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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 30, 2012 on GH
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Monday, January 30, 2012

At Sonny's restaurant office, Sonny questioned Kate about her recent trip to San Francisco. She admitted that she had not checked into her usual hotel and had not received the flowers that Sonny had sent to her there. Under Sonny's continued questioning, Kate disclosed that the designer she had gone to San Francisco to meet had gotten drunk, and Kate had followed the designer to Monterey to help avoid a fashion industry scandal.

Sonny told Kate that she could have trusted him. Kate responded that Sonny could have trusted her. Kate then told Sonny that he could believe her or not. Sonny said that he trusted Kate and he really wanted things to work out between them. Kate replied that she wanted things to work out between them also.

Kate told Sonny that she had worried when she found out he had been shot, and she had to trust him not to get murdered. Sonny said that he was going through some tough times with the Zaccharas and that it was important to know where Kate was. Kate asked if she was in danger. Sonny said maybe, but that it was more probable that the Zaccharas would go after his kids. Kate said that she had seen Johnny on the docks, and he had said that he was not responsible for shooting Sonny.

Sonny told Kate that Johnny said a lot of things, most of them not true. Sonny said that it was okay for other mobsters to go after him, but not after his children. Sonny wanted to change the subject to the restaurant he was planning with Kate and the twosome's renewed relationship. Sonny said that the new restaurant would be better than Fortunato's. Sonny said that he wanted to move forward with Kate Howard, not Connie Falconeri. Kate said she wanted that, too, along with some food. Sonny said he was taking her to a restaurant in the city, where they would talk about what they would do next.

Carly stopped Johnny as he was kissing her and told him that she wanted to help ease the cause of whatever was paining him so much. Carly asked Johnny to tell her what Sonny had done. Carly said that she knew that something big had happened, and she wanted to know what it was. Carly said she would not leave Johnny alone in his apartment until he did. Johnny wanted to know why Carly cared. Carly told Johnny that he seemed lost. Carly said that Johnny was in a bad place, and she did not want to watch him self-destruct. Johnny told Carly that there was nothing she could do for him.

Carly said that she did not shock easily and that she could probably top any bad behavior on Johnny's part with even worse behavior of her own. Carly then told Johnny about the time she had drugged Michael's biological father, A.J., dumped him in a laundry cart and poured vodka on him to make it appear that A.J. was an unrepentant drunk. Johnny wanted to know why Carly cared what happened to Johnny. Carly told Johnny that it was because Johnny had not used Michael. Johnny said that was not how he worked.

When Carly again asked what Sonny had done, Johnny told her to ask Sonny. Carly said she was there with Johnny and wanted him to tell her what was wrong. Johnny finally relented and gave her the birth certificate that indicated that Gino Soleito was Johnny's father and Claudia was his mother. Johnny said that he did not know how Sonny had gotten the information, but a check of the records office and a chat with Anthony had convinced Johnny that it was true. Johnny said that his whole life had been a lie. Carly said that mothers often lied to protect their children.

Johnny said that it had all been part of a scheme by Anthony to throw Claudia at Gino so that Anthony could retaliate against Gino's blackmail of Anthony. Johnny said the plan had gone horribly wrong because Claudia had taken it too far. Johnny said that he knew that Claudia had hurt Carly, but that did not stop Johnny from loving Claudia. Carly said that Claudia's desperation made sense. Johnny said that everyone had used Claudia. Carly said that Johnny had not used her. Johnny responded that if only one person had looked out for Claudia, she might not have died.

Carly told Johnny that she was sorry. Carly said that those names on the birth certificate did not change who Johnny was. Johnny said that it changed everything. Carly said that she wanted to help and would stay with Johnny as long as he needed her. Johnny told Carly to be careful because he might accept her offer.

At General Hospital, Maxie saw Matt and Liz talking and laughing. She did not hear the conversation and did not know that Matt was appalled that Robin had asked Liz to take her place with Patrick and Emma if Robin passed away. All Maxie heard was Matt telling Liz that she deserved someone fantastic in her life. Maxie jumped to the conclusion that Liz was after Matt. Maxie chastised Liz, who said that Maxie made a seven-year-old look mature. Liz walked away. Matt told Maxie that she needed to stop going after Liz. Maxie told Matt that he needed to stop going after Liz also.

In the P.I. office, Sam doubled over with cramps, and Spinelli rushed to help. Sam convinced Spinelli that she was hungry so Spinelli rushed out to get food. While he was gone, Sam looked up cramping on the Internet and found out that it could indicate a miscarriage. She muttered that it would be a relief. When Spinelli returned with food and said he had gotten several dishes in case Sam had cravings, Sam said that she was no longer hungry. When Spinelli turned away to take a phone call from Maxie, Sam left the office.

Jason went to GH to see Robin. She told him that his test results indicated that he had a swelling in the brain. She said that Jason's brain was pressing against his skull and might be depriving his brain of oxygen. Jason wanted to shrug it off, but Robin said that Jason had to think of more than himself. She said he had to think of how Sam would be affected. While Jason talked to Robin, Sam arrived to see Kelly. Liz was nearby and heard Sam ask for Dr. Lee.

Robin said that she would run more tests, and they would try to reduce the swelling with drugs. Robin said that Jason might have to have more surgery. Jason said that he would not submit to more surgery. Robin said that she would look at the blood work again. Robin left, and Jason noticed Sam descending the mezzanine stairs.

Jason asked Sam if everything was okay with her. Sam explained that she had had some cramping, but that Kelly had assured her that she would be fine. Sam thought Jason was there because Spinelli had called him. Jason said he was there for other reasons. When Sam wanted to know what those reasons were, Jason said they should go home and talk. When they left, Liz emerged from an alcove where she had been eavesdropping on the conversation

On the Haunted Star, Lulu confronted Luke. She threw a glass of wine and broke the glass. She told Luke that it was not her first glass of the day. She said that she had had the first glass for breakfast that morning. Lulu admitted that she had drunk several glasses of wine for lunch the previous day. Luke said it was nobody's business but Lulu's. Lulu asked how it felt for Luke to see all his children and family except for her. She asked if it had occurred to him to congratulate Lulu on her marriage to Dante.

Lulu told Luke that everyone thought she was turning into a lush. She said that Olivia had confronted her at lunch the previous day and that even Tracy had mentioned it to Lulu. Lulu said that the worst thing was when Maxie had showed up at the loft earlier and pulled several empty bottles from Lulu's trash and pointed it out. Lulu said it sucked, and she realized that she was being treated the same way she and other members of the family had treated Luke.

Luke told Lulu that there was a big difference between having a couple of glasses of pinot and having a lifelong relationship with John Barleycorn. Lulu told Luke not to make it about him. Lulu said it was about her, not Luke's pointless misery. Luke said he had knocked around for months trying to figure things out. Luke said that he was back and sober. Luke told Lulu that he had been thinking about her. Luke said that despite his absence in Lulu's life, he loved her. Lulu was overcome with emotion.

Lulu said that she had been determined to get Luke back to Port Charles. She said that she had made that goal more important than anything else in her life, including the man that she loved. Lulu said that once she had given up that goal, she had not known what to do. Lulu said she had started drinking so that she did not have to take a look at herself. Luke said that he had gone to see the other members of the family and not Lulu because he cared about her and was afraid to hurt her. Luke said that he feared that Lulu needed something from him that he could not deliver.

Luke said that he had not been able to give Lulu's mother, Laura, what she needed, and he was afraid that he would fail and damage Lulu as well. Luke said that like Laura, Lulu held onto hope beyond reason. Lulu said that she was not her mother. Lulu said that she had a lot of Luke in her also. Lulu said that she knew that the world was a harsh place and that she did not trust easily.

