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Ava set up Sasha and Griffin. Jordan and Curtis celebrated with family and friends the night before their wedding. Stella ran into an old flame. Carly received information about the patient at Ferncliff. Cam told Josslyn about Oscar's illness.
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Ava sets up Sasha and Griffin

Ava sets up Sasha and Griffin

Monday, November 19, 2018

At Metro Court, Ava had easy access to the soup that Sasha had ordered from room service and managed to slip the contents of her sample sleeping capsule into it.

Nearby, Curtis seated Jordan at a table and commended her on her beautiful appearance. Jordan reminded him that she would be spending the evening before their wedding alone, immersed in a spa treatment, courtesy of Olivia. Curtis informed her that he'd had no word from Stella regarding her non-appearance at the wedding. Jordan presented Curtis with a pair of cufflinks, and Curtis gave Jordan a bracelet filled with happiness and love.

Finally, Jordan informed Curtis that she had to get to her room. Curtis offered to escort her to the door. They kissed outside of Jordan's room, and Jordan finally went inside. Confetti rained down all around her. Curtis headed down the hall until someone grabbed him.

Room service delivered the meal to Sasha as Ava lingered out of sight nearby. Ava managed to prevent the door from closing all the way when room service departed. Shortly after, Ava made her way into Sasha's room and found the young woman sprawled on the bed, sound asleep. "Sweet dreams, princess," Ava uttered.

Ava poured glasses of Champagne and dribbled some on Sasha's lips. She decorated the room with lingerie tossed on the bed. She tucked Sasha into bed then sent Griffin a text message from Sasha's phone. As Sasha, Ava asked Griffin to meet her and Kiki for a meeting to resolve their differences.

Michael encountered Griffin at Kelly's, and he thanked him for enduring the unending questioning he'd received at the hospital. Griffin acknowledged that he loved his job and was eager to get back to it. Stella and Mike arrived looking for some pie, and Michael hugged his grandfather. Stella reintroduced Mike to Griffin, who received a text message and left. Michael announced that he had to go as well.

Stella and Mike sat at a table, and Stella teased Mike about his new friend, Yvonne. Suddenly, a man approached their table and called out to Stella. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was her old flame, Marcus. He hugged her and told her how good it was to see her. Stella was speechless. She introduced the guys, and Mike grabbed another chair for Marcus.

Marcus explained that his wife was receiving treatment in Port Charles, and he had wanted to be near her. Stella thought the woman had to be thankful. Marcus went on to say that he had always believed he'd see Stella again. Mike disclosed that she was saving the world, "one social service client at a time." Mike was impressed, but Stella stood and announced that Sonny and Carly were probably looking for Mike.

Mike went off to buy some cookies for Avery, and he sent a text message to someone. Marcus wondered if Stella was happy, and he asked if she had married. Stella informed him that she was happy, but she had never found the right man.

Kim and Drew were leaving Kelly's, and they discussed their meeting with Diane before Oscar's trial. Drew suggested they prepare for the outcome, but Kim was certain that Oscar would lose. They sat down outside to continue their talk. Drew reminded Kim that Oscar could win, and they would need to honor his choices.

Kim refused to accept the fact that Oscar might win. She argued that she'd accepted everything else, but she refused to allow her son to throw his life away. She didn't care about the court decision. Drew tried to explain that it was out of their hands, but Kim refused to give up. Drew couldn't believe that Kim had stated that she would ignore a court order. Kim couldn't understand Drew's disbelief.

Kim maintained that Oscar could get worse, and then it would be too late for the drug trial. She had a plan for them to kidnap Oscar and flee the country, where they could force Oscar into treatment. She told Drew about a doctor and a new treatment in Brazil. Drew thought the idea was insane, and he asked how she planned to force Oscar to do what she wanted. He wasn't a little boy.

