General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 19, 2015 on GH

Anna went to Washington, DC. Shawn caught Jordan spying on him. Patrick and Sam made love. Carly made a startling discovery in Jake's duffel bag. Nina made a new friend.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 19, 2015 on GH
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A Killer First Date

A Killer First Date

Monday, January 19, 2015

Carly arrived at the hospital and immediately asked Elizabeth if she'd heard from Jake. She wanted to give him another bartending shift, but she couldn't find him anywhere. Elizabeth told Carly that she'd seen him at the pier after he'd worked out at Volonino's. Carly wondered why he would pay to work out instead of working out for free at the Metro Court. Elizabeth informed Carly that Jake had said that Carly had pointed him in the direction of Volonino's, but Carly insisted that she hadn't.

Elizabeth explained that she'd been on her way to Kelly's when she'd bumped into Jake, who'd been staring into the water and holding a duffel bag. Carly second-guessed whether or not she'd actually told Jake about the gym. She related that she'd been going on and on about Sonny to Jake, so she could have mentioned it. She felt bad for confiding in Jake so much and joked that he thought he had to listen to her as payment for the hotel room. Elizabeth assured Carly that he liked her.

Carly continued that Jake seemed like the kind of person who wouldn't stay somewhere if he didn't want to be there. Elizabeth wondered if that was why he'd left her house. Carly informed Elizabeth that Jake had left because of Ric, but Elizabeth replied that Ric didn't get to choose her friends. Both women agreed that Jake had been acting strange and preoccupied, and they hoped he was all right.

Luke's impostor and Helena stood on the docks, looking at the Haunted Star. Helena remarked that the supposedly "cursed" ship had once made Laura leave, and "another thorn in my side is about to disappear." Helena continued that she'd only needed an excuse to "get rid" of Sam, so Sam's investigation into Jake had given Helena that excuse. "One down, how many more to go?" the impostor wondered.

Luke's impostor commented that it would be a shame for Sam to die. Helena warned him that he needed to be more careful around women and that he should focus on "the matters at hand." She confided that her "soldier" would be "taking care" of Sam. The impostor informed her that, since they were working together, he deserved to know who the soldier was. She only told him that the man's name was Jake. "I don't like that name," the impostor scoffed.

Helena wondered why Luke's impostor had been in a bad mood since he'd visited the house on Elm Street. He informed her that Michael had been "poking around," and he promised to do something about it. She assured him that, in a few days, they would get everything they'd ever wanted. Helena looked at her phone and hoped Jake hadn't had a problem at Sam's. He advised her to call Jake.

At Sam's, Sam and Patrick made their way upstairs. Just then, the front door opened. Jake entered, clad in a mask. He closed the door and took out his gun. He began to make his way upstairs but stopped as he had some kind of flash of memory. He looked around the apartment and picked up a picture of Sam, Jason, and Danny. He sat down, took his mask off, and grew teary-eyed while looking at the picture. "Are you okay?" Robin asked him.

Jake flew off the couch and pointed his gun at Robin. He demanded to know how she'd gotten into the apartment and promised that he'd kill her if he needed to. She informed him that he'd be shooting a hole in the wall because she wasn't really there. "I'm in here," she said, touching his head. She explained that she was his memory of a friend he'd known before his accident. She added that she was there to stop him from making "the biggest mistake of your life."

Jake was confused as to why killing Sam would be the biggest mistake of his life but said that he didn't want to hurt anyone. He told Robin that he was there because he'd been conditioned to follow Helena's orders, and it couldn't be stopped. Robin reminded Jake that he'd spent time with Sam and Danny, and he'd be taking away Danny's mother after Danny had already lost his father.

Just then, Jake's phone vibrated. "What do you want?" he demanded of Helena. She was shocked that he would talk to her that way but asked him whether or not Sam was dead. He admitted that she was still alive because she had company. Helena knew that Sam probably had Patrick over, and she ordered Jake to kill both Sam and Patrick. Jake expressed trepidation, but Helena requested that he not disappoint her, and she hung up.

Sam and Patrick entered her bedroom, and both were clearly nervous. They shared a kiss and began to undress each other. They made their way to the bed, but Sam stopped. They both noticed a picture of Jason on the dresser. He offered to stop, but she put the picture in a drawer and told him that the night was about "you and me." She lit some candles, and he promised that they would take things slowly. The two continued where they'd left off and made love.

Later, Patrick asked, "How do I stack up?" Alarmed, Sam wondered what he meant. He wondered how Dream Patrick had compared to Real Patrick. She admitted that Real Patrick had gotten further than Dream Patrick had. He wondered what she'd thought he'd meant then realized that she'd thought he'd been asking how he compared to Jason. She promised that she hadn't been thinking about Jason because she'd moved on.

Patrick started that both he and Sam had been married, and both had a child. He offered to make a deal with her. He suggested that they could both talk about their former spouses if they wanted to. He explained that both spouses had made both Sam and Patrick who they were. "And I like where we are now," Patrick told her, and Sam agreed.

Patrick rubbed Sam's back as she told him how grateful she was that they'd been friends first so they could build on their friendship. She added that he made her happy, and Patrick kissed her. As the two carried on, the bedroom door opened, and Jake looked in with his gun drawn.

At Luke and Bobbie's childhood home, Shawn tried to open the door to the basement with the crowbar left by Luke's impostor. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Michael asked. He demanded to know why Shawn was there, and his silence suggested to Michael that Sonny had sent Shawn to "keep tabs" on Michael.

Michael ordered Shawn to leave the premises. Shawn implored Michael, "as a friend," that he should let Shawn do what he needed to do. He reminded Michael that the house wasn't Michael's property. Michael told Shawn that the house belonged to Bobbie's cousin and his son, who had given Michael permission to be at the house.

At the Haunted Star, Dante explained to Lulu that Johnny was the same mob "kid" he'd always been, the one who'd failed at getting out of the business over and over. He didn't think it was a good idea to have a criminal involved in her business, so he urged her to sell her half of the ship. Lulu refused to sell because the ship was Luke's. She continued that she wouldn't sell a piece of her family history "just to make you feel better." She added that it was her career, and they needed the money for their family.

"Are you gonna let him tell you what to do?" Johnny asked. He reminded Lulu that she had a mind of her own. He turned on Dante and suggested that the awful way Sonny treated women ran in the family. "By the way, how's your mother?" Johnny wondered. Dante punched Johnny in the face, and he collapsed on the floor. He popped back up and punched Dante in the stomach. After a few moments of scuffle, Lulu shouted, "Enough," as they were about to punch each other again.

Dante insisted that Johnny was trying to cause a rift between Dante and Lulu. He agreed with Lulu that they needed to decide things together. Just then, his phone rang. He answered it to Michael, who wanted to report an intruder at the site of his clinic. Dante told Lulu that he had to take care of "another dirtbag," and he offered to drop her off at home. She needed to stay and clean up from the fight, so he left without her. "See you later!" Johnny called out as Lulu shot him a death stare.

Lulu swept the broken glass from the floor as Johnny put some ice on his face. She admitted to Johnny that she was angry with Dante, but Johnny had been purposely goading Dante and enjoying it. She wondered if Dante had been right about Johnny getting back to his life of crime. Johnny insisted that he'd been in jail for two years and had no intention of going back. He only wanted a fresh start. He took the Haunted Star as a new beginning and admitted that he liked the idea of seeing Lulu every day.

Dante arrived at the house on Elm Street and wondered where the trespasser was. Michael informed Dante that the intruder, Shawn, had left. He thought it had something to do with Sonny. He wanted to press charges against Shawn for trespassing, but Dante said he couldn't, since Michael didn't own the property. Instead, Michael wanted a restraining order against Shawn and all of Sonny's "people."

At Pentonville, Julian warned Sonny that if Luke's impostor figured out that Shawn was following him, Julian's and Sonny's families would pay the price. Sonny knew that they could get more done if they had a phone, but until then, he believed that Shawn was their best chance. "He's no Jason," Julian responded. "Is the honeymoon over?" one of Johnny's guys, Gino, said after hearing the arguing.