Lulu cut her finger on a piece of broken glass and Luke rushed to her aid. She started crying and Luke held her. Lulu said that she had once known who she was. Lulu said that she had a man who loved her, and she did not know why she felt so lost.

As Luke comforted Lulu, she told him that he was her father, that she loved him, and he should not stay away from her. Luke said that all he ever wanted for Lulu was for her to have the life she wanted. Luke said he was not always kind. Lulu said that she was okay with brutal honesty because she knew where she stood, and she could always count on him to be himself. Lulu did comment that Luke was better with Tracy. Luke said that Tracy was happy with Anthony, but Lulu said that Tracy had been blackmailed into marriage.

Lulu and Luke each said that all they wanted was for the other to be happy. Lulu said that she loved being married and that she loved Dante. She said that she wanted something that was entirely hers. Luke said that it took a lifetime to find out what that was and then everything changed. Lulu said that she wanted to be happy being a work in progress and that she wanted to be happy with her life. Luke said that finding happiness was a long and bumpy ride, but if Lulu would fire up the engine, Luke would take the ride with her.

Back at GH, Matt cornered Liz and said that it was crazy for Robin to ask Liz to take her place with Patrick and Emma. Matt said it would ease the situation with Maxie if he told her what Robin had asked of Liz. Liz said that Maxie would make it all about Maxie and make a big production about being lied to, not to mention making Robin miserable for not telling Maxie about the change in Robin's HIV status. Matt agreed that Liz was probably correct. Matt asked Liz to try to get along with Maxie. Liz said that she would try, but warned Matt that if Maxie thought something romantic was going on between Matt and Liz, Matt would have to handle the situation.

Maxie stormed into the P.I. office. She ranted to Spinelli that Liz was making moves on Matt. Maxie said that she did not confront Matt because he was too busy defending Liz. Maxie thought that maybe Matt was using Liz to make Maxie jealous. Spinelli suggested that the way Maxie could cope was to make Matt jealous. Maxie liked Spinelli's idea and was thrilled when Spinelli volunteered to let Maxie use him to make Matt jealous.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spinelli paced the interrogation room of the police station, as he waited for Mac to arrive. Moments later, Mac entered the room, and then promptly informed Spinelli that he knew that Spinelli had moved in with Maxie. Mac explained that Maxie had been avoiding Mac, so he realized that it meant that she had taken up with Spinelli again. Mac warned Spinelli that Maxie was off-limits. Mac admitted that the happiest day of his life had been the day that Maxie hadn't married Spinelli, because it had spared her spending fifty years listening to Spinelli's incomprehensible babble. Spinelli reminded Mac that Spinelli had been the one to call off the wedding, because Spinelli had realized that Maxie hadn't been ready to take that step.

Mac wondered why Spinelli was trying to weasel his way back into Maxie's life, so Spinelli explained that he was a devoted friend to Maxie. Mac insisted that Spinelli still carried a torch for Maxie, so Mac was certain that Spinelli had hopes that proximity would make Maxie vulnerable. Spinelli assured Mac that his intentions were honorable, but Mac warned Spinelli not to mess up what Maxie had with Matt. Spinelli was curious if Mac truly believe that Matt was better suited for Maxie. "He's all right, I guess," Mac replied.

Mac suggested that Maxie was trying to emulate her cousin, Robin, by dating a nice, stable guy, which Mac considered an improvement over Spinelli. Spinelli argued that, unlike Matt, he was not self-centered or egotistical. Spinelli also insisted that he would always put Maxie's welfare above his own, and that he saw the good in Maxie, as well as her flaws. Spinelli vowed that he would never take Maxie for granted. "We're done here," Mac growled. He warned Spinelli not to breathe a word of their discussion to Maxie, or Mac would arrest Spinelli, and then press charges later.

At Wyndemere, Ethan apologized for offering Cassandra cheese and crackers for lunch, because he knew that it wasn't a great meal. Cassandra assured him that it was fine, so she brushed away his concerns. They sipped wine, as Ethan asked where Ewen was. Ethan was surprised when Cassandra explained that Ewen had gone to work. Ethan couldn't imagine that Ewen had found someone more interesting than Cassandra to help. Cassandra chuckled, and then wondered why they were talking about Ewen when they could be doing something else. Ethan smiled, and then leaned forward to kiss her.

Luke entered the salon, and then cleared his throat, before greeting his son. Luke quickly introduced himself to Cassandra, who returned the courtesy. Luke wondered what Cassandra was doing on Spoon Island, and then jokingly asked if she were into "dungeons and dragons." Cassandra admitted that she was fascinated by the castle, so Luke told her about the people who had lost their lives in Wyndemere including, Emily Quartermaine, Katherine Bell, and Stefan Cassadine. Cassandra assured Luke that she wasn't afraid of ghosts. Luke warned Cassandra that not everyone who haunted the castle was dead, and then mentioned Helena's name.

Cassandra simply smiled, and then confessed that she enjoyed a good mystery. Cassandra decided to excuse herself to "scare up" something to eat. Ethan waited until she was gone, before he demanded to know, "What the hell was that?" Luke explained that he had just been trying to get to know Cassandra better, which was something that Ethan might consider doing. Ethan insisted that he knew what he needed to know about Cassandra, but Luke seriously doubted that. Luke was surprised that Ethan was skilled at conning people, but inept with women.

Ethan disagreed, so Luke reminded Ethan that Ethan had jumped into a marriage with Maya, but had his heart broken. Ethan insisted that his relationship with Cassandra was different, because Cassandra was unlike any woman that Ethan had ever met. Luke cautioned Ethan not to rush into anything with Cassandra, because people didn't block out happy memories. Ethan was certain that Cassandra didn't have any deep, dark secrets in her past; she simply didn't remember who she was. Luke explained that was exactly what he was concerned about. Ethan reminded his father that he gave Luke plenty of space to make mistakes, so Ethan expected the same.

Luke implored Ethan to proceed with caution, because Ethan hadn't been around when everything Cassadine had been pure poison to the Spencers. Ethan argued that all of the Cassadines were gone, but Luke was curious why Ethan seemed determined to put all of the chips on the line. Ethan insisted that Luke had taught him to live in the moment, so Ethan refused to waste time on "what ifs." Ethan decided to find Cassandra, so he left. Luke strolled into the tunnel to look around. Moments later, someone followed Luke, and then knocked him unconscious.

Later, Ethan and Cassandra returned to the salon with a tray of food that Cassandra had put together. Ethan was impressed, so he suggested that she might have been a chef before she had lost her memory. Cassandra smiled, and then changed the subject by confessing that she had sensed that, like her, Luke had been drawn to Wyndemere. Ethan explained that the Cassadines and Spencers had been at war for decades, and that Helena had been hell-bent on dragging the next generation into it. Cassandra was curious if Ethan intended to continue the war, so he assured her that he was a lover, not a fighter. Cassandra wanted Ethan to prove it, so he leaned forward, and then kissed her.

Alexis and Molly arrived at Kelly's. Molly was curious where T.J. was, so Shawn explained that T.J. had asked to sleep in, since T.J. and Molly had spent the previous day studying. However, Shawn decided that it was time for T.J. to get up, so he offered to fetch the teen. Molly went to sit down at a table, while Alexis ordered some food for her daughter. A short time later, a surly T.J. joined Molly.

At the counter, Alexis bumped into Ewen. She was curious how things were going with his patient at Wyndemere. Ewen confessed that he had made very little progress with Cassandra, because she hadn't regained her memory. Alexis didn't understand what had drawn Cassandra to Wyndemere, so Ewen revealed that Cassandra had been drawn to similar dark and mysterious places in the past. However, he admitted that Cassandra seemed especially taken with Wyndemere, because she sensed that something special was waiting for her there.

