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Sami shot Marlena by accident. Rafe arrested Sami, but she escaped. Marlena survived surgery. Kristen took Eve hostage and blackmailed Brady to have sex with her. Eve escaped. Belle accused Sami of shooting their mother on purpose. Will recovered his memory and told Sonny he wanted to be with Sonny. As Kristen held Brady, Eve, and Sami at gunpoint, Paul tackled Kristen. Kristen and Paul fell out of a window.
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Chaos ensues in the aftermath of the shooting

Chaos ensues in the aftermath of the shooting

Monday, August 27, 2018

by Mike

The shooting at the Horton Town Square caused a quick burst of chaos -- and as the dust slowly settled, everyone realized that the bullet had struck Marlena, not John.

"Well, well, well..." Kristen began while threateningly waving the gun, which Sami had dropped earlier. "This worked out so much better than I thought it would!" Kristen happily continued as Kayla and Valerie sprang into action, joining John at Marlena's side. "Sami, sweetheart -- I didn't think you had it in you, but I am so happy that I was wrong! Wow! Thanks for the solid, girlfriend!" Kristen concluded with a smirk.

"[It wasn't] a 'solid'; [it was] an accident! I never meant to shoot [at] John! You drugged me!" Sami groggily protested, lunging toward Kristen. "You know, I still could pull the trigger [myself]," Kristen warned while threateningly waving the gun again, stopping Sami at once. "I do know that you technically held up your end of the bargain, and, um...I guess you want me to hold up mine [now...but] unfortunately, I don't have time for this anymore," Kristen continued while moving through the crowd, which dispersed in a panic. "See, I got people to see...and places to go..." Kristen concluded before suddenly grabbing an unsuspecting Claire.

Shawn and Belle watched helplessly as Kristen backed out of the town square with the gun aimed at Claire's head. "Goodbye, Marlena! See you in hell!" Kristen shouted before disappearing from view with Claire. Shawn and Brady started to chase after Kristen, but Belle quickly stopped the duo, worried about what might happen to Claire if anyone tried to interfere with Kristen's escape plan. Shawn and Brady promised to be careful then continued on their way. Eve tried to assure Belle that everything was going to be okay. Feeling conflicted, Belle followed Shawn and Brady out of the town square after seeing that Marlena was in good hands.

Jennifer rushed off to a nearby store to call for an ambulance. Meanwhile, Kayla and Valerie determined that the bullet was still lodged in Marlena's chest. John was relieved to hear that, knowing that the lack of an exit wound would reduce Marlena's blood loss. Kayla kept pressure applied to the entry wound while Valerie monitored Marlena's pulse.

Eric kept Sami from rushing to Marlena's side, and John also made a point of stressing that Sami needed to give Kayla and Valerie room to take care of Marlena. "I'm so sorry! I don't know how this happened! I don't remember pulling the trigger! I didn't mean to shoot her, [and] I wasn't gonna shoot you! You have to believe me!" Sami tearfully assured John, who heard everything but didn't respond to any of it. "This is all my fault!" Sami fretted, breaking down in Eric's arms. Eric assured Sami that everything was going to be okay.

Marlena managed to say a few words to John but soon lost consciousness. "I think your dad might need you," Steve told Paul, who was in the process of leaving the town square. "I know, but...I mean, with everything that just happened...I mean, I'm worried about Will. He's been gone a long time. I need to find him. I'm sorry," Paul replied before rushing off.

Meanwhile, at Doug's Place, Will and Sonny's kiss ended. Will immediately began laughing for no apparent reason, prompting Sonny to wonder what was so funny. "Nothing. It's just that...that -- it, brings back a lot of memories, too," Will explained with a smile while locking eyes with Sonny, who was clearly delighted to hear that.

"How is this possible?" Sonny mused with a shake of the head while lovingly caressing Will's cheeks. "Just when I was about to give up're back -- you're really, truly back!" Sonny added before hugging Will tightly. "This is [how] I wanted it to be when I found you in Memphis -- that we would just see each other [and] fall into each other's arms," Sonny admitted after pulling away from Will. "I didn't even remember you -- I didn't even recognize you -- [then]," Will regretfully noted. "That's okay. It's not your fault, all right? And you need to know that I don't blame anything on you, okay?" Sonny assured Will.

"My God, this is so crazy! Ever since you got back to Salem, I've been so close to you...but not really, and it's been torture," Sonny admitted. Will started to apologize for the suffering that Sonny had endured, but Sonny quickly interrupted, reiterating that it wasn't Will's fault. "[And] none of that matters [now], because you remember! You actually remember! Our wedding, [and] our life together... Will, this changes everything!" Sonny excitedly added. "Yeah...yeah, everything..." Will hesitantly agreed. "I gotta tell -- I gotta tell everybody!" Sonny continued, oblivious to Will's sudden conflict.

"Who am I gonna -- I gotta tell Ari [first]! Ari's gonna be so happy to have her daddy back -- just the way that she remembers him!" Sonny mused as Will tried to interject. "Am I talking too much? I don't mean to. I'm just -- I'm just so happy! I'm so happy! I've been waiting for this, Will, okay? I can't stop [talking]!" Sonny admitted, beaming. "But I will, because right now, I don't need to tell those people; right now, I don't need to tell anyone. Right now, I just need to be in this beautiful moment with you," Sonny added before leaning in to give Will another kiss. "Sonny, no. We can't do this," Will gently insisted.

Confused, Sonny wondered what was wrong. "I -- I -- I mean -- what I mean is, I -- I don't -- I don't think we should be doing this here -- like, here, now," Will explained with a bit of difficulty. "The reception is about to start, and, you know, wedding guests are gonna be pouring in...and, I mean, [that's] including Paul..." Will continued. "Paul. Yeah, I -- I didn't think about Paul," Sonny admitted. "He's gotta be wondering where I am. I should -- I should get back, you know?" Will concluded. Despite the realization, Will stayed rooted in place, eyeing Sonny.

Stammering, Sonny tried to change Will's mind, arguing, "[But] you just remembered our wedding! You remembered how we felt about each other! You remembered how you felt about me!" Will quietly confirmed that was true. "But --" Will started to add. Interrupting, Sonny wondered, "So, what does this mean for you and Paul? What does this mean for us?" Shrugging, Will admitted, "I don't know how to answer that. I -- I've been trying so hard to get my memories back -- I've been focusing so much on the past -- that I...I didn't think about the future...for any of us."

Sonny assured Will that was understandable. "I don't want to pressure you, all right? I've learned my lesson. I can't force things to go my way -- especially in a situation that's this complicated," Sonny added. "Oh, it's complicated," Will agreed with a slight chuckle. "But..." Will began to add, grasping Sonny's hand. "But what?" Sonny asked eagerly.

Just then, Susan burst into the main section of the club, shivering beneath modest underwear that covered most of her body. "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank God! I thought I'd never get out of there!" she cried out.

"Susan?" Will asked incredulously. "Will? Will, is that you, sweetheart?" Susan replied, unable to see without the glasses that Kristen had stolen. "Thank God you're all right!" Susan continued while cautiously approaching Will. "Why would I not be all right?" Will wondered, confused. "She's here! The devil herself!" Susan vaguely explained. "Kristen DiMera -- alive and well...and mean, mean, mean as ever!" Susan elaborated.

"[See], I was here, centerin' the centerpieces just so, [and then] I saw my doll that I gave Dr. Evans as a weddin' present," Susan began to explain to Will and Sonny. "And you might think I'm the strong, silent type, but...that just hurt me -- that just hurt me somethin' awful, knowin' that she threw away my gift like that," Susan admitted. Susan recalled having voiced the concern that Marlena's friendship might have been an act -- and having received a response from Kristen. "Of course it was an act, you idiot. Why would anyone care about you?" Kristen had said while joining Susan in the club. "I knew I saw you!" Susan had replied, shaking.

"You came to the loony bin [to visit me]!" Susan had continued. "I couldn't resist. You're my favorite toy. It's so easy to just wind you up and watch you go," Kristen had replied with a smirk. Horrified, Susan had joined both index fingers together as a makeshift cross while telling Kristen, "Back off, you vampire!" Chuckling, Kristen had dismissively warned Susan, "Nice try, but I'm afraid a cross isn't gonna stop me from getting what I want...[which is] to kill the bitch that left me for dead. And you're gonna help me." Kristen had then stolen Susan's clothes and had locked Susan in a freezer, which one of the club's employees had eventually unlocked.

Horrified, Will started to rush off to the town square to warn everyone that Kristen was on the loose. Sonny offered to stay with Susan, who didn't want to be left alone.

