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For the Week of February 28, 2005
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Some people call him Maurice, and some people call him Sonny. I call him INTENSE.

Some people call him Maurice, and some people call him Sonny. I call him INTENSE. I would enjoy watching Sonny order a sandwich, wash his car, pay his bills on-line, clip his toenails, or get his teeth cleaned, because no matter WHAT he does, he does it with enormous passion. There is always *sizzle* in his eyes, and this week the sizzle turned to full on flame as he worked relentlessly to catch Faith and get his kids home safely. The reason why Carly is good for Sonny (note I did not say vice versa) is because Carly can HANDLE Sonny's intensity. When he completely loses touch with reality and starts breaking things and acting irrationally, Carly just follows along behind him cleaning up the broken glass and bloody puddles on the carpet. Reese on the other hand, after just a glimpse of his intensity, wanted to have him committed. What a lightweight.

Our kidnapper Faith took the hourly Space Shuttle from Louisiana to Port Charles to pay Justus a visit in his hospital room. (Edward visited Justus, too and I noticed he stole an old Bill Cosby sweater from the wardrobe department.) Faith thought Justus may want to give it another try with her, but alas, he finally realized what everyone else already knew - that she is mentally unbalanced and psychotic> in that light, he pushed the button to get someone in his room. When Faith grabbed Brook Lynn as a hostage, and Diego was offering himself up to her - I was screaming at my T.V. "Faith! Take him! Please!" disappointingly, she didn't listen to me. When Sonny finally had Faith cornered in the hospital stairwell and Alexis came lumbering down the stairs shouting "NO!" I just wanted to slap her. "ALEXIS! Stay in bed." Please? Faith escaped and caught the afternoon space shuttle back from Port Charles to Louisiana just in time to mentally torture the kids before calling it a day. But before she escaped, she made a point of telling Ric she's the one who pushed Liz down the stairs and made her lose their baby. After that and poisoning her own Grandma, I think Faith is about to take a ride on the Hell Express when she ends up dead in the not so distant future. But fear not, we have some good hearted hookers on our side, and we know they will help Jason and Sam find the kids. At least SOME of the kids...

It is my medical opinion that Lucky woke up out of his coma just to make Emily shut up. He couldn't take any more of her incessant bedside whining. "Oh Lucky, I know I shouldn't be thinking about myself while you are laying there fighting for your life, but of course I only EVER think about myself so I really can't help it." They should take Emily and let her blather by the bedsides of all coma patients; she could be like the miracle cure. People would be springing up all over in hospital beds everywhere screaming "Please Make it stop!" like when they torture foreign dictators by playing loud Madonna CD's outside their compounds. Nikolas is begging and pleading for Emily to talk to him, but she can't tell him the truth because she is afraid of how he will look at her... But she wasn't afraid of how he would look at her when she asked for a divorce? I get the fact that it would be hard to be married to someone who looked EXACTLY like a psycho who raped you, but I don't understand why Emily won't listen to her best friend Elizabeth who has been through this and get some help.

Elizabeth visited Nik and told him part of the truth, (A.k.a. she lied to him) but that wasn't enough. She's trying to do right by Emily, but a real friend doesn't stand by and watch you trash your life. Of course, sometimes you can't help it. I have a friend who is determined to ruin their life and waste all the talents God gave them. It drives me nuts, but after trying to help them get it together for over a year, I'm done. The truth is if people really want to trash their lives, sometimes you can't stop them no matter how much you care. Elizabeth truly cares for Emily and has gone to her time and time again to try to encourage her to get help, but Emily would rather go talk to her comatose brother-in-law who doesn't say anything back than face the challenges a person who talks back would present. If she chooses to ruin her marriage and her life - Elizabeth can't stop her no matter how much she loves her. We all make our own choices in the end.

Courtney's wheel may be turning, but the hamster is dead. I read a book when I was in 6th grade that had the best line ever "If brains were holy water, she wouldn't have enough to baptize a mosquito." Rachel is blackmailing Courtney, and Courtney's brother is a mob boss and her ex is a hit man and her current fiancée is a gazillionaire. Which of these men wouldn't take care of Rachel if they were informed of the situation? Okay, Jason and Sonny are a bit preoccupied, but they could send some sub-thug to take care of Rachel, I mean which one of Sonny's men couldn't take on a 110 pound pediatrician? If Courtney lets this chick live in her house and wear her clothes and get her foot funk in her boots, then it's because she is STUPID. And really, what happened to Courtney's Kung Fu skills? She could drop kick Rachel herself, and take the letter opener out of her purse and put it in her dishwasher - this whole storyline is just bugging me to no end.

On a sad note, it's been confirmed that Tamara Braun will not renew her contract with GH as Carly. I like and respect Ms. Braun, both as an actress and as a human being. I am sad she has decided to leave, but - hey I understand. If Meg Ryan had stuck with soaps, we wouldn't have some of the best chick movies ever like When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle - so I understand Tamara's desire to spread her wings. My hope is that Sarah Brown comes back - then I could survive Tamara's departure a little better. My big fear is that will bring in someone horrible who doesn't fit the role at all. Carly Carly is a pivotal character, and frankly, my favorite. Of all the female characters on the show, she's the one I'd most like to have as a friend. Carly is not stupid like Courtney, or whiny like Emily, or neurotic like Alexis, or lethal like Helena and Faith. She's smart, talented, creative, loyal, sexy, a great Mom, a devoted friend, a bitchy enemy - all the things that make her fun to watch.

This week however, the most fun character to watch was our mischievous Michael. Knocking Faith into a playpen to escape, stealing her cell phone, running off to seek shelter in a whorehouse - the kid was great all week long. I have to imagine that Dylan Cash is having a ball shooting these scenes - imagine, getting to push down a grown up!?!? It must be big fun for a kid to play those scenes. And, for what it's worth, Kristina has perked up a bit, too.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Lucky get a restraining order barring Emily from his room? Will Brook Lynn ever get another babysitting job? Will Nikolas spend his 33 cents an hour he makes working in prison and buy himself a Bic razor and a can of Barbasol? Will the powers that be get a clue and write a storyline for Wally Kurth so Ned can be back on contract? Will Ric ask Sonny to let him pull the trigger when they finally catch Faith and make our "brother bonding mind meld" complete? Will Elizabeth ever check in on Cameron again? Will Faith decides she likes the company of children and try to become a Foster Mom?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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