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Edward and Lila Quartermaine welcomed Oscar home. Willow cautioned Julian about Dawn of Day. Jordan received bad news. Sam and Jason plotted their next move against Shiloh. Kristina made a small breakthrough.
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Port Charles grieved as Oscar passed away
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Ava puts her plan into motion

Ava puts her plan into motion

Monday, April 29, 2019

Jason entered Sonny's kitchen and found Sonny cooking for Carly. Sam arrived, and Sonny told them about their last meeting with Kristina. Sonny informed Sam that Milo was going to help her distract Shiloh so that she could find Kristina's pledge. Sam had to get to the Dawn of Day house, so she left. Jason wondered about fallout from Kristina using Alexis' phone, but Sonny said that Max had assured him that everything was fine. Jason figured they would have heard back from whoever Kristina had called, anyway.

A few minutes later, Neil arrived, and Sonny wondered if he'd told Kristina about the Trust ceremony yet. Neil still thought that it was too soon, but he was a little more optimistic in Kristina's progress, as she'd stopped isolating herself. He thought that she would be ready for a family meeting soon, as she'd witnessed Alexis' distress the previous day, and she understood that her family was motivated by love. Neil also thought it was too soon to ask about Kristina's pledge, but Sonny figured that, even if it was about him, the cops had no proof of anything.

Neil mentioned Kristina's phone call and told Jason and Sonny that Kristina had only said she'd called "a friend." Sonny and Jason tried to figure out who the friend was until Jason finally landed on Valerie. Neil feared that the friend would call the cops, but Sonny divulged that Valerie "is the cops." Sonny advised Neil to relax, but Neil also feared that Kristina could be the one to turn her family in.

Shiloh opened the door to the Dawn of Day house and assured the person who'd knocked that the door was always open. Milo entered the house and introduced himself as Mark Turner. He and Shiloh sat down, and Shiloh wondered what had led "Mark" there. He replied that he was ready to change his life, and he'd seen Shiloh speak the previous month. He continued that, after his girlfriend had left him for having no job or life, he wanted to learn to love himself by helping others.

Shiloh related that the fees for classes were on a "sliding scale," but Milo claimed that he was set for life after settling with a car company after his parents had been killed in a car crash due to faulty brakes. Shiloh insisted that he could help. Sam entered the house, and Shiloh introduced her to "Mark." Milo asked if Shiloh would be at his first class, and Shiloh confirmed that he enjoyed watching the new members find their paths. Milo ran off to the class.

Shiloh wondered if Sam had heard from Kristina. Sam replied that Alexis had relayed that Kristina was still "working things out," and she wished Kristina would return "home to DOD where she belongs." "Especially before you join the Trust," Shiloh added. He asked if she was ready to finish their "business" in the attic. She answered that she was, but he couldn't abandon the new members. He went off to the class, and Sam made her way upstairs.

Sam picked the lock to the records room and found a color-coded filing cabinet. She looked through a couple drawers until she found her own file filled with notes. "Despite commitment issues, Sam is likely worthy of DOD Trust," she read. She was shocked to find a surveillance-style picture of when Shiloh had had her blindfolded. On the back, she read, "Will be interested to see what secret she pledges." She scoffed, "You wish, Shiloh."

A short while later, the class was over, and Milo asked Shiloh to help him with his course of study. Shiloh informed him that the classes weren't sequential, so it didn't matter. Another member entered and dropped some books. As Shiloh helped the member gather the books, he asked if the member had seen Sam. The man hadn't seen Sam. Milo asked for a tour, but Shiloh invited him for dinner that night and promised to give the "grand tour."

Upstairs, Sam's phone went off, and she saw a text from Milo that read, "Shiloh looking for you! Get out now!" She quickly put her file away and left the room. Moments later, Shiloh rounded the corner and wondered what she was doing.

Curtis called Jordan and made sure that her dialysis had gone all right. She brushed off his concern and wondered if he was getting anywhere with his investigation. He informed her that he'd heard some "local gossip," and the pharmacy break-in had been "a hot topic among the junkies." As he told her that he was following a lead, a man appeared, and Curtis said his goodbyes.

Curtis greeted the man, Timmy, and gave him some breakfast. Curtis only wanted information about the pharmacy break-in, but Timmy wondered what was in it for him. As Curtis pulled out a stack of bills, he replied that, if saving innocent lives wasn't enough, he would give Timmy money after he got some information. Timmy explained that someone with a list of needed supplies had wanted to hire him to break into the pharmacy, but he'd turned the person down.

Curtis gave Timmy a bill and asked for a name and if the person had been injured, or for any description at all. Timmy divulged that the person had been a woman, and a surprised Curtis gave Timmy another bill. He offered another one hundred dollars for a name.

Lucy found Jordan at the hospital and asked if Jordan and Curtis could do a magic act at the upcoming Nurses Ball. Jordan offered to check with Curtis as Franco entered. He revealed that he had an idea for a number, but Lucy thought Franco's involvement was "dicey" after his murder confession. Jordan reminded Lucy that Franco had been "invaluable" in helping the police catch Ryan.

A short while later, Jordan bumped into Margaux, and Jordan suggested issuing a joint statement thanking Franco for his help in solving the Ryan Chamberlain case. Margaux reminded Jordan that they already had, but Jordan replied that he was still getting "blowback" from his confession. Lucy approached, introduced herself to Margaux, and asked if Margaux had any "special talents." When all Margaux could think of was being on the synchronized swimming team in college, Lucy promised to get back to Margaux and left.