Belle found Claire in the park. Belle called out to Shawn and Brady, who were searching nearby areas, then asked if Claire was okay. "I'm fine. [Kristen] didn't hurt me. She just -- she was pushing me, and then I twisted my ankle, and then she said something about not needing dead weight, and she took off," Claire explained. When Shawn and Brady arrived seconds later, Claire pointed and told the duo, "She went that way!"

Paul returned to the town square and found that everyone was gone -- except Steve, who reported that Marlena was en route to the hospital. "Will?" Steve asked. "Couldn't find him," Paul replied with a shrug. Nodding, Steve offered to give Paul a ride to the hospital. Paul declined, wanting to stay near the town square in case Will returned. As Steve started to walk away, Eve entered the town square, carrying the basket of cell phones. Steve claimed one then left. Paul claimed two, one of which belonged to Will. "Where the hell is he?" Paul worriedly wondered as Belle and Claire returned. Shawn and Brady were close behind, having failed to locate Kristen.

Brady and Eve soon headed off to the police station to report everything that had happened. Shawn volunteered to help Claire get home so Belle could head over to the hospital to check on Marlena. Paul still refused to leave the town square -- and was relieved when Will finally returned. Paul hugged Will, who quickly pulled away and wondered why everyone else was gone. Paul gently began to explain that someone had crashed the wedding. Nodding, Will revealed that Susan had mentioned, during an earlier chance encounter, that Kristen was in town. Paul regretfully informed Will that Marlena was at the hospital, being treated for a gunshot wound.

"Kristen shot my grandmother?" Will asked incredulously. "No...your mom did," Paul clarified.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny offered Susan a blanket and a cup of tea. Susan, who was still freezing, gratefully accepted the offerings and admitted, "I am so glad that we are back here, where Kristen can't find us!"

Sonny wanted to check on Will, but Susan objected, still not ready to be left alone. "I know you said we were safe, but...honestly, I will never, ever feel safe with that vampire still here on this planet!" Susan admitted, shuddering. Nodding, Sonny somewhat reluctantly agreed to stay with Susan, who found Sonny's concern for Will touching but insisted that it wasn't necessary.

"[Will's] got one gorgeous hunk of a burnin' love to take care of him!" Susan reminded Sonny. "That Paul is more than good-lookin' -- he [also] seems like a very good man, and I'm sure he's gonna love Will tender, too! [You know], I still feel awful about forcin' Will back in the closet when he was livin' in Memphis. [See], I have nothin' against homosexuals; I just wanted him to be more like my Elvis Junior, [and] my baby doesn't swing that way. But I'm very, very happy that Will has finally unleashed his inner rainbow...and found the love he was meant to with Paul," Susan added, oblivious to Sonny's pain and discomfort.

At the police station, Hope and Rafe celebrated a successful drug bust. Hope didn't dwell on the accomplishment for very long, though, knowing that Ben was still an issue. Hope didn't want to miss John and Marlena's wedding reception but vowed that as soon as it was over, taking down Ben would once again be the police department's top priority. Rafe was pleasantly surprised to hear that Hope was willing to be civil with Marlena -- at least for one night. Rafe warned, however, that there was still a possibility that Sami might make a surprise appearance at the wedding reception. Hope admitted that it was probably time to hash things out with Sami, anyway.

Brady soon burst into the police station and breathlessly filled Hope and Rafe in on what had happened during the wedding ceremony.

At the hospital, Jennifer tried to convince Sami to see a doctor. Sami refused, explaining that the sobering sight of Marlena's gunshot wound had made the effects of Kristen's drugs wear off in a hurry. "How did you know what Kristen was up to? When did she kidnap you?" Eric asked. "I know you have a thousand questions, [but] I just can't deal with this right now," Sami replied.

Sami was worried about Marlena but also couldn't help wondering if E.J. truly was still alive. Eric gently reminded Sami that Kristen couldn't be trusted. "You think I don't know that? I wish I could just brush this off. I don't want to hang my hopes on one word out of that woman's mouth. [But] you heard her -- she had details; she had specifics! [Look], I know I'm stubborn [and] bullheaded, [but] sometimes I'm not wrong, you know? If I hadn't hung on and fought for Will, he wouldn't be with us right now!" Sami countered. Eric remained skeptical but conceded that Sami had a point.

Belle soon arrived and began lashing out at Sami. "I don't know why I'm surprised. Of course you would have the nerve to show up here [after what you did]," Belle mused with a shake of the head. Eric tried to intervene, but Belle refused to calm down -- and insisted that Sami didn't deserve Eric's protection. Sami tried to assure Belle that what had happened had been an accident.

"I swear on my life, I did not mean to shoot [at] John!" Sami stressed. "Do you swear on E.J.'s life?" Belle countered, silencing Sami. "Yeah, I didn't think so...because all you care about is Sami Brady! That's all you've ever cared about! Damn everybody else; Sami Brady always comes first! I mean, you are the same selfish bitch you've always been, and you know what? God, I am sick of it!" Belle added before slapping Sami. Eric quickly intervened, prompting Belle to complain that Eric always took Sami's side. "I'm not taking sides; [I just know] this is not a time to turn away from each other!" Eric explained.

"It was an accident. I would never want to hurt Mom," Sami assured Belle, who turned away in disgust. Sighing, Sami headed off to get some air -- and soon ran into Rafe. "Oh, thank God you're here! I could really use a friend right now!" Sami admitted, seizing a hug from Rafe. "I'm sorry, but I gotta take you down to the station," Rafe clarified, stunning Sami.

At the police station, Brady's cell phone rang. "It's Eve," Brady explained to Hope, adding that Eve had stayed outside to contact Theresa and share the bad news about Kristen's return from the dead.

"Eve?" Brady began after accepting the call. "Guess again," Kristen replied.

At the hospital, John and Abe watched as Kayla and Valerie worked to get Marlena stabilized and ready for surgery. Steve soon arrived and relieved Abe, who wanted to head over to the police station to find out if Kristen had been apprehended. After Abe left, Steve informed John that Claire was okay. Steve assured John that Marlena was going to be okay, too.

Just then, the machine that was monitoring Marlena's vital signs started beeping rapidly.

Marlena's heart stops

Marlena's heart stops

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

In the emergency room, Marlena's vital signs flatlined on the monitor. Kayla and Valerie worked feverishly to restart Marlena's heart as John pleaded with Marlena to fight. Kayla asked John to leave the room. Steve pulled John toward the door, but John struggled to stay by Marlena's side. John begged Valerie to do whatever it took to save the love of his life.

As Brady paced in the police station, his phone rang. The caller ID read Eve. Brady was shocked when Kristen was on the other end of the call. Brady demanded to know what had happened to Eve. At Doug's Place, Kristen smiled as she looked over at Eve, who was bound to a chair and gagged.

"Eve is fine. For the moment," Kristen purred. Brady ordered Kristen to let him talk to Eve. Kristen placed the phone on the table. When Kristen removed Eve's gag, Eve called out to Brady. With a roll of her eyes, Kristen noted that the phone was on mute. Kristen placed a pad of paper in front of Kristen and instructed her to read the note exactly as written. As Kristen leveled the gun on Eve, she unmuted the phone.

"I am fine. Kristen won't hurt me as long as you do exactly what she says," Eve read. Kristen muted the phone again when Brady called out to his fiancée. Kristen grabbed Eve by the head and shook her. Kristen yelled that she would kill Eve if she did not shut up. Kristen put the gag back into Eve's mouth then unmuted the phone. Brady asked Kristen what she wanted.

"You cooperate, Eve lives. You don't, she doesn't. So, listen carefully," Kristen said. Kristen gave Brady instructions. Brady agreed to follow Eve's plan. With a chuckle, Kristen said that if Brady did not cooperate, he would never see Eve again. After ending the call, Kristen smiled at Eve.

In the square, Paul told Will that Sami had shot Marlena. Will was confused, and he reminded Paul that Sami had not planned to return for the wedding. Paul calmly explained that Kristen had kidnapped and drugged Sami. Shaking his head, Will asked about the gun. Paul explained that the gun had gone off in the confusion of the moment.

"And my mother shot my grandmother?" Will asked. Paul told Will exactly what had happened. Will asked Paul if he was sure that Sami had intended to shoot John. With a shrug, Paul explained that Sami had been turning, and the gun had gone off when Eric had tackled her. Will said he could not believe that Sami would intentionally fire the gun. Paul countered that Sami had been under the influence of drugs and desperate to see E.J.

"That promise alone is a pretty powerful motivation for Sami to want to pull the trigger," Paul said. Will nodded. Will muttered that it was not the first time that Kristen had attacked his family. Curious, Paul asked Will if he remembered Kristen. Will lied and said he had only heard stories. Will reiterated that he did not believe Sami could intentionally shoot John or Marlena. When Paul reminded Will that Sami had forced Ben to strangle Will, Will grew defensive.

