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Monday, October 11, 1999

by Nora

In Jax's penthouse, Jerry is offended when Jax asks him if he has been laundering money again. When Jerry denies working with Moreno, Jax presents him with the bank records. Jerry is obviously upset that Jax would believe Sonny over his own brother and storms out of the apartment.

On the docks, Carly torments Agent Larkin (a.k.a. Professor Bradburn). He is forceful and demands that Carly back off of Hannah. Carly does not believe a word he says and rushes back to Kelly's to talk to Bobbie. The two discuss love and relationships and Carly again tries to talk her mother out of marrying Jerry.

At Wyndemere, Stefan finds Katherine lying dead below the parapet. When he looks up at the railing, he sees Laura looking down at him. Stefan then questions Mrs. Lansbury about the events preceding Katherine's fall and he instructs her not to mention seeing Mrs. Spencer. Nikolas rushes to Katherine's side as Stefan races to find Laura. Laura insists that she did not kill Katherine and informs Stefan that Ms. Bell was not pregnant. She gives him the medical records that prove that Katherine was barren. When they go to comfort Nikolas, he is convinced that someone murdered his fiancée.

In Sonny's penthouse, Hannah asks her lover to run away with her. The two then make love. After the passionate encounter, Hannah again asks Sonny to leave Port Charles with her, but he refuses.

Jerry surprises Bobbie at Kelly's and she decides to close early. Jerry tells Bobbie that his parents approve of the wedding date she chose and then offers to take her to Maui for their honeymoon. Bobbie does not want to vacation in Hawaii because that is where she had planned to go with Roy before he died.

Jason finds Carly sitting alone on the docks. When Carly drops the photograph of Professor Bradburn, Jason picks it up and hands it back to her without looking at it. Agent Larkin watches from behind a bush and calls his superiors to get someone to "take care" of Carly.

At Wyndemere, Liz attempts to comfort Nikolas as they wait for the paramedics to arrive. Taggert appears and calls for the homicide department. On the parapet, Stefan tells Laura that he was somehow involved with the murder.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Jax confided in Alexis his disappointment that, when confronted, Jerry had looked him in the face and lied to him. Alexis tried to comfort her despondent husband. Meanwhile, on the other side of the foursome, Ned arrived home from taking Brook Lynn home and Chloe asked him for a divorce. They discussed the pros and cons of continuing the marriage, with Ned attempting to encourage her to keep up the ruse to keep her company. He suggested that they go see Alexis and Jax and see what they had to say about it, not knowing that the other couple was discussing the same issue. When they arrived, Jax and Chloe both said that they wanted out, but Ned and Alexis refused.

At Wyndemere, Laura told a grief-stricken Nikolas that there was no way that Katherine could have been pregnant. Nikolas lashed out at her, condemning her for being an agent of Helena's lies. Nikolas and Stefan both suspected that it had been Laura who had pushed Katherine off the parapet. Taggert continued his assertion that Katherine's fall was murder, not accidental. Stefan told Laura that he would be telling the police that he and Katherine had been arguing and when he pushed her away from him after she lunged at him, she fell off the parapet. Overhearing this, Helena smirked and called her son a 'lovesick fool'.

Luke caught Faison trying to break into his safe and the two bantered back and forth for a while. Faison once again warned Luke to return the diamonds or else. After Faison left, Mac questioned Luke about his connection to Faison and Luke quickly covered. Luke was surprised at the degree of hatred Mac has for Faison.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Felicia comes to see Mac in his office. She says she needs to report a missing person, meaning Mac. Felicia asks why he was at Luke's. He said he follow Faison there. The DA then comes in and wants to know if there is anything new on Katherine's accident/murder. She leaves and then Felicia leaves.

