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Monday, January 30, 2012

In Bill's office, Bill tried to convince Liam not to punish Steffy for Bill's mistakes; however, Liam pointed out that Bill's lies weren't the only ones told. Bill asked if Liam would add his wedding vows to that list. Steffy interjected that she should have been honest from the start, but Bill reasoned that Liam couldn't even be honest with himself. Hope said Bill had been dishonest, too, because the whole thing had been about Bill's feelings for Steffy.

Bill demanded that Liam go ahead and make his own decisions, as long as Liam didn't go running to Hope as usual. Liam quipped that Bill wasn't backing off, but Bill figured he was being a father, not a businessman, as requested. Hope told Bill to stop filling Liam's head with Bill's opinions and bad advice. "You will be happy for us, and you will be grateful that your secret is safe -- unless of course, you don't care if people know what you did," Hope threatened.

Bill persisted in trying to persuade Liam to remain with the innocent Steffy, but Liam asserted that no one was innocent in the dilemma, but Hope. Liam said Hope had the integrity to tell the truth no matter the pain or consequences. He figured Bill couldn't understand that it was the greatest thing about Hope, because Bill couldn't even comprehend anything but self-gain.

Bill said he'd been trying to help, but Liam called Bill despicable for making Steffy and everyone else believe the clot had been real. Steffy stated that her parents knew the clot had disappeared, and Liam decided not to upset her parents further with Bill's scandal. Liam said he'd cover Bill's misdeeds for the sake of those who loved him, who worked for him, and those who wondered "who the hell" it was they'd put their faith in by trusting Bill.

Liam tossed his sword necklace onto Bill's desk. Bill said Liam could be "pissed" at him, but he was still Liam's father. Steffy added that she was still Liam's wife, and she refused to give up, because she knew that Liam loved her. Liam agreed that he did, but said he couldn't deny his love for Hope. He said he believed Steffy's innocence about the blood clot, but it hadn't been where their problems had started. "And right now, I consider us separated," he added.

Liam stood beside Hope, and a tearful Steffy figured that she'd move back in with her mother to give Liam space. She said she wouldn't be afraid; instead, she'd have faith in their marriage, just as he'd always asked her to do.

Steffy strode out of the office, and Bill pursued her into the corridor. He said she'd been incredible back there by refusing to lose her marriage. He remarked that Liam liked Hope's integrity, but Bill admired Steffy's strength. Steffy told Bill to keep his compliments to himself. He said she could refuse his support, but it was still good support. Steffy quipped that it had turned Liam against her.

Bill reasoned that Liam was just "acting out right now." Steffy asserted that Liam was a man, capable of making his own decisions. Bill figured that Liam had better think about his choice of a life with Steffy or "Bambi." Steffy yelled at Bill to stop, because Bill's apologies meant nothing if he didn't back it up. Bill figured she was backing her convictions up by giving Liam space; however, she'd taken it too far.

Steffy claimed that if she hadn't walked out, Liam would have. She stated that her father had walked out on her, and Bill had walked out on her; however, she refused to let Liam do it, too. Steffy said she'd give Liam space, but she wouldn't give up, because she loved him more than she'd loved any other man.

Back in Bill's office, Liam told Hope that Bill wouldn't bother them again. Hope doubted that, but said they wouldn't let it get to them. Hope was sure Bill was learning his lessons about hurting people, but Liam wondered if he could even work with his father anymore. He figured that Steffy had probably been very scared about dying, but Hope stated that Steffy was still scared, but about losing him.

Liam wondered what to do, but Hope replied that she wasn't looking for an answer yet. He was relieved because he only knew that he'd loved Hope from the day he'd met her, and he'd love her all his life. She figured he had to think about what it meant for his marriage, and he and Hope needed to ask themselves if it was too late for them, or only just the beginning.

At Jackie M, Pam was a nervous wreck about what she'd done to her family, because she'd been taught to put family first. She decided that she'd confess and stop stealing designs. Nick agreed that she'd stop; however, he said she didn't have to confess, because it was Donna's word against hers. "And you know how Stephanie feels about her," Nick added.

Pam was confused, and Nick revealed that Donna had deduced that Pam was the culprit. An agitated Pam fretted because Donna had the perfect ammunition against her. Nick doubted Donna saw it that way, but Pam insisted that she had to get to Stephanie before Donna did.

Over takeout dinner in Ridge's office, Brooke and Donna discussed Liam and Hope. Donna was frustrated, and Brooke sensed it was due to something else. Donna revealed that she knew who'd stolen Forrester's designs, and Brooke wouldn't believe who it had been.

