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Hope was on a high after receiving her first sonogram photo but panicked when she doubled over in pain at home later. Bill tried to make things up to Will, but no longer trusting Bill to be consistent with their son, Katie served Bill with custody papers.
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Bill refuses to let Thorne take his place

Bill refuses to let Thorne take his place

Monday, August 27, 2018

At Forrester, in the photo studio area backstage, Emma and Zoe were looking through two wheeled clothes racks that had been set up in an "L" shape. Xander stood behind Emma, remarking upon how quickly Steffy had gotten the Intimates line back up and running. Zoe started to comment, but Emma cut off her, noting that Steffy had arrived.

Steffy greeted everyone and stopped at a table where Quinn was accessorizing two models. Quinn said she'd added more jewelry at Steffy's request. Steffy didn't have a lot of time and asked if Xander understood what she was looking for. Xander said he wasn't a photographer, but he could capture the looks she wanted.

Emma was surprised that Xander was the photographer that day. Xander clarified that, in Zach's absence, Xander was just documenting the pairings for later review. Touching his elbow, Zoe asked if Emma didn't know that Xander was a renaissance man, into amateur graphic design and photography, and there was nothing he couldn't do.

Steffy asked Emma to help Xander gather the models. Hopping on stage, Zoe teased that she was ready for her closeup. Emma scowled. Quinn explained some of her jewelry material choices to Steffy and asked if Ridge had signed off on "all of this."

Steffy assumed Quinn meant to ask if Steffy had gotten Ridge's approval on the direction Steffy was taking the line. Steffy asserted that she had full control over it. Quinn replied that she knew it, and Steffy was the reason it would be a success. Steffy got on stage and asked if everyone had heard Quinn. Steffy repeated that it would be a success.

As everyone cheered, Ridge arrived. He told his daughter that, for what it was worth, he liked what he was seeing. Steffy said it meant a lot for her father and co-CEO to say it.

Steffy announced the beginning of the test run-through and started the music. At the end of the runway with a tablet, Xander took pictures and filmed the group of male and female models who rotated on and off stage. Nearby, Emma watched and paid attention to Zoe's coquettish turns as she lingered in front of Xander.

After the review, Quinn updated the models and interns on what Steffy had thought of the show. Danny asked when the showing would be. Zoe offered to model the showstopper and reminded everyone that she'd modeled the HFTF showstopper.

Emma chimed in that it had only been because the other model had sprained her ankle and Zoe had happened to be the right size. Danny noted that somebody was throwing shade and asked what was up with it. Quinn adjourned the meeting and asked Emma and Xander to stay to help break down the review area.

Taking Zoe aside, Emma said Steffy had given Emma notes to pass on. Still wearing a skirted teddy, Zoe asked if Emma was Steffy's assistant. Emma wanted to get it over with. Zoe said she was all Emma's. Xander approached with a devouring expression on his face, and Emma decided that Zoe should get dressed first. Zoe asked if Emma was an assistant or the boss.

Quinn called for Emma, and Emma walked off. Zoe told Xander that she'd thought Emma would never leave. He asked Zoe if she'd go easy on Emma. Zoe pulled Xander to the other side of the clothes rack to have privacy and respect for Emma's feelings.

Zoe thanked Xander for not making her go back to London. She appreciated her job at Forrester and liked what was between her and Xander. "Maybe a bit more eventually," she said and kissed him.

In the CEO's office, Ridge was proud of Steffy and said she was doing what she'd set out to do. Steffy was glad to have a fan. Questioning that there was just one, Ridge stated that the models and interns would do anything for her, and he was happy that the Bill chapter was behind her. He said Bill had caused a lot of damage and was still at it.

Ridge told Steffy about Katie possibly filing for full custody of Will and said Thorne believed that Bill's neglect over the past months had really hurt the child. Steffy empathized with Katie but said God only knew how Bill would react to such an action.

At Katie's House, Bill asked if Katie would actually go through with suing for sole custody. Thorne said Bill had given Katie no choice. Bill ordered Thorne to shut up because it didn't concern Thorne. Disagreeing, Katie stated that Thorne cared about their son. Assuming she thought Bill didn't, Bill said she knew how much he loved their child.

Katie replied that it wasn't about love. It was about stability and security. Bill said he was there, trying to fix it, and that was all that mattered. She disagreed, saying his actions mattered more than words. Bill didn't want to talk about it in front of "Lurch," and Thorne asked if Bill felt threatened. Bill advised Katie to tune out the white noise and let it be just the two of them. He didn't believe she had a case and asked why she'd do "this" to him.

