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Nikolas agreed to invest in Tracy's new company. Ellie got her hands on Maxie's medical file. Johnny reached out to Connie. Britt asked Patrick to accompany her to her abortion appointment. Brenda left town after she admitted that she and Michael had never had sex.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 22, 2013 on GH
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Monday, April 22, 2013

On the airplane home to Port Charles, Laura fretted to Luke as Dante tried to trigger Lulu's memories. The harder Dante tried to restore Lulu's memories, the more she resisted him. At one point, Lulu referred to Dante as "David." Laura confided to Luke that even though Dante was acting out of love, the pressure he was causing Lulu would only make Lulu more resistant because she was scared and overwhelmed by events.

Laura's words proved prophetic when Dante slipped and mentioned their baby. Lulu freaked out. Dante told Lulu about Maxie's surrogacy. Lulu told Dante that she did not know Maxie, she did not know if she wanted to have a baby, and she definitely did not know Dante. Dante apologized, but Lulu replied that the more Dante talked, the more she could not breathe.

Laura sent Dante to sit with Luke. She sat down next to Lulu, cradled her, and said that everything would be okay.

Maxie reluctantly went to Crimson at Connie's invitation. Maxie was not sure whether Kate or Connie had emerged after therapy. Connie assured Maxie that she was a kinder, gentler -- and integrated -- version of both women. Maxie reminded Connie that the last time Maxie had worked for her, Connie had used Maxie as a "low rent" wedding planner and then failed to deliver on the job that Connie had promised Maxie.

Connie said that things were different, and she was different. Connie offered Maxie a job at Crimson. When Maxie asked why, Connie told Maxie that she had really good ideas and that Connie wanted Maxie to help her rebuild Crimson. Maxie admitted that she had enjoyed her work at Crimson. When Connie referred to the baby problem, Maxie jumped to the wrong conclusion. She was relieved to find that Connie worried that Maxie might decide to be a stay-at-home mom.

Maxie explained that she was a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. Connie was overjoyed and joked that Maxie would not need a maternity leave. Maxie left after accepting Connie's job offer. Connie looked at an old picture of herself with a younger Sonny.

Carly found A.J. at General Hospital. She told him that she was looking for Brenda. A.J. could not resist taunting Carly with the knowledge that he had just left Brenda and Michael together. Carly was livid. She told A.J. that Brenda had taken advantage of Michael, and she intended to run Brenda, the "pedophile tramp," out of town if Sonny did not kill Brenda first.

A.J. refused to tell Carly where Brenda was. He said that Michael was a grown man who could make his own choices. Carly responded that Brenda was exploiting Michael for her own sick purposes. A.J. said that he respected his son and would not tell. Carly grabbed a pair of large hospital scissors and told A.J. that she would make a falsetto out of him and he would never father another child if he did not tell Carly where to find Brenda. A.J. caved quickly and admitted that Brenda and Michael were at Kelly's, getting ready to go public.

Spinelli was at Ellie's, taking care of baby Danny, but when Ellie entered the room, he offered to do his babysitting elsewhere if having Danny around bothered Ellie. Ellie said that while she was reluctant to bring additional children into the world, she had no difficulty with the ones who were already there and actually enjoyed being around them. Ellie said Danny could stay as long as Spinelli helped Ellie find out what Maxie was hiding.

Spinelli did not want Maxie to think that he was prying, but Ellie said that Dante and Lulu had a right to know. As Spinelli and Ellie reviewed the facts, Ellie concluded that Maxie's baby had a medical problem that Maxie was afraid to share with Dante and Lulu. Maxie walked in and overheard Ellie say that they had to find out about the baby. She accused Ellie of messing in her business. Ellie said that she had been talking about Danny, who seemed to have a rhinovirus.

Maxie accepted that answer and went to bed. Spinelli said that he was not comfortable investigating Maxie. Ellie said that the fate of an innocent child hung in the balance, and so did that of the parents.

At Kelly's, Brenda told Michael that he had nothing to feel guilty about because they had never had sex. Brenda told Michael that she had lied as a way to get even with Carly because Carly had gotten between Brenda and Jax. Brenda said that as a result of Carly telling Jax about a conversation that Carly had overheard between Brenda and Sonny, Jax had broken off his engagement to Brenda.

Michael was stunned as Brenda explained how she had at first taken Michael up to her room to sober him up because he was too drunk to drive home. Brenda said that she had seized the opportunity to taunt when she had tried to get Michael into a cold shower, but he had taken off his clothes and passed out naked in her bed instead. Brenda said that she had lain on the couch and plotted all night.

Brenda said that she had risen the next morning and deliberately gotten Carly to her room by ordering room service for two and charging it to Carly's account. Michael was hurt that Brenda had used him. He asked if he and Sonny were just "collateral damage." Brenda felt guilty, apologized, and asked Michael to forgive her. Michael understood Brenda's reasons and agreed to forgive her.

Michael was relieved that he had not betrayed Sonny. Brenda told Michael that he would meet an amazing girl who would be right for him. Later, Carly arrived at Kelly's to confront Brenda, but Michael said that Carly was too late because Brenda had gone.

Olivia took festive balloons to the airport to welcome Lulu home. As she waited with Sonny for the plane to arrive, they discussed the integration of Connie and Kate, and Connie's decision to break off with Sonny. Olivia said that she had been stunned and had gone to Connie and begged her to reconsider her options.

Sonny said that the break with Connie was not the only devastating news he had received. Sonny told Kate about his visit from Michael and Michael's apology for sleeping with Brenda. Sonny told Olivia that Carly wanted him to kill Brenda. Olivia said that she could understand how Carly felt and would probably have had a similar response if she had found a young Dante in similar circumstances.

Olivia did not seem surprised that Sonny had held his temper and comforted Michael while seething inside at the turn of events. Dante, Luke, Laura, and Lulu emerged from the plane. Olivia threw herself at Dante and welcomed him home. She grabbed the balloons and thrust them and herself at Lulu, who ran from Olivia's embrace, screaming that she did not know who any of them were. Laura went after her.

Dante and Luke told Sonny and Olivia about Lulu's memory loss. Dante said that they were taking Lulu to General Hospital, where they hoped Dr. Drake could find a cure. When Laura caught up to Lulu, Lulu said that she was sorry that she could not be the person that they all wanted her to be, because she did not know that person. Laura comforted Lulu and said that nothing that had happened was the fault of Dante's parents.

Laura begged Lulu not to run away again because Laura did not want Lulu to get lost. Lulu said that that was what she was -- lost. Lulu started crying. Laura hugged her. Dante wanted to take Lulu to the hospital, but Laura fended him off and said that she would go with Lulu. Luke put a hand on Dante's shoulder and then followed Lulu and Laura.

