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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on GH
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Monday March 22, 1999

Carly is preparing herself to go make nice with AJ. She is practicing what she is going to say. She tries several different approaches until she thinks she has hit on one that will work. She decides to beg AJ for forgiveness. With that she gives her hair a final flip and walks out the door.

Ned runs into AJ's office and sarcastically asks if he has handled the critical paper clip shortage. AJ is not amused. Ned says that he guesses there is nothing like a screaming baby to drive a parent to his desk. AJ shoots back asking Ned when he saw his daughter last. Ned points out that at least his daughter is happy. AJ says that Ned should probably be nice to him since, like it or not, he'll soon be his boss.

Emily goes upstairs to Tammy's apartment and discovers the chained door. She undoes the chain and walks in. She is outraged when she sees Alan on the couch locked in an embrace with a woman. She starts to chastise him for cheating on Monica, but stops short in shock when she realizes that the woman Alan is kissing IS Monica!

Helena asks Jax if a liaison or merger of mutual interests resonates for him. Jax asks what she could possibly want from him now that she has the Cassadine estate in the palm of her hand. Helena wants Jax's assurance that the Cassadine fortune will remain in her hand. Jax is a fortune hunter and ince he has proved himself such a formidable opponent, she has decided to help him, as an ally.

Luke goes to the house to see Laura. He notices that she was about to leave and tells her that he won't stay long. He just wants to settle accounts.

Laura sends Lulu upstairs to get a hat so that she and Luke can speak privately. Once Lulu is gone, Laura demands to know what Luke meant be "settling accounts." Luke tells her not to get paranoid, he is there on very mundane business. He is surprised that he hasn't heard from Laura's attorney. Laura asks if he is saying that she needs a lawyer. Luke says that he expected that she already had one. Luke hands Laura a stack of money saying that it is an installment on his family obligations. Laura quietly says that if he thinks of her as an obligation, she would rather he not think of her at all.

When Jax asks why he isn't flattered, Helena suggests sweetly that his vanity is insatiable. She has never joined forces with ordinary men. Jax asks why she wants to join forces with him. Helena says to satisfy their mutual lust for power. Although Jax has not needed her help in the past, he has never before been this hungry. And she has never been sole trustee of a company he wanted to obtain, nor has she held the key to an empire he intended to raid. Jax reminds her that he spoke to her about a single purchase. He asks what makes her think he has larger designs. Helena says that nothing escapes her detection. Not even the subtlest moves by the smoothest players. And smooth he is. Jax says that he usually gets what he wants. Helena says that he has never tried to get it from her. She can be oh so cooperative with the right assurances. She might be persuaded to sell a portion of what she controls. She could make his life infinitely easier and he could make hers a great deal more pleasant. Jax asks what kind of assurances she is looking for. Before he can answer Stefan walks in and asks if this is what she summoned him to.

Ned asks if AJ is going to fire him. AJ says that he doesn't like sarcasm from his subordinates. Ned says that he doesn't have any subordinates. He suggests that AJ abdicate in favor of Michael if he wants the company to survive. AJ says that he is light years ahead of Ned because his child is living with the family. Ned doesn't even know what Brook Lynn is doing right now. It must be tough for Ned to be a loser on the professional and the personal front. Ned says that what would hurt him would be to see his daughter in pain. Hearing her wail herself to sleep every night because she isn't where she wants to be. But he hands it to AJ. What he lacks in talent, he has made up in callousness because it takes a cold bastard to launch his career on the broken heart of his only son. Carly arrives at the end of Ned's statement. Ned brushes past her on the way out of AJ's office asking if she doesn't see enough of this idiot at home. After Ned leaves, Carly tells AJ that he has Ned running scared. He was totally rattled. Ned is on the defensive. He can feel that AJ is coming into his own. She suggests that AJ relax and enjoy it because it can be a lot of fun to control the people you despise.

At Kelly's, Felicia, Bobbie and Tony comment that they don't hear anything upstairs. They figure Emily would have screamed if Alan and Monica were strangling each other. The three continue to talk about the possible scenarios and laugh at the many images they conjure up. Upstairs Emily recovers from her shock, but is confused to see Alan and Monica together. Monica and Alan explain that they have come to terms. Emily is thrilled that Alan and Monica have made up and asks if it means that Alan is moving home. Monica says that she was about ready to ask that herself.