"She did it because she has such a big heart," Will said. Shocked, Paul said it sounded like Will was defending Sami. Will countered that he had been thinking about Sami recently and did not believe she would intentionally shoot Marlena.

"There's a lot of things I can't wrap my head around right now," Will said softly. Will thought about when he had regained his memory. Suspicious, Paul asked Will what he had meant. Will said he was in shock that so much had happened while he had stepped away from the wedding. Paul asked Will where he had been. Will said he had gone for water. Paul asked about Susan, but Will said he would talk to Paul after he checked on Marlena.

"I'm glad your dad is okay," Will said. "Well, he won't be if Marlena dies," Paul countered. Will assured Paul that Marlena would be fine. With a nod, Paul said he would go to the police station and meet up with Will at the hospital. As Will started to leave, Paul asked Will if he was okay. Will lied and said he was only dehydrated. Paul kissed Will goodbye and left. With tears in his eyes, Will watched Paul walk away.

When Paul arrived at the police station, he ran into Brady as Brady was leaving. Paul asked Brady about Kristen. Brady explained that Hope had sent out an APB. Averting his eyes, Brady said he had no information on where to find Kristen. Paul suggested that Kristen might approach Brady. Brady argued that Kristen would not reach out to him. Guilty, Brady changed the subject to Marlena. Paul informed Brady that Marlena was heading into surgery to remove a bullet from near her heart.

Citing his need to see John, Brady said he would go to the hospital. Paul offered to go with Brady, but Brady firmly said no. Brady explained that John would want Paul at the station in case there was any information about Kristen. Reluctantly, Paul agreed. As Paul paced the police station, he noticed a photo of Kristen on a desk. Paul furrowed his brow.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen opened a door to a room as Brady approached it.

In the hospital, Jennifer reminded Eric that Valerie was a wonderful surgeon. Jennifer added that no one was stronger than Marlena. Eric said he could not believe that Sami had shot Marlena.

"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it," Eric said. With a shake of his head, Eric said he could not believe that Kristen was alive, either. Belle returned with coffee for Eric and Jennifer, and she muttered that she wanted to slap Sami again. Eric asked about Claire. Belle said that Claire had iced her ankle and was fine.

In the hospital lounge, Rafe told Sami that he needed to take her into custody for the shooting. Sami yanked her arm away and exclaimed that she had not done anything wrong. With a groan, Rafe argued that multiple witnesses had seen Sami pull the trigger. Sami explained that Kristen was to blame. Rafe questioned Sami about the events, and Sami confirmed that Kristen had promised to reveal where to find E.J.

"There was a lot of noise and confusion, and Kristen wouldn't shut up, and then all of [a] sudden, Eric body slams me. And yes, yes, the gun went off, but I swear to you, I did not squeeze that trigger," Sami stressed. Rafe said the story did not make sense. Sami agreed. Sami argued that Kristen had to have rigged the gun to shoot on its own. Rafe shook his head in disbelief.

"You have to prove this is Kristen's fault because it isn't mine," Sami argued. Rafe told Sami he was on her side but that he needed all the facts. Sami reiterated that she had been kidnapped and drugged, and she had escaped and stood in front of the gun to protect Marlena. Rafe added that the gun had then gone off in Sami's hand. Frustrated, Sami told Rafe that she did not think he was on her side. Rafe told Sami that he needed her to go to the station to answer questions. Sami refused to leave the hospital. Rafe told Sami he would arrest her if she did not leave with him voluntarily.

Rafe grabbed Sami and marched her down the hallway past the waiting area. Belle was furious when she saw Sami. Sami yelled at her sister that she had a right to be at the hospital. Rafe interrupted to say he was taking Sami to the police station for questioning. Belle growled that she hoped Sami would rot in prison for the rest of her life. Sami protested her innocence.

"I saw you do it!" Belle yelled. Rafe ordered everyone to stop talking. Rafe asked if there was news on Marlena. Eric said no. Steve and John entered the waiting area. Rafe, Sami, Belle, Eric, and Jennifer looked at John in silence. Belle asked about Marlena. Shaken, John stared at the floor. Steve explained that Marlena's heart had stopped, but the doctors had restarted it. With a smile, Steve credited John with saving Marlena's life by urging her to fight.

"You have no right to be here," Belle spat at Sami. Eric asked what was next for Marlena. Steve said that Marlena was headed for surgery to remove the bullet near her heart. Steve added that Valerie was the best heart surgeon. Sami apologized to John. Furious, Belle grabbed Sami and yelled at her to stop with the "crocodile tears." Belle screamed at Sami that Marlena might die because of her.

"I love you. I love all of you," Sami stressed. "When you're not taking a wrecking ball to our lives!" Belle retorted. Sami claimed that Kristen was to blame. With a groan, Belle argued that Sami never took the blame for any of Sami's actions. Belle rattled off a list of misdeeds by Sami. In tears, Belle said that Sami never paid the price for hurting other people. Sami apologized again.

"Of all the horrible things you have done, I have never been more ashamed to call you my sister," Belle said. Rafe gently urged Sami to leave with him. Sami asked to see Marlena, but Belle yelled that Sami had forfeited the right to see their mother. Desperate, Sami argued to Rafe that Belle would turn everyone against her if Sami left with Rafe. Eric told Sami that no one was against her.

"We won't even be thinking about you, Sami. Because we'll be on our knees, praying that mom makes it through this alive, and maybe you should too. In your cell," Belle said. Will called out to Sami. Sami spun around and saw her son walking down the hallway. Sami rushed into Will's arms. Will remembered talking to his mother before his wedding to Sonny when she had gushed about Will as a person. Will grew teary-eyed at the memory. Sami asked Will if he was okay. Will explained that he had been at the restaurant during the shooting.

"Whatever you hear, you have to please, please believe I wasn't myself. I was drugged. But I love my mom, as much as I love you, and I would never hurt her, and I would not mean to hurt her," Sami said. Sami asked Will to believe her. Will said he understood. Relieved, Sami thanked Will for listening to her. Sami apologized again about Ben, but Will said he understood why Sami had done that to him, as well.

The orderlies wheeled Marlena through the waiting area. Belle, Eric, and John went to Marlena's side. Sami watched from across the room as John whispered "Doc" into Marlena's ear. A groggy Marlena opened her eyes. Kayla reminded John, Eric, and Belle that Marlena was weak and that they needed to speak quickly. John stepped aside with Kayla to talk.

Unable to contain herself, Sami started to approach Marlena. Rafe stopped Sami. Sami explained that she needed to talk to Marlena before she left with Rafe. With a nod, Rafe released Sami's arm. Rafe asked Sami to give Belle a moment with Marlena first. Sami nodded yes. Belle told Marlena that she loved her and that the family needed Marlena to fight.

At the nurses' station, John asked Kayla about Marlena's prognosis. Kayla told John that she would not know how severe the injury was until they started surgery. Kayla urged John to pray. After Belle spoke to Marlena, Eric approached their mother. Eric told Marlena that he was sending her his strength so that she could fight to go home.

"Please come back to us," Eric said. Sami encouraged Will to speak with Marlena, and he cautiously walked over. Marlena smiled faintly as she saw Will next to her.

"You were the first person to accept me for who I am. To just love me for me," Will said. Will remembered talking to Marlena after he had told her he was gay. Marlena had told Will that no one deserved to be happy more than him. Will teared up at the memory. Will whispered to Marlena that he remembered her.

"I remember what an amazing, wonderful woman you are," Will said. As Sami approached Marlena, Belle stepped in front of her. "How dare you," Belle growled. Sami asked John for a moment to speak with Marlena. John nodded yes. Belle told Sami she would never forgive Sami if Marlena died. As Eric pulled Belle aside, Sami walked over to her mother.

"It's me. Mom, I love you so much," Sami whispered to Marlena. Sami joked that Marlena was the only person more stubborn than her. As Marlena smiled serenely, Sami asked Marlena to get better so that she could lecture Sami about what Sami had done. Sami explained that she had only crashed the wedding to save Marlena, and she was sorry she had bungled those efforts.

"I love you so much, and I would never, ever want to hurt you, and I'm so sorry, mom. I'm so sorry that this happened to you," Sami said. In tears, Sami turned to John and told him she was sorry. John hugged Sami, and he wiped tears from his eyes. Rafe told Sami that she needed to leave. John whispered to Sami that it was okay to go. Reluctantly, Sami let go of John and left with Rafe. John turned to Marlena. Marlena and John smiled at one another.

