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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 13, 2012 on GH
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Kate returned to the Crimson offices and was startled to see Sonny sitting at her desk. He asked what she had been doing. Kate told Sonny that she did not have to account for her movements to him. Sonny accused Kate of not being straight with him. He questioned why she had been avoiding him and why she had not been taking his phone calls. Kate said that they'd had a disagreement and she was worried that Sonny would kill Jax. She added that it was not the only thing that she was worried about.

Sonny asked what Kate would do if he said he could let the situation with Jax go. Kate asked if Sonny could do that, considering that Sonny was convinced that Jax had turned Brenda against Sonny. Sonny said that he would not forget what Jax had done, but things had turned out okay and nothing seemed that bad at the moment. Sonny said that he had been hurt and angry when Brenda had left, but Kate had helped him over it. Sonny said that Kate had picked him up and helped him face what he had been running from his whole life.

Sonny said that the Christmas that he had spent with Kate in Bensonhurst was the best one he had ever had. Sonny said that things were changing for him. Sonny said that he and Kate were old friends and past lovers and that life was better than he had hoped for. Kate's phone rang and interrupted them. It was an unknown number. When she answered, "Kate Howard," the caller hung up. Kate looked at the phone and mentioned that she had been getting several similar hang-ups in the last few weeks.

Kate turned to Sonny and told him that they might have a problem because she was falling in love with him again. Kate worried that their past would get in the way. Sonny said that it had scared him when he had almost lost Kate at the altar. Sonny vowed to protect Kate. Kate reiterated that the past always got in the way.

Sonny wanted to know what Kate's psychiatrist had said. Kate said that her shrink had told her to face the demons. Sonny chuckled and said that the advice sounded familiar. He told Kate that it had worked for him. Sonny told Kate to stop running because he could not keep chasing her. Sonny told Kate not to let the demons win.

Kate started to say something, but Sonny kissed her. Afterwards he asked what she had been planning to say, but Kate could not remember. Kate and Sonny hugged. Sonny said that he did not want Kate to be afraid of where their relationship was headed. Sonny said that he was no longer angry because Kate owned a half interest in the Metro Court. He said it was a good business deal, and he did not question Kate's motives, only those of Jax.

As Sonny left Kate's office, her phone rang again. When Kate answered, it was another unknown caller. This time Kate asked who the caller was trying to reach and how the caller had gotten her number. Kate appeared to be stunned by the answer.

At the penthouse, Sam found Jason passed out by the couch. She did not see the envelope from Franco that Jason had dropped on the floor. Sam was able to revive Jason. Jason said that he was okay, but Sam insisted that they go to the hospital.

At General Hospital, Patrick asked Mac to help him with a Valentine surprise for Robin. Mac was grouchy and thought that Patrick wanted him as a babysitter for Emma, but Patrick said that Emma was in on the surprise, and he wanted Mac to attend a family dinner and make sure that Maxie was there, as well, along with Matt. Mac said that he did not think that Matt appreciated Maxie, and Mac had warned Maxie, just as he had warned Robin that Patrick did not appreciate her. Patrick said that the dinner and surprise were an attempt to show just how much Robin's family cared for her. Mac softened and said he would attend and make sure that Maxie was there also.

In another part of the hospital, Maxie approached Monica and said that her conscience dictated that she report a crime. She then told Monica that Liz had stolen drugs for Lucky the previous September. Monica said that it was a serious matter and asked if Maxie had any proof. Maxie said that Liz had confessed it to her. Monica was skeptical. She pointed out that a similar event had occurred during a period of time that Maxie had been a volunteer at the hospital and wondered why Maxie had waited so long to report the crime.

Maxie said that she was trying to better herself and did not want any lies or cover-ups on her conscience. Maxie said that while she did not want to hurt Liz, she could not live with the knowledge that Liz had committed a crime and Maxie had not told anyone about it. Monica agreed to investigate. Maxie feigned concern for Liz, but took the moral high ground when she told Monica that all Maxie wanted was to do the right thing.

At Kelly's Ewen asked Liz to be his date to the upcoming benefit for a new hospital wing. Liz was thrilled and accepted. Matt entered the restaurant and bristled when he saw Ewen with Liz. Matt immediately asked to speak with Liz alone. Ewen offered to watch Cam while Matt and Liz talked. Matt then asked Liz to be his date for the benefit. Liz laughed and said that after not dating for a long period of time, she had been asked out twice during the previous thirty minutes.

Matt was not happy to hear that Liz had already accepted a date with Ewen. Matt trashed Ewen, but Liz said that there was no reason that she should not accept a date with an attractive single guy. Matt responded that he was also attractive, but Liz pointed out that he was not single. Matt said that he was single because he and Maxie had just broken up for good. Matt said the reason they had broken up was Maxie's obsessive jealousy of Liz.

Matt added that Maxie's constant insistence that Liz was manipulating him was also a factor in his breakup. Liz wanted to know if Matt was asking her out to spite Maxie. Matt said he was asking Liz out because he wanted to spend time with her, but Liz said that she did not want to be the cause of his breakup with Maxie and she did not want to be "rebound girl."

Matt asked if Liz was going out with Ewen to protect herself from him. Liz said that Matt was reading too much into her relationship with Ewen. Matt wanted to know if he had a chance with Liz. Liz said that Matt should give it another shot with Maxie. Ewen sent Cam over to show Liz his drawing. Liz praised it, and then told Matt that she had to get back to work at the hospital. Matt offered to drive her back.

Shawn approached Ewen and said that it looked like Ewen was working on a relationship of his own. Ewen asked about the woman who had given Shawn the dog. Shawn said that the woman's name was Carly and that he might have ruined his chances with her.

Michael entered the eatery, and Shawn approached him. Shawn told Michael that Carly was only a friend. Shawn said that he could understand that Michael would feel that no man was good enough for his mother. Michael sat at the counter and wrote a note. He handed it to Shawn to pass on. Shawn asked if Michael was there for academic counseling.

Michael was stunned to find out that Shawn was a certified teacher and Michael's assigned counselor. Shawn congratulated Michael for starting college at Port Charles University. Shawn told Michael that he could give Michael the academic tutoring he needed without any personal agenda. Michael said he would give it some thought and then left Kelly's.

Carly and Johnny were at Johnny's apartment, kissing passionately. They were both breathing heavily when Carly stopped and said that neither of them had thought things through. Johnny said that he wanted to be with a woman who wanted to be with him, not one who felt forced to be. Carly said that her intention had been to keep Johnny from self-destructing. Johnny asked if something was really going on between the two of them. Carly said that she loved it that Johnny was pursuing her for herself but that she did not want Sonny to get involved and go after Johnny in the same way that Sonny had gone after Jax.

Johnny laughed and said that Sonny had tried to kill him many times and had not succeeded. Carly said that she should have left earlier. Johnny laughed again and asked how long it had been since Carly had had sex. Carly bristled and said it was none of Johnny's business, and then said that she had made mistakes that she did not want to make again. Carly added that she was still married.