At the table, Molly explained that she wanted to start with a history lesson, but T.J. complained that he would prefer to have breakfast first. Shawn suggested that T.J. should have woken up before noon, if T.J. had wanted breakfast. Alexis returned to the table with two plates of burgers. T.J. stared at the burgers with a mixture of horror and confusion, as he demanded to know what kind of burgers they were. "Garden burgers," Molly proudly explained. Molly assured T.J. that they tasted similar to regular burgers, so T.J. wondered why they didn't just eat real burgers.

Shawn warned T.J. to eat what had been put in front of him, and then followed Alexis out of the door, as she left for work. Shawn thanked Alexis for allowing Molly to tutor T.J., so Alexis admitted that Molly didn't have much of a social life. Alexis peeked through the window to see how the kids were doing, and then turned to Shawn to ask him to keep an eye on them. Shawn assured Alexis that he would.

In Kelly's, Molly was prepared to go over the history lesson, but T.J. continued to sulk about having to eat a garden burger. Molly explained that she refused to eat meat, because she thought that it was inhumane how they treated animals for slaughter. She confessed that she had been considering starting a club at school to petition the school to offer healthier alternatives than vending machine foods, and perhaps start a garden. T.J. thought that it was "pretty whack," so Molly revealed that lots of schools had already implemented similar programs. T.J. wanted to know the names of the schools, so that he could avoid them, and then teased Molly about only having five friends on MyFace.

Molly accused T.J. of not being nice. She quickly changed the subject when she noticed that he had a copy of Catcher in the Rye on the table. Molly wondered if he had read it, but T.J. told her that he hadn't. Molly was certain that T.J. would like it, because the main character reminded her of T.J. T.J. was curious how he was similar to the main character, but Molly told him to read the book, and then tell her. T.J. suggested that she could help him by persuading Shawn to buy him a tablet computer, so that T.J. didn't have to carry around a bunch of "stupid books."

Molly thought that T.J. could show Shawn that he deserved a tablet computer by getting good grades. Molly suggested that T.J. read over the first few pages of the book, while she looked over the study questions. T.J. picked up the book, and then glanced at the pages. Molly's brows furrowed as she quickly surmised that T.J. couldn't read.

In the squad room, Dante and Delores discussed the fire on the King Street pier. Delores revealed that it appeared to be arson, prompting Ronnie to suggest that Sonny might have been responsible. Moments later, Johnny entered the squad room. Dante wondered what Johnny knew about the fire, so Johnny claimed that he only knew what he had read in the newspaper. Dante was aware that Johnny had intended to buy the pier, but Sonny had beaten Johnny to the punch. Ronnie thought that Sonny had gotten exactly what Sonny had deserved. "Not even close," Johnny snarled.

Johnny then changed the subject by questioning Dante and Delores about Donofrio's murder. Dante and Delores explained that there hadn't been any evidence to suggest that Donofrio had attacked the dancers from Vaughn's, but Ronnie insisted that Donofrio had been guilty of the crimes. Johnny ignored Ronnie, and decided to leave. However, Johnny stopped short when he overheard Delores take a call from her husband, Eddie. Delores was upset when Eddie told her that a construction job had fallen through. She reminded Eddie that it had been the second one in a month, and that they desperately needed the money.

Delores reigned in her frustration, because she realized that it wasn't Eddie's fault. After she ended the call, Johnny commented that it had to be tough to make ends meet when her rent was going up. Delores demanded to know how Johnny had known about her rent. Johnny explained that he knew the owner of her building, so he was aware that his friend was having financial difficulties. Delores suspected that Johnny might be trying to bribe her, but Johnny assured her that she could relax, and then left.

Later, Ewen entered the squad room to talk to Dante and Delores about the man who had been attacking the dancers. Ewen explained that he had worked up a more detailed profile on the man, so Dante and Delores invited Ewen to tell them what he had determined about their suspect. Ewen explained that they should be looking for a Caucasian man between the ages of 25 and 40. According to Ewen, the man worked indirectly with people outside of their homes, and likely had difficulty forming relationships with women. Ewen was certain that the suspect would never hurt a woman close to him, so he took his anger and frustration out on strangers.

Ronnie snorted, because it didn't fit their profile of Donofrio. Ewen conceded that Donofrio had a criminal history, but Donofrio hadn't been the attacker. Ewen was confident that the person responsible for the attacks was more cunning, so they could be standing next to him, and not know it. Dante thanked Ewen, so Ewen offered to talk to any new suspects to help determine if they had the right person. Ewen invited Dante and Delores to call him, but then realized that he had misplaced his phone. Ewen suspected that it was at Kelly's, so he left to fetch it.

Ronnie was not impressed with Ewen's profile of the suspect. Dante and Delores were certain that Ewen was onto something, but Ronnie scoffed, and then marched off. Delores was frustrated, because they didn't have a single suspect. Dante wondered if Delores' frustration stemmed from not being able to solve her sister's murder. He warned Delores not to let the hunt for the attacker be about vengeance for her sister. Delores pointed out that Dante had been personally involved on more than one case.

Dante agreed, and then admitted that it had almost cost him Lulu. Dante decided that it was time that he got to know his new partner better, so he invited Delores and Eddie to go out for drinks with him and Lulu. Delores seemed a bit uncomfortable with the idea, but she agreed.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was on the phone, demanding that security be tightened around his properties, so that Johnny couldn't go after anything else that Sonny owned. After Sonny ended the call, Carly stormed in, and then accused Sonny of endangering his children by going after the Zaccharas. Sonny doubted that the Zaccharas would target the Corinthos children, because Sonny would make certain that they would regret it. Carly warned Sonny not to provoke the Zaccharas, because Michael had already suffered terribly by being sent to Pentonville. She resented Sonny making bad choices, but Sonny was curious why Carly was suddenly defending Johnny. He explained that he had simply told the truth, which was something that Carly should have done when she had realized that Jax had survived the plane crash.

Carly refused to apologize for keeping quiet about Jax, because she was certain that Sonny would have killed Jax if Sonny had known that Jax was alive. She wondered how Sonny justified telling Johnny that Claudia was Johnny's mother. Sonny was surprised that Carly had known; he was curious when Carly had become Johnny's confidant. Carly pointed out that Johnny had always been decent towards her, so naturally she was concerned about him. Sonny reminded her of her "liplock" with Johnny not to long before, so he didn't buy it.

Carly insisted that she simply wanted to keep things from getting worse. Carly admitted that she appreciated that Johnny had kept Michael out of the organization, and that Johnny had turned down her offer. "What offer?" Sonny asked. Carly cryptically replied, "One that would keep Michael out of Johnny's business for good." Sonny wanted to know what Carly had promised in exchange for the promise, so Carly mentioned Kate, and then suggested that Sonny's relationship with Kate was doomed.

Sonny saw through Carly's attempt to deflect, but he let it drop by informing her that his work was done. He had told Johnny the truth, so it was up to Johnny to deal with it. Carly reminded Sonny how betrayed she had felt when she had learned that she had been adopted. She pointed out that it had driven her to arrive in Port Charles, determined to do her worst. "By jumping into bed with your mother's husband?" Sonny asked. Sonny suggested that she appeared poised to repeat history, so she had no room to tell him that he should learn from his mistakes.

Carly and Sonny were arguing about the danger that Sonny had put the children in when Alexis entered the office. Alexis wanted to know what was going on, so Carly advised Alexis to talk to Sonny, and then left. Sonny assured Alexis that everything was fine, and that the Zaccharas weren't a threat, but Alexis didn't believe him, because she knew that Sonny had spoken to Kristina earlier. Alexis pointed out that Sonny wouldn't have called to check on Kristina, if he hadn't been worried. Dante silently entered the office, as Sonny insisted that he would lay down his life for his children. Dante suggested that Sonny could prove that by not going after the Zaccharas.

