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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on GH
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nikolas has a seizure while in the hospital. Liz stops Patrick from administering drugs immediately because Nikolas is remembering the night Emily was murdered. Patrick hesitates for a moment, but Devlin rushes in and takes charge. After ordering drugs for Nikolas, he soundly chastises Patrick, Robin, and Liz for their hesitation. Devlin, who went to medical school with Patrick (and has a mouth and jaw with striking similarities to that of the tattooed mystery man that Jerry is meeting), appears to be a very versatile physician. After starting out as a plastic surgeon, he became an oncologist. It also appears he is as well versed in neurosurgery as Patrick is and even though he has been at GH only a few days, he has enough influence to commandeer Nikolas' case from Patrick and Robin.

Later, Nikolas awakens in a hospital bed. He immediately sees Emily. He tells her that he remembers that he did not kill her and he is relieved. Nurse Nadine comes in. She encourages Nikolas to ask Emily if she remembers who killed her. He scoffs, because he knows that Emily is really a hallucination caused by his tumor. Nadine tells him that Emily is a part of his subconscious and knows everything he does, so that if he knows who killed Emily, so does Emily. Now that he is sure that he did not kill Emily, he is free to tell himself who did. Emily encourages Nikolas to ask her if she knows who killed her, so he asks the question.

Spinelli and Maxie are in the coffee shop using his laptop (which never seems to need batteries or electricity), to look for evidence that will prove that Logan is the Text Message Killer. Johnny and Jason are also there and they talk about Johnny's sister, Claudia. Johnny leaves to search for Lulu. Liz phones Jason to tell him about what Nikolas has remembered. He leaves for the hospital, but not before cautioning Spinelli and Maxie not to jump to any conclusions about Logan without proof. Maxie and Spinelli are so caught up in their belief about Logan's guilt that they do not listen closely when Mike complains to them that the dishwasher-drifter, Daniel, who always wears all black, is out sick with a side injury. The crime solving duo bicker back and forth while they work. Spinelli has a Sam Spade fantasy about Maxie. When she reaches over his shoulder to tap a computer key, he freaks because he is attracted to her. She jumps to the conclusion that it is because he does not like her.

Lulu discovers evidence indicating that Logan is the Text Message Killer while searching his apartment. Before she can leave, Logan returns and catches her there. Logan tries to explain, but Lulu is clearly frightened and does not believe him. She came to clear him, but instead she found evidence that damns him she says. Logan argues that it is really Johnny's fault because she always takes Johnny's side and turns to Johnny when she's upset, but will not do the same thing for him. Lulu is livid to learn that Logan has been following her. They continue to argue. Finally Logan tells Lulu the truth. He got the phone and other evidence so he could plant it in Johnny's car and frame him. He planned to phone in a false lead that would get Johnny picked up as the Text Message Killer. That way, he would have time alone with Lulu to press his suit, he explains. Lulu is incredulous. She is trying to leave when Johnny knocks on Logan's door. Before Lulu can scream, Logan puts his hand over her mouth and physically restrains her.

Michael is on the pier near the building that both Kate and Carly want to buy. He accidentally drops the gun that he bought from street thugs. It discharges. He looks up he sees Kate unconscious on the ground and when he touches her, he gets blood on his hands. He is horrified by what has happened. Michael starts remembering all the warnings that he got from Jason and Sonny about guns. He sits down, dazed, as he finally recalls hearing Sonny tell him to "run and keep running," if he ever used a gun. Michael runs, leaving Kate behind. He stops on the docks and throws the gun into the water. Then he stows away on a freighter leaving Port Charles.

Jax hears a gunshot and rushes to Carly, who has fainted. She did not hear the gun and thinks it was a car backfiring. They go to the hospital to check on her pregnancy. While Carly is with the doctor, Jax calls Kate. He leaves a message that he is worried about her. When Carly returns she tells Jax that the baby is unharmed. Jax and Carly are gleeful. They head home, prepared to tell Michael and Morgan about their coming sibling, who, Jax is convinced, will be a girl.

