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Victor asked Sonny to be CEO. Sarah regressed to childhood, and Maggie took her to Florida. Xander decided to marry Gwen. Gwen ran into her old friend Leo, and they decided to have a double wedding. Abigail agreed to be Gwen's matron of honor. Ben and Ciara's gender cake was filled with blood. Devil Allie confirmed that Ciara was having a boy. Nancy signed divorce papers. Leo received a prenuptial agreement. Craig asked Nancy to attend his wedding. Chad and Sonny followed a lead. Gabi secured evidence against Ava. Rafe arrested Ava. Eric returned to Salem.
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Ben and Ciara's gender cake was filled with blood, Nancy signed divorce papers, and Leo received a prenup
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Sarah's condition worsens

Sarah's condition worsens

Monday, April 11, 2022

by Mike

While passing through the town square, Gabi ran into Gwen, who seized the opportunity to ask for an update on one of the matters they had discussed during their previous conversation. "Yeah, I went to go see Jake -- but we didn't talk...because he was in bed with Ava Vitali!" Gabi grumbled before storming off, ignoring Gwen's follow-up questions.

Xander approached seconds later and snatched Gwen's coffee cup. "God, what a morning this turned out to be..." Xander complained between sips of coffee, prompting Gwen to make a sarcastic comment about people taking things without first asking for permission. Xander wondered if Gwen was truly sore about such a minor offense. "No -- I'm 'sore' because you left this morning, and you didn't say anything! [You know], you could have left a note or something!" Gwen snapped before guessing that Xander had been in a rush to see someone and hadn't had any time to spare for anyone else.

Xander confirmed the suspicion then clarified that Gwen was thinking of the wrong person. "I went to see Rolf to find out why his bloody antidote didn't work," Xander explained. "And...?" Gwen prodded Xander. "Rolf just kept insisting that the antidote should have worked...[but] I talked to Maggie this morning, [and] Sarah still thinks she's a little girl..." Xander concluded.

"That's something I didn't see coming..." Gwen muttered. "Yeah -- you and me both..." Xander admitted. "But at least that makes your decision easier!" Gwen reasoned, expecting Xander to stick to the plan to move forward with their wedding ceremony right away if Rolf's drug didn't cure Sarah. "I know what I said, but --" Xander stammered. "You don't want to let Sarah go," Gwen guessed.

"She's a tad young for you now, don't you think?" Gwen noted. "Oh, wow, that's very funny -- do you have any more very funny jokes about a woman whose life was stolen from her?" Xander countered. "Sorry -- it just slipped out..." Gwen backpedaled. Xander accepted Gwen's apology then rushed off to the hospital to again try to jog Sarah's memories. "Don't hold your breath..." Gwen muttered.

At the hospital, Tony entered Sarah's room and called out a greeting. "'Renee'?" Sarah protested, drawing a sigh of relief from Tony, who apologized for having used the wrong name. "But...your voice..." Tony curiously observed. "Are you trying to play a trick on me? You know my name is 'Sarah' -- you're my daddy!" Sarah childishly argued.

Maggie arrived while Tony was struggling to process Sarah's new condition. Maggie produced a stack of coloring books and a box of crayons and handed the items to Sarah as Tony carefully asked for an explanation. Maggie stepped aside with Tony and quietly revealed that Sarah had regressed to childhood. Tony apologetically informed Maggie that there was more to the story then repeated what Sarah had declared earlier. "Oh, Tony!" Maggie exclaimed. "Mommy? Are you trying to trick me, too?" Sarah interjected. "What do you mean, honey?" Maggie responded. "You just called Daddy 'Tony'! His name is Mickey!" Sarah clarified. "That's right, honey -- silly me..." Maggie backpedaled.

Maggie and Tony moved even farther away from Sarah's bed then continued their hushed conversation. "I thought her father was Neil Curtis," Tony admitted. "Sarah, at that age, didn't know that yet," Maggie explained. "This must be so hard on you," Tony acknowledged. "I know this is difficult for you, [too]... But it's all your wife's fault -- [and] Kristen DiMera!" Maggie spat.

Gabi stormed into the police station and found Rafe with Anna in one of the conference rooms. "I need to talk to you!" Gabi demanded before starting to drag Rafe away. "Excuse me -- we happen to be in the middle of something here!" Anna protested. "Yes, well, so are we -- and, obviously, you're not going anywhere..." Gabi countered before continuing to drag Rafe away.

Rafe wasn't happy about the interruption, but Gabi insisted that dealing with Anna was a waste of time because charges against DiMeras never lasted very long. "I'm here to talk to you about another criminal," Gabi explained before telling Rafe about what was going on between Ava and Jake. "What does any of this have to do with me?" Rafe wondered, prompting Gabi to clarify that one way to change Jake's new living arrangement would be to arrest Ava.

Rafe was quick to point out that it wasn't a crime for Ava to live with Jake, but Gabi countered that framing a police commissioner was a crime. "I have no proof --" Rafe stressed. "Because you don't know where to look! Give me the case file, [and] I can guarantee you that bitch will end up behind bars!" Gabi advised.

"I can't give you [that] case file -- it's police property!" Rafe protested. "The case is closed, [so] who's gonna notice one file missing a couple days?" Gabi reasoned. "Trask would have my head and my badge -- and, yes, she would notice if one case file went missing!" Rafe maintained, drawing a sigh of defeat from Gabi.

"[But] the D.A.'s office had to give my lawyer a copy of everything that the police had, [and] if I were to waive my attorney-client privilege, I could give you a copy..." Rafe realized. "You're not gonna regret this!" Gabi promised. "'Cause everything always goes great when you're in charge..." Rafe muttered before warning Gabi to be careful.

Meanwhile, Anna received a visit from Tony, who explained what had just happened at the hospital. "Well, good -- then at least she's not Renee DuMonde anymore, [and] if Sarah is now a child, she's in no position to press charges, [so] go tell Rafe so he can release me!" Anna argued, prompting Tony to counter that Maggie could still press charges on Sarah's behalf -- and planned to do just that.

"I was sincerely trying to help -- [and] it's not like I killed Sarah; I mean, she's just a different kind of 'off' --" Anna reasoned, but Tony disagreed then lashed out before storming off.

At the hospital, Xander got an update from Maggie then headed off to Sarah's room. "Sarah and Eric, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." Sarah sang as Xander listened from the doorway.

Xander sighed then entered the room and greeted Sarah. "My mom said I'm not supposed to talk to strangers!" Sarah protested. "I'm not a stranger -- we actually know each other," Xander insisted.

Xander explained to Sarah that they had once planned to marry each other. Sarah laughed off the claim, unable to recall having ever made plans to marry anyone other than Eric. After a few more attempts to jog Sarah's memory, Xander apologized for the misunderstanding then rushed off. Later, Sarah found a picture of a bride and groom in the coloring book -- and wrote "Eric" above the groom's head.

At the auto repair shop, Ava paced around the upstairs apartment while wrapping up a phone conversation with Tripp -- just as Jake limped out of the bathroom with a groan of pain. "I told you to take the bed," Ava reminded Jake after ending the call. "Yeah -- and believe me when I say that I'm regretting not taking you up on that right now," Jake admitted before starting to contact a massage therapist, prompting Ava to insist that wasn't necessary.

