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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 20, 2012 on GH
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Monday, February 20, 2012

At General Hospital, Robin, Anna, and Emma played a game and talked, while, unknown to them, Patrick lay passed out in the lab where Robin had been working on Jason's protocol. Epiphany exchanged pleasantries with Emma. Robin inquired about Patrick. Epiphany told Robin that Patrick had gone to her lab.

After Robin left, Emma asked Anna questions about herself. Anna said that she had been chief of police just like Emma's Uncle Mac. Anna told Emma that law enforcement and medicine ran in their family, so Emma had a choice of careers when she grew up. Emma told Anna that Robin had told her how brave Anna was.

Anna said that Robin was braver than anyone Anna knew. Anna reflected on how fast time passed by. She said it seemed like "only yesterday" that Robin had been Emma's age. Anna said that as soon as Robin returned, she was going to tell Robin how much she loved her. Emma said she would do the same.

Robin found Patrick in the lab, passed out from the gas. She dragged him outside the door and gave him CPR. Patrick started breathing and regained consciousness. He told Robin that he had knocked over something in the lab. She ran to the door and saw that Jason's drug protocol was okay.

Patrick told Robin not to go in, but Robin rushed in to grab the vial. As she tried to exit, Robin knocked over a beaker and the lab door automatically locked before she could get out. Patrick started pounding on the door. Robin put Jason's protocol in the pass-through door and urged Patrick to take it and make sure that he administered it to Jason.

Smoke started filling the lab. Robin begged Patrick to leave before the emergency doors closed and he was also trapped. Patrick refused to leave her. Alarms started going off. Robin told Patrick that he had to take care of Emma. She told him that she loved him and Emma more than anything and that she would always love him.

Robin demanded that Patrick leave her. Patrick continued to refuse, but finally went through the security doors to call for help. Before he could get back to Robin, the emergency doors locked, and the lab exploded.

Spinelli visited Jason in his hospital room. He told Jason that he had not yet found anything out about the DVD that Franco had sent to Jason. Jason said that was not the reason that he had asked Spinelli to visit. Jason said that he wanted to ask Spinelli for a favor.

Jason told Spinelli that he might be dying. Jason said that he had been diagnosed with an inoperable cerebral edema, but that Robin was working on a drug protocol. However, there was no guarantee that it would work. Jason said that if the drug regimen did not work, then Jason wanted Spinelli to take care of Sam and Jason's baby. Spinelli asked if Jason had told Sam.

Jason said that Sam knew but did not want to believe that the worst could happen. Jason wanted to know if Spinelli could find the missing twenty million dollars that Spinelli had placed, then lost, in an offshore account because he wanted to make sure that Sam and the baby had enough money. Spinelli said he could. Jason said that the money did not matter as much as Spinelli's friendship. Jason asked Spinelli to be as good a friend to Sam and his baby as Spinelli had been to Jason. Spinelli said that he would. Jason told Spinelli that Sam would not be alone because she would have Alexis, Kristina, and Molly, but he worried that Sam would be nervous about being a good mother.

Jason asked Spinelli to help Sam because Spinelli was the smartest and kindest person he had ever known. Spinelli said that Jason should be there for Sam and the baby. Jason agreed that he wanted to be, but said that he had taken a lot of chances in life and sooner or later, things had a way of catching up. Spinelli started babbling and then apologized. Jason said it was okay. Spinelli said that he preferred to believe that Robin would find a cure and Jason would survive. Jason replied that he wanted that, as well, but if it did not happen, then he wanted the chance to say goodbye and thank Spinelli for everything he had done for Jason.

Spinelli said he was the one who should be grateful to Jason for taking him under his wing. Spinelli added that all his accomplishments had been with Jason's help. Spinelli said that Jason was stoic and seemed better able to face his own death than his friends were capable of doing. Jason replied that he needed one more favor. He asked Spinelli to continue working on the DVD and give the results to Jason, not Sam. Spinelli agreed that he would. Spinelli said that he appreciated Jason's confidence in him, but like Sam, he preferred to put his faith in Robin and believe that she would find a cure.

Carly found Johnny's car abandoned in the snow. She called for him, then called his phone and left a message. While she was on the phone, Johnny found her and wanted to know what she was doing. Carly said that she was there for Johnny. She wanted to know why he was where he was.

Carly told Johnny not to shut her out or use her as his emotional punching bag. Johnny said that he had been standing on a ledge because he liked being up high. He said that the first time he had stood on a ledge, he had been ten or twelve years old. He said that it gave him a rush and it was where he went when he got tired of caring, tired of feeling, and tired of asking questions with no answers.

Carly said that at least Johnny finally knew the reason that Claudia had been the way she was. Johnny said that his whole life had been a lie. Carly said that pity was unattractive, and Johnny had been wallowing in it. Johnny said that he deserved to be a little angry. Carly asked what anger had gotten him.

Carly asked Johnny what he'd hoped to gain by showing up drunk at Sonny's party. She told Johnny that what had happened had been as much his fault as Sonny's. Carly said that Johnny's confrontation with Sonny was Johnny's way of self-destructing and that by confronting Sonny, Johnny had been begging Sonny to tell the world that Claudia was his mother, not his sister. She added that if Johnny had not wanted the world to know his secret, he should not have confronted the man who hated him and had uncovered the secret.

Carly noted that telling Johnny's secret had not turned out well for Sonny. Everyone at the benefit had been appalled by Sonny's behavior. Carly said that from her own experience, she knew that having a secret aired could be very liberating and more than that, meant that the secret would not lead to blackmail. Carly told Johnny that he had time to think about what he really wanted. Johnny asked what if what he wanted was revenge. When Carly did not respond, Johnny said that he did not know who he hated more, Anthony for lying, Sonny for telling the world, or Claudia for bringing Johnny into the world.

Carly defended Claudia because she had been a child when Johnny was born. Johnny said that Anthony had never had anything good to say about Claudia. Carly pointed out that Anthony wanted Johnny to blame Claudia to get Anthony off the hook for his own actions. Johnny decided that he hated Anthony the most. Carly wanted to know if Johnny blamed Claudia for not telling Johnny the truth and leaving him with the mess to clean up. Remembering back, Johnny could recall several times that Claudia had tried to tell him something but had always backed out before she did.

Carly said that Claudia's attempt to have a baby was a way to replace what she had missed with Johnny. Carly continued that the miscarriage had driven Claudia over the edge. Johnny said it did not bode well for his own sanity. Carly told Johnny that he was not crazy, just in pain.

