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Monday, October 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Joe happily reports to Karen that Courtney's home pregnancy test came out positive. Scott shows Victor the website address he copied off D.V.'s computer and asks the former math professor to help him work through the software. Meanwhile, Eve and Kevin share a stolen moment together after taking steps to elude Bordisso's spies. Joe and Karen drive out to a farm stand in the country to pick out a pumpkin to make Neil's hospitalization seem more cheery over the Halloween holiday. After getting an earful from Chris about Lucy going back to Kevin, Rachel drops by the lighthouse to offer Scott a hot meal and a sympathetic shoulder. Mindful of D.V.'s warning that she'll never see her son again if she lets either of the Collins men know what she's up to, Eve tries to get Kevin talking about his father's participation in the Cobra project. Later, Victor warns Kevin that he and Eve must take better precautions the next time they arrange a "secret" rendezvous. Upon seeing the formulas in Bordisso's software, Kevin finally realizes the full significance of his father's "garbled" letters from his years in the convent.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

Serena and Scott are ending a phone call. He seems stressed. He look over a file (something about Rachel) and places a call. Rachel answers his call and he told her she left a folder at the firehouse. She says she's been looking for it and asks if she can pick it up later. No problem, he'll be there.

Lucy arrives at the lighthouse complaining about having to pick up after Kevin. She is surprised to see Victor and Kevin asks her about the letters. She remembers them but not where they are. Kevin told her about the website they found and why they need the letters. DV has found *most* of the formula to block psychic impulses and must not find the rest. They explain that they believe that Victor may have perfected the formula while he was sick and sent it to Kevin in the letters. If they find the letters, they can stop DV.

Eve at the hospital is on the phone with DV explaining that it's hard for her to get into the Lighthouse with her and Kevin broken up. He asks her if she wants to see her son and reminds her that if Kevin catches wind of their plan, the deal is off. They hang up and Chris approaches Eve. He says she isn't looking well and that they need to talk. If she wants to stay living with him, she has to go see Julie. She says WHAT??? He told her that's a condition and she says she'll just go check into a hotel. He convinces her to stay and she says she will see Julie tomorrow. He says she should go today and they bicker about her and Kevin. (Geez, drop it, Chris!) She agrees to go see Julie.

At the Lighthouse, Lucy, Kevin and Victor are still trying to figure out what happened to the letters. Victor checks the linen closet while Lucy and Kevin discuss old times. No luck with the linen closet but Lucy may have taken them with her when she moved in with Scott. Luc

y will go and pretend she's there for more of her stuff and look. Rachel arrives at the Lighthouse where Scott is making a skateboard for Serena. She manages to get paint all over herself and has to wash it out immediately. Scott gets a call from Serena and told Rachel to go ahead upstairs, put something on and they'll wash her shirt out. She looks around, messes with the bed (?) and decides on Lucy's robe. Downstairs, Lucy comes to the door and attempts to smooch Kevin just in time to see Rachel come downstairs - in her robe! Rachel tries to explain and Scott says explanation is not necessary - he and Lucy are broken up. Rachel excuses herself to wash out her blouse and Scott explains Rachel's presence to Lucy who is appalled that Rachel is "after" Scott so soon after their breakup. They pretend to fight and Lucy heads upstairs. Chris asks Kevin what he's doing at the hospital. Kevin told him it's none of his business. Chris says it is and they bicker about Kevin and Eve (Chris is over protective!) and finally Chris told Kevin that Eve is off visiting Julie.

Eve and Julie are talking and Julie says she's sorry Eve and Kevin broke up and Eve says that's not why she's there. They talk about Eve living with Chris and how Julie feels about it and Eve is defensive. Julie says she's not talking about Eve's past and says some thing should be left in the past. Murder or prostitution? Julie insists she didn't kill anyone but was brainwashed by Cooper. Eve says she` has an idea how a manipulation like that can be - if it was manipulation. Eve says she doesnīt believe Julie but thinks Chris does. Julie says she loves Chris. Eve asks why she is there and Julie asks how can she build a life with Chris when his friends hate her. Eve says if itīs an act, she almost believes her. Julie says itīs the truth.

Back at the Firehouse, Lucy is preparing to leave but says she needs to talk to Scott alone and Rachel leaves after returning Lucy's robe. Lucy comments that she'll be burning it. :Lucy told Scott what she's looking for and why.