Alexis wondered if Dante were there on police business, but Sonny explained that he had called his son. After Alexis left, Sonny explained that he had an offer to make that Dante couldn't refuse.

Carly entered Kelly's, and then made a beeline for Shawn when she saw him seated at the counter. Shawn sensed that something was wrong, but Carly avoided his questions by asking how things were going with T.J. Shawn confessed that T.J. needed a strong support system, but Shawn feared that he might not be able to provide it for the troubled teen. Carly was certain that Shawn would get through to T.J., if he remained present for T.J. After Shawn stepped away from the counter, Carly decided to go outside to call Johnny, because she wanted to see how he was doing. Shawn stood in the doorway as he listened to Carly leave Johnny a message expressing concern for Johnny.

At ELQ, Tracy tried to book a two-bedroom suite for an extended stay, and then charge it on Anthony's credit card. Tracy was informed that the credit card had been rejected, so she instructed the person to run it through again, and then disconnected the call. Moments later, Anthony entered her office. Tracy told Anthony to put his orchid down, and then hand over his wallet, because she needed another credit card to reserve a suite at Metro Court. Tracy explained that she refused to stay at the boathouse another night, but Anthony admitted that he didn't have a problem with their cozy accommodations. Tracy wasn't amused, so she informed him that his credit card had been declined, and then twisted the knife by revealing that Luke would have simply called the hotel, and then have been given a suite with all the perks for free.

Anthony argued that he added other things to the table, so Tracy asked for an example. "Your continued freedom, for one thing," Anthony answered with a smug smile. Tracy was curious if their honeymoon was over, since he had resorted to threatening her. Moments later, Johnny appeared in the doorway. Johnny explained that Anthony's credit cards were no longer active, because Johnny had cancelled them. Anthony asked to speak to Johnny privately, but Johnny revealed that he was there to see Tracy.

"Not you, grandpa," Johnny snidely added. Tracy wondered what was going on, so Johnny told her that Anthony was actually his grandfather, not his father. "Wait, it gets better," Johnny told her, and then dropped the bombshell that one of her previous husbands, Gino Soleito, was Johnny's father. Before Tracy could recover from the shock, Johnny revealed that Claudia was Johnny's mother. "Back up, you're a Soleito?" Tracy asked. "That's right," Johnny answered.

Johnny informed Tracy that he intended to stake his claim on the money that Gino had left behind. Anthony asked to speak to Johnny privately, so Tracy decided to fetch a drink. After Tracy left her office, Anthony warned Johnny that the Soleitos would put a bullet in Johnny's head if Johnny were to try to go after the Soleitos' money. Johnny decided to remind Anthony that Anthony wasn't in a position to issue warnings, given that Anthony had shot Sonny's son, Dante. Anthony argued that Johnny had been the one to plant drugs in Sonny's warehouse, so Johnny didn't have room to talk.

Anthony assured Johnny that he had always protected Johnny from ending up in a pine box next to his mother, but Johnny laughed over the idea that Anthony had always had Johnny's best interests at heart. Johnny insisted that Claudia, and even Maria, had always protected Johnny, not Anthony. Johnny confessed that he had always wondered how a father could hate his own son enough to try to shoot him, but Johnny realized that it was because Johnny had actually been Claudia's son. It finally made sense to Johnny, because Johnny knew how much Anthony had despised Claudia. Anthony urged Johnny to be careful about how Johnny used the information about Gino and Claudia. "Oh, believe me, I thought, and I've got big plans for you," Johnny told Anthony.

Moments later, Tracy returned to the office. Johnny congratulated Tracy on her marriage, but then admitted that he probably should have been offering her his condolences. After Johnny left, his cell phone rang. It was Carly, but he ignored the call.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Jason arrived home, Sam wondered where he had been. Jason explained that he had gone for a motorcycle ride around the lake, and then suggested that he and Sam go to the cabin where they had spent their first night as husband and wife. Sam refused to be sidetracked, so she demanded to know why he had been at the hospital the previous day. Jason revealed that Robin had told him that he had some swelling on the brain that hadn't been present following his brain surgery. Sam wanted to know how serious it was, but Jason tried to downplay the situation by explaining that Robin and Patrick were monitoring things to see if the swelling would go down by itself. Sam was curious if Jason would need brain surgery, but Jason was reluctant to answer the question.

Sam was frustrated, because she resented being kept in limbo. She explained that when she had gone to the hospital after experiencing signs of a miscarriage, a part of her had been prepared to lose the baby, because then things would have been definite. She realized that sounded horrible, but Jason assured her that he understood. However, she wondered what would happen if it had been their last chance to have a baby. Later, Jason suggested that they set aside the "what ifs" for the day, by doing something together. Sam was tempted, but she confessed that she was queasy and tired, because of the pregnancy.

Sam admitted she was trying to stay focused on the thought that the baby was theirs. Jason realized that the waiting was difficult, but they didn't have a choice. Sam acknowledged that Jason was dealing with a lot, because he had his own health problems on top of the paternity test. Sam wondered what they would do if the baby wasn't Jason's, but Jason assured her that it didn't matter, because he loved her. He promised her that nothing would change.

Sam was deeply touched, because she could tell that Jason meant it. Later, Sam flipped through some baby catalogs that Alexis had given to Sam. Jason suggested that she throw them away, because he had learned a lot from taking care of Michael. Jason didn't think that they would need baby care books, and the various gadgets that Sam had been looking at. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Kelly, informing Sam that the results of the paternity test were in, so Kelly could see them the following day.

At the nurses' station, Liz sifted through a stack of patient files until she spotted Jason's. Matt walked up as Liz flipped through the pages of Jason's file. "Bad news?" Matt asked when he noticed Liz's expression. Liz quickly closed the file, and then acknowledged that she should probably leave Jason's file alone. Matt assured Liz that Patrick and Robin were closely monitoring Jason. Liz knew that Matt was right, but she explained that she and Jason had been close once, and that they would always share a connection.

Matt realized that Liz had been referring to Jake. Liz realized that Jason had plenty of people to look out for him, so he didn't need her to worry about him. However, Liz confessed that she felt overwhelmed by all of her recent losses, so she was concerned about Jason. Matt offered to listen if Liz needed someone to talk to. Matt's mood quickly soured when Ewen walked up in time to overhear Matt's remark. Ewen wondered if Liz needed another trip to the supply closet. Liz quickly explained that it was a form of therapy, but Matt wasn't impressed with Ewen's unconventional methods.

Matt excused himself when his phone rang. It was Maxie. Maxie insisted that she needed to see Matt right away, so Matt agreed to go to Crimson. Meanwhile, Ewen wondered what was troubling Liz. Liz explained that a friend of hers had been having health issues. She admitted that it was weighing heavily on her, even though she couldn't do anything to help her friend.

Liz conceded that she could detach emotionally from her patients, but it was different when her family and friends were in trouble. Ewen offered to show her some techniques to help her deal with the anxiety, but Liz assured him that she had been painting again, which had helped. Liz was curious how Ewen's painting was going, so he confessed that he hadn't painted in a while, because he had been having trouble with a patient. Liz suggested that perhaps Ewen should take a "trip" in the supply closet, but Ewen revealed that the technique wouldn't work for him, because doctors were seldom able to heal themselves.

