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Jason and Laura caught up to Ryan and Ava on a footbridge to Canada. A troubling dream about Julian left Alexis reaching for a bottle of vodka. Sonny and Robert received an update on Dante. Oscar had a seizure. Nina introduced Sasha to Michael.
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Port Charles learned that Ryan was alive and responsible for the recent spate of murders
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Sonny chases after Dante

Sonny chases after Dante

Monday, March 4, 2019

In Ankara, Turkey, four men sat in the back of a restaurant and played a card game. Sonny entered and wondered if there was "room for one more." He took out some money, and the leader of the men approved him. A guard patted Sonny down, and Sonny sat at the table, figuring a few games would help him pass the time. As the men played, one of them asked Sonny what had made him visit the restaurant. Sonny replied that an old associate, Raj Patel, had gone into hiding, and he was searching for Raj there. The men at the table exchanged fearful looks with one another, and one left.

Two of the men excused themselves to get drinks. Outside the back room, one of the men told the other that there was "a cop in our midst." When the men returned, they asked about Sonny's work with Raj, but he replied that he didn't discuss his business in public. They started talking about how "unfortunate" it would be if the WSB had sent an agent there, and one of the men pulled a gun on Sonny. Sonny insisted that he wasn't a WSB agent, but he fought off the gun-wielding men until he had two trained on him. "He's not, but I am," Robert said suddenly, pointing his gun at the men.

Robert and Sonny fought the men off, shooting one man down and hitting one in the hand, until there was a standoff. Robert demanded to know where Raj was, but the men didn't know and weren't on good terms with him. Sonny showed the men a picture of Dante, and, while they recognized him, they didn't know where he'd gone. Sonny told the men that either they could fight and possibly die, or they could call a draw and all live. Everyone slowly lowered their guns, and Sonny and Robert left.

Outside the restaurant, Sonny had thought that the WSB hadn't wanted to risk sending an agent out to find Dante. Robert replied that he owed Sonny for being around for Robert when he hadn't been able to. "I pay my debts," Robert added. Robert informed Sonny that he'd done some digging, and they had time to rest before they were to meet up with someone who had "real information."

Anna left a message for Andre, briefly updating him on Jordan. She also asked him to call her back, as she needed to discuss something else with him. When she hung up, she told Finn that Andre was volunteering overseas as if it was some kind of penance. Finn wondered if she thought that Andre had known that Anna was Patient One. She didn't think so, and she refused to let the search for information go. Finn broke it to her that the search might require Alex's cooperation. Anna didn't think it would be necessary, and she went toward the elevator so she could visit Jordan.

Curtis looked at the "Urgent" voicemail on Jordan's phone and wondered if listening to it was something she would want him to do. He tried to figure out her password until Chase entered. Curtis updated Chase on Jordan's condition, and Chase offered to do anything he could to help. Curtis responded, wondering who "Urgent" was, and he told Chase about the voicemail. He begged for Chase to have the PCPD "crack" the voicemail open. Chase reluctantly made a phone call.

A few minutes later, Chase was off the phone, and he handed the "cracked" phone to Curtis. Curtis promised to take the blame if Jordan "freaked out." Curtis listened to the phone and relayed Franco's message to Chase in confusion. Chase related that Franco had also told Elizabeth that Ryan Chamberlain was the killer. It dawned on Curtis that the voicemail was probably part of Jordan's plan to draw out the real killer. Just as Anna and Finn entered, Chase said he believed that the only reason Franco would claim that Ryan was the killer was a "break with reality." Anna immediately asked what the men were talking about.

Curtis briefly told Anna what he knew about Jordan's plan, and Anna and Finn exchanged a worried look. Finn explained that Ryan's name had been mentioned in connection with something "seemingly unrelated," but there was too much coincidence that so many people were "talking about a dead man." Anna added that she didn't believe in coincidences.

At Charlie's, Julian wondered why Ava was in such a good mood. She informed her shocked brother that she and "Kevin" were getting married that night. He wondered what the rush was, and she replied that losing Kiki had taught her that life was fragile and to hold onto happiness. He wondered what else she'd visited for, and she admitted that she wanted some advice. "At least you know what not to do," she clarified.

Julian told Ava that she and "Kevin" needed to see each other's true selves and accept them. Ava believed that both she and "Kevin" were being their true selves, and they both loved each other for who they were.

"I think we're in trouble," Laura told Kevin. "At least we're together," Kevin replied. He told her that they just needed to figure a way out by "process of elimination." Laura confessed that she was ashamed that she'd thought Ryan was Kevin, as Kevin was always empathetic and honest. "That's not true," Kevin admitted, but before he could finish the thought, Laura spotted something on the wall behind him.

Laura saw "Danzinger" carved into the brick, and Kevin explained that Archie Danzinger was a serial killer from the turn of the century. Danzinger had been a physicist and engineer who'd had a psychotic break. He'd left puzzles and scientific clues to taunt authorities, and he'd even been kept in Ferncliff for a time. Kevin added that Danzinger had escaped from Ferncliff without a trace, and Laura suggested that Danzinger had escaped from that very room.