Drew tried to tell Kim that they knew nothing about the doctor or treatment or even if it would be safe. He added that her fight with Oscar was taking time away from time spent with Oscar. He didn't know if Kim's plan would work, but he wasn't going to betray their son. Kim shouted that Oscar could die without treatment, and she stormed off.

Kiki ran into Franco at the hospital and told him about meeting her new half-sister. "Karma got the last laugh," Kiki added. She had gotten more than she'd bargained for with Sasha. Kiki explained that while they shared the same father, they hadn't shared the same boundaries, and she'd gotten "weird vibes" from Sasha.

Kiki declared that Sasha had been too comfortable with Griffin, and she'd tried to clear the air by sending Sasha out of their shared apartment. She had hoped for good family relations, but it was difficult because she'd only been familiar with dysfunction. Franco reminded her of who she was talking to, but he mentioned how far he'd gotten with "love and trust." He was where he was thanks to both Kiki and Elizabeth.

Franco insisted that his life had started with Kiki. "You tamed the Lone Wolf," he told her. Kiki replied that she had seen beyond what others had seen. As their conversation continued, Franco decided he'd had enough of their "sappy conversation." Kiki gave him a big kiss on the cheek as he departed.

Kiki spotted Michael and asked about his latest meeting with Griffin. Michael informed her that it had gone well, but the decision to have Griffin return to the hospital wasn't his call. Kiki insisted she had a "good feeling." She and Michael talked about Kiki's choice to attend medical school, and Kiki admitted that she finally had a purpose and couldn't believe she had done it.

Michael assured Kiki that she deserved to be happy, and Morgan would have wanted the same. Kiki appreciated Michael's support, and she told him how she had regretted breaking up with Morgan because she had loved him. She told Michael he deserved happiness, also, and it was time for him to move on. Michael replied that he had been trying.

Sam arrived at Charlie's Pub, looking for Kristina. Her sister was nowhere to be found, and she sat at the bar. Julian offered to make her a drink, and they chatted about Wiley. Julian assured her he wasn't involved with the baby, but he'd be able to get photos and stories second-hand over dinners. Sam was astonished that Julian had been meeting Lucas for dinner.

Julian advised her it was on Lucas' terms, and Sam could do the same if she chose. Eventually, Sam declared that Kristina had chosen to hang out with Daisy instead. Julian told her the drink was on the house. "This time," Sam replied.

Monica and Oscar returned to the Quartermaine mansion after a grand tour of all of the family's interests throughout the community. Monica explained that the family had "shaped" the community, and Oscar could also contribute "before you choose to close the doors so easily."

Oscar admitted he'd loved the library. He and Monica sat down with mugs of hot drinks. Oscar disclosed that he'd read a book about his great-grandfather, and he wished he could have met him. He thought that Edward would think of him as a quitter, but he didn't want to be a guinea pig in a drug trial. Monica offered to answer his medical questions as best as she could.

Oscar wanted to know what would happen next, and he and Monica discussed symptoms. Monica explained that she couldn't predict the order of the way things would happen.

Later, Oscar hugged his grandmother goodbye and thanked her for not telling him what to do. Monica declared that she would stand by him no matter what. Oscar appeared to have a moment of indecision.

Griffin knocked on Sasha's open hotel room door, and he called out. After some silence, he walked inside and saw Sasha in the bed. "Are you okay?" he asked. Just then, Ava ran up behind him and knocked him out with a blow to the back of his head with the Champagne bottle. Ava planted Griffin in bed beside Sasha after removing his clothing. She helped herself to some Champagne. "To true love," she said.

Ava got to the hospital and saw Franco. She asked about Kiki's whereabouts, and Franco replied that Kiki was working. Ava grew misty as she spoke about her regret for turning her back on her daughter and her need to protect Kiki from Griffin. Ava revealed that she had seen Griffin with another woman, and it would break Kiki's heart.

