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Ryan stabbed Franco. Jason and Drew each underwent surgery to restore their eyesight. Anna told Peter about Dr. Cabot's experiment. The teens took a trip to Niagara Falls. Carly caught "Kevin" fawning over his grisly collection.
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Ryan revealed his true identity to Franco -- and then stabbed him
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Jordan takes a turn for the worse

Jordan takes a turn for the worse

Monday, February 25, 2019

Finn and Kim told a bedridden Drew about the virus he'd suffered from, but he assured Drew that Drew was "good to go." When Finn was gone, Drew asked if he'd hit anyone. Kim informed him that he'd hit Jordan, and she was in the ICU. He had to see Curtis and asked Kim to unhook him from his machines.

Curtis sat with Jordan, who was unconscious and hooked up to several machines. He begged her to squeeze his hand, but when she didn't, he promised that he would still be there when she decided to wake up. Stella entered, having talked to the doctor, and asked Curtis for a word in the hall. She told him that Jordan had a couple shattered ribs, one of her kidneys was badly punctured and lacerated, and the other kidney also had some trauma. She explained that the doctors were aiming to keep Jordan's blood pressure low so that the kidneys weren't further injured.

Curtis remembered how Jordan had risked her life for work for years, and, after finally getting a job with minimal risk by comparison, she'd ended up in the ICU. He admitted that he was scared, and Stella related that she'd felt that way when he'd become a cop and when Thomas had joined the Army. She told him that she'd prayed a lot, and he wondered if it had helped. "Try it and see," she replied.

Back next to Jordan, Curtis talked about their past together and said that he'd loved her all along. He suggested that they plan a long weekend in New Orleans for their honeymoon. Stella entered the room and told Curtis that he had a visitor, and she promised to sit with Jordan. Curtis left the room and found Drew sitting outside. Drew apologized to Curtis and offered to do anything Curtis needed. Curtis wasn't angry with Drew and asked what had happened. "An unhappy surprise from my past," Drew replied.

Stella sat down next to Jordan and admitted that she owed Jordan "several" apologies for how Stella had judged and treated Jordan over the years. She confided that she thought Jordan was an "admirable woman," and she hoped to learn from Jordan's example and do "everything in my power to make it up to you." She also admitted that Jordan had had the right idea about contacting Marcus. She noticed Curtis standing in the doorway, listening, as one of Jordan's machines began to beep out of control. Stella yelled for help, and a doctor and a nurse rounded the corner. The doctor told the nurse that Jordan's blood pressure was spiking, and she would need emergency surgery.

Sam and Shiloh sat in the hospital as she waited to check on Jason and Drew, "for my kids." Shiloh wondered how Jason had found them, and she figured that he'd followed her. Shiloh feared that Jason had been about to shoot when he'd passed out, as the gun had been sitting next to him, but Sam explained that it had probably fallen out of Jason's waistband. Shiloh was sorry that Jason seemed so possessive of her, and he could see that she'd gotten over Jason, even if he hadn't gotten over her. He thought there would be plenty more opportunities to see a sunrise at the tower. He excused himself to go back to the Dawn of Day house, and he promised to see her soon.

At the hospital, Jason opened his eyes and saw Carly at his bedside. She was happy to see that he was all right, but she demanded that he stay there until he was cleared by doctors. Anna entered, and she told Jason and Carly about the virus, Arthur, and his connection to Andre. When she was gone, Carly observed how Anna liked Jason, and Jason thought Carly was jealous. He assured her that she was the one who'd been there when he'd woken up, just like he would do for her.

Jason wondered how Carly had known to go to the hospital, and she revealed that Sam had texted her. She confided that she'd been scared, as he was her best friend, and she would really need him for "the next seven months." He wondered what was going on, and she disclosed that she was pregnant. A surprised Jason wondered where Sonny was, and Carly told him that Sonny was traveling to Turkey to get Dante. Jason wanted to go, but Carly insisted that she needed him there to help control her stress. Jason agreed and wondered how she was feeling. She replied that she was nervous, surprised, and "really excited." Jason thought the baby was a "lucky kid."

