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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 13, 2012 on GH
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Monday, August 13, 2012

At the Lake house, Sam and Jason decided to divorce. Each worried about how the other would be affected as they tried to figure out how to separate their lives. Jason said that as he recalled his divorce from Brenda, the legal procedure was fairly simple. Sam told Jason that it had been easy to divorce Benda because his marriage to her had not been real. Sam said that her relationship with Jason was real and she did not want to forget how much she and Jason had meant to each other.

Sam asked Jason if Alexis could handle the divorce proceedings. Jason told Sam to take anything that she wanted. Sam said that she did not want anything of Jason's. Wryly, Jason said it would be the easiest divorce in history. Sam wondered out loud why they were doing it.

Jason responded that he thought that Sam wanted the divorce. Jason asked what they should do instead. Sam considered a trial separation and asked if Jason would go to marriage counseling. Jason jumped at the chance and said that he would do anything to save their marriage.

Sam got wishy-washy and said that her dilemma was that she could not forgive Jason, and she could not stop loving him either. Jason told Sam that he would rather let her go than to hurt her further. Sam replied that Jason was hurting also. Sam added that she knew that she was punishing Jason and had to stop before she destroyed everything that they had once had. Sam and Jason agreed that under the circumstances, they had to divorce. Sam said that she did not know how to say goodbye, and she wished that it did not have to be all or nothing for them.

Sam told Jason that she was not just losing her husband; she was losing her best friend. Jason agreed with her. Jason told Sam that even if they could not stay friends, he would never stop wanting her happiness. Sam said that she wished the same for Jason.

Sam was crying when she told Jason that she was sorry and that they needed to say the words for the words to be real. Jason became teary-eyed as he and Sam exchanged goodbyes. Sam grabbed Jason's hand and said, "Wait." They embraced and held each other for a long moment.

Sam and Jason looked deeply into each other's eyes and then kissed. As they did, both recalled their memorable moments together, the time that Sam was pregnant with Sonny's baby, their first kiss, the first time Jason had told Sam that he loved her, the many times they had made love, fun times, happy times, and their wedding. They broke apart and moved away from each other. Jason said he loved Sam, and Sam said that she loved Jason. Jason's eyes held tears. He looked back through the window as he left and saw Sam sitting on the sofa, crying quietly.

Milo and Max bickered as they prepared a quiet, romantic dinner for two at Sonny's office and private restaurant. Outside, Sonny and Kate were dressed up and ready for romance. Once inside the restaurant, Sonny seated Kate and mentioned his anxieties about the evening privately to Max. Back at the table, Kate noticed that the menu included the same foods that she had been served on her first date with Sonny. They reminisced about old times. Sonny said that he had been desperate to show that he had class. Kate told him that he had class and then some. She reminded him that after that dinner, he had taken her by limo to an exclusive nightclub where they had danced and Sonny had demonstrated the moonwalk.

Kate said that she could get used to romantic dinners and dancing. Sonny said that he could too -- that he could get used to a lifetime's worth. Sonny told Kate that as children their future had been stolen from them and that when they reconnected as adults they had been torn apart again. Sonny said that he wanted to try again because he wanted Kate in his life forever. Sonny offered Kate a large diamond ring and asked her to marry him. Kate was speechless.

Sonny said that he and Kate had been through the ringer together, and he believed that they could change and move on together. Sonny said that he had already changed because of Kate. Sonny said that he had learned to forgive as he watched Kate struggle with her illness and remembered how many people had supported him through his. Kate worried that Connie would reemerge. Sonny said that they would face the future together. Sonny told Kate that he wanted to be by her side for the rest of their lives.

Kate said that Sonny deserved better. Sonny responded that they both deserved the best. Sonny told Kate that he would never leave her and that he would spend the rest of his life making her happy. That time when Sonny asked Kate to marry him, she smiled, offered her ring finger, and said yes. They kissed and then spent the rest of the evening dancing and romancing as Max and Milo looked on.

At the loft, Dante laughed and joked with Lulu about Olivia's hallucination that Lulu was pregnant. When Dante left to take a shower, Lulu looked at the test stick that confirmed her pregnancy. Dante was in a playful mood when he got out of the shower and thought that Lulu's lack of appetite and more somber mood meant that she was sick. After taking her temperature and finding out that she was okay, Dante settled down to listen.

Lulu began her story with Maxie, but before she could tell the whole story, Dante found the test stick that Lulu had hurriedly hidden and jumped to the conclusion that Maxie was pregnant. Lulu finally got Dante's attention when she exclaimed that she, not Maxie, was pregnant. Dante was ecstatic and started kissing Lulu. He worried about hurting the baby and wanted to know everything. Dante said that he knew they were working through stuff, so if Lulu had any reservations or thought they should wait to be parents, he was okay with that, but Lulu said she had fears but no reservations. Lulu said she was ready for parenthood. Dante was delighted as they laughed about Olivia being psychic, and they shared their happiness about becoming parents.

Carly and Johnny went upstairs to Carly's bedroom while Ewen snuck inside Josslyn's room. He told the sleeping baby he was sorry before injecting her with a sleeping potion. Ewen hid when Johnny and Carly moved downstairs as part of their love play. As their passion increased, Carly said they should take it upstairs. She found a pair of handcuffs, and she and Johnny made jokes about who would do what to whom. Ewen left his hiding spot, grabbed Josslyn, and left Carly's home without being seen.

A chloroformed Alexis lay on a sofa at Wyndemere. Jerry told the sleeping Alexis that she would not believe him but that he had never wanted any harm to come to her. Jerry opened a padded case containing vials and needles, took out a syringe, and told Alexis that he did not have a choice as he injected her with a mystery drug. Jerry told her that things would not be simple but that he would look out for her as best he could.

Ewen arrived with a sleeping Josslyn. Jerry kissed her on top of her head and called her a "little angel." Ewen assured Jerry that he had left no trace. Ewen said that he had delivered Robin to Switzerland and Josslyn to Jerry, and wanted out of his deal with Jerry before anyone else got hurt. Then Ewen noticed Alexis and asked Jerry what he had done. Ewen seemed surprised to find that Alexis was still alive. Jerry said that he was not a monster. Ewen wanted to know why Jerry was hurting so many innocent people and stopped Jerry when he tried to give Josslyn an injection of the same drug he had given Alexis.

