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Kim revealed that Oscar was terminally ill. Cameron kissed Josslyn. Ryan escaped from Ferncliff. Kristina took a job at Charlie's Pub. Wiley's adoption was finalized. Nina received a package from Madeline's lawyers.
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ENCORE: Nathan West is laid to rest

ENCORE: Nathan West is laid to rest

Monday, September 3, 2018

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital broadcast an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired February 9, 2018, in which Nathan West was laid to rest. You can read Soap Central's recap of that episode here.

An ABC spokesperson explained that the scheduling change had "been planned for months," and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 4, and picked up where the Tuesday, August 28, episode concluded.

For a full explanation of why ABC opted to air these rebroadcasts, please read GH airing less this week, but fans "shouldn't be worried"./

Oscar's health scare shakes Kim to her core

Oscar's health scare shakes Kim to her core

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

At Ferncliff, Kevin informed a straitjacketed Ryan that he couldn't agree to his release but thought that Ryan deserved some kind of closure instead. As Kevin turned to leave, he was distracted by a text message. Ryan took the opportunity to break free from his loosely fastened restraint, and he tackled his brother. Both men fell to the ground and wrestled, with Ryan having the upper hand. He rendered Kevin unconscious and placed the straitjacket on him instead.

Ryan chuckled. He couldn't believe he'd done it again and chastised Kevin for being too trusting. "It's almost over," Ryan said. As Kevin slept, Ryan extolled the joys of Ferncliff and made sure the straitjacket was securely fastened. He announced that he would take care of Kevin's patients, who wouldn't notice anything. "Until they do," Ryan added. Just then, Gordon the orderly arrived and called out to Dr. Collins. "That's my name," Ryan said.

Ryan praised Gordon but advised him that while the staff had been changed, the patients were the same dangerous patients they'd been before. The two men walked out of the cell as Ryan assured Gordon that the patient they'd just left was exceptionally dangerous and not afraid of anything. Ryan called him a "master manipulator" who would "trap and kill his prey without mercy" as he'd done to another staff member elsewhere.

Ryan continued that he only wanted the staff to remain vigilant and safe. He added that it all rested on Gordon's shoulders, and he shouldn't listen to anything the patient said. He stressed that the patient's straitjacket needed to be tight.

Later, Kevin woke up and went crazy when he saw his predicament. Gordon showed up, and Kevin informed him of the patient's escape. He assured Gordon that he could prove his identity, but Gordon wouldn't listen. He waved a large hypodermic needle in Kevin's face and injected him with it quickly.

Diane arrived in the courthouse conference room without her client, much to the surprise of Alexis, Brad, and Lucas. Alexis asked about the client's whereabouts, and Diane revealed that the birth mother would not be joining them. The judge arrived and clarified that they were all present for the birth mother, but Diane announced that the woman did not want to "inflict further distress" on Lucas and Brad. She'd withdrawn her claim to her baby and all parental rights, Diane added.

"It's over," Brad sighed, although Lucas remained doubtful. Alexis declared that there were still a few days left in the waiting period but Diane assured everyone that the papers had been formally signed. She needed the judge's signature to make it official. Lucas and Brad were in shock as Diane and Alexis stepped aside to confer. Brad and Lucas wondered what they were talking about. "Lawyer stuff," Lucas guessed. Alexis wanted to start the custody hearing right away, and Diane agreed. The judge signed the papers. There were smiles and hugs all around.

Lucas announced that he would have loved to thank the birth mother in person, but Brad figured it would have been too difficult for her. He looked uncomfortable. Alexis asked Diane how the client was because it couldn't have been easy to give her baby up twice. Alexis seemed perturbed and wondered how it had happened. Diane admitted she had no clue and, until the mother had changed her mind, Diane had expected to fight for her. Diane had to respect the mother's decision.

Julian saw Drew sitting at a table at Metro Court and promptly sat down. Julian asked about his company, but Drew reminded him that the company was no longer Julian's. He didn't think they had anything to discuss, but Julian wanted to talk about Oscar. Julian explained that he had been trying to make a "clean slate" of his life, and he had enjoyed Kim's company. He noted that Oscar was important.

Drew realized that Julian wanted him to "make things cool" with Oscar, but he thought that Julian should be discussing it with Kim instead. Julian revealed that Kim had made it clear that Oscar didn't run her life, and he was hoping that Drew would ask Oscar to give Julian a chance. Julian knew that Oscar believed in Drew and would have preferred to see his parents together.

Drew stated that he didn't remember Kim from his past, and he had no intention of renewing their former relationship. As far as he was concerned, he and Kim just enjoyed co-parenting Oscar. He knew that Kim was interested in Julian. Drew added that lots of kids wanted their parents together, and Oscar was old enough to make choices.

Julian stressed that both Oscar and Drew were part of his life because of Kim. Both men agreed that they wanted Kim to be happy. Drew declared that Kim believed in Julian while Drew still had his doubts that Julian would turn his life around. Drew got up and left the table.

Jason searched for Kim at the hospital as Oscar lay unconscious in a treatment bay in the emergency room. He finally found her with Elizabeth and gave her the news. The women raced off to the treatment bay, and Elizabeth managed to convince Kim to wait outside of it. Jason told Kim that Oscar had had a seizure at Sonny's house. Kim placed a phone call to Dr. Randolph and left a message.

Kim thanked Jason for his help and cried that she saw Oscar's father when she looked at Jason while Drew looked like a stranger. Jason did his best to keep her calm. The emergency room doctor emerged from the room and told Kim about the further testing he wanted done. Kim announced that she was waiting to hear from Oscar's specialist. Elizabeth revealed that Dr. Randolph was an old friend of hers, and Kim requested that Elizabeth look for her. Elizabeth realized that Dr. Randolph's specialty was pediatric oncology. Jason admitted that he'd been bonding with his nephew.

