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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 16, 2012 on GH
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Monday, January 16, 2012

At General Hospital, Liz told Patrick about Robin's condition. Incredulous at first, Patrick did not believe her. Liz said that Robin was trying to spare Patrick the pain that Robin had experienced when Stone had passed away. Liz said that Robin had found out that her drug protocol was not working the day after the ill-fated boat cruise with Lisa Niles. Patrick asked if Lisa had tampered with Robin's medication. Liz said that there was no way to know for sure.

Patrick said that Robin should have told him. Liz agreed, but said Robin was trying to spare Patrick the pain. Patrick wanted to know why Liz had not told him the information earlier. Liz said that she had known nothing until the day of Robin's departure. Liz said that Robin had sought her out and asked that Liz be there for Patrick and Emma. Liz said that Robin had promised to tell Patrick everything before she left. Patrick was almost in tears when he mused that his wife had been sick for weeks but had not felt she could talk to him. Liz said that Robin was trying to spare Patrick.

Patrick asked if Liz condoned Robin's action. Liz said that she did not and that was why she was telling Patrick everything. Patrick recalled a prior conversation with Robin and realized that she had been pointing him in Liz's direction. Liz said that Robin wanted Patrick to have someone in his corner who understood the challenges of being a single parent.

Patrick wanted to call Robin and tell her to hurry home, but Liz stopped him and said that Robin was not giving up, that she had chosen to spare Patrick and Emma. Liz said that they had to pray that when Robin arrived home, it would be with the answer. Patrick did call Robin, but did not let on that he knew about her changed HIV status. He told her that he missed her and just wanted to hear her voice.

At the penthouse, Jason was stunned to learn that Sam was pregnant. Sam said that she had wanted to tell Jason earlier, but Patrick had told her to keep Jason's stress to a minimum, and she had. Jason asked Sam how she felt, and she said that she did not know. Jason wanted to know if Sam had seen a doctor, but Sam said that she had taken two home pregnancy tests, which were nearly 100% reliable and both had confirmed what she already knew, that she was carrying a child. Sam wanted to know how Jason felt. Jason wanted to know Sam's feelings.

Sam said that after all the time of not being able to get pregnant, she was not sure. She asked if she and Jason would be okay. Jason said that he loved Sam. Sam said she had dreamed of the day that she could tell Jason that she was having a baby, but had never considered it would be under such circumstances. Jason told Sam that Franco was gone and could not harm her. Jason said that being married to her was the best thing that had ever happened to him and the only thing that made sense.

Sam asked what they were going to do. She said that she had wanted a baby but not under such conditions. Jason told Sam that she did not have to worry about Franco any more. He said that their love had gotten them that far, and they could handle anything. "Even if the baby is Franco's?" Sam asked and then said that she could not bear the thought of having Franco's baby. Jason said he would support whatever decision Sam made. Sam asked for Jason's honest feelings and whether or not he could raise Franco's child. Jason said that he did not know. Sam said that they had to hope and pray that the baby was theirs.

A shot rang out as Sonny doused the lights in his restaurant office. He was wounded and ducked behind the desk. Sonny called Jason, but the call went to voicemail. Sonny heard footsteps and grabbed a gun from the desk drawer. He stood up, prepared to shoot the intruder, but did not when it turned out to be Shawn. Shawn said that he was there to see Jason and resign from his job. He helped Sonny to a chair and said he would check for the intruder. He said he was helping out because he did not intend to leave Sonny lying in a pool of his own blood.

Shawn tended Sonny's wound, but it was not serious because the bullet had only grazed him. Sonny said that he could not go to a hospital because gunshot wounds were reported, and he did not want to answer questions. Shawn found a nine-millimeter shell and asked if Sonny had irked anyone lately. Sonny said he had just had a confrontation with Johnny. Shawn pointed out that Anthony or Johnny would have finished the job. Sonny said maybe it was a warning shot. Shawn said maybe it was the work of an amateur.

At a nearby motel room, Jax spoke to an unknown party on the phone. He said that he had not accomplished what he was in Port Charles to do and would have to stay longer.

Ewen and Cassandra traded words at Wyndemere while Helena lurked and listened. Ewen told Cassandra not to get involved with anyone, especially Ethan. When Ewen called her Cassandra, she said that she would have preferred that he give her a name with a ray of hope instead of one filled with doom and gloom. Cassandra said that she liked Ethan's company because he was cheerful and made her laugh. Ewen said that Ethan was probably okay but warned Cassandra to proceed with caution.

When Cassandra implied that Ewen had ulterior motives, he said that he was her doctor and that he had her best interests at heart. She accused him of being more interested in the book he was writing than helping her restore her memories. Ewen said that he just wanted her story to have a happy ending. She responded that he was trying to keep her from socializing. Cassandra said that Ewen was pursuing a worst-case scenario that had her unable to remember anything because she had killed someone and was trying to forget. Ewen said that he had found her surrounded by guns and weapons.

Cassandra said that perhaps someone had been trying to kill her and maybe she was looking at the potential murderer. Ewen said that if he was trying to kill her, he could have already done so. Cassandra said that maybe Ewen's purpose was to encourage her to forget. Cassandra accused Ewen of not telling all that he knew. He said he told her what she needed to know.

Cassandra said that she needed more friends like Ethan. Ewen said that Cassandra was a beautiful woman, and Ethan was a rogue. She responded that Ethan was a new experience. Both heard a noise in the tunnel. Ewen said that he had to leave to see another patient and would check the tunnels when he left. Ewen said that whatever Cassandra roots were, she did not have much respect for authority.

Ethan was on the Haunted Star, daydreaming about making love to Cassandra, when Lulu interrupted. She tried to find out what had put the smile on his face, but Ethan remained mum. They discussed Lulu's recent wedding and Luke's return to Port Charles. Lulu was bitter because Luke had not chosen to see her. Lulu told Ethan that she was thinking of turning the Haunted Star into an art gallery. Lulu wanted to call it the "Star" gallery, but Ethan said she should call it the "Haunted" gallery and specialize in spooky art. Both laughed.

Ethan told Lulu about his new job as caretaker for Wyndemere. He said he needed a change of direction and scenery. Lulu told him to be careful. He said that she sounded like Luke. Ethan said that he felt like Magellan, exploring distant shores and wondering what would happen next.

Alexis met Luke at the Metro Court. She though he was in trouble with the law, but he said he just wanted to see her. When he asked if she missed him, Alexis said that she had missed Luke because he made her laugh. Luke asked about New Year's Eve, and Alexis said that the Corinthos clan had gotten into a "bitch-a-thon." Luke said that he knew because he had read about it in Diane's column. Alexis countered that he had to know that Tracy was marrying Anthony Zacchara. Luke said that he would not stand in the way, because Tracy had made her choice.

Alexis encouraged Luke to take action because Tracy still loved him. Alexis said that sometimes women had too much pride to beg. Luke said that Tracy had liked him the way he was and had not wanted to change him. Alexis said that Tracy had taken Luke any way she could get him and had kept her heart guarded so Luke could not break it, which he had done anyway. When Luke asked Alexis where she had gotten her insight, she said that she and Tracy fell into a category of women who liked guys who made them miserable.

Alexis told Luke that if he let Tracy marry a psychopath like Anthony Zacchara, Luke was not the man Alexis thought he was. Alexis told Luke to get a few dozen roses and then fall down on his knees and grovel to Tracy. Luke said he was going to need more that romantic platitudes; he was going to need leverage. Alexis told Luke to stop talking to her and go tell Tracy. Alexis encouraged Luke to put his heart on the line just like Tracy had done. Alexis rushed out to keep her car from being towed as Luke considered what she had said.