Downstairs, Tony, Bobbie and Felicia discuss whether or not operation "get Monica and Alan back together" was successful. They think they did the right thing. Tony says that they saved their marriage. He has to hand it to Alan, he is more forgiving than some. Bobbie says that in this particular situation, Alan was in the wrong. Tony says that Alan had his reasons. He lost his son and his medical career. Bobbie is offended that Tony called Jason Alan's son, as if Monica not being Jason's mother mattered. The discussion escalates into a fight between Bobbie and Tony causing Felicia to interrupt. She asks if they are talking about Alan and Monica or if it is something a little more personal. Tammy walks up and asks if they have heard anything yet. Just as Tony suggests that someone go up there, Monica, Alan and Emily come downstairs. Seeing that they are happy and not angry, Tammy, Bobbie, Felicia and Tony all start to clap.

Carly asks AJ to forgive her for the things she said. They want Michael to be happy and the best way to do that is to work as a team. Carly tells AJ that she understands how much pressure he is under with his job and the family and everything. Their son's future depends on them finding a way to work together. They have to stay friendly and find a way to back each other up when ever there is an opportunity. AJ says that that is an attractive concept although it is hard to fathom on Quartermaine turf. Loyalty is fleeting in his family. Carly is sure that AJ can teach Michael loyalty. AJ says that he can't do it alone. He can handle the business, but Michael is a full time job. He agrees that it will take a lot of work for the both of them. Carly says that they are in this together. They laugh together and AJ says it feels like they just made a pact. Carly agrees, she considers that progress. AJ agrees and invites Carly to dinner. He knows a great spot that he is sure she will love.

Helena tells Stefan that his timing has not improved a bit, not since he waddled into the Aegean sea at high tide. Stefan says that his stroke is considerably stronger. Not wanting to interrupt "warm family remembrances" Jax excuses himself with promises to Helena to give her offer some serious thought. Once he is gone, Stefan asks what Helena wants from him. Helena says that she wanted to inform him that she is the sole trustee of the Cassadine holdings. Stefan says that his lawyer already informed him. Helena warns him against a counter suit and says that finally the tables are beginning to turn. Stefan tells her to enjoy her small triumph and her fee for administering the Cassadine estate. It is all she will touch of the Cassadine legacy. Like Nikolas, it is forever out of her grasp.

Laura angrily tells Luke that she doesn't want or need his guilt money. Luke asks what he has to feel guilty for. Laura says maybe for walking out on her. He made a unilateral decision without even giving her a chance. Laura stops saying that she doesn't want to do this. Luke agrees and suggests that they skip right to the spousal support. Laura says that she doesn't need his support. Luke asks if Stefan has her covered. He suggests that she keep the money anyway because he hears that Stefan has had a few setbacks. Besides, his daughter has to be considered. Laura says that she fully intends to get a job and take care of the household herself. Luke says that he doesn't care if she takes over GM, he takes care of his kid. As they are fighting, Lesley Lu comes downstairs.

Luke picks up Lesley Lu and gives her a hug. He asks her if she has been a good girl. Laura says she has been pratically perfect. Luke tells her to keep it up and kisses her goodbye. He leaves with promises to see her soon.

Carly and AJ arrive at Café Matisse. Carly orders a bottle of champagne and then starts to change her mind when she remembers that AJ doesn't drink. AJ insists that she get the champagne and orders something nonalcoholic for herself. Carly looks at the menu and asks for a translation. She asks if you don't belong there if you don't speak french. AJ assures her that as the mother of a Quartermaine, she belongs anywhere she wants. The waiter arrives and AJ charmingly orders in french for both of them. Once the waiter is gone, he comments on how surprised he was when Carly apologized. Carly says that she is basically loyal. Carly continues to play AJ like a fiddle as they wait for their meals to arrive.

To the surprise and delight of the Kelly's conspirators, Monica, Alan and Emily come downstairs looking very happy. Bobbie, Felicia and Tammy want details, but Monica and Alan aren't talking. Emily says that it should suffice to say that they made up. Alan says that he is going home and he and Monica playfully challenge each other to a race with Emily following happily behind. After they leave, Bobbie notices the sour look on Tony's face and asks if he didn't notice that this was a happy ending. Tony says it just that happy endings are so hard to come by.

