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Victoria suffered a panic attack and called Nate for help. Tessa confided to Mariah that she owed a lot of money for helping Crystal start a new life in Canada. Billy and Phyllis moved into the Abbott mansion. Kyle secretly enlisted Sinead's help to take Billy down.
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Phyllis issues a dire warning to Billy

Phyllis issues a dire warning to Billy

Monday, August 27, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Rey greeted Sharon when she offered refills. Rey showed Sharon the screen of his laptop and claimed he'd been busy playing a video game. Sharon was flattered when Rey complimented her coffee and her congeniality. After Sharon walked away, Rey opened a notebook and began writing down his observations. Rey was interrupted when Abby entered the coffeehouse.

Abby was reluctant to engage with Rey after their earlier encounter, which hadn't gone well. Rey said, "I feel like we got off on the wrong foot. I don't know what Arturo told you about me, but I would really like to fix things with my brother, and I think you could help me." Abby asked what Rey wanted from her. Rey requested Arturo's phone number. Abby refused, stating that she wouldn't betray Arturo. Rey was impressed with Abby's loyalty to Arturo and asked if she knew where Lola was.

Abby noted that if Rey didn't already know, then his relationship with Lola wasn't any better than the one with Arturo. Abby agreed to talk a little about herself if Rey first shared details about himself. Rey claimed he worked in finance. He described his early life with his mom, brother, and sister as being crazy and noisy. Noting the absence of their father, Rey said, "Arturo didn't like his older brother playing Papi."

Abby asked Rey if he'd moved to Genoa City to mend his relationship with his brother. Rey explained that his work had led him to town. Rey asked Abby to reciprocate and share background about herself, beginning with what she saw in his brother. Abby found Rey's comment to be insulting and warned him to watch his step. Abby noted that if Rey and Arturo had grown up just as brothers, things might have turned out differently for them. Rey noted that he loved his brother as much as Abby loved her brother Nick. Rey asked about Abby having worked with her powerful father. Abby, responding to the question and to Rey's remark about the powerful Newman family, replied, "Working with my father, or working with Victor Newman?"

Abby admitted that working with Victor had been a challenge, but working with Nick had been less stressful and had yielded more respect. Rey mentioned Victor's unfortunate encounters with J.T. Rey asked Abby if she was concerned that J.T. might be after her. Abby chuckled and emphatically stated she wasn't. Rey replied, "Is that because the rumors about your old man having solved the problem are true?"

Abby insisted her father wouldn't have done what Rey had implied. Abby bolstered her defense by stating that J.T. wasn't the person who'd hacked into the Newman server. Rey asked who'd done the hacking. Abby refused to answer. Rey seemed to realize he'd pushed too hard. Abby, miffed, rose from her seat and walked away. After Abby exited, Rey opened his notebook and jotted down his observations about their encounter.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Sharon noticed Mariah seated alone, looking forlorn. Mariah told Sharon that Tessa hadn't been returning text messages. Mariah explained that Tessa had gone to help Crystal leave the country, fearing that the sex traffickers might find her. Mariah added that after Tessa had located Crystal, she'd phoned, but something had happened before the call had abruptly ended. Sharon grew concerned when Mariah explained that Tessa had "gone completely off the grid."

Sharon asked Mariah if she could help. Mariah replied, "Just tell me not to give up because I'm this close." Sharon gently suggested that Tessa had chosen not to return to town as a way to save her sister and Mariah from danger. Mariah strongly disagreed and recalled that Tessa had looked her straight in the face and said, "I choose you." Mariah added that Tessa would never have walked away after having said what she'd said.

Sharon recalled that Tessa had lied about stealing lines from Mariah's journal and had stayed with Noah even though she hadn't been committed. Sharon noted that Tessa had a history of being dishonest and fleeing in order to avoid the consequences. Sharon added, "There is someone out there for you." Mariah replied, "And her name is Tessa." Mariah stepped outside, phoned Tessa, and left a message pleading with Tessa to call her back.

Sharon stepped behind the serving counter and noticed water on the floor. Rey went to investigate after Sharon cried, "Great! Just what I need." Rey offered to inspect the leaking pipe. Sharon phoned a plumber and was disappointed when she learned that she'd have to wait three hours. Rey interrupted and said he could fix the leak. Sharon got out her toolbox and boasted that her fiancÚ, who was out of town, relished showing off his handyman skills.

When Rey attempted to stop the leak using an oversized pipe wrench, he made matters worse and got sprayed. Rey pulled off his drenched shirt, and Sharon said she should learn how to repair her own plumbing. Rey pointed to Sharon's engagement ring and said she shouldn't attempt plumbing work while wearing "a big rock" on her finger. Sharon agreed that Nick wouldn't be happy if she lost the ring. Rey learned that the wedding was set for October. Sharon admitted that she and Nick had been married previously and vowed that nothing would stand in the way of their renewed happiness.

After Rey temporarily stopped the leak with plumber's tape, Sharon promised him free coffee for a month and provided him a dry T-shirt bearing a "Save Crimson Lights" logo. Sharon inquired about Rey's marital status. Rey said he and his wife had taken a break. Sharon said that at least Rey had a place to hang out whenever he felt lonely. Rey replied, "Where I can get free coffee." Sharon said she should clean up the mess from the leaky pipe and ended the conversation, leaving Rey to think over what Sharon had told him.

At Summer's apartment, Phyllis paced nervously until Billy arrived. Billy, having returned from a business conference held in Philadelphia, claimed he'd worked the whole time, gaining insights about the retail business. Billy insisted he'd send Kyle to the next year's conference because he didn't like being away from Phyllis. Billy kissed Phyllis and invited her aboard Jaboat to cruise the lake for a couple of days. Phyllis wiped away Billy's kisses with her hand and replied, "That can't happen. The yacht is booked."

Phyllis rebuffed Billy's offer to make love and demanded to know what had been going on between him and Summer. Billy attempted to phone Summer, so he could ask why Phyllis believed he and Summer were involved with each other. Phyllis took Billy's phone and explained that Summer was cruising the lake aboard Jaboat and would be out of contact. Phyllis added that Summer wouldn't be allowed to return until Phyllis gave word to release her. Billy was taken aback.

Billy asked Phyllis why she was holding Summer hostage. Phyllis explained that she'd prevented Summer from traveling to Philadelphia to "hook up" with Billy. Phyllis proved her point by recalling that Summer had said, "I want your man, and I'm going to have him." Billy insisted that he'd had no idea what Summer had been planning to do. Phyllis cried that she'd like to know when her little girl had turned into someone who'd do what Summer had planned to do.

Phyllis' anger suddenly turned to concern, and she suggested getting in touch with Summer. Billy nixed Phyllis' plans to call and said Summer should be left alone to stew. Billy made a quick exit by claiming he needed to shower. When Billy returned downstairs, he served Phyllis a cup of coffee with a splash of spirits to help calm her. Phyllis said, "No amount of alcohol could fix the way I feel."

Phyllis said she couldn't forget Summer's calculated intentions to get Billy into bed. Phyllis again rebuffed Billy's attempt to kiss her and asked him what he would have done had Summer shown up at his hotel room. Billy said he likely would have slammed the door in Summer's face. Billy asked Phyllis why she'd felt the need to ask what he would have done. Phyllis admitted she'd used Billy's computer to send Summer a text message inviting her to join him on the yacht.

Phyllis demanded to know why Summer had gone to the yacht in hopes of joining Billy if she hadn't thought something was going to happen. Billy insisted he couldn't know what went on in Summer's head because half the time, even she didn't know. Phyllis said she was certain Billy was holding something back from her. Billy acknowledged that Summer was a flirt and often used her youth and beauty to get what she wanted. Billy added that Summer had indeed acted inappropriately toward him.

