General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 26, 2018 on GH

Elizabeth called off the wedding. Franco confronted Jim about the past, but Jim lied. Jordan arrested Curtis. Carly caught Nelle in a lie. An earthquake rocked Port Charles.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 26, 2018 on GH
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Ava and Griffin have a heart-to-heart

Ava and Griffin have a heart-to-heart

Monday, February 26, 2018

Carly thought Dante might have missed something in the dark, so she walked away to look. Dante informed Jason that Morgan had died about two hundred yards from where they were standing and explained what had happened that night. When he was done, Carly returned, and Jason decided to have a look around. Dante imagined that it was hard for Carly to be back there, and she insisted that she wasn't imagining anything. She knew what an explosion sounded like.

Jason returned with a homeless man he introduced as Cal. Cal explained that he'd seen some well-dressed man, who he'd assumed was a drug user, using the pay phone. Cal suspected that the man had been trying to call his dealer but had been dialing the wrong number. Dante asked if Cal had seen an explosion, and the man admitted that the user had "exploded" after not being able to reach his dealer. Jason gave Cal some money, and Cal walked away.

Dante advised Carly to block the number. She sincerely thanked him for his help, and he left. She recounted to Jason the day Morgan had died and how she'd found out. Jason admitted that he'd give anything to go back and stop it. She told him about how they'd briefly thought Sonny had been to blame, but even after finding out the truth, the grief was still there. Jason related that, although one thought that answers could cause peace, there was "still a loss."

Sonny informed Chase that Mike had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and that he hadn't known what he'd been doing at the gallery. Sonny begged Chase to let Mike go home that night, but Chase refused. Sonny revealed that Ava was an "associate" of his, and he promised to pay for the damage so she'd drop the charges. Chase thought it was a good idea and told Sonny to "get the ball rolling." "Don't you know who you're talking to?" Mike called out from the interrogation room.

Mike revealed that he'd had to change his name long before, but his son was an "important man" and a coffee importer. He mentioned Corinthos Coffee, and Chase instantly realized that Sonny was "the most powerful crime boss in New York." Chase wondered if Sonny had an "understanding" with Dante, and Sonny replied to a shocked Chase that Dante was his son. Chase accused Dante of looking "the other way" when Sonny got into trouble. "Absolutely not," Sonny growled.

Sonny continued that Dante would understand and let Mike go, but Chase reasoned that he had to go "by the book" on his first week there. Sonny was going to call Diane, but Chase advised him that it was too late to call the district attorney or a judge. A few minutes later, Sonny divulged that Diane had agreed with Chase, so Mike was stuck there for the night. Mike whined that his wrists hurt, he was tired, and he wanted to go home. He added that Rita was making a pot roast that night, so he had to be there. Sonny clarified that Mike had no idea where he was, but Chase insisted that he was only following protocol.

Sonny roared at Chase to "be a human being" and have some compassion. Chase urged Sonny to calm down as he put a hand on his gun. Just then, Dante entered and demanded to know what was going on. "Dominic Pirelli!" Mike greeted Dante. A few minutes later, Sonny had explained everything to Dante, who was angry that he hadn't been at the station to answer Ava's call. He promised Sonny to stay with Mike through the night. Sonny finally agreed to go. He thanked Dante, said goodbye to Mike, and left.

Dante took Mike's cuffs off, and they got to talking about his family. He showed Mike a picture of his family, and Mike mistook Lulu for Laura. Mike wanted to get gifts for the kids, so Dante suggested that they do that the next day. Dante led Mike out of the interrogation room to Chase's accusation of forgoing the usual process. Dante spat that Chase could go "straight to hell" for not showing sympathy to a sick man. "The guy who used to sit in your chair would have understood," Dante yelled, and he took Mike downstairs to a holding cell.

Carly arrived home with Jason in tow. She had something to tell Sonny, but she realized something was wrong with him and asked what it was. Clutching his father's watch, Sonny told Carly and Jason the details about Mike's diagnosis. He blamed himself for not checking on Mike more often, but Carly and Jason insisted that it wasn't Sonny's fault. He told them about Mike getting arrested that night and assured them that Dante was staying with Mike.

Sonny remembered that Carly had something to say, but she answered that it wasn't important. She thought they should discuss "next steps" for Mike, but Sonny wanted to do it later. He wandered off to the kitchen to cook something, and Carly and Jason promised to join him. Carly informed Jason that Sonny needed them. "We'll be here," Jason vowed.

Ava admitted to Griffin that she'd wanted to tell him on Valentine's Day that she loved him. He didn't know what to say, except that he was flattered. She wanted him to consider her love a gift to carry with him but told him to let her down right then if it felt like a burden. Griffin admitted that he didn't know what falling in love meant, but he told her that he thought about her all the time. He was exhilarated and terrified, and he feared that he wasn't enough for Ava. "Are you breaking up with me?" Ava asked.

Griffin denied that he was breaking up with her, and he couldn't believe that she would think that. Ava hoped that Griffin would one day tell her that he loved her and mean it, but if not her, she hoped he felt it with someone, because she wanted him to know what it felt like. "I'm not falling. I'm flying," she confessed. She maintained that he was all she wanted, and he should never doubt that. "Where do we go from here?" he wondered.

Ava suggested that she and Griffin go back to her place to do what they should have done on Valentine's Day, and he agreed. She told him that they would take things "one day at a time." "You're the best thing to ever happen to me, Ava Jerome," he said. "Likewise," she agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Oscar carried a box into Charlie's, and Julian advised Oscar that he'd cleared some room in the storeroom for Oscar's supplies. Josslyn wasn't happy to be around Julian, but Oscar reminded her that Julian was helping them. Brad entered, and Josslyn embraced him and congratulated him. Julian wondered what she was talking about, and Brad revealed that he was there to talk to Julian about the fact that Brad and Lucas were adopting a baby.