Donna said no one would believe it really, and she couldn't prove it. Donna recalled giving Nick another chance after he'd explained how desperate he'd been when he'd stolen the designs, but she couldn't believe it was enough to do Let's Make a Deal. Brooke listened as Donna conveyed how ridiculous it had been when she'd seen Pam and Nick on the show as a couple. Brooke scoffed that it wasn't possible that those two would be a couple.

Stephanie entered and asked why they were talking about her sister. Donna explained that Nick had been trying to prevent her from figuring out that she'd seen him on a game show with Pam; however, Donna had figured it out, and Nick had told her everything. Stephanie didn't understand where Donna was going with it, and Brooke asked if Pam had had access to the designs. Stephanie affirmed it, and she suddenly asked what Donna was implying.

Stephanie reasoned that Nick and Pam had been friends ever since she and Pam had worked at Jackie M. Stephanie hadn't a clue why Nick would go on a "cockamamie" show with Pam, but had no clue why Donna was insinuating something about it.

Just then, Pam entered, and Stephanie said it was perfect timing, because she wanted to clear up a matter that instant. Donna asked if Pam would tell Stephanie, or if Donna should. Brooke offered to leave Pam and her sister alone, but Stephanie stated outright that Brooke and Donna had accused Pam of the design theft. Pam looked guilty, and Stephanie grimaced.

Pam explained that it had happened when Stephanie had been cavalier about Pam's breakup with Stephen. Pam felt that Stephanie hadn't really cared about Pam. Stephanie asked how that gave Pam the license to steal from the Forresters. Pam reasoned that Nick had made her feel good about herself, and then he'd said that she could really help him out with that favor. Pam said they'd made a deal. She knew that she'd been petty and wrong, but she implored Stephanie to forgive her.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Pam had confessed her theft of the designs to Stephanie, and Stephanie coldly told Pam that she had hurt the entire Forrester family and the business. Pam tried to justify her theft. She admitted that she had been angry and heartbroken because Stephanie had mistreated Stephen.

Stephanie had no sympathy for Stephen or Pam. Stephanie said that she had warned Pam that Stephen would not be the man for her, and he wound up being everything that Stephanie had said about him. Pam angrily said that she wished Stephanie had been more hospitable to Stephen, but Stephanie quickly reminded Pam that Stephen didn't leave Pam because of Stephanie.

Pam brought up all her old problems with Stephanie. Pam reiterated how angry she had been that she had stayed with their mother in Chicago while Stephanie had lived a luxurious life and raised a family in Los Angeles. Stephanie said she had heard it all before. Stephanie reminded Pam that her family had taken care of Pam ever since she had moved to Los Angeles.

Pam apologized and begged Stephanie not to exclude Pam from her family, but Stephanie refused. Stephanie walked Pam to the elevator and told her to leave. A distraught Pam said that she had lost their mother and Stephen. She begged her sister not to send her away. Pam got in the elevator, and Stephanie said that Pam had betrayed her. Stephanie said that she hoped it was all worth it. The elevator doors closed, and Pam realized she was alone.

In another office, Steffy told Ridge that she and Liam had had a misunderstanding, and she had moved out to give Liam space. Ridge hugged Steffy, and then he left to visit Liam. Hope entered, and Steffy told her to leave. Hope said that she wanted to establish an agreement that they would not tell anyone what Bill had done because it would hurt Liam's feelings.

Brooke entered. Steffy announced that she had moved in with her mother to give Liam some space. Steffy snarked that if Liam wanted to run off with Hope, she wouldn't stop them. Brooke warned Steffy not to return to Liam, and she left. Hope wondered if Steffy really meant that she would give Liam space.

Steffy said that she hadn't left Liam so that he could hang out with Hope. She had left him because she wanted him to remember what he was missing while she was gone. Steffy told Hope that she was still Liam's wife. Hope reminded Steffy that Hope and Liam had never stopped loving each other.

At Liam's, Katie visited Liam, and she admitted that she did not believe Steffy had been involved in the lies Bill had concocted, but she added that Steffy could not be trusted. Liam said that Steffy had moved out. Liam wondered if Katie had also moved out. Katie cried that she loved Bill, but she couldn't handle that Bill didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth.