Johnny replied that Carly was minutes away from being single. He said that Carly would have made her marriage work if she had wanted to stay married to Jax. Carly said that Jax had been good for her. Johnny responded that what was good for a person was not always what that person wanted. Carly said she should go home, but they started kissing again. There was a knock on the door. Carly hid when she heard Michael calling for Johnny.

Michael apologized to Johnny for leaving Johnny's job offer up in the air. He told Johnny that he no longer wanted a mob job. Michael said that he had been thinking from a place of anger and grief. He thanked Johnny for treating him like a friend instead of trying to control him. Johnny offered condolences about Abby and said that she was a good person who would want Michael to go on. Michael said that he knew that and that he was honoring Abby by enrolling in PCU because that was what Abby had been encouraging him to do before her death.

Michael noticed that Johnny had female company, made his apologies, and left the apartment. Carly was ecstatic when she appeared from her hiding place, because she had overheard Michael's comments about school. She thanked Johnny for being the voice of reason for Michael. She said that maybe, sometimes kids needed to hear things from people who were not their parents, even when the advice they got was the same as their parents had given. Carly almost danced a jig as she noted that her boy was going to college. Johnny said that he was happy for both Carly and Michael, even if his plans for the evening had been spoiled.

At the door, Carly and Johnny kissed again. Carly wondered at the number of times that passion had flared between them, but had never been realized because they had been interrupted. She speculated that fate had stepped in to stop them from starting something that could not be undone. Johnny was more prosaic. He said he would chalk that evening up to bad timing. He kissed Carly again and thanked her for the pleasure. As Carly walked away, she checked her phone messages. She listened to one from Shawn asking if he could escort her to the hospital benefit.

At GH, a nurse handed Jason's chart to Patrick. When he entered the treatment bay where Jason and Sam waited, Sam told Patrick that she had found Jason collapsed on the floor. Patrick said that there was no obvious sign of head trauma. Patrick asked if there was anything Jason was not telling. Jason said he was fine.

Patrick said Jason was not fine because Jason had experienced two blackouts in a short period of time. Sam wanted to know if Jason was getting worse. Patrick wanted to admit Jason to the hospital. He left to look at Jason's test results.

While Patrick was gone, Jason told Sam that Robin had cleared him and believed that the swelling would go down on its own. When Sam asked what Jason remembered, he said that he might have been on the terrace but did not recall what had happened before he blacked out. Jason told Sam to stop worrying because the stress was not good for her. Sam said that she could not help her worry and begged Jason to help her get over it.

Patrick returned and told Sam and Jason that Jason's condition was not improving, but was getting worse. Patrick said that the swelling had occurred since the last surgery. Jason got his back up and said that he did not want another surgery. Patrick concurred. Sam and Jason were shocked when Patrick announced that Jason's condition was inoperable.

Matt and Liz were laughing when they got off the GH elevator. Matt was maligning Ewen. Liz told Matt that if he spent as much time on his own problems as he did on hers, he might solve them. Maxie scurried away when she saw them. A somber Monica approach and said that she needed to speak to Liz.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dante entered the evidence room at the police station, where Lulu was working. He surprised her with a bouquet of flowers, and a small box containing an MP3 player. Lulu kissed her husband, and then sneezed. She complained that the dust was wreaking havoc on her sinuses, but she loved the roses that he had given to her. Dante resorted to some corny pickup lines, which made Lulu chuckle. However, she insisted that she needed to get back to work.

Lulu promised to continue their tryst later that evening, which reminded Dante of the benefit event that they were scheduled to attend. Dante began to complain about Sonny's motives for donating money to General Hospital for a pulmonary wing, and research. Lulu suggested that sometimes being right was not always the most important thing. She conceded that Sonny's reasons for donating the wing were transparent, but it would help a lot of people. Dante agreed, so he vowed to focus on that during the evening, but it didn't mean that he had to like it. Lulu pointed out that calling Sonny out in front of the donors would make them less inclined to give money.

Dante explained that he resented Sonny putting himself out there as a philanthropist. Lulu was curious if Dante would be able to hold his tongue during the benefit. "We'll see," Dante replied. However, he was determined to attend, because of all of the people who had struggled with pulmonary issues. Dante then shifted gears when he spotted Chuck Donofrio's file. Dante confided that it seemed too coincidental that their only suspect in the attacks on the dancers had ended up dead in an alley from an apparent mugging gone awry.

Lulu wished that she could find something that would help Dante find the person responsible for hurting the dancers. Dante confessed that it was likely that the same person who had assaulted the dancers had also targeted Delores. Lulu sneezed again, and then complained about the dust in the evidence room. She insisted that they needed a cleaning crew, because the dust was so think that it had left footprints all over the place. Dante kissed his wife, and then thanked her, because her allergies might have given him a way to find the attacker.

Sonny arrived at the Metro Court Restaurant to check on the preparations for the benefit bash later that evening. After Kate warmly greeted Sonny, he confessed that he hoped that the evening could be a fresh start for him and Dante. Moments later, Carly walked in. Carly was annoyed that Kate had proceeded with the gala's preparations without consulting Carly. Kate insisted that she was perfectly capable to taking care of everything, but Carly snidely pointed out that Kate had underestimated the food and drinks for their guests. Sonny quickly grew weary of Kate and Carly's bickering, so he ordered them to stop arguing.

Sonny warned Carly that he didn't want to regret asking her to help with the benefit. Carly assured Sonny that she knew that the evening was important to him, because she appreciated what his children meant to him. Carly then revealed that Michael had decided to enroll at Port Charles University. Sonny was happy for Michael, but he was curious if Carly had needed to sleep with Johnny to make it happen. "Wow, why would you care if I did?" Carly asked. Kate stood nearby, watching the exchange between Carly and Sonny closely.

Carly pointed out that Sonny had no room to judge her, because Sonny's girlfriend, Kate, had gone behind Sonny's back to make a deal with Jax. Kate pointed out that it had been a good business decision to buy Jax's shares of the hotel, but Carly ignored Kate. Sonny argued that what was important was that Michael was going to school. Sonny then began to talk about Dante, and how he hoped that the benefit would help Sonny and Dante mend their fences. Carly insisted that Dante would see through Sonny's obvious attempt to bribe Dante, but Kate argued that the benefit would have a positive impact on Sonny's relationship with his eldest son. "Why are you involved? You're not a parent," Carly spat at Kate.

Kate conceded that it was doubtful that Sonny and Dante's relationship could be repaired in a single night, but that wasn't her point. Carly argued that Sonny and Dante's relationship was simple; Sonny was a criminal, while Dante was a cop, who was committed to upholding the law, so they were on opposite sides. Sonny started to walk away, so Kate called out to him. Kate was certain that, with time, Dante would feel Sonny's love, and Sonny's hope for Dante to have a role in Sonny's life. Carly burst out laughing, and then accused Kate of telling Sonny what Kate thought Sonny wanted to hear.