Tony wants to know whey he can't have a second chance like Alan. Bobbie tells Tony goodnight, but Tony isn't ready to leave. As the two continue to fight, Felicia steps in. She says that she is going home and demands that Tony walk her to her car.

Carly doesn't look too thrilled when the waiter removes the plate covers to reveal salmon in a bernaise sauce. AJ tells her that she will love it and she obligingly chokes down a bite. He had a feeling that he pallet was ready to expand. Carly pretends to love the meal and then asks AJ how he knew she was ready for more sophisticated meals. AJ says that it was her eyes. Her eyes say show me more, show me everything, I want to experience it all. She has searching eyes and they are very nice. AJ says that when he brought her the CD player it was because he remembered her eyes wishing for more. Carly says that her eyes had nothing to do with it, Edward did. AJ laughs because he knows that Carly is right. He asks if he mentioned that her eyes are very intelligent. He admits that Edward offered him the moon in exchange for Michael, but now that he knows Michael is his son, he doesn't care much about the moon. He wants to win because he wants ELQ for Michael. And he will do whatever it takes to make sure he gets it.

Stefan arrives at Laura's saying that he was expecting her for dinner. He was concerned. He asks if she is all right and asks what kept her. She says that she had a few unexpected visitors, one of which was Alexis. Laura tells Stefan what Alexis told her about Dr. Lastiris' death. Stefan echoes Alexis' opinion that Helena was responsible. Laura wants to know why Helena would do that. Stefan explains that Dr. Lastiris ran the paternity test which established Stefan as Nikolas' father and his death is Helena's opening move for her bid for revenge. Lastiris was a preview. Stefan says that he and Nikolas are next. Laura is frantic, but Stefan assures her there is nothing to fear. Everything is proceeding exactly as he planned.

Bobbie and Tammy discuss Tony. Tammy asks if Tony doesn't care about his own son. Bobbie says that kidnapping Michael isn't the act of a caring man. And then he snatched Lucas. She can't afford to believe that Tony has changed. She can't take that chance with her son.

AJ says that when he was a drunk, he handed the company to Ned. Now he is strong and he has to protect Michael's interests. Ned will fight to take ELQ away. Carly says that AJ will win because he has her and she is no slouch in the war department. AJ says that he was furious when he found out that Carly lied, but he would like to put that all behind them. He would like to have his friend back. Carly says that he would like that too.

At the Q's, Ned tells Edward about AJ and Carly together at the office. As they continue to talk, Alan and Monica arrive with Emily. Ned tells Alan that he hopes he is well rested because sleep around there is in short supply. Edward chastises Ned and the two start to argue. Alan laughs and says that it is just like he remembered. He, Monica and Emily laugh as they hug each other.

Laura is shocked that Stefan is so unconcerned. Stefan says that Helena is totally absorbed with the prize she thinks she has won. She has no idea that Stefan steered the trustee appointment her way to distract her. And although Jax has sided with Alexis, Helena, in her arrogance, thinks she can lure Jax to her side. Stefan thinks that it should make for interesting complications with Helena on one side and Alexis on the other and Jax as the secret weapon. Helena and Alexis will annihilate each other leaving Nikolas completely unscathed. Stefan changes the subject and asks who Laura's other unexpected visitor was.

Luke is alone on the docks staring across the water at Wyndemere.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Liz is at the hospital talking to Audrey. As she leaves, she runs into Laura. Laura thanks her for staying with Lucky when she told him about the divorce. Lucky has had to absorb so much lately and now this. She thinks that having Liz there made it easier for Lucky, even if it was a little awkward for her. Liz says that she did feel awkward, but she mostly just feels sad for everyone. Laura agrees that it is sad. Their family has survived so much and she never thought it would come to this, but Lucky made her feel so much better because she left feeling like she was still his mother.

Luke arrives at Lucky's apartment to visit. Luke comments on the apartment, but Lucky tells him that he doesn't have to pretend that he has never seen it before. He knows that Luke scoped it out before he kidnapped him last fall. Luke laughs at being "caught" by Lucky and asks why he invited him over. Lucky tells him that Laura had visited and told him that they are thinking of divorcing. He asks Luke if it is true.

Alexis arrives at the penthouse. She is delighted as she tells Jason that she has arranged for the court shrink to pay an unannounced home visit to the Q's today.