Jake rushed off a short time later, feeling much better -- and Gwen emerged from a hiding spot once the coast was clear then joined Ava in the apartment. "I could hear you and Jake going at it all the way out there in the corridor!" Gwen began. "I was giving him a massage --" Ava clarified. "Oh, come on -- it's me, [so] you don't need [a] cover story...[and] I'm not here to talk about Jake, [anyway]," Gwen interjected before explaining everything.

"Why in God's name are you sharing this with me?" Ava wondered at the end of Gwen's tale. "I needed someone to talk to, somebody who understands why I did what I did --" Gwen explained. "What I understand is that you will do whatever it takes to get whatever you want -- and you haven't changed a hair on your head since you landed in Salem! [You know], I ran a crime family, and I think this is cold!" Ava stressed. "A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do," Gwen reasoned with a shrug before trying to compare the stunt to the one Ava had recently pulled. Ava clarified that the difference was that Rafe had needed to be punished for a deliberate betrayal, whereas Sarah had never done anything to Gwen.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wrapped up a phone conversation with one of Sarah's doctors -- just as Sonny entered the study. "Henderson said you wanted to see me," Sonny began with a hint of coldness. "Won't take but a minute -- I'm making you CEO of Titan," Victor responded with finality. "Wow, you haven't changed a bit..." Sonny observed with a shake of the head.

"Do you remember that I have a husband, a home, a family, [and] a life back in Phoenix?" Sonny challenged Victor. "[So], talk to Will -- and tell him that his daughter would be much better off closer to her mother --" Victor advised Sonny. "What are you even talking about? You hate Gabi! [Now, look], I am in business with my brothers -- I cannot just walk out on them --" Sonny maintained. "Oh, come on -- you're management-heavy already --" Victor objected.

Sonny sighed then admitted to having actually missed Victor from time to time while living in Phoenix. "It's like missing poison ivy," Sonny stressed. "Come on home -- all is forgiven!" Victor declared. "There is nothing for you to forgive!" Sonny countered. "Your father needs you -- I'm really worried about him --" Victor warned. "You're incorrigible -- and I would be a fool to say yes!" Sonny acknowledged. "You're tempted, though," Victor guessed.

"Look, I have to talk to Will about it, okay? And if he has any objection, the answer is a categorical 'no'!" Sonny insisted. "I think his parents need him, too --" Victor revealed. "They're not even here!" Sonny noted. "They'll come back -- they always do," Victor explained -- and Maggie entered the study before Sonny could respond.

Sonny rushed off, leaving Victor alone with Maggie, who fought back tears while explaining that Rolf's drug had actually worsened Sarah's brain damage. Maggie admitted to Victor that, if nothing else, it was comforting to know that Sarah seemed happy. Victor promised to help Maggie keep Sarah that way. Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Xander told Gwen about what had happened with Sarah -- then agreed to move forward with their wedding ceremony right away.

The gender reveal party takes a turn

The gender reveal party takes a turn

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Kayla met up with Roman at the pub, and he teased her about having arrived early for the first time in decades. "I still can't believe that Burns fired you," Roman said. Kayla asked Roman if he was ready to leave for Ciara's party. Roman announced that he needed to grab the party platter from the kitchen.

"Way ahead of you, boss," Clyde said as he carried out the tray. Clyde asked if he could get a ride to the party. "There's room," Kayla said. Clyde asked Kayla if she was sure that she wanted to be seen with an "unsavory character." Clyde told Kayla that he knew he had a lot to prove to the people of Salem. "I really want to be there for my grandkid," Clyde said.

Marlena was in her office at the hospital when Ben stopped by to invite Marlena to the party. "Ciara and I would not even be having this baby if it weren't for you," Ben said. Marlena asked Ben how he felt.

"I do have my own concerns at the moment," Ben admitted. Ben told Marlena about the situation with Clyde. Ben confessed that he felt like he owed his father help after what Clyde had done for him in prison. "How did Ciara feel about it?" Marlena asked. Ben said that Ciara had agreed with him.

"But then my dad started getting just overly involved with everything about our baby," Ben said. "I imagine Clyde thinks of this as a second chance. An opportunity to be to this child what he never was to you," Marlena said. Ben confessed that he was not sure if he wanted Clyde to spend time with his child.

Ben noted that Roman had offered Clyde a job at the Brady Pub as a favor to Ciara. "And then, E.J. DiMera offered him a job," Ben added. "Why would he do that?" Marlena asked. With a shrug, Ben said that Clyde and E.J. had apparently bonded in prison. Ben explained that Clyde had turned down the job because he could not leave Salem.

With a sigh, Ben expressed his hope that Clyde could save enough money to move into his own place before the baby was born. Ben noted that there was enough stress in the house, including the threat of the devil. "The good news is you know that the devil is gone from Salem for good," Marlena said.

At the Horton house, Shawn carried in the decorations for the gender reveal party. Doug asked about Belle, and Shawn admitted to Doug and Julie that he did not know if Belle would attend the party. When Shawn explained what had happened with Jan, Julie said she understood. "My darling husband was possessed by the devil for weeks, and I had no idea," Julie said.

Julie reminded Shawn that the devil enjoyed hurting relationships. "[The devil] sows doubt, and then fear, then we lose faith in each other, and the whole family is destroyed," Julie said. Shawn noted that the devil had been unable to break up Doug and Julie.

"It's not your fault, and I hope Belle understands that," Julie said. Shawn explained that Belle was not angry about the affair, but she was angry that Shawn had lied about it. "I was ashamed. I was embarrassed, and I let her believe that nothing had happened with Jan and I," Shawn said. Shawn said he had not wanted to hurt Belle, and he had decided that there was no reason to tell Belle the truth.

"But now that Jan is preggers, there is no denying it," Doug said. Julie asked Shawn what he and Belle planned to do about the baby. Before Shawn could answer, the doorbell rang. While Shawn answered the door, Doug whispered to Julie, "I feel for them both." Julie urged Doug to have faith that Shawn and Belle would make it through together. When Shawn returned to the living room, Roman, Kayla, and Clyde were with him. "Where's Belle?" Kayla asked. "It's a long story," Shawn said.

At the penthouse, Belle stumbled through the front door, and John caught her. "You all right?" John asked. "I'm fine," Belle slurred. Belle admitted that she was drunk. "The devil made me do it," Belle whispered. Belle laughed. John set Belle on the couch, and he made her drink a glass of water.

"Your mother said you stayed here overnight because you got in some sort of a fight with Shawn," John said. "It's not every day you find out that Jan Spears is going to have your husband's baby," Belle grumbled. "Just when I'm starting to think the devil can't hurt my family any more," John said. John told Belle that he understood why Shawn had not told Belle the truth.

"Well, I don't understand! We are married. We tell each other everything," Belle said. "Yes and no. Under certain circumstances, we have to make choices. Sometimes they're right --" John started. "And sometimes they're selfish and destructive," Belle interrupted. John nodded yes. "Now you know. What difference does it make when you found out?" John asked. Belle argued that if she had known the truth sooner, she would not have been ambushed by Jan.

"You hiding out here, not talking to Shawn, it's not going to help you find any solution," John said. "There is no solution. And that's exactly the way the devil wanted it," Belle said. John urged Belle not to give up. "Of course, I'm not going to give up," Belle said quietly. John reminded Belle that he and Marlena had repeatedly fought to be together.