Eve, back at the hospital, is talking to Chris about her visit with Julie. She says it was a success and that she thinks Julie might be in love with Chris. She asks if anyone was looking for her and he says no. Chris calls Julie who is please with how the visit with Eve went. She tells him Eve told her Lucy and Christina are back in town (Huh?) and how she pictures their life when she's released. Eve promptly runs into Kevin and they duck into a stairwell to talk. They kiss and talk about how pretending to be broken up sucks. He told her about the letters and comments that she looks worried not happy.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

DV and Rachel, on the phone. He is commenting on how much time she's been spending at the Firehouse. He asks if the breakup is legitimate and she says she doesn't know but is trying to find out. She has no concrete clues yet but is enjoying herself. She tell him how furious Lucy was when she found Rachel at Scott's in her robe. With Lucy out of the picture, getting Scott should be easier - altho not as much fun. She will enjoy getting him anyway.

Scott and Lucy are at the Firehouse and Lucy is expounding on her annoyance at Rachel being there - in her robe. They rehash the entire plot again - find the letters, bring DV down, get Rachel to go away... Lucy doesn't care about Rachel, she wants their family back together. Scott agrees. Lucy babbles on about missing the kids and writing Serena letters and remembers where the letters might be - the Convent.

At the hospital, Kevin is asking Eve what's bothering her. She told him that what's bothering her is that the letters are the perfect way to derail DV - and they can't find them. She set them in the right direction. Eve has something to tell Kevin that he won't like. They hear a door open on the floor above and start pretend fighting as Rachel comes down the stairs. Rachel apologises for interrupting and Eve says it's no problem; they're through. She storms off. Rachel follows her and comments that she was impressed by how Eve cared for Victor when he was sick. Eve doesn't like to discuss her patients and Rachel says she understands.She feels like she knows Eve better because Chris talks about her so much. Eve says that now that she's moved back in with Chris, they can even share a cab. Rachel seems surprised and, as soon as Eve leaves, she calls Chris and told him she has to see him. Dr. Boardman approaches her and told her that Matt is his choice for Head Resident not Karen. She say she will try and change his mind but he says she won't.

At the Firehouse, Lucy is still babbling at Scott about the convent and the nuns. Scott says he will go and look. Lucy says she and Kevin should go as they know their way around but Scott insists he will go. She does about 5` minutes on how they are separated from each other and the girls and it's wrong and blah, blah, blah. She complains that they can't make love because of the "tail" lurking outside. They kiss and she leaves after Scott throws her bags out the door for show. Scott calls Victor for info about the convent.

At the hospital, Rachel asks Chris if he ever sleeps. he says occasionally but if she's asking if his lack of sleep may keep him from peak performance, she can stop worrying. She says that's not what she meant, she meant it seemed like he has no time for himself. He doesn't need time for himself. Rachel says he reminds her of herself and he hates to see such a good doctor let his life get unbalanced. he enjoys being focused on his work. To keep his mind off Ellen, Rachel asks. She says work seems to be his salvation right now but he says he's not that far gone but thanks her for her concern. She told him that, if he wants to talk, she's available.

Scott and Victor are discussing the convent and Victor says he will make a phone call to smooth the way and fills Scott in on the nuns and Mother Superior. Victor promises to keep an eye on Lucy while Scott is gone and says how fond he still is of her. Victor gives Scott his coat and hat so DV's spies will think it's him leaving. The phone rings and it's Mac telling Scott that Katherine is dead. Again. As Lucy arrives at the hospital, Rachel accosts her and apologises about the incident with Lucy's robe. Lucy told her that what Scott does is not her concern any more. Rachel comments that it sounds like it's really over and Lucy tells her that, no matter what Scott says, he still has very deep feelings for her. Lucy says that desperate women come out of the woodwork when a handsome, rich man is "available." Rachel assures her she is not desperate and Lucy says she didn't mean *that*! (not much!) Rachel told her that sometimes a man leaves just because he wants to. Lucy says that's right - but not when it comes to Scott.

Eve, in the stair well, opens a package and finds a baby blanket. She calls DV and asks why he would do that to her. He told her that's all she will ever have of her son if she doesn't find the letters for him *or* if she told Kevin what's going on. Kevin comes down the stairs looking for her and asks what she wanted to tell him. She told him she can't stand what all this has turned into. he wants everything back to the way it was. Kevin says they'd have to abandon everything they set up. She agrees that there's no choice. He says it's the only way to find out about her baby and that she won't be able to live with herself otherwise. He hugs her and told her she's strong and will handle what she has to. Eve looks like her heart is breaking.

