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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 6, 2012 on GH
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Monday, February 6, 2012

At General Hospital, Maxie saw Matt talking to Liz and told Spinelli to do something to make Matt jealous. Spinelli immediately gave Maxie a long, deep kiss, which Matt did not observe, but Spinelli let Maxie think that Matt had seen. When Matt approached them, Maxie pretended that she had spent the previous evening at a romantic movie with Spinelli. Matt told Maxie that the patient he had intended to see the previous evening had cancelled the appointment, and he had taken Liz to dinner at an Italian restaurant instead.

Maxie asked to speak to Matt alone. After Spinelli engaged Liz in conversation, Maxie demanded to know why Matt had not called her after his patient had cancelled. He told her that if he had called, Maxie would not have had time to play games with Spinelli. On the other side of the room, Liz cautioned Spinelli that Maxie was using him. Spinelli defended Maxie, and Liz wondered if Maxie understood that Spinelli truly accepted Maxie for who she was. Spinelli said Liz had to be aware of Matt's interest in her and asked what Liz wanted.

Liz said that she and Matt were just friends, but that she did not want Maxie to hurt Matt either. Spinelli said there were worse outcomes than having Maxie fall in love with a person. Spinelli said that he had another mystery to unravel and showed Liz a picture of Cassandra. Spinelli told Liz that Cassandra lived at Wyndemere with Ewen. When Liz showed surprise, Spinelli hastened to tell her that it was a doctor-patient relationship and Ewen was known for his unconventional methods of treatment.

Spinelli asked Liz if she had made any further progress in finding out who had rescued and revived her after Lisa Niles had tossed her off the boat and into the ocean. Liz said that she had not and that it made no sense that someone had not claimed responsibility for her rescue. Spinelli said that maybe the rescuer could not afford to be seen or have it known that he was on Spoon Island.

Meanwhile, Maxie told Matt that she was sorry that his patient had cancelled. Matt said that the patient would reschedule. Maxie asked if they could reschedule. She said that she liked antipasto. Matt said he was not sure if the restaurant where he had taken Liz was right for Maxie. Maxie was upset that it was okay for Liz, but not for her. Matt told Maxie that it had only been one dinner.

Matt went on to say that if things were going to work out between him and Maxie, they had to stop playing games and to be honest with each other and keep everything aboveboard. Maxie agreed. As he walked toward the elevator, Matt told Maxie that the first thing he wanted to know way why she was such a good friend with Anthony Zacchara.

Kate returned to the Chicago hotel room where she had left Sonny sleeping. She was startled when Sonny greeted her. She said that she had been unable to sleep and had gone down to the bar to have a drink and get some work done. Kate said that she was sorry if she had worried Sonny.

Sonny said that he was glad that he knew everything, and she should not be ashamed that she was having therapy. He told Kate that she could tell him anything. Kate made a joke and said that they would soon be the couple that left the bathroom door open. Sonny jokingly replied that they could have a threesome between him, Kate, and Connie. Kate got upset. Sonny said that she should take it easy because he was just joking.

Kate said that it was not funny because she woke up every day, wondering who she was. Sonny said that she was the woman standing in front of him and that was the woman he wanted. Sonny said that he did not know why Kate was so defensive. He said that he knew that they had a lot of walls to break down. He wanted to know if Kate was willing to try. She said that she was.

Kate changed the subject and showed Sonny the invitations and plans for a benefit they were planning for the 20th of February when Sonny would make the charter donation to a new hospital wing in Dante's name, despite Dante's earlier rejection of Sonny's attempt to donate the money in Dante's name. Kate was momentarily distracted when she found a napkin with the name "Marc" and a phone number written on it. She hastily put it away and pretended that it was related to her magazine, Crimson.

Sonny did not notice Kate's anxiety as he wondered if both Alexis and Carly should be invited to the function. Kate said it would be okay because Sonny was making the gesture for his children. He said he hoped that Dante would eventually see Sonny for the man he was and could separate that from what Sonny did. Sonny said that he wanted Dante to see the real him. Kate said that eventually Dante would.

Sonny started kissing Kate, but she stopped him and said that they had to get home immediately because both had businesses they needed to attend to. Kate started packing. Sonny stopped her and said that they had the room and should take advantage of their time. He said that they could pretend that they had met in the bar and did not know each other. Kate accused Sonny of treating her like a sleazy pickup. Sonny wanted to know why she was so touchy. Kate said she did not know what had gotten into her. She said that she really could pretend a make-believe story.

Sonny and Kate started kissing, but Kate stopped Sonny and said that she could not stop thinking about work. She said she had to get home so that she could get all the plans for the benefit in place by the 20th. Sonny said he would get dressed while Kate called the airlines. Kate looked at the napkin again. When Sonny emerged from the bathroom fully dressed, he apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusions and told Kate that he was not trying to change her.

Sonny said that all his talk about pretending was just an effort to let off some steam like they had done as kids. He said it was nice to have Connie emerge every once in a while. As they were about to leave the room, Kate said she had left her earrings behind. She sent Sonny to the lobby, and she went to the bathroom. Kate looked at the napkin with the name and phone number on it, then tossed it in the trash and followed Sonny to the hotel lobby.

On the Haunted Star Ethan called Luke and left a message asking him to call back. Ewen showed up and wanted to know if Cassandra was there. Ethan said that he had just escorted Cassandra back to Wyndemere. Ewen warned Ethan that Cassandra had a dark side that Ethan had not seen. Ethan said that it sounded like Ewen was afraid of Cassandra and wondered why Ewen followed Cassandra around. Ewen said that Cassandra had a way of making him do things. Ethan asked why Ewen did not lock Cassandra up if she was dangerous. Ewen said that he had no knowledge that Cassandra had ever harmed herself or anyone else.

Ethan was puzzling about the letters "IC" that Cassandra wrote everywhere. Ewen said that they could mean anything, but Ethan suspected that they were initials and because of Cassandra's fascination with Wyndemere, the first thought that sprang to mind was "Cassadine." Ethan said that it was probably not a coincidence that she was so attracted to Spoon Island and Wyndemere. Ewen said that there was a purity about Cassandra, as if she had been kept from the world. Ethan said that she had been kept in the dark. Ewen said that Cassandra did not want to be dragged into the harsh light of reality and told Ethan to do Cassandra a favor and leave her where she was.

After Ewen was gone, Ethan took out a napkin on which Cassandra had written "No one." He crossed out the "No," and wrote "Some." Then, out loud he asked, "Who?"

At Wyndemere, Helena and Cassandra acknowledged that they had a history together. Cassandra accused Helena of turning her into an assassin. Helena told Cassandra that her disrespect was getting tiresome. Cassandra accused Helena of locking her away and keeping her away from other people. Helena said that she did not want anyone to know that Cassandra existed because Cassandra was being held in reserve until the time was right for Cassandra to act. Helena said that there were penalties to be exacted for the loss of her children. Cassandra said that it was supposed to be Lucky, but he was gone. Helena said that there were others.

Helena wanted to know why Cassandra had slashed Laura's portrait. Cassandra said that she would have rather slashed the real thing. Helena called Laura insipid and wondered why Laura had exerted such influence on Helena's sons. Cassandra said that it was called, "love." Helena snorted and said that love could make the smartest man stupid and the strongest man weak, and that was when she and Cassandra would move in. Cassandra said that she had met Luke and that he was interesting. Cassandra said that Luke was smart and might figure things out.