Shortly after, Oscar woke up and admitted to his mother that he didn't feel very good. He thought that it was due to not eating. He couldn't recall what had happened except for having a bad headache. He was anxious to leave to meet Josslyn at the park.

Kim advised Jason that Oscar wanted to see him, and Jason entered Oscar's room. Oscar thanked him for calling the ambulance and for his words regarding Josslyn. He needed to see her face when she saw his video, and he wanted to get to the park.

Elizabeth asked Kim if she wanted to talk about it, but Kim was teary. She only wished that the incident was due to Oscar forgetting to eat, and she wished she could allow the tests. She kept hoping it was all a bad mistake, but it wasn't okay. Elizabeth updated her on Dr. Randolph's location and admitted that the doctor had been her first kiss when the doctor had been a boy. She offered again to listen to Kim, who admitted that the seizures had occurred when Oscar had been young. She had known it would happen again. Elizabeth suggested that Kim call Drew.

Kim declared that there was nothing that Drew could do, but Elizabeth revealed that she had experience with Drew and secrets. She had kept many from him, and she didn't think it would be good for more secrets. Jason returned and declared that Oscar only wanted to leave to get to Josslyn. Jason offered his help if needed, and he left.

Kim returned to her son and offered to call Josslyn for him. He fell back asleep, and she kissed his forehead gently. Elizabeth again suggested that Kim tell either her or Drew about Oscar so as not to have to handle it herself. Kim revealed that Drew's son was dying.

Ryan walked into the hospital and looked around. A nurse handed him some files and told him that she was happy that he had returned. "So am I," Ryan said. He smirked as he walked on.

Cameron and Josslyn were at the park where Cameron had agreed to help Josslyn set up her special surprise for Oscar. They were at Josslyn and Oscar's favorite bench. They sat down, and Cameron had plenty to say about Oscar, although Josslyn thought that he should take a lesson from Oscar instead. Cameron continued to flaunt the fact that Oscar hadn't shown up or responded to Josslyn's text messages. She was certain that Oscar had planned something special just as he'd done in the past. She had even loved his non-sensical text message.

Sarcastically, Cameron noted how well Oscar knew Josslyn. Cameron called Oscar "likeable and nice," but Josslyn grew annoyed. She wanted Cameron's help to decorate, and once they were all finished, Josslyn worried if Oscar was okay because it wasn't like him not to have gotten back to her. Cameron suggested the couple's anniversary meant more to her, and Josslyn called him a jerk. She stressed that she and Oscar cared about each other, and they'd been through a lot together.

After a while, Josslyn began to think that Oscar had "blown off" their anniversary, and she blamed herself. She had been pushing him away, and she had taken her misery out on him. She thought maybe she'd hurt Oscar. Cameron assured her that she was amazing, and if it had been his bench and anniversary, he wouldn't have forgotten. He leaned over and kissed Josslyn.

Lucas, Brad, Wiley, and Alexis arrived at Metro Court to celebrate. Alexis saw Julian and told him, "You're a grandpa again." Lucas hugged and kissed Alexis. She told Julian that the mother hadn't shown up at the hearing. Brad pulled Julian aside and thanked him. He didn't know what Julian had done and didn't want to know. "Anything for my family," Julian insisted. Lucas told Julian he could stay and celebrate with them.

"Our son," Brad and Lucas said as they stood over Wiley. They heaved a sigh of relief. Lucas declared that no one would be able to take their son away, although Brad looked worried. Alexis noted that Julian had not looked surprised, but he only stated that he had never given up hope.

Jason arrived, saw Drew, and told him about Oscar.

Kim reveals that Oscar is terminally ill

Kim reveals that Oscar is terminally ill

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny approached the bar where Alexis was seated. She explained that she had called him because Kristina had returned to town and had asked to see her parents. Moments later, Sam and Kristina arrived. The group exchanged greetings and hugs then Kristina announced that she had made some "big decisions." After Sonny, Alexis, Sam, and Kristina sat down at a nearby table, Kristina revealed that things hadn't worked out in Oregon because she hadn't fit into Parker's life, mainly because she hadn't felt fulfilled without a life of her own that was separate from Parker's.

Alexis was surprised when Kristina explained that Sam had flown to Oregon with her as moral support because Kristina had decided to end things with Parker. Alexis reached for her middle daughter's hand and squeezed it as Kristina admitted that Parker had wanted to try to make things work long-distance; however, Kristina had made a clean break. Sam added that she had persuaded her sister to return home for good. Delighted, Sonny assured his daughter that he was proud of Kristina. Kristina smiled, but she admitted that she needed to regroup and figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Kristina smiled when both of her parents offered her words of support and encouragement, so she seized the opportunity to ask if she could return to her old job at Perks.

Sonny explained that it was impossible because he had an excellent manager in place whom he couldn't fire without a good reason. However, he offered Kristina an entry level job as a barista. Kristina turned it down because she needed something more challenging. Alexis was certain that she could find Kristina a job as a paralegal, but Kristina pointed out that she didn't know anything about the law. Alexis was undaunted because Kristina was intelligent, but Sam tactfully suggested that Alexis allow Kristina to figure out her own career path. Alexis backed down and apologized for being overbearing, but she was happy that Kristina would be moving back in with her.

Kristina carefully reminded her mother that it hadn't worked out well the last time they had lived together, so Sonny invited Kristina to live with him. Sam cleared her throat and explained that she and Kristina had decided that Kristina would move in with Sam. Alexis was leery about the arrangement, but Kristina admitted that she needed some distance from her mother. A short time later, Sam and Kristina left. Sonny was pleased that their daughter appeared to be thinking things through. He hoped that it meant that things would be different. "From your lips," Alexis replied.