Carly said she was just trying to help Johnny get through the pain. Johnny replied that he thought Carly was trying to save him. He mentioned all the times that Carly had tried to save Sonny. Carly said that she had twisted herself in a pretzel for Sonny, but in the end she had learned that no one could save another person; that a person had to want to be saved and be willing to do it on their own.

When Johnny said that he might not want to be saved, Carly told him to jump off the next time he was on a ledge, but cautioned him not to take anyone she loved with him. Johnny got playful and asked if Carly would go out on a ledge with him. When Carly laughed, Johnny's mood lightened, and he asked her to let him take her home.

Dante and Sonny exchanged heated word in the parking structure of the MetroCourt. Dante said that he was not Sonny's son anymore and that he wanted zero to do with Sonny. Sonny said that Dante could not turn his back on family. Dante shot back, "Watch me." Sonny noticed a gunman and shouted a warning at Dante before he dived in front of the bullet. Dante pushed Sonny aside and drew his gun. He shouted that he was a cop and started after the shooter, but stopped when he noticed Sonny on the ground, bleeding.

Sonny told Dante to go and do his job, but Dante would not leave Sonny. As Dante applied pressure to the wound, he told Sonny that Sonny had saved Dante's life. Sonny's response was, "You're my son." Sonny told Dante to find Johnny. Dante said they could not be sure Johnny was the shooter. Sonny said it was Johnny because Johnny knew that the best way to hurt Sonny was to kill Sonny's son.

Inside the MetroCourt, the party was in full swing. Olivia and Tracy traded words about Sonny and Anthony. Olivia blamed Anthony for the debacle, and Tracy blamed Sonny. Matt stood at the bar, getting drunker, and Liz encouraged him to switch to water. Alexis got increasingly frantic because she was unable to reach Molly. Diane encouraged Alexis to let Molly be and to enjoy the party. She warned Alexis that Molly would rebel just like Kristina had done if Alexis did not cut Molly some slack.

Kate returned from outdoors where she had been looking for Sonny and told Olivia that she was worried. Across the room, Maggie and Steve huddled together and spoke in hushed tones about a murder that Steve admitted committing. Olivia stalked over and said she was tired of her boyfriend hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, and she wanted to know what secret they shared. Steve was about to tell Olivia the truth when Maggie interjected that she and Steve were having an affair. Before Olivia could respond, Dante burst in and said that Sonny had been shot. Kate screamed and wanted to know if Sonny was okay.

Steve got some emergency medical supplies and headed to the parking structure with Mac and Dante. Mac questioned Dante, who was unable to provide a description of the shooter. When they arrived at the parking structure, Sonny was nowhere to be found. Kate was right behind them and screamed when she saw blood on the pavement.

At the lake house, the impromptu teen party was out of control. Molly called Michael and asked for help. They were cut off. A cute boy approached Molly and told her that he had not realized that there was more to her that just a geek. Molly was flattered by the attention. She started talking about Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities. The boy played along. In the background, a girl mixed a drink and offered it to Molly. Molly said that she did not drink, but the girl said it was only fruit punch. Molly accepted it.

Molly continued talking to the boy and drinking the "punch," but it was obvious that she was getting drunk. Molly was captured by the boy's attention to her and seemingly shared interest in Dickens. When he said it was too noisy to have an intellectual discussion and asked if there was someplace that they could talk privately, Molly offered to take him to her room.

As the boy was leading Molly away, T.J. stopped them and turned the boy aside. When a fight broke out and furniture got smashed, T.J. realized that the party was out of hand and told everyone to leave. Michael arrived and wanted to know what was going on. He supported T.J., and between them, they sent the partygoers away. When Michael asked about Molly, he and T.J. looked for her and found Molly passed out in the hallway.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis was eager to get home, because she couldn't reach Molly. Diane reminded Alexis that Molly was a trustworthy teen, but Alexis couldn't relax. Alexis' frustration turned to anxiety when Michael called Alexis. Alexis realized that something was wrong when she heard Molly snatch the phone away from Michael, and then disconnected the call.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Dante was confident that he knew where Sonny had gone. Dante wanted time to find Sonny, so Mac reluctantly agreed to give Dante an hour. Nearby, Steve was concerned about Kate, who appeared to be in a state of shock, so he decided to take Kate back to the restaurant. Moments later, Alexis approached Mac to demand that he send her home in a squad car, because something was wrong at the lake house. Mac pointed out that sending a squad car to Alexis' house was a bad idea, because the police would have to file a report, which was something that Alexis might not want. Alexis agreed, so Mac took Alexis home.

Meanwhile, in the restaurant, Kate became agitated when Steve tried to examine her. Steve explained that he was worried about Kate's frame of mind, so Kate screamed that she was upset, because Sonny had been shot, and might be bleeding to death. Olivia tried to remind her cousin that Sonny had survived worse, but Kate became angry, threw some furniture around, and then stormed out. Steve wondered if Kate had ever acted like that before, so Olivia suggested that perhaps Sonny's shooting had dredged up memories of Kate and Sonny's wedding day, when Kate had been shot.

However, Olivia admitted that Kate had never been so emotional in the past, so it was somewhat out of the ordinary. Olivia decided to track down her cousin, but was unsuccessful. After Olivia returned to the restaurant, Steve broached the subject of his supposed affair with Maggie. Olivia was too worried about her cousin to talk about it, so she excused herself, and then continued her search for Kate.

Tracy spotted Anthony when he returned to the restaurant. Anthony appeared a bit dazed as Tracy asked where he had been. Anthony pulled himself together, and then joined Tracy at her table. After Kate's outburst, Anthony suggested that perhaps Kate had shot Sonny. Tracy laughed, and then pointed out that Kate didn't have a motive for shooting Sonny. However, Tracy thought that Johnny did.

Anthony insisted that his son was innocent. "Grandson," Tracy corrected, and then wondered how Anthony could be so certain that Johnny hadn't shot Sonny. Anthony explained that it wasn't Johnny's style to lurk in the shadows, prompting Tracy to ask, "What about you?" Tracy knew that Anthony would love to see Sonny six feet under. Anthony agreed, and then claimed that he would root for anyone, including Sonny's girlfriend, to shoot Sonny. Tracy was curious why Anthony kept insinuating that Kate might have shot Sonny, so Anthony pointed out that there was a fine line between love and hate.