Helena said that by the time he did, it would be too late. Helena told Cassandra that she was there to play a part, and if she needed sympathy, she should talk to her psychiatrist. Helena said that Cassandra was there for one purpose, and that was to take revenge on the gutter-dwelling peasants who had destroyed Helena's son. When Cassandra accused Helena of being melodramatic, Helena grabbed Cassandra and held a knife to her throat. She told Cassandra that the game was young, and Cassandra's death was still an option. Cassandra said that death did not frighten her as much as it did Helena, who feared dying before she could pass on the Cassadine legacy.

Cassandra reminded Helena that it had been Helena's idea to set the stage. Cassandra said that if the plan was going to work, it had to be gradual. Helena said that Cassandra was stalling. Cassandra said that she was being smart so that the mouse was not lost before the trap was sprung.

Helena noticed a pad that had "No One," written on it. Cassandra said that it was a game she played with Ethan. Helena warned Cassandra not to fall for Ethan, because he was a Spencer. Cassandra said that Ethan was a good person. Helena said that she doubted that Ethan would feel kindly to Cassandra when he learned that he had been a pawn in Cassandra's game.

Helena told Cassandra that she would be waiting and watching. She ordered Cassandra to focus and to play Ethan for all he was worth and to lead him into the trap he so richly deserved. When Helena left the room through the secret passage, Cassandra screamed, threw a glass against a wall, and burst into tears.

Kelly went to the penthouse to give Sam and Jason the results of the paternity test. They were relieved to find out that Jason, not Franco, was the father of Sam's baby. Kelly told them that the baby was healthy, and she could even tell them the gender if they wanted to know. Sam said she was content just knowing that the child was Jason's. After Kelly was gone, both Sam and Jason were smiling and happier than they had been since before Franco had intervened on their honeymoon. Jason told Sam that she never had to think about that horrible night again. He said that he was glad to see her smile again. Sam said that she was glad that she could smile again.

Sam thought that they ought to be reading or doing something to prepare to be parents. Jason said he just wanted to sit and hold her. Sam said it was amazing to think that in time they would be sitting on their terrace, staring at the stars and knowing that a whole world of possibilities was staring back at them. Jason held her close and smiled.

Epiphany handed Liz a file when Ewen got off the elevator. He was buttoning his shirt as Epiphany told him that there was a jumper in room 1015 that needed transport to Shadybrook and there was a reason for turtlenecks. Liz asked Ewen to accompany her to the art show he had mentioned to her earlier, and he agreed. Ewen told Liz that the show was waterscapes that seemed as if the hands of the sea were cradling the viewer. As he walked away, Liz had a flashback to her rescue on Spoon Island.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

At Kelly's, Michael looked at the date book, which Abby had written in. Shawn approached Michael's table to explain that he wanted to talk to Michael about Carly, but Michael wasn't in the mood to hear what Shawn had to say. Moments later, Carly entered with T.J. in tow, and then revealed that there had been an incident at the hotel. T.J. insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong by charging hotel guests a "handling fee" for helping with their luggage. Shawn pointed out that T.J. didn't work at the hotel, so it had been wrong.

T.J was unapologetic as he offered to give Carly a cut of the money, if she hired him. Disgusted, Shawn decided to set T.J. straight by dragging T.J. to a nearby table. Meanwhile, Carly sat down to talk to Michael. Michael warned his mother to save her breath, if she intended to lecture him about the perils of working for Johnny, because Michael had decided not to join the Zacchara organization. Carly was relieved, and then confessed that she had heard that Michael had forgiven Jason for not revealing that Jax had been alive. She hoped that Michael would find it in his heart to forgive her too.

Michael assured his mother that he had forgiven her, and that he understood why Jax had needed to leave as he had. Michael apologized for making a public scene, and embarrassing his mother, so she assured him that she loved him, and forgave him.

At Shawn and T.J.'s table, Shawn was stunned that T.J. had been hustling customers at Carly's hotel. T.J. angrily accused Shawn of letting T.J. live with him out of guilt, but Shawn refused to be manipulated. He warned T.J. to stay away from Carly, and Metro Court. T.J. glanced over at Michael's table, and then asked if Michael were Carly's son. Shawn nodded, so T.J. wondered what the deal was between Shawn and Carly. Shawn explained that he had been Carly's bodyguard, so T.J. was curious how to get a job like that.

Shawn suggested that T.J. remain in school, and work at the diner. T.J. wondered why he should do menial labor when he could make ten times that kind of money at the hotel, working for Shawn's girl. Shawn clarified that Carly was not his girl, and then insisted that T.J. stay out of Shawn's business. T.J. immediately became intrigued when Shawn let it slip that Carly had once been married to Sonny. T.J. began to pepper Shawn with questions, but Shawn refused to answer them. Shawn pointed out that T.J. should be grateful that Carly hadn't pressed charges, so T.J. snidely suggested that perhaps Shawn hoped that Carly would want to collect on the debt.

Shawn ordered T.J. to grab a broom, and then get to work. Moments later, Shawn saw Carly head to the door, so he called out to her. Shawn thanked Carly for not calling the police on T.J. Carly explained that T.J. had given the money back, after she had called security, so everything had worked out. "Good luck," she added, and then left.

T.J. made a beeline for Michael's table to strike up a conversation by wondering if Michael were the son of a gangster. It was clear that T.J. assumed that Michael was in the organization, so T.J. revealed that he was interested in joining the mob. T.J. promised to be discreet, but Michael insisted that T.J. didn't know anything about Sonny. T.J. wanted a chance to prove himself, so Michael wondered how old T.J. was. "Old enough," T.J. replied.

T.J. claimed that he had been taking care of himself his entire life, so Michael was curious how Shawn had fit into the scheme of things. T.J. insisted that Shawn owed T.J. "big time," so T.J. was collecting. Michael suggested that T.J. was better off living with Shawn, instead of ending up in prison, which was exactly where T.J. was headed if things didn't change. "What the hell do you know?" T.J. scoffed. Michael explained that he had spent time in Pentonville for manslaughter, so he assured T.J. that jail was not where T.J. wanted to be. Michael stood up to leave, so T.J. assured Michael that the offer was still open if Michael changed his mind.

Shawn appeared at T.J.'s side, handed the young man a broom, and then instructed T.J. to get to work. A short time later, Shawn found T.J. seated at a table, listening to music. Shawn yanked out T.J.'s earplugs, and then explained that he wanted T.J. to take responsibility for his actions. T.J. snorted, and then wondered if Shawn had taken responsibility for killing T.J.'s father. Shawn was speechless as he watched T.J. storm off.

At the hospital, Patrick watched the elevator until Robin appeared. He quickly approached his wife to find out what the results of her recent round of blood work. Robin smiled as she revealed that the tests indicated that the new drug protocol was working. Patrick was relieved, so he hugged his wife, and then insisted that they celebrate the good news. Robin confessed that she felt as if she had been given a second chance, so she wanted to live her life to the fullest, which meant that she didn't want to waste time working all of the time. Patrick reminded Robin that she loved being a doctor, but Robin argued that Patrick and Emma were her priority, not her job. Patrick appreciated Robin's commitment to their family, but he didn't want her to give up her dreams.