Thorne said Bill hadn't been a father for months. The angry Bill said he wouldn't keep warning Thorne to mind his own business. Thorne claimed to be making it his business. Bill lunged at Thorne, but Katie pushed him back. Thorne said he cared about Katie and Will. Katie said Thorne wasn't helping, and she told Bill that she didn't want Will to hear them.

In a lowered voice, Bill suggested that she get rid of the "jackass," so she and Bill, Will's parents, could talk it out. Katie insisted that Thorne had been there for Will for a while, and Bill hadn't been. Bill conceded to Katie that he shouldn't have let parts of his life compromise his relationship with his son; however, he was there to fix it, and she didn't need to go to extremes. He believed that they'd been co-parenting just fine and said they still could.

Katie wished she could believe it, but Bill had disappointed the child. She could see what it had done to Will, and she had to protect him. "So do I," Bill said. He wanted Katie and Thorne to listen closely. Bill declared that there was no way he'd let her strip him of custody.

Katie asked Bill to calm down. Bill refused to let her tell him to calm down after she'd threatened to go after his son. Thorne claimed that no one was going after Will. Bill accused Thorne of trying to convince Katie that Bill was a bad influence on his son. Thorne contended that Bill had to be present to be any kind of influence.

Bill accused Thorne of stirring the pot. Katie said it wasn't true, but Bill challenged her to say that she hadn't heard anything about sole custody until that day from Thorne. Thorne told Bill to stop attacking Katie. Bill denied doing so and said he was trying to get to the truth. Bill admitted to becoming distracted, but Katie and Thorne balked at the word. Bill doubled down on it, saying he'd been distracted because he ran a conglomerate, not a dress factory.

Thorne contended that Bill had been distracted because he'd destroyed his son's marriage in hopes of pursuing his daughter-in-law. Katie didn't know how she could be confident that Bill wouldn't do something devastating to Will. It was nonsense to Bill, and he'd heard enough of it.

Bill claimed that he'd been patient, and he had tried to reach out to Katie. "But if you are delusional enough to actually pursue this custody -- oh, how I will fight you," Bill vowed. He reminded her that he liked nothing better than a bare-knuckle brawl and that she had skeletons in her closet, too. He pushed her to bring the war on and said she would lose.

It sounded like a threat to Thorne. Bill stated that he was previewing what would happen if Katie tried to take his son. Katie replied that no one was trying to do that, and Bill could see Will whenever he'd like. Bill corrected that it would be whenever Katie liked. She replied that she'd never keep Bill from "my son." She just wanted to give Will the stability he needed.

Bill decided that they'd have a conversation about stability. He asked how much stability that child had had during all the months that Katie had been drinking or when she'd been having a not-so-secret tryst with the child's bother. Katie didn't deny her struggles, but she was talking about that day. She felt Will needed to know his parents would be there for him.

Thorne claimed that Katie had been a twenty-four/seven parent, and she had the records to prove that Bill hadn't been there. In Thorne's view, no judge would side with Bill, and Bill would be the one to lose.

Done with Katie and Thorne, Bill headed for the stairs, saying he was there to see his son. Katie stopped him, and Bill said he didn't want Will to think Bill had blown him off. Thorne claimed that Bill had blown him off and asked if Bill knew how sad and confused the child had been when Katie had said Bill wouldn't be there again.

Appealing to Katie, Bill said she knew the importance of the meeting, and he hadn't been able to cancel it. Katie questioned him canceling on Will. Bill said he wasn't canceling. He was there to see the boy, but Katie was stopping him. Bill insisted that he'd ended the meeting as soon as he could. She asserted that it didn't justify what he was doing to Will.

Katie reasoned that it might have been okay if it had been the first time, but Will had started questioning what he'd done wrong. She decided that she'd talk to Will and let him be the one to decide if he still wanted to spend time with Bill.

After Katie had gone upstairs, Bill stated that no one knew Katie as he did, and there was no way she'd gotten the custody idea on her own. He accused Thorne of planting it in her head. Thorne stated that he'd spent a lot of time with Katie and Will, and they meant a lot to him. "Whoopee," Bill quipped. He asked if Thorne would just keep insinuating himself.

Thorne said he understood what a responsibility parenting was, and having lost a child, he'd welcome the chance to help with Will as much as Katie would allow. Bill replied that he didn't give a "rat's ass" what Thorne thought of Bill because Thorne was less than nothing. The only thing that mattered to Bill was that he and Katie knew how he felt about his son.