Ava went on to explain that she'd seen Griffin and Sasha go up to Sasha's room. She was there to warn Kiki. She was extremely upset, and she knew that Kiki wouldn't believe her. Franco offered to talk to Kiki instead. Ava wanted Kiki to see for herself that Sasha and Griffin were probably in bed together. Franco asked for the room number. He declared that he would give Kiki the protection she needed.

Franco found Kiki and pulled her aside. He told her what he'd heard, but Kiki didn't believe him. He gave her the room number, and Kiki took off and ran onto the elevator. Ava eavesdropped. Franco advised Ava that he hadn't liked hurting Kiki, but Ava clarified that it was Griffin who had.

Sam found Drew sitting outside of Kelly's, and she sat down next to him. She could see he was out of sorts, and she offered to help. Drew asked if she could do magic and provide him with more time for Oscar. Sam showed him the latest photos of Scout instead, and Drew admitted that he had needed that.

Drew felt guilty for being happy for Scout, but Sam assured him it wasn't a betrayal of Oscar. She added that Oscar was aware that Drew would do anything for him. "Would I!" Drew said.

Stella disclosed that she was happy to have seen Marcus, and she mentioned what a small world it was. Just then, Michael walked inside Kelly's to give Mike the ride home he had said he'd needed. Mike suggested that Marcus look after Stella, and Marcus invited Stella to join him for coffee.

A frantic Kim ran into the pub and told Julian she needed him to use his illegal contacts, after all. She needed fake passports and other items, and she wanted Julian to help her kidnap Oscar to save him. She explained that Drew wouldn't help. Julian thought that Kim was taking a "big step," but she pleaded with him until he finally relented and agreed to help.

The most notorious faces in Port Charles history make an appearance

The most notorious faces in Port Charles history make an appearance

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

At Kelly's, Stella admitted that she'd tried and failed to find Marcus on social media, but she wasn't sure he'd want to talk to her after the last fight they'd had. Marcus insisted that he understood that she'd needed to "do right" by her sister and her kids. He reasoned that he wouldn't have met his wife had Stella stayed. He asked about the boys, and Stella informed him that Curtis was getting married the next day. "You must be thrilled!" Marcus exclaimed, but Stella only said that she was "happy that he's happy."

Marcus asked about Thomas, and Stella divulged that he'd died in a "friendly fire incident" and mentioned how angry she still was over it. Marcus related that he'd been angry when his wife had been diagnosed, but while anger felt like fuel, "forgiveness gives life." He had to get back to his wife, so he gave Stella a hug. He said that he was glad to see her happy, and he left.

On the phone with Spinelli at Metro Court, Carly wondered if he'd had any breakthroughs. Not getting a satisfactory answer, she asked him to keep her updated and hung up. Carly approached Ava and commented that Ava usually kept her distance while Carly was there. "Things are finally going my way," Ava explained. Carly was horrified at the comment, since Ava had recently found a decapitated body in her gallery. Ava shot back that she'd been questioned and wasn't a suspect. Carly ordered Ava to get out or be escorted out by security, and she walked away.

"Kevin" walked up to Kelly's as Laura left, and she wanted to warn him that he was about to have to answer a lot of questions about what had been going on. She explained that she had to release a statement for her campaign about their separation, so reporters would likely reach out to him. "Kevin" simply stated that he would tell them that he and Laura had grown apart. "Is that what you think happened?" Laura asked.

Laura noticed that "Kevin" had already taken his ring off, even though they weren't divorced yet. Ava hid around a corner and listened as Laura questioned why he was so ready to let their marriage go. "I'm not the same man I was when you left for a year," he replied. "Message received," she stated, and she left. "Kevin" called out to Ava, surprised to see her out and about. She revealed that she'd decided not to take the sleeping pills, as she believed that she would "sleep like a baby tonight."

Ava continued that it wouldn't be long until Kiki realized that Griffin was wrong for her and ran back to Ava. He was happy for her, and she was grateful to him for encouraging her to go after what she wanted. She wondered if he was reconciling with Laura, but he informed her that they were going public with their separation. He thought it was the best thing "for many reasons," but Ava thought it was always a shame when a marriage ended.