Carly was curious if Kate and Sonny had hit a rough patch, because they were busy with the benefit, instead of celebrating Valentine's Day. Carly recalled that her Valentine's Days with Sonny had been very romantic. Sonny reminded Carly that the day was still young, so he grabbed Kate's hand, and then started to walk away with Kate. Carly warned Sonny that if Kate had been able to lie about Jax, without Sonny being the wiser, then perhaps there were other things that Kate had lied about. Satisfied that she had hit a nerve, Carly sailed out of the restaurant with a broad smile. Sonny turned to Kate, and then asked her not to let Carly get to her.

Kate assured Sonny that she was fine, but she stiffened when Sonny admitted that he had tried to call Kate earlier, but hadn't been able to get through. Kate claimed that she was in the middle of changing her cell phone number, because she had received a lot of hang-ups, and wrong number calls, so perhaps that had been the problem. Sonny didn't immediately reply, so Kate assured him that she wasn't lying. Sonny assured Kate that he trusted her, and then confessed that he had a feeling that they would have a great evening. He was certain that things would be different with Dante after the benefit gala.

At Kelly's, Molly told T.J. that learning disabilities were causes for frustration and anxiety, and that she had read about an effective study method called SQ3R, which stood for "survey, question, read, recite, and review." Molly thought that it would help T.J. with his dyslexia. T.J. pointed out that he had been able to get by so far, so he didn't see the need to try SQ3R. Molly couldn't believe that T.J. was satisfied with simply getting by, so she urged him to give the method a try. T.J. agreed, and then struggled through a few sentences.

Molly was encouraged by T.J.'s success, so T.J. suggested that she reward him by allowing him the use of her laptop. He explained that he wanted to get on his MyFace page. Molly handed him the laptop, and then defensively assured him that she wasn't a complete nerd, because she had been invited to the benefit bash at Metro Court. However, she then confessed that she had turned down the invitation, because her mother had extended it. T.J. perked up when he realized that Molly would have the lake house to herself for the evening. Molly decided to gather her things, so that they could go to school.

T.J. seized the opportunity to quickly post an announcement on his MyFace page that read, "Party tonight at Molly Lansing Davis house. No 'rents. Gonna be slammin!" Molly returned to the table to ask if T.J. were ready. T.J. shut the laptop, and then replied, "You have no idea."

At the hospital, Liz slowly made her way to the elevator, as she carried a box filled with her belongings. Steve spotted his sister, so he wondered if Liz were okay. Liz explained that Monica had just been doing her job, and that, luckily, it had only been a suspension. Matt was stunned when he overheard Liz's comment to her brother. Steve offered to drive Liz home, but she assured him that she was fine.

After Steve walked away, Matt demanded to know what had happened. Liz revealed that she had been suspended for helping Lucky the previous summer, when she had taken medication from the supply closet during the drug ring investigation. Matt was stunned; he reminded Liz that he had replaced the drugs that she had taken, so no one could have known about the missing medications. Liz insisted that Monica had found out, but Liz had no idea how. Liz added that she would remain under suspension until the investigation had been completed. Matt was determined to straighten things out with Monica, but Liz refused to allow Matt to get involved.

Liz didn't want Matt to risk the repercussions, including losing his medical license. Liz insisted that she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if he threw his career away to help her. She was confident that everything would work out, because the accusations couldn't be proven. Matt agreed to step back, to see how things played out, but he warned her that he would step in if they weren't resolved to his satisfaction. After Matt left, Liz picked up her box of belongings, and then went to the elevator. Liz's eyes filled with tears as the elevator doors slid closed.

Outside of Kelly's, Spinelli called out to Maxie when he saw her peeking into the diner. Spinelli was curious how her plan to keep Matt away from Liz was going. Maxie didn't want to talk about it, because Matt had broken up with her when he had caught her trying to push Ewen and Liz together. Spinelli seized the opportunity to invite Maxie to the pulmonary benefit. Maxie was stunned that Spinelli would ask her out while she was nursing a broken heart. Spinelli explained that he knew of Maxie's love for parties, and that it might provide Maxie with an opportunity to show Matt what Matt was missing.

Maxie smiled, and then happily accepted Spinelli's offer to go to the benefit. She thanked Spinelli for making her feel like she was not a completely horrible person. Spinelli assured Maxie that she wasn't, but Maxie wasn't certain of that. Spinelli realized that Maxie might have taken things too far in an effort to keep Matt's affections from wandering. Maxie refused to confirm his suspicions, but Spinelli was confident that whatever she had done, she hadn't done out of malice.

Maxie smiled, because Spinelli always chose to see the best of her. "Because I know the best to be true," Spinelli replied, and then left with promises to call her later. "Without malice? You and I both know better," Matt said as he rounded a corner. "What you did to Liz was malicious as all hell," Matt accused Maxie. Maxie tried to walk away, but Matt blocked her path.

Matt angrily reminded Maxie that Liz was raising two children on her own, but she had been suspended, because of Maxie's spiteful stunt. Maxie immediately went on the attack by suggesting that she had made it easy for Matt to go back to "sweet victim angelic Liz."

At the Drake residence, Robin called to see if Jason's test results were back. They weren't, so she ended the call, and then entered the living room, where Patrick and Emma had left a trail of Hershey Kisses on the floor. Emma explained that the trail led to a surprise for Robin. Patrick added that it had been a one-of-a-kind special order, that he hadn't been certain would arrive in time. Intrigued, Robin took Emma's hand, and then followed the trail of chocolates to the front door. Emma urged her mother to open it, so Robin did.

Robin squealed with joy when she saw her mother, Anna Devane, standing on the doorstep. Robin and Anna hugged, as Anna explained that Patrick had managed to track Anna down. "Grandma," Emma called out to her grandmother. Anna invited her granddaughter to call her Anna, so Emma smiled brightly, and then said, "Grandma Anna." Anna realized that Emma was determined to call her "Grandma," so Anna let it drop. Moments later, Anna gave Emma a kite from Malaysia, which Emma promptly took to her room to show to "Butterscotch."

Anna couldn't believe how much Emma had grown, and then recalled Robin and Patrick's wedding. Anna had realized then how much Robin and Patrick had loved each other. Anna sobered, as she confessed that she regretted not being in Port Charles sooner, to offer Robin love and support. Robin realized that Patrick had told Anna about Robin's viral loads. Robin realized that it had been wrong to keep everyone locked out of what had been happening, but Anna refused to hold it against Robin, because Anna had kept her own secrets over the years.

Moments later, Robin's phone rang. Robin spoke to the person for a few seconds, ended the call, and then told Patrick that Jason's tests were back. Robin and Patrick grabbed their coats, as they explained that they needed to get to the hospital to review Jason's tests. Anna readily agreed to watch Emma, because it would give Anna some quality time with her granddaughter. After Robin and Patrick left, Anna decided to take Emma out to fly the kite. After they returned, Anna chatted with Emma on the sofa, pointing out whose features and personality traits Emma had inherited from various family members.

Emma turned serious as she told Anna that Robin had been sick. Anna promised Emma that Robin was better, and that Robin was helping a friend at the hospital. According to Anna, Robin was a miracle worker. Emma smiled, and then asked if they could pray for Robin's friend.

