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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Alison and Casey took Hallie on a walk in Old Town while Will and Gwen went to speak with Margo at the police station. Hallie got to buy some ice cream while Alison and Casey talked about Vienna. They also discussed how much fun they were having, but Casey had to return to work. Alison promised to get Hallie back to Will and Gwen, so Casey took off. He returned almost immediately, however, and gave Alison a kiss.

At the police station, Margo asked Katie to tell her, Will, and Gwen to whom Barbara had made her last phone call. Katie said she knew it was to Vienna, because she had been with Vienna when she took the call. Barbara had said that she knew Vienna wasn't really pregnant, and Margo was unhappy that her sister knew about the fake pregnancy also and had kept it a secret. She chewed out Katie, who told her sister that Vienna had promised to tell Henry the truth before the wedding, but she obviously had not. Barbara had not showed up, however, and Katie admitted that Vienna had run off after that call, saying she needed to do what had to be done.

Next, Katie filled in the blanks by explaining that Vienna had also faked a miscarriage. Will was convinced that Vienna had done something to his mother, and he was livid with anger at Katie for keeping secrets. He accused her of still protecting Vienna, so Margo stepped into the fray. She asked where Vienna was, but Katie had no idea. Gwen left to pick up Hallie in Old Town, and Margo sent Katie home with strict instructions to call immediately if she heard from either Henry or Vienna.

Gwen found Alison and Hallie, and she explained that there was no news about Barbara, but she said that Margo and Will were looking for Vienna, who was not really pregnant. Alison pondered that, and she began to chuckle. Gwen did not see the humor in the situation, so Alison explained about Casey's involvement with Vienna and the pregnancy scare that had involved him.

Henry grabbed Vienna on the massage table at a spa and shouted at her to tell him the truth. He demanded to know where Barbara was, but Vienna cried that she neither knew nor cared where that woman was. Henry held her down and continued to yell, but Vienna again claimed she had no idea. Henry remembered how calm Vienna was just before their wedding, as if the bride knew that Barbara would not show up and interrupt the ceremony. Vienna swore to Henry that she had not hurt Barbara, and she offered to keep trying to make him see how much she loved him.

Henry, however, told Vienna that she had killed what they had. He said that he would never touch or love her again. "I hate you!" he blurted out, and then he announced that he would drag her to the police station. He forced Vienna off the table, and she, wearing only a sheet, dashed out the door and jammed it so that Henry could not get out.

Henry called Margo for help, and she arrived soon with Will. Will cornered Henry and demanded to know what kind of games Henry was playing with his mother. Henry explained that he and Barbara really did have a relationship, but Will found that "outrageous." Henry also tried to get Will to understand how devastated both he and Barbara were when they broke up. Henry finally admitted that he was in love with her.

At WOAK, Chris left another message for Katie on her home phone. Kim overheard, and she asked if he needed to talk, but Chris declined. On second thought, however, he went into his mother's office and told her that Katie had kept something life-altering from Henry, who was quite justified in feeling betrayed. Kim guessed that Vienna was involved, so Chris said that Vienna had faked her pregnancy to keep Henry. Kim figured out that Katie kept that news to herself, and then she was furious when she thought about how much that had hurt her niece, Barbara. Chris explained that Katie never meant to hurt Barbara, and then Kim realized that Chris had known the secret, as well.

Kim was shocked that Chris had not felt obligated to protect Barbara, a member of their own family. She smacked her son and called the whole mess "avoidable." Kim called Katie selfish, so Chris stunned his mother again by saying that Barbara already knew the truth about Vienna's condition.

Katie went home from the police station and found twelve messages from Chris. Her doorbell rang, so Katie assumed it was a very persistent Chris, but instead it was a raging Henry. He asked her to tell him "where the hell" Vienna was, and they argued. Katie had nothing to tell him, but Henry ranted and insisted on searching her house. He found no one, but Henry still accused Katie of doing terrible damage to his life because she had "cared" about him. All Henry cared about was what had happened to Barbara. He asked Katie again, but she still had no answers for him. Henry asked her to call him if she heard from Vienna, because he was desperate to find the woman he loved -- Barbara.

Casey was stocking supplies in an exam room in Memorial when he discovered Vienna, clad only in her massage sheet, hiding behind the table. She begged for his help, but Casey wanted to avoid trouble. She asked only for clothes to wear out of the hospital, so Casey left to find some scrubs. He ran into Alison and explained what was going on, including the part where Vienna was wearing only a sheet and claiming that Henry had tried to kill her. Alison said that Margo thought Vienna was involved in Barbara's disappearance, but Casey found it unbelievable that Vienna had lied about almost everything. He didn't know what to do, but then Margo arrived, looking for Vienna. Casey pointed to the exam room and said, "You can't miss her." They went in only to find the room empty except for a sheet.