Jordan thought that a statement was necessary, and Margaux offered to talk with her about it at the station. Jordan passed up the offer, as she was about to meet up with T.J. Margaux observed that Jordan didn't look good, but she was interrupted by Chase and Valerie. Chase told them about Kristina's disappearance, and he and Valerie updated the two on Kristina's call and Michael's visit to Chase's apartment. Valerie thought that there was something off about the situation, and Chase suggested that the family was involved.

Jordan agreed that Kristina's disappearance was suspicious, but Margaux refused to waste time and resources when Alexis had been in contact with Kristina. Chase wondered if Margaux was trying to protect Sonny or Shiloh. Margaux called him "out of line" for the comment, and Chase and Valerie walked away. Margaux wondered if Jordan was also going to question her judgment, but Jordan only walked away. Around the corner, Jordan hoped that Curtis was getting somewhere with his investigation and took out her phone. She suddenly became tired and leaned against the wall, but she promptly passed out.

In the hospital elevator, Chase suggested that he and Valerie investigate Kristina's disappearance without Margaux's approval. "Yeah, I'm in," she agreed.

At the cemetery, Lulu informed Laura that her interview with Ava was on, and she would post it for Ryan to see. Felicia and Mac entered, and Felicia was ready to put the plan into motion. Ava entered, followed by Kevin, who wanted to give his brother the memorial he deserved. The group gathered around a freshly filled-in grave. Lulu told the group that she would document everything that happened, and she guaranteed that it would be "trending in no time."

Kevin offered to speak first, as Franco arrived and demanded to know why they were giving Ryan a memorial. Ava thought it would give everyone closure and "end this nightmare." Franco commented that he was just glad she'd given up on trying to lure Ryan out. Lulu started recording as Kevin talked about how he wished he could have healed Ryan, but he'd failed Ryan. Franco hoped that Ryan was rotting in Hell and that Kiki got to watch from above. Ava leaned against Kevin as Laura tossed flowers on the small grave.

Laura spoke about how she and Lulu had survived and were stronger and smarter than Ryan. "You lost, and we won," Felicia added. Mac stomped on the grave, and Ava did the same. They spoke about how Kiki would look down on Ryan in hell, but Ava said Kiki wouldn't because Ryan wouldn't be worth remembering for Kiki, who would forget about Ryan just like Ava. Lulu stopped recording as Franco looked around suspiciously.

A short while later, the attendees from Ryan's "memorial" retired to the Metro Court. Lulu informed everyone that she'd uploaded the video, and other news outlets had already picked it up. Laura had to leave, and Kevin whispered to her, "See you in a while." Franco asked Ava what was going on with her Kevin, and she called Kevin over. Lulu began to record as Ava divulged that she'd gone to see Kevin about getting closure, but they'd had a real connection. Kevin agreed that talking to someone who understood was healing.

Lucy entered and couldn't believe that Kevin was with Ava. Kevin told her that he was just "comforting a kindred spirit." Lucy didn't understand and reminded him that she'd been the only one to stand by him. He appreciated all she'd done for him, but he pointedly assured her that he knew what he was doing. He asked her to trust him. She yelled that Kevin would end up "heartbroken and friendless."

Felicia wanted to talk to Lucy, but she screamed that there was nothing left to say and ran out crying. Franco made sure that Ava was all right and left. Felicia muttered to Mac that Ava was good at her role. Lulu informed the group that her video was trending, so the plan was starting to work. Just then, Ava's phone began to ring.

The trap is set for Ryan

The trap is set for Ryan

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

After getting lost in the house, Franco found Drew outside on the patio at the Quartermaine mansion. Franco stuttered over his words as he tried to tell Drew that he wanted to pay his respects to Oscar. He noted that everyone in the house hated him, and he just wanted to drop something off for Oscar. "You look like hell," Franco told Drew, though he realized that no one could blame him.

Drew opened the package and found a painting. Franco explained that it was one that Oscar had liked after seeing it at Franco and Elizabeth's house. "It's just a gesture," Franco said. He wished he could do more, and he was sorry.

Franco wanted to leave, but Drew asked him to stay to keep him company. He didn't want to deal with anyone else trying to spin a positive view of Oscar's illness. A tearful Drew declared that he'd just found his son, who would be losing his future.

Franco pulled up a chair to sit beside Drew, who had seated himself on the chaise. Franco said that everyone handled situations differently, and he was still trying to process Kiki's death. He missed her, and he spent his time painting. He thought about the things she had taught him and all the good she'd done, and he added that someday his life would no longer be overwhelmed by her death. He admitted it had been a slow process.

Franco suddenly jumped up and declared that he'd probably made things worse. Drew urged him to sit back down because he'd been a help. Franco rubbed Drew's shoulder and announced that he would always be there for Drew.

Sam managed to get into the records room at the Dawn of Day house and went through the files to find Kristina's pledge. Instead, she found a file of hers that contained a photo of her and Shiloh. It had been taken in the attic, and Sam had been blindfolded. She looked at the note on the back that read that Shiloh was looking forward to her secret. "You wish," Sam snapped.

Sam received a text from Milo that urged her to get out of the room quickly, and Sam hastily returned the file and fled the room. She ran into Shiloh, who asked what she was doing. Sam claimed to be looking for an office in order to scan more flyers for the group. Shiloh replied that she shouldn't be on the floor, and Sam asked him what was in the room.

