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Jennifer told Daniel that he had to cut all ties with Chloe or their relationship would never work out. After her saved her from a robber, Nicole whispered to an unconscious Eric that she loved him. Gabi and the baby recovered from a health scare. Nick handed Sami a stern warning. Sonny seemed touched at Will's letter.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 18, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, February 18, 2013

by Mike

At St. Luke's, Nicole entered the priest's compartment of the confessional. "Bless me, Father, for I will sin," Nicole warned before passionately kissing Eric. Nicole pushed Eric up against a wall and ripped off his clerical collar as they continued to kiss.

Nicole gasped as she snapped out of her fantasy and found herself alone in Eric's office. Flustered, Nicole grabbed her jacket and rushed toward the exit, but when she opened the office door, Eric was standing on the other side. Eric wondered if Nicole wanted to talk about what had been bothering her the previous night. Nicole blamed her behavior on a particularly bad day and abruptly excused herself.

At the Horton Town Square, Lucas overheard Jennifer recording a voicemail message for Maggie, stating that she needed to talk to Maggie about Daniel. After Jennifer ended the phone call, Lucas guessed that Daniel had broken her heart again. Jennifer defended Daniel, insisting that she was the person who had messed up.

Jennifer chastised Lucas for giving her a hard time about her relationship with Daniel, but he insisted that he was simply looking out for his sister. Lucas noted that he had seen Chloe the previous day, and he guessed that she wanted to get back together with Daniel. "And you know Daniel -- historically, he's got a problem with keeping it zipped," Lucas bluntly stated.

Predicting that Daniel would eventually hurt Jennifer, Lucas added that he didn't want to be the person who would be tasked with picking up the pieces of her broken heart when that day arrived. Offended, Jennifer assured Lucas that his shoulder would be the last one that she would choose to cry on if Daniel ended up hurting her. Lucas claimed that he was happy to hear that, and he abruptly excused himself.

After Lucas left, Jennifer groaned with frustration and started to walk off in the opposite direction, but she quickly ran into Nicole. Nicole observed that Jennifer looked worse than Nicole felt, and she guessed that Jennifer had failed to take Nicole's earlier advice about dealing with Chloe. Jennifer tried to excuse herself, insisting that she didn't want to talk about the situation, but Nicole was undeterred.

Jennifer sighed and impatiently pleaded for God to save her. "Yeah, he doesn't really answer that quickly -- trust me," Nicole dryly stated. Nicole theorized that Jennifer's problem was that she was too nice. Jennifer countered that Nicole hadn't always believed that about her. Nicole conceded that Jennifer was certainly capable of holding her own in a fight.

Nicole added that Jennifer would always revert back to being the good girl in the end, leaving her susceptible to people like Chloe who were willing to take advantage of her kindness. Jennifer revealed that she had taken Nicole's advice, adding that it had backfired. Jennifer quickly recapped the story for Nicole, and Nicole wondered if Daniel and Chloe were back together.

Jennifer shook her head, echoing Nicole's earlier observation that Jennifer wasn't the kind of person who would back down from a fight that easily. Nicole nodded, adding that she also knew how much Jennifer loved Daniel. Nicole guessed that Jennifer had never stopped loving Daniel, even after she had reunited with Jack. Jennifer admitted that Nicole was right.

"So how did you do it? How -- how -- how could you walk away from Daniel when you cared for him as much as you did?" Nicole wondered. Jennifer said that was a difficult question to answer. Jennifer explained that it had not been about loving one man more than the other, adding that her love for Daniel had been different than her love for Jack.

"You know, he was the father of my children; he was my family, and he worked so hard to get back to us. So I thought that it was a choice that I was gonna have to make, when wasn't a choice at all, and...Daniel recognized that, and that's when -- that's when he pulled back. But I guess the simple answer to that is...going back to Jack and leaving Daniel was really tough...but it was right. It was right for me, and it was right for my children, and sometimes you have to do the difficult thing," Jennifer explained.

Jennifer abruptly excused herself, hoping that her answer had made some sort of sense to Nicole. After Jennifer left, Nicole quietly muttered that Jennifer's explanation had made more sense than Jennifer could have possibly imagined.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe demanded to know if Victor was deliberately trying to poison Parker. Victor was justifiably confused, so Chloe elaborated that she had been doing an inventory of the household cleaning products, none of which were environmentally friendly. Chloe added that none of the cabinets featured child-safety locks. Chloe speculated that Parker was in constant danger, adding that toxins were everywhere.

"Yes, I know -- I'm looking at one right now," Victor dryly stated. Ignoring Victor's comment, Chloe wondered if he was aware that his dry cleaner was using heinous chemicals that lingered in Victor and Maggie's clothes. Chloe sniffed Victor's suit jacket to prove her point, crinkling her nose in disgust. Chloe forbade Victor and Maggie from picking up Parker until they started using an environmentally friendly dry cleaning company.

Incredulous, Victor reminded Chloe that she was living in his house. Chloe agreed, adding that if she and Parker decided to remain at the Kiriakis mansion, some concessions would need to be made. Chloe retrieved a document from her purse and presented it to Victor, explaining that it was an estimate of the amount of money that it would cost to clean all of the air ducts in the mansion.

Victor stared at the document in disbelief, incredulously summarizing that it would cost eighty thousand dollars to vacuum a few pipes. Chloe shrugged and pointed out that the maintenance would benefit everyone who lived at the mansion.

"Let us review. You would like me to turn my house inside out and upside down because you're concerned about Parker, a child who I am not to go near because of my choice of dry cleaners -- where, I might add, there is not a solution in existence that can wash away the strain and stain that you have put upon my family up until this very moment," Victor summarized.

Chloe shook her head in disbelief, innocently stating that she was simply trying to have a simple conversation about some legitimate health concerns. Chloe observed that, as usual, Victor had seized the opportunity to insult her, which he had been eager to do since the moment that she had returned to Salem.

"You bet your sweet life I've been waiting. You accuse my son Philip of rape...falsely? Don't bat an eye over that little malicious lie. But that little transgression pales to the way that you broke Brady's heart with your stiletto heels, forcing him into drugs," Victor replied with contempt. Chloe countered that blaming her was easier than admitting that Brady was weak.

Chloe added that Philip was a man who had no character or ambition and had been unable to make a decent life for himself, despite the fact that he had been born with a gigantic silver spoon in his mouth. "That's it! Get out! I tried to make accommodations for you, but you just pushed me too far. Get out of this house! I don't want to see you in this house again -- do you understand me? Out! Out right now!" Victor angrily stated as he stormed off. After Victor left, Chloe smiled triumphantly as she muttered that she was going to have to find a new place to live.

Later, Eric arrived at the mansion, and Victor presented him with a donation for the church. Eric thanked Victor for refraining from pressing charges against Nicole, adding that he and Nicole were each grateful for Victor's kindness. Victor started to express his disinterest in Nicole's gratitude, but Eric assured him that she was trying to change her life. "Yes, like every other bad-news bitch in the city," Victor skeptically replied.

Victor acknowledged that, as a priest, Eric probably believed in miracles. Victor advised that it would be incredibly naïve to believe that Nicole could ever change into a decent human being. Later, after Eric left, Jennifer arrived at the mansion to talk to Maggie. Jennifer told Maggie about everything that had happened recently. Maggie urged Jennifer to talk to Daniel face-to-face instead of waiting for him to respond to her note.

After Jennifer left, Maggie told Victor that the mansion had seemed unusually quiet that day. Victor admitted that he had kicked Chloe out of the house earlier. Victor recapped Chloe's list of outrageous demands and declared that she was an absolute nightmare. Maggie agreed, but she urged Victor to reconsider, pointing out that it would be easier to keep an eye on Chloe if she were staying at the mansion.