Alexis comes to see Luke and they ask each other if they were near Wyndemere yesterday. She tells him that people say Katherine was pushed. They talk about who could of pushed Katherine, she starts on her list with Laura, Luke tells her that he and her are both above Laura so don't even go there. You are never going to change are you Alexis? We are going to have to answer some tough questions about what happened before. She tells him that she is not going to tell him anything, she does not care what happens to the Cassadines. Felicia comes in, Alexis leaves, Felicia asks why didn't you tell me that Mac came to visit you. Luke tells Felicia that Mac followed Faison here, but I don't think they passed tracks. Of course I didn't tell Bubba that I was in Mexico on the search for stolen diamonds. If Mac thought that you and I slipped off to Mexico he would not be quiet about it, I am sure he doesn't know. She says but Faison does, he has the power to break Mac's heart. You can end it all today if you want, as much as I hate it, you can just tell Mac the truth. Luke plays Mac and Felecia the whole story about Mexico. He says he sees the problem and Felicia tells him that she can't tell Mac. He tells her to tell him it was just a one time thing, they got carried away and it will never happen again. She asks really? It will never happen again. He tells her that she has to get this truth thing under control because not knowing what to do is ripping her apart . He asks her to help him move the diamonds again and she says you got it.

Taggert stops Jason on the docks and ask if he has seen Juan. He says your sister thinks a lot of the kid, she might get in the way. He then asks what would happen if it was his son that ran away.

Carly ask Liz if she seen the accident happen. Liz asks how Michael is. She asks her to bring her in sometime. Carly leaves a message for her mother and then leaves. Taggert comes in and asks Liz if she has seen Juan. Liz tells Taggert that she cannot tell him anything. He tries to get her to tell him where she is, saying life on the street is hard. She tells him that she doubts he is on the street. He then asks if Emily is hiding him. If you see him try to get him to come in, the longer it takes to find him the harder it will be to help him.

Emily brings Juan some food. They are in room talking and she tells him that cook is starting to wonder where the leftovers are going. There is a knock on the door, Juan gets under the bed and Monica comes in. Emily says what is the purpose of knocking if you are going to just barge right in.

Monica says this is going to stop right now. You come home from school, get something to eat and then go upstairs without saying a word to anyone. Monica asks if they can start over, she asks how school is and Emily asks how work was. Monica wants her to finish eating downstairs and she can show her how to order online. She says no because you would only end up bugging me about Juan. When do I get to be right, you ground me forever, so I stay home, you say I have an attitude and I mind my own business, I want my mother back. Monica says she wants her back too and then she leaves. Juan says he is leaving, you should not have to choose, I am going to get caught. Where can you go? I can't stay here, your mother could come back anytime. If you want me to stay here I will, but things are not going good. Emily says she has another place and they leave for it. They go to Lucky's old place. No one will find you here he tells her. They kiss. They hear a noise and Taggert walks in.

Jason and Liz talk about what happened last night. She tells him that she doesn't know what to do. He asks if she has to do anything, she tells him that when Lucky died people were everywhere, just like last night. The cops think some pushed Katherine. Taggert came by wanting to know where Juan is. He asks if she told Taggert anything, she says no. He says Juan would be better off in Puerto Rico. Yes but Emily would just follow him. She tells him about when she ran away, and then being allowed to stay at home and still see Lucky with rules...that was what was the best. They talk about the boxcar and how peaceful it is out there. They talk about the past a bit and he tells her he never regretted leaving the Quartermaines. She tells him that she is amazed at how much she does not know. She tells him all her doubts.

He says what do you care as long as you are doing what you want? Haven't you wanted to be something, to make people see things in a different light. Is different with me, what I do I have to do it right. She tells him she is trying to paint the wind. How it feels on her face when she is on the back of your motorcycle.

Carly is following Hannah again. Two thugs come by and stop her, they grab her pearl necklace and hold her. She cries out to give her back her pearls and to let her go. They struggle, she is putting up a pretty good fight. They take all her jewelry and her purse. They toss her aside and leave her in a heap crying. Carly calls Jason and is crying, please come and get me.

She tells him where she is, she can't even tell him what has happened.