Brad continued that he'd agreed to "handle" talking to Julian, as Lucas hadn't wanted to. Brad wanted to make it clear that Julian wouldn't be a part of their child's life. If anyone from the agency showed up, he instructed Julian to say that he and Lucas were estranged, and he wasn't going to have contact with the child. Brad added that Julian's criminal past would ruin their chances of having a family. "I'll do whatever he wants," Julian agreed. "I'm here if he changes his mind," he added. Brad thanked Julian and left.

Nelle entered the bar with a surprise for Josslyn. Josslyn opened the box Nelle was carrying and found a pair of shoes that were "perfect" for her dress. Nelle figured that Carly wouldn't be happy about the gift, as she'd thought Nelle was trying to manipulate Josslyn. Nelle admitted that she'd been trying to broker peace with Carly with the gifts for Josslyn and with her idea to name her child Morgan. Josslyn froze. She reassured Nelle that she didn't hate the idea as Nelle supposed, but Josslyn admitted that she could see Carly's perspective.

Speaking of names, Josslyn wondered what the baby's last name would be. Nelle revealed that it would depend on her relationship with Michael when the baby was born. Nelle excitedly asked if there was a chance that Nelle and Michael would get back together. Nelle admitted that she would always love Michael. Josslyn thought that raising a child together would probably make them closer. Nelle made Josslyn promise not to say anything to Michael or Carly about their conversation, and she asked Josslyn to attend her baby shower. Josslyn accepted the invitation, and Nelle excused herself to run errands.

A short while later, Nelle arrived at the pay phone. Cal approached her, and she handed him a box full of bottles of vodka. She promised that there was more in the car for him. "How did it go?" she wondered. "They ate up that story like it was their last meal," he answered.

Curtis searches Jim's office

Curtis searches Jim's office

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dante was surprised to see Lulu at the police station, complete with a bag full of food for his and Mike's overnight stay. She wasn't sure whether to feel worse for Sonny or Mike about Mike's Alzheimer's diagnosis. She mentioned how powerless she felt being unable to help someone who was suffering. Dante wondered whether she meant Mike or Maxie, and Lulu admitted she meant both. Dante was thrilled with the food delivery, and Lulu noted how lucky she was to have him around. She would never take him for granted.

Dante thought it was a good time for Lulu to start to fix things with Maxie, but Lulu admitted that she had decided not to quit her job. She couldn't give up her career, and Peter had been the one to convince her of that. She really had been all set to quit, Lulu confessed. Peter had reminded her that Faison had been captured thanks to her, and Nathan had made the choice to go along with her article. Nathan had done what he'd had to in order to protect his family. Dante wondered if Peter had been using Lulu.

Dante and Lulu took their conversation to the interrogation room, though Lulu didn't want to discuss it. Dante retorted that he was entitled to his opinion. He accused Lulu of not listening when people told her to be careful, and she'd gone over her editor's head to Peter for the assignment. He felt that Peter got the rewards while Lulu took the risks. Lulu was angry and informed Dante that she made her own decisions and was not a puppet. She reminded him of the risks he took, but Dante stressed that that was his job, so it was different.

Lulu started to storm out but returned to tell Dante she loved him. They shared a kiss, and Dante promised that the food wouldn't go to waste.

Anna found Felicia working behind the bar at the Floating Rib and informed her that it had been discovered during the autopsy that Faison had had Huntington's chorea. Anna added that there would have been a fifty percent chance that it had been passed down to Nathan, and Maxie would have to be told in order to have her baby tested. Felicia declared that she needed to be the one to talk to Maxie.

Elizabeth and Franco sat at a nearby table the night before their wedding. Franco didn't see anything wrong with it, and Elizabeth confirmed that nothing would keep them apart after the wedding. "'Til death do us part," Franco added. She asked if he had been making progress with Kevin, and Franco admitted that he had a complex history. Elizabeth advised him that she wanted to hear everything after they were married, and she told him there was a difference between staying quiet about something important versus something that she needed to know.

Scott pulled up a chair to talk about Franco's bachelor party. He started to scan his phone for strippers, but Elizabeth and Franco quickly put an end to that. Scott had a letter for Franco that he'd picked up from the babysitter at their house while he'd been looking for Franco. He handed the large envelope to Franco, who opened it. Inside was a card from his mother wishing him congratulations on his wedding.

Scott and Franco wondered how Betsy had even known about the wedding. Elizabeth got up to leave because she had lots to do to get ready. She and Franco kissed goodbye, and Elizabeth headed out. Scott shouted, "You haven't told her, have you?" Franco admitted that he had not told Elizabeth about pushing Drew down the stairs, though Franco suggested that they only had Betsy's word that it had really happened. Franco revealed that he'd been having other memories instead. Scott was adamant that Franco just continue to live his life and not think about what had happened when he'd been a child. He was also hoping that Franco hadn't been volunteering to be Kevin's guinea pig.

Scott demanded that Franco stay away from Kevin, but Franco insisted that the doctor had been helping him. Scott suggested that Franco think about what his father would do in certain situations and then do the opposite. Franco was staying with Scott for the night, and they got up to leave. Franco thanked Scott for being his dad and for standing up for him at the wedding and other times. Franco stated that Scott was his favorite relative.

