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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 30, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, January 30, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Sami and Austin witnessed a close moment between Carrie and Rafe. Carrie and Rafe laughed as they explained the situation, but Austin and Sami were not amused.

Carrie urged Sami to take her place as the princess. Sami snapped that she didn't have time to play dress-up, and she pointed out that the guests would be arriving soon. Sami noted that Johnny and Allie were at a soccer game, and that Sydney was with Caroline. Rafe corrected Sami, and he informed her that Sydney was with Will.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe went to the foyer, and he quickly started to plant the fake debate questions. E.J. walked over to Abe, and he wondered what Abe was doing. Abe hid the envelope in his suit jacket, then he calmly admitted that he had forgotten to sign Sydney's birthday card. Abe added that he had stepped into the foyer to look for a pen.

E.J. offered Abe a pen, and he explained that it was his lucky pen. E.J. suggested that Abe was going to need a lot of luck to win the debate. Abe refused E.J.'s offer, and he insisted that he didn't need luck. E.J. shrugged, then he abruptly excused himself. After E.J. left, Abe finished planting the fake questions, then he quickly returned to the party.

Later, E.J. returned to the party. E.J. reminded Will that Will was going to need to take Sydney back to the Brady Pub soon. Will claimed that Sami had been delayed, and he assured E.J. that everything was under control.

Meanwhile, Abe told Jennifer that he had successfully planted the questions. Abe felt guilty about deceiving Lexie, but Jennifer reminded him that he was just protecting the citizens of Salem. Elsewhere, E.J. asked Nicole about the debate questions. Nicole said that the questions had arrived, and that they were in a safe place.

Jennifer approached Will, and she pointed to a cell phone that was laying on the nearby bar. Jennifer told Will that his phone had been vibrating for the past ten minutes. Will smiled, and he said that it probably wasn't anything important.

Will answered his phone, and Sami reminded him that Sydney's party was about to start. Will told Sami to calm down. "We're having a little party over at E.J.'s -- you know, family, friends. You should come. I've never seen Sydney smile so big," Will said, then he ended the call.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe wondered why Will was at the DiMera mansion. "That son of a bitch went behind my back and threw a birthday party for Sydney, even though I specifically told E.J. no, and he used Will to do it," Sami angrily stated. Sami exited the pub, and Rafe rushed after her.

After Sami and Rafe left, Carrie tried to talk to Austin, but she could tell that he was still upset. Austin said that finding his wife in another man's arms had dampened his mood. Carrie reiterated that it wasn't a big deal. "Usually, when somebody has to say that it's no big's because it is," Austin replied.

Carrie said that she didn't want to fight with Austin. Austin said that he was just trying to communicate with Carrie, because that was the key to a healthy relationship. "After we spent hours -- hours -- trying to put together one lousy date night for us, you can't spend time with your husband, but you've got plenty of time to play princess with this guy?" Austin asked incredulously.

As Austin and Carrie continued to argue, John and Marlena entered the pub. John and Marlena could tell that they had interrupted a tense situation. John walked over to the bar, and he asked Austin if everything was all right. Austin admitted that he had overreacted.

Austin explained that he had been missing Carrie. Austin noted that Carrie and Rafe had been spending a lot of time together, but he added that he understood that they were just friends. John wondered why Austin was really upset. "I want to spend time with my wife...but I don't think my wife wants to spend time with me," Austin admitted.

Meanwhile, Carrie explained the situation to Marlena. Carrie admitted that she had been spending a lot of time with Rafe lately. Carrie added that she and Austin had fought earlier. Marlena wondered if Carrie was trying to avoid Austin.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Will told Sydney and Theo to get another slice of cake from the kitchen. After Theo and Sydney left, the doorbell rang, and E.J. went to answer the door. Sami barged into the mansion, and she demanded to know where Sydney was. E.J. assured Sami that Sydney was all right, but Sami wasn't convinced.

Nicole, Jennifer, Lexie, Abe, and Will entered the foyer, and they wondered what was going on. Nicole laughed at Rafe's costume, and she wondered if Sami had finally agreed to let Rafe dress himself. E.J. reiterated that Sydney was fine, and he added that everyone had been having a lovely time. Meanwhile, Will quietly watched as Sami grew more agitated.

"That's funny -- I'm not having a lovely time, because I didn't know where my daughter was. I've been searching for her, okay? So I want her back. I'm not letting her celebrate her birthday with two...kidnappers," Sami snapped. E.J. reminded Sami that he was Sydney's father. Sami pointed out that E.J. had given her full custody of the kids, and she added that E.J. didn't even have visitation rights.

"From now on, you are only going to see Sydney when I say it's okay -- do you hear me?!" Sami shouted. Before E.J. could respond, Sydney entered the room, and she told everyone to stop yelling. Sami apologized, and she and Rafe assured Sydney that everything was all right. Sami reminded Sydney that she was missing her birthday party at the pub.

Sami added that Carrie, Austin, Johnny, and Allie were waiting at the pub. Sydney said that she wanted her daddy. Sami claimed that E.J. was busy, and that he wouldn't be able to make it to the pub. E.J. agreed, and he told Sydney to have fun. Sydney squirmed out of Sami's arms, then she rushed to E.J.'s side. Sami reminded Sydney that Princess Miranda was going to be at the party, but Sydney refused to take the bait.

Sami sighed, and she reluctantly agreed to let E.J. go to the party. E.J. said that he would meet Sami and Rafe at the pub. Sami wondered if Will was going to attend the party. Will said that he wouldn't want to miss it. After Sami, Rafe, and Sydney left, E.J. scowled at Will, and he demanded to know what had just happened.

"Oh, I guess my mom got home sooner than expected. Whoops!" Will said with a shrug. E.J. wondered how Sami had known where to find Sydney. Before Will could answer, E.J. added that Will was treading on dangerous ground. "I know. But seeing how mad my mom got...wasn't it totally worth it?" Will calmly asked.

Back at the Brady Pub, John and Marlena hugged Sydney. John said that he and Marlena were glad to be at the party. Sami forced a smile, and she noted that John and Marlena had missed out on a lot of special moments. Sami added that she was glad that John and Marlena had been able to attend the party.

Rafe offered to grab the punch bowl. Sami sarcastically replied that she didn't want to pull Rafe away from the dance floor. Before Rafe could respond, Sami added that she didn't want to talk about it at the party. Rafe asked Austin to help him look for a ladle. "You used to be a detective, brother -- find it yourself," Austin said. Meanwhile, Sami watched enviously as Sydney's eyes lit up at the sight of Carrie's costume.