Kate remained distraught, as she made her way to the parking garage, where Sonny had been shot. She dipped her fingers in one of the pools of Sonny's blood, from the shooting. Her hand shook, as she raised it to her eyes, and then stared at them.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Carly complained that she had risked frostbite for Johnny. Johnny appreciated what Carly had done for him, but he insisted that Sonny had been wrong. Carly urged Johnny to move on, but Johnny suspected that Carly was desperate to save Sonny by asking Johnny to back down. Annoyed, Carly started to leave, but Johnny asked her to stay, because she was the only person whom he could talk to. Johnny invited her to take a hot shower, to warm up, so Carly decided to take Johnny up on the offer.

A short time later, Sonny stormed into Johnny's apartment. Sonny's shirt was covered in blood, as Sonny growled that Johnny had made a costly mistake. Sonny reminded Johnny that the Corinthos children were off-limits, but Johnny argued that Michael and Kristina had gone to Johnny for help. Sonny provoked Johnny by trashing Claudia. Carly appeared on the steps as the argument between Sonny and Johnny quickly escalated.

Sonny was stunned to see Carly wearing Johnny's robe, and her hair wet. "Are you shot?" Carly asked as she descended the stairs. Sonny suggested that she ask Johnny. Sonny suddenly pulled a gun out, and then aimed it at Johnny. Carly assured Sonny that Johnny had been with her for the evening, except for ten minutes. Sonny argued that it had been ample opportunity for Johnny to take aim at Dante, but Carly insisted that her hotel had cameras on the roof, so she could confirm Johnny hadn't been at the garage at the time of the shooting.

Sonny continued to point the gun at Johnny, while Carly wondered why Johnny would want to shoot Dante. Sonny explained that Johnny had hoped to make Sonny suffer by forcing Sonny to watch Dante die. Johnny claimed that he wouldn't have risked a mandatory life sentence by killing a cop, but Sonny wasn't convinced. Sonny was certain that Carly would feel the same need for revenge, if their roles had been reversed, but Carly insisted that she wouldn't have acted without sufficient proof. Moments later, Dante entered the penthouse.

Dante tried to persuade his father to put the gun down, but Sonny refused to cooperate. Sonny pointed out that he had taken a bullet for Dante, so Sonny wanted Dante to leave, so that Sonny could took care of Johnny. Dante appreciated that Sonny had been willing to die for Dante, but Dante couldn't look the other way. Dante and Carly continued to talk to Sonny. Carly reminded Sonny that their children needed their father, prompting Sonny to wonder why Carly always used the children when she wanted something. Carly explained that she wanted Sonny to step up for their kids, which finally calmed Sonny down enough to wonder who else would want to shoot Dante.

Johnny conceded that perhaps Anthony had been behind the shooting, since it hadn't been the first time that Anthony had targeted Sonny's children. Dante was curious if Johnny were suggesting that Anthony had shot Dante in Sonny's warehouse over the summer. Dante wanted to take Johnny to the police station for a statement, but Johnny threatened to mention Sonny's visit. Dante wasn't intimidated by Johnny's threat, so Sonny lowered the gun.

Carly was livid as she pointed out that it had been the second time, in less than a year, that she and Dante had needed to talk Sonny out of destroying Sonny's life. She was curious if Sonny recalled being out of control like that before, during the fiasco with Jax, prompting Sonny to wonder if Carly expected him to thank her. Carly told Sonny to go to the hospital for treatment, so Sonny advised Carly to go home to Josslyn, and to stay out of trouble. After Dante and Sonny left, Johnny wondered if Carly and Sonny were truly over.

Carly was curious if Johnny were innocent of Sonny's accusations. Johnny insisted that he had told the truth about being on the ledge of the hotel's rooftop, and then suggested that she check the cameras. Carly admitted that she had lied about the cameras; there weren't any on the hotel's roof. Johnny was curious why Carly had lied, so she confessed that she had been trying to save Sonny, for the sake of the children. Carly noticed that Johnny hadn't answered her question about the shooting, so Johnny assured her that he hadn't tried to kill anyone that evening.

Carly wondered if Johnny thought perhaps Anthony had targeted Sonny and Dante. Johnny shrugged, so Carly pointed out that Johnny had put a target on Anthony's back. Johnny chuckled, and then suggested that perhaps he had been trying to kill two birds with one stone.

In the elevator, Sonny assured Dante that it wasn't necessary to take Sonny to the hospital. Dante appreciated that Sonny had gone after Johnny to protect him, but Sonny realized that he hadn't done it in the way that Dante had wanted. Dante smiled, because he realized that his father finally understood, which gave Dante hope for them. Dante thanked his father for saving his life, and then helped Sonny out of the elevator.

At the lake house, Michael carried Molly to the living room, and then gently set her down on the sofa. T.J. trailed behind Michael, as Michael tried to wake Molly up. Michael feared that Molly had alcohol poisoning, so he decided to take her to the hospital, but T.J. objected. Moments later, Molly woke up. Michael demanded to know how much alcohol Molly had consumed, but Molly insisted that she'd only had punch. Michael assured his younger cousin that she had done the right thing by calling him, and then instructed T.J. to get some water for Molly, so that she could flush the alcohol out of her system.

Molly assured Michael that she hadn't invited anyone to the house, prompting Michael to glare accusingly at T.J. Michael hoped that Molly had learned never to accept a drink from someone she didn't know. Molly drunkenly admitted that she had also learned to call Michael when she was in trouble. Molly realized that she would have to tell her mother about the party, but T.J. suggested that they could keep it from Alexis. Michael wondered if T.J. actually thought that the parents, who had to pick up their drunken children after the party, would not say anything to Alexis.

Molly's stomach lurched, so she clutched her abdomen, and then raced to the bathroom. Michael blasted T.J. for taking advantage of Molly, by hosting a party at the lake house, and then exposing her to a dangerous situation. T.J. defensively insisted that he had been trying to help out Molly's popularity. Michael threatened to put T.J. in the hospital the next time that Molly ended up in trouble, and then reached for the phone to call Alexis.

Molly panicked when she realized what Michael was doing. Molly screeched at Michael, as she snatched the phone out of his hand, and then begged Michael to follow T.J.'s advice. Michael reluctantly helped Molly and T.J. pick up, but their efforts were in vain, because Alexis arrived home. Alexis slowly took in the overturned furniture, empty bottles of beer, and the scattered mess. "What the hell happened?" Alexis asked Molly and Michael, as Mac recognized the signs of a party.