Peter was looking for Nina in the Crimson office but found Maxie instead, asleep on the desk. She woke up with a start, and Peter said that he wanted to lecture both Maxie and Nina about returning to work so soon after Nathan's death. He picked up the phone and ordered dinner for Maxie and himself. Maxie grudgingly agreed to eat for the baby, and Peter suggested that she go home to sleep afterward. Maxie advised him that there were too many memories at home, even though she'd gotten rid of all of Nathan's belongings. Even the walls and furniture held memories for her, and she preferred to stay at the office. Peter thought there were worse memories at the office, and he said that if Maxie could overcome those, she'd be able to overcome anything.

As Maxie and Peter ate, Peter confessed that he'd reassessed his own life and had arrived at the conclusion that he would be happier elsewhere. He'd handed in his resignation but had reconsidered. Maxie thanked him for having his own insecurities like everyone else. Just then, Felicia walked in, and Maxie could tell that something was wrong. Peter left, and at first, Maxie didn't want to hear anything that involved Faison. Finally, Felicia managed to explain the genetic disease that Faison might have passed on to his children.

Maxie was relieved because Nathan hadn't had any symptoms, though Felicia stated that he might have had them later on in life or could have been a carrier of the gene. Maxie was incensed that Faison might still be able to claim his grandchild from the grave. Felicia suggested that Maxie have either one of two tests in order to see if the baby had the disease. Maxie advised her that she would never get rid of the baby if it did have Huntington's. Felicia replied that the test would either be negative or Maxie could talk to Kim if the test turned out to be positive. Maxie wanted to get back to work and assured Felicia that she was okay. Felicia ordered Maxie to call her. "You don't need a reason," Felicia said on her way out.

Alone, Maxie took a deep breath and sat down. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Peter. He asked what Faison had done, and Maxie explained that Faison had been a victim too. Peter insisted that Faison had never been a victim, but Maxie told him of the fatal genetic brain disorder that Faison had been carrying and the chance that he might have passed it on to his children. Peter stared in disbelief.

Drew and Curtis met at Charlie's Pub. Drew still wanted to go through with their plan, and he explained the wrapping and sling on his hand as something that had happened while he had been changing a tire. Curtis revealed that he'd checked out Jim Harvey's room but had found nothing that would link Jim to Betsy. Jim showed up for a large takeout order for his crew, and Curtis left. Drew got up from his table and headed to the bar. "You got a minute?" he asked Jim.

Drew apologized for their former rough meeting and congratulated Jim on the passing of Measure A. They talked about the project, and Drew suggested that they have a meeting because he thought their companies might be able to work together. Jim handed Drew a business card and said to give him a call. Drew mentioned that they had known each other in the past, but he had no memory of it. Jim assumed that Drew wanted answers, and he assured Drew that Betsy had loved both boys. Drew asked why he'd been sent to an orphanage.

Jim admitted that he and Betsy had separated before that had happened, and he had no knowledge of it. Jim's order was ready, and he was anxious to leave. Drew continued to question Jim about his childhood, pointing out that he and Franco didn't remember anything. Jim revealed that the boys had done a lot of fighting, but they'd just been "boys being boys."

Once Jim was gone, Drew frantically tried to reach Curtis by text message and phone call, ordering him to get out of Jim's office. He had stalled Jim as long as he could.

While Drew talked to Jim, Curtis entered Jim's office at the construction site. One of the site bosses followed him inside and asked for Curtis' identification. Curtis searched his pockets and found his work ID from Niagara Construction with the name of Ed Winters on it. He advised the supervisor that he was there to check on some specs, but the man was welcome to contact Jim about it. The man didn't feel the need to do that and left Curtis in the office. Curtis began to search Jim's drawers, files, and cabinets. He looked at various blueprints and maps, and he took some photos of one of the maps.

Shortly after, Jim got back to his office and found Elizabeth there, waiting for him. She congratulated Jim on the recent election results and confessed that she'd been on the opposite side. She informed him that her wedding day was the next day, and Jim was happy. He wanted to give Elizabeth and Franco a gift, and he asked what they might need. Elizabeth stated that she wanted Franco's mother to be at the wedding so that Betsy and Franco could make amends.

Jim declared that he'd been out of touch with Betsy for a long time, and he wondered why Elizabeth was asking him about her. Elizabeth explained that Franco had received a wedding card from Betsy, and Elizabeth had assumed that Jim had been the one to tell her about the special day. Jim told Elizabeth how much Franco had changed from the boy he'd known. He wished them happiness. After Elizabeth left, Jim made a phone call to someone and told that person that they'd done something stupid.

Curtis returned to the pub, much to Drew's relief. Curtis said he'd been long gone by the time Drew had even tried to contact him. He thought that Drew appeared nervous, and Drew agreed that Jim had made him that way. Jim had revealed nothing about Drew's childhood except that he had fought with Franco. Curtis revealed that while he'd found nothing connected to Betsy, he might have another lead.

Curtis explained that all of Betsy's bills and debts had been paid in full. He found it unusual for someone who had left so quickly. He had also realized that after the art show at Ava's gallery, there was someone else who'd suddenly had a lot of money. Drew shook his head. He did not for one minute think that Franco had had anything to do with Betsy's disappearance, and he believed Franco when he said he didn't. Drew was certain that Jim Harvey was behind it and was hiding something.

Anna met with Andre at the docks and told him that she needed to find her daughter because it was life or death. She told him about the Huntington's disease. She had no clue about how to locate her daughter, and she knew absolutely nothing about her. Anna cried that she'd made a mess of everything, but she'd decided to treat it as she would any other case. She'd decided that she would go to Brussels, where the baby had been born, and start from there. Andre offered to go with her.

