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Nina learned that Madeline had died in jail. Oscar suffered a seizure and collapsed. Kristina decided to end things with Parker. Drew found a suspicious flash drive in Margaux's room. Griffin confronted Ava about helping Nelle. Ryan attacked Kevin.
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Kristina makes a decision about Parker

Kristina makes a decision about Parker

Monday, August 27, 2018

Margaux saw Drew with the flash drive in his hand and asked him to put it down. She claimed that it was evidence for an upcoming trial. Drew observed that she was lying and reminded her that he knew she was staying in Peter's old suite. He continued that she'd been asking about his memories a lot and wondered what Jordan would think of the flash drive. She promised to tell him everything he wanted to know. She handed over her computer, and he plugged the flash drive in.

Drew was surprised to see pictures pop up of Margaux when she'd been a child. She joked that the flash drive was proof that she, Drew, and Jason were triplets, but Drew wasn't amused. She wondered if he'd been planning on snooping around her suite all night, since he believed she was keeping something from him. He explained how hard it was for him to trust people and insisted that he'd enjoyed talking to her.

Drew apologized and headed toward the door, but Margaux stopped him. She asked if it would be all right to kiss him, and he agreed. They shared a kiss, and she informed him that she had faith that he would find what he was looking for. "Hope so," he answered. He said goodnight and left. Margaux went into a cabinet and entered in the code on the safe. She took out the flash drive labeled "Anamnesis Project."

Kristina debated whether or not to push her flight out of Port Charles back, and Sam wondered if Kristina wanted to go back to Parker. Kristina explained that everything with Parker had happened so fast; Parker was feeling fulfilled in her life, but Kristina was lonely. Sam observed that Kristina was making all the sacrifices, and Kristina wondered if loving each other was enough. "Come home," Sam suggested.

Kristina didn't want Alexis to feel justified in fighting Kristina and Parker's relationship, but Sam informed her that Alexis loved her regardless. She advised Kristina to follow her heart. "Like you did?" Kristina asked. Sam replied that Kristina needed to be honest with herself and her loved ones. Kristina admitted that she wanted to move home, but Parker deserved to hear it in person. On her phone, Sam saw that there was one more seat left on Kristina's flight. Kristina was touched that Sam would fly back with her for moral support. "You're my sister, and I'll always have your back," Sam assured her.

Griffin accused Ava of helping Nelle, but she advised him not to "throw stones." He thought of all the coincidences, including that Ava had been the only one at the baby shower who hated Carly enough to help Nelle frame Carly. Ava finally admitted that she'd had the blanket, but she'd done it for Griffin, as Nelle had been blackmailing her with Griffin's illicit DNA test. She concluded that she'd chosen Griffin over Carly, and she wondered what he was going to do with his new information.

Griffin didn't think the information would hold up with the cops, "but if Sonny found out..." Ava finished that Sonny would kill her. Griffin didn't want that on his conscience, but he promised to go to Sonny if she harmed anyone. "You're blackmailing me into morally upright behavior?" she observed. Griffin thought there was "no other way." He added that the saddest part about their relationship was that she'd changed him so much for the positive, but she hadn't changed at all.

"Who are you to judge?" Ava demanded, and she reminded Griffin that he'd broken the Hippocratic Oath, his vows as a priest, and her heart. He had no excuses for his behavior, "but at least I own up to it." He accused her of using him to see what it was like to have a soul. She thought that he was making her into a monster to assuage his guilt, so she growled, "I'll give you a monster," and she stormed off.

As Carly and Jason returned to the house, they heard the security alarm blaring as well as yelling from the living room. Jason burst into the room with his gun drawn and found Mike yelling, just as an armed guard popped in through the terrace and an armed Sonny appeared over the upstairs railing. Sonny yelled that it was a false alarm, and he asked the guard to turn the alarm off. Carly comforted Mike as Sonny instructed him not to push the alarm unless there was danger. Mike stammered that he'd seen someone on the terrace, but Jason replied that the security detail did a "visual inspection" every day at sunset.

Carly wanted some tea and invited Mike into the kitchen with her. When they were gone, Sonny told Jason that Mike was staying there because it was supposed to be safe. Jason assured him that they would just need to adjust the security at the house. Carly and Mike returned, and Mike apologized for the commotion. Jason invited Mike outside for some fresh air, so they went out on the terrace. Mike figured that Sonny and Carly were talking about him because he'd messed up again. He lamented that he'd abandoned his son as a child only to become a burden to him later in life.