Dante remained behind. Olivia and Sonny told Dante to have patience and wait until after Patrick had examined Lulu. When Sonny got a phone call, Olivia and Dante took their leave. When Sonny turned around, he saw Brenda standing in front of him.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In Nikolas' hospital room, Nikolas talked to Scott about Elizabeth's claim that Scott had been at Nikolas' bedside until Nikolas had woken up. Scott confessed that it had been his responsibility, since Scott would soon become Nikolas' stepfather. Nikolas wasn't surprised about the wedding because he recalled that Scott had always been at Laura's apartment in Paris whenever Nikolas had paid his mother a visit. However, Nikolas had heard a hint of doubt in Scott's tone.

Scott explained that Laura had turned to Luke, not Scott, when Lulu had disappeared. Nikolas confessed that he had never understood Laura's love for Luke, even though Nikolas didn't hate Luke. "I do," Scott admitted. Nikolas acknowledged that Luke could be a difficult person to understand and that Luke had put Nikolas through "hell," but Luke had also saved Nikolas' life, so Nikolas and Luke had reached an understanding. Nikolas advised Scott to do the same for Laura's sake.

Scott was curious if Nikolas had any objections to Scott marrying Laura, so Nikolas pointed out that clearly Scott made Laura happy, or she wouldn't have accepted Scott's proposal. However, Nikolas urged Scott to do what Luke couldn't do. "Stay. Stick around. Don't give up," Nikolas explained.

At the nurses' station, Patrick received a text message from Britt, but he put the phone away without reading it. Moments later, Felix walked up. Felix admitted that he was eager to meet Sabrina at the Floating Rib after the long shift, so he invited Patrick to join them. Patrick declined because he had patients to attend to, but he asked for a rain check. Felix agreed, but he was curious when Patrick intended to cash in the rain check. Patrick was curious why Felix wanted a specific date, so Felix reminded Patrick that Patrick and Sabrina hadn't gone out on an official date yet. Felix warned Patrick not to take too long because Sabrina wouldn't wait forever.

After Felix left, Patrick read the text message that Britt had sent. The text message assured Patrick that she would set up an appointment to have the abortion the following day, so Patrick wouldn't have to worry about the baby. Patrick put the cell phone way when Dante and Lulu arrived at the hospital with Luke and Laura in tow. Patrick greeted Lulu, but Lulu confessed that she had no idea who Patrick was. Dante revealed that Lulu had suffered memory loss during the abduction, so Laura wondered if perhaps there was something neurologically wrong with her daughter.

Patrick explained that Lulu would have to be examined, so he assured Lulu that he was a friend and asked if she would permit him to run some tests. Lulu reluctantly agreed, so Patrick led her to an examination room. Lulu objected when Dante followed, so Dante reminded her that he was her husband. Lulu believed Dante, but she didn't know him, so she didn't want him in the room. Patrick pulled Dante into the hallway to suggest that Lulu might be calmer if Patrick examined Lulu alone.

Dante insisted that it was his job to keep Lulu calm. Luke, who had overheard the exchange, warned Dante that Lulu would bolt if Dante pushed her too hard. Dante backed down but asked Patrick to keep him in the loop. Patrick agreed then returned to the examination room. After Dante stormed off, Laura started to follow her son-in-law, but Luke insisted that Dante needed some time to blow off steam. Laura feared that Lulu might have been brainwashed like Lucky had been, but Luke reminded Laura that Helena was dead. Laura pointed out that Stavros had been as capable as Helena.

Laura worried that Lulu's memory loss might be permanent, but Luke promised her that their daughter would be fine. Laura wondered how Luke could be certain of that, so Luke reminded her that they were both there to support their daughter. Luke gently stroked Laura's face just as Scott exited the elevator and saw them.

Laura smiled brightly when she spotted Scott and ran into his open arms. Laura quickly filled Scott in on Lulu's amnesia, so Scott urged Laura to remember that Lulu was safe and at home. Laura smiled in agreement. Scott then let Laura know that Nikolas was on the mend and eager to see his mother. After Laura left to check on Nikolas, Luke snidely wondered if Scott intended to "scurry" after Laura.

"You, keep your hands off of Laura," Scott warned Luke. Luke reminded Scott that Lulu had just survived the unimaginable, but Scott made it clear that Luke would never sleep with Laura again. "Too late, I already did," Luke replied. Scott refused to believe Luke, so Luke invited Scott to ask Laura. Scott assured Luke that he would then turned to leave.

Luke didn't want to cause problems for Laura, so he called out to Scott to clarify that it had merely been a "platonic hostage situation." Scott was certain that Luke had wanted more. Annoyed, Luke informed Scott that Scott had picked a "hell of a time" to resurrect a long-forgotten love triangle.

Meanwhile, Dante made his way to Lulu's examination room to eavesdrop as Patrick asked Lulu a series of questions about the president and geography. Lulu tearfully explained that she remembered everything except for the details of her life, including her own husband. Lulu became increasingly agitated as she told Patrick about Dante's attempt to jog her memory with talk of their life and the baby. Patrick assured Lulu that he was confident that her memories would return, but Lulu felt guilty whenever she failed to remember something because everyone made her feel as if she were shaving a year off of their life by failing to recall anything.

Patrick promised Lulu that her family loved her and only wanted the best for her. Lulu appreciated that her family was in a horrible situation, but she insisted that they were strangers to her. "No, that's not what we are," Dante argued as he suddenly burst through the door. Patrick tried to hold Dante back, but Dante grabbed Lulu's hands and implored her to look deep into his eyes and remember their life together. Lulu tried, but her memory remained blank. She tearfully apologized, but Dante kept pushing until Patrick gently pulled Dante into the hallway to advise Dante to give Lulu some space. Meanwhile, Lulu dissolved into tears.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Nikolas left a voicemail message for Elizabeth, asking her to return his call because he was desperate for an update about his mother and sister. Laura suddenly appeared in the doorway, so Nikolas told Elizabeth to disregard the message because Laura had arrived. Nikolas warmly greeted his mother as she hugged him. Laura assured Nikolas that Lulu was being checked out, but Nikolas remained worried about his sister because he had been haunted by the thought of what could have happened to Lulu.

Nikolas wondered if it was true that Helena was dead. "Yes," Laura answered. Nikolas was curious about his father's fate, so Laura revealed that Stavros was also dead. Nikolas wasn't surprised that Stavros had met a violent end. Laura explained that they had thought that Stavros had killed Lulu, so Laura had made a conscious decision to kill Stavros. Nikolas assured his mother that he didn't blame her because Stavros would not have let Laura live without Helena around to keep Stavros in check.