Carly is thrilled to be allowed in the ELQ board meeting. Edward is disappointed that Alan has decided to attend and vote his own shares. Ned arrives along with Lila's proxy. Edward is again disappointed when he learns that Lila gave her proxy to Ned instead of him. As they continue to argue, the doorbell rings. Edward starts ranting about how it had better not be Sonny. For some reason, Reginald does not answer the door so Edward decides to answer it himself. As he continues to mutter about Sonny the gangster, he opens the door to reveal the court psychiatrist. She introduces herself and explains that she is there for an in home visit to determine if the Q home is a suitable environment for Michael.

Edward apologizes profusely. Everyone rushes over to greet to good doctor. Edward explains that they were about to have a board meeting. The advantage of a family company is being able to conduct all their business in the quiet family halls so that AJ and Carly have more time to spend with Michael. The doctor asks to see Michael's room. She wants to see him interact with his biological parents on familiar territory. AJ and Carly caution that Michael might be a little cranky from his visit to Jason. The doctor says that she wants to see Michael interact with the rest of the family. Edward assures the doctor that Michael's environment is full of love. What better proof of that than the children who were raised under this roof? Every one of them a solid, sober citizen...Emily comes down the stairs shouting that what Edward is saying is not true. She tells the doctor not to listen to the others. The house is hell.

Alexis tells Jason that she read the doctor's initial report and that the doctor was very impressed with the way Jason and Michael interacted. She suggests that Jason and Sonny drop by the Q's while the doctor is there. Sonny says that he knows someone who can get Jason into the Q's.

Laura tells Liz that Lucky has been so angry with her and Luke and she was afraid that he would be furious when he heard what Laura had to say. Liz says that it is progress that Lucky didn't blow up about it. Liz mentions to Laura that when Lucky gets mad, he really gets mad. She asks if he got that from his father. Laura says that he probably got it from the both of them. Liz says that Lucky does get mad, but then he calms down and the part of him that is Laura takes over. The fair part that wants to hear everyone's side. Now that she knows Luke and Laura better, she can see that Lucky has so much of both of his parents in him. He is so brave and determined and kind of reckless and cool. And underneath it all, he is so caring and gentle. He learned that from Luke and Laura and in the end, it will see him through. Laura tells Liz that she and Luke may have given Lucky his potential, but Liz is the one who has made him live up to it. She has been so much more than a friend to Lucky. She has really changed his life.

Lucky tells Luke that he is sorry about him and Laura. Luke tells Lucky that there was a time not too long ago when he would have thought that this was a perfect end to something that never should have happened in the first place. Lucky asks Luke what he thinks. Luke says that his marriage to Laura is the best thing that will ever happen to him. She gave him more love and happiness than he ever deserved. He never expected their lives to fall apart when all of the secrets started to come out of the walls, but he wasn't able to deal with Laura's secrets in a way that she could accept. That's why she kept the secrets in the first place. Lucky says that it doesn't sound like Luke regrets the last twenty years of his life. Luke says that he doesn't have any regrets. He has twenty years with Laura He has Lucky and Lulu. He has no right to any regrets. He just wants to move on. Lucky tells Luke that he doesn't have to worry about losing him. No matter what happens, he will be there for him, if he wants. Lucky tells Luke that for better or worse, he is the only Dad he gets. Luke did right by him and he is grateful.

Lucky tells Luke that after Laura told him the news, he couldn't stop thinking about Lulu. All the things he has known that she won't. How the three of them were this whole little world. He asks Luke if he remembers the farm and the blizzard. Luke says he remembers being cleaned out by a four year old card shark who has no mercy. Lucky laughs and says he had no choice. He was snowed in with his parents for two weeks. Luke says that it was a good winter. Lucky says that there were a lot of good winters. There was a lot of good. That was why it hurt so much when he found out about the rape. He couldn't accept that all the love was an illusion. He knows now that it wasn't. People aren't perfect. He knows because of what's happening to him with Liz. Looks like she is going to be as big a part of his life as Laura was in Luke's. He can't imagine even one day without her. He thinks he might have gotten a small glimpse of what Luke is going through and he wishes there was something he could do to help. Luke tells Lucky that he already has helped.

