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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on GH
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Monday, July 26, 2010

While the music played at Franco's Los Angeles art exhibition, he led Jason on a chase through the museum. It culminated when a body, apparently that of Franco, fell from the rafters. Lulu and Dante were part of the crowd that looked up to see Jason peering over the railing at the fallen body.

Sonny was talking business on the phone at his restaurant office when Diane walked in. While they were bantering, Max walked in carrying several full shopping bags. Diane was curious and immediately started wondering whom the fancy laptop and other accessories were for. At first she thought the gifts were for Kristina, but immediately concluded that they must be for Claire because Sonny had been spending a lot of time with her lately.

Diane advised Sonny to steer clear of Claire, but Sonny would not acknowledge that the gifts were for her. Sonny had a smile as he sent Max and Diane off on a night out together.

Sonny was alone when he got a call from Carly. She told him that Kristina and Michael were safe, and then informed him about the shootings at the hospital and the missing baby.

Matt performed the surgery on Mac as Patrick assisted. Matt successfully removed the first bullet, but worried about the second. Patrick said that he was completely confident in Matt.

Robin and Maxie comforted each other in the waiting room and talked about how much Mac meant to each of them. Lisa joined them. She told them that Ethan's surgery had been successful and that he was out of danger. She offered to scrub in and check on Mac.

Maxie told Lisa to keep her manipulative home-wrecking self out of the surgery. Lisa looked perplexed when she said, "Okay," and left. Robin wanted to know if something had happened that she did not know about. Maxie said she hoped not, but that she was absolutely convinced that Lisa wanted to help herself to Patrick.

Before she could say more, Matt and Patrick appeared and told them that the surgery on Mac had been successful. Patrick gave Matt all the credit. As Robin hugged Patrick, Maxie gave Matt a megawatt smile.

Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas were devastated when Franco apparently died before giving up the location of Liz's baby. Lucky said that they had to find the accomplice. Nikolas told Lucky that he was grateful that Lucky had put his anger aside to help find the baby.

The trio brainstormed and decided to check out all staff members who had been on duty the previous twelve hours. A review of the list found a woman named "Jane Morgan." Lucky thought it was eerily similar to "Jason Morgan."

Lucky had "Jane Morgan" paged. When she failed to show, Liz feared the worst had happened to her baby.

Steve and Maya were with Ethan, who was resting comfortably after surgery. Steve asked Maya to monitor Ethan's vital signs. She told Steve she was sorry. Steve told her that she was still an intern, and they would talk later.

Ethan awoke, and Maya also told him she was sorry. She told him she had frozen and if it had not been for Steve, Ethan would have died. Ethan realized that Maya had flashed back to the time that she had been on ER duty and her boyfriend had been taken in.

Ethan told her that he did not blame her and that he was okay. Maya said that she had known what to do but had not been able to move. She said that she thought she was over the previous tragedy, but obviously she was not.

Steve and Olivia talked near the nurses' station. He was very grateful for her help. He told her that she was responsible for saving Ethan's life. Olivia modestly replied that she had only done what he had asked. He told her that it had taken courage to step up and help out.

Olivia complemented Steve for being a modest surgeon and offered to buy him a drink sometime in the future. Steve was agreeable to her suggestion.

Diane was getting a foot massage from Max while they were sitting on a bench on the docks. When Claire walked by, Diane wanted to know if she had been summoned to Sonny's. She told Claire to be careful and not fall for Sonny's charm.

Diane reeled off a list of Sonny's former conquests and detailed his M.O., including his penchant for buying elaborate presents. Before moving on, Claire assured Diane that she was not falling for Sonny. Diane chortled.

Sonny called Alexis to his office and told her what had happened at General Hospital. He told her that Kristina was safe and that her brother had protected her. Alexis blamed herself. Sonny tried to tell her that it was not her fault, but Alexis said that if Sonny could blame himself for what happened to Michael, she could blame herself for what happened to Kristina.

Alexis told Sonny that it was ironic that she had always feared that Kristina would be hurt because of Sonny and yet, it turned out it was because of Alexis. Alexis said that she had approved of Kiefer and pushed Kristina to date him and then when Kiefer had hurt Kristina, Alexis had killed him, which brought Warren Bauer into their lives.

Alexis started crying and Sonny embraced her. Sonny was still hugging Alexis when Claire walked in.

In a GH waiting room, Carly heard the story of the hospital shooting from Michael and Kristina. Kristina wanted to blame herself for what happened, but Carly told her that only Warren Bauer was at fault.

Maxie took Matt into a supply closet and told him he was her hero for saving Mac. Then she planted a big kiss on his lips.

Robin sat with an unconscious Mac. She told him that she and Maxie had flipped a coin to see who got to see him first, and she had won. She told him that he had scared the hell out of her and that he had to pull through because she, Maxie, Patrick, and Emma needed him.

Robin told Mac that she would not have had the courage to marry Patrick if it had not been for him. Robin said that it was because of Mac that she had realized that she could get through anything, no matter how rough it got.

Out at the nurses' station, Lisa confronted Patrick and wanted to know how he had convinced Robin to have so much trust in his faithfulness. Lisa told Patrick that they should tell Robin the truth about their relationship. Patrick responded that they did not have a relationship, but Lisa insisted that they did.

Outside the museum, Los Angeles police had Jason handcuffed and under arrest. Dante argued that Jason belonged in his custody. He told the cops that Jason was in federal custody and there would be a lot of paperwork for all of them if they did not release Jason to Dante. The cops saw his point and released Jason.

As soon as the police were gone, Jason pulled a gun on Dante. He spewed all his anger and hostility as he blamed Dante for Michael's predicament. Jason asked for a reason not to kill Dante.

Dante said that if Jason killed a cop, he would have to be on the run for the rest of his life and would never be able to go back to Port Charles again. Jason said it would be worth it to have his revenge.

Dante said that if Jason killed him, Michael would blame himself, not only for Dante's death, but Claudia's also. Dante said that he understood Jason's hatred for him. Dante said he hated himself for what happened to Michael, "But," he said, "It's not about you and me; it's about Michael."

Dante made a compelling argument when he asked Jason what would happen to Michael if Jason killed Dante and escaped. Dante asked if Jason's own satisfaction and need for revenge was more important that Michael's well-being. When Jason hesitated, Dante said, "If it isn't, then shoot me right now."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Spain, Skye and Jax went over their plans for Lorenzo's accountant, Fernanda De La Barca. Skye confessed that the beautiful Fernanda wasn't what she had expected from an accountant. Jax assured Skye that Fernanda was quite skilled at what she did, so they shouldn't underestimate her. Skye was curious if Jax would be able to distract Fernanda while Skye slipped into the accountant's office. Jax smiled confidently as he assured Skye that he could manage.