Katie left, and Ridge arrived. Ridge made a case for how Liam could not let Steffy down. Liam ranted that Steffy had lied to keep him away from Hope. Ridge defended Steffy and said that she was insecure, and it was all Ridge's fault. Ridge told Liam not to leave Steffy. Ridge told Liam that he knew Steffy and Liam belonged together, and he was sure that Bill felt the same way.

Liam turned away when Ridge mentioned Bill, and Ridge guessed that Bill had something to do with the problems that Liam and Steffy were having. Ridge encouraged Liam to work them out. After Ridge left, Liam got a call from Hope, who said she didn't want to pressure him. He said that she wasn't pressuring him. He told her that he loved her.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Stephanie broke the news to Ridge, Brooke, Eric, and Rick about Pam's theft of Forrester designs. Stephanie recommended that they not file charges because prosecuting Nick and Jackie would include Pam. Eric was upset, but Stephanie added that she had fired Pam.

Ridge ran a sales report and discovered that Forrester had not taken as bad a sales hit as they had expected as a result of Pam's theft. Rick was happy because he knew that Forrester's sales were a result of Rick and Amber's designs. Ridge admitted that the line they had quickly thrown together had a lot of orders. Ridge insisted that Forrester had to step up security in order to protect future designs. Suddenly, Amber entered, and Ridge angrily wondered how Amber had cleared security.

Rick defended Amber and said that it was because of her help that Forrester had experienced a good sales quarter. Ridge admitted that Rick's designs had been outselling Ridge's designs. Ridge told Rick that if he found someone other than Amber to work with, they could talk. Rick said that he and Amber were a team. Brooke suggested that Amber work off-site. Stephanie and Ridge didn't like trusting Amber, but Rick looked at Eric and said he felt an executive decision was on the way.

Later, Ridge met with Rick, and Ridge arrogantly reminded Rick that Rick worked for Ridge. Rick warned Ridge that he had as much right to be at Forrester as Ridge did because he was born a Forrester unlike Ridge, but Ridge said that he was CEO. Rick felt that might be temporary.

In another office at Forrester, Katie visited with Hope, who had pulled out her first photos from when her line was brand new. She told Katie that she had been unprepared for what life would do to her. Katie agreed. Hope and Katie also agreed that they would tell no one about Bill's lies because it would publicly humiliate Liam.

Katie wondered what was in store for Liam and Hope, and Hope said she knew that they would be together, but she knew Liam had a lot to sort out, and she didn't want to rush him. Hope asked what Katie would do a about her marriage to Bill. Katie said that she didn't know what she or Bill could do to salvage their marriage. She said that Bill had called her and sent her a text message to return home, but Katie said she didn't know where to start to repair their relationship.

At Liam's house, Liam was packing a few boxes, and Bill entered. Bill demanded to know why Liam was packing and why he was late for work. Liam said he had already called off for the day to get some things done. Bill wondered if Liam was leaving the house, and Liam said that he was packing Steffy's things. Bill demanded that Liam patch things up with Steffy.

Liam refused. He said that Bill could no longer run his life, tell him who to love, and how to live. Bill said that he knew what was best for Liam, but Liam disagreed. Liam said that Bill wanted to control Liam's life and wanted Liam to live his life the way Bill would live it if Bill had been in Liam's shoes. Liam said it started with Steffy, and Liam knew that Bill would have chosen Steffy over Hope, but Liam was not Bill.

Liam lectured Bill on his total disregard for other people's feelings. Liam said that Bill was misguided in his role as a father. Bill admitted that he had made mistakes. Bill said that Liam was the best part of him. Bill lamented that his father had never wanted anything to do with him, and Bill worried that Liam wanted nothing to do with him either.

Bill asked if Liam would ever be able to forgive him. Liam said that Bill needed to stop treating people he loved like possessions. Bill argued, but Liam said that Bill had been a hero. After all the lies, however, Liam could never look at Bill the same way.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

At the cliff house, Bill figured that he was the "bastard" that Liam was accusing him of being. Liam felt that Bill hadn't learned anything and would probably do it all again. Bill claimed that he'd learned what it felt like to face his son's disappointment and realize that their relationship had changed. Bill had realized that he could lose his son if he didn't fall on his sword. Liam stated that Bill would never do that, but Bill replied, "Till now. Till this."

Bill claimed he'd only been trying to save Liam from a woman unworthy of Liam's potential, but an angry Liam quickly put a halt to Bill's lecture about Liam's life. Liam wished he'd made his father stay out of his life before things had gotten out of hand. Liam figured Bill was lucky that people were protecting him with their silence -- especially Steffy, who'd been in fear of her life due to the deception.