In Peter's office at the Invader, Peter spoke to an associate on the phone about the feature on Ryan Chamberlain. Peter explained that he wanted to run the story, but he made it clear that he didn't want the story to be at the expense of Ryan's victims or the survivors. Peter admitted that Felicia Scorpio was the mother of someone "important" to him. Peter quickly ended the call when Chase appeared in the doorway. Chase explained that he wanted to talk about Anna, but Peter insisted that he'd already answered Robert Scorpio's questions -- he had no idea where his mother was.

Chase revealed that Anna had been found, and she was safe. Peter appeared annoyed, but Chase advised Peter to find a way to forgive his mother because Anna had endured a lot during her abduction. Peter told Chase to get to the point, so Chase warned Peter not to make a move against Anna because both the WSB and the Port Charles Police would be keeping a close eye on him. Chase added that Peter would lose everything if he even looked at Anna the wrong way, but Peter claimed that he wasn't interested in his mother -- Anna wasn't a part of Peter's life and never would be. Chase suggested that Peter reconsider that stance because Anna was the only person in Peter's life who was willing to make peace with him.

In Finn's suite at Metro Court, Finn stood before the aquarium as he checked on his bearded dragon, Roxy. Anna, clad in a robe, walked up behind Finn and slipped her arms around him as she rested her cheek on his shoulder. She started to talk about their kidnapping and Cassandra's disappearance, but Finn admitted that he was more interested in celebrating their survival. Anna smiled and kissed him passionately, but she jumped when they heard the sound of breaking glass in the hallway. Finn went to investigate the noise and returned moments later, feigning an injury. Anna was not amused because their abductors were still out there.

Finn closed the door and apologized. Anna relaxed as she conceded that Robert suspected the people who'd taken Cassandra would lay low for a while, which meant that it would take time to pick up their trail again. Their conversation drifted to Peter when Finn asked if she wanted to talk about her son. Anna was furious that Liesl wasn't locked up behind bars, but she was relieved that Peter's legal troubles were behind him. She also confessed that she hoped that Peter would find a way to forgive her.

Later, Finn and Anna finished getting dressed as they continued their discussion about Peter. Anna admitted that she wasn't afraid of Peter's anger because he was her son, and, in the end, they shared a connection. Finn warned Anna to be careful because Peter had the power to break her heart. Moments later, Chase knocked on the door. Anna decided to give the brothers time to talk, so she left. Chase filled Finn in about the efforts to uncover who had been behind Finn and Anna's abductions, but none of the fingerprints and DNA collected from the facilities they'd been held in had yielded any results. Finn was curious about the two men he'd drugged. Chase explained that Michael Carson and Shawn Phillips had been professional security contractors, but they had never met their employer in person.

Finn thanked his brother for the update. Chase worried that Anna had left because of him, but Finn assured Chase that it was fine; Anna had gone to see Peter. Chase admitted that he had paid Peter a visit earlier, and he was confident that Peter wouldn't be an issue. Finn was grateful that Chase had been assigned to helping Robert, but Chase clarified that he had volunteered because he had wanted to make certain that Finn was okay. Finn called out to "Robert" as he started to leave and invited Chase to get reacquainted with Roxy, since their first meeting had gotten off on the wrong foot. Later, Finn thanked his brother for saving him.

At the Invader, Peter sat at his desk as Anna appeared in the doorway. Anna smiled as she entered his office and told him that she was glad that he was out of the hospital. The conversation shifted to Peter's abduction, and he mentioned how much Liesl hated Anna. Anna was fully aware of Liesl's disdain and the reason for it -- Faison. Anna was glad that her son had gotten out alive, prompting Peter to admit that he had thought that Anna was a "goner," too. Anna couldn't disagree when Peter concluded that having enemies ran in their family.

Anna knew Peter had decided to settle in Port Charles because of his nephew, but she admitted that she was glad. Peter didn't respond, so she asked about the newspaper because she'd been told that Peter was penniless. Peter cryptically explained that he had a friend who had owed him a favor. Anna realized that the friend was Valentin. She warned her son to be careful about trusting Valentin and advised him to stay out of Valentin's orbit. Peter chuckled because he'd said the same to Chase about wanting Anna to keep her distance. "Stay out of my life," Peter ordered his mother.

Peter walked to the door, opened it, then waited for Anna to leave. She assured Peter that she would never stop caring about him or hoping that he would one day forgive her. Peter made it clear that he and Anna would not be sitting down for a cup of tea anytime soon, but Anna was undaunted. She invited him to turn to her if he ever needed anything. "I'm your mother. I'll never let you down again," Anna vowed.

In the park, Josslyn pushed Cameron away then demanded to know why he had kissed her. She reminded him that it had been wrong for him to kiss her without her permission then added that she had a boyfriend. Cameron scoffed because he didn't think much about a guy who hadn't bothered to show for his anniversary date. Josslyn couldn't understand why Cameron would jeopardize their friendship by kissing her, so he admitted that he liked her and that he knew her better than anyone else. "Since when?" Josslyn asked.

Cameron confessed that he had helped Oscar get through to Josslyn when she'd given Oscar the silent treatment. Josslyn was surprised when Cameron explained that he had written the riddle and text messaged it to Josslyn from Oscar's phone. Josslyn realized that explained why Oscar hadn't known the answer to the riddle. Cameron admitted that he'd made up the silly riddle to get Josslyn's attention, but it didn't have an answer. Moments later, Josslyn's phone rang. It was Oscar.