Laura tells Liz again how much she liked her portrait of Lucky. It really is Lucky, not just his face, but really him through Liz's eyes. Liz hopes that art school agrees with Laura. She explains that she is still trying to get in. Laura asks if Lucky is going with Liz if she gets in. Liz says that she couldn't imagine going anywhere without him. She would never have pursued this if Lucky hadn't insisted. She wouldn't have had the nerve. Lucky is always giving her his enthusiasm for everything. When she is with Lucky, she knows things are going to happen. He really thinks that she has something to say. Laura says that Liz obviously has a talent. And Lucky has a talent for making things happen. She is sure that if Liz and Lucky have their sights set on New York, they are as good as there. Liz excuses herself saying she has to go.

Bobbie and Felicia are discussing Michael. Bobbie says that he is miserable at the Q's. He is grieving for Jason as though Jason had died. She understands why AJ wants to be with Michael, but she doesn't understand why he has to keep Michael from someone he loves so much. Bobbie is floored when Felicia gently asks if she isn't doing the same thing. Lucas must miss Tony as much as Michael misses Jason.

Emily tells the doctor that the Q's is the worst place in the world for a kid. All the family does is fight. Monica tells Emily that she isn't being fair to AJ. Emily tells the doctor how Edward tried to buy Michael and than they kidnapped him when Carly wouldn't sell. She also tells the doctor that she and Alan were drug addicts and that AJ is a recovering alcoholic. Carly jumps in and the fight turns into a classic Q brawl. The doctor interrupts saying that she thinks someone is at the door. Sonny has arrived for the board meeting with Jason and Alexis in tow.

Edward demands to know why Jason is there given the restraining order. Jason explains that he is there for the board meeting. Edward says that since Jason sold his ELQ stock to Sonny, he no longer is allowed to attend the board meetings. Sonny gleefully explains that he sold the stock back to Jason. Alexis confirms that as of an hour ago, Jason owns 6% of ELQ stock which entitles him to attend any and all board meetings. Edward is furious, but Carly looks pleased.

Bobbie is surprised that Felicia seems to be taking sides. She knows that Lucas misses Tony, but she can't let that influence what she thinks is best for him. Bobbie says that Jason changed his life for Michael, Tony only changed his image. Tony has failed Lucas miserably. Felicia knows that Tony regrets his actions. She thinks he is a different man. Bobbie disagrees. Every time she sees Tony he says awful things. And he uses Lucas is a human shield. Felicia agrees that Tony is fully healed, but he is better. Felicia suggests supervised visits. Bobbie is still concerned that it wouldn't be good for Lucas emotionally. Felicia thanks Bobbie for listening.

Still at GH, Laura talks to Tony about a job. She explains that she has almost completed her graduate degree in social work and hopes that Tony can give her a recommendation at the clinic. Tony asks why she doesn't apply at GH. Laura says that she is afraid that her relationship with Stefan would make it look like that is why she got the job. Tony understands her point, but doesn't think she should worry about it. Laura says that she wants to rebuild her life.

Edward "allows" Sonny and Jason to attend the meeting, but says that Jason is still not allowed to see Michael. Edward will not have Jason make Carly and AJ look bad. Sonny says that they just came there to do business. Ned suggests that they get down to it then. Jason asks Emily if she is OK. Emily says that she is worried about Michael. As Monica says that they are all worried, the doctor comes down the stairs with Carly and AJ who are apologizing for Michael's behavior. Apparently, the visit didn't go well. AJ explains that Michael is still getting used to the house. The doctor asks if AJ and Carly are engaging Michael in things that he likes to do. AJ and Carly say that Michael likes to take walks. As AJ and Carly continue to talk to the doctor, Emily comes down the stairs carrying Michael. AJ begs her not to do this, but Emily says that the doctor needs to know the truth. Michael is happy when Emily hands him to Jason. She says that what Michael likes isn't going for walks, it is being with Jason. Emily appears to be right as Michael and Jason interact wonderfully.

The doctor watches as Jason explains what is going on to Michael. She asks if he always does that. Jason says that Michael understands more than he can tell them and he has a right to know what's going on in his own life. The doctor notes that Michael is focused and content with Jason. She tells AJ and Carly that that is what they should be working for. Michael hasn't stopped growing up just because the adults in his life haven't decided where he should do it. She thanks the family saying that it has been an informative afternoon. After she goes, AJ demands that Jason give him his son. Jason says that he is going to put Michael to bed and that if AJ doesn't like it, he can call the cops.