Sonny is in his office using the phone. He is berating one of his underlings who has not been successful in finding Skye Quartermaine and acquiring the waterfront property that Sonny wants. As he hangs up, Claudia storms in and steams the place up. Sonny is very guarded with Claudia and does not trust her, so he does not return her sexy come-ons. The more Claudia tries to separate business from pleasure and remind Sonny about their night of passion together, the more Sonny resists her obvious charms. When Claudia insults Kate, he angrily asks her to leave. "I don't want you anywhere near here," he says. "I don't want you because I don't want your tongue suddenly down my throat and a knife in my back." Claudia is obviously hurt when she retorts, "I don't have to be in knife-throwing distance to take you down." As she stalks out she adds, "That wasn't a warning by the way. There won't be a warning." She finds Kate on the docks, but leaves her there. Later at her home, she angrily shatters a mirror.

Jason meets Liz at the hospital. They are about to agree to meet later when Jason receives a phone call from Sonny, who is on the docks and wants Jason to meet him there immediately. As Sonny hangs up he notices Kate's lifeless body lying on the pier.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Logan tries his best to explain away all the evidence Lulu has found in his room. Johnny comes to Logan's door and yells out that they need to talk. Logan grabs Lulu and puts his hand over her mouth. Lulu manages to pull away from Logan and hits him with a wrench she finds on the table. When Johnny hears the commotion and Lulu's screams, he breaks the door down. Lucky and Scott show up after the police are called. Lulu tries to explain to Scott what happened and that she didn't mean to hurt his son. Johnny warns her not to incriminate herself until she gets a lawyer. Scott reveals he has had suspicions all along about his son being the Text Message Killer. They all arrive at the hospital and Lucky informs Patrick and Robin that Logan may be the Text Message Killer. Scott points out Logan's injuries are not consistent with suicide and says he Logan may have been a victim of the Text Message Killer and not the killer. Patrick doesn't care. He tells them all that he has a job to do. He will try to save the patient regardless of any moral issues.

Jason finds Sonny in the alley with an unconscious Kate. Sonny tells him he is certain the Zacchara family is responsible for Kate's gunshot. Jason leaves to find out who called the hit on Kate while the ambulance and police arrive to take Kate to the hospital. Sonny goes with her and refuses to leave her side. Leyla tells Sonny he will need to leave so they can treat Kate. Before he leaves, Sonny asks Dr. Julian about Kate's prognosis. Leo tells him they are trying to establish an airway due to a collapsed lung. They will take her into surgery to try to remove the bullet, which appears to be close to her heart. Sonny paces outside the OR, while Dr. Julian performs the surgery. Bobbie watches and comes out to tell Sonny that Kate is in good hands. Jason also comes to talk to Sonny. He doesn't know who ordered the hit, though. This frustrates Sonny. He ends up taking his frustration out on Ms. Sneed when she comes to ask for insurance information and money. Jason calms Sonny down until Johnny Zacchara walks in. Sonny is unable to control his temper any longer and he threatens to kill Johnny if he finds out Johnny is responsible for Kate's injury.

Nadine and Ghost Emily try to convince Nikolas to find out who really killed Emily. He doesn't want to do that to Emily, though. He's also worried that Emily will have no reason to appear to him anymore if he finds out the truth about her killer. Nadine leaves after feeling like a third wheel. Emily and Nikolas decide to make the most of their time together. Nikolas tries to remember what happened to Emily and starts to see images from the night Emily was killed. Later, Dr. Devlin comes in and tells Nikolas he may have another option besides surgery. There is an experimental drug overseas that may help Nikolas. It is too dangerous for Nikolas to fly, though. Dr. Devlin offers to bring it in for Nikolas, if he promises not to tell anyone.

Dr. Devlin continues to fight with Patrick and Robin over their treatment of Nikolas. Patrick stands up for Robin when Dr. Devlin makes a comment about Robin's pregnancy.