At the hospital, Elizabeth assured Kim that she didn't have to handle things alone; Kim had people she could lean on, like Elizabeth and Drew. "How do I tell Drew that his son is dying?" Kim whispered as tears filled her eyes. Stunned, Elizabeth realized that Kim had asked for Terry because Terry was a pediatric oncologist. Elizabeth wondered what kind of cancer Oscar was dealing with, but Kim wasn't ready to talk about it. After Kim left to check on Oscar, Drew approached Elizabeth and asked what was going on with his son. Elizabeth sent him to the trauma bay where Oscar was resting.

In Oscar's trauma bay, Oscar noticed that his mother was crying. She quickly wiped away the tears and smiled as Drew entered. "You called him?" Oscar asked in an accusing tone, but Drew clarified that he'd bumped into Jason. Concerned, Drew asked how Oscar was doing, but Oscar assured his father that he was fine. Oscar blamed the fainting spell on low blood sugar because he hadn't eaten properly. Kim quickly excused herself, explaining that she needed to talk to the attending physician.

Drew confessed that he'd been scared when Jason had told him that Oscar was in the hospital. Oscar apologized for not being more careful about eating properly then shifted gears when he suddenly realized that he'd forgotten to call Josslyn. Oscar asked to use his father's phone.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth saw Kim crying at the nurses' station, so she approached her friend. Kim wiped away the tears as she confessed that she hadn't been able to break the news to Drew that their son wouldn't be okay. Elizabeth knew that Kim had raised Oscar alone, but she reminded Kim that Drew was Oscar's father and that it might help to share the burden with someone who loved Oscar as much as Kim did. Kim asked Elizabeth to keep Oscar's illness to herself. "Yes, of course," Elizabeth assured her, but she reiterated that Drew should be told. Kim was afraid because once she shared the devastating news with Drew, it would "color" everything.

Later, Drew approached Kim and asked why she hadn't called him to let him know that their son was in the hospital. Kim downplayed the incident, but Drew wanted to call Monica and get a second opinion. Kim assured him that it wasn't necessary, but Drew was shocked by her lack of concern. He realized that she was hiding something. Kim's eyes welled up with tears as she confessed that Oscar was sick, and there was nothing they could do to save him.

Kim and Drew went to an examination room for privacy. After Kim shut the door, she explained that their son had an inoperable brain tumor -- and it was malignant. Stunned, Drew listened as she revealed that she had consulted the best doctors in the country, but there was nothing that any of them could do to help Oscar. Shattered, tears filled Drew's eyes. "How long?" Drew asked. Kim admitted that no one knew; it could be months or a year. Drew was certain there had to be something they could do, but Kim explained that she had spent the last two years searching for a cure, to no avail.

Drew was shocked that Kim had been carrying around the secret for two years and hadn't told him that their son would be taken away from them. Kim revealed that Oscar had no idea that he had a brain tumor, and she didn't want him to know until it was absolutely necessary. Kim explained that she wanted Oscar to live life to the fullest, and she said that he believed all the doctor appointments and tests were because she was an overprotective mother. Drew was certain that there was a way to help their son, so Kim promised that they were doing everything possible. Drew tried again to persuade Kim to reconsider telling Oscar about the brain tumor because Oscar should be able to choose how he lived his last days, but Kim disagreed.

Kim wanted Oscar to live a normal life and to enjoy it to the fullest for however long he had left. She didn't want him to have to worry about whether it might be his last day; she wanted him to believe that he would live forever like any other teenager. Drew praised Kim for being an amazing mother and promised that he would trust her judgment. He was curious if anyone else knew, so she revealed that Elizabeth had figured things out. Drew reached out and pulled Kim into a hug when she began to cry. He assured her that she was not alone, and they would give their son the best life they could.

Elsewhere, Josslyn and Cameron arrived at the hospital. Josslyn rushed off to find Oscar, while Cameron was waylaid by his mother when she called out to him. Elizabeth demanded to know what he was doing with Josslyn when he was still grounded for shoplifting. Cameron admitted that he'd gone to the park to help Josslyn with a project. He added that he had wanted to be there for a friend because Josslyn had been having a hard time lately. "Is that so bad?" Cameron asked.

Elizabeth conceded that Cameron had done the right thing, but she warned him that there were consequences for his actions. Cameron was not happy when she revealed that he would be grounded a little longer then ordered him to go home, take a selfie, and send it to her because she wanted to be certain he had gone home. Cameron agreed, but he asked if he could check in on Oscar first. Elizabeth nodded her head.

In Oscar's trauma bay, Josslyn rushed to Oscar's bedside and asked him what had happened. Oscar explained that he'd passed out because of low blood sugar, but he assured her that he'd been on his way to the park. Josslyn felt bad because it had never occurred to her that he'd failed to show because he'd been in the hospital. She confessed that she'd been worried that her "weird behavior" had driven him away. Oscar assured her that it would take a lot more than that. "In fact, nothing could keep me away from you," Oscar promised.

Oscar and Josslyn wished each other a happy anniversary then shared a tender kiss. Cameron appeared in the entrance, but he quickly backed out and walked away before Oscar or Josslyn saw him. After the kiss, Oscar told Josslyn about the video he had made, so Josslyn fetched the tablet from his bag then joined him on the hospital bed to watch it. She was touched that he had set the video montage of their year together to one of her songs. Josslyn smiled then added that she and Oscar had "so much to look forward to."

Liesl attends her sister's funeral

Liesl attends her sister's funeral

Thursday, September 6, 2018

At Greystone Manor, Kristina and Mike were seated on the back patio. Mike played solitaire while Kristina looked online for a job. She quickly became discouraged and joked that she might open a medical marijuana dispensary. Mike chuckled. "Have you met your father?" he asked as she joined in on the laughter. Sonny approached the table and wondered what they were talking about, but Mike and Kristina merely smiled.