Jason finds Carly, she tells him she is not hurt, she tried to fight them but she couldn't, they took her wedding ring. He says come on, lets go home.

Hannah is sitting on a bench on the docks and thinking of her conversation with Sonny she had about leaving, and staying together forever. Taggert comes and sits down beside her. He asks her if she is waiting for someone.

She says she is enjoying the view. He asks her about Juan and if she has seen him. "Do you always get this concerned about every kid that runs away?" He tells her any that because of Sonny's beating he does. He leaves and her contact comes and sits down and tells her that when she is undercover she should not associate with cops. She asks if he really thinks it is a good idea about meeting in public like this. He tells her that they don't have to worry about the girlfriend being a problem anymore.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Jason comforted Carly after the mugging, tenderly nursing her wounds. Carly told Jason that there was no way that she could tell AJ about the mugging because he would launch a full investigation and find out that she was in the alley following Hannah. She began to think of elaborate lies to tell AJ to cover for her missing purse, pearls and wedding rings. Jason spoke to Johnny and shortly after, he returned with duplicates of Carly's rings and pearls. When she asked how he had done this, he told her he went to the same jeweler that AJ had used to buy the look alikes. Carly then asked him to put the rings on her. He asked why and she told him to just do it. In a tender moment, Jason slipped the rings onto Carly's finger. After taking a shower to get the mugging grunge off of her, Carly came downstairs in Jason's shirt with a towel on her head just as Hannah and Sonny arrived. They immediately jumped to the obvious conclusion. After hearing what happened, Hannah had a fit when Sonny expressed concern over Carly.

Liz suggested to Nikolas that Katherine might have been lying about being pregnant and he lashed out at her, telling her that he knew she was pregnant even though it was "too early" in her pregnancy for her to give him proof (what a sucker!). He maintained that his fiancée and child had been killed because of the legacy of lies and murder that run through his family. Later, he was stunned when he learned from Mac that the autopsy revealed Katherine had never been pregnant.

Taggert found Juan and Emily at the boxcar and despite Emily's begging, told them he had no choice but to take them into custody. Finally, he agreed to give them twenty-four hours before calling Juan's father at the hotel.

Luke told Felicia that he had stashed the diamonds on Helena's yacht. Luke came up with really stupid disguises and they managed to talk their way onto the yacht. Later, they found Ari, Helena's Man Friday, murdered.

Friday, October 15, 1999

Jax is sitting in the bar at the PC Hotel when Chloe arrives. She asks if Jax has seen Ned, but he hasn't. They discuss their early dinner plans and what they will do to pass the time while Ned and Alexis spend some time together after dinner. Jax says that with everything going on with Jerry, he could use a distraction. Chloe is happy to provide it.

Meanwhile, Ned is at the Q mansion and is running late. Emily makes him even later by insisting that there is an emergency that only he can fix. She asks him to give Juan a job at L&B. Ned is shocked when a smiling Juan appears from his hiding place behind the door with his resume in hand.

Roy is standing alone on the docks remembering the last time he saw Bobbie. He shuts his eyes as if the memory is too painful. He turns to go and notices Tony walking by. He asks him for directions to Jason and Sonny's coffee warehouse. Tony gives him directions, but can't keep himself from adding that Jason and Sonny are criminals.

Sonny and Hannah arrive at Kelly's arm in arm. As they start to make out in the courtyard, Tony walks by and looks at them in disgust. He continues on inside and sits at the counter. Bobbie hangs up the phone and greets him. He couldn't help but overhear her conversation, which was about wedding plans. He makes her laugh when he tells her that the day before would have been their 10th anniversary and he only remembered it because they aren't married any more.

Carly is at the coffee warehouse waiting for Jason. When he arrives she tells him how happy it makes her to know that her engagement and wedding ring came from him and not AJ. Jason just smiles and asks why she is there. He is shocked when Carly shows him the yearbook photo of Professor Bradburn and tells him that that is not the man that she has seen with Hannah.