Phyllis suggested that Billy hadn't been forthcoming sooner because he was interested in Summer. Billy claimed he'd remained silent to protect Phyllis and knew that nothing would have happened between him and Summer. Phyllis said she was aware that Billy had told Summer he would have been interested if Phyllis wasn't in the picture. Billy replied, "I'm not the greatest guy in the world. Hell, I suck half the time. I've done some pretty crappy things in my life. No more." Billy turned and headed upstairs and didn't respond when Phyllis called out to him.

Billy later returned, carrying an overnight bag. Phyllis walked toward Billy, blocking his way. Billy said he should have realized long before that he didn't belong there. Billy recalled having slept with his brother's wife and suggested that sleeping with Summer might not be considered so far-fetched. Billy berated himself for his past and recalled that he'd left Delia alone in a car and had almost cost Victoria her life with his gambling.

Billy, having recalled his worst misdeeds, cried that sleeping with Summer wouldn't have been among the crappiest things he could have done. Phyllis cooled down and said Billy had made his point. Billy's tempered flared. He told Phyllis he loved her and had done everything to get her to understand that he didn't deserve her. Phyllis said she should have never accused Billy of being attracted to Summer. Phyllis put her arms around Billy and apologized for having doubted him.

Phyllis told Billy she wanted to forget everything, and the couple kissed after Billy initially pulled away. After Billy and Phyllis made love on the sofa, Billy said it was time for them to move out. Phyllis replied, "Where would we go?" Billy said they could pack up and move before Summer returned from her cruise. Phyllis told Billy she believed he'd dealt honorably with her daughter. Phyllis warned Billy, "But if you did screw around with my daughter? I'd kill you."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily spotted Mattie and Charlie seated together at a table. The twins appeared to be doing homework, but Lily noticed printed articles about women's prisons. Lily urged her kids to ask if they had questions about her upcoming sentencing. Mattie showed Lily the information she'd researched about various prisons near and far. Charlie even suggested that Lily seek advice from their Grandpa Colin, as he'd served time in a prison in the past.

Lily assured her kids that she wouldn't be sent to a maximum-security prison. Mattie explained that if Uncle Devon didn't speak up in Lily's defense, the judge might believe that Lily had crashed her car on purpose. Lily and her children continued their conversation in the privacy of Devon's office. Lily thanked her children for their diligence, but she suggested they not waste additional time and energy by speculating about what might happen. Lily encouraged her son and daughter to stay strong and remain positive. As the three embraced, Lily's facial expression betrayed the upbeat tone of her message.

After Mattie and Charlie left, Lily broke down in tears. Abby entered and called out to Lily. Lily showed Abby the research on prisons that Mattie and Charlie had compiled. Lily admitted she was worried, though she hadn't wanted her kids to know. Abby urged Lily to believe that the judge would be fair. Lily said she'd tried, but she couldn't help worrying that the judge might sentence her to a long prison term. Lily cried that she'd lived a privileged life and couldn't fathom being incarcerated with dangerous criminals. Lily said she feared she wouldn't survive.

Billy and Phyllis move into the Abbott mansion

Billy and Phyllis move into the Abbott mansion

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Mariah declared to Nikki, Victoria, and Abby that it was the perfect place to plan Sharon's bridal shower, since Sharon wasn't working there that day. Nikki wondered where Summer was, and Mariah indicated that she'd left several voicemails but hadn't heard back. Abby proposed that they get started, since they were all taking time away from work. Mariah expressed relief to have some experts on board, since planning a shower was new territory for her. Mariah envisioned something unique, and she requested the women's thoughts.

The group tossed around various ideas, but Victoria was clearly distracted and went to get coffee. Nikki looked worried. After Victoria returned, Abby suggested that they break into teams to brainstorm -- Mariah with Nikki, and Abby with Victoria. Victoria voiced surprise because Abby hadn't wanted to work with her at Newman. Victoria rambled that all she could think about was the work piling up on her desk, and she abruptly excused herself and left.

Abby was taken aback by Victoria's attitude, and she inquired whether Newman was still trying to recover. Nikki reported that the company had bounced back smoothly, and Abby wondered if Victoria was on edge because J.T. had surfaced again. Nikki doubted that J.T. would ever be back because it was too risky, and she figured that Victoria was just overworked between Newman and the kids. Mariah tried to turn the topic back to the shower planning, but Nikki left to check on Victoria. Mariah recognized that she wasn't used to the shower thing, but she imagined that wasn't usually how things went.

Abby assured Mariah that the shower would be awesome. Mariah was surprised that Abby seemed that into it, but she'd been even more surprised when Abby had accepted Sharon's invitation to be a bridesmaid. Abby confided that while she was happy that she and Sharon had cleared the air, she was really only doing it for Nick. Abby thought about how Lily and Devon's relationship had been torn apart, and it made her value her own brother even more. Abby contemplated whether Victoria had been acting that way because she was resentful that Abby had gone to work for Nick. Abby considered reaching out to fix things, but Mariah advised her not to get caught in the crossfire, given how Victoria had torn out of there.

At Newman Enterprises, a frazzled Victoria dismissed people over the phone as she rifled through stacks of files on her desk. Nikki entered and offered to help, but Victoria insisted that she could handle it. Nikki encouraged her to delegate, but Victoria snapped that Nikki wouldn't know what to do, just like she didn't know what to do in Victoria's personal life. Victoria added that she'd tried to be nice, but Nikki wasn't listening to her. "Please leave me the hell alone," Victoria barked.

Nikki apologized for telling Nate about J.T.'s abusive behavior, but she swore that she'd just been trying to help Victoria, who was obviously hurting. Victoria insisted that she wasn't denying that there was a problem, but she was dealing with it with her therapist. Nikki sensed, based on the way Victoria had been acting, that the therapy hadn't been productive, but Victoria chalked it up to it being a long and in-depth process that left her feeling raw for days. Victoria added that she liked and trusted her doctor, but she thought Nikki had to be patient. Victoria claimed that she had a therapy appointment, and she rushed off.

Later at Victoria's house, Nikki discovered Victoria sleeping in her bed and woke her up. Victoria demanded to know what her mother was doing there, and Nikki confessed that she'd followed Victoria and had been outside in the car for an hour, deciding what to do. Nikki continued that she'd let herself in with her key, and Victoria growled that Nikki hadn't had any right to spy on her. Nikki pointed out that Victoria had been sleeping in the middle of the day and lying about her therapy, and she refused to go anywhere until she understood what was going on. Nikki asked how long it had been since Victoria had seen her therapist, but Victoria couldn't remember.

Victoria contended that seeing her therapist had only increased her stress, since it had been nonstop talk about her and J.T. while avoiding any hint that he was dead. Nikki lectured that bottling things up wasn't working, but Victoria was out of ideas about how to cope. Nikki suggested that Victoria give the therapist another chance, but Victoria scoffed at the idea of telling the doctor how their girls' night had ended. Victoria whimpered that she felt cornered, just like she had with J.T., only she was fighting with her own mind. Victoria worried that she was losing control and didn't know how to make it stop. Nikki vowed to find a way.

At the Athletic Club, Jack watched as Dina silently ate her breakfast. He asked how her meal was. She replied that it was delicious, but she wanted to take the rest home for Piper. Jack played along by asking whether she let her dog eat people food, and she proclaimed that she'd given Piper steak the night before. She gushed that the dog had been a wonderful birthday present, and Jack offered to have the waiter wrap up the scraps before he dropped her off at home. Dina questioned whether it was Jack's home, too, and he explained that he was finding a new home.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley and Kyle hoped they were getting closer to ending Billy's days as CEO. Billy and Phyllis appeared at the door, and he announced that they were moving in. Billy asked Phyllis what room she wanted to take, and she insisted that the arrangement was temporary until they found their own place. Billy imagined that Ashley would be horrified by the idea of them shacking up for the long haul, but Phyllis swore that they didn't want to interfere with the family's daily routine. Ashley curtly volunteered to call the Athletic Club to see if anything was available.

