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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 30, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sharon was a bit taken aback when Bonnie, Victor's housekeeper, dropped off a box of belongings Sharon had left behind at the ranch house. Bonnie was unfriendly and turned to walk away before Sharon could thank her. Later, Sharon prepared to take her golden retriever, Fisher, for a walk on the grounds. When Sharon opened her front door, she found Victor looming on the porch. Sharon invited Victor inside and told Fisher they'd take a walk later.

Victor remained standing and handed Sharon an envelope containing annulment papers. Sharon said she'd sign the papers later. Victor warned Sharon that if she continued to see Adam, she would jeopardize her shared custody of Faith. Sharon replied, "You've made that very clear." Victor warned that Adam would betray Sharon like he had betrayed everyone else. Sharon refused to discuss Adam. Victor told Sharon that he cared deeply for her. Before Victor left, he gazed lovingly at Sharon and said, "Why is life so complicated?"

Inside the potting shed on the Newman estate, Patty, holding a loaded pistol, screeched, "I hate you, Genevieve. You will never, ever have Jack." Adam burst in and announced that police were searching everywhere to find the last conspirator associated with Diane's death. Adam explained that he knew where to find Patty after he heard that Genevieve's housekeeper was missing. Adam noticed the gun in Patty's hand and said, "What the hell are you doing with a gun, Patty?"

Patty, anxious, told Adam that she had some place to be. Adam initially tried to talk to Patty, who admitted that she wanted Genevieve to die. Patty, sobbing and stomping her feet in frustration, aimed the pistol at Adam. Adam adeptly grabbed the gun and told Patty that she was crazy to think that Jack would ever love her. Patty, insisting that Jack loved her, picked up a container filled with a liquid chemical and splashed it into Adam's face. Adam, screaming in pain as the chemical burned his eyes and face, fell to his knees on the floor of the shed. Patty used a picket to knock Adam unconscious. Patty retrieved the gun and headed out the door.

Later, while Sharon was walking Fisher, the dog stopped at the potting shed and pawed at the door. Sharon opened the door and followed Fisher inside. Sharon illuminated the interior of the shed with a flashlight and discovered Adam on the floor. Sharon called out to Adam. He stirred and complained that he couldn't see. Sharon calmed Adam and said she'd summoned an ambulance. Adam cried that he was scared because he couldn't see at all.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker phoned and left a message for Ashley to meet him there to discuss Adam. Victoria and Abby arrived and chatted briefly with Tucker before he headed out to the patio. Victoria admitted to Abby that she was distracted over the sale of Beauty of Nature. Abby noted that Adam sold the company to a mystery bidder. Victoria maintained that Adam couldn't have sold the company had Victor not hired him back at Newman Enterprises.

After Abby and Victoria left, Ashley met with Tucker on the patio at the coffeehouse. Tucker mentioned the Securities and Exchange Commission's failed plan to catch Adam disclosing inside information regarding the sale of Beauty of Nature. Tucker explained that Adam begged him for a job after complaining about his position at Newman Enterprises. Ashley said she hoped Tucker had turned Adam down. Tucker said that he had, but Adam persisted. Tucker said he suggested that Adam could be a mole at Newman Enterprises. Ashley quipped that corporate espionage was well within Adam's skill set.

Tucker told Ashley that he was waiting to meet with Adam and would ask him to steal particular documents, so authorities could swoop in and arrest him. Ashley said she'd be relieved when Adam was locked up. Tucker checked his phone and said he was concerned because Adam hadn't responded.

After Ashley left, Dr. Emily Peterson stopped by Crimson Lights. Tucker greeted her and said, "Twice in one day!" Emily was confused and told Tucker that she'd just arrived in town for a therapists' conference. Tucker insisted that he'd visited briefly with Emily at the coffeehouse earlier. Emily told Tucker that she hadn't seen him since December. Emily, horrified, suddenly realized that Patty had returned.

At Lily's house, Cane ranted that his mother, hiding behind a holding company called F.M.N., had purchased Beauty of Nature. Cane explained that the initials that formed the company's name meant "Forget Me Not," a sentiment engraved on his sister's urn. Cane rushed out to confront his mother.

At Genevieve's, Traci and Ashley learned that Myrna, Genevieve's missing housekeeper, was involved in Diane Jenkins' death. Genevieve quickly changed the subject, but she remained edgy and asked about Jack's reaction after learning that he'd been outbid on the sale of Beauty of Nature. Ashley said that Jack was terribly disappointed. Ashley added that Jack's obsession with the merger of Jabot and Beauty of Nature wouldn't soon end. Cane arrived and asked to speak to his mother. Traci and Ashley rushed out and said they'd meet Genevieve at the church.

Genevieve remained silent as Cane walked to the fireplace and pointed out the engraved sentiment on Samantha's urn, situated on the mantle. Cane asked his mother if Jack knew that her company, F.M.N., had purchased Beauty of Nature. Genevieve admitted that she had not, and she maintained that Jack would understand. Cane replied, "Jack desperately wanted that company. Instead of supporting him, you stole it out from under him. There's something broken inside you because you are the same, selfish woman you became after Samantha died." Genevieve told her son they should head to the church. Cane refused. Growing angry, Genevieve ordered Cane to leave. She yelled, "Take your self-righteousness with you, you bastard!"

After Cane stormed out, Genevieve clutched her veil and stared at Samantha's urn. Genevieve broke down and cried, "I can't do it to him." Pulling her engagement ring off her finger, Genevieve raced upstairs to find her cell phone. Patty crept in and inched her way toward a chair, where Genevieve's bridal gown and veil were laid out. Patty hid when she heard Genevieve coming back down the stairs. Genevieve ordered a messenger to pick up a letter to be delivered immediately. Genevieve wiped tears from her cheeks as she wrote a note to Jack. Genevieve realized she'd left Jack's ring upstairs, and she went to retrieve it.

Patty picked up and read the note Genevieve wrote to Jack. Patty discovered that Genevieve had deceived Jack and planned to leave town instead of becoming his wife because she feared he would never forgive her. When the messenger arrived, Patty returned to her hiding place. Genevieve yelled for the man to wait as she stuffed the note and her engagement ring into an envelope. Genevieve instructed the messenger to give the envelope only to Jack Abbott at the Church of the Good Shepherd. The man promised to send a text message to confirm delivery. Genevieve gave the man a hundred dollars to rush the delivery.