Inside, Carly stood before the window, watching Sonny with his father and daughter. Stella entered the living room and noticed that it looked like Mike was having a good day. Carly agreed, but she warned Stella that the day was still young. The two women walked out to the patio and greeted Mike. Mike was delighted to see Stella, but he admitted that he'd forgotten about their plans. Stella explained that she would be taking him out for a few hours, so the family could fix the place up for him.

Mike introduced Stella to Kristina then turned to Sonny and asked about the changes. Carly explained that they were making a few "alterations" that would make Mike's life easier. Mike worried about the cost, but Sonny assured his father that it wasn't an issue. Satisfied, Mike and Stella left. Kristina admitted that her grandfather didn't seem that bad, but Carly explained that Mike had good and bad periods throughout the day. Sonny changed the subject by asking if Kristina had seen Avery.

Later, Brick arrived to see Sonny. He entered the living room and shamelessly flirted with Carly until Sonny good-naturedly reminded Brick that her husband was in the room. Brick was unapologetic as he continued to shower Carly with compliments. Eventually, Brick got down to business by showing Sonny the enhancements that he'd made to Mike's cell phone. Brick pulled up Mike's contact list, which displayed a picture of each person on the list, which Brick was certain would make things easier for Mike because Mike wouldn't have to remember names or phone numbers.

Sonny and Carly were grateful, but Brick assured Sonny that he'd been glad to help because he admired the way that Sonny took care of his father. After Brick left, Sonny asked Carly if she thought that Mike had been getting worse day by day. Carly admitted that she was focused on trying to prepare for the day when they wouldn't be able to help Mike, so that Sonny could concentrate on spending time with his father. Sonny suspected that she saw that time was slipping through their fingers. "Yes, it is," Carly acknowledged, but she added that it was important for them to make every moment count.

Carly assured Sonny that she would support whatever he decided. Sonny knew that he could count on his wife, but he admitted that he wasn't ready to put his father in a home. He was certain that it would break Mike's heart. However, Sonny recognized that Mike was getting worse, and he could slip up and say something incriminating about Sonny. Carly realized that Sonny was referring to the body from Croton, but Sonny reminded her that the problem had followed him to Port Charles -- and Charlie's Pub.

In the park, Griffin did leg stretches on a bench as Kiki jogged by. Griffin pulled on his shirt as she stopped. They exchanged greetings and small talk until Kiki mentioned that Dr. Bensch had been fired. Griffin was surprised by the news, prompting Kiki to ask when Griffin's suspension would be lifted. Griffin had no idea, but he warned her there was a possibility that he might not get his job back. Shocked, Kiki insisted on speaking to the board on his behalf, but Griffin declined because he wanted to get his job back on his own merit.

Kiki was frustrated that her mother had caused trouble for Griffin when Ava had done far worse than him. Griffin reminded Kiki that her mother was hurt and lashing out, but he promised that Ava loved Kiki. Kiki insisted that her mother's love was an "all-purpose" excuse for the horrible things that Ava had done. Kiki refused to be a part of Ava's "toxic situation" any longer; she was determined to focus on positive things like her friendship with Griffin. Kiki hoped that she and Griffin could remain friends, and he assured her that they could.

Kiki was delighted when Griffin suggested that they meet for daily runs. She readily agreed to meet him at Metro Court, but he warned her that he wouldn't be there for long because he was in search of a new apartment. Kiki shared that an apartment was available down the hall from her place, but she quickly realized that it might be "weird" for him to move into her building. Griffin agreed and wondered what Ava would think of the arrangement, but Kiki didn't care. She suggested that Ava needed to get over herself.

Shortly after Griffin left, Kiki bumped into Kristina. The two chatted about their recent breakups then decided to catch up over a cup of coffee.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian greeted his sister as she arrived. Ava thought he looked surprised to see her, so he conceded that he had wondered if Ava might skip town after the incident in the park with Leo. Ava told Julian that if anyone had a reason to run, it was Griffin. She admitted that she was over Griffin's "hypocritical sermonizing," but she was satisfied that he would keep quiet about her role in the plot against Carly because Griffin understood that Ava's blood would be on his hands if Sonny ever found out. Julian remained uneasy, but Ava assured him that Griffin had promised to keep quiet - provided that Ava didn't do anything that Griffin disapproved of.

Ava was not happy about the situation and grumbled that something needed to be done about Griffin because she couldn't live up to his "high moral standards." Julian thought that Ava was overreacting, but she refused to sit around, waiting for Griffin to change his mind. Julian jokingly asked if she intended to kill Griffin. "Not by myself," Ava replied with a sly smile. Julian quickly reminded his sister that killing Griffin was not the answer.

Later, Julian poured Ava a cup of coffee as they talked about Sonny. Ava warned her brother that it was a matter of when, not if, Sonny would make a move against them. She reminded him that Sonny wanted her -- and -- Julian gone. Julian saw Mike and Stella enter the bar.

Mike and Stella sat at a table as Stella confessed that she could use Mike's sage advice. She admitted that things with Curtis and Jordan had gotten worse because Stella had done things that she feared might return to bite her. Mike suggested that an apology might help, but Stella scoffed at the idea. She pointed out that Jordan had been full of apologies, but they hadn't brought Stella's nephew Thomas back from the dead. Stella wished that Jordan would let Curtis go, so he could find someone who deserved his love.