Griffin and Sasha were unconscious in bed as Kiki knocked on the door. She entered the room and looked at the two in horror. Griffin woke up and was confused by his surroundings. He insisted that it wasn't what it looked like, but Kiki yelled at him to stay away from her. She ran out, and Griffin followed, getting dressed along the way. Sasha woke up, looked around, and fell back asleep.

Kiki stormed into the Metro Court bar and ordered a drink. Griffin explained to Kiki about Sasha texting him to apologize, but he realized that the text was gone. He promised that he would never cheat on her, but she reminded him that he'd cheated on her mother. Laura entered and asked Carly what was going on. Carly didn't know, but she figured that she would soon have to ask them to leave. "Trouble in paradise," Carly sighed. "That's going around," Laura said in tears. "My marriage is falling apart," she cried as she collapsed into Carly's arms.

Griffin reminded Kiki how complicated their night together had been, but Kiki knew what she'd seen. Griffin explained that he only remembered entering the room. He felt a lump on the back of his head and suggested that someone was setting him up. A few minutes later, the two were back in Sasha's room, and Griffin was checking Sasha's vitals. Due to her oversized pupils and shaking hands, he guessed that she'd been drugged.

"I bet I know who did it," Kiki spat. Griffin gave Sasha some water so they could flush the drugs out of her system. She was in disbelief that she'd been "roofied," especially since she hadn't had anything to drink. She explained that she'd only ordered room service, and Griffin noticed the tray. Sasha wondered why someone would want to drug her. "I have a pretty good idea," Griffin answered.

"Mom, you selfish bitch," Kiki growled as she tried to slap Ava. Kiki revealed that she knew about Ava drugging Sasha and knocking Griffin out to stage that they'd slept together. Ava asked for privacy with her daughter, so "Kevin" walked away. Kiki accused Ava of learning nothing from what she'd done to Morgan. She added that Griffin could have died because Ava used people as weapons to hurt Kiki. Ava insisted that everything she'd done had been for Kiki, since she knew that Griffin would hurt Kiki in the end.

Kiki shot back that Ava's actions stemmed from competing with Kiki over younger men and not being able to see Kiki happy. She remembered Ava letting her do whatever she'd wanted as a kid. She'd always thought that Ava had been the coolest mom, but she realized that Ava just didn't know how to be one. "Maybe you never wanted to be one," Kiki suggested. She informed Ava that, if Griffin and Sasha decided to go to the police, Kiki wouldn't hesitate to back up their story, and she stormed off.

Anna and Molly herded a blindfolded Jordan into the Port Charles Museum of Mayhem just as T.J. and Finn led a blindfolded Curtis in. They took off their blindfolds and heard, "Surprise!" as Nina, Maxie, Lulu, Sam, Chase, Valerie, and Alexis rushed in. Anna explained that she and Nina had consulted and decided on escape rooms as bachelor and bachelorette parties, since the bride and groom had vetoed everything else. Nina added that they would be in separate rooms to add some competition. She added that they'd needed another person, so she'd invited Peter.

T.J. listened as the host of the escape room talked on the phone. The host said into the phone that he was leaving when his shift was over, "whether you're here or not." The host then led the bride's group to a room and collected everyone's cell phone. He explained the premise of the room -- "your boat has just docked at Cassadine Island," he started. He continued that Helena and her allies had just stolen "the formula for carbonic snow" and were about to launch the world into the next ice age. He wished them luck and left.

The lights went up in the room, and the bride's group saw four mannequins, each with a face on it, featuring Jerry, Helena, Stavros, and Faison. Molly explained that everyone needed to look for clues, so everyone began to look. Talking to Jerry's mannequin, Alexis commented that she didn't understand how people thought that escape rooms were fun.

