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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 6, 2012 on GH
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Monday, August 6, 2012

John McBain walked into Todd's office and handed Sam the photo that Todd had sent to Natalie that showed John kissing Sam. Sam immediately wanted to know who had taken the photograph. John wanted to know why Todd had sent it to Natalie. Todd said that his niece needed to know the kind of man that she was married to and who had fathered her child. Sam said that it was just a meaningless kiss.

Todd remarked that he did not blame Sam. He said that John had taken advantage of her vulnerable condition. Sam again asked who had taken the photo, but Todd said that he did not reveal his sources. Todd said that he had tried to help Sam but she had repaid him by searching his office and breaking into his safe. John said that there were many ways to hurt him but wanted to know why Todd had chosen to hurt Natalie. Todd said that Natalie had a right to know about John's faithless behavior.

Todd said that he hoped that Natalie was hurt. Todd continued that he wanted Natalie to hurt the way Blair had hurt when John had burst in on Todd's honeymoon to tell Blair that Todd had murdered Victor. Todd said that he wanted to ruin John's life just like John had ruined his.

John asked if Todd was finished and then hit Todd in the face. John said that he was just getting started and pummeled Todd. As he did so, he told Todd that that Todd had ruined his own life when he murdered his brother and committed other crimes. Sam stopped John's rampage and told him that beating Todd to death was not worth it. John and Sam walked out but as Todd continued to lie on the floor, he called John a liar, a cheater, a deadbeat dad, and a sore loser. As he recovered from John's attack, Todd placed a call to the Port Charles Police Department and said that he wanted to report an assault.

Trey caught up with Starr on the Haunted Star. He had locked himself out of the apartment and wanted to borrow her key. When Trey did not tease her about eating his cereal or make a smart comment, Starr wondered what was wrong with him. Trey said that he had given up Mob Princess because he wanted to have a relationship with Kristina. He told Starr that in order for the show to be successful, Sonny would have to be portrayed as a villain, and Trey realized that Kristina would be hurt if that happened.

Starr did not buy Trey's explanation. She wanted to know what was really going on and told Trey that he could trust her. Trey came clean and told Starr that his father was in jail, framed for a crime he had not committed. Trey said he was having doubts about his father's innocence. Starr said that she understood perfectly. She said that Todd had been in jail on more than one occasion. Starr added that she had also believed her father when he had claimed to be innocent.

Starr said that the last time Todd had been jailed, he had sworn to Starr that he was innocent, and she had agreed to break him out of custody, but she later found out that Todd had been guilty the whole time. Trey said that his father was not asking him to break the law. He said his dad was asking him to step up in another way. Trey silently recalled the conversation with his father where Joe Jr. had asked Trey to get close to Kristina and marry her. Starr tried to find out what Trey's father wanted him to do, but Trey said that he had talked too much already.

Trey asked Starr to keep their conversation private. He worried that if Michael knew, Michael would feel compelled to tell Kristina, and Trey did not want Kristina to know about his father. Trey told Starr that his dad was his only family. Trey added that his dad was a single parent who had made many sacrifices to raise Trey. Trey said that he did not want to let his dad down.

Starr cautioned Trey that she had gone to extremes for her dad, and he had lied to her. Starr said that she did not mean that Trey's father would do the same, but she urged Trey to think before acting. She gave Trey the key to the apartment and told him that she would keep his secret.

Kristina and Alexis enjoyed iced tea and a warm day on the deck of the lake house. Alexis was thrilled to hear that Mob Princess had been abandoned. She was not so thrilled to hear that Trey was staying in Port Charles, ostensibly to get to know Kristina better. Alexis was surprised to learn that an ambitious guy like Trey was canceling the show. Kristina jumped to the conclusion that Alexis thought that Kristina was a loser who could not get a guy and that Kristina was stupid to believe in Trey. Kristina said that if Alexis did not trust her, she didn't know how she could she trust herself.

Kristina was stunned when Alexis said that Kristina was right. Kristina believed that Alexis had no trust because Kristina had let Kiefer abuse her. Alexis said, "No," it was because Alexis had let Kiefer abuse Kristina and had thought all the time that Kiefer was a great kid. Alexis said everything that had happened to Kristina was Alexis' fault not Kristina's. Alexis said that because she had been so wrong about Kiefer, she had been terrified to let Kristina make her own choices, especially when Kristina had become enamored of Ethan. Alexis said that she had become fearful that Kristina's heart would get broken.

Alexis said that had been the real reason she had tried to get Kristina out of town and had asked Sonny to intercede to get Kristina into Yale. Alexis said she was deeply sorry for her actions. Kristina said it was good to hear an apology, but that Alexis could not protect Kristina from her own life. Kristina said that Trey was a good guy and not an abuser like Kiefer or inappropriate like Ethan. Alexis promised not to question Trey's motives. She asked Kristina what she wanted.

Kristina said that she had feelings for Trey and wanted to explore them. She said that Trey had made a huge sacrifice for her. Alexis said that she wanted everything to be wonderful for Kristina. As Alexis said that she had one more question, Kristina interrupted and said that she had not yet slept with Trey. She said that she had slowed down things with Trey, not because he was pressuring her, but because she wanted things to be right. Alexis said that she would always scrutinize any guy who got within five feet of her beautiful daughter because she loved Kristina so much.

Alexis promised to try to see what Kristina saw in Trey and not question it. When Alexis asked about protection, Kristina laughed. Alexis said that she had not promised not to worry. Kristina said that Alexis would not be her mom if she did not worry. They smiled at each other and hugged.

Dante and Sonny met at General Hospital and discussed Olivia, who was medicated and still suffering the ill effects of the LSD overdose that Heather had given her. Sonny told Dante that if he needed any help, financial or otherwise, that Dante could turn to Sonny. Dante was grateful but said that it was unnecessary. They talked about the family. Morgan was happily attending baseball camp, and Michael was dating Starr. Sonny said he was okay with that, and so far, Starr's father, Todd, had not been a problem.

Sonny told Dante that Mob Princess had been cancelled. Dante kidded Sonny that Sonny's chance at fame was gone. They both laughed, and Sonny said that Trey had tanked the show for Kristina. Sonny said that Trey was a cheap hustler with an agenda who was always working an angle.

Dante wanted to know if he should investigate Trey. Sonny said that he did not want to upset Kristina, who he hoped would accept a job offer from Kate. Sonny said that, if necessary, he would investigate Trey. He told Dante to concentrate on Olivia's recovery.

Dante got a call to investigate an assault and had to leave. Sonny said that he had enjoyed their conversation. Dante also seemed pleased and told Sonny, "Anytime."

On Spoon Island in the Cassadine mansion, Jerry Jax told Ewen that love made people sloppy. Jerry cautioned Ewen not to reveal their business relationship to Liz. Ewen said he had not and would not because he did not want Liz to know that that he was working with Jerry. Jerry said that Liz would not have fond memories of him. Jerry revealed that when he had been holding hostages at the Metro court, he had tried to let a pregnant Liz go, but she had declined, and Jason had later saved her. Jerry asked Ewen if it put him off to know that his romantic rival was a trained killer.

