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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on GH
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Monday, October 3, 2005

Emily struggles with Carly, who thinks she is Faith, in the park. Emily falls to the ground and is stabbed accidentally. Carly realizes what happened and tries to help Emily. Nikolas runs over to help and calls 911. Carly runs off and Sonny catches her. He asks her what happened and sees the blood on her hands. She tries to tell him it was an accident. He runs to help Nikolas with Emily. Nikolas doesn't want his help, though. He tells him that Sonny should have never dragged Emily into his mess of a life. Sonny goes after Carly when she runs after hearing the sirens. When they arrive home, Carly realizes Sonny wants to send her away to Shadybrook. Lainey and Justice arrive soon after them and Justice tells Sonny about Carly stabbing Reese.

Liz and Jax get to the hospital and run into Lucky after planting their tree in memory of their child. Jax covers and doesn't tell Lucky about the tree. Liz goes off to see Dr. Meadows and then to start her shift. Lucky asks Jax if he wants Liz to carry another child for him. Jax doesn't answer, but later asks Liz if she wants another child. Liz tells him that she definitely wants another child, but it will be with the man she's in love with.

As the paramedics work on Emily, Nikolas tells the cops what happened. Before he can make a formal statement, Emily asks Nikolas to stay with her. When they arrive at the hospital, Monica makes Nikolas leave Emily's side. While she is in emergency surgery, Nikolas vents to Lucky about what happened between Carly and Emily. Nikolas admits that he doesn't know what he would do if something happened to Emily. Durant rushes off after listening to their conversation. Emily comes through the surgery just fine and Lucky and Liz go to talk to her. Nikolas walks in after them and Emily is genuinely happy to see him. As the two of them talk, Sonny walks in, much to Nikolas' dismay. Nikolas tells him to leave, but Emily wants to talk to him. She convinces Sonny that Carly needs help beyond what he can provide. Sonny agrees to get help for Carly. Meanwhile, outside the hospital room, Lucky tells Nikolas he is heading over to Sonny's house and will keep him updated on what happens. Sonny goes home and tells Carly that he can't care for her anymore. They both cry, but he assures her that this is what's best for her. Lucky comes in and tells them that Emily's not pressing charges. Durant storms in and says he is. Back at the hospital, Nikolas tells Emily how scared he was when he found her in the park. He assures her that he will be there when she wakes up, as Courtney looks on.

Courtney takes a home pregnancy test and is stunned to see it turn positive. She runs into Jax at the hospital, but doesn't tell him what she's there for. Dr. Meadows confirms that she is indeed pregnant and about 4 weeks along. Outside the exam room, Courtney finds Liz and apologizes for her miscarriage and for not telling her sooner.

Sam and Jason arrive home to find Ric and guards at their door. Sonny has sent guards to protect Jason, but he doesn't want them. He tells them to go. If he allows them to stay, then he's walking right back into the life he's trying to leave. After they leave, Sam and Jason reminisce and try to determine if Jason can cook or not. They laugh together and Jason gets on the elevator, unaware that Javier Ruiz is standing on the other side of the door. Once Jason is gone, Ruiz confronts Sam. He tells Sam he wants to hire Jason to keep him safe. Jason will either work for Ruiz, or he dies. Jason walks in and sees Ruiz threatening Sam. He throws Ruiz up against the wall and tells him to leave Sam alone.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Lucky tells Sonny and Carly that Emily won't be pressing charges. Durant comes in and says that he is, though, and tells Lucky to arrest Carly. Carly runs out and Sonny runs after her. Outside, he tells Carly to pull it together for her sons and for him. He tells her she is a stronger person than he ever will be. She agrees to do whatever it takes to get well and they go back inside. While they were outside, Reese was inside convincing Durant not to take Carly away. When Carly comes back in, he tells her that he will allow Sonny to continue to help her since she loves him and trusts him. Durant leaves and Sonny thanks Reese for her contribution before she leaves. Carly is tired, but before she goes upstairs to rest, Sonny tells her that she can't get better if she stays with him. He tells her about another place besides Shadybrook. He's been there and he really thinks this place can help her and she will be happy there. She agrees to go, but wants to say goodbye to Michael and Morgan first. She tells Morgan goodbye while he is sleeping, but doesn't say anything to Michael. She just watches him play Monopoly with Mike inside Kelly's. She decides not to say goodbye to him, because she doesn't want him to see her and worry about her. When they arrive at the mental health center, Sonny assures her and he, Michael, and Morgan will come visit her. Lainey comes in and introduces Carly to Dr. Kim. He takes her to show her the reflecting pool, and Lainey suggests that Sonny slip away now. He turns back and tells her that he can't leave Carly.