In Daniel's apartment, Brady presented Daniel with a get-well gift for Parker. Brady noted that it seemed like Daniel was feeling worse than Parker was. Brady wondered if Daniel had worked things out with Jennifer. Daniel confirmed that he had talked to Jennifer, but he added that he hadn't said everything that he had wanted to say.

Reluctant to talk about the situation, Daniel vaguely stated that Jennifer had not yet acknowledged a fairly significant issue that he was eager to discuss with her. Summarizing that Daniel was stubbornly waiting for Jennifer to make the first move, Brady pointed out that Daniel was no longer in high school. Brady advised Daniel to take the initiative and be direct with Jennifer.

Later, after Brady left, Chloe arrived at the apartment, carting a bag of luggage. Chloe moaned that Victor had thrown her out of the mansion, rendering her homeless. Chloe gave Daniel her version of the argument that had led to her removal from the mansion. Daniel offered to talk to Victor, but Chloe insisted that there was no reason to do so, since Victor was too stubborn to change his mind.

Chloe casually mentioned that she would be unable to afford a place of her own until the beginning of the following month. Chloe groaned as she contemplated moving into a hotel for a few weeks, but Daniel interrupted and suggested that she and Parker could stay at his apartment. Chloe beamed and thanked Daniel for his generous offer.

Chloe tried to hug Daniel, but he stopped her and excused himself, claiming that he wanted to make some preparations for his new guests. After Daniel left, Chloe told Parker that she should have devised her plan weeks earlier, since it had been extremely easy to successfully manipulate Victor and Daniel. Meanwhile, as Daniel waited for the elevator, he placed a phone call to a local hotel and made a reservation for himself.

Later, Jennifer arrived at Daniel's apartment and knocked on the door. Chloe greeted Jennifer and impatiently told her to go away. Chloe said that she didn't have time to deal with Jennifer, casually adding that she needed to give Parker a bath and finish unpacking her stuff. Jennifer seemed confused, so Chloe innocently revealed that she was moving into Daniel's apartment.

At St. Luke's, Lucas searched for Eric, but he found Nicole instead. Annoyed, Lucas muttered that he had tried to warn Eric that the situation would never work out. Confused, Nicole wondered what Lucas was babbling about. Lucas explained that he had been reluctant to join the church board because he had wanted to avoid running into Nicole. Nicole guessed that Lucas believed that she didn't belong at the church.

Lucas shrugged and nodded, silently confirming Nicole's suspicion. Lucas noted that he had managed to avoid running into Nicole since returning to Salem, adding that he had hoped to keep it that way. Lucas complained about being forced to spend time with Nicole while trying to help the community. "You know, doing charity work and bitching about it kinda negates the deed, don't you think?" Nicole asked.

"I'm not bitching about the charity -- I'm bitching about you!" Lucas countered. As Lucas and Nicole continued to argue, Eric entered the office and informed them that their altercation could be heard in the chapel. Lucas pointed out that he had tried to warn Eric that he would not be able to be in Nicole's presence for more than five seconds without wanting to tear his hair out.

Lucas insisted that he should have listened to his gut instinct, which had warned him to stay far away from the church board. Nicole agreed as Lucas stormed out of the office. After Lucas left, Eric wondered what Nicole had said to Lucas. Nicole defensively stated that she had been minding her own business when Lucas had entered the office and asserted that she didn't belong at the church.

"And you know what? Maybe he was actually nasty about it, but he's right -- I don't. I don't belong here!" Nicole admitted. Eric apologized for failing to predict that Nicole's history with Lucas would explode in her face if he invited Lucas to join the church board. Eric wondered if Lucas was the cause of Nicole's recent frustration. Nicole scoffed as she realized that Eric was suggesting that she might still have feelings for Lucas.

Nicole pointed out that clerics were supposed to have some sort of uncanny ability to see through a person's soul, but Eric reminded her that he was still an inexperienced cleric who had not yet found his second sight. "I believe it. Otherwise you would know that, yes, I still am hung up on one man, but it sure as hell isn't Lucas," Nicole insisted.

At the Horton house, Lucas, who had gone there to retrieve something from the attic, opened the front door and found Daniel standing outside. Daniel wondered if Lucas knew where he could locate Jennifer. Lucas vaguely stated that Jennifer had left earlier. "She doesn't want to see you anymore. In fact, she wants nothing to do with you," Lucas claimed before exiting the house.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen was on the phone with Stefano, who informed her that he would be returning to Salem in the near future. Kristen claimed that she was happy to hear the news, but Stefano noted a distinct lack of enthusiasm in her voice. Kristen assured Stefano that her mood had nothing to do with him, admitting that something was distracting her. Kristen elaborated that she had been rethinking things lately.

Retrieving a single rose from the bouquet of flowers that Brady had ordered earlier, Kristen noted that all great plans required flexibility. Kristen confirmed that she was still planning to crush John, but she added that she was no longer convinced that she needed to break Brady's heart in order to do so. Kristen said that she didn't want to be cruel just for the sake of being cruel.

Tired of listening to Kristen's cryptic comments, Stefano impatiently urged her to tell him exactly what was going on. Kristen hesitantly replied that it was impossible for a person to predict how they were going to feel before entering into a situation. "Ah, ha, ha -- I see. So...Brady fell for you as planned. What you had not planned was that you may fall for him, huh? Nailed it, didn't I?" Stefano asked with a gloating laugh.

Kristen remained silent for a moment, scowling at her cell phone as she tightened her grip on it, seemingly wishing that she could reach through the device and strangle Stefano. Through gritted teeth, Kristen insisted that she did not have feelings for Brady, slamming the rose down on her bed multiple times to punctuate her statement. Stefano remained skeptical, urging Kristen to stop playing games with him.

"I'm not playing games with you. Just listen to me, okay? If I do manage to convince Brady that he can't live without marrying me, and I get him to the altar, and I dump him, what's the point when John's in Europe indefinitely? I mean, if John's not there to witness it, then what's to be gained?" Kristen asked. Stefano reminded Kristen that she had never been worried about collateral damage in the past.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Kristen met with Brady, quickly noticing that he seemed nervous about something. Brady summarized his earlier conversation with Daniel, which had led Brady to realize that, while he still wasn't ready to rush into marriage, he did want to make a bigger commitment to Kristen. Brady admitted that John and Marlena were initially going to hate his plan.

Brady hoped that his idea would eventually convince Marlena and John to take Brady and Kristen's relationship more seriously. "Let's get a place of our own -- together. Not my place, not your hotel room -- let's live together. I want to live with you -- just you and me. What do you say? Please say yes. I want you to say yes. Just do it -- say yes," Brady urged Kristen. Kristen shook her head and insisted that it would never work.

Elsewhere, Rafe claimed that he knew what had happened to Nick in prison, leaving Nick visibly uncomfortable. Nick silently recalled an incident where a fellow prisoner had warned him that there would be consequences for snitching. "Uh, a lot of things happened in there, Rafe -- it's prison," Nick defensively stated before attempting to walk away.

Rafe stopped Nick and clarified that he knew that Nick had been beaten and stabbed in prison. "Come on, man -- that's a lot of baggage to bring into a relationship. Now you're talking about starting a marriage and a family? How do you expect to do that if you haven't even been honest with your fiancée about your past?" Rafe asked.

Kate pointed out that marriage was a serious commitment, especially for two people who were as young as Gabi and Nick were. Nick defensively stated that no one had expressed a problem with his and Gabi's desire to get married until Will had decided that he wanted to be a part of the baby's life. Nick summarized that Rafe and Kate were asking him to give up Gabi, but Rafe insisted that Nick had misread the situation.

Kate and Rafe explained that they simply wanted Nick to take things slowly, adding that there was no rush to get married. Nick realized that he was being asked to postpone the wedding until after the baby was born, and he adamantly refused to do so. Before Rafe or Kate could respond, Nick abruptly walked away. Kate sighed and joked that the conversation had gone well.