Liz was curious about his patient, but Ewen explained that he couldn't discuss the case, because of doctor/patient confidentiality. He pointed out that she wouldn't want him to spill her secrets, so Liz informed him that he didn't know all of them. Ewen and Liz began to talk about art, so Ewen mentioned an art show at a local gallery. Liz expressed interest in seeing the show, so Ewen told her when it was, and then suggested that she go.

At Crimson, Maxie was surprised when Lulu walked in. Lulu revealed that she had heeded Maxie's advice, so Lulu didn't intend to have wine until dinner. Maxie apologized for preaching to Lulu about Lulu's drinking, but Lulu insisted that it had been necessary. Lulu changed the subject by asking if Kate were in, and wondering what kind of mood Kate was in. Maxie's eyes narrowed as she asked, "Why?" Lulu revealed that Kate had offered Lulu a job.

As if on cue, Kate emerged from her office, barking about an employee who hadn't met Kate's standards. Lulu quickly decided that perhaps there was a job opening at the coffee shop. After Kate left, Spinelli arrived, carrying a huge bouquet of flowers. Maxie was delighted when she read the card that Spinelli had written, thanking Maxie for a wonderful evening. Lulu quickly figured out that Maxie had enlisted Spinelli's help to make Matt jealous. Lulu pointed out that she had taken Maxie's advice, so Lulu urged Maxie to return the courtesy.

Maxie had no idea what Lulu was talking about, so Lulu suggested that Maxie reconsider lying, playing games, and using people. After Lulu left, Spinelli wondered if Maxie were truly pleased with the floral tribute to make Matt jealous. Maxie assured him that she was. They continued to plot, and then called Matt to put their ruse in motion. A short time later, Matt arrived at Crimson. Matt was curious what was going on, so Maxie explained that she had called Matt, because she needed him to sign a release form for the article about the woman behind the man article.

Matt noticed the bouquet of flowers, so Maxie explained that they were a gift from Spinelli. After Spinelli left, Maxie apologized for Spinelli's show of affection, and then confided that Spinelli wanted more than friendship from her. Matt didn't seem particularly bothered as he explained that he had to cancel their plans for the evening, because he had to meet with a patient. Maxie assured Matt that it was okay, because she would spend the evening with Spinelli. Satisfied, Matt left. Moments later, Spinelli returned to find out how their plan had worked.

Maxie assured Spinelli that everything had gone brilliantly, and then praised Spinelli for looking at her with puppy-dog eyes, because it had been the perfect touch. Spinelli was curious if Maxie and Matt were having dinner, so Maxie explained that Matt had to cancel, because he had to see a patient. However, she was confident that he had been jealous, so their plan had worked like a charm.

At the hospital, Matt was frustrated when his patient called to reschedule their meeting. Matt contemplated calling Maxie, as Liz approached the nurses' station. She noticed that Matt seemed to be in a serious mood, so Matt told her that a patient, who had the potential to be a prime candidate for his research, had needed to reschedule an appointment. Matt sensed that Liz was in a better mood, but he hoped that Ewen wasn't the cause. Liz realized that Ewen had unconventional methods, but Ewen was good at what he did. Liz was startled when Matt suddenly invited her to go out to dinner.

At the police station, Mac left a third message for Maxie, asking her to return his call. Mac explained that texting wasn't sufficient communication, so he wanted to talk to Maxie. After Mac ended the call, Alexis assured Mac that it was normal for girls to text; it was how Kristina preferred to communicate with Alexis. Mac was certain that Maxie was avoiding him, because she was trying to hide something. He suspected that Maxie and Spinelli had rekindled their relationship, which infuriated Mac, because he didn't like Spinelli. Alexis assured Mac that everything was fine, but Mac was curious whom Alexis would prefer her daughter to date: a self-centered doctor who likely wouldn't love her daughter as she deserved, or a "babbling idiot" who spent his time on computers,

Alexis pointed out that it wouldn't be her decision to make, because people loved whom they loved. Alexis suggested that Mac redirect his attention by focusing on someone who interested him. Mac immediately perked up, prompting Alexis to backpedal by clarifying that he should focus on "something" that interested him. Mac wondered what would happen if he were interested in a particular person. Alexis became increasingly nervous, as she tried to hand him some paperwork that she needed him to sign, stating that the arson investigation on the King Street pier had been closed, so that her client could start demolition.

Mac was curious why Alexis refused to say Sonny's name, so Alexis explained that it was more professional to refer to Sonny as her client. Mac wondered how things were going with Sonny. Alexis resented Mac reminding her that she had gotten pregnant with Sonny's child the last time that she had represented Sonny. Mac clarified that he had simply been curious if it might be a conflict of interest for her to go out for a drink with Mac, because she was Sonny's attorney. Alexis panicked, so she promised to call Mac, and then fled. Mac smiled as he watched Alexis leave.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny revealed his intentions to donate money for a pulmonary wing at the hospital, in Dante's name. Dante refused to let Sonny use Dante's name to buy Sonny's way to redemption. Dante accused his father of donating money to charity in an attempt to "whitewash" Sonny's image, but Sonny insisted that the doctors at General Hospital were great, so Sonny wanted to show his appreciation to them for saving Dante's life. Dante believed that Sonny was attempting to use the money to get Dante to look the other way while Sonny broke the law. Sonny pointed out that Dante had been eager to help Michael when Michael had been found in the alley with Donofrio's body, prompting Dante to wonder how long it would take for Sonny to expect Dante to do the same thing for Sonny.

Dante explained that he had known that Michael hadn't been guilty of killing Donofrio, but Sonny was certain that Dante would do anything to protect his family. Dante didn't appreciate Sonny playing the family card whenever it was convenient. Sonny assured Dante that his intention to donate a wing in Dante's name had been an attempt to do something meaningful for Dante and Lulu. Dante suggested that Sonny should consider quitting the organization, to focus on the coffee business, so that Dante wouldn't have to keep tabs on Sonny. Sonny turned the tables on Dante by asking Dante to quit the police force. Dante insisted that he couldn't do that for Sonny, or anyone else.

Sonny tried to find a compromise, so that Sonny could have a relationship with Dante, but Dante refused to bend. Moments later, Kate entered Sonny's office. After Dante left, Sonny told her about his argument with Dante. He asked Kate to join him for dinner, to cheer him up, but Kate revealed that she had to leave town on business. Sonny wondered if Kate were trying to avoid him, so Kate pointed out that she was there to tell him about her travel plans, so clearly that wasn't the case. Sonny was curious where Kate was going, so that he could be certain that she received the flowers that he sent to her.

Kate asked Sonny not to send any flowers, because she would be in too many meetings to enjoy them. Sonny noticed that she hadn't told him where she was going, so Kate replied, "Palm Beach." "What, don't you trust me?" she asked. Sonny explained that he simply liked to know where she was, but Kate suspected that it had more to do with Sonny's need for control. Sonny assured her that he cared about her, so Kate smiled, kissed him, and then promised to call him when she arrived in Palm Beach. After Kate left, Sonny called Marco, one of his henchmen, to order the man to follow Kate, and then report back to Sonny where she had gone.

At ELQ, Tracy was deep in thought when Edward entered her office. Edward was curious how married life was treating his daughter. "Similar to the plague," Tracy answered. Edward chuckled, and then wondered if she had found the boathouse comfortable. Tracy quickly made it clear to her father that she, and her new husband, intended to take over the east wing of the mansion. Moments later, Michael entered the office.

Tracy and Edward told Michael that they were sorry to hear of Abby's passing. Michael explained that he was there to clear out Abby's desk, but he appreciated their condolences. Their conversation then drifted to business. Tracy and Edward were surprised when Michael offered to write up a business proposal on a project that he had been working on before he had left ELQ. Edward quickly accepted. Michael then admitted that he had done some research on some stock that ELQ had been interested in, so he gave them some investment advice, and then left.