Ewen said that Liz's relationship to Jason was over, just as Ewen's relationship with Jerry was over. Jerry replied that just the opposite was true. Jerry said that his relationship with Ewen was just beginning. Jerry said that he had big plans for Port Charles, and he needed Ewen's assistance. Jerry said that he had originally been mystified by his brother's fondness for Port Charles but now understood its charms.

Jerry added that he was facing formidable opponents in the city. Jerry said that he had tried many times, unsuccessfully, to eliminate Jason, not to mention Sonny, Luke, and Robin's mother, Anna. Ewen said that he had followed Jerry's orders and had gotten Robin admitted, first to Ferncliff, and then to a clinic in Switzerland. Ewen asked what more Jerry wanted.

Jerry said that taking Robin had been a means to an end. Ewen said that enough was enough and threatened to go to the police and tell all so that Jerry went to prison. Jerry said that no one had managed that yet. Jerry said that if Ewen confessed all, Ewen, not Jerry would be in prison for kidnapping because it was only Ewen's word that Jerry was involved. Jerry asked Ewen if he was willing to risk everything. Jerry said that Liz would never speak to Ewen again if she found out.

Ewen said that he still had to look at himself in the mirror. Jerry asked if Ewen would rather do that from his own home or a prison cell. Jerry said that Ewen did not have the skill set necessary to survive prison. Ewen replied that he might have to take his chances. Jerry told Ewen to wise up, keep his mouth shut, and do as he was told.

After Ewen stormed out of Wyndemere, Jerry mumbled to himself and wondered out loud what he would do with Dr. Keenan. Jerry said that he did not like tedious hypocrites and that Ewen's hands were almost as dirty as Jerry's. As he considered what he would do, Jerry started coughing and had to sit down to get his breath. Jerry looked pale as he said that one way or another, Ewen would not have to deal with him much longer.

Liz and Jason conversed at Kelly's as Aiden sat in his stroller. Jason was concerned about Liz's feelings for Ewen. Liz told Jason about how Ewen had rescued her after Lisa Niles had hit her on the head and tossed her into the harbor. Liz said that Ewen had not take credit for the rescue because his mother had told him that it was bad manners to take credit for a good deed. Jason was still suspicious.

Liz said that Ewen used unorthodox methods. She said that she had first met Ewen at Shadybrook, after she had been admitted. She had thought that he was a patient there. Liz said that it was Ewen's way of getting to know patients that he would be treating.

Liz said that she had been released before Ewen actually treated her. Liz said that even though Ewen was unorthodox, he had never been anything but kind and patient with her. Liz pointed out that Sonny was confident enough in Ewen to let him treat Kate. Jason agreed but said he still felt that something was off about Ewen.

Aiden started coughing, and Liz panicked and thought he was choking. After picking Aiden up, checking him, and holding him on her lap, Liz realized that the child was okay. Liz told Jason that she had overreacted, but that after what had happened to Jake, she worried all the time about the dangers that were right in front of her kids that she might not see until it was too late. Jason moved closer to Liz and Aiden. He told her that she was a great mom and that he also understood panic. Ewen entered in time to catch the cozy tableau that they presented. He asked if things were all right. Liz told him about the choking incident.

Jason took Ewen aside and told him that for the record, Liz was very important to him and then left Kelly's. When Ewen sat down with Liz she said that she knew what his conversation with Jason had been about. Ewen said that he had something very important to talk to her about.

Sam took John to the deck at the lake house as a private place where he could calm down. John apologized for the picture that showed them kissing. Sam said that Jason already knew about the kiss. She asked what John planned to do.

John said that Natalie had taken his passport and that she was in London, being shielded from John by her father. John said that he was going to get a new passport, go to London, and straighten things out. Sam held John's hand and asked if she could help out. John removed his hand and stood up.

Dante arrived and told John that he was under arrest. At Manning Enterprises, Todd nursed his jaw and said, "Sayonara, John McBain."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At the Haunted Star, Starr assured Trey that his secret was safe with her. Johnny overheard Starr's remark as he walked in, so Johnny wanted to know what they had been talking about. Starr and Trey refused to tell Johnny. Johnny warned Trey that it better not be about Kristina. Starr promised Johnny that Trey wouldn't hurt Kristina.

Trey clarified that he cared about Kristina and considered her a friend. Johnny argued that friends didn't take advantage of their friends by exploiting them on reality shows. Trey revealed that he had shut down production of Mob Princess. Starr was confident that Trey had good intentions. After Trey left to meet with Kristina, Johnny made another attempt to ferret out Trey's secret. Starr insisted that it had been a private conversation, so she refused to tell him.

Johnny decided that he would have to figure out what made Starr tick so that he would know how to bribe her for information. Starr chuckled and admitted that it had been nice to see Johnny stick up for the people that he cared about. Johnny assured her that she was in that group. Starr recalled Michael mentioning that Johnny and Kristina had been close, so she understood why Johnny was protective of Kristina, but Starr was curious why he cared about Starr. Johnny explained that he considered Starr a friend. Starr felt the same about Johnny because he had helped her when everyone else in Port Charles had turned their backs on her.

Johnny insisted that he had seen Starr's talent, but Starr sensed that there was more to it. Johnny confessed that he had felt guilty about Hope and Cole's deaths because his grandfather had been the target. Starr argued that Connie had been responsible for the shooting, so Johnny shouldn't blame himself. Starr explained that it was like saying that the accident wouldn't have happened if Starr hadn't met Cole. Starr wouldn't have traded the years that she'd had with Hope and Cole, so she wanted Johnny to put it behind him.

"All right," Johnny replied. He confessed that he was lucky to have a friend like Starr. Starr chuckled, because she doubted that he would feel that way if her father were to tackle him again. Johnny was certain that it was all in the past because he and Todd wanted what was best for Starr, which meant keeping the peace.

At the hospital, Steve sat and held Olivia's hand as he begged God not to punish Olivia for his mistakes. He desperately wanted Olivia to be okay. Moments later, Olivia's eyes fluttered open. Steve was overjoyed, so he assured her that he loved her and promised to call Ewen.

At Kelly's, Liz had a good idea what Jason had said to Ewen, so she tried to explain. Ewen assured Liz that it wasn't necessary. However, he had something important that he wanted to tell her. Liz thought that it sounded serious, so Ewen explained that he had gotten mixed up in something, but he had been unprepared for the consequences. Moments later, his phone rang. Liz urged him to answer it, but Ewen insisted that what he had to tell her was more important than the call.

Liz suggested that they go to the park. Ewen agreed, but Liz's phone rang. Liz saw that it was Steve, so she decided to take the call. Steve explained that he needed to get in touch with Ewen because Olivia was awake. Liz assured her brother that she would pass the message along to Ewen.

At the hospital, Steve returned to Olivia's bedside to let her know that Ewen would be there soon. Steve noticed that Olivia hadn't spoken, so he wondered if she knew who he was. "Steven. Steven Lars," Olivia replied. Steve's brow furrowed, but he didn't push for more information. Later, Ewen arrived. Steve expressed concern because Olivia had called him Steven Lars, which was a name that only Heather used.

Ewen examined Olivia to determine Olivia's state of mind. Olivia became increasingly agitated and began to cry when Liz entered the room. However, Olivia recognized everyone and knew that she had been injected with something, even though her memories were jumbled. Steve comforted Olivia as he promised her that she would be okay. Meanwhile, Ewen and Liz stepped into the hallway. Liz invited Ewen to go somewhere private so that they could continue their earlier conversation.

