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Liza's decision to switch Damon's medication with placebos began to have the desired effects. Madison confided to Frankie that she was falling in love with Ryan. Ryan was rushed into surgery after being diagnosed with an aneurysm.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, July 19, 2010

At the Martin residence, Tad admitted to Liza that he was excited that Damon's adoption would be finalized that day. As Tad ducked into the kitchen, to get himself and Liza something to drink, Liza's phone rang. It was Colby. Colby was curious if Liza had seen Damon. Colby grumbled that Damon had been unreliable recently. Liza smiled with satisfaction as she recalled substituting Damon's medication. Tad returned to the living room after Liza ended the call. Moments later, the doorbell rang.

Tad and Liza were surprised when Eileen Shanks, a social worker, introduced herself and then explained that it was standard procedure to make a surprise visit to homes before giving a final stamp of approval on an adoption. Tad and Liza were surprised that Eileen felt the need to investigate Damon's home, but invited the social worker inside. As Tad answered Eileen's questions, it became clear that Eileen was not impressed with Tad's living arrangements. Eileen insisted that Tad's home wasn't a suitable environment for an impressionable nine-year-old. Tad and Liza burst out laughing as they explained that Damon was nineteen. Eileen quickly checked her notes, which confirmed Tad and Liza's claim. Eileen apologized profusely and then left.

At Krystal's, Colby waited impatiently for Damon to arrive. Colby was in a sour mood when Damon finally showed up. Damon apologized, but Colby's annoyance grew when she realized that Damon had forgotten about their plans to go to a party later that evening. Damon apologized again and then tried to kiss Colby, but she refused to let him distract her. Colby needed assurance that she was the only woman that Damon wanted to be with.

Damon pointed out that he had asked her to dinner, so he obviously didn't want anyone else. Things went from bad to worse for Damon when he discovered that he had forgotten to grab his wallet. Frustrated, Colby got up and then stormed out. Damon called Tad's house to talk to his father, but Liza answered the phone. Liza let Damon know that Colby had been looking for him.

Liza was pleased when Damon revealed that he had just been with Colby, but he had messed things up. Damon asked Liza to keep Colby there if she showed up. He promised that he would be home soon. After Liza ended the call, she went to the Chandler mansion to check on Colby. Colby was upset about Damon's erratic behavior. Colby explained that Damon had kept her waiting and he had forgotten his wallet.

Colby complained that Damon didn't even seem to realize what a jerk he had been. Colby was curious how one knew when a guy was seeing someone else. Liza urged Colby not to jump to conclusions. She reminded Colby that boys and girls matured differently, so Damon might not be emotionally ready for the same type of relationship that Colby was. Colby wondered how long she should wait for Damon. Liza suggested that Colby give it a few days; in the meantime, Liza promised to be there for her daughter.

Damon was disappointed when he arrived home to discover that Colby wasn't there. He called Colby, but the call went to her voicemail. After Damon left Colby a message, Tad entered the living room. Tad had found his own adoption papers from when Joe and Ruth had adopted him. After Tad showed Damon the adoption papers, he revealed that Damon's adoption papers had been delivered. Damon was stunned to discover that his adoption had been finalized on the anniversary of Tad's adoption. Tad officially welcomed his son into the family and then hugged him.

A short time later, Damon returned to Krystal's to meet Colby. Damon apologized for upsetting Colby, but Colby remained insecure about Damon's commitment to her. Damon was frustrated that Colby didn't seem to appreciate that he was going through a lot at the moment. Colby explained that she was tired of people drifting in and out of her life, so she needed to know that Damon wasn't going anywhere. "Well, I'm here now," Damon pointed out. Colby seemed to relax and then let go of her anger. Shortly afterwards, Colby left the restaurant.

Liza returned to the Martin residence, where Tad was waiting. Tad showed her Damon's adoption papers that had been delivered earlier that day. Liza was happy for Tad, but as she looked at the papers that Tad had handed to her, she noticed another set of adoption papers on the coffee table. She picked up Tad's adoption papers and then noticed the date. "That's wild," Liza confessed when she realized that Damon and Tad's adoptions had been finalized on the same date, but years apart.

Tad reminisced about the day that he officially became a Martin. He revealed that Joe had insisted that Tad was special while Ruth had celebrated by baking a pie for Tad. According to Tad, Ruth had invited Tad to eat as much of the pie as he wanted. Tad chuckled as he admitted that he had indulged until he became ill. The conversation drifted back to Damon.

Tad smiled when Liza referred to Damon as his son. Tad wondered if she truly saw Damon as his son or if she considered Damon to be the guy dating her daughter, whom she didn't approve of. Liza was stunned when Tad questioned if Liza were ready for more. He admitted that he had been thinking quite a bit about their relationship and hoped that Liza would one day be more than the woman he dated. Liza softly confessed that she thought that they had a future together and then added that a lifetime with Tad would be amazing.

Jake poured a glass of wine for Amanda as she entered the living room. Amanda revealed that Trevor had a play date with a friend who lived four flights below them. Jake handed Amanda the glass of wine, but she wasn't in the mood for dinner. She suggested that they find more intimate things to do with the half hour that they had to themselves. Jake smiled and then kissed his wife. Moments later, the phone rang.

Amanda wanted Jake to ignore the ringing, but he explained that he was on call, so he answered the phone. It was Angie. Angie was distraught because she had suffered another episode of blindness. Angie revealed that she was lost somewhere outside of Krystal's, so she needed Jake's help. Jake promised to be there as soon as possible and then ended the call. Amanda wondered what was going on.

Jake opted to lie; he told his wife that Angie had called to let him know that one of his patients was in distress, so Jake had to get to the hospital. Amanda noted that Jake and Angie had been spending quite a bit of time together lately. Jake explained that Angie needed someone to talk to about the hospital's budget cuts. Amanda was curious why Angie couldn't talk to Jesse about it, but Jake pointed out that Jesse wasn't a doctor, so he might not understand as well as Jake. Moments later, Jake left.