Despite his lapses, Bill considered himself a loving father, and Will knew it. Bill declared that Will didn't need Thorne because Bill was there. In Bill's mind, Thorne had no say in Will's life, and Bill would do whatever it took to make sure it stayed that way.

Bill, Katie, and Thorne argue over Will

Bill, Katie, and Thorne argue over Will

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

by Pam

At Katie's, Bill told Thorne that his parenting of Will was none of Thorne's business. Thorne countered that putting Bill's children first had never been a priority for Bill. Bill was defiant. "You don't get to have an opinion about how my kid is raised, and you never will," Bill shouted. Thorne and Bill insulted each other, and the discussion escalated to a screaming match until Katie walked downstairs.

"Stop yelling," Katie hissed. Bill demanded to see his son immediately, and he, Katie, and Thorne were arguing when Will arrived downstairs, unnoticed. "Why is Dad yelling," Will interrupted. Katie shot Bill a disgusted look. "I didn't mean to upset you, buddy. Everything's okay," Bill said. "Are you mad?" Will asked.

Bill answered that he was not mad at Will. He confessed that he had been angry about something but should never have raised his voice. "I'm sorry I got caught up," Bill said. He explained that he'd wanted to get there sooner, but "sometimes things can't be avoided." Bill promised that he wanted Will to spend time with him. Will looked unhappy. "I never see you. Did I do something wrong?" Will asked.

Bill said that Will had done nothing wrong. Bill apologized because he had allowed himself to get distracted, and it took a lot of his time. Thorne rolled his eyes, and Katie frowned. Bill reminded Will that they had planned to hang out at Bill's that night. Bill realized it was almost dinnertime, and he promised to take Will to a cool new burger place.

Will wanted to stay with his mother, but Katie intervened and said that they had discussed Will's plans to spend the day and night at Bill's. Bill said that Will had been spending a lot of time with his mommy, and Bill wanted to see him.

Katie reminded Will how excited he had been to see his dad earlier in the day. Will looked upset. "Do I have to?" Will asked.

Katie looked at Bill, and Bill offered to take Will to dinner and return him to his mom's house after dinner. "I don't think he wants to go with you," Thorne said. Bill sighed deeply.

Bill reminded Will that he wanted to spend time with Will like they had done before. Will looked sad. "I want to go upstairs," Will said. Katie allowed Will to leave. After Will had gone upstairs, Bill and Katie argued about what Katie should have done to encourage Will to spend time with Bill.

Bill insisted that he had a right to spend time with his son. Katie agreed. Bill said she should have supported him. Katie disagreed and said Will had clearly not been comfortable leaving with Bill. She refused to force Will to do that. She added that Will looked upset. She was worried that Will was still hurt because Bill had blown him off so many times. "I'm here now," Bill insisted.

Katie understood, but she reminded Bill that he had missed "months and months" of events and canceled too many times. She said that Bill had lost Will's trust, and she refused to make excuses for his absences any longer, because she would lose Will's trust, as well.

Thorne added that Will needed consistency and stability. He accused Bill of abandoning his son. Bill told Thorne to butt out. Katie asked Thorne to leave so she could talk to Bill alone. Thorne warned Katie that Bill could not be trusted, but he left.

Bill was angry and said Thorne had influenced Katie's decision-making. "We have to do what's best for Will," Katie said.

Katie pointed out that Bill had forgotten about her and Will when he'd been chasing Steffy. Katie tearfully worried that Will was no longer excited to see his dad the way he had been. "It breaks my heart, and I know it breaks yours, too," she said. She had hoped that Will would give Bill another chance, but she was worried about how guarded Will was when it came to spending time with Bill.

Bill said it would take some time. He said that he loved his son. He added that Thorne was nothing but "an agitator trying to create tension." Bill vowed that no one would keep him from seeing his son. Katie agreed, but she had to do what was best for Will.

Bill threatened that if Katie started a custody battle, she would lose. "It won't be good for anybody," Bill said. He added that if she wanted a fight, he would fight hard. He vowed that Katie would lose, and he would let no one "take my kid from me." Katie looked sad.

At Steffy's house, Liam and the nanny discussed that Liam didn't want to wake Kelly up, but he just wanted to look in on her. The nanny said it was fine. Steffy entered, and Liam said he had texted her to visit Kelly. Steffy said it was fine, and she told the nanny she would see her the next day. "She'll be happy to see you both," the nanny said.

