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Oscar legally changed his name. Ava received help setting a trap for Ryan. Anna found proof that she was Robin's mother. Harmony was revealed to be Willow's mother. Jason warned Sam that Shiloh had drugged Kristina. Michael heard a confession.
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Anna found proof that she was Robin's mother
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Kristina's deprogramming begins

Kristina's deprogramming begins

Monday, April 22, 2019

Shiloh walked into Volonino's and saw Jason near the punching bag. He asked Jason if he could take a turn at the bag, but Jason silently walked to the bag and began punching it himself. Shiloh noted that Jason's hostility was obvious, but he continued to talk to Jason, who remained silent.

Shiloh revealed that Sam had persuaded him not to consider Jason as a suspect in Kristina's kidnapping, and he added that he and Sam had grown closer with mutual trust. Shiloh declared that both Sam and Danny were great, and he continued to taunt Jason with his comments. Jason punched the bag harder but ignored Shiloh until the leader of Dawn of Day left the gym, laughing.

Michael and Sasha lay in bed in a room at Metro Court after making love. They talked and joked until Sasha decided it was time for a shower. She returned afterward, and they continued a conversation about skiing. Sasha was impressed with Michael's brotherly skills. He dressed to go after announcing that he had to help his sister, and he jotted down his phone number for Sasha. "No expectations," he said, but Sasha confessed that she'd like to go out with him.

Sonny and Carly sat at a table in Metro Court, and Sonny groused that he wanted his daughter Kristina back. He was concerned that the deprogramming wouldn't work. Sam walked in and told him it had to work, but Sonny thought that another option would be better, especially if it resulted in the cult leader being gone.

Sonny was concerned with Kristina's missing pledge, and Sam announced that she would attempt to check the DOD house again. After Sam left, Carly stated that she believed that Sam had "lost it" and didn't know what she was doing. Sonny thought they should see how "things play[ed] out." "Shiloh will be dealt with," Sonny declared.

At General Hospital, Kevin and Laura's kiss was interrupted by a deliveryman who had a package for Kevin. The doctor signed for it, and he and Laura sat down to open it. It was a frost-covered hand. Laura gasped, and Kevin noted that the package was actually from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He clarified that they had sent Ryan's remains, but it didn't mean that Ryan's loss had been fatal.

Laura asked Kevin to move back home, but Kevin declined. He explained that he needed to work on himself first and had been seeing a therapist. Laura asked for further details. Kevin confessed that he shared a trait with Ryan, and that was his arrogance. He had realized he couldn't always be right, and he couldn't make the same mistake again like he had with Ryan.

Kevin shared that his "exercise in ego" had resulted in a tragedy, and he needed to acknowledge his faults and culpabilities. Laura insisted that he not do it alone because their marriage had been a partnership. It was her turn to take care of him. She again asked him to move back home, and Kevin relented.

Laura wondered what Kevin would do with "that thing." He replied that he would take the hand to the morgue and have it destroyed.

Molly and T.J. walked through the hallway at the hospital. Molly related that she hadn't heard from Kristina at all, not even a text message. Alexis spotted them, and she assured them that Kristina would be okay. She admitted that she hadn't been honest, and she revealed that Kristina was safe and "working on her issues." Molly wasn't satisfied with the lack of details, but she only wanted Kristina to be away from Shiloh. Alexis left.

T.J. felt that Kristina had had bad things happen to her even with all of her education, money, and family support. He thought that people always bailed Kristina out, and she had never taken responsibility for herself. Molly believed that Kristina thought she had used DOD to take ownership, but it had been the other way around.

Back at Metro Court, Carly saw Michael as he got himself a cup of coffee. She called him out for his happy appearance, and Michael refused to share any details. He stated that he had been at the gym, and was getting a cup of coffee. He retorted that she would be the first to hear about it if there was anything more he had to say, and he left.

Ava welcomed Scott into her penthouse and announced that she needed a hero. Scott replied that he was the man for the job, and Ava invited him to sit beside her on the couch. She fixed him a cup of coffee and told him that he was her best friend in Port Charles. Scott was curious and wondered what Ava was up to.

Ava informed Scott that she wanted him to fall in love with her, and Scott nearly choked on his coffee. He maintained that while he had always had feelings for her, they'd never even kissed. Ava explained that she believed that Ryan was still alive, and he knew of her closeness to Scott. She thought that Ryan would show up if he believed that she and Scott were together, because Ryan was obsessed with her.

Ava thought it was a good opportunity for Scott to claim his justice from the past, but he thought that Ava had been drinking too much vodka. She shouted that she was drinking coffee, and she wanted to be the one to kill Ryan. Scott didn't want to take advantage of Ava, and he suggested they take a walk and think of another plan. He refused to go along with Ava, and she ordered him to leave.

Harmony looked at old photos at DOD house. She stared at one with her and Willow, and another of Willow and Shiloh. She looked at the name at the top of a page, which read Kali Miller. She crossed it out and wrote Willow Tait. She went through some folders and stopped at a photo of Kristina and Shiloh.

Shortly after, Sam walked into the house and spotted the folders that Harmony had left. She sat down to look through them, but she heard a door open and jumped up. Harmony walked in, and Sam announced that she was there to see Shiloh. Harmony revealed that Shiloh wasn't around, and she didn't know where he was. Sam stated she would wait. Harmony collected the folders.

Sam offered to help Harmony with whatever she was doing, but Harmony told her it was private. She told Sam that it was "far above" her level. Sam watched Harmony unlock a door and go into another room. When Harmony emerged and relocked the door, Sam ran over to try it after Harmony went elsewhere.