Gino told Sonny and Julian that they were dead men, and that Johnny wanted them both "gone." Sonny reminded Gino how Sonny and Julian had taken out Gino's "posse," but Gino informed him that there were "more where they came from." Three more angry-looking men entered.

A few minutes later, Sonny and Julian finished beating the three men to the floor. "There's one more," Sonny said, grabbing Gino's collar. "I get it," Gino insisted. He wanted to "work something out" with Sonny and Julian. "Anything you want," he promised. Sonny demanded Gino's phone.

Shortly after, Sonny called Shawn and made sure that Shawn was still following Luke's impostor. Shawn updated Sonny on the impostor's visits to the house on Elm Street and the meeting with Helena. Shawn continued that the impostor wasn't happy that Julian was still alive and that the man was keeping something important in the basement of the house. He continued that Michael had shown up when Shawn had been about to look around. He told Sonny that the house belonged to Bill Eckert.

Jake's memories began to return

Jake's memories began to return

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Maxie called out to Lulu, but instead, Johnny Zacchara walked out to tell her that Lulu had left. Maxie admitted that she had heard that Johnny was out of jail, but she was curious why he was there. Johnny asked Maxie for a hug, so she hugged him then quickly pulled away to wait for an answer. Johnny revealed that he owned half of the Haunted Star, which meant that he and Lulu would be going back into business together. Maxie was pleased that Johnny was getting his life back together, but Johnny admitted that Dante hadn't been happy about the news.

Maxie admitted that she knew about Dante's reaction to finding Lulu and Johnny drinking shots at Metro Court Restaurant, but Johnny confessed that it had been nothing compared to Dante's reaction earlier that evening when Dante had learned about the new partnership. He assured Maxie that he had been the perfect gentleman to Dante, but Maxie smirked because she didn't believe Johnny, so he wisely changed the subject by asking about Maxie's life. Maxie beamed with pride as she told him about Georgie then showed him a picture of her daughter.

Johnny admitted that he had thought about being a father during his days locked up in Pentonville and that he had envisioned having a daughter named Harper in honor of the author of his favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Maxie liked the name, which wasn't a surprise to Johnny because he had instinctively known that she would. He turned the topic to Georgie's father by asking who'd had the honor of making a baby with her, so Maxie told him about Spinelli and her new shared custody arrangement.

As Maxie chatted, she mentioned her boyfriend, Nathan. Johnny revealed that he had met Nathan when Dante and Nathan had stopped by for a visit, but Maxie frowned when Johnny added that Nathan had taken an instant disliking to him. She doubted that Nathan would have been hostile without a reason, so she questioned what Johnny had said to set Nathan off. Johnny recalled the callous remark he had made about Maxie always being up for a good time but decided to tell her that perhaps Dante had influenced Nathan's opinion by accusing Johnny of intending to go after Lulu.

"Are you?" Maxie asked. Johnny reminded Maxie that Lulu was a married woman and a mother, but Maxie noticed that he hadn't answered the question. Johnny insisted that he didn't want to waste his time going after someone he couldn't have, so Maxie wondered if it had been difficult for him in jail without a woman. Johnny nodded then confided that the worst part had been not having an emotional attachment to someone he could share his life with. "Someone like you," Johnny quietly added.

Maxie reminded Johnny that she had a boyfriend, but he argued that she wasn't married or engaged. Maxie conceded that she wasn't living with Nathan because they had decided to take things slowly but she made it clear that Nathan was everything she had ever wanted. Johnny assured her that he respected her decision, but he also knew her. Maxie disagreed because she was a changed person after nearly losing everything. She became choked up with emotion as she credited Nathan with saving her, so she was determined not to mess things up with him.

Maxie assured Johnny that they could be friends -- provided Johnny stayed out of trouble -- but Johnny worried that Nathan might object. She assured him that Nathan wasn't the jealous type then left.

At Kelly's, Nathan was eating dinner at the counter when Dante walked in. Dante sat next to his partner then explained that he was there to talk to Shawn about Michael's encounter with Shawn at Bobbie and Luke's childhood home on Elm Street. As Dante talked to Nathan about the incident, Dante admitted that he understood Michael's position because Sonny had done the unforgiveable in Michael's eyes by killing A.J. However, Dante couldn't cut Sonny out of his life as Michael had done because Sonny would always be Dante's father, even if Sonny deserved to be in jail.

Dante invited Nathan to grab a beer, since Shawn wasn't there, but Nathan was curious why Dante wasn't at home with Lulu. Dante told Nathan about what had transpired at the Haunted Star when Dante had learned that Johnny and Lulu were once again co-owners of the ship and in business together. Nathan empathized with Dante because Nathan hadn't liked Johnny either.

Moments later, a server walked up to hand Nathan a key to one of the rooms above the diner. Dante was curious if Nathan and Maxie had argued, too, but Nathan explained that he and Maxie had agreed to take things slowly, so Nathan had decided to move out. Nathan returned to the topic of Dante and Lulu by advising his friend to stop avoiding Lulu and work things out. Dante was curious if Nathan knew any flower shops that might be open then grumbled that he hated arguing with his wife, especially when he had been "mostly" wrong.

After Dante left, Maxie arrived. Nathan greeted her with a hug and a kiss then told her that he had rented a room above Kelly's. Nathan suggested that they return to her apartment so he could grab his things, but Maxie persuaded him to spend the night at her place instead of returning to his newly rented room.

Across town, Lulu arrived home to a quiet loft as Olivia slept soundly on the sofa. Lulu gently tapped her mother-in-law on the shoulder until Olivia groggily opened her eyes then sat up. Olivia apologized for falling asleep but confessed that Rocco had worn her out. However, Olivia frowned when she suddenly noticed that Dante wasn't with Lulu. Lulu confessed that Dante was still out because Dante and Lulu had had a huge argument.

Lulu filled Olivia in about Dante's decision to go behind Lulu's back to warn Johnny to stay away from Lulu, and she accused Dante of behaving like a "Neanderthal" by punching Johnny at the Haunted Star. Olivia quietly listened as Lulu told her about Johnny acquiring half ownership of the ship and Dante's suggestion that Lulu sell her half of the Haunted Star to avoid being in business with Johnny. Olivia conceded that Dante had acted inappropriately, but she added that his heart had been in the right place because he had simply wanted to protect Lulu.

Olivia surprised Lulu by urging Lulu to stand her ground against Dante but conceded that Olivia was hardly in a position to offer advice, since all the men Olivia had slept with ended up in jail. Lulu started to disagree, but Olivia listed her lovers, including inadvertently mentioning Julian. Olivia was horrified when she realized what she had said, so she quickly explained that it had been a moment of weakness on New Year's Eve then changed the subject by assuring Lulu that Dante and Lulu would work things out.

Later, Lulu slipped into bed when she heard Dante arrive home. She pretended to be asleep as he entered the bedroom then sat down next to her in bed, holding a big bouquet of red roses. He quietly apologized for handling everything badly, including suggesting that she sell the Haunted Star. Lulu sat up then glanced down at the flowers. She admitted that the bouquet of flowers was pretty, but Dante argued that she was prettier. Lulu smiled softly as she thanked him for the apology, the flowers, and the compliment.

Relieved, Dante kissed Lulu but clarified that he didn't regret trying to look out for her. Lulu assured Dante that she had asked Johnny if Johnny was still involved in the mob, but Jonny had told her definitively no. Dante didn't appear appeased but kept silent.

At Pentonville, Sonny wrapped up a phone call with Shawn on Sonny's newly acquired cell phone. Julian had listened to Sonny's end of the conversation, so he didn't hesitate to remind Sonny that he had warned Sonny that the Luke Spencer impostor had been in league with the likes of Jerry Jacks, Cesar Faison, Helena Cassadine, and Johnny Zacchara. Sonny admitted that Luke would never be in cahoots with Helena, so Julian insisted that it was further proof that the impostor was not the real Luke.