Laura moved a box out of the way and saw "Cu" carved into the wall next to the name. After a few moments in thought, Kevin suggested that it was the symbol for copper on the periodic table. Laura spotted a pipe that looked like copper, and she led Kevin to it. Kevin started to mess with the pipe. He turned it and heard some shifting. He continued turning the pipe, and Laura noticed the wall moving. She pushed on it and was excited to see that there was a tunnel.

Mac and Felicia loudly discussed "Kevin" and Ava's elopement as Lucy rounded the corner and, in surprise, dropped what she was carrying. Mac helped her pick everything back up, and she sat down. Lucy figured that Ava was lying, because Kevin never did things "spur of the moment." All three were worried about him, and Felicia resolved that she was going to do something about it, and she walked away.

Lucy confided in Mac that she'd always thought that she and Kevin would find each other again. She'd been glad to see that Kevin and Laura had made each other happy, but he'd seemed to get a "wandering eye." She called Kevin her best friend and worried about what was really going on with him.

"Kevin" looked at his collection of licenses, put them back in the box, and tossed them in the trunk of his car. When he closed the trunk, Carly was standing behind him. "I can't help but notice what you've got in your trunk," Carly observed. "A suitcase," she added to an anxious "Kevin." She obviously didn't think it was a good idea for him to elope with Ava, but she had a few questions about Wilson Ritter before he left. She wondered if it could be a pseudonym for Todd Wilson, Ryan's alias.

Carly continued that she'd seen someone who had looked like Kevin in the hall at Ferncliff, but "Kevin" convinced her that she'd manufactured a friendly face out of overmedication and emotion. She vowed to keep searching and promised to keep "Kevin" updated. "You might be onto something," he told her.

A short while later, "Kevin" closed his trunk and cleaned blood off of a tire iron. Felicia approached "Kevin" and demanded answers from him about Ava. She was worried about him, as Ava was "nothing but trouble." "Kevin" responded that Laura had been "unworthy of him." He continued that Felicia was exaggerating, and it wasn't a life-and-death situation. Felicia's face suddenly changed to horror, and she told him that his words were familiar.

Ava entered, and Felicia quickly excused herself. Ava happily told him that it was time to start their lives together, and she got in the car. "Kevin" opened the trunk to put their suitcases in, and a bound and unconscious Carly was crammed in the trunk. He moved her over to fit the suitcases in, closed the trunk, and got into the car.

Felicia returned to Mac and Lucy and remembered Ryan saying the same phrases to her that "Kevin" had used. Lucy commented that "Kevin" wasn't acting like himself, and Felicia blurted out that he was acting like Ryan.

Laura escapes and gets help, but Kevin remains behind

Laura escapes and gets help, but Kevin remains behind

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Shiloh put something in a drawer as Kristina entered with a girl. She introduced the girl as Bridget, who'd been living in the parking lot behind Charlie's. Shiloh directed her to the kitchen, and she thanked him and walked away. Shiloh was proud of Kristina and called her a "gift" to Dawn of Day -- and to him. He asked about Jason, and Kristina supposed he was out of the hospital. She hadn't realized how "taxing" Jason had been on Sam, and she was happy that Shiloh's teachings seemed to be working for Sam. Shiloh smiled widely.

A short while later, Daisy and Kristina helped Shiloh set up for the next seminar, but Shiloh informed them that there had been a "change in plans." He told them that Kristina would help with the next seminar, as he believed that she was ready. He asked a visibly upset Daisy to set up the refreshments, and she asked if she was being punished. Shiloh admitted that Daisy had to prove her worth to the group and continue to make up for her actions.

A few minutes later, Daisy was gone, and Shiloh asked if Kristina was ready for the next phase of her enlightenment. She confirmed that Michael had loaned her the money, but she was repaying him with interest. A few minutes later, Kristina was gone, and Shiloh took a tablet out of the drawer. He booted it up, and there was a strange symbol as the background image. He muttered that he had "big plans" for Kristina's future.

At Sam's, she and Jason discussed how fast Jason had gotten the kids to sleep, and she asked him to help her clean up the mess of toys. He mentioned how Danny had wanted to do a project with both of his parents, and he related that he and Sam spending less time together was starting to affect Danny. She assured him that it was temporary but suggested that she should halt her plan. Jason countered that they could find a way to compromise, as Shiloh really believed that he'd charmed Sam. Just then, Jason remembered that he was supposed to meet Carly, so he hugged Sam and left.

A short while later, Sam was surprised to open her door to Daisy. Daisy explained that she knew her actions had been "horrible and cruel," and she'd accepted responsibility for them. Sam invited her in, and she asked for Sam's forgiveness. She was supposed to acknowledge who her actions had affected the most, and she couldn't move on until she had Sam's forgiveness. Sam forgave Daisy, and an ecstatic Daisy hugged Sam and asked, "How can I repay you?"