Skye showed Jax a designer purse that she had picked up. She explained that Fernanda had the same purse, so she intended to make a switch to get her hands on Fernanda's office key. As if on cue, Fernanda knocked on the suite's door. Jax invited Fernanda in while Skye played the pampered mistress. Skye pretended to be miffed because she viewed Fernanda as the competition. As Jax and Skye bickered, Fernanda wandered out to the patio, leaving her purse behind. Skye quickly switched purses and then stormed out.

A short time later, Skye managed to slip into Fernanda's office and then hack into her computer. Skye quickly figured out Lorenzo's password. Her joy at gaining access to Lorenzo's fortune was dampened by the arrival of the security guard. Skye quickly weaved of story of woe for the guard's benefit. Skye tearfully claimed that her husband had been murdered and that Fernanda had blocked Skye's access to his money. Skye claimed that their daughter was the one who would pay the ultimate price because they were about to lose their home.

The guard took pity on Skye when she whipped out a picture of Lila Rae. He agreed that Senora De La Barca was a hateful woman, so he decided to finish his rounds to give Skye some time to get what she needed. Skye smiled her gratitude as she turned back to the computer to transfer the funds. At the hotel, Jax had his hands full trying to keep Fernanda away from her purse. Jax plied her with alcohol, slow danced with her, and then began talking about his relationship with his wife.

Fernanda was impressed by how "civilized" Jax's relationships with his wife and mistress were. She walked up to Jax and then kissed him, just as Skye returned to the suite. Skye played the outraged mistress to the hilt as she deftly switched the purses for a second time. As soon as the deed was done, Jax announced that it would be best for Fernanda to leave. Fernanda was disappointed when Jax admitted that he had changed his mind about a future business relationship because he feared that he would lose his head over her.

As soon as the door closed, Skye happily revealed that their ruse had been a success; Skye had transferred all of Lorenzo's funds into her own account. Skye decided to celebrate her good fortune by throwing her arms around Jax's neck and then kissing him.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Claire apologized for interrupting Sonny and Alexis. Alexis confessed that she had been having a maternal breakdown because Kristina had dodged a bullet, literally. Claire was stunned to learn about Warren Bauer's rampage at the hospital. Claire regretted that no one in her office, herself included, had realized how unspooled Warren had become. Alexis welcomed Claire to Port Charles.

Claire couldn't believe how calm Alexis was, but Alexis admitted that she had lots of practice. Claire imagined that it was probably difficult to share a child with Sonny. Alexis acknowledged that Sonny wasn't a walk in the park, but then neither was Alexis. Alexis found it ironic that she had been the one to endanger Kristina rather than Sonny.

Sonny was stunned that Alexis had actually defended him. Claire quickly reminded Alexis that, despite everything, Sonny remained a criminal. As Sonny tried to defend himself to Claire, Alexis quietly excused herself and then left. Sonny realized that Claire's mercurial mood didn't favor him that day. Claire insisted that she didn't have to like him, in order to get what she wanted from him.

Sonny confessed that her timing wasn't great, but he enjoyed hearing that she needed something from him. It was clear that Sonny believed that Claire wanted to take him to bed, but Claire confessed that it wasn't necessary. However, she agreed to consider it. Sonny was shocked when Claire announced that she wanted Sonny to give her a baby.

Sonny thought that she was joking, but Claire didn't smile. She insisted that she was serious. Claire pointed out that all of his children were good-looking and smart, so she conceded that he made great babies. Sonny was willing to sleep with her, but he made it clear that his baby-making days were behind him. Sonny then switched gears to give Claire a present.

Claire glanced at the package before she informed him that she didn't want his gifts; she wanted a baby. If that weren't possible, then she saw no reason to stay. Sonny watched as Claire walked out of his office without glancing back. He was confident that she would return because he was certain that she wanted him.

At the hospital, Liz admitted to Nikolas that she couldn't remain calm knowing that there was a strong likelihood that their son had been spirited out of the hospital. She confessed that she had hopes that Aiden would be found until they had learned about Jane Morgan. Nikolas urged Liz not to think the worst. They looked up when Steve approached them. Liz and Nikolas were horrified to learn about Warren's rampage that had left Ethan and Mac seriously injured. They were relieved to learn that both men would survive their injuries.

Later, Steve returned to share his findings after speaking with the staff and reviewing Jane Morgan's medical records. According to Steve, Jane had been around during the time of Aiden's disappearance; however, nothing in her file indicated that she would take the infant. Liz reminded Steve that Franco had announced to the entire hospital that he had taken a baby whose identification bracelet ended with the number sixty-six. Steve urged Liz to get some rest, so Nikolas accompanied Liz to her room.

After Liz changed into a hospital gown, she lay down in bed. She was exhausted. Nikolas sat at her bedside, holding her hand. He promised her that he would wake her the moment that they found the baby. Nikolas also assured her that he believed that Shirley was watching over their son.

Liz wondered if Nikolas thought that Aiden's disappearance were her punishment for wanting Lucky to be the father. "No, not at all," Nikolas assured her. He didn't think that God would punish her for being honest. Liz drifted off to sleep moments later. Nikolas reached out to gently stroke her hair and then confessed, "I love you."

In the supply closet, Maxie showed Matt her appreciation for saving Mac's life by having sex with Matt. Afterwards, Maxie made her way to the elevators. Michael sensed that something was wrong when he spotted Maxie. Maxie admitted that she had done something that she shouldn't have. Michael became uncomfortable when Maxie began talking about her sex life. As she prattled on about having loved Lucky and Spinelli, Michael suggested that perhaps he wasn't the right person to talk to. Maxie was unaware of Michael's growing discomfort as she began talking about her encounter with Franco.

Michael had a flashback of Carter confronting him in Pentonville. Michael became more agitated as the memories of his violent encounter with Carter assailed him. Eventually, Michael ordered Maxie, "Stop it, all right? Just stop it." Maxie seemed taken aback for a moment, but quickly recovered. She apologized because she realized that Michael already had quite a bit going on in his life.