Ric goes to the café where Marianna works. He has brought her a red scarf. She is thrilled and puts it on immediately. She can't believe someone is being so nice to her. Ric appears puzzled when she takes it off to go tend to the demands of the café owner. Marianna comes back in time to overhear bits of Ric's phone conversation with Jerry. Ric finds out about Kristina and her catatonic state after having witnessed the Text Message Killer. He tells Jerry to inform Alexis he will be on his way home to see them soon. He rushes out of the café without his deed to the waterfront properties. Marianna sees it and is conflicted on what to do. She grabs the papers and goes outside to track Ric down. She finds him and gives him back the folder. When she comes back inside, the owner of the café appears to threaten her.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After spending the night in a hospital supply closet, Tracy is about to leave GH when she spies Luke in hospital garb, hiding out in one of the rooms. He claims that he's there because he ate bad chili. She thinks otherwise and uncovers a red, heart-shaped box under the covers of his hospital bed. He says it is a valentine gift for her. Tracy laughs at him. He makes a sincere apology, which she believes. She takes the chocolates, and then realizes that they are laced with bourbon, and some are missing. At that moment, a tipsy, young woman walks in, speaks seductively to Luke, then leaves. Tracy is livid. Luke says she is jumping to the wrong conclusions. He did provide the bourbon-laced chocolates to the peppy hospital worker, but he did it for Tracy. His apology was sincere. He knows that Tracy is mad at him and has overreacted against Monica. Tracy hits him in the knee with an I.V. stand before he can add that his hospital friend collects staff clothing discards and donates them to thrift stores. After some "oohs," "ows," and "ouches," Luke tells Tracy that his lady friend will return with the clothing Monica was wearing on the night that her car was stolen. When they get the clothes, Luke and Tracy are ecstatic. They both think that the garments, and Monica's flask, can be used to blackmail her into letting them return to the Quartermaine Estate. Luke, who has a very sore knee, begs Tracy to get a doctor. She tells him that GH will not treat him because he has no insurance and they cannot afford the fees. He will have to go to the county hospital, she says. Luke protests as Tracy bundles him, none too gently, into a wheel chair and pushes him, not carefully, out of the room.

Elsewhere in General Hospital, Dr. Devlin talks to Nikolas about using an experimental drug to slow down the growth of the tumor that is threatening Nikolas' life. Nikolas questions Devlin's motives. Devlin sidesteps, and then explains that the drug has not been approved for use in the U.S. and there may be side effects, but if successful, the tumor will be reduced to a size that is operable. Dr. Devlin leaves Nikolas with a pill and the decision of whether or not to take it.

Claudia is with Anthony Zacchara in the psych ward. She recalls a childhood incident and hears herself plead in a childish voice, "Stop, Daddy. Get away from me, Daddy!" She picks up a pillow and puts it over Anthony's face as though to smother him, but does not go through with it. When she sits down, Anthony taunts her because she could not kill him. "Couldn't do what," says Claudia, "Take advantage of you while you were helpless? Press down and squeeze the last pathetic breaths out of you? Yeah, I could." She says. Anthony says, "So why didn't you?" Claudia responds, "I don't know. Maybe, I want to see you suffer. Maybe, there are ways to get rid of you that won't make my life more of a living hell than you have already made it." "Like what ways?" inquires Anthony. "Well, I don't know. Maybe I'll go talk to your doctor and find out," says Claudia as she leaves his room.

Later Trevor appears in Anthony's room. Anthony notices him and says, "The vultures are gathering." "Nah," says Trevor. "You're already picked clean." "Thanks to you," says Anthony. "You're pretty alert," replies a smug Trevor to a chuckling Anthony. "Don't get crazy on me." Outside the room, Trevor says to an orderly, "I'm the first one you call if his condition changes. Now, it's important that things stay the way they are, you understand me?" Trevor looks meaningfully at Anthony's room. "Yes, sir," answers the orderly. As they walk away, a pensive, possibly eavesdropping Claudia, emerges from a hallway behind them. When she enters Anthony's room again, he does not recognize her. At first she thinks he is faking, and becomes argumentative with him. When he calls Claudia a "whore," and starts shouting for "Maria," she realizes that he is not lucid. When she is pushed aside by orderlies who rush in to calm him, a decidedly unsettled Claudia backs out of the room as Anthony is given an injection.

On Martha's Vineyard, café owner, Randy, waits until Ric leaves to start pushing Marianna around. He threatens her and is about to hit her when Ric returns unexpectedly and stops him. They fight. He gets in a couple of punches, but Ric subdues him and shoves him outside the restaurant. Marianna tells Ric that Randy has a hold on her. She met him in Venezuela at a time when she spoke very little English and read less. Randy seemed kind and generous when he helped her get a visa for the United States. Now, though, she knows the truth, she tells Ric. Randy lied on the visa form and she signed a false statement. If she does not do what Randy says, she will be deported. Meanwhile, she has to work for less that minimum wage. Equivalent to an indentured servant, surmises Ric, who tells Marianna that he is a lawyer and he can fix this for her. She is leery at first, but when Ric assures her that she can trust him, they leave the restaurant together.