Daisy began to help Sam clean up the toys in the living room and, as she bent over, Sam caught sight of a tattoo on Daisy's back. She asked Daisy what the symbol, which was the same as the one on Shiloh's tablet, meant. Daisy claimed that she didn't know, as she'd done "a lot of stupid stuff" when she'd been younger. She anxiously excused herself and hoped to see Sam around the Dawn of Day house. When Daisy was gone, Sam drew the symbol on a pad of paper.

Jason arrived at the hospital parking lot and called Carly. He heard a phone ringing, and saw a phone on the ground. He picked it up and realized that it was Carly's phone. Clearly terrified, he called out for her.

Looking into the tunnel in the basement, Laura told Kevin that they had to go so they could report Ryan to the police. Kevin replied that he wasn't going with her, as he believed that he would only slow her down. He thought that the best option was for her to go get help. After arguing with him, she finally accepted his answer. They shared a kiss, and she crawled into the tunnel. "Laura, I'm so sorry," he muttered when she was gone. A short while later, Laura ran to the door at Ferncliff and booked it out of the building.

"Accommodations courtesy of the Adventure Fund," Josslyn announced as she, Oscar, Cameron, and Trina entered a motel room. Oscar was angry at Cameron for damaging his car in a pothole, causing them to be stranded until the next day. Cameron thought that they could make the most of being "parent free" in a motel room. Trina told a worried Josslyn that they could tell each of their parents that they were sleeping at the other's house. Oscar added that Kim was working, so he would be all right, and Cameron was just glad to be away from "the Franco mess."

A short while later, Oscar and Cameron returned to the room with bagged snacks, the most food they could get. Trina thought that she and Cameron should give Oscar and Josslyn privacy, as she'd wanted alone time with Cameron, anyway. They left the room, and Oscar and Josslyn were shocked to learn that Trina was interested in Cameron. They agreed that they were happy for Trina and Cameron, and both were happy for the alone time.

Oscar marveled over how big the world was and how things like the falls kept going, no matter what happened. He thought that humans were just visitors and would understand after death where the beauty had originated. She quietly asked him to let her know when he found out, and he kissed her. She pulled away a few seconds later and thought it was weird not to worry about someone walking in on them. Oscar thought that they'd been given a chance that night. "Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?" Josslyn asked.

Josslyn and Oscar both agreed that they were ready. "Now what?" she wondered, and he suggested that they see where things went. Both texted their parents with excuses as to why they wouldn't be home that night, and they were excited to have the night and morning together.

Cameron and Trina entered their room, and Cameron was down on himself for ruining the trip. Trina assured him that everything would work out, and he added that he needed to get back before his community service in the afternoon. She expressed sympathy for the situation with Franco, but he thought the subject would bore "PC High's party girl." She countered that she wasn't much of a partier, but the reputation made her seem cool.

Cameron started that he was flattered by her advances, but she laughed that she'd faked interest in him. She wanted Josslyn and Oscar to have the night alone together, and she hadn't mean to hurt Cameron's feelings. He promised that he was all right, because he only liked her as a friend, as well. They decided to watch a movie, so they turned on the television and dug into their snacks.

Elizabeth sat at an unconscious Franco's bedside and begged him to wake up. Epiphany entered and gently asked Elizabeth to step out so that Epiphany could change Franco's dressing. Elizabeth initially refused, but Epiphany walked her out, promising to let her back in as soon as possible. Drew approached and asked about Franco. Elizabeth cried that she couldn't lose her husband. "Husband?" Epiphany asked, and Elizabeth promised to fill her in later. Epiphany commended Elizabeth for keeping Franco alive by herself but urged her to "let us take over," and went back into the room.

Elizabeth told Drew what had happened to Franco, including his statement that Ryan was the killer. Drew commented that Ryan had been dead for 20 years, but Chase entered and thought that the theory could be wrong. He told them what little he and Curtis had put together about Jordan's plan, and he added that Ryan's name had been surfacing a lot. Chase told them about "Kevin's" account of things at Ferncliff, and Elizabeth thought that it didn't make sense. Elizabeth and Drew wanted to talk to Cameron and Oscar before they heard the news.

In Franco's room, Epiphany congratulated him as she put the blankets over him. She warned him that he'd better treat Elizabeth right when he woke up, as he didn't want her as an enemy. Just then, his heart rate increased, and she wondered if he could hear her. Moments later, she burst out of the room and announced that Franco had woken up, and Elizabeth and Chase entered the room.

Drew stood outside of Franco's room as a patrolman escorted Laura in. Laura insisted that she didn't need medical attention and that she needed to talk to Jordan. The patrolman went to talk to the officer posted outside Franco's room, and Laura told Drew about her and Kevin's ordeal in Ferncliff. She continued that she'd found her way to a highway, where a patrolman had found her. She knew who the killer was, but she also knew that she wouldn't be believed.