At the hospital, Robin thanked Patrick for inviting Anna. However, Robin was curious if Patrick had mentioned anything about Lisa to Anna. Patrick confessed that he hadn't, because he had been afraid of Anna's reaction. Robin admitted that she would rather that Anna not know, because Robin wanted to focus on her future. Moments later, Robin and Patrick decided to talk to Jason about the test results.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason watched as Sam slept in a chair. Thoughts about finding the package that Franco had left on the balcony, and Sam's desperate cries for Jason to wake up after she had found him passed out on the living room floor, replayed in his mind. Sam suddenly woke up, and then noticed Jason staring at her. She immediately rushed to his side to ask if he were having an "episode." Jason explained that it wasn't like that, but Sam doubted that Jason would be able to tell when he had one.

Meanwhile, Jason continued to have flashbacks of finding the present on the balcony. Sam sensed that Jason was holding something back from her, so she wondered if it had to do with Franco. Jason remained silent, which confirmed Sam's suspicions. Sam became upset, but Jason insisted that Franco was dead, so he asked her to drop it. Sam resented that Jason was trying to shut her out; she pleaded with him to tell her if Franco had left something behind that might be a threat. Sam wanted Jason to trust her, and to trust that she would do everything to protect the baby.

"There is something," Jason reluctantly admitted. He told Sam about the package that Franco had left on the balcony, which Jason suspected was a DVD. Sam realized that it was still in the apartment, so she decided to fetch it. Jason refused to let Sam leave. Their argument was cut short when Robin and Patrick entered the hospital room. Sam prayed that Robin and Patrick knew what was going on with Jason, and how to "fix it." The doctors explained that Jason's condition was "delicate," which concerned Sam, because they had made it sound as if it were a death sentence.

Robin promised that she was working on a drug therapy to help Jason, but Robin needed Jason to remain in the hospital, so that they could continue to monitor Jason's condition. Jason wanted to make the most of the time that he had left, instead of staying in a hospital. "It's too soon to jump," Robin cryptically told Jason. Sam wondered what Robin was talking about. Robin explained that Jason had helped Robin through a difficult time, so Robin intended to return the favor. After Robin and Patrick left, Sam grabbed her coat with the intention of finding the package that Franco had left on the balcony.

Jason made Sam promise that she wouldn't open it until she returned to the hospital. Sam agreed, and then left. A short time later, Patrick entered Jason's hospital room. Patrick was a little surprised to see that Jason had stayed in the hospital. Jason explained that he wanted to know what he was facing, so he expected Patrick to be honest, if Robin's treatment didn't work. Patrick promised to be truthful, but he urged Jason to remain calm, because the dopamine levels aggravated Jason's situation; according to Patrick, Jason's anger towards Franco was killing Jason.

Robin spotted Carly as Carly exited the elevator, so she assured Carly that they were doing everything that they could "for him." "For who?" Carly asked. Robin realized that Carly didn't know about Jason's situation, so Robin quickly filled Carly in. Carly wanted to know if Jason would be okay, so Robin admitted that she didn't know, but they were running out of time.

At the penthouse, Sam searched around for the package. She found it in the living room, picked it up, and then nervously looked around.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At the nurses' station, Olivia was curious if Steve had cleared his schedule. Steve appeared perplexed for a moment, and then recalled that he and Olivia were scheduled to attend the benefit gala. Steve smiled, and then promised to pick Olivia up later that evening. Maggie became distracted when she spotted Steve and Olivia, so Maggie didn't see the doctor in her path until she bumped into him. The doctor quickly apologized, and then mentioned that everyone seemed to be talking about the benefit at Metro Court. Maggie seized the opportunity to invite the doctor to attend the bash with her.

The doctor smiled, as he accepted Maggie's invitation. Maggie and the doctor made arrangements to meet after work. After the doctor walked away, Maggie greeted Steve and Olivia. Steve was startled when Maggie revealed that she had a date to the benefit gala with a doctor on staff. Olivia was happy for Maggie, and then left. Steve immediately questioned the wisdom of Maggie going out with someone who was a virtual stranger.

Maggie pointed out that Steve was going to the benefit with Olivia, so Steve reminded Maggie that the benefit was in honor of Olivia's son. However, Steve remained concerned about Maggie agreeing to attend the gala with someone she didn't know. Maggie quickly clarified that she had asked the doctor out, not the other way around. Maggie sensed that something else was bothering Steve, so he revealed that the new chief of staff at the Memphis hospital where they had worked had called. Maggie's smile disappeared when Steve told her that an investigation into the death of their patient had been reopened. Maggie nervously wondered what the chief of staff had said.

"Not much," Steve admitted. Steve wasn't sure if the chief of staff were being coy, or if the man didn't have any information, so Steve advised Maggie to act as if their story had been the truth. Maggie was grateful for the warning. Steve advised Maggie to be careful, even on her date.

Johnny entered Anthony's favorite restaurant, and then stopped when he noticed that Anthony was not alone. Johnny demanded to know the name of Anthony's associate, so the man reluctantly admitted that his name was Leonard. Johnny warned Leonard to stop following him, and then ordered Anthony to stay out of Johnny's life. Anthony dismissed Leonard, so Johnny took Leonard's vacated seat. Anthony continued eating, as he accused Johnny of being paranoid. According to Anthony, he had better things to do than to keep tabs on Johnny.

Johnny insisted that various associates had told Johnny otherwise. Anthony veered the conversation to the topic of Steve Webber; Anthony was curious what Johnny had on the doctor. Johnny ignored the question, as he confessed to wondering what it would have been like to be raised by Gino. Anthony's smile vanished. Anthony assured Johnny that the Soleitos would have killed Johnny if they had known about Johnny's connection to Gino.

Anthony claimed that he had taken the best care possible of Johnny, but Johnny didn't believe his grandfather. Johnny ordered Anthony to call off the goons, because Johnny intended to move on with his life. Anthony advised Johnny to be careful if Johnny's new life included Carly. Johnny glared at Anthony, so Anthony assured Johnny that he understood Johnny's attraction to Carly, but Sonny was very possessive of Carly. Johnny made it clear that Anthony didn't get a say in Johnny's business, or Johnny's personal life, but Anthony suggested that everyone needed someone to watch their back. Johnny insisted that he had people.

"Fine," Anthony replied, and then assured Johnny that Johnny could consider Anthony out of Johnny's life. Johnny assured Anthony that he already did. However, Anthony warned Johnny that their associates weren't happy, so Johnny shouldn't hesitate to call if Johnny needed help. Anthony then advised Johnny to change the route of the shipment from west to east, because the western route had been compromised. After Anthony left, Olivia entered the restaurant. "Fancy meeting you here," Olivia said, as she sat down.

Johnny was curious why Olivia wasn't at Metro Court, but Olivia refused to be distracted. She could tell that Johnny was in a bad place. Initially, Johnny refused to discuss it, but then he admitted that Anthony had been grilling him about Johnny's personal life. Olivia suggested that, in Anthony's twisted way, he cared about Johnny. "So do I," Olivia admitted.

Olivia urged Johnny to take care of himself, and then left. Afterwards, Johnny called an associate to have the man send the shipment east.