Ewen was distracted when he received a text message from Jerry warning Ewen not to tell Liz anything. Ewen decided to confess to Liz that he had wanted to her to know how he felt about her. Ewen realized that it might be "relationship suicide," but he cared more about her with each passing day. Liz started to respond, but Ewen insisted that she didn't need to say anything. He just wanted her to know how he felt.

In Olivia's hospital room, Steve realized that he hadn't called Dante. Steve stepped out of the room as Liz entered. Olivia asked for a mirror, because she was afraid that she looked horrible. Liz assured Olivia that she looked fine but handed Olivia the mirror. Olivia looked in the mirror, but it was Heather's face that stared back at Olivia.

At the lake house, Kristina was confident that Alexis would like Trey once Alexis got to know him. Kristina was horrified when Alexis suggested running a background check on Trey. Alexis grinned as she confessed that she had been joking.

On the porch, Dante arrived to take John into police custody for assaulting Todd. Sam insisted that there had been more to the story, but John explained to Sam that he deserved to be arrested for the assault. Sam decided to ask her mother to represent John, so she promised to catch up with John at the police station. After Dante and John left, Sam entered the house. Sam explained that John was in trouble, so she asked for Alexis' help. Alexis wondered if it was a good idea, because it might cause more complications for Sam.

Sam revealed that the altercation had been a result of a picture of Sam and John that had been sent to John's home. Alexis began to fire questions at Sam, so Sam promised to explain everything in the car on the way to the police station. Shortly after Sam and Alexis left, Trey stopped by. Kristina was happy to see him and invited him in. Trey was curious if she had told Alexis about their relationship. Kristina admitted that it had taken some doing, but Alexis was fine with everything.

Trey realized that Alexis didn't trust him. He confessed that Alexis wasn't the only one. Trey filled Kristina in on what had transpired at the nightclub with Johnny. Kristina offered to talk to Johnny, but Trey explained that it wasn't necessary, because it was clear that Johnny cared about Kristina. Trey wondered if Kristina and Johnny had ever dated, so Kristina assured him that Johnny considered her a younger sister, nothing more. Kristina was surprised that Trey hadn't run screaming because everyone was so protective of her. Trey appreciated that everyone was concerned about Kristina, because of what had happened with Kiefer.

Kristina conceded that she had a history of making poor choices. However, she was confident that Trey would never hurt her. Trey warned her not to be so sure about that. He promised that he would never hit her, but he wasn't the sensitive type, so he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't hurt her. Kristina insisted that she just wanted someone who was real, and then pulled off his shirt and kissed him. Later, Kristina and Trey returned from swimming in the lake. Trey teased that he had seen a monster in the lake, so Kristina giggled and kissed him.

At the police station, Heather vowed to make Delores' life miserable. Delores doubted that Heather would be able to do anything from Ferncliff. Delores assured Heather that the van was on the way to collect Heather. Heather refused to return to Ferncliff, but Delores pointed out that Heather didn't have a choice because of all of the crimes that Heather had committed, including injecting Olivia with LSD. Delores reminded Heather that Olivia's son was a police officer. Heather assured Delores that she knew who Dante was, but the question was if Olivia would remember.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd pressed a small bag of ice to his jaw. Moments later, Heather called. Heather thought that Todd had forgotten her, so she warned him that there were consequences for leaving her high and dry. Todd demanded to know what Heather wanted, so Heather agreed to settle for her freedom. Todd explained that his hands were tied. Heather revealed that she was scheduled to be transferred to Ferncliff, so Todd offered to pull some strings so that she would be taken to Shadybrook.

Heather made it clear that she wasn't interested in anything less than having her name cleared and the charges dropped. "Well, I want a pony," Todd replied. He advised Heather to talk to her attorney, but Heather argued that her lawyer was useless. Todd suggested that she get another one, so Heather agreed to call Téa or Alexis, who might ask Sam to investigate. Todd warned Heather that Jason would kill Heather if Jason found out about the baby switch. Heather agreed, but she was confident that Jason would kill Todd first.

Todd warned Heather that it was in their best interests to keep quiet. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Heather replied, and then disconnected the call. Todd threw the phone across his office in frustration. "Tell me about it," Carly said from the doorway. Carly grew concerned when she noticed the bruises on Todd's face. Todd wondered what she was doing there, so Carly explained that guests had complained about loud noises.

Carly started to clean up the mess, but stopped when she spotted the picture of Sam and John kissing on the docks. "What's this?" Carly asked. She demanded to know if Todd had been stalking Sam and John. Todd joked that he was starting a "McSam" fan club, but Carly wasn't amused. He finally admitted that Heather had snapped the picture and had given it to him to run in the paper. Todd muttered that it was nasty, so Carly agreed.

Todd clarified that he had been referring to the picture itself, because it looked like a vulture circling a baby gazelle. Todd explained that he had refused to publish the picture because he didn't want to make an enemy of Jason. Moments later, Dante arrived. Dante informed Todd that John had been arrested, but Dante wanted to know if Todd would drop the charges. Carly realized that John had assaulted Todd. Todd refused to drop the charges, so Dante left.

Carly demanded to know why Todd had provoked John by sending the picture. Todd argued that he had sent the picture to Natalie, so that Natalie would see what John had been doing in Port Charles. Carly doubted that Todd had been concerned about his niece. She suspected that it was payback because Blair was engaged to Tomas. Carly insisted that Todd needed to deal with the hurt so that he could move forward, but Todd didn't see the point.

Carly couldn't believe that Todd was willing to drown in his pain and drag everyone down with him. Todd suspected that Carly was more worried about Todd going after Johnny again. Todd explained that he had only apologized to "that Neanderthal" for Carly's sake because she was the closest thing that Todd had to a friend. Todd didn't want to alienate Carly. Carly admitted that Todd was a complicated man. "You have no idea," Todd replied.

At the police station, Dante offered to help John. John insisted that he deserved to face the consequences for assaulting Todd. John suggested that Dante's time would be better spent with Olivia, but Dante was determined to help a fellow police officer. Dante asked Delores to postpone booking John and then left. Heather paid close attention to Dante and John's exchange, so she struck up a conversation with John when Delores handcuffed John to the desk behind Heather. Heather suggested that she and John compare notes about Todd because any enemy of Todd's was a friend of hers.

John knew exactly who Heather was, so he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her. Heather insisted that she had explosive information about Todd that she was certain John would want to know. "And so would she," Heather added when Heather spotted Sam enter the squad room. Alexis asked Delores to uncuff John. Heather seized the opportunity to ask Alexis to represent her. Heather was certain that Steve would foot the bill because he loved his mother.

Sam reminded Heather that Heather had drugged Steve's girlfriend. Heather argued that things were not as they seemed, especially in Sam's "sad and pathetic little world." Sam laughed because Heather was the one who was headed to Ferncliff, so it was over for Heather. Heather disagreed; things were just beginning, so Heather advised Sam to be careful. Alexis, John, and Sam started to walk away, so Heather revealed that she had information about Sam's baby.

Sam immediately demanded to know what Heather was talking about. Heather refused to say anything until Alexis agreed to represent Heather and get all of the charges dropped. Alexis refused to play Heather's game. Alexis was confident that she could get the charges dropped, but Alexis had no interest in representing a sociopath like Heather. John supported Alexis' decision. Moments later, Delores announced that the van from Ferncliff had arrived.