Elizabeth leaned over Franco and asked him to open his eyes. He did, and she told him that she'd been scared he wouldn't make it. He assured her that he'd had to for her. They shared a kiss. Chase stepped forward, and Elizabeth warned Chase to go easy on Franco. Franco told Chase about Jordan's plan but advised him to ask her. Chase broke it to Franco that Jordan was "incapacitated" after having been hit by a car. Franco struggled to remember how he knew that, and Chase figured that "Kevin" had mentioned it to Franco before the attack.

Franco insisted that he hadn't attacked anyone, and he told his version of events from Ferncliff. He repeated that Ryan was the killer. Just then, the patrolman knocked on the door and asked for Chase, as Laura knew who the killer was. Chase left, and Laura informed him that Ryan was the killer. He asked for proof, and she offered her husband as proof. She instructed him to send a forensics team to Kevin's office, as Ryan's fingerprints would be everywhere. She added that they needed to find Ryan before he killed again.

Drew's phone went off, and he saw a text from Oscar that read, "Sleeping over at Manny's. Need to prep for French Revolution presentation for history. Will text in the AM." Drew walked away.

Chase returned to Franco's room and stated that Laura had confirmed that Ryan was the killer. He advised Franco and Elizabeth that he'd notified the FBI and put out an APB. He told Franco to get some rest, as they had things to go over later. When Chase was gone, Elizabeth assured Franco that she'd never believed that Franco was guilty. He just wanted the ordeal to be over so he could return home to her and the boys. He asked her to get closer, and they shared a kiss.

Chase asked Laura about the last time she'd seen Ryan. She answered that she and Kevin had been in the basement of Ferncliff, and Ryan had made her sign divorce papers so that he could marry Ava. She resolved that they needed to find Ryan and Ava, as Ava was in "terrible danger." He wondered about Ryan's travel plans, but Laura countered that she could answer his questions on the way to Ferncliff to get Kevin.

Oscar has a major seizure

Oscar has a major seizure

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

As Laura waited for Kevin to arrive at General Hospital, she asked to see Jordan in the meantime. While Finn assured Laura that Kevin's eyesight would be restored, he and Chase filled her in on Jordan's accident.

Jason rushed into the hospital and asked a nurse if Carly was a patient. She did a quick search and informed him that Carly had not been admitted. Jason left a message with Olivia and saw Kevin as he was wheeled in. Laura and Finn rushed to greet him, and Finn went to check on Jordan.

Kevin wanted updates, and he made it clear that Ryan was dangerous. After Laura stepped aside to check on Jordan, Jason questioned Kevin about the patient who had been next door to Carly at Ferncliff. He recalled that Kevin had stopped him from looking in at the patient. Kevin didn't want to discuss it, but he informed Jason that any discussion that Jason had had with Kevin in the past five months had actually been with Ryan.

Curtis sat with Jordan and was thrilled when she opened her eyes. She was desperate to tell him something, but Curtis announced that her plan had worked and had revealed Ryan to be the killer. Jordan was confused and declared that it couldn't be Ryan because he was dead. "Not so much," Curtis replied as he filled her in on what had happened after Franco's interview.

Anna arrived to visit with Jordan, and Curtis stepped into the hallway to talk to Finn, who disclosed that Jordan had no infection. He added that she would need to be on dialysis until a kidney transplant was available. Finn informed Curtis that Jordan's prognosis looked good, and Curtis decided it was time to tell Jordan the truth.

Jordan told Anna about her plan with Franco and was angry at herself for not realizing that "Kevin" had been Ryan all along. Anna assured her that everyone had been deceived.

Laura stopped by, and Jordan admitted that she'd been replaying all of her conversations with the man she'd thought to be Kevin. She offered to resign. Laura chuckled and assured her that no one had known it was Ryan, not even Laura. Laura added that Jordan had been the one to help because of her plan. Chase walked in and told Jordan how happy he was to see her. He wanted to question Laura, and they stepped back into the corridor.

Anna quickly reassured Jordan, and she left. Laura instructed Chase to locate Ava in order to find Ryan. She wanted him to be careful because Ryan was dangerous.

Laura overheard Anna and Finn talking to Kevin as they told him about the procedure that Cabot had created that had resulted in blindness for several people. Finn explained the surgery, and Kevin was overcome. He hadn't expected to see Laura again, and he had thought he was going to die.

Curtis returned to Jordan's room as she gave Chase some instructions regarding Franco and Ryan. Chase left, and Curtis noticed that his wife was uncomfortable. He offered to get a nurse for some painkillers, but Jordan was determined to stay clearheaded. She was anxious to leave the hospital and complete her case. Curtis sat down on the bed and told Jordan that they needed to talk.

Uneasily, Curtis broke the news about what Jordan would be looking at medically. She was upset, but he assured her that he knew she'd be okay. She tried to stay calm, and Curtis told her they had plenty of time to talk about it all. Jordan realized she wouldn't be leaving the hospital as quickly as she'd planned, and the couple shared a tender moment.

Chase looked for Laura, and Kevin was perturbed that she didn't seem to be around.