There was a knock on the door, and Sam quickly entered the room. She kissed Jason and told him how "freaked out" she'd been when she'd found him passed out. Carly thanked Sam for letting her know about Jason, but she wondered how far Sam was going to take things. Sam replied that she needed to get Kristina out of Dawn of Day, and Carly argued about Jason's safety. As the disagreement escalated, Jason told Sam that Carly couldn't stress because she was pregnant.

The argument was suddenly defused, and Sam excitedly hugged Carly and congratulated her. Carly replied that it was early, and she asked Sam to keep it a secret. The women apologized to each other, and Carly excused herself. When she was gone, Jason and Sam wanted details from each other about the night before. Sam told him that she'd heard him fall, and Shiloh thought she was grateful to him for staying with her at the hospital all night. She continued that she needed Jason's help to keep going, and he agreed. They shared a kiss just as Shiloh peeked into the room.

Sasha sat down with Valentin at Metro Court, and he revealed that he thought it was best if she went home. Nina arrived and told Valentin that she needed a "private conference" with her daughter. A few minutes later, Nina and Sasha were in Nina's office at Crimson, and Nina wanted Sasha's help with bridesmaid dresses. She begged Sasha to stay in town until after the wedding, but Sasha thought it was something she could help Nina with "long-distance."

At Metro Court, Maxie was frustrated that she hadn't heard from the DNA testing lab yet. Valentin approached the table and asked to talk to Peter, and the two walked away from the table. Valentin asked a skeptical Peter if he would be Valentin's best man when he married Nina in May. He explained that he wanted someone standing next to him who knew exactly how much Nina meant to him. "I'll be there," Peter replied, deeming it an honor. The two men shook hands and embraced, which confused Maxie. "This does not bode well," she muttered to herself.

Peter returned to the table and updated Maxie on his conversation with Valentin, and he thought that he could figure out what Valentin was up to. However, Peter conceded that he'd rather have Valentin as an ally than an adversary. Just then, Maxie's phone went off, and she saw that the DNA test results were in from the lab.

Carly approached the table and made sure that Peter was happy with the repairs to his office, and he confirmed that everything was good. Carly revealed that she'd just been to see Jason at the hospital after a health scare involving what Andre had done to him. She related that everyone Peter and Jason had in common had given Peter a second chance, and she advised him, "Don't blow it."

When Carly was gone, Maxie thought that the only way Peter could reassure everyone that he'd changed was through his actions. Changing the subject, Maxie asked Peter to read the results from the lab, because she was too nervous. He took her phone and read that the samples were not a match. "So, Sasha's a fraud?" Maxie asked dejectedly. Peter continued reading that Subject A was a Caucasian female, but Subject B was an African-American female with a precondition for having a stroke. Maxie realized that she'd probably grabbed the wrong nail clippings from the salon. "Now what?" she whined.

Valentin entered Nina's office. Sasha thought that both she and Nina needed time to think, so she left. Valentin informed a surprised Nina that Peter had agreed to be his best man, though he figured that neither he nor Peter was being completely "altruistic." Nina sighed that Nathan would want Maxie to be happy, even if it was with Peter. She felt like Maxie was slipping away from her, so she was grateful to have Sasha.

Anna and Finn found Arthur at Metro Court, and Finn revealed that they still had a few questions for him. They fired questions at Arthur, relating his research to Andre's, and Anna wondered if she had any of Alex's memories. "You'd have to ask Alex," Arthur responded. He told them that he had a plane to catch, but Anna introduced him to Agent Gray, who'd just entered. She revealed that he would be escorting Arthur to Steinmauer.

Arthur disputed that he'd cooperated. Anna figured that she could argue leniency for him, as long he wasn't withholding any information. He insisted that he'd told her everything, but she instructed him to have his lawyer call her. As the agent led Arthur away, Finn suggested that Arthur actually was telling the truth. Anna replied that she could have memories that weren't her own, which would make a huge difference in her life.

Around the corner, Arthur told Agent Gray that he needed to check on a patient. Agent Gray walked away as Arthur made a phone call. "How's my favorite patient?" he cooed into the phone. After listening for a few moments, he told his patient that the same "terrible" thing had happened to him, but there was fortunately a cure.

Lulu interviews Franco as Ryan watches

Lulu interviews Franco as Ryan watches

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Alexis sat in Neil Byrne's office and told him how embarrassed she was about all of her past relationship choices. Neil took notes and suggested that she had chosen men based on the shared traits of her father. He also thought it possible that the choices had reflected on what traits she had seen in herself. He asked Alexis why she might be dangerous.