Will met up with Gwen and Hallie, and he filled Gwen in on the fact that Vienna was also missing. He believed that Henry was truly in love with his mother, and he said he wouldn't be surprised if the feeling was mutual. Will was worried that Vienna was the only person who knew where Barbara was, however. They went back to his mother's hotel room, but when they walked in, Gwen smelled perfume. Will called out, "Mom?" but instead of Barbara, Gwen's kooky mother, Iris, walked in and explained that she had been helping herself to "Barbie's perfume."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Barbara's hotel room, Gwen and Will challenged Iris, whom they had discovered helping herself to Barbara's perfume. Iris tried to get Hallie to go to her, but Gwen stopped the little girl. Gwen accused her mother of leeching onto Barbara's perfume and most likely working her way up to her jewelry. Iris admitted that she had read on Gwen's Facebook wall that Barbara was going to get in touch with her, so Iris had decided to offer her assistance, too. She explained that she had lost the money that Barbara had given her and had ended up in the drunk tank in Indianapolis.

Iris cried crocodile tears and wiped them with a beautiful lace handkerchief of Barbara's. Will refused to let Iris hold her granddaughter, and he asked her to leave. A dejected Iris walked to the door, but to everyone's surprise, Hallie ran after her, hugged her, and begged her to stay. Iris immediately ingratiated herself with Hallie, and she suggested they all have dinner together. Gwen grabbed Hallie, and Will escorted Iris downstairs.

They ate in the dining room, and Iris told stories about Gwen when she was a little girl. She dominated the conversation and insisted that they order a huge sundae for Hallie, even though Gwen objected. Gwen excused herself and went to the lobby, where she took out her phone. She was punching in numbers when suddenly Iris reached over her shoulder and snatched the phone. Iris said that only a rotten kid would call the cops on her own mother. Iris warned that if Gwen turned her in to the cops, she would implicate Barbara, who had also been involved in the baby-selling deal.

Gwen said that she would exonerate Barbara of all wrongdoing, but Iris was determined to take down Will's mother, too. Then she reminded Gwen that sweet little Hallie would soon run out of grannies if Gwen made that phone call. Gwen gave her mother an ultimatum: either Iris would walk out the door of the Lakeview and never return, or Gwen would use the hotel phone to call the police. Iris wanted to say goodbye to Hallie, so Gwen relented and said her mother could do that, but then she had to get her "butt to the nearest bus station" and never get in touch with them again.

Iris realized it was time to leave, but she wasn't quite finished. She told Will and Gwen that she had something for them, and she handed Gwen an envelope that, according to Iris, contained the first payment on returning the money Barbara had given her. Iris claimed she had been "divinely guided" and was hoping for a good resolution to Barbara's problems. Iris expected a bigger reaction from Will and Gwen, both of whom sat there stone-faced and without a comment. Iris was miffed, and she stood up to leave, but again Hallie ran to her and hugged her legs. Gwen had a hard time keeping her emotions in check, but she gathered up the little girl, and they headed to the elevators.

Back in Barbara's room, Gwen mentioned to Will that she thought they should pack up and leave Oakdale immediately. She knew her mother was up to something, and she feared that Iris was after something that she didn't yet have. Gwen refused to go to the seedy Wagon Wheel Motel outside of town, but Will wanted to stay close until they knew his mother was safe. Finally Gwen suggested that they take Paul and Emily up on their offer to stay at Fairwinds, and Will agreed to call them.

On the street in Old Town, Iris called the Wagon Wheel Motel and reserved a room.

Lily showed Carly the signed paperwork on their new perfume factory in France. Carly complimented her business partner on getting all their concessions from Françoise, and she was delighted that Lily had negotiated it all on her own. Carly also asked Lily how she had survived the airport strike and the electrical blackout, and Lily said she had just thought of what Carly would do in those circumstances. Carly read the contracts in more detail, and she yelled for Lily when she spotted the additional charge of 500,000 euros for "upgrades." She was horrified at the extra expense, but Lily said she had already covered it. Lily assured Carly that it would all work out, and then Carly excused herself to go meet Molly to help with some wedding details. Lily was remarkably calm about Carly's loyalty to Molly.

Molly and Holden were in Java discussing their wedding and kissing. Molly had to leave to meet Carly at Fashions, so Holden checked his phone. Craig appeared and sat down, asking why Holden wanted to talk to him. Holden wanted to know what Craig had really been doing with Lily in New York. He was suspicious, he said, since Craig and Lily told different stories about the incidents. Craig reminded Holden that, in case he hadn't gotten the memo, Holden wasn't married to Lily anymore. Holden asked for a straight answer, but instead Craig asked why he cared so much if he wasn't still in love with his ex-wife.