Ava agrees to drop the charges against Mike

Ava agrees to drop the charges against Mike

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sam and Drew's home was decorated for Scout's first birthday party. There were colorful balloons everywhere, and the baby wore a pink crown tied around her head. Molly and Alexis arrived for the party, followed by Monica and then Oscar. Monica noted that while she was happy that Ned had won the mayoral election, she knew that Alexis would have made a fine mayor, as well. Monica also handed Drew a gift. It was a silver heirloom that had belonged to Lila.

Oscar presented Scout with her babyproof toy, and he spoke to Drew about that evening's dance. He was nervous and awkward about dancing in front of Josslyn's mother and brother in the event that they were chaperoning. Drew checked with Sam, and they both agreed and offered to be chaperones instead of Josslyn's family members. Sam asked Monica to babysit. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Scout, and Danny blew out the candle on the cupcake.

Later, Alexis and Molly sat with Sam on the sofa. A deliveryman showed up with a huge stuffed bear that said "I come from a long line of strong women." Sam opened the card, and it was from Julian. Molly was livid and demanded that Sam send it back. Alexis didn't think it was a big deal, but Sam reiterated that she didn't want Julian to play a part in Scout's life. Alexis had a gift for her granddaughter, also. It was a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. She hoped that one day, Scout would love the Scout of the book and fight injustice. Maybe she would even be a lawyer, Alexis hoped. Sam agreed that she would be proud of her daughter.

Kim arrived at Charlie's Pub and discovered that Julian had closed the place for the entire day in order to avoid kicking customers out before the dance. Kim thanked him again and told him how much it meant. "You're a good guy, Charlie," she told Julian. "Don't be so sure," he replied. Kim proceeded to talk about a dog she'd had when she'd been younger, whose bark had been worse than its bite. Julian assured her that he didn't bluff, and he would bite when provoked. Jim walked in and ordered coffee for his crew. Julian informed him that the pub was closed. Jim mentioned the great progress on excavations, and he asked Julian again to sell the bar.

Julian emphatically said, "No!" Kim offered to get Jim one cup of coffee on the house. The crew supervisor walked in, and Julian advised him they were still closed. Kim gave Jim his coffee and announced she was leaving. She promised to return to decorate for the dance and reminded Julian that he didn't have to fight all the bullies. Julian decided he'd lock up after the two men left. The supervisor asked Jim about the man who had been in his trailer office, but Jim didn't see the man's name on his list and exclaimed that no Ed Winters was on the crew. They headed back to the trailer to view the security camera. Julian locked the door and turned quickly. He heard a strange sound.

Later, Julian emerged from the back with rubber gloves and a mask. He was gagging. He placed a phone call and requested that a HAZMAT unit get to the pub.

Franco rushed into the hospital, dressed in his wedding attire, and ran into Kiki. He insisted that he'd left something behind, but Kiki accused him of having second thoughts about his wedding. He seemed jittery to her. Franco asked why he would have second thoughts, but as Kiki fixed his tie, she advised him that he deserved happiness, and it was time to move on. She was ready to fetch Ava for the wedding, and she left. Franco ripped off his tie.

Franco stormed into Kevin's office and began to talk rapidly. He either had to tell Elizabeth the truth about his childhood and risk losing her, or he would marry her, she'd find out later, and their marriage would be over. He wanted Kevin to tell him what he wanted to hear. That "the past was past," and he should keep his secret. Franco told Kevin about a dream he'd had. He had pushed Drew down the stairs because Drew wouldn't go down himself, so Franco had made him go.

Franco had remembered the stairs incident and the locking of the toy chest. They weren't made up; they were real. Franco insisted that Drew always seemed "twitchy" when he saw Franco and had played with the rabbit's foot. Drew would remember Franco pushing him. Kevin thought it might be a good idea for Franco and Drew to work together, as they had pieces of each other's puzzles. He thought they should search for answers together.

Sonny paid Ava a visit at the gallery. She asked about Mike, and Sonny explained that his father had been confused and scared. He wanted Ava to drop the charges so that he could get Mike out of jail. Ava insisted that she had compassion for the elderly man, but it was complicated. She explained that if she dropped the charges, the insurance company wouldn't pay for her loss of the broken sculpture. Sonny advised her that he would pay for all incurred charges, and Ava handed him a bill.

Ava was sad that Avery wouldn't get to know her grandfather well, but she hoped that Sonny would keep Mike and Avery separated until Mike's care issue was settled. She offered to sacrifice and have Avery stay with her for an overnight visit. She thought that Sonny should be accommodating, too. Kiki arrived, and Sonny congratulated her on medical school. Ava wished Sonny well, and he left. Ava confided that she and Sonny had found their way to "common ground."

Kiki had a difficult time getting information from her mother, and she threatened to call Michael. Ava explained what had happened with Mike and that Sonny had reimbursed her for the damage. Kiki could sense that there was something else, and Ava revealed that she would be having a sleepover with Avery. She wanted Kiki to be there, too. Kiki was horrified and accused Ava of using Mike's woes. Ava was adamant that there was no harm, but Kiki accused her of using both Morgan's illness and Mike's. Ava was angry and exploded. She wanted to spend time with her daughter, and she had taken the opportunity. She didn't feel bad.

Michael arrived at the police station for Mike's arraignment. He had some coffee for his grandfather. Mike was sitting with his head down on the table in the interrogation room, but he was happy to see Michael. The two men talked about the past with Morgan, and Mike suggested that Michael had been checking on Mike's memory. He realized that one day, he would forget things, but he hoped that Michael would remember for him. Michael said that he would always remember. "When is Morgan gonna get here?" Mike asked suddenly.