Jerry told Ewen that he was vastly uninformed. Jerry said that he was not after money or ransom. Jerry told Ewen that he was more trouble than he was worth and that if Ewen wanted out, Jerry would be glad to let him out, right after Jerry told Liz about Ewen's ties to Jerry. Ewen cautioned Jerry to leave Liz alone. Jerry told Ewen that he was tedious and that Liz would remain in the dark as long as Ewen continued to cooperate. Jerry took the syringe from Ewen and gave Josslyn an injection of the same mystery drug he had administered to Alexis.

Johnny and Carly appeared downstairs, still frisky from their upstairs romp. Johnny was handcuffed, and they laughed and made jokes as Carly found the keys and unlocked the cuffs. Carly checked on Josslyn and found her missing. Carly called Dante, who was busy with Lulu and did not see the message on his phone. Carly started to panic, and Johnny said he would check the yard on the off chance that Josslyn had somehow wandered outside. Carly was on the phone with the police, giving a description of Josslyn, when Johnny rushed in with Josslyn in his arms.

Carly asked Josslyn if she was okay. Johnny said that he had found Josslyn curled up and asleep next to the swing set in the back yard. Johnny asked if Josslyn had ever had a sleepwalking experience. Carly said that she had not. Outside the front door, Ewen showed regret as he walked away.

At Wyndemere, Alexis awoke on the sofa and did not remember why she was there or that Jerry had been waiting for her with chloroform. As she left, Alexis mumbled that she hated the place. Jerry was lurking near the door and had a coughing fit after Alexis left. Jerry whispered that he had to admit that he had not thought that Alexis would fight so hard, but promised Alexis that she and Josslyn would have what they needed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

At the loft, Lulu woke up Dante with kisses and suggested that he get used to waking up early. Dante worried that the previous evening had been a dream. "We're having a baby," Lulu assured him. They both smiled with joy as Dante got out of bed. A short time later, Dante returned to the bedroom to announce that breakfast was ready. He held out a glass of milk for Lulu, but Lulu reminded him that she didn't like milk.

Dante insisted that Lulu needed the extra calcium for the baby. Lulu tentatively took a sip of milk as she confessed that she needed time to get used to the idea of becoming a parent. Dante admitted that it was a bit scary. Lulu wondered if he had a preference, so Dante assured her that he didn't care if the baby was a boy or a girl, as long as the baby was as sweet as Lulu. Lulu smiled because she was happy about the unexpected surprise. However, she didn't want to jinx things, so she asked Dante not to tell anyone until she had a chance to see a doctor.

Lulu called Dr. Lee's office to schedule an appointment for later that morning. Dante wondered if Kelly would be able to tell them what the sex of the baby was. Lulu didn't know, but she was confident that Kelly would be able to give them a due date.

In Luke's hospital room, Luke left a voicemail message for Anna to let her know that he was going stir-crazy and to caution her not to buy into Heather's lies. Steve overheard Luke's comments about Heather as he entered the room. Steve wondered what his mother had done, so Luke explained that Heather hadn't gone to Ferncliff quietly. Luke revealed that Heather had tried to play mind games with Anna. Luke suspected that Steve wasn't interested in hearing the details. Steve agreed, and then apologized to Luke.

Steve felt responsible for Heather's reign of terror, because Steve had been instrumental in Heather's release from Ferncliff. Luke insisted that the doctors at Ferncliff had screwed up, not Steve. Luke appreciated that Steve had saved Luke's life, so he assured Steve that they were even. Steve was shocked when Luke revealed that Heather had had an accomplice. Steve wondered if Luke knew who it had been. "Jason," Luke answered.

Steve assumed that Luke meant Jason Morgan. "Voorhees," Luke clarified, and then explained that the man had worn a mask to hide his identity.

Dante and Lulu had stopped by Luke's room on their way to Dr. Lee's office. Steve excused himself, so Dante followed Steve to the hallway. Dante warned Steve that the Memphis police would be in contact with Steve, because Maggie's murder had reopened the investigation into the death of Steve's patient. Steve nodded, and then suggested that Dante ask Luke about Heather's accomplice. Lulu overheard Steve, so she turned to Luke for an explanation as Dante returned to the room.

Luke revealed that Heather had had a partner in crime, who had gone to the cabin to take care of Luke. Luke revealed that he didn't know the man's identity, but Luke had sensed that the man had been tempted to let Luke go when Luke had talked about Lulu. Lulu was surprised that her father had been thinking about her, so Luke assured Lulu that he thought about her more than she realized. Luke suspected that Heather's accomplice had a daughter because of the way that the man had reacted when Luke had talked about Lulu. Luke had also noticed that the man had worn expensive shoes, indicating that Heather's accomplice was wealthy.

At Ferncliff, Heather was excited to learn that she had a visitor. She asked the guard if Steve or Luke might be there to tell her that she had been forgiven. "No, no, and no," Todd answered, as Heather entered the visitor's room. Heather was not pleased that Todd had been ignoring her messages. She warned Todd that he couldn't get rid of his problem by burying his head in the sand, because she could still cause problems, even though she was stuck in a "hellhole."

Todd demanded to know what Heather wanted. Heather expected Todd to find a way to get the charges against her dropped, but Todd insisted that it was impossible because Heather had been deemed a danger to herself and others. Heather threatened to tell Sam about the baby switch, but Todd argued that there was nothing that he could do for Heather because she had been caught red-handed. Heather insisted that it was Todd's problem, not hers.

Todd warned Heather that she would only be hurting Téa, if she revealed the truth about the baby switch, but Heather didn't care, as long as Todd went to jail for kidnapping. Todd warned Heather that Luke and Steve wanted nothing to do with her, but Heather didn't believe him. She insisted that Steve loved her because she was his mother. Todd's interest was piqued when Heather let it slip that she had kept Steve from being locked up in a Memphis jail. She quickly tried to backtrack, but it was too late.

Todd realized that Maggie's forged suicide letter meant that the murder case in Memphis would be reopened. Heather became distraught at the thought of Steve being sent to jail for the death of a patient. Todd assured Heather that he could help Steve by lining some pockets to make the case slip through the cracks -- if Heather agreed to stay in Ferncliff and stop threatening to tell everyone about the baby switch. Heather admitted that she would do anything for her son, including agreeing to Todd's terms, so they shook hands. Todd smiled with satisfaction as Heather was led away.

At Wyndemere, Jerry opened a briefcase that was filled with vials and a syringe. Moments later, Jerry began to cough violently, so he covered his mouth with a handkerchief. Afterwards, Jerry noticed that there was blood on the handkerchief. He quickly tucked the bloody cloth away when he heard Ewen call out to him. Jerry closed the briefcase as Ewen entered the parlor, but Ewen saw the contents of the briefcase. Ewen revealed that he wanted to talk about what had transpired at Wyndemere the previous evening.