Matt and Maxie were all dressed up and ready to leave her apartment for the Crimson photo shoot. Maxie was delighted with their appearance and said they would be the hottest couple in the "Woman Behind the Man" photo spread. Maxie said that after the shoot, everyone would know that Matt was a brilliant doctor dedicated to saving lives. Matt kidded Maxie because she did not really know what it was that his research had proved. They were laughing as they left the apartment. Matt gave Maxie a quick lesson so that she could answer routine questions about his work.

When Matt and Maxie returned to the apartment, Maxie chided Matt because he had almost passed out under the lights. Matt ribbed her because she had lost her crib notes about his work, and he had needed to coach her when the interviewer questioned Maxie about Matt's research. They hugged and kissed when Maxie noted that the photographer had told them that they had great chemistry. Matt grew distant when Maxie asked him to move in. She gave him reasons why they should live together, but Matt was reluctant to move their relationship to the next level. Maxie got a call from Anthony about the wedding plans, but only told Matt that she was handling a VIP wedding.

As a further inducement to get Matt to move in with her, Maxie shared her fears about a man in a fedora that she thought was stalking her. When Maxie screamed because she thought she saw the man outside her apartment window, Matt looked out, but thought that Maxie was making up a story. Matt made an excuse and said that he had to get to work. He left without making a commitment to move in. Once Matt was gone, a man in a fedora lounged in the hall outside Maxie's door.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At the nurses' station, Liz reached Patrick's voicemail. She expressed concern about him, and then invited him to call her, if he needed to talk. After Liz ended the call, she spotted Matt heading towards the nurses' station. She was surprised to see him, so Matt grumbled that he had been asked to cover for Patrick. Matt then changed the subject by asking if Liz were still seeing Ewen.

"Not formally," Liz replied. Matt then shifted gears by revealing that Maxie had asked Matt to move in, but Matt wasn't ready to take that step with Maxie. Moments later, Ewen walked up. Ewen confessed that he had been hoping to see Liz. According to Ewen, he had hoped to show Liz something other than constellations in the ceiling tiles, so he led her to a supply closet.

In the supply closet, Ewen explained that he wanted to help Liz see things in a different way, because she seemed upset. Liz was surprised by his insight, so Ewen confessed that she had expressive eyes. Ewen asked Liz to close her eyes, and then imagine that she was in an elevator. He then instructed her to think of where she would like to be when the elevator door opened. "Ding," Ewen said after several heartbeats. Liz slowly opened her eyes, and then quietly confessed that she would love to be in Florence, Italy. However, she couldn't see it.

Ewen pointed out that she hadn't been able to see the constellations right away either, so he told her to close her eyes, and then try again. Liz's eyes slid closed as she waited for Ewen to prompt her to open her eyes again. "Where and when are we?" Ewen asked her. "I'm not sure, but I think I'm right here," Liz replied as she opened her eyes. Ewen was surprised by her answer, so he wondered if it had been a conscious choice.

Liz knew that it was unexpected, but she realized that she had listed all the reasons that she resented her life, and had wanted to be escape. However, the truth was she had never gone to Italy, so for all she knew, she'd hate it in Florence. She also confessed that she'd never trade her children for anything in the world. Ewen was impressed. Liz explained that she had a friend who was facing a health crisis, and feared that her family might have to carry on without her, which had made Liz realize how much she had to be grateful for. Ewen assured Liz that it was okay to want more.

Liz insisted that she did want more, but not a different life. Ewen suggested that most people saw fantasy as an appealing thing, but Liz argued that if a person went back, then nothing would change, and if they went forward then they might miss what was right in front of them. According to Liz, all a person could do was make the most of what had been given to them. Ewen realized that his work with Liz was done, so he left.

At the police station, Lulu and Dante ate breakfast at Dante's desk. Lulu couldn't believe that she had been nervous about marrying him, because she loved having breakfast with him. She then confided that she might have a new job, but she didn't want to tell him about it until after she was certain that things would work out. Their conversation then drifted to Tracy. Dante suggested that Tracy's decision to marry Anthony was an attempt to make Luke jealous. Lulu didn't agree.

Lulu admitted that she was worried about Tracy, because Tracy hadn't returned any of Lulu's calls. Dante suspected that Tracy was simply embarrassed, because Tracy had decided to marry Anthony. Lulu insisted that Tracy loved Luke; however, Lulu realized that she was once again becoming embroiled in her family's problems. Dante assured Lulu that it was okay to be worried about Tracy, because Tracy loved Lulu. Lulu nodded, and then explained that Tracy wasn't the type to ask for help. However, Lulu was worried about Tracy, because Lulu suspected that Anthony was holding something over Tracy's head, which Tracy was afraid to admit.

Dante offered to look into it, but Lulu wanted to wait until Tracy called. Lulu suggested that they could explore their options, if they didn't hear from Tracy soon. After Lulu left, Delores walked up. Dante offered her a bagel, but Delores declined, because she wanted to review the file on the attacks on the dancers. Delores explained that she had an idea on how to nail "the bastard." Dante reminded her that they had just released their only suspect, so Delores explained that she wanted a psychiatrist to profile the perpetrator.

Dante seemed skeptical, but Delores insisted that it might provide them with insight that could lead them to the attacker. Dante reluctantly agreed to give it a try, so he invited her to set it up. Delores smiled as she explained that she already had. Moments later, Ewen arrived. "How can I help?" Ewen asked.

After Ewen glanced over the file, he explained that the perpetrator's attacks were escalating, which indicated that the attacker was getting angrier. Ewen suggested that perhaps it was because the attacker wasn't getting the attention that he desired. Ewen explained that people like the perpetrator wanted credit for outsmarting the police, and getting away with crimes, so the attacker was challenging the police. Ewen asked for a copy of the file, so that he could review more closely. After Delores gave Ewen a copy of the file, Ewen left. Delores was curious what Dante thought about what Ewen had said. Dante accused Ewen of sounding like a typical "shrink."

At the hospital, Ewen spotted Liz at the nurses' station. He noticed that Liz eyes were softer, and that she seemed calmer. Matt scowled when he overheard their exchange. After Ewen walked away, Matt wondered what Ewen's remarks had been about. Liz admitted that she suspected Ewen had paid her a compliment. Matt disapproved, because it hadn't been professional of Ewen.

Liz accused Matt of not liking Ewen, so Matt admitted that he had an aversion to doctors who lied to patients. Liz was surprised, but Matt reminded her that Ewen had failed to disclose that Ewen had been assigned to treat Liz when she had been in Shadybrook. Liz conceded that Matt had a point, but she insisted that Ewen had helped her a lot. Matt wasn't swayed, so Liz explained that she had been upset earlier that day. Matt confessed that he hadn't noticed, so Liz revealed that she had tried to hide it from Matt, because she didn't want Matt to worry. Matt reminded Liz that she was always welcome to talk to him if she needed to.

Liz thanked Matt, and then assured him that it meant a lot to her. Afterwards, Liz turned to look at Ewen, who was reviewing some paperwork. Later, Epiphany was surprised to see Matt, because he hadn't been on the surgical rotation. Matt explained that he was filling in for Patrick, and then saw Liz walk up. Matt noticed that Liz looked quite happy, so she explained that she had something to show him. "That's an offer I cannot refuse," Matt replied. Seconds later, Maxie walked up, certain that he would like what she had to show him more.

At Kelly's, Shawn quietly slipped into the closed diner with a bat in hand. He stopped short when he saw a teenaged boy seated at one of the tables, eating. Shawn immediately recognized the young man, who was named T.J. "What's with the bat? I thought you shot people in the back, the way you killed my dad," T.J. snarkily greeted Shawn. Shawn ignored the remark, as he demanded to know how T.J. had gotten to Port Charles.