Later, Michael popped his head into Tracy's office to let them know that Abby's desk had been cleared out. Edward assured Michael that there would always be a job waiting for Michael at ELQ. Michael promised to think about it, and then left. Tracy warned Edward to stop expecting Michael to join the family business, because Michael had never expressed an interest in ELQ. Edward insisted that Michael had a keen business sense, so he was confident that Michael would be a great addition. "We'll see," Tracy said as she left her office.

At Kelly's, T.J. tried to ignore Molly by playing a hand-held game. Molly assured T.J. that many people didn't know how to read, so it was a common problem. T.J. insisted that he could read, but Molly didn't believe him. Shawn overheard them arguing, so he wondered what was going on. Molly quickly covered for T.J., but T.J. repaid her by making a wisecrack about wanting to be like Molly when he grew up. Shawn was not amused, so he warned T.J. to behave, and then walked away. T.J. resumed playing his game, as Molly chastised T.J. for not being nice.

T.J. pointed out that he was online all of the time, so clearly he knew how to read. Molly argued that T.J. simply looked at the pictures and icons to navigate the Internet. Molly conceded that perhaps T.J. could read well enough to get by, but not sufficiently to read a book. She assured him that she could help him, but T.J. wasn't interested. Molly refused to give up, so she was curious what T.J. saw when he looked at the words on a page. T.J. reluctantly admitted that they were "mooshed up," and often appeared backwards.

Molly explained that their school had programs to help people who had similar problems, but T.J. referred to those classes as the "Loser's Lounge." Molly was offended, but T.J. didn't care. He decided that he could simply get someone to do the work for him. T.J. expected Molly to keep quiet about his problem, but she would only agree if T.J. promised to let her help him learn to read.

Lulu entered Kelly's, and then greeted Shawn when she saw him at the counter. Shawn confessed that he missed having her as a dog walker. Lulu explained that she was allergic to dogs, so she couldn't walk Wilson. Moments later, Dante walked in. After Dante and Lulu sat down at a table, Dante told her about his visit with Sonny. Dante accused Sonny of trying to raise the stakes in the family bonding department by donating a pulmonary wing in Dante's name, but Lulu suggested that perhaps Sonny simply wanted to find a way to have a relationship with Dante.

T.J. strolled over to Dante and Lulu's table, and then boldly flirted with Lulu. Lulu quickly introduced T.J. to her husband, Dante. Shawn was mortified by T.J.'s behavior, so Shawn ordered T.J. to return to his studies. Shawn explained the situation with T.J., and then apologized for his young ward's disrespectful behavior. After Shawn walked away, Lulu revealed that she had gone to Crimson to talk to Kate about a job. However, Kate had been in "full-on diva mode," which had made Lulu realize that Lulu was not a fashionista with a passion for hemlines.

Lulu explained that she wanted to find a job, because she needed to be busy, and to stop worrying about finding her passion. Dante was confident that everything would work out. Moments later, Dante spotted Ewen, so he greeted the doctor, and then introduced Ewen to Lulu. Ewen revealed that there had been something that Ewen had neglected to mention to Dante about the man who had been attacking the dancers. According to Ewen, the perpetrator likely had a pattern of assaulting women long before arriving in Port Charles.

T.J. joined Molly at the counter, prompting her to wonder if he had changed his mind about letting her help him. T.J. agreed, but only if Molly persuaded Shawn to buy him a tablet computer. Molly refused, so she picked up Catcher in the Rye, and then ordered T.J. to read the first few lines. T.J. struggled with the sentence. Molly was struck with inspiration when she realized that T.J. needed more help, so she instructed him to stay put, and to keep his hands off of her laptop. She promised to return shortly, and then left. Moments later, T.J. pulled her laptop out of her backpack.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

At the hospital, Patrick was eager to talk with Robin about their new dream house, but Robin wanted to put the plans on hold until they knew if the new drug protocol would work. Patrick insisted that they should have faith, and plan for their future. Robin agreed to try, but Patrick wasn't satisfied. "Try harder," he told her. Robin appreciated his positive outlook, but she was reluctant to make a big financial investment until they were certain that her viral loads stabilized. Moments later, Mac walked up to the nurses' station.

Mac was furious that Robin had kept him in the dark about her situation. Robin tried to downplay her health crisis when she assured Mac that it had just been a "scare." Mac demanded to know what had happened, so Robin explained that she had been put on a new drug cocktail, so they had every reason to expect things to improve. Mac realized that Robin had known about her viral loads when he had found her on the bridge, on the anniversary of Stone's death. Mac was hurt that she hadn't confided to her uncle, so Robin apologized. Mac insisted that he would have, and should have, been there for her, so Robin hugged Mac to let him know how sorry she was.

Later, Robin suggested that the kitchen of their dream home should face east, so that the sun could stream through the windows when they had breakfast. Patrick smiled, and then leaned down to kiss his wife.

Nearby, Steve arrived for work with Olivia on his arm. He couldn't believe that she had persuaded him to go to a water park. Olivia chuckled, because she hadn't recalled Steve complaining once they were in the water. Olivia then added that it had been worth it to see him smiling. Olivia's good humor fled when Maggie suddenly appeared. Maggie wondered if Steve were interested on checking in on the burn patient that he had helped Maggie with.

Olivia suggested that Maggie's attempts to have Steve consult on pediatric cases took him away from other patients who needed his help. Maggie and Olivia proceeded to trade barbs until Steve led Olivia away. Olivia apologized for letting Maggie get under her skin, so Steve urged Olivia to ignore Maggie, and then kissed Olivia goodbye.

Later, Maggie mentioned their patient in Memphis who had died, prompting Steve to ask her to stop talking about it. Steve insisted that it was over, but Maggie argued that people were still looking into the case. Steve wondered if she regretted what they had done. Maggie assured him that she didn't, but it had been a crime. Maggie insisted that it was something that they would have to live with every day. "Not just us," Steve replied.

Maggie warned Steve not to tell Olivia about what had happened, because Olivia's son was a cop. Maggie wondered if Steve were prepared to put Olivia in a situation where she had to keep something like that from her son. Maggie then realized that perhaps she was being selfish by urging Steve not to confide to Olivia, but Steve conceded that she had a valid point about Dante. Maggie suggested that Steve ask himself if he wanted Olivia to live with the knowledge of what they had done. She explained that, speaking from her own personal experience, it had been a heavy load to bear.

Johnny sat in his auto repair shop, drinking whiskey, when Carly entered. She claimed that she had been having car trouble, but Johnny didn't believe her. He knew that it was an excuse to check up on him. Carly admitted that she was concerned about Johnny. She conceded that she hadn't liked Claudia, but she acknowledged that Claudia had been the only person whom Johnny had been able to count on. Carly admitted that she had once been in a situation similar to the one Johnny was in; he snorted in disbelief.

Carly insisted that there was only one place that the feelings, that Johnny had kept bottled inside, could go. Johnny suggestively wondered what she wanted him to do. Carly decided to ignore the remark, because she knew that it was the booze talking. She admitted that she was worried about him, because it was clear that he was reeling from the revelation of whom his true parents were. Johnny was curious if Carly thought that he should go to the Soleitos to tell them that he was Gino's long-lost son. Carly insisted that drinking was not the answer, so Johnny asked her why she was really there.

Carly seemed rattled by the question, so Johnny kissed her. "Am I interrupting something?" Olivia asked from the doorway. Carly pulled away from Johnny, quickly excused herself, and then left. "What the hell was that?" Olivia demanded when Carly was gone. Olivia suspected that Johnny was trying to "bag" Sonny's ex-wife, in an attempt to provoke Sonny. She warned Johnny that Johnny and Carly were not a good mix, but Johnny ignored Olivia's words of caution by changing the subject to ask why she was there.