Shiloh unlocked the door to the records room and showed her that there was nothing there, including the office equipment that Sam had been looking for. She asked why the door had been locked when the group claimed to have transparency. Shiloh explained that there were documents that couldn't be shared.

Sam asked if the Trust had access to the room, but she laughed and apologized. Shiloh admitted that they did. Sam was happy to be under consideration for the group, and she told him that she wanted to prove herself in any way that she could. She admitted she was impatient. "Mark" arrived, and he announced that he and Sam were going out to lunch to discuss courses at DOD.

Chase and Valerie were on the elevator at General Hospital. Chase wondered if he was paranoid, but he believed that the district attorney seemed to be protecting Shiloh. He cited several examples. They got off the elevator. Chase maintained that Margaux's judgment had been compromised, and he planned on continuing his search for Kristina. "I'm in," Valerie said.

Valerie made a phone call and made some small talk with the person on the other end. She admitted that it wasn't official police business, but she wanted to have a phone call traced.

Out in the hallway, Finn left a message for Robert and asked him to return the ring. Elizabeth saw him and asked if he was okay. He replied that he wondered if Elizabeth had heard from Hayden recently because he had something to tell her. Elizabeth revealed that she hadn't, but they were interrupted when they heard shouts from Stella. They ran to her and found her on the floor beside an unconscious Jordan. Finn attempted to rouse Jordan without success.

Shortly thereafter, Jordan woke up. She was in bed and attached to monitors. Stella told her to relax, and Elizabeth explained what had happened. Jordan recalled feeling lightheaded. Finn arrived and revealed that, going forward, he would be consulting on Jordan's case, as she had a serious kidney infection. Finn left the room, and Stella ran after him. She wanted the details and wanted to know what would happen if the kidney infection were cured.

In Canada, Curtis offered more money to Timmy for the identity of the woman who had wanted him to rob the pharmacy. Timmy claimed he didn't know it, and she had merely found him hanging out at the docks. Curtis stated that it was a small town, and he assumed everyone knew each other. Timmy replied that the woman hadn't been a local. He tried to grab the money.

Curtis pulled away and continued to question Timmy. The man related that the woman hadn't sounded American, and she'd had a bumper sticker on her car from a high school in a town that was two towns away. He added that people didn't venture into town unless they were looking for something they couldn't get elsewhere. Curtis tried to call Jordan, but, unable to reach her, he left her a voicemail and told her he needed to stay.

Back at the hospital, Jordan received a call from Curtis, but she rejected it. Elizabeth settled her in and noted that she had seen Jordan ignore Curtis' phone call. She thought that Jordan should be the one to update him on her condition. "It's our instinct to want to protect the people we love, but often, the people we love are in the best position to help us. And helping us can also help them," Elizabeth said. Jordan phoned Curtis and urged him to return.

Alexis, Sonny, and Neil were at Alexis' house to discuss their next session with Kristina. Sonny noted that Kristina had called Valerie with Alexis' phone, and Alexis was not happy to know that the police were probably aware of what they'd done. Neil was certain that Kristina hadn't been on the phone long enough to reveal anything.

Neil explained that the method they would be using moving forward was "motivational interviewing." He didn't want anyone to criticize DOD because his goal was for Kristina to realize on her own that DOD wouldn't be able to meet her needs and goals. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Alexis went to answer it. Chase and Valerie were standing there, and as Alexis questioned them loudly, Neil ran to hide.

The police detectives walked inside as Chase revealed that he and Valerie had some questions. Valerie declared that she was surprised to see Sonny there, and he replied that he and Alexis had been talking about legal business. He added that he had different lawyers, and Diane wasn't his only attorney. After Valerie asked about Kristina, Alexis confirmed that Kristina was out of town.

Valerie disclosed that Kristina had called her from Alexis' phone, and Alexis laughed and ran to her purse. She pulled out the phone, acted surprised, and announced that she had Kristina's phone. Chase found it hard to believe that Alexis hadn't noticed, but Sonny quickly covered and explained that Alexis barely used the phone and never answered text messages.

Valerie suggested they track Kristina via Alexis' phone, but Alexis insisted that she knew where Kristina was and respected her privacy. She didn't plan on divulging Kristina's location. The detectives finally left, and Alexis and Sonny agreed that the cops probably hadn't believed anything.

Sonny figured that the detectives suspected something and would be watching Alexis. Neil stressed that it was important for both parents to be at the next session. Sonny confirmed that he had experience in dodging the police, but the cops would probably tail Alexis' car. He received a text message from Milo and had to leave. Alexis thought the entire event was a fiasco.

Neil retrieved a couple of cups of tea from Alexis' kitchen, and the pair sat to figure things out. Alexis realized that the cops would be watching her car and not her.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Lulu announced that her video of the ceremony for Ryan was trending. Ava received a phone call from a blocked number, and she answered the call. She said hello several times, and Mac finally grabbed the phone and answered himself. He spoke to someone and hung up. He described the caller as a woman calling from a noisy place like a shipyard.

Ava found it curious that a call from a blocked number had been received after the video had been posted. Kevin agreed that the simplest answer was the most likely, especially with lack of other evidence. Felicia thought that Ryan would make a mistake and head back to Port Charles after seeing Kevin and Ava together.