Alexis gives Ric separation paperwork, but Ric meets her at Kelly's at tears it up. She tells him she only wants her child to grow up with a happy life, and Ric agrees that he wants the same. Alexis tells him she believes he will stop working for Sonny once their child is born. When he actually sees his child, everything will change.

Jason tells Ruiz to leave him and Sam alone. When Ruiz tells him he will kill him if he doesn't work for him, Jason tells him to leave again. Jason explains that if he ever sees him again he will kill him. After Ruiz leaves, Jason tells Sam the only way to get out of the mob lifestyle is to disappear. Sam tells him about her brother and where he is living, and Jason suggests they go live closer to him. Sam gets online and rents a cottage on the beach for the two of them. Sam tells him that she's worried something's going to happen to change their plans, but Jason assures her that there's nothing to keep him here. The phone rings and Sam answers. It's Monica telling them that Emily is in the hospital.

At the hospital, Emily tells Nikolas he can stop being so wonderful and can leave her now. He tells her he doesn't want to stop being wonderful. He doesn't know what he would do if something happened to her. He hasn't felt this close to her in a long time. Nikolas leaves Emily to rest, and Jason comes to see her. She explains what happened and that Carly didn't intend to stab her. Jason seems genuinely relieved that she is ok. He tells her that he and Sam are leaving town, and Emily tries to talk him out of it.

Liz tells Jax that although she doesn't regret the surrogacy arrangement, she wouldn't do it again. She doesn't want to share custody with someone. She wants to have a child with the man she loves. Jax doesn't want to find another surrogate, though. Liz tells him not to find another surrogate and to make up with his wife. Jax tells her their relationship is over, but Liz disagrees. She tells him about her and Lucky's relationship and how many times they both thought it was over. She tells him that the trials and tribulations a relationship goes through only make it stronger.