Phyllis suggested that she and Billy move into the pool house. Kyle firmly stated that the pool house was occupied, and Ashley lectured that Billy and Phyllis should have called instead of ambushing them. Billy declared that John had built the home, and as John's son, he had a right to be there, whether Ashley and Kyle liked it or not. Ashley huffed that it was unnecessary for Billy to comment about being their dad's son, and she acknowledged that he had a right to stay there.

Billy wasn't surprised by Ashley's fake hospitality, given that she'd been conspiring against him. She questioned why he'd want to live with such a horrible person, and he asserted that it was his home, too. Kyle wondered why Billy and Phyllis had suddenly left Summer's apartment, and Phyllis remarked that it had gotten crowded. Ashley countered that the Abbott house was big but full. Billy figured that it would be a chance for him to keep an eye on Ashley and Kyle. Billy led Phyllis to one of the guest rooms.

Phyllis returned downstairs and mentioned that Billy was unpacking. Kyle informed her that Ashley had left, and he prompted her to tell him what was really going on, since he'd last heard that Billy had canceled his trip and asked Summer to meet him on Jaboat. Phyllis admitted that she'd sent the text message from Billy's account, and she crowed that Summer had earned a week-long private cruise with no Wi-Fi or cell service. Kyle wished he'd seen Summer's face when she'd realized that Billy wasn't showing up, and Phyllis stressed that her daughter had to accept that Phyllis and Billy were fully committed. Kyle warned that Summer wouldn't give up easily because she took after her mom, but Phyllis expected no more ill-advised stunts.

Later, Billy told Phyllis that he'd unpacked her stuff, and she asked if he was okay with sharing meals and air with people who were trying to undermine him. He cooed that he was sharing a bed with her, so everything would be fine. Phyllis was surprised when Jack and Dina walked in, and Dina asked who Billy and Phyllis were there to see. Phyllis revealed that they'd be staying there, and Dina panicked that they were taking her room. Billy assured her that there was plenty of space, and Dina turned to Jack and timidly inquired why the couple was moving in.

Billy claimed that he and Phyllis were friends of the family who wouldn't be staying long. Dina hoped they liked dogs, and Jack suggested that she tell them all about Piper after her nap. Jack led Dina away as she babbled about dog food. Billy expressed sympathy for Dina, and Phyllis did the same for Jack. A short time later, Jack returned downstairs and anticipated that Billy would start in about resenting him for conspiring with Ashley, but Billy set his feelings aside to tell Jack how sorry he was about Dina.

Phyllis referred to Dina's decline, and Billy couldn't imagine how difficult it had been for Jack. Jack recognized that Dina was deteriorating, but he didn't believe it was as bad as they were suggesting. "Is it?" he asked with alarm, and Phyllis gently confirmed that Dina wasn't the same person. Jack realized that he'd been around his mother so often that he'd forgotten how insidious Alzheimer's was, and each day that passed meant they were closer to losing her forever. Phyllis wondered what she could do to help, but Jack said he had to get out of there.

On the Athletic Club roof, Kyle greeted Mariah, and she pointedly remarked that it was a beautiful day with no snowflakes in the forecast. She asked if he'd seen Summer, and he dryly replied that he was able to function without his ex. Mariah noted that the two of them were always up there, "working" together, and he'd been dead set on winning Summer back. Kyle informed her that his plans were on hold because Summer had taken a last-minute holiday. Mariah figured that she could plan Sharon's bridal shower without Summer, and Kyle imagined that it was good to have a project to focus on. Mariah bemoaned that she hadn't heard from Tessa.

Kyle reassured Mariah that the private investigator's search had just started, but she wondered if Tessa had decided that she was done with Genoa City and everyone in it. Kyle considered the idea ridiculous, since Tessa had returned to town to tell Mariah on that very rooftop that they belonged together. Kyle refused to let Mariah tear herself down, but he understood that she wanted to know that Tessa was safe and on her way back. Mariah recalled that she'd built up walls because the more she cared, the more agony people could cause her. Kyle urged her not to give up on Tessa.

Ashley met Abby at the coffeehouse, and Abby mentioned that she'd had an earlier meeting there for Sharon's bridal shower. Abby expected that Sharon would regret including Nick's entire family because Victoria had been a nervous wreck, and Summer had been a no-show that morning. Ashley divulged that Billy and Phyllis had moved out of Summer's place and into the Abbott mansion at the crack of dawn, and Abby commented that the house was getting full. Ashley suspected that Billy was trying to get under her skin because he thought she was undermining him at Jabot, and Abby offered to keep her ears open at home. Ashley received an urgent text message from Jack, asking to meet with her.

Ashley met Jack at the Athletic Club, and he thanked her for being there on short notice. She grumbled that he'd only taken her away from fighting with Billy, whose latest thing had been to move into the mansion with Phyllis that morning. Jack mentioned that they'd been unpacking when he'd taken Dina home, and they'd been shocked at how far downhill Dina had gone. Jack admitted that he'd been surprised by their reaction until he'd realized they were right, and he tried to remember the last time Dina had known where she was or who they were. He lamented that the dog Dina had gotten during the Roosevelt administration was more real to her than anything else, and they were losing her day by day.

Ashley pledged to make each day count and to keep making Dina feel loved and cared for. Jack felt a pressing need to make a connection with his real father, and he thought it was time to revisit the list of country club members and staff, since his father could have been a gardener or a busboy. He considered submitting his DNA to an ancestry company to see if his genetic profile provided any clues, but Ashley hesitated to see him hurt like he had been when he'd gone down the Phillip Chancellor road. She advised him to accept that he might never know the truth, but Jack vowed not to give up.

Meanwhile, Billy wondered if Phyllis was really okay with moving into the mansion. Phyllis insisted that she was fine with the toxic housemates, but the bigger issue was Jack. Billy apologized for not thinking things through, since he'd noticed that Phyllis hadn't seemed like herself, especially around Jack. Billy recognized that the mansion had once been her house, too, and Phyllis conceded that it was filled with a lot of memories from her marriage to Jack.

Phyllis confided that it had made her queasy when Jack had discovered her living there with Billy while Jack was living someplace else, and Billy offered to repack their stuff and head to the club. She swore that she would have said something if it bothered her that much, and it was only temporary. Billy gave her the right to change her mind, as long as she was honest about her feelings. Phyllis promised that he could count on her uncensored honesty.

Billy fetched some mimosas and Mrs. Martinez's breakfast pastries from the kitchen, and he fed a bite to Phyllis. She remarked that she was feeling better already, since the tasty food reminded her that she wasn't cut out for cooking. Billy insisted that she cooked -- it just didn't involve a stove or ingredients. They kissed, and he murmured that she was delicious. Abby interrupted and wondered if they'd run out of places to make out, and Billy joked to give them a couple of days because they'd just moved in. Abby scolded that there was no skinny-dipping in the pool. Billy groused that the house was getting smaller by the minute.

At Jabot, Ashley ran into Kyle and griped about Billy obnoxiously moving in. Kyle pointed out that he'd done the same thing, but Ashley reasoned that Kyle had been living in a hotel, whereas Billy and Phyllis had had a home. Kyle revealed that he knew why Billy and Phyllis had fled Summer's apartment, and it was related to what he'd told Ashley the other day. Ashley was adamant that they needed something work-related to use against Billy, but Kyle swore that she'd want to hear it.

Kyle relayed to Ashley that Phyllis had arranged for Summer to be stuck on Jaboat indefinitely with no contact with the outside world. Ashley wasn't surprised, given that Summer had been fawning over Billy since she'd started working at Fenmore's, and she wondered if the attraction was mutual. Ashley reasoned that there was no proof, or Phyllis would no longer be sharing a bed with Billy. Kyle noted that Billy had impulse control issues, and catching him making a move on Summer would be a scandal that could finish him. Ashley doubted that Billy would jeopardize his position or his relationship with Phyllis over Summer, but what really tempted him was playing fast and loose with company funds.