Bill tried to persuade Liam to make things right with Steffy. Liam lashed out at Bill for once again trying to dictate Liam's life and make Liam see "this thing" that he supposedly wasn't seeing. Liam asserted that he might have seen it all along; however, Bill would respect Liam's choices, or risk losing Liam forever.

In Ridge's office, Brooke arrived and noticed that Hope was worrying about Liam's big decision. Brooke suspected there was more to the Spencer marriage fallout story, but Hope asked Brooke not to worry too much. Hope fretted about Liam's decision, but she was sure that his marriage couldn't survive the lies. "It's my turn now," Hope said.

The waiting was excruciating for Hope. Brooke knew the feeling, because she'd endured it while Ridge had been conflicted about her and Taylor. Hope said Ridge had chosen Brooke, and Brooke stated that she couldn't be happier. Brooke noted that Hope's life didn't revolve around Liam's the way Brooke's had around Ridge. Brooke believed that Hope was stronger than Brooke had been, and Hope could move on from Liam if need be.

Just then, Liam called to invite Hope to the beach house. After the call, Hope nervously said Liam might have made his choice. Brooke reminded Hope that Hope would be okay no matter the outcome.

At Taylor's house, Taylor was still in shock that Steffy's blood clot had miraculously disappeared. Steffy said it was as if it had never existed; however, her marriage still did. Steffy mumbled that Liam knew she hadn't done what he'd thought, and she was adamant that it had to make a difference. Taylor wondered if Bill had a part in the trouble. Steffy replied that Bill was always involved when it was about Liam, but all that mattered was what happened next.

Steffy wasn't so sure that Liam would recommit to Hope, but the time apart from Liam concerned Steffy. Taylor figured Steffy wouldn't be staying at Taylor's for long. Steffy exerted confidence, because she knew how Liam felt about marriage and commitment. Just then, Liam called, and Steffy smiled when he asked her to meet him at "our place." After the call, she beamed that it would be the shortest separation on record.

Later, Taylor arrived in Ridge's office to talk to Ridge about their daughter. Brooke was working behind the desk, and Taylor mentioned that Steffy had moved back to Taylor's house for a little bit. Brooke wondered what response Taylor wanted about the unsurprising event. Taylor figured it could be a non-event, since Liam had called Steffy to their house to talk. Taylor suspected the couple would reunite and move on with their lives. Though Brooke claimed to hate bursting Taylor's bubble, Brooke said Hope had been summoned to the house, too.

Brooke was sure Liam would let Steffy down gently, but Taylor advised Brooke to leave her fantasy world, because Liam took his vows seriously. Taylor stated that Liam had already forgiven Steffy, but Brooke wondered how many mistakes he should forgive -- especially since he was still in love with Hope.

Back at the cliff house, the song, To Make You Feel My Love played as Liam had a montage of his relationships with Hope and Steffy.

Steffy arrived and nervously chatted about having moved out to give Liam space. She then admitted that she'd done it because she hadn't wanted to feel the pain of Liam leaving her, as she'd felt when her father had walk out on her. Liam rolled his eyes as if she'd struck a low blow, but Steffy claimed she was done with excuses and ready to deal with her insecurities.

Steffy leaned in to kiss Liam, but Hope's arrival interrupted them. Liam announced that he'd asked both women to meet him there, and he'd known that the decision would be hard to make. Steffy figured the choice would change everything, but Hope noted that things would remain the same if Steffy moved back in with Liam.

Liam told Steffy that the time with her had always been an adventure. He'd loved the thrill of the unexpected, but it could be terrifying. To Hope, he said she was the first woman he'd ever loved. Hope had taught him what true love could conquer, and what it couldn't. Liam stated that Steffy's bravery through the lie Bill had told had helped Liam appreciate the woman he'd married. Liam added that he didn't take marriage likely.

In an awkward tone, Hope asked Liam if he wanted time alone with Steffy. Liam agreed, and Hope stepped out the front door. Steffy told Liam that she loved him more than she'd thought she could love any man, and she didn't want to remove her ring. She asked if he'd called her there to tell her the same thing. "Are we staying married or not?" Steffy asked.

Friday, February 3, 2012

At Forrester, Ridge discovered Taylor waiting in his office. Taylor explained that Hope, Steffy, and Liam had all met at the cliff house, and Taylor was worried about the outcome of the meeting on Steffy's marriage. Ridge felt that Steffy and Hope would each have fulfilling lives, with or without Liam; however, it would be hard for the romantic Hope to get over it.