Jake found Angie sitting on a bench in front of Krystal's. Angie was relieved when Jake identified himself and then reached out to her. Angie wept as she explained that her bout of blindness had lasted longer than the previous episodes had. She was also upset because she had dropped her Bible. Jake quickly found the Bible and then placed it in Angie's hand.

Angie relaxed as she clutched the Bible to her chest. She revealed that she had put the Bible away while cleaning up in preparation for some company. Angie had forgotten about the Bible until Jesse had found it recently. She realized that she could probably tell Jake where every file and piece of paper were in her office, but she had no idea where her Bible had been. Angie wondered when her priorities had gotten so mixed up.

Jake comforted Angie as she began to lament the prospect of living in a world where she couldn't see the faces of her loved ones. Angie was filled with regret over all of the things she hadn't taken the time to see. Jake calmed Angie down and then led her to his car. As Jake and Angie walked away, Amanda, pushing Trevor in his stroller, stepped out of the shadows.

Angie's vision returned by the time she arrived home. Angie was curious if Jake had been with Amanda when she had called. Angie felt terrible when Jake admitted that he had lied to Amanda to explain why he had to leave. Jake wanted Angie to focus on her treatment instead of feeling guilty. Angie reminded Jake that the odds weren't in her favor because she was undergoing experimental treatment. Jake urged Angie to have faith.

Amanda was waiting for Jake when he arrived home. She asked Jake about his patient, but when Jake started to lie, she let him know that she had seen him at Krystal's with Angie. Amanda explained that she had picked up Trevor and then gone to Krystal's for some ice cream. Jake lied to his wife once again as he explained that Angie had been upset after discovering that she wasn't pregnant. Amanda relaxed as she assured Jake that he was a good friend, she just wished that he had told her the truth from the beginning. She promised him that she would never betray his trust.

In Tucker's hotel room, Annie found herself the recipient of unwanted advances. Annie tried to fight Tucker off, but he managed to pin her to the bed. JR kicked in the door and then pulled Tucker off of Annie. JR warned Tucker that no one messed with JR's family, so he demanded that Trucker apologize to Annie. After Tucker complied, JR tossed Tucker out of the room. Once they were alone, JR checked to see how Annie was doing.

Annie assured JR that she was fine, but it was clear that Annie was shaken from her ordeal. JR offered to call security, but Annie declined. She apologized for the incident because it probably had cost them the contract, but JR insisted that he didn't care about that; he cared about Annie.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott helped Marissa pick up the papers and books that she had thrown across the room in her fit of frustration. Marissa apologized for her outburst, but Scott insisted that it wasn't necessary. He was more concerned about Marissa. Scott wanted her to be happy. Marissa assured Scott that she was getting there, but she was a bit overwhelmed with the pressures of being a wife, mother, and student. However, she was determined to make things right for everyone.

Scott was stunned when Annie and JR arrived home a short time later. Scott took one look at Annie's torn dress and then demanded to know what had happened. Annie admitted that her client had gone too far when he had lured Annie to his room. Scott wondered if JR had been there. Annie glanced at JR and then quickly explained that she had bumped into JR as she was leaving Tucker's room. Marissa was curious why JR hadn't been at the office, as he had told her.

JR claimed that the location of his meeting had been changed at the last minute. Marissa watched her husband closely, but didn't say anything. When JR and Marissa left the parlor, Scott fetched Annie something to drink to help calm her nerves. Scott wanted to call the police, but Annie insisted that she just wanted to put the incident behind her.

In the bedroom, Marissa questioned JR about what had happened to Annie. JR claimed that he had arrived on the scene after the fact and that he had only given Annie a ride home. Marissa was curious about the look that had passed between JR and Annie in the parlor. JR explained it away by insisting that he had been annoyed because Annie might have screwed up the deal. He assured his wife that nothing was going on between him and Annie.

After Marissa left, Annie went to talk to JR. Annie realized that she might have been raped if JR hadn't stopped Tucker. JR didn't want Annie to let a slimeball like Tucker get to her. Annie revealed that she would never forget how JR had saved her or how he had referred to her as a part of his family. JR confessed that he would do the same thing all over again "in a heartbeat."

JR tried to downplay what he had done, but Annie refused to let him. JR wanted Annie to go back to her life, so that he could do the same, but Annie wondered if perhaps their lives weren't supposed to be separate. JR reminded Annie that they had both agreed to stay away from each other when they had discussed their relationship at the cottage. Annie wondered why they continued to be drawn to each other. JR acknowledged that he felt something for Annie, but he was reluctant to elaborate, so Annie admitted that what she felt for JR went beyond sex.

Moments later, Colby was shocked when she threw open JR's bedroom door to find her brother engaged in a heated kiss with Annie.

Marissa tracked down Tucker and then introduced herself as Jessica, a representative of Chandler Enterprises. Marissa explained that she had been sent to find out exactly what had happened with Annie. Tucker angrily insisted that he had merely engaged in some innocent flirtation when Annie's boyfriend had barged into the room and then attacked him. Marissa was confused because Scott had not been there. Tucker clarified that he had been referring to JR.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At a hotel in New York, Ryan and Madison joked about the corny convention-goers until she decided to head to her room for the night. Citing that it was still early, Ryan asked her to stay. He ventured out for some ice, and she took a call from Frankie, who was picking up an extra hospital shift. Madison shared that her boss had shown up in Ryan's hotel room. Frankie found that peculiar, but she explained that they'd all been booked for the same convention.

In the corridor, Ryan ran into Greenlee. She claimed that she actually was attending the convention, but he didn't believe her. She dropped some of her things and Jackson's photo of her and Ryan fell out. She explained that Jackson had given it to her in a last-ditch effort to get her away from David. Ryan wondered why Jackson had chosen a picture of them, and she said her father had thought that she looked happy in it. "Are you happy now?" Ryan asked.