"Give my regards to your mother," Heather told Dante as he entered the squad room. A short time later, Steve called Dante to let Dante know that Olivia was awake and expected to recover.

Nearby, Alexis admitted that she was reluctant to take John's case because she didn't need another problem client. Sam urged her mother to reconsider, so Alexis asked if John was going to be a problem. "No ma'am," John replied. "Oh, see, ma'aming me is a problem," Alexis shot back. "No, Ms. Davis," John assured her. Satisfied, Alexis led John to the interrogation room.

After Delores completed the necessary paperwork for Heather's transfer, Delores admitted that she was happy that they had seen the last of Heather. Heather pointedly looked at Sam as Heather warned Delores not to bet on it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olivia was delighted when Dante entered her hospital room with a bouquet of flowers for her. She warmly greeted him and admitted that she couldn't wait to go home. Moments later, Olivia was stunned when Lulu entered the room, appearing to be nine months pregnant. Olivia demanded to know why they hadn't told her about the baby. Dante and Lulu had no idea what Olivia was talking about. Olivia pointed to Lulu's stomach, but frowned when she realized that Lulu's stomach was flat.

Olivia explained what she had seen and confessed that she had also caught a glimpse of Heather in the mirror the previous day. Dante suspected that Olivia's mind was playing tricks on her because she was still recovering from the LSD injection. However, he was curious why Olivia hadn't mentioned it to Ewen. Olivia confessed that she hadn't wanted Ewen to think that she was crazy because she feared that she would end up in a padded cell. Dante and Lulu assured Olivia that they wouldn't let that happen.

Dante was certain that it was a temporary side effect of the LSD, but Olivia argued that the visions had seemed very real to her. Dante explained that it was in the past, but Olivia feared that the visions would continue for the rest of her life. Dante promised Olivia that she would not end up like Heather. Lulu agreed and reminded Olivia that Heather had been half-insane when Heather had ingested the LSD. Dante pointed out that Olivia, on the other hand, had been a saint. He assured his mother that he would not let anything happen to her.

Lulu offered to fetch Ewen, so Dante advised Olivia to be truthful with the doctor about the visions. Olivia worried that she might not be able to tell the difference between reality and the visions, so Dante advised Olivia to talk to them whenever she saw something that seemed odd. Lulu suggested that Olivia get some rest, while Dante and Lulu tracked down Ewen. In the hallway, Lulu assured Dante that Olivia would be fine. Dante appreciated Lulu's support.

Lulu decided to check in on Patrick while Dante looked for Ewen. Moments later, a bout of nausea seized Lulu. She raced to a nearby garbage can and vomited. Meanwhile, Olivia stared at the latest edition of the Sun, which featured a story about John McBain. However, Olivia saw a picture of herself on the front page with the caption, "Drain on Society." The article was about Olivia being admitted to Ferncliff because she was insane.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd flipped through several phone messages from Heather. He couldn't understand why a sanitarium like Ferncliff allowed patients to use the phone. Todd wanted a break. "Good luck with that," Starr replied, as she entered his office. She made it clear that she didn't intend to give him one. Starr confronted him about the front-page article regarding John's arrest.

Starr refused to believe that it had been an unprovoked attack. Todd showed Starr the picture of John and Sam kissing on the docks as he explained that he had sent the picture to Natalie. Todd hadn't mentioned the picture in the article as a way to protect Natalie and Sam. Starr wondered if Todd had considered how John and Natalie's breakup would affect Liam. Todd was curious what Starr would have done with the picture. Starr explained that she would have talked to John and encouraged him to tell Natalie.

Starr doubted that Todd had acted out of concern for Natalie. She suspected that it had been payback, because Todd always tried to find ways to stick it John. Starr sarcastically congratulated Todd on finally winning. Todd jumped up to celebrate his victory, but Starr wasn't amused. She warned him that she would wash her hands of him if he didn't drop the charges. Todd argued that it wasn't fair; Starr couldn't resign as his daughter every time he did something that she didn't like.

Starr pointed out that emotional blackmail worked for Todd. Todd couldn't understand why Starr liked John, so she reminded him that John had been a part of her life for a long time and that John had been briefly married to Blair. Todd scoffed, but Starr argued that John had tried to help her when she had gone after Sonny, even though Kate had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. Starr was startled when Todd claimed that she didn't know what she was talking about. Starr insisted that Kate had been mentally ill, so Kate had not meant to hurt Hope and Cole. Todd agreed, but it rankled him that the person responsible for Hope's death was walking free.

Starr urged Todd to let it go, including his resentment towards John. She pointed out that Todd, not John, was responsible for Blair walking out on Todd, because Todd had killed Victor. Todd argued that John hadn't had the right to beat him up. Starr agreed, but she insisted that it made Todd look petty and vindictive to press charges; she indicated that Todd wasn't capable of growth. She warned Todd that those who hadn't written Todd off would do so if he didn't drop the charges.

At the police station, Alexis was on the phone with Sam. Alexis explained that John was still in police custody, prompting Sam to wonder how long John would remain in jail. Alexis appreciated that Sam was concerned, but she advised Sam to stop calling so that Alexis could focus on her job. Sam reluctantly agreed and ended the call. Moments later, John was escorted into the interrogation room. John was curious if he would get out of jail soon, so Alexis explained that they would have to go after Todd.

John was concerned about Alexis representing him because Sonny had her on retainer. Alexis assured John that there wasn't a conflict of interest, since Sonny had not been responsible for John's sister's murder. John admitted that he was eager to get out of jail so that he could explain things to Natalie. Alexis invited John to practice what he planned to say to Natalie on her, so Alexis could understand why he had kissed Sam. John doubted that anything he might say would satisfy Alexis. Alexis agreed, but she needed full disclosure about the kiss, because, ultimately, the kiss had led to the assault.

John assured Alexis that Todd hadn't sent the picture to Natalie out of concern for Natalie. John insisted that it had been payback. Alexis was curious where John stood with Sam. John explained that he loved Natalie and Liam. Alexis admitted that Jason and Sam loved each other, too, but Sam had confided that John and Sam shared a connection that they couldn't ignore. John agreed. Alexis suspected that things might have been different if Sam hadn't been in a vulnerable place when John had met Sam.

John conceded that Alexis was probably right. Alexis assured John that she was grateful to him for helping Sam, but she wished that it had ended there. John promised that he had never had any intention of getting between Sam and Jason. Alexis appreciated that, but that was exactly what had happened. John wondered if Alexis were suggesting that Sam was considering divorce. Alexis admitted that she didn't know because she had no idea if Sam and Jason could overcome the loss of the baby.

However, Alexis was thankful that John had been on hand to deliver Sam's baby. John assured Alexis that he cared about Sam, so Alexis was curious what John intended to do about that if things didn't work out with Natalie. Moments later, Todd entered the interrogation room to announce that he had dropped the charges against John. Todd made it clear that John had Starr to thank for that decision. Todd had been denied the satisfaction of seeing John sent to jail, but Todd took comfort in knowing that John would have to crawl through life without the woman that John loved, just like Todd.