"I have faith that you and Shawn will, too," John said. "It's always been Shawn and me against Jan. Together. But this time..." Belle said. John asked Belle if she believed Shawn was not on her side. Belle told John that no matter how Shawn felt about Jan, he would not turn his back on their child.

"A baby changes everything," Belle said. Belle reminded John that Marlena's life had fallen apart when she had gotten pregnant with Belle. "Baby girl, you were a gift to us. Your mother and I, we loved each other desperately for so long. Shawn doesn't love Jan. And she's obsessed with him, at best," John said. John told Belle that he believed she and Shawn would survive this test. "Love always prevails over evil. Whether it takes the form of Jan Spears or the damn devil himself," John said.

Chanel greeted her mother in their kitchen. Suspicious, Paulina asked Chanel if she was okay. Barely holding back her emotions, Chanel lied and said she was fine. "No, you're not," Paulina said. Paulina asked Chanel why she was not going to Ben and Ciara's party with Allie. Chanel sighed.

"Did something happen?" Paulina asked. "Something happened, all right. Allie broke up with me," Chanel said. Confused, Paulina asked what had changed. "One minute, we were making weekend plans, and the next, Allie is saying she doesn't want anything to do with me," Chanel said. Chanel explained that Allie had changed her mind after she had talked to Johnny. Paulina said she wanted to give Allie a piece of her mind.

"I can't have you fighting my battles for me," Chanel said. "I'm fighting with you, baby. You cannot just let Allie get away with this. Aren't you angry?" Paulina asked. Chanel said she was sad. "It's not Allie's fault she doesn't want me. And it wasn't Johnny's fault, either," Chanel said. Paulina argued that Johnny and Allie had made Chanel believe that they had cared about her.

"What excuse did Allie give?" Paulina asked. "She said almost exactly the same thing that Johnny did. Is it me, mama? Is something wrong with me?" Chanel asked. Chanel broke down in tears in her mother's arms. "There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect," Paulina said. With a sniffle, Chanel reminded Paulina that she had not said that after Chanel had married Xander.

"Maybe not perfect, but none of us is. But what you are is you're a beautiful woman. And you're intelligent. And you're so special," Paulina said. "And spoiled and selfish," Chanel added. Paulina shook her finger at Chanel, and she noted that Chanel had changed in the past year. With an eye roll, Paulina argued that something was wrong with Johnny and Allie.

"I really thought it was going to work with Allie. I felt so good when I was around her, and I thought she saw me," Chanel said. "It's her loss, baby. And you know what? You can do so much better than her or her brother," Paulina said. Paulina wiped the tears from Chanel's eyes. "Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life," Paulina said. Paulina added that Chanel was better off without Johnny and Allie.

"I lost my girlfriend but also my best friend and business partner. I would probably just leave Salem and start all over if it wasn't for the bakery," Chanel said. "So, it doesn't have anything to do with you wanting to stay close to your mama?" Paulina asked. With a tired smile, Chanel told Paulina that Paulina meant more to her than the bakery did. Paulina chuckled.

"I know how much we all mean to you. Now that goes both ways, darling girl. You listen to me: don't you even think about letting those creepy twins run you off. You stay here, and you hold your head up high, and you be proud of who you are. Just as proud as I am of you," Paulina said. Paulina noted that there was something wrong with Marlena's family.

"First, the grandmother was possessed by the devil, and then the daughter," Paulina said. "It wasn't their fault," Chanel noted. With a dismissive wave of her hand, Paulina noted, "I'm telling you, there is something evil running through those genes."

When devil Allie arrived at Ben and Ciara's apartment with the cake for the party, she rolled her eyes at the new crucifix by the front door. As devil Allie started to touch the cross, she stopped herself. "Don't be a petty bitch. You have bigger plans. You need to stay focused until you are ready," devil Allie chastised herself.

Devil Allie knocked on the door, and Ciara invited her into the apartment. "I can't wait [for the party]," Ciara said. "Neither can I," devil Allie said. Ciara complimented the cake. "When you cut open this cake, it is going to be a moment you will never forget," devil Allie said. Devil Allie apologized for her lateness. "I know how busy you and Chanel are. I figured you needed a break," Ciara said.

"Yeah, we did need a break. From each other," devil Allie said. Ciara asked what had happened with Chanel. "We just jumped into a relationship too quickly," devil Allie explained. "But you both have had feelings for each other for a very long time," Ciara noted. Devil Allie shrugged, and she said that she and Chanel needed time to focus on themselves.

"What do I owe you?" Ciara asked. Devil Allie looked at the receipt, and she smirked when she saw the amount read $66.60. "It's on the house," devil Allie said. Ciara thanked devil Allie. "You have no idea how excited I am to meet your baby," devil Allie said. Devil Allie asked about nesting, and Ciara admitted that she had not bought many items.

"Buying something for the baby when it's not even here yet kind of feels like it is tempting fate," Ciara said. Ciara groaned. "[The baby has] been kicking and going crazy ever since I opened the door," Ciara said. "Can I try something?" devil Allie asked. Ciara nodded yes. Devil Allie said that it had helped when she had talked to Henry. Devil Allie placed her hand on Ciara's belly.

"Hi, little one. You don't know me yet, but you will. Soon," devil Allie whispered. Ciara gasped. "My baby stopped kicking my rib cage," Ciara said. With a grin, devil Allie noted that she and the baby had a special connection. Ben returned home. Devil Allie noted that she was honored that Ben and Ciara had entrusted her first with the gender of the baby.

"Well, you and the devil," Ciara said. "I mean, does he really count? He is a lot more than a person," devil Allie said. "Let's not talk about that part, though," Ben said. Devil Allie asked Ben and Ciara if they were excited to learn the gender of their baby. "Can't wait," Ciara said. "It's going to be a party for the ages," devil Allie said.

When Ben, Ciara, and devil Allie arrived at the Horton house with the cake, everyone clapped. "The cake that Allie has so kindly baked for us is more than just a cake. There is a very special surprise inside," Ciara said. With a grimace, devil Allie explained that she had been delayed because of a problem at the bakery. "What kind of issue?" Roman asked. "I quit," devil Allie announced. "Why?" Kayla asked. With a shrug, devil Allie noted that she would explain later. "As for the cake, I can promise you that it is worth the wait," devil Allie said.

Marlena walked over to Shawn in the corner. "I thought I would call Belle and see if I can talk her into joining us," Marlena said. Shawn said he was not hopeful, but Marlena said she had enough hope for them both. Marlena called Belle, but Belle said she was not up to attending the party. "She doesn't want to celebrate someone's baby. I get that," Shawn said.

Across the room, Roman asked devil Allie if she was okay. "I'm just surprised to hear you quit the bakery, and I don't know, you just seem a little like not yourself," Roman said. "It's been a rough couple of days, but I'm good. The best I've ever been," devil Allie said.

Ciara called for everyone's attention to thank them for attending the party. "I have heard horror stories about these parties. Forest fires, explosions," Roman said. "You don't have to worry about any of that. All we have is delicious dessert," Ben said. "Well, I campaigned for something exciting, but I was told 'oh, no, it's all going to be very conservative,'" Julie said. Shawn asked Ben and Ciara if they had any guesses about the gender, but they shook their heads no.