Nikolas realized that his father, grandmother, and uncle were all gone, so Alexis was the only family that he had left. Laura reminded Nikolas that he had Laura, Lucky, and Lulu too. Nikolas blamed himself for Lulu's dilemma because Nikolas hadn't stopped Stavros when he'd had the chance. Nikolas noticed a fleeting expression of concern on his mother's face when he had mentioned Lulu's name, so he demanded to know what Laura was hiding.

Near the nurses' station, Scott and Luke overheard Dante arguing with Patrick, so they walked over to investigate. Dante insisted that he could help his wife, but Patrick urged Dante to give Lulu some space. Patrick explained that he wanted to admit Lulu overnight for further testing, so Dante reluctantly agreed. After Patrick walked away, Scott confessed that he knew how difficult it was to watch a loved one suffer, so he suggested that they all pull together for Lulu's sake. Scott looked to Luke for support, but Luke merely glared at Scott.

A short time later, Nikolas and Laura joined Scott, Luke, and Dante in the hallway. Laura asked for an update, so Dante explained that Patrick had decided to admit Lulu to the hospital for additional tests. Laura was curious if anyone had told Lulu, so Dante decided to take care of it. Luke suggested that Lulu might be more receptive to Laura because Lulu appeared to trust her mother more than anyone else at that moment. After Laura went to the examination room, Scott and Luke continued to trade glares.

Moments later, Laura returned. "Lulu's gone," Laura said in a state of panic.

At the Floating Rib, Sabrina spotted Milo at the bar, so she asked him if he was waiting for someone. Milo explained that his brother had been stuck at work then launched into an apology for deleting Patrick's message. Sabrina assured Milo that it wasn't necessary because everything had worked out. Milo was happy that there weren't any more obstacles in Patrick and Sabrina's way.

Sabrina assured Milo that he would find someone special and suggested that perhaps he had already met the right woman. After Sabrina walked away, Connie joined Milo at the bar. Milo squirmed nervously until Connie assured him that she had been integrated, so she wasn't one of the alter personalities. Milo relaxed as he imagined that Sonny was thrilled to have Connie back. Connie admitted that she loved Sonny, but she couldn't stay with him, so she had ended their relationship.

Milo admitted that he knew what Sonny felt like because Sabrina had broken up with Milo. Milo conceded that his relationship with Sabrina hadn't been as serious as Sonny and Connie's relationship had been, but it had hurt because Sabrina had been interested in someone else. Milo revealed that his father constantly pressured Milo to settle down because Maximus Giambetti believed in marriage. "He's on his ninth...wait, tenth," Milo clarified.

Milo assured Connie that he wanted to settle down, but he always seemed drawn to women who were interested in other men. Connie suggested that perhaps it was a pattern. Milo agreed and revealed that it had started with Lulu. Connie thought that Milo was drawn to certain women because they were the "forbidden fruit." She confessed that she was the same way, but she was confident that they would each find someone who was right for them. Milo smiled as he admitted that he liked the "new and improved" version of Connie.

Connie was deeply touched by the compliment. Milo was shocked when she suddenly suggested that they slip into the back room for a "quickie." Connie burst out laughing as she assured Milo that she had been joking. She suggested that the girl of his dreams might walk through the door at any moment then left. Milo sipped on his drink until Lulu suddenly sat down next to him.

Nearby, Felix grumbled to Sabrina that some people had all of the luck in the romantic department. Sabrina assured her friend that he would find love soon then suggested that he let her fix him up with someone. Felix reminded Sabrina that they knew all of the same people, so he couldn't imagine who she had in mind. He also pointed out that Sabrina moved way too slowly for his tastes. Sabrina started to disagree until Felix reminded her that she hadn't even had her first date with Patrick.

Sabrina was mortified when Felix confided that he had urged Patrick to make things official with Sabrina by taking her out on a date. Felix admitted that he had also advised Patrick not to let Britt and the baby get between Patrick and Sabrina's relationship. Sabrina revealed that it wouldn't be a problem because Britt had decided to have an abortion. Felix was stunned because it suggested that he had been wrong to accuse Britt of intentionally getting pregnant. He decided that there had to be a first time for everything, so Sabrina pointed out that he had been wrong about Milo.

Felix glanced over at Milo then informed Sabrina that the jury was still out on Milo. "You wish," Sabrina replied with a giggle. Their conversation then returned to the topic of Patrick. With some prodding from Felix, Sabrina decided to take control of her future by asking Patrick out. Felix smiled with pride.

At the hospital, Patrick received another text message from Britt confirming that the appointment for her abortion had been made. Patrick put the phone away when he saw Sabrina approach. Sabrina was unaware of the tension in Patrick as she shyly asked him out on a date for the following evening. Patrick happily accepted the invitation.

At Kelly's, Carly arrived looking for Brenda, but Michael explained that Brenda had decided to leave town. Carly wasn't surprised that Brenda had "run away" after exacting her revenge against Carly. Carly admitted that she was happy that Brenda would be far away from Michael and unable to take advantage of him. Michael informed his mother that he and Brenda had never had sex.

Stunned, Carly demanded to know how Michael could be certain, so Michael explained that Brenda had set the whole thing up to hurt Carly. Carly didn't appear the least bit relieved as she accused Brenda of being a "lying witch." Carly explained that she didn't appreciate what Brenda had put Michael through, so she decided to head to the airport to confront Brenda before the flight.

At the airport, Sonny was startled when he heard Brenda greet him. He wondered if she was leaving town, so she nodded. Sonny was curious if sleeping with his son had been a one-night stand. "It wasn't a one-night stand. I lied," Brenda confessed. Sonny was skeptical, so Brenda admitted that she had perpetrated the ruse to punish Carly. Sonny was furious because Brenda had put Michael through a lot of needless guilt and remorse.

Brenda explained that she had snapped when Jax had left her, so she had finally succumbed to the temptation by giving Carly a taste of her own medicine. Brenda insisted that Carly had deserved it, but she regretted what her lie had done to Sonny and Michael's relationship. Sonny was caught off-guard when Brenda confessed that she was in love with Sonny and always would be. She assured Sonny that she didn't expect him to do anything about it because she knew that he was in love with Kate.

"There is no Kate," Sonny quietly revealed. Sonny explained that Connie had decided to break off their relationship, prompting Brenda to wonder if fate had put Sonny and Brenda together at the airport. Brenda suggested that perhaps it was a sign that they were meant to be together. Brenda painted a wonderful picture of a happy life together for them and then asked Sonny to fly to Rome with her. Sonny was tempted, but he doubted that things would work out because they always ended up hurting each other.