As Anna looked at Faison's mannequin, Jordan wondered if everyone just wanted to go to the Floating Rib. Everyone agreed, but Jordan found that the door was actually locked. She called out about the business breaking fire codes. Maxie thought that the host was supposed to monitor the game at all times.

The host led Curtis' group into another room and explained that they'd been kidnapped by Ryan Chamberlain. They'd been taken to a funhouse carnival, but there was a gas leak, so they had to escape before meeting "the same fate as Ryan." The host left, and the lights went up on four mannequins featuring Franco, Heather, Diego Alcazar, and Ryan. As Sam studied Diego, Finn wondered if she'd been in town during Diego's reign of terror. She answered that she had lived through the Text Message Killer.

T.J. and Chase talked about Ryan's murder spree as they studied his mannequin. T.J. noticed a "C" on the knife held by the mannequin and figured it might be a clue for later. Sam remembered Heather terrorizing her just like Franco had, and she said to Peter that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Peter thought it was a bad idea for him to be there and went to leave, but the door was locked. They wondered where the host was.

At the front of the Museum of Mayhem, the host was asleep with headphones on and his feet up on the desk. In front of him were two live feeds of the escape rooms that showed everyone in both rooms waving at the cameras.

Jordan refused to be stuck in the escape room overnight, since she was getting married the next day. Molly answered that they just needed to beat the game in time. Lulu and Maxie approached Stavros' mannequin, and Lulu noticed a cup in its hand, out of which she pulled a chess piece that Maxie recognized as a queen. Jordan frisked Jerry's mannequin and found a small lockbox with a combination lock. Valerie and Molly noticed that the bookcase was blocking something, but they couldn't move it.

Anna told Valerie and Molly to look for a book by P.K. Sinclair, and Molly found one entitled "Daughter of Eternity." Pages twenty-two and ninety-nine were folded over, so Jordan punched the numbers into the box. She opened the box and found a floppy disk. Meanwhile, Alexis poked Helena's mannequin and remarked that it was "warmer than the real thing." She tauntingly showed the mannequin her mother's watch. Just then, she noticed a paper underneath Helena's brooch and handed it to Molly, who recognized it as a configuration for a game of chess.

Molly and Valerie began to set up the chess board, but they were missing a piece. Lulu walked over and handed over the queen. Molly put it into place, and they heard the rattling of metal. Valerie realized that the chess board unlocked the bookcase, so she and Molly moved it to reveal another room that contained a computer. Jordan tried the door on the other side, but it was locked. Maxie warned everyone that they only had six minutes left.

As the groom's group feared that they were trapped for the night, T.J. reminded everyone that there was "one way out." Finn found a safe behind a clown mannequin labeled "Property of MOCA." Sam realized that it stood for Museum of Contemporary Art, where Franco had had a huge show where he'd staged his own death at the hands of Jason. Nina suggested that they try Franco's tag, "CO77X" as the code. Curtis typed in the code, and the safe opened. Sam pulled out a black light, and Finn turned the lights in the room off.

Curtis began to scan the walls until the black light landed on the floor and revealed, "TURN 716 555 0103." Sam pulled a phone out of Diego's hand and texted the phone number. She received a message back that read "D3 G3 D4 C4 A3." Peter saw a Lazy Susan and decided to try turning it. Everyone heard an unlocking sound, and Curtis followed it to the portrait of a clown. Chase opened the door, which led into another room that contained a keyboard. Curtis told Peter out of appreciation that he could crash Curtis' parties anytime after that. Curtis tried the door on the other side of the room, but it was locked. T.J. warned everyone that they had four minutes left.

Jordan put the disk into the computer, and a message popped up that read, "Let the clues you've found be your key. Enter the password to release the lock. After three incorrect guesses, the game is over." She saw that the password was eleven letters long, so she typed in "EscapeRooms," but it was denied. She tried "PortCharles," but it was denied.