Michael relaxed as Maxie started talking about Mac, whom Michael credited with saving his life. Maxie opened up to Michael about Matt. She felt terrible because she had slept with Matt out of gratitude. Maxie hated acting impulsively. Michael pointed out that Maxie hadn't lied or cheated on anyone, so she had nothing to be sorry for. Maxie smiled and then thanked Michael for giving her some perspective.

Maxie headed to Mac's room to sit at his beside. She was thrilled when Mac briefly opened his eyes. Maxie assured Mac that he would make a full recovery, but Mac fell asleep while she was talking. Matt entered the room moments later. Maxie insisted that she needed to find a proper way to thank Matt. Matt reminded her of their time in the supply closet, but Maxie wanted to do more for him. Matt was surprised when she admitted that it had taken her some time to appreciate what a great guy he was.

Ethan woke up to find Maya sitting at his bedside. Maya continued to be filled with regret for freezing up after the shooting. She didn't think that she had any business being a doctor. Ethan assured Maya that it had been an extenuating circumstance, so she shouldn't feel bad. Maya argued that Ethan could have died, but he quickly reminded her that he hadn't.

Carly, Kristina, and Michael entered the room a few minutes later. Kristina felt responsible for Ethan's injury; she didn't think that she could have lived with herself if Ethan had died. Ethan reached out to squeeze Kristina's hand to reassure that he didn't blame her. Kristina worried that Ethan hated her.

Ethan promised Kristina that he didn't think less of her, but Kristina argued that the shooting had been her fault. Ethan chuckled as he wondered if she had met Maya, who also seemed determined to blame herself. Ethan jokingly suggested that Kristina and Maya start a club. Carly smiled, but then turned serious as she advised everyone to stop playing the blame game. Carly insisted that Warren was responsible for what had happened; thankfully, Warren hadn't been able to finish the job

"Here, here," Ethan agreed. Maya decided to get back to work, so she excused herself. Carly reminded Kristina and Michael that they had to get back to their designated waiting area, but Kristina didn't want to return to the conference room. Kristina wondered if it would be okay with Ethan if she stayed with him. Ethan didn't mind, so Carly and Michael left. As Kristina sat down next to Ethan, she reminded him that she was happy that he hadn't died.

In the conference room, Carly left a message for Jax. After she ended the call, she admitted to Michael that she missed Jax because he was always a steady source of strength for her when bad things happened. Michael was certain that Jax would happily reconcile with Carly if Carly just asked. Carly didn't think it was an option, but Michael disagreed. According to Michael, Carly had two choices: divorce Jax or save her marriage.

In the hallway, Patrick reminded Lisa that they had just had a one-night-stand. Lisa was outraged. "How dare you?" she demanded. Lisa resented Patrick treating her like a floozy whom he had picked up in a bar instead of someone he had a sexual history with. Lisa argued that she had known Patrick much longer than his "snippy" wife.

"Wow, that's the most relevant thing that you've ever said," Patrick shot back. Lisa decided that she would define their relationship, since he seemed to be unclear about where they stood. She claimed that, their mind-blowing sex aside, they had picked up where they had left off when she had arrived in Port Charles. Patrick insisted that he had seen things differently; they had just been two old friends.

Lisa didn't believe Patrick. She reminded him that he had been jealous of her relationship with Steve. Lisa also believed that Patrick had been clear about what he had wanted on the night that he had walked her home and then made love to her. Patrick confessed that she was starting to freak him out. Lisa didn't get a chance to respond because Robin walked up. Lisa was surprised when Robin guessed that they had been discussing Lisa and Patrick sleeping together.

Patrick was nervous until Robin accused Lisa of being as subtle as a sledgehammer with her innuendos. Robin realized that Lisa was doing her best to piss Robin off. "Nice ex-girlfriend," Robin confided to Patrick. Patrick admitted that he hadn't been discriminating in college. Lisa was livid as she glared at Patrick.

"So we're agreed that we won't let Lisa yank our chains?" Robin asked her husband. Patrick looked at Lisa as he answered, "Yes." Lisa was curious if she and Patrick were done, but Robin made it clear that it was between her and Lisa, not Lisa and Patrick. Robin refused to buy into Lisa's lies. Robin wondered what had happened to Lisa; she had thought that Lisa was too smart to become a cliché, yet there they were.

Robin insisted that she would never doubt Patrick. Lisa smiled coldly as she congratulated Patrick on finding such a blindly loyal woman. As Lisa walked away, Robin accused Lisa of being a bitch. Patrick apologized for the trouble that Lisa had caused. Robin reminded him that it wasn't his fault that Lisa had become fixated on him.

Later, Patrick once again apologized to his wife about Lisa's behavior. Robin insisted that Lisa was a grown woman who was responsible for herself. Robin didn't want to give Lisa any power over them. Robin loved Patrick; she vowed that Lisa couldn't do anything about that. Lisa lurked around a corner, spying on Robin and Patrick as they kissed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dante and Jason arrived at the penthouse to find Sam waiting. Sam was excited to see that Jason was safe. Dante revealed that Franco had been killed. Sam's happiness evaporated when she realized that Franco's death meant that Jason had to return to Pentonville. Dante explained that he needed to shower and then get some paperwork done, so he would return at 5:00pm. Sam thanked Dante.

After Dante left, Sam walked into Jason's outstretched arms. Jason held Sam for a long moment and then they went to the living room. Jason quickly filled Sam in about the events that had led to Franco's death. He was bothered by the final encounter with Franco because he couldn't make sense of it. Sam didn't want to talk about Franco, so Jason dropped the subject. He reached out to kiss Sam, but Spinelli raced into the living room to announce that he had found the means to set Jason free.

Spinelli revealed that he had figured out a way to deactivate the ankle monitor, so that Jason could safely remove it without alerting the authorities. Sam was thrilled because it meant that she and Jason could go on the run. Spinelli provided Sam with passports, drivers' licenses, and social security cards that would allow Sam and Jason to assume new identities. Spinelli also revealed that he had booked several flights for them, so all they had to do was choose a destination and then head to an airport in New York City. Sam was impressed when Spinelli added that he had made arrangements to transfer enough money into an account that Sam and Jason could live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Sam wondered what Spinelli intended to do if she and Jason went on the run. Spinelli sobered as he quietly admitted that he would stay in Port Charles. "No," Jason informed them. Jason appreciated everything that Spinelli had done, but he refused to run away. "Why not?" Sam demanded. Jason reminded her of all of the people that they would leave behind. Jason explained that he had made his choice, so he had to live with it. Sam asked to speak to Jason privately, so Spinelli left.