Alexis stated that she wasn't dangerous, but Neil asked if anyone had ever feared for their life around her. Alexis stood up and paced around the office. She admitted that while she didn't think she was dangerous, Neil could ask others, but they were dead. Neil continued to scribble notes as Alexis continued.

Alexis mentioned running over her daughter's ex with a car, although he had darted in front of her in the dark. She spoke about the man she'd stabbed and tossed over a balcony, although she pointed out that he'd run into her knife and fallen over by accident. Alexis declared that she had been wrongly convicted and had faked dissociative identity disorder.

Neil announced that he saw a pattern, and that was that Alexis believed that nothing was ever her fault. Alexis insisted that things always happened to her, including the third time. Neil wondered how lightning could strike Alexis three times, but before they could pursue it, the time was up. Alexis maintained that she felt uncomfortable being left without further discussion, but Neil thought it was a good thing.

Sam leaned over to kiss Jason as he lay in his hospital bed. He squeezed her arm and gave her a look, and Sam pulled away and slapped him. Shiloh was standing in the doorway. Sam reprimanded Jason and told him that things were over between them, and she wanted nothing to do with him. Kristina arrived and witnessed Sam shouting. Sam stormed out of the room with her sister following closely behind.

Shiloh walked over to Jason's bedside and told him that while he was happy that Jason's eyesight had been restored, he wanted Jason to let Sam go because she had moved on. Shiloh also thanked Jason for showing up at the tower because it had enlightened Sam about him. He also accused Jason of trespassing, and Jason asked if he should call his lawyer.

Shiloh added that he was Sam's new protector, and he thought that Jason should "proceed accordingly" and listen to his warning.

Sam and Kristina took a seat in the hospital corridor. Sam confessed that things had grown clearer since her visit with Dawn of Day, and she had realized that Jason would never put her first. Kristina couldn't believe that she had never noticed the way Jason had behaved or treated Sam. She'd always thought they were perfect together.

Kristina admitted that she could see how Jason tended to withdraw whenever Sam didn't do what he wanted her to do, and he had been the one to determine how their relationship would go. "You're not alone," Kristina told her sister. She added that the DOD community had Sam's back.

After Sam and Kristina had their conversation, Kristina returned to Jason's room to retrieve Shiloh. She stopped to tell Jason that she had appreciated him saving her, but Sam was better off without him. Kristina and Shiloh left.

Molly arrived with sustenance for Curtis and T.J., who were waiting for word about Jordan. The men didn't want anything, and they jumped up from their seats when the doctor showed up. The doctor announced that Jordan's kidney had been removed. Curtis was upset, but T.J. said that he would handle things and encouraged Curtis to have faith. Curtis learned that people lived with just one kidney.

Curtis admitted that he felt useless, but Molly assured him that he would be her "go-to guy." T.J. went off to check on Jordan, and he returned to explain that she looked good and was stable. She was not conscious, but she was resting for much-needed energy. Curtis hugged his nephew and thanked him for explaining.

Curtis announced that he needed to clear his head, and he left. Molly realized that T.J. was really scared. He was upset that he might not get the chance to make things up to Jordan for not forgiving her sooner than he had. Molly declared that Jordan wouldn't die, and she talked about how much she liked T.J.'s mother.

Molly thought that T.J. was just like Jordan, and he wouldn't question his mother's love any more than she would question his. T.J. thanked Molly for being there, and she declared that she wouldn't be anywhere else. They declared their love, and Molly told him how proud she was of him. T.J. hoped to be the doctor to save someone one day.

Chase stopped near Charlie's Pub to phone Lulu to ask if she'd heard from her mother. Lulu revealed that she hadn't heard from Laura and had no idea where Laura might be. Inside, "Kevin" checked a voicemail from Chase and sat down with Ava. Julian was uncomfortable as he watched them kiss.

Ava announced that she wanted to share her news with Julian, and she told "Kevin" that she thought Kiki would be shocked but happy. "Kevin" presented Ava with a box, and inside was a large diamond ring. He slipped it onto her finger. They kissed again as Chase wandered inside and asked to speak to "Kevin." He wanted to know if "Kevin" had seen his wife.

