed for the bar. Looking across the restaurant, John spotted Elijah drinking alone. Brody asked if he still didn't trust Elijah. "Should I?" John asked.

Across the room, Elijah continued to eavesdrop on Rex and Gigi. Gigi feared she was being selfish sacrificing money and time for her education, but Rex told her she'd do great, and that his cracking the Bennett Thompson mystery for Kelly would help his business take off. He told Gigi to let him handle Shane's college fund, while she handled her own needs for once. The couple kissed goodbye as Rex headed for the airport, and Elijah moved to follow the P.I.

John stopped Elijah on his way out the door, to congratulate him on his engagement to Blair. Elijah thanked John for his well-wishes and said he had to go, and John asked him if his "urgent appointment" had stood him up. He clucked about Elijah's recent new clients. Elijah said he couldn't discuss his cases with John and left.

John, brooding about Elijah, returned to Brody's side. "He'll make a mistake," Brody said. "They always do."

At the bar, Natalie asked Gigi for a drink, then realized she couldn't get any alcohol. Gigi immediately deduced that she was pregnant, and Natalie said she hadn't told John yet. Gigi agreed not to say anything. Staring at John and Brody across the room, Natalie admitted to Gigi that she wasn't sure if John was the father.

At La Boulaie, Jessica arrived and told Kelly she was pregnant. Overjoyed, Kelly hugged her, but Jessica's face remained a mask of turmoil. Kelly asked if Brody knew yet, and Jessica said he didn't, because she wasn't sure if he was the father.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Standing at the bar at Rodi's, Gigi guessed that Natalie was pregnant. Natalie admitted she didn't know who the father was and, crying, she walked out of the bar. Gigi followed and assured Natalie that she understood how it felt to be pregnant, but at least Natalie wasn't alone. She wanted to help and assured Natalie she wouldn't tell anyone anything, not even Rex. Natalie filled her in on what happened the night she and Brody had sex. "No harm, no foul," she said. Both of them had too much to drink and thought they would never see their loved ones again, therefore it wasn't cheating. Little did they know that everyone would be reunited later that evening, Natalie with John, and Brody with Jessica.

Natalie assured Gigi that the night meant nothing to either herself or Brody, and they'd made a pact to keep it a secret so as not to hurt anyone. She and John had sex eventually and the dates were close enough that she couldn't figure out who the father could be. She was sick over it, especially since John and she were happy, as were Jessica and Brody. She didn't see any way out and would have to tell both John and Jessica about that night. She wondered if John even wanted a baby, especially after just losing one with Marty. He would feel trapped, and maybe it wasn't even his, Natalie considered.

Gigi spoke calmly and declared that Natalie had only been with Brody one time. She thought that Natalie would have to tell the truth and, though there was a test to determine paternity, they would have to wait until she was 16 weeks pregnant. Natalie repeated that she and Brody hadn't cheated on anyone. Obviously, people would notice her pregnancy before the 16 weeks drew close.

John and Brody spent some free time at Rodi's, playing pool and talking about work. They discussed Hannah, and Brody felt strongly that John should want Hannah to pay if she killed his baby. John added that something wasn't right with Eli, and Brody offered to keep his eyes open and check up on the attorney. The guys chuckled when they realized that Natalie and Gigi had stepped outside to chat; they didn't understand how women had so much to talk about. Much to Brody's surprise, John disclosed that Natalie was a professional pool player. John teased that Natalie must have hustled Brody when he played a game with her.

Turning serious, Brody told John that he had something to say. He wanted John to understand how grateful he was to be a cop and admitted couldn't have done it without John and Bo. John shrugged him off and reminded Brody that he was already in the academy on his own when John pulled him for the special detail. Brody had John's trust completely.

At La Boulaie, Kelly was overjoyed when Jessica disclosed she was pregnant, however, Jessica was less than jubilant. She admitted that she didn't know who the father was and so hadn't told Brody the news. The women were interrupted when Langston's phone began to ring. Kelly picked it up and noted that Ford was calling. She wished he would get lost.