Sam reminded Jason that she had backed him on every decision that he had made, but she couldn't support his decision to turn down a chance at freedom. She insisted that she loved him, but she refused to watch him go to prison. Jason loved Sam, too, but he was determined to do his time. Sam couldn't accept that because she wanted a life with him. She begged Jason to leave Port Charles with her.

Dante entered the loft to find Lulu sleeping in his bed. He woke her up with kisses and promises that there wasn't anything he wouldn't do with her. Lulu requested that he prove it to her by not having so many close calls. Dante chuckled as he confessed that he didn't want her to take him for granted. Lulu smiled and then kissed Dante.

After they made love, Dante held Lulu in his arms. Lulu was curious what would happen next. She wondered if he intended to go after Sonny. Before Dante could answer, the elevator door opened, and Ronnie entered the loft. Dante was annoyed as he pointed out that he was busy; he suggested that Ronnie call him before stopping by unannounced.

Ronnie was unapologetic as he demanded to know why Jason wasn't in jail. Dante pulled on a pair of jeans and then shrugged into a shirt, while Lulu remained tucked in bed. Dante entered the living room to explain that Jason would be returned to jail at 5:00 p.m. Ronnie suspected that Dante secretly hoped that Jason took the opportunity to go on the run. Dante reminded Ronnie that his badge was on the line, so it wasn't in Dante's best interest for Jason to escape. Ronnie argued that it would benefit Sonny if Jason weren't incarcerated.

Ronnie also believed that Sonny would be grateful to Dante for giving Jason the opportunity to flee. Dante was tired of Ronnie's constant digs at his honor, but Ronnie believed that he was justified to doubt Dante after Dante had failed to press charges against Sonny for the shooting. Dante ordered Ronnie to leave. Ronnie suggested that the lines were beginning to blur for Dante; he urged Dante to remember that the next time someone's son died. After Ronnie left, Dante offered to make breakfast for Lulu. Lulu was curious what would happen if Jason escaped, but Dante ignored the question as he headed to the kitchen.

At Kelly's, Mike bagged up some cinnamon buns for Brook. She confessed that she loved Mike's cinnamon buns because they tasted just like the ones that her grandmother, Gloria, had made. Mike smiled as he confessed that Brook's grandfather, Carmine, had traded the recipe for an injury report on a filly at a racetrack. Brook wasn't surprised. Mike asked her to pass along his greetings to Carmine and then handed her the bag of treats.

Mike's good humor fled when he noticed Johnny enter the diner. Johnny tried to order some breakfast, but Mike refused to serve him. Mike didn't appreciate how Johnny had used Kristina to get to Sonny. Johnny realized that Mike was serious, so he left. Brook quickly paid Mike and then followed Johnny out.

Brook called out to Johnny and then offered to share her cinnamon buns. Johnny was curious if there were a catch, but Brook assured him that she didn't expect anything in return. She suggested that he consider it repayment for the boat ride. However, Brook was curious if Johnny's grudge were worthwhile. Johnny sat down to eat one of the cinnamon buns as he confessed that he had no idea when his war with Sonny had started.

Johnny suspected that it had begun when Kate was shot on her wedding day. Sonny had blamed the Zaccharas, so he had retaliated by having Johnny kidnapped and then held captive in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Johnny revealed that Sonny's men had tortured him for days. Claudia had decided to strike back by hiring someone to kill Sonny. The bullet had ricochet and then struck Michael.

Brook couldn't believe that Sonny had married Claudia. "A match made in heaven," Johnny responded with heavy sarcasm. He explained that Sonny had eventually discovered the truth about Michael's shooting, which had led to Claudia kidnapping Carly. He explained that he intended to hold Sonny accountable for his actions because no one else had. Brook confessed that she couldn't understand how two people could see something so differently. She used Sonny as an example.

Brook explained that Sonny was her godfather. Sonny had always treated her with love and affection, but her father, Ned, had despised him. However, her mother, Lois, loved Sonny. Johnny accused Brook of sounding like the legions of people who continually supported Sonny. Brook acknowledged that Johnny was free to dislike Sonny, but she didn't have to agree with him. She realized that she probably shouldn't care about Johnny's opinion of her godfather, but she did. Johnny wondered why it mattered to her.

Brook admitted that she trusted her instincts. She reasoned that there had to be something more going on if Johnny were so passionate about his dislike of Sonny. Johnny was curious why she gave him the benefit of the doubt. "Shouldn't I?" Brook wondered. Johnny leaned forward just as Dante rounded the corner. Dante warned Johnny, "This is a bad idea." Brook and Johnny were surprised. Dante admitted that the upside to Johnny's interest in Brook was that he could tell Olivia that Johnny had moved on; however, Brook was off-limits. Johnny was curious when that became Dante's call to make.

In the hospital's conference room, Michael had a nightmare about Carter. Carly noticed that Michael was twitching, so she gently tried to wake him. Michael flinched away from her touch as he shouted, "Get off of me!" Carly quickly assured her son that it had only been a dream. She tried to find out what the nightmare had been about, but Michael didn't want to talk about it. He promised her that he was fine.

Carly was filled with regret over the mistakes that she had made. Michael rushed to assure his mother that the worst was behind him. Carly had her doubts. She told him about her time in Ferncliff, a sanitarium that she had been committed to when he had been a baby. Carly admitted that it had been hell for her; things had happened to her in Ferncliff that she had once feared that she'd never recover from, but she had. "How?" Michael wondered. Carly admitted that she had talked to someone about it.

Michael wasn't comfortable with the idea of pouring his heart out to a stranger. Carly quickly clarified that she had been thinking about Jason, not a therapist. Michael appreciated the advice, but he reminded his mother that Jason would eventually have to return to Pentonville. Their conversation was cut short when Kristina entered the conference room. Kristina wanted to see how they were doing.

Carly decided to give Kristina and Michael some privacy while she called to check on Morgan and Josslyn. After Carly left the room, Michael observed that Kristina looked as if she hadn't slept a wink. Kristina admitted that she had nightmares every time she closed her eyes. Michael offered to listen if Kristina needed someone to talk to. He reached for her hand as he assured her that he loved her. Kristina was grateful for Michael's support.

Carly returned moments later. She let Kristina and Michael know that Mercedes was with Morgan and Josslyn and that the kids were doing fine. Kristina decided to return to Ethan's room to keep him company. After Kristina left, Carly wondered how Kristina was really doing. Michael admitted that his sister was pretty messed up.