Sonny informed Julian that the phone call with Shawn had yielded useful information because Shawn had revealed that the impostor had gone to the Spencer childhood home on Elm Street and that Bill Eckert owned the property. Julian was curious who Bill was, so Sonny filled Julian in about Luke's identical cousin. Julian was curious how it was possible for two cousins to look exactly like each other, but Sonny had no idea.

However, Sonny explained that Frank Smith had killed Bill Eckert years earlier when Frank had mistaken Bill for Luke. Julian doubted that the impostor was Bill Eckert because it was impossible for someone to return from the dead, but Sonny argued that Julian was proof that Bill's death could have been faked. Julian conceded that he had met Bill in the Witness Protection Program, but he wondered why Bill would target Sonny. Sonny suspected that Bill resented Sonny because Sonny had once worked for Frank Smith. Julian agreed that Sonny's theory made sense because it would explain why Bill would want to take everything away from Sonny and Luke.

Later, Sonny answered his cell phone. Johnny was stunned when he recognized Sonny's voice, so Sonny took pleasure informing Johnny that Johnny's goon wasn't available to take Johnny's call. Sonny insisted that he needed to save his minutes then quickly disconnected the call. Julian smirked as he wondered if Sonny had enjoyed himself, so Sonny smiled as he confessed that he had -- a lot. Julian was curious what they should do about Bill if Bill was the one who had been passing himself off as Luke.

Sonny was certain that he was right about Bill, so Julian asked if there was a way to prove it. "Yes," Sonny answered with a sly grin.

On the piers, the Luke Spencer impostor asked if there was a problem with Helena's "soldier boy." Helena explained that her plans had hit a snag because Sam had invited Patrick to spend the night. "Saved by the booty call," the impostor snickered, but Helena merely smiled. She informed her partner in crime that she had given her assassin the order to kill both Sam and Patrick because it would neatly tie up loose ends for Helena. The impostor warned her that a double homicide, especially one involving the murder of a prominent surgeon, would draw close scrutiny from the police, but Helena wasn't concerned.

Helena reminded the impostor that Patrick might cause problems by raising the alarm about Sam's murder because Patrick knew that Sam had been trying to learn the identity of the masked gunman. The impostor agreed that they couldn't afford that, so Helena admitted that it was precisely why she had ordered her gunman to eliminate both. "Eliminate who?" Nikolas asked as he suddenly stepped out of the shadows.

Helena accused Nikolas of loitering on the piers, but Nikolas explained that he had been merely been heading to the launch to return to Spoon Island. The impostor, pretending to be Luke, greeted Nikolas, so Nikolas immediately questioned why Luke would join forces with Luke's nemesis, Helena. The impostor claimed that he and Helena had a complicated relationship, but Nikolas found the answer curious because Helena had said the same thing. Nikolas reminded "Luke" that Luke and Helena had spent years trying to kill each other, but the impostor argued that there was a fine line between love and hate.

Helena tried to cut Nikolas' interrogation of "Luke" short, but Nikolas refused to leave without answers. Luke was curious why Nikolas was concerned about Luke and Helena's association, since Nikolas had been harboring Helena at Wyndemere and had both the mayor and police commissioner in Nikolas' back pocket, but Nikolas explained that he was concerned about Lulu because Nikolas cared about his sister. Nikolas feared that Lulu would be heartbroken if she learned about Luke's unlikely alliance with Helena. Luke suggested that Nikolas get off his high horse because they were all on the same side in their quest to take down ELQ and anything else that crossed their path.

Nikolas was curious what "Luke" brought to the table, but Helena had had enough. She ordered Nikolas to go to the launch, so she could finish up with "Luke." Nikolas suspected that Helena and "Luke" intended to conspire, but he left. The impostor immediately warned Helena to keep Nikolas in line, but Helena was more concerned about her "soldier boy" because he hadn't checked back in.

Moments later, the impostor's phone rang. It was Tracy, so he quickly excused himself to return to the Quartermaine mansion before Tracy "imploded." He wished Helena luck with the double murder then left.

At the penthouse, Jake was armed with a gun sporting a silencer as he neared Sam's bedroom. In the bedroom, Patrick and Sam kissed passionately after they had made love. Jake peeked into the room at the couple, intending to take aim and shoot, until he suddenly had a flashback of him and Sam in the same bed. Stunned, Jake silently stumbled back into the hallway as he tried to make sense of the memory.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Sam were unaware of Jake's presence or the danger as Patrick invited Sam to take a shower with him. Jake pulled himself together then stealthily entered the bedroom as Patrick and Sam disappeared into the bathroom. However, he grew tense as more flashes of his life with Sam raced through his mind. Jake glanced at the nightstand, where he spotted a silver box that Sam kept her wedding ring in. He pulled out the wedding ring then stared at it for several minutes before placing it back in the box and returning the box to the nightstand.

Jake started to return to the bathroom to carry out his order to kill Patrick and Sam but stopped short when he spotted two small figurines -- one of a dragon and one of a phoenix -- on a table. He had a brief memory of Sam giving him the dragon figurine and telling him to be careful. Jake heard Patrick and Sam finish up in the bathroom, so he slipped the phoenix figurine into his pocket and quickly left.

Moments later, Patrick and Sam entered the bedroom. Sam immediately became concerned when she thought she had heard a noise, so Patrick agreed to check the penthouse with Sam. A short time later, Patrick and Sam returned to the bedroom, brushing off the noise as nothing. Sam didn't notice anything missing, so she melted into Patrick's arms when he kissed her.

On the piers, Jake packed up his gun then picked up the phoenix figurine that he had taken from Sam's penthouse. He clutched the figurine in his hand as he recalled hearing a shot ring out. As if caught in the moment, Jake stumbled to the stairs then fell unconscious. The figurine tumbled out of his hand and landed near his body.

Sam has a perplexing discovery

Sam has a perplexing discovery

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At Sam's penthouse, Sam and Patrick woke up in each other's arms and made love again. Afterwards, a smiling Sam admitted that she regretted that they had taken things slowly, so Patrick playfully agreed that it had been a terrible mistake to wait to be intimate. Patrick's expression turned sincere as he confessed that he would have waited longer if she had wanted because their night together had been perfect, but he realized he should leave before Monica arrived to drop off Danny.

Sam was disappointed but agreed that it was for the best. Patrick glanced around then asked if she had seen his phone because he wanted to check in with Emma before heading to work. Sam reached for her phone to give to Patrick but froze when she suddenly noticed that the phoenix figurine on a nearby table was missing. She immediately linked it to the noise she had heard the previous night, but Patrick wondered why someone would break in just to steal the figurine. Sam realized that it might sound "hokey" to Patrick, but she explained that both the phoenix and dragon figurines had had a special significance to her wedding to Jason.

Sam admitted that the figurines weren't valuable, but they were special because she and Jason had given them to each other as Christmas gifts a few months after their wedding. She quietly revealed that Jason had had the phoenix figurine with him when Cesar Faison had shot Jason, so Patrick wondered how Sam had gotten the figurine back. Sam told him about her desperate search for Jason in the harbor but only finding the phoenix figurine in the murky waters. She was certain that it had been stolen, but Patrick thought it had most likely been accidently misplaced.

After Patrick and Sam dressed, Patrick looked for the figurine under the bed but only uncovered one of Danny's toy cars. He suggested that perhaps Molly or Alexis had taken the figurine, but Sam was adamant that neither her sister nor mother had ever entered Sam's bedroom. Patrick pointed out that the housekeeper might have inadvertently moved it, so Sam reluctantly agreed to talk to everyone in the house, even though she remained certain that the missing figurine was connected to the noise she had heard the previous evening.

On the piers, a police officer saw Jake unconscious near the stairs so he assumed that Jake was a vagrant who had fallen asleep. He ordered Jake to wake up then reached down to roll Jake over. The police officer became concerned when he saw that Jake had a bleeding head wound and appeared disoriented and combative, so he called for an ambulance.