Sam finally managed to get the door unlocked and opened with her tools, but she heard Shiloh arrive home and call out for Harmony. Sam quickly closed the door. She found Shiloh and told him she was there to see him. She announced that she wanted to take the next step to prove that she had faith in him, just as he'd had faith in her. Shiloh assured her that it would happen soon.

Neil had a session with Kristina at the safehouse. She was antagonistic, and Neil agreed that the way she'd arrived there had been unfair to Kristina. He asked her what she would tell a friend if the friend had been held against their will by loved ones. Kristina grabbed Shiloh's book and began to read, but Neil wanted it in her own words. Kristina replied that her parents were afraid of losing her after so much loss in their lives.

Neil announced that Kristina's family wanted to talk with her, and Kristina related that her family wasn't known for their communication skills. She didn't feel that they saw her or supported her, and Neil agreed that he would monitor the meeting.

Sonny arrived, followed by Alexis. As they waited for Michael, Alexis disclosed that she had shared some non-specific details with Molly. Neil found them and announced that their project would be "multi-step." He would have Kristina be in charge because she had already been feeling betrayed.

Later, Michael, Sonny, Neil, and Alexis sat with Kristina, who asked why Molly wasn't there. Alexis responded that due to "recent friction," she didn't think it was a good idea for Molly to join in yet. Kristina also asked about Sam, and she snapped that she didn't think that Sam would be there because Sam had been the one who had agreed with Kristina's own beliefs.

The group was interrupted when Alexis' phone began to ring, and she quickly turned it off. Kristina was clearly annoyed and pointed out that she saw the ringing phone as a lack of respect and a metaphor of her relationship with Alexis. Kristina maintained that that was her reason for choosing DOD. Sonny called out that he didn't understand what Kristina was saying, and Kristina maintained that she couldn't help it if he didn't understand.

Neil wanted Kristina to restate it, and Kristina explained that her mother had disappeared whenever the phone had begun to ring. Alexis had never been able to get over her mistakes, and Kristina felt that she would be loved more if she were different. She always ended up feeling awful. She continued that DOD only cared about her present and future, and she didn't feel lonely like she did otherwise. She began to cry. Alexis looked uncomfortable.

Michael handed Kristina a souvenir from Mexico. She smiled as Michael talked to her quietly. He stated that their family was complicated, but Shiloh had offered her something positive. His belief was that "if something is too good to be true, it probably is." He grabbed her hand and continued. He called Kristina smart and perceptive, and he thought she should be able to hear that when Shiloh said to do what he said and trust him, it meant "don't trust yourself."

Michael stated that he missed Kristina, and he invited her to move in with him at the Quartermaine house. Kristina sniffled that she had made a promise, and she could never go home.

Carly saw Sasha at the bar at Metro Court. Sasha asked for a salad to go, and Carly offered to get a waitress. She noticed that Sasha was wearing a sweatshirt from Volonino's gym, and she revealed that Sonny owned the gym. Sasha replied that she'd had a great workout. "Good to know," Carly said as she looked at Sasha curiously.

Carly spotted Jason on the phone, and she asked him about it when he was done. Jason had been on the phone with Brick, and he revealed that the cup that had been picked up along with Kristina had contained a narcotic residue, as they'd suspected. Carly asked what had happened during the first test at the hospital. Jason urged her to guess. "Shiloh," Carly replied.

Carly thought that the cops should be told, but Jason had another idea. He would handle things himself.

Kevin saw Ava at the bar, and he told her the news about the box he'd received. He took a seat and told her he would handle everything. He wanted her to be able to put Ryan behind her. "Like hell I can," Ava snapped. She thought they would be able to use the hand to bury Ryan.

Scott ran into Laura at the hospital as he was looking for Kevin. He told Laura about the conversation he'd had with Ava.

Harmony visits Willow

Harmony visits Willow

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

At the hospital, Molly meekly told T.J. that Kristina would be fine, but she admitted that she only felt "dread." Curtis entered and asked T.J. for a minute. He asked T.J. about what two different drugs did. T.J. responded that one was a strong antibiotic, and the other aided in clotting. He jokingly wondered if someone had lost a limb, but Curtis replied that he would let T.J. know when the case he was working on was closed. T.J. asked if Jordan's dialysis was going all right, and Curtis assured him that it was.

A few minutes later, T.J. and Molly were gone, and Jordan emerged from her dialysis. She asked if Curtis was able to identify the stolen medications, and he informed her that T.J. had helped him. He continued that the police hadn't been able to catch the thief, but he assumed that it had been someone local, and Ryan was hiding near the pharmacy. Jordan begged him to go to Canada and find Ryan, as no one else was looking.

Chase entered Kelly's and found Willow, and Valerie left Chase so she could put in an order for them. He sat with Willow and wondered what she'd been up to the night before. She answered that a friend of hers was at a "crossroads," but she hadn't been ready to hear what Willow had wanted to say. He proposed that they get together that night, and she promised to get back to him after she checked in with her friend. Valerie returned, so he told Willow to call if she needed anything, and he left with Valerie.

Outside, Chase told Valerie that he wanted to "swing by" the Dawn of Day house. He explained that the leader, Shiloh, was a "dirtbag." Having heard him speak once, Valerie agreed. Molly and T.J. approached, and Valerie asked Molly how Kristina was. Molly informed them that Kristina "came to her senses two days ago" and had left Dawn of Day. Valerie was happy to hear it and wondered if it was all right for her to call Kristina. Molly answered that Kristina hadn't been picking up the phone, because she'd gone somewhere to think. Molly and T.J. went into Kelly's.