Outside of Kelly's, Matt was stunned when Maxie refused to show any remorse for reporting Liz for taking drugs from the supply closet at the hospital. Matt explained that Liz had taken the medications to help Lucky, but Maxie merely scoffed. According to Maxie, Liz simply wanted to sink her claws into Lucky, so that Lucky would be grateful to Liz. Maxie added that Lucky had been forced to leave the country to get away from Liz. Matt insisted that Maxie didn't know the whole story, but Maxie accused Matt of being in denial. Maxie reminded Matt that Liz had faked a nervous breakdown, knowing that Lucky's mother had suffered the same fate, to manipulate Lucky.

Matt revealed that Liz had been desperate, but Maxie was unmoved, as she continued to rip Liz apart. Maxie insisted that she wasn't the bad person, but Matt argued that Maxie's actions had made Maxie a bad person. Maxie accused Matt of finding it easy to criticize her, but impossible to support her. Matt disagreed, because he had done Maxie's "stupid" woman-behind-the-man article for Crimson, and he hadn't objected when Maxie had lied about being engaged to him. Maxie invited Matt to call the magazine to demand a retraction, but Matt declined. Maxie was certain that Liz would love to call Maxie out in public, prompting Matt to wonder, "Like you did to her, right?"

Maxie argued that it had been illegal for Liz to steal drugs from the hospital. Matt was curious if Maxie realized how hypocritical she sounded. Maxie conceded that she might be a hypocrite, but insisted that she didn't stand on a pedestal with a halo, like Liz, deciding that she was better than others. Maxie doubted that Matt would ever see that side of Liz, because he always gave Liz the benefit of the doubt. Matt refused to allow Maxie to make him responsible for what Maxie had done to Liz, so Maxie snidely accused Liz of running to Matt with her problems.

Matt grew tired of Maxie's rant against Liz, so he ordered her to stop making it about Liz. Maxie argued that Matt had made it about Liz months before by giving Liz the birthday present that Matt had bought for Maxie, and then taking Liz out to dinner. Meanwhile, Maxie claimed that she had been fighting to save their relationship. Matt couldn't believe that Maxie thought that the spiteful things that she had done were attempts to save their relationship. Maxie agreed that their relationship hadn't worked in quite some time. Matt confessed that he had tried, more than she would ever know, to salvage their relationship.

After Matt walked way, Maxie gave in to the tears that had been threatening to spill. Anthony walked up, and then asked her what was wrong. Anthony offered to help, but Maxie made it clear that she would never ask for Anthony's help again.

At Wyndemere, Ethan handed Cassandra a cup of chamomile tea, and then asked if she had recalled anything else about the flash of memory that the Indian food had sparked. Cassandra likened it to a loose thread, so Ethan was curious if Cassandra had mentioned the incident to Ewen. Cassandra refused to discuss it with Ewen, so Ethan wondered what the point of having a "shrink" was. Cassandra explained that she'd prefer to pass, if her recovery compromised what she had with Ethan. Ewen entered the parlor in time to hear Cassandra's remark, so he was curious what she had wanted to pass on.

Ethan thought that Ewen's arrival was perfect timing, because Cassandra had something to tell Ewen. Ewen looked at Cassandra expectantly, but Cassandra insisted that it wasn't important, and she wasn't ready to discuss it. Ewen thought that he should decide what was important, since he was the doctor. Ethan explained that Cassandra had recalled waiting for someone, perhaps in India, but they hadn't arrived. Ewen strolled over to the bookcase, and then retrieved a book that Cassandra had read not too long before. According to Ewen, it sounded like a scene from a novel written by a "pretender" to Rudyard Kipling, prompting Ethan to demand to know why Cassandra had lied.

Cassandra claimed that she hadn't realized that it had been a passage from a book, until Ewen had told her. According to Cassandra, she had difficulty separating fact from fiction. Ethan looked to Ewen for confirmation, so Ewen carefully explained that Cassandra's mind was a blank slate. Ewen promised to discuss it with Cassandra the following day, and then excused himself, because he had to attend the benefit gala at Metro Court. After Ewen left, Ethan realized that Cassandra was upset.

Ethan tried to comfort Cassandra, as she assured him that she had not been lying to him intentionally. Ethan insisted that she could confide to him, if something were going on. Cassandra explained that sometimes, the only thing that felt real to her was what they had. She claimed that she needed them to trust each other, so Ethan promised her that he did, and then hugged her.

At the penthouse, Sam tore open the present that Franco had left behind. It was a DVD. She went to the laptop, inserted the DVD, and then looked at the screen.

In the hospital's lab, Patrick assured Robin that Jason had not left the hospital. Robin feared that Jason sensed that his time was limited, so she was afraid that Jason might leave. Patrick and Robin discussed Jason's situation, and agreed that they would not give up. Robin explained that she would need Patrick to surgically implant the treatment, once she was able to find a cure for the brain swelling. Patrick was confident that Robin would succeed. Robin then suggested that Patrick check on Anna and Emma, because Robin was afraid that Anna might inadvertently burn down their house while baking cookies for their daughter.

Patrick refused to leave Robin's side until she had made some headway. Robin explained that she had narrowed it down to three viable possibilities.

In Jason's hospital room, Carly confronted Jason about his health crisis. She blamed Sam for not giving Jason enough time to recover from the brain surgery, before dragging him halfway around the world for a honeymoon in Hawaii. Jason argued that his scans following surgery hadn't shown any indication of the brain swelling, and that Sam had been the one to rush him to the hospital after she had found him unconscious in the living room. Jason suffered another neurological episode during their argument, prompting Carly to wonder if he were okay. Jason quickly recovered, so he decided to go home to Sam, but Carly refused to let Jason leave until they had some answers. However, she was curious why Sam wasn't there.

Jason told Carly to leave Sam alone, because Sam was pregnant. Carly was shocked, but delighted for Jason. Carly hugged Jason, and then assured him that he would be the best father. Jason appreciated the compliment, but he insisted that Sam didn't need any additional stress, so he asked Carly not to pick a fight with her. "With who?" Sam asked, as she entered the hospital room.

Sam handed the laptop to Jason, so Carly congratulated Sam on the pregnancy. Sam was surprised that Carly knew about the baby, so Carly reminded Sam that Carly was Jason's best friend. Sam suggested that perhaps Carly should have tried to keep Jason in bed, so Carly groused that perhaps Sam shouldn't have left Jason's side. Jason warned Carly to behave, so Carly explained that she had stopped Jason from leaving. Sam immediately relaxed, and then apologized.

Moments later, Robin entered the room, and then asked to have a private word with Jason. After Sam and Carly left, Robin revealed that she had three leads, but all of them would involve minor surgery. Jason was not pleased, but he agreed to cooperate, because he realized that he didn't have a choice. Robin and Jason reminisced about a time on the bridge when they had discussed their futures. Robin insisted that Jason had too much to live for, so Jason told her about the baby. Robin was happy for Jason and Sam, so she assured him that she was confident that one of the three leads would work.