Craig went on to brag that he and Lily had gotten "closer" on their trip. Holden demanded to know what that meant, but Craig told him to stop interjecting himself into the life of his ex-wife. Holden warned Craig to leave Lily alone, and Craig agreed, when and if Lily asked him to. Craig continued to needle Holden about not even buying him a cup of coffee for their chat, and he declared that he felt "used."

Molly was already in Fashions, looking for a dress for the rehearsal dinner, when Carly arrived. Carly told Molly that she had just been with Lily, and Lily was definitely "moving on." Molly surprised Carly by saying she was glad her cousin was in business with Lily because then Lily would obsess about her project instead of Holden. Carly said Lily had persevered through the blackout and strike and closed their deal all on her own. Molly snickered at the "all on her own" portion of that, and then she realized her gaffe. Carly immediately asked what Molly knew, but her cousin had already clammed up.

Carly asked who Lily was with in New York, and Molly finally told her it was Craig. "No way," exclaimed Carly. Molly explained that both Lily and Craig had ended up at the same sleazy motel near the airport, and she wondered why Carly was upset at the thought of Craig and Lily's spending time together. Holden entered Fashions to join Molly, but he was quite distracted. Molly modeled a dress for him, and he hugged her, as Lily looked in the window and her eyes made contact with Holden's.

Lucinda, who was looking for Holden, barged into the Snyder farmhouse. She instead found Gabriel, who explained that he was working for Jack. Lucinda reminded him that he had taken a "sizeable chunk" of her money to leave town, but Gabriel said he had lost it all in a poker game. Lucinda sat with the boy, but she failed to intimidate him. She wondered why, after what she had paid him and what Craig must have given him from the insurance settlement, the boy was "toiling for minimum wage." Gabriel said he had turned down money from Craig because he wasn't "for sale."

That amused Lucinda, who said that she really wanted to know what Craig was up to. "How the hell should I know?" griped Gabriel. Lucinda started out, but Gabriel stopped her. He began asking her questions about her mothering skills, but Lucinda turned a deaf ear and walked out.

Craig was Gabriel's next visitor at the farm, and he found his son designing French doors for Janet's cabin. Craig told the boy that he was destined for things greater than handyman work, and asked if Gabriel would like to work for his father when he was finished with his obligation to Jack. Gabriel said he had already observed how Craig worked, especially the lying and stealing part at Monte Carlo. Then Gabriel lambasted Craig for sleeping with his mother and then ignoring her for the rest of her short life. Craig shouted that Lucinda Walsh was to blame, so Gabriel asked if Lucinda had impregnated his mother, and he wondered if he should be calling her "Dad." Craig calmed down and asked the boy to at least consider his offer.

Lily arrived home to find her mother there. She was excited to tell Lucinda that she had closed the deal in New York all on her own, and she and Carly owned a perfume factory in France. Lucinda was worried until her daughter said that she hadn't done it exactly alone, but then Lily named Carly as the creative force behind the company. Lucinda asked what resources Lily had used to close the deal, but Lily brushed her off by saying that didn't matter. She was very excited about her new business, and she said she hoped that, for once, her mother was proud of her too. Lucinda assured Lily that she had always been proud of her.

Lucinda appeared to be having second thoughts about how she had used Françoise Pacaud to sabotage Carlisle Frangrances, so she went outside on the patio and called Françoise. Lucinda told her to speed up the climax of their plan and not to prolong Lily's agony. She said that the sooner Craig Montgomery was ruined, the better. Gabriel was hiding behind the latticework on the patio and heard all of Lucinda's side of the conversation.

Carly was sketching the new Carlsle Fragrance logo, but her mind was on the question of why Lily and Craig had been together in New York. She got out her phone, but she put it away, saying, "Some things have to be said in person," and she left the house. She went to the Lakeview and caught Craig just as he returned to his suite. "What the hell are you up to now?" she demanded.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dusty loudly dropped a large file about Anthony Blackthorn on Lucinda's desk at Worldwide. He told her to read it, but Lucinda reminded him that she had asked him to drop any investigation of Blackthorn. Dusty said it was a good thing that he didn't follow orders well, because he had found out how Craig had gotten the money to buy into their company. Lucinda was more concerned, however, with Dusty's obsession with Blackthorn. Dusty interrupted her and said that Craig had bought into Worldwide with "dirty money." Lucinda remarked that Dusty's dislike of the man had more to do with Janet than with tainted funds.