As Jax waits for an elevator, Nikolas and Courtney arrive from opposite directions. Nikolas asks what the doctor said to Courtney and she tells them both that she just has stomach flu. She asks how Jax is doing and he tells her better every day, although he still has his ups and downs. He gets on the elevator and Nikolas asks her if she wants to have some coffee with him. She tells him she is tired and just wants to go home. She suggests that he gets some coffee at the hospital and stay with Emily in case she wakes up and needs him. Soon after she arrives home, Jax arrives at her door.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Reminding her brother how he could regain his memory at any time, Emily entreats an uneasy Jason not to leave Port Charles. Jax offers Courtney his apology and asks if they can put the anger and ugliness behind them. After arriving at Roselawn, Sonny has a change of heart and decides to take Carly home. Lanie gently prods him, however, to focus on his ex-wife's recovery and let her get the help she so desperately needs. Jason explains to Monica why he's making a clean break from his old life. Javier informs Lorenzo he's about to make his move on Sonny that very night. Mike snarls at Jax after finding his least favorite former son-in-law chatting with Courtney in her apartment. Fighting back his own tears, Sonny bids an emotional farewell to Carly. Courtney confides to her astonished father that she's pregnant but isn't sure if the child belongs to Nikolas or Jax. Lanie grows angry when Justus reveals how he dug into her background and learned about her stay in a mental hospital. Skye and Lorenzo share a kiss. Sonny tells Michael why he won't be seeing Jason for a while. Meanwhile, Javier and his henchmen prepare for a major assault on the Corinthos empire. Lanie admits to Justus that she decided to become a shrink following her own painful experience as a confused youngster. Sam and Jason board a flight for Hawaii.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Georgie shows up at Kelly's wearing a fancy dress and sits down next to Brook Lynn. She tells her that she is supposed to be going to the home-coming dance tonight with a guy that her father approves of named Hank. Georgie wonders how someone named Hank could be good looking. Georgie tells her that Hank is the son of one her father's friends. She feels depressed because Dillon didn't remember how important this night was for her. Brook Lynn tells her to go find Dillon and remind him of the dance and ask him to go with her. Brook Lynn notices some guy standing outside Kelly's and motions for Georgie to look behind her. Georgie wonders if that is really Hank and thinks he is very good looking. However, Georgie decides to go find Dillon and asks Brook Lynn to cover for her until she comes back. Georgie leaves out the back way. Meanwhile, Dillon complains to Maxie about how they plan to get the pervert on campus without using him to do it. Maxie tries to tell him that she feels badly but she wants him to trust her and Jesse to help him. Jesse shows up with a flyer advertising some fraternity party tonight on campus. He tells Maxie they can use that party to bring out the campus pervert and clear Dillon. Dillon doesn't like the idea that Maxie is going to be Jesse's backup because he thinks that makes her a target again. Maxie tells him she is the one that the pervert called to tell her he was going to get back at her. Lucas shows up to tell Dillon that there is a girl named Hollis that wants to meet him. Dillon decides to go with Lucas. Jesse tells Maxie that he needs her to help him set up his sting operation where the party is going to be, with camera and microphone equipment. They are about to leave his dorm to go do that when Jesse's female professor, Miss Taylor,shows up to inform him he is getting an F on his term paper. Jesse claims he wrote that paper himself but the professor thinks someone else wrote it since it sounds too sophisticated and mature for someone his age to have been able to write. Maxie defends Jesse and tells the professor that Jesse is quite emotionally mature for his age but the professor tells him she expects him to be able to take an oral test given by her later on that evening if he expects to pass the class. She leaves and Jesse panics since he never picked up the text book for that class and read even a page in it. Maxie offers to help him get ready and gets a clever idea to do it. Maxie uses the microphone/listening device they are going to use later that night so she can give him the answers from outside to feed through the microphone in his ear. Professor Taylor comes over later. She starts asking him questions for his test and Maxie tells him the answers to most of them but the questions get more complicated and she doesn't know the answer. Jesse, however, does know how to answer the questions based on personal experience and starts to tell the professor about the differences between men and women and how much he loves those differences with the woman he is with now. Maxie is touched by what he says about her. Professor Taylor tells him he is the man of her dreams and starts to come on to him. Maxie rushes into the room from the balcony and warns the professor to back off of her man. The professor accuses them of cheating on the test. Maxie confronts her about coming on to her own student and how bad that looks as well. Professor Taylor threatens to investigate his background more thoroughly because he doesn't have any family written in his records or any record of his actual age and references. Jesse pulls out his badge and I.D. and explains to her why he is really on campus. Maxie also mentions that her father is the police commissioner and suggests Miss Taylor rethink causing problems for him. Miss Taylor tells them she may know a way to trap the real pervert on campus. Meanwhile, Georgie shows up at main hall of the dorm just as Dillon meets a fellow film student named Hollis. Hollis doesn't hide her interest in Dillon. She tells him about her favorite film lately and Dillon finds they have similar taste in films. Georgie overhears him hitting it off with Hollis and feels threatened. She takes off feeling hurt without talking to him. Hollis invites Dillon to join her at some coffee house to hear some band she likes. Dillon takes her up on her offer but warns her that he has a girlfriend already that he adores. They leave together. Diego and Lucas notice them leave together and Diego makes a comment about how Dillon seems to have no problem picking up girls even though he is suspected of being the campus pervert and suggests the Quartermaine money helps him get away with things in this town. Lucas makes a comment about Diego getting away with things as well having Lorenzo Alcazar as a father. Diego tells him that he isn't ashamed of his father and what he does for a living. Lucas backs off of a potential argument. Diego wonders why they haven't seen Maxie or Jesse at the party downstairs and now that Dillon left there is no one else around. Diego wonders if something is going down tonight and if they are being set up to take the fall for what the pervert did. Meanwhile, Georgie goes back to Kelly's. Brook Lynn leaves Kelly's and runs into her. She tells Georgie that she talked with him and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him. Georgie decides to go to the dance with him but won't tell Brook Lynn why she isn't going with Dillon. Georgie walks into Kelly's to meet Hank, her date. They talk and hit it off but she warns him that she has a boyfriend she loves already. Hank asks her why Dillon isn't taking her to the dance instead. Georgie doesn't answer him but notices someone outside that for a moment looks like Dillon but when she looks toward the window again she doesn't see anyone out there. Dillon was actually outside of Kelly's with Hollis. He sees Georgie inside dressed up talking with Hank and decides to go somewhere else with Hollis. Later, Brook Lynn goes back to the dorm main hall. She sees Seth there. Lucas is handed something mysterious from some other guy and Lucas motions to the other guy later when Seth approaches Brook Lynn. Seth appears drunk when he starts talking to her. He suddenly falls over and passes out. Brook Lynn kneels down and touches him to get him to wake up. She calls out for someone to call 911.