Steffy said Liam could visit anytime. "You may not live here, but you can spend as much time with your daughter as you want," Steffy said. She and Liam discussed that they had been parents together for a time, and the time had been special to both of them.

Someone knocked on the door, and Hope showed up and asked if Liam was there. Steffy welcomed her, and Hope explained she didn't want to interrupt. However, she'd had an ultrasound scheduled, and Liam had missed the appointment. The doctor had agreed to reschedule for about an hour later. Liam apologized and said his phone had been turned off, and he'd missed the alarm. He agreed to go to the later appointment.

Steffy, Liam, and Hope heard the baby monitor and realized Kelly was awake. Hope said she would leave them alone, but Steffy and Liam asked her to stay. Steffy left to get the baby. "Are you sure? This is your time with Kelly. I don't want to interrupt," Hope said. Liam encouraged her to stay.

Steffy entered the room with the baby, and Liam and Hope gushed about Kelly. Liam held his daughter. They discussed that Hope's first ultrasound would be exciting. Steffy advised Hope that she didn't need any advice from all the sweet people who would offer it. "Only you and Liam know what's best for you and your baby," Steffy said. Hope thanked her.

Hope and Steffy agreed they would make it all work and never be their moms "fighting in koi ponds and covered in cake." Hope left. Liam said he would join her for the ultrasound shortly.

Liam thanked Steffy and said he was proud of her. Steffy said it would take a lot of work. They had a lot of history to overcome. Liam said he admired Steffy, and he said he had loved both Steffy and Hope. He had to leave for Hope's ultrasound appointment. He caught a glimpse of the picture of him and Steffy on the wall. He paused. "See you," Liam said. Steffy looked up at the picture and smiled.

At Forrester, Thorne met with Carter and said that Bill had to be stopped. He wanted Carter to proceed with Katie's case to seek sole custody of Will. Carter looked surprised.

There are awkward moments at Hope's ultrasound appointment

There are awkward moments at Hope's ultrasound appointment

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

by Pam

At Katie's, she and Bill discussed issues with Will. "He will always be your son, but you have become like a stranger to him. He doesn't know what you want," Katie said. Bill was flustered, and Katie stressed that Will needed to know that his home with her was a safe place that he could "never be forced out of." Bill accused Kate of exacerbating the situation with her new boyfriend, who seemed to have "all the answers."

Katie and Bill continued to argue, and Katie was disgusted. "Go home, Bill," she said. She opened the door, but Bill was defiant. He reminded Katie how much he loved his son.

Bill recalled that he was the only parent who'd been involved when Katie had gone through postpartum depression -- she had deserted Will and Bill. He also pointed out that he was the one who had always been there for Will when Katie had decided to count on vodka to get her though the days. "I took care of him. I changed him. I rocked him to sleep," Bill said. Bill acknowledged that Will wouldn't remember any of that, but if Katie pushed a custody issue, Will would hear about it, "and so will the rest of the world." Katie looked emotional.

At Forrester, Thorne met with Carter and asked about Carter handling the custody issues for Katie. Carter admitted that most of his experience was in corporate legal matters, but his brother had been adopted, so he had a personal interest in taking care of kids. Thorne asked Carter to talk to Katie, and Carter looked surprised.

At the doctor's office, Hope told the nurse that she was waiting for her husband. Liam entered and said he'd been in the waiting room. He looked at the nurse, and she looked at him. They recognized one another from Steffy's previous ultrasounds. The nurse left.

Hope said that she was excited because she and Liam would get to see their baby. Liam joked that Hope might be upset if the baby looked like him rather than her. She hit him with her purse, and Liam said he'd been joking. Dr. Phillips, who had been Steffy's doctor, entered and gave Liam a strange look. Hope was flustered when she realized that Dr. Phillips had been Steffy's doctor.

Liam said it was all right because Dr. Phillips was the best. Liam told the doctor that he knew it looked awkward, but they were all right with it. The doctor responded that her second specialty was to not ask too many personal questions.

Liam said he realized the situation was unconventional, but all parties were okay with it, and they had no shame and no secrets. The doctor approved and explained the procedure to Hope. During the ultrasound, Liam and Hope saw their baby. They held hands, and Hope asked if the baby was okay. The doctor smiled and said it was a beautiful, healthy baby. Liam and Hope smiled.