As Julian put up the closed sign in the window of the pub door, Kim showed up. He thought that something might be wrong, but she announced that she was there to "make things right." She closed and locked the door and told Julian that everything was okay. She planned on enjoying every moment.

Kim pulled down the shade on the door as Julian told her about Ava eloping with Kevin. He announced that he had decided to stay out of it. Kim wasn't interested in discussing Ava as she kissed him. The pair began to undress as they moved over to the bar.

Later, Jason knocked on the door and announced that he was looking for Ava. He revealed that Carly was in trouble. Julian didn't have anything to tell him, and Jason snapped that he would hold Julian responsible if Carly was hurt. Kim revealed that Ava and Kevin had been headed to Niagara Falls.

At the motel near Niagara Falls, Cameron and Trina played a game of cards in their room. Cameron reminisced about family game nights and noted that he'd stopped participating after Franco had shown up because he hated Franco being there.

Cameron was angry at himself for not stopping Elizabeth from being with Franco, but Trina didn't think that would have been possible. She thought he should just be available for his brothers and wait until Franco was in prison.

Josslyn and Oscar lay on the top of the bed in their room and held hands. Oscar played a joke, and Josslyn hit him with a pillow. They made out, and Oscar told Josslyn he loved her. He asked if Josslyn was with him because she felt sorry for him. Josslyn assured him that she saw him as the guy she had fallen in love with who had accepted her, and cancer was only a small part of him.

Shortly after, Oscar apologized for feeling lightheaded, and Josslyn stepped away to fetch him some water. He thought it was due to not eating, and he picked up a snack. Suddenly, he grabbed his head in pain and fell to the floor. When Josslyn returned, she tried to rouse her unconscious boyfriend, and she yelled at him to breathe. She got in touch with Cameron, who raced in with Trina.

Josslyn announced that Oscar had had a seizure, and Cameron called an ambulance. Josslyn declared it to be worse than the last one. She was hysterical, and more so when the ambulance driver would not allow her to ride with Oscar. Trina called an Uber.

Ava and "Kevin" arrived at their secluded spot. "Kevin" explained that they were just short of the border into Canada, and they would be able to walk or drive to the chapel in Niagara Falls the following day. "Kevin" announced that he would retrieve their luggage from the trunk, and he sent Ava ahead to their room.

"Kevin" unlocked the trunk and removed their bags. "Isn't that better, Carly?" he taunted. He suggested that she almost had room to stretch out as he slammed the trunk shut again. He entered the room and found Ava sitting unclothed in their bed. She declared that she was ready to start their honeymoon early.

After making love, Ava and "Kevin" each talked about the finer qualities of the other. Ava donned "Kevin's" shirt and admitted that leaving Port Charles was the reason for her glow. "Kevin" suggested they not go back, but Ava reminded him that she couldn't leave Avery. After Ava headed to the shower, "Kevin" removed passports, cash, and plane tickets to Singapore from an envelope in his suitcase.

"Kevin" opted for a shower after Ava was through, and, unable to find her shoes, she grabbed the car keys to search the car. "Kevin" called out to Ava about dinner, but when he emerged from his shower, she was not there.

Outside, Ava searched the car and, unsuccessful, turned to the trunk. Cameron raced through the bushes and stumbled into "Kevin."

Jason ran into Laura outside of Charlie's Pub. She demanded that he take her with him and threatened to tell Sonny if he didn't. Inside, Julian left a voicemail for Ava. Kim received a frantic call from Josslyn.

Ava finds Carly in trunk of "Kevin's" car

Ava finds Carly in trunk of "Kevin's" car

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sonny and Robert enjoyed some coffee in a café in Turkey as they waited for Robert's friend to show up with some information on Dante. They eyed the men sitting nearby, but Sonny was impatient. Robert tried to explain that in his world, lots of sitting around was to be expected. He thought it was a "small price to pay" in trying to locate Dante.

A woman sidled up to their table and attempted to read Sonny's palm. Sonny pulled his hand away from the woman quickly, but Robert thought it was a good idea for them to listen to what the palm reader had to say. Robert stood up, and the woman took his seat. She took Sonny's hand again and looked at it closely. She told him he had a long lifeline. "What a relief," Sonny replied sarcastically.

The palm reader added that Sonny also had a fate line which was uncommon. She read that someone he loved was in danger. Sonny was skeptical. The woman announced that she saw a son, and the child's life was in the palm of Sonny's hand.

Sonny pulled his hand away again, and Robert suggested they leave. The woman called Sonny an ungrateful American as she held her hand out. Sonny pulled out his wallet and gave her some money, but the woman was dissatisfied. As he handed her another bill, she slipped something to him in return. She told him his destiny awaited if he followed his path.

Robert and Sonny left, and the men nearby got up at the same time. The palm reader did her best to stall them. Sonny opened the folded-up piece of paper and informed Robert that he had an address.