Rafe admitted that Nick seemed to be devoted to Gabi, but Kate countered that Nick seemed to be desperately devoted to Gabi. Kate observed that it seemed like Nick believed that he could lose Gabi at any moment. Rafe speculated that Gabi loved Nick just as much as Nick loved Gabi, and he wondered if Nick would eventually realize that. Later, Rafe and Kate returned to Rafe's apartment, where they had sex.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Nick privately listened to the recording of Lucas and Will's earlier conversation. Nick decided that he had enough evidence to ensure that he would be able to get exactly what he wanted. Thinking about Rafe's earlier claim, Nick silently recalled being stabbed in prison. "You think you know what happened, Rafe...but you don't," Nick muttered as he stared out the window.

Meanwhile, at the prison, the man who had stabbed Nick stared at a calendar, counting the days until his release date, which was twenty-five days away.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In the church office, Eric accused Nicole of being hung up on Lucas. Rolling her eyes, Nicole noted that she was hung up on someone, but it was not Lucas. Eric assumed that Nicole was still in love with Daniel, and he counseled Nicole not to invest herself in a relationship that did not exist. Eric added that Nicole should pray for comfort. When Nicole resisted, Eric reached for her and asked Nicole to practice praying with him.

Hope interrupted to ask about permission slips for the school field trip. Nicole urged Eric to get on with his day and said that she would help Hope with the field trip information. When Hope raised an eyebrow after Eric left, Nicole asked if Hope still believed that Nicole did not belong at the convent. Hope noted that it did not matter what she thought. Hope added that Nicole had put Eric in a bad position when she went after Kristen.

As Nicole stared at Hope in annoyance, Hope noted that the incident was none of her business. Nicole said that she was thinking of leaving the convent. Shrugging, Hope responded that she did not believe Eric would give up on helping Nicole. Hope said that Eric was invested in helping Nicole and that he would not stop. After Hope left, Nicole muttered to herself that she could not let Eric get involved with her because she did not want to pine after another person that she could not have.

In the park, Brady asked Kristen to move in with him. Fighting with her conscience, Kristen turned down Brady's offer. "None of this is gonna work," Kristen said. As Brady stood lost in confusion, he received a call from work. Kristen urged Brady to take the call so that she could collect her thoughts. Brady reluctantly agreed and leaned over to kiss Kristen goodbye. Kristen turned her cheek toward Brady and leaned away from his kiss.

In the coffeehouse, Marlena was drinking coffee when she received a phone call from John. Ecstatic, Marlena eagerly asked John if he was on his way back to Salem. Before John could answer, his phone cut out. As Marlena stared at her phone, E.J. approached the table and asked how John was feeling. Marlena ignored the question. When E.J. asked how John felt about his relationship with Sami, Marlena countered that E.J. should ask her how she felt about the relationship.

E.J. noted that he did not need to ask Marlena her opinion because he was well aware that Marlena did not approve of E.J.'s romantic relationship with Sami. Narrowing her eyes, Marlena argued that E.J. and Kristen would only create misery for her family. Marlena warned E.J. that his relationship with Sami would not last for long. "Don't break my daughter's heart. Is that too much to ask of you?" Marlena said.

E.J. walked over to the pub and found Brady sulking at a table inside. When E.J. joked that he was running into all of Brady's family, Brady responded, "Bite me." E.J. noted that Kristen said that Brady was a "good catch" but that he did not understand it. With a sigh, E.J. left as Eric walked in the door. Brady noted to Eric with pride that he had once beaten E.J. so severely that E.J. had been admitted to the intensive care unit.

Eric asked Brady to join him for lunch so that Eric could thank Brady for not pressing charges against Nicole. Nodding, Brady said that Nicole had been through enough but that he would not hesitate to act if Nicole ever went after Kristen again. When Brady asked Eric if he had riled Nicole up the day she had stolen the files from his computer, Eric sheepishly admitted that he was to blame. Eric explained that he had not known that Nicole would do anything.

Brady asked Eric if he could admit that he was wrong about Kristen, but Eric said he could not. Furious, Brady rose to his feet and noted that it was possible that he knew Kristen better than Eric or anyone else in Salem.

Eric returned to the church and knelt down to pray in his office. As Brady looked up to God, a man walked in and pointed a gun at Eric's head.

As Kristen paced alone in the park, she wondered aloud why she had not broken things off with Brady. Frustrated, Kristen kicked a can, which bounced into John's leg. Smirking, John noted that Kristen's plan had failed because she had not anticipated developing feelings for Brady. When John said that he would get Brady back and that Kristen would end up a loser, Kristen threw a punch at John.

As John was just a vision in Kristen's mind, she swung at air. Marlena rounded the corner and took in the scene. Smiling, Marlena noted that Kristen seemed upset. Marlena gleefully informed Kristen that John had called her and that they were working out their relationship issues. With a smirk, Marlena noted that Brady would realize that Kristen was using him and would walk away. When Marlena received a phone call from John, she left.

In the town square, Marlena talked to John and learned that he was still in Italy. When Marlena told John that she had run into Kristen and that Kristen was upset, John's demeanor grew colder. Marlena asked John when he was returning to Salem, and John stated that he would be gone for a while. As Marlena said that she missed John and wished he was home, John curtly said goodbye and hung up.

Back at her hotel, Kristen punched a pillow and screamed, "I hate you, Marlena!" Kristen muttered to herself that she had planned to cut Brady loose and had made the mistake of feeling sorry for him. Kristen noted that Brady was her enemy. "Sorry, baby. I'm going to have to destroy you after all."

When Brady arrived, Kristen was composed and calmer. Brady started to apologize, but Kristen stopped him and said that he did not need to say sorry for asking her to move in with him. Brady was surprised by Kristen's change of demeanor. Kristen explained that she was not sure why she had reacted the way she had to Brady's proposal to move in with one another, but that she felt that her pride was to blame. Kristen noted that she had forgotten that love made people crazy. With a wide smile, Kristen agreed to move in with Brady, and the two made love.

Outside the pub, Nicole saw Sydney walking by with her babysitter. Nicole said hello and noted that she had once been Sydney's stepmother. The babysitter explained that they were late for a play date. Nicole hugged Sydney tightly and said that Sydney was one of the best girls Nicole had ever known. As Sydney and the babysitter walked away, E.J. approached Nicole.

E.J. said he was glad that Nicole was able to say hello to Sydney even though Sydney reminded Nicole of all she had lost in her life. Defensive, Nicole told E.J. to go to hell. E.J. informed Nicole that he was back together with Sami. When Nicole sarcastically joked how happy she was for E.J., he countered that at least he was not a "complete loser." After E.J. walked away, Nicole muttered to herself that she needed to leave town.

In Daniel's apartment, Chloe answered the door and found Jennifer in the hallway. Chloe explained that Victor had kicked her out and that she was living in Daniel's apartment. Making trouble, Chloe wondered aloud why Daniel had not consulted with Jennifer before he invited Chloe to move into his apartment. Smiling, Chloe noted that she was happy to unpack and put her things back where they belonged. Annoyed, Jennifer walked away.

At the Horton residence, Daniel was leaving as Abigail arrived. Daniel explained that he had stopped by the house to make things right with Jennifer but had run into Lucas instead. Worried about her mother, Abigail asked Daniel if he was going to put Jennifer into a triangle with Chloe so soon after they had been in a triangle with Nicole. Daniel stressed that he was adjusting to the situation with his son and that he wanted to work things out with Jennifer.

Abigail said that she believed Daniel was sincere, and she invited him into the house. In the living room, Abigail informed Daniel that Jennifer was unhappy. Abigail noted that Daniel was not doing anything to stop Chloe from hurting Jennifer. When Daniel asked Abigail for specifics about what Chloe had done to Jennifer, Abigail shrugged.

Jennifer entered the living room, and Abigail retreated upstairs to leave her mother alone with Daniel. Jennifer informed Daniel that she knew that Chloe had moved into his apartment and that Chloe had been eager to rub Jennifer's face in it. Daniel asked Jennifer if they could talk to one another without yelling. As Jennifer took a breath, Daniel explained that he had moved into a hotel and that he would not return home until Chloe had moved out.