Robin promised to return when she had good news, and then left. Jason sat on the bed, and then rubbed his forehead. Moments later, he opened the laptop, and inserted the DVD.

In the hallway, Sam was curious how Carly had found out that Jason was sick. Carly explained that Robin had told her. Sam and Carly cleared the air, so that they could focus on helping Jason through his crisis. They agreed that they had faith in Robin finding a treatment to save Jason. Moments later, Sam returned to Jason's hospital room.

In the lab, Robin was disappointed when her most promising lead failed to yield the results that she had hoped for. Patrick received a page, so he urged Robin to keep trying, and then left. Moments later, Carly stormed in, and then demanded to know how Robin intended to save Jason's life.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam wondered what Robin had to say. Jason explained that Robin had some good leads, and then changed the subject by asking if Sam had watched the DVD. Sam admitted that she had been tempted to, but she had promised him that she wouldn't watch it alone. Sam joined Jason on the bed, and they watched the video. The video was of a baby in a hospital nursery, but neither Sam nor Jason knew what the meaning of the video was.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

At the nurses' station, Matt complained about Maxie's insecurities, but Patrick wasn't interested in Matt's girlfriend troubles, because Patrick was busy working. Matt revealed that Matt and Maxie had broken up, so Matt was worried about what Maxie would do. Matt wanted to talk to Robin, but Patrick explained that Robin was working to save Jason's life, so Robin didn't need to focus on that.

In the lab, Robin ordered Carly to leave, but Carly demanded to know how Robin intended to save Jason's life. According to Carly, Jason had too much to live for. Robin sarcastically pointed out that she wasn't in the lab, painting her nails, and then reminded Carly that Carly wasn't the only person who cared about Jason. Robin insisted that Carly was just getting in the way, but Carly refused to budge. Eventually, Robin threatened to call security on Carly, but Patrick entered the lab before Robin picked up the phone.

Patrick wondered what was going on, so Robin explained that Carly thought that Robin should call someone else to help find a cure for Jason. Patrick explained to Carly that Robin was Jason's best chance. After Carly left, Robin vented about Carly's interruption; it had distracted Robin, and had planted seeds of doubt. Patrick encouraged Robin not to give up, but Robin feared that her best might not be enough. Patrick insisted that he believed in Robin, so he urged her to do the same.

Later, Matt entered the lab. He set a box down, and then explained that he was waiting for a patient to fly in from Dallas, who was a candidate for the cancer treatment that Matt had been working on. Matt hoped to figure out why the technique hadn't worked in some of the previous trials. Robin assured Matt that she would love to discuss it with him, but she needed to focus on her work. Matt apologized, and then started to pull out some papers from the box. Robin glared at Matt, because the noise was distracting.

Moments later, Robin sighed in frustration, because she couldn't remember which chemical solution she had tested last. Matt wondered if she had made a note of it, so Robin explained that she had, but Matt's arrival had distracted her. Robin explained that she couldn't afford to make mistakes, because Jason was running out of time. Matt promised to be quiet, but a phone call from his patient changed that. Matt became upset when he was informed that his patient's flight had been cancelled. Robin's temper flared when Matt accidentally knocked over one of the beakers of chemicals during his rant.

Matt began to ramble about Maxie's antics, so Robin told him that she didn't want to hear it, because Jason's life was on the line. Matt immediately apologized, so Robin suggested that Matt go to the benefit gala, since his patient was stuck in Dallas. After Matt left, Robin resumed working on a cure for Jason. However, her concentration was shattered when Maxie suddenly began to bang on the lab's locked door, demanding entrance. Robin reluctantly opened the door, and then explained that she didn't have time to deal with Maxie, but Maxie ignored her cousin. Robin explained that she was busy trying to save Jason's life, so Maxie accused Robin of making a big deal out of a few headaches.

Robin explained that Jason's condition was serious, because it might be fatal. Maxie insisted that Robin was exaggerating, because Robin cared about Jason. Robin decided to cut to the chase by asking why Maxie was there. Maxie revealed that Matt had broken things off with Maxie, and that it was Liz's fault. Maxie proceeded to ramble about Matt, but Robin didn't see what any of it had to do with Liz. Maxie complained that Liz was always pretending to be interested in Matt's work, so Robin suggested that perhaps Liz was simply being nice, because Matt was socially awkward.

Maxie accused Robin of always seeing the best in people, even though most people didn't deserve it. Maxie then began to babble about people doing bad things, without thinking them through. Robin realized that Maxie was referring to herself, so she asked what Maxie had done.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam confessed that she couldn't understand why Franco had sent the video of a baby in a hospital nursery. She wondered if perhaps Franco had known that she was pregnant. "We may soon find out," Jason replied. Sam suggested that they determine the identity of the baby, and then asked Jason to promise that they would stop playing into Franco's hands, once they watched the video in its entirety. Sam wanted Jason to focus on getting better.

Jason turned on the DVD, and then continued to watch it. He noticed that the baby had a hospital bracelet on, so he paused the video to study the bracelet. The bracelet read, "Boy Moore. M -- Susan Moore. NYC 1437." "That's me," Jason realized. Jason had never seen the footage. Sam thought that it seemed harmless enough, but Jason was curious why Franco would send it, and where Franco had obtained it.

A short time later, Spinelli arrived. After Spinelli gave Jason some magazines, Jason and Sam decided to tell Spinelli about the baby. Spinelli was delighted, especially when Sam mentioned that Spinelli would be the baby's godfather. Spinelli was curious if that were the reason that they had called him, so Jason handed the DVD to Spinelli. Jason quickly filled Spinelli in on what was on the DVD. Sam added that they suspected that Franco had left it on the balcony, while Jason and Sam had been in Hawaii. Jason explained that they wanted to know where Franco had gotten the footage of Jason as an infant.

Spinelli agreed to have his friends look into it, but Spinelli wanted to make certain that the information was simply for an answer, not because Franco might be alive. Sam stepped out of the room, so Jason explained to Spinelli that Jason didn't want Sam to worry. Spinelli was curious if Jason were certain that Franco had died. Jason refused to go into detail, but he assured Spinelli that Franco was dead. Spinelli wondered if Jason had set the fire, so Jason admitted that he hadn't. However, Jason confided that Franco had said something before dying.

"Rosebud?" Spinelli asked. "You'll never know," Jason clarified. Jason insisted that they needed to figure out what Franco had meant, but Jason didn't want Spinelli to tell Sam. After Spinelli left, Sam entered the hospital room. Sam realized that Jason hadn't told Spinelli about the brain swelling, so Jason admitted that he wanted Spinelli to focus on finding out how Franco had obtained the video. Sam confessed that she agreed with Spinelli, that there wasn't much to be gained by finding out how Franco had gotten his hands on the video.

Jason started to reply, but then clutched his head in pain. Sam immediately ran out of the room to fetch Patrick. Shortly afterwards, Patrick examined Jason. Jason assured Patrick that it had just been a brief headache, and that it had passed, but Sam argued that Jason had been in significant pain. Patrick warned Jason and Sam that the frequency of the painful headaches would increase, as the swelling progressed. Patrick promised that Robin was working on a treatment, but Sam wanted to know how much time Jason had. Patrick admitted that he didn't know.