Jerry was confident that Josslyn would think that it had been a dream, but Ewen was uncomfortable with what Jerry had done to Alexis and Josslyn. Ewen demanded to know what was in the vials that Jerry had in the briefcase, but Jerry refused to tell Ewen. Ewen feared that he might face possible murder charges if anything happened to Alexis or Josslyn. Jerry suggested that a little mystery kept life interesting, but Ewen was not amused.

Jerry assured Ewen that everything would soon become clear, but Ewen argued that he had made an oath to do no harm. Jerry warned Ewen that it was too late, so he advised Ewen to relax. Jerry decided fetch some tea, so Ewen seized the opportunity to pry open the briefcase. Ewen managed to snatch a vial as Jerry returned to the parlor. "Can I help you with that?" Jerry casually asked. Ewen threatened to have the contents of the vial tested, but Jerry assured Ewen that it wasn't necessary.

Jerry grabbed the vial, and then drank its contents. Ewen was stunned as Jerry revealed that the vial contained plain water. Ewen wondered why Jerry would have water in the vials, so Jerry explained that he had wanted to make it clear to Ewen that he would always be one step ahead of Ewen. Disgusted, Ewen made it clear that he refused to be involved in anything that harmed a child. Jerry gave his word that Alexis and Josslyn wouldn't get hurt, but Ewen didn't believe Jerry.

Jason stopped by to visit Carly. Carly warmly greeted Jason and then told him about Josslyn's strange disappearance. Carly suspected that Josslyn had been sleepwalking, even though Josslyn had never done it before. Jason wondered if perhaps Jax had been responsible for Josslyn's brief disappearance, but Carly doubted that Jax would leave Josslyn alone by the swingset. Carly decided to question Josslyn about the incident, but Josslyn couldn't explain how she had ended up outside in the middle of the night. Jason and Carly agreed that Josslyn seemed okay, so they decided to let the matter drop.

Jason revealed that he and Sam had decided to get a divorce. Carly was stunned. She wanted to track down Sam have a talk with Sam, but Jason insisted that Carly leave it alone. Carly was upset, because Sam had walked out on Jason at the first sign of trouble, despite Sam's assurances that Sam could accept Jason as he was. Carly insisted that Jason was a good man, so Sam should have known that Jason would love the baby, instead of "shacking up with John McBain." Carly hated that Sam always painted herself as the victim.

Jason explained that he and Sam had made the choice to stop hurting each other. According to Jason, his marriage to Sam was beyond repair. Carly was certain that Jason still loved Sam, so she wondered if he really wanted a divorce. Jason made it clear that his marriage to Sam was over. Carly saw the truth in Jason's eyes, so she backed down. She decided to cheer Jason up by inviting Josslyn to give Jason a hug.

Carly became alarmed when she noticed a red mark on Josslyn's arm after the hug. Jason thought that it might be a bug bite, but Carly reminded Jason that Josslyn was on anti-rejection medication because of the kidney transplant. Jason suggested that they take Josslyn to the hospital to be checked out. A short time later, Jason, Carly, and Josslyn approached the nurses' station to ask Steve to take a look at Josslyn's arm.

At the lake house, Sam was standing on the porch, thinking about her last kiss with Jason when Alexis entered in the living room. Sam became concerned, because Alexis looked ill. Alexis explained that she was tired, even though she had slept well. Sam knew about the alarm at Wyndemere, so she was curious if things were okay at the castle. "Actually, I don't think things are okay at all," Alexis confessed.

Alexis revealed that she had passed out shortly after her arrival on Spoon Island. Alexis recalled waking up on the sofa but didn't remember seeing anyone or talking to anyone. Sam thought that it was odd, but Alexis decided to chalk it up to Wyndemere being cursed. Alexis fetched a cup of coffee and then joined her daughter on the sofa. Alexis was curious if Sam had heard from John, so Sam explained that John was staying at the Rendezvous Motel. Alexis was relieved that John hadn't gone back to Llanview, so she promised to make John's case a priority.

Sam confessed that she needed Alexis' help with another case. Sam revealed that Jason had stopped by to talk about their marriage and that they had decided to get a divorce. Sam explained that she had tried to get past what had happened, but her marriage to Jason was broken beyond repair. Alexis wondered if perhaps John had been a part of why Sam's marriage to Jason had failed. "Yes," Sam conceded. Sam explained that Jason had sensed the connection between Sam and John, which had provoked Jason and led to Jason's decision to send the thugs after John on the night of her son's birth.

Alexis was curious if Sam would still want a divorce if John weren't at the motel. Sam assured her mother that it wouldn't make a difference, because every time Sam looked at Jason, Sam saw the man who had abandoned Sam when Sam needed Jason the most. Alexis held Sam as Sam cried. Sam couldn't believe that her marriage was over. Alexis appreciated that Sam didn't want to drag things out, so Alexis promised to take care of everything.

Sam made it clear that she didn't want anything from Jason, including alimony. Alexis had reservations about Diane representing Jason, because Diane had a tendency to make things difficult, but Alexis vowed to make the whole process as painless as possible for Sam. Alexis decided to go to her office to get things started, but only managed to take a few steps before she collapsed. Sam rushed to her mother's side.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

At the hospital, Epiphany paid Patrick a visit as he prepared to go home. Patrick revealed that Ewen had arranged for Patrick to continue treatment through outpatient counseling. Epiphany was pleased, so she broached the subject of the drugs that Patrick had stolen. Epiphany reminded Patrick that she had nearly fired someone for the theft, but Patrick assured her that he wouldn't have let that happen. Patrick was prepared to face the consequences for the things that he had done, so he wouldn't try to change Epiphany's mind if she decided to tell Monica about the stolen drugs.

Epiphany was furious that Patrick had lied to her countless times and had operated on patients while he had been under the influence. Patrick clarified that he had only felt in control when he had been in the operating room, so he had never taken amphetamines prior to surgery. However, he realized that he had let everyone down. Epiphany agreed not to tell Monica about the theft, but she warned Patrick that she would report him if she suspected that Patrick had relapsed. Patrick didn't know what he would do without his work, so he appreciated Epiphany's faith in him.

Epiphany warned Patrick that it wouldn't be easy, but he had friends who wanted to help him, including her. Patrick recalled that Epiphany had disliked him when they had first met. Epiphany agreed that she'd had a low opinion of him in the beginning, but he was a brilliant doctor, so she had grown to respect him. Epiphany urged him to talk to her if he needed a friend. Patrick assured her that he didn't intend to relapse.