Kyle divulged that Billy had lost Jaboat to a long-time rival at the poker table but had won enough to buy the yacht back. Ashley thought it explained the story about the repairs, and Kyle speculated that Billy had used the money for the phony repairs to help repurchase the boat. Ashley thought it wasn't enough to oust Billy, since he'd talk his way out of an isolated incident, and they only had one shot to take him down. Kyle figured that the board couldn't dismiss a pattern of behavior, and chances were that Billy would try it again because he'd gotten away with it before. Ashley planned to monitor the company's finances, but Kyle wondered why they should wait for Billy to mess up when they could make it happen.

Kyle anticipated that it wouldn't be hard to lure Billy back into gambling so that he'd risk company funds at the poker table again. Ashley fretted that it would be crossing a line, but Kyle reasoned that Billy had already been back at it for months. He reminded her that she'd called for extreme measures, and Billy thought he was in control of his gambling, but setting him up would remind him that gambling controlled him.

Kyle stressed that it might be their last chance to save Jabot, and he asked whether Ashley was willing to do what it took to reclaim her father's company or not. Ashley lamented that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if Billy spiraled down into an abyss again. Kyle suggested that they get Billy to give in to temptation just long enough to get what they needed, and then they'd end it.

Victoria becomes suspicious of Rey

Victoria becomes suspicious of Rey

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Phyllis arrived at Crimson Lights. Sharon complained to Phyllis that she'd been trying to contact Summer because she needed to discuss wedding details with her, and she needed Summer to have a fitting and get the dress alterations done. Phyllis informed Sharon that Summer had taken an impromptu vacation and was incommunicado. Phyllis said that she and Summer needed a vacation away from each other.

Phyllis informed Sharon that she and Billy had moved out of Summer's apartment and into the Abbott mansion. She and Billy wanted to focus on themselves. Sharon felt that Phyllis and Billy moving out of Summer's condo would give Phyllis and Summer the time and space they both needed.

The topic of conversation turned to Nick. Sharon said she'd been attempting to wrap her head around Nick's impersonation of J.T. Sharon suddenly realized that Phyllis had known about Nick's impersonation. Sharon wanted to know why Nick had confided in Phyllis.

Sharon wanted to know when Phyllis had seen Nick and why. Sharon said that Nick had provided Phyllis with information that could have led to his arrest. Phyllis told Sharon that she and Nick had been together to discuss Summer, but she didn't recall when they had met. Phyllis said that Nick had known that she'd been at Victoria's the night that J.T. had disappeared, and he'd wanted to know why they had all been together. Sharon said that she was surprised Nick hadn't shared that information with her.

The conversation between Sharon and Phyllis turned to Victoria. Phyllis said that Victoria hadn't been handling their secret very well, and it appeared as if Victoria was about to fall apart. Sharon was more curious about what had happened between Phyllis and Summer and Sharon joked that Summer had Spoiled Brat Syndrome. Phyllis told Sharon to wait until Faith grew up. Sharon stated sadly that Cassie's rebellious stage hadn't ended well.

Victoria was walking through the Dive Bar, reading a file, when she and Rey crashed into each other. Rey said he recognized her from the Internet and that everyone knew who she was. Rey introduced himself and told Victoria that he'd met Nikki and Victor. Victoria smiled and left. Rey checked the photo he'd taken of Victoria on his phone moments before.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victor were discussing business when Victoria arrived. Victor criticized Victoria for arriving late. Victoria snapped that Victor should show her a little appreciation, since she'd been putting out fires for Newman. At that moment, her phone rang, and as she stepped away, she snapped at Victor that it was another call that she had to deal with to put out another fire.

Victor asked Nikki what was wrong with Victoria. Nikki said that Katie hadn't been sleeping, and Victoria had been up late at night on many occasions. Nikki said Victoria needed his approval and recognition for the work she'd done. Victor claimed that Victoria knew he loved her, and he told Nikki he'd fix the problem.

Victor approached Victoria as she ended her call, and he apologized to her. He said that the company was in much better shape because of her efforts. Victoria also extended an apology for her snarkiness. He suggested that Victoria take the rest of the day off. He wanted her to join him, Nikki, and Abby for dinner in an effort to repair the family. Victoria accepted.

While Victor called Abby, Victoria returned to the table and thanked Nikki for not sharing her information with Victor. Nikki insisted that she wanted to help Victoria, but Victoria snarled and told Nikki to back off.

At Devon's, Nate unsuccessfully tried to convince Devon that exercise would be good for him. Abby arrived at that moment, and she wanted to have a talk with Devon. Nate left to give them privacy. Abby asked if Devon wanted Lily to be treated fairly or if he wanted her to spend the next twenty years in jail. Devon asked Abby to read the statement that he'd prepared for Lily's hearing the following day.

Abby was shocked by Devon's bitterness and commented that it wasn't like him. Devon said he wasn't happy with his statement. He felt it should be harsher and have more impact. He wanted Lily to pay for what she'd done. Abby said that Devon's plans for Lily wouldn't bring Hilary back. Devon barked that Abby's plan wouldn't either.

Abby tried to talk Devon out of condemning Lily, but Devon said that someone had to be held accountable for Hilary and his baby's deaths. He said he was only thinking about his wife and child because no one else was. Abby reminded him that he'd need his family one day. Devon growled that he wanted everyone to stop telling him how to feel. At that moment, Abby received a phone call from Victor, inviting her to join him, Nikki, and Victoria for dinner at the Athletic Club.

As Abby was about to leave, Devon said that nothing was going to change his mind about what he'd say at the sentencing. Abby asked if he really wanted to hurt Lily that way. Devon said it wasn't about hurting Lily -- it was what Hilary and the baby deserved.

A short time later Abby arrived at the Athletic Club. Everyone agreed to let bygones be bygones. Victoria apologized to Abby for taking out her frustrations on Abby, and Abby accepted Victoria's apology. At that moment, Rey approached the table and said he hoped he wasn't interrupting. Abby introduced Rey to Victor and Nikki. Victor and Nikki recalled that they had met Rey on an earlier date.

Victoria asked how Abby and Rey knew each other. Abby explained that Rey was Arturo's brother. Victor asked what Rey did. Rey said was in financial services and apologized for intruding. After Rey left, Victoria didn't look happy.

Victor ordered Champagne to celebrate. He praised Victoria for her dedication to Newman. Abby teased that Victor had laid it on a little thick. Victor invited Abby to return to Newman, but Abby said she was very happy at Dark Horse. Victor asked about her relationship with Arturo. Abby said she was very happy with Arturo, and they were taking things slowly.

Victoria told Victor and Nikki she had to leave, and she kissed them both. Nikki caught up to Victoria before she left the club. Victoria told Nikki that she was going to Crimson Lights. Nikki recognized the signs and realized Victoria was drowning. Nikki said that Victoria couldn't keep denying what had happened between her and J.T. Victoria growled that she wanted Nikki to leave her alone, and she left.

Back at the table, Abby asked if Victor had watched the interchange between Nikki and Victoria, and she wanted to know what was going on between them. Victor admitted that he had no idea. Victor asked Abby about Dark Horse. Abby said she was very happy there and found it very rewarding. She warned Victor that she wouldn't be sharing any company secrets with him. He told Abby that she'd always be welcomed at Newman when she was ready to leave Dark Horse.

Nate and Devon returned from a run at the same time and met in the hallway of their building. Nate asked Devon about his meeting with Abby. Devon complained that Abby only saw one side of the situation. Nate commented that Devon also saw only one side.