Delores glanced in Kelly's to see Johnny seated at one of the tables. Delores entered the diner, and then took a seat at a nearby table, so that she could talk to Johnny, without arousing suspicion. Delores explained that she needed information, so Johnny warned her that his services weren't free. He was curious how much the information was worth to her. Delores was annoyed, as Johnny asked her if her landlord had contacted her about the rent increase. She resented Johnny interceding on her behalf to keep the rent down, so she informed Johnny that she and her husband could have found another apartment.

Johnny pointed out that it would have been difficult to find an affordable apartment with an elevator, which Eddie needed, because of the construction site accident that had injured Eddie's right leg. Delores was stunned that Johnny knew about her husband's injury, but Johnny merely chuckled. Delores decided to get to the point, by revealing that she wanted help finding her sister's killer, because she had exhausted all of the official avenues. Johnny was curious why Delores hadn't discussed the case with Dante. Delores made it clear that she considered Dante to be trustworthy, but Johnny bragged that, unlike Dante, Johnny could get results.

T.J. noticed Shawn staring at Johnny, as Johnny paid the tab at the counter. T.J. was curious whom Shawn was staring at, so Shawn answered, "No one." T.J. realized that Shawn was dressed up, so T.J. guessed that Shawn was going out with Carly. Shawn clarified that it wasn't a date; Shawn was going to a benefit at the hotel. T.J. commented that Shawn seemed touchy about the topic of Carly, and then remarked that Shawn was too serious. According to T.J., it freaked people out.

Shawn made it clear that he wasn't interested in what people thought of him, and then advised T.J. to focus less time on talking back, and more on doing schoolwork. T.J. remarked that getting good grades would spare him from having Molly tutor him, but Shawn argued that Molly was a good kid, whom T.J. could learn a lot from. "We could learn a lot from each other," T.J. mumbled as Shawn walked away. Moments later, T.J. went to the kitchen, grabbed a six-pack of beer, tucked it inside his jacket, and then left.

At the lake house, Alexis modeled the black dress that she had chosen for the benefit gala. Molly liked it, but Alexis had second thoughts about going. Molly insisted that Alexis needed to get out, and then reminded Alexis that Mac would be at the benefit. Alexis was certain that Diane would be all over Mac, but then assured Molly that it didn't matter, since Alexis and Mac were colleagues. Alexis then decided to change her dress, so she dashed to the bedroom.

A short time later, Alexis returned wearing a blue dress. Molly thought that it was the perfect choice, so she encouraged Alexis to ask Mac to dance. Alexis was uncomfortable leaving Molly home alone, so she offered to call Viola. Molly reminded her mother that fourteen-year-olds usually babysat, so Molly refused to have someone watch her. Alexis lamented about how quickly Molly had grown up, and then worried that she would soon be alone. Molly suggested that Alexis didn't have to be alone, so Alexis decided that was her cue to leave.

After Alexis left, Molly decided to check the MyFace account that T.J. had created for her. Molly was surprised to see that Desdemona had several messages, so Molly started to reply. Molly posted that she intended to go clubbing that evening. Moments later, T.J. knocked on the door. "Am I the first?" he asked. Molly had no idea what he was talking about, until a horde of teens arrived. Molly was shocked to realize that everyone had beer and snacks.

At Kelly's, Delores regretted asking Johnny for help; she thought that Johnny might understand her plight, because his sister had been killed. Johnny revealed that Claudia hadn't been his sister, but he refused to explain what he meant by that. Delores decided not to pursue it, because she intended to find the murderer the right way. Johnny wished her luck, and then headed to the door. Delores was curious where Johnny was going. "Some place I shouldn't," Johnny replied.

Nearby, Spinelli called Maxie, and left her a voicemail message explaining that he had to cancel their plans for the evening, so that he could help Jason. Afterwards, Spinelli opened his laptop, and then went to work.

In the alley where Delores had been attacked, Dante searched for clues to help identify the attacker. Ronnie urged Dante to let it go, because they had combed the crime scene countless times without finding anything useful. Dante pointed out that the attacker had always gone after dancers, so it seemed odd that Delores had been targeted. Ronnie suggested that perhaps Delores had been mistaken for a dancer, but Dante suspected that it was because Delores and Dante had gotten too close. Ronnie argued that Chuck had been their prime suspect, but Dante remained unconvinced that Donofrio had been responsible for the attacks. Dante continued searching, because the ground had been dusted with snow on the night of Delores' attack, and the temperatures had remained under freezing, since that night.

Dante hoped to find some footprints that might help to identify a new suspect, but Ronnie pointed out that a lot of people had tracked through the area since the night of Delores' attack. Moments later, Dante spotted a set of footprints near where Delores had been attacked. Dante noticed that the right foot appeared to have been dragging, so he snapped some pictures of the footprints.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny thanked Kate for everything that she had done. Sonny hoped that Dante would show up, so Kate assured him that Dante would be there. Sonny just wanted his son to know how grateful Sonny was to have Dante in his life. A short time later, Olivia arrived. Kate was horrified that Olivia had shortened the dress that Kate had sent to her. Olivia insisted that the dress had been too matronly, but Kate argued that the designer hadn't intended for the dress to be that short.

Kate fussed over the dress, while she and Olivia talked about how important the night was for Sonny. Olivia conceded that nothing was more important to Sonny than Sonny's children. Kate confessed that she was determined to make sure that everything was perfect for Sonny. Olivia chuckled, because some things never changed. "Connie never could stand a man caring about something more than her," Olivia clarified.

Sonny pulled Max aside to instruct Max to keep a close eye on things. Sonny explained that Johnny had been on the warpath since Sonny had given Johnny the information about Claudia. Sonny feared that Johnny would make a move while Sonny was distracted with the benefit. Sonny then ordered Max to check Johnny's shipment to make sure that it was shut down. Dante was disgusted when he overheard his father's exchange with Max. Max walked away, as Dante angrily accused Sonny of using the night for an alibi.

Sonny tried to explain that Dante had misunderstood the exchange, but Dante continued to rant about Sonny's nefarious ways. Sonny insisted that he simply wanted to show his appreciation to the doctors for saving Dante's life, but Dante angrily reminded Sonny that Dante had been shot in Sonny's warehouse by Sonny's enemies. Olivia quickly stepped in to pull her son away, before things escalated. Olivia explained that Sonny was doing a good thing, but Dante didn't care. Meanwhile, Kate asked Sonny what was going on. Sonny explained that Dante had overheard something that Dante shouldn't have.

Sonny confessed to Kate that he had sworn to himself that his children would never look at him the way that he had looked at Mike and Deke. Sonny was frustrated, because he kept trying to break down the walls that Dante had put up. Moments later, Carly approached Sonny to tell him that Jason was in the hospital, and could be dying. Carly quickly filled him in on Jason's situation, so Sonny assured Carly that Robin would be able to help Jason. Carly was stunned when Sonny admitted that he had known that Jason was in the hospital, so she demanded to know why Sonny hadn't told her. Kate resented Carly trying to blame Sonny, but Carly argued that their children connected Sonny and Carly, which was something that Kate would never be able to understand.