After the paramedics arrived, Jake was loaded onto a gurney. He shivered from the cold and seemed dazed as the paramedics rushed him to the ambulance, grabbing his duffel bag along the way while leaving the phoenix figurine behind in the snow.

A short time later, Sam stood on Pier 54, where Jason had been shot. She recalled diving for Jason's body as Sonny had watched over her until she returned to the surface with the phoenix figurine clutched in her hand. Sam shook off the painful memory then walked away, unaware that she had nearly stepped on the phoenix figurine as she'd passed the stairs.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth recalled Jake's confession that he couldn't spend time with her without wanting more than friendship. "Earth to Elizabeth," Lucas said as he approached her. Elizabeth smiled as she greeted him as "Dr. Jones." Lucas chuckled then confided that he might not be around for very long because he had agreed to run the free medical clinic that Michael planned to build. Impressed, Elizabeth offered to donate her own time to help once it opened, but Lucas warned her that it might be awhile because Michael hadn't closed on the property yet.

Lucas was relieved because he still needed time to get used to his new schedule. Elizabeth rolled her eyes then offered to play her "teeny, tiny" violin for him except Obrecht had stolen it from her. Lucas feigned outrage then added that it was one more example of why he needed another job. Lucas just hoped that he would have what it took to juggle two schedules for a while, but Elizabeth was certain that Lucas wouldn't have any problems with Bobbie and Brad to support him. Lucas confessed that he hadn't told Carly yet because of the situation between Carly and Michael.

Later, Lucas and Elizabeth readied a trauma bay as he opened up to her about Michael's anger. According to Lucas, Michael was as stubborn as Carly, Sonny, and even Jason, which was part of the problem. Lucas didn't blame Michael for being angry with Sonny because Sonny had killed A.J., but Lucas couldn't understand why Michael refused to acknowledge that Carly had acted out of a desire to protect Michael. Elizabeth realized that it wasn't her place to comment on the situation, but Lucas invited her to speak her mind. Elizabeth appreciated that Carly would die for Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn, but Carly had also proven time and again that Carly's first priority was Sonny.

Elizabeth reminded Lucas that the only person Carly had been more devoted to than Sonny was Jason. Their talk was cut short when paramedics arrived with Jake. Jake was immediately taken to the trauma bay where they informed Lucas that Jake appeared to be suffering from hypothermia. Concerned, Elizabeth questioned Jake about what had happened after she had left him on the piers. Jake seemed uncertain as he told her that he had returned to his hotel room, but Elizabeth reminded him that he had been found passed out on the piers. Jake had a flashback of holding the phoenix figurine but kept the memory to himself.

Lucas examined Jake then decided to run some tests. In the hallway, Elizabeth quickly filled Lucas in about Jake's medical history, so Lucas decided to consult with a neurologist because Lucas feared that the episode might have been connected Jake's traumatic brain injury. After Lucas walked away, Elizabeth called Carly to let her know that Jake had been admitted to the emergency room.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael apologized for bothering Alexis when she had been spending time with Ned, but she assured him that it was fine because Ned had been reminiscing about Ned's Eddie Maine days. Michael wondered if Alexis had any news about what they had discussed, so Alexis revealed that a judge had signed off on the restraining order. Michael was relieved when she assured him that Shawn would not be allowed within 500 feet of Michael or the house on Elm Street that Michael intended to acquire. "The sooner I have Sonny's bulldog off my back, the better," Michael said.

After Alexis left to personally deliver the restraining order, Michael's phone rang. It was Sonny. Michael ignored Sonny until Sonny reminded Michael that he was Michael's father. Furious, Michael insisted that A.J. had been his father, but Sonny had murdered A.J., so Sonny was nothing to Michael. Sonny pleaded with Michael to hear him out because he needed to warn Michael to stay away from Luke and the house on Elm Street. Michael's temper flared because he knew that Shawn had reported his recent encounter with Michael to Sonny.

Michael accused Sonny of being jealous that Michael intended to restore A.J.'s good name by naming the clinic in honor of A.J. Sonny insisted that his phone call had nothing to do with A.J., but Michael didn't believe him. Michael noticed that the call hadn't been recorded, so he told Sonny to rot in jail then warned Sonny not to contact him again or to send any of his goons to tail Michael because Michael would report Sonny to the warden for having a contraband cell phone. "Enjoy your life sentence," Michael snarled then disconnected the call.

In the living room, Tracy saw the man she assumed was Luke exchanging text messages with someone on the phone. She was annoyed because he had been "tapping" away on the phone all morning, so she wondered what was more important than properly greeting his wife. The impostor looked at the text message from Helena asking him to meet her at Wyndemere so they could plot their next move but opted to claim that he and Robert Scorpio had been engaged in an intense game of "Words with Friends." According to the impostor, Robert had pulled ahead with a word worth 60 points.

Tracy resumed reading the newspaper but set it down when Michael stormed into the room. Tracy was curious why Michael appeared angry, so Michael told her and the impostor about Sonny's phone call and warning. Alarmed, the impostor was curious what Sonny had said about him, but Michael admitted that he hadn't given Sonny the opportunity to elaborate. The impostor was pleased until Michael mentioned that Shawn had been in the house on Elm Street, trying to enter the basement. The impostor was furious, but Michael assured "Luke" that Michael had taken care of the problem by having a restraining order issued to keep Shawn far away from Michael and the house on Elm Street.

It didn't escape Tracy's notice that "Luke" seemed unusually upset about Shawn's presence at the house on Elm Street, but she kept silent as the impostor suggested that they take things a step further by boarding up the house. "No one needs to be there, especially in the basement," the impostor claimed. Michael pointed out that "Luke" had been in the basement, so the impostor insisted that he knew firsthand that the basement was filled with mold and that the support beams were rotting.

The impostor suggested that Michael find another site to build the clinic, but Michael argued that he intended to demolish the building and start fresh, so the condition of the house on Elm Street didn't matter. Michael wondered if there was another reason that "Luke" didn't want Michael to build the clinic on the site of Luke's childhood home, but the impostor claimed that he was just trying to help Michael out. Michael agreed to think about "Luke's" suggestion then left.

Tracy immediately questioned why "Luke" had been upset about the idea of Michael building a clinic on the Elm Street property. She believed that there was far more to be gained by tearing the house down than allowing it to continue to decline. She suggested that it might be cathartic for "Luke" to exorcise some of his childhood demons, so the impostor pretended to agree. However, he added that it wasn't up to him or Michael because Bill Eckert owned the property.

Tracy reminded "Luke" that Bill's sister, Jenny, had been the executor of the estate and that everything had been passed down to Sly, so Sly owned the property by default. The impostor argued that the property hadn't been mentioned in Bill's will, so it would likely end up in probate, which could take months to sort out. Tracy smiled with relish as she realized that it could be a far more costly problem than Michael had anticipated, which would displease the ELQ board members.

At Pentonville, Julian warned Sonny about using the contraband cell phone too much because the guards might catch Sonny and confiscate it. Annoyed, Sonny assured Julian that he knew what he was doing, but Julian wasn't satisfied because the cell phone was their only link to the outside world. Sonny explained that he had called to warn Michael about the impostor, but Julian was furious because he feared that Michael might tip off the impostor that Sonny and Julian were onto the man's true identity. Julian seized the opportunity to question Sonny about how Sonny intended to prove the impostor was Bill Eckert, so Sonny explained that they would need Shawn's help.

Julian had reservations about Shawn because Julian didn't trust the man, but Sonny insisted that it was the only way. Sonny reminded Julian that they were the only ones who could stop the impostor.

At Kelly's, Shawn stood behind the counter as he studied "Spider-Finder" on his laptop, hoping to learn more information about Luke Spencer. Carly approached the counter then ask what had snagged Shawn's attention. Shawn closed the laptop as he gave her his full attention, which only made Carly more curious about what he had been looking at when she had walked in. She demanded to know what Sonny had Shawn working on, but Shawn refused to discuss Sonny's business with her. Carly's frustration mounted when Shawn refused to tell her how Sonny had been holding up in jail.