Sonny also reminded Brenda that they were both on the rebound, so they each needed time to heal if they were to have a shot at happiness together. Moments later, Brenda's flight began to board, so Brenda warned Sonny that it was his last chance to change his mind. Sonny offered her a bittersweet smile as he told her that it was time for them to say goodbye. Brenda refused because she insisted that they had never meant it. "Until next time," Brenda said instead. "Until next time," Sonny replied.

Brenda started to walk away until Sonny pulled her back for a brief, but passionate kiss. Brenda took a moment to recover then walked away with tears in her eyes. After Brenda left, Carly walked up demanding to know where Brenda was. Sonny explained that Brenda had boarded the plane. Carly was furious that Brenda hadn't been forced to answer for lying to everyone about sleeping with Michael.

Meanwhile, the flight attendant offered Brenda a cup coffee, so Brenda accepted. She became lost in her thoughts as she looked at the cup.

At Kelly's, the waitress offered to refill Michael's cup of coffee, so he accepted. She was curious if the woman who had been seated at his table earlier had been Brenda Barrett, the model. "Yeah, that was her," Michael answered with a smile. After the waitress walked away, Michael picked up his coffee cup as he had a sudden flash of memory from the night of the Nurses' Ball.

Michael recalled that Brenda had ordered him to drink some coffee to help sober up, while she started the shower. Michael's expression turned troubled as the rest of the memory faded away.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spinelli stopped by the hospital to visit Ellie before he left town to search for A.J.'s niece, Lauren Frank. Ellie was disappointed that she couldn't join him, but she was confident that he would track down Lauren. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Ellie could find an adventure of her own. Ellie admitted that it might be a good way to keep her out of Maxie's path. Spinelli wondered if there had been more trouble between the roommates, so Ellie explained that she couldn't ignore the possibility that something was amiss with the baby that Maxie was carrying. Spinelli argued that the pregnancy had nothing to do with them, so it wasn't any of their business.

Ellie reminded Spinelli that Lulu was his friend, so he owed it to Lulu to find out what Maxie was hiding. Spinelli conceded that the conversation that Ellie had overheard between Maxie and Dr. Westbourne had been troubling, but he doubted that Maxie would admit to anything without being confronted with some kind of proof. However, he was uncomfortable with the idea of delving into Maxie's personal business. Spinelli tactfully suggested that he and Ellie table the discussion about Maxie until he returned from his trip, so Ellie agreed. After a quick goodbye and a warning to Ellie to stay out of trouble, Spinelli left.

Later, Ellie was working at the nurses' station when Dr. Evans called out to her for help on the computer tracking down the results of a blood test. With a few clicks of the mouse, Ellie discovered that the test wasn't ready, so Dr. Evans thanked her then walked away to take a call without logging off. Ellie decided to seize the opportunity to review Maxie's medical file.

At the loft, Dante checked in with the police department for an update on the search for Lulu. He was relieved when he was told that Lulu hadn't been seen at the bus station or airport, but he was frustrated by the lack of leads. Dante ended the call to finish getting dressed before heading to the police station. Moments later, Maxie arrived to visit Lulu before reporting to work at Crimson. She was shocked when Dante revealed that Lulu was missing.

Dante explained that Lulu had suffered a trauma during the kidnapping that had resulted in memory loss, but Patrick had determined that the amnesia hadn't been the result of a physical injury. Maxie suggested that Lulu visit a therapist or hypnotist like Kevin Collins. Dante wasn't opposed to idea, but he pointed out that they would have to find Lulu first Maxie offered to help with the search, but Dante ordered her to rest and take care of Dante and Lulu's baby. Dante looked at her rounded pregnant belly and asked if he could touch it. Maxie nodded, so Dante put his hand on Maxie's abdomen and gently assured the baby inside that he and Lulu couldn't wait to meet their child.

Lulu woke up in a bed alone and looked around an unfamiliar apartment. Moments later, Milo returned from the bathroom after a shower. "Good morning, sunshine," Milo greeted Lulu. Lulu smiled as he went to the kitchen to fix breakfast, so she went to the table and sat down. Milo quickly spread out a hearty breakfast. She tentatively took a sip of the health drink that Milo handed to her and announced that it was sweet.

Lulu thought about the previous evening when she had stopped off at the Floating Rib for a drink to take the edge off. Milo had recognized Lulu, so he had been curious why Lulu hadn't been at home with her husband. Lulu had glanced at her engagement ring as she had denied having a husband. Lulu returned to the present as Milo warned Lulu that she would have to talk to Dante eventually. Lulu refused to think about it because she had resented how she had been made to feel like a car in need of repair when her loved ones had taken her to the hospital.

Later, Milo asked for Lulu's help as he unrolled a workout mat. Lulu appreciated that Milo had slept on the floor, so she held his ankles while he did sit-ups. Milo assured Lulu that he hadn't minded sleeping on the floor. He explained that it wouldn't have been right for him to sleep with the boss's daughter-in-law. Lulu felt terrible for dragging him into her mess, but she was grateful that he had offered her sanctuary. Lulu's smile evaporated when she glanced down and realized that her engagement ring was missing.

Lulu desperately searched for the ring because she suspected that Dante was still making payments on the extravagant diamond ring, which had clearly been a symbol of Dante's love for the woman that she had been. Milo helped Lulu look for the ring until Lulu recalled that she had taken it off at the bar. She begged Milo to return to the bar to fetch it because she couldn't do it for fear that someone would recognize her and drag her back to the hospital. After Milo left, Lulu decided to do an Internet search on her name. She started to read about herself until someone knocked on the door.

At the Floating Rib, Tracy promised to rock Mac's world. Intrigued, Mac left Felicia at the bar to follow Tracy to a booth. Tracy explained that she intended to produce Pickle-Lila relish again, so she wanted to give Mac an opportunity to stock it in the bar. Mac readily agreed, prompting Tracy to produce a contract for Mac to sign. Mac scanned the contract, but noticed that the relish's brand name hadn't appeared anywhere on the contract.

Tracy explained that she had the recipe for the famous relish, but the brand name belonged to ELQ, so she intended to sell the relish under a new name. Tracy pulled out a jar of Pickle-Tracy and set it on the table. Mac wasn't impressed because he didn't think that Pickle-Tracy rolled off of the tongue as easily as Pickle-Lila. He also doubted that the packaging and new name would generate interest or sales. Tracy was offended by the suggestion because her face was on the jar of relish, so Mac explained that Lila's image had been warm and fuzzy, whereas Tracy's wasn't. Furious, Tracy gathered her things then stormed out of the bar.