Carly asked Sonny what had happened, and he told her about Felix's relief nurse being late. He continued that they'd had a good day, but Stella had been trying to prepare him for what was going on. Carly assured him that accidents happened and that they couldn't plan for everything, but she suggested talking to Mike about plans for his care while he could still have input. She went upstairs to check on Avery.

A short while later, Carly went out on the terrace and informed Jason that Mike was asleep. Jason told Carly that Mike thought he was a burden, but Carly replied that Sonny wanted to care for Mike for as long as he could. Inside the house, Sonny looked at a picture of himself and Mike. He addressed his father and said, "I don't know how to do this."

Curtis and Stella waited at the hospital as Jordan sped in, carrying a tray of coffees. A doctor recognized them as her next appointment and led them to an office. She introduced herself as Dr. Francine Massey, and she had the three introduce themselves, as well. She wondered what had made them try family counseling, and Jordan answered that she hoped it would help them look at things from other perspectives. Jordan briefly explained the tension between her and Stella, and Stella took offense. She noticed the doctor writing and accused her of forming an opinion on Stella based on how she was acting.

Stella continued that Dr. Massey didn't know the whole story. Dr. Massey assured Stella that she had no preconceived notions, and she added that she took notes so that she could ask questions later. Stella apologized, and Curtis explained that Jordan was his brother's widow. Stella blamed Jordan for Thomas' death, and Jordan insisted that she'd done everything she could to mend things with Stella. Jordan explained to the doctor about her affair and about Thomas' deadly encounter with Shawn. She acknowledged that she'd made a mistake, but she couldn't change the past. She accepted responsibility but said that Thomas deserved some, too.

Stella went off on Jordan for blaming Thomas for his own death and said that family was only important to Jordan when it was convenient for her. She cited Jordan "shipping T.J. off" to Shawn when things had gotten tough, but Jordan reminded Stella that she'd been working a dangerous undercover job. She'd sacrificed for her son's safety, but Stella challenged Jordan on knowing what a sacrifice was. She talked about how she'd given up her life to raise Curtis and Thomas and said she would never stop fighting for them.

Jordan thought that Stella resented her and Curtis' impending marriage because Stella had no life of her own. Curtis got in between the women, and Dr. Massey observed how emotionally exhausted Curtis was after acting like a buffer for so long. Jordan apologized to Curtis and again addressed Stella. She said that Stella had done an amazing job raising the boys, but they hadn't been children for twenty years, which was plenty of time for her to live "on your own terms." She thought that Stella deserved happiness, but Stella resented Jordan's remarks.

Dr. Massey thought that the family's first session had gone well, and they would pick up the next session where they'd left off. Outside the office, Stella refused to return, but Curtis knew that she knew, as a professional, that all issues couldn't be solved in one forty-five-minute-long session. "I'll think about it," she said as she got into the elevator.

Felicia faces a nightmare from her past

Felicia faces a nightmare from her past

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

At General Hospital, Alexis and Lucas met prior to their hearing with Wiley's birth mother. Alexis vowed to keep fighting. Michael was walking through the hallway and heard them. He decided to say hello and wish them luck. He hoped things worked out for the new family.

Nearby, Kim saw Oscar off as he planned on meeting Josslyn to celebrate their anniversary. Kim teased her son and finally got him to agree to send her a text message every couple of hours to update her on his whereabouts. After Oscar stepped onto the elevator, Michael ran into Kim, who made small talk about Josslyn and informed him that she'd heard from Nelle.

Kim revealed that Nelle had wanted Kim to testify that hormones had been responsible for Nelle's crimes, but Kim had refused because that hadn't been accurate. Kim added that Nelle had also asked about Michael, who immediately told Kim he didn't want to hear about Nelle in the future. He also warned Kim to be careful around Nelle.

Kim suggested that Michael check out a support group. Michael admitted that Stella had given him the information but he didn't feel comfortable talking to strangers. Kim explained that the people in the group would understand him best, having gone through something similar. Michael assured her he was okay, but shortly after, he found himself standing in front of the bereavement group's sign at the meeting. He stood there briefly but turned and walked away.

Jason found Carly having breakfast on the patio at the Corinthos home. He was there to check on Sonny and Mike. Sonny wandered onto the patio and announced that he'd made a decision regarding Mike and the long-term care facilities. He had made appointments to view several facilities, although he hadn't mentioned anything to Mike. Carly promptly declared that she would clear her schedule for the day in order to accompany Sonny, and Jason offered to stick around until Felix arrived to watch Mike.

The doorbell rang, but it was Oscar, not Felix. Carly invited him in and apologized for forgetting that he had planned to visit. She pulled out several photo albums and handed them over to Oscar. The photo albums contained pictures from the Nurses Ball that Oscar could use to make a video for Josslyn. She informed Oscar that Jason would stay behind to keep him company. Jason and Oscar exchanged awkward looks.

