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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 9, 2012 on GH
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Separately, Ewen, Ethan and Spinelli tracked the woman in white to Wyndemere. When Ethan demanded an explanation, Ewen said that he was a doctor and the woman in white was his patient, and that she was suffering from amnesia. Ewen explained that he had found nothing physically wrong with the young woman. He said that nine months before, she had wandered into his office at Shadybrook, grabbed a pen, written the word "Help, " and then promptly fainted. Ewen said that he had been treating her ever since but had been unsuccessful at finding any information about her name or where she was from. Spinelli piped up and said that his search had also failed to gather any information.

Ewen said that he called her Cassandra. Spinelli noted that Cassandra was a famous oracle who was never believed. Both Ethan and Ewen acknowledged that Cassandra wrote the initials, "I.C." over and over again. Spinelli suggested that it stood for "I see," because the mythical Cassandra was a seer. Cassandra asked Ethan if he thought she was crazy because she has spent time at Shadybrook. Ewen said what mattered was whether or not Cassandra thought she was crazy. Cassandra said that her head had more room in it than most.

Ewen pointed out that Cassandra was extremely well read and was an excellent mimic. Ewen told Spinelli and Ethan that short of picking up a scalpel and operating, there were very few things that Cassandra could not do. Ewen said that her skill set had not helped him narrow down her identity or where she was from. Cassandra told Ewen that he loved the mystery and solving the puzzle about her.

Ethan wanted to know why Cassandra was drawn to Spoon Island and Wyndemere. Cassandra murmured, "Curiouser and curiouser," which Spinelli identified as a quote from Alice in Wonderland. Cassandra smiled and called Spinelli, "The smart one." When Ethan protested that he was also smart, Cassandra told Ethan that he was clever. She said that Ewen was kind and patient and that they all seemed to think that there was danger for her on Spoon Island, where she felt very comfortable and not at all afraid.

Cassandra begged Ewen to let her stay at Wyndemere and he told her that they would talk about it later. Ewen insisted that Cassandra leave with him. Cassandra, who was standing near a door and facing the three men, looked behind them and screamed. The men turned to look at what had startled Cassandra but saw nothing. When they turned back to her, Cassandra had fled. Ewen ran after her. Ethan and Spinelli were stunned.

Sonny was on the phone, talking to Bernie, when Kate arrived at his home for dinner. She heard him say that he would deal with Jax. Kate said that she hoped Sonny was not planning to kill Jax because she would hate to have to admit that Carly was right. Sonny said he only wanted to talk to Jax. Sonny said that he wanted to put aside the past and move forward.

Kate wanted to know if Sonny would feel the same way if he found out that either Brenda and Jax were together or that Brenda wanted to reunite with Sonny. Sonny said that he was reconciled to the fact that Brenda would not be back. Sonny said that he wanted to let go of the past and look at future possibilities.

Kate said that she was sorry for doubting Sonny. She said that she liked the kinder, softer Sonny. They kissed and joked about dinner. Sonny left to check the sauce, and Kate phoned a friend. Sonny overheard her say that she wanted to be talked out of something, but when Sonny asked, Kate told him that it was a business call. Sonny said that he liked to think while he cooked and that he had been thinking about his relationship with Kate. Sonny said that he did not want to rush it and that he wanted to get it right this time.

Kate told Sonny that he was sweet and that he was a gentleman. She said that the pace was just right. Sonny admitted that he was a little nervous. He said that he was afraid to screw up because he wanted his relationship with Kate to last. They kissed greedily and then Kate got up, went to the stairs, and took down her hair and shook it out. She climbed the stairs to Sonny's bedroom. Sonny followed. Kate was waiting for Sonny in his bed. She had on sexy underwear and a come-hither smile. They kissed passionately, further undressed each other, and then made slow, tender love.

Carly stormed into Johnny's apartment, demanding to know what it would take to keep Johnny from giving Michael a job with the mob. Johnny's response was rife with innuendo. Carly said that she would not let Johnny use Michael against Sonny. Johnny wanted to know what Carly was offering. When Carly indicated that she would have sex with him, Johnny said that he was a gentleman and would not make the first move. Carly said that before anything went anywhere, she needed some assurances herself.

Carly said that she did not want Michael in the business, even if he was just running errands. Johnny said that Michael could be quite an asset, especially if he turned against Sonny. Johnny said that one night with Carly might not be enough. Johnny wondered if Carly wanted to sleep with him so that Sonny would get ticked off. Then he suggested that they keep any relationship between them secret. Johnny said that he liked secrets. Carly told Johnny that he was playing a dangerous game. Carly said that Sonny would kill Johnny if Sonny found out that Johnny had initiated Michael into the mob.

Johnny asked what Michael would think if he found out that Carly was trying to seduce Johnny to keep Michael out of the mob. Carly said that Michael would think that she was trying to control him but that she did not care as long as she kept her son safe. Johnny said that was a good reason to keep anything between them secret.

Johnny said that even if he did not let Michael into the business, his father, Anthony might. Carly said that she thought that Johnny ran the business. Johnny said he tried, but Anthony was a wild card. Johnny said that Carly would have to up the ante if Anthony got involved. Carly said they were talking about her son, not a shipment. Johnny said he thought they were negotiating an exchange. Carly moved closer to Johnny and asked if they had a deal.

Johnny and Carly started kissing. Johnny stopped her and told Carly that it was her last chance to back out. He asked her if she would really go through with their bargain for her son. Carly said, "All this and more." Johnny looked thoughtful for a moment, walked to the front door, opened it, indicated that she should leave, and then wished Carly, "Goodnight."

At General Hospital, Robin spoke with Liz while Patrick examined Jason and Monica comforted Sam. Liz was momentarily speechless when Robin said that her HIV protocol had failed and she wanted Liz to comfort Patrick and Emma if Robin lost her battle with AIDS. Liz encouraged Robin to tell Patrick about her condition, but Robin was adamant that she did not want Patrick to endure what Robin had endured with Stone. Liz tried to look at the bright side, but Robin said that she had to plan for the worst-case scenario, and it would ease her mind if Liz would promise to look after Patrick and Emma. Liz agreed to do what Robin asked, if Robin agreed to tell Patrick everything before she left.

Jason passed out briefly, but recovered before Patrick got him on a gurney. Jason wanted to leave without tests, but Patrick insisted. In the exam room, Jason said he was experiencing numbness in his hand when Patrick asked about other symptoms. Patrick said he would run more tests to determine whether or not the numbness was due to Jason's latest brain surgery or to a previous shoulder injury.

Jason was surprised to hear that Robin was looking for him. Patrick wanted to know what Jason knew about Robin that Patrick did not. Jason said that he had known Robin at a different time in her life and perhaps she felt comfortable talking to Jason about those times. Jason said that he knew Robin loved Patrick and encouraged Patrick to talk to Robin. Patrick told Jason that by the same token, he should talk to Sam.

Monica alerted Sam to Jason's condition and said that Jason was having tests, but for the moment, anyway, Jason seemed to be okay. Monica asked if Jason had experienced any other symptoms, but Sam noted that Jason was stoic and did not complain about pain. Monica said that Sam understood Jason very well. Monica said that it had hit her hard to find out that she was related to Jake only after the little boy was dead. Sam said that Jason had not intended to hurt Monica; he had only wanted to do what was best for Jake.

Monica encouraged Sam to try to get pregnant, not to replace Jake, but for Sam's sake. Monica said that Jason took terrible chances. Monica feared Sam would have regrets if she missed out on having a baby with the man she loved. Before Sam could respond, Monica got paged and left Sam sitting quietly and thinking. As Monica walked away, Sam examined the pregnancy test she had taken earlier.

Patrick approached Sam and updated her on Jason's condition and the tests that he had ordered for Jason. He asked if Jason had experienced headaches or other symptoms, including mood swings. Sam told Patrick about Jason's angry outbursts without mentioning Franco. Patrick said that the best thing Sam could do for Jason was try to help keep his stress level down. After Patrick was gone, Sam looked at the pregnancy test again.