"I'm not going anywhere. Now you already know everything there is to know about the people who love you. Especially me. Now here's what I want you to do. You're gonna hang in there, and you're going to come back to us. I'll be there to catch you," John said. Choking back tears, John kissed Marlena's forehead. Kayla told John it was time to go. John promised Marlena that they would finish their wedding later. Reluctantly, John let go of the gurney.

John stumbled down the hallway. With a stunned expression on his face, John walked into Marlena's room and saw her bloody wedding dress. John picked up the dress and clutched it to his chest. Overcome, John started to weep.

Kristen tries to make a deal with Brady

Kristen tries to make a deal with Brady

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

by Mike

At the hospital, Belle tracked down John, who was still clutching Marlena's bloodstained gown -- and had found a ring tangled in it.

Belle tried to convince John to join her and a few other family members in one of the waiting rooms, believing that it wasn't good for him to be alone with grisly reminders of what had happened during the wedding ceremony. "No, no, no -- I can't -- I can't do that," he insisted. "I feel responsible...[because] Kristen wouldn't be in all of your lives if it weren't for me," he continued, fighting back fresh tears.

Belle soon noticed the ring that John was holding. "It got caught up in the folds of [your mom's] dress... She was...she was holding it in her hand when..." he tried to explain. "You know, honey, when, uh -- when [she first] told me [that she] loved me, I felt like the luckiest guy in the world...and I have felt like that all these years, through it all...but I'm starting to wonder if my luck has run out," he admitted.

Belle insisted that John couldn't think like that. "Honey, it's a real possibility," he gravely pointed out. "[When your mom's heart stopped], my heart stopped, too...and our life together [literally] flashed before my eyes, and I'm afraid that happened because I saw it coming to an end," he continued. "[And] your mother had a premonition... [See], the other day, [she] was trying on her wedding dress...and I walked in on her. I didn't think it was any big deal, [but] she got upset [and] started giving me all this stuff about bad luck...[and] she doesn't say something like that unless she means it. I should've listened to her," he concluded with a heavy sigh of regret.

Belle argued that Sami, not John, was responsible for what had happened. "We all thought Kristen was dead, [but] Sami actually knew [that wasn't true]! She had the chance to stop this, but she held that gun at you, Dad, and she didn't drop it, [and] she didn't pass it off to Eric or Brady, [so] you don't get to let her off the hook, [because] the bottom line is that [she] fired that gun because she wanted information on E.J.," Belle spat. John tried to object, but Belle refused to listen. Recognizing that the conversation had reached an impasse, John asked Belle for some privacy.

Before leaving, Belle took the ring from John. "The last thing that Mom did before she lost consciousness was to put this ring somewhere where it wouldn't get lost in all the chaos and the craziness. She wanted you to find it, Dad, because she knew that nothing was gonna stop her from [eventually] putting this ring on your finger. She. Will. Be. Your. Wife. Again. Okay? So, you just hang onto [this ring], and you remember that the love that you two share is stronger than that bullet, because that's the truth," Belle assured John before returning the ring and walking away.

Paul was in the process of reading Kristen's file when Rafe dragged an uncooperative Sami into the police station. Rafe put Sami in one of the conference rooms then rejoined Paul, who reported that Kristen had not been found while Rafe had been gone. Paul contacted a high-ranking member of the ISA on John's behalf and explained what had happened earlier. After ending the call, Paul informed Rafe, "[Major Nelson] says he's gonna send [over] the ISA's whole file on Kristen, but he also says that they have nothing on her from the time that she was declared dead [until now]."

Meanwhile, Hope joined Sami, who impatiently demanded a lawyer. "I can't tell you anything that you don't already know -- [the most important of which is] that Kristen is back in town [and] determined to ruin more lives!" Sami added. Hope explained that Sami needed to be questioned as the one known person who had spent time with Kristen recently. "She was holding me hostage, all right? It's not like it was some girls' weekend, Hope! We weren't having cosmos and swapping stories!" Sami protested. Hope maintained that Sami might have seen or heard something that could be useful.

"Really? That's why Rafe arrested me?" Sami asked incredulously. "No, Rafe arrested you because you pulled that trigger. [See], drugged or not, you committed a crime," Hope clarified with a shrug. "Or are you just punishing me for sleeping with Rafe?" Sami countered. "[That] has nothing to do with [why] you're here," Hope insisted, but Sami wasn't convinced.

"I slept with the man that you love. I know if it were me, I'd be mad as hell," Sami mused. "That pretty much describes how I feel," Hope admitted, glaring at Sami.

"Hope, if I had thought you might take Rafe back, I would have --" Sami began to stress. Interrupting, Hope insisted, "You would have done exactly the same thing! [I mean, just] look at what you did to your own son! You found out that Will was alive -- my God, what a miracle, [to find out that] he was alive and well -- and you gave Ben the chance [to] finish what he started! You goaded him into choking your own son! [And] you didn't care how terrified Will was, [and] it didn't even occur to you that it could have been his last breath, [or that you had] just got him back, [because] all you cared about -- all you ever care about -- is you! You just wanted him to remember you! That's all you cared about! [And] I don't hate you, [but] I'm sick of your selfishness!"

"Now, just a minute --" Sami began to protest. Interrupting again, Hope argued, "Kristen is responsible for what happened today...but you aided and abetted her, [because] all you cared about [from the moment that Kristen mentioned E.J.] was getting what you wanted." Scoffing, Sami mused, "You don't need my statement, Hope -- it sounds like you already know everything I was thinking and feeling."

Sami maintained that firing the gun had been a drug-induced accident, but Hope refused to buy that story. "You have never, ever done anything in your life that you did not want to do, and today is absolutely no exception," Hope insisted. "I will never believe that I [intentionally] pulled that trigger," Sami countered. Shrugging, Hope warned, "You're not going anywhere until you accept responsibility and answer for what you did." Sami glared at Hope and vowed, "If Kristen gets away without telling me what she knows about E.J. -- or worse, if my mother dies while I am [stuck here] -- I will make sure you regret it."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne found Sonny sitting alone in the living room, staring at an empty picture frame. "I just heard wretched singing coming from the guest room, [so] I went to investigate, and I think I just saw Susan Banks taking a bubble bath. Please tell me I'm hallucinating," Adrienne begged Sonny, who apologetically confirmed that Susan was going to be staying at the mansion for the time being.

Sonny shared Susan's claims with Adrienne, who was skeptical enough to contact the Salem Police Department's spokesperson in an effort to verify that Kristen had crashed John and Marlena's wedding ceremony. "I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing of this! Marlena is my son-in-law's grandmother! [Look], please, just keep me abreast of all the developments. The Spectator won't publish a word of this until we hear from you," Adrienne told the spokesperson before hanging up. Sighing, Adrienne informed Sonny that Susan had been telling the truth -- and that Marlena was at the hospital, being treated for a gunshot wound.

Sonny was stunned when Adrienne clarified that Sami, not Kristen, had shot Marlena. "Don't you think you should call Will?" Adrienne asked. "Yeah... I just -- I don't know what I would -- I mean, what do I say?" Sonny replied. "You'll figure it out," Adrienne confidently assured Sonny. Nodding, Sonny dialed Will's cell phone number.

"I just heard what happened. I can't believe it," Sonny began when Will answered the call. "I can't believe it, either. My grandma's in surgery," Will numbly replied. Sonny offered to join Will at the hospital, but Will wanted Sonny to continue looking after Susan, who didn't really have anyone else to turn to for help. "Okay. But, Will, if you need anything..." Sonny began to stress. "I will call you. Thanks," Will replied.

"When you were talking to Will, you sounded...different," Adrienne curiously noted after Sonny ended the call. "I probably did, yeah. Um...I ran into Will earlier today, [and]...when he was at Marlena's wedding...he remembered ours. Mom, he remembers everything. He remembers us," Sonny happily explained to Adrienne, who was thrilled to hear that.

"Have you told Arianna that her daddy remembers her?" Adrienne asked. "Not yet, no -- I figured I'd let him do that," Sonny replied.

"I knew it! I told you this would happen eventually! This is gonna get you and Will back together!" Adrienne excitedly predicted. "Okay, it might be a say that, [because] he does care for Paul, and he doesn't want to hurt him," Sonny pointed out. "But, honey, he cares for you now, too!" Adrienne countered.

"He, uh, remembers loving me, and..." Sonny began with a smile before stopping. "And what? Come on, you know I'm gonna get it out of you [eventually, so] just spill it!" Adrienne impatiently demanded. "He kissed me," Sonny admitted, beaming. "[And] I don't know what it meant, [but] Will and I, we were just...looking at each other in this -- this whole new way...and then Susan came staggering in and told us about Kristen, so I said I would deal with her, and I told Will to go back to the wedding. And now, with this news about Marlena..." Sonny continued. "Everything's on hold," Adrienne concluded.