Valerie was happy that Kristina had left Dawn of Day, but Chase said, "As long as she left on her own." He told her about Michael visiting Chase's apartment the same day Kristina had apparently left Dawn of Day. Valerie wondered if Chase thought that Kristina had been kidnapped. She related how badly Kristina would take that, and Chase added that it would give Shiloh more leverage. Valerie proposed that they try to find Kristina themselves.

Inside Kelly's, Molly wondered what was wrong with T.J. He reluctantly gave Molly a piece of paper. She was shocked to see that it was an analysis of Jordan's kidney dialysis. "Did you steal your mom's file?" she cried. T.J. assured her that the file was still safe at the hospital, as he'd only made a copy of the paper. He thought that Jordan was hiding something.

Sam told Shiloh that she was ready to take the step in commitment to Dawn of Day. He thought that it was "almost time," but not quite yet. Harmony entered, and Sam revealed that they'd been talking about the Trust. Harmony said that it was by "invitation only," and Sam had a "long path" in proving her worth.

Harmony turned to Shiloh and told him how nervous she was. He put a hand on her chest and a hand on her back, and she closed her eyes. He advised her to bundle her nerves into her palms and give them to him to bear. She pushed her palms into his chest and thanked him for the strength. When she was gone, Sam wanted to know about what he'd done with Harmony, but he talked about time being a "remedy" for her inquisitiveness. She explained that she was curious by nature.

Sam wondered when she could join the Trust, and Shiloh replied that she still had more to learn. He inquired if she was ready for the next step, and when she insisted that she was, he proposed that they "do it now." He took his shirt off and explained that he was revealing himself to her, as most saw bodies as things to conceal. He urged her to reveal herself to him, and he led her to the attic. He told her that she would first remove the physical barriers between them and then the spiritual. She began to unbutton her shirt as they maintained eye contact.

Harmony entered Kelly's and sat with Willow, who was clearly not happy to see her. Harmony informed Willow that Dawn of Day would take her back, no matter what her name was. Willow informed Harmony that she was happy, as she had friends, a job, and a purpose. Harmony countered that Dawn of Day needed a teacher and that Shiloh missed her, forgave her, and wanted her back. Willow shot back that she didn't forgive Shiloh. She added that she didn't forgive Harmony for basically giving her to Shiloh when it had been her job as Willow's mother to protect Willow.

At Metro Court, Kevin advised Ava to put Ryan behind her. "Like hell, I can," she spat. Kevin assumed that Ryan was dead, but Ava believed he was "out there somewhere, waiting for his moment to strike. But I'll strike first." She thought it was up to her, since no authorities were looking for Ryan. She proposed that they hold a funeral for Ryan, which would lure Ryan back to town. She wanted Kevin to pose as her boyfriend, but Kevin believed it would just end in Ava's murder.

Kevin didn't want to participate, as he had too much to lose. Ava commented that he was a "pariah" all over town, but she realized that Laura had taken him back. He confirmed it and apologized for not being able to help her. He suggested that she find another way, and he would do whatever he could for her. She believed that he owed her because of what had happened to Kiki, but he revealed that he would owe Ava and the rest of the victims' families for the rest of his life. He left.

Laura arrived at the Floating Rib, and Felicia wanted to clear the air with Laura. Felicia explained her and Ava's plan to Laura again and believed that it would be "justice." Felicia talked about how she'd been living in fear, and she gave Laura a journal so she could understand. A few minutes later, Laura finished reading through what she called a dream journal. Felicia confided that she hadn't had a night without a nightmare since learning that Ryan was alive. Laura related that he was probably dead, but Felicia needed to be sure, and she thought that Ava's plan was their best shot.

Felicia needed Laura to be in on the plan to help get peace for the families of the victims. Laura promised to think about it, but Felicia advised her to think fast, as they couldn't afford to wait. Kevin entered the bar a few minutes later, and they caught up on each other's conversations about Ava and Felicia's plan. Laura's phone went off, and she answered it to Jordan. She informed Laura that there was a possible lead on Ryan's whereabouts, and she was getting someone to Canada to search for him. When she was off the phone, Kevin called the plan dangerous, but Laura countered that the best ones usually were. She thought that the plan wasn't so crazy.

At the hospital, Curtis figured that he was going to Canada. He didn't want to be away from Jordan, but she assured him that it wouldn't be for long. They shared a kiss, and Curtis left. T.J. approached his mother and asked for an honest conversation. He divulged that he'd seen her records, and he knew that she was in danger of losing the kidney she had left.

Felicia sat with Ava at Metro Court, and they caught each other up on their attempts to recruit Laura and Kevin to help with their plan.

Michael told Kristina that he missed her, and she repeated the sentiment to him. He proposed that she go home with him, but she revealed that she couldn't. Sonny demanded to know what Shiloh had on Kristina, but she replied that Dawn of Day was her family. Alexis leaped up from the couch in disbelief, dropping her phone under the couch, which Kristina saw. She accused her family of judging her and expecting her to screw up, but she said that Dawn of Day had given her purpose, and "I'll be damned if I let go."