Monica found Jason in the examination room. She asked him how he was feeling and informed him that Sam was waiting in the lobby. Jason said he did not want Sam to worry. Monica laughingly said that worrying was part of a wife's job. Monica admitted she might be overstepping when she encouraged Jason to try for a baby with Sam. She said that a child was the greatest gift two people could give each other. Before leaving, she told Jason that she loved him.

At the nurses' station, Liz again told Robin to talk to Patrick. Robin said it was not a good time because Patrick was focused on Jason, but Liz insisted.

Sam hid the pregnancy test from Jason when he approached her to ask if she was okay.

Patrick found Robin in the locker room. She said that she wanted to say goodbye before she left for the AIDS conference. Robin asked about Jason's condition. Patrick said he was doing tests. Patrick also said that Jason had arrived at the hospital, looking for Robin. Patrick said that Jason, the least emotional person he knew, had insisted that Patrick talk to Robin. Patrick wanted to know why Jason had said that to him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jax shadowed Carly as she went to Greystone Manor. Carly marched into Sonny's home, and then called out to Sonny. He appeared at the top of the stairs, so Carly informed him that they needed to discuss the situation with Michael. Sonny suggested that they wouldn't have a problem with Michael if she had spent more time with the children. Carly made excuses for why she had kept quiet about Jax, and then confessed that she couldn't understand why Michael viewed it as a betrayal. "Maybe because it was," Kate answered as she joined Sonny and Carly in the living room.

Carly glared at Kate, and then volleyed a few insults Kate's way. Kate responded with her own barbs, until Sonny was forced to remind Carly that they needed to focus on Michael. Kate pointed out that Carly had let Michael think that Sonny had killed Jax, so it was understandable why Michael was so furious. Carly started to rip into Kate, but Sonny demanded that Carly show Kate respect in his home. Kate assured Sonny that she was immune to Carly's behavior, and then strolled out of the room. Carly continued to grumble about Kate until Sonny steered the conversation back to Michael.

Carly insisted that they needed to work together to help Michael, but Sonny was curious where that togetherness had been when Carly had lied about Jax, and then had sent Morgan away. Carly argued that it wasn't important, because Michael had turned to Johnny for a job. Sonny decided to handle it, but Carly made it clear that she wanted to be involved. Sonny pointed out that she had made a mess of things by lying to Michael, so Michael didn't want anything to do with her. Sonny assured her that he would take care of it, and that she should stay out of it. Carly wasn't pleased, but Sonny didn't care.

Later, Sonny became concerned when Michael refused to accept his phone calls. Kate wondered if Sonny were afraid that Michael would join the Zacchara organization. Sonny explained that Michael was volatile, so Johnny might be eager to take advantage of that. Kate doubted that Michael would align himself directly against Sonny, but Sonny insisted that Michael's grief, combined with his anger over Sonny's refusal to let Michael into the Corinthos organization, could drive Michael to make a reckless choice. Kate urged Sonny to have faith that the "wonderful values" and loyalties that he had instilled in Michael would guide Michael to make the right choice, so Sonny should let things be.

Sonny explained that Michael had access to dangerous options, and that Johnny would provide Michael with an opportunity to use them. Kate decided that she should leave, but Sonny insisted that he didn't want her to use Michael as an excuse to pull away from him. After Kate got dressed, Sonny decided to make certain that he and Kate were on the same page about what had happened between them. Kate claimed that it had been "glorious sex between two consenting adults." "That's all?" Sonny asked.

Kate thought that they should take things a step at a time, prompting Sonny to question if she were suggesting that they were friends with "fantastic" benefits. "No complications, no expectations," Kate clarified. Sonny recalled that she had said something similar years before, when they had gone to Brighton Beach. He had assumed that she had been talking about Olivia, but he realized that she hadn't wanted to be held back. Kate assured him that she had never meant to hurt him. Sonny insisted that it hadn't compared to how he had hurt her. He reminded her that she could have died on their wedding day.

Kate argued that she hadn't died, which had eventually led them to where they were. She hoped that was good enough for Sonny. "It is," Sonny assured Kate. Kate warned Sonny that their relationship would soon go public, because Carly would be quick to tell the entire town about their affair. She was curious if he were ready for that. Sonny insisted that he had never been more ready.

Kate smiled, kissed him goodbye, and then left. Sonny called Michael, but the call went to voicemail, so he left another message. Afterwards, Sonny grinned when he spotted Kate's glove on the chair.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was surprised to read Anthony and Tracy's engagement announcement on the front page of the newspaper. Johnny suspected that Anthony had forced Tracy to agree to the wedding, but Anthony accused his son of being jealous. Anthony thought that Johnny should be happy that Anthony had been willing to "take one for the team" by marrying Tracy to advance the future of the Zaccharas. Johnny wondered if Skye would be attending the wedding, since Skye had given Anthony the information that Anthony had used to coerce Tracy into marriage. Anthony assured Johnny that Tracy had been happy to accept the proposal, but Johnny had doubts, because of Luke.

Anthony shrugged, and then explained that women were drawn to men who could provide for them, and protect them. Anthony then proceeded to give Johnny a watered-down version of the proposal. Johnny didn't believe things had played out as Anthony had suggested, so he decided to offer his father some words of advice. Johnny reminded Anthony that Tracy had been married to Gino Soleito, and then pointedly added, "May he rest in peace." Johnny warned Anthony to be careful. Moments later, Carly called.

Carly reminded Johnny that they had a deal; however, the window of opportunity was closing. Johnny agreed to meet Carly, but he was careful not to reveal too much, because he was aware that his father was listening closely.

Jax skulked in the shadows as Carly went to Kelly's, and then entered the closed diner. Moments after Carly flipped on the lights, Shawn appeared at the bottom of the stairs. He explained that the thermostat was stuck, so the rooms on the second floor were blazing hot. Shawn was curious what she was doing there. Carly reminded him that he was no longer her bodyguard, so it was none of his business why she was in her family's diner. Shawn suspected that Carly was there because of him, so he invited her to join him, while he checked the furnace.

Carly declined, so Shawn went to the basement alone. Moments later, Johnny entered. Johnny wondered if they were headed to one of the upstairs rooms, or if she had been bluffing about her end of their agreement. Carly explained that she wanted to make certain that the terms of their bargain were settled, but Johnny had a feeling that she was not committed to the negotiations. Carly clarified that she was focused on the results. Johnny assured her that he knew that she wanted him to turn Michael away.

Johnny pointed out that Carly had named the place and time, so he was there to take the next step. "Here I am," Carly replied seductively, prompting Johnny to kiss her. Moments later, Shawn returned to the diner. Shawn watched Carly and Johnny's heated kiss for several heartbeats, and then made his presence known. Johnny pulled away from the kiss, and then chuckled; it became clear to Johnny why Carly had arranged to meet him at Kelly's.

Carly suggested that they meet another time. "Maybe," Johnny replied, and then invited Carly to be his date to Anthony and Tracy's wedding. Carly was surprised by the wedding news, but she turned down the invitation, because Anthony and Tracy were not her favorite people. Carly also pointed out that their arrangement had nothing to do with socializing. Johnny smiled as he assured her that he could be flexible. After Johnny left, Shawn was curious if Carly's little show with Johnny had been for Shawn's benefit.

Carly twirled a strand of her hair as she assured Shawn that he had been the last person on her mind during the kiss. She insisted that what she did or didn't do with Johnny was none of Shawn's business. Shawn suggested that Carly might be playing with fire, because her son had killed Johnny's sister. Shawn warned her that Johnny might blame her, or Johnny might want to get one over on Sonny, so she was simply a means to an end. Carly argued that Johnny might be attracted to her, even though Shawn wasn't. Shawn clarified that he had never said that, but Carly ignored him.

Carly told Shawn that perhaps she enjoyed being pursued, rather than rejected, when she put herself out there. Shawn reminded her that it had been his job to protect her, and that the Zaccharas had a history of being mentally unstable. Shawn sensed that something else was going on, because he couldn't imagine Carly being impulsive enough to get involved with Johnny. Carly assured Shawn that she knew what she was doing, so she didn't need his input or advice. "I guess you told me," Shawn replied, and then went to his room.