Sonny arrived, and Mike admitted that he wasn't sure why he was supposed to apologize to the judge. Sonny announced that there would be no court date because Ava had taken care of everything. Jordan happily told Mike that he was free to go, and Mike was elated. He wanted to thank Ava personally, but Sonny had made some plans for them for the afternoon. Michael couldn't believe that Ava had dropped the charges, and Sonny assured him it hadn't been for free.

Curtis was at a desk in the same room and had some maps for Jordan to look at. She wondered if they were public domain, but Curtis acknowledged that she shouldn't ask where he'd obtained him. He showed her the new development on the map, but he thought that something didn't look right. He explained the evaluation of the land to show the types of construction, but it was missing something.

Rita showed up unannounced at Carly and Sonny's house. She had received flowers from Mike for Valentine's Day but no phone call. She'd heard from Sonny that Mike had to stay, and she was confused. "Is he here?" Rita asked. Carly was evasive, but Rita was worried. She thought that Mike had only been staying for a few days. Carly didn't think it was her place to say anything, but Rita wanted answers. She wanted honesty. Carly finally broke down and told Rita that Mike was ill with Alzheimer's.

Carly informed Rita that tests had been done, and Mike had seen the best doctors. It could be slowed down, and he would still have plenty of good days. Rita cried and begged Carly not to tell Mike that she had been there. "I'm out," Rita declared. She wasn't Mike's wife, she had her own life, and she knew what she was and was not capable of. She thought that Carly and Sonny would take better care of Mike. She picked up her things, said she was sorry, and left. "Me, too," Carly said.

Sonny, Mike, and Michael returned. Carly welcomed Mike home, and Michael took him upstairs for a shower. Carly told Sonny that Rita had been there and had made it clear that she couldn't take care of Mike. "What are we going to do?" Carly wondered. She was concerned because Mike believed that he was going home.

Julian arrived at the police station to file a complaint. He told Jordan that sewage had backed up into his restaurant. Jordan suggested he call a plumber, but Julian was convinced that it wasn't a coincidence. It had happened just after Jim Harvey had broken ground for his renovations. Jordan told him it wasn't a crime. Suddenly, Julian remembered the party, and he ran out.

Curtis called Jordan back to the maps. He had realized that Julian had declined a buyout of his property, but the pub was still on the new map. Jordan wondered if Jim would commit a crime to acquire the property, and Curtis replied that he had a bad feeling about the man. He believed Jim to be dirty. Curtis announced that they needed proof to link everything to Jim.

Just then, Jim Harvey walked in to file his own complaint. His trailer had been broken into. Curtis looked his way and turned his head quickly but not fast enough. Jim spotted him and demanded that Curtis be arrested. He was the man who had been in Jim's trailer.

Oscar paid his mother a visit at the hospital, with Drew in tow, and announced that Drew and Sam would chaperone instead of Josslyn's family. Kim and Drew arranged a time to meet at the pub, and Drew left. Oscar told Kim about the good time he'd had at Scout's party with family. He clarified that it was extended family and that Kim was his "family family." Kim said it was okay, and she was happy that he had people around him. They saw Julian, who broke the news that they couldn't have the dance at the pub.

Franco was still in Kevin's office. Kevin thought that Drew would appreciate Franco's partial memory recall. Franco thought that Drew would prefer to kill him because he hated him. He told Kevin he'd been helpful, but Franco couldn't figure out what he had to do before the wedding. He planned to marry Elizabeth because they loved each other, and he'd figure it out after.

Franco made his way down the staircase as Drew entered from the floor below. "Franco," Drew said. They ended up maneuvering their positions in the same way that Franco remembered from when he'd pushed Drew down when they'd been kids.

Elizabeth gets ready for the wedding

Elizabeth gets ready for the wedding

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Julian found Kim and Oscar at the hospital and regretfully informed them that he wouldn't be able to hold the dance at Charlie's due to a plumbing issue. Oscar was visibly upset as Kim suggested having the dance elsewhere. Julian informed her that it would have to be outside of Charles Street, as the plumbing issue had affected the whole area. Oscar glumly walked off to let Josslyn know. Julian promised to call around, and Kim thanked him for the effort.

Anna entered the hospital while on the phone with Andre. She told him that she would call him back after her WSB ceremony as soon as their itinerary was confirmed. When she was off the phone, she found Finn and told him that there was something he should know. Finn was startled by her seriousness, but she backpedaled that it was "nothing dire." She shared that Mac and Felicia had decided to throw them a party at the Floating Rib in celebration of their WSB honors.

Anna continued that Mac and Felicia wouldn't mind if Finn took a date, so Anna suggested that he take Alexis. Finn wasn't going to go, so he called it a "moot point." Just then, Oscar bumped into Finn and apologized for texting while walking. Anna remarked that it had to have been an important text, so Oscar explained the situation with the dance. "I think I can help!" Anna said suddenly, amazing Finn and Oscar. She called Mac with a "proposal."

Franco started to walk down the stairs at the hospital when he bumped into Drew in the stairwell. With Drew below him on the stairs, Franco had a flashback to pushing Drew down the steps as children. Franco fell back against the railing and started breathing heavily. Drew instructed Franco to breathe and asked what was going on. When Franco calmed down a little, he choked out that he had to get to Elizabeth. "I remember," he whispered. "We were just kids."

Just then, Drew's phone rang, and he answered it to Kim. She asked him to return so she could talk to him about the plans for the dance later. When he was off the phone, Drew made sure that Franco would be all right, and Franco said that he would. The two men went their separate ways. Franco remembered trying wake an unconscious Drew as the bottom of the stairs as a man had appeared at the top of the stairs.