Suddenly, it dawned on her that Jessica thought that Ford might be the father of her baby. She reminded Jessica that Jessica didn't have sex with Ford, but Jessica wasn't sure. She couldn't remember what happened after she stopped Ford, since the next thing she recalled was being at her father's place. She had no idea of what had happened in between.

Kelly stressed that Ford himself stated there was no sex, but Jessica thought he might have lied, since he could have been looking at a charge of rape. Kelly had an idea, and she texted Ford from Langston's phone. She would get to the truth once and for all, and she urged Jessica to hide when Ford showed up. Jessica just wanted to get the truth.

At the hospital and unable to reach Langston on the phone, Ford left her a message and said he missed her and wanted to talk to her. He walked into James's room as a nurse checked the young man's vital signs. James was happy to hear he was doing well because, without insurance, he needed to be discharged. The nurse informed him that an anonymous donor had paid the bill. The men wondered who it could be, and Ford suggested that it might have been Starr's rich father. James asked who Ford had been yelling at in the hallway, but just then, Ford received a text message and had to leave.

Greg ran after Dani as she fled his office because she was upset that he wouldn't even look into alternatives to try to help her mother. He explained he had been to the site she was on, and the treatment described could make her mother worse. He admitted he had searched everywhere and talked to people worldwide regarding alternative treatments. He thought the best thing that Dani could do would be to spend lots of time with her mother.

Nate saw his mother sitting in the park, and she admitted she was looking for an apartment for the two of them. She wanted to move before their house was foreclosed. She had given the money to James for his hospital bill, she explained, because she didn't want him to suffer from her mistakes. She saw Ford, too, but Nate was glad she didn't give the money to him. He was a jerk, Nate perceived. Inez implored Nate not to judge Ford, since he wasn't familiar with the man's past. She refused to discuss it any further, citing her appointment with a realtor. Nate was supposed to meet Dani and, just as he tried to call her, she arrived in tears.

She had been sure she could find a cure for her mother online, but Dr. Evans had rejected her ideas, she cried. She had other news, and she told him that Todd and Téa were getting married. Nate wondered if that was a good or a bad thing. Dani thought that if her mother was happy then she was okay with it. She couldn't get over how frightened she felt every time she said goodbye to her mother. She always wondered if it would be the last time she would see her. Nate didn't think it would work like that.

Todd and Téa relaxed at the Palace after making love. Todd wondered what else Téa wanted to do before she died, and she realized that he finally believed she would die soon. Todd noted that everyone was going to die. She understood that he wanted her to have a "bucket list," and she suggested that he and Dani get along. He wanted her to pick something for herself, but Téa confessed she never thought about it. Todd inquired about her childhood dreams, and her response of being successful drew a drawn-out "boring" from him.

Acknowledging Téa's childhood fantasies, the pair had a carefree and lighthearted day, which ran the gamut from phone pranks to stealing food from the room service cart to playing with a hula hoop. "Stolen food tastes better," Téa declared as they munched on their meal. She announced that she wanted to take a road trip with Todd and Dani.

Todd called Dani, who was scared when she answered the phone. He advised her that her mother wanted to do something special and they had somewhere to go. Dani asked if she could take Nate along. Todd began to turn her down but as Téa entered the room to stand next to him, he sweetly told Dani that would be fine.

Ford turned up at La Boulaie and asked to see Langston. Kelly admitted she was the one who sent the message, and she wanted to talk to him about Jessica. Ford was annoyed and insisted that he wanted nothing to do with her. Kelly thought he might need a blood test as Jessica had a communicable disease. It was Hepatitis C and if he had sex with her, he could have picked it up. Ford was adamant; he did not have sex with Jessica. He had never thought about asking a woman such personal information, but he would do so in the future. Kelly didn't think he seemed like the type who would ask. After he left, the woman were ecstatic.

They were finally certain that Jessica didn't have sex with Ford. Kelly was sure he would have "lost it" if he had. They joked that he didn't realize that he couldn't really catch Hepatitis C that easily in that way.