Mike told Stella about "desperation stakes" in horse racing when a person was tempted to put everything on the line for the last race of the day because it was the final chance to score big. He explained that one had to ask themselves how much they were willing to risk on that last big chance. Stella realized that Mike was referring to her decision to contact Curtis' ex-girlfriend. Mike wondered if it had been worth it because she would eventually have to face the consequences. Mike warned Stella that in horse racing, desperation stakes usually ended with the person walking away flat broke and in tears.

Moments later, Julian approached the table and struck up a conversation with Mike and Stella. Mike became uncomfortable when Julian mentioned the pub's original owner, Charlie. Agitated, Mike announced that he was ready to leave.

Meanwhile, Kristina and Kiki entered the pub. Kiki saw her mother at the bar, so she asked Kristina to grab a table. Kiki approached her mother to let her know that she intended to stop by in the morning to give Avery a cupcake for Avery's first day of school. Ava didn't bother to turn around to look at her daughter as she reminded Kiki that Kiki no longer had a place in Avery's life. Hurt, Kiki argued that Ava didn't have any reason to rob Kiki of her sister, but Ava accused Kiki of being a "traitor" and a "whore."

According to Ava, Kiki was a very bad example for Avery. "Run along now," Ava added in a dismissive tone. "Gladly," Kiki replied. However, Kiki informed Ava that she would go to the school in the morning. Ava objected, but Kiki made it clear that she hadn't asked her mother's permission. Kiki pointed out that she had an excellent relationship with Sonny, and he was okay with Kiki spending time with Avery.

Kiki walked over to Kristina, apologized, then left. Moments later, Julian rounded the corner and saw Kristina. He was surprised to see her, but Kristina cut him off because she was there to talk to the owner about a job. Julian revealed that he owned Charlie's Pub.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny ended a call then sighed. Carly joined him on the patio and immediately sensed that something was wrong. Sonny explained that his contact at City Hall had called to let him know that they would be voting later that day on Julian's plans for reconstruction. Carly hoped the council rejected Julian's plans. Sonny warned her that there was a possibility that Julian would get approval, which would spell trouble for them. He worried that the body from Croton might be his downfall. Neither Sonny nor Carly was aware that Mike had overheard their conversation.

In New York City, Curtis stood in his hotel room as he called Valentin with an update. Curtis explained that he intended to go to Riker's Island to interview the lawyer who had helped Madeline make Nina's baby disappear. Valentin expected answers because Nina deserved to know that her child hadn't been stillborn. Curtis agreed, but he pointed out that a few more hours wouldn't make a difference. Curtis was aware that Valentin hoped to save his marriage by reuniting Nina with her long-lost daughter, so it was in Valentin's best interest for Curtis to be as thorough as possible. "Fine, just find the child," Valentin snapped then ended the call.

Annoyed, Curtis put his phone down as maid service knocked on the door. Curtis called out that he didn't need anything, but the maid announced that she had fresh towels. Curtis threw open the door then stopped short when he saw Jordan standing in the doorway, sporting a seductive smile. Curtis was surprised to see her. Jordan brushed past him as she explained that she'd had an epiphany when she'd told Stella to find her own happiness. Jordan realized that she might be able to help Stella.

Leery, Curtis implored Jordan not to make trouble, but she assured him that he need not worry. Jordan wanted to direct Stella's attention to "the one that got away" by reuniting Stella with the love of her life. Jordan revealed that she'd done some digging and had found Stella's ex-fiancé in the city. Jordan decided to check the man out, and -- if he was what he seemed -- Jordan planned to ask if he might be interested in reconnecting with Stella.

Later, Jordan asked if Curtis wanted to grab dinner before they returned to Port Charles, but Curtis explained that he had to get to Riker's Island to talk to a lawyer who had sold babies on the black market. Jordan offered to help Curtis by making a phone call to Riker's Island. She was confident that a police commissioner could cut through a lot of red tape. A short time later, Jordan revealed that the lawyer Curtis had hoped to talk to had been given a compassionate release and sent home to die.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valentin ended the call with Curtis. He tensed when he heard Anna comment that he had a habit of misplacing children. "Who's missing now?" Anna asked as she took a seat across from Valentin. She hoped that nothing had happened to Charlotte, but he assured Anna that his daughter was fine. Anna conceded that her own children were accounted for, but Valentin cut her off by making it clear that his phone call had been none of her business.

Anna decided to cut to the chase and warned Valentin to stay away from Peter. Valentin assured Anna that he only wanted to make up for the wrongs he'd done to Peter. The conversation shifted to Anna's abduction. Valentin hid his surprise when she mentioned that she and Finn had been abducted because their captors had wanted Finn to revive Cassandra. Valentin was shocked when Anna revealed that Finn had succeeded then added that Cassandra had been in possession of all her mental faculties when Anna had last seen her.

Anna advised Valentin to watch his back then suggested that he let her know if he heard anything about Cassandra. Valentin agreed, but he wanted Anna to return the favor because he wanted to keep Nina safe. After Valentin left, Anna ran into Griffin. After they exchanged greetings, Anna suggested that they get together soon to catch up. Griffin admitted that he had plenty of time because he'd been suspended from the hospital. Shocked, Anna led him to a table because she wanted to know what had happened.

Griffin told Anna about the paternity test that he had ordered when Peter had been concerned that he'd inherited Huntington's disease. Anna felt bad for Griffin, but she was curious how Monica had found out. Griffin explained that it was a story for another day, but he had to leave because he needed to find a place to live. Anna invited Griffin to stay with her because she had plenty of room at her house. Griffin agreed to think about it.

Across town, Maxie entered the church and apologized to Nina for being late. Maxie explained that James had started teething early, and he'd thrown a temper tantrum when she had dropped him off at Felicia's. Nina was disappointed that Maxie hadn't brought James, but Maxie hadn't wanted her son to disturb the mourners. Nina revealed that no one had shown up for her mother's funeral. "Surprise. My mother is dead, and no one cares," Nina said as she looked at the empty pews.