Drew found Kim, and she informed him that he and Sam were "off the hook" because there wasn't going to be a dance that night. Julian explained what had happened at Charlie's, and Drew commented that Julian had let someone down again. Julian walked away to make some phone calls, and Kim wondered if Drew had been a little harsh toward Julian. Drew insisted that Julian had deserved it, but Drew was in a bad mood, anyway, after a run-in with Franco.

Speaking of Franco, Drew asked Kim if he'd ever mentioned anything about his childhood. She admitted that he'd been a very open person about everything but his "Special Ops" -- and his childhood. Just then, Oscar approached and excitedly told them that Anna had managed to get the dance moved to the Floating Rib. Julian was glad, and he offered to help Oscar move the decorations to the new location, so they left. Kim apologized that she couldn't have been more help to Drew. He regretted that the only two people who could help him were Betsy, who was gone, and Jim, who he couldn't trust.

After their ceremony at the police station, Anna and Finn admired their medals. Anna admitted that she couldn't have stopped Cassandra without him, and in turn, he thanked her for saving him from going to a party. Just then, Anna's phone rang, and she answered it to Andre. She suggested that he meet her at her house, and they would go to the airport together. "You and Andre are going on a trip?" Finn asked disappointedly. She started to explain, but he told her that he wasn't owed an explanation. "Have a nice trip," he said, and he ran out of the station.

At the police station, Jim recognized Curtis as the man who'd broken into his office. Jim demanded that Jordan arrest him. He saw the construction plans on the table and recognized them as his own. Jim offered his surveillance footage to Jordan. He reminded her that he was "good friends" with the new mayor, so he suggested that she could do her job or else he could demand her firing. Jordan gave his plans back, and she made Curtis delete the pictures from his phone. Jim countered that breaking and entering was still a crime. "Lock him up," he said. Jordan reluctantly read Curtis his rights.

Later, Curtis was sitting in the interrogation room when Jordan joined him. Curtis explained that he'd been working with Drew to find out where Betsy had gone, because he'd believed that it related to Jim. He also believed that Jim's plans had nothing to do with new construction. He'd noticed that one of the maps he'd gotten from Jim's office was a map of the Charles Street properties Jim planned to acquire, but the other one was a geological survey of the land beneath the building. He didn't see a reason to explore the land that deep just for condos. Jordan wondered what Curtis thought Jim's plans were, but Curtis only thought it wasn't good.

Jordan assured Curtis that she would call Alexis, who would get him out of there in a couple hours. Just then, Curtis had an idea. He thought that with him being behind bars, Jim would think he was safe, and he could make a mistake. Curtis wouldn't be able to catch Jim, but Jordan could.

Jim arrived at his office and was startled to see Franco there. He informed Franco that he didn't know where Betsy was, but she would be angry if Jim didn't do everything he could to get Franco to the church on time. Franco replied that no one was going anywhere until Jim told Franco why Betsy had sent Drew away. Jim maintained that he'd been long gone by the time Drew had been sent away, but Franco replied, "I remember."

Franco remembered trying to wake up an unconscious Drew at the foot of the stairs. He remembered a man stomping down the stairs, yelling, "Look what you did, Bobby!" He remembered that the man had been Jim. "You're lying. You were there," Franco stated. He remembered what had happened, and he told Jim that neither would leave until he heard Jim say it.

Griffin and Ava entered the lobby of the church, and Ava mentioned how tempted she'd been to bail on the wedding. She'd wanted to spend time with Avery, but she'd promised Franco that she would be at the wedding. Griffin praised her sacrifice and thought that others should be able to see that she was changing for the better.

Scott entered the church and made some "defrocking" jokes, which pushed Griffin to go into the church to say a prayer for the couple. When Griffin was gone, Scott pestered Ava about her choice of men, but she maintained that Griffin was "wonderful." As long as she was happy, Scott was happy, and he suggested that Griffin would even "make an honest woman" out of her. "I hope so," she admitted.

Cameron ran into the church and bumped into Kevin. He wondered if Kevin knew where Franco was, because Cameron needed to talk to him before the wedding. Kevin figured Franco had been held up by the construction around Charles Street. Cameron revealed that he wanted to make sure Franco knew how big of a deal it was to be marrying Elizabeth, because Elizabeth deserved to be "happier than anything."

Elizabeth got ready in the mirror in her dressing room, and Epiphany observed that Elizabeth didn't seem nervous. She replied that she wasn't, as she'd never been more sure about anything. There was a knock on the door, and Epiphany answered it to Felix and Kiki, who carried Champagne and four glasses. Felix opened the bottle and poured. Kiki thanked Elizabeth for letting the "tagalong" join, but Elizabeth informed Kiki that Elizabeth and Franco never would have made it that far without Kiki.

Felix handed some Champagne to Elizabeth, Kiki, and Epiphany, and Epiphany toasted to Elizabeth, "the real heart of General Hospital." She hoped that Elizabeth got all the happiness she deserved. The four clinked their glasses together and drank. Kiki wanted to check on Franco, and Epiphany followed her out.

Elizabeth thanked Felix for the pre-wedding get-together, and he remarked that it was nothing compared to what the bachelorette party would have been. She revealed that the reason she hadn't wanted a bachelorette party was that she hadn't wanted to put anyone in an awkward position, as she knew how people felt about Franco. Felix assured her that, while Franco wasn't his favorite person, Elizabeth was, and he trusted her and her judgment. He knew there was good in Franco, as Elizabeth wouldn't have been with him otherwise.

Cameron entered the room, and Elizabeth wondered if he was nervous. He proudly told his mother that he, Jake, and Aiden knew their parts "cold." Cameron said that Elizabeth was the "best mom ever" because she always put her children first. He was glad that she'd found someone to love her and put her first. She hugged her son, and she instructed him to find his brothers, so he ran out.