Maxie yelled out that they had two minutes. The women talked through how the clues connected. Anna realized that the daughter, from the book, of a queen, the chess piece, was a princess, and Jordan cried that another word for diamond, from Helena's brooch, was ice. Jordan typed in "IcePrincess," and the password was accepted. The gleeful women made their way to the unlocked door.

Nina realized that the letters and numbers in the text message were different notes on the keyboard. As the only person present who could play piano, Curtis sat down at it and played some notes. A buzzer sounded, and Curtis wondered if there were other clues they hadn't yet used. T.J. grabbed the knife out of Ryan's hand, and said that the "C" on the point meant that the C Curtis needed to play was sharp. Curtis made the change, and the door unlocked.

Jordan's and Curtis' groups burst from their rooms and into the lobby at the same time. Jordan and Curtis kissed as confetti fell. Lulu and Maxie wandered into Curtis' room, and Lulu stared at Ryan. She thought it was weird that "someone so evil could share a face with someone so kind." Maxie related that it had unsettled Felicia that Ryan had had her fooled. Lulu reminded Maxie that Ryan had gone by Todd Wilson back then. Maxie commented that he was "still psycho."

Laura apologized for dumping on Carly, but Carly assured Laura that she'd "been there" as well. Laura told Carly about the "weird distance" between her and Kevin, and Carly related that she'd noticed Kevin acting strangely. She told Laura about how Kevin had snapped at her for asking about the patient at Ferncliff, and she updated Laura on Nelle.

Carly thought that, if there was just one person in Ferncliff who didn't belong there, she had to find out, and she refused to rest until she got answers. Laura thought that Carly would make a good advocate for mental health patients, and she could have a place in Laura's administration. Carly replied that she had too short of a temper, and "too many skeletons." Just then, Carly's phone went off, and she answered it to Spinelli. She told Laura to reach out if she needed anything, and Laura left. She listened for a minute, thanked Spinelli, and hung up. She wrote down the name "Wilson" and smiled.

Ryan's phone went off, and he answered it to someone from Ferncliff. He was told that his patient was agitated, so he decided to "up his meds" because "Mr. Wilson needs to be calm."

Nina confronts Ava

Nina confronts Ava

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Oscar met with Alexis at Metro Court, and he apologized for asking to meet on Thanksgiving. She assured him that everything was already set, and she asked what his plans were. He answered that he was closing at work so that everyone else could go home to their families. She reminded him that the Quartermaines cared for Oscar. Oscar said he knew that Drew would be there, Drew would call Kim, and then the whole day would turn into being about him. She urged him to go and find out, as she didn't want him spending the holiday alone.

Oscar assured Alexis that he would be fine, and she responded that she couldn't turn off being a parent. He thought that her daughters were lucky that she supported their decisions, but she agreed to pass on the observation if her daughters needed a laugh, "especially Kristina." She commented that she was more like Oscar's parents than he thought, and he would always be their "baby." Alexis continued that she would do everything she could to fight for her daughters' lives, but she was his lawyer, and her goal was to make sure that he had everything he wanted. She kissed him on the head and left.

Danny answered the door to Jason, and he was excited to see Jason carrying doughnuts. He invited Jason upstairs to the roof to watch the parade, but Sam descended the stairs, sneezing. She plopped on the couch and asked Danny to check on Scout, so he went. Jason sat with her, and she explained that she'd started to feel sick the night before. As she helped herself to a doughnut, he offered to stay and help her with the kids. Danny returned and told his mother that Scout was asleep. "I'm so jealous," she responded.

Sam took some medicine and vowed not to miss the parade. Danny went into the kitchen for some juice, and Sam admitted to Jason that it was nice to be rescued sometimes. A short while later, Jason and Danny descended the stairs and told Sam that she was going to miss the parade, but they found her asleep on the couch.

Later, Danny let Alexis in, and she reminded him that he and Scout had to be at Monica's before lunch. She asked where Sam was, and he answered, "Upstairs in bed with Daddy." Upstairs, Jason put Sam in bed and covered her up. She asked him not to go, but he wanted to help Alexis with the kids. Sam replied that Alexis could manage, and she pulled him into bed and said, "I miss you."