Later, Todd returned to Manning Enterprises to tell Starr that he had dropped the charges. Starr was delighted. She appreciated that her father was working hard to change. Starr assured Todd that he was a good father and that she knew that he was a good person, deep down inside. She confessed that he was her hero, as well as Téa's hero for saving Téa's baby. Starr was certain that he could be everyone's hero if he kept it up.

At the lake house, Kristina overheard Sam on the phone with Alexis. After Sam ended the call, Kristina wondered what Jason had done. Sam clarified that she had been talking about John; she doubted that Jason would ask for her help if he were in trouble. Sam was frustrated because she couldn't believe that John had been forced to spend the night in jail.

Kristina advised Sam to let Alexis work her magic. Sam couldn't relax because Todd might have ended up in the hospital if Sam hadn't been there to stop John, so it had been a brutal attack. Kristina thought that Todd should be grateful that Sam had been there. Sam agreed, but doubted that Todd cared. Kristina advised Sam to go to the police station, but Sam refused because she didn't want to get in the way. Kristina suspected that Sam was afraid to be around John.

Sam insisted that John was just a friend, but Kristina argued that it was clear that Sam cared about John and that those feelings grew stronger the more time that Sam spent with him. Sam couldn't understand why everyone tried to make more of a drunken kiss than there had been. "What's the big deal?" Sam asked in frustration. Kristina reminded Sam that Sam had admitted that the kiss had been inevitable, but Sam claimed that they had just needed to get it out of their systems. Kristina was curious why, if that were true, John was in Port Charles. Sam explained that John had confronted Todd about the picture, but Kristina pointed out that Sam had barely left John's side.

Kristina explained that a man who cared about his family wouldn't have kissed another woman unless he had feelings for the woman. Kristina added that Sam wouldn't have kissed John if Sam hadn't returned those feelings. Sam reluctantly agreed. However, Sam was confident that John would go to Natalie once he was out of jail. Kristina advised Sam to examine and sort out her feelings for John and Jason, but Sam didn't know where to start. Kristina suggested that Sam start with Jason.

Sam confessed that Jason had tried to talk to her, but things always seemed to go wrong, so Sam wondered if it might be time to consider divorce, even though she still loved Jason. Kristina insisted that Sam couldn't keep her life on hold, so something had to change. Sam agreed and then changed the subject to ask how Kristina and Trey were doing. Kristina realized that Alexis had told Sam about Kristina's budding relationship with Trey.

Kristina explained that she and Trey had only gone out on one date. Sam was curious if Kristina had told Sonny. Kristina decided to catch up with her father at the gym to break the news, so she left. A short time later, Alexis arrived home. Sam wondered if John had been released from jail. Alexis suggested that Sam ask John and then stepped aside so that John could enter.

In Atlantic City, Johnny paid Joe a visit in jail. Joe admitted that he had been unsure if Johnny would respond to the invitation. Johnny had heard a lot about the Scully family and how Joe Sr. had died without an heir. Joe smiled wickedly as he advised Johnny never to write off a Scully. Joe recalled that Joe Sr. and Anthony had been friends, so Joe was curious if the police had found Anthony's killer. Johnny carefully revealed that the police had a suspect, but no evidence.

Joe snarled that Sonny always seemed to walk away unscathed, proving that Sonny was a true "Teflon Don." Johnny didn't disagree, so Joe complained that he was in jail for a crime that Sonny had committed. Joe hated the idea that it might happen to another innocent person. "Like who?" Johnny asked. "Like you," Joe replied.

Joe pointed out that Johnny's history made Johnny the prime suspect in Anthony's murder because Anthony and Claudia had kept the truth about Johnny's paternity from Johnny. Johnny warned Joe to tread carefully, so Joe explained that his point was that Johnny was a powerful man because Johnny was a Zacchara and a Soleito. Joe urged Johnny to seize his birthright, but Johnny made it clear that he wasn't interested in organized crime. Joe insisted that Johnny was more like Gino Soleito than Gino's other two children, but Johnny didn't care. Joe challenged Johnny to prove it by signing over both organizations to Joe.

Joe warned Johnny that Sonny would take control of the Eastern seaboard if they didn't stop him. Johnny explained that he had spent a lot of years hating Sonny but had ended up only hurting himself. Joe was confident that he could take down Sonny if Joe had control of the Zacchara and Soleito organizations. Johnny wondered what Joe could possibly do from a prison cell. Joe assured Johnny that the charges wouldn't stick. Joe bragged that he had people close to Sonny who were loyal to Joe, so they were waiting to Joe to give the order.

Joe explained that he intended to take Sonny's house apart from the inside. Johnny decided to pass on Joe's tempting offer. Joe was disappointed but remained confident that he would succeed in his endeavors. Joe warned Johnny not to get in the way. Johnny assured Joe that it wasn't a problem and then left. Joe mumbled to himself that his business with Johnny wasn't finished.

Milo hauled Trey into Volonino's Gym. Trey's hands had been bound behind his back and a bag had been draped over his head. Milo pulled the bag off and untied Trey's hands as Trey angrily demanded to know why he had been dragged there. Sonny, who patiently sat in a boxing ring as a trainer taped Sonny's hands, explained that the gym catered to serious fighters, so Trey was there to spar with Sonny. Sonny believed that it was the best way to gauge a man's measure. Trey resented being rousted out of bed and taken somewhere against his will with a bag over his head.

Sonny asked Milo why Milo had put a bag over Trey's head. Milo shrugged as he claimed that it was habit. Sonny assured Trey that Trey was free to leave if Trey wasn't interested in proving that Trey wasn't out to use Kristina. Trey didn't see how boxing would prove that, but he accepted the challenge. After Sonny and Trey were fitted with gloves, they hit the ring. Trey pointed out that he had stopped production of Mob Princess, which should have been sufficient proof that he didn't want to exploit Kristina.

Sonny argued that Trey might have an ulterior motive. Trey and Sonny continued to spar as they traded words in an attempt to goad each other. Trey was stunned when Sonny mentioned running a background check on Trey. Sonny managed to land a blow to Trey's chin, knocking Trey off of his feet. Trey quickly recovered and resumed sparing. Trey insisted that he was serious about Kristina and wanted to marry her.

Trey smugly invited Sonny to raise objections. Sonny's temper flared, so he knocked Trey out. A short time later, Kristina arrived. She was horrified when she saw Trey's bruised face. Kristina relaxed when Sonny and Trey assured her that everything was fine. Sonny offered to call Alexis so that the four of them could have brunch. Trey agreed but then tensed when Sonny suggested that Trey's parents join them.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spinelli was intimidated when he followed Jason into Volonino's Gym and saw the men in the boxing ring. Jason promised that Spinelli wouldn't get hurt. Spinelli tried to relax, as he thanked Jason for his help. Spinelli revealed that he had joined an online dating service. Spinelli confessed that he had fierce competition on the site, but Jason warned Spinelli that many of the profiles probably weren't real. Spinelli was stunned by the suggestion, because Spinelli would never lie about himself, regardless how desperate he was to find a new love.

Spinelli likened himself to a phoenix, rising from the ashes of his failed relationship. Jason tensed slightly at the mention of the phoenix, but he didn't say anything, as he led Spinelli to a punching bag. Spinelli punched the bag a few times, but it hurt, so Jason decided to show Spinelli how to properly punch the bag. Spinelli tried to hold the bag still for Jason, but went tumbling backwards when Jason struck it. Spinelli quickly stood up and dusted himself.