Sonny holds the Zaccharas responsible for Kate's shooting. He attacks Johnny when he sees him in the hospital. Lulu stops him and tells him that Johnny was with her. An overwrought Sonny states that Johnny was merely using her for an alibi. Before Sonny can hurt Johnny, Lucky intervenes. Sonny hears a page asking for blood of Kate's type. He rushes to the OR. Maxie arrives with Spinelli and lambastes Lulu for not letting Logan die. She is convinced that he is the Test Message Killer and so deserves to die. After Maxie's diatribe against her, Lulu rushes to the roof. Johnny follows her, but he does not show himself immediately.

A lovely spiritual, "Take Me Home Precious Lord," is sung a cappella in the background by Cassius, while a montage of scenes flash from Kate and Logan fighting for their lives in surgery, to the tearful agony that Sonny and Lulu suffer as they wait for the outcome of the surgeries.

Mac tries to calm Maxie, but she lashes out at Scott when he arrives at the hospital. Mac thinks Scott is too close to the case because Logan is his son. Mac confronts Spinelli and tells him to watch out for Maxie. Spinelli tells him he will try, but he is not in control. He helped Maxie because the "wounded blonde one" forced him. "How?" asks Mac. "She scares me," says Spinelli quietly. "Doesn't she scare you?"

On the roof, Johnny approaches Lulu, who tearfully admits that no matter what Logan did or did not do, she does not want to be responsible for killing him. A part of her does believe Logan, who told her that he was not the killer, he only intended to frame Johnny to keep him away from Lulu. Johnny and Lulu discuss their attraction to each other. Johnny holds Lulu tenderly and comforts her fears.

Jax approaches Sonny as Sonny waits outside the operating room where Kate is in surgery. Bobbi comes out and asks Sonny if he knows of a next-of-kin for Kate. When Sonny says that he will handle it, she leaves. Jax jumps in. He can't resist letting Sonny know that Kate has confided in him about her past. A distraught Sonny tells Jax to stay out of it because he does not know anything. Jax says to Sonny, "Well, I know one thing, she's in that operating room fighting for her life because of you." "Don't presume to judge me, Jax," says Sonny. "The choices life forced me to make, forced Kate to make; you think you know her? You have no idea-this person she created to walk into a world inhabited by people like you-the entitled." "No, you're right. I don't know Kate, I don't know that girl you fell in love with. But I hope to get the chance to," says Jax as he stalks away with the last word. He passes Trevor who rushes up to Sonny. "Johnny's got an alibi, do you?" Sonny asks Trevor. Then he pulls his gun and points it at Trevor's heart.

In another part of the hospital, Maxie overhears that Logan is out of surgery. She enters his unguarded room and reaches for the button that will turn off his ventilator.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lulu and Johnny talk on the roof of the hospital. Lulu is still worried about Logan's condition after she hit him in the head with a wrench. Johnny tries to understand why she still cares whether Logan lives or dies after it seems clear to him that Logan is the text-message killer. Lulu isn't sure what to believe about Logan. Johnny tells her that he pushed her away to keep her safe and not because he didn't care about her. She asks him what he wants. He kisses her instead of answering. He suggests they go someplace warm instead of standing out in the cold. They go to Luke's yacht/casino. Johnny plays piano and talks to her about what it was like growing up with the kind of family he has. They kiss some more and end up making love. Meanwhile, Claudia pays her father another visit. He doesn't seem to recognize her at first and complains about how she is dressed like a whore. Claudia tells him that she wants the same thing he wants, which is to get rid of Trevor.

Maxie goes inside Logan's room and finds him hooked up to a respirator. She tells him she wishes he were awake so he could watch her as she pulled the plug on him after he killed her sister and Cooper. Meanwhile, Mac gives Spinelli grief for not looking after Maxie well enough, considering she is still grieving for Cooper and Georgie and isn't in the right frame of mind to go after a killer. Spinelli feels that her determination has led them to the killer. Scott walks with them to Logan's room. They find Maxie sitting there with the plug in her hand. Scott plugs the cord back in and sees that Logan is still okay. Maxie ends up going up on the roof alone. Spinelli finds her there and fantasizes about being a P.I. from the 1940's who comes to rescue the damsel in distress. Maxie wakes him from his daydream and asks him why he is always sneaking up on her. Spinelli tells her that Mac wanted him to look for her and make sure she was okay. Maxie tells him that finding out that Logan was the killer hasn't brought her the kind of closure she expected to find. Alexis finds Scott sitting in Logan's room. She overhears him talking to Logan about how he is going to wait for Logan to wake up so Logan can explain to his father what is going on, and Scott promises help his son any way he can. Alexis tells Scott that she understands what it is like to be the parent of a child who grew up without her, and that as a parent she had to find a way to accept what her child did and move on. She tells Scott that she will make sure that Logan's name isn't released to the press until after the police investigate him thoroughly.