T.J. explained that he had hitchhiked, so Shawn wondered why T.J. hadn't called Shawn instead of breaking in and stealing food from Kelly's. Shawn then wondered why T.J. was in Port Charles. T.J. reminded Shawn that Shawn had killed T.J.'s father. "You don't think you owe me?" T.J. asked. Shawn admitted that he had killed T.J.'s father, who had been Shawn's friend. "But life goes on, right?" T.J. replied.

T.J. wanted Shawn to take a minute to be sorry for what Shawn had done, so Shawn clarified that he thought about what his friend's death had cost everyone. However, Shawn was certain that if his friend were there, he'd expect T.J. to show some respect. T.J. was offended by the suggestion, but Shawn stood firm. Shawn insisted that T.J.'s father would not want T.J. to use his death as an excuse to mouth off, and get into trouble. Shawn wondered what T.J. expected from Shawn, so T.J. was curious if Shawn had a room for T.J. Shawn agreed to give T.J. a place to stay until T.J.'s mom could pick T.J. up, but T.J. explained that his mother had given T.J. a choice: move in with Shawn or go to military school.

Shawn insisted that there had to be another option, but T.J. shook his head. According to T.J., if there had been an alternative, then T.J. would have taken it. Moments later, Wilson trotted into the diner. T.J. softened as he greeted Wilson, and then asked if the dog belonged to Shawn. Shawn admitted that it was still undecided. Seconds later, Lulu appeared at the bottom of the steps.

Shawn was curious if Lulu were the new dog walker. Lulu confirmed that she was, and then apologized for Wilson escaping. She quickly put Wilson on the leash, and then left. T.J. was eager to follow Lulu, but Shawn stopped the teen in his tracks. Shawn explained that he wasn't in any position to give T.J. a home, because Shawn was planning on leaving town soon. T.J. insisted that Shawn had new obligations, so Shawn had to change his plans.

Shawn refused to make any promises, so T.J. threatened to run away from military school if Shawn sent T.J. there. T.J. pointed out that Shawn owed him, but Shawn argued that he owed T.J.'s father, not T.J. Shawn decided to talk to T.J.'s mom, before deciding what to do. Meanwhile, Shawn sent T.J. upstairs to unpack, and freshen up. A short time later, Lulu returned with Wilson. She was certain that animals were her thing, but then sneezed.

Later, Lulu arrived at the police station. She continued to sneeze as she explained to Dante that she had decided to pursue a career in the pet care industry. Dante noticed that Lulu had hives on her neck, prompting Lulu to realize that she was allergic to animals. Disappointed, Lulu called her new employer to resign, because it was clear that she was allergic to her new job.

On a yacht, Tracy was livid as Anthony casually invited Tracy to join him for breakfast. Tracy insisted that he was holding her against her will on a yacht anchored somewhere off shore, and denying her all forms of communication, so she threatened to have him charged with kidnapping. However, she agreed not to press charges if he released her immediately. Anthony pointed out that a wife wouldn't testify against her husband, so he thought it was more important than ever that they get married as soon as possible. Tracy's fury mounted when Anthony referred to her as "Angel." She warned him not to use the endearment again, because it had been Luke's pet name for Laura.

Anthony apologized, and then decided to call Tracy, "Venus." Tracy scowled as she insisted that the nickname was wasted on her, because she wasn't fooled by his attempt to appear like a "cuddly mobster." She knew that he was a lethal man, so she wanted nothing to do with him. Anthony confessed that Tracy reminded him of his first wife, Dominica. Anthony credited Dominica with helping him to achieve all that he had, but rather than accepting a supporting role, Dominica had wanted to run things, which had led to their divorce. Tracy was disappointed that Dominica hadn't killed Anthony before Anthony had dumped his first wife.

Anthony realized that Tracy hoped to drive him away. Tracy insisted that Anthony didn't have anything that she wanted. "Except my silence," Anthony reminded her. He pointed out that he could keep Tracy out of federal prison. Tracy offered to repay Anthony the money that she had taken from Gino, with interest, but Anthony declined. Tracy confessed that she had thought that three or four of her husbands had been the worst mistakes that she had made, but she would readily marry them again to get away from Anthony.

Tracy clarified that she didn't want to marry Anthony, because she hated him. Anthony thought that things could only improve, since they were starting their marriage out with mutual hatred on the table. Anthony then returned to eating breakfast as he confessed that jail had given him a new appreciation for the little things in life, like good food. Tracy finally gave in, and grabbed a pastry. However, she insisted that she would need to stretch her legs later, so Anthony invited her to walk on the deck. Tracy wanted to go ashore, but Anthony argued that they would need to get married first.

Tracy capitulated, so she named various places where they could go to get married quickly. Anthony was surprised that she hadn't mentioned Las Vegas, but Tracy made it clear that she would never return to Las Vegas again. Anthony recalled that she had married Luke in Las Vegas, so Tracy corrected Anthony; it had been the place where Luke had conned her into thinking that they had gotten married. "That rat," Anthony replied. Anthony couldn't imagine why she had married Luke for real after what Luke had done to her. "That's none of your business," Tracy warned him.

Anthony insisted that Luke wasn't good enough for Tracy, but Tracy refused to let Anthony malign Luke. According to Tracy, Luke was an extraordinary man, despite his numerous flaws. Anthony sensed that Tracy still carried a torch for Luke, so he wondered if he should be jealous of Tracy's ex-husband. Tracy made it clear that she would not take Luke back, even if Luke were to crawl on broken glass to her. Anthony insisted that it would not be an option, since Anthony and Tracy would be spending the rest of their lives together. "Without the possibility of parole?" Tracy sarcastically asked.

Anthony suggested that Tracy might learn to like him, and then revealed that he was making arrangement for their new wedding ceremony. Anthony explained that they would be getting married on the boat.

At Johnny's garage, Johnny handed Kate her car keys as he advised her to get her oil checked. Kate thanked Johnny, and them promised to let her assistant know. Johnny was surprised that Sonny hadn't objected to Kate taking her car to Johnny, but Kate made it clear that Sonny didn't control her. Johnny chuckled, because Sonny was a very controlling guy. Kate didn't appreciate Johnny's remark; she didn't realize that Sonny would be an issue. Carly entered in time to hear Kate's comment, so Carly pointed out that there was always an issue with Sonny.

Carly thought that Kate should have considered that before Kate had hopped into bed with Sonny again. Kate smiled sweetly as she confessed that she didn't have any complaints. Kate also thought that being single suited Carly, and then left. Johnny was curious why Carly was there. He reminded her that she was supposed to have made arrangements for them to meet. Carly explained that the nanny had gotten sick, so Carly had been forced to stay home with Josslyn the night before.

Johnny wondered why Carly hadn't called or texted to let Johnny know, so Carly quickly assured him that she was attracted to him. Johnny admitted that the feeling was mutual, but he was curious where things stood between Carly and Shawn. Carly insisted that Shawn was just a friend, nothing more. Johnny suggested that Carly might be stalling with Johnny, because she was still married to Jax, and had feelings for him. He assured her that she was free to back out on their deal, if she wanted to, but Carly refused. However, Carly wanted to make certain that Johnny hadn't talked to Michael.