Meanwhile, Felicia flipped through a magazine as she grabbed a handful of peanuts from a bowl on the bar. She was nibbling on the peanuts when she suddenly bit down on something hard. Felicia was stunned when she realized that it was a beautiful diamond solitaire ring. She immediately assumed that Mac had bought the engagement ring, so she slid it onto her finger. Felicia smiled as she admired the ring.

Moments later, Felicia was startled when Mac joined her at the bar. Mac's brow furrowed in confusion as Felicia jumped up and fidgeted. Finally, Felicia held up her hand as she confessed that she had found the engagement ring. Felicia gushed that she loved the ring, but Mac admitted that he hadn't bought it. Shocked, Felicia was curious who the ring belonged to. "That's Lulu's," Maxie announced as she appeared in the doorway and spotted the ring on her mother's finger.

Mac wondered how Maxie could be certain that the ring belonged to Lulu, so Maxie reminded Mac that she could spot "bling" at fifty paces away, so she recognized her best friend's engagement ring. Felicia revealed that she had found the ring in the bowl of peanuts, so Maxie realized that Lulu had been at the bar the previous evening. Maxie decided to call Dante to tell him what she had discovered.

Later, Dante arrived as Felicia, with some help from Maxie and some butter, managed to slide Lulu's diamond ring off of her finger. Felicia handed the ring to Dante with her apologies. Dante was grateful when Felicia and Maxie explained that Mac was on the phone with the bartender who had worked the previous evening to find out what the bartender recalled about Lulu.

Mac returned to bar to reveal that the bartender had seen Lulu leave with a man in his late twenties and an athletic build. Milo entered the bar as Maxie wondered who Lulu could have left the bar with. "A dead guy," Dante angrily replied as he slammed his glass down on the bar, shattering it.

At Kelly's, A.J. and Michael worked in the kitchen on the relish recipe. A.J. was curious what had really transpired between Michael and Brenda, so Michael revealed that Brenda had lied about having sex with Michael to get back at Carly. A.J. conceded that it had been a genius plan, but Michael didn't want to discuss it. Moments later, Shawn entered the kitchen. A.J. and Michael trusted Shawn's discerning palate, so they asked him to taste the relish. A.J. and Michael were impressed when Shawn easily identified each of the ingredients.

Shawn admitted that the relish was good, but he warned them that it wasn't as good as Pickle-Lila. Disappointed, they asked Shawn to help them figure out the secret ingredient that had made Pickle-Lila so popular. Shawn confessed that he had once been obsessed with Pickle-Lila, but he had never been able to replicate the recipe. Michael wondered if Shawn had a suggestion to help get them closer to the Pickle-Lila recipe. Shawn hesitated, so A.J. offered to pay for Shawn's help.

Shawn mentioned a rare spice that he used in his meatloaf recipe, but he warned A.J. and Michael that it was only available in Afghanistan, so his buddies had to smuggle it into the country each month for a hefty fee. A.J. promised to cover the expenses of importing the special spice and offered Shawn a percentage of the profits if Shawn helped them to perfect the relish recipe.

Later, Tracy entered the diner to make another attempt to persuade Shawn to carry her Pickle-Tracy relish. A.J. bragged that Tracy was about to be beaten at her own game because ELQ was on the verge of launching their own Pickle-Lila relish. Tracy reminded A.J. that A.J. didn't know the secret ingredient, so A.J. informed her that ELQ had a different secret ingredient thanks to their business partner, Shawn. Shocked, Tracy turned to Shawn for confirmation. Shawn explained that A.J. and Michael had offered him a real opportunity whereas Tracy hadn't.

Tracy insisted that Pickle-Lila wouldn't be as good as Pickle-Tracy, so A.J. invited Tracy to try a bite. Tracy was concerned that A.J. had poisoned the new batch of relish, so she asked Michael to sample it first. Michael grabbed a spoon then took a bite. "It's good," Michael admitted. Tracy reluctantly sampled the new batch of Pickle-Lila and conceded that it was good. However, Tracy reminded A.J. that ELQ's assets had been frozen, so A.J. couldn't produce or market the relish.

A.J. smiled with satisfaction as he revealed that he had recently been notified that ELQ's funds had been released. A.J. wondered how Tracy's company, TAQ, fared. Tracy stormed out of the diner, but stopped when she spotted a newspaper with a headline about Nikolas' recovery. She realized that she might have found an investor who could get Pickle-Tracy into production.

In the diner, Michael feared that A.J. might have been too hard on Tracy, but A.J. warned Michael that Michael had become Tracy's enemy the moment that Michael had aligned with A.J. Shawn interrupted the conversation to let A.J. and Michael know that he had found a market that might provide them with everything that they would need to get Pickle-Lila off of the ground. Michael decided to go with Shawn to the market, but A.J. declined to accompany them because he wanted to get Elizabeth's opinion about everything. Shawn was curious if Elizabeth was a relish expert. "Something like that," Michael answered with a knowing smile.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Elizabeth was startled when she found Nikolas getting dressed. She demanded to know what he was doing, so he explained that he wanted to help search for Lulu. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that he was recovering from a serious gunshot wound, so he needed to rest. She tried to grab his slacks out of his hands, but he refused to let go. They each tugged on the pants until Nikolas jerked back with enough force to pull Elizabeth on top of him.

Elizabeth chuckled until Nikolas confessed that she was hurting him. She immediately jumped up and apologized. However, Elizabeth put her foot down about Nikolas leaving. Nikolas appeared to acquiesce as he urged Elizabeth to get back to work before Epiphany missed her. Elizabeth assured him that Epiphany could spare her for a few minutes, but Nikolas suggested that A.J. couldn't. Elizabeth was surprised by the remark, so she questioned him about it.

Nikolas told Elizabeth that A.J. had warned Nikolas to stay far away from her. Shocked, Elizabeth wondered why A.J. would do that. Nikolas suspected that A.J. was territorial because A.J. had seen Nikolas hug her. Elizabeth was furious that A.J. would try to police her life when she had only gone out with A.J. once. Nikolas conceded that he didn't like A.J, but he believed that A.J. was falling for her and knew about her history with Nikolas. Elizabeth explained that she had told A.J. that her affair with Nikolas was in the past.

Nikolas realized that he had upset Elizabeth, so he tried to smooth things over by assuring Elizabeth that A.J. was "just being a guy." Elizabeth didn't care. She refused to let A.J. decide when her friends could interact with her. Tracy overheard the exchange as she approached Nikolas' room. "Damn right, sister. You need to tell him that," Tracy urged Elizabeth. Nikolas tried to send Tracy away, but Tracy ignored him as she suggested that Elizabeth march over to Kelly's to set A.J. straight.