Michael clarified that he had arrived at the end of the party. Alexis was shocked when she realized that Molly was drunk, but Molly assured her mother that she had thrown up most of the alcohol. Alexis quickly surmised that T.J. had been behind the party, and Molly's inebriated state, so she demanded that Mac press charges against T.J. Molly quickly stepped forward to take full responsibility for the party.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason and Sam felt a tremor that rocked the hospital. Jason went to the door, intent on investigating the odd occurrence, but Sam stopped him. Sam decided to find out what had happened. Spinelli entered the room as Sam left. Jason was curious if Spinelli had learned anything new about the video footage that Franco had left on the penthouse balcony, so Spinelli revealed that the video had been authentic, and that it appeared to have been recorded by Jason's deceased birth mother, Susan Moore.

At the nurses' station, Anna was alarmed when the building shuddered violently, but the hospital's staff appeared to dismiss it as minor, since none of the alarms had been triggered. Anna struck up a conversation with Spinelli when she spotted him standing nearby, by mentioning that Robin was working on a cure for Jason. Later, Sam approached Anna to ask if Anna knew anything about the tremor that had shaken the hospital. Anna admitted that she was more concerned about Robin, because Robin had gone to the lab to look for Patrick, but she had not returned.

Patrick pounded on the lab's locked doors, as Robin pleaded with Patrick to flee to safety. She assured him that he and Emma were in her heart, and then promised to always be with him. Patrick tearfully vowed to return with help, and then ran to the door. Inside the lab, Robin collapsed as a drop of chemical hit the floor and then mixed with the fumes that had filled the lab. In the hallway, Patrick was thrown back as an explosion ripped through the lab. Patrick ran back to the lab, but smoke filled the room, so he was unable to see inside. Patrick called 9-1-1 to report the blast, and to beg them to find a way to open the lab's sealed doors.

The operator was unable to open the doors, so Patrick ripped an intravenous pole off of a wheelchair, and then tried to pry the doors open, but they remained firmly closed. Eventually, the fire department arrived. One of the firefighters had to hold Patrick back, while the rest of the firemen entered the lab. Sam walked up, as Patrick pretended to cooperate long enough to break free, and then race to the lab. A firefighter blocked Patrick from entering the lab, and then explained that no one could have survived the fire. Patrick's eyes filled with tears of denial, so the fireman added, "She's gone," and then handed Robin's wedding ring to Patrick.

Patrick entered the lab, and then fell to his knees, sobbing with grief, as he saw Robin's body draped with a yellow tarp.

Sam was in a semi-state of shock when she entered Jason's hospital room. Jason was immediately concerned, so Sam started to tell him what had happened in the lab. However, she couldn't find the words.

Anna noticed the firefighters walking past the nurses' station as they talked about the investigating the fire in the lab. Seconds later, she saw Patrick round a corner. Anna wondered if he had seen Robin, but Patrick could only look at her with a grief-stricken expression. Anna realized that something terrible had happened, so she demanded to know, "Where's my daughter?"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Metro Court's parking garage, Kate stared at her fingers, which were coated with Sonny's blood. Olivia called out to her cousin several times before Kate snapped out of her trancelike state. Kate resented Olivia referring to Kate as "Connie," so Olivia explained that Kate hadn't responded to "Kate." Moments later, Dante called Olivia to let her know that Sonny was at the hospital. Olivia quickly passed along the message to Kate, who promptly stood up, and then raced to the car. Olivia refused to allow Kate to drive, so Olivia snatched the car keys from Kate and drove her cousin to the hospital.

At the hospital, Sonny explained that Dante didn't have to stay, but Dante didn't trust Sonny to remain in the hospital. Dante was certain that Sonny would try to hunt down Anthony at the first opportunity, so Dante wanted to stay with Sonny. Dante then confessed that he finally believed Sonny's claims of loving Dante, because Sonny had taken a bullet for Dante. Sonny admitted that he would die for Dante, even if Dante hated him. Dante's tone softened, as he asked his father to let the doctors patch Sonny up. Sonny confessed that a part of him had thought that Dante had been on the verge of calling him, "Dad." "Thank you for saving my life...Dad," Dante replied.

Dante conceded that Johnny hadn't been blameless in what had transpired at the benefit event, but Dante didn't want Sonny to seek revenge for the shooting. Sonny didn't make any promises, but he allowed Dante to help him to the emergency room. Later, the doctor explained that he was legally obligated to report all gunshot wounds. Dante flashed his badge to the doctor, and then assured the doctor that it was fine for the doctor to file whatever paperwork was necessary. The doctor relaxed, as he explained that Sonny had lost a lot of blood, so he urged Sonny to take it easy, and not to tear the stitches.

After the doctor left, Dante reminded Sonny to stay away from Anthony. Moments later, Kate rushed into the examination room. Kate was clearly distraught as she hugged and kissed Sonny, so Sonny quickly assured her that he was fine. Meanwhile, Olivia pulled Dante into the hallway to speak to her son privately. In the examination room, Sonny revealed that Johnny hadn't been responsible for the shooting, so Anthony was the likely suspect. Sonny then confided that Anthony had been aiming for Dante.

Kate was curious how Sonny could be certain about that, so Sonny explained that he had seen the shooter's gun. Kate was stunned to realize that Sonny had jumped into the path of the bullet. Sonny insisted that he had acted on instinct when he had realized that his son's life had been in peril. Kate was upset at the realization that she had nearly lost Sonny, prompting Sonny to vow that Anthony would pay for the shooting. Kate warned Sonny to leave Anthony alone, or she would end things with Sonny.

In the hallway, Olivia was curious where Sonny had been. Dante revealed that Sonny had gone to Johnny's penthouse to confront the younger Zacchara, but Carly had talked Sonny down. Olivia was relieved that Carly had been on hand, so Dante was curious why Olivia cared about what happened to Johnny. Olivia reminded her son that she and Johnny had history together, but Dante argued that it had been over between Olivia and Johnny for a long time, and that Olivia had moved on with a doctor who was a good guy. "Yeah, a really good guy," Olivia sarcastically replied.

Later, Dante called Lulu to check in with his wife. He told Lulu that he was at the hospital on police business, and then promised to be home soon. Olivia overheard Dante's end of the conversation with Lulu, so she wondered why he hadn't told Lulu about the shooting. Olivia thought that Lulu had a right to know that Dante had been standing next to Sonny when a gunman had opened fire. Dante confessed that he was still trying to accept that Sonny had saved his life. Olivia insisted that Sonny loved Dante, and that Sonny had proven to Dante that he would die for his son.