Johnny admitted that he had bumped into Michael the previous evening, prompting Carly to wonder if Johnny had approached Michael. Johnny explained that he had seen Michael at Sonny's office, and then explained why Sonny had asked to see Johnny. Johnny suspected that Carly had told Sonny about their deal, so that she wouldn't have to keep up her end of the bargain, but Carly assured him that she had merely told Sonny about Michael's attempt to get a job with Johnny. "Way to keep a secret," Johnny remarked. Johnny was more certain than ever that Carly was trying to find a way out of sleeping with him, but Carly insisted that she just wanted to keep Michael safe. Johnny suggested that working for Johnny would keep Michael safe, but Carly vehemently disagreed.

Carly acknowledged that she had a history of making poor decisions where Michael was concerned, so she wanted Johnny's promise that Michael wouldn't find out about their deal. She feared that her son would never speak to her again. Johnny assured Carly that Michael wouldn't hear about it from him, and then wondered if it meant that their deal was still on the table. "Not tonight," Carly whispered. Johnny was curious if she had a headache, so Carly explained that she just had to make some arrangements. Johnny accused her of stalling, and then wondered if she were trying to find a way out of sleeping with him, or to avoid admitting that she did want to.

Carly smiled, and then left. Outside, Carly placed a frantic call to Luke. She clarified that she didn't want to hurt Johnny, but she needed the information that she had requested. Luke insisted that beggars couldn't be choosers, but Carly wasn't satisfied. She warned Luke that he could kiss all the perks and services at Metro Court goodbye if he screwed up. Meanwhile, in the garage, Johnny used a towel to clean his gun.

At Pozzulo's, Michael was curious why his father had asked to see him. "You want a reason to stay away from the Zaccharas? How's this?" Sonny asked as he showed Michael the gunshot wound that Sonny had sustained. Michael was immediately concerned, but Sonny assured his son that he would recover. Michael was curious how Sonny knew that the Zaccharas had been responsible for the shooting, so Sonny revealed that he had been shot within an hour of Johnny's visit. Michael was furious that Sonny was willing to make assumptions about the Zaccharas, but not the guy who had attacked the dancers.

Sonny didn't care what kind of attitude Michael was trying to throw out there; he couldn't stop a bullet. Sonny insisted that the business was too dangerous, but Michael argued that it was his chance to take. Sonny decided to drop it, because he noticed that Michael looked terrible. Michael confessed that he couldn't sleep, because he thought of Abby whenever he closed his eyes. Sonny reminded Michael that he had been in Michael's place, so Sonny explained that the only thing that would get Michael through the grief over losing Abby was time. Moments later, Kate approached the office door as Sonny and Michael talked about Sonny's gunshot wound.

Kate was stunned to realize that Sonny had been shot, so she threw open the door, demanding to know what had happened. She was curious why things always seemed to get worse, every time she walked through the door. Sonny tried to make light of the situation by suggesting that she not stand too close to him, but Kate wasn't amused. She wondered if it would be a common occurrence with Sonny. Meanwhile, Michael explained that Sonny suspected Johnny of firing at Sonny. Kate was curious when Sonny had planned to tell her about the gunshot, so Sonny admitted that he hadn't intended to.

Michael revealed that Sonny always tried to protect the people around Sonny, whether they wanted it or not. Sonny explained that he hadn't wanted to worry Kate, but that only angered Kate more. Sonny asked Michael to give them some privacy, so Michael left. Kate reminded Sonny that she and Sonny were in a relationship, so she was trying to understand why he wouldn't tell her about the shooting. Sonny admitted that what they had meant a lot to him, so he had been afraid that she would walk out on him if she thought that the violence would start again. "Will it?" Kate asked.

Kate pointed out that she and Sonny had known that they would eventually return to their real lives, so Sonny confessed that he wished that he could promise to keep her safe, but he realized that he couldn't do that. However, he vowed that he would do all in his power to protect her. Sonny hoped that it would be enough, because he couldn't stand to lose her. Kate reminded Sonny that she had entered into their relationship with open eyes, so she wasn't going anywhere. Later, Kate examined the wound, and then asked Sonny to try to avoid getting shot in the future. Sonny smiled and then kissed her.

On the waterfront, Michael ducked into an alley, and then dumped his gun into a trashcan. Later, Michael returned to retrieve it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At Kelly's, Shawn thanked Alexis and Molly for meeting him. He explained that he needed Alexis' advice, prompting Alexis to wonder if it had anything to do with Shawn's decision to move. Carly entered the diner in time to hear Alexis' remark, so Carly was curious why Shawn hadn't mentioned his plans to her. Shawn reminded Carly that Carly had fired him; however, he admitted that something had happened to complicate his plans. As if on cue, T.J. appeared at the bottom of the stairs. T.J. resented Shawn's choice of words, so he was curious if the people gathered around Shawn were friends of Shawn's, or reinforcement to help get rid of T.J.

Shawn introduced T.J. Ashford to everyone, and then explained that T.J. was the son of a fellow Marine, whom Shawn had served with. Carly was curious if T.J. were Tommy Junior. T.J. was surprised that Carly knew of him, so Carly explained that Shawn had talked about T.J. Molly wondered what grade T.J. was in, so T.J. revealed that he was a high school freshman. Molly perked up, because they were in the same grade. T.J. revealed that he would be staying in Port Charles, so Molly offered to show him around school.

Alexis excused herself, so that she could call the principal at the high school, to get the ball rolling on T.J.'s enrollment. After Molly and T.J. went to order some fries, Carly wondered if Shawn had planned to say goodbye to her. Shawn assured her that he would have stopped by to see Josslyn. Carly was clearly annoyed, so Shawn added, "And her mother." Satisfied, Carly was curious if Shawn had changed his mind about leaving Port Charles after T.J.'s arrival. She was disappointed when Shawn confirmed her suspicions.

Shawn reminded Carly that he had explained to her why they couldn't get romantically involved. Carly decided to change the subject by confessing that she was surprised that T.J. had sought out Shawn, given what had happened to T.J.'s father. Shawn insisted that the only thing that mattered was that T.J. was hurting; he had no idea how to deal with a fourteen-year-old who had a chip on his shoulder. Before Carly could respond, Alexis returned to let Shawn know that T.J.'s enrollment had been taken care of. Moments later, Ewen entered the diner and then asked to speak to Alexis.

After Alexis stepped away with Ewen, Carly admitted that it might be good for Shawn to help out T.J. She invited Shawn to call her if he needed advice. Their conversation then drifted to the topic of T.J.'s father. Carly assured Shawn that his friend's death had been an accident. Shawn nodded, so Carly wondered where T.J.'s mother was. Shawn explained that T.J.'s mother had been overwhelmed with T.J., because T.J. had been getting into trouble with the law and acting out at school.

Carly thought that T.J. was lucky to have Shawn, because Shawn would be a positive male role model for the young boy. Shawn was concerned, because his line of work was not the best influence on a teenager. However, Shawn was determined to show T.J. that there was a better path. Carly recalled that Shawn had been offended when she had offered him a teaching job, but she explained that she needed someone to manage the diner, because Bobbie was in Seattle. Carly realized that it wasn't much, but Shawn assured her that it didn't have to be. He felt lucky to have a friend like Carly.

At the counter, Molly talked about what a great guy Shawn was, because Shawn had helped her through a difficult time. T.J. sarcastically wondered if she had been upset because she hadn't made the cheerleading squad. Molly ignored the remark, as she revealed that Shawn had opened up to her about what Shawn had gone through, following his time in Afghanistan. Molly explained that Shawn had been in a lot of pain, but T.J. didn't want to hear about it. Molly was a bit taken aback by T.J.'s anger, but she respected his wishes. T.J. was curious what Molly's story was, so Molly insisted that she was just an ordinary student.

Molly offered to help T.J. settle in at school, and show him around. T.J. warned Molly that he had no intention of attending school.