Nate said that Devon was wrong in believing he didn't need help. He suggested that Devon needed to get some counseling from a professional. He told Devon that they'd both lost someone very dear to them, but Devon claimed he didn't lose someone -- Hilary and the baby had died because of Lily's irresponsibility. Devon and Nate argued about the differences in their situations. Devon told Nate that he didn't feel guilty about wanting justice for Hilary and his child.

Nate asked if Devon believed that justice would be served if Lily spent the next twenty years in jail and if that would make Devon feel better. Devon admitted it wouldn't, but if no one was held accountable, he'd feel that he'd let Hilary and his child down. He said that if anyone other than Lily had been driving that car, his family would have encouraged him to go after that person and stand up for his wife and child. Nate said he wished there was a solution for both of them. Devon said that it wasn't about him or Lily, but it was what Hilary and his child deserved.

Nate asked how Devon would feel after he'd given his statement at Lily's sentencing. He asked if Devon would feel better knowing that Lily would spend the next twenty years -- watching Mattie's and Charlie's heartbreak when they saw their mother being handcuffed and Neil and Cane looking helpless. Nate said he was only trying to paint a picture of how things would look and how Devon would feel in the aftermath. Nate said that Devon's actions might also alienate his family. Devon admitted that he hadn't thought that far ahead, but at that moment, he wanted justice for Hilary because that would be the last thing he'd ever be able to do for her. Nate told Devon that the future without Hilary would be difficult for him and that he'd need his family's support.

Victor encountered Devon at the Dive Bar. Devon informed Victor that Hilary had loved spending time there. Victor offered his condolences. Devon opened up to Victor about Lily's hearing scheduled for the following day. Devon said that Lily had taken every opportunity to belittle Hilary and hadn't ever taken the time to get to know Hilary and what her upbringing had been like. Lily had had a privileged upbringing and could have shown Hilary some compassion. He felt that Lily could have reached out to Hilary, but in the end, Lily's pettiness had killed Hilary.

Devon asked Victor if he'd made the wrong decision. Victor only offered that Devon had a difficult decision to make. Devon said that it had amazed him how his feelings toward Lily had changed so quickly. Victor said that it happened every time someone did something unforgivable.

Victor told Devon about the difficulties he'd had with Nick, but they'd always been able to reconcile -- except this time, Nick had stepped over the line, and there was no comeback or reconciliation. Victor said that if Devon felt Lily had done irreparable damage, Devon shouldn't let anyone talk him out of what he believed. If Devon felt that he couldn't forgive Lily, it had to be his choice.

Rey arrived at Crimson Lights, and Sharon joyfully called him her hero. She teasingly asked Rey if he could look at the air conditioning unit, since it had been acting up. Phyllis mentioned that Rey had helped her by changing her flat tire. Rey teasingly replied that he'd have to start charging for his services, but he was certain that Sharon and Phyllis were capable of taking care of things themselves. Sharon and Phyllis suggested that if things didn't work out for Rey in financial services, they'd put in a good word for him at Dark Horse. Rey smiled and headed to the patio when Nikki and Victoria arrived.

Nikki and Victoria asked if Sharon and Phyllis knew Rey. Nikki felt that Rey seemed to get around. Sharon and Phyllis said that Rey had helped them, but Victoria was suspicious and commented that Rey had conveniently been at Crimson Lights when the pipe had burst. Sharon said that Rey was there a lot. Victoria asked if he just hung around, but Sharon defended him and said that it was a good place to meet people, especially when someone was new in town. Phyllis told Nikki and Victoria that Rey had fixed her flat tire. Sharon and Phyllis both agreed that Rey was a nice guy.

Abby arrived. Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis told her they had been discussing her friend Rey. Abby replied that Rey wasn't her friend. She'd met him recently because he was Arturo's brother. Abby playfully added that she could see why Victoria was interested in Rey and immediately informed her that he'd been seeing someone. Sharon reported that Rey was married. Abby said that she didn't know much about Rey, only that he was sweet and had been worried that J.T. would be after her. Abby also mentioned that she'd told Rey that J.T. hadn't been the one who'd hacked into Newman's server, but she hadn't revealed that it had been Nick.

After Abby left Crimson Lights, she went to see Nate. When she arrived at Nate's with coffee to celebrate, he said there wasn't much to celebrate because he hadn't been able to get through to Devon. Abby said she was upset because of what Devon had planned to say at Lily's sentencing. Abby said that there had to be someone who could get through to Devon. Nate said he wasn't sure that such a person existed.

After Abby left Crimson Lights, Victoria was perturbed and told Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis that she was concerned about Rey's curiosity regarding J.T. Nikki said that Victoria was being paranoid and that Rey was merely trying to find his place in a new town -- they all needed to relax. Victoria growled that she wasn't being paranoid and asked if anyone else was concerned about Rey asking questions about J.T. She commented that Rey appeared to have gone out of his way to meet all of them.

Rey watched Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria through the windows of the patio door.

Kyle defies Ashley to take Billy down

Kyle defies Ashley to take Billy down

Thursday, August 30, 2018

At Jabot, Kyle mentioned to Ashley that he'd been thinking more about their mutual problem, but she reiterated that she wouldn't go along with any plan that involved getting Billy back into gambling. Kyle insisted that he'd heard her. However, he anticipated that Billy would eventually cross the line on his own, but he wondered if they had time to wait for it to happen. Ashley recognized that Billy had taken the company to the edge, and it was up to them to make sure things didn't go past the point of no return. Ashley was adamant that Billy be stopped, but they had to handle it in a sensitive fashion.

Ashley wondered if Kyle was really done with trying to lure Billy back into gambling. Kyle swore that he was, and he chalked his idea up to Victor and Jack teaching him to look for his opponents' weaknesses. Ashley pushed Kyle to consider how he'd feel if someone fed Jack pills, but Kyle argued that Billy didn't have a chemical issue that he couldn't control. Kyle added that his father had an illness, but Billy was spoiled and entitled. Kyle ranted that Billy got whatever he wanted, and people found Billy's smug, self-satisfying jerk routine charming.

Kyle pointed out that not even Ashley could go full-tilt at Billy, and Ashley questioned what had caused Kyle's grudge. Kyle contended that Jabot mattered to him, and he was a tad jealous because Billy wasn't worthy of his title. Kyle gave his word that Ashley could count on him, and she warned him not to underestimate Billy. Billy arrived and testily asked if either of them did anything besides trying to "shiv" him and the company. Kyle announced that he had a date that evening, and Billy muttered that the woman clearly had no idea what she was getting into. "She'll know soon enough," Kyle replied.

Over the phone, Victoria told Billy that they needed to talk about the kids in person, and he agreed to meet at her office. After they hung up, he informed Ashley that a press release was going live at that moment about the simultaneous grand openings of all the Jaboutiques. He cautioned that if she tried to tank the project, she'd only be doing damage to the company she claimed to love, and he demanded that the sabotage end there and then. Ashley admonished him for not keeping her in the loop when he made his decisions instead of after the fact, but Billy retorted that he still didn't trust her.

Ashley admonished Billy for continuing to throw money at the project, and she questioned where he was getting the capital. Billy snapped that she didn't need to know, and she speculated that he was talking about loans or cutbacks. She warned that people wouldn't "give a damn" about his popcorn machines if they were getting pink-slipped, and the public would think Jabot was slipping if he let go of loyal staffers with children to support. Billy urged her not to get worked up over something that hadn't happened and to let him do his job while she focused on hers -- developing the next big thing. She griped that she had no budget to do so, but he encouraged her to accept that Jabot was on an upswing.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah contemplated changing her cell phone number so that she'd no longer have to wonder why Tessa wasn't calling. Sharon sympathized with how hard it had been for Mariah, who lamented that there had been something wrong with all her relationships. Sharon suggested that Mariah get out to distract herself, and Mariah pledged to go out and paint the town red. After Mariah left, Rey called out to ask if free coffee was still on the menu. Sharon coolly confirmed that it was the deal, but she wanted some answers first.