AJ turns to Emily and asks what he ever did to deserve what she did in front of the doctor today. He doesn't understand. This is his life. Emily tries to explain to AJ why she is doing everything she can to get Jason and Michael back together. Michael is miserable. He doesn't understand that he is supposed to be happy because he is with his biological father. All the screaming and crying are Michael's way of fighting for what he loves. As his godmother, her job is to make sure that Michael is happy until he is old enough to fight for himself. She is fighting for Michael.

Laura is very happy when Tony gives her a contact name for a job. Tony is equally happy that someone has asked him for help. He really thinks that Laura shouldn't completely close her mind to GH despite her friends in high places. Laura tells Tony that she was talking to Liz earlier and it reminded her of herself when she was young and in love. She feels like she blinked and twenty years passed. And now she is starting over. Sometimes it doesn't seem real. Tony says he knows some things about starting over. He did it about as badly as it can be done, but he did it. And he knows that Laura will too.

Mac is still trying to figure out who started the warehouse fire. As he finishes giving instructions to a uniformed cop, Felicia runs up with apologies for being late. Mac asks how she wants to spend the rest of their day. Felicia says she wants to start by saying a great big thank you. With that, she grabs Mac and pulls him in for a big kiss.

Ending their kiss, Felicia tells Mac how grateful she is that he loves her children so much. Mac acts surprised at the comment saying that they are his girls too. Loving them has been one of the easiest things he has ever done. He asks what brought this on. Felicia explains that she was talking to Bobbie about Tony and Lucas. It made her realize how fortunate Maxie and Georgie are to have Mac in their lives.

Lucky is staring at an old picture of him with his parents when Liz arrives back at is apartment unexpectedly. He asks what she is doing there. Liz teasingly asks if he is disappointed to see her. Lucky smiles and asks what she thinks. He was going to go all the way to Kelly's just to watch her pour coffee. Liz says that Kelly's was half empty so Tammy let her go early. It's a good thing too because she was too distracted thinking about him anyway. Lucky says that he was thinking about her too. Mostly about all the promises they have made to always love each other. Liz smiles and they hug.

Monica demands to know why Emily sabotaged AJ today. Emily says that when she first moved in with the Q's, everything was so overwhelming. It took some time for her to realize that all the shouting and backbiting was the Q's way of showing that they love each other. Part of the reason she understand is because she experienced another kind of love with her biological mother. She just wants Michael to know that kind of love. Michael is not ready to be without Jason and he isn't tough enough to live with the Q's. She is sorry that she hurt them, but she is trying to do what is best for Michael. Monica says that she doesn't approve what Emily did, but she can't argue with her reasons.

Edward tells Sonny that the ELQ board meetings will be at the office from now on so that he and Jason in his house on a regular basis. Edward than accuses Alexis of using her relationship with Ned to obtain privileged information and passed it on to Sonny. Alexis protests, but Ned tells her not to bother because Edward won't believe her anyway. Sonny says that he expects Edward to keep him better informed of ELQ business in the future.

Standing outside Michael's bedroom door, AJ complains about Jason being in the room with Michael. Carly says that the damage is done, they may as well let Jason put Michael to bed tonight. AJ reluctantly agrees and then starts complaining about what Emily did. Carly readily agrees that Emily's actions were unconscionable.

In Michael's room, Jason lovingly plays with Michael as he gets him ready for bed.

Friday, March 26

Eager to discuss Cassadine business, an impatient Jax is waiting on Alexis who is late. She finally arrives and apologizes for being so late, an explains that she had to attend to business with Jason and the Quartermaines. Jax tells her that he resents her wasting his time, especially for Jason. She says that Jason pays her. He tells her once this takeover takes place, she won't have to worry about being paid again. Alexis wonders what has happened, why is he pushing so hard for this takeover? Jax just tells Alexis he wants to talk to Stefan about the battling siblings taking the company back over from Helena. Alexis tells him she has already tried to reason with Stefan and has tried to convince him to put their differences aside so that they can unite against Helena, but he was still unable to forgive her for announcing that Nikolas wasn't the true Cassadine heir. Nevertheless, Jax told her he still wanted to talk with Stefan himself. Alexis gathers up her things and tells Jax he knows the way to Spoon Island and she's afraid she can't accompany him because she has got to be somewhere and will talk to him later. Alone, Jax was unimpressed by the way the Cassadines did business and looked forward to the day when he could break up their empire. He then finished his coffee and leaves for Spoon Island.