"Obviously, I want our baby to be healthy, but after this pregnancy, no matter what, we are going to love our baby with our whole hearts and souls," Ciara said. Over on the couch, Marlena apologized to Doug and Julie again about the devil's antics. Julie argued that Marlena had fought to protect Doug.

"You made a deal with the devil for Doug's sake, knowing what it was like when he came into your body before. Knowing what it would be like again. Marlena, you're a hero," Julie said. "I agree, Grandma, you are a queen," devil Allie said as she sat next to Marlena. With a smile, devil Allie said she missed Marlena, and Allie hugged Marlena. While Marlena mingled with the rest of the guests at the party, Allie stayed on the couch with Doug and Julie.

"Sometimes a gender reveal cake is just a regular cake with food coloring, but I wanted to do something really special for Ben and Ciara's baby," devil Allie said. Julie asked for details, and devil Allie explained that there was liquified icing in the center. "Like a lava cake," Julie said. "Exactly. And it is either going to be blue or pink," devil Allie said.

By the window, Kayla told Marlena that she was relieved that Marlena had been able to keep her job at the hospital. Marlena said she was disappointed that Kayla had been forced to sacrifice her job. "And I would do it again. They need you there," Kayla said. Kayla asked Marlena how she had been able to convince Craig to let her stay at the hospital. "A little blackmail. Not by me though," Marlena said.

Ciara announced that it was time for cake. "Which one of you two wants to do the honors?" devil Allie asked. Marlena suggested that Ben and Ciara cut the cake together, and they clasped hands over the knife. "I'm feeling boy!" Clyde shouted out jovially. "I'm thinking it's a girl," Shawn said.

"You ready?" Ciara asked Ben. The couple smiled at one another and cut into the cake together. Blood red icing poured out. "It's blood!" Julie shouted. Concerned, all the partygoers moved in for a closer look. "What the hell is going on here?" Julie yelled.

"What's the problem?" devil Allie said innocently. Devil Allie walked over, and she ate a fingerful of icing. "Ew!" Ciara said. "What? It's cherry," devil Allie said. "Cherry?" Marlena said. A look of recognition crossed devil Allie's face, and she pretended that it had been an innocent mistake. "I am so sorry about the mix-up, but clearly this is Chanel's fault," devil Allie said.

"How?" Roman asked. Devil Allie noted that Chanel baked the cakes, and she had to have used the wrong icing. "So, this was just a baker's mistake?" Julie asked. Devil Allie noted, "[Chanel] was a little distracted because I broke her heart and quit the bakery."

"I don't understand how [Chanel] could make a mistake like this when the filling was the only thing that was important," Ben said. Frustrated, Ciara asked, "Does that mean we're having a girl?" "Is this really how you want to find out?" devil Allie asked.

"Please, just tell us what we're having," Ben said. "We are having a boy. Well, you're having a boy," devil Allie said. The partygoers clapped and congratulated the new parents. Devil Allie retreated to the corner and whispered to itself, "A boy. Just like I always wanted."

Chloe tries to talk Nancy out of divorcing Craig

Chloe tries to talk Nancy out of divorcing Craig

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

by Mike

Chad headed over to the Kiriakis mansion after receiving a phone call from Sonny. Chad lifted Sonny a few inches off the floor while they were embracing each other in the study. "Okay, okay!" Sonny protested with a strained laugh as Chad's grip tightened. Chad sighed in response and reluctantly ended the over-the-top greeting, carefully returning Sonny to the floor -- then begged to know the reason for their meeting.

"I need your help --" Sonny began to explain. "Please don't ask me to get back in bed with Leo!" Chad interjected with a groan, drawing another laugh from Sonny, who seized the opportunity to make a few jokes about how that particular matter had played out. "I wish I could have seen your face --" Sonny eventually admitted between gasps for breath, unable to stop laughing. "I'm glad you find this amusing -- I'll be sending you my therapy bill," Chad tiredly warned before steering the conversation back to its original topic -- which was still a mystery. "Whether I should let my Uncle Vic uproot my entire life," Sonny clarified for Chad before elaborating.

"What about your startup? You guys just went public, like, six months ago -- [and] that company means everything to you guys; you started it in honor of your mother! And what about Will's job, or Ari's school --" Chad objected. "I told him I have an entire life back in Phoenix --" Sonny agreed. "And let me guess -- Vic doesn't give a damn," Chad concluded. "You know how he gets when he wants something," Sonny grumbled.

Chad pointed out that Sonny's previous stint as CEO of Titan had been a terrible experience. "Yeah, how could I forget -- the infamous Leo Stark almost destroyed my entire family..." Sonny summarized. "Look, selfishly, I would love to have my two best friends back in town...but do you really want to be mixed up at Titan again?" Chad wondered. "I don't know," Sonny admitted with a shrug, prompting Chad to suggest creating a list of pros and cons.

"Pro -- I would be helping out my Uncle Vic," Sonny began. "Con -- you'd have to deal with your Uncle Vic 24/7," Chad responded. "Pro -- Ari would be closer to her mother," Sonny continued. "Con -- her mother's the CEO of DiMera; you'd be going up against her," Chad continued. "But at least I wouldn't be going up against you," Sonny continued. "Yeah, you would -- make no mistake, I plan on getting my job back," Chad continued. " and me, full-on corporate warfare?" Sonny continued. "You know it -- and don't think I'm gonna go easy on you because you're my best friend," Chad continued. "Oh, come on -- if anyone's gonna be begging for mercy, it's gonna be you," Sonny continued. "Sounds like a challenge -- [so], any closer to making your decision?" Chad concluded. "Not even a little bit -- [so], I think I need to mull it over with Will, and then I'll have some clarity, one way or the other," Sonny concluded.

At the town square's bar, Leo continued a phone conversation with someone, and they shared a laugh about the fact that Craig had actually proposed. "No -- there's nothing that bitch can do about it," Leo assured the person -- just as Craig entered the bar. Leo hastily ended the call then innocently greeted Craig with a kiss. "Who were you speaking with?" Craig wondered. "Just an old friend," Leo responded.

Leo quickly changed the subject, begging to know what Craig's lawyer had said about the divorce proceedings during their earlier videoconference. "All looks good, [so] Nancy and I will be signing the divorce papers tonight," Craig summarized. "I hope Nancy isn't taking you to the cleaners..." Leo muttered. "Nancy has her own money -- she's not trying to take any of mine. It's a very equitable settlement," Craig insisted.

Leo released a sigh of relief and a squeal of excitement -- then curiously observed that Craig didn't seem quite as happy about the development. "I am -- I just...don't think you need to call Nancy names," Craig explained before repeating what Leo had said during the earlier phone conversation. "Actually, I wasn't talking about Nancy -- although this is going to offend you, too...but there's only so much I can take without being hurt and angry --" Leo began to clarify. "Who were you talking about?" Craig impatiently interjected. "Your daughter -- the one who hates me with every cell of her being," Leo sheepishly admitted.

Craig warned that Leo was going to have to find a way to get along with Chloe. "I will do my part -- if she does hers," Leo defensively responded before quickly backpedaling, apologizing to Craig for the bad attitude then promising to be more empathetic toward Chloe in the future. Leo chased Craig off to the Brady Pub to meet up with Nancy -- then celebrated with a stiff drink once the coast was clear. "It will not be long until I am married to medicine..." Leo bragged before resuming the phone conversation that Craig had interrupted earlier.