Sobbing, Genevieve went back upstairs to pack her clothes. After Genevieve returned to the living room with her packed bag, she received a text message stating that Jack had received the envelope. Genevieve sighed and said, "Well, that's that." After Genevieve packed a few documents into her bag, she glanced at the chair and noticed that her gown was missing. She exclaimed, "Where's my dress?"

Cane returned to Lily's after confronting his mother. Cane told Lily that he refused to be part of his mother's deception. He added that he wouldn't tell Jack what his mother had done. Lily embraced Cane and comforted him. Cane said he'd mistakenly believed that his mother's relationship with Jack had somehow transformed her. Lily urged Cane not to shut his mother out, but Cane said he couldn't make any promises.

At the Newman ranch, Victor phoned Michael and demanded to know more about Genevieve Atkinson. Nikki asked Victor why he was interested in Genevieve. Victor replied that Jack and Genevieve had taken Beauty of Nature. Victor vowed to get his company back. Nikki remembered that it was the evening of Jack and Genevieve's wedding, so she stepped out after Victor went into his study to take a business call.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy arrived while Jack was talking on the phone to Kyle. Jack promised Kyle he share his son's wish for Genevieve to have a happy wedding day. Billy remarked that Genevieve had given Jack a very snazzy sports car as a wedding gift. Jack noted that, barring business disappointments, he was the luckiest man in the world to be marrying the woman he loved. Jack told Billy that Adam, using inside information, must be involved with the holding company that had purchased Beauty of Nature.

After Billy stepped out, Nikki stopped by and congratulated Jack on his marriage and his acquisition, through Genevieve, of Beauty of Nature. Nikki added that Victor had shared the news with her. Jack was confused by Nikki's comment and insisted that it was not true and that Victor was liar. Jack claimed that Victor's aim was to upset him on his wedding day. Nikki insisted she hadn't meant to upset Jack and told him she just wanted him to be happy. Nikki kissed Jack on the cheek before she left.

After Nikki left, Jack recalled, in a flashback, discovering that Genevieve had a secret account at a bank in the Cayman Islands. Jack also remembered that Genevieve had requested they each vow to take pre-wedding surprises in stride. Billy emerged from the kitchen with a snack and asked Jack if everything was okay. Jack scowled.

Nikki returned to the ranch and asked Victor if he'd intentionally mentioned Genevieve's purchase of Beauty of Nature hoping that Nikki would share the information with Jack and ruin his wedding day. Victor said he did not. He was surprised when Nikki explained that Jack didn't know that Genevieve owned F.M.N. Victor reflected for a moment and said, "That's very interesting."

Outside the Church of the Good Shepherd, Patty intercepted the messenger Genevieve sent. Patty claimed that she was Jack Abbott's assistant, and she told the man she would deliver the envelope. The messenger refused to release the package to Patty, so she knocked him unconscious, stole his phone, and sent a delivery confirmation to Genevieve. Patty, dressed in Genevieve's wedding gown, cap, and veil, arranged the blusher over her face and prepared to enter the church.

Inside the church, Jack was tense as he waited for Genevieve to arrive. Traci, Victoria, and Abby waited with Jack, and Billy reminded Jack that it was a bit early to expect Genevieve. Traci escorted Jack to a quiet corner of the church. Billy told Abby and Victoria that Jack's mood changed after Nikki stopped by the Abbott estate. Victoria wondered aloud what her mom could have said that upset Jack.

Traci questioned Jack and asked him what was wrong. Jack replied, "Plenty." Later, Ashley arrived and sat beside Abby and Traci in the front pew. Victoria sat behind them. Ashley asked Traci why Jack looked anguished. Traci said that Jack would not tell her or Billy why he was upset. Abby explained that it might be related to something Nikki told Jack.

Jack and Billy approached the altar. Jack was visibly distracted. Billy said he wondered why Cane and Lily hadn't shown up. Jack bit his lip. Reverend Campbell approached and asked Jack why the bride hadn't arrived. Jack replied, "If Genevieve somehow found out that I know." Billy, puzzled, said he didn't know what Jack was talking about. Jack dialed Genevieve's number, but the organist suddenly began playing, signaling the bride's arrival. Jack put his phone away.

Jack directed his attention to a figure dressed head-to-toe in white as she made her way, unescorted, down the aisle. Jack's family rose and smiled as the bride approached the altar. Billy patted Jack's shoulder and said, "Looks like you can relax now." Jack's jaw tightened and he glared at the bride as she approached.

When the bride took her place beside Jack, he lifted the blusher. Jack's eyes widened. Jack's sisters and Victoria gasped aloud in horror. Jack cried, "Emily!" Patty replied, "Emily? It's Patty! It's Patty, you bastard!" Emily aimed the pistol at Jack and pulled the trigger. Jack winced and fell backward. Billy caught Jack as he collapsed. The women shrieked.

At the police station, Paul told Ronan that he'd found sufficient evidence on Genevieve's maid's computer linking the missing woman to the mysterious evidence related Diane Jenkins' murder. Ronan determined that Myrna Murdock had used a fictitious name. Paul suggested that Deacon might be able to shed light on the case.

Ronan questioned Deacon and claimed that the he must have left out a few details about Diane's murder. Ronan asked Deacon about the unknown person who'd placed the embroidered pillows in Diane's room and sent the decoy evidence. Deacon initially declined to share what he knew because the prosecutor offered immunity only for crimes related to information Deacon provided. Paul pressed Deacon until he relented. Deacon said that a weird woman was present in the park during the time he collected evidence related to Nikki's involvement. Deacon explained that the woman seemed happy that Diane was dead and later followed him to the alley behind Gloworm, where Deacon said he'd hidden evidence.