Greenlee claimed that she was happy to be alive and living with an adoring husband. She turned the question to Ryan, but Madison entered the corridor before he could answer. Greenlee stated that the convention was a bore, and it had been a big mistake for her to go there.

Ryan and Madison returned to his room. He started to talk about Greenlee, but forgot all about her when Madison kissed him. He set down his drink and passionately kissed her back. She laughed when they tipped over the ice bucket. He tossed her onto the bed and bounced down beside her to resume kissing.

As they made out, a call from Emma interrupted them. Emma worried about her misplaced princess dress, and Ryan offered to buy another one. She whined that her dress was special because it had been a gift from Greenlee. Ryan said that he'd see what he could do about it. After double-checking with Annie that Emma was really okay, Ryan ended the call.

Madison was touched by Ryan's love and concern for his daughter. She decided that he should go home to see Emma. A tearful Madison hoped that she'd know that kind of love one day. He was sure that it would arrive before she knew it.

In his hotel room, David listened to a message from Greenlee. In it, she said that she was catching up on things at work. He traveled to the hospital, where he encountered Frankie. As David cast doubt on Frankie's job security, David stated that Randi could always go back to her old line of work. Frankie resisted his anger and suggested that David fly to New York to spend time with his wife, who was last seen in Ryan's hotel room.

An incensed David felt that Frankie's preoccupation with Greenlee proved that Frankie wasn't concentrating on patients. David canceled the extra shift that Frankie had picked up and ordered him to go home. Frankie couldn't believe that David would leave the hospital short-staffed over something like that; however, David's decision was final.

At home, Frankie received a call from Randi, but they had a bad connection. She said that she worried about his job, and she loved him. He offered to call her back, but she had to hurry off. Sighing, he said he loved her, too.

Later, Ryan escorted Madison to Frankie's doorstep. He pressed her against the wall and said he'd had a great time. They kissed a few times, and he left. When Madison entered the house, she beamed to Frankie that she was falling in love.

Back in his hotel room, David paced around, listened to Greenlee's message again, and grimaced. Just then, Greenlee strode through the door as if nothing were wrong. He said he'd called her office, and she casually explained that she'd substituted for Bianca at the convention. He asked if she'd run into anyone that she knew at the conference. She got defensive, but claimed that it had been the regular crowd.

Greenlee complained of a headache, and David revealed that he'd had a hard day, too. He said that it helped knowing that he'd return home to her. She thought he gave her too much credit, but he insisted that their marriage was the most important relationship that he'd ever had. She expressed a similar sentiment; however, when he kissed her, she pushed him away. She again complained of a headache, but he wondered if that were all it was.

Greenlee admitted that a headache sounded cliché, but she promised to make it up to him. She went to the bathroom, and David discovered the picture of her and Ryan among her things. Her phone rang, and he scowled upon seeing Ryan's name on the caller-ID. Ryan left a message asking Greenlee to let him know where she'd gotten the princess dress.

At the mansion, Colby caught JR and Annie in an embrace and lit into Annie about wrecking the Chandler family. JR cut in to say that Colby should blame him, not Annie. Annie left the siblings alone to talk, and JR remarked that Colby seemed to take the situation a little too personally. She said she needed to know that a marriage could last, and JR's marriage had once given her hope that she could someday have a happy marriage, too.

Moved by her words, JR swore that his marriage would last. Colby wanted to believe him, but she suspected that he still lusted after Annie. Colby insisted that it wouldn't end as long as Annie lived there. JR blamed Scott for moving Annie in, and Colby decided that it was time that Scott knew the truth about JR and Annie. JR reasoned that Scott would protect Annie, Marissa would leave AJ motherless, and no one would benefit from the revelation. JR promised to be better, but Colby noted that he'd said that many times before.

Downstairs, Emma sobbed to Scott. She was frightened because Colby, JR, and Annie were arguing upstairs. Scott soothed her worries about the situation, and Annie entered. Emma explained that Scott had helped her to feel better about JR and Annie making Colby cry. Annie apologized to Emma and said it was just a misunderstanding. Scott inquired about Colby's tears, and Annie called Colby an emotional teen.

Emma left, and Annie told Scott how much she appreciated what he'd said to Emma. An anxious Annie conveyed that she wanted to be the best partner for him and a great mother to Emma. Almost sobbing, she said that he was everything that she wanted. Scott understood how she felt, but he wondered why she was so upset. He assumed that something had happened upstairs, but Annie claimed that she was just emotional.

Scott went upstairs and accused Colby and JR of ganging up on Annie. Assuming the blame for needlessly upsetting everyone, JR claimed that they'd been bickering about Caleb's decision. Colby added that she'd cried because it was hard to live in the same house with all of them. JR gave his word that they'd pull the family together. "What happened here today will never happen again," he assured them. Scott said that JR's word didn't mean much, but JR reasserted his commitment to the family.

Scott and Colby went into the parlor, where Scott assured her that he wasn't blind to who Annie was. He claimed that, in addition to the bad, he knew the tender Annie, and he loved her. Colby was awed by his capacity for forgiveness. Scott said Stuart had taught him that love enabled a person to forgive almost anything.

Later, JR made a call about a business deal. He chuckled, saying, "You know me. I always get what I want." After the call, Annie stormed in. She fretted about how their tension affected Emma. He acknowledged that the thing between them wouldn't go away, and he suggested that they get themselves a house outside of town. "So I can be your mistress?" an offended Annie asked. She said that she deserved to marry to a Chandler, and Emma deserved a father. JR stated that he wasn't marrying her, and he couldn't take another mother from AJ. JR asked for some time to sort it all out, but Annie left, suddenly deciding to fix things herself.