Nearby, Ewen wondered if Alexis would be interested in renting Wyndemere to him. He explained that he had a patient with unusual needs, who had been drawn to the castle. Alexis thought that it was a mistake, but she agreed to have the papers drawn up.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kate was upset as she ordered a glass of wine. Moments later, Sonny walked up. Kate demanded to know if he had followed her. She explained that her stomach was in knots, so she had needed some time to process everything that had happened to him. Sonny was curious if Kate intended to break up with him, so Kate explained that she didn't want to be someone who always worried about him and lived in fear of seeing him in a casket one day. Sonny insisted that he would do everything in his power to keep her safe, but Kate argued that it wasn't her safety that she was concerned about. Sonny and Kate decided to go to a table to continue their discussion.

Kate's mood didn't improve when Sonny tried to make light of the shooting in his office. She resented how he always downplayed dangerous situations, but Sonny insisted that people were hurt all the time. Kate explained that she felt angry, hurt, confused, and guilty. Sonny was surprised, so he asked her why she felt guilty. Kate insisted that she wouldn't be in the situation that she was in if she had ignored Olivia's attempt to persuade Kate to help Sonny after Brenda had left him. Sonny confessed that Kate had done what no one else could have, so he wanted to know how they could fix things.

Kate admitted that she would either have to accept Sonny for who he was, or walk away. Sonny conceded that he had handled the shooting wrong by not telling her about it right away, but he explained that he had been afraid that she would panic and then bolt. Kate thought that it was proof that their relationship was doomed. Sonny vowed that he would be honest with her in the future, so it wouldn't happen again. Kate was certain that Sonny would try, but she remained concerned, because he had a habit of diminishing everything. Kate assured him that she loved him, but her priority was running Crimson.

Sonny argued that he had never gotten in the way of her work, but Kate feared that he might do exactly that one day. She insisted that she couldn't make him the center of her world, so Sonny promised her that he wasn't asking her to do that. He reminded her of when they had bumped into one of their old neighbors in Bensonhurst. Sonny recalled the look on Kate's face when the woman had told Kate how proud Kate's mother had been of Kate's work with Crimson. Kate smiled, and then confessed that she regretted that she hadn't been good to her mother. She wished that she had realized sooner that it hadn't been necessary to turn her back on her family to have a career.

Sonny explained that he was proud of what Kate had accomplished, so he would never ask her to sacrifice her career for him. He simply wanted a place in Kate's life, but Kate wondered if Sonny could be satisfied with that. Sonny confessed that he didn't want to go back to the time when he had been afraid to step foot on her property. Kate pointed out that their distance then had been a result of Sonny's various women. She quietly admitted that she never wanted to have to worry about him being shot again, or her becoming a target for his enemies. Sonny pleaded with Kate to take a chance, and meet him in the middle.

Kate told Sonny that she needed some time to think things over, so Sonny agreed and then left.

At the hospital, Maxie showed Matt the proofs of their photo shoot for Crimson. Liz didn't think that they compared to brain surgery, or Matt's accomplishments. Matt confessed that modeling had been difficult, while Maxie bragged that Kate had been impressed with the chemistry between Matt and Maxie. Liz handed Matt her surprise, an early edition of the medical journal that had published his article. Liz explained that it was hot off of the presses.

Maxie wondered how old the presses had been, as she criticized the font that had been used in the medical journal. Liz insisted that Maxie was missing the point, but Maxie disagreed, because Maxie thought that Matt's work deserved to have been published in a better-quality magazine. Liz explained that it was the people who would read the article that mattered, so Maxie suggested that it should have been published in Crimson. According to Maxie, Crimson's readership was educated, so they could have appreciated Matt's article. Liz was curious what Maxie actually knew about Matt's work, so Maxie insisted that she knew a lot. Liz challenged Maxie to explain Matt's research, so Maxie accepted.

Matt tactfully tried to talk Maxie out of it, but Maxie forged ahead. It quickly became apparent, as Maxie compared cancer to a girl at a frat party whom no one wanted to be with, that Maxie had no idea what she was talking about. Maxie tried to save face by announcing that Matt had agreed to move in with her. Liz was genuinely surprised, since Maxie had once bragged about her independence, while accusing Liz of being afraid to live alone. Maxie quickly defended herself by explaining that someone, wearing a fedora, had been following Maxie. Liz found the timing of Maxie's stalker questionable, especially after Matt confessed that he hadn't seen the man.

After Liz excused herself, Maxie blasted Matt for not saying anything while Liz had made Maxie look bad. Matt explained that Liz had simply wanted to know if Maxie had understood his research. Maxie insisted that she did, but she conceded that she didn't know how to pronounce some of the words. Matt argued that she didn't know how to pronounce the words, because she didn't really care about his work -- or the article. Matt accused Maxie of only caring about Crimson, and her crisis of the day. Maxie spotted the man with the fedora, so she quickly pointed him out to Matt.

Unfortunately for Maxie, the man with the fedora ducked down a hallway before Matt saw him. Maxie was annoyed when she realized that Matt didn't believe her. Matt wondered why someone would be following her, especially in a public place like a hospital. Maxie began to cryptically ramble about Anthony, by explaining that sometimes a person put something into motion that they couldn't stop. She begged Matt to move in with her, but Matt advised Maxie to talk to Mac if she were truly concerned about someone following her. Maxie refused, so she decided to find someone who would care.

After Maxie stormed off, Matt caught up to Liz to thank her for giving him a copy of the medical journal with his article. He insisted that it had been "beyond cool." Matt explained that he had gone five years without telling anyone about his research, so he appreciated that Liz was his biggest supporter. Liz pointed out that Maxie had other interests. Matt agreed, and then expressed his frustration, because Maxie couldn't even bother to pretend to care about his work, yet she expected him to move in with her. Matt admitted that sometimes he wondered what was really going on in Maxie's head.

At Olivia's apartment, Olivia and Steve strolled into the living room after they had spent the night together. Olivia broached the subject of their relationship, but Steve received an emergency page from the hospital. Steve was disappointed that he wouldn't have time to stop by his apartment to change, so Olivia suggested that he keep a change of clothes at her place for the next time. Steve avoided the subject by explaining that he had to get a cab. Olivia insisted on driving him, so she dashed to the bedroom to get dressed.

At the hospital, Olivia's smile disappeared when Maggie greeted Steve. Maggie explained that she needed Steve's input on a patient's case. "So, you're the emergency," Olivia replied. Maggie revealed that a young girl had received burns over twenty-percent of her body in a school bus accident. Olivia was immediately concerned when Maggie explained that there might be some complications as a result of the injuries, so Maggie needed another set of eyes. Olivia encouraged Steve to do what he could.

Moments later, Olivia began counting to herself. Liz overheard Olivia, so she asked Olivia how high Olivia had to get before Liz could ask Olivia what was going on without getting punched. Olivia counted to six, and then confided that she wanted to believe that people were decent, and wouldn't use an injured child to get closer to a man. Shortly afterwards, Olivia went to the elevator, while she continued to quietly count to herself. Steve caught up to Olivia to explain that he might be stuck at the hospital for a while. He thanked Olivia for the ride, and then returned to Maggie's side when Maggie called out to him.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Spinelli revealed to Jason that a fire had been reported at Franco's art studio. Jason wondered if a body had been recovered. Spinelli confirmed that the authorities had found the charred remains of a body, and that it had been identified as Franco. Jason was curious if the cause of the fire had been determined, so Spinelli told him that the fire had been ruled an accident after a bottle of turpentine had tipped over. Jason thanked Spinelli for the information.