Sonny told Kristina that she'd been taken advantage of, and Neil wondered if she was happy at Dawn of Day. Kristina confirmed that she was, and thanks to the organization, her future was "wide open." She figured that she would help spread Shiloh's teachings in the future, but Sonny, Alexis, and Michael reminded her of all the things she'd loved, like dancing, learning the coffee business, and wanting to intern at ELQ. Neil asked if she would be able to pursue a hobby, career, or relationship outside of Dawn of Day, but she replied that she was fulfilled, so she didn't need anything else.

Kristina decided that she was "done" with the meeting, but Sonny refused to leave until he was finished. Kristina accused her family of trying to brainwash her, but Michael shot back that they were trying to undo Shiloh's brainwashing and wake her up. She yelled that her family was full of hypocrites. Neil announced that "that's enough for now," and Michael muttered, "Damn right it is," and stormed out of the house, followed by Sonny.

Kristina reminded her mother that they'd committed a crime, and she promised that she would forget about everything if they would just let her go. She threatened to have everyone arrested if she got out later. Alexis countered that Kristina would go to Dawn of Day if they let her go, and Kristina shot back that it was her choice. Alexis told Kristina that she could do what she had to, and Alexis would, too. "You're staying," Alexis concluded, and she picked up her bag and left. Kristina sat on the couch and stealthily picked up the phone from underneath.

Michael hated seeing Kristina like that, but Sonny reminded him that Neil had said it would take awhile to get through to her. Michael's phone went off, and he saw a text from Chase asking to meet at the Floating Rib. When Alexis emerged from the house, Michael was gone, and Alexis commented that the meeting had gone "as bad as humanly possible." Neil followed Alexis out and observed that they had a lot of work to do.

Chase was on the phone with Valerie at the Floating Rib, and he informed her that he was waiting for Michael. Michael arrived, and Chase and Valerie promised to keep each other in the loop. When Chase was off the phone, Michael remarked that Chase had texted him at a good time, as Michael had been thinking a lot about Dawn of Day. Chase replied that he'd been thinking about Kristina, and he asked what Michael's family had done with her.

Valerie was standing in front of the Dawn of Day house when her phone began to ring. She saw that it was an unknown number. On the other end of the line, Kristina begged Valerie to pick up the phone.

Kevin and Laura agree to Ava's plan

Kevin and Laura agree to Ava's plan

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Laura and Kevin sat at the Floating Rib, and Laura suggested that Ava's plan wasn't as crazy as Kevin thought. He believed that it was "reckless," but she thought it was worth a shot to try to draw Ryan out. She added that, in order to sell that Kevin and Ava were really together, Laura and Kevin would have to end their marriage.

At Metro Court, Curtis apologized to Julian that he wasn't able to help Ava. Julian reasoned that Curtis couldn't help someone who didn't want to be helped and handed Curtis a check. Julian assured Curtis that it was what Curtis was owed, "and then some." Ava entered and relented that Julian was right about Ryan being dead. Just then, her phone went off, and she walked away to answer it. She was surprised to answer it to Kevin, who informed her that he and Laura had reconsidered Ava's plan. "We're in," he told her.

When Ava was gone, Julian wished she would stop obsessing over Ryan, but he figured that she wouldn't be happy until she saw a corpse. Curtis hoped to find proof either way and told him that he was about to follow up on a lead in Canada. Julian asked if Curtis could keep him in the loop. Curtis reminded him that he wasn't the client on this case but added, "You could be." "You're hired," Julian stated.

Ava arrived at the Floating Rib and asked Laura and Kevin what had changed their minds. Laura revealed that all that mattered was that she and Kevin had decided together. Ava decided to go to the bar for a celebratory drink, and Laura followed. She wanted to make sure Ava knew that her relationship with Kevin was only for show, "nothing more," and that he would still be married to Laura. "Remember, you answer to me" if the lines between real and pretend got blurry for Ava, because, Laura warned, Ava didn't want to be on Laura's bad side. Ava insisted that Laura had nothing to worry about, not least of all because Ava only saw the man who'd murdered Kiki when she looked at Kevin. Both hoped the plan would work.

Laura returned to Kevin and dejectedly suggested that they stage a public argument to kick off the plan. Kevin had a better idea about how to spend their last night together, so they went home. A short while later, they shared a kiss in their bedroom and began to undress each other. Later, they embraced under the covers, and Laura sighed that their relationship would become a secret the next day. Kevin reminded her that they had a lot of time before the next morning, and he kissed her.

Julian called Ava and asked what she was up to, as he was suspicious that she'd suddenly dropped her vendetta against Ryan. She assured him that he had nothing to worry about. She told him to relax, as she had everything under control.

T.J. found Jordan at the hospital and asked for honest conversation. He confessed that he'd seen her medical records, and he knew that she was in danger of losing her remaining kidney. He reminded her that she would die if she went into kidney failure before she got a transplant, and she begged T.J. not to say anything to Curtis. "Let me handle this my way," she said. Curtis entered to pick Jordan up for dinner and asked T.J. for a favor. He explained that he would be in Canada for a while, and he asked T.J. to look after Jordan for him. Jordan spoke up that she was a "big girl," but T.J. agreed.

Willow refused to forgive Shiloh or Harmony, and she accused Harmony of failing to protect Willow as her mother. "You are nothing to me now," Willow stated. Harmony countered that she was the only friend Willow had, as she hadn't told Shiloh that Willow had been pregnant when she'd run from Dawn of Day. She admitted that she'd found Willow's pregnancy test, and she wanted to meet her grandchild. Willow claimed that she'd been pregnant with a boy, but she'd miscarried.