With JR later, Colby revealed that she hadn't told Scott anything because Scott really loved Annie. Colby hoped that she could trust JR to keep his word. JR swore that nothing would happen between him and Annie, no matter how they felt for each other. Colby guessed that there was more than a physical attraction, but JR vowed not to let anyone get in the way of family.

Annie found Scott in front of the staircase and said that he was her rock. She conveyed that she had everything that she ever wanted in him, and the world should know how perfect they were for each other. "Let's get married!" she exclaimed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the mansion parlor, Annie turned a picture of JR facedown and then stared at a photo of Scott. She heard JR and Scott talking on their phones in the foyer. The men had been up all night working on the Cortlandt deal. After their calls, Scott was ready to accept Caleb's refusal to sell to the Chandlers. JR thought that Scott's acquiescence made him a poor businessperson, but Scott advised JR to focus on his wife until she passed the bar exam.

JR went upstairs to find Marissa studying on the bed. He suggested that she take a break, but she said the exam was the next day. He mentioned his frustration with the Cortlandt deal, and she snapped that he was never satisfied with what he had. He responded that the deal mattered because it was a part of Dixie's legacy; however, Marissa questioned his priorities.

Colby entered and offered to hang out whenever Marissa needed a study break. Marissa scowled when Colby stated that JR had vowed to keep the family strong. Colby left, and JR invited his wife for a meal at the Yacht Club. A snarky Marissa decided that he should show her the room from which he rescued Annie.

In the parlor, Annie coyly asked Scott for an answer to her marriage proposal. She'd been up all night thinking about it, and she was certain that they belonged together. "You're still married to my uncle," he said. She claimed that she'd soon be divorced, but Scott reasoned that they had another problem. "JR," he stated.

Scott sensed that Annie had proposed due to her insecurity about her place in the family. He affirmed his commitment to her and advised her not to force things, because they had nothing to prove. Annie persisted, and Scott said, "I love you. Isn't that enough?" Just then, he received a call. He took off on business, and she left the house.

At the Yacht Club, JR told Marissa that he'd hidden his role in the rescue because he hadn't wanted to upset her. "Except you keep doing it," she muttered. Annie approached them, and a bitter Marissa asked about the attack. Annie apologized for not being upfront about JR's involvement in her escape. Marissa asked what would have happened if he hadn't been there, but Annie struggled to articulate an alternative end to her horrible predicament.

To Annie's relief, Scott arrived and said he'd canceled his meetings to spend time with her. Everyone was stunned when Scott whipped out a velvet box and said he should be proposing to Annie, not the other way around. He bent on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Marissa seemed repulsed as Scott professed his love for Annie, who gleefully accepted the proposal. Everyone in the restaurant applauded, except JR, who sat with his half-heartedly clapping wife.

Colby entered in time to see Scott slide the ring on Annie's finger. He declared them engaged, and a resentful Colby ducked out the door. JR proposed a toast to the couple. Marissa congratulated them, but frowned when JR hugged Annie. Marissa decided to return to her studies. As Annie embraced Scott, she watched JR leave with his wife.

When Marissa and JR arrived home, he was eager to help his wife study. She asked him if he thought that Scott and Annie would have a big wedding. JR hoped that they'd elope, move out, and have a great life someplace else.

In the parlor, Annie admired her engagement ring. Scott remarked that she'd have a safe home for Emma and a powerful husband. He remarked that she'd married Adam because the Chandlers had been her way to the top. Annie assumed that Scott doubted her feelings for him. He said he wouldn't have proposed if he'd felt that way, but he couldn't deny her connection to JR. She insisted that it was over with JR. Setting JR's picture upright on the table, Scott said he believed her, because Scott was the man that could give her everything she wanted and more.

Scott said that he loved Annie for who she was, and he was confident that she'd justify his faith in her. She promised to spend her life making him proud. Scott pulled her into his arms to dance, and she laughed because there was no music.

JR glanced into the room and wordlessly headed for the kitchen. Marissa watched him from the stairs and then glanced into the parlor. She heard Annie's laughter and grimaced.

At the Martin house, Jake and Amanda were the first to arrive for Damon's adoption party. Colby arrived next, and Tad was surprised that Damon wasn't with her. Colby cynically revealed that Damon hadn't responded to her phone calls or text messages. Tad figured that Damon wasn't used to all the family support, and he was testing their love for him. "You keep believing that," she quipped and left to find her boyfriend. Tad took off, as well.

Inside, Krystal told Jake that he'd missed a call from Angie. Frowning, Amanda asked if he'd call Angie back. He replied that he was at a party with his beautiful wife, but Amanda quipped that it wasn't much of a party without guests or Damon. Later, Jake received a text message from Angie, who assured him that she was okay.

Alone with Jake, Amanda asked for his opinion about Damon. Jake sympathized with Damon's plight and figured that he'd be in jail without Tad's help. She thought that Tad deserved better treatment from Damon, who'd bailed on Tad's adoption party.

Amanda admitted that she'd been keeping something from Jake. He said that he'd understand if she'd been asked to keep a friend's confidence, but she asserted that married people didn't keep secrets. She revealed that Damon had compromising photos of Liza, which he'd obtained during Liza's unsuccessful attempt to entrap him. Though Amanda had forced Damon to erase the photos, she thought that Tad should know what had happened. Jake agreed, and the couple left to find Tad.

At Krystal's restaurant, Damon popped open the register. Liza entered in time to see him pocket the cash inside it. "That's gonna make your dad real proud," Liza said. He claimed that it was an advance on his paycheck, but when Liza threatened to ask Krystal about it, he changed his story. He stated that he'd intended to ask Krystal for the money, but she hadn't arrived for her shift. Liza said Krystal was at the party, and he realized that he'd forgotten about the event.