Sam goes to visit Nikolas in his hospital room. She tells him that she just found out that Logan could be the Text Message Killer. Nikolas tells her that he followed Liz's advice and had the parts of his car checked and that the passenger side of his car wasn't damaged, which means he couldn't have hit her with his car. Sam is relieved to hear that. Dr. Devlin comes in to check on Nikolas and tells Sam to go back to her room and rest. After Devlin leaves the room, Nikolas looks over and sees Emily watching him. Later, he walks over to Logan's hospital room and sees Emily standing outside of it. He asks her if Logan is the one who killed her. An unidentified person shows up in a room and spins a bottle, which points to a picture of Sam.

Sonny pulls his gun on Trevor outside of the O.R. and demands to know who was behind Kate's shooting. Trevor tells Sonny that he had nothing to do with Kate's shooting and that he still loves her. Sonny doesn't believe him and keeps aiming the gun at Trevor. Sonny asks him if it was Johnny or Claudia who shot Kate. Dr. Julian Tavares approaches them along with Jax. Julian notices what Sonny is doing and asks him if he wants to know about Kate's condition. Jax wants to know about Kate as well and asks Julian about her. Julian tells them that the bullet was lodged in a very delicate area of her heart and that it looks, by the angle of the bullet, like whoever shot her was very low to the ground. He tells them that Kate is in critical condition and is in the I.C.U. Sonny asks if he can go see her. Julian gives his permission. Trevor tells Jax that he is still in love with Kate and wouldn't hurt her. Jax tells him that if it turns out that he had anything to do with Kate's shooting, Jax will be there to watch Sonny kill him. Trevor calls one of his men and tells him to find out where Johnny and Claudia were at the time of Kate's shooting and to report back to him. Sonny sits with Kate while she sleeps. He tells her that he was a fool to try to let her go. Kate wakes up and smiles at him. He asks her to tell him who shot her.

Jason shows up at Carly's house. Carly is happy to see him and tells him about her pregnancy. Jason has stopped by to ask her about what she may have seen in the area where Kate was shot, since she was in the same area with Jax. However, Jason is distracted with trying to find out who hit Sam with their car and starts grilling Carly about whether she hit Sam with her car or not. Carly tells him she didn't hit Sam with her car and wonders why he is questioning her about it. Jason tells her that he is interested in finding out who hit Sam because the Text Message Killer was chasing Sam when she got hit. Carly thinks Jason is hiding something but doesn't say anything else. Jason tells her that he is happy for her but makes excuses to leave. She tells him that she was in the same area that Kate was when Kate was shot but that she didn't see anyone or anything and that she had a fainting spell. Jax had found her laying on the ground. Carly makes Jason take a picture with her and they talk about being parents. Carly tells him she wants him to be able to claim his son so that he can be part of all of their lives. Jason still feels he needs to protect Jake by staying away from him. Max shows up at Carly's house looking for Michael. Carly tells him he was supposed to pick Michael up from school. Max tells her he went to pick Michael up from school, but Michael never came out to meet him. He tells her he went inside to find out what happened to him and learned that Michael never showed up for practice. Jason takes charge and organizes a search for Michael. He tells Carly not to panic just yet. Michael is hiding out on some ship and keeps thinking about what Sonny told him before about running as far as he could if he ever ended up firing a gun.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Claudia sits on the steps at home and reminisces about bad times. Trevor walks in and demands to know if Claudia shot Kate. Claudia sidesteps the question as long as she can, but finally reveals she knows nothing about Kate being shot. Claudia asks Trevor when he was going to tell her he is Sonny Corinthos' stepfather. Claudia tries to threaten him, but Trevor points out that she was the last one to be removed from the Zacchara family.

Jax comes home from searching for Michael and has no good news for Carly. He wants to call the police, but Carly says no. She doesn't think they should do anything until they hear from Jason. This infuriates Jax. They argue over Carly's relationship with Jason. Jax says he just wants the same trust from her that she gives Jason. Jax realizes this is not doing them any good and apologizes to Carly. Morgan comes home and asks where Michael is. Jax says Michael is on an adventure and will tell his brother all about it when he gets home. When Morgan goes back upstairs, Jax tells Carly he thinks Michael might have run away. He did the same thing when he was nine and was back by dinner. Carly wonders if Michael is mad at them for searching his room. What could he have been hiding? Jax asks what Carly's intuition is telling her. She says she feels like Michael is cold and scared, and he wants to come home. Meanwhile, Michael shivers on the boat. Some workers walk past Michael's hiding spot and one of them puts his bag down and leaves it. Michael grabs the cell phone from the bag and calls his mother.