Jennifer explained that she was upset with Daniel because he had not consulted with her before inviting Chloe to move into his apartment. Jennifer argued that Daniel should not attempt to rescue everyone that asked him for help. "Chloe isn't walking over you, she's walking over me," Jennifer said.

When Jennifer noted that Daniel was too blind to see what Chloe was doing, he was angry. Daniel accused Jennifer of calling him a moron. "Forget this! I'm done," Daniel growled as he marched out of the house.

After Daniel left, Jennifer cradled a photo of Alice and fought back tears. When Abigail returned downstairs, she asked why Jennifer was upset. Jennifer explained that Chloe had upset her and that she had taken her anger out on Daniel. Abigail noted that Daniel had said that he wanted to work things out with Jennifer. Nodding, Jennifer agreed that she believed Daniel did want to reconcile with her.

Changing the subject, Abigail said that she had changed her mind about the dress she had seen at Priscilla's in the town square. Jennifer offered to pick up the dress for Abigail so that she could take a walk and clear her head.

Maggie stopped by Daniel's apartment to talk to Chloe about Victor. Chloe stressed that she did to want to live with someone that hated her. With a sigh, Maggie argued that Chloe had pushed Victor's buttons because she wanted to situate herself closer to Daniel. Chloe denied the accusation and said that Maggie was concerned that Daniel would choose Chloe over Jennifer. Maggie warned Chloe not to unpack because she would wear out her welcome.

When Daniel returned home, Chloe reminisced about when they had first taken Parker home from the hospital when he was born. Daniel announced that he needed to pack his clothes because he was moving into a hotel. When Chloe protested, Daniel noted that it was inappropriate for him to live with Chloe. Daniel took a phone call from Maggie and noted that he would stop by with Parker for a visit.

After Daniel left the apartment with Parker, Chloe made a beeline for Jennifer's house. When she knocked on the front door, Abigail answered. Abigail curtly noted that Jennifer had gone to Priscilla's. After Abigail closed the door in Chloe's face, Chloe whispered, "That could work."

In the town square, Daniel and Parker strolled through the town square. Across the way, Jennifer saw them and cautioned herself to take action with Daniel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As Jennifer entered the square, she spotted Daniel and Parker across the way. She was about to hurry over to speak to Daniel when Abe and Theo interrupted her. After a warm embrace, Abe said that he wanted Jennifer and the hospital's help to plan a fundraiser to repair the damage caused by the tunnel explosions. As Abe and Jennifer finished their conversation, Jennifer looked over and observed with disappointment that Daniel and Parker had already gone.

Jennifer was headed in the direction she'd last seen Daniel when Chloe appeared and declared that she wanted to clear up the confusion from earlier. Jennifer countered that Chloe had purposely neglected to mention that even though Chloe and Parker were moving into Daniel's apartment, Daniel wasn't going to be staying there with them. Chloe tried to set down her shopping bag on a bench, but it fell to the pavement, and a sexy piece of lingerie spilled out.

Jennifer warned Chloe, "I'm not stupid. I know exactly what you want, and you're not going to get it." She accused Chloe of resorting to desperate measures to get Daniel back in her life. Offended, Chloe insisted, "All I've done is brought Daniel his son!" She accused Jennifer of being paranoid, but Jennifer argued that she was merely protecting herself. Jennifer acknowledged that she admired Chloe for what a happy, well-adjusted child Parker was, but not Chloe's attempts to reclaim a man who wanted nothing to do with her.

Chloe insisted that she was merely trying to give her son as much time with his father as possible. Jennifer didn't buy that for a second. After the women exchanged a few barbs, Jennifer concluded, "I think that you believe Daniel will choose you over me, don't you?" Chloe refused to dignify that with a response. Each woman maintained that Daniel couldn't see the other for who she really was.

Jennifer asserted that Daniel was well aware of what Chloe was trying to do, but Chloe countered that she was the mother of Daniel's child -- a bond that would never change. As Chloe stalked off, she confidently asserted that Daniel loved it when she wore sexy lingerie...or nothing at all. Unfazed, Jennifer muttered to herself that Chloe was pathetic.

When Daniel arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie revealed that she and Victor were actually implementing some of the "green" changes that Chloe had demanded. Maggie continued that she suspected Chloe had deliberately pushed Victor's buttons to get him to throw her out. Daniel irritably suggested that Maggie and Jennifer needed to trust his love for Jennifer and believe that Chloe couldn't destroy that.

Maggie wanted to know why Daniel was so angry with Jennifer if he truly loved her. She pointed out that Jennifer had been fed up with Chloe's machinations and had simply made a mistake. Daniel argued that Jennifer could have at least apologized and admitted that she'd been wrong. Surprised, Maggie exclaimed, "She did! Didn't you get her message? She left you a note at the hospital, saying she was sorry." Daniel admitted that he'd never gotten the message.

Maggie explained that she had thought as much, so she had advised Jennifer to apologize to Daniel in person. Daniel quickly realized that had been when Chloe had informed Jennifer that she'd moved in with Daniel -- at the same time Daniel had been at Jennifer's to apologize, but instead, they had gotten into a huge argument. Daniel got a text message from Jennifer just then saying that she wanted to see him. He grabbed his coat and hurried out.

Anne showed up at Daniel's apartment and made disparaging remarks to Chloe about how Chloe had "downsized" since moving out of the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe confessed that she'd wanted it to be "just Mommy, Daddy, and baby," but Daniel had moved into a hotel. She added that she had just lost control by blowing up at the smug, self-righteous Jennifer.

"I think I overplayed my hand," Chloe admitted. She swore that what she was doing was about Parker, not Daniel. Because she'd spent her youth bouncing from one foster home to another, she wanted Parker to grow up in a stable, loving home with both of his parents. Chloe fretted about what Jennifer might do, since she knew that Chloe wanted Daniel back. Anne believed that Jennifer would turn Daniel against Chloe.

At the Horton house, Daniel admitted to Jennifer that he'd been a jerk when they'd argued. Jennifer maintained that she hadn't been much better. Daniel explained that he'd just learned from Maggie that he hadn't gotten Jennifer's apology message, plus he hadn't gotten to apologize to her. He acknowledged that he should have discussed it first with Jennifer before Chloe had moved in.

Daniel added that he wanted to put things back the way they had been, and Jennifer agreed. She apologized for lying, but admitted that she'd had "a gutload" of Chloe. Daniel confessed that the only reason he hadn't told Jennifer about Chloe was that he hadn't wanted to divulge the news over the phone. Jennifer declared that they should kiss and make up, and Daniel agreed, so they did.

Daniel then suggested that the two of them try to take another getaway, but Jennifer thought they needed to talk some more about Chloe first. Jennifer explained that Daniel needed to make it clear that he and Chloe were not going to get back together; she knew Daniel wouldn't like the idea, but Jennifer believed that Daniel should no longer have any contact with Chloe whatsoever.

Abigail arrived at the hospital to take some dessert to Cameron, but Courtney informed her that Cameron had just gone on break. Courtney promised to deliver the dessert to Cameron to atone for accusing him of sexual harassment. She explained that she'd mistakenly taken offense when Cameron had asked her what the Golden Circle Club was. Abigail wanted to know what Courtney had told Cameron. "I told him what it was: a high-school club for kids waiting till marriage to have sex," Courtney replied, to Abigail's chagrin.

When Cameron picked up a to-go order from the Brady Pub, Gabi started to ask him about getting a paternity test -- but Julie overheard and interrupted to demand to know what was going on. Gabi quickly explained to Julie that Cameron was her doctor. As Cameron left, Gabi promised to call him later. Julie wanted to know why Gabi was even considering a paternity test, which could be dangerous for the baby. Gabi admitted that Will was insisting on it.