Adrienne wondered if Sonny was going to go to the hospital to be with Will. "[He] said I should stay here and keep an eye on Susan," Sonny explained. "What if he decided that he wants to keep me at arm's length?" Sonny added, suddenly worried. Adrienne advised Sonny not to jump to any conclusions. "[Will] has his memory back, and that's a good thing -- I know it is! [Just] let him have a chance to let this sink in," Adrienne added. Sonny flashed a hopeful smile as Adrienne rushed off to start working on an article about what had happened during John and Marlena's wedding ceremony.

Will was alone in one of the hospital's waiting rooms, thinking about Sonny -- and also about Paul -- when Eric arrived. "Any news?" Will asked hopefully. " She's still in surgery," Eric sadly reported.

Eric wondered how Will was doing. "Considering my mother shot my grandmother at her wedding, not -- not great," Will admitted with a sigh. Eric stressed that Sami hadn't meant to shoot anyone. Eric started to acknowledge that the situation might make a bit more sense if Will could remember the details of Marlena's decades-long feud with Kristen, but Will quickly interrupted, insisting that a history lesson wasn't necessary.

"Right before Grandma got shot, I...sort of...remembered my whole life," Will revealed. Stunned, Eric guessed that the sudden onslaught of memories had been a bit overwhelming for Will. Nodding, Will mused, "You know, what's funny is, I don't just remember the big stuff. I remember so many small things. Like, I remember the name of this kid I had a crush on in second grade, [and I remember that] I felt really weird about it. I remember being a pirate for Halloween -- three years in a row. I remember Mom giving me [just] one driving lesson, during which she hit a parked car. [And] I remember the first time I kissed a girl...and the first time I kissed a boy. And I remember falling in love for the first time...with Sonny."

Will told Eric about what had happened earlier. "I know I probably should not have kissed Sonny...but my feelings for him -- they came back so suddenly, and they're so strong..." Will explained. "Are you saying you're still in love with Sonny?" Eric asked. Will didn't respond. Eric suggested that Will probably needed some time to think things through. Will doubted that opportunity would present itself anytime soon, with the family in the midst of a crisis. "I think the first thing I should do is tell Paul -- talk to him, give him an idea of what's going on with me..." Will mused -- just as Paul arrived.

"What's wrong? Is it Marlena?" Paul asked Will. "No, she's still in surgery, as far as we know," Will replied. "Any word on Kristen?" Eric asked Paul. "She's out there somewhere still," Paul replied.

Nodding, Eric rushed off in search of an update on Marlena's surgery, leaving Will alone with Paul. "Paul, can I talk to you? There's something that you need to know..." Will hesitantly began.

At the Salem Inn, Brady stormed into Kristen's room -- which was actually Brady and Eve's room -- and demanded to know where Eve was being held. "Well, not here. It's just you and me [here]...after a very long time," Kristen flirtatiously replied while filling two glasses with wine. Brady refused to accept one of the glasses. Kristen took a sip of wine from the other glass and cringed. "You two drink this?" Kristen asked Brady incredulously.

Annoyed, Brady again demanded to know where Eve was being held. "We're gonna get to that...eventually...but first I want to have a conversation about you and me," Kristen replied, eyeing Brady seductively. "There is no 'you and me,'" Brady dismissively insisted, but Kristen disagreed. "We have a lot of unfinished business together. We were in love," Kristen reminded Brady. "That was a long time ago. It's irrelevant [now]," Brady countered.

Kristen forged ahead, telling Brady, "Today, when you were trying to get through to my better self or something, you said that you remembered a part of me that wanted to be in love [and] get married [and] have a child, [and that was all] true! You know, you are the only person -- definitely the only man -- that has ever tripped me up. Oh, my God -- [I mean], I planned on using you and Eric to stick it to Marlena, [but] I fell in love, and so did you...and I know you haven't forgotten about that. [There's a] part of you inside that still loves me -- that part [that said at the altar], 'I will love you and be with you 'til death do us part.'" Brady countered, "You left out the part where, after I said those vows, I got to see a video of you raping my brother." Kristen bitterly blamed Marlena for that.

"You forgave Eric, [so] why not me?" Kristen asked Brady. "Come on -- you two boys shared the same woman before. I mean, I thought I'd need to keep a scorecard just to [remember] who was doing Nicole Walker [each week]," Kristen continued. Annoyed, Brady told Kristen to shut up. Ignoring the command, Kristen continued, "You can't be engaged to Eve. [That] won't work any more than it did with Nicole or Theresa. [And that's because] you still need me." Fed up, Brady grabbed Kristen and warned through gritted teeth, "If you're not gonna tell me where Eve is, then we're done, [and I'll just let the police] beat the truth out of you."

"I just love it when you're so passionate! [See], this is why we're so good together!" Kristen told Brady. Disgusted, Brady admitted that it was painful to think about the fact that Tate had spent time with Kristen, of all people. "I love Christopher, and he was the son I was owed," Kristen stressed. "And you lost him, [so] he's now in L.A. with Theresa. So sorry," Kristen mockingly added.

"But that is why I came back here -- not just to settle a score with Marlena and John [but also because] you need me. [I mean], maybe I'm broken because of John and Marlena, [but] you were as broken as I was, [and] that's what drew me to you. I know you numbed your pain with drugs and alcohol [in the past]...and then me. See, I'm that high that you couldn't forget -- that addiction that you couldn't quit -- and I can see [that you need me again now]," Kristen seductively concluded.

Brady again told Kristen to shut up. Kristen again ignored the command. "You say you don't need me, but once an addict, always an addict. Come on -- you want to fall off the wagon? It's all right with me," Kristen whispered in Brady's ear. Brady seemed to be close to kissing Kristen but ultimately shoved her away instead. "Cut the crap [and] tell me where to find my fiancée -- right now," Brady demanded as Kristen fell backward onto the bed. Chuckling, Kristen promised Brady, "Sure, no problem. You'll have your fiancée back without a mark on her...after you and I make love." Brady scoffed and assured Kristen that was never going to happen.

"You're just afraid that I'm right -- that all your little dalliances are just you trying to forget about me," Kristen guessed. "You know the terms. And you don't have to worry -- I'm not gonna tell Eve," Kristen added. Brady informed Kristen that Theresa had tried the same desperate trick -- and had failed miserably. "Did Theresa have your fiancée at gunpoint? Because, you see, I do," Kristen countered with a shrug.

Paul realizes that Brady is missing

Paul realizes that Brady is missing

Thursday, August 30, 2018

by Mike

At the police station, Hope finished taking Sami's statement then emerged from the conference room and immediately began complaining to Rafe about the whole ordeal. "Oh, that Sami -- she is really a piece of work! I mean, she just never, ever is at fault -- for anything, for nothing! She pumped a bullet into her own mother!" Hope grumbled. "Allegedly," Rafe interjected.

"Excuse me?" Hope asked incredulously. "Well, we weren't there, so we can only take what the eyewitnesses tell us into account, which is [that] it was a very volatile situation [that was] instigated by Kristen --" Rafe began to point out. Outraged, Hope interrupted, observing, "Sounds like you are making excuses for [the woman] who just tried to convince me that she did me a favor by sleeping with my [then] ex-fiancé!"

"Okay. Maybe I should have taken [Sami's] statement..." Rafe realized. "So you could let her off the hook again?" Hope countered.

At the hospital, Eric ran into Doug and Julie, who had heard about what had happened during John and Marlena's wedding ceremony and had prepared bags of food from the reception to distribute to everyone. Eric confirmed that Sami had shot Marlena but was quick to add that it had been an accident -- and that Kristen was the person who was truly responsible.

Meanwhile, in one of the waiting rooms, Paul observed with a nervous chuckle that it sounded like Will wanted to talk about something that was quite serious. "It is," Will confirmed with a nod. "Paul, you are so important to me..." Will hesitantly began to add. "And you're more than important to me -- you're everything," Paul replied, smiling at Will.

"Whatever it is, you can say it. Just tell me what's on your mind," Paul urged Will. After taking a deep breath, Will continued, "Okay,, when I first came back to Salem, you know I was overwhelmed -- I mean, there were all these expectations coming at me from every direction, and, you know, I felt a lot of pressure to remember my past... [And it wasn't just rough] for me -- I mean, Sonny left you to try and, you know, make things work with..." Just then, Jennifer joined Will and Paul in the waiting room and wondered if either man had seen Eric recently. Will reported that Eric had gone to check on Marlena a few minutes earlier.