Dusty admitted that he didn't like someone from Janet's past emerging from the woodwork after twenty years. He called Blackthorn a "threat to Worldwide," but Lucinda said that Craig had to get the buy-in money from somewhere. Dusty called Blackthorn a "punk," and he worried that Blackthorn and Craig owned a "chunk" of their enterprise. Lucinda was sure that the two men would soon be "going down in flames." Dusty walked out, and Lucinda dumped the dossier on the floor. Then she picked up her phone and dialed someone she called "Darling," and she urged that person to return to Oakdale.

Jack tried to get Janet to slow down at the diner, but she said the place was too busy for that. Jack said she should go on maternity leave, but Janet wanted something to do all day, and she also liked the money. Anthony Blackthorn walked in, and Janet called him "Blackie" and went to prepare his "usual," mac and cheese to go. Jack looked at his ex-wife and said, "Blackie?" She introduced Jack to Anthony and called him "an old friend from the neighborhood." Jack explained who he was and added that he was formerly married to Janet and was the father of her unborn son. "Blackie" overpaid for his food and told Janet to buy something nice "for the baby" and walked out.

Janet was wowed by the $100 bill "Blackie" had handed her, but Jack was suspicious of the man's motives. Janet defended her old friend, however, and soon Dusty joined them. Jack told him that Blackthorn had paid for his lunch with a "Benjamin" and had told the "babe behind the counter to keep the change." Dusty said that Blackthorn was in business with Craig and up to something shady. Janet claimed that was all in Dusty's head, and besides, Dusty didn't only do business with the Sisters of Mercy himself. She was disgusted with both men, who took their discussion outside.

Dusty confided that Blackthorn had put up the funds so that Craig could buy into Worldwide. Jack commented that Lucinda hated Craig with a passion, and he could not understand how she allowed him into the company. The two expressed no love for each other, as well, but they soon realized that they had to work together to catch the rats. Jack and Dusty shook hands, and Dusty took off, while Jack went back inside Al's, where Janet asked him to get it through his thick skull that she could take care of herself.

Lily went home, and Faith greeted her, asking how New York had been. Lily wanted to tell her the whole story, but her daughter said she had to go for a fitting on her bridesmaid's dress. Lily saw the dress in its garment bag, so she handed it to Faith and sent her on her way. Faith suddenly asked if Lily would go with her, and Lily jumped at the chance.

In Fashions, Holden approved of Molly's choice for a rehearsal dinner dress, but when she checked the price, she complained that they could buy a small country for that kind of money. Holden said he wanted his bride to have only the best of everything, and he suggested she pick out shoes to match. Molly was excited and took off for the shoe store while Holden settled the bill. The clerk pulled up Lily Snyder's account by mistake, so Holden asked her to open a new account on his card for Molly Conlan.

Faith and Lily walked in, and Lily suggested that Holden stay to see Faith in her dress and give his opinion. Holden agreed, but when Faith went to a dressing room, he and Lily had nothing to discuss. Holden brought up Craig and warned Lily that the man was taking advantage of her friendship. Lily was annoyed with that, and her feelings deteriorated when Holden threw her track record with Damian in her face. Faith walked out looking grown-up and beautiful, and both her parents complimented her.

Lily got tearful and ran out, and Holden followed. They talked about Faith, but Lily said that when she saw their daughter in her dress, she realized that Holden's wedding was really going to happen. Molly ran up, excited with her new shoes, and then apologized. Lily left, asking Holden to take Faith home.

Carly continued to confront Craig in his hotel suite, but he pretended that he had no clue why she was so upset. Finally she asked him bluntly what he was doing in New York with Lily. Craig stumbled through his explanation and then laughed out loud at Carly's thought that he was trying to make her jealous. Craig said things had really changed since those days when he had craved attention from her. He claimed to have broken the "Carly connection," and his life was getting better.

Craig accused Carly of being jealous, but he swore that he had moved on. Carly made the same claim, and she cited her partnership with Lily and her resumed closeness with Jack. As Carly was leaving, Craig asked if she was seeing Lily later. Carly said they did have a meeting scheduled, so Craig handed her a small replica of the Empire State Building to give to Lily as something to remember their trip by. Carly grabbed the statue and took off.