Harmony thought that Willow should have "come home," but Willow vowed to never return to Dawn of Day. Willow wondered why Harmony hadn't told Shiloh about the baby, and Harmony replied that she'd wanted to give Willow the opportunity to make the "right decision" on her own. "That's exactly what I did," Willow shot back. She continued that she would be happy if Shiloh forgot all about her, as she'd only been on Shiloh's radar to "score points" for Harmony, who'd become jealous over how much Shiloh had liked her daughter. Willow admitted that Shiloh made her skin crawl and yelled at Harmony for "pimping out your daughter," and she stormed out. A few minutes later, Willow returned to Kelly's to retrieve a book she'd left behind, and Harmony was gone. Willow sat at a table and cried.

Outside, Neil advised Alexis to go easy on herself, and Alexis figured that things with Kristina could "only go up from here." Alexis thought that she should call Molly, who was good at "talking sense," and she thought Neil would like her "level-headed" daughter. She reached for her phone but realized that it wasn't there.

Inside the house, Kristina begged Valerie to answer the phone, and she did. A grateful Kristina told Valerie that she needed help and told her to listen. Just then, Alexis grabbed the phone out of Kristina's hand and ended the call as Valerie was left asking for Kristina on the other end of the line. Kristina demanded to leave, or she would have everyone, including Neil, arrested when she did get out. Alexis demanded to know who Kristina had called, but Kristina refused to tell Alexis "a damn thing" and stormed upstairs.

Alexis looked at her phone and saw that she didn't know the number that Kristina had called, only that it had a Port Charles area code. Neil took the phone and looked it up, but he only found that it was a cell phone in New York. Neil advised her not to answer if the number called back. In the meantime, he suggested that Alexis had purposely left the phone where Kristina could get it because she was subconsciously sabotaging the "deprogramming" as a way to save Kristina from pain.

Alexis denied it, but she did ask Neil how to save her daughter. "Trust the process," he replied. She understood why her family was trying to help Kristina, but she wondered why Neil was taking the risk to help. He replied that he didn't want to lose "someone else" to a cult, but he refused to speak about it when Alexis asked. She wondered if Kristina would recover, and he answered that he thought Kristina had all the resources to do so. As Kristina spied, Alexis was distressed that she hardly recognized her own daughter. "I just want my daughter back," she cried, and Neil hugged her.

Shiloh led Sam into the attic, and he instructed her to remove her "physical barriers" and then her spiritual ones. She began to slowly unbutton her shirt, and she assured him that she trusted him. They heard Valerie knock on the door, but Shiloh told Sam to ignore it. Valerie entered the house and called out for Kristina, so Sam and Shiloh went downstairs as they buttoned back up. Valerie was surprised to see Sam, and she asked to see Kristina. All three said that they didn't know where she was, although Sam added that Alexis had said that Kristina had taken a trip to clear her head. Valerie asked Sam to tell Kristina to call Valerie, and she left.

"You did great," Shiloh said to Sam of her "shedding" of barriers. He believed that she was ready for the "next level," and she agreed. "You're so willing," he purred with a hand on her face, and he thought that she would make a "wonderful addition to the family." He advised her to go home and wait for him to let her know what the next step was. "I can't wait," she replied, and she left. Outside the house, she sighed in relief to be out of the situation, and she walked away.

A short while later, Harmony returned to the Dawn of Day house, and she described Willow as "hostile and defensive." He wondered what they'd talked about, and Harmony replied that Willow had a new life and no room for Harmony in it. Shiloh expressed his sympathy, but Harmony thought the experience had given her clarity about her purpose. She thought that it was time for her to go back to Beechers Corners.

At the Floating Rib, Chase demanded to know what Michael's family had done with Kristina, but Michael insisted that she'd left town to clear her head. Chase thought the timing of Michael's visit to Chase's apartment was a coincidence, but Michael reiterated that Alexis had spoken to Kristina and said that she was fine. "Would Kristina agree?" Chase questioned. He hoped that the family hadn't taken Kristina against her will, because doing that would give Shiloh a weapon that he wouldn't hesitate to use. He added that kidnapping and false imprisonment were accompanied by criminal charges.

Valerie entered the bar, and Michael got up and left so that she could meet with her partner. "He couldn't get out faster," Valerie observed, and Chase agreed. Valerie updated Chase on her experience at the Dawn of Day house, from the phone call from Kristina to seeing how "close" Sam and Shiloh had gotten. Chase suggested that Kristina, who liked Shiloh, had "bailed" after seeing Sam and Shiloh grow closer. Regardless, Chase stated that they still had a missing person and needed to investigate.

Jason met up with Sonny at Metro Court, and Sonny updated him on how little progress had been made with Kristina. Jason informed Sonny that Brick had found residue of narcotics in the cup Kristina had drunk from. "I'm done. Eliminate him," Sonny stated. Jason urged Sonny to reconsider the timing, as Kristina would blame Sonny, and he could lose her forever.

A few minutes later, Jason was gone, and Michael entered. He told Sonny about his meeting with Chase, but Sonny assured Michael that Chase had no proof and wouldn't find any.

Jason met up with Sam outside Metro Court, and he found her crying. He pulled her into a hug as she sobbed that she didn't know how much longer she could keep up her charade at Dawn of Day. Jason told her about his experience with Shiloh at the gym, and Sam admitted that she'd found where the pledges were kept. He asked where they were so he could get Kristina's, but Sam thought it was too dangerous. She continued that Shiloh had shown her the attic, and she briefly told him about her "lesson revealing myself."