Jason demands to know where Carly got the picture. He is not happy when she tells him that she went to San Diego. Carly says that noone would believe her so she had to get proof that something was up with Hannah. Jason can't deny what Carly is telling him and asks for more details on the guy she did see with Hannah. Carly says that there is no way that the man with Hannah is the same man in the yearbook picture. Jason asks Carly how she can be so sure and Carly admits that she talked to the man on the docks. Jason is angry at Carly for putting herself in danger. He says that he just wants to know the truth, either way. If Carly is right, it will be really bad for Sonny.

Sonny and Hannah are sitting outside at Kelly's. Sonny notices that Hannah isn't drinking her coffee, just using it to keep her hands warm. He teases her about being a coffee salesman's nightmare. He suggests that she go inside to keep warm and invites her to dinner that night. Sonny kisses Hannah goodbye and promises to be back later.

Inside Kelly's, Tony graciously offers to take care of Lucas while Bobbie and Jerry are on their honeymoon. He tells Bobbie that he completely understands if she still has some reservations, but he wanted to make the offer. Bobbie says that she thinks that Lucas would love to spend some "guy" time with his father.

Emily explains to Ned that Juan needs a job so he can stay in Port Charles. Ned agrees, as long as Juan's father agrees to let him stay. Emily is delighted and thanks Ned with an enthusiastic hug.

At the Port Charles Grill, Chloe, Jax and Alexis discuss the secret (Jerry's situation) that they are keeping from Ned. Chloe thinks that they should tell him. It is putting everyone in an awkward position and Ned deserves to know the truth. He might even be able to help. As they continue to discuss the pros and cons of telling Ned about Jerry, Jerry arrives commenting cheerfully that they all look so serious.

Chloe covers the awkward moment by telling Jerry that he has to go away. This conversation is not for his ears. Jax starts to stop her thinking that she is going to tell Jerry what they were really discussing, but Chloe goes on to say that if Jerry doesn't leave, he may end up with a floral bedspread. Jerry looks confused so Chloe explains that Jax and Alexis were advising her on what to get him for a wedding gift. Jerry says that he will leave, for Bobbie's sake, if he can borrow Jax for a minute. Jax and Jerry walk away and Alexis scoots closer to Chloe. Alexis comments that you hand it to Jerry. Not many would have the audacity to greet their brother with a smile and then lie to his face. Chloe says that she is having a hard time handing Jerry anything. As far as she is concerned, Jerry's only redeeming quality is Jax.

Jerry asks Jax if Alexis and the annoying Ashtons know of his alleged crimes. Jax asks Jerry if he is getting paranoid. He has no reason to tell Alexis anything unless Jerry has been lying to him. Jerry laughs and says that Jax had him worried for a minute. He thought that Jax was going to take Sonny's word over his own brother's. As the two brothers continue to talk, Bobbie arrives. Bobbie politely invites Jax and the others to join them but Jax declines saying that they are still waiting on Ned. And besides, Jerry finds the Ashtons annoying. Bobbie laughs and tells Jax that Ned has just arrived. She and Jerry leave for their table while Jax goes back to the bar to join the others. Chloe immediately apologizes for getting testy, but Jax assures her that Jerry didn't even notice. Noticing that he is being ignored, Ned asks if anyone wants to know why he was late. Alexis and Chloe half-heartedly ask Ned why he was late. Ned asks Jax if Jerry has some sort of magical power over woman because Chloe and Alexis can't take their eyes off him. When Chloe and Alexis look at Ned guiltily, Ned asks what is going on.

Hannah goes to the docks to meet agent Larkin. She asks him why Carly was mugged. She wants to know if that is his creative solution to Carly following her around. When Larkin doesn't deny the accusation, Hannah hands him her surveillance log. She tells him that it isn't safe to keep it in her room any longer. She tells Larkin not to keep her in the dark anymore. Hannah doesn't notice that she dropped something else on the ground when she pulled the log out of her purse.