Lulu wanted to start recording Ava for her exclusive interview, and the women headed to the bar to sit. Lulu trained her tablet on Ava and asked her about her relationship with Ryan. Ava admitted that she'd had real feelings for Ryan, and he had been there for her after Kiki's death.

Ava continued that she'd had no idea it had been Ryan she'd been with. She'd thought all along it had been Kevin. She considered Kevin to be remarkable. Lulu thanked her. Ava gulped her martini.

Felicia called Kevin brave. She wondered if he would be able to face Ryan, and Mac wondered if Kevin was ready. Kevin responded that he had to be. He was still sorry for having been arrogant and foolish and not turning Ryan in to the police. He had lost everyone's faith, trust, and belief in him. Mac didn't want him to be a martyr, but Kevin felt he owed it to the people who had died.

Valerie and Chase sat at a table. Chase noted that they would have to be well fortified before their upcoming stakeout. He believed that Alexis would lead them to Kristina.

Sam and Milo stood out by the town hall. She told him she had been disturbed by a photo of herself that she hadn't known had been taken. She couldn't trust Shiloh. Sonny arrived, and Sam told the men that she knew where the pledges were kept. She added that members of the Trust had privileges, and she would have to be a member. She would do whatever she had to.

Shiloh returned to the records room and looked around. He pulled open the drawer and pulled out Sam's file. He studied the photo and muttered that he couldn't wait to hear what Sam would reveal.

Drew picked up Franco's painting and studied it wordlessly.

Curtis rushed into Jordan's room, and Stella told him what had happened. Finn arrived and disclosed that if the antibiotics didn't work, Jordan would need a transplant as soon as possible.

Oscar says goodbye

Oscar says goodbye

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

At the Quartermaine residence, Olivia sat on a sofa and looked through photos in an album. Kim and Drew found Josslyn sitting by Oscar's bedside as she read out loud to him. Kim suggested that Josslyn get some rest in a bedroom set up for her, but the teen refused. She wanted to stay and continue reading. Kim kissed her son and Josslyn, and she and Drew left the room. Josslyn began to read again.

Shortly after, Drew found Kim sitting on the stairs, and he joked that they always ended up there. Kim noted that Oscar had been restless and appeared to be fighting for his life. Drew recalled Oscar asking him to teach him how to fight for something important. Kim cried that Oscar would lose his current fight. Drew admitted that he still hoped that the doctors were wrong, and he thought that Oscar could use some magic.

In the bedroom, Josslyn yawned and fell asleep. She dropped the book. Oscar opened his eyes. "Do I know you?" he asked a silver-haired woman dressed in purple. He suspected that he did.

Ned found Monica in the mausoleum on the family property. She explained that she had been talking to ghosts, and they'd been talking back and saying the right things. Ned was taken aback, but Monica clarified that she hadn't really been hearing voices. She was comfortable knowing that her family members were all together and driving each other crazy. She added that they all had each other's backs and would look out for whoever joined them.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth stopped into Terry's office and suggested they go out for a drink. Terry admitted that she had still been working on Oscar's case, but she had gotten the same ending. She explained that not all cases turned out the same, and she'd been grateful to see patients who had still been healthy after a five-year remission.

Sonny joined Carly in front of the nursery as they waited for Carly's appointment. They marveled at the babies and how much they would need their parents when they were older. Carly informed Sonny that she had allowed Josslyn to stay with Oscar, but she didn't know how else to help her daughter. Sonny declared that Carly had helped Josslyn by living through Morgan's death.

Julian called Kim from Charlie's Pub to check up on her and Oscar, and he reminded her that he was there for her. Cameron sat at a table and worked on a school paper on his laptop. He told Trina that he had write on the kind of friend he wanted to be. Trina offered to help him focus and suggested he write about the kind of friends he wanted, and that might help him out.

At the Quartermaine house, the woman in Oscar's room placed her hand on Oscar's chest, and he woke up. His coloring was back, and he sat up. He called out to Josslyn, and she awoke and found him sitting up in bed. He told her he felt better, and he thought that things would be okay.

Oscar tried to get up out of bed, but Josslyn stopped him. She called out frantically for Drew and Kim, who ran into the bedroom. "Wow," Oscar said as he stood up.

At the hospital, Kim, Drew, and Josslyn nervously waited for Oscar's new test results. Ned and Olivia had questions for Monica, and she told them it appeared to be an "end of life rally." She explained that it could be psychological or spiritual and could be short-term in order to give the patient time to say goodbye. Everyone gathered in the waiting area and waited anxiously.

Finally, Oscar arrived in a wheelchair and assured everyone that he was fine. The gathered were awestruck as Terry confessed that she had gone over the tests multiple times. Oscar looked curiously at the silver-haired woman and a man, Lila and Edward, as they walked off hand in hand.

Josslyn snapped Oscar out of it as Terry spoke. Drew told him that the tumor had shrunk in a "spontaneous regression," and only a small benign tumor with some scar tissue remained. Oscar's mouth was open in shock, but he admitted that he was feeling hungry. He wanted to get out of the chair, and there were hugs and tears all around. Josslyn rushed off to fetch Carly and Sonny, and Elizabeth arrived in time to hear the news.

Josslyn and Oscar ended up at the nursery, behind Carly and Sonny, who were talking about how difficult it was to say goodbye. Josslyn announced Oscar's news, and there were more hugs. "How?" Sonny asked. Oscar declared that he was starting to understand the why. Josslyn stated that Oscar wasn't ready to leave yet, and Oscar thanked Carly and Sonny for being there for Josslyn.