Carly pulled out her cell phone, and then called someone. She told the person on the other end that she might need help. Seconds later, Carly heard a noise at the door, so she turned to look.

At the police station, Ronnie decided to throw Dante a bachelor party. Delores tried to explain that it was too late, but Ronnie revealed that he'd already heard about Dante and Lulu's wedding from friends and family in Bensonhurst. However, Ronnie was determined to have the bachelor party anyway. Michael overheard the conversation when he entered the squad room, so he sarcastically suggested that Ronnie could host the party in the hospital's ICU, because that's where all the dancers were. Michael angrily accused the police of failing to "protect and serve," because they were busy planning parties. Dante, Delores, and Ronnie decided to show Michael the case file on the attacks.

Ronnie was confident that the person responsible for assaulting the dancers would soon slip up, but Michael wasn't satisfied. Michael accused the police of not investigating the case properly, because they didn't care about the victims. Delores assured Michael that no one wanted to find the assailant more than she did, but Michael had his doubts. According to Michael, their parties were more important. Ronnie told Michael that he was being unfair, but Michael argued that it had been unfair to scatter Abby's ashes in New Zealand.

Dante reminded Michael that Abby's death had been an accident, but Michael insisted that Abby wouldn't have been in Chicago if the police had been doing their job. Ronnie suggested that Michael could help by getting Sonny to suspend business for a while. Michael vowed that Abby's death would not be in vain, and that Abby, and her friends, deserved justice. Michael insisted that if the cops wouldn't do their job, then there were other ways to handle things. Michael's cell phone rang, but Michael sent the call to voicemail when he saw that it was his father. Afterwards, Michael stormed out of the police station, before Dante could reason with his brother.

A short time later, Michael turned up at the Zacchara penthouse. He wanted to talk to Johnny, but Anthony explained that Johnny had gone to meet a woman. Anthony invited Michael in and then offered his condolences. Anthony assured Michael that he had liked Abby, but Michael reminded Anthony that Anthony had framed her for murder. Anthony explained that it had been business, so Michael revealed that he had gone to the police station to check on the investigation into the attacks on the dancers, but the police hadn't made any progress.

Anthony feigned sympathy as Michael ranted. Afterwards, Anthony invited Michael to stay for a drink.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Delores and Dante discussed the attacks on the dancers. Ronnie entered the squad room to announce that they had found the guy responsible for assaulting the strippers, and then handed Dante a piece of paper. "Chuck Donofrio?" Dante asked. Ronnie explained that Chuck fit the profile of their perpetrator, and that Chuck had attacked someone in broad daylight. According to Ronnie, there had been an eyewitness, so Ronnie was on his way to talk to the witness.

Maxie was nervous as she approached her apartment door. She looked over her shoulder, and then jumped when Lulu suddenly walked up. Lulu wondered why Maxie was so skittish, so Maxie explained that she was trying to be cautious, because a man had been targeting strippers. Lulu opened the apartment door, and then led Maxie inside as she pointed out that Maxie wasn't a stripper. Maxie argued that she was fit and toned, so she could be a dancer, which made her a potential target. Lulu was startled when she noticed a Taser in Maxie's hand.

"Better safe than sorry," Maxie explained. Lulu warned Maxie to be careful not to use the weapon on the wrong person. Maxie ignored the warning as she accused Lulu of deserting her. Lulu pointed out that it was normal for a wife to want to live with her husband. Later, Maxie and Lulu watched a yoga video as they tried to follow along on their mats.

As the women stretched, they talked about Lulu's failed attempts to cook, and Maxie's search for a roommate. Maxie mentioned that Spinelli had wanted to move in, but she had asked Matt instead. Lulu was curious what Matt's answer had been, but Maxie's phone rang before Maxie could reply. Maxie became flustered when she heard Anthony's voice. Anthony wanted to check on the progress of the wedding preparations, and to see if she had received his message. Maxie carefully answered Anthony's questions, without giving away his identity.

Anthony realized that Maxie wasn't alone, so he warned her that he expected her to make certain that the wedding was perfect. Maxie promised to do her best, so Anthony reminded her that he had gone to great lengths to keep Matt from being accused of Lisa's murder. Anthony cautioned Maxie not to disappoint him, and then ended the call. Lulu had overheard enough to know that Maxie was planning a wedding, so Lulu was curious who the happy couple was. Maxie would only reveal that it was a high-profile client. Lulu suddenly cried out in pain when a particular yoga position wrenched Lulu's back.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin discussed Jason's case. Robin was frustrated, because Jason was not a cooperative patient. Patrick confessed that he was concerned about the remarks that Jason had made about Robin. Robin managed to assuage Patrick's uneasiness by suggesting that Jason had been worried about Robin's determination to help her AIDS patient. Patrick revealed that he knew that Jason had paid to have Robin and Stone's bridge rebuilt. Robin was shocked at the idea that Patrick might be jealous, but Patrick assured her that he wasn't, because if it hadn't been for Jason then Patrick would never have met Robin.

In the waiting area, Sam asked Jason to hold her. Jason wrapped his arms around his wife, and then assured her that he was fine. Sam insisted that neither of them were okay, but Jason argued that he had passed out because of lack of sleep. Sam loved Jason, but she pointed out that he'd had brain surgery over the summer, and then had recently had a motorcycle accident. She also reminded him that he'd had fits of anger, and problems with his left hand. Jason revealed that Patrick suspected that the "hand thing" was a result of Jason getting shot in the shoulder.

"What about when you go still?" Sam asked. Jason had no idea what she was talking about, so Sam explained that she had seen him periodically drift off, and disconnect. Moments later, Patrick and Robin joined Sam and Jason. Robin was curious if it had been the first time that Jason had passed out. Jason assured Robin that it had been, but Robin wondered if perhaps Jason had passed out just before the accident on New Year's Eve. "No way," Jason insisted.

Sam told the doctors that Jason had been sleeping less than normal, and that she had found Jason staring out the window, as if he were unaware of his surroundings. Patrick wondered if Jason had experienced any headaches. Jason assured them that he hadn't, but Robin quickly clarified that they were curious about even mild headaches. Jason reluctantly admitted that he'd had a few. Sam decided to tell the doctors about Jason going still, when it seemed that he didn't hear anyone, on several occasions. Robin recalled that Jason had had an episode like that in jail, during one of her visits.

Jason assured Robin that he'd heard Robin, but he had been thinking about something that he hadn't wanted to discuss with her. Sam realized that Jason had been referring to Franco. After Patrick stepped away, Robin instructed Jason and Sam to keep a detailed list of Jason's symptoms, and to continue to monitor Jason. Jason balked at being watched, but Robin argued that it was necessary, so that they could properly diagnose Jason. Sam's cell phone rang, so she excused herself to take the call. Robin hoped that Jason wasn't mad at her for pushing him to have the tests.

"You mad at me?" Jason wondered. Robin confessed that she had been impressed with is ability to finesse the truth. Jason assured her that he hadn't told Patrick exactly what was going on with her. Robin appreciated that Jason had kept her secret. She then changed the subject by urging Jason to reassure Sam, and not to take any risks, because it was clear that Sam was terrified. Moments later, Patrick returned with the results of the latest round of tests.

Robin was disappointed that nothing was conclusive, so they would need to run some more tests on Jason. Jason insisted that he knew what was wrong with him, and it wasn't medical. Sam knew that Jason was once again referring to Franco, but she kept silent. Moments later, a nurse informed Robin that the car service had arrived to take Robin to the airport. Patrick decided to walk his wife to the car, so Robin urged Jason to let Patrick run whatever tests were needed. Jason reluctantly agreed.

After Robin and Patrick walked away, Jason explained that the tests were unnecessary, because they both knew why he was mad; however, he agreed to do whatever Patrick asked of him to ease Sam's concerns. Sam revealed that she needed to tell Jason something. Jason explained that he needed to tie up some loose ends first, so that he could give Sam his full attention.

At the elevator, Robin looked at her ticket to Seattle, and then quickly tucked it away when Patrick joined her. Patrick wanted to whisk Robin to the supply closet for some time alone, but Robin argued that she didn't have time. However, she promised to make it up to him when she returned home. Patrick hated that Robin was leaving, but Robin appreciated that he understood the importance of her trip. She told him that she had talked to Liz, and that Liz had agreed to help Patrick with Emma. Patrick insisted that he and Emma would be fine, and then kissed his wife goodbye.