Rachel stops Monica at the desk and told her that Dr. B is leaning toward Matt for Chief Resident. She asks if he could be doing it out of guilt. Monica says no. She believes in Boardman's objectivity. Rachel says she's worried about Matt and lies and says that he told her he's taking extra shifts to keep his mind off Ellen. Monica says she will talk to Dr. B.

Lucy is walking down the corridor when she is snatched into a closet by Scott. She thinks he's thereto say goodbye but he told her he wanted to tell her that Katherine is dead. Again. Lucy will miss her favorite enemy. She says goodbye to Scott - and Katherine.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

At Ferncliff, Rachel has arrived for a visit. Julie compliments her on her outfit and says that when she gets out, she's going on a week-long shopping spree. Rachel thinks Julie seems awfully cheery and wonders if she's at all nervous about the upcoming competency review. Julie says that she's anxious, but not afraid--life is finally starting to go her way. She told Rachel about Eve's visit (at which Rachel is visibly upset) and says that it went so well that she's ready for an even bigger challenge: Lucy Coe. R: "Well, she certainly is one of your tougher opponents." J: "You want me to improve my image. I heard she's back in town--she probably has her hands full with the new baby, but..will you see if she'll come and visit me?" Rachel promises to try, but says that Julie needs to focus on the review. Julie says she's ready. Rachel opens her notebook. "I have here a list of some questions that they might ask you at the hearing. So let's see how ready you really are.."

At the Scanlon house, Frank enters to find Courtney hanging a "Welcome Home Neil" banner in the living room. She asks him to lend a hand; he wonders if she's sure she wouldn't rather wait for Joe, but finally agrees to help. They gaze at one another longingly for a moment, then turn to the task at hand. Courtney is excited that Neil is coming home today. Frank wants blue and white streamers (Yankee colors), which she hands him. C: "I want everything to be perfect for Neil. Especially since Joe and I decided to tell him about the baby today." This doesn't sit well with Frank. "Give the kid a break. It's his first day home, and you're going to dump that news on him?" C: "Joe felt Neil should be told right away." Frank (disgustedly, throwing down the streamers and walking out): "Well, if Joe feels that way, then it must be right."

Cut to Eve standing alone in an unknown pastoral setting, which we later find out is the same spot where Victor and Mary's wedding was held. She flashes back to her and Kevin making love, then to her recent conversation with D.V. in which he agreed to let her see her son if she brought him the letters Victor wrote to Kevin. She hears a noise, turns around, and sees Kevin standing behind her.

Overjoyed to see one another, Kevin and Eve hug. She told him that she had come there to clear her head and get some air, and wonders what he's doing there. K: "I was missing you, so I thought I'd take a walk. I never thought it would lead me right *to* you." They both remember the last time they were there, for Victor and Mary's wedding. E: "Things sure spun out of control pretty quickly after that, didn't they? Victor..Italy.." K: "Out of all of it..being without you is the worst." [Awww..] E: "What happened to that sweet, simple path we were on?" K: "We'll get back on it." E: "You know, we were standing right in this spot when you got your idea for your novel. You were looking at me, and something..affected you." K: "Your eyes..I saw sadness and joy all at the same time..much like right now." E: "And that inspired you to write a book about a woman in search of her missing son. Strange, isn't it? I'm doing just that now."

Back at Ferncliff, Rachel asks Julie "Would you say you've been a good girl, Mrs. Ramsey?" Julie thinks [and so did I] that this is an odd question. She laughs. "I eat my bread and water every day, if that's what you mean." R: "No, it's *not* what I mean. Would you just answer the question: have you been a good girl?" Julie wonders "What happened to 'what year is it?' or 'if you have three ducks and two fly away..'?" Rachel's demeanor and tone have become increasingly angry. Standing up, she turns vicious, saying that she wonders how a woman of Julie's questionable intelligence could have gotten her M.D., and that it must have been "daddy" who greased a few palms along the way. "Isn't that what he did, Julie? Huh? He made it easy for you. And where would you be without him? You'd be no place." J: "I know what you're trying to do--you're trying to push my buttons. Well, it's.." R: "It's working..isn't it? So..do you still think you're ready to face the court-appointed psychiatrist?"