Sonny warned Carly to leave Kate alone. Carly wondered what would have happened if something had gone wrong with Jason, and neither Carly nor Sonny were there. Sonny insisted that it was Jason's call to make, not Sonny's. Sonny explained that if Jason had wanted Carly to know, then Jason would have told her. Carly stormed off. Moments later, Alexis arrived. Kate warmly greeted Alexis.

Nearby, Dante called Lulu to check on her, because she was under the weather. He urged his wife to have some soup, and then promised to leave the benefit after the check was handed off. Olivia walked up as Dante ended the call. Dante confessed that he was happy that Lulu wasn't there, because Dante was furious that Sonny had used Dante as a cover. Olivia reminded Dante that Sonny loved Dante, and then advised Dante to figure out how to deal with that. Dante insisted that he was grateful that he had been raised without Sonny being a part of his life.

Shawn spotted Carly, so he walked up to her to see how she was doing. Carly explained that she wasn't in the mood for a party, because Jason was sick, and Sonny hadn't told her. Carly didn't want to burden Shawn with her problems, so Shawn changed the subject by pointing out that she had never called him back to let him know if she had wanted to attend the benefit with him. Carly quickly apologized, and then explained that she had been busy. "With Jason or Johnny Zacchara?" Shawn asked. Carly wondered if he had a problem with her hanging out with Johnny.

Shawn admitted that he was concerned about Carly, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary. Shawn reminded Carly that he cared about her, probably more than he should. Moments later, Johnny staggered into the restaurant. Johnny explained that he wanted to make a contribution, and then ominously promised that it would be significant.

Friday, February 17, 2012

While waiting for Dr. Lee, Sam prevented Jason from talking about the possibility he might die. "Now I have everything to live for," he promised. Sam had a severe cramp, but told Jason it wasn't a big deal. Monica stopped by, which prompted Sam to see someone about discharging Jason.

After Sam left, Jason asked Monica for an update. The swelling on Jason's brain had worsened, she reported. Jason asked Monica to promise that she would be Sam and his baby's family. "I will be with that grandchild, just as long as Sam will let me," she vowed. Jason asked if Monica had home movies of him as a newborn. She explained that she had thousands but none of him as a newborn, because he'd been with Susan, his biological mother, then.

In an agitated state, Maxie went to the lab to see Robin. Maxie reported that she'd told Monica that Liz had stolen drugs from the hospital. Robin suggested that Maxie had sought her advice because she was feeling guilty. Maxie reasoned that Liz deserved whatever was in store for her.

What Maxie really needed was for Robin to accompany her to Sonny's party at the Metro Court, Maxie said. She needed support in order to face Matt publicly. Robin tried to use her mother's visit as an excuse to keep from going, but Maxie played the pity card. "My mom's too busy to be bothered, so that leaves me with you," she cried.

As Maxie yanked up her purse to leave, the strap caught on a valve nozzle, which started the flow of gas. Monica stopped by for an update on Jason's treatment protocol. Robin explained that she'd ruled out the first two of the three she was testing and that she was waiting for the results of the third.

Anna arrived at the nurses' station with Emma. While Epiphany paged Patrick and Robin, Anna and Emma chatted. Epiphany reported that the doctors Drake were each tied up, so Anna took Emma for a hot dog while they waited.

Patrick arrived, and Epiphany razzed him about him never answering his pages. When she told him Anna and Emma had been waiting for him, he asked why Epiphany hadn't paged him. Patrick went to search for Robin, but Sam intercepted him. She asked whether Jason could leave, and Patrick explained that another seizure could be detrimental.

Robin caught up with her mother and daughter. They reminisced about some of Anna's kitchen disasters. Robin explained that she had to stay at the hospital while she waited for the lab results. Patrick arrived at the lab and was overcome by the fumes.

Before the party, Liz and Matt chatted. Liz explained that she'd agreed to meet Ewen at the party so that Cameron wouldn't feel threatened. She cautioned Matt not to drink too much; it might lead to another almost-kiss. After Liz finished leaving a message for Ewen, Matt returned with champagne.

Matt told Liz that Maxie had been the one to tell Monica that Liz had stolen drugs. As if on cue, Maxie arrived and noted what a surprise it was to find Matt and Liz alone together. Maxie went on a tirade, accusing Liz of playing the victim and using men. Matt told Maxie that she was being childish and selfish before he turned and walked away. "Until I get my job back," Liz swore, "my full-time occupation is going to be making your life a living hell."

Carly tried to keep a drunken Johnny from making a scene at Sonny's party, but Johnny promised "it's gonna be a hell of an evening." Shawn offered to get rid of Johnny, but Carly told him not to bother. Shawn had something he wanted to say but told her they'd talk later.

Olivia was a bit irked to find that Steve had coaxed Maggie to attend the party even though her date had backed out. Olivia tried to persuade Dante to accept Sonny's overture as a good deed, but Dante remained unconvinced that Sonny was doing it because it was the right thing to do.

Tracy asked Sonny whether Luke might attend and was disappointed to learn that Sonny didn't think Luke was in town. Anthony arrived. Tracy suggested that he take Johnny and leave. "I have no intention of leaving my wife alone," Anthony replied.

Diane was happy that Alexis had decided to show up. Alexis was flummoxed to discover that Mac was Diane's date. Sonny told Max to keep an eye on Johnny. It was Dante's night, Sonny proclaimed.

Kate distracted Sonny by getting everyone's attention to make an announcement. Carly, however, upstaged her nemesis. Sonny began to orate, waxing eloquently about the exquisite level of care General Hospital had provided his son, Dante, after he'd been shot.

As Johnny reached for his checkbook, Max rushed him, thinking it was a gun. Johnny spoke up, offering three million dollars to the pulmonary wing. Sonny countered with four million, which spurred a bidding war. Once Sonny got to ten million, Johnny insinuated that Dante had been bought off by his father. "Maybe Sonny finally bought and paid for you tonight, like he's been trying to do since he shot you, is that right?" Johnny posed.

"If you choose to stay, Johnny, I'll just tell everybody the truth about you," Sonny threatened. Johnny was defiant, so Sonny announced to all in the room that Claudia had been Johnny's mother -- not his sister. "The night ain't over yet," Johnny forewarned as he stormed out. Anthony threatened to destroy Sonny's life. Everyone in the room was stunned and a bit disgusted at Sonny's performance. Kate recoiled at Sonny's touch and left the room.

Kate confided in Olivia that she'd been foolish to think that she could make things work between her and Sonny. He would put his children above all else. Dante left the building, and Sonny went after him.

Sonny met up with Dante in the parking garage. As they argued, someone peered at them from behind a parked car. Sonny said that he'd acted to protect his family, but Dante made it clear he didn't want Sonny's protection. "I want you behind bars, where you belong," Dante shouted. "And until that happens, you are dead to me," he added. The person behind the car aimed a revolver at the two men.

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