Robin explained that she had new dreams, which included being there for Emma, and focusing on what was best for their family. Later, Robin signed out for the day, and then announced to Epiphany that she had plans with Patrick. Epiphany noticed that Robin was in high spirits, so she jokingly wondered if Robin had won the lottery. "Something like that," Robin admitted, and then greeted Patrick as he approached the nurses' station. Patrick revealed that he had hired a babysitter to watch Emma.

Moments later, Epiphany called out to Patrick. According to Epiphany, he was needed in the emergency room, because a patient with severe head trauma had been admitted. Robin insisted that Patrick attend to the patient, because they had the rest of their lives to celebrate.

Spinelli went to the Zacchara penthouse to talk to Johnny about Anthony. Spinelli was surprised when Johnny readily agreed to answer Spinelli's questions. Spinelli was curious why Anthony had taken a sudden interest in Maxie. Johnny confessed that he had no idea, so Spinelli told Johnny about the bodyguard that Anthony had assigned to watch over Maxie. Johnny wondered if Spinelli had asked Maxie about it, so Spinelli reminded Johnny that Maxie had a habit of dissembling when the topic was uncomfortable.

Johnny revealed that he had always thought that Spinelli and Maxie had been a perfect match, so Johnny had been disappointed to hear that Spinelli and Maxie had broken up. Spinelli was surprised, and then began to grumble about how Matt was not the right man for Maxie. However, Spinelli was willing to step aside, if Maxie wanted to be with Matt, but Spinelli remained concerned about Anthony's interest in Maxie. Johnny admitted that the only connection between Maxie and Anthony was the night that Lisa had been murdered. Spinelli pointed out that Anthony had denied being on the yacht on that fateful night, but Johnny reminded Spinelli that Anthony was quite capable of lying.

Spinelli recalled that Anthony had seemed indifferent towards Maxie when the police had assembled all of the suspects on the yacht, after the doctor's murder. Johnny argued that Anthony had always been good at keeping secrets. Spinelli's brow furrowed as he questioned when Johnny had started referring to Anthony by name only. Johnny explained that it had started when Johnny had realized how much he hated Anthony. Johnny then promised to ask around, and let Spinelli know if there were anything to be concerned about.

Johnny changed the subject by revealing that he had some projects on the horizon, so he could use Spinelli's expertise on some research. Spinelli realized that Johnny's cooperation would cost him, but Johnny quickly assured Spinelli that it wasn't necessary. Johnny warned Spinelli that Maxie could be in a lot of trouble if she were mixed up with Anthony. Spinelli thanked Johnny for the advice, and then left.

Delores hovered near the evidence room, but quickly ducked out of sight when a police officer suddenly exited the room. Moments later, Delores peeked through the evidence room window, but then stepped away when she heard Dante and Lulu approaching. Delores pretended to be surprised to see them, so Dante explained that Lulu had decided to apply for the file clerk position. Delores was happy for Lulu, but Lulu clarified that the job wasn't hers yet. Lulu then asked how Delores was faring, following the attack. Delores insisted that she was fine, but frustrated, because Delores hadn't gotten a good look at the perpetrator. Delores felt as if she had let down the other victims.

Dante ushered Lulu into the evidence room to show Lulu around. He realized that it was a far cry from working at Crimson, but Lulu assured him that working for Kate hadn't been a glamorous job. Dante worried that Lulu would get bored with the work in the evidence room, but Lulu was certain that she could handle it. Lulu also liked the idea of spending time with her husband. Dante warned Lulu that he would be busy working, so they wouldn't spend as much time together as she anticipated. Lulu shrugged, and then reminded him that they could use the money.

Dante insisted that he didn't want Lulu to worry about the money. Talk of money led to a conversation about Sonny's decision to donate a pulmonary wing at the hospital in Dante's name. Lulu assured Dante that she appreciated Dante's decision to distance himself from Sonny, and the organization, but the wing would help a lot of people. Dante explained that it felt as if it were a bribe. "It is," Lulu admitted. She then added that it was the only way that Sonny knew how to show Dante that he cared.

Dante was surprised that Lulu was defending Sonny. Lulu explained that no matter how much money Sonny spent, he couldn't buy Dante's love; that was up to Dante to give. Dante confessed that he had given all of his love to Lulu, and then kissed his wife. Later, Lulu looked around the evidence room as she confessed that the job might help her to focus on what she really wanted to do with her life. She then suggested that perhaps she might find something among the boxes that would blow a case wide open.

In the hallway, Johnny spotted Delores hovering near the evidence room. Delores demanded to know what Johnny was doing at the police station, so Johnny explained that Ronnie had questioned him regarding Sonny's torched warehouse. Johnny then revealed that he had heard that Delores had been attacked. Delores' eyes narrowed in suspicion, because the information had not been released to the public. Johnny assured Delores that he was not the enemy; he suggested that he could even be the best friend that she had. Delores insisted that she had plenty of friends, so she didn't need Johnny's help.

Delores reminded Johnny that he had a club full of dancers who might appreciate his help. She wondered if there had been any trouble since Vaughn's had reopened. Johnny assured her that there hadn't been, but he protected his employees. Delores acknowledged that they had that in common, except that she did it through legal channels. "How's that working out for you?" Johnny asked. Delores bristled, as she reminded Johnny that he was in a restricted area.

Delores didn't want Ronnie to throw Johnny in jail, because it would result in extra paperwork for her. Johnny assured Delores that he simply wanted to make her life easier, so he admitted that he had spoken to her landlord, and arranged for her building to be rent-controlled. Delores resented him doing that, because it sounded like a bribe, which might compromise her. Johnny suggested that having a partner whose father was a crime lord had already compromised her, but Delores argued that Dante was a good cop. Delores was rattled when Johnny suddenly shifted gears by revealing that he knew about her sister's murder, and then expressed how sorry he was for her loss. Delores watched in silence as Johnny walked away.

Kate looked around the Metro Court Restaurant, as she tried to figure out what she would need to host the charity ball announcing the pulmonary wing that Sonny intended to donate to the hospital. Sonny complained that Dante had accused him of trying to buy his way into Dante's heart. "Aren't you?" Kate asked. Sonny insisted that he wanted to honor his son, and move forward. Kate promised Sonny that she would do everything that she could to make the event a success, but she had a lot of work to do.

Sonny was disappointed that Carly hadn't returned any of his calls, because he wanted Carly to know that he was trying to do something honorable. "Don't hold your breath," Kate warned him. Sonny was curious if Kate believed in him. "Yes," Kate assured Sonny. Sonny relaxed, and then explained that he had been upset when he had caught Kate in several lies, because he didn't want them to have any secrets between them. He was happy that she had finally trusted him enough to tell him about her doctor.

Kate squirmed, but Sonny didn't appear to notice as he began to talk about Jax. He confessed that he had been keeping tabs on Jax, so he knew that Jax was on the other side of the world. Kate was curious if Sonny had been in contact with Jax, so Sonny clarified that he had simply tracked the man down. Sonny explained that he liked to know what his enemy was up to, but Kate assured Sonny that Jax wasn't Sonny's enemy; Jax was Josslyn's father, and the man that Sonny's children loved and respected. Sonny insisted that Jax had blamed Sonny for everything that had gone wrong in Jax's life, so Kate wondered what Sonny intended to do about Jax.