Moments later, Patrick approached Sam to explain that it was important to keep Jason calm until they could figure out what was going on with Jason. Sam promised to do what she could. Nearby, Jason left Spinelli a message ordering Spinelli to find Franco.

Sam wandered to the maternity ward. A woman, who had been looking at the newborns, struck up a conversation with Sam. The woman pointed to one of the infants, and then revealed that it was her daughter. She wondered if Sam had any children, so Sam admitted that she didn't. The woman admitted that having a child was the most incredible thing that a woman could experience. Moments later, the woman was given permission to enter the room to hold her newborn daughter. Sam's eyes misted as she watched the woman gently rock the baby in her arms.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diane stopped by McCall and Jackal Private Investigations after she had put her column to bed. Spinelli thanked her for agreeing to meet him, and then asked her if she enjoyed her new profession as a journalist. Diane admitted that she did, but she confessed that a part of her missed the thrill of invoking a client's rights, and spending the money that she had made as an attorney. Spinelli wondered if her finances were okay, so Diane assured him that, between her book and column, she was doing fine; however, she had loved getting paid for representing the seemingly impossible cases. Spinelli was curious if that included exonerating clients who had been guilty. "Ow, not all of them," Diane clarified.

Spinelli snorted when Diane used Sonny as an example, so she reminded him that Sonny had been falsely accused of killing Claudia. "True," Spinelli acknowledged. Diane confessed that she had regretted what had happened to Michael, because Michael had been an innocent man who had gone to jail. She then decided to change the subject by advising Spinelli that he needed to get control over his own "romantic destiny."

Spinelli agreed, and then admitted that he had hoped to "rekindle a flame that had never truly died." He revealed that he had thought his problem had been solved when he had answered Maxie's ad for a roommate, but Maxie had turned him down, because she had been concerned that Spinelli's feelings would be hurt when Matt visited the apartment. Diane wondered what Spinelli had said to that. "It would be quid pro quo when my lady of mystery chose to stay over," Spinelli admitted with a sly smile. Spinelli quickly clarified that he had encountered a perplexing woman with amnesia. Diane laughed, because true amnesia was rare, and easy to fake.

Spinelli explained that the woman was under a doctor's care. He confessed that his remark to Maxie about the woman had been a litmus test to see if Maxie would be jealous. Spinelli believed that he'd had moderate success, but Diane was glad that he had called her when he had, because she feared that Spinelli was about to walk into a world of hurt. Diane warned Spinelli that his powers of deceit were less than formed, so he should quit while he was ahead. Spinelli argued that Maxie and Matt were ill suited for each other. Diane agreed, but she warned Spinelli that not everyone felt the same way about love as Spinelli did.

According to Diane, people changed; her failed relationship with Max was a perfect example. Spinelli was curious what had happened between Diane and Max, so Diane revealed that she had sensed that Max had wanted to settle down, but that wasn't for her. Diane insisted that she and Max had wanted different things, which was the same problem that Spinelli had with Maxie. Spinelli insisted that he was ready to conform to suit Maxie, but Diane explained that no matter how much a person wanted someone, or loved them, it didn't always work out. Spinelli confessed that he would rather face renewed heartbreak than to regret giving up too soon.

Ewen arrived at Wyndemere with some coffee. He handed a cup to Ethan, who had slept on the sofa. Ewen was curious if Ethan had seen Cassandra, but Ethan shook his head. Ewen explained that she had a habit of disappearing, but she always turned up sooner or later. Ewen admitted that it wouldn't surprise him if Cassandra were nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation, because she was "socially curious." Ewen was right; Cassandra lurked in the tunnel, listening to Ewen and Ethan's conversation.

Ethan wondered where Ewen had met Cassandra, so Ewen revealed that it had been at a private mental facility in the Northwest. Ewen had assumed that Cassandra had wanted help to find out who she was, but he had been wrong. Ewen couldn't imagine what kind of tragedy could cause a person to wipe out their entire past. Ethan reminded Ewen that it was Ewen's job to find out, and then wondered how hard Ewen had tried. Ewen admitted that he had followed as many leads as he could, to no avail, so he had finally given her a name. Ethan told Ewen about the notes that Ethan and Cassandra had exchanged, in which she had claimed to be no one.

Ewen looked at Laura's portrait, so Ethan explained that Laura had been Ethan's father's first wife. Ewen admitted that Cassandra bore a striking resemblance to Laura. Ewen was curious if the castle belonged to Ethan's family, because Ewen was interested in renting the place. Ethan explained that he was merely the caretaker, but he offered to put Ewen in touch with Alexis. Ewen thanked Ethan, and then asked Ethan to let Cassandra know that Ewen was looking for her.

After Ewen left, Ethan called out to Cassandra. Ethan confessed that he was bewitched and enthralled with her when she stepped out of the tunnel. He admitted that he thought about her constantly, so he was eager to know all of her secrets. Cassandra turned to dart back into the tunnel, but Ethan asked her to stay. "On one condition," Cassandra replied. Ethan feared that she wanted him to keep his distance, so Cassandra kissed him to assure him otherwise.

Cassandra knew that he had questions, but she insisted that she didn't have any answers for him. Ethan suggested that she explain why she was at Wyndemere. Cassandra didn't want to answer the question, so Ethan worried that she might be hiding from someone. "Is it Helena? Helena Cassadine? Is that who you are hiding from?" Ethan wondered, unaware that Helena was skulking in the tunnel, eavesdropping.

At the police station, Delores and Dante discussed the arrest of the man who was suspected of attacking the strippers. Delores thought that the man had seemed like he had wanted to get caught, which had raised some questions with her. She asked to sit in on the interrogation, but before Dante could reply, Olivia strolled in with a bag of food from the Metro Court Restaurant. Olivia made a point of suggesting that Dante could have lunch with his "beautiful wife," but Dante explained that it wasn't an option, because he had to work. Olivia reminded him that there was always dinner, and then began to talk about how much Dante and Lulu loved each other. Delores got the hint, so she quietly excused herself.

Dante scolded Olivia, and then reminded her that he and Delores were merely partners. Olivia argued that all men said that, until "you come around the corner, and she's hanging all over him." Dante realized that Olivia was no longer talking about him. Olivia admitted that Steve's ex-girlfriend was working at the hospital. Dante wondered if his mother had discussed her concerns about Maggie with Steve. Olivia clarified that she trusted Steve, but she was certain that Maggie was in town for more than a job.

Olivia explained that she and Steve had a simple no-strings relationship, but Dante pointed out that it was clear that Olivia had strong feelings for Steve. Delores returned to let Dante know that she had some new information on the case that they were working on, but Dante was determined to help his mother, so he ushered Olivia to a private corner to continue their conversation. He advised Olivia to talk to Steve, but Olivia was afraid that Steve wasn't ready for a commitment, so she didn't want to make a fool of herself. Dante insisted that Steve would be the fool if Steve didn't see what a great person Olivia was.

After Olivia left, Delores revealed that she had gone over the witness statement, and that it had made her question whether or not Chuck Donofrio was their guy. According to Delores, the witness testimony was shaky at best, and all of the victims had been professionally trained dancers, who had been taught at the same studio. Delores feared that they might put the wrong guy away for the crimes, which would allow the real perpetrator to remain on the streets. Dante received a call notifying him that their suspect's attorney had arrived, so Dante invited Delores to sit in on the interrogation.

At the hospital, Maggie asked to speak to Steve about a new form of therapy that she had designed for her patients, but Johnny arrived to talk to Steve. Maggie suggested that Johnny was making a habit of interrupting Steve at work, but she decided to give them their privacy. After Maggie walked away, Steve informed Johnny that Johnny couldn't keep showing up at the hospital to demand to talk to Steve. "Sure I can," Johnny replied. Johnny glanced at Maggie, and then noted that Steve appeared to have a thing for pretty doctors like Maggie and Lisa. Steve ignored the remark, as he made it clear that he couldn't help Johnny.