Rey conceded that he wasn't a licensed plumber, but he stood by his work. Sharon demanded to know exactly what he was doing in Genoa City, since he'd met almost everyone she knew, and she doubted it had been a casual coincidence. He admitted that he was there because of J.T. Sharon chided Rey for not disclosing that he and J.T. were friends, since all the people he'd made a point of meeting would have told him that J.T. would never show his face again after what he'd done to the Newmans. Rey clarified that he didn't even know the guy, since he was just there as a collector to investigate J.T.'s credit card debt.

Sharon wondered why Rey hadn't just said so, and he explained that people usually weren't up-front once they knew what he was after. He swore that he still would have fixed her plumbing and her friend's tire, but Sharon reiterated that Phyllis wasn't her friend. Sharon sternly stated that she didn't like to be lied to for any reason, and she handed him his free coffee as promised. She informed him that J.T. had left a lot of financial and emotional debt in his wake, and no one knew if it would ever be repaid. She implied that Rey was wasting his time in Genoa City, and he said he'd keep it in mind. Rey left, and Sharon pulled out her phone and began writing a text message to Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis.

Victoria's phone pinged, and she read Sharon's message, which confirmed that Rey was in town because of J.T. Victoria stormed over to Crimson Lights and demanded to know what Rey wanted. Sharon explained that he was there because of J.T.'s credit card debt, and she assured Victoria that Rey thought J.T. was in hiding to avoid a debt collector. Victoria worried about what Rey would find if he started investigating, since they'd been covering not only for themselves but for Nick. Sharon relayed that she'd sent Rey on his way, but Victoria insisted that they needed to know what he was up to. Victoria suggested that Sharon make Rey a nice dinner to get him to talk, since they needed to stay one step ahead of him.

Victoria returned to her office and was irked to find Billy at her desk, making a drawing with the kids' school supplies. He reminded her that they'd talked about getting together to reschedule his time with the kids, and he invited her to draw with him. She griped that he was coloring outside the lines, but he countered that the lines were only suggestions. Billy questioned whether he had to get her drunk on rum to get her to lighten up, and he noted that there were adult coloring books to help people with stress. Victoria groaned in anticipation of getting another lecture about stress, but Billy pointed out that he knew her well, and he could tell she wasn't in a good place. He mentioned that he was stressed out himself, and he suggested that they get out of there. She protested, but he begged her to trust him.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Kyle anxiously looked around. Mariah approached and jokingly asked if it was weird for him to be fully clothed up there, and she offered to buy him a drink. She confided that she'd been feeling sorry for herself because of Tessa, and she inquired whether he'd heard anything from his private investigator. He shook his head, and she suggested they do shots. He encouraged her to go home and stream something or eat chocolate cake, but she noticed that he was surveying the deck for someone.

Kyle reluctantly informed Mariah that he had a date, and she solemnly pledged not to let him fall for Summer again. He promised that it wasn't Summer, but Mariah thought the woman could be just as bad. Kyle tried to convince Mariah that it wouldn't make her feel better to be in a place where people were hooking up, and she realized that he was trying to get rid of her. She was determined to check his date out first, and she offered to be Kyle's wing woman. He objected, but she promised to make it clear that she wasn't interested in him.

Mariah pointed out that Kyle had only just stopped being a complete jerk and that he had terrible taste in women, so she clearly wasn't his type. Kyle was sure his date would love to hear it, and Sinead walked by. Kyle complained that Mariah wasn't helping him at all, and he thought getting drunk wouldn't help her, either. Mariah realized that he really wanted her to leave, and she remarked that she'd been wrong because he hadn't stopped being a complete jerk. She figured that he would blow his date, anyway, and she walked away.

Kyle approached Sinead at her table and regretted that he'd been seconds too late to buy her a drink, but he offered to buy her the next one. She protested that one was her limit, since she had plans with a deck of cards and a stack of chips. Kyle thought it sounded edgy, and she confirmed that it was -- if he considered betting a house risky. He recalled that he'd put his car on the line once, and she bragged that she'd won. He wondered if she'd ever lost, and he asked if she'd ever heard of someone with a certain last name whom she owed a lot of money. Sinead panicked that Kyle worked for the guy, but Kyle contended that he could make her debt disappear.

Sinead assumed there were strings, and she firmly stated that her answer was no. Kyle clucked that she owed a lot of money, and he could swoop in to help in exchange for a small favor that he was willing to pay for. He added that it involved a mutual rival of theirs, but his expression darkened when he spotted Billy walk in with Victoria. Kyle suggested that he and Sinead go someplace and talk, and he urged her not to blow the biggest score of her life. She agreed to give him five minutes, and they headed out.

Downstairs, Kyle explained that he needed Billy to lose a lot of money, and not just cash. He stressed that Billy needed to lose so badly that he'd go into debt because he couldn't cover the loss. Kyle swore that it would be a clean transaction in which Sinead would get Billy to a game and make him bet big, and Kyle would take care of her personal debt. He handed her a huge envelope of cash as a down payment and promised that the rest would be paid in full once Billy was deep in the red. Sinead asked why Kyle thought she could pull it off, and he reasoned that Billy wouldn't be able to resist the challenge of an old rival. Kyle leaned in to give her details about what she needed to do.

At the Dive Bar, Victoria protested that she didn't want to drink, but Billy insisted that it was about being in the open air, since corporate offices weren't good for the complexion. She turned the topic to the kids, and he referred to Katie not wanting to go back to school. Billy recalled that Johnny had also had the jitters before starting kindergarten, but Reed had helped him through it. Victoria lamented that Reed was closed off those days, and Billy was sure it was difficult for the teen to hear anything about J.T. Victoria recounted Billy's mention of also being under stress, and she wondered if it was connected to Phyllis.

Billy revealed that Ashley had been breathing down his neck because she didn't trust him, and he didn't trust her, either. Victoria sympathized that working with relatives could be complicated, but she reminded him that business didn't erase what family was to one another. He realized that she'd deflected back to him, but he put the focus back on her. He admitted that he'd been worried about her since she'd blown up at him before he'd gone to Philadelphia, and she blamed it on not getting much sleep because of Katie. Billy pointed out that Victoria never got rattled, and he pressed to know what had her on edge.

Victoria said she was late for a meeting downstairs, and Billy pushed her to reschedule. She insisted that she could handle her job, although she wouldn't pretend things were easy just to keep people from worrying. She argued that it was stressful being a single mom, and the time to worry was if she wasn't stressed out. Billy assured her that she could trust him and that he would do anything for her, and he implored her to tell him anything she wanted to talk about while he listened. She appreciated it but refused to run to him with her problems.

Victoria declared that she was happy Billy had moved into the Abbott house because he could have more overnights with the kids, but she didn't believe that was why he'd done it. He conceded that living with Phyllis' adult offspring hadn't been a good idea. Victoria acknowledged that both she and Billy were fine and that they were both committed to making sure their kids stayed fine, so life would go on. Victoria departed.

Sinead sauntered over to Billy and bet him 50 bucks that it would rain that night, but he replied that she'd be better off spending her money on an umbrella. She imagined keeping the money in her piggy bank for the next tournament buy-in, but she guessed that Billy wouldn't be there because it was for the best of the best. She taunted that it would have been fun to beat him one last time.

Sinead toasted to Billy's surrender, and she prepared to go home and notch her belt. Billy asserted that he'd moved on, which happened when one had a full life away from the table. Sinead countered that she'd seen him play like a gladiator on a field of battle, and she knew he loved the win. She crowed that she was still bound for glory, and she wanted to rake in the next pot so badly she could taste it. Billy wished her luck as she walked away, but he looked thoughtful.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley gently touched a family photo on the mantel. Kyle returned home and asked if there had been any updates with Billy, and Ashley inquired how Kyle's date had gone. He replied that he probably wouldn't see the woman again, but he imagined she was already meeting another sucker by then. He wished Ashley goodnight and headed upstairs.