As James slept in his hospital bed, Inez walked in and gazed at him. He stirred and looked up at her. "Who are you? Do I know you?" he asked. Inez admitted he didn't, but she confessed that she was the one his brother had yelled at. James wondered why, and she stated that Ford didn't want her to see James. She disclosed that her son was the one who stole James's money, and James understood why Ford had "flipped out." Inez wanted James to blame her for all that had happened to him, but James was confused.

It was "too little too late" for her to be there, Inez continued. James realized she was the anonymous donor, but Inez insisted that it was really his money to begin with. She felt bad and apologized for his life. James claimed that he would have taken the money just like Nate did. She wanted him to make sure to collect any change that was over and above his bill. She noted that Ford seemed to be protective of him, and James indicated that Ford was like that when he wanted to be. He revealed that things had been difficult at home.

Ford returned to the hospital and stopped one of the nurses he was acquainted with. He asked her if he would be able to obtain a blood test to check for Hepatitis C.

James and Inez shook hands as she turned to go. She found it difficult to let go and she apologized for "all of it." He pointed out that he had stolen the money from his father in the first place, so he wasn't honest either. He wanted her to stop apologizing. "I wish," she replied. She headed out the door just as Ford reached the room.

She turned her head and walked by. James asked if Ford had seen her, and Ford wanted to know what had happened. James revealed that the woman had apologized for everything she ever did, "even breathing," and she was the one who had paid his bill. Ford was livid, but when James added that she was Nate's mother, Ford was stunned. James wanted him to make amends with the nice lady.

Ford left on the premise of locating Inez, but once outside of James's room, he could barely stand up. "She had another kid? We have a brother," he whispered.

Brody received a phone call from Jessica. She told him she was on her way to Rodi's, and she had a surprise for him. Natalie pulled John aside and told him she had news and didn't know where to begin. John took one look at her and asked what was wrong. She was nervous and appeared ill. A happy Jessica arrived and told Brody to sit down.

Téa, Todd, Dani, and Nate stood on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building and peered out. Dani made fun of her mother for growing up in New York City and never visiting the building. Téa remarked that she always thought of it as a tourist attraction. Dani thanked Todd for making her mother happy. "That's the plan," Todd replied.

Friday, July 23, 2010

In Evangeline's hospital room, Layla told Cristian that since Evangeline had taken the time to make a living will, they should honor it, as Attorney Suzanne White knocked on the door. As they walked into the hall, Layla explained to Suzanne that Evangeline had been in a coma, due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and that Evangeline had created a living will. Layla asked, "So, what can I do to make sure my sister's wishes are respected?"

Layla stressed to Suzanne that Lisa had been caring for Evangeline at home, which made the decision difficult. However, Layla admitted that she would keep Evangeline in the hospital forever, if she knew that was what Evangeline would have wanted, but that the living will indicated that Evangeline would want them to "let her go." Suzanne disagreed and stated that they needed to consider the reason why the living will had never been witnessed or filed with the court. Layla sadly acknowledged that no one in the family knew what Evangeline would have wanted under the circumstances.

When she was alone with Cristian in the hall, Layla wondered if Evangeline would want to live in her condition and admitted that she was uncertain. Layla accepted that maybe her mom had been right. Cristian realized that he could not advise Layla, because as Catholics, the Vegas would be unable to take any action of that type in a similar situation. However, Cristian told Layla that he supported her no matter what she decided. Lisa Williamson walked in the hall and announced that she would no longer fight Layla, and that she would let her baby die.

From La Boulaie, Kelly talked to Rex on the phone, as Rex arrived at his Boston, Massachusetts, hotel room door. As Eli listened in the hall, unseen, Rex indicated that he was to meet the hall records clerk. After Rex walked into his room, Eli received a phone call from Lisa, who was calling from Silver Spring, Maryland, for Attorney Bennett Thompson. Lisa explained about Evangeline and the living will and stated that she wanted to prevent Layla from enforcing it.