Jason tells Carly that the question is why Hannah would want to pass off some other guy as her ex-boyfriend. Carly says that the main two reasons people do anything are sex or money. She is leaning towards money because what does a nymphomaniac need with a gun? And Hannah knows that Carly knows about the gun. Hannah caught her going through her stuff and Carly knows that Hannah didn't buy her story. Carly tells Jason that she didn't care that Hannah didn't believe her. She just wanted to get to the penthouse and talk to Sonny. But when she got there, the Feds were already there. Jason asks how she got up to the penthouse. Carly looks confused and says that she used the elevator. Jason asks if there were any agents in the lobby or any cars parked outside. Carly says that there weren't any cars and the only person in the lobby was the doorman. Jason says that Hannah told Sonny that the lobby was crawling with Feds. That someone stopped her and told her she couldn't go up and that is how she knew that Sonny had been arrested. Jason says that he will clear it up. Carly says that that still doesn't explain who the other guy is. Jason tells Carly that she needs to go home and take care of Michael. He will find out the truth. He offers to get Carly a ride home, but she says that she wants to walk for a bit.

Right after Carly leaves, Roy arrives. He asks Jason for a job.

Roy introduces himself and explains to Jason that Jake told him about the warehouse. He also tells Jason that he just got released from prison. Sonny arrives and Jason asks him to come meet Roy. Jason explains to Sonny that Roy is looking for work and was recommended by Jake. Roy tells Sonny that he thinks that the only concern with his employment is that he just got out of prison. Sonny asks for details and Roy tells him that he served twenty years for attempted murder. When Sonny asks who, Roy tells him not his boss. It was a full grown man, and not an especially good one. He has met worse since and he hasn't killed any of them. Sonny says that he doesn't know Roy's story and he isn't going to ask. He expects all of his employees to do more than just work hard. What goes on inside the warehouse stays inside the warehouse. Roy assures Sonny that he can keep his mouth shut. Jason asks Roy if he can start that afternoon.

Bobbie and Jerry are enjoying their dinner at the Port Charles Grill. Jerry is teasing Bobbie saying that he is going to take her to Antarctica for their honeymoon. They laugh together as the foursome in the bar watches.

Upon hearing the news about Jax's brother, Ned responds by ordering a bottle of champagne. Jax is not amused and thinks that Ned is mocking him. Ned smiles and says that he finally understands why Alexis and Jax have seemed so chummy lately. Alexis starts to apologize, but Jax jumps in saying that he asked Alexis to keep it to herself until he found a way out. Ned is surprised that Jax is looking for a way out because Jax isn't really involved. He is no longer partners with Jerry. This time if Jerry goes down, he will go down alone. Jax says that it doesn't matter that Jerry will go down alone. Jerry is still his brother and he loves him even if he doesn't like him sometimes. He wants to protect him from himself. He says that Ned must be able to understand that. Ned says that he knows exactly what Jax is saying. And he has taken a constant barage of ridicule from Jax for doing the very same thing. He recalls that Jax even tried to convince him to jump ship and let his family go to the dogs. Once all the champagne glasses have been filled, Ned raises his glass and congratulates Jax. When Jax asks why, Ned welcomes him to the gatekeepers club. There are no benefits or privileges, but they are very selective. Jax can't help but smile and they all clink glasses in a congratulatory toast.

Emily completes a call to her mother asking her to come home. It's not an emergency, but it is important. Juan assures Emily that he will find a way back to her even if his father makes him go back to Puerto Rico. Emily laughs and asks how many times they can jump on a plane to see each other. Juan walks over to the stereo and turns it on. He walks over to Emily and tells her that they know some of the same things. That's how they found each other. They could just tell. They both lost their mothers. And they both know how important it is to have something good to remember. He holds out his hand to Emily and pulls her in close. They start to dance (to a song called "Cherish You" - I think).