Alexis goes to the hospital to pick up Kristina from her appointment with Dr. Winters. Jerry stops her and asks how she and Kristina are doing. He asks if Ric is back in town yet. Alexis tells him no, but the questions puzzle her. Jerry is pulled away when his phone rings. He takes the call and it appears to be bad news. He makes a comment about a lot of people being upset about this news. He hangs up and goes to find Jason. Jerry tells Jason that someone has been making withdrawals from Lorenzo Alcazar's back accounts for the past few months.

Jason brings Michael's backpack to Sonny. It was found a few blocks away from where Kate was shot. Sonny thinks this means the two situations are related. Jason points out that they still need proof. Sonny doesn't like to hear this and tells him to go get his proof.

Liz comes to Ric's apartment after he called her and told her there was a medical emergency. Marianna appears in Ric's bathrobe. Both Ric and Marianna appear bruised and beaten. Liz asks Marianna what Ric did to her. Marianna defends Ric by telling Liz that Ric saved her-he did not hurt her. Liz asks Ric for some water and bandages and starts to clean Marianna up. Liz tells her she may need to see a doctor; Marianna doesn't want any medical treatment. She comments how nice Liz is to her and says she must be Liz. When Ric comes back, he and Marianna tell Liz about Randy holding Marianna captive by blackmailing her with her illegal alien status. Ric plans to help Marianna become a citizen. He tells Marianna to go rest in the back bedroom where no one will bother her, and she can take a bath if she wants. When Marianna leaves, Liz points out that Ric knows a lot about Marianna but doesn't know the real Ric. He uses this opening to reveal that Skye gave him the waterfront property. He says it's like giving a stick of dynamite to the devil. Liz thinks it's worse. He says he just wants the best for Marianna and to help her. Ric brings up Jason and Jake's paternity, and Liz becomes defensive. After she leaves, Marianna mentions to Ric that Liz doesn't trust him. He says that can happen when you betray someone who loves you. He walks out of the room and the doorbell rings. Marianna rushes to the door. It's Trevor. He tells her not to forget who she works for. Ric comes in and asks if there is a problem.

Johnny and Lulu wake up from their night of passion, and Johnny goes out for food and coffee. He comes back talking about how there are no restaurants around there. Lulu is shocked to hear how business-minded he seems. He tells her everything has changed. He feels free. Johnny asks her what she is upset about, and Lulu explains everything is hinging on Logan's life. Lulu feels responsible and it hurts her to know she was involved with a potential serial killer. Johnny calms her down and asks her to meet him for dinner later. She agrees and the two leave separately.

Patrick tells Scott and Mac there is no good news about Logan. When Patrick leaves, Scott confides in Mac that he didn't want to believe his son could be the killer. Mac is determined to find any evidence they need to either prove Logan is or isn't the killer. Later, Patrick comes back and tells Scott that Logan has slipped into a coma.

Alexis brings Sam a new phone to keep her busy while she recovers. Sam reveals that she is going home later in the day. Alexis wants Sam to come home with her because it will make Kristina feel better. Sam says she is perfectly capable of being on her own. Lucky interrupts them and agrees that Sam shouldn't be leaving the hospital so soon. Alexis thinks Lucky is at least trying to improve his relationship with Sam, but Sam tells her mother that Lucky just feels guilty.

Sonny walks into the Zacchara house while Johnny walks down the stairs. Sonny says, "This is for Kate." He aims his gun at Johnny with a shaky hand and fires.

The killer walks into Sam's apartment and smashes a picture of Sam and her family. Soon, Sam arrives home from the hospital alone. Her door remains open as she brings her things inside. Lucky visits and tells her he wants her to stay with him for a while. She turns him down. She won't call him until she knows he is answering the phone for the right reasons. Sam goes back inside and closes her door. She walks over to find her picture smashed. Suddenly, she is being strangled. She fights off her attacker and falls onto the couch. She asks him to reveal himself. The Text Message Killer takes off his mask revealing his identity: Diego Alcazar.

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