Johnny insisted that he was only asking for a referral, but Steve explained that it was the reason for the referral that presented a problem. Johnny warned Steve that if Steve didn't help him, then the whole world would know about the guy that Steve had "offed" in Memphis, as well as Maggie's role in the nefarious deed.

Later, Steve entered the conference room where Maggie was looking at some pictures that her patients had drawn. She showed them to Steve, who agreed that they were inspirational. Steve then changed the subject by confessing that it had been a mistake for him to drag her away from Memphis. Maggie was surprised, because Steve had gone to great lengths to get her a job at General Hospital. Steve argued that Maggie was too good for General Hospital, so he urged her to take a job at St. Vincent's in Seattle, where there was an opening in the pediatrics ward. Maggie suspected that the real reason that Steve wanted her to leave Port Charles was because he didn't want her to create any more tension in his relationship with Olivia.

Steve pointed out that things had been over between him and Maggie for a long time, so it wasn't an issue. Maggie suggested that he was also concerned that she wouldn't keep silent about what had happened in Memphis. Steve warned Maggie that they could land in hot water if someone were to start digging into their past. "Why do you care?" Maggie wondered. Steve explained that what had happened in Memphis was a long time before, so he wanted to put it behind him. Maggie noticed that it had become Steve's new mantra; as if what had happened could be lumped together with what they had shared.

Steve admitted that it had been a mistake to ask her to move to Port Charles. Maggie wondered if she were a reminder of the good, and what they had become in the end. Steve insisted that their relationship was over. "Then this won't matter," Maggie said just before she kissed him. Moments later, Olivia spotted Maggie and Steve through the window of the conference room.

At ELQ, Lulu wanted assurance that Tracy was not going to marry Anthony. Tracy insisted that Anthony had planted the story in the newspaper. Lulu wanted Tracy's promise that Tracy didn't intend to marry Anthony. Tracy admitted that Anthony had proposed, prompting Lulu to worry that Tracy was on the rebound. Tracy insisted that she knew what she was doing, and had everything handled. Tracy then changed the subject by asking if Lulu had found her bliss.

Lulu confessed that she was having difficulty with that, so Tracy suggested that Lulu accept a job at ELQ. Lulu thought that it would be a disaster, so she declined. Lulu explained that she wanted to wait for the right thing. "Good, the right thing is worth waiting for," Tracy replied. "Just like the right man," Lulu responded.

Tracy insisted that she didn't want to go there, but Lulu was certain that Tracy was still in love with Luke. Lulu recalled the expression on Tracy's face when Tracy had thought that Luke had sent the diamond. Tracy argued that that ship had sailed. "And Anthony Zacchara is pulling up to your dock," Lulu warned Tracy. Tracy assured Lulu that she knew what she was doing, but Lulu suspected that Tracy was giving up on Luke. Tracy argued that Luke was gone, and no one knew where he was.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Maxie went over the wedding plans with Anthony. Anthony was happy to leave all of the details in Maxie's capable hands. Maxie couldn't believe that she was stuck planning Anthony's wedding, so Anthony reminded her that he had helped her out. Maxie didn't want to hear the details of how Anthony had framed Briggs for Lisa Niles's murder. Anthony chuckled, and then compared Maxie to a carnivore that liked to eat steak, but refused to visit the slaughterhouse. Maxie returned the focus of the discussion back to Anthony's wedding to Tracy.

Anthony insisted that Maxie order rare orchids for the wedding. Maxie was curious if Anthony and Tracy wanted to write their own vows, but Anthony admitted that he preferred a traditional ceremony, especially the "until death do us part" line in the vows. A short time later, Tracy stopped by to talk to Anthony. Maxie promised Tracy that the wedding would be beautiful, but Tracy made it clear that she wanted a low-key affair without any photographers or the press. Anthony was disappointed, but he agreed to Tracy's terms.

After Maxie left, Anthony warned Tracy that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, even though the wedding was on Friday. Tracy insisted that there wouldn't be a wedding, because it was a mistake. Anthony argued that he and Tracy were soul mates, because they had a lot in common, including the knowledge of how Tracy had financed ELQ with dirty money. Anthony suggested that if they went their separate ways then she would be miserable. Tracy quickly changed tactics by sneezing, and then claiming that she was getting sick. Anthony assured her that he had a doctor who could fix her right up, but Tracy refused to see a doctor.

Tracy then pointed out that she didn't have a proper wedding dress, so Anthony explained that Maxie could take care of that. Tracy argued that getting married on Friday the 13th was bad luck. "Oh, wow, you got me there," Anthony conceded. He admitted that he was superstitious, so he agreed to have Maxie check for the next available date. Tracy was relieved, so she announced that she was going home to rest. Anthony tried to get a kiss from her, but Tracy claimed that she didn't want to get Anthony sick.

At Kelly's, Carly thanked Luke for agreeing to meet her. She explained that she had gotten herself into a bit of trouble, so she needed his help. Carly revealed that Michael was having a hard time dealing with his grief over losing Abby, but Luke admitted that, thanks to Diane's column, he knew all about Carly's lie to protect Jax. Carly blamed Sonny, who had decided to act as if he hadn't tried to kill Jax. Carly then told Luke about her bargain with Johnny to keep Michael from joining the Zacchara organization. Luke suggested that Carly had always been able to handle men, so he didn't see the problem. Carly explained that she would rather avoid playing "mattress tag" to get what she wanted, so she hoped that Luke could provide her with some information that would give her the upper hand with Johnny.

Luke was reluctant to help, so Carly wondered how much it would cost to get her out of sleeping with Johnny. Carly groaned when Johnny entered the diner. Johnny smiled at Carly, so she plastered on a fake smile. Johnny greeted Carly and Luke, and then admitted that he hadn't known that Luke had returned. Luke explained that he was there to enjoy a cup of coffee with his niece, so Johnny told them to enjoy themselves, and then strolled to the counter. Luke was impressed that Johnny hadn't shown his hand. Carly was relieved when Luke agreed to help her with his usual speed and efficiency, in exchange for a suite at the hotel, an open tab, and free access to the spa and bar for entertainment.

Carly wondered if Johnny were watching them. Luke confirmed that Johnny was, so Carly instructed Luke to get the information fast, because she couldn't hold Johnny off forever. Luke wondered if Carly were sure that she wanted that, prompting Carly to ask what he meant by that. "Well, with all this breathless anticipation, and these furtive glances, and all this worry...I'm getting hot myself," Luke replied with a grin. Carly glared at her uncle as he gathered his newspaper, and then left. At the door, Luke bumped into Maxie.

Maxie was surprised to see Luke, and then realized that he knew about Tracy's plans to marry Anthony when she spotted the newspaper in his hand. Luke confirmed that he was aware of the impending wedding, and then left. Meanwhile, Johnny approached Carly's table. Johnny admitted that Carly's visit with Luke had looked intense. Carly explained that she and Luke had had a lot to catch up on. Johnny was curious if she were planning to back out of their deal.

Carly claimed that she wasn't, so Johnny promised that it would be the ride of her life. Carly assured Johnny that he would find that she was full of surprises.

A short time later, Lulu arrived to meet Maxie. Maxie broke the news to Lulu that Luke was back in town. Lulu feared that Luke's return didn't bode well for anyone.

At ELQ, Tracy was about to enter her office when someone dropped a hood over her head, and then dragged her away.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

At Wyndemere, Helena lurked in the tunnel, clutching a knife, as she eavesdropped on Ethan and Cassandra's conversation. Ethan assured Cassandra that he could help her if Helena were after Cassandra. He vowed that he would not let Helena get within ten feet of any of them. Cassandra explained that she was not hiding from anyone, so Ethan switched gears to remind Cassandra that she had been about to reveal an important detail from her past. Cassandra told him that the first place that she recalled staying at had been an estate called Winterwood in Nova Scotia, which had a lighthouse. "How phallic," Ethan remarked.

Cassandra smiled, and then confessed that she had then moved on to Blackbriar Mansion, House of Arches. According to Cassandra, it was rumored that angels lived there, so any man or woman of impurities who heard them singing would go mad. After that, Cassandra went to Landover, in Washington State. Cassandra explained that people were known to have gone mad there too. She studied Laura's portrait as Ethan wondered how Cassandra had managed to find those places. Cassandra explained that they had found her.