Lucinda sat down in the Lakeview lounge, and the bartender immediately served her favorite martini, courtesy of the "gentleman at the bar." The gentleman turned out to be Craig, who joined Lucinda at her table. He said it was time they celebrated his "coming on board at Worldwide." He toasted their long and profitable association, but Lucinda's response was how the infusion of cash had the remarkable ability to raise a man's confidence and arrogance. She did agree to drink to "other people's money," however, and then Craig brought up his "visit" with Lily in New York. Lucinda played dumb, so Craig said that he and Lily had even ended up spending the night together. He reported that he and Lily had a new level of understanding since that night, probably because Gabriel was living in Oakdale

Lucinda, however, called all his machinations "groundwork" for revenge and payback. Craig baited Lucinda by declaring that Lily was a "lovely woman who deserved to be fulfilled in every way." Lucinda snarled at Craig to stay away from her daughter, so Craig finished his drink and said, "Cheers!"

Lily went to Carly's for their meeting, and Carly asked her partner why she had to hear from someone else that Lily and Craig had been together in New York. Carly was not buying the "coincidence" line, and she asked many questions. She admitted she was worried because Craig was always trouble, and she feared that he would worm his way into their company. Lily said she had recently changed her mind about Craig and was actually "quite fond" of him. "Fond?" snorted Carly. Lily defended Craig by thinking that his having a son had brought out another side of him. Carly protested that Craig had only one side, and it had scales and a tail. Lily wanted to get back to business, but Carly warned Lily to be careful with Craig.

In the Lakeview lobby, Dusty congratulated Craig for joining the Worldwide team. He said he hoped that Craig would be more generous with Dusty's visits with Johnny because Craig would be very busy since Blackthorn had provided the big bucks for Craig to buy into Worldwide. Then Dusty said he would be taking Johnny to the park the next day.

Holden and Molly read through their marriage questions with the minister who was going to marry them. When he asked if Holden still loved his former wife, Holden was silent. He finally said that he did love her, but the relationship was over because his future was with Molly. The minister was satisfied with the couple's answers, so he congratulated them on their impending nuptials.

A dejected Lucinda went back to her office and cancelled an appointment. She was both surprised and delighted, however, to find her daughter Sierra waiting there for her. Lucinda gave a loud "Yee-haw!" and threw her arms around the woman. Sierra questioned why her mother had summoned Lucy home, and she was worried that Lucinda would use the girl as a pawn in one of her schemes. Lucinda was disappointed that Sierra had told Lucy about Gabriel, but Sierra said there was no longer a reason to keep it secret. Sierra vowed she wouldn't allow Lucinda to use Lucy to destroy Craig.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lily received an invitation from Carly to a bridal shower for Molly, and the very thought of it put Lily in a funk. Earlier she had called Craig, and he showed up to hear her news from Françoise in New York. The French woman had sent a fax explaining that workers in their perfume factory in France had hit the main water line, and the extra cleanup and repairs would cost them another 100,000 euros. Lily worried that the project would go belly-up before they even got into production.

Craig promised to talk with Françoise, but he agreed that if the repairs were necessary, he would just have to pay it. He assured Lily that there were always glitches in new ventures. Lily offered to chip in some money, but Craig reminded her that financing the deal was his obligation as a silent partner. Lily also stressed that Carly might find out that Craig was involved in Carlisle Fragrances, so he suggested that Lily tell her partner that there had been a problem at the factory but that she had already taken care of it with her own money. He advised Lily to "stick to the plan."

Lily said she had told Carly something "radical" to throw her off the scent of Craig's involvement, and she was just about to tell him about it when Lily glanced up and saw Carly looking through the door at them. Lily grabbed Craig's face and kissed him hard. Carly looked horrified, and when Lily took a breath, she smiled at Craig and warned him that Carly was watching and to play along. Then Lily answered the door, and Carly asked to talk business with her partner. Craig said goodbye, and he kissed Lily on the cheek.

Carly began to laugh, and she called the scene "interesting." She had a difficult time wrapping her brain about a Lily/Craig pairing, however, and she asked if the "thing" between the two of them was even more serious than Lily had said. Lily reminded Carly that she and Craig went back a long way, and she named off a couple of Craig's good points. Carly was not convinced, and she bet Lily $50 that Craig was lying to Lily about something at that moment. Lily asked that they change the subject because her personal affairs were none of Carly's concern.

Carly apologized, and then she asked if Lily had slept with Craig yet. Lily glared at her, and Carly had to apologize once again. Then she showed Lily some drawings for various perfume bottles and talked about how much she treasured the honesty in their partnership. Then Lily felt bad, so in the spirit of full disclosure, she said there had been an accident in the perfume factory that had resulted in a broken water main. The cleanup and repairs would cost an additional 100,000 euros, but Lily said she had already taken care of it. Then she urged Carly to concentrate on the artistic concerns and let her handle the mundane ones.