Carly insisted that she and Sonny loved each other and belonged together, so she resented Sonny making decisions for her. She implored Shawn to talk to Sonny on her behalf, but Shawn explained that it was useless because Sonny was determined to do what was best for Carly's relationship with Michael. Carly argued that the only way for her to repair her relationship with Michael was to be honest with her son, which meant that she had to admit that she loved Sonny and always would. Carly begged Shawn to persuade Sonny to accept her visit, but Shawn admitted that it was pointless because he had already done so, to no avail.

Moments later, Alexis approached the counter, dropped off a folded piece of paper, then started to leave, but Shawn asked her what the paper was. Resigned, Alexis informed Shawn that it was a restraining order prohibiting Shawn from going within 500 feet of Michael or the Spencer property on Elm Street. Carly immediately demanded to know what was going on, but Shawn insisted that it had been a misunderstanding. Alexis disagreed as she accused Shawn of stalking Michael and breaking into the house on Elm Street.

Carly stepped away when her cell phone rang. It was Elizabeth calling to let Carly know that Jake was in the hospital. After Carly rushed out, Alexis warned Shawn that whatever he had been doing for Sonny had not helped the situation between Michael and Sonny. Shawn disagreed, but he refused to explain why. Moments later, Sonny called Shawn, so Shawn excused himself to take the call in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Shawn greeted his boss then told Sonny about the restraining order. Sonny told Shawn that they would deal with that later because Sonny had another job for Shawn. Sonny filled Shawn in about his theory that the impostor was Bill Eckert, so Sonny wanted Shawn to find Bill's grave to make certain that Bill was "dead and buried."

At Pentonville, Sonny ended the call with Shawn. Julian remained anxious that the impostor would get wind of what was going on. Moments later, Sonny's cell phone rang. It was the impostor. "I hear you've been talking about me," the impostor said with menace. Julian stood close enough to Sonny to hear the impostor warn both men that there would be consequences. "The sins of the fathers shall be revisited tenfold upon the sons," the impostor promised.

At the hospital, Jordan arrived for an arranged meeting with Anna. Jordan looked around nervously as she wondered why Anna had risked blowing Jordan's cover by arranging to meet in a public place. Anna quietly explained that she had wanted to let Jordan know that it might be the last time Jordan saw Anna because Anna had been ordered to Washington, DC, to face an inquisition into her conduct when Anna had imprisoned Faison. Jordan was surprised because she thought that Anna's friend, Frisco Jones, had shut the investigation down.

Anna admitted that the matter had extended beyond the jurisdiction of the World Security Bureau, but Anna made it clear that she didn't have any regrets about what she had done. Jordan was concerned because she had no idea where that left her investigation. Anna assured Jordan that Jordan would still be answering to Nathan and Dante, but Jordan was reluctant to remain undercover without the support of the police commissioner, since neither Nathan nor Dante had much authority over an undercover investigation like Jordan's.

Anna pleaded with Jordan to remain undercover because Anna needed Jordan's help to take down Sonny's criminal organization. Jordan was curious why it was important to Anna, so Anna explained that the man Anna had once loved had stepped into Sonny's shoes. Anna was determined to set things right by ending the mob's stranglehold on the city once and for all. Jordan agreed to remain undercover, provided she would be Anna's first call if things didn't go well for Anna in Washington, DC. Anna agreed then admitted that she had deep respect for Jordan. Jordan returned the compliment and wished Anna well.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Carly entered Jake's trauma bay and demanded to know what had happened. Lucas explained that Jake might have had a seizure, so Lucas had decided to consult with a neurologist. Carly became alarmed when she noticed Jake's bandaged head, so Jake admitted that all he recalled was that one moment he had been talking to Elizabeth, and the next, a cop had woken him up on the pier.

After Lucas left, Jake told Carly about the flashback of him holding a figurine, but he had no idea what the figurine had been of. Carly noticed the duffel bag on a nearby table, so she decided to check to see if the figurine was in the duffel bag. Carly tensed when she reached inside. Jake was surprised when she pulled a gun out of the bag and showed it to him.

Meanwhile, Patrick approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station to explain that he had been called in for a consult with a patient. Elizabeth revealed that the patient was Jake, who had been found unconscious on the piers.

Carly comes across something suspicious

Carly comes across something suspicious

Thursday, January 22, 2015

In Maxie's apartment, Nathan and Maxie snuggled together in bed. She confessed that being in bed with him was the most amazing thing in the world. Nathan said something in French, but Maxie surprised him by asking if he had just told her that he had to leave. Nathan wondered if she had been taking French lessons behind his back, so she explained that she had picked up a few French phrases from her days working in the fashion industry.

Maxie smiled when Nathan offered to teach her more French because she assumed they had all day to spend together, but Nathan explained that he had to get to work. Disappointed, Maxie cozied next to him then admitted that she hoped Nathan didn't take Duke down because she thought Duke had been doing a good job running things for Sonny. Nathan reminded her that Duke was as much of a criminal as Sonny had been, but Maxie argued that there were "varying degrees of mobsterdom."

Maxie explained that men like Sonny and Duke had a code that they followed, but Nathan was surprised that she knew the Corinthos organization well enough to be aware of that. Maxie reminded him that Spinelli had once worked for Jason Morgan, who had been Sonny's enforcer, so Nathan asked if she had sympathy for any other mob factions like the Zacchara organization.

Maxie revealed that she knew about Nathan and Dante's visit to Johnny's penthouse because Johnny had mentioned it when she had seen Johnny the previous evening on the Haunted Star. Nathan immediately became tense as he wondered why she hadn't mentioned the encounter sooner, but Maxie turned the question around by asking why he hadn't thought to tell her about going to Johnny's place. Nathan admitted that he hadn't realized that it been important, even though Johnny had implied that Johnny and Maxie had had history.

"Do you?" Nathan asked. Maxie clarified that she and Johnny had "almost" had history because an attraction had developed when they had pretended to be a couple for the benefit of the media while he had been dating Lulu. She admitted that she and Johnny had kissed when Johnny had decided that Lulu would be better off without him, so he had set Lulu up to walk in on Maxie and Johnny in a compromising position. However, Maxie assured Nathan that nothing had happened beyond the kiss. Maxie explained that Johnny had a tendency to do the wrong things but for the right reasons.

Nathan remarked that Johnny's pattern suggested that things would not go well for him on the outside. Maxie hoped that Nathan was wrong but assured him that he didn't have any reason to worry about Johnny because she had told Johnny that Nathan was everything that Maxie had wanted and everything that she hadn't realized she had wanted. She promised that there was nothing "almost" about her feelings for Nathan, so Nathan smiled. "Me too," Nathan replied in French then kissed her.

At Pentonville, Sonny was surprised that the impostor had quoted the Bible about the sins of the fathers being visited upon the sons because Luke Spencer would have never done that. According to Sonny, Luke was a "dedicated atheist." The impostor argued that Sonny had missed the point because the quote had been meant as a promise.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the impostor comfortably stretched out on the sofa as he continued to talk to Sonny. Sonny warned the impostor to stay away from Michael and Lucas, but the impostor merely smiled because Sonny and Julian weren't in a position to do anything about it from jail. Sonny disagreed because he could easily expose the impostor as a fraud by revealing that the impostor was Bill Eckert. The impostor immediately sat up as he asked what had given Sonny that idea.

Sonny admitted that he had heard about the impostor's meeting with Helena at the Spencers' childhood home on Elm Street. The impostor wasn't surprised that Shawn had reported back to Sonny, but he was curious why Sonny thought the impostor was Bill. Sonny pointed out that Bill owned the house on Elm Street, but the impostor argued that it wasn't proof of anything, since Bill had died years earlier. "Well, we're just gonna see about that," Sonny replied.