Later, Hope looked at the photo from the ultrasound and commented that she was looking at the face she would love her entire life -- just like Liam's. She added that she'd always thought it was the mind that controlled the body, but the picture of their baby convinced her otherwise. "I love you," Hope said. "I love you," Liam replied. They kissed. "I'm so excited," Hope said.

At Spencer, Bill returned to his office after he'd visited with Katie. Justin was sitting at Bill's desk. Bill ordered Justin out of his chair, and Justin said he'd assumed that Bill was "busy overcompensating for his neglect" of Will. Bill said he didn't want to hear the word "neglect."

Bill lamented his argument with Katie regarding Will. Bill worried that Katie was going to want sole custody.

Justin seemed surprised but said it wasn't the worst thing that could happen. Bill looked shocked. Justin reminded Bill that he would have full visitation and the opportunity to be "the cool parent" while all the discipline and homework were left to Mom.

Bill thought about it for a minute and realized that was what had happened with his other sons. Justin joked that he could just give Will a house when he was old enough. "A beach house," Bill said. He quickly said it hadn't worked out well for him so far. He didn't want to be that kind of father to Will. Justin noted that Bill didn't want to be a father like Bill's father had been. Bill agreed.

Bill wanted to know if Justin had any experience in custody law, and Justin said he had very little. Bill said he expected Justin to convince Katie to drop any thoughts of sole custody long before it would ever get to court. Justin warned Bill that, based on his recent history, Bill didn't want to get into a courtroom.

Bill countered that he had eight to ten judges on speed dial, but Justin argued that none of them were family-law judges. "If you get into court, there's a very strong chance that you'll lose." Justin said. Bill was adamant that no one could accuse him of neglecting his son.

Bill told Justin he was a smart guy and a brilliant attorney. Bill expected him to handle it, but Justin asked what Bill wanted him to do. Bill told Justin to make Katie an offer she couldn't refuse. Justin replied that there was no such thing. Bill demanded that Justin meet with Katie and persuade her with "passion and logic" that there was no reason to get into the courtroom. Bill blamed "Thorne freaking Forrester" for the entire situation. Bill wanted Justin to let Katie know that it would help no one if she pursued sole custody.

At Katie's, Thorne visited along with Carter. Thorne stressed that Katie had to create stability for Will. Thorne wanted Carter to evaluate the custody case. Katie defended Bill and said he might have fallen down as a father recently, but he had done many things for Will in the past. She felt he was still learning. Thorne argued that it was no excuse. "He only gets one childhood, and he shouldn't have to spend it disappointed and afraid," Thorne said of Will.

Carter discussed issues that Katie had had with Bill. They used a calendar and specifically marked off times that Bill had missed dates with Will, canceled, or simply been a no-show. Carter noted that Bill had a lot of missed dates.

Katie said she'd made a lot of mistakes in the past, as well. Katie admitted that Bill had pulled his weight when Katie hadn't. Thorne shared an emotional story about how he'd tortured himself for years after his daughter's mother had died. He worried that Bill's recklessness could impact Will forever. Katie wiped away tears.

Carter offered to write the filing for Katie if it was what she really wanted. "I have to think about it," Katie said. Thorne encouraged Katie to take control and make Bill answer for how he "conduct[ed] himself as a father."

Katie presents Bill with court papers

Katie presents Bill with court papers

Thursday, August 30, 2018

At Forrester, Thorne discussed designs with Hope and Liam. The fabrics Hope wanted to use were expensive, but she hoped they'd get a budget increase. Liam said they also could get grant money for their women's causes. Hope told Thorne that she'd expected Katie to have a marketing strategy ready, and Thorne said he'd get an update on it.

Thorne left, and Hope expressed how glad she was that Liam was still working with the line. Liam was surprised she wasn't sick of seeing him yet. As the two kissed, Steffy arrived to inquire about the ultrasound. Liam and Hope excitedly explained how things had gone. Steffy said that she was really happy for them.

Hope showed Steffy the sonogram, and the three laughed about Dr. Phillips' reaction to Liam being at the appointment with Hope. Steffy received a call from the nanny, who relayed that the baby had a fever. Steffy said she'd be there as soon as possible. After the call, Steffy told Hope and Liam the issue, and Liam decided to go with Steffy.

In the corridor, Thorne called Katie about the marketing material Hope wanted. Katie stammered that she was still working on it. Thorne offered to buy her time so that she could keep mulling over the custody decision.