Chloe and Brady burst into the Brady Pub together and rushed over to Nancy's table. "I didn't expect to see you two here tonight... I'm waiting for Justin and your father -- [you know], to sign the divorce papers --" Nancy began. "Oh, thank goodness -- we're not too late!" Chloe translated before insisting that Nancy needed to stall the divorce proceedings to give Craig more time to see Leo's true colors.

Nancy protested that stalling the divorce proceedings would give Craig an excuse to fire Marlena again. "[And besides], Craig already knows about the blackmail, the attempted jewelry heist, the prostitution -- if that isn't enough to open up Craig's eyes and [convince him to] dump the little creep, then nothing is!" Nancy added. "But --" Chloe tried to counter. "'But' nothing! Your father made his bed with Leo Stark -- and now he can lie in it!" Nancy spat. Chloe conceded the point and apologized to Nancy for the request then rushed off with Brady.

Justin soon arrived, with Craig close behind, and they both claimed chairs at Nancy's table. "Craig, I trust your attorney had a chance to review the document..." Justin began while producing the divorce paperwork. "Yeah, she did -- she gave me the green light and said it was all pretty standard," Craig confirmed. "'Pretty standard'? What a lovely way to sum up the end of a relationship that has lasted the better part of our lives!" Nancy grumbled.

Craig apologized for the poor choice of words, but Nancy was still offended -- and angrily signed the divorce paperwork without any further discussion. "Guess that's it," Craig summarized after also signing the divorce paperwork. "Guess so," Nancy agreed while fighting back tears. Justin nodded then rushed off with the divorce paperwork, promising to file it the following morning.

"Goodbye, Craig -- and good luck, because if everything I've heard about Leo Stark is true, you're gonna need it," Nancy declared before starting to exit the pub. "Would you consider staying and having one last drink with me for old times' sake?" Craig suggested.

Chloe and Brady entered the town square's bar while Leo was still having a phone conversation with someone. "Nothing -- and no one -- can stop this wedding now," Leo assured the person with a laugh before spotting Brady and Chloe. "Hey, Jackie -- my soon-to-be stepdaughter and her boyfriend just showed up. Gotta go!" Leo hastily explained before ending the call then innocently greeting Chloe and Brady.

Leo offered to buy drinks for Brady and Chloe as an olive branch of sorts. "I know, I know -- sparkling cider for you, Mr. Twelve Steps..." Leo assured Brady before turning to Chloe, who requested a cosmo. Leo produced a credit card to pay for the drinks, and Chloe noticed that it belonged to Craig. "He said I could use it. We're gonna be married soon, and what's mine will be his, and what's his will be mine," Leo bragged.

At the Salem Inn, Xander received a visit from Maggie, who glanced around the hotel room in search of Gwen while wondering if it was a bad time. Xander assured Maggie that Gwen had left earlier to take care of something important.

Maggie breathed a sigh of relief and begged to know what had happened during Xander's earlier meeting with Sarah -- then managed a laugh after learning that they had mainly talked about Eric. "Oh, she had the biggest crush on him when they were kids -- but, Xander, you must know that the only man in Sarah's life that she has ever truly loved is you!" Maggie insisted, drawing a sigh of regret from Xander, who admitted to having decided to move on with Gwen.

"We're getting married next week," Xander elaborated. "Are you sure [that's] what you really want?" Maggie wondered. "I do love her --" Xander began to respond. "As much as you love Sarah?" Maggie challenged Xander before releasing a gasp of regret then apologizing for the inappropriate question. Xander dismissed the concern then started to explain to Maggie that they were talking about two completely different types of romance -- and that one probably made more sense, even if the other had been more exciting. Maggie conceded that, at the very least, Xander had once had more in common with Gwen than with Sarah -- before changing into a better man who was worthy of the latter's love, of course.

Maggie gave the matter a bit more thought then agreed that Xander needed to move on with life. "Sarah would have wanted that. [And] I don't want you to have any regrets -- if anyone should feel guilty about abandoning Sarah, it's me," Maggie admitted to Xander before elaborating that it had been decided that Sarah was going to be sent to the psychiatric facility in Florida that had previously treated Abigail's exposure to Rolf's mind-altering drug. Xander understood and assured Maggie that sending Sarah to that psychiatric facility was definitely worth a shot. Maggie wished Xander luck with the wedding then rushed off.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail received a visit from Gwen, who started their conversation with a bit of small talk. "Just spit it out already!" Abigail eventually demanded. "Fine -- I want you to be my matron of honor," Gwen hopefully responded. Abigail laughed off the request at first -- then realized that Gwen was being serious.

"As I recall, the last time we spoke, I accused you of being Ava Vitali's accomplice [and] told you that I intend to prove that you are the person who hit me from behind at the airfield, [and] it wasn't that long ago that you accused me of only wanting to find Sarah to cause problems between you and Xander, [so] why in God's name are you asking me to stand up at your wedding?" Abigail challenged Gwen.

"Because of our father -- [I mean], Jack has been trying to broker peace between us from the moment that he learned that I'm his daughter, [and] I don't see this wedding as being some sort of a magical reconciliation, but I do see it as an opportunity for us to just move closer... [And] if we keep going with that, [then] we might even have a chance of being real sisters in a real family -- which, despite my horrendous way of going about it, is truly the only thing that I have ever wanted," Gwen explained to Abigail while fighting back tears.

"What the hell," Abigail agreed after some thought. "Really?" Gwen wondered. "Sure -- what's the worst that could happen..." Abigail reasoned with a shrug.

Gwen breathed a sigh of relief then thanked Abigail with a hug -- and Chad entered the mansion just then. "What the hell is this?" Chad began, prompting Gwen to pull away from Abigail then rush off.

Abigail filled Chad in on what had just happened with Gwen. "Okay, so, she guilted you into it," Chad summarized. "You could put it that way," Abigail agreed. Chad stressed that there was still time to back out of the commitment, but Abigail was reluctant to break a promise -- even one that had been made to Gwen, of all people.

Chad shrugged then changed the subject, admitting to having visited Rolf at Statesville earlier in the hope of finding out why the supposed antidote had made Sarah's condition even worse. "He has no idea what went wrong -- he said [it] should have worked," Chad summarized. "Well, it certainly seemed to work out for Gwen..." Abigail mused.

Gwen joined Xander at the Salem Inn and bragged about what had just happened with Abigail. Xander, in turn, fretted to Gwen about what had just happened with Maggie.

Gwen and Xander soon started discussing last-minute wedding details. "Did you have any luck getting a tuxedo in our budget?" Gwen wondered. "I can't find a bow tie in our budget," Xander responded.

Gwen sighed then promised to help Xander figure out a solution later. Gwen gave Xander a goodbye kiss then rushed off to Sweet Bits to order a wedding cake -- and ran into Leo while passing through the town square. "Gwen Rizczech?" Leo sputtered. "Matty Cooper?" Gwen countered. "What are you doing in Salem?" Leo and Gwen asked each other in unison.

Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion while Sonny was wrapping up a phone conversation with Will. "I love you, too -- [and] give Ari a kiss goodnight for me, please," Sonny concluded before ending the call and greeting Brady, who was there to check on Maggie but couldn't resist the opportunity to vent about what had just happened with Leo. "Chloe and I heard him gloating on the phone earlier about his victory to somebody named Jackie --" Brady grumbled. "Wait -- Jackie Cox?" Sonny interjected. "I don't know -- I didn't hear the last name," Brady admitted. "I bet that's who it was -- I met her once back in Phoenix, during the whole Great Peacock Caper; she was Leo's partner in crime," Sonny explained. "Is that so?" Brady mused.

Nancy and Craig reminisce after signing divorce papers

Nancy and Craig reminisce after signing divorce papers

Thursday, April 14, 2022

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Craig started to apologize for having asked Nancy to stay for a drink and a chat after they had just signed their divorce paperwork. "I don't even know why you'd want to, after everything that's happened..." Craig conceded before turning away from Nancy with a sigh of regret. "What the hell," Nancy agreed after some thought, rejoining Craig at the table they had used earlier.

Nancy was surprised when Craig ordered two glasses of peach schnapps. "You remember!" Nancy exclaimed. "How could I forget -- the first drink we shared together...after I swiped the bottle from your parents' house..." Craig responded. Nancy and Craig took turns elaborating that they had also "borrowed" a friend's vehicle on that particular night and that the vehicle had been "a piece of junk" but had somehow managed to get them to a secluded lake, where they had first built a fire between rounds of drinks and had then considered going skinny-dipping together before realizing that they were too drunk for such an adventure to be safe -- so, instead, they had ended up kissing each other for the first time.

"I was in heaven...but then everything started spinning --" Nancy recalled. "And you vomited all over the place," Craig concluded. "Real buzzkill, huh? Maybe it was just a sign of things to come..." Nancy mused. Craig sighed and assured Nancy that, while things hadn't ended as expected, they had made a lot of great memories together along the way. "And those moments -- they're just as meaningful now as they ever were," Craig insisted. "Yeah, they are...except...I wanted them to last forever," Nancy whispered before changing the subject, wondering when Craig's next wedding ceremony was going to be held. "Probably next week," Craig admitted, stunning Nancy.

"I know it's sudden, and I know you and Chloe and the whole town are skeptical of Leo, but...people change!" Craig stressed. "And you really do love him?" Nancy wondered. "Yeah -- we love each other," Craig confirmed. "Well, if that's true, then...Craig, I'm happy for you," Nancy declared. "You really mean that?" Craig responded. "I'm trying," Nancy explained with a shrug while fighting back tears, drawing a sigh of relief and a nod of gratitude from Craig.

"Then maybe you'll consider coming to our wedding?" Craig hopefully suggested. "I don't know --" Nancy incredulously protested. "Will you at least think about it? [I mean], you have been with me at all the most important moments in my life, [so]...this moment, this step I'm taking -- I don't want to take it without you," Craig reasoned. "I'll think about it," Nancy agreed.

At the Horton Town Square, Gwen and Leo exchanged cheek kisses then recalled that they had last seen each other years earlier, when they had both been living in Philadelphia. "Oh, Gwenny Mouse, I have thought about you constantly since we lost touch -- [but] I never imagined I'd run into you in Salem!" Leo admitted. "God, Matty Cakes --" Gwen began to respond. "It's 'Leo Cakes' now," Leo clarified.

"I quite like the sound of that -- it's really fierce yet regal," Gwen decided after Leo elaborated. "I am the lion queen..." Leo bragged before changing the subject, eager to reminisce with Gwen about the many times they had gone barhopping together in Philadelphia -- and, eventually, they got around to discussing what they had each been up to since then.

Leo was surprised to learn that Jake was also living in Salem -- but less surprised to learn that Gwen had moved on to another man. Leo and Gwen soon realized that they were both engaged -- and that they were both planning to get married in the near future. "Sounds like your wedding will be an impeccably catered five-star affair, and mine will be some picnic by a river somewhere...[so] you just better invite me to your big day so that I can live vicariously through you," Gwen begged. "I might have a better idea," Leo responded.

At the Salem Inn, Xander continued a phone conversation with Jack, who reported that life with Jennifer in Boston was great -- thanks, in part, to the fact that their newspaper there was back on track. " what do I owe this call?" Jack eventually wondered. "Well, Jack, I have some news -- I'm finally ready to marry your, once again, I find myself in need of a best mate," Xander hopefully responded.

Jack was happy for Xander -- and Gwen, too, of course -- but had concerns about the wedding because Sarah was back in the picture. Xander sighed then assured Jack that didn't matter anymore. "Do you really think you're marrying Gwen for the right reasons?" Jack wondered after Xander elaborated. "Believe me, Gwen is not some consolation prize in all of this -- [so], to answer your question, Jack...yes, I'm marrying Gwen for all the right reasons, and I'm gonna dedicate the rest of my life to making her as happy as she makes me," Xander responded after some thought -- and the answer seemed to satisfy Jack, who agreed again to attend the wedding not just as the bride's father but also as the groom's best man.

Later, Gwen rejoined Xander and suggested a double wedding -- and, at that same time, Leo had a similar conversation with Craig at the town square. Meanwhile, at the pub, Nancy fought back tears while removing her wedding rings.

Nicole entered the town square's bar and saw that Jake was sitting alone at one of the tables. Nicole approached and observed that Jake seemed to be taking full advantage of the bar's happy hour deals. "Wanna join me?" Jake wondered. "No, I don't. I'm meeting Rafe here, actually," Nicole answered. "Very well. Give my best to your new boyfriend," Jake requested. "Don't give my best to your new roommate," Nicole countered.

"You worked really hard to put your life of crime behind you -- don't let Ava suck you back in, because I guarantee you, if she goes down, she is taking you with her," Nicole advised Jake.

Gabi skulked around an apartment complex while continuing a phone conversation with Rafe. "You are not gonna be sorry that your lawyer got me a copy of that case file," Gabi whispered. "Did you get a lead?" Rafe, who had paused outside the Brady Pub to take the phone call, responded. "I managed to track down the guy -- well, one of the guys -- who lied about you on the stand...and I'm gonna get the truth out of him!" Gabi bragged.

Rafe tried to object, but Gabi dismissed the concern. "I'll be careful," Gabi promised. "You better be, okay? You do not want Ava finding out what you are up to! [She's] dangerous, she's unpredictable, you never know when she might pop up..." Rafe warned before suddenly realizing that Ava was actually within earshot at that very moment.

Rafe hastily ended the call then coldly greeted Ava before starting to rush off. Ava called out a taunt, prompting Rafe to issue a warning about the frame-up still being under investigation. Ava laughed off the threat then teased that Rafe's new girlfriend had many exes and a history of infidelity -- proof that the relationship would eventually end in disaster. Ava insisted that Rafe would have to look elsewhere for a shoulder to cry on when the inevitable finally occurred. Rafe scoffed at the not-so-subtle implication that Ava had already moved on -- with Jake, of all people. Ava shrugged and claimed to have always had a thing for Jake -- then rushed off with a smirk, drawing a sigh of concern from Rafe.