Spinelli wondered if it meant that Franco's "demonic presence" would no longer cast a shadow on all of them. Jason assured Spinelli that it was finally over with Franco, but Spinelli noticed that Jason didn't seem as excited as Spinelli had expected. Jason assured Spinelli that Spinelli's help had meant a lot to Jason, and then left when Ethan arrived to talk to Spinelli. Spinelli suspected that Ethan wanted to discuss Cassandra. Ethan was curious if Spinelli had found anything out about Cassandra's past.

Spinelli admitted that Cassandra was an enigma, which fueled Ethan's curiosity. Ethan wanted to know what Spinelli had learned about Cassandra, but Spinelli clarified that she remained a mystery to him, and his network of friends. Ethan suspected that Spinelli hoped to clear a path for himself, but Spinelli insisted that he didn't have a "dog in the race." However, Spinelli admitted that Cassandra was a fascinating puzzle to him. Spinelli wondered if perhaps their search for Cassandra's past might push her into the darkness. Spinelli then pointed out that Cassandra might have a husband, or lover, eager to reclaim her, but Ethan was determined to dig into her past.

Later, Maxie arrived. She was miffed when she noticed Spinelli staring at a picture of "Snowflake." Spinelli put his phone down to ask what Maxie wanted. Maxie revealed that she had reconsidered his offer; she wanted him to move in with her.

At the penthouse, Sam had a nightmare of Franco. She dreamed of him snapping pictures of her during her time as his captive in the glass enclosure that had a bomb rigged to it. She then dreamed of being drugged, showering, and Franco swooping her up to carry her to the bedroom. The terrifying memories woke Sam up. Later, she was relieved when Jason arrived home. Sam was proud of herself for not giving in to the urge to call Jason.

Jason and Sam went to the living room, as she told him about her nightmare of Franco. She confessed that she hated feeling scared and weak. Jason insisted that she wasn't, and then held her in his arms. Sam enjoyed his attempt to comfort her, but she pulled away, because they needed to decide what to do with the baby. She pointed out that it might be Franco's baby.

Sam confided that she regretted having the procedure to restore her fertility, but Jason urged her not to, because she had wanted a baby. Sam clarified that she had wanted Jason's baby, prompting Jason to wonder if she were thinking about terminating the pregnancy. Sam admitted that she didn't want to have Franco's baby, but she didn't know what to do. Jason reminded her that the baby might be his. Sam realized that, but she had a lot of hate and anger inside of her, and feared that she would end up putting it on the child. "What if the baby looks like Franco?" Sam wondered.

Jason vowed to stand by Sam, regardless what she decided to do about the baby. Later, Sam ended a call with Kelly Lee. Sam explained that Kelly had assured Sam that there was a way to safely determine the baby's paternity. Jason insisted that they should do it, so that they knew exactly what they were facing.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

At the Zacchara penthouse, Michael asked Johnny to take care of Chuck Donofrio, the suspect in the attacks on the dancers, whom the police had let go. Michael was frustrated when Johnny was reluctant to do anything without sufficient proof that Chuck had attacked the women. Michael revealed that Sonny suspected Johnny of shooting Sonny in his office a few days earlier, but Michael had given Johnny the benefit of the doubt, which was why Michael had turned to Johnny for help. Michael decided to ask Anthony for help with Donofrio, but Johnny warned Michael not to go there. Michael ignored Johnny as Michael called out to Anthony, but Johnny informed Michael that Anthony hadn't been around for a few days. According to Johnny, that never boded well.

Johnny questioned Michael about the shooting in Sonny's office, so Michael told Johnny what he knew. Johnny suggested that the shooting should serve as an example of why Michael should stay out of the organization, but Michael resented being talked to as if he didn't know what the business was about. Johnny clarified that no one had said that, but Michael complained that no one would let Michael in. Michael decided that he was done asking for permission from everyone, but Johnny pointed out that Michael's attitude was an indication that Michael was too emotional, and, therefore, not ready. Michael made it clear that he was determined to stop the man who had been attacking the dancers, so he decided to take care of the problem himself. Johnny reached out to stop Michael from leaving. In doing so, Johnny noticed the gun that had been tucked into the inside pocket of Michael's jacket.

Johnny demanded to know where Michael had gotten the gun, so Michael bragged that a person didn't grow up in the business without learning where to get what they wanted. Michael thought that Johnny should appreciate that, but Johnny insisted that their situations were different, even though they had both grown up with fathers who were crime lords. Johnny explained that Michael had options, whereas Johnny never had. Johnny wanted Michael to hand over the gun, because Abby would have disapproved. Michael insisted that he could always get another gun, so it was pointless to give Johnny the gun. Johnny decided to buy some time by agreeing to think things over, and then meet Michael later that evening.

Shawn entered the police station, looking for T.J. Moments later, Alexis entered the squad room as Shawn demanded to know why T.J. had been arrested. Mac explained that T.J. had stolen a car, and then had gone on a joyride, but T.J. insisted that he had merely borrowed the car, and then had returned it. Shawn pointed out that T.J. was only fourteen years old, so T.J. didn't even have a valid driver's license. T.J. insisted that he knew how to drive faster than "those chumps," indicating the police. Shawn decided that T.J. needed to learn that there were consequences.

"Why? They let you get away with murder," T.J. snidely replied. Alexis pulled Shawn and Mac aside to find out if there were a way to let T.J. off with a warning. Mac admitted that he was sympathetic to T.J.'s plight after learning that T.J. had lost a parent, so Mac agreed to let T.J. go. However, Mac made it clear that T.J. could not get into trouble again. T.J. was delighted when he learned that he would be able to leave. "What the hell you tell 5-O?" T.J. asked Alexis.

Alexis decided to make some things clear to T.J. She informed T.J. that he needed to show some respect; she was the adult, and he was the child, so only she was allowed to swear. Alexis explained that Mac was the police commissioner, and a good man. She then informed T.J. that she had represented people who were a lot more "bad-ass" than T.J., like Sonny Corinthos. T.J. was curious who Sonny Corinthos was, but Shawn and Alexis ignored the question.

After Shawn and T.J. left, Alexis thanked Mac for going easy on T.J. Mac reminded her that he had experience with rebellious teens. Alexis was certain that Shawn would have a positive influence on T.J., because it helped when someone stepped up, like Mac and Shawn had, after a child lost a parent at a crucial age. Their conversation then drifted to Alexis' remark about Mac. Mac appreciated that she had told T.J. that Mac was a good man. "You are," Alexis assured Mac.

Mac smiled, and then seized the opportunity to suggest that perhaps they could go out sometime. Alexis avoided answering him by promising to call, and then dashing out.

Dante arrived home with flowers, but Lulu was asleep in bed. She woke up when she heard Dante moving around, so she groggily asked if he had gone to work. Dante explained that he was on break, so he had decided to drop off some fresh flowers for her. Lulu smiled, and then confessed that she had gotten off to a slow start. She was frustrated, because she had no idea how to find the right career for herself. Dante assured her that there wasn't a rush, because he didn't want Lulu to make any compromises.

Dante noticed that Lulu's rash on her neck had gone away. Lulu credited the oatmeal bath that Dante had treated her to the night before. Dante smiled, and then kissed his wife. They fell to the bed, and then made love. Afterwards, Dante assured Lulu that he was certain that she would find something that would interest her, but he urged her to take her time. Lulu snuggled up to Dante, and then changed the subject.