Will entered the pub, and he happily greeted everyone. Sami stormed over to Will, and she demanded to know what his problem was. Will laughed, and he said that he was in a fantastic mood. "You listen to me -- this is your sister's birthday party, and I am not gonna let you ruin it for her, but after this, you and I are gonna have a very serious conversation. Do you hear me?" Sami asked. Will nodded, then he smiled and calmly walked away.

Later, Rafe assured Sami that everything had worked out perfectly. Rafe said that was all that Sydney would be able to remember in the future. Rafe told Sami that the same would be true for them. Meanwhile, E.J. and Nicole entered the pub, and Sydney immediately rushed over to hug E.J. Sami sighed, and she said that she was sure that she would remember everything about that day.

At the Horton Town Square, Stefano suggested that Alice had wanted her secrets to remain buried. Hope said that Stefano didn't know anything about Alice. Stefano replied that he seemed to know more about Alice than Hope did. Hope's temper flared, but Bo warned her not to play Stefano's games. "Oh? Don't you see? You already are," Stefano cryptically stated.

Hope angrily reminded Stefano that it wasn't a game to her. Bo told Hope to ignore Stefano's taunts, and he suggested that Stefano just wanted to get a reaction out of her. "What I want is to go home. Mary's hamster is more entertaining than you two -- at least the hamster's going around, and around, and around," Stefano dryly stated.

Stefano added that Bo and Hope had made the wrong choice, and that he was giving them the opportunity to reconsider. Hope said that Stefano was being dramatic. "You know what I think? I think you're bluffing, because you know whatever's inside that box could put you away for life. Your heart's pounding -- I can hear it. You're scared," Hope said.

Stefano insisted that Hope was wrong. "There are two keys to this equation -- mine, and yours. Now, the box will not open without both, so, as far as I can see, you need me. Oh, yes, you need my key, all right? Now, I could certainly walk away -- I don't have to help you," Stefano said. Hope said that she would just find another way to open the box, and she urged Stefano to walk away.

Stefano started to call Hope's bluff, but Bo stopped him. "You want to know what's in that box just as much as we do. I mean, that's why you're here -- this curiosity of yours is eating away at you. You want to know exactly what kind little Mrs. H had on the big, bad Stefano DiMera, so why don't we get this over with -- today -- and you can go back to playing chess with yourself...or whatever you call it," Bo said.

Stefano agreed to help, but he added that he had one condition. "I want to know what the contents of that letter is that is inside the box. That's it. No one touches it, and I'm the only one who sees it," Stefano said. Hope refused, but Stefano said that he wasn't willing to negotiate. Bo suggested that Stefano was afraid that the contents of the envelope would end his reign of terror in Salem.

Hope called Stefano a coward. Stefano claimed that he was just being smart. Stefano pointed out that he and Hope each had something that the other person wanted. Stefano said that he was just trying to make a deal that would satisfy both of them. Bo said that he and Hope were not in the habit of making deals with the devil.

"Fine, you call me whatever you want, but let me remind you of something, hmm? That I am the only one who knows one of the secrets that is inside that box. that Alice is gone...what stops me from sharing it with the rest of the world?" Stefano asked hypothetically. Stefano promised that he would follow through with that threat, and he urged Hope to agree to his terms.

Bo pointed out that the envelope might contain a secret that would destroy Stefano's family, too. Stefano noted that it was apparently acceptable for Bo to play games, but Bo insisted that he was just stating a fact. Hope snapped that it was time to open the box and end the speculation. Stefano reminded Hope that she would have to agree to his terms first. Hope said that she didn't trust Stefano.

"Nor I you, okay? But you have to decide what is important -- finding out the secret of your family, or trying to come up with some phony excuse against me. Now, okay, apparently we're not going to settle this today -- that's fine. You know where to find me...once you two make up your mind," Stefano said, and he started to walk away. Hope stopped Stefano, and she said that he couldn't leave.

"Oh, but I can. Open the box, close the box...either way, I win. Ciao, darling," Stefano said, as he exited the town square.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brady dozed in Madison's hotel room bed as she exited the bathroom. With a grin on her face, Madison kissed Brady's chest until he woke up. After they made love, Madison asked Brady what was on his mind. Brady confided that the old version of himself would have sent a spy into Countess W, and he understood why Madison had sent Sami over to Kate.

"What else haven't you told me, Madison James?" Brady asked jokingly. Madison thought about her secret phone calls, and she shifted her eyes guiltily. Suspicious, Brady asked Madison what she was hiding. When Madison smiled, Brady asked her to promise that there were not any secrets that would destroy his relationship with Madison. "That is not going to happen," Madison assured Brady.

At the Brady Pub, Sami ran into John as she was leaving. John thanked Sami for including him and Marlena at Sydney's birthday party. Sami thanked John for the doll carriage that he and Marlena had given to Sydney. Attempting small talk, John asked Sami how things were going with Kate. Suspicious, Sami asked John what he meant. John apologized for prying and explained that he had asked about Sami because he cared about her.

With a tired smile, Sami thanked John and said that things were going well with Kate. Sami admitted that she wished she had more hours to spend with her kids. John reminded Sami that when she was the age of her twins, he had been the one that took care of Sami because Marlena had been working. "You are a wonderful mom," John assured Sami. John advised Sami to consider whether her job was worth the time away from her children.

Defensive, Sami asked John not to tell her how to raise her children. John explained that he was sharing his wisdom and not telling Sami how to raise her children. Sami argued that her job was important to her. Cocking his head, John asked Sami how her job was affecting her marriage. John noted that he had spotted the tension between Sami and Rafe at Sydney's party. Sami countered that E.J. and Nicole were at the party and were the source of her tension.

"Obviously, you think that I am the kind of woman who cannot balance work and family without messing all of it up. Well you know what? You're probably right!" Sami said, then stormed out of the pub.

Carrie was pouring a cup of coffee in her office and accidentally spilled the pot over some files. As Carrie cursed the mess, Rafe arrived at work. When Rafe asked why Carrie was at work early, she explained that she was working on a lead. Reading Carrie's body language, Rafe asked Carrie what was wrong. With a sigh, Carrie admitted that she had fought with Austin, he had stormed out, and he had not returned home.

When Rafe assured Carrie that things would be fine, Carrie countered that she and Austin had said hurtful things to one another. Carrie explained that her relationship with Austin had grown tense because he felt like Carrie did not make time for him. Rafe offered to speak to Austin, but Carrie argued that Rafe would make matters worse.