Ethan was curious if perhaps Cassandra had grown up in a place like Blackbriar Mansion, and the others. Cassandra shrugged, and the replied, "Or wanted to." She wondered if Laura had wanted to as well. Ethan was surprised that Cassandra knew Laura's name, so Cassandra explained that she had heard him mention Laura's name many times. Ethan warned her that eavesdropping was rude, but Cassandra refused to apologize, because she had needed to know if she could trust him.

Ethan wondered what Cassandra had decided. Cassandra confessed that she felt safe and close to him. Ethan was curious what Cassandra thought of Dr. Keenan, given their association. Cassandra became defensive when she thought that Ethan was implying that Ewen was her keeper. She made it clear that no one was her keeper. Ethan quickly clarified that he had meant as a doctor.

Cassandra quickly apologized, but Ethan insisted that it wasn't necessary, because he thought that they were finally getting somewhere. Cassandra insisted that Ewen was a good man, who was kind and gentle. She realized that it couldn't be easy for Ewen to be saddled with a puzzle that he couldn't solve. Ethan admitted that he would love to be saddled with her, but Cassandra argued that Ewen had given up a lot to help her. "What, like a book deal and a small fortune waiting for him?" Ethan snidely asked. Cassandra immediately defended Ewen, explaining that Ewen didn't care about money.

Ethan argued that everyone cared about money. Cassandra insisted that Ewen simply wanted to help her, and that she cared about him. Ethan questioned how far her fondness for the doctor went, so she assured him that she considered Ewen to be a friend. Ethan wondered if there had ever been more than friendship between Ewen and Cassandra, so Cassandra explained that Ewen was not her type. Ethan relaxed as he assured Cassandra that Ewen wasn't her only friend. Cassandra wondered if she had other friends in the world, and parents.

Ethan pointed out that everyone had parents. Cassandra glanced at Laura's portrait, and then commented that, for all she knew, she was looking at her mother. Ethan seemed to blanche at the thought. Cassandra suspected that the reason that she liked places like Wyndemere was because they were littered with pictures that told stories, and halls that were filled with whispers of the people who had lived there. She confessed that it was one of the reasons that she didn't care about her past, but Ethan was certain that a small part of her was curious. Cassandra chuckled as she suggested that he was curious enough for both of them.

Cassandra wondered what it was like to know about one's past, so Ethan admitted that he had only learned the truth a few years before. "And now that you know?" she asked. Ethan explained that he had a name, a past, and people whom he was connected to. "Painfully predictable," Cassandra replied, but Ethan assured her that it wasn't. He then admitted that he was fascinated with her, because she had so many secrets locked inside of her. Cassandra wondered if she were the secret, and someone else held the key.

Ethan suspected that it was nice to have a clean slate, and an opportunity to do things over, but Cassandra suggested that perhaps she was repeating her past, and making the same mistakes. Ethan realized that Cassandra gave Ewen a run for his money, so Cassandra admitted that she liked to keep things interesting. Ethan wondered if Cassandra had tried hypnosis to recover her memories, so she revealed that it hadn't worked, because she couldn't be put under someone's spell. Ethan thought that it was a shame, because everyone should feel spellbound at least once in their lives.

Cassandra simply smiled, prompting Ethan to confess that he was desperately trying to flatter her. Cassandra warned him that he didn't know what he was getting into, but Ethan admitted that was part of the fun and adventure. She urged him to keep his distance, because she doubted that she would be staying in Port Charles.

Ethan suggested that Cassandra's remark confirmed his suspicions that she was running from something. Cassandra wondered what would happen if finding out who she was turned out to be the worst thing that could happen to her. She was curious what he would do in that situation. Ethan didn't have an answer, so he hugged her closely.

At the police station, Dante confessed that he regretted that he had let Delores persuade him to release their only suspect in the attacks on the dancers from Vaughn's. Delores reminded Dante that she had been working the case before anyone else, and that there were more victims beyond the women who had worked at Vaughn's. Moments later, Ronnie marched into the squad room in a fit of rage after learning that Dante had let the suspect walk free. Dante explained that they hadn't had enough evidence to hold the man, but Ronnie wasn't satisfied. The tension quickly mounted when Michael arrived after hearing that the police had a suspect in custody.

Delores and Dante admitted to Michael that the suspect had been let go. Michael's temper immediately flared, as he demanded to know why. Delores assured Michael that they all wanted to see justice done, but Ronnie fueled Michael's anger by suggesting that Delores and Dante had been wrong to release the suspect. Michael was livid that nothing was being done to catch the man responsible for the attacks on the dancers, but Delores insisted that the suspect hadn't been their guy. Ronnie disagreed, but Delores explained that Chuck Donofrio had an alibi for two of the attacks, because he had been on the phone with his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. Michael and Ronnie argued that there were ways around that, so it hadn't proven anything.

Dante urged Michael to calm down, but Michael ignored his brother. Delores assured Michael that she wanted to get the right guy, probably more than Michael did. Ronnie argued that there had been a domestic abuse call on Donofrio, which Ronnie believed pointed to Donofrio's guilt. Michael demanded that Dante do something to right the wrong, but Dante insisted that they had to respect the due process of the law. Michael accused the police of not caring about the victims, and then stormed out. Ronnie warned Delores that she had made things a lot worse.

Later, Delores wondered if Dante had had any luck getting through to Michael, but Dante revealed that his brother wasn't interested in talking to him. Delores revealed that she had been reviewing the map of the sites of the recent attacks, and then comparing them to the previous attacks. Dante cut her off to ask her what she was talking about. Delores bristled at his dismissive tone, so she asked him if he expected her to wait until another dancer was attacked before reviewing all angles of the evidence that they had collected. She warned Dante that they would lose the perpetrator if they allowed him the opportunity to go into hiding. Dante thought that Delores was a little too interested in the investigation, so he suggested that they talk about her sister.

Delores immediately shut down, claiming that there was nothing to discuss, because Rosa was gone. Dante had read Delores' file, so he disagreed. He insisted that what she did affected him, so Delores reminded Dante that it was a two-way street. She wondered how many cases he had ignored, because they had involved his mobster father. Dante insisted that he had never done that, but Delores pointed out that they weren't any closer to finding the person who had shot Dante in Sonny's warehouse. Delores suggested that perhaps Michael was correct in suggesting nothing changed, "Unless you changed it yourself."

At the hospital, Olivia watched through the conference room window as Steve and Maggie kissed. After several minutes, Olivia walked away, while counting quietly to herself. Inside the conference room, Steve pulled away from Maggie, and then informed her that it couldn't happen again, because they worked together. Maggie told him that he always stated the obvious when he was uncomfortable with something. She reminded him that they had worked together in Memphis, but that hadn't stopped him for wanting to marry her. Steve argued that their relationship had fallen apart. "Different time, different place," Maggie replied.

Steve insisted that he was involved with Olivia, but Maggie thought that it was interesting that he refused to refer to Olivia as his girlfriend. Steve assured her that it was serious enough with Olivia, prompting Maggie wonder if he had ever pulled over on the side of the road, so that they could cry in each other's arms. Steve argued that he and Maggie had done that following a school shooting that had slammed the ER. Maggie questioned why Steve hadn't put a ring on Olivia's finger, but Steve insisted that it was an unfair question. Maggie then asked if what he shared with Olivia was strong enough for him to play God, but Steve reminded Maggie that the incident that she had referred to hadn't drawn him and Maggie closer. Maggie conceded that it had scared her, so Steve admitted that it had frightened him as well.

Maggie acknowledged that she hadn't been able to accept what had happened. "And now?" Steve wondered. "I understand. Under extreme circumstances, people do extreme things," Maggie replied. Maggie pointed to Lisa Niles's murder as an example. She admitted that after everything that she had heard about Lisa, even she would have been tempted to kill Lisa. Steve realized that Maggie suspected Steve of taking Lisa's life. "So?" Maggie asked.