Carly handed Lily a file folder of drawings, but some photos of Molly and Holden fell out. Carly apologized for forgetting that the pictures were in there, and she explained that she was making an album for Molly for the shower. She urged Lily to attend the shower, and Lily only said that she would think about it.

Lucinda and Sierra went to the Lakeview lounge for a cup of coffee, and they discussed why Lucinda had called Lucy and asked her to return to Oakdale to help her make amends to Craig. Lucinda said she had also allowed Craig to buy into Worldwide to appease him and soften him up after he learned of their deception with Gabriel. She also felt that Lucy ought to have a chance to meet her new brother, but none of that was credible to Sierra. Sierra wanted to know what Lucinda really wanted with Lucy, and she worried that it was not fair to put her daughter in the middle of things, including Johnny and Dusty, again.

Lucinda commented that it might be good for Lucy to connect with Dusty again. The women argued about whether that should happen, and then Lucinda stepped aside and called Françoise in New York. They discussed the "flood" in the perfume factory that would cost 100,000 euros extra, and Lucinda laughed that Craig would have to put up the funds. She also told Françoise that her other daughter, Sierra, was in town and would soon take Craig's mind off business.

Next Lucinda went to Lily's and announced that Sierra was home "unexpectedly." Lily didn't believe that and told her mother that the visit had Lucinda's name written all over it. She suspected that her mother had arranged for Sierra to arrive because of Lily and Craig's new "association." She warned Lucinda to stop interfering in her life, and Lucinda agreed as long as Lily would stop pretending that the love of her life wasn't marrying another woman. She said Lily looked miserable, and she worried that her daughter was trying to get over Holden by dallying with Craig. Lily was furious, and she yelled that her mother was just jealous that Lily was making her own decisions and not allowing her mother to manipulate her any longer.

Lucinda swore that she was only trying to protect Lily from herself, and she cautioned that Craig was using her. Lily closed the door on Lucinda, but her mother walked back in and reminded her that she had a bridal shower to attend. They argued again, until Lucinda said it was Lily's last chance to get her husband back. Lily shouted that her mother should go meddle in Sierra's life.

Craig and Johnny were in Old Town, and Craig suggested they head to the library. Suddenly the boy spotted a girl from his summer camp and asked to say hello. Craig gave his permission and the boy ran off to see his friend. Then Craig made a phone call, as Jack walked up quietly behind him and overheard Craig leave a message for Anthony Blackthorn. Craig said that their "foreign investment" would cost a little more than anticipated," and he hung up. Jack stepped up and asked since when Blackthorn was Craig's "personal broker."

Craig was rude, but Jack explained that he was a cop and quite familiar with Blackthorn's rap sheet. He told Craig that the man used to be a hood named Tony Nero who was suddenly "legit" and a big-time commodities trader. Jack also said that Janet had known the punk from school in Chicago. Jack took off, and Johnny returned, announcing he was hungry. Craig was deciding what to do about that when Sierra walked up, and Johnny cried, "It's Lulu's mommy!" and he ran to hug her.

Craig was astonished to see his ex-wife, and he called Johnny back to his side instantly. He was less than cordial to Sierra. He reminded her that she had kept two of his sons from him. The pair argued, and then both apologized for their past transgressions. Craig asked how Lucy was, and they adjourned to Java.

Sierra did not want to discuss Lucy with Craig, however, she did say the girl was fine but seldom asked about her father. Sierra asked about Craig's relationship with Dusty, and she scolded him for not letting Johnny's spend more time with his other father. Craig, wanting to set an example of sharing, asked Johnny if he wanted to spend some time with Dusty, and the boy said, "Yes! Daddy, you're the best!" Sierra said her goodbyes and went outside and placed a call. She told someone that it was time that someone else knew that she was in town.

Lucinda was in her office when Craig burst in and confronted her about Sierra's presence in Oakdale. Lucinda called Craig paranoid and said that her daughter was just passing through town on her way to Washington, DC.

Later, Molly and Holden sat in Java and attempted to write their wedding vows. They had each written a few thoughts and agreed to share them. Holden went to get refills on their coffees, so Molly snitched the piece of paper Holden had been clutching. She read it and was absolutely delighted with his words. When Holden returned, he grabbed the paper away and explained that those were his thoughts for his vows with Lily. Molly was hurt, so Holden said he was afraid that he would accidentally repeat some of the thoughts, and he wanted his vows to Molly to be fresh and different. Molly kissed him and apologized for her many insecurities.

After the two parted, Molly dropped in to see the minister who was marrying them. She confessed to him that she had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that no matter how much Holden loved her, Lily would always be between them. The minister advised Molly to have faith and trust that Holden had chosen her and not Lily.