Olivia claimed that she'd had some car trouble, so she has stopped by for a tool. Johnny invited her to help herself to the tools, so Olivia went to reach for one. He immediately became alarmed when she suddenly swayed as a dizzy spell hit her. Johnny wondered if Olivia were okay, so she assured him that she was fine. According to Olivia, she'd had several dizzy spells in recent weeks, but they were nothing to be concerned about. She then began to complain about Maggie, and how Steve had denied that anything was going on between Steve and his ex.

Johnny was curious if Olivia believed Steve, and then remarked that perhaps Steve wasn't as noble as Olivia had thought. Olivia wondered if Johnny knew something, but Johnny was evasive. Olivia suspected that Johnny wanted her to accuse Steve of hitting the sheets with Maggie, so that Olivia would end up as miserable as Johnny was. She was disgusted that Johnny had obviously been drinking, prompting Johnny to remind her that a night of drinking had led to them sleeping together. Olivia resented Johnny lashing out at her for kicks, so she told him to find someone else to beat up. After Olivia stormed out, Johnny took a swig from a bottle, and then threw a tool across the garage.

After Olivia left the garage, she returned to the hospital to talk to Steve. She stopped short when she saw Steve squeeze Maggie's hand in comfort and then smile. When Maggie walked away, Olivia approached Steve. Olivia demanded to know what Steve and Maggie had done that she didn't know about.

At Kelly's, Shawn noticed Ewen looking around. Ewen explained that he was searching for someone named Cassandra. Ewen explained that Cassandra was in a vulnerable place, and that he suspected that she was with Ethan. Ewen knew Ethan's history with Kristina, so Ewen was concerned. Shawn explained that the charges against Ethan had been dropped, and that Ethan was not the type to take advantage of a woman. Shawn then added that Ethan had stood by Kristina, even after it was revealed that Kristina had falsely accused Ethan.

After Ewen left, Carly entered. Shawn was clearing tables, so Carly was curious how things were going at the diner. Shawn admitted that he had been busy, but Carly realized that it wasn't really challenging work for Shawn. Shawn insisted that it set a good example for T.J., so Shawn was satisfied. Shawn then revealed that he had received a call from a local high school about a teaching position. Carly was thrilled for Shawn, but she quickly assured him that she had not been behind it, because she had learned her lesson the last time.

Shawn confessed that sometimes it was good to help friends who appeared to be headed for a fall. Carly realized that Shawn was referring to her involvement with Johnny, so she assured him that he shouldn't worry. Carly then disappeared into the kitchen to fetch a frozen pizza to heat up. A short time later, she returned with her small pizza, and then sat down at the counter. She was curious how things were going with T.J., so Shawn admitted that T.J. was a challenge.

Carly was certain that Shawn would be a positive influence on the troubled young teen. Shawn appreciated the support, so he wondered how Josslyn was doing. Carly confessed that her daughter missed Shawn, so Shawn asked Carly to let Josslyn know that he had said, "Hi." Carly invited Shawn to drop by the house to tell Josslyn himself. "Okay, then maybe we can go out," Shawn suggested. Carly was curious if his unexpected invitation had been prompted by an urge to protect her from "big, bad" Johnny.

Shawn pointed out that he was no longer Carly's bodyguard, so they were free to date. "Oh," Carly replied. She confessed that she was a bit leery about going out with him, because they had finally managed to get to a good place, after Shawn had been prepared to leave town because Carly had aggravated him. Shawn agreed that they had made progress, so he told her to let him know when, or if, she was ready to go on a date with him.

At Jake's, Coleman was surprised to see Dante and Lulu seated at a table, because they were an "old married couple." Moments later, Delores entered the bar, and then announced that the first round was on her. Delores explained that her husband, Eddie, would be along shortly. Delores confessed that she was grateful to Lulu for convincing Delores to show up for drinks. Dante was surprised when Lulu credited Delores for helping Lulu to realize that marriage to Dante would work out. Lulu explained that she had been confused about being married to a cop, but then Lulu had talked to Delores about how Eddie had handled being the husband of a police officer.

Lulu admitted that Delores had also advised Lulu to focus on the small things, instead of being consumed by what happened at the police station. Delores was surprised that Lulu had taken her advice to heart, so Delores decided that Dante owed Delores. They laughed, and then Delores admitted that it was a bit ironic that Lulu credited Delores for persuading Lulu to marry Dante, while Olivia seemed convinced that Delores was out to seduce Dante. Lulu and Dante explained that Olivia was a bit overprotective towards Dante, so Delores shouldn't take it personally. Dante, Lulu, and Delores continued to drink, but Delores became concerned when Eddie failed to show.

At the bar, Coleman happily welcomed Diane and Alexis. Alexis had been looking forward to going out to dinner at a restaurant, but Diane insisted that Alexis desperately needed to unwind. As the ladies sat down at the bar, Diane mentioned Mac's name. Alexis quickly became flustered, so she ordered a glass of water with lots of ice. Coleman teased Alexis that the thought of Mac had gotten Alexis "all hot and bothered." Alexis was not amused, so she snapped at Coleman, and then changed her order to a glass of iced tea.

After Coleman went to fetch Alexis' drink, Diane wondered what was going on with Alexis. Alexis explained that she'd been suffering from a myriad of strange symptoms including sleeplessness, irritability, memory lapses, and uncontrollable sweating. Moments later, Ewen walked in looking for Cassandra. Ewen explained to Coleman and Diane that Cassandra was his patient, so Alexis added that Cassandra lived at Wyndemere with Ewen. Diane thought that it was odd, prompting Alexis to chastise Diane for being rude. Ewen wondered if there were a problem, so Alexis agreed that it was a bit weird that he lived with Cassandra.

Ewen ignored the remark as he revealed that Cassandra seemed to have disappeared with Alexis' caretaker, Ethan Lovett. According to Ewen, Ethan had become a complication. Alexis wasn't surprised. Dante spotted Ewen at the bar, so Dante called out to the doctor. Ewen excused himself, and then walked over to Dante's table. Dante revealed that they had put Ewen's profile of the man who had attacked the dancers through their computer system, which had generated a number of possible suspects.

Dante was curious if Ewen had any additional information that might help narrow down the parameters. Ewen revealed that the man that they were looking for was someone who, on some level, wanted to be caught, but he wouldn't be an obvious suspect, like Donofrio had been. Dante confided that Delores had never believed that Donofrio had been their man. Ewen was surprised, so he asked her why. Delores explained that it had been gut-instinct. Moments later, Delores' cell phone rang.

Delores excused herself to take the call, because it was her husband. Ewen also excused himself, and then left the bar. After Delores ended the call with her husband, she returned to the table to inform Dante and Lulu that Eddie wouldn't be joining them. Delores decided to head home, because she didn't want to be a third wheel. Dante and Lulu tried to persuade Delores to stay, but she declined. Dante noticed a flyer that had dropped out of Delores' purse. Delores explained that she had intended to give it to Eddie, because there was an opening for a file clerk in the evidence room at the police station.

Delores had hoped that it would provide Eddie with a steady job, and give them some time together, but she realized that Eddie probably wouldn't be interested in a desk job. After Delores left, Lulu looked at the flyer. She confessed that the job sounded appealing, and it would give her something to do. Lulu then changed the subject, because she felt bad for Delores. Lulu had sensed that the night had been important to Delores.

Lulu noticed that Dante seemed preoccupied, so Dante admitted that he had been thinking about the case, and what Dr. Keenan had said. Lulu confided that Dr. Keenan seemed smart, but "weird." Dante didn't care how odd Dr. Keenan was, as long as the doctor could help them nail the attacker.