"I don't know yet," Sonny replied. Kate reminded Sonny that Sonny had promised to let things go, but Sonny argued that he had made that promise before he had known for certain that Jax was alive. Kate realized that Sonny and Jax had a complicated history, but Sonny clarified that he and Jax hated each other. Kate seemed to brace herself as she nervously revealed that she had something to tell Sonny. However, Sonny's phone rang before she could proceed with her confession. It was Max. Moments later, Sonny explained that it was an emergency, so he had to leave.

At the bar, Liz and Ewen talked about the show at the art gallery that they had seen earlier that evening. Liz admitted that she had enjoyed seeing it with Ewen. She was curious why he had become a psychiatrist, when it was clear that he loved art. Ewen explained that, despite his love for art, he wasn't really good at painting. Liz wanted to be the judge of that, but Ewen wasn't ready to show her his artwork.

After Ewen and Liz were seated at a table, Liz mentioned that she had heard that Ewen lived at Wyndemere with a patient. Ewen realized that Spinelli had told Liz about the unconventional living arrangements. Ewen revealed that his patient's name was Cassandra, and that she was a clinical study, and a mystery that Ewen hadn't been able to figure out yet. Liz suggested that Wyndemere was full of mysteries, like the man who had rescued her from the water, and then had disappeared before she could thank him.

At Crimson, Maxie was overwhelmed as she tried to do the work of two people. However, she cheered up when Matt stopped by to explain that he wanted to finish their talk. Matt assured Maxie that Liz was just a friend and co-worker, nothing more. Maxie had her doubts, and then admitted that she had no idea why he thought that Liz was so amazing. Matt explained that Liz understood his work, and got him, so he didn't have to constantly explain himself. Maxie insisted that she understood Matt's work and that she didn't want to lose him to Liz -- or anyone else.

Maxie conceded that she didn't always do the right thing, and that she could be selfish, but it was the way that her mother had raised her. Maxie explained that Felicia had always cared more about her own life than the people who had loved Felicia. Maxie admitted that she didn't want to be like her mother, so she was sorry about overreacting to the situation with Liz. She promised to believe Matt when he assured her that he and Liz were just friends, and then suggested that she make it up to him. Matt smiled as his eyes sparkled with interest. Maxie wanted to make plans for Valentine's Day, and to spend some quality time together without any games.

"I'm in," Matt replied, and then offered to start right away, if Maxie were interested. A short time later, Matt and Maxie entered the Metro Court Restaurant. Matt immediately spotted Ewen and Liz, so he led Maxie over to their table to greet his coworkers. Matt was curious what Ewen and Liz were doing at the restaurant, so Liz explained that she and Ewen had gone to an art show earlier that evening. "Fun," Maxie replied with a brittle smile. Maxie then suggested that she and Matt head to their own table, so that Ewen and Liz could get back to their date.

After Matt and Maxie walked away, Ewen admitted that the encounter had been interesting. "That's one word to describe Maxie," Liz remarked. Ewen explained that he had been referring to why Liz had felt compelled to explain their evening together. Liz was surprised, but deftly changed the subject by confessing that she wished that she could paint like the artist whose show that they had seen.

Meanwhile, Kate approached Matt and Maxie's table to give Maxie a list of things to do. After Kate left, Maxie complained about Kate's lack of empathy for Maxie's situation, given Kate's recent reconciliation with Sonny. Maxie's mood soured when she noticed Matt looking past her shoulder. Matt denied that he had been looking at anything, but Maxie was certain that he had been staring at Liz. Matt explained that there was something about Ewen that Matt couldn't stand. Maxie suspected that it was because Ewen was on a date with Liz, so Matt asked Maxie to drop it.

At the elevator, Kate bumped into Carly. Kate offered some suggestions about the restaurant's lighting, but Carly wasn't interested in hearing it. Carly told Kate that Kate could take her business elsewhere if Kate didn't like how thing were run at Metro Court. Kate confessed that she had been considering expanding her offices when her lease was up for renewal. Carly made it clear that she didn't have any intention of catering to Kate, or Kate's crowd, so she suggested that Kate buy her own hotel. Kate smiled sweetly, and then revealed that she already owned a hotel.

"This one," Kate added.

In an alley, Sonny spoke to Max on the phone. According to Sonny, Sonny knew exactly how to deal with Jax.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shawn and T.J. arrived at the lake house. As they stood on the porch, waiting for Alexis to answer the door, Shawn ordered T.J. to lose the attitude. T.J. insisted that he was an entrepreneur, so he hadn't done anything wrong at Metro Court hotel. Moments later, Alexis pulled the door open, and then invited Shawn and T.J. to enter. Molly suggested that she and T.J. study in her bedroom, so T.J. followed her.

Alexis wondered how things were going with T.J. Shawn worried that he had bitten off more than he could chew. Alexis assured Shawn that it was normal; she had three children, and still felt like that at times. Shawn smiled and then thanked Alexis for allowing Molly to help T.J. study. Moments later, Diane stopped by. Diane was startled to see Shawn standing in Alexis' living room, so Alexis introduced Shawn, and then explained that Molly was tutoring Shawn's ward.

After Shawn left, with promises to pick up T.J. later, Alexis leaned outside to let the cool air wash over her. Diane realized that Alexis was having a hot flash, so she gave Alexis a book about menopause. Alexis was less than thrilled, because it made her feel old. Diane insisted that they were as young as they felt. Diane claimed that she felt twenty-five, and then added, "Especially after last night." Alexis immediately perked up, and demanded to know what Diane was referring to.

Diane insisted that she'd had fun playing pool, and then suggested that Alexis should have let her hair down. Alexis argued that she had played strip pool along with Diane, Coleman, and Mac, but Diane reminded Alexis that Alexis hadn't removed so much as an earring. Alexis argued that it wasn't her fault that she was good at pool, and then warned Diane to stop trying to fix her up with Mac. Diane confessed that Mac probably wouldn't be interested in Alexis. Alexis was shocked when Diane confessed that Diane and Mac had spent the night together.

Diane admitted that Mac had been drunk and distraught, so Diane had tried to comfort him. Alexis warned Diane not to take advantage of Mac, because Mac was a nice guy. Diane agreed, but Alexis wasn't satisfied. Alexis accused Diane of being a slut, so Diane suggested that Alexis read the book on menopause, and then left. "Bitch," Alexis murmured to Diane's retreating back.

T.J. was impressed with Molly's bedroom. Molly explained that it had belonged to her sister, Kristina, but Molly had moved in after Kristina had left for Yale. T.J. looked at the expensive décor, and noted that he understood why Molly could afford to lose her laptop. Molly argued that she had forgotten it. T.J. shrugged, and then suggested that she was lucky that he was an honest person and had returned it.

Molly changed the subject by handing T.J. the first three chapters of Catcher in the Rye, which she had recorded for him. She hoped that it would help him to keep up with his homework assignment. T.J. reluctantly listened to the recording, and then later conceded that he had enjoyed the story. Molly felt vindicated, because she had been certain that T.J. would be able to identify with the main character in the book. T.J. thanked Molly for her help, so he offered to return the favor by making a new MyFace page for her.