At the hospital in Port Charles, Elizabeth paced and was grateful for the decaf coffee that Drew handed her. She told him that Franco would be okay, and Drew reminded her that Franco's name would be cleared. Elizabeth only wished that Franco had trusted her with the truth, but Drew assumed that it had needed to be a secret.

Just then, Kim rushed over to announce that Oscar had had a seizure in Niagara Falls. Drew declared that they could take his company chopper.

Chase was on the phone and told someone about the search for an armed and dangerous Ryan. Lulu arrived and asked about her mother, and Chase told her to prepare herself. After Chase had finished telling her all he knew about Ryan and Laura, Lulu was dumbfounded and clarified what she'd just heard.

Lulu had thought all along that Franco had been her attacker, but suddenly, she had a moment of clarity and saw Ryan in his place. Lulu was beside herself with the knowledge that she'd allowed Ryan to hypnotize and trick her, but Chase assured her that Ryan had fooled everyone.

Laura and Jason headed to Niagara Falls. Laura received a phone call from Chase, who told her that Kevin was on his way into surgery and doing well. Laura replied that she was with a friend, and she related the details of her trip. Jason told Laura all he knew about Carly's time in Ferncliff and the patient next door to her at the time. He'd learned about the man called Todd Wilson, and Carly had had questions.

Jason added that Carly and Ryan had been at the hospital at the same time, and he'd only found her phone. Jason assumed that Ryan had either locked Carly up at the hospital or taken her somewhere. He contemplated Laura's question about another alternative, and he replied that he refused to consider that Carly might be dead.

At the hotel near Niagara Falls, Cameron bumped into "Kevin" and told him he was in a rush to get to his friends. "Kevin" sneered that he couldn't let Cameron go yet, but after Cameron received a text message that his friend was waiting, "Kevin" urged him to have a good time. He added that he wouldn't tell anyone about seeing Cameron if Cameron did the same.

Nearby, Ava searched the car for her shoes but was surprised to see Josslyn. "Are you here with your mother?" Ava asked the teenager. Josslyn explained that she was with friends, her friend had had a seizure, and she was about to catch an Uber. She left, and Ava peered into the trunk.

Ava was shocked to see an unconscious and gagged Carly inside the car trunk. "Carly?" Ava called out. Carly slowly opened her eyes. "Oh, my God, what is happening?" Ava wondered. Suddenly, "Kevin" was standing behind her. "Surprise," he said.

Ava declared that she didn't understand. "Kevin" told her to go back to the room, and he would handle everything. He wanted her to trust him. Ava backed away, turned, and ran back to their room. "Kevin" slammed the car trunk shut.

Inside the motel room, Ava paced with a drink in her hand. Her wedding attire was laid out on the bed. She thought maybe "Kevin" had been having a breakdown as he'd had one in the past. She started to dial the police on her phone but stopped. "Kevin" returned, admired Ava's drink, and poured himself a bourbon at the mini-bar. Ava asked about Carly, and "Kevin" told her to think of Carly as a wedding present.

Ava sipped her drink as "Kevin" declared that Carly had been "all wrapped up and ready to go." Ava backed away again as "Kevin" apologized. He wanted Ava to assume that he had done it to help her in some way. He thought they could deal with everything related to Port Charles after their wedding. Ava poured another drink for him. "Kevin" revealed that Carly was on her way.

"Kevin, what have you done?" Ava asked. "Kevin" stated that he'd last seen Carly about five miles east. When Ava asked if he had dropped her off, "Kevin" replied, "In a manner of speaking." He thought that Carly was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and his priority was to get married.

"Kevin" wondered if he had ruined everything by spotting Ava's wedding attire. He suggested that she wear something else. He had waited a long time for her and her understanding and acceptance. He wanted everything to be perfect. He touched Ava's face tenderly.

Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina arrived at the hospital and attempted to get into Oscar's room. The nurse wouldn't allow it until Josslyn pleaded her case, and the nurse realized who she was. The nurse revealed that Oscar had told her about his girlfriend. Josslyn was surprised to hear that Oscar was awake, and she rushed to his side. She grabbed his hand as she sat down and told him how lucky they were to have made it to Niagara Falls. Oscar only cared about Josslyn.

Oscar dozed off, but when Josslyn tried to leave, he opened his eyes. He announced that he wanted Cameron to have his car to remind him of how he had messed it up. Josslyn didn't think he was funny, and she didn't like to hear Oscar talking that way. He told her to laugh, and he loved her.

Out in the lobby, Cameron and Trina waited. Cameron received a call from Elizabeth, who announced that she knew where Cameron was. He told her he knew he was in trouble, but Elizabeth declared that she was proud of him and his taking care of Oscar. She added that he would be in trouble later, but she also had something to tell him about Franco.

Cameron didn't want to hear what Elizabeth had to say, but she told him that Franco was innocent and had been cleared. The real killer's identity had been discovered, and it was Ryan Chamberlain. She told him that Ryan wasn't dead and had been posing as Kevin. Cameron maintained that he had seen Kevin earlier nearby, but Elizabeth insisted that Kevin was at the hospital in Port Charles.