Liza insisted that Damon return the money, and she planned to be there, so he wouldn't lie to Krystal about it. Tad entered and was shocked to hear that Damon had stolen the money. Damon readily called himself a perpetual screw-up, but Tad didn't want to hear that same old excuse. Damon sniped that Tad could just "unadopt" him, but Tad dismissed that an as option. Declaring that he wouldn't change overnight, Damon stormed out.

Tad wondered why Liza was always around when Damon got into trouble. Liza quipped that she didn't put Damon's hand in the register. Tad argued that she was supposed to be on his side, not continually taking shots at his son. Liza uttered that he had no idea what Damon was capable of, but Tad asserted that she couldn't tell him anything surprising about his son. "He's more like you were at that age than you know, and it's not a good thing," she stated.

Tad reasoned that he'd enjoyed being a jerk in his youth. Damon, however, had ADHD. Liza explained that she'd tried to work things out with Damon without involving Tad, and Tad pressed her to reveal her issue with his son. "He kissed me," she said. Tad laughed, but a serious Liza explained that it had happened after they'd signed the adoption papers. Tad assumed that there had been a misunderstanding. "I know when someone's kissing me," Liza said.

Tad asked what Liza had been doing during the kiss, and if she'd stopped it. She said that it had been unexpected, and she warned Tad not to blame it on her. As Tad ingested the news, Liza hoped that he finally understood why she'd taken a hard line with Damon. She claimed that she had to protect Colby, and she was in Tad's corner, too. Liza asked what they'd do next, and Tad replied that they'd fix it.

Jake and Amanda opened the door to Krystal's restaurant and saw Liza and Tad in deep conversation. Jake figured that it probably wasn't the best time to talk to Tad, and they left.

Back at the mansion, Colby left Adam a message. In it, she asked if she could visit him in New York. She sobbed that everything was spinning out of control, and she couldn't handle it. She ended the call when she saw Damon enter the parlor.

Colby told Damon to go away; however, he sensed her distress and offered to be there for her. She asserted that no one could fix it, but Adam. Colby announced that Scott intended to marry the toxic Annie. Damon suggested that Colby and JR team up to convince Scott that it was a mistake. She said JR was a lost cause, and Annie was taking down the entire family.

Damon wanted to hear the whole story, but Colby asked why he even cared. She yelled that their relationship seemed to happen only on his schedule. When he claimed that he'd had a hard time coping, she asserted that he'd only visited her to make himself feel better. Damon figured that they needed each other, but Colby insisted that she needed to go to New York to explain things to Adam. "Okay, then I'll get you to New York," Damon decided.

Colby quipped that he'd just ditch her at the last minute, but Damon claimed to have her "back." She agreed to go, but she implored him not to let her down. He promised that he wouldn't.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In a booth at Krystal's restaurant, Emma wished that she could locate the princess dress that Greenlee had given her. Madison arrived with a princess dress, but when Emma checked the inside tag, she said, "No, thank you." Emma revealed that her dress had included a special inscription, which had read, "From your fairy godmother, Love Greenlee." Emma urged Ryan to call Greenlee for help, and Madison decided to meet them later.

In his hotel room, David watched Greenlee sleep. When she awakened, he again asked her whom she'd seen at the convention. She guessed he knew that she'd seen Ryan. David said he'd been waiting for her to tell him on her own. She claimed that she hadn't run into Ryan on purpose, and she'd been quiet about it to keep David from feeling hurt. "So much for being honest," David quipped.

Greenlee said she hadn't wanted to make a big deal of it, but David reasoned that her omission had alarmed him. She claimed that the trip had shown her that she had everything she needed. David asked why she carried around a picture of herself and Ryan. She figured that David had gone through her things, but he lied that it had fallen out of her planner.

Greenlee explained that Jackson had given her the photo, but she hadn't thought twice about it since then. She insisted that David was making too much of it. Citing all the risks that David had taken for her, she concluded that she was too grateful to go backwards. She implored him believe her, and he claimed that he did.

As David took a shower, Ryan called Greenlee about the princess dress issue. She said she'd have Fusion's art department replicate the message inside the new dress, and he stated that Madison had taken the dress to work with her. Ryan asked Greenlee to deliver it to him and Emma at the park later. As she agreed, David eavesdropped from the bathroom. Greenlee left, and David stared at the picture of Greenlee and Ryan. David tossed it into the trash and exited.

In the park later, Emma talked to Ryan about the power of wishes. Greenlee appeared with the dress, and Emma exclaimed that her wishing had worked. Emma asked Greenlee to help her pick flowers. As they did so, Greenlee and Emma encountered Madison.

Emma scampered off, and Greenlee stated that Ryan was nearby. Madison noted that it was probably hard for Greenlee to be with Emma and Ryan, who'd almost become her family. Greenlee claimed that she wasn't a threat to Madison, but Madison hoped that Greenlee cared enough about Ryan to let him move on.

Ryan strode up, and Emma returned with a daisy chain and a hug for Greenlee. Ryan started to take Emma home, but Greenlee offered to do it. Madison intervened, saying that she'd do it because she had the house key, and Greenlee grimaced. After Madison and Emma left, Ryan thanked Greenlee for her help with the dress. She shoved her flowers at him and strode off.

Later, Greenlee made a takeout order for her and David, and Krystal approached to say how David liked his meat. Krystal had heard that Greenlee had gotten drunk at Krystal's bar, and Krystal stated that she and Amanda might form an ex-wives club. Greenlee cited that she and David had a supportive relationship, and she didn't need any unsolicited advice.

As Krystal turned to leave, Greenlee wondered if Krystal had felt good about David at the onset of their marriage. Krystal confided that she'd been too messed up to feel anything. Greenlee asked when Krystal had known that the relationship had soured. Krystal couldn't remember when, but she said the important thing was that she'd figured it out and left him.