Skye breaks into Lorenzo's home, using a flashlight in the dark living room. She starts to try to get into his desk drawers but Lorenzo comes up behind her and grabs her from behind. He asks her why she is breaking into his home. He suggests she is either looking for evidence to where Luke is or she planned to sneak into his bed to surprise him. Skye tells him she has no plans to sleep with him and plays hard to get. Lorenzo tells her that Luke is almost done his work for him and will return home soon and that there is nothing in his home but personal items and that she shouldn't be snooping into his business affairs since it could put her in danger. Lorenzo starts taking his shirt off and invites her to take a shower with him. She turns him down and seems very uncomfortable seeing him half naked. Lorenzo grabs her and holds onto her intimately. Skye asks him to let her go and so he does. Skye storms off. Lorenzo calls one of his men and asks him to find out why Luke hasn't kept in touch with him sooner. Meanwhile, someone who could be Luke leaves an empty bottle of whiskey out on his dining cart and leaves a note asking the hotel to refill his bottle for him. Moments later, a man shows up and bribes the hotel employee into telling him what room Luke is staying in. The employee bolts without taking the cart. Later, Skye shows up at Lorenzo's again while he is upstairs. She tries to break into his armoire but hears footsteps and has to hide nearby in the hallway. Lorenzo comes downstairs in just his robe. Javier Ruiz shows up with his goons and demands to know what Lorenzo put Luke up to. Lorenzo denies having any business with Luke recently and that if Luke is doing anything against his family, he isn't part of it. He acts like he doesn't care if Ruiz goes after Luke and kills him. Ruiz storms off after handing photos he took of Luke and the hotel in Miami he is staying at. Skye overhears the whole conversation and thinks Lorenzo is feeding Luke to the wolves. She exposes her hiding place and confronts Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells her that he doesn't plan to let Luke get killed by Ruiz and that Luke did his job for him and that she won't lose him. Skye asks him again where Luke is staying. Lorenzo won't tell her where he is staying and asks her to stay out of his business. He goes over to the armoire and tells her he keeps it locked because that is where his gun is kept and he doesn't want Diego to find it and get himself in trouble with it. While Lorenzo's back is turned, Skye hits him over the head with a glass vase and knocks him out. She takes the pictures he was holding and looks at them. She finds out what hotel he is suppose to be staying at and goes to find him. Later, she arrives at his hotel room in Miami and notices the door is ajar. She goes inside and find the room is ransacked and there is no sign of Luke. She gets really worried when she finds that there is a pool of blood on his bed sheets. She goes over and notices a shiny diamond earring sitting on what was part of the bed. She picks it up and studies it while someone unidentified comes into the room and sees her with the earring.

Sam and Jason arrive in Hawaii at their new cottage. Jason thinks he should look for a job there soon but tells her he has enough money right now to lounge around for awhile. Sam goes to see her brother Danny at the special school he attends there in Hawaii. She comes back and tells Jason that Danny refused to see her. She explains to Jason that she did come to visit Danny ever month or two but with everything that has happened this year she hasn't visited him for quite awhile and that Danny probably feels abandoned by her. Jason tells her that is probably how everyone back home feels he is doing to them like the Quartermaines and Sonny and his family. Sam tells him that Emily and Sonny have people who care about them back home and that he has only her right now and he shouldn't feel obligated to return to a life he doesn't remember back home. They decide to go to some bar nearby. Sam tells him she has always dreamed about owning a bar on some tropical island. A local man watches them talk at their table and acts like he recognizes Jason. Sam goes to the ladies room and Jason offers to buy the bar from the owner at whatever price the owner wants. Jason takes out a wad of bills to pay him in cash. Sam returns to their table. Jason surprises her by handing her the keys to the bar and informs her she is the new owner. Sam is so excited. The local man that has been watching them calls out to Jason by calling by his last name. Jason tells him that he got his name right. The man comes up to Jason and punches him in the stomach really hard but doesn't give him a reason for it other than mentioning that he knows Jason from some place in New York. Jason doesn't fight back and tells the man that he doesn't remember him at all.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Skye is relieved to find Luke safe but rails at him for not keeping in touch during his long absence. Liz asks an irked Courtney to break things off with Nikolas so he can be free to reconcile with Emily. After holding his temper despite great provocation, Jason tells Sam how good it felt to simply walk away from a fight for once in his life. A guilt-ridden Sonny asks Lanie to arrange for Carly's immediate release from the sanitarium but the shrink advises him to leave well enough alone. Jax is puzzled by a sudden shift in Mike's attitude towards him. Sonny thanks Emily for declining to press charges against Carly. Justus begins to wonder if Lanie is hiding an important part of her past. When his son admits being afraid to tell his classmates about Carly's hospitalization, Sonny explains to Michael why he need never be ashamed of his mother's illness. Meanwhile, Reese confides to Ric how difficult it's been to compete for Sonny's time and attention in recent weeks. Jason brings Danny home to surprise Sam. Courtney cautions her father not to spill her secret until she's ready to divulge the fact that she's pregnant. Tracy encounters big trouble while searching for her errant husband. Courtney decides to call it quits with Nikolas. Javier steps up his hunt for Jason. Alexis remains confident that the imminent birth of their child will convince Ric to finally distance himself from Sonny.

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