Patrick explained that he had used drugs because he couldn't figure out how to go on without Robin. Patrick conceded that Liz, Maxie, and Matt had helped him out in numerous ways, but Robin's death had left a massive hole in his life. However, he was determined to let his wife rest in peace.

Later, Epiphany returned to Patrick's hospital room with Emma in tow. Patrick opened his arms as Emma ran to her father. After Epiphany left, Patrick hoisted Emma onto the bed to explain that he had been sick. "Will you die like Mommy?" Emma nervously asked. Patrick assured his daughter that he wouldn't leave her. He realized that Emma missed her mother, so he promised Emma that Robin was watching over them.

Patrick suggested that he and Emma focus on the good times that they had shared with Robin and remind each other of those times when things became difficult. Emma agreed. Emma smiled with delight when Patrick offered to take her to Kelly's for an ice cream sundae.

At the apartment, Trey was on the phone with his father. Joe wondered if Trey had made any headway with Kristina, so Trey assured Joe that there would be a wedding soon. "A wedding? Who's getting married?" Starr asked, as she and Michael entered the apartment. Trey quickly disconnected the call and accused Starr of eavesdropping. Michael reminded Trey that Starr lived in the apartment, so Trey shouldn't expect privacy in the living room.

Starr remained curious about Trey's remark, so Trey explained that Kristina had told him that Sonny intended to propose marriage to Kate. Michael was surprised by the news, prompting Trey to goad Michael about not being in the loop, even though Michael was Sonny's favorite son. Michael was concerned about how Starr would take the news of Kate moving on with her life in the wake of causing the crash that had killed Hope and Cole. Starr assured Michael that she wanted Kate to get well. "Just like I have, thanks to you," Starr added. Michael smiled and kissed Starr.

After Michael left, Starr remarked that Trey and Kristina seemed to have gotten close, because Kristina had confided a secret to Trey. She was curious if Trey had told Kristina about his father being in jail. Trey insisted that he had to respect his father's wishes, but Starr argued that Trey should have shared his secret with his girlfriend, not Starr. Starr was certain that Kristina would understand because Sonny had been on trial several times. Starr added that it wasn't as if Trey's father was neck deep in the mob.

Starr was certain that Kristina cared about Trey, so Starr doubted that Kristina would break up with Trey because his father was in jail. Trey explained that Joe didn't want him to tell Kristina. Starr admitted that it didn't make sense that Trey's father knew about Kristina, but Kristina didn't know about Trey's father. Starr warned Trey not to keep Kristina in the dark if he cared about her. Trey argued that it was necessary, but Starr insisted that secrets were not the way to start a relationship.

Trey panicked when Starr admitted that she might not be able to keep Trey's secret from Michael, because Michael might tell Kristina. Starr couldn't understand why Trey was so concerned about Kristina learning about his father, so Trey admitted that his father might not be the man that Trey had thought he was. Trey explained that he been away at school, so he hadn't lived with his father for years.

In the Atlantic City jail, the guard warned Joe that Joe's time was up, so Joe returned the cell phone to the guard. The guard announced that Joe had a visitor and then walked away. Moments later, Jerry approached Joe's jail cell. Joe smiled. "About time you got here," Joe said. Jerry admitted that it had been a long time.

Joe insisted that he had been wrongly accused of a crime he hadn't committed, but Jerry knew better. Jerry made a point of thoroughly researching his associates, so Jerry knew that Joe had murdered John McBain's sister. Joe pointed out that he couldn't give Jerry what Jerry needed if Joe remained locked up. Jerry promised to take care of things -- for a price. Jerry revealed that he had recently made a body disappear "like magic," so Jerry intended to perform his "ultimate feat," with Joe's help. Joe was more interested in how Jerry intended to get Joe out of jail.

Jerry assured Joe that everything was going according to schedule, so Joe was curious if Jerry was working for someone. Jerry admitted that he was self-employed, which was why Jerry needed Joe to recruit some men for Jerry. Joe warned Jerry that it wouldn't be easy, because the last group of men that Joe had assembled for Jerry had perished during the Metro Court hostage crisis years earlier. Jerry started to leave, but Joe stopped Jerry with a promise to set everything up. Satisfied, Jerry took steps to arrange for Jerry's release.

Joe was pleased when Jerry assured him that Joe would be a free man in a short time. Jerry explained that they would be taking a boat to Spoon Island, which was off the coast of Port Charles. Joe smiled with satisfaction because it was Sonny's neck of the woods. Jerry added that he and Joe would be staying at Wyndemere.

At the lake house, Sam rushed to her mother's side when Alexis fainted. Moments later, John arrived to discuss his case with Alexis. He quickly went to Alexis' aid, while Sam called for an ambulance. John noticed the pinprick mark on Alexis' arm.

Later, Kristina arrived home, but no one was there. Moments later, Michael stopped by to talk to Kristina about Sonny's decision to marry Kate. Kristina explained that Sonny had told her about the proposal because Sonny had wanted Kristina's advice about the engagement ring. Michael assured Kristina that he was happy that Sonny had talked to Kristina about it, but he was concerned about Sonny and Kate. Their conversation was cut short when Sam called to tell Kristina that Alexis was in the hospital. Michael offered to give Kristina a ride to the hospital.

At the nurses' station, Carly asked Steve to check Josslyn's arm. Steve suggested that they go to an examination room, so Carly asked Jason to wait. After Carly and Steve walked away, Liz spotted Jason. Jason told her that Carly had been concerned about a red mark on Josslyn's arm. Liz agreed that it was better to have it checked out because of Josslyn's medical history. However, Liz sensed that something else was troubling Jason.

Jason admitted that he and Sam had decided to get a divorce. Liz felt bad for Jason, but Jason explained that it was for the best, because holding onto the marriage had hurt worse. Liz was curious if Sam still blamed Jason for what had happened to Sam's baby. Jason nodded and suggested that the divorce would give him and Sam closure and free Sam. Liz wondered if Sam truly wanted that. Jason admitted that he didn't know, because other things and people had gotten in the way.

Moments later, Alexis arrived by ambulance, followed by Sam and John. Sam stared at Jason as the paramedics quickly filled Liz in on Alexis' symptoms and vitals. Liz ordered the paramedics to take Alexis to one of the examination rooms, while she fetched a doctor. Sam followed Alexis' gurney, while John lingered in the waiting area with Jason. John explained that he had gone to the lake house to talk to Alexis about his case, but Jason assured John that it wasn't any of Jason's business.