A depressed Mac is at the counter at Kelly's. He becomes gloomy and introspective on the anniversary of his brother's death. Tammy can see that something is wrong, but Mac won't say what. Felicia comes into Kelly's and smiles at him and tells him she has a surprise for him. Mac has a hard time cracking a smile or even responding. She then excuses herself for a minute to go chat with a bewildered Tammy. Felicia tells Tammy she is there to cheer up Mac, but doesn't know how to help him. Tammy is unable to come up with any ideals either. Felicia thinks she knows of something and gathers Mac up from off the bar stool and takes him home. Bobbie comes into Kelly's and tells Tammy that she has been working too hard, and it's time for her to take a break. Tammy finally agrees, and lets Bobbie close up. As she flips the sign to closed, Jerry shows up and tells her he is happy to hear that they are alone. She tells him to grab a mop and help her close up. After Jerry is done mopping, Bobbie jokes at how well he has done the floor. He admits to having worked in a diner similar to Kelly's at an oil refinery. Jerry then plops a quarter in the jukebox and he and Bobbie start dancing.

Dr. Smithson arrives unannounced at the penthouse. Johnny lets the doctor into Jason's apartment, as a flustered Jason scrambles to conceal the gun he's carrying by tucking it behind his belt. Sensing nervousness, she asks if this is not a good time. Jason asks her if there is anything wrong with Michael. She tells him no, she just wants to see how he lives. She then tells him that she would like to get to know more about him. He shows her around the penthouse, without letting her see the gun. She comments on the decorating and he tells her that Carly did it. Sonny shows up to talk to Jason and she asks him about the coffee warehouse fire. Sonny tells her that it was just a freak accident and next time he will be more prepared with his fire insurance. Dr. Smithson asks for Sonny to stay, so she can get a clearer picture of Jason as a parent. Sonny suggests that Jason get them all some coffee. While Jason is getting the coffee, Sonny tries to smooth things over with the court-appointed psychiatrist by vouching for Jason's character and his parental abilities. The doctor wonders why Jason is so uptight and asks Jason what kind of changes he has made in his lifestyle. Jason says that Michael became more important than anything else. Sonny agrees with that, saying Jason is a devoted father. Dr. Smithson then asks about his alleged criminal activity and tells them she knows about them both being accused of committing crimes. She tells Jason the Port Charles Police Department is committed to putting him behind bars and also lets him know that she is well aware of their criminal activity and all of the crimes that have been associated to them. A nervous Jason says that he is not responsible for what others do to them. She doesn't like that answer and asks Jason if exposing Michael to that kind of life can be good for him. Jason is speechless while Sonny tries to intervene by getting the doctor to look at the view Michael likes and pulls the doctor over to the window. Jason quietly takes his gun out of his belt and hides it under the couch cushion while they are at the window. The doctor is not impressed and tells Jason that she is still not clear on one thing; why Carly chose him to be the father of her baby, but now she is aligned with the Quartermaine's. Sonny intervenes again and explains tells Dr. Smithson that Carly gets confused sometimes. The doctor asks if Carly is a threat to Michael's safety. Jason says no, that Carly loves Michael. She then asks Jason why he hates the Quartermaines if he was once part of their family. Jason explains that he was not what the family thought he should be. She doesn't like his answer, so he jumps back on the subject of Michael and talks about Michael figuring things out for himself, and how proud that makes him feel. He then tells the doctor that Michael needs someone to help him grow, learn, and be patient with his mistakes and he thinks if Michael could chose, he thinks Michael would chose him. She thanks them for their time and gets ready to leave. Jason offers to show her the nursery, but she tells him that she has seen enough. Sonny closes the door behind her and gives Jason one of those, that was close looks. Jason tells Sonny that they blew it. Sonny tells him not to worry, the doctor didn't see the gun. Jason says that all these explanations and surprise visits aren't necessary, that Michael is happier with him and that should be the end of it. Shortly afterwards, Alexis shows up and asks Jason how the doctor's visit went. Jason tells her about how badly things went. She says that Dr. Smithson went down to the courthouse immediately and filed a motion with the judge that will change everything. She then shows Jason the obtained court order allowing him unlimited visitation with Michael. Sonny tells them he'll talk with them later and leaves. Jason is happy as he and Alexis head out to the Quartermaines.