Julie immediately deduced that Sami was behind ordering the test and urged Gabi to make sure that it was safe before she agreed to it -- but warned Gabi that Sami wasn't likely to back down. Gabi had to get back to work, so Julie gave her an encouraging hug and promised that everything would be fine.

Abigail arrived a little later and asked if Gabi had seen Cameron. Gabi said that Cameron had just left and had probably returned to work. Sensing Abigail's anxiety, Gabi asked what was wrong. Abigail admitted, "I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything." She explained to Gabi about being in the Golden Circle Club -- and Cameron had found out about it. Gabi suggested that Cameron might find it admirable, but Abigail was worried that he would think she was a "complete freak of nature."

Abe and Theo were talking to Cameron about Lexie when Abigail got off the elevator. She hung back until the Carvers had gone, and then she approached Cameron and asked if he had time to talk.

At Common Grounds, Nicole thanked Rafe for meeting her, and explained that she wanted to say goodbye because she was leaving Salem. She added that she had no friends or family left in town and therefore no reason to stick around. After his urging her to reconsider fell on deaf ears, Rafe guessed that Nicole's desire to leave had something to do with Eric. Nicole tried to deny it, but Rafe didn't buy it. Nicole insisted that Salem was filled with bad memories for her, and she thought it would be best to make a clean break.

"Well, I'll miss you," Rafe admitted sincerely. Nicole said that she'd learned that Sami and E.J. were back together and expressed her sympathy to Rafe. Rafe maintained that after what Sami had done and said about Gabi, he didn't care what Sami did. "We both know that's not true," Nicole teased Rafe with a chuckle. Rafe declared that Sami and E.J. deserved each other. Nicole then rose to leave. Rafe made her promise not to leave town without calling him first, and the two embraced affectionately.

Will showed up at the Countess Wilhelmina offices and asked his mother to show him her engagement ring. Sami confessed that there had been a misunderstanding about the ring. Will asked why Sami had wanted to see him, and she inquired about the results of Gabi's paternity test. Will informed Sami that Gabi hadn't scheduled the test yet.

Sami warned Will that Gabi could marry Nick and put his name on the birth certificate if she wanted to. Annoyed that his mom was trying to take control of his life, Will declared it was best for his child if Nick, Gabi, and Will could get along. He added that Gabi wasn't going to have the test until they were sure that it was safe. Sami urged Will to get reassurances from a doctor about that as soon as possible. Will stressed that it wasn't Sami's decision.

Julie arrived just then, and, after overhearing the last part of Sami and Will's conversation, announced that she and Sami needed to talk -- and Will should stay. Julie acknowledged that she understood Sami's maternal instinct to protect her son but warned Sami that the paternity test was unnecessary and possibly even dangerous. Sami surmised that Gabi had sent Julie there. Julie insisted that wasn't the case; she only wanted to make sure that Sami didn't stir things up.

Sami asked why Julie was on Nick's side when Will was a Horton, as well. Julie maintained that she was only trying to keep Sami from making the situation worse. Will gently chimed in with a plea that Sami not interfere. Sami agreed to try to back off. On her way out, Julie somewhat unconvincingly declared that she thought everything would be just fine -- but added confidently that she was very proud of Will.

Will apologized if he'd hurt Sami's feelings. Sami suggested that Will stay so that they could talk some more, and sent him to the kitchen to grab them both a snack first. As soon as Will had gone, Sami grabbed her coat and purse and rushed out the door.

Sami showed up through the back door of the pub and demanded to know why Gabi had used Will's family against him by sending Julie to do Gabi's dirty work. Will walked in the front door and admonished his mom for not leaving Gabi alone like she'd promised. Gabi declared that she hadn't gotten the paternity test yet because she wanted to make sure it wouldn't hurt the baby. An irked Sami insisted that they go to the hospital to ask a doctor about it and then get the paternity test done -- immediately.

Rafe arrived and was peeved when he saw Sami browbeating Gabi again. He ordered his ex to back off. Sami refused because she believed that Gabi was stalling about having the paternity test. Sami asserted that Gabi and Nick were trying to pull something over on Will. Gabi insisted that she was only trying to do what was best for the baby. While Rafe and Sami were bickering, Gabi suddenly clutched her belly and doubled over in pain. "Oh, my God -- the baby!" Gabi exclaimed anxiously.

Eric was kneeling before the small altar in his office at St. Luke's when a man with a gun interrupted Eric's prayers. The man ordered Eric to open the safe. Although obviously frightened, Eric observed that the man's hands were shaking as if from drug withdrawal and offered to help. The thug punched Eric hard and ordered him to hand over the money in the safe.

Eric opened the safe and began filling a bag with the cash inside. When he was through, he rose and met the thief's gaze unwaveringly. Eric cautioned the man that his addiction would only continue to get worse if he didn't get help. Pointing the gun at Eric, the junkie ordered Eric to stop stalling. He took the bag from Eric and showed his disdain for the priest's prayers by spitting on the floor.

Just then, Nicole entered, startling both men. The robber grabbed her around the neck and held the gun to her head. Eric pleaded with the man to let Nicole go, take the money, and walk away, but the thief declared that he wasn't leaving without Nicole's jewelry. Nicole reluctantly removed everything but her necklace, which she refused to relinquish because it was all she had left of her mother.

The man was insistent, but Nicole stomped on his instep, giving Eric an opportunity to lunge at the junkie. Eric punched the man, sending him to the floor, but the thug grabbed the cross from the altar and bashed Eric over the head with it. As the crook absconded with the money, a worried Nicole tended to Eric. She touched the back of the head, and then saw that her hand was covered with blood. "Eric, say something! Eric! You can't die on me! You can't! Eric -- I love you!" Nicole exclaimed.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

by Mike

In a break room at the hospital, Abigail admitted to Cameron that she had been a member of an abstinence club in high school. Cameron assured Abigail that there was nothing to be embarrassed about, adding that her revelation had actually explained a lot.

"When we broke up, I kind of thought it was about you losing your father, and...that you were having a hard time dealing with it. I know you were, but that wasn't the whole reason, was it?" Cameron asked. Confirming Cameron's suspicion, Abigail blurted out that she was a virgin, unaware that Maxine had entered the break room. Maxine and Cameron left to check on a patient, leaving Abigail, who seemed completely mortified, behind.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie received a visit from Chloe, who was looking for Daniel. Maggie knowingly guessed that Chloe wanted to know if Daniel was upset about Chloe's earlier argument with Jennifer. Chloe claimed that she hadn't meant to upset Jennifer, and Maggie sarcastically countered that Chloe also hadn't meant to manipulate Victor into throwing her out of the mansion.

Chloe reminded Maggie that they had once been friends. "You know what, Chloe? Newsflash -- I'm not friends with someone who manipulates my son. So maybe you ought to write this down -- he's with Jennifer now. He's over you," Maggie firmly stated. Chloe realized that it had been foolish of her to believe that she could talk to Maggie about the issue.

Chloe wasn't surprised that Maggie had taken Jennifer's side, since Maggie had always believed that Jennifer was a saint. Chloe reminded Maggie that Jennifer's recent lie had kept Daniel away from his sick son, but Maggie countered that Jennifer's actions had not been completely unprovoked. Chloe claimed that Jennifer was a bad influence on Parker.

Chloe was surprised to hear that Maggie agreed with her. Maggie quickly clarified that she was agreeing with Chloe's earlier statement -- it had been foolish of her to believe that she could talk to Maggie about the situation. Before Chloe could respond, Maggie abruptly walked away. Later, Abigail entered the mansion and started to look for Maggie. Chloe informed Abigail that Maggie was getting Parker ready to go home.

Abigail was confused, so Chloe clarified that she and Parker had moved in with Daniel earlier. Abigail found it hard to believe that Jennifer would have been comfortable with that sort of arrangement. Chloe bluntly stated that Jennifer's opinion didn't matter, since it was Daniel's apartment. Abigail shook her head in disbelief and abruptly exited the mansion.