Alarmed, the impostor demanded to know what Sonny had meant by that, but Julian quietly warned Sonny not to say too much. Sonny refused to clarify his remark to the impostor, so the impostor advised Sonny and Julian to stay out of his business, or Michael and Lucas would pay the price. The impostor reminded Sonny that Sonny and Julian didn't have anyone on the outside to help Lucas or Michael, which left the sons wide open to the impostor.

The impostor smiled with smug satisfaction at Sonny's silence until Sonny switched tactics by reminding the impostor that Bobbie was Bill's cousin. Sonny questioned if the impostor could truly kill his own cousin's son, but the impostor reminded Sonny that he had never admitted to being Bill. Sonny cut to the chase by demanding to know what the impostor wanted. "Power," the impostor replied. Sonny agreed to turn over his organization to the impostor, provided the impostor promised to leave both Michael and Lucas alone.

The impostor chuckled then informed Sonny that the offer was off the table because the impostor simply took what he wanted. The impostor bragged that there was nothing either Sonny or Julian could do to stop him. After the impostor disconnected the phone call, Julian insisted there had to be a way to protect Michael and Lucas. Sonny admitted there was; they had to break out of jail.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth filled Patrick in about Jake's medical crisis and lack of memory of the previous evening. She was surprised when Patrick mentioned that Jake had been struggling with memory issues for a while because Jake had been fine when he had stayed with her. Patrick wondered if perhaps Sam had been right about Jake being the gunman who had held Sam hostage, but Elizabeth quickly became defensive and accused Sam of jading Patrick's opinion of Jake. Patrick reminded Elizabeth that normal people didn't get knocked unconscious and left on the pier, so Elizabeth agreed.

However, Elizabeth suggested that perhaps Jake had simply passed out because of an underlying medical problem tied to Jake's previous head injury. Elizabeth insisted that Sam lacked any shred of evidence connecting Jake to Cesar Faison's escape, so Patrick assured his friend that he had persuaded Sam to let the police handle the investigation. Elizabeth relaxed when he promised to treat Jake objectively and do everything in his power to prove Jake's innocence.

Meanwhile, Jake rested in one of the emergency room's trauma bays as Carly reached into his duffel bag to look for the figurine Jake recalled seeing. She tensed when she found a gun stuffed into the bag instead, so she turned to ask Jake about it. Jake assured Carly that he was as surprised by the gun's presence as she was because he had never seen it before, but Carly noticed that the serial number had been scratched off the gun, which meant that it was an illegal weapon. Jake continued to deny any knowledge of the gun, so Carly asked how it had ended up in his duffel bag.

Carly knew it was Jake's duffel bag because she had seen it in his hotel room. Jake didn't deny it, but he insisted that he had never seen the gun before. Carly was curious where Jake had been the previous day, so he told her that he had spent a few hours at Volonino's gym to work out and had left the bag in a locker. She realized that someone might have randomly picked a locker to hide the gun in, but Jake was skeptical because he was certain that he would have noticed the gun in his bag when he had changed clothes. At Jake's urging, Carly checked the duffel bag again.

Carly's concern mounted when she found a ski mask, a jacket, and a pair of boots -- items the gunman had been wearing when Sam had been taken hostage. Jake promised Carly that he had never seen any of the things in the duffel bag, but he was worried because he had only confusing fragments of memories from the night before. Carly admitted that it appeared suspicious because Jake had spent the night on the pier without any recollection of how he had ended up there, but Jake pleaded with her not to say anything until he had time to figure things out.

Moments later, Patrick and Elizabeth pulled the curtains aside then approached Jake's bed. Elizabeth explained that Patrick was there to examine Jake, so Patrick asked Carly to step into the hallway because he needed privacy. Carly grabbed Jake's duffel bag and promised she would keep it safe for him.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Michael approached Lucas to talk to his uncle about the clinic. Lucas greeted Michael but had to wait when Michael's phone rang. It was Alexis. Alexis explained that she had served Shawn with the restraining order, so Shawn was prohibited from going within 500 feet of Michael or the house on Elm Street. Michael thanked Alexis for taking care of everything quickly, but Alexis thought Michael should know that Shawn had claimed he had been in the house on Elm Street for Michael's well-being. Michael scoffed at the suggestion, but Alexis urged Michael to be careful.

After Michael ended the call, Lucas fetched his nephew a cup of coffee. Michael was grateful because he'd had a busy day. Lucas admitted that he had heard what Michael had said to Alexis, so he was curious about what had transpired. Michael explained that Shawn had been shadowing Michael, which Michael suspected had been on Sonny's orders. Michael insisted that he didn't want or need Sonny's protection, so Lucas wisely shifted gears to ask why Michael had stopped by.

Michael explained that he had wanted to take Lucas on the tour of the waterfront and get some ideas about the clinic. Lucas appreciated the opportunity to have some input on the clinic, so he decided to take lunch to head to waterfront with Michael. Moments later, Michael and Lucas bumped into Carly. Carly was immediately concerned when she saw Michael, but he quickly explained that he was there to discuss the free clinic in A.J.'s honor with Lucas because Lucas had agreed to run it. Carly was delighted for her brother and hugged him.

Lucas credited Carly for making him realize that it had been selfish of him not to take advantage of his medical degree. Carly's smile faltered when Michael decided to excuse himself because it was clear he was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. Lucas quietly urged Carly not to give up on Michael then followed his nephew.

A short time later, Carly returned to Jake's bedside. Patrick assured Carly that they would soon have some answers, and he left with Elizabeth. Jake waited until they were alone then thanked Carly for not saying anything about the contents of the duffel bag. Carly was unsettled by the whole situation, but Jake assured her that he wanted answers too. Carly promised Jake that they would get to the bottom of things then decided that they should start by paying Kevin a visit together.

On the piers, Lucas tried to talk to Michael about Carly, but Michael refused to indulge Lucas. Michael explained that every time he saw Carly, he thought of Sonny and was reminded of how Sonny had shot A.J. in cold blood then had sat next to Michael at A.J.'s bedside as if Sonny had actually cared. Michael reminded Lucas that everyone Michael had loved had betrayed his trust, so all the explanations and excuses in the world wouldn't change that. Lucas warned Michael that keeping everything locked up inside would eventually poison his nephew, so he promised not to defend Carly or Sonny if Michael wanted to talk.

Moments later, Michael's phone rang. It was the impostor calling to invite both Michael and Lucas to the Haunted Star for a "surprise." Nearby, Lucas noticed a small object in the snow. He picked up the phoenix figurine, wondering how it had ended up there. He slid it into his pocket when Michael called out to him.

Outside Kelly's, Alexis was surprised when she saw Sam approach. She warmly greeted her daughter then invited Sam to join her for lunch because Alexis was eager to hear about Sam's evening with Patrick.

Alexis and Sam found a table inside the diner then talked about Sam's special night with Patrick. Sam admitted that Patrick had enjoyed her cooking and that making love with him had been wonderful. Alexis was happy for her daughter but wondered if it had been everything that Sam had hoped for. "Yes," Sam assured her mother, so Alexis asked if the morning after had been awkward. Sam admitted that it had been but not for the reason that Alexis might think.

Sam told Alexis about the missing phoenix figurine, which Sam suspected had been linked to a strange noise that Sam had heard in the penthouse the previous night. Alexis' brow furrowed as she wondered if Patrick had heard the noise, but Sam assured her mother that she wasn't crazy. Alexis suggested that perhaps Danny or the housekeeper, Hannah, had misplaced the figurine, but Sam was adamant that it had been stolen. Sam confessed that she had even found herself on the pier earlier that morning, remembering how she had found it after Jason had been shot.