John was surprised by Jason's attitude, so Jason revealed that he and Sam had decided to get a divorce. "I didn't know," John quietly admitted. "Well, now you know," Jason replied. John was curious why Jason was at the hospital. Jason revealed that he was there with Carly because Carly's daughter appeared to have had a reaction to a small bug bite on her arm. John revealed that Alexis had a similar mark on her arm.

In the examination room, Steve carefully studied the mark on Josslyn's arm as Carly told him about Josslyn's "sleepwalking" episode. Steve admitted that the redness, swelling, and pinprick contusion were consistent with a bug bite, but he was concerned about Josslyn's slight fever, so he decided to run some tests. Steve was curious how long Josslyn had been sleepwalking, so Carly explained that it appeared to have been the first time. She hoped that it was the last, because she couldn't help but think about what Liz had gone through with Jake.

In another examination room, Liz gave Dr. Rashi a brief overview of Alexis' symptoms and vitals. Dr. Rashi questioned Sam about Alexis' medical history, so Sam explained that Alexis had been healthy since battling lung cancer a few years earlier. However, Sam admitted that Alexis had fainted more than once in the past twenty-four hours.

Jason spotted Steve, so he asked about Josslyn. Steve assured Jason that they were running tests. Jason revealed that Alexis had arrived with a similar mark on her arm, so Steve decided to check on Alexis.

Moments later, Steve examined Alexis and conferred with Dr. Rashi, so Sam decided to call Kristina. Afterwards, Sam went to the waiting area to update John and Jason on Alexis' condition. John's interest was piqued when Sam mentioned that Alexis had had a fainting spell the previous evening when Alexis had gone to Wyndemere. John questioned Sam about the incident and asked her for the name of the security company that had called Alexis. Moments later, Kristina and Michael arrived, so Sam took her sister to see their mother. Meanwhile, Jason told Michael that Josslyn had been admitted to the hospital.

Carly smiled when Michael entered the examination room. Carly wondered if Josslyn had walked in her sleep when Michael had recently watched his sister, but Michael assured Carly that it had been an uneventful evening. Michael was confident that Josslyn would be fine.

Later, Liz became concerned when she noted that Alexis' temperature had gone up a degree. Steve decided to run some blood tests, because the pinprick mark on Alexis' arm looked like the one that Josslyn had. Moments later, Sam and Kristina entered the room. The sisters were relieved when Alexis slowly opened her eyes. Sam promised Alexis that they would find out why Alexis kept fainting.

Meanwhile, John admitted to Jason that things didn't add up. John explained that he had called the security company, but no one there had called Alexis. John suspected that someone had lured Alexis to Wyndemere, so he was curious who Alexis and Josslyn had in common. Jason doubted that it was one of Sonny's associates or any of the Cassadines. John was certain that the red marks on Alexis and Josslyn's arms were a clue.

John spotted Liz, so he introduced himself, and then asked her to let Sam know that he had to leave. Jason overheard John, so he waited until Liz walked away to ask John if John knew how to get to Wyndemere. John was confident that he could find a way, but Jason warned John that John would need a boat. Jason offered to take John to Spoon Island, because Jason didn't think that it was a coincidence that Josslyn had wandered out of the house on the same night that Alexis had been lured to Wyndemere.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

At Wyndemere, John was surprised when Jason produced a set of keys to unlock the front door. Jason explained that his sister, Emily, had been married to Nikolas Cassadine. John and Jason entered the castle, as they tried to figure out who might have lured Alexis to Wyndemere the previous evening, and what the person's connection might be to Josslyn. John and Jason were startled when Ewen suddenly appeared in the doorway. Ewen claimed that he had received a call from the security company, informing him that the alarm had been tripped. Ewen had decided to check it out, because he had some things in storage at Wyndemere.

John explained that Alexis had received a similar call from the security company the previous evening, so he was curious why Ewen had waited until morning to investigate. Ewen claimed that he hadn't checked his messages until earlier that morning. John asked to see Ewen's phone, because the security company didn't have a record of the alarm being tripped. Ewen clarified that the message had been left on Ewen's office phone. John was confident that the police would be able to trace the call. Jason revealed that Alexis and Josslyn were in the hospital after falling victim to a mystery illness, so he wondered how Ewen was feeling.

Ewen assured both men that he was fine. John and Jason fired questions at Ewen to ascertain if Ewen might have had anything to do with Alexis and Josslyn's illnesses. Ewen was clearly nervous, so he wished them well in their endeavors, and then left. John and Jason were certain that Ewen had been hiding something. They noted that Wyndemere looked like someone was living there. Jason wanted to look around, but John didn't think that it was a good idea because the place might be contaminated. John suggested that they call the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention or a local company experienced in dealing with biohazardous situations to make certain that Wyndemere was safe.

Moments later, John's phone rang. It was the district attorney in Atlantic City. After John ended the call, he explained that someone had pushed for a hearing to get Joe Scully released from jail, so John needed to get to Atlantic City. Jason agreed to take John back to Port Charles.

In Atlantic City, Joe wanted details about Jerry's job so that Joe could furnish Jerry with the right personnel. Jerry refused to tell Joe anything until it was necessary. Joe wanted to at least know what the target was. "Not what, who," Jerry cryptically revealed. Jerry explained that the target had been hard to kill in the past, so Jerry's main objective was to cheat death once again.

Joe warned Jerry not to get too cocky, because it could lead to mistakes. Jerry found it laughable for Joe to dispense advice from behind bars, because Joe had ended up at the mercy of Sonny with no one to turn to except for Jerry. "Not necessarily," Joe replied smugly. Jerry was curious if Joe was referring to Joe's son, whom Joe believed no one knew about. Joe's smile faded when Jerry asked how Trey was doing. Joe demanded to know how Jerry knew about Trey, so Jerry reminded Joe that Jerry made a point of knowing everything about his associates.

Joe warned Jerry not to hurt Trey. Jerry was curious if Trey realized to what extent Joe was using his son or how far Joe was willing to go to destroy anything Corinthos. Before Joe could reply, a guard announced that it was Joe's lucky day, because Joe was about to be released. After Joe was led away to be processed, Jerry had another violent coughing fit. Moments later, Ewen called.