Elizabeth decided to take Tracy's advice, so Tracy warned Elizabeth not to eat the relish. After Elizabeth left, Nikolas offered to give Tracy five minutes of his undivided attention if she handed the slacks to him. However, Elizabeth suddenly popped into the room, snatched up the pants, gave Nikolas a warning glare, and then left. Frustrated, Nikolas ordered Tracy to get to the point of her visit. Tracy explained that she had an opportunity to make him a richer man then showed him the jar of Pickle-Tracy.

A.J. was pleasantly surprised when Elizabeth entered Kelly's. However, his smile disappeared when he noticed her thunderous expression. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Elizabeth demanded as she threw Nikolas' pants at him.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Milo went to the Floating Rib to retrieve Lulu's ring and heard the discussion between Mac, Felecia, Maxie, and Dante as they tried to figure out the identity of the man Lulu had left the Floating Rib with from the description give by a new bartender. When Milo asked Dante what was going on, Dante told him that Lulu had left the bar the previous evening with a "lowlife piece of garbage."

Dante explained that they had found Lulu's ring in the peanuts, and all of them were very worried that Lulu was in danger. Milo apologized, but Maxie told him that it was not his fault. Dante told Milo about Lulu's amnesia and that despite returning to Port Charles, Lulu was more scared and confused than ever. Dante asked Milo to get his brother Max and help with the search. Dante said he was asking as a friend.

Dante added that even though the Port Charles Police Department was on the job, he trusted Max and Milo. Dante looked Milo in the eyes and pleaded with him to find the "son of a bitch" who had taken Lulu. Milo gulped and agreed to help. As he left, Milo told Dante that he was going to find Max.

Maxie was concerned about the baby. She said that it was hard to believe that Lulu had wanted a baby so badly and now could not remember it. Dante said that Lulu did not remember anyone and that she did not even want to be around her dad, Luke. Dante asked when that had ever happened. Maxie sadly replied, "Never."

Dante said he could not understand how Lulu could turn her back on the people she knew loved her and go off with a stranger. Maxie was thoughtful and said that Lulu was a strong woman who could take care of herself, even if she had lost her memory. Maxie added that perhaps, even though Lulu did not remember the person she had left with, it was someone who knew Lulu and Lulu knew on an instinctual level that she could trust.

Felicia fretted that Max and Milo might hurt the guy who had Lulu, and perhaps it would be better if Anna were not informed that Max and Milo were joining the hunt. Mac said Anna would understand because "desperate times call for desperate measures." Maxie took a phone call and left the bar. Mac gave Dante the previous night's credit card receipts as they started trying to figure out the identity of the "tall, muscular, good-looking guy, with brown hair, in his twenties," who had left with Lulu.

Lulu was on the Internet, looking at pictures and reading about her wedding to Dante, when someone knocked on the door. Fearful, she picked up a blender and hit the stranger, who entered Milo's apartment, on the head. Max grabbed his gun as he rolled on the floor but immediately put it away and told Lulu, who was still holding the blender, that he was not going to hurt her.

Seeing that Lulu was wearing Milo's shirt, he jumped to the wrong conclusion. Max ran to the bathroom door and started pounding on it, demanding that Milo, "the worm," show himself. Lulu quickly explained that Milo was not there and that he had not taken advantage of her. Max said that Milo had a major crush on Lulu and then asked if Lulu were taking advantage of Milo.

Lulu explained about her amnesia and said that she did not know Max. Max replied that he was Milo's brother. Lulu said that she knew that her family meant well, but they were all strangers who wanted her to remember. Lulu said that she had needed to get away and that when she had met Milo at the Floating Rib and told him her story, he had agreed to help her.

Max called Milo an idiot. Lulu said Milo was out retrieving her ring. Max picked up the phone. Lulu stopped him and asked what he was doing. Max responded that he was doing what Milo should have done -- calling Dante.

Milo got home before Max could complete the call, and they had words. Max wanted to know why Milo had not called Dante immediately. Milo said that Lulu had been petrified. Max retorted, "Just like Dante and her family are now."

Milo confirmed for Lulu that everyone, including Maxie, who was carrying Lulu's baby, was very scared for Lulu. Milo told Lulu and Max about his visit to the bar and Dante's request that the brothers aid in the search for Lulu. Max wanted to know why Milo had not told Dante that Lulu was with him. Milo said that it was Lulu's decision. Lulu was relieved and said that she needed more time to research her life. She went back to the computer.

Lulu said that maybe more Internet research would help her to remember. Lulu contended that it could not do any harm. Max said that it could do a lot of harm and plopped a phone down on the desk. Max told Lulu to call Dante, or he would. Lulu telephoned Dante. He was relieved to hear that she was unharmed. When Dante asked where Lulu was, she said she could not tell him, that she was sorry, and that she was not ready to return. She hung up.

Tracy went to see Nikolas at General Hospital with an offer to make him even richer. Nikolas laughed when Tracy showed him a container of Pickle-Tracy and told him it was condiment gold. Tracy said that she needed extra capital. Nikolas replied that she needed all the capital because she had been dethroned at ELQ and was looking for new resources to abuse. Tracy said she was making a one-time offer.

Nikolas said that he was too worried about Lulu to think about investing. Tracy was genuinely interested in what had happened. Nikolas related all the details of Lulu's abduction and memory loss, as well as the latest death of his father, Stavros. When Tracy heard that Lulu had fled, she said that she could not bear to think of Lulu in so much pain. Tracy and Nikolas shared a moment because they both cared for Lulu.

Nikolas said that although they had bonded over Lulu, it did not mean that he would help Tracy. Tracy said that if she did not get help, she would lose everything to A.J., who had stolen ELQ from her. Nikolas mused that A.J. had always been greedy. Nikolas told Tracy about his confrontation with A.J. over Elizabeth. Tracy added fuel to the fire by opining that Elizabeth had had the bad judgment to go to the Nurses Ball with A.J.

Nikolas sampled Pickle-Tracy and agreed that it was a good product. He and Tracy made a deal to market the relish, but Nikolas said they would have to do something about the name.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth confronted A.J. She threw Nikolas' pants at A.J. and demanded to know why he thought he had the right to act like a caveman around her. A.J. admitted that he had overreacted when he had walked in and seen Elizabeth hugging Nikolas after they had just been notified that Lulu was safe.

A.J. justified his actions by saying that he did not trust Nikolas. Elizabeth wanted to know if A.J. trusted her. He shot back that she had slept with Nikolas behind Lucky's back. Elizabeth was hurt and accused A.J. of believing that she was a slut. Elizabeth told A.J. that she could not believe that she had trusted him. Elizabeth said that A.J. was just like everyone else.