Eli explained that he would be unable to help Lisa, since he had drawn up the will for Evangeline. Eli believed that the fact that Evangeline had not filed the will was just a "mere technicality." He questioned how a battle over the living will would affect Lisa's relationship with her other daughter. Lisa sadly voiced that she did not know.

Inside his hotel room, Rex told Kelly that he would find the person who killed Melinda. Later, Rex called Gigi and told her that he hoped to be away for only a day or two and asked her to kiss Shane for him. When a waiter wheeled a tray of food to just outside Rex's room, Eli tipped him and sent him on his way. Eli then picked up a knife from the tray.

Rex answered the door to a knock but found no one outside the door. Rex carried in the tray of food. Eli opened the door of the room across the hall and held a medicine bottle and eyedropper. As he searched his computer, Rex ate the meal and then got very blurry-eyed. As Rex lay passed out on the bed, Eli yelled, "Room service," and walked into Rex's room.

In the Buenos Dias Café, Darren fawned over Destiny, as David strolled in. When David joined them at their table, Darren claimed that he was on a date with Destiny, and that Destiny had no idea how hot she really was. David offered, "Count your blessings. It's the ones that think they're God's gift you've got to worry about," when the waitress carried out a huge banana split. David repeatedly called Darren "Darrell," and Darren told David his name was Darren. David replied, "Like on Bewitched," a television show that neither Destiny nor Darren could possibly have remembered.

David revealed that he needed Destiny's advice, and Destiny realized that Dorian had hurt David again. David denied that it had been Dorian who had hurt him, and stressed that it had actually been Viki, who was "a pillar of the community, the defender of the downtrodden, the patron saint of fairness," and his friend. David was hurt that Viki had deceived him and declared that he needed a few moments to himself. After David walked away, Darren asked, "Didn't I tell you that these people are crazy?"

At La Boulaie, Dorian typed on the computer that she denied the existence of "Charlian" and declared that Charlie Banks's contract with the city had been terminated. Dorian cried, "Charlie Banks, I'll get you," as Kelly popped her head in the door and mimicked, "And your little dog too. Ooh, hoo, hoo." Dorian asked Kelly for advice on her headline and decreed that Charlie was not worthy of public trust, because he had toyed with her heart. Dorian blamed both Viki and Charlie. "They are going to learn it is a big mistake to cross Dorian Lord."

When Kelly stated that she could not imagine Viki and Charlie "concocting schemes," Dorian told her of their scheme for Dorian to find Viki and David in bed. Kelly felt that Dorian must have misinterpreted the situation, however, Dorian exclaimed that Viki's outward appearance was all for public relations. "In private, behind closed doors, she's doing down and dirty in the mud."

Kelly believed that Viki and Charlie's scheme had been to get Dorian and David back together again, because Dorian was head over heels in love with David. Kelly maintained that David had held a huge part of Dorian's heart for years, and that Dorian was just upset that David had not yet made the first move. Dorian asserted that she would make the first move and keyed a message on her My Face page. "That should put an end to the stupid speculation once and for all."

Once David returned to the table in the café, he insisted, "Now, don't get me wrong. I have no problem being a human sex toy, as long as the woman is ready to play, but Viki was faking -- just some ploy to reunite me with Dorian." Destiny speculated that Viki probably felt that it was what David had wanted and reminded David that he had poured his heart out about Dorian to Destiny on the plane to London. Destiny believed that Dorian probably felt the same way about David and then pointed out that David had just polished off a large banana split meant for two people. As Darren viewed his phone, he found Dorian's message on her My Face page.

"Mayor Dorian Lord is not now, has never been, and never will be in love with David Vickers." David screamed, "That's Buchanan to you, sweetheart." David wondered why Dorian would invite "Dilbert" onto her My Face page and was upset that Dorian did not "friend" him. When Darren tried to retrieve his phone, David informed "Darrell" that he would return the phone when he was finished using it.