Sharon greeted Rey at the cottage, and he handed her a dessert he'd picked up. He said he'd been surprised to hear from her, but he appreciated her reaching out. She claimed that she felt terrible about how she'd reacted about J.T., and she chalked it up to J.T. being a painful subject for Nick's family. Rey admitted that he should have been truthful sooner, but he was just a guy collecting money for a living. He swore that meeting her and Nick had been a nice change of pace, and he hadn't had a home-cooked meal in a long time.

Sharon asked Rey how his job was going, and she inquired whether he had any leads. He assumed that she didn't want the boring details, but she pointed out that it was new to her, and she pressed to know how he tracked down someone who didn't want to be found. Mariah returned home, complaining about her lack of friends and unsuccessful adventure, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw Rey. Sharon announced that they had company for dinner.

After dinner, Mariah quizzed Rey about repossessing luxury automobiles. Sharon steered the conversation back to why anyone would do anything about J.T.'s debt when no one knew where he was. Rey maintained that it was his job, and he asked if the women knew whether J.T. had found what he'd been looking for, since he'd vanished right after he'd last appeared in town. Sharon wondered how Rey knew about that, and he mentioned the police reports. Sharon imagined that he knew as much as anyone, and she excused herself to answer the phone. She became alarmed when security alerted her that there was an intruder on the property.

Rey closed the curtains and mentioned that he'd just seen two guys walking around. He inquired about the security measures the ranch had in place, and Sharon informed him that there was a whole team to take care of it. Mariah freaked out when she spotted a figure outside, and Rey advised them to get down and be quiet. Sharon objected to Rey going outside, but he pulled out a gun and opened the door.

After Rey stepped outside, Mariah questioned whether it was normal for someone who repossessed cars to carry a gun. She figured that they should be freaked out if J.T. was out there, but Sharon insisted that he wasn't. Mariah asked why Sharon had invited Rey over, since he stood to find out that Nick had been the one using J.T.'s credit cards. Sharon explained that she'd thought it would be smart to find out what Rey knew about everything. Rey returned with the intruder -- Tessa.

Nate helps Victoria after a panic attack

Nate helps Victoria after a panic attack

Friday, August 31, 2018

At the cottage, Mariah didn't understand why Tessa had lurked outside rather than just knocking. Sharon explained to Rey that they knew Tessa very well, and she told Tessa that security had reported her as an intruder. A shaken Tessa remained silent, and Mariah led her to the couch. Sharon asked Rey if he always carried a gun, and he reasoned that people sometimes didn't like debt collectors showing up on their doorsteps. Sharon found it odd that he'd taken a gun to a friendly dinner invitation, and he claimed that his hotel didn't have a safe, so he hadn't been comfortable leaving it behind. He abruptly thanked her and headed out. Meanwhile, Mariah hugged Tessa and thanked God she was okay.

Mariah handed Tessa a glass of water, and Tessa whimpered that her mouth had gone dry when she'd seen the security guard. Sharon clarified that Rey wasn't a guard but her guest, and Mariah noted that he'd sprung into action like he'd been ready to take someone out. Tessa shuddered at how unnerving her encounter with Rey had been after everything she'd been through, and Mariah pushed to know exactly what had been going on while Tessa had been gone. Tessa revealed that she'd gotten Crystal to Canada to give her a fresh start with a new job, identity, and place to live.

Mariah recalled that she and Tessa had gotten cut off during their last phone call, and she'd been terrified that something had happened to Tessa. Tessa explained that she'd needed help to get Crystal across the border, and she hadn't trusted the people she'd been working with to help her. She continued that they'd walked in while she'd been on the call with Mariah, so she'd gotten off the phone to avoid dragging Mariah into it. Mariah divulged that she'd had nightmares when she hadn't heard from Tessa for weeks, and Tessa stressed that she'd been focused on getting Crystal settled so that Tessa could get back to Mariah like she'd promised. Sharon still had questions.

Sharon criticized Tessa for leaving her little sister alone, but Tessa insisted that Crystal was safe, although she couldn't share the details. Mariah contended that Crystal was lucky to have Tessa, but Sharon admonished Tessa for letting Mariah suffer by not getting word to her. Tessa apologized, and Mariah shared that it had been hard not knowing whether Tessa had blown her off or been lying in the gutter, bleeding. Sharon questioned whether Tessa honestly cared about Mariah's feelings, and Tessa contended that she'd left her sister in Canada and returned to Genoa City just to be with Mariah. Security called Sharon, who informed them that they could stop combing the grounds.

Later, Tessa reported that Mariah was putting away the dishes, and Sharon didn't respond as she stared at her computer screen. Tessa lamented that she'd lost Sharon's trust, and she hoped to earn it back, but Sharon remained wary. Mariah returned and invited Tessa to go out for coffee, but Sharon insisted that they had more to talk about. Mariah recalled that she'd supported Sharon when Sharon and Nick had gotten back together, and she wanted Sharon to do the same thing for her and Tessa. Sharon said she just wanted Mariah to be happy, and she hoped things worked out exactly how Mariah wanted them to.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa thanked Mariah for the save. Mariah responded that Sharon had meant well, but Mariah hadn't been able to take the hovering. Tessa conceded that she should have been in better touch, and Mariah pointed out that Sharon had become very good at picking up on it when someone wasn't giving the whole story. Mariah guessed that Tessa was holding back about what had happened in Canada, and she pushed Tessa to tell her every detail.

Tessa divulged that things hadn't ended well with the guys who had helped her smuggle Crystal out, and they'd demanded $20,000. Tessa continued that they'd let her return to Genoa City to get the cash, and Mariah questioned what would happen if Tessa didn't cough up the money. Tessa didn't want to know, and she explained that it was why she'd freaked out when Rey had grabbed her. Mariah was determined to figure something out, but Tessa opted not to do it that night, since she was just grateful to be back with Mariah, where she belonged.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria approached Devon and asked how things were going, and he admitted that he'd been better. He mentioned that her father had given him some good advice, since Victor understood that forgiveness had its limits. Devon grumbled that forgiving people gave them permission to hurt others again or worse, and Victoria assumed that he was talking about Lily. Devon complained that Lily was all anyone wanted to talk about, but he questioned whether he was just supposed to move on and forget that his future with Hilary had ever existed.

Victoria acknowledged that Hilary would always be a big part of Devon, and she swore that everyone was very sorry for his loss. Devon didn't think everyone included Lily and Cane, since their priority was keeping Lily out of trouble. Victoria saw the situation from both sides, but Devon couldn't, since he believed Cane never should have forced Charlie and Shauna to keep quiet about Lily running the red light. Devon blamed Cane for delaying justice for Hilary.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria jumped when there was a knock at her office door. Rey appeared and apologetically mentioned that the receptionist hadn't been there. He explained that he'd just been at Sharon's and that Sharon had been very curious about what he did for work. He continued that he wasn't used to people being interested in debt collection, and Victoria pointed out that most people weren't evasive about their occupations. Rey had figured that it would put people at ease if they didn't know his purpose for being there, but it had made everyone jumpy -- especially her.

Rey noted that Victoria had a lot on her plate with her long work hours, her kids, and her split with her ex. He understood that the last thing she'd needed was a stranger showing up and asking probing questions, but it hadn't been his intent to make her feel uncomfortable. Victoria huffed that his intention had clearly been to get information out of them, and she surmised that he wasn't there to apologize but was on the clock.