Jason made sure that Sam hadn't drunk anything and told her about the narcotics found in the Dawn of Day cup. He regretted that there was no way to track it back to Shiloh. Sam tearfully realized that she needed to keep going and "get enough evidence to take down that sleazy bastard."

Oscar decides to change his name

Oscar decides to change his name

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kevin and Laura cuddled on the couch and agreed that they'd "missed this." Laura admitted that she missed his last name and couldn't wait to use it again. Kevin replied that it might be awhile. He had to go meet Ava and Felicia, even though it was "the last thing I want to do." However, he said that the guilt was overwhelming. Laura instructed him to stop beating himself up, but he was trying to make amends.

Kevin admitted that it was hard to be around Ava, as he knew why Ryan had killed Kiki. He explained that it was because Kiki had been Ava's, and he'd wanted to make her more vulnerable, forcing her to need him. Kevin concluded that it circled back to him. She assured him that they would get through it as long as they were together, and he refused to shut her out again. A short while later, Kevin was gone, and Laura picked up her phone. She left a message telling Lulu to call her back, as she had a lot to tell Lulu.

Ava entered the Floating Rib and asked if Felicia was ready to put their plan into action. Felicia admitted there was a problem. "Me," Mac said from the other end of the bar. He explained that Ava wanted to kill Ryan, and he couldn't let Felicia get involved in a murder. Mac said that he was "on board, up to a point." Ava thought it was up to them to catch Ryan. Mac related that Felicia had already been convicted for trying to kill Ryan, but it would be premeditated "this time."

Kevin entered and told Ava that she'd never seen "vengeance Ryan." "He hasn't seen me," Ava shot back coolly. She vowed to make Ryan "pay like he never has before." Kevin promised to do whatever he could to see that she did. Mac demanded that they trap Ryan and turn him over to the authorities, and he, Ava, Kevin, and Felicia all agreed to the plan. Ava wanted to get started, as the sooner Ryan believed that everyone thought he was dead, the sooner they would be rid of him.

Finn arrived at the hospital and suddenly began to frantically pat down all of his pockets. He finally found what he was looking for and took it out of his pocket. In relief, he opened the ring box and looked at the ring he wanted to give to Anna.

Anna and Robert sat outside Kelly's, and she admitted that Robert had been right about her being Robin's mother. Anna showed him the bracelet she'd found, and he remembered buying it for her while they'd been on a mission in Italy. She remembered wearing it through the rest of the mission, when they'd gotten married, and when she'd had Robin. She knew that Alex had never had it and said that she didn't know what was wrong with her. "You're in love," Robert replied.

Robert instructed Anna to stop trying to convince herself that she shouldn't be happy. She admitted to being afraid to be happy, and Robert agreed that she was just attracting her own misery. He instructed her to let the past stay in the past and move forward so she could allow herself to be happy. Anna confided that one thing she didn't regret was loving Robert, and the two embraced. Finn approached and asked if they had good or bad news.

Anna explained the story of the bracelet to Finn and breathed a sigh of relief. Anna stated that she'd decided to stop looking back, "false memories or not," and to make the most of every moment. She apologized to Finn and Robert for acting so crazy. She proposed that they FaceTime Robin, and she went into the restaurant to freshen up first. When she was gone, Finn thought that she wasn't quite over it, but Robert advised Finn to "give her a moment." He thought that Finn needed to learn to read Anna's signs better and related that, if he could ensure Anna's happiness, he would.

On the patio at the Quartermaines', Oscar strummed his guitar and Josslyn sang as Kim watched from inside. When they finished, Josslyn thought that everyone at the Nurses Ball would be "blown away." Moments later, Josslyn entered the house and informed Drew and Kim that Oscar was asleep. She asked them to tell him when he woke up that she would be right back, as she had an errand to run. When she was gone, Kim expressed how grateful she was for Josslyn and what she was giving to Oscar.

A few minutes later, Kim checked a sleeping Oscar's pulse and returned inside the house. She told Monica that Oscar had had a rough night and that she was going to look into pain medication for him. A short while later, Monica sat outside with Scout as Oscar woke up. He was happy to see her, but he regretted that she wouldn't remember him. Monica promised that Scout would know all about him.

Oscar thought it would be cool for Scout to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Drew in Oscar's place, but Monica joked that she wanted to live longer without having a heart attack. She assured him that his and Scout's connection was forever. "I'm glad something is," he replied. A few minutes later, Drew joined them outside after Monica had put Scout down for her nap. Oscar told Drew his idea about Mount Kilimanjaro, but Monica proposed that they climb the hill at the local park. She wanted a picture of Oscar and Drew together, so she took one and then went to get Kim for another. Drew wondered how Oscar was doing, and he replied that it had been a "good day."

At the hospital, Cameron told Elizabeth that he was done with his community service, so he was going to finish a paper at the library. She knew that the family was going through a tough time, but they had to find a way through it. Cameron said that he would see her later and walked away. Epiphany approached Elizabeth, having overheard the conversation, and asked if everything was all right. Elizabeth was distressed that Cameron and Franco hadn't bonded. Epiphany advised her that it took time and couldn't be forced. She thought that Cameron and Franco were both good people, so it would happen one day.

Josslyn entered the hospital and found Cameron. She yelled that he'd promised to be there for Oscar, but she wondered when the last time he'd seen Oscar even was. Cameron apologized and admitted that he didn't know how to handle it. Josslyn shot back that Oscar needed them, and Cameron could "freak out on your own time." "Is that what you do?" he asked. "Yeah," she confided, and he hugged her. She added that she was just trying to make as many memories as she could, and she invited him to the Quartermaines'. Cameron had an errand to run first, but he agreed to visit. He swore that he was there for her, and she left.