According to T.J., Molly's current page had a picture that made Molly look ten years old. T.J. handed Molly a magazine, and then urged her to find a picture that she liked. He then tweaked her picture to make her look older, and to give her a sophisticated hairstyle. Next, T.J. invited Molly to select a new name for her MyFace page, so Molly chose Desdemona, a Shakespearian character from Othello. T.J. then urged Molly to create a profile based on who she would like to be, rather than who she was. Molly quickly slammed the laptop shut when Alexis poked her head into the room to check on the teens.

Molly and T.J. assured Alexis that they were studying, so Alexis left. Later, T.J. and Molly entered the living room. T.J. credited Molly for getting him interested in the book, Catcher in the Rye, and then left. Alexis was pleased that Molly was helping T.J., but Alexis didn't want Molly to fall behind in her own studies. Molly assured her mother that she wouldn't, and then returned to her bedroom. Alone, Molly opened her laptop, and then logged onto her new MyFace account.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was stunned when Kate revealed that Jax had signed over his half of the hotel to Kate. Carly suspected that Kate had badgered Jax for the hotel, but Kate insisted that Jax had reached out to Kate. Carly demanded to speak to Jax, but Kate admitted that she had no idea how to contact Jax. However, Kate assured Carly that the transfer of ownership had been perfectly legal. Olivia overheard Carly and Kate's argument, so Olivia wondered what was going on. Olivia's jaw dropped when Kate proudly announced that she was Olivia's new boss.

Kate's smug smile faltered when Carly asked how Sonny had taken the news. Kate insisted that it was none of Sonny's business, so Olivia was curious when her cousin had become interested in the hotel business. Before Kate could respond, Shawn walked up to ask for a private word with Carly. Carly marched off, with Shawn trailing behind her. Meanwhile, Olivia tried to get to the bottom of the unexpected news. Olivia admitted that she was concerned about Sonny's reaction to Kate and Jax's business deal.

Olivia was certain that Sonny would feel betrayed, especially after what had happened between Brenda and Jax. According to Olivia, Sonny had his own rules, but Kate argued that she was not Carly, Brenda, or even Olivia; Kate had her own life. Kate then changed the subject by wondering how things were going with Olivia and Steve. Olivia assured her cousin that things were moving forward, but Kate was curious if it had been Steve's decision or Olivia's. Olivia was clearly uncomfortable with the direction of the discussion, so she turned the focus back on Kate's new business venture. Olivia wondered why Kate hadn't set her sights on another hotel, instead of going after Metro Court.

Kate insisted that it had been a sound business decision, but Olivia warned Kate that things would not end "happily or well." Meanwhile, Carly continued to rant to Shawn about Jax's decision to sell his shares of the hotel to Kate. Carly felt betrayed, and wondered why Jax hadn't given Carly the shares. Shawn suggested that perhaps it had been Jax's way of cutting ties with Carly. Shawn urged Carly to sign the divorce papers, and to move on, because it was time to let Jax go, once and for all. Carly refused to consider it, prompting Shawn to wonder what was holding Carly back.

Shawn realized that he had hit a nerve when Carly claimed that it was personal. Carly quickly changed the subject by wondering what he was doing there. Shawn explained that he wanted to make certain that T.J. had learned a lesson. Carly assured Shawn that everything was okay, but Shawn wanted Carly to put T.J. to work, so that T.J. realized that he couldn't go around running scams. Carly smiled wickedly, and then suggested that perhaps she could put T.J. to work with her new partner, Kate. "That's my Carly," Shawn replied.

Shawn advised Carly to consider signing the divorce papers, and then left. Moments later, Carly returned to Kate's side. "Still harassing my employees?" Carly snidely asked, as she watched Olivia walk away. Kate ignored the remark, and then reminded Carly that they had to prepare for Sonny's party. Kate had a few suggestions, but Carly thought that Sonny should know about Kate and Jax's business deal. Kate warned Carly to stay out of it, but Carly threatened to tell Sonny if Kate didn't, because Carly was confident that Sonny would view it as a betrayal.

At the hospital, Robin selected something from the vending machine, so Maggie warned Robin that the junk food could kill Robin. Robin smiled as she confessed that she was willing to take her chances, and then offered Maggie a piece of a candy bar. Maggie readily accepted the treat, and then asked Robin about the AIDS conference in Africa, and the patient that Robin had been concerned about. Robin revealed that her "patient" had stabilized, and then changed the subject by wondering if Maggie had settled into the hospital's routine. Maggie admitted that she enjoyed working at the hospital, so Robin was curious what it felt like to work with Steve. Maggie seemed surprised by the question, prompting Robin to admit that it was clear that Maggie and Steve shared some history.

Moments later, Robin spotted Mac, so she excused herself, and then approached her uncle. Robin was curious if Mac had received her message, so Mac wondered if Robin had the results of her blood tests. Mac was relieved when Robin assured him that her viral loads were good, and that the drug protocol was working. Mac confessed that he had been concerned that Robin had given up. Robin admitted that she had been worried that dying had been fate's way of evening the score, because she had everything that she had wanted. Robin and Mac then began to talk about hope.

Robin believed that people opened themselves up to trying new things when they lost hope. Mac agreed. Robin sensed that her uncle was talking about something else, so Mac confessed that he'd been desperate to find a way to escape, because he had been so worried about Robin's situation. Robin wondered what Mac had done, but Mac refused to elaborate. According to Mac, the important thing was that she was better. Robin persisted, so Mac smiled, and then revealed that he had played a little pool.

Maggie approached Steve, as he pounded the vending machine in frustration. Steve explained that he was having a bad day, and that Maggie was the only person who could understand. Steve revealed that he'd had a patient who had been seriously injured by someone involved in a high-speed chase. Steve was livid because the driver had escaped with just a scratch, while Steve's patient would have to spend at least a year in therapy to recover from the injuries sustained by the hit-and-run. Steve's mood didn't improve when Maggie confided that Robin had noticed that Maggie and Steve had shared a past.

Steve hoped that was all that Robin had noticed. Maggie suggested that she and Steve should remain patient, because time healed all wounds. Steve thought perhaps it was time for them to confess what they had done. Maggie admitted that she had thought about it, but she doubted that it would accomplish anything. Steve warned her that he had a feeling that their past would catch up with them, but Maggie insisted that they needed to focus on the life that they had saved on that fateful day. "Instead of the one that we took?" Steve asked.

Maggie conceded that there were days when she had doubts about their decision, but she found comfort knowing that they were in it together. Steve confessed that he felt like a ticking time bomb, so he needed someone to talk to. Maggie assured him that she would always be available, if he needed her. "Back at you," Steve replied.

At the cabin that Jason had built, Jason and Sam talked about their baby. They both felt content and peaceful about the pregnancy, but Sam remained concerned about Jason's health problems. Jason assured Sam that everything was okay, but Sam argued that he had swelling on the brain. Jason insisted that Robin worried too much. Sam recalled hearing that happiness was good for one's health, so she agreed that perhaps everything would be fine. She then shifted gears to warn Jason that their lives were about to change dramatically, because of the baby.