Jennifer hoped that the police -- or Brady -- would be able to find Kristen, who needed to pay for what had happened to Marlena. Will assured Jennifer that Kristen wasn't going to get away with hurting Marlena yet again. Paul added that the police were looking for Kristen -- but Brady hadn't joined the search. "I just ran into him at the police station, [and] he said he was heading [here] to meet up with Dad and Belle," Paul continued. "I was just with them, [and] I didn't see Brady," Jennifer reported. "Okay, that's strange, because he was definitely in a hurry to get somewhere..." Paul mused. "I'm sure [he'll] turn up," Jennifer replied.

"Hey, can we -- can we sit down and -- and talk for a minute?" Will asked Paul after Jennifer left. "Yeah...[but] I still don't get why Brady didn't show up here..." Paul replied, getting concerned. "I don't know -- maybe he found a lead on Kristen?" Will suggested with a shrug. "You know what, Will, I'm so sorry, [but] I don't have a good feeling about this. I'm gonna head back to the station and see what I can find out, okay? Can we, uh -- can we talk later?" Paul asked. "Sure, yeah," Will replied with a slight sigh while accepting a quick hug from Paul. "Keep me posted," Will added as Paul rushed off. "I will," Paul promised.

Meanwhile, Jennifer found Eric and took him to the chapel so they could pray together, knowing that he could use a comforting distraction. They prayed not just for his mother but also for his sister, agreeing that the latter wasn't responsible for what had happened to the former. "It's really sad to see the woman that [Kristen's] become," Jennifer mused. "She knew how to hit Sami where it hurts," Eric added.

"Do you really think that [E.J.'s] alive?" Jennifer asked Eric. Shrugging, Eric admitted, "I don't know...but the thought that he could be -- that Sami could be reunited with the love of her life? [I mean], they say that love is the most dangerous drug there is, [and] Kristen gave that to Sami. [And the thought] that the love of your life is out there somewhere, [and] that someone is keeping [that person] from you for their own personal's not [just] cruel -- it's evil." Squirming guiltily, Jennifer conceded that it was wrong for anyone to try to keep two people apart when those people were clearly meant to be together.

Noticing that Jennifer was getting upset, Eric guessed, "[It's hard for you to] get your mind wrapped around [that] because it's something you would never do. You're too good." Jennifer tried to object, but Eric insisted that she deserved the praise because she was the best person he had ever known. "There's no one I'd rather have by my side," he added before excusing himself, wanting to check on his mother again. Alone in the chapel, she stared at her engagement ring and mused with a sigh, "I made a terrible mistake, keeping the truth from Eric about Nicole... Oh, God, please forgive me..."

At Doug's Place, Doug assured Julie that Marlena was going to be okay. "No thanks to Sami," Julie grumbled, prompting Doug to point out that Eric had insisted that the shooting had been an accident. "[It's just] like you to give Sami the benefit of the doubt," Julie lovingly noted. "[But do you not] realize this is the second wedding this year that she has ruined? [I mean], in this very room, because of Sami, Hope's life was shattered!" Julie added. Doug countered that Rafe had been just as responsible for that fiasco. "[At least Hope and Rafe] are in a better place now," Doug added. Nodding, Julie hoped that Sami's return wouldn't change that.

At the police station, Rafe wondered if Hope really wanted to go back to fighting just because Sami was back in town. Hope softened and admitted that not fighting with Rafe was always preferable. Rafe started leaning in to kiss Hope, but Paul arrived just then and asked if either Hope or Rafe had seen Brady recently. "Not in the last few hours," Hope replied. Sighing, Paul stepped back outside to try calling Brady again.

"[Speaking of phone calls], Her Royal Highness is demanding [one], so I better hop to it before she has me arrested for violating her civil rights," Hope grumbled. "I'll handle it," Rafe promised.

At the hospital, Will wandered through the halls and soon crossed paths with a couple and their newborn child -- a sight that prompted Will to recall holding Arianna for the first time with Sonny, as a family.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny was alone in the living room, thinking about Will, when Susan suddenly screamed upstairs. Sonny met Susan in the foyer and wondered what was wrong. "I just -- I had a nightmare! I had an awful nightmare!" Susan explained, shuddering at the memory. "Okay, but you know what, Susan? The nightmare is over [now]," Sonny helpfully pointed out. "No, it's not, Sonny! It's not over! See, my nightmares aren't just bad dreams; they are premonitions!" Susan countered. Playing along, Sonny wondered what Susan's nightmare had been about. "Kristen DiMera!" Susan whispered, shuddering again.

Susan fretted, between gasps for breath, that Kristen was about to do something terrible -- and that someone was therefore in danger. "Okay, Susan, um...I can explain your premonition probably, [but] you're gonna need to calm down first," Sonny said. Nodding, Susan started to relax -- then quickly got riled up again, suddenly certain of the identity of the person who was in danger. "It's Will! He's in danger! [I mean], I can feel it in my bones!" Susan insisted. Sonny assured Susan that Will was fine. Relieved, Susan started to relax again. "You know, I have these premonitions, [but] sometimes they just get all mixed up," Susan explained.

"I once had a premonition -- real strong one, too -- that I was gonna win the lottery, but it turned out to be a chicken dinner at the local barbecue," Susan continued, chuckling at the memory. "But you know what? Will -- he definitely has hit the jackpot [with] Paul. [I mean], they have somethin' really special. And I hope that they're together right now, because Kristen DiMera won't [be able to] hurt Will if he's got that hunk of a burnin' love to protect him," Susan added, oblivious to Sonny's sudden discomfort. "[You know], I was real worried about Will makin' a life here for himself [without his memory, but] he's doin' just fine! In fact, I think I'm gonna be back in Salem for a little celebration pretty soon! [I mean], maybe Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black will inspire Will and Paul, and they'll tie the knot [next and] live happily ever after!" Susan concluded.

"Don't be so sure," Sonny warned, unable to stay silent any longer. "[But] Will and Paul seem so happy together!" Susan protested, confused. "Is there trouble in paradise? I mean, is there somethin' wrong with my little boy?" Susan asked worriedly. "No, it's good news -- Will got his memory back," Sonny clarified. "Oh, that is good news! Oh, that -- that -- that -- he's gonna want that!" Susan excitedly agreed.

"[But...then] why did you say that there was trouble in paradise?" Susan asked, still confused. "I didn't --" Sonny began to reply. Interrupting, Susan realized with a gasp, "Oh -- you! You are Will's ex-husband! Oh! And he knows that now! Oh, wow! You two were lovebirds, and... Well, that's gonna be really hard on Paul -- [I mean], if Will dumps Paul and goes back to you..."

"Okay, well, once again, I didn't -- I didn't say that, Susan," Sonny stressed. "Yeah, but you're hopin' for it, aren't ya?" Susan guessed.

"[Just] don't go jumpin' to conclusions about Will. I mean, he needs to make a decision about who he's gonna be with, okay, [and] it's gonna be on him..." Susan advised. "Of course. I would never --" Sonny began to reply -- just as Will entered the mansion. Susan squealed and seized a hug from Will. "I'm so glad you're safe! Oh! You know, I had a premonition [that] somethin' bad was gonna happen, [but] I solved the riddle, [and] now I know it's somethin' good -- you got your memory back!" Susan told Will, who was glad to hear that Susan was happy about that. Susan insisted that Will's happiness was all that truly mattered.

"What is up, buttercup? You seem so tense!" Susan observed, eyeing Will curiously. "How are things at the hospital?" Sonny added, causing Susan to get alarmed again. Will explained to Susan that Marlena had been shot earlier. "See? I knew it! Somethin' bad did happen!" Susan triumphantly declared. Susan was stunned to hear that Sami, not Kristen, had shot Marlena. "Oh, my God, that is just bad, bad, bad!" Susan insisted with a shake of the head. Sighing, Will asked Susan to refrain from badmouthing Sami. "[She's] my mom," Will reminded Susan. "Yeah, but she sicced a serial killer on you!" Susan countered.

Will stressed that Kristen, not Sami, was responsible for what had happened to Marlena. Confused, Susan wondered how Kristen had manipulated Sami into firing a gun. "You know how conniving Kristen can be," Will evasively replied. Nodding, Susan conceded the point then started to rush off to the hospital to be with John and Marlena. Will quickly stopped Susan, knowing that probably wasn't the best idea. Sonny helped Will convince Susan that it would be better to go back upstairs and say a prayer for John and Marlena instead. "How did Kristen make Sami shoot Marlena?" Sonny quietly asked Will once the coast was clear.

Will explained, in an equally hushed tone, that Kristen had promised to lead Sami to E.J. in exchange for shooting John -- but the bullet had struck Marlena instead. "E.J.'s alive?" Sonny asked incredulously. Shrugging, Will replied, "Who knows...but I'm not gonna say a word to Susan about it, [because] I don't want her getting her hopes up that her real son might be alive. [I mean], everybody knows Kristen DiMera can't be trusted."