Elsewhere in the park, a raging David confronted Ryan about calling a meeting with Greenlee at the park. Ryan claimed that it was for Emma, and David retorted that Ryan had stooped to using a child. As the men bickered, David grabbed Ryan's arm. Ryan jerked away and suddenly winced due to a pain in his head. Ryan stammered as he spoke, and David asked what was wrong. Ryan claimed it was nothing, but then he collapsed on the ground.

In the foyer at the Chandler mansion, JR was on the phone getting a caller's assurance that no one knew about JR's involvement in the deal that the two expected to close soon.

In the parlor, Annie gaily planned a big wedding. She exclaimed that the people who'd thought she was washed-up could kiss her rear end, but Scott cited that no one would be kissing anything until she divorced Adam. Annie saw JR in the foyer and decided that she was okay with getting married in Las Vegas after her divorce. JR listened in as Scott insisted upon giving Annie the wedding of her dreams.

The couple kissed, and JR entered to discuss business. Scott said JR had interrupted a private moment, and JR told him to get a private space. Scott advised JR to check on Marissa, who'd seemed upset before leaving for the bar exam. JR insisted upon discussing business, but Scott said it had to wait, because he and Annie were planning a wedding.

Once alone, Scott told Annie that she didn't have to give up her wedding dreams to prove herself to him. The couple expressed how lucky they were to have each other, and Scott decided that he'd expedite her divorce. Annie suggested that they get their license the same day, and he asked why she was rushing things. She claimed that she couldn't wait to start a life with him.

At Krystal's restaurant, a sobbing Marissa sat down at Caleb's table. She was looking for her mother, but when he said he hadn't seen Krystal, Marissa whimpered that she'd failed the bar exam. She admitted that she'd left without even finishing it. Caleb sympathetically reasoned that some people had to take the test several times, but Marissa cried that it wasn't just the test; everything in her life was falling apart.

Marissa suddenly apologized for unloading on him and stood to leave. He said that she couldn't drive in her emotional state. She berated herself for letting her marriage damage her career. Caleb said she couldn't let the Chandlers ruin things for her. Marissa saw JR entering, and she said she couldn't deal with him.

Spotting Marissa rushing out the back of the restaurant, JR accused Caleb of upsetting her. Caleb reasoned that JR's wife was crying because she'd realized that she was married to a jerk, just like his father. JR advised Caleb to let go of the old family rivalry, but Caleb said that Marissa's anguish proved that the world would be better off without the Chandlers. As the men argued, AJ yelled for JR to stop. JR turned, surprised to see his son.

Annie entered and said Marissa had asked to see AJ. Annie had driven the child because Scott was working from home. JR tried to convince AJ that JR hadn't been fighting with Caleb, but AJ didn't believe it. When JR introduced Caleb as a family member, AJ asked why his family always fought. JR said it shouldn't be that way, and they should try to get along.

Aside with Caleb, JR apologized for starting the argument. He said that Caleb wasn't an enemy; he was family. JR made a pitch to buy Cortlandt Electronics, if Caleb would ever reconsider selling it to a Chandler. Caleb replied that he'd never let the company fall into Chandler hands. Before leaving, Caleb offered to take potato salad to the next family picnic.

In the park later, Krystal found Marissa crying. Marissa said that she'd "completely tanked" the bar exam, and Krystal stated that Marissa had dealt with a lot of issues during her preparation for it. Marissa guessed that she wasn't as strong as she'd thought she was, but Krystal declared that JR was the problem, not Marissa. Krystal suggested that Marissa evaluate her marriage and decide if it were worth it.

Marissa conveyed that she loved JR, and AJ was like a son to her. Krystal cited that Marissa would always be in AJ's life, but JR was toxic. Marissa stated that her mother sounded like Caleb. Surprised, Krystal wondered what he'd had to say about things. Marissa quotes Caleb, and Krystal agreed with him. She added that JR would drag Marissa down.

Later, Marissa slammed her books on the sofa in the mansion parlor. Scott entered and said that Annie had taken AJ to Krystal's to see Marissa. Marissa raged at Scott for intending to marry Annie, but he claimed that Annie was a changed woman. Marissa didn't want Scott to get hurt, but he said that he'd be fine. He left, telling her to take care of herself.

Krystal went to her restaurant and thanked Caleb for listening to Marissa. "As long as she doesn't make a habit of it," he murmured. She thanked him for returning her car, and she asked if he'd found Erica the other night. Caleb stated that his business with Erica was done. Krystal laughed, noting how far removed Caleb was from the attorney that Jackson had said he'd once been. She went inside and returned with a call for Caleb on her cordless phone. After he took the call, he said that it was over; he'd sold the company, and he was a free man again.

Back inside the restaurant, JR beamed that he'd done it. He told Annie that he'd just closed the biggest deal of his life, and he'd proved his father wrong at the same time. JR picked Annie up and spun her around.

Friday, July 23, 2010

As Krystal and Caleb walked through the park, she questioned him on whether he was making the right choice in selling Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb said he had no interest in running the company. Caleb felt that the new owner would honor Palmer's legacy.

Annie told a distracted JR that he needed to change clothes for the live interview she'd set up. JR admitted he'd left his father a message about the acquisition of Cortlandt but hadn't heard from Adam. Annie was sure that Adam simply hadn't gotten the message yet. JR said that Adam never thought JR could run Chandler. JR thought the burden was on Adam's shoulders if Adam was too proud to acknowledge his son's success.

Scott walked in and asked why JR had called an emergency board meeting without notifying Scott. JR revealed that he'd purchased Cortlandt Electronics. He told Scott that Caleb had no idea he'd been duped into selling the company to a Chandler. Scott was outraged that JR would jeopardize the family company in such a reckless way.

JR said that he took a risk, as his father would have. Annie interjected that JR's subsequent success was all that mattered. Scott reminded JR that they were equal partners. JR said despite that, he might start to run the company on his own. Scott asked if JR was angry that he had to share control of Chandler with Scott -- or because Scott had proposed to Annie.