After Spinelli took a firmer hold of the punching bag, Jason began to rain blows on it. Spinelli rambled about Maxie and Matt. Jason's mind drifted to all of the times that he had caught Sam and John in close moments. Jason's punches became more forceful until Spinelli suggested that Jason take a breather. Jason accidently knocked Spinelli to the ground, when Spinelli stepped in front of Jason to snag Jason's attention. Jason quickly fetched a bag of ice for Spinelli and confessed that his mind had been on John McBain.

Spinelli admitted that he knew about Sam's kiss with John and Jason's kiss with Liz. Jason wondered how, but Spinelli sidestepped the question to point out that the good news was that John was in Llanview. Spinelli insisted that Jason couldn't live in limbo, while Sam drifted further way, so he urged Jason to talk to Sam. Jason seemed reluctant, so Spinelli offered to be a sounding board, if Jason needed one. Jason didn't want to talk about it. Later, Spinelli returned to the main floor after a shower. Jason was gone, but Spinelli spotted a copy of the Sun on the floor, which made him realize that John was in town.

At Wyndemere, Ewen called out to Jerry. Jerry was annoyed that Ewen had kept him waiting. Ewen insisted that he had responsibilities at the hospital, prompting Jerry to wonder if Liz was one those responsibilities. Ewen assured Jerry that Liz wouldn't be a problem, but Jerry could tell that Ewen was protective of her. Jerry warned Ewen not to get an attack of conscience. Jerry conceded that Ewen had been a necessary evil, who had been instrumental in kidnapping Robin.

Ewen reminded Jerry that Patrick was suffering, but Jerry didn't care, because Robin's kidnapping had been crucial to a "transaction." Ewen argued that Robin was an innocent woman. Jerry merely chuckled, because innocent people were easy to manipulate. Ewen refused to hurt another innocent person. Jerry was pleased, because it meant that Ewen wouldn't have a problem with the next assignment. Jerry pulled a picture of Carly out of his jacket pocket, and then put it on a chessboard.

Jerry explained that Carly had always been a thorn in his side, so he needed Ewen to take care of something. Jerry filled Ewen in on what he wanted Ewen to do, and then sent Ewen on his way. Afterwards, Jerry pulled out a picture of Alexis. "Time for a much more pleasant subject," Jerry muttered, as a coughing fit hit. After the coughing subsided, Jerry vowed to be reunited with Alexis.

Carly entered Todd's office to congratulate him on dropping the charges against John. Todd made it clear that he hadn't done it for Carly. Carly wondered who had persuaded Todd to drop the charges. "Starr," Todd answered. Todd was disappointed though, because he had been looking forward to having his day in court. Carly pointed out that it had been a mistake to go after John, because John was a cop, which meant that Todd had infuriated the other police officers, who were likely be out for revenge. Todd argued that he hadn't done anything wrong, so Carly reminded Todd that he had once told her that everyone had a secret.

"True," Todd conceded. Carly was curious what Todd intended to do next. Todd had no idea what she was talking about, so Carly explained that Todd needed to find a new woman to love. Todd reminded Carly that he had a broken heart, so he refused to open himself up to more pain. Besides, Todd added, some people, like Blair, were irreplaceable. Carly agreed, because she had felt the same way after her marriage to Jax had crumbled, but then she had met Johnny.

Todd laughed, because Carly's relationship with Johnny appeared to be a temporary lapse in judgment. Carly didn't want to hear it. She insisted that Blair was gone, so Todd needed to cut his losses. "Like you did?" Todd asked. Carly confessed that, technically, she was still married to Jax, because she hadn't signed the divorce papers. Todd suggested that perhaps she should, because Jax was clearly a fool.

Carly argued that Jax was a good guy. Todd was curious why her marriage to Jax had fallen apart. Carly explained that it had been the usual reasons: mixed messages and different priorities. Todd suggested that perhaps Jax had been protecting his assets. Carly insisted that Jax's brother, Jerry, was the one who would sell his soul, if he had one, for the right price. Todd decided to do an Internet search on Jax, while Carly told him about the time that Jerry had held people hostage in Metro Court.

Todd hinted about his own past, when he had taken hostages, but Carly doubted that Todd had done anything worse than the kinds of things that Jerry had done. However, she wanted to get back to their earlier discussion about finding Todd a new woman. Todd explained that he had done a lot of things in the past that made him "uniquely unqualified" for romance. Carly refused to believe it. She insisted that he was rich and handsome, so he was the whole package. Carly was determined to find the perfect woman for him, but Todd claimed that Blair was the perfect woman.

Carly demanded to know what Todd's most important requirement in a woman was. Todd was only interested in women who worked, because he was selfish with his money. Carly pulled out her cell phone to show him several candidates that she had in mind, but Todd wasn't interested in any of her acquaintances. Carly fetched a copy of Crimson, because it had two questionnaires, one for men and another for women, to help them find the right person. Todd refused to take the test, unless Carly agreed to take it too. "What the hell," Carly replied, as she picked up a pencil.

Later, Carly asked Todd to read the results of his test, which described the perfect woman for Todd. Todd read the brief description, and then asked who it sounded like. "Blair," Carly answered. Todd chuckled, because he thought the description of the perfect woman for him sounded like Carly. Carly decided to go home to check on Josslyn, but urged Todd not to give up on love. After Carly left, Todd read the results of the test that she had taken.

In Patrick's hospital room, Liz revealed that she had just dropped Emma off at the hospital's daycare center. She admitted that Emma was eager to see Patrick, but Mac and Felicia had kept Emma busy. Patrick couldn't wait to get home. Liz assured Patrick that it would be soon, because his vital signs were stable. Patrick realized that he still had his addiction, and the cause of it, to deal with. He explained that he would have to accept that Robin was gone, because, according to Liz's Dr. Keenan, it was the only way for Patrick to be healthy.

"My Dr. Keenan?" Liz asked. "That's what he is, isn't he?" Patrick replied. Patrick admitted that he knew that Liz had given Ewen a second chance. Patrick appreciated Liz's friendship, so he insisted that she deserved to be with someone like Ewen, instead of pining for a guy who wasn't available. Liz realized that Patrick was referring to Jason, so she clarified that she and Jason were just friends. She refused to apologize for that.

Patrick knew that he didn't have a right to interfere in Liz's life, but he hoped that Jason wouldn't be a factor in what happened between her and Ewen. Liz explained that she and Jason would always share a connection, because of Jake, so Jason would always be a part of her life. She hoped that Ewen could accept that. As if on cue, Ewen entered. Ewen wondered what they had been talking about, so Patrick admitted that he had been encouraging Liz to date Ewen. Ewen thanked Patrick for the support, so Patrick suggested that Ewen could repay him by giving Patrick the clearance to go home.