Later, as Oscar sat on the sofa, looking through the photos, and Jason paced, Oscar asked if he could ask Jason a question. Jason was agreeable and sat down. Oscar noted that he wanted to "be there" for Josslyn, but lately, he had always seemed to make her angry. She was great at everything, and maybe there were other guys out there who would be better for her. While Jason agreed that that might be true, he reminded Oscar that Josslyn had chosen him.

Jason added that Carly and Josslyn were alike, and he suggested that Oscar "feel Josslyn out." He thought that Oscar should only give advice if asked and that he should be truthful. He stressed that Oscar should not give any advice if not asked. Oscar looked at the time and announced that he had to leave to catch the bus to meet Josslyn at the park. Jason offered a ride on the back of his motorcycle, since Felix had arrived to look after Mike. Oscar agreed but declared that Jason could never tell Kim about it.

Valentin enjoyed breakfast at Metro Court as he read the morning's edition of the Invader on his tablet. There was a photo of Madeline on the cover, and the headline read, "ROTS LANDING: Madeline Reeves DENIED parole." Nearby, Nina spotted Curtis, who seemed unwilling to talk to her and announced that he was there to meet a client. Nina wondered why Curtis was being awkward, but Valentin walked over and interrupted them. He wanted to extend his condolences to Nina about her mother. Nina thought it was time to celebrate, and condolences were not needed.

Just then, Nina saw Diane and rushed off to meet with her. Diane advised her that she needed to redo the divorce papers because Valentin had made two stipulations. He wanted Nina to have ownership of her horse and more visitation with Charlotte.

Curtis met with Valentin and expressed his concern that they were meeting behind Nina's back. Valentin offered that he had new information after revisiting Madeline, who had been more cooperative. She had given him the name of the lawyer who had handled Nina's baby's adoption, but he had been unable to locate Carter Buckley.

Curtis got up and walked away but returned quickly. He had learned that Buckley was in prison not far away, but he wanted to tell Nina about it. Valentin nixed the idea in case her child was no longer alive. He added that Nina would be the first to know otherwise. Nina saw the men shaking hands after finishing up her own meeting, and she rushed over to them.

"I don't know what fresh hell this is," Nina exclaimed. She couldn't believe that Valentin was Curtis' client. Curtis took off, and Nina turned to Valentin. She advised him that she'd heard all about his new stipulations, but she wouldn't be "sucked in" by his trying to be nice. She couldn't help but compare what he'd done to Peter with the loss of her own child. She knew it was irrational, but she couldn't help it.

Just then, Nina received a phone call. "That's impossible," she told the caller. She ended the call and announced that her mother was dead. Valentin gasped and embraced her.

At the lawyer's office, Brad was curious about Julian's plan involving Wiley. Julian admitted that he'd contacted the birth mother, and Brad flipped out as Julian tried to calm him down. Julian emphasized that he had been the one to do most of the talking, and he thought she'd understood that Wiley should remain with Brad and Lucas. Brad announced that he wanted to talk to her, but Julian didn't think she would want to hear from them again.

Julian added that he'd made it clear to the woman that Brad and Lucas hadn't known he'd called. Brad went off again and pointed out that he and Lucas would end up in prison when the woman learned that her baby wasn't really hers. He thought the only option was to take the baby and run. "Because that's rational," Julian replied. Just then, Alexis and Lucas arrived, and Alexis wanted to speak to Julian alone. Lucas asked Brad what he and Julian were hiding.

After Brad explained that he wanted to leave, Lucas assured him that while he understood Brad's feelings, they couldn't run away. It wouldn't be any kind of life for Wiley. Out in the hallway, Alexis asked Julian if he wanted to sabotage the hearing, and she demanded that he leave right away before Diane and the birth mother showed up. Just then, Diane arrived alone. "Where's your client?" Alexis asked.

Maxie, Felicia, and James encountered Lulu at the park. Lulu announced that she had to warn them about a feature that would be appearing in the paper on the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Felicia couldn't believe it had been so long, and Maxie recalled the nice man she'd met in Texas. Lulu stated that the Invader had jumped at the chance, as had other papers, because a person who lived in Port Charles had seen Chamberlain murder someone. Maxie hoped that it hadn't been Lulu who had suggested the article.

Lulu assured Felicia and Maxie that she had told Peter she wanted nothing to do with the article, but she had wanted to prepare them. Felicia vowed not to cooperate. She shared how she hadn't recognized Ryan when he'd arrived in town, even though she'd seen him murder his wife. She had blocked it out and had thankfully remembered him eventually. Mac had saved her.