Carrie told Rafe that her relationship with Austin had started to unravel while John was in jail. Carrie explained that she had reevaluated who Austin was based on his reaction to the case against John. "I'm sure he is wondering the same thing about me right now," Carrie said. Carrie talked about how difficult life had been since she returned to Salem with Austin. Brady advised Carrie that Austin was acting like a man and would return home to Carrie.

When Carrie asked Rafe how things were with Sami, Rafe admitted that he and Sami were going through a rough patch. Rafe explained that Sydney's party had only been part of his trouble with Sami. Rafe confided that he was worried about Will's strange behavior and about the distance between Sami and her family since she had started her new job.

When Rafe struggled for words, Carrie encouraged Rafe to open up to her. "I think her boss is using her," Rafe said. Carrie chuckled and noted that as Kate was Sami's boss, Sami was likely being used. Rafe explained that his fights with Sami had previously been cathartic, but that lately he could not reconcile with Sami because of her actions at work. "I'm afraid you're seeing a side of my sister that I unfortunately have a lot of experience with," Carrie said.

At Salem University, Abigail was surprised to find Austin curled up asleep in a chair in his office. When Abigail gently woke him up and asked him what was going on, Austin admitted that he had fought with Carrie and had slept in his office. Austin told Abigail that though he had married for love, he had learned that it was possible to be more alone in a marriage than if you were on your own.

Nodding, Abigail said that Jennifer had said something similar to her about marriage. Austin admitted that he did not want to talk to Carrie and had run away. Shaking his head, Austin added that running away had made things worse. "This is what happens when married people stop talking," Austin said. When Abigail asked Austin if Carrie wanted to work things out, Austin looked at his phone and noted that there were no missed calls.

"She has to be nuts to not want to make this work with you," Abigail said. Chuckling, Austin thanked Abigail for her support and argued that Carrie had a number of reasons to be angry with him. Abigail explained how much she appreciated Austin's support and that he was a good person. "When you say it, I almost kind of believe it," Austin said.

Anxious for coffee, Austin and Abigail went to Horton Town Square and found a table at the cafe. As Carrie and Rafe entered the square, she spotted Austin. "Well, I see he made it through the night okay," Carrie growled. Rafe cautioned Carrie not to jump to any conclusions. Austin spotted Carrie and stood up. As Carrie approached the table, she narrowed her eyes.

"You didn't tell me you had a date for breakfast," Carrie said cooly. Abigail interrupted and said, "It's not a date. We just ran into each other." Rafe urged Abigail to join him and give Carrie and Austin some privacy. Once they were off to the side of the square, Rafe asked Abigail for details. Abigail explained that she was Austin's assistant and had found him asleep in the office when she arrived for work. Nodding, Rafe informed Abigail that Carrie had been mad before she saw Austin and that her anger was not directed at Abigail.

Shaken, Abigail mumbled that she needed to go to class, then left. As Rafe turned around to look at Carrie and Austin, he saw Sami walking past him. Rafe smiled as he saw his wife, but she was unnerved by her conversation with John. Rafe asked Sami what was wrong, and she informed Rafe about her run-in with John. Sami was antsy to get to work, but Rafe grabbed her and kissed her passionately before sending her on her way.

Across the square, Carrie gave Austin the third degree for walking out and then spending the morning with his young assistant. "It's like you're not even bothered by this," Carrie said tersely. Austin explained that Abigail had found him asleep in his office. When Carrie asked Austin why he had not gone home, Austin explained that he had gone to his office to think and had fallen asleep.

"I can't believe that this is us," Carrie lamented. Austin agreed, noting that he and Carrie had never fought in the past. "The thing about us is that we always wanted what the other one wanted," Carrie said. Carrie wondered aloud what had changed. With a smile, Austin said that he still wanted what was best for Carrie. Austin added that he behaved like a jerk and that he was being selfish because he missed his wife. Carrie apologized for not considering Austin's feelings.

As Austin reached out for Carrie's hand, his phone rang. Austin checked his phone and noted that he was late for work. "We're good, right?" Austin asked. Smiling, Carrie agreed that their relationship was doing well. Austin promised to return home after work. "I love you no matter what. We're going to get through this," Austin promised, then kissed Carrie. Alone at the table, Carrie frowned.

Brady and Madison strolled hand in hand into the Brady Pub and said good morning to John as he typed on his laptop. John explained that he was working on reestablishing contacts in the fashion industry. As John stepped aside to take a call, Madison reminded Brady that John was proud of him. "I heard everything you said about Sami, and I'm going to think about it," Madison said.

After Madison left, John walked up behind Brady and asked him what Madison was doing with Sami. Skirting the issue, Brady explained that since Sami had gone to work with Madison's rival, things were difficult. Brady added that Madison and Sami had gone to grade school together, but their friendship had gone sour because Sami did not approve of Madison dating Brady.

"It's none of her business," John commented. Brady explained that Kate had intervened with a job offer for Sami. Brady added that he was worried about Sami because of her history with Kate. "Madison promised me that she wasn't going to make the situation any worse," Brady said. With a sigh, John commented that he was concerned Sami would revert to her old ways and destroy her family.

Outside Horton Town Square, Sami was sitting on a park bench when Madison joined her. Sami informed Madison that Kate was focused on Madison and that it was time to make a move. When Madison began to squirm in her seat, Sami asked Madison what was wrong. Madison explained that Brady had informed her about Sami's history with Kate and that she was concerned.

Sami argued that she wanted to play the double agent and that she could handle herself. "Kate's never going to know that I was a part of this," Sami said. "As much as I want to topple Kate, I don't want her to hurt you. And I don't want to lose Brady. And you and I both know that if you and I go forward with this plan, both of those things could happen," Madison said.

As Madison started to leave, Sami stopped her and asked why Madison was letting Brady dictate her actions. Madison explained that Brady was concerned for Sami's safety. "I care about what he thinks, and I care about you. I'm thinking we should just abort this whole plan," Madison said. Alarmed, Sami worried what would happen to her if they abandoned their plan. Madison promised to protect Sami, but Sami insisted that they had gone too far to stop.

Back at the Reed and Hernandez office, Carrie told Rafe about her conversation with Austin. Rafe confided that he had talked to Sami but that she had needed to go to work. When Rafe went to pour a cup of coffee, he spilled the pot on the desk. With a grin, Rafe uplugged the coffee maker and put it in the trash. "At least we can make each other laugh," Carrie said.