Carly glanced down when her cell phone rang. She was disappointed to see that it was someone from the hotel instead of Jax. Michael was certain that Jax would have called if he had known about the situation at the hospital. Carly guessed that he was too busy to check his messages. She wished that she could stop caring because she hated the idea of Jax moving on.

In the hallway, Robin handed a cup of coffee to Patrick and then sat down next to him on a gurney. They talked about the lockdown, Aiden's kidnapping, Warren's rampage, and Mac. Robin was paged, so she made plans to meet Patrick for breakfast and then left. Seconds later, Lisa rounded the corner. Lisa cheerfully greeted Patrick, but he barely acknowledged her as he walked over to the nurses' station. Undeterred, she followed him. Lisa casually picked up the coffee cup that he had set down and then took a sip. Patrick was surprised when she smiled and then noted, "I can taste you on the cup."

Patrick coldly reminded her that she could buy a cup of coffee from the vending machine. Lisa playfully pouted as she suggested that the coffee from the vending machine wouldn't taste as sweet. She then began to talk about how good she and Patrick were together. Patrick argued that he was married. He insisted that sleeping with her had been a mistake. Patrick pleaded with Lisa to help him out by not trying to pursue a relationship with him. Lisa agreed; however, after Patrick walked away, Lisa picked up his forgotten cup of coffee and then took another sip.

Liz tried to get out of bed, but Nikolas stopped her. He thought that she should get some rest, so that she would be strong enough to hold their son after Aiden was found. Lucky entered Liz's hospital room a few moments later. "Please tell me you found him," Liz begged Lucky. Lucky shook his head as he answered, "Not yet." Nikolas angrily blamed Jason; he couldn't understand why Jason had to kill Franco.

Liz and Nikolas feared that Aiden might not be in the hospital, so Nikolas decided to offer a five million dollar reward for information that would lead to Aiden's recovery. Lucky urged Nikolas to reconsider. Nikolas wondered if Lucky would if their roles had been reversed. Nikolas quickly regretted his outburst, which he attributed to frustration. Lucky understood; he assured Nikolas that the police had a specific protocol to follow, which had been proven to work.

Steve entered the room a short time later. Steve explained that the hospital couldn't remain on lockdown indefinitely. According to Steve, there were specialized tests that needed to be sent out and the staff needed some relief. Steve also revealed that continually diverting patients to Mercy Hospital had put a tremendous strain on the other hospital's resources. Steve delicately suggested that they set a deadline to end the lockdown.

Lucky explained that if they opened the doors too soon then Aiden's kidnapper might manage to escape with Aiden. Liz agreed with Lucky. Nikolas left the room to search for his son with a renewed sense of urgency. Lucky agreed to allow a limited number of approved staff members to enter the hospital to help with the workload, but he stipulated that they would have to be cleared by the police first. Steve appreciated the compromise. Steve assured his sister that he would not allow anyone to leave the hospital. After Steve went to take care of the necessary arrangements, Liz sensed that Lucky had something on his mind. Lucky worried that they had missed an obvious clue.

Steve held a staff meeting at the nurses' station to let everyone know about Lucky's decision. Lucky was on hand to answer questions and to remind everyone that no one would be permitted to leave the hospital. Steve asked everyone to keep their eyes open for Aiden; he reminded his staff that the sooner the baby was found, the sooner the lockdown would be lifted. After the staff meeting, Steve pulled Lucky aside to talk about Aiden.

Steve knew that the first few hours after a kidnapping were critical. Lucky confirmed that, under most circumstances, it was true. Steve worried that it was too late for Aidan. Lucky was frustrated because he couldn't figure out what Franco had wanted with the baby; he was certain if he had an answer to that question then he could find their nephew. Lucky commented that Franco had a habit of hiding in plain sight. Steve was surprised when Lucky suddenly announced that he might have answered his own question.

After Lucky walked away, Steve decided to check on his sister. He scolded Liz when he found her out of bed. Steve suggested that she should have called a nurse if she needed help. Liz wondered if a nurse would help her find her son. Steve assured Liz that everyone was looking for Aiden. Liz lashed out at her brother. She demanded to know how her son could have been taken from the nursery when it was supposed to have been the safest place in the hospital. Liz angrily blamed her brother for her son's disappearance.

Nikolas entered the nursery to find his brother waiting for him. Lucky handed his brother an ankle monitor as he explained that the nurses could track all of the ankle monitors. Nikolas was horrified when he glanced down and realized that he was holding his son's ankle monitor. Lucky had no idea how they had missed it; he confessed that it was likely that Aiden had been spirited out of the hospital before the lockdown had been ordered.

After the staff meeting, Robin let Patrick know that she had talked to Emma, so she knew about Patrick serenading their daughter with the "happy puppy" song. Robin realized that she didn't tell Patrick nearly enough how much she loved him. Patrick returned the declaration of love. Moments later, a nurse informed Patrick that a patient required his attention.

Patrick went to patient's room, but found a scantily clad Lisa instead. Lisa sprinted across the room in her bra and panties to close the door. She realized that he didn't want Robin to know about their affair, so she proposed meeting in secret, so that they could have sex whenever they wanted. Patrick insisted that Lisa had to stop pursuing him. "Don't worry, no one will know," Lisa assured him.

Frustrated, Patrick suggested that Lisa have some self-respect. Lisa angrily slapped Patrick and then told him that she wouldn't let him use her and then toss her aside. Patrick didn't apologize; he was determined to do whatever was necessary for her to get the message. Lisa refused to let him act like she had meant nothing to him after what they had shared.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Liz's hospital room, Liz demanded to know when her baby would be found. Steve assured his sister that everyone was looking for Aiden, but Liz wasn't satisfied. Nikolas and Lucky entered the room moments later. Nikolas gently broke the news that they had found Aiden's ankle monitor tucked into another baby's bassinet. Nikolas confessed that whoever had taken their son had access to the equipment needed to remove the ankle monitor

Liz was devastated. Nikolas went onto explain that they couldn't determine when the ankle monitor had been taken off. Liz felt betrayed because she had been assured that her son would be safe in the nursery. Lucky promised that he would do everything in his power to get Aiden back. Liz didn't think that Lucky was in a position to make any assurances to her. She reminded them that Jason had killed Franco, so there weren't any leads.