Ewen revealed that Alexis and Josslyn were in the hospital, so Ewen demanded to know what Jerry had injected them with. Jerry made it clear that it wasn't any of Ewen's concern, but revealed that he had been keeping tabs on Alexis and Josslyn. Ewen was curious if Jerry had been monitoring Wyndemere too, because John and Jason were there. Jerry tensed as he demanded to know what Ewen had told John and Jason. Jerry was furious when Ewen recounted the conversation, because Ewen had slipped up by claiming that the security company had left Ewen a message.

Ewen suggested that Jerry might have thought about that before Jerry had lured Alexis to Wyndemere. Jerry didn't have time for regrets because he had to move up the timetable for his plans. Ewen was more concerned about reversing whatever Jerry had injected Alexis and Josslyn with. Jerry warned Ewen that it would be unwise, as well as futile, to attempt.

After Jerry ended the call, Joe walked up. Joe was pleased to be wearing his street clothes again. Shortly after Jerry and Joe left, John arrived. John was stunned that Joe had managed to walk away from the murder charges. The guard agreed that it was astounding.

At Wyndemere, Joe was impressed with the antique furnishings. However, he was curious if Jerry was concerned that Jason might return. Jerry explained that they would only be there long enough to finalize the arrangements. Joe wondered what Jerry was talking about, so Jerry opened up his briefcase to reveal vials of an unknown substance.

At Kelly's, T.J. expressed his frustration to Molly and Shawn about their day at the amusement park being cut short because Shawn's date, Rosie, had gotten sick on one of the rides. Molly and Shawn suggested that T.J. have some compassion for Rosie, but T.J. refused to cut Shawn's date any slack. T.J. had not been impressed with Rosie. Molly thought that Rosie had been nice, but T.J. complained about Rosie's desire to go antiquing and her lack of cooking skills. Molly admitted that Rosie's vegan quiche had been unappetizing.

T.J. insisted that Shawn needed someone more lively and challenging who could surprise Shawn. Shawn thought about his game of strip pool with Alexis, while T.J. wondered where they could find a more compatible woman for Shawn. Later, Mac entered the dinner. Shawn greeted Mac and asked how Mac was handling not being a cop. Mac admitted that he didn't miss the police force because he enjoyed working at the Floating Rib. Shawn was surprised to hear about Mac's new job. Mac assumed that Alexis had mentioned it to Shawn on their date.

Shawn was curious why Mac thought that Alexis and Shawn had gone out. Mac tried to change the subject when he realized that Alexis hadn't asked Shawn out, but Shawn pushed for an answer. Mac finally admitted that he had talked to Alexis about her social life when Mac had heard about her game of strip pool with Shawn. Shawn was curious what Alexis had said, but Mac wanted to know if Shawn was interested in Alexis. Shawn explained that he was seeing someone.

Mac admitted that he had encouraged Alexis to ask Shawn out, but it was clear that she had chickened out. Shawn suspected that Alexis had backed down, because she had seen Rosie kiss him. Shawn wondered if Alexis would go out with him, so Mac suggested that Shawn could find out by asking her.

Meanwhile, Molly realized that Alexis might be perfect for Shawn. T.J. had reservations about fixing Shawn and Alexis up, but Molly pointed out that it might work to their benefit if Shawn and Alexis hit if off. T.J. warned Molly that it could get weird if Shawn and Alexis were to fall in love or had a bitter breakup. Molly realized that T.J. had a point, so she agreed that they needed to make certain that Shawn and Alexis never got together.

At the apartment, Starr wanted Trey to explain his remark about his father not being who Trey thought he was. Trey insisted that his father was a complicated man, so it was hard for him to talk about it. Starr doubted that Trey's father was worse than her own father. Trey refused to confide to Starr unless she promised not to tell anyone. Trey felt obligated to protect his father, because Trey was all his father had. Moments later, both of their phones rang.

Kristina had called Trey to tell him that Alexis was in the hospital, while Michael had called to tell Starr about Josslyn. Afterwards, Trey and Starr decided to go to the hospital.

In Alexis' hospital room, Alexis complained that she was dizzy. Sam assured her mother that the doctors were running tests to find out what was wrong with Alexis. Kristina decided to call Molly to let her know about Alexis, but Alexis wanted Molly to enjoy her day with T.J. Kristina insisted that Molly had a right to know what was going on, so she stepped out of the room to make the call. Sam took the opportunity to question Alexis about the fainting spells and Alexis' trip to Wyndemere.

Alexis' memory was fuzzy. Alexis recalled arriving at Wyndemere, but little else. Sam was curious about the bug bite on Alexis' arm. Alexis had no idea when it had happened, but she assumed that a spider had bitten her at Wyndemere. Sam suggested that it might be something altogether different, so she wondered if Alexis remembered anything, like sounds or smells at the castle. Alexis seemed to recall something, but the memory quickly faded, so Sam urged her mother to get some rest.

In Josslyn's hospital room, Carly read Josslyn a story, but Josslyn remained lethargic, so Michael decided to fetch Steve. Liz entered the room and handed an ice pack to Carly to put on Josslyn's forehead. Liz then surprised Josslyn with a lollipop to reward Josslyn for being such a good patient. Liz recalled that everyone had worked hard to get Josslyn well the last time that Josslyn had been in the hospital. Carly reminded Josslyn of their talks about how Jake had helped Josslyn. Carly explained that Liz was Jake's mother.

Carly assured Liz that she was grateful for everything that Liz had done for Josslyn. "You're welcome," Liz quietly replied as she smiled at Josslyn.

Meanwhile, Trey and Starr arrived at the hospital. Kristina and Michael greeted them, and then quickly filled them in on what was going on. Michael admitted to Starr that he was worried about his sister, because Josslyn had had a kidney transplant less than a year before. Starr assured Michael that Josslyn would be fine, so Michael decided to check in on his sister. Moments later, Michael and Starr entered Josslyn's hospital room. Michael hoped that Carly didn't mind that Starr was there, so Carly assured him that it was fine, because they could use all of the support that they could get.

In the waiting area, Kristina left Molly another message. Trey offered to track down Molly, but Kristina wanted Molly to have some fun for a while longer. Kristina appreciated Trey's support, so Trey assured her that he wanted to be there for her. Kristina and Trey went to check on Alexis, but Alexis was sleeping. Kristina decided to shift gears by reminding Trey that he had wanted to tell her something important at Kelly's a few days earlier. Trey explained that it could wait, but Kristina sensed that something was troubling him.