Ava showed off her ring, and Chase was informed that Laura was "Kevin's" ex-wife. Julian added that he hadn't seen Laura, either. "Kevin" pulled Chase aside, and the detective inquired about the divorce. "Kevin" declared that it was none of Chase's business, and he added that there had been times in the past when he hadn't spoken to Laura for days.

Julian joined Ava at her table and voiced his opinion that it was too soon for Ava to be thinking about marriage. Ava grasped his hands and urged her brother to be happy for her. Ava received a notification on her phone that Lulu would be conducting an interview with Franco on live television. "Kevin" sent Chase a text message from Laura's phone, advising him that she was in a meeting.

At Ferncliff, Peter told Lulu that she didn't have to interview Franco, but she insisted. She also made it known that her mother had been missing, but she figured the police would find her. They entered the room where Franco was seated amidst the television cameras. Peter set the guidelines and informed Lulu that he was nearby. Lulu sat facing Franco.

Lulu introduced her segment and led off with her first question. She wanted to know why Franco had confessed. In a calm and soothing tone, Franco explained that he had wanted to take credit for the recent crimes.

Julian, Ava, and "Kevin" were glued to the television at the pub. Ava felt betrayed, as she had believed in and defended Franco. She was dumbfounded. "Kevin" appeared to be in shock. Chase looked at the text he received from "Laura" and accosted Alexis when she walked in.

Alexis informed Chase that she hadn't been able to reach Laura, either, and had wanted to talk to her about her divorce. Alexis maintained that Laura's divorce wasn't final, and she was concerned about not being able to locate the mayor.

Lulu continued with her interview. She stated that Franco had rebuilt his life after the removal of his tumor; he'd had everything he'd wanted, and he'd thrown it away. She wanted to know why. Franco declared that it had been easy, and he'd had time to create his visions like works of art. He cited "the girl in the wedding bed."

Lulu was horrified at the way Franco had referred to Kiki, a young woman he'd thought of as his daughter. Franco replied that she had been too beautiful not to kill.

Back at the pub, Julian ordered "Kevin" to get Ava out, but "Kevin" deemed it helpful for Ava to watch. Ava sniffled as Julian declared that Franco was sick.

Lulu thought that Franco had taken pride in his success, and Franco admitted that he'd thought about tipping off the police. Lulu asked what had gone wrong with her own stabbing. "Nothing," Franco replied. He had made a mistake, but then he'd thought it would be exciting to see her bloody corpse on the elevator.

Franco continued that none of the attacks and murders had been personal. He had merely wanted to set some artistic scenes. Lulu wondered if they had all been timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain case, and Franco laughed. He called Ryan a nobody who had been uninspired.

Franco thought that he had been way better than Ryan, and he had even tried to kill someone when he was four years old. He had only gotten better over time and thought that practice made for perfection. Franco declared that his evil genius had grown, and perhaps his tumor had grown back. That would result in another "get out of jail free card," he gloated.

At the pub, a deeply disturbed "Kevin" announced that he had to leave to check on a patient. He told Julian to look after Ava.

Chase saw Curtis at the hospital and asked about Laura. Chase was surprised to hear that Curtis also had not heard from the mayor after Jordan's accident. Curtis filled him in on Jordan's condition. Chase asked Curtis if Jordan might have told him about the urgent assignment she'd had for him, but Curtis wasn't familiar with it.

Julian poured Alexis a cup of coffee as she sat at the bar. She thought that Franco's confession had been "weird." Julian told her about Ava's engagement, and he offered to listen if there was anything that Alexis wanted to talk about. Alexis wondered why he wanted to be her friend. Julian informed her that she wasn't as scary as she thought she was. She left, and Ava wandered over.

Julian poured Ava a double vodka and told her that she was getting in too deep and fast with Kevin. Ava reminisced about the first time she had seen Franco and declared that Kiki's murder had been her fault. She was the one who had allowed Franco into her daughter's life. She thought that he had "played" them all.

As Ava sipped her drink, she stated that she didn't know anything about anything. She had been wrong about all of the guys in her life, and only Kevin had made life livable for her. She had always been wrong in the past but had nothing to lose.

Peter and Lulu walked through the hallway at Ferncliff and discussed Lulu's interview. Lulu declared that "something feels off." She peered into Franco's room.