"So, what does that say?" Steve replied. Maggie suggested that when people were pushed to their absolute limits, they could be capable of anything. She insisted that people changed, because time passed, which made them see things differently. Maggie revealed that she saw things differently from when they had lived in Memphis. Steve thought it was a bad idea for Maggie to stay in Port Charles, because no matter how deeply buried his secret was, it would always be there. Maggie reminded him that they had both been responsible for what had happened, not just Steve.

Steve warned Maggie that it didn't have to be her choice to leave; he could always transfer her. Maggie doubted that Steve would do that. "Is that a threat?" Steve wondered. Maggie quickly clarified that it was request, but Steve hadn't heard a question. Maggie pleaded with Steve not to transfer her after she had finally given in. "To what?" Steve asked.

Maggie explained that she had been referring to the things that she had felt ever since Steve had left Memphis. Steve insisted that Patrick's problems with Lisa had started in a similar fashion, but Maggie argued that she wasn't crazy, nor was she the one who had stepped outside of the lines. She urged Steve to admit that they had shared something that they could never share with anyone else, because it had been life-altering. "You mean 'ending'," Steve corrected her. Maggie warned Steve that running was not the answer, even if it were into Olivia's arms, but Steve insisted that Olivia was good for him. Maggie argued that Olivia couldn't give him the one thing that he was looking for, which was beyond his reach: redemption.

Maggie wondered if Steve really believed that he and Olivia would be able to make it with such a huge secret between them. She insisted that it wasn't fair to let Olivia build unrealistic expectations, waiting for a day when he could trust Olivia enough to tell her. Steve reminded Maggie that a life had been taken, and that he had been the one to take it. Steve pointed out that even Maggie hadn't been able to handle it, but Maggie claimed that it wasn't that simple. Steve promised that he wasn't judging Maggie, but she was free to let it be over.

Maggie disagreed, because she was chained to that night, and the look on Steve's face, which made her chained to him. "So what the hell do we do about it?" Maggie asked. Steve insisted that she couldn't put it all on him. Maggie agreed, because she had been the one who couldn't handle what had happened; however, he needed to stop pretending. Steve thought that was funny, since she was the one who was all about magic and make-believe.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was on the phone with Jason, demanding that the person responsible for the shooting at the restaurant be held accountable. Jason assured Sonny that he was on it, but Sonny argued that from where he was standing, Jason was letting everything fall through the cracks because of Franco. Sonny was not pleased, because Johnny was hanging around Michael. Jason promised to take care of it, but Sonny had his doubts.

Sonny realized that it wasn't easy for Jason to let go of what had happened with Franco, but Jason needed to get past it. Jason argued that Franco was not someone who should be let go, but Sonny warned Jason that was exactly how Franco wanted Jason to feel. Sonny advised Jason to get past it or it would eat Jason alive.

After Sonny ended the call, Olivia marched into his office, quietly counting to herself. Sonny was curious what was going on, but Olivia made it clear that she didn't want to discuss it. She was there at his request, because he had wanted her advice on how to make his restaurant successful. Sonny explained that it wasn't a good time for her to be there, prompting Olivia to grumble that it appeared that it wasn't a good time for her to be anywhere. Sonny followed Olivia into the restaurant as she looked around, and then remarked that the place looked horrible. Sonny explained that he wanted to make the place more appealing, so that real customers would be drawn it; he was certain that his enemies would think twice before taking out innocent people.

Olivia was curious if he had picked out a new name for his restaurant, so Sonny picked up a menu, and then showed her the name that he had selected. Olivia chuckled when she saw that the name emblazoned on the menu read, "Fortunato's." She recalled that it was the name of the place where he and Kate had hung out when they were teens. Olivia was curious what had prompted the sudden bout of nostalgia, but it was clear that she already suspected the answer. Sonny refused to discuss anything personal with Olivia, which surprised her, since they shared a child. Sonny confessed that every time he looked at Dante, he couldn't believe that they had made him.

Sonny assured Olivia that he would have been there if he had known about their son. Olivia realized that, because it would have been the right thing to do. However, she hadn't been interested in having a man who only acted out of a sense of obligation. Sonny pointed out that she would have rejected him, anyway, because he had been a mobster. Olivia agreed.

Sonny was curious if she would have changed her mind if he hadn't been with Kate at the time. He suggested that she could have fought for him. "Yeah, right, in our bikinis, all covered in mud," Olivia replied. "Now we're talking," Sonny replied with a grin on his face. Olivia turned serious as she pointed out that a person either wanted to be with someone, or not. According to Olivia, sometimes that choice stayed with a person forever, "just waiting to take a big monster bite out of you." At that moment, Johnny strolled into the office, and then announced that he was actually kind of hungry.

Olivia suspected that Johnny wasn't there to give advice about the restaurant, so Johnny admitted that he had no idea why Sonny had summoned him. Sonny asked Olivia to leave, but she urged Sonny to remember that they had resolved disputes in Bensonhurst with food. She urged Sonny to reach for the nearest fork, not the balcony. Sonny pointed out that they were on the first floor, but Olivia wasn't amused. After Olivia left, Johnny wondered why Sonny had asked to see him. Sonny explained that he wanted Johnny to stay away from Michael. "Like you stayed away from Claudia?" Johnny asked.

Sonny argued that Claudia had been an adult who had made her own choices, and that Anthony had hoisted his daughter on Sonny. Johnny reminded Sonny that it wasn't like Michael was still ordering from the kids' menu. Sonny admitted that he knew that Michael had gone to Johnny for a job, so Johnny wondered why he should stand in the way of Michael's ambitions. Sonny pointed out that Johnny knew what happened to people in their circle, but Johnny objected to being lumped together with Sonny. Johnny insisted that he would never treat Michael the same way that Sonny had treated Claudia, so Johnny intended to give Michael the respect that Michael expected. Sonny argued that Michael didn't know what he wanted, because Michael was grief-stricken over losing Abby.

Sonny ordered Johnny to stay away from Michael, because the last thing that Michael needed was Anthony and Johnny. Johnny suggested that Sonny try to see things from Michael's perspective. Sonny insisted that Abby had died as a result of an accident, but Johnny argued that Michael didn't see it that way. According to Johnny, Abby had died because Michael had tried to play God, much like Sonny always did. Sonny was curious if Johnny could do better. Johnny assured Sonny that he could.

Michael entered the office in time to overhear their exchange, so he wondered what was going on. Johnny explained that Sonny was under the impression that Michael was incapable of making his own decisions, but Johnny disagreed. After Johnny walked out, Sonny urged Michael not to listen to Johnny. "Why not?" Michael asked. Michael was curious if Sonny had told Johnny not to hire Michael. "Don't act surprised," Sonny replied.

Michael insisted that he could take care of himself. "Really? What happened to Abby?" Sonny asked. Michael became defensive as he explained that he had needed to get Abby to safety. Sonny advised his son to accept whatever Michael was feeling, and to move forward, but Michael argued that Abby was dead, and the guy responsible for putting everything into motion was walking free without a scratch. Michael was frustrated that the cops had let the man go, so Sonny warned Michael not to do anything. "Then do it for me, Dad. Bury the son of a bitch," Michael demanded.

At the hospital, Olivia marched into the conference room, and then greeted Steve with a passionate kiss. Steve pulled away, but before he could say anything to Olivia, he was paged. He excused himself, and then left. Maggie remarked that it had been quite an entrance. Olivia suggested that Maggie should have seen her exit earlier, but she realized that Maggie couldn't have, because Maggie had been "super-glued" to Steve's lips. Olivia decided to keep it simple. "Back off," Olivia warned, and then left.

Sam ran into Jason's arms when he entered the penthouse. She admitted that she had missed him when she had woken up and realized that he had left. Jason explained that he hadn't been able to sleep, because of Franco. Sam admitted that she had heard Jason talking on the phone in the hallway. Jason confessed that Sonny sensed that something was wrong, but Jason couldn't forget what Franco had done to Sam. Jason blamed himself for what had happened to Sam, because he had involved her in Franco's games by marrying her.