Kelly expressed that Dorian was acting like a baby by lashing out against David. Dorian then received a response to her message. "Darren Price sez david vickers wouldn't take dorina lord back if she crawled across broken glass." Dorian demanded to call security, because "some vile hacker" was committing a cyber crime. Kelly replied, "Wake up and smell the syntax, Dorian, okay...this has David Vickers written all over it." Another message followed, "Darren Price also sez david is too hewt for dorina anyway." Kelly thought it was cute that "Darren" had spelled hot, "hewt." When Dorian's daughter, Cassie, responded with the message, "Cassie thinks mother should suck it up and get back with David," Dorian cried that it was a fraud.

Kelly informed Dorian that she could change the privacy settings on her computer but warned that Todd would probably place an editorial in the Sun about Dorian perpetrating a cover-up. Kelly kissed Dorian and left, as Dorian typed up her next message. "Mayor Dorian says that David Vickers is simply beneath her."

After David responded, "Darren Price sez dorian will never be over, or under, him again, so she should get off My Face," Destiny told David that he should tell Dorian that to her face. David thanked Destiny and "Darren," chipped in $2.00 towards his banana split, and left. After the waitress carried out another banana split, Darren wondered if David had really left, but Destiny insisted that Dorian would keep David busy "for the rest of his natural life." When David arrived at La Boulaie, he stormed into the living room and demanded that Dorian step away from her computer. "Don't you make me come over there."

At Rodi's, Jessica hinted to Brody of her baby news. "I mean, what are you going to do when all hell breaks loose, and the phone's ringing, and someone's at the door, and you know, you're cooking something, and the baby's screaming...," when Brody observed that Bree was no longer a baby. Jessica revealed, "I'm not talking about Bree. I'm pregnant."

In another area at Rodi's, when Natalie found it difficult to tell John about the baby, John asked what could be that hard to tell him. Natalie insisted that he use his imagination. Natalie remembered that she had told Gigi that she was not sure of the identity of the baby's father. Natalie hoped that John would remain a patient man, after he learned of her news, and as she started to tell John, Brody howled and announced that he had just learned that he was to be a father.

John congratulated Brody, and Jessica explained about how she had felt sick after eating David's muffin but had discovered that she had actually been suffering from morning sickness. After the sisters hugged, Jessica asked about Natalie's illness. Natalie explained that she had believed that she had caught a stomach virus but realized that it must have been sympathy morning sickness, since they were twins. Natalie walked away, and John followed.

John asked Natalie why she looked like someone had just run over her dog and wondered if it had something to do with Natalie's news. John then ordered three beers and a ginger ale and verified from Natalie that she did want a beer. Natalie replied, "Yeah...of course." John asked Natalie for her news, and Natalie responded that her news was nothing compared to Jessica's. Gigi dropped a glass, which broke, and John carried the drinks to Jessica and Brody.

Natalie told Gigi that Jessica was pregnant and stated that she could not see how she could just "walk over there and be like...hey, Brody might be the father of my baby, too." At the table, John asked Brody if he was ready to be a father, and Brody declared that he was more than ready. However, Brody felt bad for being so elated at his news, when John had just lost a baby. John insisted that he was fine and that he just wanted for Brody to enjoy the feeling. John remarked, "Maybe I'll get another chance someday."

John called out to Natalie, who stated that she would "be right there." Gigi reminded Natalie that the odds were that the baby was John's and handed Natalie a gin and tonic -- minus the gin. Natalie walked back to the table, and the four of them toasted Jessica, Brody, and the baby.

When Brody declared that any name for either a boy or girl would go with Lovett, such as Lance Lovett or Latoya Lovett, they all groaned, as Natalie excused herself to get another round. Natalie told Gigi that she had to get away from all of the baby talk. "They expect me to be jumping up and down, like good old Aunt Natalie, but I can't...I can't think about anything but this." Gigi advised, "You've got to get it out in the open. Tell John. It's the only way to go." When Natalie said, "No, there is another way," Gigi asked, "Like what?" Natalie answered, "Don't tell John. I can get an abortion."

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