"Choke on that," Franco uttered. He urged the killer to "come and get me." "Kevin" stormed in and told Franco that he'd made a terrible mistake.

Due to news coverage, GH did not air

Due to news coverage, GH did not air

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Due to news coverage of Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee, General Hospital did not air.

While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, February 28, and picked up where the Tuesday, February 26 episode concluded.

"Kevin" visits Franco

"Kevin" visits Franco

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cameron read part of the transcript of Franco's interview to Josslyn and Oscar, but Oscar took Cameron's phone away. Cameron felt vindicated, since he'd been right about Franco all along, but he regretted that Elizabeth was indoctrinating his brothers on Franco's innocence. "That's why I gotta get away," he concluded, angry with his mother. "Not without me," Trina said as she entered Charlie's. Trina thought that they needed to plan ahead, which she believed she had a gift for.

Cameron, Oscar, and Trina each counted how much money they could contribute, but Josslyn thought it was a trip that qualified for her "Adventure Fund." She explained that Jax had set her up with a special account because "life takes you unexpected places." She continued that he'd set up the account after Lady Jane, who'd been a big adventurer, had died. She remembered her grandmother saying, "With grit and imagination, anything is possible, but money always helps!"

Cameron wasn't sure that a trip to Niagara Falls qualified for the Adventure Fund. Josslyn told him that it was up to her to choose her own adventures, "and I choose this one." Cameron, Josslyn, Oscar, and Trina were "all in" for the trip. They talked about what they would do, and Oscar warned them that they needed to be back before Cameron's curfew. "Who cares? I hope we never make it back home," Cameron muttered.

Drew arrived at Elizabeth's, and he updated her on Jordan. She assured him that it wasn't his fault, but he didn't see it that way. He revealed that he'd visited because he'd heard about Franco's interview, and he hugged a tearful Elizabeth. She told him that there was a transcript of the interview, but she couldn't read it, as watching it had been hard enough. She didn't know how she or her kids were supposed to believe in him anymore.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth read part of the transcript to Drew, but he told her not to do that to herself. She scrolled further into the interview and read the part about how Franco had tried to kill Drew by pushing him down the stairs as a kid. A confused Drew wondered why Franco had lied, as Franco had tried to save Drew by pushing him down the stairs. He suggested that Franco was trying to send them a message, as Drew, Elizabeth, and Kevin were the only ones who knew the extent of Jim's abuse.

Drew asked if Elizabeth thought that Franco was trying to protect someone, but she wasn't convinced that Franco would throw his life away like that. They agreed that they still thought Franco was innocent. Drew had to go, but he promised to be right over if she or the boys needed anything. When he was gone, Elizabeth took her rings out of pocket and studied them.

At Charlie's, Ava was reading the transcript of Franco's interview on her phone when Scott sat down next to her. He told her that the whole town was talking about the interview, but he didn't think it made any sense that Franco was guilty. Ava related how angry Kevin was about Franco, and Scott spat that Kevin was a "quack." He wondered when Kevin would drop Ava like he'd dropped Laura, but Ava informed him that she and Kevin were engaged.

Scott was concerned for Ava and assured her that she deserved happiness, just not with Kevin. She revealed that the relationship had changed her life, and, as a friend, he should at least try to be happy for her. He thought that nothing made sense anymore, including losing Gail and Franco, if he was actually guilty. Ava sympathetically said that she wanted to hear more about Gail, but she wanted to check on "Kevin," as she hadn't heard from him in a while. She promised to work on being a better friend, kissed him on the cheek, and left.

A short while later, Ava entered "Kevin's" office and found his secretary straightening up. She wondered if "Kevin" was back, but the secretary disclosed that she hadn't heard from him in a while. Ava wondered what patient "Kevin" had gone to see, but the secretary replied that there was nothing in his schedule about it.

Lulu stopped in front of her office and took a deep breath. Maxie appeared and assured Lulu that it was all right if she wasn't ready to go back in. Lulu revealed that her interview with Franco had left her with more questions than answers, so she needed to be "where it happened." The two women held hands and entered the office. A frustrated Lulu sat at her desk and tried to remember how she'd survived. Maxie reminded her that things could have been worse, and Franco could have killed as many people as Ryan had.