Later, Thorne was in a meeting with Ridge, Quinn, and Brooke. Quinn wanted to see the marketing strategy Katie had for the HFTF jewelry pairings. Thorne said that Katie was working on it -- among other things. Ridge assumed that Katie was really going after full custody. The shocked Quinn asked when that had started.

Later, Ridge was asking Brooke if she really thought Bill should be able to swoop in to see Will whenever Bill was between obsessions. Quinn listed the skyscraper and Steffy as examples. Thorne remarked that it was when they'd noticed the problem, and whenever Bill showed up, a light within Will seemed to go out. Though Will missed his father, he shut down in Bill's presence and didn't want to see Bill.

Ridge replied that Will shouldn't have to see Bill. Brooke stated that Bill was the father. Ridge didn't know why Brooke was defending Bill, who was the reason Will was having problems. Quinn didn't blame Katie and understood that it was hard to have to protect a child from the person the child needed to have a relationship with.

After the meeting, Thorne and Ridge worked alone together in the CEO's office and disparaged Bill for not paying attention to Will after bringing Will into the world. Thorne agreed with Brooke's sentiment that children needed their fathers. Ridge asked if that was where Thorne stepped in. Thorne said he didn't know. Ridge thought it would be an improvement.

Thorne didn't think Ridge was objective about Bill. Ridge contended that he was objective about Thorne, who was a better man than Bill. Thorne said he could pick up the slack and be a good role model, but first, Katie had stand up to Bill and do what was right for Will.

Back in the design office, Hope showed her mother the sonogram photo, and Brooke hugged Hope. Brooke asked where Liam was, and Hope told her mother about Steffy and Liam tending to Kelly's fever. "I see," Brooke replied. Hope said it showed how attentive Liam would be to his and Hope's child. Though Brooke thought that it was sweet and that the threesome was getting along well, Brooke wondered how Hope felt about watching Liam and Steffy function as parents.

At the cliff house, Steffy exited the bedroom after getting Kelly down. Liam remarked that the pediatrician had said to keep monitoring the baby's temperature and alert the office if things changed. Steffy was glad the fever wasn't that high. Amelia asked if she'd done the right thing in calling Steffy, and Steffy reassured Amelia that she had. Amelia expressed love for the baby, and Steffy said it was why Amelia worked there.

Amelia left, and Liam complimented Steffy for wisely choosing the nanny. He remarked that people said it took a village, and he and Steffy were building Kelly's village. Steffy decided to sit with the baby. Liam chose to accompany her, and she said she'd known he would. He asked if he was predictable, and Steffy said he was regarding Kelly, whom he'd always be there for. Liam said not to forget it.

At Katie's house, Will asked if it had been his father on the phone during the earlier call. Katie said it hadn't been. Will thought that was good. He didn't want to talk to Bill because Bill didn't like him. Katie asked Will if he really believed that his father didn't like him. Will didn't answer. Katie reassured Will that Bill loved the child with all of his heart.

Will wasn't sure about it because they'd stopped spending time together. He'd heard the yelling the other day, and he wondered if it had been his fault. Katie asserted that nothing was his fault. They hugged, and Will said he just liked being with her better.

There was a knock at the door. Katie assumed it was Andy's mother, but to her surprise, Bill was on the doorstep. Katie asked what he was doing there, and he said he was there to see his son. Entering the house, he asked Will what was up. Will just stared at him. Bill asked how his buddy was. Will said he was okay, but he didn't understand why Bill was there. Bill said he'd had an urge to see his son, and Will asked why.

Bill said that Will was the best kid in the world, and spreading his arms as wide he could, Bill said he loved Will at least that much. Bill stated that Will was entitled to be mad at Bill for not being there, but Bill needed a chance to make it up. Bill wanted to start right then by giving Will undivided attention. He asked how school was going.

Will said it didn't start for a week. Bill guessed he should have asked how the summer was going. Bill wanted Will to go back to the house and tell Bill all about it. Bill recalled that Will liked to play in the pool. Will replied that he was going to Andy's house. Bill suggested that Will reschedule it for the next day. Will stared at Katie.

Katie told Bill that Will was looking forward to going to Andy's, and she and Will hadn't known Bill would show up. Will asked if he could get his backpack. Bill stated that it was okay, and they'd do it another time.

Will went upstairs, and Bill murmured sarcastically that it had gone well. Katie said she was sorry. Bill felt that it was his own fault. She didn't blame Bill because he didn't know what he was doing and had tunnel vision sometimes.