AJ is home from work, having had a good day and asks Carly if she would like to go out this evening. She suggests that since yesterday wasn't a good day, they might stay home and regroup. AJ admits that the doctor saw the Q's at their worst, as well as seeing Jason being super-dad. He complains about Emily's actions yesterday. He then tells Carly that he has arranged for the doctor to drop in on Jason the same way she did on them, so he will finally be exposed as the unfit parent that he is. Carly asks him how did he arrange that and AJ tells her he has convinced the judge to agree to fair play. Once the doctor sees how Jason lives, bulletproof glass, bodyguards etc, maybe she will change her mind. As AJ and Carly talk, Carly attempted to convince AJ that they needed to act more natural around each other. She tells him that Michael must be picking up on their emotions, how they are not comfortable with each other. She says that they have to start acting like his parents and look at each other like a family. AJ tells Carly that their past is blocking their future relationship. Carly tells him that going out with him to La Matisse restaurant was the most fun that she has had in a long time. AJ agrees and they shake hands on being friends. The doorbell rings, it's Jason and Alexis. AJ threatens to throw him out, but Alexis hands him a court order that allows Jason unlimited visits with Michael. AJ is shocked, while Carly smiles behind his back.

Ned is down on the docks, talking to a worker about the ELQ project on the dock. Ned tells the worker if there are any questions to not go to AJ Quartermaine, but to him instead. V comes running down the stairs to remind Ned that he is performing tonight at Jake's, and is panicking that he is not ready. Ned tells V. that he can see that she is the one who is nervous about tonight. Ned then assured V that he could juggle both his music career and ELQ. V asks him if he is absolutely sure and Ned reassures a nervous V that he's primed and ready to rock 'n' roll at Jake's tonight. They then leave so that Ned can transform himself into a rock ‘n' roll star. Later, while strolling along the docks, Sonny comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, who is getting mugged on the docks. Sonny stops the man, and rescues the mysterious stranger who tells him her name is Hannah. Sonny asks if she is alright as they share some deep eye contact with each other.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere listening to Stefan explain that he arranged for Helena to become sole trustee. When Nikolas reveals that he's already spoken to both Helena and Alexis on the subject of mutual cooperation, Stefan grows angry and advises his son to let him handle all the business transactions. Stefan then tells him that Dr. Lastiris, who knew about the blood test, recently died. Nikolas is surprised, and Stefan warns Nikolas that Dr. Lastiris' murder was a clear message from the always lethal Helena. Nikolas assures his father that he won't deal with Helena any more alone. Stefan understands his objections and tells Nikolas that it is best if he leaves Helena to him. Nikolas agrees and then tells his father that he has to leave and will talk to him later. Shortly afterwards, Jax is at Stefan's house. Stefan says that he has been expecting his visit. Jax says that recognizing opportunity is his business. Stefan asks if he is representing Alexis or Helena.

Felicia is worried about Mac as he struggles with the anniversary of Robert and Anna's death at the hands of Cesar Faison. Felicia has made him a romantic dinner and he tells her that he is grateful for all this kind attention. Felicia tells Mac that he doesn't have to thank her, she's his wife and she loves him. While eating dinner, Mac tells Felicia that he called Robin today, since it's the anniversary of Robert and Anna's death. Felicia asks how is she and Mac tells her that she seems to be holding it together. He reminisces about Robert when they were younger and tells Felicia that he was going through files in his office, and it occurred to him that Robert may have worked on the same files. He then tells Felicia that it all came back to him about how much he loved Robert, and admired him. Now there's a big empty space inside him now. He goes on to explain that one of the files Robert had was Cesar Faison's. Felicia tells Mac she remembers how happy Robert and Anna were, and how happy they were with their careers and Robin. They had so much love for each other and they had each other, until that demon took it away from them. Mac tells her at least Robert and Anna didn't die in vain, they took Faison with them.

Unbeknownst to Mac and Felicia, Faison is back from the grave, and begins plotting once more. An arrogant Faison is drinking champagne, in memory of his greatest triumph. The woman who is with him asks him what was that. He won't tell his her what it was, only that the best is yet to come............

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