Nina and Sasha sat down at Metro Court, and Nina told Sasha her plan about picking up Sasha and Charlotte after the wedding. She wanted to take her girls to New York to see The Nutcracker, but Sasha didn't feel up to going. She updated Nina on what had happened the night before, and a shocked Nina urged Sasha to focus on getting well.

Laura entered Charlie's and sat down with "Kevin." She pulled out some papers and wondered if he had anything to add. He read through them and told her that he wanted to omit the part of the statement about strengthening their marriage, as he wasn't expecting it to "survive intact." She was tired of his lies and just wanted the truth. "It's us," he said. He added that she should be careful, as the truth hurt, and he left.

Ava stuffed money into a bag, and a man handed her two passports and two one-way tickets to Montenegro. She told him that she aimed to leave Port Charles with her daughter and never return.

Cameron arrived at Josslyn's, and she pulled him inside to help her with the place cards for dinner. He pulled a wrapped gift out of his jacket, but he hoped that they could talk before she opened it. Just then, the phone rang, and Josslyn answered it to Ava. She informed Josslyn that she would be there soon to pick Avery up for the parade. "Make sure she's dressed and ready," Ava said, and she hung up. She saw a picture of herself and Kiki and stopped to glance at it.

A few minutes later, Ava was on the phone and promised the car service that she would be right out. Just as she hung up, Nina entered and threateningly said, "I told you to keep away from my daughter." She informed Ava that drugging someone was assault and wondered if Ava had learned anything from Morgan's death. Ava reminded Nina of what Nina had done to Ava, but Nina reminded Ava that it had been due to a psychotic break. "What's your excuse?" Nina inquired, and she called Ava "a soulless monster."

Cameron and Josslyn talked about their fake relationship, and Josslyn remembered how big of a crush she had once had on him. He teased her as he got closer to her, and they shared a kiss. "I hope that was okay," he said quickly. She promised that she'd wanted to kiss him. He wondered what her plans for the day were. She talked about dinner and football, and she remembered the previous New Year's Day, when Oscar had made her go for a hike instead of watching football. She immediately apologized for mentioning Oscar, but Cameron could see that she still liked Oscar.

Josslyn informed Cameron that feelings didn't just go away. She said Cameron was helping her through the bad times, and she felt good about it. She wondered if he wanted to "try for real," but he replied that she wouldn't want to "if you knew." He confessed that Oscar was sick, and it was bad. She tearfully asked how long he'd known. "Awhile," he replied, but he told her that Oscar had "ordered" him not to say anything. She was angry at him for not telling her, but he reasoned that he was only honoring "a dying man's wish." She ran out of the house, and Cameron swiped everything off the coffee table. He picked up his gift for Josslyn.

Valentin was puzzled to see a fire in the fireplace, and he entered the living room. "I hope you don't mind," Spencer said, adding that Wyndemere was "drafty." He continued that the cold didn't really bother him anymore, as "the fires of vengeance keep me warm." He told Valentin that, when Laura took over as mayor, her first order of business would be to get rid of Valentin.

Valentin thought that Spencer should learn to keep his mouth shut, as he'd heard things from Charlotte implying that Spencer had been the one to rig the mayoral election. He informed Spencer that the consequences for election tampering were severe, and he wondered if Spencer had taken a page out of Nikolas' book. Spencer promised to find Valentin's weakness. Sasha entered and wondered if she was interrupting. Valentin introduced the two, and Spencer added that he was "the rightful heir of the Cassadine Estate." Valentin instructed Spencer to go back to Laura, and Spencer left.

Kristina was reading behind the bar at Charlie's when Sonny slapped something down on the bar. He invited her to the parade with him and Avery, but she had to work. He invited her over for dinner, but she admitted that she already had plans. He wondered what was more important than family. "Serving the less fortunate," Daisy said. Kristina introduced the two, and Daisy invited him to their event. He declined the invitation but offered to send over more food, and Daisy happily accepted. He kissed Kristina and walked away.