Holden dropped off tablecloths and paper plates at Carly's for the shower, and he thanked her for giving her cousin so much support. They talked a bit about Lily, and Carly said she was worried that Craig was going to hurt her friend. Carly could tell that Holden was also concerned, but he said when he had addressed that question with Lily, she had told him to "butt out." Holden stopped the conversation when Molly walked in, but he told her what they had been discussing. Jack arrived with two trays of food from Janet, so he and Holden went into the kitchen. Holden told Jack that Craig was hanging around Lily too much.

Meanwhile, Molly scolded Carly and asked her to keep quiet, because Lily's moving on to anybody, even Craig Montgomery, was a good thing for Molly. She told Carly to keep her mouth shut, and the men returned. Jack snagged Carly to help him put Janet's tray into the oven. Holden and Molly kissed, and Molly said that their daughter, Abigail, would be there for the wedding. Then she said that she had visited the minister, and he had suggested that she have faith in Holden.

Jack and Carly discussed Craig, and Carly said she thought something was "fishy," but Jack told her that she should leave the detecting to him. Jack kissed her and wished her a "great party." In the living room, Molly and Holden said goodbye, and Holden walked out. On the porch, he ran into Lily, the first arrival at the shower.

Friday, July 23, 2010

At Lily's house, Gabriel composed a letter to blackmail Lucinda with what he knew about her machinations against Craig. Craig arrived to offer his son a job. Gabriel slammed the door in his face, but Craig stormed into the house and said he wanted to make a good life for his sons. Gabriel asked if he'd forgotten about his daughter.

Craig claimed that his relationship with Lucy was complicated. Gabriel revealed that he knew that Lucy had absconded with Johnny. Craig said that had happened years earlier. Gabriel quipped that Craig was proof that people didn't change. Craig claimed that family was all that one really had. Gabriel considered that a frightening thought. Craig implored Gabriel to drop the bitterness, but Gabriel hoped that the door didn't hit Craig on his way out.

Craig went to his hotel room, and Blackthorn dropped by to say that he'd received Craig's request for more cash. He noted that Craig constantly seemed to need more money. Craig claimed that he was good for it, and Blackthorn said he'd better be. Blackthorn agreed to transfer more funds, but he expected the cash to start flowing back in his direction soon. After leaving, Blackthorn called Lucinda to say that he'd put the screws to Craig, as she'd requested.

While at the farm, Liberty and Parker made curtains for the cabin. She seemed annoyed to hear Parker compliment Faith's attire for the bridal shower. When Faith left, Liberty remarked that she'd been at his commercial shoot, but she hadn't approached him because he'd been flirting with Faith on the tennis court. Parker smiled, noting Liberty's jealousy. Liberty rejected the notion, but wondered if Parker and Faith were dating. Parker replied that they were friends. Just then, Gabriel called to ask for Liberty's help, and Liberty readily took off.

At Java, Gabriel told Liberty that he really wanted to meet Lucy, but he was nervous about it. He asked if Liberty would accompany him. She told him to name the time and place.

At Al's diner, Janet was rushing to take food to Molly's bridal shower when Blackthorn arrived to ask her on a date. Janet didn't refuse, but she made plenty of excuses as to why she couldn't go. Blackthorn persisted, saying that it didn't have to be that very day. Janet said he was "too much," and she bustled off without a definitive answer.

While dropping the food off in Carly's kitchen, Janet said she was sorry that Carly hadn't known about her move to the cabin. Carly asked how Dusty felt about it, and Janet conveyed that Dusty had been overprotective of her because of her relationship with Blackthorn. "Whatever Dusty's doing, embrace it. You're so much luckier than you know," Carly responded.

At the Lakeview, Dusty grinned a little when he opened his door to find Lucy Montgomery on the other side. Lucy claimed that she'd been overdue for a visit, and she was anxious to meet her brother, Gabriel. Dusty explained that things had changed since her last visit, but Lucy stated that she already knew he was seeing someone. She said that she'd known for a while that it was over between her and Dusty.

Lucy hoped that Craig was still amicable about Dusty's visitation with Johnny, but Dusty revealed that Craig had used Johnny as a bargaining chip in the Worldwide deal. Johnny drew Lucy a picture of a pizza, and the three decided to go out to eat.

At Al's Diner, Lucy and Dusty discussed Janet. He revealed his intention to marry Janet and have a family, which would include Jack and Janet's baby. He stated that Janet needed his help, and Lucy recalled his proclivity to rescue women. Dusty explained that he had to protect Janet from the unsavory Blackthorn, and Lucy wondered if Dusty were in love with Janet.