Ewen wanted Patrick to stay one more night in the hospital, but he asked Liz to get the discharge paperwork started. After Liz left, Ewen wondered if Patrick and Liz had talked about Jason. Patrick assured Ewen that Liz had made it clear that Jason wouldn't pose a problem. Ewen was relieved, so Patrick asked if it would be okay to visit Emma in the daycare center. Later, Liz returned to the room, but Patrick was gone. Ewen explained that Patrick had gone to see Emma, and then seized the opportunity to kiss Liz. Liz smiled, but confessed that something seemed off with Ewen.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Maxie spotted Lulu vomiting in a garbage can. Maxie was immediately concerned, but Lulu brushed it off as something that she ate from one of Maxie's favorite vendors. Maxie argued that the vendor's food was fine, so perhaps Lulu had gotten sick, because Lulu was pregnant. Lulu was taken aback, because Maxie had been the second person to suggest that Lulu was pregnant. Maxie thought perhaps Olivia had developed a sixth sense, because of the LSD overdose.

Lulu argued that the timing for a baby was bad, but Maxie reminded her that most women felt that way about an unplanned pregnancy. Maxie was curious when Lulu had menstruated last. Lulu had no idea, so Maxie handed Lulu a calendar. Lulu quickly realized that her period was late, but she attributed it to stress. Maxie was certain that Lulu was pregnant, so she told Lulu to wait in an examination room, while Maxie fetched a pregnancy test from the gift shop. Maxie quickly returned and handed the test to Lulu. Lulu reluctantly went to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test.

At the lake house, Sam was relieved when she saw John standing in the doorway. Alexis and John explained that Todd had dropped the assault charges. Sam wondered if that meant that John would go to London when his passport became available. John decided to call his contact at the state department, so he excused himself. Sam thanked Alexis for helping John. Alexis admitted that John seemed like an honorable man.

Sam assured her mother that she wanted John to work things out with Natalie, but Alexis was skeptical about Sam's claim, because it was clear to Alexis that something was going on between Sam and John. Alexis warned Sam that Sam would eventually have to deal with it. Moments later, John returned to the living room. He revealed that Natalie and Liam were in Llanview. Sam decided to walk him out, so that she could say goodbye. John chuckled, because it seemed as if they had spent more time saying goodbye than being apart.

Sam agreed. John turned serious, as he confessed that he would miss her. Sam was certain that John would forget all about her, once he was back with Natalie. John simply repeated himself. Sam and John exchanged a long meaningful look, and then Sam started to apologize. John insisted that she had nothing to be sorry for, because the kiss was on him, so he was responsible for what he was going through with Natalie, not Sam.

Moments later, a process server arrived to hand John an envelope. It was a restraining order. Sam and John showed the restraining order to Alexis, who explained that Clint had sent it, but Natalie had signed it. John was furious, because he realized that it was an attempt to block him for seeing Liam. John was determined to confront Natalie, but Alexis cautioned John not to. Alexis explained that she had to check the Pennsylvania statutes, but John might have a problem, if he hadn't properly established paternity through the court.

John revealed that he had missed the first part of Liam's life, so he refused to miss any more of Liam's childhood. John vowed that Natalie would not get away with it, but Alexis cautioned against acting rashly. Alexis urged John to stay away from Natalie, until they could get their paperwork in order. John decided to call Clint, but that didn't go well. John ended up yelling at Clint, and then disconnected the call in anger. John explained that Clint had threatened to take Liam away from John.

Sam offered to talk to Natalie, but Alexis warned Sam that it was a terrible idea that would likely backfire. John was livid, so Alexis cautioned John to stay away from Llanview until Alexis could determine what John's custody rights were. John agreed to let Alexis represent him, if she promised to make it possible for him to see Liam. Alexis assured him that she would do her best, and then decided to go to her office to start the paperwork.

On her way out, Alexis' phone rang. It was Jerry, posing as the head of Wyndemere's security, Hernando. Jerry told Alexis that the alarm at Wyndemere had been tripped, so she was needed at the castle as soon as possible to see if anything had been taken.

In the lake house, Sam promised John that Alexis was a great attorney. John was eager to go to Llanview, but Sam urged John to wait until the court gave him proper visitation; otherwise, he might lose Liam forever. John felt bad, because Sam had really lost her son. Sam assured John that she was okay and reiterated that he wouldn't lose Liam. Sam hugged John, just as Jason appeared in the open doorway.

At Wyndemere, Alexis was shocked when Jerry greeted her.

Friday, August 10, 2012

At Wyndemere, Jerry admitted that it was a pleasure to see Alexis again. Alexis recovered from the shock of seeing Jerry alive. Jerry smiled, as he bragged that he was a good swimmer, so he hadn't drowned after being shot by a high-powered rifle and plunging into the harbor. Alexis cut to the chase by demanding to know why he was in town. Jerry was disappointed by her hostility and lack of interest in his family's welfare. Alexis argued that they were not old friends.

Jerry agreed; he and Alexis had been more than friends. Alexis reminded Jerry that it was risky for him to be in Port Charles. Jerry explained that he was there because he cared about her. Alexis didn't mince words as she informed Jerry that she loathed him and would never forget how psychotic he was or the number of people that he had hurt, including Jax. Jerry was certain that Alexis wasn't completely immune to him, so he kissed her, but she pulled away and slapped him.

Alexis conceded that she had once deluded herself into believing that there had been some goodness in Jerry because he was Jax's brother. Jerry suggested that, with the right motivation, he could be a decent man. Alexis reminded Jerry that she was an officer of the court, so she intended to call the police. Jerry smirked as she pulled out her cell phone. "Be my guest," Jerry replied.

Alexis became frustrated when her cell phone didn't pick up a signal. She demanded to know what Jerry had done. Jerry admitted that he had arranged for the satellite to be moved. Alexis' barely contained her fury as she marched to the door, intent on leaving. However, the door was locked. Alexis became agitated, so Jerry calmly advised her to relax. He assured her that he didn't intend to hurt her, but Alexis' eyes rounded with fear when he pulled out a handkerchief and a small vial.

Jerry poured the contents of the vial onto the handkerchief and then slowly cornered Alexis as she desperately tried to find a way to escape. Alexis struggled in his arms, but Jerry easily overpowered her as he covered her nose and mouth with the handkerchief.

At the nurses' station, Ewen recalled Jerry ordering him to kidnap Josslyn. Moments later, Kate and Dante walked up to talk to Ewen about Olivia's visions. Ewen explained "acid flashbacks" were not unheard of, but the episodes would decrease in frequency with time. Dante insisted that Heather deserved to spend the rest of her life locked up for what she had done to Olivia. Ewen encouraged Dante and Kate to be there for Olivia, but Dante had difficulty controlling his anger.

Kate decided that Dante needed some time to calm down, so she suggested that he fetch some gelato for Olivia. After Dante left, Kate talked to Ewen about her own situation. Ewen assured Kate that she was nearly integrated, so she was well on the road to recovery. Kate was frustrated because she didn't remember the accident, which meant that Connie was not gone. She feared that she might still be a danger to Sonny, but Ewen assured Kate that she wasn't a threat to Sonny. Kate was grateful to Ewen for helping her to find the strength to deal with her past.

Ewen explained that he had to leave, but he assured Kate that they could continue their conversation during her next session.

Carly and Josslyn were reading a book together when Johnny arrived at Carly's house. Carly was curious where he had been, because she had tried to reach him at the Haunted Star. Johnny admitted that he had been in Atlantic City to visit Joe Scully Jr. in jail. Johnny revealed that Joe was out for revenge and eager to reclaim the Scully birthright, so Joe had tried to enlist Johnny's help to take Sonny down. Carly was relieved when Johnny assured her that he had passed on the offer.