Elizabeth ordered Cameron to stay at the hospital with his friends while the police searched for Ryan. Cameron finished his call and told Trina what he'd learned from his mother. Trina didn't quite believe it, and she called General Hospital and asked for Kevin Collins. She learned that he was in surgery. Cameron grew anxious as he realized he had really been talking to Ryan.

Trina thought it was great that Cameron's stepfather was not a serial killer, after all, although Cameron reminded her that Franco had been a killer in the past. Trina pointed out that Elizabeth had believed Franco had deserved forgiveness, and she thought that Cameron should try to get along with him.

Trina added that she and Cameron were lucky to be healthy, and she didn't think he should be complaining. She thought of Oscar, who was getting worse. She thought Cameron should "get over it." He called her harsh but truthful. Kim and Drew rushed in and headed to Oscar's room. Trina teased Cameron about Oscar's car.

Josslyn insisted on leaving Oscar when Kim and Drew arrived. Drew admitted he was furious at Oscar, and Kim declared she wasn't happy, but she didn't think it was the most important thing to discuss. Kim and Drew only wanted to get Oscar home to talk to their doctors.

Josslyn joined Trina and Cameron and revealed that Oscar had seemed okay and had been making jokes. She cried that she had been trying to stay positive, and sometimes she forgot about the truth for a little while. She stressed that they were running out of time. Cameron hugged Josslyn, and Trina did her best to reassure her. Cameron urged them to stay in the present.

In the car, Laura reminded Jason that she had been the one to ask for a ride, and she wanted him to know that what he ended up doing was none of her business. She answered a phone call from Elizabeth who disclosed that Cameron had run into Ryan in Niagara Falls.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth informed Chase about Ryan's location, and disclosed that she had spoken to Laura. Lulu realized that Ava believed she was about to marry Kevin. Chase rushed off, and Lulu and Elizabeth sat. Lulu was despondent that she had allowed herself to be manipulated by a psychopath, but Elizabeth made her realize that people who had known Kevin really well hadn't guessed that Kevin had really been Ryan.

Chase announced that the Niagara Falls police were on their way to the motel. Lulu just wanted it all to be over, and Chase assured her there was a huge manhunt "like no other."

Laura and Jason arrived at the motel, and he ordered her to remain in the car. He removed a gun from the glove compartment and made his way to Ryan's room. The door was slightly ajar, and he kicked it open. He pointed the gun as he walked inside.

An unconscious Carly lay on the snow-covered ground.

Ryan throws himself and Ava over the bridge

Ryan throws himself and Ava over the bridge

Friday, March 8, 2019

Nina bumped into Michael at General Hospital. They talked about putting a process in place to help find a kidney donation for Jordan. Nina appreciated Michael's help and called him a "stand-up guy." She pulled him onto the elevator with her and announced that she wanted him to meet someone.

Alexis was surprised to see Julian after answering a knock on her front door. She told him it was late, and she'd been working; Julian told her his stop had been a necessary one. He walked inside, looked around, and told her that things were worse with Oscar. He stated that Kim and Drew were together, and they had always been the "endgame." He added, "Just like you and me."

Alexis found Julian to be absurd. "You want me," Julian declared. He thought it was obvious, and he found her to be a hypocrite. He pointed out everything she'd done and said to contradict herself where her feelings for him had been concerned. The couple tossed around a couple of double-entendre comments, and Alexis finally ordered Julian out. She called him indecent.

Julian argued that Alexis wanted him badly, and Alexis slapped him several times. Julian grew rough with her, and they fell into a passionate kiss. They proceeded to undress each other, and they fell onto the sofa to make love. Afterward, an alarm beeped, and suddenly, there were multiple clocks sounding chimes. Alexis was on the sofa, dressed and alone. She looked around. She'd fallen asleep in front of her laptop.

Later, Alexis returned home with a bottle of vodka and stared at it intently.

Robert and Sonny found themselves in an empty room in Ankara, Turkey. It was the address that the palm-reader had slipped to Sonny in the café. Robert was certain it was the right place, and he was not happy when Sonny pulled out his gun. Sonny declared that he wanted to be prepared.

As Sonny and Robert argued over the way to do business, the woman from the café walked in and told them to get along. Her name was Vick, the Ankara Station chief and Robert's contact. She told them she'd had to improvise as the palm-reader after spotting someone watching them. She thought he had been hired by the same person that Dante had been hunting.

Robert thought they should be patient, but Sonny didn't want to be patient where Dante was concerned. He didn't think that Robert would be patient if it were Robin they were searching for. Vick informed them that Dante had gone silent and had been out of reach. She believed that Raj had gotten to Dante first.

Vick added that Dante had been the one to close off communications and had met with Raj. She thought that there had been blood spilled, and Dante had been taken prisoner. She disclosed that they were unable to infiltrate. Sonny was angry and announced that he would take matters into his own hands.