At the Horton house, Daniel was shocked to learn that Jennifer wanted him to cease contact with Chloe. Jennifer reasoned that Victor, Maggie, and Parker's nanny could each act as mediators whenever it was absolutely necessary for Daniel and Chloe to communicate with each other about Parker.

"Oh, yeah, Chloe's gonna love being mediated by my mother and a man who loathes her. Jennifer, come -- okay, you know what? Think about this -- suppose things had turned out differently. How would you feel if I told you that, you know what, you can't have any contact with Jack?" Daniel asked. Jennifer insisted that the situations were not comparable, but Daniel disagreed.

Daniel suggested that Jennifer was overreacting, but she insisted that he was wrong. After telling Daniel about some of Chloe's recent comments, Jennifer informed him that Chloe was convinced that she and Daniel were eventually going to get back together. Daniel was certain that Chloe would soon realize that he was no longer interested in her, and he urged Jennifer to trust him.

"I do -- I trust you, yes. I'm not worried about the two of you getting back together, but I am scared that she is not going to give up. So if you don't set boundaries, she is just gonna keep chipping away and chipping away at what we have till we have nothing left...and I can't do that. I will not go through that again," Jennifer firmly stated, struggling to contain her emotions.

Daniel promised to convince Chloe to stop harassing Jennifer, but Jennifer wasn't optimistic about his ability to keep that promise. Jennifer believed that Chloe was an addict who, like all addicts, would not stop until she was ready to do so. "Okay, Jennifer, you really need to stop right now. I know what you want, but I am not gonna give it to you. Not right now," Daniel firmly stated as he started to lose his patience.

Promising to think about everything that Jennifer had said, Daniel kissed her on the cheek and quietly exited the house. Later, Abigail returned home and started to rant about her earlier encounter with Chloe. "You didn't tell me that that bitch moved in with Daniel. No wonder you were so upset. What is it with this guy, seriously? What, does he have an account at or something?" Abigail wondered.

Jennifer informed Abigail that Daniel was going to be staying at a hotel while Chloe was living in his apartment, adding that Chloe had a habit of omitting a particular part of the story. Abigail seemed impressed with Jennifer's ability to deal with Chloe's games, but Jennifer hoped that she would soon be able to stop doing so. Jennifer explained that she had drawn a line in the sand earlier, and she said that it was up to Daniel to decide if he was willing to let Chloe cross that line.

At the Horton Town Square, Daniel received a phone call from Chloe, who wondered if he wanted to return to the apartment so that he could read Parker a bedtime story before the boy went to sleep for the night. Daniel declined the invitation, choosing instead to wait until the next day to see Parker. After ending the call, Chloe guessed that Jennifer had said something to Daniel earlier. Chloe promised Parker that she would find a way to ensure that he would never have to see Jennifer again.

At St. Luke's, Eric started to regain consciousness right after Nicole whispered that she loved him. After ensuring that Eric was all right, Nicole called the police to report the crime. "And, hey -- if you catch that little creep, this is the time when police brutality is absolutely appropriate," Nicole stated before ending the call.

Nicole wanted to request an ambulance for Eric, but his wound had stopped bleeding, and he insisted that he was fine. "I guess my mom was right -- I am hard-headed," Eric joked, but Nicole wasn't amused. Nicole slammed the broken crucifix down on the desk and reminded Eric that he could have been killed. Eric hugged Nicole as she struggled to contain her emotions, and he assured her that they were no longer in danger.

Eric revealed that he had heard everything that Nicole had said while he had been unconscious earlier. Nicole nervously asked Eric to elaborate. Eric recalled that he had heard Nicole calling out his name, adding that he had recognized the fear in her voice. Before Nicole could respond, Roman entered the office and wondered if Eric was all right. Eric claimed that he was, but Nicole disagreed.

"You think God would let a priest get seriously hurt with a cross? It'd be horrible PR," Eric joked, but Nicole remained unamused. The police officer who was accompanying Roman wondered if Nicole was all right, and she confirmed that she was, adding that Eric had saved her life. As Roman examined Eric's wound, they joked with each other, annoying Nicole further.

Nicole insisted that the situation wasn't funny, but Eric reminded her that he and Roman were males of Irish descent, which made it difficult for them to take anything seriously. Roman wondered if Eric and Nicole would be able to identify the person who had attacked them. Nicole nodded and said that she would take pleasure in doing so. Roman warned that it could take some time to apprehend a suspect.

Eric shrugged and assured Roman that time wasn't an issue, assuming that Nicole would feel the same way. Nicole silently recalled saying goodbye to Rafe earlier, but she echoed Eric's response. Eric suddenly realized that he was supposed to be visiting a parishioner at the hospital, and he stumbled as he tried to leave. Roman caught Eric as he started to collapse.

Eric was adamant about visiting the parishioner, so Nicole offered to drive him -- if he agreed to let a doctor examine him while he was there. Eric agreed, stating that he was acutely aware of the fact that Nicole always managed to get what she wanted in the end. Roman admitted that he was glad that Nicole had been with Eric when the attack had occurred. Eric echoed the sentiment, adding that Nicole was like his personal guardian angel.

At the Brady Pub, Will and Rafe helped Gabi into a nearby chair after she started complaining about stomach pains. Sami started to ask if Gabi was all right, but Will interrupted and impatiently asked his mother to wait outside. Sami protested that she was simply trying to help, but Rafe agreed with Will, stating that Gabi had already had enough of Sami's brand of help for one day.

Will wanted to take Gabi to the hospital, but she insisted that she would be fine, assuring him that the pain had started to subside. Meanwhile, Nick entered the pub and demanded to know what was going on. Gabi told Nick about the stomach pains and reiterated that she was all right. Sami, who had been standing at the nearby bar, suggested that Gabi might need to get some rest. Rafe quickly pulled Sami aside to talk to her privately.

Will and Nick still wanted to take Gabi to the hospital, but she continued to insist that she would be fine. Gabi added that the baby had just kicked, suggesting that the activity proved that everything was all right. Gabi theorized that the baby had simply been reacting to the fact that Gabi had been upset earlier. When Nick learned that Sami had lashed out at Gabi again, he stormed over to Sami and ordered her to leave the pub and stay away from Gabi.

"No. As long as she refuses to take that paternity test, I will be on Gabi like white on rice," Sami defiantly stated. Rafe pointed out that everyone -- including Will -- disagreed with Sami, but she was undeterred. Sami refused to let Nick, whom she referred to as a loser ex-con, keep Will away from his daughter.

"Okay, you know what, Sami? We will discuss this, I promise you, but not here and not now. What's important right now is making sure that Gabi is okay, and if you ever want to see your granddaughter again, you'll leave," Nick warned Sami. Sami told Nick to stop threatening her, and she vowed to hold him to his promise.

As Sami started to leave, Gabi's stomach pains returned. Will insisted on taking Gabi to the hospital. Meanwhile, Sami quietly wondered what she had done to Will's daughter. Later, at the hospital, Gabi was rushed into an empty examination room. Will, Rafe, and Nick were told to wait outside, and Cameron promised to update them as soon as he was able to do so.

As Will started to tell Cameron about the argument that Gabi and Sami had been having before Gabi's stomach pains had surfaced, he spotted Sami entering the waiting area. After Cameron went into Gabi's room, Will walked over to Sami and demanded to know why she had followed him to the hospital. Sami insisted that Will had to know that she would never do anything to hurt his daughter. "No. No, I don't know that," Will said before walking away.