Trey confessed that the production company for Mob Princess might sue him if he couldn't deliver the promised episodes. Kristina was confused because she thought that Trey's father had put up the money for the reality show. Trey claimed that his father hadn't been able to cover all of the expenses, so Trey had cut a deal with a company to provide the rest of the financial backing. According to Trey, he couldn't get his father's money back unless Trey delivered ten episodes and a wedding. Kristina was stunned when Trey explained that the producers expected him to marry Kristina on the final episode. Trey insisted that his father would have to declare bankruptcy if Trey didn't go through with the nuptials.

Kristina realized that Trey only wanted to marry her to save his father from financial ruin. Trey realized that it sounded bad, but he assured Kristina that he cared about her, so he didn't want to mess things up with a fake marriage. Kristina appreciated that Trey didn't want to take advantage of her, so she was glad that he had told her. Trey recalled Starr urging him to be honest with Kristina. Kristina assured Trey that she could almost see herself "pretend" marrying a guy like him. Trey admitted that Kristina needed to know something else; his father was in jail.

Steve pulled Liz aside to tell her that the results of Alexis and Josslyn's blood tests were back. Steve explained that they had a problem, so he needed her to fetch Sam and Carly.

In Josslyn's hospital room, Michael introduced Josslyn to Starr. Michael explained that Starr was his girlfriend. Starr was clearly moved, as she admitted that Josslyn reminded her of someone. "Who?" Josslyn asked. Michael realized that Starr had been thinking of Hope. Starr smiled and handed Josslyn a little stuffed frog named Fred that had been in Starr's family since Starr had been a little girl. Starr revealed that Fred was a magic frog who helped people talk to loved ones who weren't around.

Michael was touched that Starr had given Josslyn such a sentimental gift. Starr explained that it was time for her to let go. Later, Michael thanked Starr again for giving Josslyn the little stuffed frog. Starr tearfully explained that it wasn't fair for a little girl to be sick or in pain or to die. Michael wrapped his arms around Starr as she cried on his shoulder.

Elsewhere, Steve explained that Alexis and Josslyn had the same illness. Steve revealed that it didn't appear to be contagious, but they didn't know how to treat it. Carly and Sam were stunned when Steve confessed that Alexis and Josslyn had likely been injected with the virus, so he had sent blood samples to another facility to be tested. Moments later, Jason joined the group, so Carly and Sam quickly filled him in on what Steve had told them. Jason couldn't believe that someone had deliberately injected Alexis and Josslyn.

Nearby, Ewen eavesdropped on the conversation.

Friday, August 17, 2012

At Kelly's, Molly and T.J. agreed that they didn't want Alexis and Shawn to date each other. Moments later, Shawn announced that it was time for him to take Molly home, so Molly picked up her cell phone. Molly noticed that Kristina had left her a voicemail and text message. She quickly checked the voicemail message. T.J. and Shawn immediately realized that something was wrong. Molly revealed that Alexis was in the hospital, so Shawn took Molly and T.J. to the hospital.

At Wyndemere, Joe was surprised when Jerry revealed that Kristina's mother, Alexis, had been keeping an eye on the castle for her nephew, Nikolas. Jerry assured Joe that Alexis was a lovely woman, and then confessed that Jerry's accomplice had kidnapped Jerry's niece, Josslyn, so that Jerry could inject Alexis and Josslyn with a chemical toxin that had them very sick. Joe was curious if Alexis and Josslyn would survive the illness. Jerry smiled wickedly, because he was certain that the doctors at General Hospital were chasing their tails in an effort to figure out what was going on with Alexis and Josslyn. Joe wondered where he fit into Jerry's plans, but Jerry didn't have an opportunity to reply because Ewen called.

At the nurses' station, Ewen eavesdropped as Steve explained that Alexis and Josslyn had been intentionally injected with an unknown toxin. Steve hoped that the medications would keep Alexis and Josslyn's fevers down, so that their bodies could fight off their illnesses. Carly and Sam were visibly shaken by the grim news. Jason confessed that he suspected that someone had kidnapped Josslyn and then had spirited the tyke to Wyndemere, where Alexis and Josslyn had been injected with the toxin. Carly decided to call Jax to let him know what was going on.

Johnny arrived as Carly finished leaving a message with Jax. Carly quickly filled him in on what had happened. Johnny wondered what the correlation between Josslyn and Alexis was. Carly didn't know, but she was certain that someone had snatched her daughter out of the bedroom because neither Alexis nor Josslyn had any memory of what had transpired the previous evening.

Sam couldn't understand why someone would target Alexis and Josslyn. Jason spotted Ewen standing at the nurses' station, so he thought perhaps Ewen could enlighten them. Ewen suggested that Jason was projecting because Jason was upset. Liz and Sam were startled when Jason revealed that Ewen had shown up at Wyndemere while Jason and John had been looking around for answers about what might be ailing Alexis and Josslyn. Ewen explained that he had once lived there, so the security company had called him to report that an alarm had been triggered. Jason argued that the security company hadn't had a record of the call to Alexis, so it had been a fake.

Moments later, Molly, T.J., and Shawn arrived. Sam quickly led them to Alexis' hospital room. Liz was relieved that Ewen hadn't gone to Wyndemere the previous evening, because Ewen might have been injected too. Ewen claimed that he had a patient to see, so he quickly excused himself. Liz reiterated that Ewen had been lucky. "You sure it's luck?" Jason asked. "Aren't you?" Liz wondered.

Liz was shocked that Jason would accuse Ewen of lying. Jason insisted that Ewen had lied, because it didn't make sense that Ewen would get the same fake call about the alarm at Wyndemere as Alexis had. Liz pointed out that it was just as odd that Alexis and Josslyn, who were completely unconnected, had been injected with the same mystery toxin. Jason was certain that Ewen was involved in some way, but Liz argued that Ewen was a doctor, so Ewen would never hurt anyone, much less a child. Jason warned her that there were too many inconsistencies, starting with the night that Ewen had fished her out of the water.

Liz pointed out that Ewen had saved her life, but Jason argued that Ewen had covered it up. Jason was certain that Ewen was doing the same thing again. Liz wondered if Jason might be focused on Ewen because Jason wanted to be Sam's hero by saving Alexis. Jason reminded Liz that Josslyn had been injected too. Liz immediately apologized. She appreciated that Jason was worried, but she suspected that Ewen had been right to accuse Jason of projecting, because Jason felt powerless to help Alexis and Josslyn.

Liz realized that Jason didn't like Ewen, but Jason clarified that he didn't trust the doctor. Jason was certain that she felt the same way. Liz insisted that she liked Ewen, so Jason advised her to be careful. Liz assured Jason that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, so it wasn't necessary for Jason to protect her.