A.J. denied that he had meant what Elizabeth thought he meant. Elizabeth continued that she had thought things would be different with A.J., but she was glad that she knew where she stood. A.J. got desperate and said that Elizabeth was important to him, and he did not want their relationship to end. A.J. added that he thought that they had something good between them. Elizabeth spat back, "Not anymore!"

A.J. begged for forgiveness. He said that he wanted his chance with Elizabeth because it had been a long time since he had felt about anyone the way he felt about her. Elizabeth said that it did not change what A.J. had said to her and that she should never have gotten involved with him in the first place. As a parting shot, Elizabeth told A.J. that she had always thought that everyone deserved a second chance, but in his case, A.J. had not changed at all.

Tracy walked into Kelly's a few minutes later and found a dejected A.J. She could not resist telling him that her new business partner was Prince Nikolas Cassadine. Elizabeth went to General Hospital to see Nikolas. When he asked about his pants, Elizabeth was angry. She said that A.J. had them and that was the last thing he would ever get from her. She confided in Nikolas that she had broken off her relationship with A.J.

Elsewhere at GH, Ellie started snooping in Maxie's hospital records as Britt called Patrick at home to tell him that she was having an abortion that afternoon. Patrick asked if Britt was sure of her decision. Britt said that she had no desire to raise a child alone. Patrick offered to go with Britt and drive her home, but Britt insisted that she would go it alone. Once off the phone, Britt noticed Ellie on the computer and confronted her.

Ellie insisted that she was just logging off for a doctor, but Britt accused her of lying and spying on Maxie. Ellie wanted to talk privately. Britt logged off and then squared off with Ellie in an examination room. Ellie said that she knew what Britt and Maxie were hiding and accused them of conspiring because something was wrong with the baby. Ellie insisted that Dante and Lulu had a right to know. Britt said the baby was healthy.

Ellie repeated that she had overheard Britt and Maxie say they were hiding something and that was what it had to be. Britt threatened to report Ellie to Monica. Ellie threatened to tell Monica what she knew and let Monica investigate. Britt backed off, but not before nastily insinuating that Ellie's motives were less than pure because Ellie was jealous of Maxie and Spinelli. Ellie went back to work. Britt called Maxie and told her that Ellie was snooping.

As soon as Patrick got off the phone with Britt, Sabrina arrived. They kissed, but Sabrina could see that Patrick was upset. He told her about his conversation with Britt but said that seeing Sabrina made him feel better, not worse. Felix arrived a few minutes later with toys for Emma and to check out his babysitting gig. When Emma joined the adults and asked if Felix was her babysitter, he said he wanted to replace Sabrina as Emma's favorite sitter.

When Emma started talking about a new brother or sister, Felix diverted her to another room so Sabrina and Patrick could talk. Sabrina sat in Patrick's lap. Patrick told her that he had asked Britt if she was sure about the abortion, but Britt had turned it back on him. Sabrina said that maybe it was not the time for their first date, and perhaps they should postpone it. Patrick said that he did not know how he felt about the baby or what Britt was doing, but he knew that he wanted to be with Sabrina. They shared a long kiss.

Felix returned with Emma, who still had lots of questions about a potential brother or sister. Patrick spoke with Emma and said that there would be no baby. Emma asked if the mean lady had lied. Patrick said no but explained that sometimes a baby did not happen. He asked if Emma was sad. Emma replied that she was not, but she could see that Patrick was.

Patrick walked Sabrina to the door. They hugged. Sabrina told Patrick that Emma would eventually forget about the baby and be okay. Patrick said he still remembered the first time he had been to the Metro Court with Sabrina and that this time he wanted Sabrina to order something other than water. Sabrina laughed and said that she had been so excited to have been meeting with Patrick alone, even though it had been about the Nurses Ball, that water was about all she could have kept down. They kissed before Sabrina left.

Later, Britt arrived. Tearfully, she told Patrick that she could not "do this." At GH, Maxie found Ellie at a computed station and accused her of being a "sneaky little bitch."

Friday, April 26, 2013

In her suite at the Metro Court, Anna spoke to Dante on the telephone and received an update on Lulu. When they finished speaking, Anna heard a knock on the door and a voice announcing room service. When Anna opened the door, Duke was standing there, holding a white rose, which he offered to Anna. Anna asked why Duke was there. He told her that he had ordered room service for her -- and this time, he had not paid for it with counterfeit money.

When she asked why he had not called ahead, Duke said that he had not wanted Anna to say that she was too busy. Anna admitted that lately she really had been too busy to eat. She told Duke that Lulu had run away, and although Lulu had let Dante know that she was okay, Dante was blaming himself for trying to reach out to Lulu, but pushing her away instead. Anna said that she had been thinking about Duke ever since the Nurses Ball and about how good it had felt to be free from Faison and to feel close to Duke.

Duke agreed that it had felt very good. Duke said that because of how close he had felt to Anna, he had decided not to rush her and to give her time. He added that his plan had been to be patient and considerate, which was why he was asking her to share dinner with him. Anna agreed. They sat at Anna's table, conversing and eating. Anna recognized that the meal was trifle, something that she and Duke had shared in their past. Anna was laughing as she remembered. She told Duke how glad she was that it was a memory not tainted by Faison.

Duke was also glad but told Anna that he wanted to build a future with new memories, not just share a past, and he hoped that she did too. Anna admitted her deepest fears and said that she had hidden behind her badge, just as Duke had once accused her of doing. Duke said that they both had to be brave enough to face their fears, because he had them, too. Duke told Anna that when they had kissed at the Nurses Ball, he had realized that he wanted the same thing that he had always wanted -- to make Anna happy.

Duke and Anna kissed. Anna stopped Duke briefly as she tried to tell him that she would have to arrest him if he broke the law. Duke was undeterred as he kept kissing Anna, and she lost interest in what she was saying as their passion intensified and they sank to the floor.

Maxie confronted Ellie at General Hospital about Ellie's snooping into Maxie's medical records. Ellie apologized but insisted that she was just trying to help. Maxie was livid as Ellie said that she knew that something was wrong with the baby because of the conversation Ellie had accidentally overheard between Maxie and Dr. Westbourne. Maxie told Ellie that she had to have sustained brain damage in the car crash that had injured Ellie. Maxie made another vehement denial, threatened Ellie again, and stormed into the elevator.

Ellie muttered to herself that Maxie and Dr. Westbourne were hiding something. As Ellie peered at a computer terminal, trying to figure out the password for the system, Spinelli called to tell Ellie that he had arrived at his destination and the following day would see Betsy Frank, Franco's mother, in an attempt to track down Lauren Frank, Franco's daughter and the missing Quartermaine heir. Spinelli noticed that Ellie was distracted. Ellie said that she had lost her password and needed to get a critical file but did not have time to wait for the IT guy to help her.