Just then, Janet entered and seemed startled to see Lucy with Dusty. He introduced the ladies, and they made polite conversation. As Johnny, Dusty, and Lucy left, a disillusioned Janet stared at them through the window.

Later, Janet sighed to see Blackthorn back at the diner. He invited her to a Cubs game and promised that their seats were near the restrooms. When Janet hesitated, he told her to call it "an offer you can't refuse."

Outside Carly's house, Holden was concerned about Lily's arrival at the bridal shower. He indicated that "all this joy" might be too much for her, but she pretended that everything was fine, because she and Holden had both moved on. Though he still worried about Lily, he left to pick up Faith. Lily entered the house and said, "Let's get this party started!" Molly and Carly seemed to be just as uneasy about the gregarious Lily as Holden had been earlier.

Holden arrived at the farm to pick Faith up for Molly's shower. On the porch, he wondered if Faith could handle attending the party. Faith figured that Molly was cool, so it wouldn't be hard to "ooh and ahh" for a few hours over her bridal gifts.

When Faith arrived at the party, she watched Lily view an old picture of Molly and Holden. Lily chuckled through her sadness when Molly remarked that her shirt from the photo still hung in her closet. Everyone discussed the wedding, and Molly said that there were 75 people on her guest list. "The more the Molly-er!" Lily exclaimed and drank champagne. Faith quieted her boisterous mother. Molly remarked that she'd been leery about having a big wedding, but Holden had insisted that nothing was too good for them. Lily sadly shook her head.

Carly read a letter entitled, "A Groom to his Bride on Their Wedding Day," which she'd composed with words that the guests had randomly written down for her. Lily grew uncomfortable when Carly instructed Molly to open her gifts. Lily slipped outside, and Faith followed her. Lily stated that she'd forgotten her gift in the car, and Faith returned inside.

After a while, Carly asked where Lily had gone, and Faith said Lily had gone to her car. "How far away did she park?" Carly wondered. On the porch, Lily heard Molly inside cooing about the lingerie gifts for the honeymoon. Lily placed her gift on the stoop and left.

Faith found the present on the porch and told everyone that Lily had left. Carly and Molly tried to minimize Lily's departure to keep Faith from getting upset. After Faith went outside to call her father, Molly and Carly listened to Lily's gift to make sure it wasn't ticking.

When Faith called Holden about Lily's disappearance, he figured that Lily just needed time to herself. He offered to find Lily and call Faith later. On his porch, Holden encountered a sobbing Lily. She said that she just couldn't do it. She wanted to be happy for his sake, but she couldn't bear to watch him build a life with someone else. She decided that she needed to get away from Oakdale, because she couldn't be there while he married another woman.

Holden said that he understood, and she replied that his sympathy made it worse. She expressed her love for him, and he wondered where she'd go. "I don't know. But don't follow me, if you care for me at all," she whimpered and left.

After the shower, Molly admired her new lingerie. Carly worried about Lily, and Molly asked why her party had to be about Lily. Holden entered to say that an upset Lily had visited him after the shower. Carly went to the kitchen, and Holden told Molly that Lily wouldn't be at the wedding. Molly thought that it was for the best, because they should have a joyous wedding day. He wished that Lily could attend, but he guessed it was for the best, just as Molly had said.

A distraught Lily wound up on Craig's doorstep. She sobbed that she needed to get away, and she asked him to accompany her out of Oakdale. Carly called Craig and asked if Lily were there. With Lily's permission, he confirmed it and added that Lily was doing okay. After the call, Craig comforted Lily, who wanted out of that "wretched town." Putting his arm around her, Craig promised to do everything he could to make things better for her.

Faith called Parker to express her worry about Lily. Faith sobbed that it had finally ended between her parents. Parker said he understood how it felt to witness volatile relationships between parents. She feared that Lily would hurt herself, but he doubted that it would get that bad. Faith clicked off the line, and Parker rushed out of the house.

Faith wandered around, looking for her mother. She collapsed on the ground near the woods and cried. Parker found Faith and tried to comfort her. She asked why people hurt each other instead of working things out. She realized that her parents would never reunite. She regretted shoving her relationship with Molly in Lily's face. Faith sobbed when she thought of how sullen Lily had been at the shower.

Faith wondered how Parker had found her, and he said he'd remembered that they used to go to that spot when they'd had problems. She said that they'd only trusted each other back then. After crying more, she wondered what was wrong with her. Parker assured her that crying was good, and he'd be worried if she didn't cry. Parker spontaneously kissed Faith. She kissed him back and relaxed on the ground. Faith pulled Parker on top of her, and as they kissed, he unzipped the front of her dress.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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