Rafe headed over to the town square's bar and claimed a chair at Nicole's table. Rafe vented about what had just happened with Ava -- and Nicole, in turn, vented about what had just happened with Jake. Meanwhile, Jake returned to the auto repair shop and joined Ava in the upstairs apartment. Jake vented about what had just happened with Nicole -- and Ava, in turn, vented about what had just happened with Rafe.

Gabi found the apartment that belonged to Hutchins, the frame-up participant who had nearly confessed to Nicole during Rafe's trial but had been lying low since then. "Assistant D.A. Lola Montez -- may I come in?" Gabi began when Hutchins opened the apartment door. "Make it quick," Hutchins agreed after some thought, stepping aside to let Gabi into the apartment.

Gabi claimed that Ava was about to be arrested as the mastermind of the frame-up -- and that Trask was willing to offer Hutchins an immunity deal in exchange for testimony that could help make the charges stick. "If you're worried about retaliation, we can protect you," Gabi assured Hutchins, who wasn't convinced enough to provide testimony -- but decided to help in another way instead.

Gabi exited the apartment a short time later, carrying a recording device that had captured one of Hutchins' conversations with Ava -- who, during the conversation, had admitted not only to having orchestrated the frame-up but also to having found two other guys to help sell it to a jury.

Gwen introduces Xander to her bestie

Gwen introduces Xander to her bestie

Friday, April 15, 2022

Sonny visited Chad at the DiMera mansion to discuss Sonny's possible move to Salem. When Chad asked about Will's thoughts, Sonny admitted that he had not spoken to Will yet. "Why don't you go home and tell him?" Chad asked. Sonny said he needed to deal with Leo before he left Salem.

"Have we not spent enough time and energy on Leo?" Chad asked. "Not until Leo Stark's life is as screwed up as he made mine. Only then will it be enough," Sonny said. Chad refused to help. "Chloe and Brady overheard Leo on the phone, gloating about his victory," Sonny said. Sonny explained that the person on the phone with Leo had been Jackie Cox.

"[Jackie was] Leo's source who was supposed to lead Will to the emerald," Sonny said. "The source that mysteriously went missing when we tried to track it down," Chad noted. Sonny theorized to Chad that Jackie had disappeared as part of a larger plot with Leo. "Maybe if they were working together then, then they're still working together now," Sonny said. "Working on what?" Chad asked. With a shrug, Sonny said he did not know, but he believed that Jackie was the key to freeing Craig.

"If Jackie Cox has information that will help us get Leo, how do you propose that we get it?" Chad asked. Sonny confirmed online that Jackie lived in New York, and he suggested that he and Chad take the Titan jet for the day. "There you go with the whole 'we' thing again," Chad grumbled. "I need my wingman," Sonny said. Chad advised Sonny to give up on his obsession with Leo.

"You're right. This isn't your problem," Sony said quietly. As Sonny started to walk out, Chad stopped him. "I don't care about Leo, but you're my best friend. I care about you, so let's go," Chad said. Relieved, Sonny thanked Chad.

As Gwen ended a call with Leo about the wedding, Xander exited the bathroom of their hotel room. "What was all that about?" Xander asked. Gwen informed Xander that her friend "Matty" had rented out Horton Town Square for their double wedding.

"I can't wait to meet this guy," Xander said. "I guess it means that you seeing me on our wedding day hasn't brought us any bad luck," Gwen said. With a grin, Gwen told Xander that she was eager to start her life with him by the end of the day. Xander asked if it was logistically possible to get married that day, and Gwen assured him that all the arrangements had been made.

"What about your dad?" Xander asked. Gwen told Xander she had spoken to Jack, and he was on his way to Salem. "I guess everything is ready," Xander said. Suspicious, Gwen said, "Except for maybe you." Gwen asked Xander if he had cold feet. Xander explained that he was not hesitant to marry Gwen, but he was hesitant to get married with another couple. Abigail reminded Xander that they could not afford a wedding.

"Is this about the wedding or is this about Sarah?" Gwen asked. "This is not about Sarah. Maggie's taking care of her," Xander said. Xander told Gwen that he was ready to start his life with her.

As Leo walked through the town square, he saw Abigail. Leo stopped Abigail, and he told her that he had a list of ground rules to follow. "Why do we need ground rules? I say we both stay as far away from each other as possible, and it suits me fine," Abigail said. Leo called Abigail conniving and manipulative, and she countered that it was a "pot-kettle moment." Leo argued that he was tired of everyone mentioning his past.

"It's not like you have all led blameless lives," Leo argued. "I never said that I did," Abigail countered. Leo asked Abigail how she would feel if someone had taken advantage of her time in Boston to seduce her husband. "You did try to take advantage of that situation, only you didn't insinuate anything. You actually crawled into his bed while he was asleep and tried to take advantage of him!" Abigail argued. Leo noted that what he had done did not matter, because Chad only had eyes for Abigail.

"Which is how I feel about Craig, and how he feels about me," Leo said. "So, that's your story, and you're sticking to it," Abigail muttered. Leo stressed that his relationship with Craig was real. "Our joyous double wedding is going to be the happiest day of [Craig's] previously drab, humdrum life," Leo said. Curious, Abigail asked about the double wedding. Leo explained that he was going to share his wedding with his best friend.

"You actually have a friend?" Abigail asked. "Yes, you snide bitch. Her name is Gwen, and she's fabulous," Leo said. Abigail shook her head, and she noted that their friendship made sense. "How do you know Gwen?" Leo asked. "She is my half-sister," Abigail said. "I find that hard to believe. Gwen is fun," Leo quipped. Abigail suggested Leo ask Gwen about how Gwen had attempted to destroy Abigail's life.

"Knowing you as I do, I'm sure she had a very good reason," Leo said. "How do you know her?" Abigail asked. With disgust, Leo told Abigail that he had met Gwen in Philadelphia. "It was like running into Cher at a tractor pull," Leo said. When Leo noted that he did not expect Abigail to go to her sister's wedding, Abigail explained that she was the matron of honor.

"Has anyone ever told you how most Salem weddings end up?" Abigail asked. Gwen exited the Salem Inn, and she beelined over to greet Leo. "You know Matty?" Gwen asked Abigail. Abigail noted that Leo had told her about the double wedding. "Did he tell you that it's tonight?" Gwen asked. Abigail confirmed that she was free.

"There is one little wrinkle here. Leo hates me," Abigail said. Leo gasped. Leo said there was nobody he wanted to witness his wedding more than Abigail. "Where's that handsome husband-to-be?" Leo asked. Xander rounded the corner, and Abigail pointed him out. "What's this sneaky little bastard doing back here?" Xander asked. Gwen explained that Leo was her friend Matty.

"This isn't Matty Cooper. This is Leo Stark," Xander barked. "One and the same. I have to say it is wonderful to see you again. Looking fantastic as ever," Leo said. Gwen was excited that Xander already knew Leo, but Xander just glowered at Leo. "You're doing the nasty with Xander Cook? I hate you!" Leo said playfully. Leo admitted that he had once had a crush on Xander.

"You know you don't have a chance with Xander. He doesn't play for your team," Gwen whispered. "He almost did," Leo said with a chuckle. Gwen asked for clarification, but Leo stressed that nothing had happened. Annoyed, Xander asked Gwen if she seriously wanted to have a double wedding with Leo. "I wish I had some popcorn," Abigail whispered as she watched the conversation.