Deacon recalled that the woman claimed she'd been feeding stray cats when he later caught her replacing some of the evidence she'd taken from the hiding place. Paul thought about Patty when Deacon mentioned cats. Deacon added that the woman seemed fixated on cats. Paul showed Deacon a photo of Patty, and Deacon said the woman in the photo was the woman he'd seen at the park and in the alley. Paul turned to Ronan and said they should hurry to the church, where Jack was about to marry Genevieve. Paul warned that his sister, Patty, had returned.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At the church, Jack fell to the ground after Patty shot him in the stomach. Billy tried to take care of Jack. The Abbott family rushed to Jack and Billy, but Patty grabbed Abby and held the gun on her. Traci and Ashley begged Patty not to hurt Abby. Patty warned them all to stay away from her or else she'd shoot Abby. Ashley and Traci wanted to get help for Jack, but Patty said that if she couldn't have Jack, she'd rather see him die.

Traci pleaded with Patty not to hurt anyone. Patty refused to release Abby and took her hostage. Traci didn't want Patty to leave with Abby, but Abby said she'd be all right. Ashley begged Patty not to leave, but Patty backed out of the church with Abby in tow. Traci used her phone to call for medical help. Ashley and Victoria fearfully looked on as Billy attempted to help his brother.

At Crimson Lights, after speaking with Emily, Tucker called the police to report that he'd seen Patty Williams. Emily was concerned about Patty. A short time later, Abby returned to the church unharmed. Paul and Ronan entered right behind her, and Ronan went to check on Jack's wound. Paul told Ashley, Traci, and Victoria that they hadn't found Patty yet. Ashley asked how long Patty had been in Genoa City, and Paul explained that Patty was Myrna. Patty had been working as Genevieve's housekeeper for months, and nobody had known about it. Paul explained that Patty had been involved in Diane's murder, too.

On the patio, Ricky searched the flash drive from Myrna's laptop, looking for clues to Diane's murder. Ricky was curious when he saw information about the Wisconsin archdiocese. Inside the coffeehouse, Tucker heard from Ashley that Patty had shot Jack. Emily was concerned about Jack, but she defended Patty to Tucker and blamed herself for not having cured Patty. Tucker wanted to throttle Patty for causing so much damage. Emily thought that Patty might turn to the church as a refuge. Ricky listened in as Emily and Tucker talked about Patty.

The medics arrived and attended to Jack. Nikki and Victor walked into the church and asked what had happened. Billy told Victor that Patty had returned, and she'd tried to murder Jack. Later, at the hospital, Nikki offered to get a change of clothes for Billy and Victoria. Tucker arrived to be with Ashley. Abby and Traci admitted that they had both thought of Colleen when Patty took Abby hostage.

At the potting shed, the medics attended to Adam while Sharon stood by and tried to find out what had happened. Adam told Sharon that Patty Williams had confronted him, and she'd thrown something in his face. Sharon looked around the shed and assumed that she'd tossed a pesticide in Adam's eyes. Adam said that he could not see. The medics tried to shine a light in Adam's eyes, but he couldn't see anything.

At the hospital, Adam was resting in a room, his eyes bandaged. The doctor told Adam about his condition. Sharon explained to the doctor about Adam's experimental eye surgery. Adam wanted the specialist who'd done the procedure to be flown in to consult.

The doctor had no way of knowing if Adam would see again. Sharon sympathized with Adam. Later, the police interrogated Adam about his encounter with Patty Williams. Adam would not admit that he knew Patty or why she had pulled a gun on him. Adam asked the officers to leave because he was tired. Sharon stepped out of the room after the cops left.

Geneveive called Cane to explain that she'd called off the wedding because she knew Jack would never forgive her for the Beauty of Nature purchase. Genevieve told Cane that she was leaving town, and Cane asked her to reconsider. Later, Paul and Victor arrived at Genevieve's to break the news that Jack had been shot. Genevieve was shocked and asked who'd shot him.

Paul said that Patty, Jack's first wife, had done it. Genevieve knew about Patty from what Jack had told her, that she was mentally imbalanced. Paul asked if Genevieve's wedding dress was gone. Genevieve said she'd only just noticed that. Paul explained that Patty had been Genevieve's housekeeper, Myrna.

Victor said that Patty was obsessed with Jack, and because Jack loved Genevieve, Genevieve was in danger. Paul said that he'd posted police officers at the doors. Seeing that she was traumatized, Victor insisted on staying with Genevieve. Overcome, Genevieve realized that Myrna's shyness and wearing the veil was really her attempt to hide the fact that she was Patty.

Genevieve was sick to think that Myrna had watched her with Jack. Victor told her that Jack was in bad shape. Victor wondered if Genevieve had decided to call off the wedding. Genevieve admitted that she'd sent Jack a note to back out of the ceremony. At Lily's, Cane read about Jack's shooting on the web and wanted to go see his mother. Lily said she'd go with Cane.

At the hospital, Billy was overcome about what had happened and how he'd saved Jack from bleeding out. Victoria tried to comfort him. Nikki offered to get coffee for the Abbotts. Nikki received a call from Victor to report that Genevieve was safe at her house. Nikki told them that Patty had been posing as Genevieve's housekeeper. Jack's surgeon appeared to report that Jack wasn't out of the woods yet. The bullet had lacerated Jack's kidney and then lodged in his spine.

Tucker comforted Abby over her having been held hostage by Patty. Billy and Traci spoke privately and decided not to call Kyle at school with the news about Jack being shot until they had more information. Genevieve arrived at the hospital and explained that she hadn't known that Myrna was Patty. Ashley and Traci were relieved that Patty had not harmed Genevieve.

Abby wondered why Genevieve hadn't gone to the church for the wedding. Cane and Lily arrived and expressed their concern for Genevieve and the Abbotts about Jack's plight. When Abby asked her again about the wedding, Genevieve admitted that she had decided not to marry Jack. Nikki stepped in and said that Genevieve had bought Beauty of Nature out from under Jack, and he was furious with Genevieve.

Nikki suspected that Genevieve had known everything was about to blow up in her relationship with Jack, and that was why she hadn't gone to the wedding. Nikki accused Genevieve of playing the grieving bride. Tucker asked if Genevieve had been working with Jack on the Beauty of Nature deal. Genevieve said no and that she'd realized Jack could never forgive her for buying the company. The Abbotts refused to accept Genevieve's regret that she'd hurt Jack.