In Austin's office, Abigail was typing on the computer when Austin entered the room. Austin apologized to Abigail for involving her in his argument with Carrie. "It had nothing to do with you, and I want you to know that Carrie knows it," Austin said. Abigail offered to call Carrie, but Austin declined the offer. With a grin, Austin urged Abigail to forget about the fight, and then he left for his department meeting. Alone in the office, Abigail smiled to herself.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will was alone at the loft, wistfully scrolling through pictures of Gabi on his phone, when Sonny arrived. The two of them were supposed to go out to the movies, but Sonny suggested that they stay in and download a film instead. Will seemed less than enthusiastic, so Sonny asked what was going on. Will replied a bit awkwardly, "Lately, your friends have been thinking, you know, things about me, and, uh... How does somebody know when they're gay? How did you know? I'm curious."

Sonny confessed that as a kid, he hadn't really understood why he'd liked comic-book superheroes and cute actors so much. As a freshman in high school, he'd begun noticing other guys, so he had decided to date girls because that was what all the other guys had done, but he'd hated living a lie. "Every birthday during high school, when it came time to blow out the candles, I would wish that gay Sonny would just go away, so I could be like everyone else," Sonny confided. Will guessed that hiding something that important had to have kept Sonny on edge all the time, and Sonny admitted that he'd been angry about being different.

Will wanted to know what Sonny had feared the most. Sonny said that he'd been afraid of not being able to have what he'd always thought he wanted -- a wife and kids -- and not having anyone to talk to about it had been very difficult. "It just kills me to think that there's people out there right now who are living the same lie that I was, and they're too afraid that their world will end if it comes out that they're gay," Sonny declared softly. Will pointed out that not everyone was as lucky as Sonny was to have an understanding family. "What happens if telling the truth hurts more people than living a lie?" Will wondered.

Sonny admitted that coming out could be very difficult, but in his case, life had improved greatly since he'd accepted who he was. "I want to believe you, but I don't," Will said, and then explained, "You made it seem like coming out fixes everything, and then, from then on, your life is perfect." Sonny clarified, "All I'm saying is you have a better chance of being happy if you don't keep secrets -- about anything." Will countered that not all parents would be as accepting as Sonny's had been. Sonny admitted that even his folks had been afraid that he would never find love because he was gay.

"But the thing is, you can't find true love if you're not living your own truth," Sonny added. Will thanked Sonny for sharing. Sonny reassured Will, "You're my good friend, so you can ask me or tell me anything." He added that he had wasted a lot of time being afraid of what his parents or his friends would think if they'd known the truth, and he'd felt very alone. "I don't want anyone to ever have to feel that, especially a friend. Because I wasn't alone. I'm not alone. And being afraid is a lot worse than being honest," Sonny asserted.

Rafe and Carrie were playing cards at the office to pass the time. Rafe complained about their lack of work, noting that even though Bo and Hope had asked for Rafe and Carrie's help with the task force, and Abe had wanted Rafe to run security for his mayoral campaign, there had been no further contact about either job. Carrie then got a call from the lead partner at her law firm in Switzerland. When Carrie hung up, she informed Rafe that the firm had cut their subsidy, because they were not generating enough business to justify it.

Carrie and Rafe were both utterly discouraged, and knew that it probably meant the end of their new firm. Carrie grumbled that she felt like a failure, but Rafe assured her that she was amazing, and Carrie declared that he was, too. Each wondered what the other would do. Rafe said that he would probably work the security detail for Abe's campaign. Carrie informed Rafe that her firm had left her spot open, so she might return to Switzerland. Rafe pointed that neither Carrie nor Austin wanted to leave Salem, and urged Carrie not to give up.

Carrie was skeptical that she would be able to find work at a local firm, plus she didn't think she wanted to start over as an entry-level associate. Rafe lightly argued that no matter what she might make in Switzerland, it wouldn't be worth leaving her family and friends in Salem -- or all the "fun" they'd had since starting their firm.

After calling around to every law firm within a fairly wide radius, Carrie announced that no one was hiring. She began packing up her books, but Rafe urged her not to quit when they were just getting started. He pointed to the "Reed and Hernandez" nameplate on their door, and declared that the two of them would make it work -- together. Rafe reminded Carrie that the rent was paid for the rest of the month, so they had some time to find clients.

"If I gotta go work overtime on Abe's campaign to make ends meet to keep this place from going under, I'll do it. I'll even put on those blue tights and play Prince What's-His-Name if I have to!" Rafe declared. Carrie agreed that she was on board. She was only half-joking when she suggested that they could get rich if Rafe became a trainer at Intensity Spa. Laughing, Rafe declared that he wasn't going to do that, but noted that the fun they had together was one of the many reasons they couldn't give up their business without a fight. Carrie was grateful that Rafe had helped her see that.

At the Horton house, Abigail announced to her parents that Madison had offered her an internship at Mad World Cosmetics -- and a modeling job there, as well. Although Jack was excited for his daughter, Jennifer hated the idea of Abigail modeling, likely at the expense of her schoolwork, since Abigail already had such a full schedule. Jennifer practically ordered Abigail to turn down the job, but Abigail argued that her mom didn't even know what the job entailed yet. Jack encouraged Abigail to tell them more.

Abigail explained that the new ad campaign was going to focus on real people, and Madison had chosen Abigail and Melanie to model, provided they could work out their differences. Abigail continued that the job paid good money, including all her travel expenses, but Jennifer didn't think any amount of money was worth missing classes for. "You are not taking this job. I forbid it," Jennifer declared. Abigail pointed out that she was an adult and therefore didn't need anyone's permission. Jack agreed, but suggested that Abigail should take her mother's concerns seriously.

Jennifer maintained that Abigail would be asking for trouble, and reminded Abigail of what had happened to her because of her friends' website. Abigail argued that she knew how to take care of herself, and declared, "I am taking this job, and neither one of you can stop me." Jennifer acknowledged that Abigail was right, but added angrily that Abigail would have to move out if she accepted the job. Abigail was hurt and shocked that her mom would kick her out over a modeling job.

Jennifer wanted to know why modeling was so important to Abigail, who had never talked about wanting to do so before. Abigail said that it was a chance to do something new and exciting with her life, and being a model would make people notice her and take her seriously -- and see her as a grown woman. Jennifer argued that Abigail should use her brain to get an education and a good job, and that would earn people's respect and admiration. Exasperated with her mom's refusal to listen, Abigail declared that she had made up her mind, and she could get her own place with some of the money she would earn as a model. She then grabbed her coat and stormed out.