Ridge lamented the role he might have played in Steffy's romantic problems. Taylor said they couldn't protect Steffy from everything, and doing so might not even be good for Steffy. Taylor wished Brooke understood that instead of destructively pushing Hope toward a married man. Taylor asserted that Steffy would be the one hurt if Brooke succeeded in her mission.

Taylor wondered how Ridge would react toward Hope if Steffy and Liam worked out their problems. Ridge vowed to be there for Hope and make sure she'd be fine. He wondered if Steffy would be fine if the tables were turned. Taking his hand, Taylor assured him that Steffy would be fine, because they would make sure of it.

At the cliff house, Brooke pulled into the driveway, and Hope hopped into Brooke's car. Brooke conveyed that Taylor had said Steffy had been invited to the house, and Hope stated that Steffy and Liam were inside talking -- most likely about the best way to let Hope down. Brooke asserted that Hope didn't know what was happening; however, Hope said Liam loved both women, and she had to be prepared to move forward regardless of Liam's choice.

Hope was disillusioned because the events in Mexico had made her feel that a reunion had been imminent. She didn't want to fool herself, because it could be the end for her and Liam. Hope regretted the way she'd handled their breakup, which had caused him to form a life with Steffy. Brooke reasoned that he'd tried to do that, but he hadn't been able to stop thinking of Hope. Hope insisted that Liam and she had to put each other aside if he chose Steffy.

Hope began to wonder if she should just go home and let Liam call her later. Brooke tried to persuade Hope not to think the worst, but Hope insisted upon being prepared. She asked what Brooke would have done if Ridge hadn't chosen her, and Brooke replied that she would have leaned on her very strong daughter.

Hope stated that if things didn't work out with Liam, she'd need to lean on Brooke. The two women hugged, and Hope said that Brooke didn't have to stay. Brooke didn't want to leave Hope alone, but Hope promised she'd be fine.

Later, Brooke returned to Forrester and saw Ridge in his office. He said he'd been talking to Taylor, and he wondered where Brooke had been. Brooke explained that she'd been speaking with Hope outside Liam's house, but Liam still hadn't announced his choice. Ridge sighed, saying one daughter would be ecstatic that night. "And one will be devastated," Brooke added.

Inside, Liam thanked Steffy for being supportive. She said she just wanted him to be happy with whomever he chose. Liam was still upset about the accident and Bill's part in it. Steffy wished they could put it all behind them, so she could be the wife Liam deserved.

An irritating call from Liam's job interrupted Steffy and Liam's talk. After the call, Steffy suggested that Liam get Bill's help with the issue. Liam wanted nothing to do with Bill, but she warned Liam not to shun someone so eager for forgiveness. Liam asked why she supported Bill, and Steffy said the deception had made her realize that she had a lot to live for.

Steffy felt that Liam deserved better than she'd given him, but Liam said the mistakes had been both of their faults. She wondered if he regretted marrying her, but he claimed he didn't regret anything, because he'd learned from it. Liam felt that it was time to put things behind them, so they could move on. Steffy expressed her love for him and asked him not to leave her. Liam sighed, and she placed her head on his shoulder.

Liam said he loved Steffy, and she'd been a good wife. He believed Bill had been right about how wonderful and "crazy-funny" she was. Liam stated that despite how he felt about her, his life had been on a different path, and he and Hope would have overcome their problems if it hadn't been for a lot of manipulating and deception. He claimed Bill was responsible, as well as Steffy. "And I have to go back to where I was before this started...with Hope," he stated.

Wordlessly, Steffy strode outside on the deck, clinched her stomach, and sucked in her tears. Liam followed her, and she guessed it had been "Cabo." Liam relayed that it had been a lot of things, but Mexico could have been a tragedy. He gasped that he was sorry, but he had to return to Hope and see where it would have led.

Claiming he'd always love Steffy, Liam removed his ring and placed it in her hand. Steffy said she wanted the best for him, and she'd never stop loving him. Liam kissed her cheek and walked out.

Later, a despondent Steffy strode into her mother's house, where Taylor was waiting. Steffy said Liam loved her, but he was returning to Hope. Taylor sadly hugged her daughter.

Back at the cliff house, Liam found Hope outside on the deck overlooking the ledge. She turned and asked if it were goodbye. He held up his ringless left hand. "Oh, Liam," she gasped, and he kissed her.

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