Billy thought Genevieve had betrayed his brother. Nikki said that Genevieve had been selfish, wanting Jack and Beauty of Nature. Cane thought Nikki, Billy, Ashley, Victoria, and Abby were all hypocrites for condemning Genevieve, considering the terrible things they'd done to each other in the name of Jabot and Newman Enterprises. Ashley said that the bottom line was that Jack was fighting for his life and Genevieve was not welcome there. The Abbott family wanted Genevieve to leave. Genevieve wanted to stay until Jack was out of surgery, but they had no compassion.

Victor and Sharon met at the hospital. Victor told Sharon about Patty shooting Jack. Sharon said that Patty had attacked Adam, too, and Adam was blinded. Victor asked the blindness was permanent. Sharon wasn't sure, but she asked Victor to see Adam because he needed his father. Sharon couldn't understand why Victor had no sympathy for Adam. Victor reiterated his belief that Adam was a psychopath and deserved no compassion. Victor didn't consider Adam his son.

Victor wondered why Adam had been at the ranch and why he'd been seeing Patty. Victor was unwilling to reach out to Adam and walked off. Sharon returned to Adam's room and said she would stay by his side. Adam appreciated that Sharon was there for him. Adam believed that he'd never see again, and he was frightened. Sharon promised Adam that she'd stick with him through the ailment. Victor called Michael and said he wanted a specialist there for Adam, but that Sharon and Adam should not to know that he'd arranged it.

Paul was in the car and told Ronan he'd meet Ronan at the potting shed on the Newman ranch where Patty had been hiding out. Paul recalled seeing Patty at the mental hospital and how child-like she'd been. At the shed, Ronan and Paul examined the scene. Ronan said that Patty had blinded Adam. Paul explained that Patty had also knocked out the messenger who'd been on the way to the wedding with a note from Genevieve.

Paul was desperate to find his sister, and he had a hunch about where she might have gone. Paul drove like a madman to get to Father Todd's parish. Ronan was unable to reach Father Todd on the cell phone. Paul told Ronan about a family trip when he was a child, driving to New York City with Patty, Todd, and their parents.

Patty went to her brother Todd's church. There was nobody in the parish apartment. Patty sat on a chair and cried. Later, Father Todd walked into his home and was surprised to see Ricky, his nephew. Todd welcomed him. Ricky admitted that he was pursuing a career in journalism, and Todd encouraged him.

Ricky told Todd that he had some bad news; Patty was on the loose again, and she'd hurt some people. Ricky said that Patty seemed to be off her medicine. Ricky suspected that Patty might go to see Todd. Ricky said he was going to search for Patty. Todd wanted to search, too, but Ricky advised his uncle to stay there in case Patty showed up. Todd warned Ricky to keep his distance from Patty because anything might set her off. After Ricky left, Todd prayed for his sister.

Paul and Ronan went to Father Todd's home. Todd already knew about Patty because Ricky had told him about what had happened. Paul hoped that Todd could get through to Patty. Ricky walked into another building on the church grounds. Patty was there and asked him to stay away from her. Ricky said he'd been looking forward to meeting her and introduced himself as Paul's Ricky; Patty was his aunt. Ricky offered to protect Patty. Patty took Ricky's hand.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

At Father's Todd's church, Paul and Todd were concerned about their sister. Ronan got off the phone and told them that a warrant had been issued for Patty, and there was a statewide manhunt for her. Paul was afraid of what might happen if the wrong person found Patty and tried to apprehend her. A short time later, Ronan received a call and told Todd and Paul that the car that Patty had stolen when she left the church had been found nearby. The three of them left to search for Patty.

In another building on the church grounds, Patty was speaking with Ricky. Patty didn't believe that Ricky was Paul's son because in Patty's mind, Paul was just 14 years old. Patty told Ricky that Paulie was her hero. Patty announced that it had been her wedding day, and she was Mrs. Jack Abbott. Ricky congratulated her and said that she'd gone to a lot of trouble to marry Jack.

Patty flared angrily, and Ricky quickly apologized. Ricky asked Patty why she wasn't with Jack for the wedding night. Patty had a flashback of shooting Jack and became very angry, telling Ricky that he was not a nice boy. Ricky said he hadn't meant to upset her and explained that he was new in town and often got stories mixed up.

Ricky made himself out to be a victim with no friends and nobody to love him. Patty related that she was often misunderstood, too. Ricky played on Patty's need to be loved and even said that Patty reminded him of his mother. Patty was flattered. Ricky wondered how Patty had escaped from the mental hospital. Patty explained that the savior had shown her how to get out through the vents.

Ricky wanted the name of Patty's savior. Patty described the man as both good and bad. Patty thought only God could make the bad man become totally good. Ricky promised not to tell anyone about the man, but Patty had to name him for Ricky. Patty was afraid of the man.

Ricky asked again for the name of the devil/angel. Patty said that Adam Newman had helped her escape from the institution. Ronan, Paul, and Todd burst into the room. Ricky jumped back and declared that he'd just found Patty. Paul went to Patty, and she shook her head at Ricky's deceit.

The doctors operated on Jack, performing surgery on the damage done by Patty's gunshot. In the waiting room, Billy and the rest of the Abbotts were on pins and needles, praying that Jack would survive. Nick entered, and he was on crutches. Nick explained to Ashley and the others that he'd tripped on Summer and Faith's toys. Nick learned about Jack's injury and Patty being on the loose, then Ashley explained that Tucker had offered a large reward for Patty's capture.

Cane took Genevieve back home. Cane called Lily, explaining that he needed to speak with his mother and would return to see Lily later. Genevieve thanked Cane for standing up for her when the Abbotts turned on Genevieve. Cane was relieved that Genevieve had decided not to marry Jack and had told the truth about the Beauty of Nature acquisition, but Cane was not forgiving. Cane told his mother that she had to live with the consequences of her actions.

Genevieve felt that she was being punished because she couldn't be with Jack. Cane explained that Genevieve was completely self-centered and she'd hurt Jack. Cane said that Genevieve had hurt him, too. Genevieve grew teary-eyed and asked Cane to explain because Genevieve did not think her buying Beauty of Nature had affected Cane. Cane said that he'd believed that Genevieve had changed, but she hadn't.