Sam admitted that she hadn't had any expectation of finding the figurine there a second time, so Alexis suggested that perhaps Sam had become fixated on the missing figurine because Sam had slept with Patrick. Sam quickly dismissed the idea because Sam hadn't had any regrets about sleeping with Patrick. However, Sam was focused on the missing figurine because it had disappeared out of her bedroom without explanation. Sam wanted it back because it was irreplaceable to her, so Alexis promised to help Sam look for it at home. Alexis returned to the topic of Sam and Patrick's relationship because she wanted Sam to know that she believed that Sam deserved to be happy.

After Alexis left, Sam looked at the dragon figurine she had taken from home. Moments later, Patrick called. She told him that she had been thinking of him, so he asked her out for dinner. After Sam readily agreed, he asked if she had found the phoenix figurine. Sam admitted that she hadn't, so he assured her that it would eventually turn up.

On the piers, Duke and Jordan were supervising the unloading of a cargo shipment when Shawn walked up. Jordan's tone was filled with sarcasm as she admitted that she was surprised that Shawn had made it. Shawn explained that Alexis and then a phone call from Sonny had waylaid him. Jordan was curious what Sonny had had to say, but Shawn claimed that Sonny had been concerned about the shipment. Jordan appeared to believe the lie, so she excused herself to check on things.

Duke waited until Jordan was gone before questioning Shawn about Sonny's phone call. Shawn confided that Sonny had expressly ordered Shawn not to say anything in front of Jordan then revealed that Faison had been a decoy to keep the impostor from being discovered. Duke was stunned that Luke Spencer had not been rescued from Miscavige as everyone believed, so Duke asked if they were dealing with another person wearing a mask. Shawn explained that Julian had told Sonny that the impostor looked exactly like Luke.

Shawn filled Duke in about Sonny's theory that Luke's cousin, Bill, was the impostor, so Sonny had ordered Shawn to dig up Bill's grave. Duke thought it was extreme, but conceded that it was the best way to get a quick answer.

Both Shawn and Duke were unaware that Jordan had been eavesdropping on their conversation. She stepped forward to inform both men that the shipment was ready to be transported, so she invited Shawn to join her. After both Shawn and Duke declined, Jordan pretended to leave. However, she waited out of sight until both Shawn and Duke went their separate ways, and she followed Shawn.

A short time later, Shawn was dressed as a cemetery worker when he approached Bill Eckert's grave. He was about to dig up Bill's coffin until he heard a noise. Jordan quickly ducked out of sight, but Shawn was certain that someone had been spying on him, so he approached the area where he had heard the noise as he ordered the person to step forward. Jordan reluctantly complied.

Nina makes a new friend

Nina makes a new friend

Friday, January 23, 2015

At Shadybrook, Nina appeared distracted as she sat at a table with a Battleship game board in front of her. An inmate reminded Nina that it was Nina's turn, so Nina continued to play, but it was clear she wasn't really interested. Moments later, Heather, the inmate playing the game with Nina, declared victory. Nina smiled, so Heather challenged Nina to another game, but Nina admitted that she would rather talk. Heather agreed because Nina was the first person Heather had connected with in the sanitarium.

Nina seemed surprised by her new friend's admission, especially when Heather added that it was obvious that someone had deeply hurt Nina. "My husband and that whore who slept with him," Nina confirmed. Nina opened up about how her husband had cheated on her, but Nina was pleased that Ava had gotten her just deserts by ending up in jail. Heather empathized because Nina's rival sounded a lot like the woman who had gotten her clutches into Heather's son. Heather claimed that she had been punished for trying to protect her son, who had repaid her with betrayal.

Heather muttered that her son had never deserved her loyalty, so Nina admitted that Silas hadn't deserved Nina's either. Nina regretted that she had wasted her time on Silas instead of realizing sooner that Franco was the only man that Nina could trust. Heather tensed. "I'm sorry, did you just say 'Franco'?" Heather asked. Nina perked up because she noticed that Heather seemed familiar with who Franco was, so Heather reminded Nina that Franco was a famous artist. Nina smiled, but explained that Franco was the only friend Nina had ever had.

Nina revealed that Franco had protected her when Nina had been at her most vulnerable and had tried to stay with Nina after their arrest by pretending to be insane. Heather wasn't surprised that the judge hadn't bought the desperate defense, since he had used a brain tumor to claim insanity in the past. Nina smiled as she confided that she thought about Franco constantly from the moment she woke up each morning. However, Nina's tone turned sad as she commented that everything she had loved was gone.

Nina believed it was what she deserved for trusting her mother. Heather bristled because she resented people always blaming their mothers for their problems, but Nina insisted that it was true in her case, since Madeline had put Nina in a coma to force Nina to miscarry a baby. Horrified, Heather agreed that Nina's mother sounded horrible, so she invited Nina to tell her all about it. Nina was touched by the offer then admitted that she wished she'd had a mother like her new friend. Heather smiled sweetly as she offered to be Nina's mother during their stay at Shadybrook.

Nina's eyes filled with tears of joy as Heather hugged her and promised to look out for Nina. Nina reminded her new friend that they didn't even know each other's names, so Heather introduced herself as "Diana Taylor."

At Pentonville, Sonny proposed that he and Julian break out of jail. Sonny pointed out that they were the only ones who knew that the man claiming to be Luke was an impostor, so Sonny and Julian were the only ones who could safeguard their sons. Julian appeared skeptical about the plan, but Sonny assured Julian that it would only take one phone call to get Sonny's people to put a plan into motion. Julian was curious what would happen after they exposed the impostor and saved their sons, so Sonny explained that he and Julian would simply disappear.

Franco suddenly approached as he asked if Sonny and Julian had room for one more. Sonny and Julian pretended that they had no idea what Franco was talking about, but Franco knew that Sonny and Julian had been plotting to escape. He noticed that the rival mobsters had become close during Franco's 28 days in solitary confinement, so Franco wondered if Julian had become Sonny's "prison wife." Neither Sonny nor Julian was amused by the remark, but Franco was unapologetic. However, Franco agreed to discuss the jailbreak instead.

Sonny and Julian continued to deny plotting to break out of the jail, so Franco threatened to report Sonny for having a contraband cell phone if Sonny and Julian refused to include Franco in their plans. Sonny called Franco's bluff, prompting Franco to call out to a guard. Sonny and Julian tensed until Franco explained to the guard that Franco had merely wanted to apologize for the incident with the "shiv." Annoyed, the guard walked away. Franco's grin faded as he assured Sonny and Julian that he wouldn't give them a reprieve the next time.

Sonny reminded Franco that it would be easy for him and Julian to kill Franco, but Franco doubted that Sonny and Julian would risk the guards shutting down the prison to search for weapons and contraband. Sonny was curious what Franco wanted, so Franco asked for the use of Sonny's cell phone. Sonny reluctantly handed it to Franco, against Julian's objections. Sonny argued that they couldn't afford to have Franco tip off the guards, but Julian reminded Sonny that they needed the phone to put their plan into motion. Sonny promised that he and Julian would get out of jail the following day, one way or another.

Meanwhile, Franco called Nina, pretending to be her attorney. Nina was delighted when she heard Franco's voice, so he quickly apologized for letting her down and not getting in touch with her sooner. Franco smiled when she assured him that it was okay. He shifted gears by asking how she had been holding up, so Nina revealed that she had made a new friend.

In the women's wing of Pentonville, Ava was overjoyed when Kiki arrived with Avery for a visit. Ava started to reach for her baby, but Kiki suddenly pulled back. Kiki worried that Avery's first memories might be of the prison. "Or me," Ava quietly added. Kiki didn't answer, but she decided that it would be best to take Avery home. Ava implored Kiki to reconsider because Ava was desperate to hold her baby, but Kiki insisted that Kiki was Avery's mother.

Ava suddenly woke up from the nightmare as she called out to Kiki. Madeline feigned concern as she asked if Ava had had a bad dream. Ava ignored the question as she demanded to know what Madeline wanted. Madeline explained that she had noticed that Ava had had a nightmare, which Madeline confessed had given Madeline a thrill. Furious, Ava accused Madeline of being the reason that Ava couldn't be with her daughter, but Madeline disagreed because Ava was behind bars because of Ava's own actions.