At the lake house, Molly took full responsibility for the party. Alexis was furious as she reprimanded her daughter. T.J. started to defend Molly, but Michael growled a warning for T.J. to stay out of it. Alexis explained that Molly's party was a perfect example of why Alexis had befriended Molly on MyFace, so T.J. informed Alexis that no one would want to be friends with Molly if Alexis were always looking over Molly's shoulder. "Shut your mouth," Alexis ordered T.J., and then turned her attention back to Molly. Alexis ordered Molly to look around, and then explain why Molly shouldn't be monitored.

Mac confessed that it seemed out of character for Molly to behave so irresponsibly, but Molly insisted that she had been desperate to be cool for once in her life. Michael implored Alexis to go easy on Molly, but Alexis suggested that Michael focus on his parents, instead of Molly's problems. Moments later, Shawn arrived. T.J. immediately explained that he'd had nothing to do with the party, but Shawn merely stared at T.J. Meanwhile, Michael was curious about Alexis' comment regarding Sonny and Carly, so Mac explained that Sonny had been shot. Dante called a few minutes later to reveal that Sonny was in the hospital.

Mac and Michael decided to head to the hospital, but first Mac warned Molly that Alexis would have been responsible if someone had left the party drunk and then had gotten into a car accident. After Mac and Michael left, Alexis grounded Molly. T.J. objected, but Alexis explained that a parent's job was to set boundaries for their children, so that kids realized that there were consequences for their actions. T.J. grew increasingly uncomfortable when Alexis proceeded to lecture Molly, so he confessed that the party had actually been his idea. T.J. explained that he had hoped to help Molly make some friends. Alexis demanded to know why Molly had lied to cover for T.J., so Molly admitted that she had been concerned because T.J. had already been in enough trouble.

Alexis pointed out that T.J. kept doing things that were unacceptable -- and dangerous. Shawn noticed that T.J. had neglected to apologize to Alexis for throwing a party in her home. T.J. apologized, but Shawn decided that T.J. would also repay Alexis for the damages, so Shawn promised to call Alexis to make arrangements. After Shawn and T.J. left, Alexis made it clear that she wasn't through with Molly. Alexis warned Molly to stay away from T.J., but Molly argued that T.J. was a friend. Alexis argued that friends didn't act like T.J. had.

On the porch, T.J. explained to Shawn that the kids at school treated Molly like a joke, and tortured her, so T.J. had tried to make things better for Molly by throwing the party. Shawn wasn't impressed with T.J.'s methods, but T.J. insisted that he, at least, had tried to do something about it. Shawn wondered what that meant, so T.J. pointed out that Shawn had obviously failed to make a move on Carly, since Shawn had shown up alone.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Carly explained that Sonny was protective of his children, so she suspected that Johnny had used that trait to sic Sonny on Anthony. She pointed out that Anthony was the only father that Johnny had known, so she was curious if that were truly what Johnny wanted. Johnny and Carly talked about what it had been like for each of them to find out that the people who had raised them weren't their biological parents. Carly was certain that Johnny still loved Anthony. Johnny agreed to admit to it, if Carly admitted that she was still in love with Sonny.

Carly decided to call home to check on Josslyn. After she ended the call, Johnny snatched the phone away to continue their discussion. Carly explained that she wanted to let Michael know about Sonny's gunshot, but Johnny insisted that someone else could tell Michael. Johnny insisted that he had seen the look on Carly's face when she had realized that Sonny had been shot; it had been clear to him that she was in love with her ex-husband, so Johnny questioned her sudden interest in Johnny. Carly assured Johnny that she had been worried about Johnny, but he had his doubts.

Johnny confessed that he had thought that Carly was interested in him for who he was, but a part of him suspected that she had an agenda. Carly argued that Kate could have Sonny, prompting Johnny to wonder who Carly wanted. He then questioned her about her relationship with Shawn. Carly insisted that she and Shawn had never crossed "that line," and that Shawn was no longer her bodyguard. However, she was curious why Johnny thought that it was any of his business. Johnny confessed that he sensed that something else might be going on with Carly, so she admitted that Johnny was a mess, and that she liked to feel needed.

Johnny warned Carly that he didn't trust her, and that it seemed like she felt guilty about something. Carly reminded Johnny that she had been married to Sonny four times, and that they would always share a connection, because of their children. Johnny pointed out that things had gotten quite heated between them, before Michael had interrupted them. Johnny admitted that he'd had no intention of stopping, if Michael hadn't shown up. "What about you?" Johnny asked. Carly smiled, prompting Johnny to wonder if he were her new pet project.

Carly confessed that she didn't want to see Johnny hurt, so Johnny was curious why she cared. Carly explained that she simply did, so he had better learn to deal with it. Carly walked over to the phone, picked it up, and then handed it to Johnny. She urged him to warn Anthony that Sonny might be after the elder Zacchara. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Shawn, looking for Carly.

Maxie arrived home, rambling about her confrontation with Matt and Liz, and then revealed that she had a new plan to win Matt back. She stopped short when she noticed that Spinelli was quietly sitting on the floor, staring at his laptop. Maxie wondered what was wrong, but Spinelli would only tell her that someone whom he cared about might die. Maxie realized that Spinelli had been referring to Jason, so she quickly assured Spinelli that Robin would find a cure for Jason's brain swelling. To prove her point, Maxie revealed that she had tried to persuade Robin to attend the benefit bash with her, but Robin had been determined to focus on helping Jason. Spinelli remained downcast, so Maxie decided to take Spinelli to the hospital, so that Robin could reassure Spinelli personally.

However, Maxie only made it as far as the door, before she recalled her plan to win back Matt. Her plan revolved around renting a room at Metro Court, where Matt was, so she explained that it would be her last best chance. Spinelli assured Maxie that it was fine if she went to the hotel, so Maxie promised him that she was confident that Robin would find a cure, and then left.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam explained to Jason that there had been a gas leak in the lab, where Robin had been working, which had led to an explosion. Sam assured Jason that the fire had been contained, and that Robin was fine. Jason realized that the protocol that Robin had been working on might have been lost, so he wanted to check with Robin to see if it were okay for him to leave the hospital. Sam insisted that Robin would have told them if there had been any news about the protocol, so she urged Jason to remain in the room, but Jason was determined to talk to Robin. Sam offered to find Robin, if Jason promised to stay put in the room, and rest.

In the hallway, Sam took a moment to collect herself. Monica approached Sam, and then admitted that she had just learned about the tragedy in the lab. Sam revealed that she hadn't told Jason about Robin's death, because Jason needed to remain calm. Sam feared that Robin's death would kill Jason. Monica agreed that it had been the right decision; however, she warned Sam that Robin's death meant that Jason would likely not recover, because Robin hadn't been able to find a cure before the explosion. Sam needed some time to think things over, so she asked Monica to stay with Jason.