Carter arrived, and Bill asked why he was there. Katie thought that Bill had to see the impact of his absence. Will had built up a huge wall and didn't want to spend time with Bill. Bill replied that he couldn't imagine that after all the talking and reaching out he'd done, she'd use the temporary issue between him and his son as a reason to pursue full custody.

Later, Katie was standing in the doorway as a car started up outside. She said farewell to her son and closed the door. Bill lit into Katie about considering full custody. Katie said she'd tried to understand and explain it to Will, but she really didn't get how an obsession with Steffy could cause Bill go to missing for months. Katie couldn't keep telling Will that Bill would make it up to Will the next time because, instead of making it up the next time, Bill would hurt Will again.

Bill yelled that he'd already said he'd been wrong. Katie said it wasn't enough and asked if Bill noticed that Will hadn't even been able to look at Bill when Will had left the house. Bill felt that he could fix it. Katie had once defened Bill as a man who loved his children, but she didn't know if it was true anymore after what he'd done to Liam, the son Bill arguably loved the most in Katie's view.

Katie didn't know if Bill loved Liam at all anymore. Bill replied that it was unfair and untrue. Katie stated that she didn't know of any father who'd do that to his son if the father truly loved the son. It made Katie wonder if Bill loved Will and what kind of mother she'd be if she didn't protect Will and allowed that kind of influence. Bill took exception to the word "allow" and said Will was his son, too. "Did you bring them?" Katie asked Carter.

Carter handed Katie some papers. Sobbing, Katie claimed not to take pleasure in it. She felt she needed to protect her son. "From his own father?" Bill asked. Affirming it, Katie said Bill couldn't give Will stability, and she was filing for sole custody.

Hope doubles over in pain

Hope doubles over in pain

Friday, August 31, 2018

At Katie's house, Bill was enraged about Katie's decision to serve him custody papers and take his son from him while Will was on a playdate. Katie claimed not to be forbidding Bill from seeing Will. She was just changing the agreement. Bill told her to tear up the papers, and she asserted that her house would be Will's permanent home, as it had been for a long time. She was reestablishing boundaries and taking charge.

Bill didn't appreciate Katie siccing her lawyer on him. Carter began talking about Bill's lack of responsibility. Not wanting to hear it, Bill told Carter to beat it. Carter stood his ground, but Katie said it was okay because she had things to talk to Bill about.

After Carter had gone, Bill said it was just him and Katie left, and they knew each other well. Bill stated that they were the child's parents, and cutting Bill out would screw their son up even more. Katie claimed not to want to cut him out. She said she was just taking control and didn't see any other options. Bill questioned the statement and said that if she looked around, she'd see one option -- Will's dad. Bill stated that he was the only dad Will had, and there was "no way in hell" Bill would let her take his child from him.

Bill thought Katie was a great mother, but he didn't think he should let her decide when and where he saw his son. Katie stated that Will didn't think his father liked him. Bill called it ridiculous. Katie said it was how Will felt. Bill called it untrue and said Katie should let him hang out with the boy so he could prove it. Katie said Bill would hang out with Will at Katie's house, according to the schedule she'd submit.

Bill asked what kind of message it would send. In his view, it only made things worse. Katie thought Will needed consistency. Bill said he could do it. Katie replied that he might do it for a time, but she questioned if he'd keep it up. One missed weekend after another had built up, and she could see Will withdrawing. She could see the disappointment in Will's eyes.

Bill asked Katie to let him talk to Will. Bill believed that Will needed his father. Assuming Thorne thought he could take Bill's place, Bill insisted that it wouldn't happen. Bill figured the whole thing -- the threats, the attorney, and the stupid custody papers -- had been Thorne's idea. Bill asked Katie to tear up the papers for her sake and for Will's.

Katie claimed she hadn't wanted it to happen. She had wanted to be a family, but Bill hadn't wanted it. Bill had stopped loving her. She said she'd moved on, but Will had never stopped needing Bill. She felt that Will needed a reliable, patient father who gave "a damn" about him. Bill replied that he did, and he'd repair each of his mistakes.

Katie stated that Bill would that day. She asked what would happen the next day or when a new conquest presented itself. She claimed that Bill had relinquished all responsibility for his son, and she didn't believe Bill was sincere. She said Will was hurt, vulnerable, and anxious. She had to put a stop to it before it got worse.

Bill asked if Katie didn't think what she was doing would damage Will. Bill said that Will would figure out what had happened, and he'd resent her for it. Katie was willing to take the risk and hoped Will would know that everything she did was for him. Bill replied that "this," she wasn't doing.