Genevieve tried to explain that she could not be redeemed because of her relationship with Colin. Cane accused Genevieve of blaming others for her sins. Genevieve asked Cane to put himself in her shoes, especially after Samantha's death and her leaving Colin. Genevieve said that she'd seen an opportunity to become independent by getting Beauty of Nature and running it herself. Genevieve revealed that she was "damaged goods."

As Cane listened, Genevieve said that she'd become aware of falling into bad patterns with Jack. Genevieve confessed that she'd been wrong to do what she had, but she only knew one way to live. Cane nodded, but told Genevieve that he could not be her son any longer. Genevieve was stunned that he was rejecting her because she wasn't perfect.

At the hospital, Sharon was beside Adam's bed and wanted to help him. Adam said he was fine, but he held onto her hand. Adam admitted that he was upset that he'd had his sight back, but he couldn't see anything again. Adam confessed that he'd known that Patty was back in town, but he wasn't responsible for her return. Adam said in retrospect that he should have done more than just tell Patty to leave town.

Adam assumed that the target of Patty's rage might be Genevieve. Adam had never anticipated that Patty would hurt Jack, and that Adam might be collateral damage. Sharon wanted to leave the room to check on Jack. Adam felt that what had happened to him, being blinded by Patty, was karma.

Nikki told Victor that she was concerned about the Abbott family because of how they had all leaned on Jack since John's death. Victor wanted to go to see Kyle, but Nikki said that Victor should stay away from Jack's son. Victor's heart went out to Kyle, and he felt compelled to take care of him. Nikki reminded Victor about the last time he'd seen Kyle, when Kyle had lashed out at Victor because he had believed that Victor had killed Diane. Victor said that Kyle had learned the truth.

Victor walked over to the waiting area and told the Abbotts he would take care of Kyle while they were preoccupied with Jack. Abby told Victor that it was not his place to care for Kyle. Billy suggested that Victor just wanted to steal Jack's son while Jack was out of commission. Victor walked away. Later, Billy commented to Victoria that her father was a pain in the butt. Victoria reminded Billy that Diane had once left custody of Kyle to Victor. Billy said that was just one of Diane's scams. Billy told Victoria he didn't want to imagine what life might be like if Jack didn't recover.

Abby volunteered to fly to New York to spend time with Kyle. Abby thought she knew better than anyone in the family what Kyle might be going through when he learned about Jack's situation. Traci and Ashley appreciated Abby's offer and agreed that she should go. Nick and Victoria spoke with their parents, and Nick wondered what was happening in Victor's marriage to Sharon. Victor said he'd annulled the marriage so he could pursue his own life.

Later, Phyllis arrived at the hospital to spend time with Nick. Phyllis wondered how everything had blown up in such a short time. Phyllis believed that she hadn't done enough to be a friend to Jack when he'd always been so supportive of her. Sharon walked into the waiting area and asked Nick and Phyllis if Jack was out of surgery. He wasn't, but Phyllis admired that Sharon was there at the hospital to check up on Jack.

Sharon said that she'd been at the hospital all night because Patty had attacked Adam. Phyllis was stunned to hear that Patty had blinded Adam. Nick had no compassion for his half-brother, saying that he thought Adam had deserved what he got.

During the operation, Jack's heart stopped, and the doctors had to use the paddles to get it beating again. In his mind, Jack awoke in a rowboat with John sitting across from him. The sky was filled with stars, and Jack was happy to be with his father. The doctors worked to save Jack and bring him back to life. In his mind, Jack told John that he usually only saw his father when he had an important decision to make. Jack wondered if he was dead.

John asked if Jack was ready to give up on life. Jack said he was at peace in that place with his father. Jack claimed that he was tired of being a failure. John told Jack that he had great things to live for, and Jack should not give up on life. Jack wasn't sure what to do. John ordered Jack to use the oars to row back to life. John told Jack to return to life and do the great things that God intended him to do.

Later, the surgeon reported to the Abbott family that Jack had survived the operation. The family was joyful. Victor told Nikki that he had to go back to the ranch. Sharon returned to Adam's room and told him Jack's good news. Adam was grateful that Sharon was there for him. Adam said that if he got his eyesight back, he'd make amends. Sharon told him that he could leave the past behind and start over no matter what happened with his eyes. Adam didn't think it was that easy.

Cane said goodbye to Genevieve. As he walked out of the house, Victor appeared to tell Genevieve that Jack had survived the surgery. Back at the hospital, Traci, Ashley, Billy, and Victoria were visiting with Jack in his room. Jack was alert and recalled seeing John in his dream. Jack told the doctor that the only thing bothering him was that he felt numb. The doctor explained that the bullet was still lodged in Jack's spine, and he might never walk again.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Victor met with Genevieve and told her that Jack had survived the surgery. Genevieve was glad to hear the news, but when Victor offered to help Genevieve deal with the situation, she was confused. Genevieve said that she was only focused on Jack getting well. Victor said that Genevieve had been very clever in acquiring Beauty of Nature, even letting Victor believe that Jack had been in on her acquisition. Victor let Genevieve know that to Jack, business was personal, and Jack would not forgive Genevieve for betraying him.

Genevieve said whatever happened with her and Jack in the future would be a private thing between the two of them. Victor said that he knew Jack very well and offered to protect Genevieve by making Beauty of Nature one of the Newman Enterprises holdings. Genevieve thought Victor's protection sounded like the Mafia, and she'd had enough of that with Colin. Genevieve declared that she planned to be a good friend to Jack and help him in any way that she could. Victor felt that Genevieve was in over her head because she didn't know the real Jack Abbott.

Jill was at the coffeehouse when she heard that Jack had been shot. Jill left in a hurry. Emily informed Tucker that Patty had been found. Tucker was relieved, but Emily was worried about how Patty would react to being apprehended.

In Jack's hospital room, the surgeon told Jack and his family that the bullet was still lodged in Jack's spine, and while he didn't want to give odds, the chances of Jack walking again were not good. After the doctor left the room, Traci and Billy reminded Jack that the doctor wasn't certain. Ashley kissed Jack's cheek and reassured him that he'd be well again. Traci and Billy left, but Jack stopped Ashley and asked her about Genevieve. Ashley told Jack that the police had told Genevieve that Patty had been pretending to be Myrna. Jack realized that Patty had been behind all the bizarre incidents at Genevieve's house.

Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and Phyllis were all in the waiting room and wanted to see Jack. Billy explained that Jack wasn't up to a visit just yet. Nikki was distraught, and Victoria understood that her mother was still very close to Jack. Nikki regretted that she hadn't appreciated Jack's love and loyalty. Nikki was anxious to find Victor and tell him that Jack was out of surgery.

Victoria and Billy went home, and he was very down about Jack. Victoria sympathized with Billy and offered to make him something to eat. When she left the room, Jill arrived and wanted to know about Jack's condition. Billy informed his mother that Jack had survived the operation, but he might never walk again. As Billy became emotional, Jill embraced her son. Later, Billy explained to Jill that when Patty shot Jack, Billy had tried to stop the bleeding.

Billy wished he'd gone after Patty, but Jill said that there was nothing more Billy could have done for his brother. Billy blamed himself, but Jill reminded Billy that they didn't need him to be heroic. It would have solved nothing if Billy had stepped in front of Jack and been shot instead. Victoria watched Jill with Billy. Later, Victoria, Jill, and Billy discussed what would happen next with Jack. Billy thought it was ironic that Genevieve had lost Jack, but she'd managed to get Beauty of Nature. Jill called Genevieve a conniving sneak.

At the penthouse, Phyllis confided in Nick how upset she was about Jack. Phyllis wondered if taking it slowly between the two of them was the right decision. Nick assured her that they would be all right. Phyllis told Nick that he was very important to her. Nick felt the same about Phyllis. Nick agreed that they shouldn't throw away what they were feeling.

Before leaving, Nick asked Phyllis if she planned to write about what had happened with Patty and the wedding. Phyllis was surprised that Nick thought that she'd do that to Jack. Nick was glad that Phyllis had no plans to exploit the story. Nick said he'd see Phyllis the next day and left.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Victor about Jack's condition. Victor's mind was on Beauty of Nature and who'd run the business. Nikki was stunned that Victor didn't see that he'd had a hand in the horror that had occurred. Victor asked what Nikki was talking about because he thought he was blameless. Nikki reminded Victor that he'd gotten Patty back to Genoa City, and the last time, it had been Victor who'd wound up shot and in the hospital.

Nikki wondered if Jack's hospitalization had always been Victor's intent. Nikki questioned why Victor had left the hospital after Jack's surgery, and he explained he had been trying to give the Abbotts time alone. Nikki felt that Victor's attitude came off as indifference. Victor was miffed, and Nikki announced that she had somewhere to go.

In the church tower, Paul, Ronan, and Todd confronted Patty. As they stepped closer to her, Patty threatened to jump. Paul asked Patty to walk away from the window. The others left the room so Patty would calm down. Patty wasn't sure that Paul was really Paulie. To prove that he was her brother, Paul sang their song.

Patty embraced Paul, and Todd joined them. Patty was happy to be with both her brothers. Patty thought that they should say a prayer. Paul introduced Patty to his friend Ronan. Patty told Ronan that she'd never meant to hurt anyone. Ricky watched Paul treating Patty with love and understanding. Paul led Patty out of the tower. Ronan picked up Patty's purse and found an unfinished needlepoint project inside.

At the police station, when Patty became agitated, Paul and Todd calmed her. Ronan showed Patty the needlepoint pillows, and Patty said that she'd worked very hard to make pillows for every person in the park the night of Diane's murder. Todd took Patty aside so Paul could speak with Ronan. Paul realized that Patty had been the person interfering with the police investigation and told Ronan that she'd always been very clever. Ricky listened in on the conversation.

Later, Ricky credited Paul and Todd with knowing just how to deal with Patty. Ronan told Paul that Ricky had known to go to the church by listening to the police scanner. Paul saw that Emily was at the police station and said hello. Dr. Petersen said hello to Patty. Ronan took Patty to be booked. Paul assured Patty that all was okay.

Emily asked if Paul was all right. Father Todd took Emily aside to talk about Patty. Paul asked Ricky why he'd lied about getting information about Patty from the police scanner. Paul said that news of Patty being on the run had not been broadcast on the scanner. Ricky claimed that he had to have gotten the information somewhere else.

Paul was perturbed by Ricky's inability to be straight with him. Ricky asserted that he told the truth. Paul walked away to help Ronan. Ricky left as a matron was dragging Patty away. Paul and Todd intervened and help Patty, telling her that everyone would treat her gently. Paul promised to stay by her side. Todd agreed, and both brothers told Patty that she was loved. They led her away.

In the waiting room, Tucker told Ashley and Traci that Patty had been captured. Genevieve entered the hospital and walked directly into Jack's room. Genevieve was teary-eyed and said she had to see Jack. Jack was glad because he wanted to speak with her, too. Genevieve told Jack that she'd had no idea that Myrna had been Patty. Jack believed Genevieve, but Jack wanted to know why Genevieve hadn't gone to the wedding.

Jack asked about FMN and Genevieve buying Beauty of Nature. Genevieve confessed that she was FMN. Jack demanded to know if Genevieve had faked her love for him just to learn about his plans for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve said it had not been that way for her. She described buying the company as a chance for her to be independent. Genevieve wanted something of her own. Jack wanted to know why she hadn't told him.

Jack then realized that Genevieve had warned him. Genevieve was curious about why Jack was still willing to go through with the wedding when he'd learned about FMN. Jack believed that Genevieve would have gone to him with the truth. Jack asked why she had skipped the wedding. Genevieve tried to evade, but Jack insisted that she tell him what had happened.

Genevieve admitted that she'd been too afraid to face Jack, so she'd sent a note. Jack was incredulous and asked why Genevieve hadn't trusted him and believed that they could overcome her deceit. Genevieve asked for another chance. Jack said no and told Genevieve to leave. Genevieve was crushed, especially when she reached out to touch his face and Jack turned away. Genevieve cried as she said she was sorry and left.