Emily and Juan continue to dance, but are interrupted by Monica calling out for Emily. Emily and Juan break apart and share one kiss before Emily calls back that she is in the den. Monica and Alan enter the room and are shocked, to say the least, to see Juan standing next to Emily. Alan asks if Emily has known where Juan has been all along. Emily confesses that Juan has been staying at the mansion. Before Alan or Monica can start to yell at her, Emily stops them and asks them to please listen. Emily tells her parents that she loves them so much and she doesn't want to do anything to upset them or make them angry, but they don't seem to understand how important Juan is to her. He is not just a crush. He isn't going to go away in a week, or a month, or a year. Juan cares about her. He understands how she feels. He fits in with who she is. She begs her parents to tell he what promises she has to make, just don't make her give up Juan.

At the coffee warehouse, Roy has begun his job. A fellow employee asks him if he wants to go along with him on a delivery to the PC Hotel.

Hannah leaves Kelly's just as Carly arrives. Carly once again steals the keys to Hannah's roomfrom the cash register and sneaks upstairs. With an apology to her absent mother, Carly unlocks the door and goes inside.

Meanwhile, Sonny has arrived downstairs to pick up Hannah, not knowing that she is gone. Tammy also did not see Hannah leave because she was in the kitchen.

Hannah is at the docks retrieving the book that she dropped when she was meeting with Larkin. As she stoops to pick it up, Jason walks by. He stops to say hello and find out why she is out on the docks so late. Hannah explains that she dropped her checkbook. She then apologizes to Jason for her behavior the day before. She tells him that she thinks Carly has made him doubt her. She asks him if that is true.

Monica tells Emily that she hears her loud and clear. Alan picks up the phone to call Juan's father, but Juan tells him that his father and Taggert are already on the way. Monica tries to explain to Emily that Juan's father wants him home. Emily just wants everyone to try to reach a compromise. Mr. Santiago arrives and hugs Juan. Juan hugs him back and apologizes to him for running away. Alan assures Mr. Santiago that they had no idea that Juan was hiding in the house. Mr. Santiago says that it doesn't matter now. He just wants to get Juan on a plane for home tonight.

Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe are trying to find a way to bail Jerry out while they wait for their table for dinner. Ned comes to the conclusion that cash, and a lot of it, is probably the only way to keep Jerry out of jail. Ned says that most of his assets are tied up, but he could liquidate. When Alexis tells him that it wouldn't be enough. Chloe offers to sell her company, but everyone tells her no way. Jax says that he can't let any of them do what they are trying to do. Noone has ever offered to help him like this and they are acting like it is no big deal. Alexis tells Jax that they are acting like it's no big deal because they know that he would do the same for any of them any day of the week. Unfortunately, to pay back the amount of money that has passed through Jerry's hands since last year, it would take a fortune of ... Alexis stops for a moment and gets a sly smile and says a fortune of the Cassadine scale.

As Bobbie and Jerry continue to enjoy their dinner, Roy enters the bar. He informs the maitre de that he is there to deliver coffee, but the service entrance is locked. The maitre de apologizes and leaves to unlock the door. Roy turns and notices Bobbie and Jerry. He watches as they share a kiss.

Jason tells Hannah that she takes some things personally that she shouldn't. It isn't about her, it's about how important she is to Sonny and how important it is to keep her safe. Hannah assures Jason that she understands. Jason says that he is glad because he wouldn't want a repeat of the night Sonny was arrested. He asks Hannah what happened that night. He thought she was supposed to be moving in. Hannah says that she was, but when she got to the Sonny's there were cars and flashing lights everywhere. She thought it was the end of everything.

Carly is in Hannah's room trying to break open the lock box. Sonny is downstairs talking to Tammy while he waits for Hannah. Mike arrives and Sonny decides to go upstairs to check on Hannah. Unaware that Sonny is on his way up, Carly continues to work on the lock. She finally succeeds and opens the lid. She spies the gun and the cell phone and says "gotcha."

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