At the Scanlon house, all the preparations have been made. Courtney sets a plate of snacks on the coffee table and says she's off to pick up Neil. Frank told her that she outdid herself and that Neil will love the party. Courtney holds up the plate of snacks. "Especially these." F: "The choco-cream balls I bought you." C: "I never got a chance to thank you." F: "Well, you said they were your favorite craving. I didn't know by making a run for them, I'd miss out on hearing you were pregnant." C: "Frank..I wanted to tell you first..I did..and I thought I was..but..then Joe popped up from behind the refrigerator door, and I realized it was too late. I'm sorry." F: "Courtney..how do you plan on telling Neil about this baby? I'm worried that it might be confusing for him." C: "Joe thinks it should be done in private..maybe at bedtime, when it's just the three of us." F: "That's rich. Joe is going to tell my son about my baby, and I'm not even going to be in the room."

Joe, Karen, and Neil walk in the door, shouting "Surprise!!" Joe had pulled some strings to get Neil sprung early. Neil admires the banner. "It even has the Yankee colors! Nice touch, Dad." Frank looks hurt. Joe says the credit went to Courtney as she did all the decorating. Frank is left out in the cold, again. Courtney tries to give him credit but is interrupted by some father/son horseplay. Joe carries Neil upstairs.

Karen is left alone with Frank and Courtney. She remarks that Neil was excited about coming home. C: "We all were. And our family just keeps getting bigger--I assume you heard the news?" K: "If you mean, did Joe tell me you were pregnant, yes." C: "It's great, isn't it?" K: "Yeah, it is, for Neil. But for everybody's sake, I hope you're not counting on this pregnancy bringing you and Joe back together." The ladies glare at each other. Cut to Neil, who has been standing on the staircase taking all this in. "Mom..you're pregnant?!" An upset-looking Joe joins him on the staircase and puts a comforting arm around him.

Neil sits between Joe and Courtney on the couch, with Frank and Karen standing nearby. "This is awesome! This means you guys are getting married, right?" The adults break the news to him about why they're having the baby. Neil is upset and thinks it's because he's dying; Joe reassures him that it's to make him healthier and stronger. Neil tells them that he knows it takes 9 months for a baby to be born, and that even if he does die, at least they'll have another kid. [Oh, this was a bit much!.. :)] Frank looks as if someone had struck him. Courtney tells Neil that she's counting on him to help with changing diapers and telling stories. The adults try to talk him into celebrating, but he's not in the mood, declining even the choco-cream ball that his mom offers him. He heads upstairs to play the computer game Frank gave him, at which Frank looks pleased.

Once Neil is gone, Courtney lashes into Karen, who reminds her that it was she who brought the pregnancy up. Joe jumps to Karen's defense, Frank butts in, and loud bickering ensues. Joe refuses to get into an argument with his brother, and heads upstairs to be with Neil.

At Ferncliff, Julie takes her medication. She wonders "What exactly was the point of your little attack?" R: "I'm trying to prepare you, Julie. The psychiatrist that examined you before..he's not gonna be easy on you." J: "Dr. Davis? I know." R: "Well, in his earlier observations, he said that you hallucinated, that you were speaking to your father." J: "That was a long time ago. I'm not the same person I was then." R: "Well, he's going to try to prove that you are. And he'll do anything, anything at all, to break you." J: "I can handle it." R: "Like you just handled me." Julie has no response to this. Rachel hands her the list of questions and told her to ask *her* a question, and she'll answer it the way Julie Devlin, a woman who wants her freedom, would answer. J: "If you were set free, what would you say to the people you've hurt?" R: "I'd pray to God for their forgiveness. But I'd understand if they couldn't, because not a week went by that I don't wish to God that I hadn't hurt those people the way that I did. But that's something that I have to live with, that I have to live with every day for the rest of my life." Julie is impressed with this performance.

Chris enters, carrying a gift bag. He wonders if this is a bad time; Rachel says Julie could use a moment to herself, and they step into the hall. She told him Julie is distracted, because she wants to go see Lucy. C: "It's because of Christina." R: "She doesn't even know Lucy came into town without Christina, Chris. And I'd really like to keep it that way." C: "Do I look stupid?" R: "You know, some of your decisions have been questionable lately. Asking Eve Lambert to move in with you?" Chris says he's just helping out a friend, and wonders if she wants him to throw Eve out on the street. R: "I'm not telling you what to do. But your wife comes first now. Your new living arrangement could jeopardize her future." She leaves.