Ava revealed that she had intended to leave town with her baby, but Madeline and Nina had forced Ava into premature labor and then kidnapped Ava's newborn daughter. Madeline insisted that she recalled things differently then turned on the tears as she accused Nina of being "violently disturbed." Madeline tearfully explained that Nina had forced Madeline to help by threatening Madeline's life as well as Madeline's son's life. Ava's brow furrowed as she asked what Madeline was talking about.

Madeline's tears instantly dried up as Madeline admitted that it was the story she intended to tell in court. Ava was disgusted that Madeline would throw her own daughter under the bus, but Madeline chuckled because Ava had done the same thing to Kiki on numerous occasions. Ava denied it until Madeline reminded Ava that Ava hadn't told Kiki the truth about Kiki's paternity. Ava argued that she'd had her reasons, so Madeline invited Ava to enlighten her. However, a guard suddenly announced that it was time for everyone to return to their jail cells.

After Madeline left, Ava thanked the guard for getting rid of Madeline. The guard followed Ava into her jail cell then pulled out a pocket knife as he explained that he hadn't wanted to have any witnesses for what was about to happen. Ava's eyes rounded with fright as she demanded to know who had sent him. The guard chuckled because Ava had so many enemies that she had no idea who would want her dead. Luckily for Ava, fate intervened when a guard called out to the menacing guard that they were needed in another section of the jail to deal with a problem.

At Kelly's, Morgan grinned when he saw Kiki seated at a table. Kiki held Avery in her arms as Morgan leaned down to greet his baby sister. Both Kiki and Morgan agreed that Avery became more beautiful with each passing day. Kiki invited Morgan to join her, so he took the baby from her and sat down as they started to chat. Kiki wondered if he had heard from Michael, but Morgan shook his head then asked if she had. Kiki admitted that Michael hadn't returned any of her calls. Morgan felt partly responsible for Michael and Kiki's breakup then mentioned the kiss that Morgan and Kiki had shared, but Kiki suggested they change the subject.

Moments later, Dante and Lulu entered the diner. Dante immediately approached the table to greet everyone then cooed over his baby sister. Lulu asked if she could hold Avery, so Morgan passed the baby to her as Lulu wondered how Kiki had been holding up. Kiki admitted that it had been difficult, even with Silas and Carly's help. Dante assured Kiki that she could call on Dante and Lulu if she needed anything then shifted gears to find out how Morgan had been doing. Morgan confessed that he was still looking for a job.

Lulu surprised everyone by suggesting that she hire Morgan to work on the Haunted Star. Dante wondered if Lulu had to run it past her business partner, but Lulu warned Dante not to go there. Dante wisely let the matter drop, so Lulu invited Morgan to go with her to the ship where she could put him through his paces to see if he had what it took to work for her. Lulu handed the baby to Dante as she suggested that he stay to get to know Avery better.

After Morgan and Lulu left, Dante and Kiki talked about Ava. Kiki acknowledged that her mother had done a vicious thing by killing Connie, but Kiki explained that she couldn't hate her mother because the woman who had murdered Connie was not the woman who had raised Kiki. Their conversation drifted to Michael as they both agreed that they wished Michael had been more forgiving. Dante was certain that Michael and Kiki would work things out, but Kiki doubted it. She told Dante about her kiss with Morgan, which she insisted hadn't been romantic.

On the Haunted Star, Michael and Lucas called out to Luke as they arrived. The impostor rounded a corner and greeted the young men with a sinister smile as he held a bat. Lucas questioned why his uncle had a bat, so the impostor explained that it was a Louisville Slugger that he had found in the basement in the house on Elm Street on the night he had bumped into Michael. The impostor claimed that he had decided to keep the childhood relic because it might be worth something one day.

Michael and Lucas explained that they were both short on time, so they were curious why "Luke" had asked to meet them. The impostor revealed that he'd had a change of heart, thanks to Tracy. Michael and Lucas were surprised when the impostor gave his blessing to Michael to bulldoze the house on Elm Street and build a free clinic in A.J.'s name. Lucas was curious why "Luke" had asked to meet them on the Haunted Star, so the impostor grinned as he announced that he wanted to throw a party to "wine and dine" the "fat cats" who would donate money to the project.

Michael balked at the idea, but Lucas reminded Michael that they would need the donations to keep the clinic running. Michael conceded that Lucas had a point, so the impostor promised to talk to Lulu about setting up the party. As if on cue, Lulu and Morgan entered. Michael immediately tensed when he saw his brother.

Michael demanded to know what Morgan was doing, so Lulu explained that she intended to hire Morgan as a bartender because he showed promise as a mixologist. Michael refused to host a party for the clinic on the ship if Morgan would be working since Morgan had been one of the people who had covered up the truth about A.J.'s murder. Frustrated, the impostor pointed out that if he had been able to get past his reservations about Michael using the Spencers' childhood home for a free clinic, then Michael should be able to tolerate Morgan working at the party.

Michael adamantly refused because he didn't think it would be a big deal for Morgan to wait one more day to start work after being out of work for as long as Morgan had been. Morgan reluctantly agreed to wait then stormed out. Lulu assured Michael that she and Dante would not take sides, and she followed Morgan out. Michael apologized to "Luke" and Lucas for his outburst, but the impostor assured Michael that they would not let a little discord ruin the party.

Later, Lucas asked if Michael was okay. Michael assured Lucas that he was fine, but Michael just wanted to focus on getting the clinic up and running. Lucas admitted that it was a bit intimidating for him to live up to Tony Jones's legacy, but Lucas was eager to start the project because it was a wonderful opportunity.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Lulu returned to Kelly's. Kiki was happy that Morgan might have a future on the Haunted Star. Morgan hoped that everything would work out because he was tired of depending on others for financial support. Kiki was curious when Morgan would start his new job, so he told her about his encounter with Michael.

At the house on Elm Street, the impostor wielded his bat as he entered the basement then approached Luke to remove the duct tape from Luke's mouth. Luke immediately asked if the impostor had harmed Luke's sister. "Which one?" the impostor asked with a smirk. However, the impostor quickly assured Luke that Bobbie was unharmed because she had stopped "yapping" about things that had been none of her business.

Luke wanted to know if the impostor was Bill Eckert, but the impostor merely smiled as he suggested that Luke should be more concerned about what the impostor had planned. The impostor bragged that he had decided to throw a party on the Haunted Star and had invited everyone in town that Luke cared about. Terrified, Luke demanded to know what the impostor intended to do to them.

At the cemetery, Shawn confronted Jordan when he realized that she had been spying on him. Jordan suggested that they level with each other then accused Shawn of keeping her out of the loop. Shawn reminded Jordan that he didn't owe her any explanations, but Jordan disagreed because she had proven her loyalty to both Duke and Shawn numerous times. She was curious why she hadn't earned Shawn's trust yet, but he was certain that she already knew the answer.

Jordan tensed as Shawn confessed that things hadn't added up with Jordan, from her turning against the Jeromes to her unexpected reaction to Anna being fired. Jordan easily explained that she had been forced to betray the Jeromes because Ric's life had been at stake and that Anna was the devil they knew whereas Kyle Sloane was an unknown. Shawn pointed out that she had an answer for everything then accused her of being a cop. Jordan pretended to be outraged by the suggestion then reminded Shawn that if she had been a cop, her boss wouldn't have signed off on her tampering with an election.

Jordan insisted that she also wouldn't have let T.J. believe she was a drug dealer if she had been working with Sloane. Shawn immediately backed down, so Jordan asked him why he was at the cemetery. Shawn quickly explained that Faison had been a diversion to allow the impostor to continue to pass himself off as Luke. Jordan was stunned as Shawn explained that Sonny suspected the impostor was Bill Eckert, Luke's identical cousin, so Sonny had ordered Shawn to dig up Bill's grave. Jordan agreed to help Shawn with the task.

A short time later, Shawn reached the coffin. He quickly pried it open and peered inside.

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