On the patio, Oscar sat with Kim and Monica and divulged that he'd decided to add Quartermaine to his name. He felt lucky to have found such an accepting new family and wanted the name to be part of his legacy. He assured Kim that it didn't change how he felt about her, and she happily urged him to do it. Monica replied that she would be honored for Oscar to officially become a Quartermaine.

Elizabeth entered the Quartermaine house, and Drew informed her that Oscar had asked for a minute alone with Monica and Kim. Moments later, Oscar entered, escorted by Kim and Monica, and he told everyone that he'd decided to become a Quartermaine. Cameron walked in and joked that Oscar had just wanted to elevate his social status, and Oscar shot back that Cameron was jealous. Cameron denied it, as the Quartermaines were insane, "no offense." "None taken," Monica said as she laughed.

Cameron showed Oscar and Josslyn the deck of cards he'd picked up from home and a bag of peanuts for betting purposes. Monica grabbed a leather case from a desk and opened it to reveal poker chips. She explained that Edward had been a "dedicated" poker player, and Drew and Kim urged Oscar to carry on the tradition. Oscar invited Drew to play with them, and he, Drew, Cameron, and Josslyn sat down to play. Kim, Monica, and Elizabeth watched as Oscar's "poker face" fooled the others, and he won the first game, having nothing in his hand. Monica smiled that there was "no doubt" Oscar was a Quartermaine.

Carly arrived at the hospital and found Bobbie, who was supporting Carly during the baby's genetic testing. Bobbie was surprised that Sonny wasn't there, but Carly answered that he was dealing with an urgent, important situation. Bobbie wondered if he was using the situation as an excuse to keep a little distance. "Maybe a little," Carly replied, but she understood, as the baby would be Morgan's only full sibling and a living reminder of the son they'd lost. Bobbie assured her that she wasn't alone, and they walked off to Carly's appointment.

Carly's doctor assured Carly that all of her markers were in perfect range, and she caught up on Carly's history of pregnancies. Carly wondered about the chances that the baby would inherit Sonny's bipolar disorder. The doctor advised that it was a possibility, but there was no test for it, so Carly needed to focus on the factors that she could control. The doctor left to let the staff know that Carly was ready for her test. A few minutes later, Epiphany found Carly to take her to get the tests done. Carly thought that it was nice to see a friendly face. Bobbie promised to be there waiting and wished Carly luck, and Carly walked off with Epiphany.

Michael hears Sasha's secret

Michael hears Sasha's secret

Friday, April 26, 2019

Maxie searched through the stash of dresses in the Crimson office for the perfect dress for her date with Peter. Nina didn't like the dress that Maxie seemed fixated on. Sasha stumbled into the office, sneezing and looking tired. She liked the dress that Maxie had pulled out. Nina told Sasha to go home, and even Maxie didn't want any germs before her date.

Nina admitted that she was still mad at Peter for being involved in running another DNA test, although Sasha declared that she wasn't angry. Maxie maintained that Nina had forgiven her, and it had been for a good cause. Nina replied that Peter had had good intentions, but he had tried to take her daughter away from her. Sasha stated that everyone made mistakes.

Maxie continued to look through the dresses, and she and Nina talked about how Nathan would have reacted to Maxie going out with Peter. Nina knew that he would have wanted Maxie to move on. Maxie reminded her that it was only one date, although Nina disagreed and noted that soon Peter would be more than just an uncle to James.

Nina admitted that she could hear Nathan's voice in her head, telling her to stop, and Maxie assured her that she would always be family. Nina called out to Sasha but discovered that she'd fallen asleep at the desk. She ran over and detected a fever and woke Sasha up. Nina thought she needed antibiotics, and she got Sasha to get up. She decided to take Sasha to the hospital.

Peter was surprised to see Lulu in the Metro Court restaurant. She filled him in on her trip to Paris with Rocco and asked what she had missed. Lulu revealed that she had heard about Ryan's hand turning up, and she disclosed that she wanted to do a one-on-one interview with Ava. She was certain that she could convince Ava to do it, and she would be respectful.

Peter asked if Lulu was doing okay, and she said that she was, even with Dante being away. She stated that he was "where he needs to be," although it hurt. Lulu continued that she'd wanted to get home to her mother, Maxie, and Charlotte, and she wanted to be there for them. That was love.

Peter admitted that he wasn't familiar with love, and he'd always been relieved when his father hadn't been around. He didn't know if he'd be able to love someone else. Lulu assured him that he was able because she had seen the way he'd treated Maxie. He'd been both protective and nurturing.

Maxie walked in and was excited to see Lulu. They shared a hug, and Maxie sat down at the table. Lulu announced that she had an interview to prepare for, so she had to leave and would hear Maxie's news about Sasha another time.

After Lulu was gone, Maxie asked Peter what he and Lulu had talked about, but Peter admitted that work had piled up since Lulu's earlier departure. Maxie confessed she had lots of work, too, and she suggested they postpone their date. Peter leaned over and kissed her cheek and awkwardly agreed to the postponement.

Sonny found Carly in the kitchen at home with a glass of orange juice. He asked about her test, and she related that she would have the results within five to ten days. Michael walked in sneezing and sat down at the counter. He looked exhausted. He was concerned about losing his temper at Kristina's deprogramming session, and Sonny reassured him.