Kevin and Eve are walking and holding hands. E: "I just can't get over it..how the idea for your novel would mirror my life so closely." K: "I told you we had a deep connection. You know, it was just a few days after I had the idea that I saw the image of the boy for the first time." E: "Looking out a window, but you couldn't see his face." K: "At the time, I thought it came from nowhere. Maybe it wasn't so innocent after all." E: "Do you think that that image could have been planted in your mind back then?" K: "They may have sparked the idea, but the words, and the feelings..especially the words..came from me. 'She was a woman who knew how to open a door..not just one door, but all doors. The door to his heart, the door to his soul, the door to where he never thought he'd go.'" E: "You make me melt all over again." K: "No one can control the way I see you. It went way too deep for anyone to touch..except you." Eve (angrily): "What gives these people the right to mess with our emotions?" K: "They won't win." E: "They *have* won. And it's my fault." K: "Why would it be your fault?"

Eve told Kevin that it's her fault that Bordisso is in their lives; he reminds her that Bordisso came to town to find Scott. E: "But he found me. And that affects you. And whether it's because I ran away from him, or he found out that I had his baby..I don't know, the bottom line is, it's because of me that *your* life is such a mess." K: "I am where I *want* to be." E: "Maybe it's best if you just got as far away from me as possible." K: "No way, Jose." Smiling, Eve realizes she's been defeated. They decide to, er, take advantage of the wonders of nature before heading back to play the failed couple for the rest of the world. Kissing, they sink to the ground.

Back at the Scanlon house, Joe and Frank begin another loud argument. Just as Frank hurls a verbal punch at his brother, Neil runs downstairs. "Stop it! All you ever do is fight with my dad. And I hate it. Just leave him alone, OK, leave my dad alone." Courtney told him it's OK; that brothers just argue sometimes. N: "Well, I don't care. All I know is that when I have a brother or sister, I'll never treat it the way Uncle Frank treats Dad." Frank looks ashamed. "That's what makes you such a special kid, Neil. I'm sorry. I will try to learn from you." He leaves.

Back at Ferncliff, Chris has given Julie the gift he brought. She thanks him, saying it can't have been easy finding perfume in a plastic bottle. They kiss. He asks how things went with Rachel; she told him "Let's just say her coaching techniques are a little rough." C: "If it gets you sprung out of here, it'll be worth it." J: "I can already picture my little girl in my arms." He told her he's decided to ask Eve to move out, "because you're my wife, and seeing you freed is my top priority." He says Eve won't have a problem finding another place. J: "That's the most selfless thing you've ever done for me..well, the second. Delivering Christina has gotta be number one. How is she? Have you seen her lately? I bet she just gets more and more adorable every day. Will you get a picture for me? Just a small one that I can keep with me during the competency review..it'll give me hope and courage. I have to see what she looks like." Chris reassures her that she will see Christina, and says he has to get back to work. She kisses him and thanks him again for the perfume. He leaves.

Psycho-Julie, aloud, to herself: "You're lying, Chris. Something is up with Christina. And there's only one person who can tell me what it is: Lucy Coe.."

Friday, October 15, 1999

Julie lures Lucy out to Ferncliff by hinting that Christina may be in mortal danger. Kevin and Eve make the most out of another stolen moment in the deserted park late at night. Afterwards, as they talk about Victor's missing correspondence, Eve winces inwardly when Kevin speculates that D.V. may be after the letters as well. Karen tries to keep Joe's morale from flagging when he worries that even producing a sibling as a bone marrow donor for Neil won't be enough to save the boy's life. Well aware of Lucy's faith in supernatural signs, Julie describes an ominous dream about Christina and warns her visitor that the baby is in peril. Joe gently reminds Courtney that Karen is a permanent part of his life now and therefore will be a part of Neil's life, too. Later, Frank walks in on a friendly hug between Joe and Courtney and angrily orders his brother to release her. Hungry for news about her daughter, Julie pumps Lucy for information on Christina but is irked to learn that the baby has been sent out of town for safekeeping.

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