Johnny explained that he had worked too hard and valued his relationship with Carly too much to risk throwing it away. Carly relaxed, because she doubted that Joe could cause too much trouble from jail. Carly confessed that she was tired of living on the edge because she had spent years in fear of Sonny's enemies. She was glad that Jax was Josslyn's father because it meant that her daughter was safe. Johnny admitted that there had been a time when he would have accepted Joe's offer, but Carly had made Johnny see things in a different light. Carly insisted that anyone could change if they wanted to.

Later, Carly put Josslyn down for a nap, so Johnny and Carly went to Carly's bedroom to make love. Outside, Ewen asked for forgiveness and then silently slipped into Carly's house.

At the hospital, Lulu changed her mind about taking the pregnancy test because she claimed that the odds were against her being pregnant. Lulu explained that she and Dante had planned to buy a house before they started a family, so they always used precautions. Maxie insisted that Lulu had to know, but Lulu fled the room and ran into Dante in the hallway. Dante was curious if Lulu had seen Patrick. Maxie suddenly appeared to explain that she'd had a wardrobe malfunction that Lulu had helped her with.

Dante smiled and held up the gelato as he revealed that he had to get the treat to his mother before it melted. After Dante left, Maxie pressured Lulu to take the pregnancy test, so Lulu went to the bathroom. A short time later, Maxie was eager to know the results of the test, but Dante returned. Maxie quickly excused herself to check on Patrick. After Maxie left, Dante wondered if Lulu was ready to leave. "Yes," Lulu replied and then bolted.

At the lake house, Jason wondered what was going on when he saw Sam and John hug. Sam pulled away as she assured Jason that things were not as they seemed. Sam explained that John was there because Alexis had agreed to represent John. Sam revealed that John had been arrested for assaulting Todd because Todd had sent a picture of John and Sam kissing to Natalie. Jason was curious how Todd had managed to get the picture, but Sam insisted that it didn't matter. Jason wondered how Natalie had reacted to the picture, so John revealed that Natalie had taken Liam and left.

Jason pointed out that John was the one who had been caught with Sam, so he was curious why John had blamed Todd. Sam assured Jason that the kiss hadn't meant anything, but Jason was curious if John felt the same way. John agreed with Sam, so Sam revealed that John was eager to work things out with Natalie. Jason admitted that he wasn't there because of that, so John decided that it was his cue to leave. Sam urged John not to do anything rash that might jeopardize John's bid for custody. John wished Sam good luck and then left.

In the Atlantic City jail, Joe immediately suspected Sonny of being responsible for Trey's bruised face. Trey admitted that he had sparred with Sonny in the boxing ring, but he assured his father that he was fine. Joe calmed down when Trey confided that it had worked to Trey's advantage. Joe assumed that meant that Trey and Kristina had set a wedding date, so Trey revealed that Kristina wanted to take things slowly because her last boyfriend had abused her. "So she says," Joe scoffed.

Joe insisted that there were always two sides to every story, but Trey cut his father off. Trey made it clear that no one should be abused the way that Kristina had been. Joe switched tactics by reminding Trey that Trey didn't have to stay married to Kristina as long as their assets were combined and Trey was married to her when Sonny learned the truth about who Trey was. Trey was uncomfortable with the idea of marrying Kristina under false pretenses because she had been through enough. Joe argued that they'd had their own hardships, including Joe's incarceration for a crime that he hadn't committed. Trey was confident that Joe would soon be out of jail because the charges wouldn't stick.

Joe claimed that he was not as young as he had once been, so it was crucial for Trey to neutralize Sonny by marrying Kristina. Trey wondered if there was another way, but Joe insisted that they didn't have any other options. Moments later, Trey received a message from Kristina. Joe was pleased, so he urged Trey to keep his eye on the prize. Joe promised that they would use the money to make a difference. Joe assured his son that Trey was the most important person in the world to Joe, so Trey agreed to propose marriage to Kristina.

At Kelly's, Kristina and Sonny chatted over coffee. Sonny assured Kristina that he hadn't hurt Trey in the boxing ring and then changed the subject because he needed her advice. Kristina was surprised when Sonny showed her the diamond engagement ring that he had bought for Kate. She promised her father that she was happy for him, but she was concerned if Kate was ready to marry Sonny after what had happened on their last wedding day. Sonny was confident that he could keep Kate safe. Kristina admitted that it was obvious how much Sonny and Kate loved each other.

Kristina confided that she loved the ring, but she wanted a slightly bigger ring when she became engaged. Sonny chuckled and suggested that Trey was not the guy for her because Trey couldn't afford a more expensive ring. Kristina pointed out that Trey had gone to Yale, so she was confident that he had something in the works. Sonny was pleased that he and Kristina were getting along for a change. Kristina realized that she had said some awful things to her father, but she promised him that she loved him and was happy for him and Kate.

Sonny vowed that nothing would get between him and Kate again. Kristina's smile faded when she spotted John McBain. Kristina warned John to back off so that Jason and Sam could work things out. John assured Kristina that he didn't have any intention of getting between Sam and Jason. Sonny decided to have a private word with John, so he followed John to the counter. Sonny was tired of waiting for the justice system to deal with Joe.

Sonny told John about Joe's threat against Sonny's children. John agreed not to stand in Sonny's way if Joe was released from jail. Shortly after Sonny left, John looked at the temporary restraining order that Natalie had sent and then at a picture of Natalie holding Liam. John vowed to see his son.

Nearby, Kristina was delighted when Trey walked in, but her smile faded when he joined her because she could tell that something was troubling him.

Meanwhile, Sonny tracked Kate down at the hospital. Kate was happy to see him, so he revealed that he had a surprise for her and then led her away.

At the lake house, Sam assured Jason that she didn't want to make things more difficult for him, so she invited him to speak his mind. Jason reminded her that they needed to make a decision about their future. Sam noticed that Jason wasn't wearing his wedding ring, so Jason pulled it out of his pocket. He offered to put it back on if she wanted to work on their marriage. Sam tearfully confessed that she loved him, but she didn't know if that would be enough to save their marriage.

Jason regretted hurting Sam by not accepting the baby and sending men after John. He assured her that he had never wanted the baby to be gone. Jason grieved for the child and admitted that he would give his life for her to have her son back. Jason insisted that he was willing to try to make their marriage work. "Can you forgive me?" he asked.

Sam realized that she was supposed to say yes, but she confessed that she didn't know if she could ever forgive him, because whenever she saw a baby, the pain was a fresh as the day that her son had died. Sam admitted that things might have been different if her baby had survived because then she might have been able to see the love in Jason's eyes when he held her son. Sam confessed that her friendship with John might also pose a problem. Sam refused to turn her back on John because she felt responsible for the mess that John was in. She vowed not to let John lose his son too.

Sam wondered if Jason could accept John as a part of Sam's life. "I don't know," Jason confessed. Sam took his hands in hers as she tearfully admitted that she had once loved Jason's honesty. She wished that things could be different. Jason realized that they couldn't go back and change things, but they couldn't move forward either. Sam and Jason let go of each other's hands as Sam tearfully begged Jason to say the words, because she couldn't.

"We need to get a divorce," Jason said.

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