At the nurses' station, Anna demanded to know what had happened to Robin. Patrick was too distraught to find the words to tell Anna about Robin's death, so Anna decided to go to the lab to get some answers. Patrick finally managed to show Robin's wedding and engagement rings to Anna, which the firefighters had recovered after the explosion. Patrick tearfully explained that no one could have survived the blast. Anna's eyes filled with tears, as she tried to deny what Patrick was telling her.

Patrick confessed that he had gone to the lab, smelled gas, and then had knocked something on the valve loose, before he had succumbed to the toxic fumes. He revealed that Robin had dragged him to safety, and then she had returned to the lab to fetch the drug protocol to save Jason's life, but the doors to the lab had closed, and then locked. Patrick was furious that Robin had sacrificed her life for "that son of a bitch," and then tearfully apologized to Anna for not being able to save Robin. Anna decided that she needed to see her daughter for herself, but Patrick warned Anna not to go to the lab, because Robin had been burned beyond recognition. Tears of grief slid down Anna's cheeks as she realized that her daughter had perished in the explosion. Patrick admitted that it didn't seem real, and that he had no idea how to tell Emma that Robin had died.

Patrick decided that he needed to be with his daughter, so Anna offered to call Robert and Mac. Anna admitted that she hadn't talked to Robert in months, but she was certain that his superiors would be able to reach him. Patrick didn't think that Anna should have to make those calls, but Anna insisted that she needed something to focus on. Anna stepped away, and then called Robert's handlers to inform them that she needed to reach Robert on an urgent matter. After she ended the call, Mac spotted her. Mac smiled brightly as he hugged Anna, unaware that she had devastating news for him.

At the nurses' station, Patrick put Robin's rings into his pocket, and then realized that he had the vial of medication that Robin had been working on for Jason. Sam rounded the corner, and then walked up to Patrick. She immediately saw the vial in Patrick's hand. Her face lit up with hope, as she asked if it were the medication to save Jason's life. Grief-stricken, Patrick glared at Sam.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

At Wyndemere, Ethan and Cassandra snuggled on the sofa, and kissed. Cassandra wished that she and Ethan could stay like that forever, so Ethan reminded her that they would eventually need some food. Cassandra insisted that she was serious; she had never felt so strongly for anyone, the way that she felt for Ethan. "Anyone you can remember," Ewen suggested, as he entered the parlor. Cassandra reached for her robe, and then wondered why Ewen wasn't at the benefit. Ewen explained that he he'd had to work, so he had decided to check on Cassandra afterwards.

Ethan assured Ewen that Cassandra was fine, but Ewen argued that she wouldn't be in Ewen's care if that were true. Ethan insisted that he was prepared to give Cassandra a new life, so Ewen was curious how that would solve Cassandra's problems. Ewen warned Ethan that whatever Cassandra was blocking out, it would continue to lurk in the recesses of her mind. Ewen wondered what Ethan intended to do, if those memories pushed their way out. Cassandra argued that she had yet to remember anything about her past, despite working with Ewen for a year. Ewen countered that perhaps Cassandra simply hadn't admitted to remembering anything.

Ethan resented Ewen's implication that Cassandra had been lying to them, so Ewen apologized. However, Ewen admitted that he sensed that Cassandra was holding something back from the both of them. Ewen explained that Cassandra didn't have any reason to remember anything, because Ethan was offering her a "shiny new life." Cassandra glared at Ewen, and then accused him of betraying her. Ewen insisted that he had a feeling that something was off, prompting Cassandra to fire him as her doctor, and then to order him to leave. Ewen reminded Cassandra that his name was on the lease, so Ethan promised to talk to Alexis about it.

Ewen decided to return to the mainland, but he offered Ethan some parting advice. "Proceed with caution," Ewen told Ethan, and then left. Ethan felt bad for Cassandra, but Cassandra suggested that Ewen was jealous, because Ewen didn't like seeing her lean on anyone else. Cassandra then confessed that she might be falling in love with Ethan. She insisted that she wanted to be with him, but not at Wyndemere, so she invited Ethan to pick any place in the world, so that they could run away that very night. Moments later, the tunnel door slid open. "You," Ethan said, when someone emerged from the tunnel.

In Johnny's penthouse, Shawn asked to speak with Carly privately, but Johnny insisted that Carly was a big girl, who didn't need Shawn making certain that she was home by curfew. Carly assured Johnny that she was fine, so Johnny agreed to step out of the room. Moments later, Johnny called Anthony to discuss Sonny's shooting. Johnny denied any involvement in the shooting, and then revealed that Dante had been the intended target. Anthony wasn't surprised, since Dante was a cop. Johnny warned Anthony that Sonny blamed Anthony for the shooting, so Anthony realized that Johnny had turned on Anthony.

Anthony was curious why Johnny had called him. Johnny admitted that someone had suggested that Johnny give Anthony a heads-up. "Heads-up," Johnny said, and then ended the call. In the living room, Carly assured Shawn that she was perfectly capable of handling Johnny. Shawn confessed that he had feelings for Carly, so he wanted Carly to be with him, not Johnny. Carly was stunned, so Shawn admitted that he had been reluctant to tell Carly how he really felt, because the timing hadn't been right due to everything that had happened with Jax.

Shawn credited T.J. with giving Shawn the push that Shawn had needed to be honest with Carly. Shawn believed that he and Carly could have something good together, if she were interested in pursuing a relationship with him. Carly admitted that it felt like it was out of the blue. Shawn opened up about his feelings for her, but Carly remained uncharacteristically silent. Shawn realized that Carly had moved on, so he wished her well, told her to take care of herself, and then left. Moments later, Johnny returned to the living room.

Johnny thought that Carly had done Shawn a favor, prompting Carly to wonder how much Johnny had overheard. "Enough," Johnny replied. He then admitted that he had called his grandfather to warn Anthony that Sonny was gunning for Anthony. Carly was delighted that Johnny had heeded her advice, so Johnny questioned her about Shawn. Johnny was curious why Carly hadn't gone after Shawn, so Carly revealed that she didn't like to play it safe. Johnny was curious what she wanted, so Carly stepped closer to Johnny. They shared a heated kiss, during which Carly dropped her robe.