Meanwhile, Ewen called Jerry to let him know that people were onto Jerry. Ewen explained that the doctors had determined that Alexis and Josslyn had been injected with a chemical toxin and that Jason had traced it back to Wyndemere. Jerry wasn't concerned because the doctors didn't know what Alexis and Josslyn had been given nor did anyone know that Jerry was in town. Jerry explained that he had a guest at Wyndemere, so he ordered Ewen to leave him alone and then ended the call.

Jason saw Ewen growl with frustration as Ewen tucked the phone away. Jason wondered why Ewen wasn't with the patient that Ewen had left to see. Ewen claimed that he patient had called to cancel the appointment. Ewen spotted Steve, so he quickly asked Steve how Alexis and Josslyn were doing. Steve explained that all they could do was wait. Moments later, Sam fetched Steve to see if there was something that he could do for Alexis.

In Alexis' hospital room, Trey explained to Kristina that his father was in jail. Kristina wondered why, but Trey was reluctant to elaborate. Kristina assured him that she wouldn't judge him, so Trey revealed that his father had been framed for a crime that his father hadn't committed. Kristina was curious who would do that. Trey insisted that it could wait because she needed to focus on Alexis.

A short time later, Molly, T.J., Shawn, and Sam entered the room. Molly began to cry when she saw her mother. Dr. Rashi wanted to have a private word with Alexis' daughters, so T.J., Shawn, and Trey left. Dr. Rashi explained that Alexis' health was deteriorating, so she was in danger of organ failure and brain damage. Sam comforted her weeping sisters, and then decided to talk to Steve, to see if he could help Alexis.

In the waiting area, Trey was surprised when Joe called from an unknown number. Joe was eager to know if Trey had set a wedding date, so Trey revealed that there wouldn't be a wedding because Kristina's mother was in the hospital. T.J. walked up to let Trey know that Shawn had figured out a way to help Alexis and Josslyn, so he wondered if Trey wanted to join them. Trey quickly ended the call with Joe and followed T.J. and Shawn.

In Josslyn's hospital room, Michael appreciated that it was difficult for Starr to be there, so he assured her that she could leave. Starr refused to go because she wanted to be there for Michael and Josslyn. Steve entered the hospital room to examine Josslyn, so Starr kept Michael distracted by talking to him about what Michael planned to do with Josslyn when she went home. Moments later, Steve asked Michael to get Carly.

Later, Carly and Michael returned to Josslyn's hospital room, so Steve explained that he had bad news. Steve revealed that none of the treatments appeared to be working, so Josslyn's fever continued to rise. Steve warned Carly that elevated fevers like Josslyn's often led to seizures and possible brain damage. Carly and Michael were shaken by the news. After Steve left, Carly and Michael talked to Josslyn.

Liz entered the room to check on Josslyn. Carly wept as Michael offered his sister words of encouragement. After Michael left to get some fresh air, Carly asked for a moment alone with her daughter. Liz handed a fresh ice pack to Carly for Josslyn's forehead, and then quietly left. Carly tearfully urged her daughter to keep fighting and to lean on Carly if Josslyn needed her mother's strength.

Johnny checked in on Carly and Josslyn. Carly was filled with regret for failing to protect her daughter. Johnny insisted that it wasn't Carly's fault; the person who had injected Josslyn was to blame. Johnny decided to talk to Steve to see if anything more could be done for Josslyn. Carly stayed with Josslyn. She quietly told her daughter that Josslyn was the best of Carly and Jax. Carly refused to lose her daughter, but the alarms on the machines monitoring Josslyn suddenly began to beep.

Steve checked Alexis' vitals as Sam, Kristina, and Molly stood at the foot of their mother's bed. Steve confessed that nothing more could be done for Alexis. Sam wondered how much time their mother had left. "Not long," Steve admitted. Molly broke down sobbing, so Sam and Kristina tearfully tried to comfort her. Moments later, the alarms sounded as Alexis' condition took a turn for the worse.

Johnny entered the hospital's chapel to beg God to help Josslyn. He pleaded with God not to punish Josslyn for his sins. Johnny insisted that Josslyn had battled cancer not too long before, so Carly didn't deserve to lose her daughter. Johnny began to talk about what he had done to Hope and Cole. "Johnny?" Starr asked, as she appeared in the doorway. It was clear that Starr hadn't heard what Johnny had said about Hope and Cole, but she noticed his grief-stricken expression, so she offered to leave.

Johnny invited Starr to stay, because Josslyn and Alexis could use all the prayers that they could get. Starr confessed that seeing Josslyn had reminded her of Hope. Starr began to cry because she couldn't stop thinking of her daughter lying at the bottom of a ravine. Starr tried to pull herself together for Michael's sake. Johnny assured Starr that she didn't have to be strong around him, so Starr began to cry again. Johnny held her and then admitted that he needed to tell her something.

Johnny appeared to be on the verge of confessing his role in Hope and Cole's deaths when Michael entered the chapel. Michael tearfully revealed that the doctors didn't think that Josslyn would make it. Johnny decided to go to Carly, so Michael stayed in the chapel with Starr. Michael was filled with remorse because he had promised to take Josslyn boating when she recovered. He feared that his last words had been a lie because she might not survive.

Moments later, Trey, T.J., and Shawn walked in. Shawn explained that there was power in prayer, so Shawn wanted them all to pray for Alexis and Josslyn. Everyone gathered in a circle to hold hands as Shawn led the prayer.

At Wyndemere, Joe was furious that Jerry had made Alexis sick because it had upset Trey. Jerry assured Joe that it would soon be over. Jerry remarked that people thought that it was a tragedy to die young, but Jerry disagreed. "To die when you know what death means, when all the illusions are stripped away and you realize that you're really quite frightened after all, that's the tragedy," Jerry added. Joe wondered if Jerry were suggesting that Alexis' death counted more than Josslyn's.

Jerry glanced at his watch as he remarked that everything should be ending soon. Joe was curious if Jerry meant that Alexis and Josslyn would die. Jerry assured Joe that he would never do anything to harm Josslyn or Alexis.

At the hospital, loved ones were overjoyed when Alexis and Josslyn's fevers suddenly broke and they opened their eyes. Liz went to the chapel to deliver the good news to those who had gathered for the prayer circle.

Meanwhile, Jerry explained to Joe that Alexis and Josslyn had been given vaccinations to protect them. "From what?" Joe wondered. Jerry showed Joe one of the vials from Jerry's briefcase. "What I'm about to unleash on everyone else in Port Charles," Jerry revealed.

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