Nina and Maxie approached Madeline's casket. Maxie couldn't believe that Madeline had suffered a heart attack, especially since she had looked fine during their visit with Madeline at Pentonville. Nina bitterly reminded Maxie that Madeline had thrown away an opportunity to have a loving daughter -- and a grandson -- at her side. Instead, Madeline had died alone because of her greed. "Like she deserved. With no one to mourn her -- not even you," Maxie added.

Nina and Maxie sat in a pew as a homeless person slowly shuffled to a pew in the back of the church. Maxie opened up about her rocky relationship with Felicia because Felicia had been absent for much of Maxie's childhood. However, Maxie had always recalled the sound of her mother's voice, her fragrance, and the stories that Felicia told about her Aztec history. Maxie explained that, in the end, Felicia was her mother. Nina appreciated what Maxie was trying to do, but Nina argued that Felicia had always loved Maxie.

Nina pointed out that Madeline had put her own daughter in a coma, and she had forced Nina to miscarry her child in an effort to get her hands on Nina's inheritance. Maxie nodded in understanding then excused herself to check on James. Nina approached her mother's casket and admitted that she wasn't sad that she wouldn't see her mother again -- she was relieved. "Looks like baby James and I are the only ones left in our family," Nina quietly said. "That's not true," a familiar voice whispered from the back of the church.

It was Liesl. "You still have me," she told her niece. Nina was shocked. Liesl explained that she had donned the disguise because she had wanted to pay her respects and to apologize to Nina for leaving Nina in the burning barn. Liesl added that she'd known Valentin would rescue Nina. Nina revealed that Peter had been released from jail, but Liesl had been aware of Peter's good fortune. Nina implored Liesl not to go after Peter because she didn't want Liesl to be caught.

Liesl shifted gears and asked how Madeline had died. Nina told her aunt about going to Pentonville to share pictures and a video of James, but Madeline had used the opportunity to manipulate Nina and Maxie in the hopes that they would testify at Madeline's parole hearing. Liesl wasn't surprised, but she frowned when Nina revealed that Madeline had died of a heart attack. Liesl insisted that Madeline hadn't had a history of heart disease, hadn't been overweight, and hadn't smoked, and there hadn't been a history of heart disease in their family. Liesl was certain there was more to Madeline's heart attack, but she let it drop and focused on her niece.

Liesl acknowledged that Nina had deserved better than Madeline for a mother, but Liesl admitted that it made her happy knowing that Nathan had had Nina for a sister. Nina resented that she'd never had an opportunity to have her own child, but Liesl insisted that Nina had a wonderful relationship with Charlotte. Nina appreciated the kind words, but she insisted that her aunt leave before someone spotted her. Liesl assured Nina that there wouldn't be a problem as long as Liesl didn't encounter another "wayward" girl to slow her down. Nina frowned, but Maxie returned before Nina could ask Liesl to explain.

Liesl resumed her role as a homeless person while Nina made a show of giving Liesl some money and sending her on her way. Moments later, Valentin appeared in the doorway. Nina was not happy to see him, but he explained that he had wanted to be there for her. Maxie realized that Nina was eager to leave, so she invited Nina to go with her to pick up James. After Nina and Maxie left, Valentin approached Madeline's casket. He told Madeline that he hoped in her death, she would give Nina the greatest gift of all.

Nearby, Liesl spied on Valentin.

Mike tries to help Sonny

Mike tries to help Sonny

Friday, September 7, 2018

There was a knock on Sam's door, and she answered it to Jason. He was there for Danny's permission slip from school, and he wondered if he should go to meetings at the school with her. She answered that they were boring, and other parents would probably freak out seeing him there anyway. She apologized for not letting him know about her trip to Oregon, but Kristina had needed all of the moral support that Sam had gotten when she'd needed it. Jason thought Sam was a good sister.

There was another knock on Sam's door, and she answered it to Drew, who was less than enthusiastic to see Jason there. Jason insisted that he was just leaving, and Drew said that he was there to see Scout. Jason gave Drew some well wishes for Oscar and left. A few minutes later, Drew was happy to be holding Scout. He remarked on how fast kids grew up and how he wished he could slow it down. Sam offered to talk after she put Scout down, and he agreed.

A few minutes later, Sam returned and asked about Oscar. Drew confided that Oscar had a malignant, inoperable brain tumor, but Kim had decided that it was better for Oscar not to know. He bemoaned that he and Oscar were just getting to know, understand, and trust each other, and he was about to lose his son. Sam reminded him that miracles happened every day, so he should hope for a miracle while spending as much time as possible with Oscar.

Sonny had just hung up the phone after inquiring about the status of Julian's renovation permit when Mike entered the room. He wanted to know how much trouble he'd caused for Sonny, but Sonny assured his father that he had the resources to take care of it. Mike wanted to help, but Sonny demanded that Mike "let it go." Jason entered, and Sonny told Jason that he had to take Mike to an appointment. Mike suggested that Sonny have his guys drive Mike and his nurse to the appointment so that Sonny and Jason could talk business. Sonny reluctantly agreed, and a short while later, Mike was gone.

Sonny's phone went off, and he answered it to his contact at the city council. When he hung up the phone, he informed Jason that Julian's renovation permit had been approved, and he threw his phone across the room. Jason assured him that they would make sure to set Julian up with a contractor that they controlled, and Jason would inspect the site daily after hours. He promised that, if the body turned up, only they would know. Sonny knew that a lot could still go wrong.