JR said that Scott's upcoming nuptials were of no concern to him. He advised Scott to focus on planning the wedding and leave business to JR. Scott said that the shared control of Chandler would stay in place regardless of what JR thought was best. Annie tried to defuse the situation when she again asked JR to get ready for the interview. When Scott realized that JR planned to announce the acquisition, Scott thought it was a bad idea. JR said that he was not concerned about Caleb's reaction to the news.

Scott asked when JR had last seen Marissa. JR was irate at Scott's intrusion into his marriage. Scott said that he'd talked to Marissa after she walked out of the bar exam, and thought JR might want to comfort her. JR warned Scott to mind his own business, and said that Marissa would have a job waiting for her at Chandler. JR stalked out of the room, and Annie told Scott that JR hadn't heard from Adam. Scott said that he often forgot how much JR had lost.

Annie met JR at the foot of the stairs in the foyer. She asked JR why he continued to argue with Scott. JR insisted that the conflict was all about business. However, Annie knew JR wasn't telling the whole truth when he curtly congratulated her on her engagement. Scott joined them in the foyer and couldn't ignore the palpable tension. Scott told JR that the reporter had pulled into the driveway, so JR went outside.

Jake finished up with his last patient of the day, so Angie told him to go home. Jake said that Amanda and Trevor were at a play date, so he could stay if Angie needed him. Angie said that she hadn't experienced any problems with her vision for the past 24 hours. She and Jake thought that at the very least, the medication offered hope.

Natalia returned to Pine Valley, and her first stop was to see her father. She found Jesse there; he was working on David's case despite having been suspended by the mayor. Natalia asked if there had been any discoveries, but Jesse had nothing to offer. Natalia said that her trip to West Virginia hadn't been a waste because she'd made a connection.

Natalia told Jesse that she'd gotten to know the lead investigator in Erica's plane crash case. Natalia said that she'd made the investigator think she was interested so that she could subtly suggest that the crash was a crime. Jesse spoke more as a father when he insisted that Natalia stay away from the investigator. Jesse said that Tad was helping him to uncover all of the information they would need.

Jesse admitted to feeling helpless and said he felt like he was letting Angie down. Natalia didn't think that was possible, but Jesse said he'd done just that when he was away from Angie and Frankie for twenty years. Natalia reminded Jesse that he'd stayed away for his family, and they were never far from his mind -- even while he was with Rebecca and Natalia.

Natalia took a look at all of the information Jesse was able to dig up on David. She was impressed, but worried that Jesse might be spending too much time on the case. Jesse told Natalia that he was fine, and that she didn't need to worry. Natalia noted that she needed to report to the station for her shift, and said that she wished Jesse were going with her. Jesse felt the same, but reassured her that he had plenty of things to keep himself busy.

Greenlee happened upon her husband in the park as David stared at Ryan's motionless body. Greenlee rushed over and asked what had happened. David was unsure and could only offer that Ryan had collapsed. Greenlee wanted to get Ryan to a hospital, but David warned her not to move Ryan in case Ryan had sustained a spinal injury. David handed Greenlee his phone and she called for an ambulance.

When the EMTs arrived, David was able to succinctly describe the events that led up to Ryan's collapse. The EMTs responded appropriately, and as they prepared Ryan for transport, Greenlee kept urging Ryan to stay with her. They were able to get Ryan to the hospital in record time, and the medical team sprang into action. Angie wanted Jake to be paged, but David said there was no time. Under David's watchful eye, Angie started to bark out orders and joined the effort to treat Ryan.

While the medical team worked feverishly, Ryan's mind drifted to a place and time where he had been living life without Greenlee. Bianca visited him, and said that she, Erica, and Kendall were worried about him. Bianca suggested that eventually Ryan needed to resume living his life. Ryan swore that he had no life without Greenlee. Bianca disappeared, and Greenlee replaced her. In his reverie, Greenlee told Ryan that she had survived, and had returned to Pine Valley to be with him.

In the hospital, Angie started to experience symptoms and was unable to attend to Ryan's head wound. David glared at Angie and demanded a reason for her hesitation. Angie said that she needed a specialist, but David thought Angie should have been able to handle Ryan's immediate needs. Angie froze and was unable to answer David's questions. Jake arrived just in time and explained that Angie had worked a double shift and was exhausted. David wanted to know why Jake had bothered to show up, but Jake made David and Greenlee leave the room because they weren't family. Once the Haywards were in the hall, Angie quietly thanked Jake.

In the hall, David immediately started to rant about how incompetent Angie and Jake were. Greenlee ignored what David said and asked what had happened to Ryan. David quickly recounted what he'd already told her: after Ryan clutched his head, he collapsed. Greenlee wanted to know why David was in the park, and was incensed when she realized David had followed her.

Greenlee demanded to know what David had done, and why David hadn't acted immediately when he realized Ryan was bleeding. Jesse arrived at that moment and overheard the last part of Greenlee's statement. Jesse announced his belief that David had committed another crime. David was unconcerned with Jesse's thoughts. David told Greenlee that what she thought was the only thing that mattered. David swore on his love for his wife that he hadn't done anything to hurt Ryan.

Greenlee seemed unconvinced and returned to the doorway of Ryan's room. As she looked on and Jake stitched Ryan's wound closed, Ryan continued to drift in a world where he and Greenlee were reunited. The mood shifted when Greenlee told Ryan that after David saved her life, David fell in love with her. Although Ryan didn't want to hear it, Greenlee told Ryan that David wanted to marry her. In the other world, Ryan tried to walk away because he couldn't imagine Greenlee being with anyone but him.

Back in the hospital room, Angie's vision was still cloudy. She tried to focus on her other senses, and was able to detect that something was wrong. Angie asked Jake to check Ryan's breathing, and Jake found that Ryan was experiencing some distress. Jake directed the nurse to take Ryan up for a CAT scan, and told her to add a scan of the chest, also.