Elizabeth revealed that there was one person she wished was there. Felix knew that Elizabeth was talking about Sabrina. Elizabeth revealed that Sabrina had been the first person to not judge her when she'd first started dating Franco. Felix knew that Sabrina would be very happy for Elizabeth. He reminded her how much Sabrina had loved weddings and said that the best way to honor Sabrina would be to have an amazing time. As she hugged Felix, she remembered hugging Franco the night before.

Kevin entered the lobby of the church, and Scott wondered if Kevin had any congratulations for the father of the groom. They traded barbs until Scott asked if Franco was seeing Kevin. Kevin couldn't confirm it. Scott informed Kevin that sometimes, memories that had been buried needed to stay that way. Scott warned Kevin never to press Franco to do anything that would make him "snap," and he promised to hold Kevin personally responsible. Just then, Epiphany wondered if anyone had seen Franco, as Elizabeth was ready.

A few minutes later, Ava was signing the guestbook when Kiki entered, followed by Griffin. He informed Ava that he'd also said a prayer for her because of her graciousness. He caught sight of friends, and he excused himself to greet them. Kiki assumed that Griffin didn't know what Ava had done to get time with Avery. Ava replied that it had been the least Sonny could have done, and what she'd done was something that any mother would have done. "No, it's what you always do," Kiki spat.

Epiphany returned to Elizabeth's dressing room, and Elizabeth asked for help putting on her dress. Epiphany instructed her not to put on the dress yet, as Franco still wasn't there.

Franco does not believe Jim's version of events

Franco does not believe Jim's version of events

Friday, March 2, 2018

Curtis exercised in his cell at the police station. He told Jordan that he thought she should tail Jim Harvey, although Jordan urged him to get rid of his "conspiracy theory." Curtis reminded her that Harvey had shown up in town, bought up Charles Street property, and donated to the mayor's election -- and the crimes in the area had increased. The quality of life had gone down. Jordan suggested that that would have driven the property values down, enabling the properties to be bought at a lower cost.

Curtis was certain that Harvey had something planned other than what had been promised, and he wanted Jordan to do something about it. Jordan revealed that she had called a geology professor at Port Charles University to get his opinion on the maps that Curtis had shown her. She would keep Curtis posted, but she told him to "stay warm" in the meantime. She kissed him goodnight.

In Jim's trailer office, Franco demanded that Jim tell him what had happened the day he had pushed Andy down the stairs, because he had been feeling unraveled. Jim suggested that Franco just get married because he had so many good things going on in his life. Jim wondered what would happen if Franco dug for closure that might not exist. It could cost him everything. Franco kept insisting that Jim tell him and began to threaten him. Finally, Jim admitted that he'd been there, watching the boys, when Andy had taken his tumble.

Jim stated that Franco had had a good life thanks to him not saying anything, but Bobby had pushed Andy and had tried to kill him. Franco disagreed and thought that it might have been accidental. Jim insisted that he'd seen Bobby smirking, and he'd never forget the sound Andy had made when he'd hit the cellar floor. Franco sat down. Jim said it was a relief that Franco was aware of what had happened. It had been difficult for him to keep it to himself for so long. He had promised not to go against anything that Betsy had wanted, and he didn't think that anyone else needed to know.

Jim promised that he would never speak of it again. Franco insisted that he would never be able to keep it to himself. Jim wondered if Drew would be after Franco if he heard. Jim continued that perhaps Franco might want to toss one of Elizabeth's sons one day. Franco snapped that he would never do that, and his violent tendencies had been gone once his tumor had been removed. Jim wondered if the tumor had been present when Franco had been a child. Franco was speechless. Jim thought that maybe Franco had been born bad, and the tumor had enhanced it.

Jim thought that Franco would have doubts about himself and walk away from Elizabeth. He suggested that Franco keep quiet. Franco asked Jim why he cared. Jim said that he wanted to save Franco from himself. Suddenly, Franco announced that he hadn't believed a word that Jim had said. He was certain that Jim had been lying.

Michael saw Nelle back to the art gallery after their time together. He admitted that he'd been thinking about the future of their child after seeing what had happened to Mike. He worried what would happen to their child if something happened to them and they were unable to look after it. Nelle reminded him that she had no family, and she hoped that Michael hadn't been thinking of Carly as their replacement. Michael had someone else in mind.

At Metro Court, Carly took photos of Oscar and Josslyn before they left for their dance. The teens hated it, and Josslyn was more annoyed when Carly announced that she wanted to talk to Oscar alone. Jason sat nearby and watched. Carly pulled Oscar aside and began to grill him about the evening. When she asked him a trick question about alcohol, Oscar gave her the right answer, and she was pleased. Josslyn sat with Jason and complained about her mother. She thought that Carly should especially lay off of Michael and Nelle. Josslyn admitted that she didn't agree with her mother.

Finally, Oscar and Josslyn left, and Carly mentioned how proud she was of Josslyn, though she was worried over how relentless Carly could be. Jason alluded to the fact that Josslyn was just like her mother. Carly didn't want Josslyn to be like her and go after the wrong things. Carly felt that she'd turned out okay only because of Jason's help. Jason praised them both and told Carly that everyone made mistakes. He received a text message and had to leave.

Nina approached Carly and mentioned Josslyn's beautiful dress. They'd had one just like it in the Crimson closet, but it wouldn't be available to the public yet. Carly revealed that Nelle had claimed to have gotten the dress at a runway show that Nina had sent her to. Nina denied that had happened, and Carly suggested that Nina check the closet.