Suddenly, Lulu remembered researching Ryan's victims, and the numbers not matching up. She typed the name "Deborah Jones" into her search engine, and Lulu explained that she remembered saying the name the night she'd been attacked. Maxie thought it could be a random person, but Lulu got a hit on the name. She read that the woman had been stabbed to death in Texas in the early nineties, which was when Ryan had lived there. However, the unsolved case had gone cold years before.

Lulu also remembered saying the named "Suzanne Smith" along with Deborah's name, but she couldn't remember who she'd been talking to. She told Maxie about the list of victims Laura had seen in Kevin's office, so Maxie suggested that Lulu call Laura. Lulu revealed that Laura's phone had been going straight to voicemail all day. She wondered how "Kevin" would know Ryan's victim's names when the police didn't. "Something is very wrong," Lulu stated.

"Kevin" entered Franco's room at Ferncliff and demanded to know why Franco would throw away his life on a lie. He added that he knew Franco hadn't killed those people, as Franco didn't have it in him. "My victims would disagree," Franco answered. "Kevin" asked why Franco would take credit for murders he hadn't committed, and he insisted that Franco talk to him about what was going on. "That went so well last time," Franco said sarcastically. "Kevin" warned Franco that he would be in solitary for the rest of his life, so Franco told him that "Jordan and I are working on something together."

Franco continued that he couldn't give "Kevin" any more details on Jordan's orders. "Kevin" wondered how confessing to the crimes would help. Franco revealed that it was supposed to bait the real killer, who would want the credit for his crimes. "Kevin" asked what would happen when the killer went after Franco, and Franco told "Kevin" about his phone. As "Kevin" stealthily pulled out a knife, Franco talked about how stupid and sloppy the killer was, but "Kevin" adamantly defended the killer.

"Kevin" told Franco about Jordan's accident and wondered who would answer when the killer arrived. Franco blamed "Kevin's" hypnosis of Lulu and demanded that he fix the mess he'd made. "Kevin" called Franco "slow on the uptake" and added that the killer was perfect. "Kevin" put a hand on Franco's shoulder, and Franco turned. "Kevin" plunged the knife into Franco's stomach.

Franco fell to the floor, gasping and asking why "Kevin" would do that. "One more try," "Kevin" said. "Ryan?" Franco answered. As Franco moaned in pain and shock, Ryan said there was "no shame in being bested by the master," as he'd actually admired Franco's "work." Ryan sliced his own hand with the knife as Franco tried to squirm away. Just then, Nurse Kay burst into the room, and Ryan yelled at her to get help, as Franco had somehow gotten ahold of a knife.

As Kay ran out of the room, Franco yelled that the man wasn't Kevin. Suddenly, Franco got up from the floor and punched Ryan, throwing him on the bed. Franco ran out with his phone, closing and locking the door behind him. When Kay returned, Ryan directed her to secure all the exits so Franco didn't get away.

Franco stumbled in pain through the halls as alarms began to sound. He dialed a number on his phone and left a message for Jordan. He said that he didn't know if it was true about her accident, but her plan had worked. He stated that "the killer is Ryan Chamberlain." He hung up and kept moving.

Franco is able to find help

Franco is able to find help

Friday, March 1, 2019

Carly spotted Jason at the hospital and inquired if he'd been released. He showed his release papers to her as proof, and she thanked him for staying until he'd been cleared. She asked about Sam, and he told her about the fight they'd had to stage for Shiloh. Carly understood their plan, but she conceded that Shiloh was "slick" and fake. She was worried about Sam, but Jason thought that avoiding stress was more important for Carly.

Carly talked to Jason about Franco's interview, and she told him that something had stuck out to her. She'd read the transcript, and he'd bragged that he was a better murderer than "Ryan Chamberlain, a.k.a. Todd Wilson." She remembered that the name of the man next to her at Ferncliff had been Wilson, and she wondered if there was a connection. Jason urged her to call Spinelli, because he didn't want her to do anything herself. He didn't think it was worth the risk.

Peter was looking at the menu at Metro Court when Robert sat down and observed that it could be Peter's last meal. Peter thought he should get room service, but Anna sat down and told him that they needed to talk. "About dealing with your lies," Robert added. Anna remembered that Jason had been called "Patient 6" in the clinic, and she asked if he knew who the other five patients were. She continued that she knew there were others, as she was Patient 1. Peter reacted angrily, thinking she was deceiving him, but she explained about Arthur's memory experiments.