Sonny approached Laura and promised that she had his vote. He wanted to donate, but he knew that "appearances matter." She wished everyone had his good sense, as she'd just received a donation from Ava. He advised her to return it, and she replied that she intended to. Spencer sat down with the two, and Sonny invited him to the parade. Laura also invited him to go to Jordan and Curtis' wedding with her. Spencer wondered if the FBI would be there, and Sonny replied that law enforcement tended to stick together. Spencer told Laura that he didn't want to "cramp your style" and declined her invitation.

Sonny and Spencer arrived at Sonny's home and found Cameron. Cameron informed them that Josslyn had left, and he was waiting to see if she returned. He handed the gift to Sonny and asked him to give it to her, and he quickly left. "He's always been a mess," Spencer said as he shrugged. Sonny told Spencer how excited Avery was to see him, but Spencer replied that he was learning that his place was back in France at school.

Kristina told Daisy that she wasn't used to accepting "handouts" like her father's, and Daisy advised her that humility took time to learn. Daisy thought that Kristina would "go far with D.O.D." Oscar entered with a hand on his head, and Daisy wondered if he had a headache. She suggested that he keep up on his reading, because the D.O.D. taught that "if you can think it, it can be."

A few minutes later, Oscar cleaned up the restaurant as Kristina and Daisy were heading out. Daisy asked if she would see him at the house for dinner later, and he replied, "Maybe." Outside, Kristina thanked Daisy for filling the day with positives, as it was usually negative while "stealing glances at Sam." Daisy wanted to get to know all of Kristina's family.

Oscar was cleaning up when he heard someone enter the restaurant. He called out that they were closed, but he turned and saw Josslyn.

Just as Nina lunged at Ava, "Kevin" broke them apart. Nina thought that she would "let the cops take it from here. Enjoy your turkey. I hope you choke on it." When she was gone, "Kevin" promised not to let anything happen to Ava. Ava replied that she was getting out of town and going "underground." He assumed that there was no evidence of what she'd done, and he reasoned that people would miss her if she was gone. Ava laughed and said that Kiki would throw a party attended by the whole town.

"You have me," "Kevin" told Ava. He explained to a confused Ava that they were "kindred spirits," and he couldn't be her therapist because they had a "different relationship." She admitted that he'd been more of a friend to her than a therapist. He told her that she'd been more of a goddess than a friend. She smiled but thought his comment was "overboard." He kissed her, and at that moment, Laura entered the gallery.

Valentin asked Sasha how she was, and she replied, "Not okay." He told her that she'd dealt with more than he'd expected, so he offered her extra compensation to stick around. She thought that she might be better off away from Port Charles, but he promised that if anything else happened, he would buy her a ticket home. He handed her a check. She thought it was sad that Nina would never know how much Valentin loved her. "It's a hugely romantic gesture in its own twisted way," she added. "That's kind of my thing," he told her.

Nina entered to drop off Charlotte's dress and wondered why Sasha was at Valentin's. He claimed that he was giving Sasha cash to get something for Charlotte in New York, but Nina informed him that Sasha wasn't going. Nina thought that Sasha would be recuperating. Sasha claimed that she'd been worried that Nina would confront Ava, so she'd thought that Valentin should know what was going on. Nina admitted that Sasha was right, but Nina was going to let the cops deal with Ava. "Nothing and no one can save Ava," Nina stated.

ENCORE: Carly and Sonny spend their first Thanksgiving together

ENCORE: Carly and Sonny spend their first Thanksgiving together

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of an episode that first aired on November 27, 2000. A complete recap of that episode can be read in our Daily Recaps Archive.

This was a planned rebroadcast, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 26, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Friday, November 23, 2018

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air.

This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 26, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

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