"Jennifer, what were you thinking?" Jack demanded gently. Jennifer snapped that she had been trying to protect their daughter. Jack pointed out that they couldn't decide what jobs Abigail got, and reminded Jennifer that not long before, she had warned him to let Abigail make her own decisions or risk losing her. Jennifer grudgingly acknowledged that Jack was right. Jack asserted that they had raised good kids, but they had to let them make their own mistakes.

Jennifer tearfully admitted that she did not want to lose her little girl. Jack did his best to comfort her. Jennifer was still worried about Abigail traveling, but Jack pointed out that Abigail would not be alone. "Abigail's going to do what she wants, whether we like it or not. I think it's better not to fight with her, and not lose touch with her altogether," Jack said.

While Jennifer sat in Alice's chair and stared miserably at Abigail's picture, Jack tracked his daughter down in Horton Square. Although clearly not happy to see Jack, Abigail wondered sadly why her mom couldn't just be happy for her. Jack encouraged Abigail to give Jennifer some time -- but in the meantime, to promise her parents that she would be careful, and report back to them if something didn't seem right on a modeling job, so they could try to help. Brightening, Abigail agreed that she could do that, and thanked her dad. "I'm really glad that you're home and you're back in our family again," Abigail added sincerely, and then threw her arms around Jack, who hugged his daughter gratefully.

Madison arrived at the Brady Pub, where Brady was still hard at work on his laptop. Brady asked how things were going with Madison and Sami's plan to sabotage Kate's company. Madison confessed that she felt bad about asking Sami to spy for her, but she felt even worse about lying to Brady, because she didn't want to jeopardize their relationship. Brady assured her that she wasn't going to lose him over it, but Madison declared that she was pulling the plug on the scheme. Brady was relieved. Madison confided that for the first time in her life, she cared about something more than business -- and that something was Brady. Brady confessed that he felt the same way.

Back in her hotel room, Madison said that she had something to tell Brady, but then her ringing cell phone interrupted. She didn't answer the call, explaining that she was merely annoyed because her office always seemed to call when the two of them were in the middle of something. Brady asked if what Madison had to say could wait, because he had a meeting with a potential investor. Madison assured him that it could.

Brady stammered that there was actually something he wanted to say to Madison. "I love you," he declared, and then giddily repeated it several times for good measure. Madison grabbed him and kissed him tenderly, then declared, "I love you, too! I love you so much, more than anything or anyone." Giggling, they kissed some more. Brady didn't want to leave for his meeting, but Madison promised that they would see each other later.

Almost as soon as Brady had gone, Madison's cell phone rang again. When she answered, she that she'd been in a meeting before, then added, "Don't be silly; you're not interrupting. I always have time for you."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

by Mike

In Madison's hotel room, Madison announced that she had changed her mind about sabotaging Kate's company. Sami was incredulous, and she urged Madison to reconsider.

"You asked me to earn Kate's trust, and I earned Kate's trust. You asked me to spy on her, and I have reported everything that she has done back to you. If Kate finds out that I have been spying -- I mean, she invented the word 'revenge,' and now she is married to Stefano DiMera," Sami said. Madison promised that she would protect Sami.

Madison explained that she had already developed an exit strategy, and that she was just going to have to put that plan into action sooner than she had originally planned. Madison revealed the details of her plan, but Sami wasn't impressed. Sami felt that she was being double-crossed. Sami pointed out that she had broken a few laws for Madison, and she refused to suffer the consequences alone.

Madison said that she would accept full responsibility for the scheme, but Sami was still worried. "We are talking about a woman who was willing to send me to death row for a crime she knew I didn't commit. Have you not been listening? If she finds out what I've done, a horde of dragons won't stop her from getting revenge on me!" Sami insisted.

Madison claimed that Sami was letting her emotions cloud her judgment. Madison noted that Sami had probably enjoyed messing with Kate's life. Madison added that Sami had been enjoying the extra paycheck, too. Sami insisted that Madison was the one who was being emotional. Sami theorized that Madison had decided to end the scheme because she wanted to appease Brady.

Madison admitted that Brady had told her some important things about Kate's past. Madison added that Sami should have told her about those things. "I mean, come on -- I knew she was a bitch, but I didn't know she was a murderer," Madison said. Madison added that she wasn't ashamed about taking Brady's advice, because he was a shrewd businessman.

Madison said that her relationship with Brady was more important than her competition with Countess Wilhelmina. Madison added that her decision was final. Sami claimed that Madison had lost her nerve, but Madison insisted that she was more concerned about protecting her heart.

Madison firmly stated that she didn't want Sami to continue to trick Kate. Sami reluctantly agreed, but she refused to resign from Countess Wilhelmina. Madison ordered Sami to quit working for Kate. "Well, I would have to take that order...if I still worked for you. I'm sorry, Madison, but this is my official resignation. My family needs me," Sami replied.

Madison pointed out that Kate had tried to have Sami killed. Sami shrugged, and she cheerfully stated that she and Kate had gotten past that. "Madison, I would love to say that it's been a pleasure working with you, but I can't. Oh, and one more thing -- Countess W. is gonna drive Mad World into the ground. Good luck," Sami added, then she exited the hotel room.

Later, Madison anxiously waited for her mysterious friend to call her. Meanwhile, at London's Heathrow airport, a gloved figure noticed one missed call from Madison.

At the bank, Bo and Hope waited for Stefano to arrive. Hope wondered if she was making the right decision. "You know, part of me just wants to call this whole thing off -- give that damn safe deposit box back to the bank manager, and then walk out and throw this key into the river," Hope told Bo. Hope added that she couldn't really do that, because then she would wonder what was in the box for the rest of her life.

Stefano entered the room, and he wondered if Hope had made a decision. Stefano warned Hope to give the matter some serious consideration. Bo sarcastically noted that Stefano's concern was touching and selfless. Stefano shrugged, and he conceded that he did have a personal stake in the matter. Hope theorized that the box contained incriminating evidence that could put Stefano behind bars for the rest of his life.

"That's so foolish -- do you really think that your grandmother would let me get away with something like, let's say, murder? Hmm? And any lesser crime certainly has been taken care of years ago. But I'll tell you what -- let's forget about talking about me, huh? Let's talk about you...and your family. Now, I know that whatever she has on me could hurt me, but I also know that I could take it. You, on the other hand, have no idea what family member is going to be hit when you open that box, or what is going to happen to them," Stefano said.