Peter insisted that he had no idea who Arthur was and that Klein had labeled Drew and Jason Patient 5 and Patient 6. He'd never seen any files or faces of others. Suddenly, he realized that "there may be a way to gain access to the records." Peter explained that Klein had consulted with Andre, so Andre might have the records for Arthur's original study. Anna vowed to find them, thanked Peter, and left.

Peter got up to leave, but Robert stopped him. Robert warned Peter that he'd been digging into Faison's past, and "who knows what I'll find out about you." Peter swore that he would defend himself "by any means necessary," and Robert called him "a chip off the old block." Peter promised to reciprocate if Robert would leave him alone, but Robert refused to take Peter's word. "I'm not my father," Peter stated. "You're worse," Robert replied. Robert thought that Peter would one day "revert to form" and implode, and he wanted to be there to make sure Peter was the only one "taken out" by it.

On the phone with Stella, Curtis assured her that she didn't have to join him at the hospital. He promised to keep her updated, told her that he loved her, and hung up. Nina arrived and hugged her friend. He updated her on Jordan's condition, and she replied that Jordan was strong and would make it through. Finn was passing through, and Curtis asked him what the next steps were. Finn divulged that, while the damage to Jordan's remaining kidney wasn't severe, she would still need a transplant.

A few minutes later, Curtis was feeling hopeless about the situation, but Nina assured him that Jordan was a great candidate for a transplant. He knew that he and T.J. would want to be tested, and Nina offered to put a story up on the Crimson website. He refused the offer but appreciated all she was doing for him. Nina grabbed Jordan's purse, looking for her house key so that she could grab a change of clothes for Curtis. She pulled out Jordan's phone and was puzzled. She showed Curtis that Jordan had a voicemail from "Urgent" and wondered if he knew who that was.

Anna found Finn at the hospital and asked about Jordan. He informed her that Jordan was stable, and she related that it was the first decent piece of news she'd heard all day. She told him that her and Robert's conversation with Peter hadn't gone very well, but Peter had given them new information. She updated Finn on Peter's revelation and added that she needed to figure out a way to track Klein down. Just then, Jason stepped off the elevator, and Anna revealed that she had an idea.

A few minutes later, Anna had told Jason everything she knew. Finn figured that Klein would still have his records, as a "brilliant researcher" such as him would never throw away useful records. Jason disclosed that he didn't remember anything from the clinic, as he'd been so drugged that he hadn't known his own name. Anna recapped that Sonny had bailed Klein out of jail, and Klein had vanished after getting on a plane to Moscow. "Did you disappear him?" Anna asked Jason. Jason replied that Sonny had let Klein go, so he assumed that Klein was still alive.

On the phone in her office, Lulu told the security guard to "let them in" and hung up. She explained to Maxie that Peter had started employing full-time security. Mac and Felicia entered the office, and Lulu explained her research into the discrepancy of the number of Ryan's victims. She mentioned Deborah Jones and Suzanne Smith, but Felicia didn't know who they were. Lulu revealed that the two women had been murdered in Texas around the time Ryan had lived there, but the murders were still unsolved. Lulu wondered if it could be a coincidence, but Felicia answered that "there are no coincidences where Ryan Chamberlain is concerned."

A few minutes later, Felicia took Maxie aside and wondered what was wrong. Maxie admitted that all the "murder talk" reminded her of Nathan. Felicia reasoned that Lulu was just trying to give closure to the families impacted by Ryan. Mac returned to the office and told the women that he'd called the police in Marfa, Texas, about Suzanne Smith, and Laredo, Texas, about Deborah Jones. He revealed that both women had had wallets, but the licenses had been missing, so he'd put them in touch with the PCPD.

Felicia wondered how Lulu had known about the other names, and Lulu answered that Kevin had had a list of Ryan's victims. Mac thought that they needed to go straight to Kevin, and he asked if Lulu had talked to Kevin about the list. Lulu revealed that the night of her attack was still "hazy." Felicia offered to talk to Kevin, as they went "way back" with him. When Mac and Felicia were gone, Maxie invited Lulu back to her place to rest, since the kids were staying with others. Lulu replied that she couldn't rest until she remembered everything about the night she'd been attacked.