Sam wondered if Jason were ready for fatherhood, so Jason assured her that he was. Jason then turned the question on Sam; he was curious how she felt about the timing of the pregnancy. Sam confessed that she wasn't surprised, because they had spent most of their honeymoon making love. She wondered if perhaps the fertility necklace had helped them, but Jason insisted that they deserved all of the credit. Later, Sam admitted that things felt different from her last pregnancy, because she was married to a man whom she loved. Sam then began to talk about converting the pink bedroom to a nursery.

Sam confessed that she was nervous about having a baby, because she had no idea how to change a diaper. Jason promised to help Sam. Sam smiled as Jason kissed his wife, and then fetched some wood. Sam wanted to stay in the cabin until the baby was born, but Jason warned her that people would notice that they were missing. However, Jason suggested that they spend the weekend in the cabin. Sam loved the idea, but she revealed that she was starving. Jason presented her with a bag of food that he had packed.

Sam looked in the bag, but then a wave of nausea hit her, so she raced to the bathroom. A short time later, she returned, ready to dig into some salsa and chips, but another bout of nausea forced her back to the bathroom.

Cassandra was surprised when Ethan arrived at Wyndemere with a gift for her. It was a bag filled with items, including a blindfold. Cassandra was reluctant to be blindfolded, but Ethan explained that it was part of an experiment that might help her to recover some of her memories. Ethan intended to have Cassandra taste various dishes, to see if she recognized any of them. Cassandra agreed to be blindfolded, provided that Ethan promised not to feed her anything disgusting.

After Ethan blindfolded Cassandra, he fed her a piece of food. Cassandra liked it, but she didn't recognize it. Ethan revealed that it was a kabob from an Afghanistan restaurant on Main Street. Next, he fed her a spoonful of something that Cassandra described as unusual-tasting. Ethan became distracted when he heard a noise in the tunnel. Cassandra slid off her blindfold, as Ethan went to the tunnel to investigate.

Cassandra tried to stop Ethan by suggesting that the castle was always creaking. Ethan remained undeterred, so Cassandra claimed that she'd had a flash of memory from tasting the last thing that Ethan had fed to her. Ethan quickly returned to her side. He explained that the food had been rice pudding from the Indian market. Cassandra recalled that the Indian market had been noisy and crowded, so perhaps she had once been in India. Ethan was curious when Cassandra had been to the Indian market.

Cassandra's eyes filled with tears, as she explained that she had been waiting for "him." Ethan wondered whom she was referring to, but Cassandra insisted that she had no idea. Ethan admitted that Ewen wasn't his favorite person, but perhaps Ewen had been right about her suppressing a painful memory. Cassandra pretended to be shaken, so Ethan sat down on the sofa, and then held her in his arms. She apologized for losing the thread of the memory, but confessed that she felt safe with Ethan. Cassandra noticed Ethan staring at the tunnel, so she assured him that she hadn't heard anything.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

At the cabin, Jason wondered how Sam was feeling. "Relieved," Sam replied. She was thankful that the baby was Jason's. However, she wondered if Jason would have been able to raise Franco's child, if the paternity test had turned out differently. Jason didn't see the point in talking about it, and then shifted gears to assure her that he hadn't had any episodes of rage for a while. Sam was delighted, but she insisted that Jason had to follow up with Patrick and Robin, because Sam and the baby needed Jason to be healthy.

Sam suddenly felt queasy, so she raced to the bathroom. Moments later, she returned to the living room, and then remarked that she didn't know why everyone referred to it as morning sickness, because the nausea lasted all day. Later, Sam and Jason arrived home, so Jason offered to make dinner. Sam admitted that she could get used to him spoiling her. She then sobered, because she realized that Franco had robbed them of the happiness that they were feeling in the weeks leading up to the paternity test.

Jason reminded Sam that they didn't have to think about Franco anymore, and then kissed her. They were unaware that a gift-wrapped present was perched outside on the balcony. After the kiss, Sam decided to change before she and Jason had dinner. Jason offered to light a fire, so he went to fetch the matches, while Sam went to the bedroom. Jason suddenly dropped to his knees as he was hit by a neurological episode.

Patrick drove Robin and Emma to the site of their future dream home. Emma was asleep in the backseat, so Robin and Patrick got out of the car to look around. Robin admitted that she felt blessed, so Patrick confessed that he was thrilled that her medications were working, and that her HIV was stable. "This is our life now, this is our home," Patrick said as he leaned down to kiss his wife. Patrick then showed Robin where the various rooms in their new home would be. Robin chuckled, because she didn't know the difference between a great room, and a living room.

Patrick explained that the great room was essentially a game room, and then told her that he wanted to install arched windows in the living room, so that they could look out at the stream. Robin was surprised that the property had a stream, so Patrick revealed that it was hard to see, because it had been frozen over. Robin loved all of Patrick's ideas, and then apologized for being self-involved in recent weeks. She regretted that she hadn't been around, because she had been traveling around looking for new treatments. Patrick assured her that he understood, but he was eager to move forward with their building plans. Robin warned him that he might have to occasionally share her with a patient.

Patrick realized that Robin was referring to Jason. Robin was concerned, because the swelling on Jason's brain wasn't normal. Patrick promised to review the scans the following day, but he wanted them to focus on themselves for the rest of the evening. Patrick kissed Robin again, and then began to talk about their new bedroom. Moments later, Emma honked the car's horn. Patrick and Robin chuckled as they returned to the car, and then chased their daughter back into her booster seat. Afterwards, they headed home.

At Kelly's, Spinelli told Maxie about his plans to take her snowboarding. He thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to make Matt jealous. Maxie was curious how Spinelli intended for Matt to know about their trip, so Spinelli confessed that he had arranged for some of his friends to post pictures on various social media pages. Spinelli was surprised when Maxie didn't seem enthused about his plans. Maxie admitted that she doubted that their ruse would work, because Liz had her hooks into Matt, so it was only a matter of time before Matt succumbed to Liz's wiles. Maxie insisted that Liz needed to find a man of her own.

Maxie was certain that Liz was using Ewen to get Matt's attention. "Perhaps not," Spinelli quietly suggested. Maxie disagreed, because Matt had been focused on Liz's table the previous evening, when Matt and Maxie had gone to the Metro Court Restaurant for dinner. Maxie resented that Liz had stolen Maxie's idea to make Matt jealous. Spinelli sensed that Liz might truly be interested in Ewen. Maxie perked up, and then decided to give Liz and Ewen a romantic push in the right direction, so she advised Spinelli to return the snowboard, and then left.

At the nurses' station, Liz thanked Ewen for going to the art show with her. She assured Ewen that she'd had fun, unaware that Matt stood nearby eavesdropping on her conversation. Liz confided that she couldn't imagine her own artwork being in a show, but Ewen didn't see why not. Matt rolled his eyes, and then cried out, "Oh give me a break." Startled, Liz and Ewen looked at Matt. Matt pretended that he had been talking about something unrelated, but Liz and Ewen saw through the lie.

Ewen tactfully excused himself, so Liz accused Matt of being transparent. She wondered if Matt were jealous, so Matt insisted that he was no more jealous of Ewen than he was of the mystery man who had rescued Liz from the waters near Spoon Island. Matt claimed that it was unprofessional for a doctor to date a patient. Liz assured Matt that Ewen was not her doctor, nor was she dating Ewen. According to Liz, Ewen was an interesting guy whom she enjoyed spending time with. She then pointed out that Matt had been the one to encourage her to move on from Lucky, but Matt insisted that he didn't want to see her hurt.