Lulu was curious if there were any new leads on the man who had attacked the dancers. Dante revealed that they had questioned someone, but the person had been ruled out as a suspect. Lulu was confident that the police would find the right man soon. Dante hoped so, because he feared that the man was not done. Later, Lulu and Dante got dressed. Lulu pointed out that if she found a job, Dante might not be able to have afternoon trysts with her. Dante jokingly suggested that it was incentive for him to sabotage her attempts to find a new career.

After Dante left for work, Lulu grabbed a bottle of wine, and then opened her laptop to take an online test that promised to help her find the career of her dreams. Lulu sipped the wine, while she took the test. Later, the results of the tests revealed that she was best suited for a career in sales. Lulu liked the idea of that, until a notice popped up offering her the opportunity to sell the site's product from her home. Frustrated that it had been a scam, Lulu closed the laptop, and then went to refill her glass, only to discover that she had emptied the bottle.

At the police station, Dante and Mac discussed the investigation into the attacks on the dancers. Dante was certain that he was missing a crucial clue, but he had no idea what it was. Mac was intrigued when Dante revealed that he and Delores had sought advice from a psychiatrist, who had given them a preliminary profile on the suspect. Dante admitted that he wasn't completely convinced the profiling would help, but he agreed with the doctor's assessment that the attacks were escalating in violence, so the next victim might not survive.

At Kelly's, Carly called Luke to find out if he had discovered anything useful about Johnny. Luke refused to help Carly until she held up her end of the bargain. He explained that she hadn't reserved a suite for him at Metro Court, or arranged for him to receive free perks. Carly insisted that Luke wouldn't get anything until he had provided her with the information that she had requested. Luke wondered if Carly were strapped for cash, because Jax had decided that he wanted half of the hotel back. Carly assured Luke that Jax wasn't a problem; however, Luke would not receive anything until he delivered.

Luke ended the call, since they were at an impasse. Afterwards, Luke called someone to find out what the person had found out about Johnny. Luke wasn't satisfied with the answer, so he threatened to go to someone else if the person didn't cooperate. Later, Luke opened an envelope from Skye that had a note enclosed. The note read, "The information you requested." Luke pulled out a second sheet of paper, and then read it.

Luke was shocked by what he read, because it hadn't been what he had expected. He quickly faxed it to someone to confirm the information. A short time later, Luke received word that the information was legitimate. "Oops. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny," Luke said, as a smile slowly spread across his face.

At Kelly's, Carly greeted Mercedes and Josslyn as they stopped by Carly's table to say goodbye before heading to the zoo. Carly told her daughter to have fun, and then waved goodbye to Josslyn and her nanny, unaware that Jax lurked outside, spying on them. A short time later, Carly spotted Ranelle entering the diner. Carly informed Ranelle that Shawn wasn't there, so Ranelle explained that she was actually there for the macaroni and cheese. Cary apologized for misreading the situation. Ranelle clarified that there was nothing going on between Ranelle and Shawn, and that Ranelle wouldn't stand in the way if he had found someone that he cared about.

Ranelle insisted that Shawn was a good man who deserved the love of a good woman. Carly agreed. Ranelle was confident that Shawn would find it one day, leaving Ranelle and Carly with nothing but regrets. Carly insisted that she and Shawn were only friends. Ranelle seemed doubtful, until Johnny entered. Ranelle smiled knowingly, as Johnny sat down at Carly's table.

Johnny revealed that Michael had stopped by the penthouse, asking for work. Carly reminded Johnny that Michael working for the Zacchara organization was not part of the deal, but Johnny admitted that he had agreed to meet Michael later. Carly argued that it would be impossible, because Johnny would be busy with her. She asked Johnny to return to his penthouse, and then promised to follow him in ten minutes. After Johnny left, Shawn and T.J. entered. Shawn warned T.J. to stay put, and then joined Carly at her table.

Shawn admitted that he needed Carly's advice, but she explained that she had to leave. She asked for a rain check, and then dashed out of the door. After Carly left, Shawn saw T.J. flirting with Ranelle, so Shawn decided to set some ground rules for T.J. Shawn led T.J. to a table, but T.J. was curious who Sonny Corinthos was. "Stay out of other people's business," Shawn warned T.J. Shawn explained that T.J. would be expected to go to school, and then return to Kelly's to do homework. Shawn also insisted that T.J. had to go to bed when Shawn said so.

T.J. wasn't pleased, but Shawn explained that T.J. would have to follow Shawn's rules, or go to military school. Shawn realized that he had killed T.J.'s father, but they needed to find some common ground, if T.J. were going to live with Shawn.

At the counter, Ranelle was surprised when she saw Michael sit down. She immediately grew concerned when she noticed that Michael looked terrible. Ranelle insisted that Abby wouldn't want Michael to fall apart, but Michael thought that Abby would be more concerned about her friends falling victim to the attacker. Michael decided to show Ranelle a picture of Chuck Donofrio, to see if she knew him. Michael explained that the police had questioned the man, but then had released him. Ranelle admitted that she had seen Chuck in Vaughn's before, and that he had been thrown out for being loud and rude, and harassing the dancers.

Michael was curious if Ranelle thought that Chuck could have attacked her friends. Ranelle conceded that it was possible, so Michael stood up to leave. Ranelle was curious where Michael was going, but Michael would only tell her that he didn't want her to be afraid anymore.

Carly called Luke, but her uncle failed to answer the phone, so she knocked on Johnny's door. Johnny invited Carly in. Johnny resented Carly's businesslike attitude, especially when she suggested that sleeping with him was a necessary evil. Sensing Johnny's hesitation to sleep with her, Carly conceded that she was attracted to him, but she admitted that they might not have slept together under different circumstances. Johnny seemed reluctant to continue things with her, but Carly reached for Johnny, and then kissed him. She wondered if they should go to his bedroom, but Johnny thought that the sofa would be fine.

Carly was unaware that Luke was calling her, because the ringer on her phone had been turned off. Luke ended the call when Carly failed to answer. He mumbled that she had missed her chance, but he knew someone else who could use the information that he had obtained on Johnny.

At Jason's penthouse, Sonny and Jason argued about how to deal with the Zaccharas. Sonny was certain that Johnny was responsible for shooting him, but Jason cautioned Sonny not to make a move until they were certain. Jason explained that they weren't in a position to make any mistakes. Sonny argued that Johnny kept using Sonny's children to get to Sonny, so it was time to take Johnny out. Jason refused, because he claimed that he couldn't do it. Sonny was curious if Jason meant that literally.

Jason revealed that he had been having some problems with his left hand, which might stem from complications of Jason's recent brain surgery. Sonny was stunned, but he recalled that Jason shot with his right hand. Jason admitted that he could shoot a gun with both hands, but there had also been some blackouts. Sonny wondered why Jason hadn't mentioned it sooner, so Jason explained that the tests had been inconclusive. Sonny was curious if perhaps Jason were using the blackouts as an excuse not to deal with Johnny. Jason denied it, and then asked Sonny for some time to look into the recent shooting, as well as the others, to make certain that Johnny had been behind them.

Jason explained that Sonny's gunshot wound had been the result of a nine-millimeter gun, which would require the shooter to stand at close range. Jason insisted that Johnny was a better shot than that, so it appeared to have been the work of an amateur. Sonny usually trusted Jason's judgment, except in regards to Johnny. Sonny couldn't understand why Jason always seemed to protect the younger Zacchara. Jason argued that if they went after the Zaccharas, and it turned out that they hadn't been responsible for the shooting in the warehouse and the two shootings at Pozzulo's, then it would be the Jax situation all over again.