At the Salem Inn, Brady again refused to sleep with Kristen. "[Then] would you like to say goodbye to Eve before I give the order to kill her?" Kristen asked Brady while dialing a phone number. Brady tried to reason with Kristen, who reiterated that there was only one way to save Eve's life. "Don't you get it? [We're] over!" Brady insisted. "You say that, but I know [it's not true]. When I went through that window in Italy, [I heard you] calling out my name, and in that moment, I heard the fear in your voice, [so] can you honestly say that when I 'died,' you didn't mourn what we had together?" Kristen skeptically countered, still flirting with Brady.

"[What you heard in my voice was] shock -- nothing more," Brady dismissively clarified for Kristen. "Why would I be sad [about your death] after all the things that you've done to the people that I love?" he added, prompting her to claim that she had once felt great remorse for her actions. He expressed skepticism, but she insisted that she was telling the truth. "It's a miracle that I survived, [and] when I woke up, I was -- I was broken, and I was bloody, but I was still alive, and I realized [in that moment] that there was a God, [and] he was merciful. And if he can forgive me, why can't you?" she asked, fighting back tears.

Brady refused to believe that Kristen had found religion, but she continued to insist that she was telling the truth. "After I fell out that window, I woke up in a convent. [See], the nuns [had] found me washed ashore, and, uh...I was clinging to life, [so] they took me in. [And] I was in really, really bad shape, and they didn't think I would live, [so they didn't contact the police]. I mean, this was a long [and] painful recovery. And the nuns -- their goodness was so inspiring! And I would read scripture in the daytime, and in the evening, I would visualize myself returning to Salem [and] making amends to everyone that I caused pain to, [and] I prayed [that] if I was a better person, [then] you would forgive me, just like God did...[and that] we could have a new life together -- a new chance," she explained, her voice wavering as she spoke. She assured him that they still belonged together.

Brady, still skeptical, pointed out that Kristen had returned to Salem in search of revenge, not forgiveness. "That was not my intention! [See], I came back here to make amends, but my father talked me out of it!" she claimed. "He came to me one night, [and] I don't know if it was real or if it was a dream, but his message was clear -- he said I had nothing to atone for [because I had been] wronged by John -- and especially Marlena. [See], I am a DiMera, and he urged me to remember that [and] carry on his legacy, which was never to bow down, [and] never to give up, but to fight -- [to] smite my enemies and take what I want from this world. And, Brady, I. Want. You," she added through gritted teeth, no longer tearful and meek. She seductively urged him to stop resisting and finally give in to his ever-present desire for her.

At Doug's Place, Julie fretted to Doug that the time Susan had spent in the club's freezer could result in a lawsuit. "[I mean], God knows what she nibbled on when she was back there! [You know], the Board of Health could come after us!" Julie added while heading toward the back of the club. "Where are you going?" Doug asked. "To check the food supply and make sure it isn't contaminated!" Julie replied before disappearing from view.

A short time later, Julie released a long scream of horror that alarmed Doug.

At the police station, Hope realized that Paul was still looking for Brady. Hope suggested that Brady had probably gone back to the Salem Inn to shower and change clothes before heading over to the hospital. Paul conceded with a sigh of relief that Hope was probably right. As Paul rushed off to the Salem Inn, Hope went to check on Rafe and Sami -- and found Rafe alone in the conference room, unconscious.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny admitted to being surprised that Will had left the hospital before Marlena's surgery had ended. "Yeah, well, I was gonna stay there, but, um...I remembered something else. I remembered holding Arianna right after she was born. And -- and you were there. It was the three of us -- it was you and me and our beautiful baby girl," Will explained, smiling at the memory.

"Best moment of my life," Sonny declared. "Yeah, for me, too -- and not because someone told me it was, but because I really felt it, you know? I really felt the love for my daughter. It's like the last couple years, I've been living in black and white, and all of a sudden, you know, things are in color. And that's why I came over here, because, like, I want to -- I have to -- I have to see her!" Will explained.

"Well, she's asleep right now, but you're more than welcome to look in on her," Sonny assured Will. "But before you do...I was hoping we could finish the conversation that we started at Doug's Place -- you know, um, right after we, uh..." Sonny continued. "Kissed," Will concluded with a grin. Nodding, Sonny forged ahead, reminding Will, "I asked, you know, what getting your memory back meant for us, [and we agreed it was complicated], and then [you added] a 'but'...[so], what were you gonna say?"

At the Salem Inn, Paul approached Brady and Eve's hotel room and found that the door was ajar. Paul peeked inside and exclaimed with a cringe of disgust, "Oh, my God!"

Kristen threatens to shoot Brady and Sami

Kristen threatens to shoot Brady and Sami

Friday, August 31, 2018

At Doug's Place, Julie was horrified to find Eve tied up in the freezer. Julie and Doug wrapped Eve in a blanket to warm her then asked what had happened. Eve growled that Kristen had used her to lure Brady to the Salem Inn. Julie wanted to call Hope, but Eve refused to wait for help. Eve marched out of the restaurant.

In the hospital lounge, a distracted John spilled hot coffee on his hand. John yelped, then threw the coffee pot across the room in frustration. With a deep breath, John sat down and looked at a photo of Marlena on his phone.

"You're coming back to me, Doc. Please. You have to," John whispered. Steve entered the room to check on his friend. Steve quietly noted that the family was looking for John. With a nod, John said he had wanted time alone. Steve offered to leave, but John said no. Steve sat next to John and asked how he felt. John complained that he felt helpless.

"Kristen wanted Sami to take me out, and I wish she had," John said. Steve noted that they could not change the past, and that Kayla was fighting for Marlena. John said he was comforted by the thought that Kayla was with Marlena. Steve firmly said that Marlena would fight to live and return to John. With a sigh, John said he was worried that he had not heard from the surgeon. Steve offered to inquire about Marlena's status. Fighting tears, John thanked Steve for being a good friend.

As Steve rose to leave, Kayla walked in. John asked Kayla about Marlena. Kayla explained that Marlena was out of surgery and stable. Kayla cautioned that Marlena still had a fragment from the bullet lodged near her heart. As John nodded, Kayla explained that when Marlena had recovered her strength, the surgeons would schedule another surgery for the last fragment. Relieved, John smiled. Steve promised to update everyone on Marlena's condition so that John could visit her.

In Marlena's recovery room, John sat by her side. Marlena was still unconscious. John quietly told Marlena that he was there. John wiped tears from his eyes and told Marlena that he was proud of how hard she had fought to stay alive. John said he would be with her every step of the way in her recovery. John promised Marlena that she was not fighting alone.

In the Kiriakis living room, Sonny asked Will if there was a chance that they could be a couple again. Will said he was not ready to make any decisions. Will added that he had not told Paul about his recovered memory yet because of all the commotion with the shooting. With a nod, Sonny said he understood, but he could not stop himself from telling Will how he felt about Will.

"When I thought you'd died, my whole world crumbled. I felt like, like I had lost my life, and Ari was the only thing that kept me going. And then we found you. It was like a miracle. I had the love of my life back. But you didn't remember me. You didn't remember our marriage, you didn't remember our daughter. And I had to lose you all over again. But you need to know that I never stopped loving you. Not for a second. And I never stopped wanting to get back what I'd lost. So now that you've remembered..." Sonny said.

Overwhelmed, Will stood up and announced that he needed to return to the hospital. Sonny offered to have a car take Will. Before Will could answer, Arianna ran into the room. At the sight of his daughter, Will pulled her into his arms, tears on his cheeks. Will told his daughter, "You have no idea how happy I am to see you." Arianna asked Will why he was sad. With a grin, Will explained that he was happy because he had regained his memory. Will said he remembered all the times he had spent with Arianna.

"I remember holding you in my arms for the first time. You were so tiny. You had so much hair. And I remember you looking up at me, and at that moment, I knew how special you were and that you were going to change my life forever," Will said. Will told Arianna that he remembered that he had loved Arianna from the moment he had first seen her. As Arianna hugged her father, Will remembered staring at baby Arianna with Sonny at his side.

After tucking Arianna into bed, Will and Sonny returned to the living room. Sonny said if felt like old times. Will nodded in agreement. When Sonny asked if Will was leaving for the hospital, Will said he wanted to answer Sonny's question. Will explained that holding Arianna had made the situation clear to him. With a smile, Will said his emotions were intense because he had not felt those emotions for years.

"I know that if I face those feelings, it means I'll have to deal with what that means for Paul and me," Will said. "What does it mean for you and Paul?" Sonny asked.