Kristina was the topic of discussion, and Carly pointed out that Kristina had wanted new experiences and something to make her happy. Michael was upset that he had stormed out of the session, and he, Carly, and Sonny agreed that they needed to "regroup." Michael wanted to talk about the next session, but he kept sneezing. Carly realized that Michael was "burning up." He agreed to see a doctor and left.

Carly looked at her phone and was disappointed not to have heard from Josslyn. She sadly told Sonny that she couldn't stop things from happening, and Sonny responded that they would support Josslyn. Carly wanted her daughter to know that there were still good things in the world, like the baby. "What baby?" Avery asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Sonny told the little girl she'd been eavesdropping, but he and Carly told her about the new baby and the fact that she would be a big sister. After Sonny took his daughter to the nanny, he and Carly joked about the little girl's reaction to their news. Sonny admitted that he couldn't relax and enjoy the baby, and Carly confessed that she felt the same way.

Carly added that she'd been better than Sonny, but she was still scared. She believed the baby would be healthy. Sonny felt that the more they loved, the more they had to lose, and Carly's advice was to stay in the present. She stated that she'd learned that from Josslyn. "Tomorrow will take care of itself," Sonny said.

Finn and Robert sat at a table outside Kelly's. Finn searched his pockets and finally found the ring box. Robert took the box and declared that Anna would love it -- and that Finn didn't need his permission or blessing. He added that Finn could not be Robin's stepfather. Just then, Anna returned as she spoke on the phone to Robin.

Anna sat on a nearby bench and told Robin that she wanted to give Robin a priceless, sentimental gift. Finn and Robert continued to tease each other as Finn tried to grab the small box from Robert. Anna ended the call and joined the guys at the table. She announced that she felt relieved, and she told Finn that she wouldn't change a thing about her life.

Robert baited Finn, but Finn revealed that he had to leave for work. He motioned to Robert behind Anna's back to give him back the ring but gave up and left. Robert was happy that Finn had gone, but Anna wanted to know why Robert kept giving Finn a difficult time. Robert only wanted Anna to be happy, and she said that she was.

Robert declared that tastes changed, but Anna ordered him to stop messing around with Finn and let them be happy. Robert said that Finn had better be worth it. Anna said that he was. Robert leaned over and kissed Anna and left. He looked at the ring that he still had in his possession.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Oscar, Josslyn, and Cameron sat on the patio. They talked about Cameron's working at the hospital as Drew and Kim watched them from inside the house. Shortly after, Kim announced that it was time for Oscar to rest. Oscar asked to look at his new favorite photo of him with his parents, and Kim obliged. Jason arrived and joined the group.

Oscar revealed that he had changed his name because his mother had given him permission. It was Drew's turn to announce that it was time for Oscar to rest, but Oscar wanted to talk to Jason alone.

Inside the house, Julian arrived and chatted with Olivia. She admitted that she was trying to be supportive of the family, and Julian assured her that Kim appreciated it. He wished he could do more for Kim, and Olivia thought that Julian was just what Kim needed.

Outside, Oscar reminded Jason that Jason was the executor of his will, and Jason acknowledged that Oscar could trust him. They went inside to join the others, and Oscar revealed that he wanted to take a ride on Jason's motorcycle. Kim, Olivia, and Julian were opposed, but Drew thought it was a good idea. He suggested the ride just be around the property.

Kim went off, worried that her son might suffer a seizure. Jason promised to look out for Oscar, and Josslyn and Cameron chimed in for her to say yes. "Every moment is precious," Kim declared. After mounting pressure, Kim finally relented. "He's wearing a helmet," she declared.

Julian asked to see Leo, and Olivia suggested they go together. She thought their son might be sleeping, and they might hear sounds other than laughter if they had to wake him up. Kim admitted to Drew that she hadn't had the strength to say no to both him and Oscar. Drew only wanted Oscar to get what he could out of his remaining time, even if there was a risk.

Oscar and Jason returned after a ride, both exhilarated. Oscar was exhausted, too, but he had one last request. He wanted Jason and Drew to figure out how to be brothers. Drew and Jason went off together. While things were awkward, they agreed that Oscar was their "common ground." Jason thanked Drew for trusting Jason with his son; Drew thanked Jason for the ride that Oscar had taken.

Kim thanked Julian for showing up. She asked about Leo, and Julian was hesitant. Kim assured him that he was allowed to have a healthy son. She appreciated the fact that Julian was there.

Oscar asked to speak to Cameron alone on the patio. He asked his friend to make a video with his phone. Cameron began filming, and Oscar began to speak. He said hello to Josslyn and told her that if she was looking at the video, then he was gone.

Nina and Sasha arrived at the hospital and saw Finn. Sasha declared that Nina had overreacted, but Finn had Sasha taken to an examination room. Michael walked in sneezing and found his way to Sasha's side. "Told you I was no good for you," Sasha said when she saw him.

Sasha urged Michael to stay away from her, as she was contagious. "Too late," Michael retorted. Nina walked into the room, and Michael told her he was there to pick up a prescription, and he and Sasha had something in common. Finn entered the room, and Sasha explained that her temperature had risen while she'd been at the gym. Nina looked contemplative.

Anna stopped at the hospital to see Finn. She told him she'd reminisced with Robert but was "pretty happy" in the present. She kissed him and told him she'd see him later. Finn sent a text message to Robert to ask about the ring.

Robert received Finn's text message, read it, and smiled.

Michael went back into Sasha's room after her examination and found her talking in her sleep. She stated that she wished that Nina was her real mother.

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