Kim appeared and ran into a former patient who had delivered her baby, disappointed that Kim hadn't been around. Kim assured her that things had been on hold, but she would be returning to work. Josslyn rushed off to get something. Drew suggested that Oscar start a new list of things to do, and he suggested they have a party. Kim admitted she would always still worry about her son. She and Drew disappeared.

Oscar thanked Sonny and Carly again for the chance they had given him to be with Josslyn. He admitted he had been terrified of Sonny when they'd first met, and he was sorry for breaking Josslyn's heart after promising not to do so.

Sonny only wanted Oscar to treat Josslyn right, and he stated that there was no such thing as love without heartache. Oscar said that he didn't want to break Josslyn's heart again. Josslyn had the calendar, and she was ready to fill in new activities for her and Oscar to do.

Josslyn and Oscar arrived to loud applause at Charlie's Pub, where everyone who had been at the hospital had gone. Cameron, Trina, and Julian were also there. Julian joked with Oscar and asked him when he'd return to work. There were more hugs amongst the party-goers. Oscar learned that Josslyn had missed classes to stay with him and might have had to go to summer school if she missed more.

Ned urged everyone to grab a glass in order for him to make a toast, but Oscar announced that he wanted to be the one to toast. He ultimately stated that he loved all of them and told them to eat some chocolate volcano, his favorite dessert.

Oscar chatted with Drew and asked him what would have happened if Oscar had died. Drew didn't know but didn't want to discuss it. Oscar insisted that he would have wanted to know that Drew, Kim, and Josslyn were all okay and had moved on. Drew declared that he just wanted to celebrate.

Oscar looked around and saw signs of the future. He saw Carly and Sonny cradling a baby, and Olivia and Monica wearing leis and talking about a trip. He saw Kim showing everyone her new engagement ring, and he saw Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina in caps and gowns. Josslyn grabbed the hand of another boy.

Cameron stopped to talk to Oscar, and he apologized for not visiting in the hospital. Oscar said it was okay, and he assured Cameron that he'd been there when Oscar had needed him. Cameron had still been a friend, and he hoped Cameron would always be around for Josslyn. Oscar saw Lila and Edward again as Josslyn walked over, and Cameron headed over to Trina. "I'm sorry, I need to go home now," Oscar said.

The guests all mingled, and small groups sat around and chatted. Josslyn told Oscar that he couldn't leave yet because it was still early. She reminded him that they were supposed to see the stars. She grabbed Oscar's hand and pulled him outside. "It's later than you think," Oscar replied. He stated that he had been given time because he hadn't wanted to let go, but he needed to be the one to do so.

Oscar continued that everyone should live their lives and move on. He added that his life had been full and happy and surrounded by love. He loved Josslyn. She replied that she loved him, and they kissed. He stated again that he was ready to go home. He saw Lila and Edward walk past the pub.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Josslyn fell asleep while reading out loud to Oscar. He opened his eyes and smiled at his girlfriend. Out in the mausoleum, Ned urged Monica to head back to the house. Monica joked that she hoped she had lots of time, but she looked forward to a reunion when it was her time to go. Monica turned and bid goodnight to A.J., Alan, Edward, and Lila. She wished Lila a happy birthday.

At the pub, Cameron finished his paper and got up to order some food for himself and Trina, who looked at the laptop. Cameron had written about Oscar and his way of putting everyone else's needs before his own. Cameron ordered a chocolate volcano.

Carly and Sonny left the nursery at the hospital and agreed that new life was a miracle. Terry asked Elizabeth for a rain check on the drink. Elizabeth assured Terry that Terry had done everything that she could for Oscar.

Olivia continued to look at photos at the Quartermaines'. She commented that Edward and Lila had made a beautiful family. Kim and Drew sat on the stairs. Oscar saw Edward and Lila again, drew his last breath, and closed his eyes. Kim jumped up. She asked Drew if he'd felt what she had.

Oscar's spirit rose from the bed and kissed Josslyn goodbye. He stroked her hair, told her he loved her, and said that she would be all right. Josslyn smiled in her sleep and felt her cheek. Oscar turned and saw Lila and Edward. He walked over to them. Josslyn woke and touched her cheek. She looked toward the spot where the trio had been standing but saw nothing. Her tears began to fall knowingly as she looked over at Oscar in the bed.

Loved ones say goodbye to Oscar

Loved ones say goodbye to Oscar

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Chase found Michael in Kelly's and asked if Michael had heard from Kristina because Chase was concerned that she could be in danger. Chase added that Margaux had closed the case on Kristina's disappearance.

Michael told Chase that Kristina had gone away to think about some life choices, but Chase told him that other people could be suffering. Chase asked about Kristina's location, but Michael promised to let Chase know if he needed Chase's help. After Michael had gone, Chase phoned Valerie and informed her that he would follow Michael.

At Sam's place, she told Jason that she'd discovered that Shiloh had a file on her, and she thought it was creepy.

Shiloh paid a surprise visit to Willow at school. Willow warned him that parents would be arriving shortly, although Shiloh wasn't concerned, as he expected to know some of them. He told her that he'd spoken to her mother about everything, and Willow declared that Harmony was not her mother because no mother would have done what she had.