Rey wondered if Victoria was worried that he might think she'd used J.T.'s credit card. She found the idea ridiculous, but he said it happened sometimes with angry exes. Victoria argued that the card had been used to ship stolen files to her office, and she questioned whether he was accusing her of hacking into her own company. Rey asserted that it was his job to find out who had used the credit card and hadn't paid the bill, and she reminded him that J.T. had been caught on Newman's surveillance footage, so Rey could stop pestering everyone. He cited a source that had claimed J.T. hadn't hacked into Newman.

Victoria protested that Abby didn't work there anymore and that she didn't know how badly J.T. had wanted to hurt Victoria. Rey pondered what Victoria was doing there alone at night if she still perceived J.T. to be a threat. Victoria ignored an incoming call from Sharon and pointedly stated that she'd return the call after Rey left. Sharon left a voicemail to alert Victoria to the fact that Rey carried a gun, and she thought they should all keep their distance from him because he could be dangerous. Victoria announced that she had a solution that would make everyone happy, and she pulled out her checkbook to repay J.T.'s entire debt.

Rey explained that his job wasn't just to recover money but to get answers, and he was as frustrated as Victoria was about how long it was taking. He was certain that she knew more than she was willing to admit, or she wouldn't be that eager to make him go away. He sensed that she was a good person who was in over her head, and he cautioned that it would be a mistake to handle it all on her own. Victoria maintained that she had no information for him, and she declared that they were done. After Rey departed, Victoria struggled to catch her breath. In the corridor, Rey made a call and reported that he'd found Victoria. "She bought it," he proudly stated.

Victoria listened to Sharon's message about Rey, and she began panting and shaking. She managed to pull a business card out of her purse, and her fingers trembled as she called Nate. She stammered that she was at the office and having a reaction to something she'd eaten, since her heart was pounding, and she couldn't breathe. She begged him to hurry. Nate rushed over to the office, and Victoria indicated that she was getting worse, since she felt dizzy. She wondered if she was having a heart attack, but he assured her that it would all be okay. He coached her to breathe.

At Neil's penthouse, Nate fetched Victoria a glass of water as she calmed down. He pulled out a stethoscope and advised her to take deep breaths, and he said her heart sounded fine. She shakily recounted that she'd been terrified when she'd felt like she'd been suffocating, and she wondered if it was allergies. Nate determined that she'd suffered a panic attack. He reminded her that he'd reached out before because he'd sensed there was something troubling her, and he noted that she'd been in an abusive relationship recently.

Nate cited a study about how fearful moments left a deeper impression in the brain than happy ones. Victoria confided that she sometimes felt like J.T. still controlled her, and she hated that she couldn't get away from those feelings. She shared that she could still feel J.T. choking her, and she regretted that she'd taken him back because everything would be different if she'd thrown him out. Nate took her into his arms while she cried, but she pulled away and apologized. He swore that he would never judge her, but she bolted upstairs.

Victoria returned after regaining her composure. She politely thanked Nate for his time and promised to send a check in the morning. She trusted that doctor-patient confidentiality applied to their visit. He accepted that she didn't want to continue the conversation with him, but he urged her to see a therapist. She protested that talking about things didn't always help, and it sometimes made them much worse. She swore that she wouldn't burden him with her problems again, and she headed out.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily reeled from the fact that it might literally be her last free evening, since any sentence would start after her hearing the next day. Michael confirmed that it was the way it worked, but Cane pointed out that prison time wasn't a done deal. Michael instructed Lily to answer the judge's questions sincerely and briefly, and he promised to do everything in his power to make sure she got the leniency she deserved.

After Michael left, Cane anticipated that everything would be easier once Lily got probation, and they could pick up the pieces of their lives and move on. She recognized that he was trying to put on a brave face, but she steeled herself for the possibility of something more than a light sentence. Cane urged her to tell him what he could do, and she requested that he give her a night that she'd remember for the next 20 years if she had to. They embraced.

At the Athletic Club, Lily prepared to remember every detail of the evening, and Cane informed her that he'd ordered her favorites, including a special dessert. They fawned over one another, but Cane froze when he spotted Devon looking at them. Cane approached Devon at the bar and insisted that he and Lily weren't out celebrating, but he was just trying to take her mind off everything with her sentencing about to happen.

Cane invited Devon to join them, but Devon didn't think it was a good idea. Cane inquired whether Devon planned to use it against Lily when he gave his statement to the judge. Devon intended to talk to the judge about Hilary, their child, and how the bottom had dropped out of his world when they'd died tragically and needlessly. Cane said he was sorry, and Devon advised him to enjoy his time with his wife.

Devon wandered up to the rooftop and stared at the empty set of GC Buzz. He ran into Michael, and he wondered if Michael was there to ask him to go easy on Lily, just like everyone else had. Michael bet that Lily hadn't told Devon to do that, and Devon grumbled that she'd had Michael and Cane do it for her. Michael asserted that they both knew that it wasn't who Lily was, since she wasn't ducking responsibility and had pleaded guilty to aggressive charges. Devon barked that she'd had no defense, but Michael contended that he could have launched an attack on the appropriateness of the charges if Lily had authorized him to do so.

Michael added that it would have led to a legal battle that would have been damaging to Lily's entire family, but she wasn't the kind of person who would let everyone go through that. Michael wished everything hadn't happened so fast because Devon was still in the process of dealing with it, but Devon was sure that he wouldn't miss the love of his life any less weeks or months from then. Michael encouraged Devon to tell the court who Hilary had been and what she would have wanted for him moving forward, and Devon testily asked if they'd taught him how to manipulate people in law school. Devon expected Michael to tell him that Hilary wouldn't have wanted him to cut himself off from the love and support of his family. Michael replied that he'd never thought of that, but Devon apparently had. Michael walked away.

Meanwhile, Cane suggested a nightcap or going dancing, but Lily first wanted to know what Devon had said. Cane vaguely replied that Devon couldn't see past his pain, and she insisted that she didn't want the kids to blame Devon if things turned out the way she thought they might. Cane tabled the discussion until later, since he just wanted to enjoy the evening with his beautiful wife. They headed out.

On the roof, Cane pointed to a plane in the sky and envisioned the flight taking him and Lily anywhere she wanted to go. She told him to guess where that was, and he replied, "Paris it is." As they slow-danced, Lily thanked Cane for a perfect night and for knowing what she'd needed. She felt like she was dancing on clouds, and he pledged to be stronger once they made it to the other side. They held one another close.

At Crimson Lights, Charlie affectionately called his parents dorky for sending photos of their dinner together, but Mattie found it sweet that Cane and Lily had wanted to share their evening with them. Charlie imagined that their dad would be a wreck if their mom left, and Mattie guessed that Cane was hiding it for their sakes, much like how Charlie was hiding how much he missed Shauna. Charlie lamented that getting back together would be too much stress on Lily, but Mattie insisted that Lily was fine because she was out on a hot date. Mattie pointed out that Shauna had just walked in.

Mattie made herself scarce, and Charlie reiterated that Shauna knew why they couldn't be together. Shauna figured that they would see one another at the sentencing, and it would be weird if they didn't talk before then. Charlie thought there was nothing they could do about the whole thing being messed up, but Shauna proposed that they help one another through it -- if he'd let her. They kissed.

Devon returned to his penthouse, where he told Shauna that he'd had a long day. He started to head up to bed, but she wanted to talk first. She informed him that she and Charlie had gotten back together but that they hadn't broken the rules, since they'd met at the coffeehouse. Devon considered it good news as long as the teens spent time in public, and he wondered if they'd discussed what she would say at the hearing. She confirmed that they hadn't, and Devon encouraged her just to speak from the heart.

Shauna worried that she would say the wrong thing or feel like she was letting Hilary down. Devon empathized because he'd had a dozen people tell him what he should and shouldn't say, but the only voice that mattered was Hilary's. Devon called Hilary a complicated person who had fought for everything she'd had in life, and he believed she wouldn't want him to get steamrolled by his family, but she'd also had compassion for people. Shauna asked how much blame he was going to place on Lily.

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