Josslyn led Oscar to the bench she'd decorated as she warned him to keep his eyes closed. When they reached the bench, he opened his eyes to see the balloons flat and the streamers sagging. She apologized for how it looked, but he knew that it wasn't her fault he hadn't seen it the day before. She hated to mention it, but she admitted that she'd found out he hadn't been the one who'd texted her the riddle. He explained that he'd wanted to get her attention in a different way but hadn't known how.

Josslyn and Oscar both thought that there was still a lot they didn't know about one another, and they agreed to make it a goal for the next year to find out. Starting already, Oscar wondered what Josslyn had always wanted to do but hadn't. She replied that she'd always wanted to make out with her boyfriend in the woods. He offered to help, and they ran off into the woods.

As Josslyn and Oscar returned to the bench a few minutes later, she told him that it had been a "worthwhile experience." Oscar's phone went off, and he told Josslyn that Kim was there to pick him up. She wanted to stay and clean up the bench. He offered to help, but Kim texted him again. They agreed to form a kind of bucket list of things they wanted to do together over the next year, and they shared a kiss.

Maxie and Nina arrived at Crimson just in time to receive a delivery of a huge box. Nina saw that it was from her mother's lawyers and took it into her office to open it. She tearfully pulled things out of the box that she explained were childhood mementos. She opened a letter in the box from the executor of Madeline's will, telling Nina that everything in the box was what Madeline had left to Nina. She pulled out her mother's jewelry box and opened it. She found a note from Madeline and read, "This will mend a broken heart." In with the letter was a necklace with a half-heart pendant. "I can't believe she remembered," Nina said in surprise.

Nina explained to Maxie that her parents had taken her to see Annie as her first Broadway show. She'd been obsessed with it, singing the songs all the time, and Maxie commented that she and Georgie had also loved the show. Nina continued that she would always retrieve a necklace of her mother's with a heart pendant, because Annie had half of a heart-shaped locket in the show. She wondered why her mother had cut the locket in half, but she suddenly realized that it could have meaning. She remembered that, in the show, Annie's dream had been to find her parents, who had the other half of her heart locket. She excitedly surmised that it was Madeline's way of telling her that she hadn't miscarried and that her child was alive somewhere.

Jordan hung up her phone and informed Curtis that Carter had been remanded to the custody of his adult children in Boston for the rest of his days, but he would be making a pit stop at their hotel room. He sincerely thanked Jordan for her help. A short while later, Jordan answered the knock on the door to two officers and a man in handcuffs. The cuffed man entered and introduced himself as Carter Buckley, and Curtis and Jordan introduced themselves, as well.

Jordan expressed her condolences on Carter's prognosis and told him that she and Curtis had some questions for him about his illegal adoption arrangements. He answered that his lawyers had told him not to discuss anything, but she promised they weren't trying to make trouble for him. Curtis added that they only had questions about Madeline Reeves, but Carter claimed not to know who that was. Curtis showed the man a picture of Madeline, but Carter refused to talk. Jordan assured Carter that his "compassionate release" could be revoked immediately if he refused to cooperate, so he agreed to talk.

Carter started that Madeline's case had been unusual, as her comatose daughter had given birth. He continued that Madeline had believed that her son-in-law had caused her daughter's coma. As a result, she'd hired a private staff to keep the pregnancy under wraps so that the son-in-law wouldn't find out. Madeline had wanted Carter to send the child somewhere "the father would never find." Curtis asked if Carter had any records of where he'd sent children, but Carter answered that he'd destroyed his records years before. He wished he could be of more help, and Jordan let the officers know that they were done.

When Carter was gone, Jordan reasoned that at least they knew that Nina's child had survived. Curtis reminded her that Madeline had hired a private staff, which meant that she'd spent a lot of money. He said that money meant that there was some kind of trail.

Kristina liked Charlie's and thought it was a shame that she couldn't hang out there due to the owner. She commented that it was a clever mob front, and Julian insisted that it was a legitimate business because he had left that life behind him. A few minutes later, he saw her filling out an application and wondered if it was a joke. She replied that she needed a job, and he needed a bartender. She talked about how qualified she was as she handed him the application and her résumé, but he mentioned how angry it would make Sonny if Julian hired her. "Isn't that an incentive?" she asked.

Julian replied that he wasn't interested in "making waves with Sonny." He urged her to find a job elsewhere, as he had things to prepare for the lunch rush. She followed him behind the bar and asked to help. Valerie entered on official business, and Julian approached her. She informed him that his renovation permit had been approved, and she congratulated him. Kristina yelled to Julian that he was low on vermouth but ran over excitedly when she saw Valerie. The two women hugged, and Kristina explained that she'd moved back to Port Charles and gotten a job at Charlie's. "Like hell," Julian called out.

Valerie offered to vouch for Kristina as they approached Julian at the bar. He replied that he wanted someone who knew traditional cocktails, and Kristina rattled off the recipes for a couple. He begrudgingly asked her to keep an eye on the bar while he made some phone calls regarding his permit. He told her that they would talk later. Valerie asked why Kristina had returned, and Kristina explained about her breakup with Parker.

Kristina asked for an update on Valerie's life, and Valerie confided that she was getting ready to take the detective exam. Valerie had to go study but promised that they would hang out after she took the exam. Outside the pub, Mike looked through the window but scurried away and hid as Valerie left the pub.

Julian left a message for Kim, asking about Oscar and telling her that he had big news to share with her. He promised that he was there if she needed him, and he hung up. When he returned to the bar, Kristina congratulated him on the permit and figured that he would be too busy to run the place himself. He knew that he would be too busy to interview new people for at least "a few weeks," so he agreed to give her a job if she started "now."

Mike walked down the basement steps at Charlie's with a flashlight. He looked around and found a particular spot on the wall. He took out a wrench.

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