Ellie remembered an earlier conversation with Spinelli when he had told her that he did not think that it was right to get Maxie's medical records without Maxie's permission, so Ellie lied to Spinelli in order to get his help, which he willingly and na´vely supplied. Ellie finished her conversation with Spinelli, copied Maxie's files to a thumb drive, took it out of the computer, slipped it in her pocket, and calmly walked away.

Carly was overseeing the Metro Court Restaurant when she received a collect call from Johnny Zacchara in Pentonville Prison. Carly refused the call. Felix found her and said that he wanted to make sure that Sabrina and Patrick got the perfect table for two. When Sabrina walked in, all pretty in pink, Carly told Sabrina that she was gorgeous and congratulated Felix on Sabrina's makeover. Felix relished the compliments. Felix told Carly that Patrick had finally noticed Sabrina and that this was their first official date.

Sabrina was excited and said that she could not believe the date was really happening. Felix told Sabrina that Carly was an expert on men and knew what to do to reel them in. After that teaser, Felix left to babysit Emma. Carly sat down with Sabrina, who said that she had been waiting a long time for this date. Carly asked if it had been love at first sight. Sabrina replied that it was more like crush at first sight. Sabrina added that she had never thought that Patrick would notice her. Carly told Sabrina that she was glowing.

Sabrina said that she would love to hear any advice that Carly wanted to offer. Carly hardened a little and said that she was the last person who should give advice. When Sabrina seemed taken aback, Carly said that she could give advice about what not to do and what to stay away from. Sabrina listened as Carly announced that the number one no-no was lying. Carly said that in any relationship where a person had to tell lies to preserve it, the relationship was doomed and not worth having. Carly admitted that she had found that out the hard way.

Sabrina said that was not a problem for her because she was painfully honest. Carly replied that she found it very difficult to be honest. She added that another rule was to keep things in perspective, and if she had done that, she would have realized that she was the one being lied to -- and she would not be getting collect calls from her jailbird ex. Sabrina told Carly that she was sorry that Carly was so unlucky.

Carly said that being unlucky was better than being deluded and self-destructive, which was probably more accurate. Sabrina was amazed by Carly's apparent self-doubt and said that Carly had seemed so confident. Carly said that she was confident because she had learned that pain did not last forever, and when it was time to move on, a person should get over it.

Carly revealed that she had learned that from a good friend who had always tried to help, and even though Carly was always sorry that she had not listened to her good friend's advice, that friend would let Carly figure out her problem and eventually make a good decision, which is what she had just done. Carly wished genuine happiness to Sabrina and Patrick and then left to get a bottle of champagne for the happy couple.

Patrick opened the door to Britt, who had tears in her eyes as she told Patrick that she could not do "this." Patrick thought that Britt meant the abortion, but Britt said that she could not go through the procedure alone. Britt told Patrick that she still believed that having the abortion was the right thing to do. Britt played the pathetic helpless, alone card as she asked if Patrick's offer to accompany her to the clinic still stood.

Patrick readily agreed to stand by Britt. Britt apologized for her previous behavior, and Patrick responded with an apology of his own. Patrick told Britt that he would have to cancel his date. Britt said that she did not want to be a burden and would go to the clinic alone, but Patrick insisted that he would go with Britt. Britt had a smug smile on her face as she turned away from Patrick as he called Sabrina to cancel their date.

Sabrina said that she understood, but she was crestfallen when Carly returned to the table. Sabrina told Carly that Patrick had just called to cancel. Carly thought the broken date was one of the hazards of dating a doctor on call, and Sabrina did not correct her. Sabrina thanked Carly for the champagne. Carly said she would save it for the next time. Sabrina left the restaurant.

Carly sat down at the table and opened the champagne. As she sipped, Carly had a conversation with Jason. She told him that she had gotten herself out of two bad situations and had not taken Johnny's collect call because she couldn't. Carly looked at her phone and deleted the call from Pentonville.

Felix arrived at Patrick's house, ready to babysit, and immediately wanted to know what Britt was doing there. When Felix found out why Patrick had canceled his date with Sabrina, he turned to Britt and said, "Nice play." As Patrick left with Britt, he told Felix to tell Sabrina how sorry he was.

Felix opened the door to Sabrina and hugged her. Felix told Sabrina not to lose hope because Patrick had been very sorry that he had had to cancel their date. At the clinic, Britt approached the receptionist and said that she had an appointment.

Maxie did not appear for work at Crimson, so Connie gave Maxie's job away to a young woman she named "New Maxie." New Maxie seemed immediately overwhelmed. When the phone rang, Connie had to tell New Maxie to answer it, which she did. It was a collect call for Connie from Johnny. New Maxie accepted the charges and yelled to Connie that she had a call. Connie called New Maxie into her office and showed her the intercom button. Connie told New Maxie to get familiar with it.

When she picked up the phone, Connie was surprised to hear Johnny say that they needed to talk. She told him that she was not the same Connie. Johnny said that it was not about that. Johnny was adamant that they needed to talk and told Connie to get up to Pentonville right away.

Maxie hurried into the office and was nonplussed when she found New Maxie at her desk. Maxie went to Connie's office and wanted to know what had happened. Connie told Maxie that Maxie had not shown up for work and had not called in with an explanation so Connie had replaced her with a "New Maxie." Maxie made an impassioned plea as she told Connie about Lulu's disappearance, problems with Ellie, and the other disasters that had befallen her that day.

Connie did not seemed moved until Maxie pointed out how much Connie needed her and mentioned that the new kinder, gentler Connie did not seem that much different from the previous, driven Kate. Connie relented. She told Maxie to get the office in shape and do damage control while Connie went to Pentonville to see Johnny.

Maxie started cleaning up, and Connie sailed out of the office. She made it to the elevator but returned just long enough to tell New Maxie that she was fired. New Maxie heard Maxie order flowers and then tell a client that Connie had sent them because Connie had been forced to cancel their appointment. New Maxie did not understand. Maxie told her that a first assistant's job was to make the boss look good and that a first assistant only took credit for disasters. Anything positive was always credited to the boss.

New Maxie said that she would like to learn more, but she had been fired. Maxie said that she had been fired, also, but she had gone to Connie, made her pitch, and gotten her job back. Maxie encouraged New Maxie to fight for a job, as well, just not Maxie's job because it was taken.

Connie arrived at Pentonville to see Johnny. When she asked him why she was there, Johnny said that someone's life depended on itRecap --->

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