Tucker, Traci, and Ashley saw Genevieve leave Jack's room. Traci and Ashley rushed into Jack's room and asked him if Genevieve had hurt him. Jack said he'd dodged a bullet by not marrying Genevieve. Traci told Jack that Patty had been captured and wouldn't hurt anyone else. Jack was glad. In the waiting area, Traci told Ashley that she feared that Jack was withdrawing. Traci wanted to comfort Jack, but he was resistant. Ashley felt that in time Jack would need the family's support, and they'd be there for him.

Alone in her apartment, Phyllis answered the door, and Ricky was there. Ricky said he'd been with Patty when she was captured and taken to the police station. Ricky offered Phyllis the entire story and believed that it was Pulitzer Prize-quality material. At home alone, Genevieve returned and looked around. Genevieve reached for her phone and called Victor. Genevieve said that she wanted to meet with Victor to discuss the offer he'd made to her about Beauty of Nature. At the hospital, Nikki walked into Jack's room and sat on his bed.

Friday, February 3, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily discussed Jack's condition. She lamented that what should have been a happy wedding day had ended in chaos. Cane blamed Genevieve for the turn of events, but he cut himself off and stated that he didn't want to talk about his mother. Lily said that there was someplace else they should be, and she led Cane to the door.

Cane and Lily strolled through the park, and they commented about the beautiful, sunny weather. She suggested that they not talk or think, but just be together. He replied that there was no one he'd rather be with. Lily recalled a cute story of Matty and Charlie playing with Humphrey. Cane said the twins took after their mommy, and she added that they emulated their daddy, too. Cane asked her to go for a walk, but she playfully started a snowball fight instead.

Cane and Lily laughed about which of them had won the snowball fight, and she noted that he had needed it to take his mind off his mother. He called her a kind person who cared for him and his family, and he was thankful that she had learned to trust him again. She apologized for taking so long, but he said that he'd learned to never take time with her for granted. He requested that she sit on the park bench, and he dropped down to one knee. He asked her if she would marry him again.

Lily was stunned, and she questioned whether it was really happening. He asked if his proposal had been a bad idea, but she said it was the best one she could think of. She gushed that she would marry him, and she rushed into his arms. They kissed.

At the Newman ranch, Victor asked Nick about his knee injury, and Nick thought his plight was minor compared to Jack's possible paralysis. Nick reported that he had spoken with Nikki, who had spent the night at the hospital, and he hoped that they'd know more soon. Nick added that Sharon had also stayed overnight at the hospital with Adam. Victor inquired about Adam's condition, and Nick coldly stated that he hadn't asked, because he didn't care.

Nick clarified that he wanted Adam to recover, but he didn't intend to lend his brother any support, because he felt that Adam was getting enough help from Sharon. Nick assured Victor that he wasn't going to hassle Sharon over custody of Faith, because Nick had his hands full with the obstruction of justice charges. Victor declared that Diane's murder mystery had been solved, and they could go on with their lives.

At the police station, Genevieve asked Ronan if she could speak with Patty, but Paul stated that was impossible, because Patty was about to be transferred to a maximum-security psychiatric ward. Genevieve insisted that she wanted to see Patty before Patty was taken away, but Paul argued that Patty was fragile. Genevieve ranted that Patty had put two people in the hospital, but Ronan ordered Genevieve to leave.

Later, Spencer congratulated Ronan and Paul on finally tracking down Patty, who he referred to as "that head case," and Ronan scolded him for his insensitivity. Spencer announced that he'd allowed Genevieve to visit Patty. Meanwhile, a guard led Genevieve to Patty's room, where a dazed Patty hummed to herself. Genevieve confronted her, and Patty slowly looked up and locked eyes with Genevieve.

Genevieve called herself stupid for caring about Patty and treating Patty like family. Paul burst in and demanded that Genevieve not utter another word. Patty mused that Genevieve looked like her favorite teacher from first grade. Paul gently explained that Genevieve was just a friend who'd stopped by to visit. Patty asked if he'd seen her kitty, and Paul promised he'd look for it.

Genevieve realized how unstable Patty was, and Paul escorted her out. Paul reprimanded Genevieve for defying his order, and she acknowledged that he had been right. Genevieve observed that Patty had seemed like a broken child, and that Patty was nothing like the "Myrna" she had known. She sympathized with Paul, and he admitted that it was difficult to not be able to help someone he loved.

Ronan berated Spencer for allowing Genevieve to see Patty, but Spencer understood Genevieve's desire to see Patty behind bars. Ronan said they had to dismiss the charges against the other suspects, but Spencer wasn't yet prepared to do that. Ronan urged Spencer to wrap up the case and move on.

Ricky dropped by Phyllis' home, and she wondered why he wasn't at Restless Style. He continued to push his story about Patty. He called it a journalist's dream, and he thought the public would be fascinated by Patty's connection to Diane's murder case. Phyllis said she'd considered his idea, and she knew what she wanted to do. Ricky asked when they would get started, but Phyllis revealed that she had decided not to run the story.

Phyllis explained that Jack was her friend and former husband, and since Patty was ill, they might face a backlash from their readers. Ricky countered that thousands of people would buy the magazine, but Phyllis warned that Paul would figure out that Ricky had lied about the time he'd spent with Patty in the attic. Ricky retorted that Phyllis had built her career on attacking her family, and he refused to settle for being mediocre. She insisted that they weren't doing the story, and she threatened to fire him if he kept pushing.

Phyllis forbade Ricky to write the story, and he told her to consider it dead. Ricky left as Nick arrived, and Nick reported that the girls were with the nanny at the library. He suspiciously asked why Ricky had been there, and Phyllis recounted Ricky's story idea, but she noted that she had turned Ricky down, because of her promise to Nick. Phyllis explained that everyone was suffering, and she didn't want to make things worse; Nick pointed out that Restless Style would have looked like a sleazy tabloid if she had run the story. Phyllis couldn't believe that Ricky was willing to exploit his aunt, even though Phyllis understood his ambition to make a name for himself. She admitted that she had been tempted, and Nick declared that he was proud of her.

Ronan phoned Phyllis and told her that the charges against her had been dropped. She asked about Nick, and Ronan asked her to put Nick on the line. Ronan informed Nick that the charges against him had been dropped, too. Nick inquired about the status of the rest of his family, but Ronan said he had to speak with each person individually, and he had more people to call. They hung up, and Phyllis and Nick embraced and prepared to celebrate. The nanny arrived home with Summer, Faith, and Lucy. Summer presented Nick and Phyllis with identical valentines she'd made for them, because she believed their hearts were the same.