Sam insisted that Jason wasn't to blame. She reminded him that they loved each other, so they would get each other through it. Jason didn't know if he could drop it. Sam was frustrated when the phone rang. Jason urged her to answer the call when she saw that it was Alexis. Alexis begged Sam to meet her at Kelly's, because Molly was about to write Alexis off as a mother. Sam reluctantly agreed, and then ended the call.

At Kelly's, Alexis admitted that she appreciated that Molly wasn't thrilled to go to Madison Prep, so she offered to enroll her daughter in a public school. Molly explained that she just wanted to fit in. "Why? Embrace your individuality," Alexis urged. Molly wondered if Alexis had ever been Molly's age. Alexis conceded that she had been, "a long, long time ago." Molly thought that Alexis should understand that what Alexis was doing was mortifying to Molly.

Alexis argued that lots of kids were friends with their parents on MyFace, but Molly disagreed. According to Molly, she only had four friends on MyFace, because all of the other kids were afraid that they would get in trouble with Alexis. Alexis argued that it meant that they were doing something that they shouldn't. Molly rolled her eyes in frustration. Moments later, Sam arrived.

Alexis tried to cheer Molly up by inviting Molly to order whatever Molly wanted, but Molly only wanted her freedom. Molly explained to Sam that Alexis was policing Molly's MyFace page. Exasperated, Alexis agreed to stop, "because you know what my mother was doing when I was your age? Nothing, because she was dead." Sam and Molly wore matching expressions of shock as Alexis stormed away from the table. A few minutes later, Alexis returned, and then apologized for the outburst; she realized that it had been unfair. Sam tactfully suggested that Alexis was trying to say that she was sorry for being a bit protective, and overbearing, but Alexis would be there for Molly when Molly needed her.

Sam admitted that she wished that she'd had that growing up, so Molly was lucky to have a mother like Alexis. "I guess," Molly grudgingly admitted. Alexis smiled, and decided to drop it. Molly flipped through the Cassadine family photo album, and then remarked that it appeared that none of the Cassadines had that kind of parent, because they all looked sad and dark. "Don't forget mentally unstable," Alexis added. Molly confessed that she had read that mental illness was inherited, but Sam assured Molly that Molly didn't have to worry about that.

Molly worried about her future children. "Won't the craziness get passed on to them?" Molly asked. Sam grew quiet at the thought, but neither Molly nor Alexis seemed to notice. Alexis took the photo album from Molly, and then began to look at the pictures. Alexis saw a picture of Olga, an intense woman who had worked for the Cassadines, and a picture of Alexis and Stefan as children. Molly recalled that Uncle Stefan had liked poetry.

"From the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes," Alexis and Molly said in unison. "Creepy," Sam replied. Alexis explained that it was a line from Shakespeare. Molly recalled that she had felt something wicked arrive on the night of the storm a few months back, but Alexis insisted that whatever it had been was long gone. Molly suggested that perhaps it was waiting to return, prompting Sam to wonder what they were talking about. Alexis assured Sam that it was nothing, but Molly reminded them of the baby that Dr. Keenan had told her about, who had ridden the wind, and then had slipped into the mother's body.

Alexis sensed that something was troubling Sam, so she asked her daughter how things were with Jason. Sam assured her mother that everything was fine, but Alexis had her doubts, so she ordered Sam to go home to talk to Jason. Sam told Molly that Alexis' intuition was exactly why moms were great to have around, and then left. Molly took the album back from Alexis, and then noticed that there weren't any pictures after the ones of Alexis and Stefan. Alexis explained that they had disappeared one day, and no one ever knew what had happened to them.

Spinelli arrived at the penthouse to reveal that his friends had located Franco. Jason demanded to know where Franco was, but Spinelli was reluctant to tell him, because he feared that Jason would do something that Jason would later regret. Spinelli urged Jason to think things over before he went after Franco. Jason insisted on knowing where Franco was, so Spinelli admitted that Franco had been hiding in plain sight at the art gallery. Later, Sam arrived home and found a note on the desk from Jason that read, "It couldn't wait."

Franco smiled when he heard the door to his studio slam shut. "What a surprise. Pleasant or not remains to be seen," Franco said as Jason appeared in the studio with his gun raised. Jason explained that Franco had left a trail, so Franco admitted that he hadn't been hiding. Franco realized that Jason felt helpless, because of what had happened in Hawaii. Jason wondered why Franco had let Jason find him. "That would be the question. What would you do for the answer?" Franco wondered.

Friday, January 13, 2012

At Wyndemere, Cassandra revealed to Ethan that she felt as if she was being hunted. All the while, Helena lurked in the shadows, monitoring the conversation. Cassandra wondered what she might have been capable of before she lost her memory. She explained that she enjoyed not knowing; she could be whomever she wanted.

Ethan kissed her. She rebuffed him but pulled him back toward her moments later, as if engaged in foreplay. They made love. After, Cassandra told Ethan that it had been her best experience ever. Ethan received an urgent text from Luke and began to dress. Cassandra asked Ethan to keep what they'd done to himself, and he agreed.

After Ethan left, Ewen arrived. Ewan and Cassandra argued. He told her she was being too lax, and she retorted that he was being obsessive. He asserted that she shouldn't be seeing anyone and asked her to stop fooling around with Ethan, as it could be dangerous for both of them.

On the phone at the Haunted Star, Luke asked someone if they knew where Helena had slithered to. After the call ended, Ethan arrived, and Luke offered him a caper to go on. Ethan was reticent when he found out Luke was aiming at the Zaccharas. Luke said it was to help Carly but that Skye was the target of the impending escapade.

Ethan begged out and explained Cassandra was the ghost at Wyndemere. Luke cautioned his son -- she might have been conning him -- but Ethan assured his dad. He divulged that she was an amnesiac.

Jane and Jax spoke over the phone. She was happy to hear that Jax's "death" had been proven to be a lie. After Jax hung up, he pocketed a gun and headed out to search for Sonny.

At Pozzulo's, Michael told Sonny that he knew who had been stalking the dancers at Vaughn's. Sonny urged Michael to let the police handle it, but Michael delivered an ultimatum: either Sonny put out a hit on the man, or Michael would do it himself. Kate walked in as Michael raved. "So much for keeping him out of the business," she remarked.

Sonny made it clear that he wouldn't kill someone based on a hunch. Michael stormed out, leaving Sonny and Kate to worry that Michael would do something that could get him thrown back into prison. Kate feared Sonny would do something rash as well.

She distracted him with the renovation plans as Jax peered at them from a dark corner. Sonny told Kate that he didn't want to recreate Fortunato's, because he wanted a clean break from their past. As a symbol of his resolve, he threw away the key to his childhood home.

Sonny admitted to Kate that he was falling in love with her. Jax left and called someone to explain that he couldn't take Sonny out with Kate there. After Kate left, Sonny received a phone call. As he answered, a shot rang out.

Sam left a message for Jason, begging him not to go after Franco. After hanging up, she reminisced about her and Jason's wedding at the Chinese restaurant. She prayed that Jason was the father of her unborn child. Sam made calls to people who might know where Jason had gone.

Michael arrived and asked her to help him find the man he was convinced was responsible for the attacks on the strippers. Sam was concerned that Michael sought revenge and would do something impulsive. Later, Michael met a young man in an alley and illegally purchased a handgun.

At Franco's studio, Jason held a gun on Franco and demanded to know what game Franco was playing. Franco answered in riddles. Jason shot him in the shoulder. Franco said that Jason would never know why he'd entered Jason's life if Jason were to kill him.

Jason shot once more, hitting the man squarely in the chest. Jason sped away, leaving behind an inferno at Franco's studio. Jason returned to the penthouse, where a relieved Sam greeted him. He announced that it was over; Franco was out of their lives for good. Sam responded, "I'm pregnant."

Epiphany nagged Patrick in retaliation for him nagging her. Patrick explained to Liz that he was cross because he was concerned that Robin hadn't called to let him know she'd arrived in Africa, safe and sound. Liz felt guilty for keeping Robin's secret.

The phone rang, and Epiphany answered. It was Robin, who apologized for the delay. She continued to lie to Patrick about why she was in Africa. After the call, Patrick shared with Liz that he had the sense that there was something Robin was keeping from him. Liz broke down and admitted she knew Robin was sick.

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