Elizabeth took her rings out of her pocket and studied them until there was a banging on the door. She opened the door, and Franco stumbled in and slid to the floor. Elizabeth laid him down on the floor and grabbed some towels, putting pressure on the wound. He gasped that she needed to call the police, and she thought she needed to call 9-1-1.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth told the dispatcher that Franco had a puncture in his side and had lost lots of blood. As she continued to gather supplies, she added that his pulse was "thready," and he was coughing up blood. She asked that the police be notified that Franco wasn't armed or a threat. "Please listen," Franco choked out. "I didn't kill those people. I lied," he told her. "It was Ryan Chamberlain," he added, and a shocked Elizabeth reminded him that Ryan had been dead for 20 years.

At the hospital, Chase observed as a nurse bandaged "Kevin's" hand. Ava burst in as the nurse left and demanded to know what had happened. "Kevin" explained that he'd been injured trying to stop Franco from escaping Ferncliff. He wished he'd fought harder, but he'd injured Franco, and Chase figured that Franco wouldn't make it far before he bled out. Chase's phone went off, and he excused himself into the hallway. Ava hugged "Kevin" as he insisted that he'd just wanted to slow Franco down.

Chase returned and updated "Kevin" and Ava that he was still working on Franco's location. "Kevin" was sorry that he'd had to injure Franco so badly, but Chase thought that "Kevin" deserved a Port Charles Pioneer award for it. "Kevin" daydreamed about getting a trophy, being showered with confetti, and kissing Ava. In the corner, he could see a dejected Felicia say, "That could have been me." "Kevin" snapped out of it and asked about Jordan. "I don't know. They won't tell me," Chase replied. His phone went off again, and he left the room.

Ava was glad that "Kevin" was all right, so she demanded to know why he hadn't told her that he was going to visit her daughter's killer. He apologized, but he'd thought that Franco had been "in dire need of treatment." He hadn't wanted to cause Ava any stress, but she maintained that he should have told her. She didn't think Franco was worthy of healing or living, and she wondered if she was a monster for saying so. "You're a goddess," he cooed, and they shared a kiss.

Outside the room, on the phone, Chase instructed someone to "evacuate the surrounding houses and set up a perimeter." He assured the person that he was on his way and returned to "Kevin's" room. He revealed that he had a location on Franco, and he left. "Kevin" told Ava that he'd thought of a way to "reclaim" their lives. "Marry me tonight," he asked her. He thought they could find somewhere "across the border in Niagara Falls." She wondered what the rush was, and he answered that, after he'd "stared down death," he wanted to "savor every moment."

Ava enthusiastically agreed to marry "Kevin" that night, and he marveled that she'd made him the happiest man on earth. She reminded him that his divorce wasn't final yet. However, he confided that he'd been able to file the papers as a rush that morning, as the clerk had been a patient of his. He instructed her to go home and get her passport and some "warm-weather clothes" for the honeymoon. They agreed to meet back at the hospital, and Ava left.

Ava bumped into Carly in front of the elevator and wondered if Carly was going to ask why Ava was glowing. "I hadn't noticed," Carly spat. "True love," Ava answered her own question. She excitedly revealed that she and Kevin were getting married that night. "You're eloping tonight?" Carly asked in disbelief as Mac and Felicia got off the elevator. Ava gloated about her relationship and got into the elevator. When she was gone, Felicia asked if Ava's words were a joke. "It's too insane not to be true," Carly decided.

Ryan opened the trunk of his car and picked up the wooden box. He unlocked it and took out his collection of licenses. "I had to give up my recent acquisitions, but at least I still have you," he said. "And now I have the love of my life," he added. He put the licenses back in the box, locked it, and replaced it in the trunk. "As much as I'll miss my adopted hometown, it's time to go," he said as he closed the trunk, revealing Carly standing behind him.

Chase burst into Elizabeth's house with his gun drawn, flanked by two other officers. She assured him that no one else was in the house, so he cleared the way for the paramedics. A few minutes later, Franco was on the stretcher, and she kissed him and promised to meet him at the emergency room. Before she went, Chase needed to know what had happened, so she recapped the night. She added that Franco had said he had lied and hadn't killed those people -- and that Ryan Chamberlain had done it. "He must have been delirious," she concluded, and she ran out. "That or a dead man did it," Chase muttered, and he left the house.

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