Patty told Paul she was tired, and he promised she'd feel better soon, because he'd take her to a place that would give her everything she needed. She said that he was good to her, and he urged her to get some rest. She declared her love for him, and he returned the sentiment. He waved goodbye with tears in his eyes, and he exited the room. Paul found Ricky in the hallway and angrily confronted his son. Paul instructed the guards not to let Ricky see Patty, and he commanded Ricky to stop pretending that he cared. Paul ordered Ricky to leave.

At the hospital, Adam called Sharon's name, and she awakened in a chair and hurried to his side. He was surprised that she'd spent the night, and he suggested that she go home to rest. She wanted to stay to meet with his specialist, who she prayed could restore his eyesight. Adam remarked that she always hoped for the best, while he braced for the worst.

The specialist informed Adam that he'd consulted with Adam's doctor and another expert, and he agreed that Adam should stay in the hospital to receive treatment for a few days. However, the specialist was discouraged that there had been no improvement, and he thought it was likely that the damage was irreversible. The doctor left, and Sharon comforted Adam. Adam said he had been prepared to hear the words, and Sharon asked what she could do for him. He wanted to be alone, and she stepped into the hallway.

Victor found Sharon and inquired whether there had been any updates regarding Adam's condition. She disclosed that Adam's prognosis wasn't good, and she questioned whether Victor was there to see Adam, but Victor said he hadn't changed his mind. Victor asked if Adam had met with the specialist, and Sharon reported that unless a miracle occurred, Adam would be blind. Sharon was miffed by Victor's cold attitude, and he excused himself to take a call.

Victor told someone that it was about time, and he relayed to Sharon that the charges against Victor and Adam had been dropped. He asked Sharon to tell Adam, and she hoped that the news would cheer Adam up. Victor confided that Adam had sold Hope's farm to raise cash for the hedge fund, and Victor had secretly bought it. He urged Sharon to take Adam there, but not to let Adam know that Victor had been involved. She was baffled by his request, but she silently stepped back into Adam's room. Victor peered into the room, while Sharon told Adam that she had some news.

Adam reacted lukewarmly upon learning that the charges had been dropped, but Sharon was glad that he didn't have to worry about going to prison. She announced that she had a plan for when Adam was released. Sharon claimed that she'd contacted the owners of Hope's farm, and since it was vacant, she had rented it, so they could spend time there together. He refused to go.

In his hospital bed, Jack roughly tapped his leg with his hand, but he didn't feel anything. He called Nikki's name to wake her up. He said the anesthetic had worn off, and the doctors could test his legs, but he wasn't in pain, even though he should be. She realized that he still couldn't move. Traci, Ashley, and Katherine arrived. Ashley commented that his color looked good, but Jack didn't want to speculate about his condition until they had all of his test results.

Jack thanked his sisters for dropping off magazines, and Ashley said Billy would stop by later, because he was spending time with Delia. Katherine asked about Kyle, and Jack was grateful that Abby was with his son. Katherine marveled that Jack had a wonderful family who pulled together in a crisis. Jack wistfully remarked that they'd had a lot of practice, but he felt the love among them. The doctor entered to run more tests, and Nikki and Katherine stepped out of the room.

Jack closed his eyes, while the doctor prodded Jack's legs and asked if Jack felt anything, but he didn't. Ashley and Traci looked worriedly at one another. Jack desperately tried to feel something and asked the doctor to be more aggressive, but the doctor said he had already tried, to no avail. Later, the Abbott siblings discussed making chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's Day, and they joked about a bad batch of baked goods that Ashley had made for an old boyfriend years before. Traci began to cry, and she wailed that after losing John, Colleen, and Brad, she didn't know what she would have done if they'd lost Jack, too.

Ashley took Traci to get some coffee, and Katherine urged Jack to let out his feelings. He confessed that he'd seen John during the surgery, and John had told him to go back, because it wasn't Jack's time yet. Katherine laughed and agreed that obviously it hadn't been. Jack didn't understand why John would send him back to spend his life in a wheelchair. An optimistic Katherine reminded him that he had people around him who loved him, and she advised him not to get ahead of himself, because the paralysis might not be permanent.

Ashley excitedly informed Jack, Traci, and Katherine that all of the obstruction charges against their family members had been dismissed, and Jack hoped it was the beginning of a lucky streak. The doctor entered and said he'd reviewed Jack's tests, and Jack confidently asked when he could walk out of the hospital. The doctor stated that there was very little chance of that happening.

Jack was speechless, and Ashley, Traci, and Katherine fussed over him. Jack told his visitors to stop looking at him like someone had died, because he refused to accept that he'd never walk again. "Almost no chance means there is still a chance, and I will do everything in my power to beat the odds," Jack vowed.

Nikki arrived home and reported to Victor that she'd spent the night at the hospital, because Jack had flatlined on the operating table and might not walk again. Victor informed her that the charges against himself and Adam had been dropped. She wondered about the charges against Victoria, Nick, and herself. She checked her phone, but she had no messages. Victor pointed out that there were a lot of people who Ronan had to contact. Nikki asked if Victor had seen Adam, and Victor said that he hadn't, but things weren't looking good.

Nikki assumed that Victor was devastated about Adam's condition, and she recalled how worried Victor had been that Adam would inherit Hope's blindness. Victor pointed out that his concern had ended years before, but Nikki implored him to support his son. Victor bellowed that Adam had since tried to frame him for murder, and an irritated Nikki left.

Genevieve dropped by to discuss business with Victor, and he asked if she'd made a decision about Beauty of Nature. She proclaimed that she didn't want to sell it back to him or work with him, but rather, she wanted to run it herself. He asked her to reconsider, but she maintained that there was nothing to think about, because she'd lost Jack and Cane, and Beauty of Nature was all she had left. Victor warned her that she was making a big mistake.

Nikki arrived at the police station in response to Ronan's call, and she hoped that he had good news for her, too. He wished that he did, but he regretfully confirmed that the charges against her still stood.

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