Liz was heartbroken as she realized that her baby could be anywhere. While Nikolas tried to comfort Liz, Lucky took the opportunity to slip into the hallway with Steve to let Steve know that the lockdown could be lifted. Steve felt terrible; he acknowledged that his sister had been right to blame him for Aiden's disappearance.

In the room, Liz begged Nikolas to do everything in his power to find Aiden. Nikolas assured her that they would get their son back. Liz cried herself to sleep while Nikolas held her. Afterwards, Nikolas joined Steve and Lucky in the hallway. Steve apologized to Nikolas for Aiden's kidnapping. Nikolas assured Steve that he wasn't to blame. Nikolas explained that Liz had been lashing out and that Steve had merely been a convenient person

Steve confessed that he had been leery about Nikolas' decision to post a reward for information about Aiden's disappearance, but he realized that it might be their only chance to find the infant. After Steve left to make arrangements for the lockdown to be lifted, Nikolas placed a call to set up an escrow account for the reward money. As he ended the call, Lucky walked up. Lucky revealed that he had discovered that Jane Morgan's apartment was undisturbed.

Lucky didn't think that Jane intended to leave town. Lucky also confirmed that Jane's car had been found in the parking lot. Lucky theorized that Jane might have learned of Franco's death and then panicked, so he suspected that she was still in the hospital. After Lucky left Nikolas, he searched the vacant rooms for Jane. A short time later, Lucky found Jane in one of the rooms, but she was dead. Aiden's identification bracelet was clutched in her hand.

In another hospital room, Lisa didn't bother to cover up her bra and panties after Patrick rejected her. She was confident that she was more exciting than Patrick's "frigid" wife. Patrick insisted that he was happily married, but Lisa didn't believe him. Patrick argued that he and Lisa simply shared a past, nothing more. Lisa reminded Patrick of the good times that they'd had in college and how they had reconnected when she had arrived in Port Charles. She also pointed out that Patrick had been jealous of her relationship with Steve.

Patrick conceded that he had flirted with Lisa, but the rest were delusional fantasies. Lisa angrily reminded him that their sexual encounter, while Robin had been away, had not been a delusion. Patrick had enough, so he walked out in the middle of the argument. Later, Lisa caught up to Patrick at the nurses' station. She tried to strike up a friendly conversation, but he wanted to be left alone.

Lisa refused to be dismissed. She insisted that he owed it to her to talk things through. Patrick relented, but Lisa didn't want Robin to interrupt them, so she suggested that the meet somewhere else. Patrick made it clear that he would only meet Lisa in a public place, so Lisa suggested Jake's. Patrick agreed.

Alexis entered Sonny's office at Pozzulo's. Sonny wondered how long the lockdown would last. Alexis explained that they were looking for a missing infant, so she had no idea. Sonny hoped that the baby was found, but he was concerned about his children. Alexis and Sonny decided to head to the hospital to see if they could persuade someone to let them in. Alexis was pleasantly surprised when Sonny agreed to let Alexis do all of the talking.

Alexis and Sonny were delighted when they arrived at the hospital to find that the lockdown had been lifted. After they reunited with their children, Kristina and Michael filled them in on Warren's rampage. Kristina credited Michael with saving her life. Sonny was relieved that they could finally put Warren and Kiefer behind them. Alexis and Kristina stepped aside to speak privately.

Alexis was filled with regret because she felt responsible for the danger that Kristina had faced. Kristina reminded her mother that Warren had suffered a psychotic break, so she didn't blame Alexis. Kristina was just grateful that Michael had been there to protect her. A short time later, Carly pulled Alexis aside to let Alexis know that she was concerned about Kristina.

Carly admitted that Kristina had felt responsible for the carnage. Alexis appreciated the insight; she was grateful that Carly and Michael had been on hand to help Kristina. Alexis imagined that Carly was eager to get home, especially with Jax being away in Barcelona. Carly was surprised by the news about Jax. Carly quickly excused herself and then took steps to arrange a welcome home party for Jax.

Nearby, Sonny talked to Michael about the fight with Warren. Sonny was proud that Michael had protected his sister, but he cautioned Michael to learn to control his outbursts. Sonny was worried that if Michael continued to react violently to situations then he might be sent back to Pentonville. Michael explained that he had done what Jason had taught him to do. Sonny explained that Michael should have simply grabbed Kristina and then run. Kristina overheard Sonny and Michael talking, so she approached them.

Kristina thanked her father for being so supportive. Sonny confessed that he wished that he could have done more. Kristina pointed out that Sonny had figured out that Warren had been abusing Kiefer, so she realized that Warren was to blame for everything that had happened, no one else.

A short time later, Alexis confided to Sonny what Carly had told her about Kristina. Alexis wanted Kristina to remain in therapy. Sonny admitted that he thought that Kristina was doing better. He told Alexis about his talk with Kristina earlier. He believed that Warren's death had given Kristina some closure because she realized that it had all started with Warren.

Alexis was adamant that Kristina continue therapy to help deal with the terrifying ordeal. Sonny agreed, but he was certain that Kristina had been angry with him because Kristina had needed someone to blame for what Kiefer had done to her. He assured Alexis that he and Kristina had shared a moment earlier, so he was hopeful that she had moved past that. Alexis hoped that he was right because she wanted Kristina to have a close relationship with Sonny.

Michael and Kristina went to Kelly's after they left the hospital. Mike was thrilled to see that his grandchildren were unharmed. Michael and Kristina confessed that they were happy that everything was over. Mike assured them that no one was happier than their father. Mike ducked into the kitchen to get the kids some fresh-baked cookies while Michael and Kristina took a seat at a nearby table.

Kristina was curious if Michael was okay. Michael wondered why he shouldn't be. Kristina admitted that she had overheard his conversation with Sonny at the hospital. Kristina was worried that Michael's volatile temper was a result of prison.

In Spain, Skye and Jax enjoyed a carpet picnic in their suite while it rained outside. Skye was grateful that Jax had helped her to secure Lorenzo's hidden fortune. Jax was happy to have been of help, but he was ready to return home to work on his marriage. Skye was disappointed. She wanted him to call her if things changed. Jax didn't think that Skye would want to go another round with him. "Don't be too sure," Skye warned him.

Skye changed the subject by revealing that she regretted that she had not seen Park Guell. Jax didn't think that they should let a little rain stand in their way, so he proposed that they go. Skye smiled brightly as she readily agreed. Later, Jax and Skye returned to the suite. They were both drenched, but laughing.