Jason apologized for not being there for Sonny when everything had fallen apart with Sonny's marriage to Brenda. Sonny assured Jason that he understood, because Jason had been dealing with having brain surgery. Jason pointed out that they couldn't afford to make another mistake, like what had happened with Jax, but Sonny wondered why he should wait to have Johnny killed when Jason hadn't shown the same restraint with Franco. Sonny admitted that he had never seen Jason lose it like he had with Franco, which concerned Sonny. Jason assured Sonny that everything was under control, and then agreed to arrange "the accident" as they had discussed.

On the yacht, Anthony surprised Tracy with a gift of a wedding dress. He hoped that it would fit, because there wouldn't be any time for alterations, since they would be getting married later that day. Anthony thought that she should have something appropriate to wear, so Tracy suggested that perhaps a noose might do. Anthony smiled indulgently, but Tracy refused to marry Anthony, so she decided to leave, by whatever means necessary. Tracy marched to the door, but found a burly thug blocking her path. Tracy realized that Anthony was prepared to kill her if necessary, but Anthony assured her that she was wrong.

Anthony explained that he had met the man "Game Runna" in prison, and that Game Runna was an ordained minister. Tracy was stunned when Anthony revealed that Game Runna was there to marry them.

At Wyndemere, Ethan chased Cassandra around the castle. Cassandra laughed with joy when Ethan finally managed to catch up with her. Her smile quickly faded when she heard a door close, because she realized that it was Ewen. Cassandra explained that she had been told to stay away from the castle, so she didn't want Ewen to find her there. Cassandra quickly ducked out of sight moments before Ewen entered the parlor. Ewen ordered Ethan to stop seeing Cassandra, but Ethan argued that Cassandra was a grown woman.

Ewen reminded Ethan that Cassandra didn't have any memory of her past, and that her frame of mind was fragile. Ethan resented that Ewen treated Cassandra like a child, instead of a woman. Ethan suspected that Ewen did it to control Cassandra. Ethan insisted that Cassandra had been literally hiding in the woodwork when he had first met her, but he had been able to coax her out of her shell. According to Ethan, Ewen made Cassandra feel like a freak, but Ewen wondered if Ethan had found it odd that Cassandra was drawn to places like Wyndemere. Ethan didn't have an answer, so Ewen announced that he and Cassandra would be moving into Wyndemere, and that Ethan's services would no longer be needed, since Ewen would hire a staff to oversee things.

Ethan was curious if Cassandra knew. "How could she? No one bothered to ask," Cassandra angrily said, as she stepped out of the tunnel. Ewen thought that Cassandra's outburst was exactly what he had been talking about. Ewen accused her of acting like a spoiled child who'd had a toy taken away. Cassandra insisted that Ethan was not her toy, but Ewen wondered why she had assumed that he had been referring to Ethan. Cassandra ignored the question as she assured Ewen that nothing was going on between her and Ethan.

Ethan made it clear that he intended to remain Wyndemere's caretaker, and then warned Ewen that Alexis wouldn't object. Cassandra confessed that she wanted them all to stay at Wyndemere, because she sensed that there was an ending there. "Good or bad?" Ethan asked.

On the waterfront, Jax called his mother, Lady Jane, to let her know that things hadn't gone as planned, but he intended to remain in Port Charles a while longer. Later, Michael was walking down an alley with determined strides when he heard a noise. Michael pulled out his gun just as Jax stepped out of the shadows. "Hey, Michael," Jax greeted his stepson.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Liz found a distraught Patrick in one of the exam rooms. She braced herself as she asked if he was upset about Robin, but he replied that he'd had a tough consult with a woman battling a degenerative neurological disorder. The woman had a husband and a little girl, and the outcome likely would not be a good one.

Liz comforted Patrick, who expressed the range of emotions he was feeling. Liz tried to explain that Robin was simply trying to spare him the worry, hoping for good news. "She's not being very optimistic if she's asking you to take her place, is she?" he exclaimed. The phone rang -- it was Robin.

Robin explained that her flight had been delayed. She asked him to meet her at home, because she had something important to tell him. Later, Liz pitched in at Patrick and Robin's house. Patrick worried that he wouldn't be able to handle any bad news. Liz left. Awhile later, Robin arrived home.

Michael was shocked to find Jax at the waterfront. Jax was dismayed to see Michael with a gun. Jax apologized for his disappearance having added to Michael's stress. He also expressed his condolences for Abby's death. Michael explained that he'd gone to New Zealand to scatter her ashes. That was when he thought he had seen Jax.

Jax asked Michael to cut Carly some slack, as she'd made some mistakes, but had out of love. She hadn't known for sure that Jax wasn't dead. Michael let Jax know that Carly hadn't signed the divorce papers.

Michael wanted to know, since everyone knew Jax was alive, why he wouldn't stay. Jax replied that he'd had no other choice. He begged Michael to get rid of the gun. Michael noted that Sonny would have just confiscated it. Jax wanted the decision to be Michael's, and Michael agreed to. He also agreed to tell no one he'd seen Jax.

As Johnny and Carly shared a moment of passion on the couch, Johnny had second thoughts. Carly reminded him of their deal. Johnny explained that he wasn't about to use her or Michael. Carly wondered why Johnny had gone as far as he had, and he admitted that he wanted to see how far she would go.

He urged her to keep Michael out of the mob and lamented that he hadn't been able to save Claudia from her fate. Carly wondered how Johnny could be so forgiving, seeing as how Michael had killed Claudia. Johnny understood that Michael had simply done as he was taught: he'd protected his loved ones, by any means necessary.

Carly and Johnny joked about their mutual flirtation, and Carly gave him a sensuous kiss before she left. Later, Johnny made it clear to someone on the phone that he was in charge, not Anthony, and that Michael was to be left alone. There was a knock at the door.

On his way to answer the door, Johnny noticed that Carly had left her wedding ring on the sofa. He picked it up and smiled, assuming she had returned to reclaim it. He was disappointed to find Sonny instead. He reluctantly invited in Sonny, who stated, "This could be the first time that I actually feel sorry for you."

Luke paid a surprise visit to Sonny. Luke offered him a gift, but it had a cost. Sonny offered to pay Luke a small fortune for the information in the envelope Luke had. Luke agreed and handed the document to Sonny, who became gleeful. "Anthony, Johnny, they don't know you have this?" asked Sonny. Luke assured him that it was a secret.

Luke also asked Sonny to do what he could to keep Dante out of danger. All Sonny could say was that he'd do his best. Sonny asked why Luke hadn't used the information he'd given Sonny to keep Anthony and Tracy from getting married. Luke replied that he had it covered.

Anthony found Tracy before she polished off a bottle of booze. He called in Maxie, who began to prepare for the wedding. After Anthony left the room, Tracy demanded that Maxie help her get off the boat. Tracy grabbed Maxie's phone, and they fought over the phone until Anthony's very large goon arrived.

Tracy explained she was being kept there against her will, but the man was indifferent. Anthony walked in and admitted he was blackmailing both women. Later, the wedding began, and the goon was the minister. As he asked for objections, in walked Luke. A smile enveloped Tracy's face.

Kate went to Olivia's house with gifts, but Olivia was suspicious. Kate explained that she and Sonny had decided to leave their pasts behind, and that included changing the name and the look of the restaurant. Olivia wondered if Kate was sharing the news out of jealousy -- to ensure that Olivia would not stand in the way of Kate and Sonny's reunion.

Olivia asserted, "On her most miserable day, I think that Connie was probably happier than Kate Howard's ever been." Kate didn't argue. Kate broke the news that Sonny had been shot but that he was okay. Olivia went to try on one of the dresses Kate had given her.

As soon as Kate was alone, she made a call and urgently asked the other party to meet her. Later, at the airport's cocktail lounge, Kate and Jax were surprised to see each other.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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