Katie told Bill that he couldn't show up at his convenience. She said that Will idolized Bill and thought Bill was the coolest person in the world. When Bill missed showing up, Will felt rejected. "Maybe it's you, Katie. Maybe you feel rejected," Bill decided.

Katie said Bill wouldn't talk her out of it. Bill replied that Thorne had put her up to it. She noted that Thorne had been really supportive, but she'd made the decision herself. She was protecting her child and doing what was best for him. Bill asserted that if she wanted to go to war with him, it was a war that she would lose.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Thorne and Ridge worked with models wearing casual HFTF designs. The models congratulated Thorne because they'd heard a rumor that he was dating someone. Thorne was bashfully silent, but Ridge affirmed that Thorne was off the market.

The models left, and Ridge asked how things were going with Katie. The relationship was still new, but Thorne cared about Katie and Will. Ridge said that Will was a good kid. Agreeing, Thorne replied that it was the reason he was trying to get Katie to do the right thing for him.

Thorne had a lot of respect for Katie, who was dedicated to raising Will. Ridge said she had to go above and beyond for Will because Bill was Will's father.

Later, Carter strode in as Ridge and Thorne discussed a design. Carter announced that Katie had done it. Ridge asked if Carter had given Bill papers. Carter affirmed it but didn't think Bill would be signing anything anytime soon. Ridge called Bill a bullheaded baby.

Thorne asked how Katie was. Carter said she was still talking to Bill and standing her ground like nobody's business. Carter felt she had no choice because she had to do what was best for Will. Thorne was proud of Katie. Ridge believed that Katie and Will would need Thorne because Bill would make it as ugly as possible. Thorne said he'd be there to protect Will and Katie.

In the design office, Hope explained to Brooke that it was fine for Liam to be with Kelly while she had a fever, and it would be weird if he wasn't. Though Brooke agreed, she expressed that it had to be weird for Hope to be on the high about the sonogram only to have Liam go off with Steffy. Hope insisted that she trusted her husband and that Steffy had made her feelings clear.

Worried about Hope's feelings, Brooke said Hope didn't always have to be the cheerleader. Hope admitted that she was human, and it bothered her at times. Hope didn't want to be selfish about it because Steffy and Liam had their family, too. Brooke agreed that was true and said Hope and Liam would have theirs, too.

Hope was overjoyed about the pregnancy and couldn't describe her fulfillment. Brooke was happy that her daughter finally had everything her daughter had wanted. Brooke stated that Hope had a husband who adored her and a beautiful baby on the way.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam sat in the living room, discussing Kelly's subsiding fever. Steffy was glad Liam was there and decided she wanted to talk to him and let him know exactly how she felt. Steffy said she didn't regret choosing to put herself and Kelly first. She knew who she was, and she'd fight to protect what she'd created. Liam was proud of her and felt that Kelly would be, too. Steffy said that, even though she stood by her choices, her feelings for Liam hadn't gone away.

Later, Liam concluded a call with the doctor, and Steffy asked him what the doctor had said. He explained that the doctor wanted them to keep monitoring the baby, whose temperature wasn't high enough to panic. The doctor offered to see Kelly the next day if the fever increased. Steffy questioned not taking the baby in that very day, but Liam reasoned that the doctor would have instructed them to make an appointment if it was that serious.

Steffy seemed unconvinced. Liam was sure everything would be fine and that Kelly would be herself in the morning. Liam was willing to stay there as long as necessary. She replied that Kelly was lucky to have such a devoted father.

Liam checked on Kelly again and returned to the living room to say the fever seemed to be subsiding. He admitted that he'd been more rattled by it than he'd let on. They high-fived each other for getting through the baby's first fever.

Steffy said she'd meant what she'd said earlier. She was devoted to her career and the baby, but she still had feelings for Liam. Looking at the picture on the wall, she expressed the importance of Kelly seeing her parents that way -- happy and loving with each other. Steffy said that Liam was the father of her child. She loved him and always would love him.

Sometimes looking at the photo reminded Steffy of when Liam had forgiven her and sent all the flowers to the house. "If only things had ended up differently..." Steffy said.

At the cabin, Hope arrived. She looked at her sonogram photo of the baby and flashed back to telling Liam that she was pregnant. She recalled the wedding and the sonogram appointment. As Hope smiled to herself, she felt a sharp pain. She grasped her stomach and cried, "Oh, please! Not again!"

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