Elsewhere, Rafe assured Nick that there was nothing that he could have done to prevent the earlier incident from occurring. Nick silently recalled the recording that he had obtained of Lucas and Will's earlier conversation. "You're wrong. I could have done something. I should have shut all of this down right away," Nick cryptically stated. Rafe's suspicions were aroused, but Nick claimed that he had simply meant that he should have ordered Sami to stay away from Gabi from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, Will and Sami found an empty break room where they could talk privately. Sami admitted that Will's earlier comment had stunned her. "Listen, I don't...think that you would intentionally hurt this baby, but you do not stop and think. You just charge ahead. I mean, this afternoon, you looked me in the eye, and you lied to me. You sent me on this stupid errand so you could drive as fast as you can to go scream at a scared pregnant girl. I swear to God, Mom, if anything happens to this baby because of this, I will never forgive you," Will warned Sami.

Sami apologized and agreed that she would never forgive herself if anything happened to Will's daughter, adding that she felt terrible about the situation. Sami insisted that she would never do anything to hurt Will's daughter. Will understood, but he explained that Sami had a habit of pushing and pushing until she finally managed to get what she wanted, showing complete disregard for anyone else's feelings.

Sami quietly stated that Will's feelings mattered to her. Sami insisted that everything that she had done had been for Will's sake. "There was no reason to, Mom. I had everything worked out. I had everything worked out, and now no -- who knows what's gonna happen? I mean, what -- I'm sorry, what if something happens to this baby? What if something happens?" Will wondered, his voice a mixture of fear and anger. Sami hugged Will tightly and assured him that his daughter was going to be all right.

In the examination room, Kayla informed Gabi that the baby's heartbeat was strong and steady. Cameron added that the baby appeared to be fine, and Kayla theorized that dehydration had caused the stomach pains. Gabi summarized that she was responsible for what had happened, but Kayla urged Gabi not to blame herself.

Gabi asked for Nick, and Cameron agreed to let Nick see Gabi for a few minutes after she promised that she would remain calm during his visit. In the waiting area, Kayla and Cameron updated Will, Rafe, and Nick on Gabi and the baby's conditions. Kayla explained that she wanted to keep Gabi at the hospital for observation so that they could make sure that her stomach pains had not been a prelude to premature labor.

Cameron added that he and Kayla would likely be able to use medication to stop the premature labor if it did occur, but he reiterated that they didn't believe that such treatment options would prove to be necessary. Kayla warned that it would be best to refrain from saying anything that might scare Gabi. After Nick entered Gabi's examination room, Will leaned against a wall and breathed a sigh of relief. Rafe noted that it seemed like everything was going to be okay. "Yeah. Yeah, for now," Will said as he glanced at Sami, who had been standing nearby, listening to everything that Kayla and Cameron had said.

In Gabi's examination room, Nick blamed himself for what had happened to Gabi, but she insisted that it wasn't his fault. "I just want you to know that from now on, I'm gonna protect you and our matter what," Nick vowed before leaving so that Gabi could get some rest. In the waiting area, Nick glared at Will and Sami, who were standing at a nearby coffee station.

Will updated Sami, who was glad to hear that Gabi and the baby were going to be all right. Will suggested that it was time for Sami to leave the hospital, but she wanted to know if there was anything else that she could do for him first. Will begged Sami to stop focusing on the paternity test and to leave Gabi alone. Sami promised that she wouldn't say anything else about the paternity test that night. Unamused, Will insisted that he was being serious.

Sami assured Will that she understood. Rafe walked past Will and Sami, and she stopped him so that she could apologize for what had happened. Rafe acknowledged that he had been partially responsible for the situation, since he had engaged Sami in an argument right in front of Gabi. Sami promised that she had learned her lesson and wouldn't interfere again.

After Rafe left, Will reiterated that Sami needed to leave. Sami was reluctant to leave Will at the hospital alone, but he joked that he wasn't alone -- he had Maxine. Will hugged Sami and walked away. "And I will -- I'll go. I'm gonna go. Just -- I just have to apologize to Gabi first," Sami quietly muttered after Will left. While Will, Rafe, and Nick were huddled together with their backs turned, Sami used the side entrance to sneak into Gabi's examination room.

Gabi was sleeping peacefully, so Sami took a seat near the edge of the bed and gently pulled a strand of hair away from Gabi's face. Gabi woke up and was startled to find herself face-to-face with Sami. Sami apologized for upsetting Gabi earlier. Gabi wondered what she had done to deserve Sami's hatred. Sami calmly stated that she didn't hate Gabi. Gabi started to say something else to Sami, but she doubled over in pain before she could do so.

Sami dashed out of the room and told the nearby doctors and nurses that something was wrong with Gabi and the baby. Rafe demanded to know how Sami had managed to upset Gabi again, but Sami insisted that she had simply been trying to apologize to Gabi. Meanwhile, Maxine spotted Kayla and Cameron, and she alerted them that Gabi had gone into premature labor. As Cameron and Kayla rushed into Gabi's room, Nick tactlessly stated that the baby was going to die because it was too soon for it to be born.

Will sank to the floor as the chaos erupted around him, fearing for his daughter's life.

Friday, February 22, 2013

In Kristen's hotel room, Brady awakened a drowsing Kristen to show her some brochures from places he'd found for them to live together. After flipping through them, Kristen said that she had also done some research into where they could live, and she'd found the perfect place: the DiMera mansion. Brady thought Kristen was joking, but then he saw that she was serious. Kristen divulged that she had promised her father that she would move back into the mansion as soon as he returned to Salem.

Brady flatly refused, asserting that Stefano was even more evil than Al Capone or Adolf Hitler. Exasperated, Kristen pointed out that Victor was hardly a model citizen, plus the DiMeras and the Kiriakises had made peace. Brady didn't think that peace would survive if he moved into the DiMera mansion, and he'd never be able to reconcile with John and Marlena. Brady urged Kristen to tell Stefano that she'd changed her mind and promise to visit a lot.

Kristen steadfastly declared that she was going to move into the mansion, and if Brady wanted to live with her, he would have to do so, as well. Brady didn't understand why Kristen was being so stubborn on the issue. He realized that there was really no way for them to compromise, so he got dressed and left.

Later, Kristen was disappointed when she hadn't heard from Brady. She muttered to herself that she had overplayed her hand because she'd been too excited about the idea of John and Marlena finding out that Brady was going to move into Stefano's house. She told herself that she could still get her revenge by telling Brady that she had never loved him and it had all been just a game. She got dressed, grabbed her coat and purse, and left.

When Kristen arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady answered the door and informed her that he was the only one up at that hour. "I had to see you," Kristen declared. Brady invited her in, and she announced that she needed to tell him something important.

At the hospital, a frantic Sami rushed out of Gabi's room in search of a doctor. As Maxine went into Gabi's room, everyone demanded to know what had happened. Sami insisted that she had just been apologizing to Gabi when Gabi had doubled over in pain. When Cameron and Kayla showed up seconds later, Maxine announced that Gabi had just gone into labor. "It's too soon! The baby won't make it!" Nick fretted.

Nick, Will, Rafe, and Sami waited for news outside Gabi's room. When they heard Gabi cry out in pain, Nick and Will rushed into the room, but Cameron shooed them out. Maxine followed the guys outside and firmly warned Nick to stay out of the doctors' way. Nick angrily confronted Sami, who assured him that she had only been trying to make things better with Gabi. Will lashed out at Sami, as well.

As Sami was trying to explain what had happened, E.J. arrived. Rafe demanded that E.J. get Sami out of there, and a furious Will also ordered Sami to leave. E.J. gently escorted Sami into a waiting room.

In the waiting area, Sami filled E.J. in about what had happened that had led up to Gabi's contractions and subsequent hospital admission. Sami somewhat hysterically insisted that she had no idea why Gabi had gone into labor when Sami had tried to apologize, because they hadn't been fighting -- and after four children, Sami should know that fighting didn't cause premature labor. E.J. tried to reassure Sami that everything was going to be all right.

While Cameron and Kayla tried to figure out what was going on with Gabi, Maxine sat at Gabi's bedside and held her hand. Kayla reassured Gabi that it was a good sign that she wasn't dilating and her water hadn't broken. Kayla and Cameron informed Gabi that they were going to administer an injection to stop the contractions. Kayla and Maxine urged Gabi to try to relax.