Later, Maxie spotted Ewen near the nurses' station. She immediately made a beeline for him, and then admitted that he was an attractive man. Ewen looked at Maxie oddly, but thanked her for the compliment. Maxie suggested that, despite Liz's many faults, Liz wasn't "bad to look at." Ewen was certain that Liz would appreciate hearing that. Maxie ignored him, as she forged ahead by claiming that it was clear that Ewen and Liz shared a connection, which Ewen should explore.

Maxie confessed that Ewen would be perfect for Liz, because he would be able to see through "all that woe is me victim garbage," that Liz tended to project. Ewen studied Maxie for a minute, and then admitted that he might be able to help her. Maxie smiled with satisfaction until Ewen handed her his business card, and then suggested that she call to make an appointment. Offended, Maxie insisted that she didn't need psychiatric help; she simply needed Ewen to keep Liz away from Matt. Ewen ignored the remark, and then walked away. "Unreal," Maxie grumbled.

Matt agreed. Startled, Maxie realized that Matt had overheard her exchange with Ewen. Matt wondered if any part of Maxie were embarrassed by what she had done. Maxie was curious why she should be, so Matt warned Maxie that he was tired of her personal vendetta against Liz. Maxie argued that Matt had made it personal when he had given her birthday present to Liz. Matt explained that he had done that because Maxie had been behaved badly. He wanted Maxie to trust him, but Maxie insisted that it was impossible when it was clear to her that Matt couldn't keep his eyes off of Liz.

Matt explained that he was concerned about Ewen's inappropriate conduct, because Liz was a friend. Maxie didn't believe Matt, so she demanded that Matt own up to it. "You want honesty? I can't do this anymore," Matt admitted. Maxie was stunned by the implication that Matt wanted to break up with her.

Liz apologized to Ewen for Matt's earlier outburst. She explained that she had no idea why Matt had behaved so strangely, but Ewen assured her that he hadn't noticed. Liz smiled, and then reminded Ewen that she had enjoyed their evening together. She couldn't remember the last time that she'd had so much fun. Liz suspected that it was because it hadn't been a date, and then wondered if Ewen would be interested in doing it again.

Ewen admitted that he had enjoyed spending the evening with her too. "Great, is that a yes?" Liz asked. Ewen seemed to panic, so he mumbled that he was a late to see a patient, and then fled.

Carly strolled into Pozzulo's, and then entered Sonny's office. She claimed that she was there to discuss the plans for Sonny's benefit, but Sonny clarified that it was more of a dedication. Carly assured Sonny that she had invited the world, and their checkbooks, so Sonny thanked her. He realized that they hadn't been on the best of terms, but he appreciated that she had let him use the hotel to host the event. Carly admitted that she would love to take credit for that, but it hadn't been her decision. Sonny was curious what she was talking about.

As if on cue, Kate entered Sonny's office. Carly smiled, as she suggested that Sonny ask Kate. Kate quickly assessed the situation, and then accused Carly of not being able to wait to tell Sonny the news. Sonny wanted to know what was going on, so Carly decided to let Kate explain. After Carly left, Sonny sensed that he wouldn't like what Kate was about to tell him.

Kate revealed that she was the new co-owner of Metro Court. "How?" Sonny asked. Kate explained that Jax had signed over his shares of the hotel to her, after she had bumped into Jax at the airport. Sonny was furious, because he suspected that Kate and Jax had been scheming for quite some time. Kate was offended by the suggestion, but Sonny reminded her that he'd recently caught her in a couple of lies. Kate denied that her deal with Jax had been calculated, but Sonny wanted to know when it had happened.

Kate reiterated that she had encountered Jax in the airport lounge a few weeks earlier. Sonny felt betrayed, because she hadn't mentioned it to him, or given him any inkling that she'd been talking to Jax. Kate wondered what Sonny would have done if he had known that she had been in contact with Jax. Sonny ignored the question, as he pointed out that Jax could have easily have sold the shares of the hotel to Carly. Sonny was certain that the only reason that Jax had reached out to Kate was because it was one more way to hit Sonny where it counted.

Kate resented that Sonny was trying to make it about Sonny and Jax. She warned him that if he wanted to punish Jax for taking Brenda away, then he should do it. However, she refused to allow Sonny to use her as an excuse.

On the waterfront, Anthony spotted Johnny knocking back a bottle of booze, while looking out at the harbor. Anthony wondered why Johnny was standing in the cold without a coat, and then warned his grandson that Johnny would catch his death. "Unless I toss you to yours first," Johnny snidely replied. Anthony cautioned Johnny to be careful, because the Soleitos were in town, but Johnny insisted that he didn't need Anthony's help. Anthony reminded Johnny that Johnny had needed Anthony's help when Johnny had planted drugs in Sonny's warehouse.

Johnny shrugged, and kept drinking. Anthony insisted that Johnny tended to make bad decision when Johnny was being reckless. Anthony didn't want Johnny to end up in jail, but Johnny didn't care. The argument quickly escalated when Anthony suggested that Johnny wouldn't be able to handle prison. Johnny grabbed Anthony by the lapels of Anthony's coat, and then threatened to throw Anthony into the icy waters. Anthony managed to break free, and then expressed concern about Johnny's mental state. Johnny's anger mounted as Anthony pointed out that he had been Johnny's father in every way that mattered.

Anthony believed that Johnny was fighting himself, not Anthony, so Johnny grabbed Anthony again, and then shoved Anthony closer to the edge of the pier. "Stop," Carly shouted as she suddenly appeared at the top of the steps. Carly quickly raced to Johnny's side, and urged him to release Anthony. She explained that she didn't want to have to lie to the police about what had transpired on the pier, if Johnny were to carry out the threat. Johnny reluctantly let go of Anthony, so Anthony thanked Carly. Carly urged Anthony to leave, before she changed her mind.

After Anthony left, Johnny bent down to pick up the papers that had fallen out of Carly's purse while she had tried to pry Johnny's hands off of Anthony. Johnny was surprised to see that they were divorce papers, which Jax had signed, but Carly had not. Carly snatched them back, but conceded that Jax had decided to move on. Johnny advised Carly to do the same, by leaving him alone. Carly refused to walk away from Johnny, because it was clear to her that he would have killed Anthony if she hadn't interceded. Carly insisted that Johnny had a conscience and a soul, so she knew that Johnny was nothing like Anthony.

Johnny was curious how Carly could be so certain about that, so Carly reminded him that he had kept Michael out of the organization, and he had refused to take Carly up on her offer to sleep with Johnny. However, she acknowledged that Johnny was at a defining moment in his life, and headed down a dangerous path. Johnny wondered what if he were past the point of no return. "I don't think so," Carly told him. Johnny picked up his discarded bottle of booze, and then revealed that there had been a time when he had walked on ledges, because he had found it exhilarating.

Carly was curious what had kept Johnny from falling, so Johnny credited Claudia. Carly warned Johnny not to canonize Claudia, because Claudia had done some horrible things. Johnny didn't understand why Carly cared about him. Carly admitted that she didn't know why either, but she did care. She then wondered when Johnny had eaten last. Johnny warned her that he had heard about her lack of skills in the kitchen. Carly insisted that she made great frozen pizza, and then insisted that Johnny follow her.