Hope noted that Stefano had resorted to threats, and she took that as a sign that she was making the right decision. Hope announced that she was ready to proceed. Stefano shrugged, and he reminded Bo and Hope that they would not be able to look at the envelope that Alice had left for Stefano. Bo observed that Stefano seemed scared about the contents of the second envelope.

"No, no -- I'm not scared. I think I've been pretty honest with myself throughout my life, and, uh, to tell you the truth, I don't particularly give a damn what anybody thinks about me in the world -- outside of my family, of course -- so I really don't think there's anything very...threatening in there," Stefano said. Stefano added that he wasn't willing to negotiate, because Bo and Hope needed his help.

Hope warned Stefano that the contents of the second envelope could destroy his family, too. "What, are they going to find out that I did something bad? No, they can't find out anything worse than what they already know. I had a great deal of respect for your grandmother, but I must say, by the end of the day, I don't really think that she was a match for me," Stefano replied.

Hope insisted that Stefano wasn't smarter, or better at protecting his family, than Alice had been. Hope reluctantly admitted that she and Stefano had something in common -- they both wanted to know what was in the box so that they could protect their respective families. Stefano continued to act indifferent, and he claimed that he could have easily ignored the box for the rest of his life.

Bo wondered why Stefano hadn't gotten rid of the key. Stefano admitted that he probably should have, and he added that Alice should have, too. Stefano pointed out that it wasn't too late to do that. Hope insisted that Alice had kept the key because she had wanted someone to learn the truth. Hope noted that the key had literally fallen into her hands, and that it had happened for a reason.

Hope inserted her key into one of the key slots. Stefano sighed, then he reluctantly inserted his key into the remaining slot. Stefano and Hope opened the safe deposit box, and Stefano quickly retrieved his envelope. A familiar wax seal was visible on one side of the other envelope. Hope looked at the envelope apprehensively.

"If you've gotten cold feet again, I suppose we could lock the box up, you know? But it would seem like it's very anticlimactic, after all the...drama," Stefano said. Hope grabbed the envelope, and Bo told Stefano to leave.

"I'll give you your privacy, but as I warned you, your grandmother went to great lengths to make sure what's in that envelope never sees the light of day, 'cause she didn't want you to see it, or anyone else, and since we agreed that your grandmother was a very intelligent woman, and did whatever she could to help her family...perhaps you should try to be a little bit like her," Stefano suggested.

Hope quietly stated that she had spent her entire life trying to emulate Alice. Stefano assured Hope that she would never be able to forget about the contents of her envelope. Before Hope could respond, Stefano abruptly exited the room. After Stefano left, Bo pointed out that Hope didn't have to open the envelope right away -- or ever. Meanwhile, outside, Stefano sighed as he clutched his envelope.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. noted that Nicole had transferred a large sum of money into Will's bank account. Nicole started to explain, but E.J. stopped her, and he claimed that he already knew why she had paid Will. E.J. added that he would write a check to cover the cost of Nicole's failed bribe. E.J. reminded Nicole that he knew her very well, and he assured her that he wasn't upset.

Nicole wondered why Will had told E.J. about the bribe. Will shrugged, and he reminded Nicole that he wasn't her employee. "Well, since you have your pretty little intern here, I guess you won't miss me...because I quit. E.J., if I'm not part of your inner little circle here, then I'm leaving," Nicole defiantly stated. Nicole added that E.J. was just protecting himself, and she demanded to know why.

E.J. insisted that Nicole was wrong, and he told her that he was protecting, and blackmailing, Will. E.J. quickly told Nicole about the shooting, as Will listened intently. Nicole realized that Lucas had just wanted everyone to believe that he had been the shooter. "Oh, and they did -- they just sort of skipped over the fact that Lucas has never really been successful at anything that he ever attempted," E.J. dryly stated.

The expression on Will's face assured Nicole that E.J. was telling the truth. Will warned E.J. to back off. E.J. conceded that he had gone too far, and he added that the move had been one of Lucas' finest moments. "You are a son of a bitch," Will snapped. E.J. shrugged, and he replied that Will was a poor shooter.

Nicole said that Will looked like he might want to take another shot at E.J., but E.J. wasn't concerned. E.J. said that Will had been an agitated kid back then, and that he had been upset about E.J.'s plans to marry Sami. E.J. added that those days were in the past. Will smirked at Nicole mischievously, and he wondered if those days were really in the past.

E.J. realized that Will was probably concerned about the fact that E.J. had told Nicole the truth. E.J. claimed that it wasn't right to keep secrets from a soul mate, and he added that Will would eventually understand. Will shrugged, and he said that he wouldn't know anything about that. E.J. reiterated that Will would eventually understand what E.J. was talking about, and he added that it was important to put their cards on the table.

Will grinned slyly, and he wondered if E.J. wanted to put all of the cards on the table. "I, uh -- I was just curious as to, you know, how far you wanted to go with this full-disclosure thing. You know, I mean, should, how'd you say it, uh...put my cards on the table?" Will asked, as he glanced at Nicole.

Will added that he didn't like being treated like a child. Will noted that E.J. was suddenly really concerned about honesty, and he suggested that E.J. would feel better if he told Nicole everything. Nicole looked at E.J. expectantly. E.J. decided to call Will's bluff, and he urged Will to tell Nicole everything.

Nicole said that she didn't care who told her, as long as someone did. Before Will could respond, E.J. claimed that he had been feeling guilty about blackmailing Will. Nicole sarcastically agreed that E.J. seemed really upset about the whole thing. E.J. explained that he had given Will a sports car as a way to make amends -- and that he had also given Will an apartment at the DiMera Complex.

Will was surprised to learn about the apartment. "Yes, you should really see it -- it's quite fantastic. You're right up on the penthouse; you have a fantastic view of the town square. It's very lovely," E.J. told Will. Nicole was still suspicious, and she noted that E.J. was being uncharacteristically generous. Before E.J. could respond, Nicole received a phone call, and she excused herself.

After Nicole left, Will noted with disbelief that E.J. had given him a car and an apartment. E.J. claimed that Will needed a taste of freedom, and that he needed to experience everything that life had to offer. Will nodded skeptically. "You should not have told Nicole about the shooting...because it kind of makes me feel like you're not, you know, trustworthy. Go figure," Will said.