After Vick was gone, Robert assured Sonny that he would help Sonny because Robin would "have my hide" if he didn't. Robert was determined to restore the bureau's good name. The men agreed that Raj might be holding Dante hostage.

Sam sat down at the bar at Charlie's Pub and offered to take Kristina out. Kristina pointed out that she was working, and they could spend time together at the bar. Sam admitted that she'd been taking things harder than Jason, who had Carly to keep him busy. Sam claimed that, because of Carly, it had been awhile since she'd seen Jason, and Kristina agreed that Jason was unable to commit.

Sam maintained that it had been difficult to detach from her relationship. Kristina was certain that Shiloh would be able to help, and she thought it would be easier on the bank account. Sam frowned as she asked about the courses and the people who had taken them. Kristina admitted it was an inner circle, although Shiloh wouldn't care for the term.

As Kristina went to take an order from someone's table, Sam made a quick call to Jason and left him a voicemail. She told him about the expensive upper level courses that only certain people were able to take.

Peter and Maxie sat at a table and debated the fact that Valentin's secret probably involved Sasha, who was not really Nina's daughter. Maxie felt that she was a hypocrite because she was familiar with telling lies for the right reasons. She proceeded to tell Peter all about her miscarriage as a surrogate for Dante and Lulu, and the conception of Georgie.

Maxie suggested that they drop their investigation, and everyone would be happy. She wanted Peter's opinion but he replied that he trusted her judgment. He was familiar with lies from the way he had grown up, so he wanted Maxie to decide on her own. Maxie thought their first move would be to find out the truth.

Outside the pub, Sasha met up with Valentin as they waited for Nina. Sasha was adamant that she not hurt anyone. Valentin insisted that Nina had been happy, and they had given her a great gift. Nina and Michael arrived, and Nina introduced Sasha and Michael to each other. They all went inside.

Sasha and Michael chatted and agreed it had been awkward, but both wanted to stay. Sasha was impressed when she heard about Michael's job, although she thought he was joking at first. She was embarrassed to admit she was in an entry-level job at Crimson.

Kristina returned to work behind the bar, and Sam told her that Daisy had stopped at her place to ask for forgiveness. Sam thought Daisy had been desperate, but she had forgiven her. Michael and Sasha sat at the bar, and Michael introduced her to Kristina and Sam. Michael tossed a large tip down on the bar, and he urged Kristina to keep it, or he'd put it to her loan.

Sam was troubled when she heard Michael mention Kristina's loan. Maxie went to visit with Nina, who sat with a large book full of notes for her wedding. Valentin stopped to sit with Peter and asked about Maxie. He noted that as long as she was happy, that was all that mattered. Sasha and Michael continued to make small talk at the bar about environmental issues.

Maxie walked by the bar and pulled a hair from Sasha's head. She announced that it was a grey hair that had caught her attention. She held it for Peter to see. Sasha saw them, and she and Valentin exchanged looks.

Jason entered Ryan and Ava's room in Niagara Falls with his gun drawn, but the room was empty. Laura followed him inside. Jason thought that the couple might have headed to the nearby footbridge in order to get to Canada quickly.

Carly lay unconscious in the snow. Suddenly, she stirred. "What happened?" she asked. "Where am I? What the hell?" she continued. She looked around and flashed back to her last memory, which was encountering "Kevin" in the hospital parking lot. She began to shout for help as she heard the sound of rushing water. She stood gingerly and began to try to climb. She heard Sonny's voice in her head. He was telling her what would happen if she was gone.

At the Niagara River, "Kevin" pulled Ava across the footbridge quickly, but she wanted to stop to catch her breath. He didn't want anyone to know they were there after running into Josslyn and Cameron, and he was in a hurry. Ava wanted to call the police because she was afraid, after having seen Carly in the car trunk, that Carly would die.

"And?" "Kevin" asked. He informed Ava that he had handled everything. He kissed her hand. He was sure that the police would never find them, but Ava figured that Sonny and Jason would. He wanted her to trust him. Ava didn't want to be a "party to murder" and insisted on calling the police. She thought they would "both go down" and would be separated when caught.

Ava continued to plead with "Kevin," but he was adamant that he was going to Canada and not without Ava. He promised to make things up to her and insisted they were destined to be together. She agreed not to argue, and as they started off, a shot rang out. Jason and Laura were behind them. Jason had shot "Kevin" in the shoulder.

Ava began to scream at Jason, and she told him that "Kevin" had been having a breakdown. Laura shouted that he was Ryan Chamberlain, and Ava refused to believe her. Laura assured her that Kevin was back in Port Charles. Jason fired his gun again, and he threatened to shoot Ryan between the eyes. Ryan told them all to be quiet, or they wouldn't find out what had happened to Carly.

Ava announced that Carly was somewhere five miles east of their hotel and in bad shape. The sirens in the distance were growing close. Ryan wanted Ava to be quiet, but she didn't want to be held responsible. Ryan grabbed Ava's coat and kissed her. He threw her and himself over the bridge. Laura screamed.

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