Anthony went to Kelly's, where he bumped into Spinelli. Spinelli congratulated Anthony on Anthony's recent marriage, and then broached the subject of the bodyguard that Anthony had assigned to watch over Maxie. Spinelli claimed that the bodyguard was no longer necessary, because Spinelli had moved in with Maxie. Anthony laughed, because he recalled Spinelli's antics as the Jackal. Spinelli acknowledged that he'd been inept as the Jackal, but the persona had been the result of a head injury. Spinelli was confident that he could protect Maxie, but Anthony advised Spinelli to stick to predicting the point spread on sports.

Kate returned home. In a fit of temper, she threw some things around, picked up a key, and then marched over to a closet. She unlocked the closet to reveal the bloodstained wedding dress that she had worn when she had been shot on the altar during her wedding to Sonny. Kate pulled the dress off of the hanger, and then clutched it close to her chest. After several heartbeats, she dropped the dress, and then walked over to her mirror. Her phone rang as Kate slowly applied some lipstick, and then let her hair down. Meanwhile, Sonny left her a message.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sam failed to notice that Jason was having another episode as she rambled about whether or not to go public with the news of her pregnancy. She worried Carly would go ballistic, but Jason assuaged her fears. As they attempted to go onto the back terrace, they noticed the door wouldn't open. Sam took a call from Alexis while Jason worked at getting the door open. Outside sat a gift-wrapped present.

Monica stopped by to inquire about Jason's test results. She was checking in, because Robin was concerned. He said everything was fine, though Monica noted that he wouldn't share with her if something was wrong. She looked down and noticed a baby magazine on the sofa and assumed Sam was pregnant. She was thrilled, but Jason explained that he and Sam were trying to keep the news under wraps for a while.

Jason let Monica know that he wanted her to be a part of the baby's life. Edward, too, he reluctantly added. "I'll call you after the first sonogram," Jason told her as he escorted her to the front door. "I'd like that," she said. After she was gone, Jason got the back door open and immediately noticed the present. He retrieved it and prepared to destroy it, but had an attack and passed out.

Upon returning to Johnny's penthouse, Carly noted that the piano was missing. A drunken Johnny explained that he'd gotten rid of it, because his grandfather had given it to him. Johnny reminisced about the times he would use music to escape the horror of Anthony's abuse. Carly commiserated. When she had found out she'd been adopted, her vengeance had made Bobby miserable but hadn't made Carly feel any better.

Carly pointed out that, though Claudia had lied to Johnny all her life, it had been obvious how much she had loved him. If Johnny were to hold onto his anger, it would destroy his life as well as those of everyone he around him, she predicted. Carly turned on the stereo and asked Johnny for a dance. He agreed, and they shared an intimate moment.

Johnny reminded Carly that Claudia had made Carly's life hell. He wondered why Carly was defending her. He speculated that maybe Carly was feeling guilty and was trying to clean up Sonny's mess.

Matt angrily defended his friendship with Liz, a friendship that Maxie thought went deeper. Maxie announced that it was irrelevant, because Matt was dumping her. He explained that he was not suggesting they break up but wanted to stop fighting all the time. Maxie warned Matt that Liz manipulated men. "First of all, she gets all 'buddy, buddy' with you, and then, before you know it, boom, she's eight months preggers with your baby!" Maxie hypothesized.

Matt thought it was a ridiculous assertion. Maxie reminded him of all the illicit things Liz had gotten Matt to do. "At least Liz listens when other people talk and gives a damn about what they're saying," he spat. Maxie accused Matt of maintaining their relationship for ulterior reasons, that she provided sexual relief or was nothing more than arm candy.

Maxie pointed out that Matt had taken Liz out for a romantic dinner when he didn't have to work, rather than taking Maxie. Matt countered that he'd been attracted to Maxie from the beginning because of her confidence but that he realized that it was all an act -- Maxie was an insecure as anyone. Matt was tired of Maxie being angry at him. She said that he wasn't giving her reasons to engender her trust. He mused that maybe they shouldn't be together and walked away.

At Kelly's, Liz tried to get through to Cameron, who was busy with his handheld video game, ignoring her. Ewen walked in. Liz confided that she was having a hard time with Cameron's bad attitude, which had gotten worse since Lucky's departure.

Ewen advised her to move on with her life. Liz filled Ewen in on the aftermath of Jake's death. She thought Lucky was Cameron's main support. Since Lucky was gone, Cameron was shutting down. Liz wondered if Cameron would always blame her for the loss in his life. She admitted that she'd always leaned on Lucky too much.

In Liz's defense, she confided that she'd helped Lucky, too, sometimes in ways that had compromised her job. Ewen asked whether Lucky had really needed her aid, or if she had just wanted to believe that. He pointed out that it was normal to try to recreate the magic of one's first love.

Molly became distressed because Alexis had borrowed her computer. Molly was also surprised to learn that her mother had been invited to Sonny's event. Molly urged Alexis to take Mac, but Alexis tried to coax Molly to go with her instead.

Alexis worried that Molly was spending too much time on the computer and actually suggested Molly blow off her homework to do something fun. Molly took offense. "Why, because she actually had a social life, and I'm just a nerd" Molly cried.

Molly needed to get excellent grades if she were to get into a good school, like Kristina had, Molly told her mother. Alexis suggested that Molly needed to prove she had outside interests and a balanced life too. Molly reported she'd considered starting a club to train companion animals like Shawn's dog, but T.J. had though the idea "uncool."

Alexis wanted her daughter to enjoy the best years of her life. "These are the best years of my life?" Molly lamented. Alexis urged Molly to stay a kid just a little longer. As Alexis left, Molly immediately checked MyFace. She called T.J. to bemoan the fact that the fictitious Desdemona already had more friends than did Molly.

Sam stopped by for a visit but didn't notice Molly was in the room. Sam mentioned the morning sickness, which caused Molly to erupt with excitement. Molly immediately called Kristina but got her voicemail. Molly gave Sam a list of names from great literature. Sam like the name Holden, from Catcher in the Rye.

Alexis assumed that, if Sam were to have a girl, Molly would suggest the name Desdemona. Molly froze in her tracks for a moment before continuing to her room. Alexis worried that T.J. might be a bad influence, but was relieved that at least he was a real human being. Molly was too involved in the lives of fictional characters and wasn't living her own.

Delores speculated that Johnny had blown up Sonny's warehouse. It was hard for her to believe that Sonny would have done it himself to collect the insurance money. Dante received a text message. It was Sonny inviting him to the party to celebrate the money Sonny was donating to the hospital's pulmonary wing in Dante's honor. The money was tainted, because it was from the mob, Dante grumbled.

There was always a catch with Sonny. Delores pointed out that, at least the ill-gotten gain was going to a good cause. Lulu had said the same thing, Dante mentioned. "Sonny never pays for what he does," Dante said. Dante asked how Delores' injuries were healing. He wondered how her husband was feeling. She casually mentioned that she hadn't told him.

"Eddy knows I'm a cop," she said. "He knows that a few bruises come with the job," she added. Dante was suspicious, but Delores explained that she didn't want Eddy to think she was vulnerable. She expressed anger at her attacker. Dante asked if it had anything to do with her sister's death. Delores replied, "For all I know, he could be the same person."



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