"I love Paul. I really do. When I first came back here with no memory, Paul was the first person I trusted. He kept me sane. He helped me figure out who I was, and who I wanted to be. How I lived and how I wanted to live. But now I know that my feelings for you run so deep. These emotions are so powerful. You're in my heart. You're in my bones. You're a part of me. Sonny, I want us to be together. I do love you. I've always loved you," Will said. Sonny kissed Will.

Thrilled, Sonny said he had been waiting to hear Will declare his love. Will smiled and promised Sonny that he would always want to be with Sonny. Tentatively, Sonny asked Will about Paul. Will said he did not want to break Paul's heart, but Will could not deny his love for Sonny. "I want us to be together forever," Will said.

At the police station, Hope walked into the interrogation room and was alarmed to find Rafe unconscious on the floor. Hope gently slapped Rafe, waking him. Rafe assured Hope that he was okay. Rafe explained that Sami had hit him over the head with the coffee pot. As Rafe grumbled about Sami, Hope sent out an APB on Sami and labeled her dangerous. Hope called the hospital and confirmed that Sami had not been seen there. Concerned, Rafe wondered aloud where Sami had gone.

"Where do you think she is? She's on the hunt for Kristen. She wants that information about E.J. Can't believe she was willing to shoot John for it," Hope said. Rafe noted that Sami had said she had not meant to pull the trigger. Hope asked Rafe if he believed Sami. With a shrug, Rafe said the only thing he knew for certain was that if Sami believed E.J. was alive, she would not rest until she found him. Rafe added that he believed Kristen was in town not only for revenge but also to settle business with Brady. Hope noted that Paul had been looking for Brady earlier. Doug and Julie interrupted.

"We need to report a crime!" Doug announced. After explaining what had happened with Eve, Rafe agreed that Kristen had likely gone after Brady. Julie said that Eve had intended to go to the Salem Inn to look for Brady. Rafe noted that Sami was likely at the Salem Inn, too. "I have a bad feeling this isn't going to end well. For anyone," Hope said.

Paul went to Eve's hotel room to find her, but he instead found Sami. Suspicious, Paul said he had heard that Sami had been taken into custody. Sami lied and said she had convinced Rafe to let her go. Sami explained that she was looking for Kristen. When Paul asked Sami why she was in Eve's room, Sami noted that Kristen had never gotten over Brady. Sami added that, at the station, she had overheard Paul mention that Brady was missing.

"The point is, you're worried that Brady is MIA, and I am too. I need to find out if my twisted sister-in-law has him held against his will," Sami said. Paul pointed out that Brady was not in the room. With a nod, Sami said she was certain that Kristen had Brady somewhere. Sami and Paul searched the room, and Paul found the boutonniere that Brady had been wearing.

"That crazy obsessed bitch has her hands on him," Sami muttered. Paul was unsure, but Sami informed Paul that Kristen had talked non-stop about Brady when Kristen had held Sami captive. As Paul and Sami discussed how to track Brady, Eve rushed into the room. Paul told Eve that they were looking for Brady. Nearly breathless, Eve explained that Kristen had used her as bait to lure Brady out. Paul asked about Brady's phone. Eve exclaimed that Kristen had taken Eve's phone. Eve encouraged Paul to use her computer to track Kristen. When Paul looked on the tracking app, he realized that Eve's phone was still in the Salem Inn.

"I'm going to find it. I don't care if I have to check every damn room in this hotel!" Eve shouted. Sami started to follow Eve out of the room, but Paul stopped Sami. Paul ordered Sami to return to the station because she was a wanted fugitive. Paul said he would call the police if Sami did not turn herself in. Sami begged Paul not to make the call. When Paul asked why he should not call, Sami argued that Paul would move heaven and earth to find Will if he was missing.

"Well that's how I feel about E.J. He's my soul mate. He is the love of my life. He is the father of my children and I grieved for him the way we all grieved for Will. My kids are growing up without a dad. And now there is a chance that he might be out there, he might be alive, and you are asking me to give up on him?" Sami pleaded. Sami begged Paul to let her join him in the search for Kristen. Reluctantly, Paul agreed.

On the third floor of the Salem Inn, Kristen escorted Brady to John's suite. When Brady asked about the change of rooms, Kristen sneered that the thought of making love to Brady in the bed he had shared with Eve had made her sick to her stomach. Kristen pointed out the romantic flourishes scattered around the room for John and Marlena's wedding night.

"But they're not here to enjoy it, thanks to Sami. So, let's not waste it," Kristen purred. Brady said it did not feel right to be in the room while Marlena was in the hospital. Kristen kissed Brady and talked about making love as she unbuttoned his shirt. Brady rolled his eyes but made no effort to stop Kristen's seductions. After Kristen pulled off Brady's shirt, he attempted to pull away. Kristen promised Brady that he would remember their love if he made love to her. Brady asked to slow things down, but Kristen argued that she did not want to waste any more time.

"If you choose not to be with me, then I can't trust you, and then your little precious Eve will die. It's up to you, and I know you're going to make the right decision. For all of us," Kristen said. Brady grabbed Kristen and kissed her. Forcefully, Brady ripped Kristen's dress off her, and the two backed over to the bed. Kristen climbed on top of Brady and whispered that she would never let him go. As Kristen writhed around on top of Brady on the bed, he stared into the distance. Brady flipped Kristen over and pinned her to the bed.

"It's over. Look at me! I don't love you. I love Eve," Brady said. In denial, Kristen told Brady that he did not know what he was talking about. Brady demanded to know where to find Eve. As Kristen and Brady yelled at one another, Eve heard from the hallway. Eve opened the door and saw Brady on top of Kristen on a rose petal-covered bed.

"What the hell's going on?" Eve asked. Brady shook his head. Brady jumped off the bed and started to put his shirt back on. Panicked, Kristen yelled at Eve that Brady belonged to her, not Eve. Brady looked over Eve to make sure she was okay. Brady explained that Kristen had threatened to kill Eve if he had refused to sleep with Kristen. With fire in her eyes, Eve looked over at Kristen and explained to Brady that Kristen had locked her in a freezer.

"This was our night, and you know it!" Kristen yelled. Brady swore to Eve that he would not have slept with Kristen and had only been stalling while he had attempted to figure out where to find Eve. Kristen told Brady he was making a mistake. Brady argued that Kristen was nuts. Upset, Kristen pulled out a gun. Brady stood in front of Eve and asked Kristen what she was doing. Kristen laughed. Brady urged Kristen to put down the gun before she did anything she regretted. Kristen called Eve a whore.

"You don't love her! You don't! You really love me," Kristen said. Brady admitted that he had loved Kristen once but that he no longer loved her. Brady said there was nothing Kristen could do to change the situation. Kristen offered to shoot one or both of them so that they could join Marlena. Brady asked Kristen if she really wanted to shoot him. Kristen countered that she wanted Brady to admit that he loved her.

"My life is already meaningless since the day that I lost you, and I have been just searching and searching," Kristen said. Brady reminded Kristen that she had killed their love when Kristen had raped Eric. Kristen said she had made a mistake. Brady yelled that Kristen had sent him down a destructive path and that Eve had saved Brady from himself. Brady said he loved Eve.

"Aren't you just special? When did Eve Donovan become a force of good in the world?" Kristen said. "I just love Brady. That's all," Eve whispered. Kristen joked that Theresa was bad enough. With a sneer, Kristen told Eve to say goodbye to Brady. Sami brushed past Eve and Brady and marched into the room.

"There you are, you crazy bitch!" Sami barked. Sami demanded to hear what Kristen knew about E.J. Kristen pointed out that she had a gun pointed at Brady and Eve. With a groan, Sami reminded Kristen that Kristen had promised to talk to her about E.J. Kristen confirmed that E.J. was alive. Sami demanded to know where to find her husband.

"What does it matter if you're not going to be able to reunite with him anyway? I said I would deal with you, and I will. Before I get rid of Eve, I'm going to do the whole world a big favor and kill Sami Brady," Kristen said. Sami stared Kristen in the face, refusing to back down. Sami pushed her chest against the end of Kristen's gun and threatened to haunt Kristen if Kristen fired the weapon.

"Why are you even doing this? Brady doesn't love you. And he never will. You're just going to be alone and miserable forever. Just tell me where E.J is and then go back to that miserable hole you were hiding in," Sami taunted. Kristen growled that if she could not be with Brady, then she would not help Sami reunite with E.J.

"Any last words for our Sami here? You know what? Never mind, I really don't care," Kristen said. As Kristen cocked the gun, Paul grabbed for it. Kristen and Paul struggled for control of the weapon. With a grunt, Kristen shifted her weight toward the window, and she and Paul went through the glass. Brady rushed over to the window and yelled Paul's name as Paul tumbled out with Kristen.

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