Shiloh stated that he'd sent Harmony back to Beechers Corners, and Willow snapped that it was good for him that Harmony was away. He grabbed Willow's arm and growled that he'd done it for Willow so that she could take her rightful place next to him of her own free will.

Willow shouted that she wanted nothing to do with Dawn of Day but Shiloh replied that he would have to release her pledge. He offered to give her more time to think about it out of the goodness of his heart because she held a special place there. He added that he had limits and wouldn't wait too long.

Shiloh ran into Michael as he left, and he asked Michael if he had any children who were students at the school. Michael stammered that he was checking up on the progress of the special project his company had initiated there. He asked whether Shiloh had any children there, and Shiloh responded that he had stopped by to see a friend.

Michael entered Willow's classroom and asked her if she was okay. She said that she was, but she was more determined than ever to talk to Kristina. She thought that if she could save Michael's sister, she would not feel so powerless. She added that she refused to allow Shiloh to bully her.

Chase arrived after Michael had gone, and Willow was happy to see him. They shared a kiss, but he wanted to know if Willow had seen Michael. She admitted that she had, and she had agreed to talk to Kristina about Shiloh. Michael had promised to take her to see his sister because she had to prevent Kristina from returning to DOD.

Chase understood, but he wanted Willow to tell him where Kristina had been. He was concerned that she'd been kidnapped and was being held against her will, and Willow could be held as an accessory. Willow declared that the only crime would be if Kristina returned to Shiloh.

Franco saw Cameron at General Hospital and asked the teen to hear him out. Franco told him what a great brother he was to Aiden, and Cameron replied that he loved his brother and wished that everyone else could see him the way that Cameron did. He stated that kids were bullies, and Elizabeth and Franco had been setting Aiden up as a target by telling him to be himself.

Cameron said that he had been trying to protect Aiden. Franco declared that Cameron had Aiden's back, and Franco had Cameron's back. Cameron abruptly announced that he had to get to work.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Josslyn slowly woke up. She felt her cheek and turned to look at Oscar in bed. She called out to him. She didn't get an answer, and she slowly stood up. She went over to him and touched him gently and gasped. She touched his cheek and kept repeating his name. She told him she loved him.

Kim and Drew ran into the room as Josslyn cried. Kim checked her son and shook him gently. "Is he gone?" Drew asked. Kim lay beside Oscar and began to cry. Josslyn ran out of the room. Kim told Oscar she loved him.

Ned and Monica headed back into the house and saw Josslyn crying. Ned offered to call Carly, but Josslyn said that she would do it because she had plenty of time. Ned hugged her. Josslyn related that she had only closed her eyes for a few minutes. "He was so still," she wept. Olivia walked into the room. "Oscar died," Josslyn told her, and Olivia began to weep.

Monica ran into the bedroom and found both Kim and Drew beside Oscar in bed. Drew got up and hugged his crying mother. Monica looked up and told Alan to look after their grandson, and she told the others that she would make the necessary calls. She hugged Drew again and left with a heavy heart.

Drew declared that Oscar had been ready to leave, and Kim pointed to Oscar's calm face. She thought that he was still trying to make things easier for them. Drew replied that Oscar had been strong, and he'd left when he could. He maintained that they needed to be strong, too. He and Kim embraced and continued to cry.

Josslyn called Carly, who was at the hospital, and said she needed her mother. Carly saw Elizabeth and told her the news. Franco happily told Elizabeth about the good conversation he'd had with Cameron, but Elizabeth told him about Oscar. She needed to find Cameron. Franco wanted to call Drew.

Ned found Drew sitting on the stairs in his usual spot at the Quartermaines'. Drew explained that it had been his spot with Kim because they had been close enough to Oscar in case they were needed but far enough away to give their son privacy. He added that Oscar would never need them again, but he was still sitting there. He didn't think it felt right to leave.

Ned sat down beside Drew as Drew began to cry. Ned stated that Oscar had been remarkable, and Drew was certain he'd gotten that from Kim. Ned called Oscar a brave and loyal person who had looked out for his loved ones. Ned knew who that reminded him of, and Oscar had been lucky to have Drew for a father. They'd all been lucky to know Oscar. He put his arm around Drew.

In the bedroom, Kim told Oscar that they were alone like the day he'd been born. She sat beside him and told him how she'd heard his little heart beat, and how he'd been perfect. She leaned over and looked closely at his face. She declared that her world, which had grown larger after Oscar's birth, had grown smaller again. She didn't know how she could be without him.

Back at Sam's, she hugged Jason and noted how much she would miss Oscar. She asked Jason to check on Danny and Scout when he returned to the Quartermaines' and hoped they could talk to the kids themselves the following day. They kissed and declared their love before Jason left.

Shiloh arrived shortly after and expressed concern that Sam hadn't answered his phone call. Sam asked him inside and told him that she'd been distracted. She shared the news of Oscar's death. Shiloh was sorry, but he talked about how it reflected on the journey that Sam would take. He also thought it was time for Sam to join the Trust.

Shiloh went on to explain that it meant that Sam would have to reveal some private information that would be detrimental to someone if it were to get out. Sam clarified that he wanted her to tell him a secret that might hurt someone she loved. Shiloh replied that it would be a symbol of her faith in DOD, and her initiation would begin after her pledge was received.

Ned sat with Josslyn at the Quartermaines' and revealed that he had something for her. He handed her a paper, and Josslyn realized it was the song that she and Oscar had been working on. Ned confessed that he'd helped Oscar, but he hadn't done much. Josslyn cried. "He finished it for you," Ned told her.