Skye confessed that Park Guell had been beautiful and magical in the rain. Jax agreed, but he reminded her that it was time for him to go home because his family was waiting for him. Skye imagined that Josslyn and the boys missed him, but she questioned if Carly felt the same. After Jax packed his bags, Skye made another effort to persuade him to change his mind about returning to Port Charles. Jax thought that Skye was an amazing woman, but he had been a lousy husband to her.

Skye seemed to accept his decision, although she confessed that there had been a moment when she had thought that a second chance had been possible. Jax felt terrible for letting her down, but Skye didn't want him to feel bad. She smiled softly as she reminded him to call her if he changed his mind. Jax didn't think that Skye would remain single for long, but Skye made it clear that she could always be available for Jax.

At Kelly's, Dante didn't think that Brook realized what a slow-motion train wreck Johnny was. Brook warned Dante to back off, but Dante seized the opportunity to fill Brook in on Johnny's recent attempt to use Kristina to get to Sonny. Brook made it clear that she didn't have a problem with Johnny, but she promised to talk to Dante if that changed. Dante wasn't satisfied; he accused Johnny of being a player. Johnny suggested that Dante was just like Sonny.

According to Johnny, Dante was staking a claim on Brook. Like Sonny, Dante wanted to have one woman in love with him while another woman waited in the wings. Brook appreciated Dante's concern, but she asked him to stop making a scene. However, Dante and Johnny continued to argue. Johnny accused Dante of trying to protect Sonny. Dante fired back that Johnny didn't want justice for Claudia because Sonny hadn't killed Claudia.

Johnny argued that Sonny had set the events into motion that had led to Claudia's death. Dante warned Brook that Johnny was just using her. Dante wanted Brook to leave with him. Brook hesitated a moment, but then stood up and walked away with Dante. Dante was lecturing Brook when they arrived at the loft. He ordered her not to get involved with Johnny.

Brook warned Dante that he had overstepped his bounds, but Dante explained that Johnny intended to use Brook to get to Sonny. Brook argued that it didn't make sense, since she was not particularly close to Sonny. Dante reminded her that she was close to Dante, so that could be used to Johnny's advantage. Brook wondered if Dante wanted her for himself. Dante didn't have a chance to respond because Lulu entered the living room.

Lulu had overheard the heated exchange. Dante explained that Johnny had been hitting on Brook. Brook begged Lulu to reason with Dante, but Lulu assured Brook that Dante was just concerned. Frustrated, Brook made it clear that she was old enough to make her own decisions. After Brook stormed out of the loft, Lulu admitted that she was curious why Dante was worried about Brook. Lulu agreed that Brook was not close to Sonny.

Lulu was taken aback when Dante admitted that he cared about Brook. She suggested that perhaps Brook had been correct when she had accused Dante of being jealous. Dante was hurt that Lulu would doubt his love for her. Lulu softened as she admitted that he had shown her what real love was about. She promised him that there wasn't any room in her heart for anyone else, but him.

"Great answer," Dante smiled with approval. After a brief kiss, Dante announced that he had to get to the police station to file some paperwork before Jason was transferred back to Pentonville. When Dante arrived at the police station, he learned that the Los Angeles Police Department had sent a file on Franco, but Ronnie had taken it. Dante quickly tracked down Ronnie to get the file; however, Ronnie was reluctant to hand it over to Dante. Dante accused Ronnie of undermining the investigation, so Ronnie handed it to Dante and then stormed off. Dante opened the file; he was stunned by what he read.

Johnny was wrapping up a business call as Olivia approached Kelly's. Olivia hesitated a moment before she quietly greeted him and then slipped into the dinner. Olivia ordered a strong cup of coffee, chatted with Mike about Warren's rampage at the hospital, and then left. Johnny was still sitting at a table outside when Olivia passed by. He immediately sensed that Olivia was upset, so he asked her if she were okay.

Olivia told Johnny about the shooting and how she had to help Steve save Ethan's life. Johnny was stunned, but not surprised that Olivia had helped. Olivia explained that Warren's mind had snapped because of his obsession with Kiefer's death. She feared that the same would happen to Johnny. Johnny was insulted that she had compared him to Warren, but Olivia reminded Johnny that Warren hadn't started out the way that he had ended.

Olivia feared that Johnny was following the same path as Warren. Johnny suggested that she was afraid for Sonny, not him. Olivia implored Johnny to take off his blinders; she insisted that she was trying to save him because she loved him. Johnny admitted that he loved her, too, but he wondered if she could love him the way that he was.

At the penthouse, Sam begged Jason to leave the country with her. Jason argued that it wasn't an option because they would have to leave their loved ones behind. Sam realized that they would have to make some sacrifices, but she reminded Jason that they would be together and free to live their lives. She thought that was what Jason wanted. Jason assured her that he wanted those things, but not if they had to give up so much. Sam didn't care.

Jason refused to change his mind. He wondered if she could forgive him for making the choice that he had. "Yes," Sam quietly answered. She was curious if Jason still wanted her to wait for him. Jason assured her that he did, but he made it clear that it had to be her choice. If she couldn't wait, then he would have to learn to accept her decision. Sam was adamant that she would take him however she could have him.

Later, Sam looked out the window with a sad expression as Jason entered the living room. Sam tearfully explained that she had been thinking of all the ways that she would miss Jason. Jason reached out for Sam as he promised her that they could do all the things she had been thinking about when he got out of jail. Sam intended to hold him to it. She changed the subject to find out what he wanted to do for the last few hours that they had left. Jason smiled suggestively, but Sam had other ideas. She challenged him to a game of dominos.

Jason was surprised as Sam fetched the box of dominos. A smile spread across his face as he followed her into the living room. Later, Sam was in high spirits because she had beaten Jason at dominos. A knock at the door interrupted their bliss. It was Dante. Dante explained that he had received a report from the LAPD. According to DNA tests, the man who had fallen to his death at the Museum of Contemporary Art had not been Franco.

In Woodstock, New York, Karen Anderson packed up her belongings. A knock at the door interrupted her work. Karen was surprised to see her son, Franco, standing in the doorway holding an infant.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sonny and Alexis discussed Kristina's latest trauma, Mr. Bauer's rampage. Alexis expressed her hope that Kristina could focus her anger at Mr. Bauer, not at Sonny. Sonny promised Alexis that, if Kristina wanted him to, he'd attend more sessions with the psychiatrist. Alexis approved and said that she hoped Kristina would see the Sonny the way Alexis did when she fell in love with him. She pointed out that Kristina's biggest fear is that she'll trust Sonny and get disappointed.