E.J. admitted that he might not be trustworthy, but he added that he was very generous. Will pointed out that he wasn't a kid, and he insisted that he couldn't be bribed with a shiny toy. "If you tell Nicole about my latest's going to put a rather significant kink in our relationship, William. Now, on the one hand, she and I have weathered much bigger storms than this...and on the other, you'll go to prison for the rest of your life," E.J. replied.

E.J. told Will to pack his bags and enjoy his new apartment. Will implied that he might refuse E.J.'s latest gift, but E.J. knew that wasn't going to happen. Will started to leave, but E.J. stopped him. "Oh, and William...don't ever threaten me again, okay? People have tried before. It never worked out very well for the other guy...ever," E.J. warned Will.

Later, Nicole returned, and she wondered why Will had stormed out earlier. E.J. shrugged, and he said that Will had inherited Sami's volatile disposition, but Nicole wasn't convinced. "E.J., I understand why he has to do what you tell him...but why did you have to set him up with an apartment, and give him a car? If I didn't know any better...I would think that Will is blackmailing you," Nicole said.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Will started to write a note for Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. Sami entered the apartment, and she noticed that there was a small pile of luggage near the front door. Will announced that he was moving out. Sami was shocked to learn that E.J. had purchased an apartment for Will.

Will grinned, and he said that was just one of the many perks of his internship. Sami guessed that Will was trying to punish her, and she insisted that Will was making the wrong decision. Will wondered if Sami was really trying to lecture him about right and wrong.

Sami struggled to think of a word to describe Will's recent behavior. Will said that he had been treating Sami with contempt, and he smirked as he assured Sami that it was a big word. Sami pointed out that Will treated everyone else the same way that he always had, and she wondered why he was treating her differently.

"So it's some character flaw in me? Of course, the problem couldn't ever, ever be you," Will replied. Sami admitted that she had made a lot of mistakes, and that she was far from perfect. Will noted with surprise that he actually agreed with Sami, and he suggested that it would be a good idea for him to leave on that positive note. Sami stopped Will, and she demanded to know what was going on.

Will smiled at Sami, and he wondered if she really wanted to know the answer to that question.

Friday, February 3, 2012

At the Horton house, Abe rehearsed his answers to the debate questions with Jennifer. He confessed that he still felt guilty about getting the questions in advance. Jennifer pointed out that E.J. had cheated first by taking credit for Abe's jobs plan and then by trying to steal the debate questions, so Abe had to win the debate to gain back the ground he'd lost. Abe acknowledged that Jennifer was right, but he was still worried that if Lexie knew what sort of underhandedness he was up to, she would be upset.

Lexie arrived just then, and overheard the last part of what Abe had said. She asked what she would be upset about, and Jennifer covered that Abe was just worried that E.J. would pull some kind of devious stunt at the debate. Lexie was confident that Abe's integrity would win him the debate and the election no matter what E.J. tried. Abe was very grateful for his wife's unwavering support.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole demanded to know what information Will was using to blackmail E.J. Although E.J. insisted that Nicole had reached the wrong conclusion, she argued that there was no other explanation for the lavish gifts that E.J. had given to Will. E.J. claimed that he merely saw potential in Will because of the people he was connected to, because no one would suspect the lad of carrying out E.J.'s orders. He maintained that being generous with Will made him easier to control. Unconvinced, Nicole demanded that E.J. look her in the eyes and swear that there was nothing more going on. E.J. took her face in his hands and did as she asked.

Horton Square was festooned with balloons and bunting of red, white, and blue when both mayoral candidates and their entourages arrived for the debate. Nicole introduced E.J. to the moderator, who then left to take care of some last-minute preparations. From opposite sides of the square, E.J. and Abe eyed one another. Nicole was smugly confident that E.J. would win, just as Jennifer and Lexie were certain that Abe would. "He has no idea what he's up against," Abe and E.J. said simultaneously.

Soon the moderator introduced the candidates to the audience, seated in folding chairs in front of the podiums. After a round of applause, the moderator announced that the topics would primarily involve jobs and the local economy. She then asked E.J. the first question about how best to use Salem University to bolster the town's sagging economy. Clearly thrown, E.J. fumbled for words, and stammered his way through an ineffectual response. The moderator then turned the question over to Abe, who gave a very concise, articulate, and considerate answer. E.J. fought back a scowl, while Nicole struggled to maintain a smile over her glare.

When the moderator announced that it was time for a short break, E.J. grabbed Nicole by the elbow and dragged her off to the side to confront her. Nicole insisted that her contact had given them the right questions. Frazzled, E.J. noted that Abe had seemed so much better prepared -- and then it dawned on him. "It's like he knew all the questions," E.J. surmised. Nicole didn't buy it at first, but quickly realized that E.J. had to be right. A determined Nicole ordered E.J. not to let it get to him, and to destroy Abe when he got back on the podium.

When the debate resumed, E.J. disclosed Abe's "marital indiscretion" to the audience, and pointed out that voters should remember that the job of mayor also included living up to high moral standards. In response, Abe acknowledged that while he did not want to tarnish the process with personal attacks, it was worth noting that E.J. had committed far more "indiscretions" in his business and private life than Abe had. "If Mr. DiMera would like to pursue this matter further, I would be very happy to provide details," Abe concluded.

After the debate, Jennifer and Lexie congratulated Abe. Lexie was incredulous that her brother had stooped so low, but Abe had won by sticking to his convictions and speaking from his heart. Meanwhile, E.J. wondered aloud how Abe had gotten the questions, although Nicole was confident that E.J. had a chance at winning. Just then, Nicole and Jennifer each got a text message with the results from the first online polls. Jennifer excitedly announced to Lexie and Abe that sixty-seven percent of the voting public believed that Abe had won the debate. The three of them cheered exuberantly and exchanged hugs all around, while E.J. and Nicole sulked.

As Jennifer was announcing that she wanted to take Abe and Lexie out to celebrate, Nicole and E.J. approached the trio. With a forced smile and a voice dripping with sarcasm, E.J. congratulated Abe on his eloquent responses. Nicole also feigned civility, but then accused Abe of obtaining the moderator's questions ahead of time.

Rafe burst into the office with some new promotional pamphlets to show Carrie, but found that she was consoling an obviously upset client at her desk. Carrie introduced the woman, Mrs. Carlyle, and said that the woman needed Rafe's help. Wiping away tears, Mrs. Carlyle explained that she and her husband, Ed, had been married for almost thirty years, but she had begun to suspect that Ed was having an affair.