At the jukebox, Diane congratulated Alexis on being in menopause. Diane enthusiastically hugged Alexis, but Alexis wondered why Diane assumed that Alexis was in menopause. Diane explained that Alexis had been exhibiting all of the classic signs. According to Diane, it was a fantastic development. Alexis disagreed, because it meant that Alexis was closer to death than to birth. Diane chuckled as she informed Alexis that that calendar page had turned years before.

Diane urged Alexis to lighten up, because Alexis had been freed. "For what?" Alexis asked. Diane explained that Alexis could be with a man, without the fear of getting pregnant. Diane suggested that Alexis could even sleep with Sonny again, if Alexis wanted to. "Are you on crack?" Alexis questioned. Diane explained that, "Even the mighty warriors of Sonny Corinthos cannot impregnate you."

"Yes, they probably could," Alexis warned Diane. Diane conceded that perhaps Alexis had a point; however, Alexis could be with another man, without fear of getting pregnant if the contraceptives failed. Seconds later, Diane spotted Mac enter the bar. Alexis smiled awkwardly as Diane happily greeted Mac.

Meanwhile, Delores was walking along the waterfront, unaware that someone was following her.

Kate's phone rang as she entered a hotel room. It was Sonny. He was curious how her trip had gone, so Kate assured him that the weather in Palm Springs was warm. Sonny knew that she was lying, because he stood in her doorway. Kate turned to look at Sonny, as he entered the room. She immediately became defensive as she accused him of following her.

Sonny was unrepentant, as he demanded to know why she had lied to him. Kate claimed that her client had cancelled at the last minute, but Sonny didn't believe her. He reminded her that he had recently caught her in a similar lie when she had had gone out of town on business, so he wanted the truth from her. Kate resented that she was expected to explain herself to him after everything that she had done for him. Kate realized that there were questions that she couldn't ask him about his business, but he expected her to tell him everything.

Sonny argued that he didn't lie to Kate about where he went. He knew that she was hiding something, because she was working hard to cover it up. Sonny suspected that it was big, or else Kate wouldn't be trying to keep him from finding out what was going on. Kate conceded that she had been hiding a part of herself since she had left Bensonhurst as a young woman. Her eyes filled with tears as she admitted that Kate Howard was merely an idea, not a real person.

Sonny was stunned; he wondered if Kate were suggesting that he had fallen in love with a piece of fiction. "Yes," Kate answered. Kate explained that Sonny had only seen what she had been before, and then after, not the transitional part of becoming Kate Howard. Kate admitted that it had been difficult to drop certain habits, and that she had missed hearing her mother's voice, and unconditional love. Sonny pointed out that Kate had never called her mother, but he commended Kate for working hard, and making sacrifices to fulfill her dreams. However, Sonny refused to put up with Kate lying to him.

"What, you'll have me whacked?" Kate angrily asked. Sonny explained that he refused to be played, so he wanted a straight answer. He demanded to know what she was doing in Chicago. Tears of frustration filled Kate's eyes as she sat on her bed. Sonny realized that she didn't intend to answer him, so he started to leave. Kate called out to him, and then agreed to tell him the truth.

Kate acknowledged that she had lied to him about her plans. Sonny once again questioned why she was in Chicago, so Kate admitted that she had intended to meet someone. "A guy?" Sonny asked. "Yes," Kate quietly confessed.

Friday, February 3, 2012

An agitated Sam lamented the state she was in. She'd been having nightmares and was wondering what she would do if Franco turned out to be her baby's father. She wondered if she should terminate the pregnancy. Jason assured her that they'd take one step at a time. Sam received a phone call from Kelly, who had the test results.

At Jake's, Lulu and Dante chatted about Delores. Lulu wondered about the mystery husband, but Dante identified himself as one who didn't pry. As they left, Lulu asked Mac to put in a good word for her with regard to the file clerk position she was considering applying for. Lulu and Dante noticed Mac was not in good spirits, but Mac shooed them away. After they left, Mac ordered another drink. Coleman hesitated, but Mac demanded.

Diane teased Alexis about going through menopause. She pointed her friend toward Mac and suggested she have at him. Diane ushered Mac over to the table to sit with her and Alexis. Mac explained that he was concerned about someone he cared about, who was sick.

Alexis went for drinks, and Coleman told her it was obvious she was smitten with Mac. Coleman shouted, "Last call," and Diane objected. Alexis sustained the objection. Coleman reminded them of the last time the three of them and Mac had been at the bar after-hours. They all decided to play another game of strip pool.

As they played, Alexis -- who desperately wanted to remove her clothes to relieve her hot flashes -- won game after game, remaining fully clothed. Mac was barely able to stand, he'd gotten so drunk, so Diane suggested Alexis take him home. Alexis replied that she was in no condition to take care of a man in Mac's condition.

"You put the 'poop' in 'party pooper'!" Diane bemoaned. With that, Diane helped Mac out of the bar, to give him a ride home. "You know that shot you just had?" asked Coleman. "You just blew it," he told Alexis.

Outside, Delores was attacked. She struggled to get free, but the stranger only left when a car passed by. Delores fell to the ground and lost consciousness. Lulu and Dante happened upon her as she was regaining consciousness. She was sure it had been the guy who'd been attacking the strippers. Dante thought maybe Delores had been targeted because the guy knew she was a cop.

At the hospital, Olivia confronted Steve about Maggie. Maggie overheard and went to explain. She said that she'd thought there might have been something still between her and Steve but that Steve had made it clear he was with Olivia. Olivia said it was hard to tell given that she'd witnessed Steve and Maggie kissing.

Later, Steve demanded to know why Maggie hadn't told him Olivia had seen them kissing. "We're better off letting Olivia think that I'm trying to sleep with you," Maggie advised. "Instead of risk finding out I was your partner in crime," she continued.

Dante, Lulu, and Delores arrived at the front desk, prompting Olivia to wonder what had happened. Lulu filled Olivia in on the night's events. Dante went to check on Delores. Olivia expressed to Lulu that she was suspicious of Delores. Lulu replied that Dante would be just as concerned if Ronnie had been the one attacked.

Lulu thought she and Delores could become friends. Olivia urged Lulu to take the clerical position at the police station, so she could keep an eye on Delores. Delores and Dante returned to Lulu and Olivia. Delores made plans to get a cab home. Dante promised they'd get whoever had attacked her.

Ethan took Cassandra to the Haunted Star and explained that the ship had been given to Luke and Laura as a wedding present, and that Luke had turned it into a casino. Ethan said its name, the Haunted Star, reminded him of Cassandra.

He showed her card tricks and began talking of the art of the con. She joked that he was trying to gain her confidence to discover who she was so he could hold her for ransom. Ethan replied that Luke thought she was conning them. They both vowed to trust each other.

Ethan and Cassandra returned to Wyndemere. Ethan admitted that he was falling in love with her, but he got a text message from Luke, who needed him back at the Haunted Star, before they'd had a chance to discuss it further. After Ethan left, Cassandra stood, watching the portrait. Helena walked in and greeted her, menacingly holding a letter opener.

Sonny demanded that Kate tell him the truth about the man she was seeing. Kate struggled for words. She admitted she'd been seeing a psychiatrist. Sonny wanted to know why she'd been lying to him. It was obvious she was trying to maintain her strong façade. Sonny was able to empathize because of his struggles with bipolar disorder.

Kate let Sonny know that he was the number one topic of conversation in her therapy sessions. Kate remained evasive but said that she was conflicted about her past while hopeful for the future. They both began to kiss and ended up in bed. Later, as Sonny lay sleeping, Kate got up, dressed, and quietly left.

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