After Lucky discovered Nurse Jane Morgan's dead body in a patient bed at the hospital, he phoned in a request for a forensics team.

In the penthouse living room, Dante, Jason, and Sam discussed Franco's apparent death. The file Dante had proved Franco was not the man to have fallen off the roof at the art reception in Los Angeles. Jason explained that he had chased Franco up to the roof and that the man he'd thought was Franco had yelled that he knew where Aiden was. Sam got a call from Kristina who asked her to meet at Kelly's. Jason told Sam to go to her sister, and Dante said that Jason wouldn't go back to prison, as long as Franco was still alive.

Franco arrived at his mother's new house and presented his mother with Aiden. She asked "Bobby" where he'd gotten the baby, but Franco wouldn't answer. Franco's mom worried that the infant hadn't been eating enough. Franco left to shop for the baby. He returned with armfuls of baby items. Franco's mother told him that Aiden had eaten all of the formula Franco had brought with them, but Franco replied that he'd bought enough to last quite awhile.

Franco' mom was concerned and felt that it wasn't right for her to keep the baby. Franco explained that he was giving her the opportunity to start anew with a child that would not prove as difficult to raise as he had been. He told her that he might not be around for awhile. Franco's mother demanded details on the baby, and Franco lied that he'd gotten the boy through a private adoption. He told her that, since she was living in a new house in a new town and had a brand new life, she could give the baby everything she wasn't able to give him.

Michael and Kristina sat at a table at Kelly's. Michael admitted to having become a different person since before his time at Pentonville. Kristina pointed out that their dad favors Dante over Michael. Michael defended Sonny and told Kristina that she was always looking for reasons to be mad at their father.

Nikolas visited Liz in her hospital room. He announced that he'd offered a reward for information that would lead them to their son. Lucky entered and delivered the bad news that Jane Morgan, the nurse who'd been their best lead, had been found dead. He gave Liz Aiden's identification bracelet that had been found with the woman.

Nikolas assumed that she had been murdered, but Lucky agreed but could not yet confirm that suspicion. Liz bemoaned her fate—that her son had been kidnapped because he'd happened to have been assigned an I.D. number ending in "66."

After Dante and Sam left, Michael arrived at Jason's penthouse. Jason filled Michael in on the situation: that Franco was still alive and that Jason would not be going back to Pentonville. Michael told Jason why he had been at the hospital when Aiden was kidnapped and Mr. Bauer attempted to hit Kristina: because Michael had injured himself in a fight at his new job. He went on to explain that Mr. Bauer had returned with a gun and shot Mac and Ethan.

Jason felt bad for adding to Michael's stress but told him about Franco's art exhibit in L.A.--that there had been video footage of Carter which proved that Franco had sent Carter to harass Michael as a way to get to Jason. Jason apologized to a visibly shaken Michael, who was relieved to hear that, aside from his prison I.D. photo, he had not been a part of the exhibit. Jason urged Michael to find a way to move forward with his life and not to let his anger take over. Michael asked Jason to teach him how.

Jax returned to the mansion to be surprised by Morgan, Carly, and Josslyn. They played a board game and Morgan asked Jax about his time with Skye in Barcelona. Jax embellished his story with allusions to piracy on the high seas and a jungle adventure but told them that he'd distracted Fernanda de la Barca while Sky broke into the woman's accounts and took the money that was rightfully hers. A jealous Carly purposely knocked Jax's game token off the board.

Later, after Jax put Josslyn down for a nap, he and Carly lamented that their marriage had faltered. She asked him if he'd slept with Skye.

Sam met Kristina at Kelly's and comforted her sister over the incident with Kiefer's father at the hospital. Kristina complained that Sonny had lectured Michael after he had saved her from certain death at the hands of the unstable Mr. Bauer. Sam defended Sonny and explained to Kristina that he was just concerned for Michael. Kristina protested, and Sam told Kristina that she was beginning to sound more and more like her father. Sam urged Kristina not to repeat Sonny's mistakes: holding grudges, blaming others for the state of his life, and getting even with enemies.

At the Metro Court, Sonny arrived at Claire's table. She tried to brush him off, but, undeterred, he proposed that they celebrate the fact that Michael had saved Kristina's life. Claire told Sonny that she had no desire to socialize with him; she only wanted to have sex with him to get pregnant. Olivia overheard and went ballistic. She admonished Claire to proceed at her own peril.

Claire commented that the mothers of Sonny's children seem so content with him as he is. He replied that Claire wanted him. She countered that she wanted nothing to do with him if he wouldn't give her a baby. Sonny wondered aloud why she wouldn't go to a sperm bank. He suggested they go back to his place.

Dante went to see Lucky at the police station to tell him that Franco was not dead. Dante explained that the man who had impersonated Franco and jumped to his death was a Stage 4 cancer patient. Lucky informed Dante that the nurse who'd likely been the last to see Aiden had been found dead. Dante hypothesized that luring him and Jason to L.A. had been a diversion and that Franco had wanted to kidnap the baby all along.

Dante returned to Jason's penthouse with Lucky. The three of them went over everything that had happened since Aiden had been kidnapped, and Dante suggested they go to the one person connected to Franco: Franco's mother. He called the Woodstock Police Department and asked them to send a unit to Karen Anderson's house. They reported that the house had been abandoned. Jason feared that there would be no more clues because he believed that Franco wanted to keep Aiden for himself.

Johnny arrived at Ethan's hospital room and reprimanded him for being out of bed. Johnny called attention to the irony that Ethan had made it through many shootouts unscathed but that he'd been shot in the hospital by the deranged Mr. Bauer. Ethan told Johnny that he'd have bled out, had Olivia not been there. He added that Johnny was a fool to let her slip away.

Later, Kristina arrived and offered up a game of poker. She and Ethan both jokingly made it clear that they were not mutually attracted.

Johnny arrived at the Metro Court and went to Olivia at the bar. She apologized for having compared him to Mr. Bauer. Johnny told her that she wouldn't change his plans for enacting revenge on Sonny. They observed Sonny put the moves on Claire. Johnny walked over to the table and told Claire that he'd just sent her evidence of Sonny's illegal activity.

Alexis met Sam at Kelly's. Sam explained that Kristina still harbored a lot of resentment toward Sonny. Alexis explained that, because Kristina was unable to direct her anger at Kiefer, she was misdirecting it at Sonny. Both women agreed that Kristina and Sonny behaved just like each other.

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