Nearby, Peter spied Valentin and asked him if he'd known that Faison had been sick with Huntington's disease because he might have passed it on to his sons. Valentin hadn't known. Peter told him about the disease and agreed that, while Faison had been insane, the disease might have started earlier. He wasn't sure he'd want to test for it. He also told Valentin about what Faison's will had revealed. He'd be identified if either Drew or Jason killed the other. Valentin was certain the men wouldn't give Faison what he'd wanted. Peter started to talk about Faison's estate going to his son when Nina walked up.

"That sick freak," Nina exclaimed when she heard about the money going to Faison's son. Peter wasn't sure which son, but Nina was adamant that the money should go to Maxie and her baby for support. Valentin reminded Nina that Maxie had them, and they'd take care of Maxie and the baby. Peter mentioned Maxie's strong support. Nina grew upset as she spoke about how none of that would replace Maxie's husband or the baby's father.

Elizabeth was at the church prior to her wedding when she heard that Franco hadn't shown up yet. Epiphany called Franco a "self-sabbotager," but Elizabeth saw it as Franco's inability to trust himself. He was always afraid that he'd lose the things he wanted. Scott arrived to ask about the delay and offered to search for his son.

After a search, Epiphany and Scott returned. There was no sign of Franco, and they were twenty minutes behind schedule. Elizabeth was sure that Franco would have notified her if he had just been running late. "The wedding's off," she announced. Elizabeth insisted on making the announcement to the gathered guests herself.

Scott noted that Franco hadn't been right since all the details about Jason and Drew had emerged. He blamed Kevin, but Elizabeth advised him that she had encouraged Franco to see Kevin. Scott began to expound on the secret that Franco had been dealing with but quickly backtracked as Elizabeth quickly started to question him. Scott clarified that it had been a feeling Franco had had. He offered to talk to the guests, but Elizabeth insisted on doing it.

Elizabeth finished getting dressed, looked at her ring, and had a flashback to the day that Franco had proposed. Then she headed out to her guests.

Students and chaperones were gathered at the Floating Rib for the alternative dance. Everyone applauded when Oscar and Josslyn finally arrived. Kim watched Sam and Drew flirting with each other. Lulu interviewed Kim, who called the dance "judgment free." Lulu turned to Oscar and Josslyn, who stood with some of their friends. Josslyn noted that everyone had been included, Oscar spoke of wanting a night where everyone could dress as they liked, and another student mentioned how safe she felt.

The students were dancing and having fun when a teen boy suddenly made his way in, shouted, "Freaks," and tossed a red paint-filled balloon into the crowd. It hit Josslyn. Oscar was enraged and ran after the boy and tackled him. As he was starting to pummel the boy, Kim and Drew pulled Oscar away. Oscar shouted that the boy deserved it, but Drew urged him not to let the other boy win and to get back out on the floor and have fun. Drew sent the boy on his way.

The girls surrounded Josslyn and tried to clean her up, to no avail. She admitted she was fine, and her dress looked "Jackson Pollacky." One of the girls was sure the balloon had been meant for her. Drew pulled Sam onto the dance floor to get everyone dancing and having fun again. The crowd applauded them when the music ended. Sam realized she had to get the kids, but she implored Drew to stay. Kim walked over and reminisced about old times when Drew had danced. He had worn his Navy uniform and had done some singing. Drew couldn't believe it.

Oscar pulled Josslyn into the walk-in freezer in back for some private time, and they began to kiss.

In the art gallery, Nelle sat at her desk and looked at Morgan's "My Face" page. She spoke to her baby and apologized for scaring it. She was at least happy that Carly wouldn't be an option to care for the baby if something happened to her and Michael. She added that Carly wouldn't be fit to raise a Chia Pet by the time she was done. Just then, Carly walked in and noted how crazy Nelle sounded talking to herself. Nelle reminded Carly that she had warned her about calling Nelle crazy. Carly taunted Nelle and accused her of using Josslyn to get to Michael, but it was about to end.

Carly continued to berate Nelle about never learning from her mistakes. She had spoken to Nina, and Carly accused Nelle of stealing Josslyn's dress from Crimson. Carly added that Nelle would be receiving a "four-figure bill." Nelle retorted that the magazine had plenty of dresses in the closet, and Nina had no idea of what was even there. Carly called Nelle's action "trashy and pathetic," just like Nelle. The young woman called Carly scared and told her she had been "reaching." She was sure that Carly would drive Michael away and right to Nelle.

Jason and Michael met at the Quartermaine mansion. They sat on the sofa, and Michael asked if Jason would be willing to take his baby if something happened to him and Nelle. He didn't trust anyone else more than Jason. "I'd be honored," Jason replied. Michael asked how many photos Carly had taken of Oscar and Josslyn. Jason told him a lot. Michael recalled Carly doing the same thing when he'd been young, but he had plans to take a lot of photos of his own child.

Sam peeked into the room as Jason and Michael spoke, and she finally announced that she was there for her kids. Michael left. Jason was surprised to hear that Danny was in the house, and Sam suggested he say goodnight to the little boy when she went upstairs to get him.

A few minutes later, Sam and Jason walked back into the sitting room. Sam had hated to wake up her kids. She and Jason joked about the dog, and Jason suggested that the dog be at his place the next time Danny spent the night. Sam was appalled and said that she'd be afraid that Danny would never want to return home.

As Josslyn and Oscar began to kiss, the lights flashed on and off. Items started to fall from the shelves, and the room began to shake. Oscar and Josslyn made their way to a space beneath a big table. The same thing was happening all over Port Charles. There was crashing, falling, shaking, and screaming.

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