Michael arrived at the hospital, but Dante stopped his brother from entering Sonny's examination room, because Kate was with Sonny. Dante explained that Kate was upset about the shooting. Michael relaxed when Dante assured Michael that Sonny was expected to make a full recovery. Dante then revealed that Johnny had implicated Anthony in the warehouse shooting over the summer.

In the examination room, Sonny explained that he needed to deal with Anthony, because Anthony had made two attempts on Dante's life. Kate warned Sonny that she would break things off with Sonny if he went after Anthony. Sonny couldn't believe that Kate expected him to do nothing about Anthony's attempt on Dante's life. Kate explained that she didn't want more blood to be spilled. Sonny begged Kate not to make him choose between her and Dante. Kate was taken aback by the unspoken warning that Sonny would choose Dante.

Kate's eyes filled with angry tears, as she explained that she had tried to make things work with Sonny, but she refused to live with the violence of his lifestyle. Kate stormed out, despite Sonny's pleas for her to return. Moments later, Michael and Dante appeared at their father's bedside to see how he was doing. Sonny was determined to get dressed, and then to hunt down Anthony.

Near the hospital's elevators, Anna informed Robert Scorpio's handlers that she needed to speak to Robert on an urgent matter. Mac spotted Anna as she ended the call. He warmly greeted Anna, and then hugged her. Mac immediately grew concerned when he noticed Anna's grim expression, and red-rimmed eyes. Anna pulled Mac into a conference room to tell him that Robin had died. Mac refused to believe it, as he argued that Robin's new medications were working.

Anna gently explained that there had been an accident in the lab, and that Robin hadn't survived the explosion. Mac stumbled backwards, as tears filled his eyes. "My Robin, my Robin," he cried. Mac insisted that he had loved his niece as if she had been his own child. Anna tearfully assured him that she believed him, and then admitted that she and Robert had been grateful for all that Mac had done for Robin. Mac wondered if his brother had been told, so Anna revealed that she had a call in to Robert.

Mac realized that Maxie would need to be told about her cousin's death, so he decided to find Maxie. After Mac left, Anna closed the door, and then wept. Meanwhile, Mac spotted Sonny near the nurses' station. Sonny realized that Mac was upset, so Mac coldly informed Sonny that Robin was dead. Sonny was taken aback by the news, so he asked Mac what had happened. Mac told Sonny about the explosion in the lab, and then wondered why Sonny appeared to be in shock when people died around Sonny all of the time.

Michael sprang to his father's defense by reminding Mac that Sonny had nothing to do with the explosion. Mac angrily accused Sonny of causing Robin years of pain, and then insisted that her life would have been better if she had never met Sonny or Stone. Sonny couldn't understand why Mac would say that, knowing that Robin had loved Stone with everything that she had. "And what did she get in return, Sonny?" Mac asked. Sonny argued that Stone wouldn't have hurt Robin, and that Stone hadn't realized that he had been HIV positive.

"What about you Sonny? What about all the people you love?" Mac asked, and then reminded Sonny that Michael and Dante had nearly died because of Sonny. Mac insisted that Robin had had a family who had loved her, but she had been in the lab getting medication to save Jason. According to Mac, Sonny and Jason were not worth saving. Dante decided to take Mac home, so Dante asked Michael to keep their father from doing anything else to ruin the night, and then left with Mac.

Sonny began to cry, as Michael hugged him. Sonny recalled promising Stone that he would take care of Robin. Michael assured Sonny that Robin had been killed in a freak accident, so there was nothing that Sonny could have done to save Robin. Sonny vowed to keep his other loved ones safe, and then asked Michael to check on Jason. Michael was reluctant to leave Sonny alone, but Sonny insisted that he needed to wait for the discharge papers.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Anthony entered the living room. Tracy warned Anthony not to mention to Edward what had happened, because she didn't want to upset her father. Tracy jumped when Edward stepped out of the shadows, and then demanded to know what she was trying to hide from him. Anthony revealed that Sonny had been shot, so Edward chuckled. Tracy was shocked that Edward would condone Anthony shooting Sonny. Edward immediately sobered, while Anthony denied having shot Sonny.

Anthony excused himself when his phone rang. After Anthony stepped out of the room, Edward chastised Tracy for putting the family in danger. According to Edward, Tracy had spent years parading a stream of "con men, and cuckoos, and killers" through Edward's home. Tracy reminded her father that it was Monica's home, thanks to Alan. Edward insisted that Alan was a perfect example of Tracy's mental instability, because there had been a time when she had been conversing with Alan's ghost.

Tracy argued that it had been a manifestation of her subconscious, but Edward merely laughed, and then suggested that Tracy belonged in Shadybrook, if she didn't wind up six-feet under, because of Anthony. Tracy and Edward traded heated words about the danger that Anthony exposed the family to. Tracy claimed that there hadn't been any proof that Anthony had tried to kill Sonny. Edward feared that the Quartermaines would end up caught in the crossfire between the rival mob families. Moments later, Anthony returned. Edward immediately left, because he refused to spend any time near Anthony.

Tracy was curious whom Anthony had been talking to, so Anthony revealed that Johnny had called to warn Anthony that Sonny wanted to make Tracy a widow again. According to Anthony, Sonny had found something out. Tracy suspected that it had to be something big, if Sonny were determined to kill Anthony, so she ordered Anthony to leave, before Sonny "blows in." "Too late," Sonny announced, as he entered the room.

At the nurses' station, Sam spotted the vial in Patrick's hand, which had Jason's name printed on it. She wondered if it were the drug protocol that Robin had been working on to save Jason's life. "This is it," Patrick confirmed. Sam wondered if it would work, but Patrick told her that it didn't matter. "Robin died working on this, and there's no way in hell I'm going to let him have it," Patrick vowed. Sam was stunned.

Sam realized that Patrick was going through a difficult time. Patrick bristled at her choice of words; he explained that difficult was losing a job or flunking out of medical school, not telling his daughter that her mother had died. Sam tearfully reminded Patrick that the medication was Jason's only chance for survival, but Patrick was unmoved. He informed Sam that he didn't care about Jason, but Sam argued that Robin would want Patrick to save Jason. Sam realized that Patrick was hurting, but she reminded him that Jason was getting worse, and that Patrick was the only person who could save her husband.

Patrick argued that it was Jason's fault that Robin was dead, because she had run into the lab to fetch the vial of medicine. Sam was certain that Patrick didn't really see things like that, but Patrick assured her that he did. Patrick started to leave, but Sam grabbed his arm, and then pleaded with Patrick to reconsider. She insisted that Robin would want him to save Jason, and then added that Robin would have risked her life for any other patient, not just Jason. Patrick resented Sam talking about Robin, as if Sam had known Robin well enough to know what Robin had thought.