After the nurse left, Jake congratulated Angie on noticing something he had missed. Angie couldn't celebrate because David had almost realized that something was wrong with her. Jake said that he would make sure that David didn't find out. Angie wanted to step down from her position because she could be more of a danger than a help to the patients, but Jake asked her to hang in there.

Jesse appeared in the doorway, and Jake announced Jesse's arrival. Jake left the room so that Angie and Jesse could talk. Angie tried to explain what had happened, but Jesse was more concerned with how unfocused Angie seemed. Angie told her husband that she was just scared and wanted Ryan to be all right.

In the hall, Jake updated Greenlee on Ryan's status. Greenlee asked if Ryan would pull through, and Jake said that the doctors were doing everything they could. Just as Jake walked away, Madison showed up. She told Greenlee that she was able to get Emma out of the park before the little girl realized that her father was being loaded into the ambulance. Greenlee told Madison that Ryan had a head injury, but said that Ryan was strong and had to survive.

Jake returned to the waiting room and told everyone that Ryan had an aneurysm in the same spot where he'd been shot. Jake thought the rupture was likely due to increased blood pressure. Madison went outside to get some air, and David reminded Greenlee that he wasn't responsible. Natalia showed up, and Jesse told Natalia that, somehow, what happened to Ryan was still David's fault.

In the operating room, the doctors discussed the best method to treat Ryan. Mentally, Ryan was relieved when Greenlee said that she only wanted to be with him. Meanwhile, back in the waiting room, Greenlee told David that she wanted to wait at the hospital until she knew Ryan was okay. David offered to wait with her, but Greenlee said she wanted to be alone. Upset, David grabbed his jacket but didn't notice Ryan's blood on the sleeve until he'd pulled the jacket on.

Bianca visited Caleb at Wildwind. She said she'd heard about the sale of Cortlandt, and wondered what Caleb planned to do with the house. Caleb thought that he would list it with a realtor and take the best offer. Bianca said that if Caleb were amenable, she would like to rent it. Caleb agreed, and said that he would give Bianca a good deal if she decided to buy it. Bianca looked around wistfully and recalled that Erica had once lived there with Dimitri. Bianca said that Erica's marriages to Dimitri didn't work out because the only person Erica belonged with was Jack.

Bianca tried to get to know Caleb a little better. Instead of direct answers, Caleb preferred to compare Bianca to her mother and take cheap shots at Jack. Bianca tolerated his behavior for a few moments and focused on how much her daughters would love the house. Caleb asked that Bianca wait until he was gone before she moved in. Curious again, Bianca asked if he liked children. Caleb wanted to know if the questions would ever stop. Bianca told Caleb that as long as he played a man of mystery, people would want to know his story.

Bianca took a quick tour of the house. When she got back to the living room, she asked Caleb if he got the Disney channel. Caleb didn't watch television, so he told Bianca to feel free to check out the channel lineup on her own. When Bianca turned on the set, they caught part of JR's press conference. Caleb watched in stony silence as he realized that JR had found a way to purchase Cortlandt without alerting Caleb. Caleb tried to call the man he thought he sold the company to, but the number was disconnected.

Scott fielded a flood of phone calls from people wanting to confirm information from JR's press conference. JR asked if any of the calls had been from his father. Scott shook his head, and returned to answering questions. JR pretended that he didn't care what his father thought, but Annie knew better. She told JR that Adam would be blown away by what JR was able to do.

Before they could celebrate, Caleb strode into the house. Caleb chided JR for finding a way to circumvent his directives. JR insisted that he'd involved a third party to attend to both of their needs. Caleb told JR that he wouldn't just walk away and leave Cortlandt Electronics in Chandler hands. Caleb warned JR that when all was said and done, JR would wish he hadn't gotten on Caleb's bad side.

After Caleb left, Scott said that JR's appearance on TV was a bad idea. JR told Scott not to worry because the deal was done, and Caleb had no recourse. Scott noticed a stack of files in JR's hands and asked about them. JR said the files contained top-secret projects and patents that Palmer had been working on before he died. Scott offered to go through them, but JR said he would do the honor, since he closed the deal.

Annie tried to work on a press release, but Scott's nervous behavior distracted her. She dragged Scott into the foyer and tried to calm him down. Scott was worried that JR would realize that Scott stole the nanotech project. Annie thought that owning Cortlandt would absolve Scott of any wrongdoing. Scott asked for Annie's help in keeping an eye on JR and keeping the situation under control. Annie thought Scott was testing her, and assured her fiancé that he was all she wanted.

In the living room, JR put down the confidential Cortland file and gazed upon a picture of him standing with Adam.

Bianca wrapped her phone call with Miranda when Caleb exploded into Wildwind and slammed the door behind him. After he kicked a piece of furniture, Bianca facetiously noted that things didn't seem to have gone well at the Chandlers'. Caleb said he had to mount a plan to retaliate against the Chandlers, and told Bianca that she could no longer live there. Bianca wasn't willing to accept that, especially since she had just told Miranda all of the wonderful things they could do at Wildwind.

Bianca told Caleb that there were plenty of rooms for everyone, and Caleb was amazed that Bianca would be willing to live with him. Bianca thought that they might finally get to know each other, but Caleb told her it wouldn't happen. He told Bianca that they could live in separate wings and that she should keep her kids away from him.

Bianca warned him that she didn't lock up her daughters in their home. Caleb offered another warning and said that kids were generally afraid of him. Bianca said that her daughters, as future Kane women, were braver than the average child. Caleb was not comforted by her assertion.

Over a stiff drink, Caleb realized that Palmer knew JR would go after the company, and that was why Palmer had left it to Caleb. Caleb mulled over the possibilities for a moment, and then decided what he needed to do.



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