Gwen argued that Leo's past crush on Xander was not a big deal. "It is a big deal. I'm not doing this," Xander said. Worried, Gwen asked if Xander no longer wanted to marry her. Xander clarified that he still planned to marry Gwen, but he refused to be part of a wedding with Leo.

"I don't get it. Why are you so dead set on doing this today?" Xander asked. "God, you do have cold feet," Gwen whispered. "No!" Xander protested. Abigail told Gwen to call her once the plans were finalized, and she walked away. "I didn't know you had a beef with him," Gwen said. "Interesting choice of words," Leo joked. Xander warned Leo to watch his tone. Frustrated, Leo reminded Xander that he had led Leo on.

"You took advantage of my interest in getting to know you better to find out what leverage Sonny had, which you then used to your own nefarious ends," Leo argued. Leo added that Xander had drugged him, and he forgave Xander. "If Leo can put what happened in the past in the past, I mean, can't you, too? For me?" Gwen asked. Gwen pulled Xander aside, and he asked her if the double wedding was what she wanted. Gwen looked over at Leo, and they smiled at one another.

"It is. Xander, as you know, I don't really have many friends, and Leo is the only person besides you who really knows me and actually still likes me," Gwen said. "Like is too tepid a word. Je t'adore you," Leo said.

"To be loud and raucous in the Horton Town Square, just four people saying, 'I don't give a damn what anybody else thinks because we are in love, and we are going to be happy in spite of all of you.' Yes, that is my dream wedding," Gwen said. With a nod yes, Xander agreed to the wedding.

Gwen asked Xander to pick up Jack at the airport, and he happily agreed. With a disdainful look at Leo, Xander walked away. "My God, you are a lucky woman," Leo said. "Don't I know it," Gwen said with a sigh. As Gwen walked away, a man handed an envelope to Leo. Inside the envelope was a prenuptial agreement. Leo gasped.

When Abigail returned home, Sonny was talking to Chad in the living room. Chad explained that they were headed to New York to talk to Jackie Cox about Leo. "Want to come with? Do a story about it?" Chad asked. "I don't think I can do a story about Leo Stark because now I'm personally involved. And I got a lot to do before tonight," Abigail said. Confused, Chad asked what was going on. Abigail told Chad and Sonny about Gwen's planned double wedding with Leo. Abigail explained that Gwen and Leo were BFFs.

"Xander looked like he had been punched in the gut," Abigail said. Sonny suggested they should talk to Gwen about Leo's plans. Abigail noted that Gwen had not known Leo was in town until the day before. "Good luck, guys. No threesomes, okay?" Abigail joked. Sonny asked Abigail to stall the wedding, if possible. "I will do my best, but I think even if the fab four tie the knot or knots, I don't think either one of those marriages is going to last," Abigail said.

In the garage apartment, Jake woke up on his air mattress, and his back still hurt. "Ava!" Jake called out. When there was no answer, Jake wondered aloud where Ava had gone.

At Rafe's house, Nicole's alarm woke her up. A groggy Rafe asked to sleep for a few more minutes. Nicole kissed Rafe. The door to the bedroom banged open, and Ava marched inside. "What are you doing in our bedroom?" Rafe asked. "Formerly known as our bedroom. You didn't think I was going to let this go that easy, did you?" Ava countered. Nicole asked Ava what she wanted.

"My first attempt at revenge was too complicated. It was just too cerebral. And then I woke up this morning with the blinding realization that I needed to get back to my roots. You know? Keep things simple," Ava said. Ava pulled a gun from her jacket, and she pointed it at Nicole and Rafe. Nicole gasped. "Now you die," Ava said. Rafe jumped out of bed to knock the gun away, and it fired.

Nicole awoke with a start from her nightmare. "What is it, honey?" Rafe asked. Breathless, Nicole told Rafe about her dream. Rafe assured Nicole that no one would barge into the room. The door burst open. Rage lunged for his gun in the nightstand, and he pointed it at the door. "For God's sake, don't shoot!" Gabi shouted.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rafe shouted. "Your job for you. Nicole, I am so sorry for barging in like this," Gabi said. Gabi sat on the bed, and she played the recording of Ava plotting to frame Rafe. Rafe's jaw dropped open. "Hard evidence that Ava set you up. What are you waiting for? Arrest her," Gabi said.

After Gabi left, Rafe called Trask and told her about the new evidence. "Trask is on board with filing charges. Once the warrant goes through, we bring Ava in," Rafe told Nicole. "I'm surprised [Trask] actually wanted to do this. I mean, she's the one who prosecuted that trumped-up case against you," Nicole said. Rafe argued that Trask was eager to take down the woman that had made Trask look like a fool.

"You want to take Ava down, too, don't you?" Rafe asked. Nicole confessed that she was worried about Ava. Rafe told Nicole that he did not want her to worry and continue to have nightmares.

Ava returned home to the garage apartment, and Jake asked where she had gone. "I went to the store," Ava said. Jake admitted that he had worried that Ava had been "up to no good." With a smile, Ava asked Jake if he had believed she was out killing Rafe and Nicole. "Don't think it didn't cross my mind. But instead, I've decided to take my rage out on some eggs and make a nice frittata," Ava said.

After breakfast, Jake struggled to get out of his chair. "Enough. Tonight, I am in the air mattress. You're taking the bed," Ava said. Jake told Ava that he did not want her to suffer the same fate as his back. With a shrug, Ava noted that she had taken yoga for years and would be fine. "Maybe we should get you into a yoga class," Ava suggested. Jake laughed at the suggestion.

"What I need is to get my ass out of this chair," Jake said. Ava helped Jake over to the bed, and she straddled his back to give him a massage. As Jake cried out for more, Gabi walked in. "So, Ava, I see you're earning your keep," Gabi said. Jake explained that he had thrown his back out. "If my back wasn't killing me right now, I would take your interfering ass and throw it out on the curb where it belongs," Jake muttered. Gabi argued that she was looking out for Jake.

"Did you have my best interest in mind when you screwed me to the wall at DiMera?" Jake shouted. Jake asked Ava to call the police and report an intruder. Gabi promised to stop interfering. "I've decided to not let my hatred of her get the better of me," Gabi said. "What's the catch?" Jake asked. There was a knock at the door.

"Open up! Police!" Rafe yelled. Gabi opened the door to let her brother in. "What the hell is going on here?" Jake asked. Rafe arrested Ava. After Rafe left with Ava, Jake said, "You going to just stand there and gloat?" Gabi smiled. "Admit it. You tried to make me jealous by having Ava move in here," Gabi said. Jake stressed that he had been helping a friend, but Gabi scoffed at the idea. Jake warned Gabi to watch her back. Gabi left Jake's apartment to go to the bar and toast to a job well done.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole stopped in for a coffee. "Can I get a double espresso?" Nicole said without looking up from her phone. "Coming right up," Eric said. In shock, Nicole slowly looked up to see her ex was behind the bar.

In the police station interrogation room, Rafe told Ava that one of her men had flipped on her. "We got it all on tape," Rafe said. Ava asked for her phone call. Rafe slid the phone across the table to Ava, and he walked out. Ava called Abigail. "I have some information you might find quite interesting," Ava said.

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Where is B&B's Flo Fulton? B&B exec Brad Bell has an answer
Shemar Moore to reprise role as Y&R's Malcolm Winters
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