At Common Grounds, Kate sipped her coffee with a smile while recalling the times she'd had sex with Rafe. When Sonny approached her table, Kate dreamily paid him a compliment dripping with double entendres about the decaf his coffeehouse served. Kate asked about Sonny and Will, and when Sonny informed her that he and Will were just friends, a disappointed Kate said that she'd thought the two of them had been good together.

When Lucas arrived to join his mother, she announced that she was worried about Will and the baby. Kate explained that Sami had demanded a paternity test. That news rankled Lucas, who had ordered Sami to "make nice" with Gabi and Rafe. Kate urged Lucas to stop Sami before she ruined everything, and Lucas agreed to try.

Just then, Sami called Lucas to tell him what was going on with Gabi. She urged him to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. As he hung up, Lucas worriedly informed Kate that Gabi was having contractions. Sonny overheard their conversation, and as Kate and Lucas left together, Sonny asked an employee to close up for him and hurried out without even stopping to take off his apron.

At the nurses' station, Will fretted to Rafe that it seemed to be taking too long for them to get news about Gabi. Will tearfully admitted that growing up, he'd always told himself that he would be a better parent than his own had been, and he felt like he was being punished for initially agreeing to let Nick pretend to be the baby's father. Rafe firmly asserted that none of it was Will's fault -- and he thought that Will was going to be a great dad.

In Gabi's room, Gabi wailed when another contraction hit and demanded to know why the drug wasn't working. Kayla explained that it could take time and reiterated that Gabi needed to calm down. Maxine gently ordered Gabi to look at her and take some deep breaths. Gabi obeyed, and the contraction subsided. Maxine said that the same thing had happened to her with her first child, and she'd followed the doctor's instructions -- and that child was a chemistry major at Salem University who wanted to become a doctor. Another pain struck Gabi, so Maxine talked her through the contraction until it, too, subsided.

Lucas and Kate arrived and greeted Will and Rafe. Will was glad that his mom had called Lucas. "At least she did one thing right," Will grumbled. Kate empathized with how worried Rafe and Will had to be. Just as Lucas was asking if Will needed anything, Sonny got off the elevator.

Will looked at Sonny with utter relief, and the exes shared a warm embrace. Sonny admitted that after overhearing Lucas and Kate's conversation, he felt like he had to be there for Will -- unless Will wanted him to go. Will insisted that he wanted Sonny to stay. Will confided that the baby had just been an idea until he'd seen the sonogram and felt his daughter kick, and then he'd started thinking about all the things they could do together. When Will mentioned taking her ice-skating, Sonny teasingly encouraged him to take some lessons first.

E.J. called the babysitter and reported back to Sami that the sitter could stay with the kids all night. Sami wanted to go back out to the nurses' station to be with Will, but E.J. urged her to stay in the waiting room with him. As Sami and E.J. were kissing, Lucas walked in and cleared his throat. Sami asked Lucas if there were any news yet, but he replied that the doctors were still examining Gabi. Lucas asked if Sami knew why Gabi had gone into early labor. Sami blurted that it was her fault.

E.J. maintained that Sami was overstating it, but she asked to explain things to Lucas in private, so E.J. left. Sami confessed to Lucas that she'd been yelling at Gabi about delaying the paternity test. Lucas reacted angrily, and Sami tearfully admitted that she felt terrible about what had happened. Lucas softly reassured her that he understood that she would never do anything to hurt the baby. An anxious Sami expressed her desire to join everyone else and promised to behave and not bother anyone. She just wanted to be with their son when he got good news. Lucas agreed to return with her.

Rafe admitted privately to Kate that the only time he'd felt more powerless than witnessing Gabi's early labor pains was when Arianna had died. Maxine exited Gabi's room just then, and everyone rushed up to ask what was going on. Maxine regretfully informed the group that the drug to stop the contractions hadn't started working yet.

When Gabi started having another contraction, she began to panic again. Kayla tried to calm her patient down, but Gabi seemed about to spiral out of control because there was nothing else the doctors could do. Maxine returned to the room just as Gabi asked if they could at least say a prayer. Maxine declared that it was a good idea. She indicated that they should all hold hands, and as everyone closed their eyes, Maxine offered up a prayer for help for a little girl whom a lot of people loved. After they all said "amen," Kayla noted that Gabi hadn't experienced a contraction the entire time they'd been praying.

Kate and Rafe sat together and commiserated about Sami's troublemaking. Kate suggested that they should lock Sami in a room until the baby was born, and Rafe jokingly agreed.

When E.J. returned from the waiting room, Will informed him that Gabi's contractions hadn't stopped yet. E.J. expressed his sincere sympathy, and added that Sami felt terrible. "I don't care. I can't think about my mom right now. The only person I can think about is my daughter," Will replied as he walked away.

Kate took a seat next to Nick, who was waiting right outside Gabi's door. "I know that you love Gabi and that baby, too," Kate assured Nick. Nick admitted that he had never really known what family meant until then; as soon as he'd met Gabi, it was as if everything bad that had happened in his life up until then had just disappeared. He anxiously declared that he wanted to be in that room with Gabi to hold her hand and tell her how much he loved her. Kate reassured him that Gabi already knew.

When Sami returned with Lucas, Will glared at his mother. E.J. mediated by reminding Will that Sami was just as worried and scared as Will was. Will gave a slight nod as he walked away.

Everyone waited and paced outside Gabi's room for any news about her condition. Finally, Cameron and Kayla emerged from Gabi's room and informed the group that the contractions had subsided -- and there was no reason for Gabi not to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. Nick wanted to see Gabi, but Cameron stated that what Gabi needed most of all was rest, so he was ordering no visitors for a while. Kayla encouraged everyone to go home and get some rest.

Nick wanted to know what had caused the contractions. Cameron explained that Gabi was tired and dehydrated from working long hours at the Brady Pub -- but she had also been under a lot of stress. Will, Nick, and Rafe turned accusingly toward Sami.

Privately, Sonny also encouraged Will to go home and get some sleep. Will admitted that he didn't think he could, so Sonny suggested that they head to the coffee shop. Will agreed that it sounded like a great idea.

After Will and Sonny had gone, Cameron and Kayla instructed Rafe and Nick to make sure that Gabi stayed hydrated, got enough rest, and avoided stress. As Rafe thanked both doctors effusively, he and Nick shook Cameron and Kayla's hands.

Kate and Lucas were leaving together when Kate realized that she'd left her reading glasses behind on a table. As she went to retrieve them, Rafe walked over and said that he was glad that she'd been there. Kate suggested that once they had gotten some rest, they should get together and talk. Rafe agreed. After Kate walked away, E.J. sidled up to Rafe and remarked about the closeness between Kate and Rafe.

Back in the waiting room, Sami expressed her relief to E.J. but admitted that she wasn't thrilled that Will and Gabi hated her. E.J. reassured her that the kids would forgive her in time. He instructed Sami to wait there and not talk to anyone while he got the car. While she was waiting, Sami called Marlena to fill her in.

Nick walked in and closed the door just as Sami was hanging up. "You blew it lady, and now it's all over," Nick declared.

At Common Grounds, Will tossed his backpack onto the counter and said that he was going to splash some water on his face. Sonny reassured him that they didn't open for another hour, so they would have some privacy. After Will had left the room, Sonny moved the backpack onto a stool, and noticed a card inside. He slipped the envelope out and saw that his name was written on it, so he pulled the card out.

Sonny read Will's words: "Sonny, I'm not sure I'll find the words when I see you, and I want to make sure I get this right. I never thought I'd ever get another chance with the only guy I've ever loved, so thank you for being patient and generous, and for loving me as much as I love you. And most of all, thank you for giving me a second chance." Will returned from the washroom just then, and the two locked eyes across the room.

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