Maxie comforted her mother. She hated that Ryan had destroyed lives but was glad he had not destroyed Felicia's. The young women asked how Felicia had been able to be friends with Ryan's twin brother, Kevin, and Felicia explained that Kevin was a healer.

Felicia, Maxie, and Lulu discussed Ryan's kidnapping of Georgie, and Felicia noted that Ryan had been beyond redemption. Maxie added that Kevin had had to watch his brother die. Felicia had several flashbacks as the women discussed the murderer, and she informed the others that she hadn't been able to rest until she'd heard that Ryan was dead. She still had nightmares occasionally.

Felicia offered to take James in his carriage to see the ducks. She needed to "clear" her head. Lulu was sorry that she couldn't stop the story.

Sonny and Carly wandered around the park after viewing some care facilities. Carly declared that she'd liked the second one best. Sonny was quiet and admitted that he didn't know what to think. He knew that Mike wasn't ready, and he was just getting to know his father. He was concerned that it wasn't safe for Avery and Josslyn after what had happened the previous evening. Carly assured him she was okay with whatever he decided.

Sonny confessed that he'd had a difficult time keeping it together while Carly had been gone, and Carly comforted him. He added that his anger toward his father was gone, and the pressure was off. He could finally see the good in Mike. He realized how kids always thought they had unlimited time, but then it ran out, and he was scared. He couldn't waste time. Carly said that she loved Mike, but he was Sonny's father, so the decision was up to him. She suggested he ask Jason for advice. Sonny insisted it was "on me" because Mike was his father.

At Ferncliff, Gordon adjusted the patient's straitjacket. The patient tried to convince the orderly that he didn't belong there, and he would run away if only Gordon would remove the restraint. The patient went on to explain that he was a doctor, and his brother on the outside was Ryan. Gordon offered to speak to someone else, but the patient insisted that he not tell anyone. Once Gordon was gone, the patient realized that part of the restraint's strap was loose.

Shortly after, the patient received a visitor. "I hear you've been quite busy today. And it's not even 10 A.M." the visitor said. "Nice to see you, too, Kevin," the patient replied. "You're claiming that you're me again," Kevin declared. "Can't blame me for trying," Ryan responded. Kevin told Ryan that he was not a hostage, and he still believed that Ryan could be redeemed. He only wanted to help his brother, Kevin said.

Ryan asked if Kevin had succeeded in helping him. Ryan believed the only way to test it would be for him to be let out into the outside world. Kevin replied that he couldn't release Ryan, but he was offering him closure. Ryan thought that Kevin was wasting his time, and he told Kevin to say hello to Felicia for him.

Kevin was distracted by a text message from Laura, and he turned his back on his brother. Ryan quickly freed himself from his restraint and clobbered Kevin, who fell to the ground.

Back at Sonny's, Jason gave Oscar some last-minute instructions. Suddenly, Oscar seemed to have trouble breathing, and he collapsed. Jason rushed over as Oscar was having a seizure.

ENCORE: Peter, Nathan, and Faison are shot

ENCORE: Peter, Nathan, and Faison are shot

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

General Hospital broadcast an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired January 26, 2018, in which Peter, Nathan, and Faison were shot. You can read Soap Central's recap of that episode here.

An ABC spokesperson explained that the scheduling change had "been planned for months," and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 4, and picked up where the Tuesday, August 28, episode concluded.

For a full explanation of why ABC opted to air these rebroadcasts, please read GH airing less this week, but fans "shouldn't be worried"./

ENCORE: Nathan undergoes surgery

ENCORE: Nathan undergoes surgery

Thursday, August 30, 2018

General Hospital broadcast an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired January 29, 2018, in which Nathan had emergency surgery. You can read Soap Central's recap of that episode here.

An ABC spokesperson explained that the scheduling change had "been planned for months," and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 4, and picked up where the Tuesday, August 28, episode concluded.

For a full explanation of why ABC opted to air these rebroadcasts, please read GH airing less this week, but fans "shouldn't be worried"./

ENCORE: Nathan regains consciousness before flatlining

ENCORE: Nathan regains consciousness before flatlining

Friday, August 31, 2018

General Hospital broadcast an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired January 30, 2018, in which Nathan regained consciousness... before flatlining. You can read Soap Central's recap of that episode here.

An ABC spokesperson explained that the scheduling change had "been planned for months," and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 4, and picked up where the Tuesday, August 28, episode concluded.

For a full explanation of why ABC opted to air these rebroadcasts, please read GH airing less this week, but fans "shouldn't be worried"./

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