Carly arrived and hugged Kim. "Josslyn needs her mom," Kim said. Carly saw her daughter, and they embraced. Josslyn told Carly she didn't understand and didn't know what to do.

Drew spent some time alone with Oscar and recalled the first few times they'd been together and how it had all been disastrous. Drew blamed himself and stated that he hadn't even known anything about himself. He sat on the bed and declared that he was a better man for having known Oscar.

Drew spoke about Kilimanjaro and how he would have carried Oscar on his back up and down the mountain. He wished that he was strong enough to drag the mountain to Oscar. He thanked Oscar for being in his life and said Oscar would always be in his heart. He could see Oscar sitting on top of the mountain under the stars.

Monica placed Oscar's framed photo on the mantel next to a photo of Lila and Edward. Jason arrived and hugged a weeping Monica. Josslyn saw Jason, and he held her tightly. Drew announced that he knew that Jason was the executor of Oscar's will, and he wondered if Jason was familiar with the Kilimanjaro Project. Jason admitted that he'd helped Oscar with it.

Drew explained to everyone that Oscar had donated some of his inheritance to go to helping teens apply for grants to learn mountain climbing. Josslyn asked if she could see Oscar alone. Carly offered to go with her. Josslyn replied that she wasn't scared of that but only of never seeing Oscar again.

Josslyn sat with Oscar and thanked him for finishing the music. She didn't want him to miss her, and she wanted him to go somewhere beautiful where he no longer hurt. She thought that she would miss him enough for both of them. She lay on his chest and told him she'd felt his goodbye kiss on her cheek, and she'd heard him say he loved her. She would love him forever.

Jason sat with Carly and comforted her, although she was upset for Josslyn and what she was going through. She was upset for Kim and Drew, too. She knew that Josslyn didn't regret any of it, but she didn't want Josslyn to hurt. Jason thought they just had to be there for her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Franco sat with Cameron, and Elizabeth gave Cameron the bad news. Cameron matter-of-factly stated that they'd known it would happen, and Oscar had been more Josslyn's friend than his. He declared that he had to go to work. Elizabeth told him it was okay to be sad. She offered to talk to his boss, but Cameron declined. He got up and walked away. Elizabeth was more than a little surprised at her son's reaction.

Cameron headed to a stairway, where he sank to the floor and began to cry. He received a text message from Josslyn that read, "Oscar's gone." He attempted to reply but finally threw the phone against the wall.

At the mansion, Carly informed Josslyn that Oscar was about to be taken away. Josslyn wanted to be there, and everyone gathered in the foyer. Michael hugged Josslyn as Drew carried his son from the bedroom and placed him on a stretcher. Kim covered her son with a blanket. Both parents leaned over Oscar, and Kim kissed his forehead. She began to sob. Family embraced as Oscar left the mansion for the last time.

Diane helps Alexis with a plan to see Kristina

Diane helps Alexis with a plan to see Kristina

Friday, May 3, 2019

Jason was at Sam's when Sam returned home. She wondered if Jason thought Danny understood that Oscar was gone. He replied that he'd read an article saying that kids couldn't process information like that all at once, and Sam related that she could barely process it herself. She told Jason about Shiloh's visit the night before, and she intended to give him what he wanted in regard to the pledge. He reminded her what the initiation ceremony involved, but she informed him that she planned on being "long gone" before the ceremony.

Sam continued that she would get Kristina's pledge and go before Shiloh realized it, but Jason asked what would happen if things went "sideways." She replied that that was why she had Jason to help. She told Jason that she figured she would invent something to use as her pledge. Jason suggested that, if she wanted to "hook" Shiloh, she should give him something about Jason. He continued that she could say that she was an eyewitness to a murder that had never happened on a man that had never existed, and he could call Spinelli so that the story would check out online.

Sam asked Jason what would happen if Shiloh turned the secret over to Margaux. Jason answered that Margaux would look "incompetent" since the murder had never happened. He assured her that Shiloh wouldn't turn the confession in, as he needed it for leverage over Sam. Sam agreed to the plan instructed him to hurry and call Spinelli.

Michael bumped into Shiloh at a café, and Shiloh expressed his sympathy about Oscar. He informed Michael that Dawn of Day wanted to hold a memorial for Oscar, and he thought that Kristina would want to be there. He asked Michael to tell Kristina that she always had a home at Dawn of Day, and to remind her of "how much of her life she shared with me."

Shiloh didn't know why Kristina would just leave, and he wanted Michael to tell her that Shiloh only wanted the best for her. Michael replied that she'd clearly wanted distance and figured that was all right with Shiloh since he only wanted the best for her. Shiloh shot back that Kristina's commitment to Dawn of Day ran "deeper than you think," and he left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kim emerged with her suitcase, and Drew invited her to stay for a few more days, as the Quartermaines considered her family. She replied that Oscar had been proud to be a Quartermaine, but she wasn't one, and she needed to face her empty apartment. Drew offered to accompany her, but she needed to do it alone. The two embraced, and he thanked her for sharing Oscar with him. She wished she'd found him sooner, and she assured him that Oscar was proud to be Drew's son. "You helped him die happy," she concluded, and she left in tears.