Mrs. Carlyle continued that even though their marriage had seemed almost perfect for a long time, Ed had recently been working late a lot of nights, and had become secretive and distant. Then a woman named Julia had called Ed's cell phone while he'd been out of the room; Mrs. Carlyle had been too afraid to answer it, but she had written down the number, which she produced for Rafe. Rafe promised to investigate right away.

Mrs. Carlyle asked if Carrie would be her divorce attorney if her suspicions proved correct, but Carrie urged the woman not to get ahead of herself until they knew the whole story. As Mrs. Carlyle rose to leave, she shook Carrie and Rafe's hands, and noticed that they both wore wedding rings. She guessed that they were married to each other, but they quickly corrected her. Mrs. Carlyle apologized, and then left so that Rafe and Carrie could get to work. Rafe joked to Carrie that he could do a lot worse than to be married to her.

While Rafe did some research on his computer, Carrie mused about how tough it had to be on Mrs. Carlyle to suddenly feel as if she didn't know her own husband. Rafe remarked that adultery cases were a private investigator's bread and butter. Carrie said that she felt bad about having a hand in his getting fired from the police force, but Rafe assured her that he did not regret helping her with John's case, because John was family.

Carrie wished that Austin could have been as understanding as Rafe, because then she might not feel as sad and lonely as she had since she'd accepted John's case. Rafe reassured her that she was not alone, because he had been feeling like he and Sami were worlds apart, as well. After some more research, Rafe located an address and a last name for the woman who had called Mr. Carlyle. As he headed out to check it out, Carrie asked if she could go with him. Rafe happily agreed.

At the loft, Sami pleaded with Will to tell her why he was so upset with her so they could try to heal things between them. Will angrily declared that could never happen after what Sami had done, and besides, there was no point in arguing about it, since he was moving out and never had to see her again. Sami firmly reminded him that they were family, and they always worked out their problems. Will scoffed at her use of the word "family," and expressed his disbelief that she couldn't figure out why he was mad at her.

An emotional and baffled Sami reminded her son of all the disagreements they'd gotten through, and of how close they'd been the previous couple of years. "I just want that back, Will," she implored. Will snapped, "Is that my fault?" He vehemently contended that he didn't feel like he could count on her, because he always felt like the adult in their relationship, and he was tired of cleaning up her messes. Will's voice dropped to an icy whisper as he avowed, "You want to know why I'm so angry with you? It's because you keep destroying the only real family that I have ever had."

Sami stressed that she loved Will and his siblings more than her own life, but Will yelled that the only person Sami cared about was herself. "What you have done is going to tear our family apart!" Will maintained angrily. A frustrated Sami insisted that she had no idea what he was talking about. "I saw you, Mom! I know what you did! I saw you having sex with E.J.!" Will shouted. Dumbfounded, Sami tried to tell Will that hadn't been what he'd seen, but he described the events leading up to finding her at the mansion. Will bellowed that Sami had betrayed Rafe and their family. "You're a whore, Mom! You are nothing but a whore!" he thundered.

Sami tearfully tried to justify her actions as being the result of grief from believing that Johnny was dead, and a desire to feel anything but devastated. Will accused her of making excuses. Sami declared that she wasn't doing that, because she knew she had done something unforgivable, and she had lived with the terrible guilt every minute of her life since that moment. Incredulous, Will asked if he was supposed to feel sorry for her after what she had done to his family and to Rafe.

Sami asked quietly if Will planned to tell Rafe. Will admitted that part of him really wanted to, because he relished the idea of Rafe walking out on Sami, but he also loved his brother and sisters, and he didn't want to see them miss out on having the family that he'd always wanted but had never gotten. "So it's your lucky day. I'm not going to say anything -- for now," Will agreed. He emphasized that he hated Sami and always would, and he wanted her out of his life for good. He started to head out the door, but Sami affirmed that she was his mother and would always be part of his life.

Will pointed out that Sami had always been too busy chasing after some guy who didn't love her to care about him. "Do you even know what is happening to me?" he asked. Sami replied tearfully, "No, because you won't talk to me, because you have been shutting me out." She assured him that she wanted to be there for him if he would just give her the chance. Will declared that it was too late, but at least he could get away from her, thanks to E.J. Sami demanded to know how Will could stand to work for E.J., whom Will surely hated as much as he hated her.

Will said that he'd wanted to leave Salem, so he'd confronted E.J. about what had happened, but E.J. had provided Will with a way to start over without having to leave town. Sami accused E.J. of turning Will against her, but Will quietly stated that she had done that all by herself. Will pointed out that Sami should know exactly what he was going through, since she knew firsthand what it was like to know that her mother was a "despicable" person.

The painful memories obviously bubbling to the surface, Sami cried that what she'd done was nothing like what her mother had done. Will argued that what Sami had done was much worse, because at least Marlena had loved John. "What you and E.J. did -- it was disgusting! It was filthy!" he hissed. Sobbing, Sami apologized beseechingly for what she'd done to Will, but he refused to listen. Through hot, angry tears, Will contended that she'd always complained that what Marlena had done had ruined Sami's life, but then Sami had done the same thing -- and ruined his life.

"Congratulations," Will spat sarcastically, adding, "You've become what you always hated about your own mother." As he grabbed his suitcases to leave, Sami reached out to stop him, but he shoved her furiously back, snarling at her not to touch him. Almost in one motion, Will threw his bags into the outer hall and stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

Clutching a photograph of herself and Will to her, Sami sobbed as she looked around the apartment. She stared miserably down at her wedding ring, then gently placed the picture on the entry table, grabbed her coat and purse, and left.

As a morose Will wandered past the Brady Pub, he spotted Kareem and Dustin inside, and went in. They greeted him warmly, and asked where he'd been hiding recently. Will claimed that his internship had been keeping him busy. Dustin and Kareem then invited Will to go to a party with them, and he accepted.

Carrie and Rafe were in a jubilant mood when they returned to the office. While they'd been staking out Julia's office, Mr. Carlyle had shown up -- because he'd hired Julia to be the party planner to arrange a surprise thirtieth-anniversary party for Mrs. Carlyle. Carrie gushed about how romantic it was that Mr. Carlyle was still so in love with his wife after thirty years. Rafe declared that they had done something very important that day, because they had saved a couple's marriage.

Beaming, Carrie pointed out that it was their first paying case since the missing cat. Rafe and Carrie shared a celebratory hug, which suddenly turned into a kiss. Just as the kiss grew more passionate, Sami walked in.

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