Sam immediately apologized, and then admitted that no child should have to grow up without a parent, like Emma would. "Including mine," Sam added. "How dare you play that card?" Patrick growled. Sam was unapologetic, as she pointed out that her child would grow up without its father. Sam appreciated that Patrick might not want to do the surgery, so she begged him to give the medicine to another doctor to implant. Patrick informed Sam that only he could successfully perform the operation.

Patrick wondered why he should operate on a man who would continue to risk his life. Patrick reminded Sam that Jason hadn't bothered to change for Jake, or for her, so it was doubtful that Jason would change for Sam's baby. Sam insisted that Jason deserved to be a father, but Patrick didn't agree. Sam begged Patrick to change his mind, and then pleaded with him not to put her through the same kind of grief that he was going through. Sam implored Patrick not to take his pain out on Jason, because it wasn't what Robin would have wanted. Patrick argued that Robin would have wanted to live, and to watch Emma grow up.

Sam was curious how Patrick had gotten the medicine. Patrick was reluctant to answer, but Sam already knew the answer, because it was clear that Robin had given Patrick the vial before she had died. Sam insisted that it meant that Robin had wanted Jason to live, so Patrick needed to honor that. Patrick made it clear that he didn't have to do anything. Sam was shocked. "What did you just say?" she asked.

"No," Patrick replied. Sam warned Patrick that Jason would die if Patrick didn't operate. "Good," Patrick told her. Sam reminded Patrick that he was a doctor, so he couldn't just let someone die. Patrick pointed out that he had just lost his wife, but Sam argued that it didn't give Patrick the right to ruin Sam's life. She promised him that it wouldn't make him feel better, and then began to grovel.

Anna walked up, and then asked what was going on. Sam was confident that Patrick would do the right thing, because he was a good man. She offered Anna her condolences, and then left. Anna revealed that she hadn't been able to reach Robert, but she had told Mac. "You told him that Robin is dead?" Patrick coldly asked. "Don't say it like that," Anna replied. "It's true, isn't it? In my mind, so is Jason," Patrick said.

Ewen spotted a woman on the waterfront, staring out at the water, so he called out to her. Kate, wearing her bloodstained wedding dress, turned to look at Ewen.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dante went home and explained to Lulu that Sonny had saved his life that night. Dante revealed the fact that Claudia had really been Johnny's mother, not his sister, and that Sonny had announced it to everyone at the Metro Court that night. Dante recapped what had happened in the parking garage, that someone had shot at Dante, but Sonny had taken the bullet.

Dante said that he finally accepted Sonny as his father. Dante also let Lulu know that he'd gone to Johnny's penthouse just in time to keep Sonny from killing Johnny. Then Dante told Lulu that something else had happened that night -- Robin had been killed in an accident at the hospital.

Having left the hospital, Sonny confronted Anthony at the Quartermaine mansion about the attempt on Dante's life. Tracy demanded Sonny leave, but Sonny refused. Anthony offered up his life to spare Johnny's, with the mistaken belief that Tracy would intervene. He might have been wrong, however, as Tracy considered leaving the room so that Sonny could finish Anthony off without her having to witness the shooting.

Having made Anthony sweat, Tracy decided to stay and insisted Sonny leave. After Sonny was gone, Anthony asked, "Why?" He presumed Tracy believed that he hadn't been the one who shot Sonny. Tracy denied the assertion, as Anthony made plans to leave town.

Cole, Starr, and Hope drove to Llanview from Port Charles Airport, because their flight had been rerouted. Cole told Starr about the legacy of the Spencers and the Cassadines. Starr was incredulous, but Cole maintained it was true, because he'd read all about it. He asked Starr to marry him, catching Starr off-guard.

As Anthony drove to the airport, he made financial plans over the phone. He thought someone was tailing him, and tried to elude his pursuer, but he lost control of his vehicle and plowed into an oncoming car -- the one transporting Cole, Starr, and Hope.

At the waterfront, Kate stood in her wedding gown, covered in blood. Ewen showed up and offered to help her. Kate admitted she didn't know why she was standing out in the cold. She became hostile but explained that the blood was from an old wound. Kate began to have trouble recalling her whereabouts at the time Sonny was shot.

Ewen asked if the blackout was the first one she'd had, and Kate admitted she'd been having them periodically. She was seeing a psychiatrist, but it hadn't helped. Ewen offered to take Kate to the hospital, but she refused and ran off.

Anna tried to reason with Patrick, who blamed Jason for Robin's death. Patrick wouldn't save Jason's life, because Jason was a hit man; Patrick believed he'd actually be saving lives by letting Jason die. "Robin would never forgive you," Anna admonished. Patrick wondered how he would tell Emma that her mommy was dead. Anna left to call Robert.

Michael saw Sam in the hospital lobby and asked how Jason was taking the news of Robin's death. Sam told him Jason didn't know and warned that he couldn't find out; a shock that big could kill him. Michael said he hadn't realized how precarious Jason's health was.

Sam told Michael that Patrick was the only one qualified to do the procedure that would reduce the swelling on Jason's brain, but Patrick would not perform the procedure, because Robin had died trying to save Jason. Sam inadvertently disclosed that she was pregnant.

Michael told Sam that he had to visit Sonny, as he'd been shot earlier in the evening. Sam insisted that Michael not tell Jason that Robin was dead. As Michael walked away, Patrick emerged from the elevator. His and Sam's eyes met, as he scowled in her direction. He agreed to do the procedure, to honor Robin's last act.

At Wyndemere, Helena threatened Ethan and Cassandra with a dagger. Ethan realized Helena had been stalking them. Helena exposed Cassandra's secret: the amnesia was fraudulent. Cassandra admitted her name was actually Irina Cassadine -- Helena's daughter. Helena had kept her captive to enact revenge on Laura.

Helena added that Irina had escaped from the compound at which Helena had kept her. In the process, Irina had been injured and had lost her memory. Irina had sought treatment, which was how she and Ewen had become connected. Irina confessed that Helena had forced her to seduce Ethan and make him fall in love with her.

Ethan became angry, but Irina told him she'd fallen in love with him too. Ethan believed her, but he knew there was more to the story. "You're very perceptive, just like your father," Helena said. "Bring him," she called out. Two of her minions emerged from the tunnels, with a bound Luke in tow. They restrained Ethan as Helena announced, "It's time for one of you to die."



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