A few minutes later, Drew opened the door to Shiloh, who expressed his sympathy for Drew's loss. Drew wished that he'd known Oscar longer, and that Oscar had more years. Shiloh commented that everyone at the Dawn of Day house loved Oscar, and he admitted that Oscar had asked Shiloh about what Drew had been like. Drew remarked that Oscar had made peace with not knowing about Drew's past. "Have you?" Shiloh wondered, which angered Drew.

Shiloh assured Drew that his door was always open. He gave Drew a book that had been left in Oscar's room at the house and said that Oscar had marked that passage that "spoke to him." He advised Drew to check out the bookmark. Shiloh hoped that Drew would lean on him like he'd leaned on Drew and left. Drew looked at the bookmark, and it was a picture of Drew, Kim, and Oscar after he'd won an award at school. Outside the house, Shiloh was pleased to answer the phone to Sam. She revealed that she'd recorded her pledge, and she wanted to know when and where they could meet.

Julian was trying to find his way through the school when Willow emerged from her classroom. Julian informed her that he was there to enroll Leo in school. Willow was glad to run into him, and she invited him into her classroom. She revealed that she was worried about Brad, as he'd been taking classes at Dawn of Day. Julian thought that the classes had been helping Brad, but Willow divulged that she'd rather have Julian in Wiley's life than Shiloh. Getting the point, Julian promised to see what he could do.

A few minutes later, Julian was gone, and Michael entered Willow's classroom. She told Michael that she still wanted to talk to Kristina, and he thought that Kristina was in the right mental space to listen. He reminded her that she could still be charged as an accessory to kidnapping and possibly lose her relationship.

Sonny entered Alexis's house from the back, and she made sure that he hadn't been seen. He informed her that Valerie was in a car at the end of Alexis's driveway. Alexis revealed that that was why she'd put "plan b" into motion.

At the end of Alexis's driveway, Valerie looked through binoculars and updated Chase on the phone on what she was doing. She told Chase that Diane had arrived, and she speculated that Alexis was getting legal advice on possible charges for kidnapping Kristina.

Diane knocked on the door, and Alexis hugged her and let her into the house. A few minutes later, the two women descended the stairs in each other's clothes, and wearing wigs of the other's hairstyle to Sonny's amusement. Sonny instructed Alexis not to mention Oscar to Kristina so as to not upset her. Diane was glad that Oscar and his parents had reconciled with his parents. Alexis related that that was what she and Sonny were trying to do with Kristina.

Valerie watched as Alexis, convincingly dressed as Diane, left the house. Diane, dressed as Alexis, left second, and Valerie started her car. A short while later, Valerie saw "Alexis" enter Kelly's as Diane chuckled to herself. Valerie told Chase that she'd followed "Alexis" all over town. A few minutes later, Valerie walked to the counter at Kelly's and asked if the employee had seen someone fitting Alexis's description go into the bathroom. Just then, Diane threw her Alexis wig on the counter. She spat that she knew the investigation hadn't been sanctioned by the PCPD, so it was considered harassment. She ordered Valerie to "cease and desist," or Diane would go to Valerie's supervisor and sue.

Kristina and Milo played a game, and he was playfully distraught that Kristina had been beating him since she was a little girl. Neil entered as Milo put the games away and remarked that Kristina seemed more relaxed. He wondered if she was up to seeing her parents. A few minutes later, she was gone when Sonny entered. He commented that he hoped Alexis was able to join them after her "plan." There was a knock on the door, and Alexis entered, still in her Diane outfit and wig. She assured him that Valerie had followed Diane, and Milo went outside to double check that no one had followed Alexis.

Kristina descended the stairs and had something to tell her parents. She admitted that, while she still believed it had been wrong of them to abduct her, she understood that they'd done it out of love. She'd overheard Alexis talking about not being able to recognize Kristina, and she'd realized how much she had hurt her family, who'd felt like she'd been choosing Dawn of Day over her own family.

Kristina revealed that she could promise that she would leave Dawn of Day, but she hoped that if she decided to stay, that her parents would accept her choice and be as understanding as they'd been. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Michael entered, followed by Willow. He revealed that Willow could talk to Kristina about Dawn of Day. Willow wanted to tell Kristina the truth about Shiloh and "what he does to young women like us."

Kim arrived at her apartment to see a shrine of flowers, pictures, notes, and stuffed animals all for Oscar. She read through a few of the notes, including one from a Lila's Kids camper who thanked Oscar from catching her when she'd fallen out of a tree, and one from his friend Dakota thanking him for throwing her and party when the school hadn't wanted to. She cried as she read through more notes until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Julian, and she got up to hug him.

Julian wondered if Kim was ready to go into the apartment, but she shook her head. She marveled over how many lives Oscar had touched. Julian read a note from the super of the apartment building thanking Oscar for helping him when the electricity had a glitch, and one from a neighbor thanking him for helping her carry her laundry down the stairs. Kim picked up Trina's term paper, which read that she couldn't have passed the class without his help. Julian assured her that Oscar had been well-loved and respected, and would stay alive in everyone's memories.

Julian asked again if Kim was ready to go into the apartment, but she wondered how she was supposed to be there when it was so quiet, and how she was supposed to go through Oscar's things. She didn't think she'd ever be ready, but he promised to help her. He apologized for "barging in" on her, as he'd known that she'd wanted to go home alone, but he wanted to be there for her. He told her to let him know what she needed from him, and she said, "Please stay." They got up, and he unlocked the front door. He took her hand, and they walked into the apartment.

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